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Bishop Noel Jones

Noel Debroy Jones CB (25 December 1932 – 28 August 2009) was an Anglican bishop. He was the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the Church of England.

Grace Jones Bishop Ron Gibson

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I added a video to a playlist Bishop Noel Jones Control Yourself
Let us be mindful to do all as unto the Lord today (and everyday), laying our lives down, and taking upon us the...
mean the gang Bishop threw a hissy fit over Noel Jones' side piece or nah? Either way, I'll pass.
micheal Washburn u want bishop.noel.jones.ur white trash to hurt on to ***
kevin nash u want bishop noel jones STEVE HARVEY said u hurt his black man he called him out to u to ur family like trash
bishop noel.jones.i.think.u want don.ameche snd q.and.andre.Russell now to.Marjorie harvey (cont)
Bishop noel.jones back stabbed kevin.NASH WHOLE family u must had at the BEAT TALKING TO KEVIN NASH (cont)
kamorne green is bishop noel.jones.child.he attacked.kevin.nash at the BEAT TOO AND AT STEVIE (cont)
I would love to go to a Bishop Noel Jones sermon *curious*
I feel like some Bishop Jakes or Bishop Noel Jones message now. Intelligent, practical and relatable teaching.
tune in to T Word Network for a word from Bishop Noel Jones or log on to
City of Refuge Choir from Bishop Noel Jones's church joined for the 57th Grammy's…
Both Dr. Todd Hall and Bishop Noel Jones speak profoundly about
Aaaah Chilling nd listening to the Bishop Noel Jones Aaaah this is so powerful nd transforming,...
I have learnt that everything that look good for me is not necessarily good to me - Bishop Noel Jones.
Hamilton Collection
Do I see Bishop Noel Jones sitting to Lucious’ right hand?
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 10-15-14 Bible Study
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones The Real Me Is Coming Out
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 2007 Checkmate: Game Is Over
You can't infuse character out of a situation of love . -Bishop Noel Jones
This is interesting.Holy Spirit sit on me sermon.😳 Bishop Noel Jones 🙌
Bishop Noel Jones - 'Not rejection, but Direction'.. Take rejection as a way to Build yourself, redirect yourself and overcome.
Bishop Noel Jones. I want him to be my mentor actually
"As long as the hand of God is upon me, there's no grace that can hold me down since God raised Jesus from the grave." Bishop Noel Jones
"He is able to get you out of every single mess that you're in SINCE GOD RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD." Bishop Noel Jones
Storms will come... That's life... They are unavoidable... That which you cannot avoid you prepare for. -Bishop Noel Jones
Being yesterday was out of this world!!! The worship, the sermon by Bishop Noel Jones...
Your relationship with God is not material ,physical of even intellectual . It is spiritual-Bishop Noel Jones
Only heard a small portion of the Word shared by Bishop Noel Jones, but believe me, it touched me greatly...
"Being taken for granted is a compliment. It means you are reliable, resilient, constant and consistant" - Bishop Noel J…
Girrrlll!!! "Bishop Noel Jones blessed us maynee!! Thank God for that man
" Never ever diminish the value You place on Yourself. "- Bishop Noel Jones."
"Take the limits off God. When You take the limits off God, He takes the limits off You. "- Bishop Noel Jones."
"If God raised Jesus, I am not going to accept to be down here when I am supposed to be up there Bishop Noel Jones"
"When you are at peace with God, you have access to Him and He has access to everything. Bishop Noel Jones"
"God will turn the line around. Don't lower yourself to get ahead. Bishop Noel Jones"
"If God raised Jesus from the dead, then anything is possible in my life."-Bishop Noel Jones."
Open your mouth and ask...Bishop Noel Jones.
FOMO had Mr do hard today, because Bishop Noel Jones in South Africa.
"Don't let anybody judge how close you are to God because of your situation" - Bishop Noel Jones.
"We want the ability to make our own choices but don't want to deal with the consequences" - Bishop Noel Jones.
"I don't want to be needed, I want to be appreciated." ~Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones kept reiterating this in all his sermons "Turn your negatives into positives"
I see 's Bishop Noel Jones is preaching in Sandton tomorrow...
