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Bishop Tudor Bismark

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Fake Bishop Tudor Bismark page. You are now connected on Messenger. My beloved you are welcome to be my friend...
His grace ,Bishop Tudor Bismark now on stage
Please join us in wishing Bishop Tudor Bismark a happy 59th birthday!
Good question... I know he started feeling himself and started saying some things about Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Bishop Tudor Bismark is an apostolic voice to the nations. He is the Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Its time shift the atmosphere. Join with us live. SHIFT CONFERENCE with Bishop Tudor Bismark. Day-3, Sunday @ 8AM
LIVE LIVE LIVE . Shift . Bishop Tudor Bismark . -. Tune in now we are live
Bishop Tudor Bismark, may the LORD bless this great Servant of GOD"
When a father says you are the one for the Assignment then you are sure to SUCCEED..with A Father & Gods general Bi…
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Tudor Bismark - Breaking The Limitations
I added a video to a playlist BISHOP TUDOR BISMARK. ''Church Barriers''
"The devil is a liar and so is his mother in law" - Bishop Tudor Bismark
How you hear determines what you do. -Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Y'all it happened again at the gym messed around and listening to Bishop Tudor Bismark . up in tongues ... Lordy !
Life is lived on levels, experienced in stages but established in dimensions. Bishop Tudor Bismark
you can get more of the on youtube. Breaking the Limitations by Bishop Tudor Bismark
“Prayer is not in the Achievements Equation fully grasp how matters Function” – Bishop…
Bishop Bismark Tudor ~ Give me the Keys and I will open heavens @ Jubilee…
Great will check out Pastor Darby!I usually listen to Bishop Tudor Bismark,I like the way he does exegesis of scripture.
What a super awesome time we had earliar Endulged on day 3 of with Bishop Tudor Bismark.
"True business people don't give to debt but vision" - Bishop Tudor Bismark.
If you obey the system God puts you in, you are guaranteed to achieve His prescribed results- Bishop Tudor Bismark
'Don't allow the simple things of this world destroy the quality of your spirit' - Bishop Tudor Bismark
Message titled: THE I AM FACTOR by Bishop Tudor Bismark is a blessing!!! I AM - the Vine, your Shepherd, the Light of the World...
"The kingdom of God is not church attendance, but it's a philosophy, a culture..." Bishop Tudor Bismark
I liked a video from Bishop Tudor Bismark - Breaking The Limitations
You might have heard Bishop Tudor Bismark, but listen to this it will get you, share...
I was only 19 years old when he laid his hands on me. Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Just listened to a clip from Bishop Tudor Bismark and I'm angry with myself.
Absolutely my thoughts. Bishop Tudor Bismark on point.
Bishop Tudor Bismark speaking, what do you think?
The Power of Weakness - Bishop Tudor Bismark is Bible study
This is altering the status quo and removing veil of ignorance. I am with Bishop Tudor Bismark. Thank you!
It is difficult to change your mind because you need to use your mind to change your mind. ^Bishop Tudor Bismark
He is called Bishop Tudor Bismark and He is a Zimbabwean. Great man!
Bishop Tudor Bismark and Dr Mensah Otabil are governance material. The Daniels of this age!
Great truths. He's called Bishop Tudor Bismark & he's a not a
Need to go revisit my archives for Bishop Tudor Bismark Massages again, that speaks fire to my soul 🔥🔥🔥
Prophecy is a statement of destiny based on the anointing - Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark one of the greatest man of our time...
Listen to the whole sermon before you run your mouth Zedian. Bishop Tudor Bismark - Breaking The Limitations MOVE
Prayer is not in the success equation, prayer is the revelation equation, Decision making is in the success equation. ~Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bury your fear and expose your gift. ~ Bishop Tudor Bismark
Videos like the one that is currently trending on Bishop Tudor Bismark should challenge us as a nation to...
Bishop Tudor Bismark is perhaps the most trending American in Zambian Social Media today NOT even Hillary or Trump can match up.
God defines you by what Jesus has made you
When mortal men wrestle with an eternal...
The Power of NEED and the Force of SUPPLY
We are finishing hard tonight . at the Independent Square, Accra Ghana with Bishop Tudor Bismark ( The Lion of Zimbabwe )
The kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the holy ghost. Bishop Tudor Bismark.
All we need to receive the Glory of God is PATIENCE. Bishop Tudor Bismark .
We need a leader that can serve but we also need a servant that can lead. Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Building a.ministry is a serious business that's why we need an ELIEZER in our lives. Bishop Tudor Bismark .
A well is a reflection of how deep you can draw in a place of drought. Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Luke 17:21. The Kingdom of God. 1. Houses the nature and function of God. . . Bishop Tudor Bismark
In Natchez, MS at Word of Faith.ready for Bishop Tudor Bismark! Release your glory Lord!
Thank you to Pastor David Allen for hosting a power apostolic meeting on last night. Bishop Tudor Bismark impact...
We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark will not be joining us tonight (Weds 6/29). Join us at Bread of Life at 7:30pm for prayer.
