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Bishop Noel Jones

Noel Debroy Jones CB (25 December 1932 – 28 August 2009) was an Anglican bishop. He was the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the Church of England.

Grace Jones National Action Network

If you don't have any haters then you're not that gifted. - Bishop Noel Jones
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones 2017,In The Process of Becoming
2 Days of Power & Fire with the Prolific Profound, Bishop Noel Jones! Receive a wealth of wisdom & knowledge!
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones,The Character of the chosen ones
I liked a video Powerful Anointed Praise Worship by City of Refuge Choir of Bishop Noel Jones
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones,Finish everything God Assigned you(MUST WATCH!!)
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Noel Jones 2015 | What do you do when you don't understand |
If you don't have any haters, you aren't very gifted -Bishop Noel Jones
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones, The Power of Expectation
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones,God is Taking you Somewhere February 5 2017 - Full Episodes
City of Refuge..Bishop Noel Jones church...getting encouraged
Religion is man's way of attempting to control God. Seek your own spiritual relationship with the Lord. . Bishop Noel Jones
(Must Watch - Bishop Noel Jones,The Lord Did It For Me) has been published on Station for Inspiration -…
God gave us dominion over the world but HE never told us to love it - Bishop Noel Jones
This is good exposition Bishop Noel Jones thank you
Warren Buffett Verified account Bell. The great preacher Bishop Noel Jones. "Some of us are irreplaceable ".
Don't miss Bishop Noel Jones right now on be blessed
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones in South Africa
bishop noel jones dating service in San Diego
Just finished watching Bishop Noel Jones's "Don't Trip" preaching on The Word Network-Phew-Phenomenal-Thank you &God bless you Bishop!
From 10:00 we have Bishop Noel Jones with: I bounce back and at 11:00 Bishop Noel Jones with: My promise overcomes my past. 🙏🏽
Bishop Noel Jones..u are amazing.Angel sent from Heaven..
God will love you with the evidence(of your wrong doing), while people hate you on speculation.- Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones say "Sometimes what we call "there is no Anointing" is simply lack of preparation and focus".
I can't unsee Bishop Noel Jones here and I hate it.
Anyone that can pull you down is already below you!. -Bishop Noel Jones
Maaliq Elliott, in service at the Thanksgiving Feast 2016 at the City of Refuge Church, Bishop Noel Jones,...
Bishop Mckissick is one of the best "closers" I've seen. Only really Bishop Noel Jones that can match.
Time to transform your life, come join Bishop Noel Jones at Assemblies of God Katlehong.
This is so funny to me!!! 😂😂😂😂 He sounds like Bishop Noel Jones. This is how pastors sound…
"One of our problems is we allow our flesh to select what our Spirit ought to choose!" - Bishop Noel Jones 👍
Bishop Noel Jones "This week practice how you speak to people" Be Kind.
"You can deceive innocence but u can not deceive Holiness" Bishop Noel Jones
Know what u r up against... Not About Us - Bishop Noel Jones . via
I wonder if people realize that Bishop Noel Jones is the blood brother if Grace Jones? I love it! Esp her!
"We must take responsibility for what we allow!" - Bishop Noel Jones 👍
Bishop Noel Jones,Theres Nothing That Can Stop Us - YouTube This lifts me. No doubt u will like it too!
Got a chance to hear Bishop Noel Jones preach today and it was some of the best word I've ever…
I've learned from that givers never run out!!! and Bishop Noel Jones said it...
Bishop Noel Jones said if them you give to are not giving back to you or more , it's time to make a change.
Bishop Noel Jones is preaching right now Log on be blessed
Different day, same stuff, no matter what! Noel Jones says "some things never go away, but u learn to manage those things."
Add, Bishop Noel Jones, "Teaching our sons to say, No." So, they don't get caught up with someone Mama warned em about.