"It's either you die of sin or die with sin cause Jesus died for your sins" Bishop Noel Jones
"Don't let your situation blur you of your revelation" Bishop Noel Jones
"God often changes us in our situations" Bishop Noel Jones
"When you take the limits off God he will take the limits off of you" Bishop Noel Jones
Weak men break strong women to boost their strength. Bishop Noel Jones says why break her if you need her whole and helping you. Ive seen men who are intimidated by strong women discourage them the best way they know how just so that they can feel like a man... It takes a strong and wise man not to crush a woman and to be a man not because he stepped on others toes but because he knows who he is and is confident about himself...
Guidance £ Protection for Bishop Noel Jones and Shepherd Jamal H Bryant in Jesus name
You are all cordially invited to come and fellowship with us at AOG Sandton this coming Sunday(11th of January 2015), the service will start from 8.30am-11am. Our Guest Speaker will be Bishop Noel Jones. Come One, Come All! Address: No1 Coombe Place and Rivonia Road, Sunninghill, Sandton
baba Gumbi tonight at Change Bible Church... its going to be epic . can't wait for Bishop Noel Jones sometimes this week
The love I have for Bishop Noel Jones and chef Loretta
As i sit here and watch boomerang i see Grace Jones and wonder her age so i Google her as i search for her age i read her brother it Noel Jones thats Bishop Noel Jones of the preachers of LA i never would have known who else knew that
Who are your heroes? — People like Magic, Jay Z, TD Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones
If you continually give, you will continually have. — listening to Bishop Noel Jones
Spent my New Year's Eve Celebration at Church!...Thanks for a wonderful word Bishop Noel Jones and the City of Refuge
Bishop Noel Jones church in L.A praise and worship team killed it.I'm loving Los Angeles... I think I'm going...
Television interview with Bishop Noel Jones and myself in Atlanta. GA., for Season2 of POLA.
Bishop Noel Jones is coming to SA yal :D ♡
Bishop Noel Jones be preaching . My god my god !!
Bishop Noel Jones tore the church up today. He's so anointed.
You just heard the mini-message of the week, by Bishop Noel Jones on SoulTherapyRadio on
I feel some type of of way abou Bishop Noel Jones and Deitrick
Too many people are willing to go to someone’s funeral but won’t go to their rescue! ~Bishop Noel Jones
This is another clip from City of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones. This is your season, this is your…
My mom & Loretta from Bishop Noel Jones preachers of LA in Antigua!
I added a video to a playlist Not About Us - Bishop Noel Jones & The City of Refuge Choir
"How bout instead of Black on Black crime . How Bout Black on Black Business". Bishop Noel Jones
Watching PREACHERS OF L A FYI I was surprised to learn that BISHOP NOEL JONES and Grace Jones are TWINS.
Bishop Noel Jones - The Chosen. Men make sure you're choosing the right women. Some can be a setup 4 a setback
Surely we were blessed by Bishop Noel Jones' message as City of Refuge today, right…
live streaming with the City of Refuge tonight at 6pm. with Pastor Bishop Noel Jones. .
There can be no Resurrection without Death. ...Bishop Noel Jones.
Even preachers need to be preached to ...being truly ministered to by Bishop Noel Jones..."You will Win in the End" omg! ~ Pastor.P
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When my flesh is acting up, Lord sit on me... It is me standing in the need of prayer... ~ Bishop Noel Jones 🙌
Bishop Noel Jones, what is your relationship like with your sister, actress Grace Jones?
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me
Tonight is the night Bishop Noel Jones is here in Antigua from 10dec-13dec at christian assembly ministries 7:30pm
Just seen Beyoncé && pharrell in Bishop Noel Jones's congregation on the word network
Kudos to Bishop Noel Jones' service."you've got something to protect: PROTECT YOUR ANOINTING" What a word, what a word
For 11 am Service with Bishop Noel Jones log on now @ to
Bishop Ron Gibson, Bishop Noel Jones and Minister Deitrick look like they be having those spicy sermons.