The I Am factor is by far One Pfund the Life changing and indept teaching by Bishop Tudor Bismark. Try and get it
Bishop Tudor Bismark from is in the house . Good gift /…
Worship with Casey J!. Exhortation with Bishop Michael Blue!. Word with Bishop Tudor Bismark!. Maturation with God!
I liked a video Bishop Tudor Bismark - This Kind
You can be a race horse, but the system you live in can reduce you to a pony show. Bishop Tudor Bismark
I make a Joyful Noise of the Holy-Hebrew-Hero -Unsung Jesus Tudor Bismark Jesus The Hero Kingdom Goverment
u don't knw bishop Tudor Bismark, he is a preacher from Zimbabwe just like Mansa otobil
In the middle of your night season do not deviate from TRUTH.Bishop Tudor Bismark
We have the power!. Last day word of Africa Arise 2016 by Bishop Tudor Bismark!
“The Weapon of Prayer is a tool in the hands of the believer.” —BISHOP TUDOR BISMARK, Jabula New Life Ministries,...
Quite a humbling moment. Bishop Tudor Bismark offers me the seat reserved for him. I reluctantly sat on it ..shyly
Look who is part of the Sherlock Family... If you have never heard Bishop Tudor Bismark preach, I highly recommend it.
The image that you form is the image that you pay. Bishop Tudor Bismark
"If your Gonna Be king you must feel the Weight of Responsibilty" -Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark wrote: Your gift will make room for you but your tenacity will establish you.
God is about to elevate someone in your world that may not necessarily believe in your work. Bishop Tudor Bismark …
Bishop Tudor Bismark, You are welcome to yenagoa bayelsa state...
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omg Bishop Tudor Bismark is some crazy powerful bad preacher (as in GOOD), I can't stop listening to him on this...
Wisdom by Bishop Tudor Bismark -" It's not the size of the door you walk through, it is the size of the room it leads into that counts."
The first way we are disadvantaged is that we don't see demons. Message Title: Breaking The spirit of the devourer . Bishop Tudor Bismark
Nathaniel Bassey, Bishop Tudor Bismark & Bishop John Francis were on fire yesterday at the at HOTR 👏🏾❤️
Ministering this morning... Pastor Mensa Otabil and Bishop Tudor Bismark. Click on this link to stream live
I'm always blessed by the Word ministered by Bishop Tudor Bismark. He's such an amazing thinker!
Glad to have our Father Bishop Tudor Bismark Ministries respected as one of the Generals of Faith!
Your world is a reflection of your knowledge! -Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark & I we've min together many times yet the love we share for one another is called prayer
Tune in to hear teach on demonic possession & deliverance!
We must be achieved, but we should take care not to worship and set up altars for our achievements. Bishop Tudor Bismark
Join us on the 28th September, With our Special Guest Bishop Tudor Bismark..! SAVE THE DATE!!!
'Increase of the Kingdom' Bishop Tudor Bismark's latest book will be out this August on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. http…
Prayer penetrates the spirit realm and brings manifestation that can be seen – results.Bishop Tudor Bismark
The more the pressure the greater the revelation of your capacity. Bishop Tudor Bismark
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Fred Hammond & Bishop Tudor Bismark from last night at Dominion Camp. Such a rhema word!
Bishop Tudor Bismark just delivered a rhema word at Dominion Camp!!!
Hi! I saw you follow Bishop Tudor Bismark and thought you might like this . Links in my bio :)
Bishop Tudor Bismark God’s desire is for you to be in full manifestation of his will.
Many leaders today find themselves struggling and overwhelmed by the demands of their responsibilities. But what...
Coming Soon-The first biography ever written by yours truly courtesy of an amazing Bishop -Tudor Bismark and his...
"You should never marry someone you can live with. You should marry someone you cannot live without." Bishop Tudor Bismark
Awesome interview with Bishop Tudor Bismark - HEARTS WIDE OPEN. please air again !
today last service 2014 & HICC. Bishop Tudor Bismark expertly did a year closing sermon but also primed my spirit for
Next Sunday, January 4th Bishop Tudor Bismark will be with us at 10 am in Beaumont and 11am and 6pm in Nederland.
I got listening to Bishop Tudor Bismark! *quickens* hallelu!
God is a God of mystery, and to unlock it, you must seek Him first. Bishop Tudor Bismark
You didn't get to where you are without God. If he delivered you once He will deliver you again. . Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark is teaching up here!
Great word, great church. Bishop Tudor Bismark always a blessing. And oh yea Elikem Kumordzie was in the house too!
He's an Apostle of Africa to the Nations. A kingdom envoy indeed. A blessing to many of us. God bless you bishop T.
Bishop Bismark Tudor is truly a Man of God,he made me see life in a different way,Welkom was truly blessed 2 host such a powerful Man of God
" When you have fellowship with something or someone, inevitably there is going to be an exchange." Bishop Tudor Bismark
The Future is on our present shoulders Bishop Tudor Bismark Ministries
"I'm manifesting! Something inside so strong!" Life-changing ministry by Bishop Tudor Bismark tonight in Welkom.