I love Bishop Noel Jones he inoited man God walk with my Dady
When you make an impact, someone will know you were here! -Bishop Noel Jones
Do you know where your power is? It's not on the outside. It's on the inside! -Bishop Noel Jones
God never intended for his image to be mistreated. - Bishop Noel Jones
Grocery shopping with while peparing for a new role in my Bishop Noel Jones…
Nevertheless thank God i had already tuned into Touch Central and Bishop Noel Jones done blessed me
"Nobody is qualified to be with anybody else until they are qualified to be by themselves..." Bishop Noel Jones
There are times were your circumstance will pull where your spirit doesn't want to go! Bishop Noel Jones on now
"I got to get myself together" by Bishop Noel Jones tune in now! This message will change your life
Coming up next "I got to get myself together" Bishop Noel Jones! Trust me you will conquer this week tune in now
Tell your neighbour, friend that it's time to listen Bishop Noel Jones is on now! Sermon: Victory cost something" Be Blessed
Tune in this morning 9am listen to the word from Bishop Noel Jones speaking on "Victory Cost Something". Get the App now
(Evening Med.💉💊) "God is never recognized, He is always revealed." Bishop Noel Jones.
Your chance to meet Bishop Noel Jones "one and one"
Bishop Noel Jones & The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir - Not About Us on
I'm listening to "Jesus" by Bishop Noel Jones & The City Of Refuge Sanctuary Choir on
"God never intended for the flesh to control the mind. God always intended for the Spirit to control the mind." ~ Bishop Noel Jones
So happy I was able to worship at City of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones and my dearest sister/friends Larenthia...
Bishop Noel jones one the greatest minds on earth. He just so intellectually sound. So much wisdom and intuitiveness
Bishop Noel Jones live streaming helps a lot, but just until I can find a Church out here.
Its about Jesus i case you didnt know!!! its not about you!!!
"If you have no haters you're not that gifted" Bishop Noel Jones
I'm gifted and I'm okay with that! My gifts were meant to make me wealthy. -Bishop Noel Jones…
Bishop NOEL JONES tonight... on kr8radio.. single. TUNE IN
God has give you too much ingenuity and brains for you to be broke, Bishop Noel Jones
"God doesn't only prepare the blessing for you but He also prepares you for the blessing" Bishop Noel Jones . And...
"You can be delivered, but still need to be healed". -Bishop Noel Jones .
Bless His Name by the Spirit of David Praise Team of Cityof Refuge Choir LA Bishop Noel Jones: via
is singing with the Men of the City today @ Bishop Noel Jones' City of Refuge. 8am 1130am and 6pm. Come worship w/us today in Gardena C
“There are a lot of false teachers in this world. That’s why you have to know that Word for yourself.” -Bishop Noel Jones, 2002
every time I see that pic, I say to myself, "Diane (I call myself Diane) I can't believe she's Bishop Noel Jones' sister."
Bishop Noel Jones Sermons 2016 - What do you do when you don't understand Destiny Arena.
I Will bless the Lord by The City of Refuge Men's Choir of Bishop Noel Jones: via
We'll in search for natural affection. Ki.ngs 3:16-28 Bishop Noel Jones
You've been approved because you didn't leave when it got tough - Bishop Noel Jones
"We like to choose, but not accept the consequences that follow our choice."-Bishop Noel Jones
Get over it it's some people that ain't gone NEVER be in your clique. ~Bishop Noel Jones~
Bishop Noel Jones is the special guest preacher for National Action Network's Convention revival tonight.
Can't wait to see Hillary Clinton, Sybrina Fulton and Bishop Noel Jones tomorrow at National Action Network's 25th Anniversary Convention :)
"If you think going to heaven is hard, try going to *** The way of a trespasser is hard." Bishop Noel Jones
Thank God for the West Coast cause I can always catch a live service Bishop Noel Jones
NPWC, if we "don't have any haters it means we are not that gifted" Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones is the T.I. of christiandom. He strings together words like he's being paid for bars.
LIVE on Bishop Noel Jones preaching Daryl Coley's celebration of Life Service.
I Just wanna Jump by Children of Promise At The City of Refuge LA of Bishop Noel Jones: на
Here a Hint. It AINT about what you're going thru... It's HOW you're coming OUT- Bishop Noel Jones
Pastor Preston Jones talking about being under the leadership of Bishop Noel Jones
Always love a good teaching Listening to Innocent but Holy (feat. Apostolic Church of God) by Bishop Noel Jones
"Sometimes your ambition courses you to have an imbalance even though you walking in your calling..." Bishop Noel Jones
The are right around the corner, we must discuss the issues. Bishop Noel Jones on…
Same old bull cramp so inmature for u call ur srlf Bishop-Noel Jones grow up move on!