Oh Bishop Noel Jones. SHM. There is NO WAY I would be someone's girlfriend for 17 YEARS!
If you've ever seen you know Bishop Noel Jones throws THEE biggest curves at Loretta…
Sometimes our lives are shut & ruined by negative thought we allow to grow. -Bishop Noel Jones.
"Let 2015 be a year of 'Passion for Purpose'" ~Bishop Noel Jones
" images of can't say you Love Him without loving one another..." Bishop Noel Jones
Finally home after a successful day from conference w Bishop Noel jones to preparing everything for tomoros service w my kids. God is good
Bishop Noel Jones is incredible for his works entrusted to him by the Lord. I wish I could visit CA to see him in person.
im watching preachers of LA &i see your look-alike even with the voice, Bishop Noel Jones. Lol :-)
The Message is so powerful. Take time out of your day to watch Bishop Noel Jones 10-5-14 Too Gifted To Be Hidden
This guy on looks like Bishop Noel Jones. (It's not him he just looks like him.)
Get w/God & He will do d unexpected in ur life!I joined a Blk Pentecostal congregation.U can call me brother.
"It's expensive NOT to be successful"-Bishop Noel Jones
"People are always in transition and starting over because they never want to go THROUGH the obstacle." - Bishop Noel Jones
Looking for someone to listen on. . Question: Is Bishop Noel Jones Coming from the WORD with his word?
What an awesome message by Pastor Hosea Collins @ Bishop Noel Jones's City of Refuge.
"The land wouldn't be worth having if there were no giants. But I'm a Giant Killer when I got a vision"-My Bishop Noel Jones
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 7-27-14 Unfailing Love
The fruitfulness of the minority will far outweigh the unproductiveness of the majority. - Bishop Noel Jones
Steve wonder dog was bishop noel Jones not yall he track Tammi mac his sperm in her
TO ALL UPCOMING ARTIST,THIS IS TO ENCOURGE YOU, THE WORK IS NOT EASY BUT, IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE..ENJOY THIS LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT WITH World Renown Chris Jones from SPANISH TOWN, JAMAICA Artist and Model.. right now working on a major project in encouraged. Vivienne Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor The first thing you take away from an initial meeting with Chris Jones is the inability to shake the uncanny feeling that he does remind you of someone quite familiar. Indeed, it's only on prodding that Chris Jones will reluctantly admit that he is the sibling of the internationally celebrated diva of film and music, Grace Jones. A point he does not dwell on as he is determined to be recognised and acknowledged for his own talents and contributions. He will also not tell you that his brother is the renowned tele-evangelist, Bishop Noel Jones. It has been a very hard roe to *** for Jones as he bears a striking resemblance to his sister and their bonding goes beyond blood. Grace and himself . ...
I wonder why Bishop Noel Jones find it hard to be deeply in love after 17yrs with one woman... She ain't the one?
Bishop Noel Jones is ministering to me on TODAY! My GOD!!! . ~I didn't bless you with the gift so you can lose...
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Your Tithe is actually a praise. It says "I realize that without your kindness I would have nothing." Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones is an obvious "CBC January Conversation 2015. Who do you think are the speakers?"
Oh BTW we (LA Mass Choir) will be singing at the 8am service with Bishop Noel Jones and City of Refuge...come if ur free!
Bishop Noel Jones better be thankful, send up an "extra" praise to God, cause if his "friend" wasn't saved.
Where was Bishop Noel Jones last night? I thought he was the one to spearhead everything?
Don't get it twisted Bishop Noel Jones is a theological FORCE 2B reckoned with. PHENOMENAL!
has a prob w/Pastor Ron being critical of her relationship w/Noel Jones, but she has no problems w/Bishop Jones stringing her along
Oh yea bishop Noel Jones turnt the place out last night .
Lust uses sexuality, but it does not satisfy us sexual, it has a inch that sex alone CANNOT satisfy. WOW. The words of Bishop Noel Jones.
Grace Jones was the girl back in the day & everytime her brother; Bishop Noel Jones comes to town to preach I...