You have to put your faith in Christ and lean not on you your own understanding. . Bishop Tudor Bismark
"Your words will not fall to the ground!"- Bishop Tudor Bismark
“Don't let your present reality stop you from seeing your future.” ~ Bishop Tudor Bismark
please invite apostle matshobane from bisho community church as well as bishop Tudor bismark(harare,Zimbabwe)
Bishop Tudor Bismark and I at during the During my private times of counsel…
The I am Factor: Bishop Tudor Bismark: In our post today I am going to share with you what I call “The I Am Fa...
Some of our Delegates fellowshipping with my Spiritual Father Bishop Tudor Bismark over a…
Bishop Tudor Bismark preaching at during our Clip 4 @ New Life Covenant…
My spiritual Father Bishop Tudor Bismark preaching for the first time at NLCC (Connecticut).
Looking forward to this evening's event with Bishop Tudor Bismark!
Bishop Tudor Bismark . We all desire to be great. Anytime when something great...
The Spirit of Honor - Part 2 by Kingdom Dimensions with Bishop Tudor & Pastor ChiChi Bismark . vi…
Bishop Tudor Bismark . In places where outside forces are forcing set backs on you,...
Me, Pastor Chi Chi Bismark and Bishop Tudor Bismark . Such humble people - yet ambassadors for Christ.…
Situated in the heart of Harare, Zimbabwe, has decades of experience.
Understanding the Times with Bishop Tudor Bismark at Rhema! Incredible Rhema word today!
Lives are being Changed as Rhema meets Rhema. Bishop Tudor Bismark delivering a Powerful and Anointed message.
Join is for a great impartation of The Rhema Word from Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Get to Rhea Ministries today! You don't want to miss the Word from Bishop Tudor Bismark
“The Kingdom of God is a culture. It is a behavior, it is not an event” Bishop Tudor Bismark
You are only tempted according to your worth! ~Bishop Tudor Bismark
Time to walk in the prophetic? Bishop Tudor Bismark says the prophetic dimension is paramount for your success.
Ayibongwe bhut Siya, where can I get the material for Bishop Tudor Bismark in S.A. Thank you sir. Stay blessed
I liked a video Bishop Tudor Bismark praying for Apostle Matthew Stevenson
"A once in a lifetime opportunity must be seized in the lifetime of opportunity." -Bishop Tudor Bismark Our...
Bishop Tudor Bismark . God is not subject to time, space or geography. He is able to bless you anytime and anywhere.
"Dont teach us fish, teach us how to own the pond"-Bishop Tudor Bismark
One meal plan down one more to go! Clearing my schedule for Shake The Nations! Tonight Bishop Tudor Bismark...
The reason why it is difficult for a person to change their mind is because they have to use their mind to change. # Bishop Tudor bismark
Until you CATCH the spirit of a THING you can't have it'~ Bishop Tudor Bismark. Today what is your spirit...
You get what you expect. What you ask God for, it shall be done. . Bishop Tudor Bismark
Watched Sunday night w/ Bishop Tudor Bismark via DirecTV... your picture was very pixelated. It was not good at all. :o(
Bishop Tudor Bismark preached an incredible message last night at Dr Bill Winston's Faith Conference…
I salute my fathers, the General of the Kingdom of GOD, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Prophet General SMD...
Once you have a dream of where you want to go in life it's going to take wisdom from God to get there. Bishop Tudor Bismark
Add 20 years to your life. What age will you be and can you be doing what you're doing right now? - Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark's Jabula Conference will be streaming live starting at 7PM (BST) TONIGHT on...
It's one thing to know the principles of prayer but it is another thing to be able to pray. Bishop Tudor Bismark
Join me, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Pastor Ron Carpenter, Dwight Thompson & many more at the Unshakable Conference DFW.
Nelspruit leadership seminar was great.Bishop Tudor Bismark.u taught great staff
I thank God for being with me . Nw i waz enjoyng every pwrfl sermon being ministered by Bishop Tudor Bismark live @ whiteriver (its a favour frm above ) yooh !
Bishop Tudor Bismark Whatever you have spoken in God's ear, He'll do for you. What have you spoken...
Thought for the Day: "The devil does not possess your future, but your words can. You have to send a word into the future to command the future you want to see." -Bishop Tudor Bismark
Last week we had an awesome time with Pst. Chichi Bismark (New Life Covenant Church Bulawayo Conference - Part 1). Bulawayo get ready for Part 2 with Bishop Tudor Bismark. Bulawayo will never be the same
Bishop Tudor Bismark has blessed me this morning OMG WOW
Your words frame your world. If you don't like your world, change your words and your frame will change. -- Bishop Tudor Bismark
The I AM FACTOR, what a powerful msg by Bishop Tudor Bismark
Curses, Covenants and Atlars These three above words are famous among our brothers, the tribe of Naphtali (Deliverance Ministries). In Judah (apostolic) and Levi (Teaching Ministries) deliverance is not a main subject even though I must say it is mentioned in all the 12 tribes (Body of Christ). Generally I'm a Jew with a Levitical mantle like the rich man in Luke 16 who wore both the purple and linen mantles. Both Judah and Issachar (prophets) are from the same mother hence I run a prophetic school. *lol* ok now I'm way off point. When I saw certain things happenning in my life such immorality and when I was facing serious financial strain even though I had not moved away from God's principles or vision I knew there was something working against me that I couldn't explain. I thank God for bishop Tudor Bismark a fellow Jew and bishop Duncan Williams of the tribe of Naphtali who raised my interest into this subject after I had protested against it for so long. I used to think (arrogantly) that deliverance w ...