Did you know that all evening sessions are FREE? Join us we receive a life changing word from Bishop Noel Jones...
If you feeling kinda down and defeated and you need a word from above. Just google Bishop Noel Jones- The Last shall be the first. Power!!!
Some battles are worth fighting even if you lose. And some aren't worth fighting even if you win.- Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones::: God is putting you thru crises to know those with you and those who are not
Sometimes you have to almost lose your mind in order to change your mind...Bishop Noel Jones
The devil is a liar, you (I'm) winning this one, it's a must win, "All or Nothing". Bishop Noel Jones, It's A...
"Anything you cannot say NO to, you are not liberated from". Bishop Noel Jones.
" The more valuable you become, the more vulnerable you become". Bishop Noel Jones.
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones | Urim 7
God will love you with evidence. When people hate you on speculation... Inspired by Bishop Noel Jones...
Living The Word Church is excited to welcome Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor of City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles,...
Am glad God doesn't answer all prayers coz if He did I would have been wiped out a long time ago-Bishop Noel Jones
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In this video, Bishop Noel Jones analyzing the book of Hosea and fro there preached on the consequences of...
When your expectations are low you generally end up with what you expect. - Bishop Noel Jones
Morning . You're talking about Grace Jones,the sister of Bishop Noel Jones. Re tseba Mmino on
I don't need a scandal to tell people Im not God. ~Bishop Noel Jones
"You can have good 'church' but minister to nobody." (Bishop Noel Jones)
"Never let your mind talk you out of Revelation"... Bishop Noel Jones
Another Powerful Sunday Praise by The City of Refuge Praise Team of Bishop Noel Jones: via
Minister Alexis Spight at City of Refuge Church of God with Bishop Noel Jones: via
I'm so excited that Bishop Noel Jones will be with us at Without Walls in Tampa THIS Thursday at 7pm
Bishop Noel Jones "What do you do when you don't understand?" via
"Never lose your mind in anything because you're gonna need it when the things arrives" - Bishop Noel Jones
This is what Bishop Noel Jones said today . 1. When God anoint you can't nobody take it off. 2. Your anointed for...
Tune in live right now !!! We are at City Of Refuge in California with Bishop Noel Jones !!!…
Took grandma to church this morning. Excellent service. Bishop Noel Jones always knows how to deliver the word.
Join The City of Bishop Noel Jones now for a Word. Please log on to
No church this morning so I'm bringing church to me. Bishop Noel Jones it is this morning
Happy Sunday Folks! I'm at City of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones all day!!! Get here now!!!…
Relationship is the most critical piece of our existence. ~Bishop Noel Jones
Me when i missed out on Bishop Noel Jones and the God was like 'Bishop TD Jakes is coming', Thank you good God
The more gifted you are the greater your challenges. ~Bishop Noel Jones .
Today at 12noon CST Bishop Noel Jones is preaching: "God is the Best Grand Pay Master" Don't miss it!
You are the beacon of light they look up to. If you ain't got haters, you ain't gifted...- Bishop Noel Jones 😄
every battle that you walk away from is a good battle - bishop noel Jones # stick to the process till God is done polishing your life
I know you are Bishop Noel Jones fan plus you good friends with him.
"[to women] man down a little bit, let a fella try" - Bishop Noel Jones
your Good friend Bishop Noel Jones preaching at the Norcal district council.
Praise Worship by Sister Niya Allen at The City of Refuse LA of Bishop Noel Jones: via
What a amazing service at Titus this year.. Rapheal Jones opens for Bishop Noel Jones
LIVE on LOS ANGELES VIOLIN Bishop Noel Jones THIS SUNDAY LIVE VIOLIN. CDs will be available. Merry Chr…
LA THIS SUNDAY Bishop Noel Jones Ministries at City of Refuge. LA/VEGAS Dec. 24-Jan. 3. Tell all your friends and...
That's one man I don't care for at all Bishop Noel Jones!!
Stay off my page with Bishop Noel Jones I told you that already if you was the last man on earth believe me it would not b u!!
Bishop Noel Jones from USA, Deputy Mayor of Umhlathuze Mrs Gumbi, and members of Isethembiso Gospel
Bishop Noel Jones from USA receiving Isethembiso CD from Mr T Mthembu after a powerful performance by Isethembiso
It's not about us , but it's about JESUS!!