"If someone is pulling you down then that means that they're already below you" -Bishop Noel Jones
Hey Bishop Noel Jones how are you doing
wow, I do love the spirit that comes from bishop McClendon, but Noel Jones has always preached about who he wants 4a wife
Bishop Noel Jones just so *** Jamaican -- Little tidbit, his sister is Grace Jones ::drops mic::
I liked a video Bishop Noel Jones Explains Decision to Join 'Preachers of LA' & More With Jasmine
Bishop Noel Jones has a congregation capacity of 20,000 people 😕
Bout to tune in to Bishop Noel Jones and Jamal Bryant ... Not feeling my best
"It takes you 3 minutes to get into something that will take you 30 years to get out of." Bishop Noel Jones.
I was elevated to Executive Pastor over Power Source Ministries and endorsed by Bishop Noel Jones,…
with City of Refuge church, Bishop Noel Jones . It's not about us, it's about Jesus. It's not about you! It's all about Jesus
Church flow! Don't only be Godly and Christian on Sunday.🙌 I'm ready for the word Bishop Noel Jones.…
MAKOSI TODAY PROMO 1: find out wat Bishop Noel Jones watches when he is in Africa. ..
Bishop Noel Jones is one of the best theologians and preachers on this planet right now.
Bishop Noel Jones is something else lol
Where there's a problem,there's a prayer. Bishop Noel Jones
Loretta...,Ron Gibson was just trying to help you Bishop Noel Jones does not want to marry you
Bishop Noel Jones don't stand up for Loretta enough for me! Especially after 17yrs! He should've been put Bishop Ron in ck
&&&& Bishop Noel Jones need to put him in his place. Poor Loretta 😔.
I feel what Pastor Ron is saying but at the same time he has to let Bishop Noel Jones figure it out himself
Lol Poor Bishop Noel Jones he just don't get it! Ronny G is not on his side.
Bishop Noel Jones is the biggest player known to man lol
Yes that is true but it is also bishop noel Jones place to defend her as well for she has defended him many xs
how cal Noel Jones be a 'bishop'? 1 Tim 3:1-5 states, he must be married with a child?
Are you watching Here is my take on ways that Bishop Noels has proven why he won't marry RT
It was never God Bishop Gibson was standing for when it came to Bishop Noel Jones' relationship. It was Ron; not God.
Bishop Noel Jones is the one who is wounding Loretta but he is too selfish to marry her he's as user.
I'm with the Bishop. I think Noel Jones and his girlfirend have had sex in the past 17 years.
Bishop Noel Jones speaks of diminishing Loretta Value..isn't it diminishing her value not making her his wife after17 years.
Bishop Noel Jones is full of it, what I don't know but just because Loretta accepts it doesn't mean everyone else has to...
Bishop Noel Jones is the one who is hurting Loretta!
How can Loretta still be with Bishop noel Jones after that heart breaker on her birthday
The boiling point between Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson has become nothing but steam and hot air.
Ron Gibson stay worried about Loretta and Bishop Noel Jones. Mind your own business, sucka!
I went to Bishop Noel Jones church last Sunday 🙏🙏 and it was so good 😌🙌
should consider that maybe Bishop Noel Jones is not the husband for her God has His own plan may not be him IJS
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why is Lorette n Noel Jones relationship such a concern for Bishop Ron Gibson? Bishop Jones need to check Bishop Gibson.
Preachers of LA: I'm so tired of Bishop Gipson all in Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta's business I don't know what...
tired of people in Loretta ' face. She and Noel have to answer God. God won't ask Ron to speak for Loretta or Bishop Jones.
Bishop Noel jones and his sex buddy lol
God is not recognized...He is revealed.-Bishop Noel Jones
Really not into all the TV hype but I'll be looking forward to meeting Bishop Noel Jones on Nov 20. of LA
Yall come out to Stronger Hope Church 223 Beasely Rd Jackson,MS to see Bishop Noel Jones from Preachers Of LA At Revival tonight! @ 7
From 2012 but I'm just know reading it 😬😬😬
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 1-26-14 Understand The Process
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Pt 1 - 2014 Summer Conventi…
Nobody feel sorry for you bc u decided to be "friends" with Bishop Noel Jones for 18 years
Bishop Noel Jones. ..but first of all. ..let me take a selfie! Harare are you ready for the…
are we going to go hear Bishop Noel Jones tomorrow or nah?