Tym does nt grow anyone but e truth tht ey hv encounterd over tht given tym # Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark Do not be weary in exercising your faith. On the outside, it may not seem that...
Just met Bishop Tudor and Chichi Bismark at check in!!! Lovely way to start the South African leg of our tour.
Bishop Tudor Bismark Faith is an outward expression of an inward work.
Bishop Tudor Bismark 7m Please read the following statement from the CAA Please RT
"Bishop Tudor Bismark has the mic noow!"
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Bishop Tudor Bismark made the word come tonight
Bishop Tudor Bismark has the mic noow!
Bishop tudor bismark in the building.
Bishop Tudor Bismark is getting ready to minister the word !
Wonderful session with Bishop Mike Okonkwo. Join us @ 6:30pm with Bishop Tudor Bismark! Don't miss it
Bishop Tudor Bismark has the mic now!
"Bishop Tudor Bismark has the mic now!"
Join me, with Pastor Femi Faseru at KICC Maryland (in Nigeria) for Wonders and Miracles (WAM) all night prayer (Apr 11) AND for WHEN CHAMPIONS GATHER annual conference (Apr 30-May 4), also with Dr Mike Murdock, Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Bishop Tudor Bismark. Will be looking forward to meeting you.
Hmmm . As I was leaving Aba. As i peeped from the car, i was a big bill board. Guess what I saw. POWER WORD CONVENTION with Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr Uma Ukpai, Dr Mike Okonkwo, Dr Morris Cerrullo, Papa Ayo Oritsejafor. With Dr Abel damina as the Host. Hmm ... Do you think i will watch ds kind of thing pass me by. Sori ooo, i dont know for you, but as for me . UYO HERE I COME. I will attend Great meetings and I will Make great decision to Live a Great Life. Still sourcing out the complete info of d conference. I am just too passionate for ds thing o. Fathers are Feathers and Ladders.
Watching Bishop Tudor Bismark and he just confirmed John 8:44 *listening*
Happy birthday Bishop Tudor Bismark we greatly apriciate your contribution to the body of Christ. . Thank you sir...
Happy birthday Bishop Tudor Bismark. Wishing u many more years of excellence, great achievements, good health & productivity
"We need to understand that sometimes our perception is a result of the enemy's deception." Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark. for Wisdom is the principle thing we need in 2014. Wisdom can be obtained by...
The Experience Lagos was a blast last Friday! Don Moen, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Tye Tribbett, all live in Lagos. It was awesome! Midnight Crew, Eben, Mike Aremu, Frank Edwards of Christ Embassy, Glowreeyah Braimah, Sammie Okposo, Kingsley Ike and others were all on point! Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Daystar(for u Tunrayo), Bishop Okonkwo - TREM, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop John Francis - Ruach Ministries, South London, and other pastors of RCCG parishes in the UK, and the convener, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, all did what they are called to do. It was a glorious night! And now, HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2013 - THE OVERFLOW live @ the Redemption Camp all week long! Jesus you are too much!
Little Giant Ladders
Bishop Tudor Bismark is now my papa Number 3
Wonder Sunday worshipping with us this Sunday Pastor Donnie Macclurkin. And a Powerful message from Bishop Tudor Bismark.# Am Not A Dog.
The word of truth about being divided by Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark describes Donnie McClurkin as "iconic and legendary"
Bishop Tudor Bismark is to me a lion, yet with a humble spirit.
Bishop Tudor Bismark is on now, I expect to top-up my word, wisdom and faith tank,
Bishop Tudor Bismark about to take the mic!
Donniw McClurkin and Bishop Tudor Bismark in church today. Excited for what God's gonna do in this place today! :)
. Continues this morning @ the Rock Cathedral along with Bishop Tudor Bismark & Donnie McClurkin
Bishop Tudor Bismark is blessing me tonight.. :)
.Yea I was there for THE EXPERIENCE 8, 2013. It was indeed a festival of praise,worship and prayer.Where Nigerians, Africans and indeed the World trooped out en-mass to give GOD ALMIGHTY a sound,quality,undiluted and an impeccable Praise and Worship to the shame of the devil. THE EXPERIENCE 8 was such a landmark concert that saw over 300,000 people getting blessed by the finest and quintessential Nigerian and Internationally renowned American Gospel Ministers. A singular concert that attracted conglomerate of ethnicities,people of different cultures and diverse denominations to a place of deep worship,prayer and highest praise. No doubt THE EXPERIENCE was indeed a worthwhile experience. Needless I say that THE EXPERIENCE 8,2013 had in attendance live; 1.Pastor Donnie McClurkin 2.Don Moen 3.Tye Tribbett 4.CeCe BeBe & Cece Winans 5.Micah Micah Stampley 6.Yolanda Amy Adams 7.Frank John Edward 8.Eben 9.Sammie Okposo 10.Midnight Justice Crew 11.Mike Aremu (Saxophonist) 12.Akpororo (Commedian) 13.Bishop Tudor B ...
