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Bishop Noel Jones

Noel Debroy Jones CB (25 December 1932 – 28 August 2009) was an Anglican bishop. He was the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the Church of England.

Grace Jones Pastor Jamal Bryant Bishop Paul Morton Ron Gibson Holy Ghost Christ Jesus

Bishop Noel Jones once preached about how The Lord wants to us to eat, to feast with Him so bad that…
Don't think God is not on my side because I'm in the back. Bishop Noel Jones. . Those that are last shall be first.kjv
Bishop Noel Jones preached about how anxiety stems from the feeling we are going to run out of time.
THEY SAID IT: "Because men and women have a relationship for years (16), that doesn't mean that there's sex involved. That just means that there's SOME compatibility," .Bishop Noel Jones and his woman Loretta said, "Im happy with the way things are..." .Ep
Preacher of L.A.’s Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, but he has an interesting sibling role too! He can truly understand family issues. [ 221 more words. ]
A whole lot of folks will be extremely shocked to learn that "Preachers of L.A." star, Bishop Noel Jones, has a VERY famous sister who...
Bishop Noel Jones preaching on engaging the will and the intellect to fulfill the vision at the City of Refuge in Gardena, CA.
"Nobody is indispensible but some people are irreplaceable." - Bishop Noel Jones. and valuing those God has placed in our lives
Many times you have to take the risk of breaking your heart to improve your lot. -Bishop Noel Jones.
"And the reason why the devil brings up my past, is because he has no power over my future" - Bishop Noel Jones 🙌🙌❤️
Tomorrow is Super Sunday with Bishop Noel Jones at Total Deliverance Church 4pm. Get there early!!!
Dex Davis in San Pedro CA W/Bishop Noel Jones was a hit with 60 Children & parents.
Thank you Bishop Noel Jones for an amazing and intellectually stimulating trip to LA. God bless.
Bishop Noel Jones "What do you do when you don't understand?" - YouTube
I just used to discover Harvest Time by Bishop Noel Jones & The City Of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.
I wonder if Miss Loretta is coming with Bishop Noel Jones for Power Plus??
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Bishop Noel Jones heads for Zim grab a copy of todays
But where is the favorites Bishop Noel Jones and his BESTIE .
Last I heard Bishop Noel Jones STILL ain’t married the chick he’s been datin for over a decade so na…
"The Hardee the trial, the greater the anointing!"- Bishop Noel Jones. ^^That explains everything..^^
Father thank u with my friend bishop Noel jones preaching in his church city of refuge in LA now
Glimpsed that Preachers of LA show and realized Bishop Noel Jones will be tola next month...gotta pop in, I like him
The man with experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with an argument. -Bishop Noel Jones
Distinguish between hiring who is profitable and who is charitable. -Bishop Noel Jones
The harder the time, the greater the anointing! -Bishop Noel Jones
"The bigger the struggle, the greater the annointing." - Bishop Noel Jones.
The harder the times, the greater the anointing - Bishop Noel Jones
The barge the tomes the greater the anointing, Bishop Noel Jones
So, I just found out that Grace Jones and Bishop Noel Jones are siblings? Why no one told me?! "I didn't even KNOWED." 😂
Bishop Noel Jones will be in Lynchburg tomorrow night at Prayer of Faith Temple.
Bishop Noel Jones told Loretta, I got to have Bishop Ron Gibson apart of the project because his testimony I...
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shout out to my family pastor Bishop Noel Jones appointed him to suffocan Bishop.
Bless the soul of Bishop Noel Jones..Take notes Ron Gibson!
"If you see me broke, in sin,crying, pain,God is not through with me yet". Bishop Noel Jones.
Oh man! Here's what Bishop Noel Jones used as a sermon title once: "You're EXPECTED to Win!"
Bishop Noel Jones: If u're going through a lot right now, it's not because u r weak, but because u r strong & blessed! (1 Corinthians 10:13)
I have no doubt you'll be able to bring Bishop Noel Jones to mzansi. Silence the sceptics
Anyone or anything that seeks to pull down is already below you! Bishop Noel Jones
Don’t miss Dr Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones at 3pm TODAY ON
Don’t miss this today at 3:00pm Eastern Time! Dr. Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones
Preachers of L.A. star Bishop Noel Jones on relationship with Loretta Jones: Many significant Bible characters wer...