Wow! Bishop Noel Jones preached a masterpiece last night at the National Sports Centre, Harare Zimbabwe. Awesome!
I went to Bishop Noel Jones church on Sunday... He wasn't there but Will Smith's ex wife's husband preached! How is school?
Watchin Preachers of LA & I must say I just LOVE Bishop Noel Jones, if he don't gone nd marry Loretta...
God is speaking to me.thank you Bishop Noel Jones..
Bishop Noel Jones: It's not so much the object that's confused as it is the subject.
My doct was Bishop Noel Jones daughter-in-law. So shes into the church like myself. She took her whit coat off and said this...
Omg, Scar sounds like Bishop Noel Jones, especially when he sings. Watching lion
you try to come Jo'burg your Majesty, we would love to see you. Bishop Noel Jones and Dr Myles Monroe are here this side
Bishop Noel Jones in town get ready for an outburst of the word
Don't you ever ride in the back seat of you're life, get behind the wheel. - Bishop Noel Jones
Today Live in Zim at the city sports centre till friday"When is the Bishop Noel Jones sermon?
Bishop Noel Jones preaching from the series Quantum Leap.
Mark your calendar. I'm inviting you to Second Ebenezer on 10/14/14 @ 7 pm with guest speaker Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones preaching on the process we go through in seeing the vision being manifested. Recorded at the City of Refuge in Gardena, CA.
Bishop Noel Jones once preached about how The Lord wants to us to eat, to feast with Him so bad that…
Don't think God is not on my side because I'm in the back. Bishop Noel Jones. . Those that are last shall be first.kjv
Bishop Noel Jones preached about how anxiety stems from the feeling we are going to run out of time.
THEY SAID IT: "Because men and women have a relationship for years (16), that doesn't mean that there's sex involved. That just means that there's SOME compatibility," .Bishop Noel Jones and his woman Loretta said, "Im happy with the way things are..." .Ep
Preacher of L.A.’s Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, but he has an interesting sibling role too! He can truly understand family issues. [ 221 more words. ]
A whole lot of folks will be extremely shocked to learn that "Preachers of L.A." star, Bishop Noel Jones, has a VERY famous sister who...
"Nobody is indispensible but some people are irreplaceable." - Bishop Noel Jones. and valuing those God has placed in our lives
Many times you have to take the risk of breaking your heart to improve your lot. -Bishop Noel Jones.
"And the reason why the devil brings up my past, is because he has no power over my future" - Bishop Noel Jones 🙌🙌❤️
Tomorrow is Super Sunday with Bishop Noel Jones at Total Deliverance Church 4pm. Get there early!!!
Dex Davis in San Pedro CA W/Bishop Noel Jones was a hit with 60 Children & parents.
Thank you Bishop Noel Jones for an amazing and intellectually stimulating trip to LA. God bless.
Bishop Noel Jones "What do you do when you don't understand?" - YouTube
I just used to discover Harvest Time by Bishop Noel Jones & The City Of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.
I wonder if Miss Loretta is coming with Bishop Noel Jones for Power Plus??
Bishop Noel Jones heads for Zim grab a copy of todays
But where is the favorites Bishop Noel Jones and his BESTIE .
Last I heard Bishop Noel Jones STILL ain’t married the chick he’s been datin for over a decade so na…
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"The Hardee the trial, the greater the anointing!"- Bishop Noel Jones. ^^That explains everything..^^
Father thank u with my friend bishop Noel jones preaching in his church city of refuge in LA now
Glimpsed that Preachers of LA show and realized Bishop Noel Jones will be tola next month...gotta pop in, I like him
The man with experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with an argument. -Bishop Noel Jones
Distinguish between hiring who is profitable and who is charitable. -Bishop Noel Jones
The harder the time, the greater the anointing! -Bishop Noel Jones
"The bigger the struggle, the greater the annointing." - Bishop Noel Jones.