I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Experience Lagos so many worhsip and prayers at the TBS it was anight to be in God presence so many singeres one music one people one voice. Don Moen made me feel so hapy i listend to his hearth touching gospel music i became a little emotional , Cece Winnas,Tye Tribeet, Donnie McClurkin was so awesome Bishop Tudor bismark had a great sermon he said in another 10 years Africa would be more transformed and better God is awesome pastor paul Adefarsin was great in his conduct of organizing all thise guests from the USA he is a great christian leader God bless the Experience Lagos, and May God bless Nigeria
Hmmm! It was awesome in his presence @ the EXPERIENCE 2013 yesterday, for those of us that were present don't 4get the word of God spoken by God's General Bishop Tudor Bismark that says "My word will not fall 2 d ground" u beta confess urs.
I jst can't forget the memory of last night at T.B.S onikan kagos with Don Moen, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Micah Stampley, Tye Tribbett, Kingsley Ike, Midnight Crew, Eben, Donnie McClurkin, Frank Edwards, Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu, LMGC, Freke Umoh, Glowreeyah Braimah, John Francis, Bishop Tudor Bismark, And Paul Adefarasin. At The experience 2013, Infact it was awesome! you needed to see how Heaven was kissing the Earth as my beloved Don Moen was on stage ministering his song be magnify,and thank you lord! infact i was happy to be there.
Bishop Tudor Bismark - Bringing the house down with a timely Word from the Lord
EXPERIENCE LAGOS 2013!!! Indeed only God can bring together Yolanda Adams, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Cece Winans, Tye Tribbett, Micah Stampley Frank Edwards, Eben, Sammy Okposo, Midnight Crew, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Pastor Paul Adefarasin with over 500, 000 worshippers in one nite! Last nite was my greatest moment of musical worship this year! It was just Heaven on earth!... Papa do ooh e do good e giv us good music e do good...gospel music sweet well well e do good! When you are under the anointing, you unciously behave like a child and that was my mode & mood last nite not minding who was standing beside me! Its inspiring and uplifting to worship God in Songs!
Bishop Tudor Bismark Opened our hearts to see God's realness with his mind-blowing message. I'm blessed to be in this generation. Halleluyah!
1 Samuel 3: 19 And Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground. I will grow, The LORD will be with me and none of my word will fall to the earth. There are three things that Adam did not need in the garden of Eden but we must have in our days. He did not need Faith- Faith did not exist in the garden of Eden because Faith is the substance of things hoped, every thing he needed was provided for. Bible says without Faith its impossible to please God, Adam pleased God and he walked with God in the cool of the day. Faith comes from the fall of Adam. Two ;Adam did not Revelation knowledge but we need revelation Knowledge. Third, Anointing did not exist when Adam was in the Garden of Eden.. Because the Anointing breaks the yoke but Adam was free in the presence so He needed no anointing to break yokes ( Bishop Tudor Bismark- Experience 2013). That was indeed an Experience and an encounter...And the Music by Don Moen, Yolanda Adams.I am blessed indeed...
Prayer can change the trajectory of your life ~Bishop Tudor Bismark
The glory of the lord will cover the earth as the water cover the sea. Bishop Tudor Bismark delivering the word.Experience Lagos
Anointing comes to empower you to fight obstacles ~Bishop Tudor Bismark
Lord do not let my words fall to the ground ~Bishop Tudor Bismark
its time for the word of God by Bishop Tudor Bismark
There is nothing so fulfilling of recent than sitting under the ministration of Bishop tudor destiny int'l...Papa cle,U too much!!!
Bishop Tudor Bismark. "Everything in our lives must have a structure. Whenever fruit grows on people who don't...
My dear FB Family, from understanding there is a Intercessory Prayer Conf. With Bishop Tudor Bismark coming up, please send me the information again. I would love to attend. Thank you!
The devil is a liar and so z his grand mother, # Bishop Tudor Bismark
"Be with the person you can't live without, not the person you can live with" Bishop Tudor Bismark
My goodness Bishop Tudor Bismark last night was absolutely amazing. I literally left amazed and in awe of God. Come all!
Last night Blessed Word Convention Bishop Tudor Bismark blew the roof off the house! Now, its not like I didn't tell you, if you missed out. I'm telling you, you missed out!! Now do yourselves a favor and make sure you're with us for the rest of the week. God is amongst us. I'm telling you! We're already speaking unto our altars for 2014 those of you who are still waiting to lay your altars in Jan '14. Just come! :D cc Blessed City International Churches
A lack of understanding will prolong your suffering -Bishop Tudor Bismark
If u missed yesterday nyt... You definatly cant miss tonight at Blessed City International Churches its gona be HOT! with Bishop Tudor Bismark and Pastor Solly Mahlangu. Trust me its a night not to be missed! ZIYAWA!