City of refuge Bishop Noel Jones delivered once again as always a very blessed message from the lord thanks Bishop for all you do
Church today was invigorating and inspirational all in one ! The word Bishop Noel Jones brought forth was just for me 😌🙌
live streaming church service: Noel Jones ministries. so glad 2 c pastor Bishop Noel Jones n the house of the Lord. God answers prayers
Powerful service at Bishop Noel Jones church this morning.
The next time I go to LA. Ima go visit Bishop Noel Jones church is my first choice. But I might visit one of the Preachers kf LA church. of LA
When you walk in Humility, you cannot be humiliated - Bishop Noel Jones
So Bishop Noel Jones is afraid of Ron Gibson. I don't blame him as Ron is an Old G. He got street cred with LA gangs
Bishop Noel jones need to check his GF
Noel is arrogantly using Loretta, Noel fathered a baby with a married lady These are not Godly traits.
Bishop Noel Jones is actually a joker. I can't take him serious.
Here's Trivia question 4 from Preachers of LA: Bishop Noel Jones is who's brother?
What an honor it was to meet Bishop Noel Jones...What a Mighty Man of God!
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Where Is The Rest Of It?
When men let you down,GOD is always there. -Bishop Noel Jones
I wanna see bishop Noel Jones preach
bishop Noel jones and Loretta are the perfect example lol
Bishop Noel Jones u r awesome u be blessed
Bishop Noel Jones will not marry Loretta bc she does not know what submission is
He'll never marry Loretta. He said in an article that if she wants to get married, she needs to find a man.
When man lets you down, God is always around -Bishop Noel Jones
Although bishop Noel Jones is a fine old man, you couldn't PAY me to be with nobody for 16 years and not marry me.
So when's bishop Noel jones gonna do a seminar on how to string along a woman for years lol. He knows exactly what to say.
Bishop Noel Jones and Bebe Winans can pull of being twins
Pastor Jay with Justin and Bishop Noel Jones with the hurting congregation in Louisiana. :)
"He can be everybody's God,but not everybody's Lord" Bishop Noel Jones
Even though Bishop Noel Jones was out of town today that other pastor still revealed some things I needed to hear 🙌🙏👌
People with jobs needs help time to time. . Bishop Noel Jones.
"Learn how to take the negative POSITIVE." ~Bishop Noel Jones
“• 9. What song always makes you happy when you hear it?” Not About Us by Bishop Noel Jones
Watching on demand Bishop Noel Jones is powerful
I don't understand Bishop Noel Jones either. Don't know if he's been stringing Loretta along for 14 years. She wants a ring. He hasn't given
Just finished episode 3 of love what Bishop Noel Jones is doing for Tabernacle of Praise!! Good episode!!!
I got : Bishop Noel Jones! Dope!! The description is kinda right tho!!! Which Preacher Are You? # via
Bishop Noel Jones is mostly preaching about being single and how to be single, I think him and Loretta are married,
"The harder the times, the greater the anointing. God is using you to bless somebody else" ~Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones talks like he's preaching on the pulpit in general conversations.
Ok so I love Bishop Noel Jones he bought that cute dog in the church in St Charles. That's what I am talking...
Bishop Noel Jones great Apostolic faith anointing preacher.we just pray for him and Loretta.
This dinner that Loretta, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Ron Gibson and First Lady Lavette is crazy. Lol
Tund n2 I pray Pastor Jay Haizlip can help Justin & that Bishop Noel Jones can help revive the spirit in that church in LA
Bishop Noel Jones gets a shock, when longtime friend Loretta admits she'd say "yes" if he proposed. Plus, are they platonic or not?
No one is indispensable, but some of us are irreplaceable. Bishop Noel Jones.
You cannot renew your mind, if you are in the same environment. Bishop Noel Jones
I have always had a lot of respect for Bishop Noel Jones n I am honestly upset with how Ron Gibson is acting toward him
You can tell Loretta is waiting for Bishop Noel Jones to propose to her. Dating for over 16 years. Mama can't even define the relationship.