The harder the times, the greater the anointing - Bishop Noel Jones
The barge the tomes the greater the anointing, Bishop Noel Jones
So, I just found out that Grace Jones and Bishop Noel Jones are siblings? Why no one told me?! "I didn't even KNOWED." 😂
Bishop Noel Jones will be in Lynchburg tomorrow night at Prayer of Faith Temple.
Bishop Noel Jones told Loretta, I got to have Bishop Ron Gibson apart of the project because his testimony I...
shout out to my family pastor Bishop Noel Jones appointed him to suffocan Bishop.
Bless the soul of Bishop Noel Jones..Take notes Ron Gibson!
"If you see me broke, in sin,crying, pain,God is not through with me yet". Bishop Noel Jones.
Oh man! Here's what Bishop Noel Jones used as a sermon title once: "You're EXPECTED to Win!"
Bishop Noel Jones: If u're going through a lot right now, it's not because u r weak, but because u r strong & blessed! (1 Corinthians 10:13)
I have no doubt you'll be able to bring Bishop Noel Jones to mzansi. Silence the sceptics
Anyone or anything that seeks to pull down is already below you! Bishop Noel Jones
Don’t miss Dr Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones at 3pm TODAY ON
Don’t miss this today at 3:00pm Eastern Time! Dr. Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones
City of refuge Bishop Noel Jones delivered once again as always a very blessed message from the lord thanks Bishop for all you do
Church today was invigorating and inspirational all in one ! The word Bishop Noel Jones brought forth was just for me 😌🙌
live streaming church service: Noel Jones ministries. so glad 2 c pastor Bishop Noel Jones n the house of the Lord. God answers prayers
Powerful service at Bishop Noel Jones church this morning.
The next time I go to LA. Ima go visit Bishop Noel Jones church is my first choice. But I might visit one of the Preachers kf LA church. of LA
When you walk in Humility, you cannot be humiliated - Bishop Noel Jones
So Bishop Noel Jones is afraid of Ron Gibson. I don't blame him as Ron is an Old G. He got street cred with LA gangs
Bishop Noel jones need to check his GF
Noel is arrogantly using Loretta, Noel fathered a baby with a married lady These are not Godly traits.
Bishop Noel Jones is actually a joker. I can't take him serious.
Here's Trivia question 4 from Preachers of LA: Bishop Noel Jones is who's brother?
What an honor it was to meet Bishop Noel Jones...What a Mighty Man of God!
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Where Is The Rest Of It?
When men let you down,GOD is always there. -Bishop Noel Jones
I wanna see bishop Noel Jones preach
bishop Noel jones and Loretta are the perfect example lol
Bishop Noel Jones u r awesome u be blessed
Bishop Noel Jones will not marry Loretta bc she does not know what submission is
He'll never marry Loretta. He said in an article that if she wants to get married, she needs to find a man.
When man lets you down, God is always around -Bishop Noel Jones
Although bishop Noel Jones is a fine old man, you couldn't PAY me to be with nobody for 16 years and not marry me.
So when's bishop Noel jones gonna do a seminar on how to string along a woman for years lol. He knows exactly what to say.
Bishop Noel Jones and Bebe Winans can pull of being twins
Pastor Jay with Justin and Bishop Noel Jones with the hurting congregation in Louisiana. :)
"He can be everybody's God,but not everybody's Lord" Bishop Noel Jones
Even though Bishop Noel Jones was out of town today that other pastor still revealed some things I needed to hear 🙌🙏👌
People with jobs needs help time to time. . Bishop Noel Jones.
"Learn how to take the negative POSITIVE." ~Bishop Noel Jones
“• 9. What song always makes you happy when you hear it?” Not About Us by Bishop Noel Jones
Watching on demand Bishop Noel Jones is powerful
I don't understand Bishop Noel Jones either. Don't know if he's been stringing Loretta along for 14 years. She wants a ring. He hasn't given
Just finished episode 3 of love what Bishop Noel Jones is doing for Tabernacle of Praise!! Good episode!!!
I got : Bishop Noel Jones! Dope!! The description is kinda right tho!!! Which Preacher Are You? # via
Bishop Noel Jones is mostly preaching about being single and how to be single, I think him and Loretta are married,
"The harder the times, the greater the anointing. God is using you to bless somebody else" ~Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones talks like he's preaching on the pulpit in general conversations.