Dr Myles Munroe-why men need visions and dreams.BISHOP Tudor Bismark Dont a must have! Now downloadn into my spirit
Hey folks Paul Chroch who was the founder of TBN passed away about a day or two ago, so please pray for his family and sister Jane Chroch that they will get through this time of morning, God has blessed TBN to help me get through my painful and deep situations in my life by me watching righteous ministers on their program so I thank God for TBN for bringing forth powerful men of God like Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr. Myles Munroe, and Apostle John Eckhardt. To God be The Glory!
KINGDOM PRINCIPLES & THE POWER OF CHARACTER Dr. Myles Munroe listening to the Holy Spirit; Bishop Tudor BismarK (Kingdom Principles) You are Christ In The Earth! I found out if you really, really want to know The truth of God's Word (Ask for His Wisdom) & so I really wanted to know about a (Widow Indeed) (Holy Convocation) (First Fruit Offering) (Feast of Tabernacle Offering) Being mislead, i was one for a long time! Freedom is Christ is just that; your inner most being!
Everybody grab a hold of this revelation from God. When you begin to speak the word out of your mouth--I Am blessed then blessings start looking for you! Those overflow blessings of God's word. God is opening up the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings on us! We must confess God's word, I Am the head and not the tail. I Am above only, never beneath! Trust in God's word! I Am a more than a conquer! I Am more than overcomer! I Am strength! When you say I Am, that which follows comes looking for you! Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. We can confess that My God shall deliver me! Psalm 25:20 O keep my soul, and deliver me: let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in thee. We have to know who we are in Christ Jesus! We have to know that we know that we know! We are crossing over the river Jordan I Am all that God says that I Am! I Am the child of the great I AM! If you decree a thing , it h ...
Bishop Tudor Bismark speaking at my book launch yesterday, what a honour.
This video is taken from a message By Bishop Tudor Bismark entitled The Power of the Secrets of Life. The mp3 message can be bought of the Jabula NLCC websit...
Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Bishop Tudor Bismark, JDMI throne room ndaba 2013.
You cannot miss the book launch today at 12 pm Noordgesig Community Centre. Keynote speaker Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Bishop Tudor Bismark came to the Potters House years ago and said something to this effect or affect or whatever(haters) that stuck with me. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Then he said, dont just teach me how to fish, teach me how to own the pond! Let's chew on that the day after Thanksgiving!
The theme for this evening is Come dressed in your African clothing and join in the celebrations. Bishop Tudor Bismark will be sharing the word!
What a day well spent with Bishop Tudor Bismark. Now I'm going back home it has been a long day#
I am so excited because Bishop Tudor Bismark will be the keynote speaker at the book launch tomorrow
Who would ever have thought that we will meet this powerful Man of God. BISHOP TUDOR BISMARK. Glory to God who makes all things possible.
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On 2011 early in the beginning of the year Bishop "Noel Jones" he prophesied and declared the things the Lord he is about to do in my life in the coming years and every single word its coming to fluition and God strategicaly moved and shifted me into another dimention of faith and favor and it was then when "Bishop Tudor Bismark" he confirmed twice the Apostolic ministry upon my life and the hand of the Lord is moving like never be for in my life never under estimate the word from the Lord... Paul says Hebrews 10v37 FOR YET A LITTLE WHILE, AND HE WHO IS COMING WILL COME AND WILL NOT TARRY... the word of God will be accomplished in your life i declare in Christ Jesus's name. Amen
All friends I requested to add Bishop Tudor Bismark as friend please ignore as this person is NOT Bishop Tudor Bismark , he is someone posing as him. Please do not accept
Good Morning family, what an awesome time we had till thus far with our Annual Conference Throne Room Ndaba: Firm Foundations. If you missed any of the previous sessions, don't fret because this morning at 10:00 am at the JDMI Auditorium we will be having a session with Bishop Tudor Bismark. This is going to be a great session for all Pastors, leaders and future leaders. Come join us as we are building firm foundations for the next ten years and beyond. See you there!!
Ps Chichi Bismark tore up the place last night " We experienced and open heaven. Evangelist Eden Constance opened the conference and left us speeceless. Dont miss tonight with : Bishop Tudor Bismark...
"You have to stretch your worship. When you do that you increase the possibility of being prolific." — Bishop Tudor Bismark
How privalleged i am, to be one of the honourable guests in a meetng where Bishop Tudor Bismark will be ministerng. What God has put in u, will make u seat with the great in the kingdom of God in Jesus' name.