I wrapped up my year yesterday at AOG with Bishop Noel Jones, DJ Sbu and Touch. It was beyond powerful and super-inspirational.
shout out to Bishop Noel Jones. It's hot out side and I'm wearing my coat regardless
I missed out on Bishop Noel Jones. Im hurt shem 😭😭
"Anything worth having in life will always cost you something." -Bishop Noel Jones
Competition seeks the weakness in others to exploit - Bishop Noel Jones
Thank you Bishop Noel Jones Ministries and for the much needed Guidance — attending 2015 Annual Thanksgiving...
Bishop Noel Jones has a sermon "It's A Spiritual Battle." This is one sermon that you just must see and recommend to others.
It was lovely having Bishop Noel Jones ministering to us all weekend. A people's person. So great yet so humble.
Awesome service at AOG Sandton. Bishop Noel Jones preached a life changing word tonight. What a great weekend...
Bishop Noel Jones is a messing as Bishop messing as *** !. I would never set in company of ur messing as! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sin is taking a legitimate desire and using it in an illegitimate manner ~Bishop Noel Jones
Get at me on I'll let you see Bishop Noel Jones and Vashawn Mitchew soon. 😬
When truth challenges the philosophy of man it calls for prayer. . ~ Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones gt Power dat was.powerful
Bishop Noel Jones is spitting fire at Impact 2015. Its a blessing to be under his ministration.
"Some people will come to your funeral but will never come to your rescue..." Bishop Noel Jones
"The glorification of Jesus is the cross "..Bishop Noel Jones
I don't know what you came to do, but I came to have a word. Looking forward to Bishop Noel Jones message for tonight.
You never fear your enemies when you are walking according to the Principles of God. ~ Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones has taken the stage being welcomed by cheers of this expectant congregation.
Papa is preparing the grounds for Bishop Noel Jones to come in.
Welcome to Day 2, with Bishop Noel Jones, and Day 5 (Grace) for IMPACT2015. Enjoy the service...
Enjoy 2 days of services with guest speaker Bishop Noel Jones on 4 & 6 December 2015 at Liberty church, Norbury
Every nation have a Elohim, but every nation don't have a Jehovah. -Bishop Noel Jones-
Salvation is not something I achieved but something I received by the grace of God-Bishop Noel Jones!!
Thank you to Bishop Noel Jones for hosting two incredible book signings for me on Sunday at your Church in Los...
Tony Grant at The City of Refuge of Bishop Noel Jones: via
AVOID those who CAUSE DIVISION, God will prophesy, VENGEANCE is mine says the LORD. Let GOD BE GOD.via Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones. One of the most gifted preachers on the planet. Bless Him Abba God
"God has somebody in the enemy's camp that still likes you." -Bishop Noel Jones
"Anybody that cannot enjoy you being the best you can be does not belong in your space." -Bishop Noel Jones
"Why should I be less than I am for you to like me?". -Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones preaching about Joseph and his coat of many colors...he was in the pit yet Joseph was prosperous...
Lord if Bishop Noel Jones ain't doing a mess of preaching up here on this tv.. Bishop Charles Ellis just tore it...
You don't wanna clog your system with other people's negative stuff. Stay clear of it. Bishop Noel Jones pearls of information
"If you have no haters, then you're not gifted at all" -Bishop Noel Jones
We call him uncle/Bishop! The intellectual and professor of The Word...Bishop Noel Jones
Stay away from NEGATIVITY and LET GOD BE GOD.via Bishop Noel Jones
When GOD SENDS a PROPHET to tell you what he will do to ENEMIES just LOVE...via Bishop Noel Jones
I'm not SWEATING my ENEMIES as long as I STAY in the WORD.via Bishop Noel Jones
I don't care how much MONEY you have if you DON'T have HOLINESS it's USELESS.via Bishop Noel Jones
Don't let nobody put you down for what you don't have, thy ought to APPRECIATE you for what you do have..via Bishop Noel Jones
Montreal, Canada: meet me and Bishop Noel Jones this coming Monday night @ 7pm
Bishop Noel Jones addresses the hundreds in attendance to "keep praying"
LIVE on Bishop Noel Jones is teaching so good!
LIVE on Good GOD! Bishop Noel Jones is teaching good!