Ok so I love Bishop Noel Jones he bought that cute dog in the church in St Charles. That's what I am talking...
Bishop Noel Jones great Apostolic faith anointing preacher.we just pray for him and Loretta.
This dinner that Loretta, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Ron Gibson and First Lady Lavette is crazy. Lol
Tund n2 I pray Pastor Jay Haizlip can help Justin & that Bishop Noel Jones can help revive the spirit in that church in LA
Bishop Noel Jones gets a shock, when longtime friend Loretta admits she'd say "yes" if he proposed. Plus, are they platonic or not?
No one is indispensable, but some of us are irreplaceable. Bishop Noel Jones.
You cannot renew your mind, if you are in the same environment. Bishop Noel Jones
I have always had a lot of respect for Bishop Noel Jones n I am honestly upset with how Ron Gibson is acting toward him
You can tell Loretta is waiting for Bishop Noel Jones to propose to her. Dating for over 16 years. Mama can't even define the relationship.
Anytime a female say something to me abt a title I'm going to kindly refer to Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta's 16 yr "relationship"
So, what are your thoughts on Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta as it relates to Rev Ron Gibson and his wife?
If Loretta and Bishop Noel Jones choose to have a relationship like that...LET THEM BE
Bishop Ron doesn't need to know anything about Bishop Noel Jones & Loretta's relationship
Celebrity News: Depression is real, even for “Preachers of LA” star, Bishop Noel Jones. He talks “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about...
Bishop Noel Jones said "Ron you can't give me Bible" translation Ron you don't know your bible lol to busy giving rhymes
You can recognize Bishop Noel Jones voice anywhere.. Him and Bishop Paul Morton.
My pastor Bishop Noel Jones is on Access Hollywood live today.
Canton Jones asks Bishop Noel Jones, "How have your remained celibate for 17 years??"
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"You don't want a woman because she looks good, you want her because her spirit is right."-Bishop Noel Jones
Moses Tyson on the Logan behind Bishop Noel Jones tonight and it's CRAZY in here!
Bishop Noel Jones defends pastors who are getting rich in the pulpit .
did you go to city of refuge pastor Bishop Noel Jones??
In case ya didn't know- Bishop T.D. Jakes will be in Tampa tonight! He is speaking at the Without Walls International Church at 6pm. Admission is FREE! And NEXT Sunday- Bishop Noel Jones will be there!
“You can have the world but give me Jesus.” -Bishop Noel Jones
I must give a shout out to God 4. Dr. Jamal Bryant. Bishop TD Jakes and Bishop Noel Jones they brought the word on 2 day.
Father, help us to be wise stewards over your resources in Jesus name, amen. Bishop Noel Jones: via
For one night only, the world renowned Bishop Noel Jones will be with us Monday, August 11th at 7pm. Join Us.
Ah! This is good.. Bishop Noel Jones is such an intelligent man! So full of great wisdom!
Instruction leads to inspiration. And after inspiration, THEN we can church! -Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones will be in H amana apo october flip
Tammi mac said by kevin she said loved pastors *** now bye she said she take bishop noel jones
Bishop noel jones look like tammi mac daddy but has plastic surgery
This is how God uses me, My ministry @ Bishop Noel Jones..Los Angeles..yokes are broken and lives are...
Little Giant Ladders
This is how God use me, MY MINISTRY @ BISHOP NOEL JONES... yokes are broken and lives are changed...for...
I am thankful I got to hear Bishop Noel Jones preach in person tonight >>> "There is a Reason I Survived" :-)
Wait Grace Jones is bishop Noel jones' sister ???
So Bishop Noel Jones was in town preaching and I just found out.. smh
TONIGHT I'LL BE MINISTERING IN MOBILE ALABAMA, meet us at conference. Bishop Noel jones will be...
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Operating In Kairos Time
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Its Got To Get Better (complete)
Bishop Noel Jones supports family of late Louisiana Pastor Ronald J Harris, who was shot and killed during a r...
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