“As your gift (talent) grows, make sure you are also growing your CHARACTER. A lot of people neglect to develop their character when their gift starts to make room for them.”- Bishop Tudor Bismark
Glory is locked up in pressure; if You cant handle pressure, You will never see the Glory_ Bishop Tudor Bismark
2 Nights to go. 2 speakers to go. Bishop Tudor Bismark & Bishop Michael Pitts. KRC2013
Guest pastors from around the world will incl Dr Mensa Otabil, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr Bill Winston, Dr Mike Murdock & Pastor Paula White
God is good!!! I was saying in my head...if only Bishop Tudor Bismark were to fly Delta and I would…
listen to Bishop Tudor Bismark the Power of I Am.
Last night and tonight was awesome...Bishop Tudor Bismark & Dr. Myles Munroe brought Kingdom teachings that edified my life :) TY Abba!!
"Understand and put a value on your time" Bishop Tudor Bismark
Don’t give me a fish; Don’t even teach me how to fish! Teach me how to own the pond – then I can fish whenever I like. BISHOP TUDOR BISMARK
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Do you have any favorite preachers? — Bryan meadows and Bishop Tudor Bismark
Join us tonight for another powerful night of Camp Meeting with Bishop Tudor Bismark. 7:30pm at Bread of Life...
"Bury your fear and expose your talent" ~Bishop Tudor Bismark Your lesson last night blessed my life foreve…
Prayer doesn't generate money. It generates revelation. A power decision is the one that generates money- Bishop Tudor Bismark
Dishonor will keep you out of the Promises of God! Bishop Tudor Bismark
Night of Camp Meeting 2013. Join us this week with guest speakers Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop William Hinn, Archbishop Langston & More!
Deitrick Haddon is still here Worshiping with us. Cory Bradley here Worshiping with us. Bishop Tudor Bismark is here Worshiping with us.
Bishop Tudor Bismark, Deitrick Haddon, & Cory Bradley, a Worvulutionary is in the house right now. It is not too late to come. This is a FREE EVENT.
It's almost here! Change Conference 2013 is coming to Columbia, SC! Musical guests: Dietrick Haddon, Todd Dulaney & Corey Bradley. Guest speakers: Bishop Tudor Bismark, Apostle John Testola, Bishop Terrell Murphy & Apostle Renaldo Turner! Register now because you do not want to miss this Apostolic experience!
Pst Matthew Ashimolowo, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr Mike Murdock, Pst David Ibiyeomie & my humble self will speak at the conference! Be There!
What you give yourself to,gives back to you. Bishop Tudor Bismark
Well, I can't get the COGIC service, I'll try Bishop Tudor Bismark's conference in TX.
So I'll be sharing the stage with Bishop Tudor Bismark this week. My nerves are killing me!!! Shaky knees and all. Polokwane is ready!
“Don't just pronounce a blessing on someone's life. Be a blessing in their life.” Bishop Tudor Bismark
“If you are going to fall, fall on the prophecy and promise of what God has said He is going to do in your life.” Bishop Tudor Bismark
Who knows Pastor Bishop Tudor Bismark and Matthew Bismark brothers of our pastor Mark Bismark what a lovely service 2day♥
Bishop Tudor Bismark is anointed by God!!! "The Anointing of a Thousand Times More" via
Bishop Tudor Bismark,Conference Augusta 2009-Ministered at New Covenant via t watch ths again,my word!!
Turning Captivity Bishop Tudor Bismark via really touched my heart.
A Word from Bishop Bismark - Bishop Bismark is asking all who are able, to pray and put aside...
"If God becomes indispensable in your life, you will become indispensable to others." -Bishop Tudor Bismark
borrowed status and edited The Blockbuster prophetic rises has been riceived with mixed signals especially in Zim. The office of a prophet is a scary one since it carries evident reprove for one who comes against it carnaly. Now when the "prophets" are in error everyone is scared to stand up and correct mayb out of fear or protocol or rank. People can only be heard hushing and bushing through key holes with hands on their hands. 90 percent of Man of God in Zim are spiritual sons or grand sons of Arch Bishop Guti, Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr B Manjoro, Evangelis Chiweshe, Evangelis Paul Saungweme, Vachihari(AFM) and a number of AFM generals. What is striking now is most of the new prophets have gone to seek spiritual fathers north west Of Africa, as if God has left our own locals fathers of Faith. This is because of renegacy and fear of accountability.iv learnt that having a spiritual authority who doesn't know you is like taking a long distance course: big difrence from the real de ...
Bishop Tudor Bismark..Dr. Luther Blackwell..Bishop TD Jakes..I'm cheating with one more Bishop Noel Jones..
The empowerment i needed to take my music to the next level has been releaased. I praise God for the Men of God who spake the word of prophecy to my life. I thank God for Bishop Tudor Bismark and BIshop Troy Good,. And for Pastor Marcdpnald through whom i met them.
I did eat some soul food this week it really healed me Ps27 and Ps100 from Bishop Tudor Bismark!!! Juanita bynum and Dr Pat Francis and worship song it really blessed me in this Fasting and prayer it made me stronger and let me see the light clearer!!! AMEN God is GOOD.
At Apostolic Faith Church Anticipating a Word from Bishop Tudor Bismark!! All the way from Zimbabwe, Africa.