Doing my intro to black culture paper while listening to a sermon by bishop Noel jones. 👏👍
I think Bishop Noel Jones is going through things.
this humble man of God, I am honored to say he's my 💘 - this gifted vessel playing for Bishop Noel Jones
You've got to be wise enough to know when your 2nd you are REALLY FIRST! ...PREACH BISHOP (POPS) NOEL JONES WATCH...
Live streaming my Uncle Bishop Hale and guest speaker Bishop Noel Jones.. They are going forth in here..
"Holy Convocation 2015" on LONG ISLAND, NY is airing LIVE NOW!!! Bishop Noel Jones is the PREACHING! My husband...
I paid attention to her accent cos Bishop Noel Jones speaks in that "I'm classy dahhhling" accent & I wanted to know where it came from.
Bishop Noel Jones is Grace Jones brother?! I’d’ve never guessed that one.
Grace Jones got Bishop Noel Jones on stage and said "See, I told you I was gonna be naked!" GO IN GRACE
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Grace Jones and Bishop Noel Jones couldn't be more opposite yet they're brother and sister
Did not know Bishop Noel Jones was related to Grace Jones. You learn something new every day.
yes ! He be out here sometimes and Bishop Noel Jones church
You don't want to miss this. Bishop Noel Jones coming to Long Island. Free admission!!!
"Jesus is never recognized, he is always revealed" - Bishop Noel Jones
"Never act as if something you've received is something you've achieved". - Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones has the most advanced vocabulary I've ever heard in my life 😂
Bishop Noel Jones has mounted the pulpit. this is gonna be good't! @ Mt. Zion Apostolic Church
"We have the backseat because we chose it." - Bishop Noel Jones
NYE Summit 2015 is on guys !!! Bishop Noel Jones was preaching tonight.
LIVE on Bishop Noel Jones has my glasses!
Bishop Noel Jones is giving a little teaching tonight - Get to you Periscope and see him live NOW !!!
Bishop Noel Jones preaching last night! Pt. 2 is tonight at 7:30pm with Bishop Lambert Gates
Please don't miss tomorrow's very inspiring episode of ACTIVATING SUCCESS with Bishop Noel Jones,…
Bishop Noel Jones is ministering to me right now.. I Just Can't Bow!!
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I don't care what you are going, just don't bow! - Bishop Noel Jones
God is not working on the things, they are already prepared for you. He is working on u! - Bishop Noel Jones
God decreases the army and increases the opposition so you would be clear that it is He who delivers - Bishop Noel Jones
If you believe the promise it changes your disposition in the thing you are going through - Bishop Noel Jones
"God will give you a thought but he won't study for you!" ~Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones will be in the house for You should be too! Register today!
"grace is not a legal debt, but grace is unmerited favor". -Bishop Noel Jones
Wow on Bishop Noel Jones doing bible studay!
Just a matter time for it happen for you! Bishop Noel Jones be in Jacksonville next Wednesday SEPTEMBER 9th 2015
SPEAKER. Bishop Noel Jones. No matter your point of reference, there are few places you…
Bishop Noel Jones 2015 Too Gifted To Be Hidden: Bishop Noel Jones preaching we are both independent and reflec...
When you understand the UNIQUENESS of Your GIFTS then you will not spend your energy reducing others to feel important! . Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones, "God is bringing u to a new realm of unequivocally metamorphosis of idiosyncratic auspicious alignment of his anointing"
"Rejection also means Direction" Bishop Noel Jones...and I think with these words in mind you will not be afraid...
Bishop Noel Jones, the Pastor of LA's City of Refuge Church receives a
Be careful not to preach what you know instead of preaching what they need. Bishop Noel Jones
You can have good church and minister to nobody. Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones was ready to wife Lisa right to the First Lady's seat on the 3rd pew 😂😂😂
I like the way Bishop Noel Jones speaks
Your gift will put you in the light, your character will put you in the basement-Bishop Noel Jones
I am also, reading " BATTLE FOR THE MIND" by, Bishop Noel Jones help expand my thinking…
But why isn't Bishop Noel Jones married to this lady he's been seeing for 16years!? There's nothing offensive about asking
Speaking with Bishop Noel Jones is so refreshing, financial advice and spiritual advice.
Message: "Hold out!!" Bishop Noel Jones preached to my soul!! Thank you Jesus!
Just watched Bishop Noel Jones message entitled "I am my Brothers Keeper" What a powerful and bold Word! Blessings on you Bishop.
Bishop Noel Jones is delivering this Eulogy right now. . "The reason I praise Him all the time is…
Yesterday,I was honored& privileged to have Bishop Noel Jones interview for ACTIVATING SUCCESS. With…
Bishop Noel Jones is putting it down!!
of refuge listening to Bishop Noel Jones preaching on 2peter learning how to trust the process of God
God is never recognized only revealed(Bishop Noel Jones)~ you may not recognize God in your problem. But at the...
Bishop Noel Jones talking some good stuff in here...
They were lovin the 2014 Convention in Detroit! Bishop Noel Jones: на
It s Time To Shine 1 Bishop Noel Jones tells why he likes the New Testament over the Old: на
"Ain't no sense of you acting like you're bad, everybody's gifted but it's God who anoints" Bishop Noel Jones
I'm going to meet him before i die !! bishop Noel Jones to man !
Bishop Noel Jones: "Don't let your intellect override the revelation that God has given you."
Bishop Noel Jones preaching now at the final day of at
them bishop noel Jones the west Angeles choir and the Mississippi Mass Choir
Everyone who fulfills his or her dream started when no one was watching. What are you waiting for? Bishop Noel Jones
If you missed tonight make a date at 12noon tomorrow for a special one on one Bishop Noel Jones
Dr Shadrach welcomes Bishop Noel Jones to minister tonight
Bishop Noel Jones . Don't missed the last evening, Saturday 30th…
Every praise is to our Day 5 don't miss this last evening with Bishop Noel Jones
I was so blessed by Bishop Noel Jones @ Freedom Centre International
Special one on one session with Bishop Noel Jones for Pastors and leaders only on Sat 30th May @ FCI Welling 12noon
Discern the package, because most of the times, you can have a wonderful package and not have anything in it. - Bishop Noel Jones
Dr Shadrach introducing our guest speaker for tonight Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones in the house to minister at whilst FCI Choir ministers "Holy is your name"
cool Bishop Yancy and I were talking about U. We both talked about the time you lit Ford Memorial up B4 Bishop Noel Jones preach
Bishop Noel Jones said it best; life gets a whole lot easier when you just let the chips fall. 🌟✨💫
I remember when Bishop Noel Jones came to Rhema, I chose Jesus as my Lord & Savior. His sermon was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i cried
Check this out Bishop Noel Jones at the City of Refuge Pentacost Sunday! enjoy the service LIVE!
Pick up a Towel, before you pick up a Title (Bless Others Before You Bless Yourself) - Bishop Noel Jones
It's not about what you have, but who you are! ~Bishop Noel Jones
Well the incredible preacher himself, Bishop Noel Jones fed us manna last night such great nuggets of revelation...
This is one of my favorite preachers of all times! Bishop Noel Jones blessed us last night.
Just a snipit of Minister Robbie Sanders singing the sermonic solo before Bishop Noel Jones preached.
I liked a video Nothing to loose by Bishop Noel Jones
Hello Bishop how are you sir it's been a while,I use to visit your Church often.We are from Louisiana and Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones is headed to tomorrow night at Bible Way Temple in Washington, DC!…
Little Giant Ladders
Celebrity Siblings: Talent Runs in the Family. Grace Jones and her brother Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones is in town and will be at New Destiny Fellowship tomorrow at 10am and 6pm. Join us
I love this song. Everybody Praise Bishop Noel Jones via
Bishop Noel Jones - You're Expected To Win via .Watch this video
Let the record show that Grace and her brother, Bishop Noel Jones, are NOT twins. Grace has a twin brother but not Noel.
Happy Birthday Grace Jones.who knows this is Bishop Noel Jones sister ?
Bishop Noel jones is always dropping knowledge
"Your enemies will always be your enemies. King Jesus is going to do to them what they planned to do to you." Bishop Noel Jones
I agree,however you, my pastor Bishop Noel Jones, and can do more. Call a national boycott our $ talks.
Get ready! The Impact Conference is May 13th and 14th with Bishop Noel Jones! There is no cost to attend! Let's...
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 4-5-15 What Else?
Listening or watching Bishop Noel Jones with a DICTIONARY and Thesaurus!!! 😂😂😂
I'm at The City of Refuge Chuch in LA! Amazing with Bishop Noel Jones! I feel the Holy Ghost Power in…
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