Declare this with Me, My Faith is on Fire, I AM Blessed, I AM Prosperous, I AM Healed, I AM out of Debt, I AM Strong, I Am Wisdom, This is the I AM Factor by Bishop Tudor Bismark.
Stay tune for WUKG Radio new segment: "Moment in the Kingdom". A ministry segment that will feature short sermons from, Dr. Myles Munroe, Pastor Isaac Pitre , Bishop Tudor Bismark and many more.
Bishop Tudor Bismark 105th Holy Convocation this is the vedio that kind of made me relax lol : via
Money will bless your family so learn to give @ all times no matter how small or big, Bishop Tudor Bismark (Empowerment Temple Bible Church Conference 2012)
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@ the Empowerment Temple Bible church in Bloem, just can't wait for Rev TA Ralekgolela & Bishop Tudor Bismark.. Am Blessed already, My Father my Father it is Happening! I am ready to receive.
Kingdom greetings: I have attended Empowerment Temple Bible Church annual conference in Bloemfontein. Shu! Bishop Tudor Bismark from Zimbabwe, its too deep in me
Watch a snippet of Bishop Tudor Bismark at the 105th Holy Convocation in, "God Turned It"!
Empowerment Temple Bible church its where i am tonight,nd to9t Bishop Tudor Bismark is preaching,"halleluya".Jesus is de centre of my lyf.
Bishop Tudor Bismark in on tonight at COGIC Holy Convocation.
What a blessed week to be in Johannesburg...we Have Dr Mike Murdoch, Bishop Tudor Bismark and Bishop Noel Jones preaching here in the same week!
Oh what an experience! Thank you KICC, thank you Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, thank you Pastor Ike Nwanze, thank you Bishop Tudor Bismark... Thank you KICC SA & London choirs! I am so blessed & had too much fun.
*Halle Barry earns $50/min because of what she is. *Tiger Woods earns $175/min because of what he does. *Steven Spielberg earns $675/min because of what he has other people doing *Bill Gates earns $6,750/min because of what he's got the world doing WHAT ARE YOU DOING? -Bishop Tudor Bismark
Final count down to our 10th anniversary celebration with our father, Ps ALPH LUKAU and the entire ALLELUIA MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL family. It's happening this Thursday at our headquarters in Johannesburg, RSA. Ministering: Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop John Francis, our very own Dr Teddy De Almeida, Ps Benjamin Dube, Ps Uche, Ntonkozo Mbambo, Rebecca Wright and many other anointed ministers and friends of the ministry
Oh what a time we had last night at the official opening ~ Day 2 is upon us and we are taking it higher beginning at the Noon-Day service followed by the 7:30p.m. service with Bishop Tudor Bismark ~ Complete your day with The Temple of Praise ~ Don't miss this awesome, empowering, life-changing move of God ~ See you there!! All are welcome!
I just got in from church!!! My church is hosting it annual convocation. Bishop Tudor Bismark spoke on "Open your eyes" You don't want miss tomorrow night because Pastor Paula White will speaking. 1365 Main Street doors open at 6pm
***Tomorrow Night*** Bishop Tudor Bismark will be at Bethesda World Harvest International Church located on 1365 Main St Doors open @ 6pm RT
I pray one day I will meet face to face with Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Tudor Bismark and Dr Ravi Zacharias.
Pastor Mike Hayes, Pastor Robert Morris, Bishop Tudor Bismark and the CIC team, special worship guests Israel...
My goodness...this week i have been blessed by the ministry of Bill Winston, Israel Houghton, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Donald Lawrence, Kenneth Copeland, Apostle John Eckhardt, Prophet Kevin Leal, and Bishop David Oyedepo. Now that's what I call faith building!
This has been an awesome conference so far ,Bishop Tudor Bismark, Kenneth Copeland ,Jesse Duplantis , Bishop David Oyedepo and tomorrow night I'm looking forward to Dr. Creflo Dollar and Friday the host of this great conference Dr. Bill Winston.
On my way to the 2012 Faith Conference at Living Word Christian Center! Can't wait to get my word from Bishop Tudor Bismark! So excited!! :)
Join us tomorrow at 6:00p CST as we kick off the Israel Houghton will start with praise & worship, followed by special musical selections by Donald Lawrence & Co, and we complete the night with a powerful word from Bishop Tudor Bismark! We will be streaming live at ...DON'T MISS IT!
Bishop Tudor Bismark, thank you so so much for the SERIOUS WORD at the 2012 Pastors and Leadership Conference; 'You will know that I am anointed'. (I watched that 2-hour sermon on youtube) God BLESS & REPLENISH you, Bishop!
Great stuff from Bishop Noel Jones yesterday,looking forward to hearing from Bishop Tudor Bismark and my man David Molapo..
"Between now and 2022, Ghana will be ushered into a Golden Age of blessings and prosperity. The next decade will be like the seven years of abundance experienced in the time of Joseph. It will require the right kind of preparation and positioning and the rejection of an entitlement mentality." - Bishop Tudor Bismark speaking at 'Greater Works' yesterday
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