Anytime a female say something to me abt a title I'm going to kindly refer to Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta's 16 yr "relationship"
So, what are your thoughts on Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta as it relates to Rev Ron Gibson and his wife?
If Loretta and Bishop Noel Jones choose to have a relationship like that...LET THEM BE
Bishop Ron doesn't need to know anything about Bishop Noel Jones & Loretta's relationship
Celebrity News: Depression is real, even for “Preachers of LA” star, Bishop Noel Jones. He talks “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about...
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Bishop Noel Jones said "Ron you can't give me Bible" translation Ron you don't know your bible lol to busy giving rhymes
You can recognize Bishop Noel Jones voice anywhere.. Him and Bishop Paul Morton.
My pastor Bishop Noel Jones is on Access Hollywood live today.
Canton Jones asks Bishop Noel Jones, "How have your remained celibate for 17 years??"
"You don't want a woman because she looks good, you want her because her spirit is right."-Bishop Noel Jones
Moses Tyson on the Logan behind Bishop Noel Jones tonight and it's CRAZY in here!
Bishop Noel Jones defends pastors who are getting rich in the pulpit .
did you go to city of refuge pastor Bishop Noel Jones??
In case ya didn't know- Bishop T.D. Jakes will be in Tampa tonight! He is speaking at the Without Walls International Church at 6pm. Admission is FREE! And NEXT Sunday- Bishop Noel Jones will be there!
“You can have the world but give me Jesus.” -Bishop Noel Jones
I must give a shout out to God 4. Dr. Jamal Bryant. Bishop TD Jakes and Bishop Noel Jones they brought the word on 2 day.
Father, help us to be wise stewards over your resources in Jesus name, amen. Bishop Noel Jones: via
For one night only, the world renowned Bishop Noel Jones will be with us Monday, August 11th at 7pm. Join Us.
Ah! This is good.. Bishop Noel Jones is such an intelligent man! So full of great wisdom!
Instruction leads to inspiration. And after inspiration, THEN we can church! -Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones will be in H amana apo october flip
Tammi mac said by kevin she said loved pastors *** now bye she said she take bishop noel jones
Bishop noel jones look like tammi mac daddy but has plastic surgery
This is how God uses me, My ministry @ Bishop Noel Jones..Los Angeles..yokes are broken and lives are...
This is how God use me, MY MINISTRY @ BISHOP NOEL JONES... yokes are broken and lives are changed...for...
I am thankful I got to hear Bishop Noel Jones preach in person tonight >>> "There is a Reason I Survived" :-)
Wait Grace Jones is bishop Noel jones' sister ???
So Bishop Noel Jones was in town preaching and I just found out.. smh
TONIGHT I'LL BE MINISTERING IN MOBILE ALABAMA, meet us at conference. Bishop Noel jones will be...
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Operating In Kairos Time
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Its Got To Get Better (complete)
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Noel Jones Walk In Your Destiny
Bishop Noel Jones supports family of late Louisiana Pastor Ronald J Harris, who was shot and killed during a r...
Bishop Noel Jones preaching last night at the 99th annual summer convention here in…
Interviewing with Bishop Noel Jones post evening service.
"Jesus is never recognized. He is always revealed."- Bishop Noel Jones
"Don't let your mind, talk you out of your revelation" - Bishop Noel Jones
"You can't live right if you don't listen right!" Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones true man of God and loved by many as he inspire millions with his teaching of the gospel. Produced by the BopGospel Dj's This is motivation...
The last thing that you want to do is not accept what God has called you to be. God says that we deceive ourselves when we're walking in darkness, and we make him a liar if we say that we have no sin. We're not fooling God at all. True change is when we focus on changing ourselves in him, instead of always studying others and their shortcomings. . ~Bishop Noel Jones
Am I the only one that think Bishop Noel Jones is sexy???
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones and just laughing to myself like an *** in the middle of Peckham
Check out Bishop Noel Jones' explanation of the power of pain in 2days A Sermon to Watch
Open the doors for my gifts and not my desires. Because you might desire opposite of your gifts. -Bishop Noel Jones
If you are gifted you going to have affliction. --Bishop Noel Jones
WOW! !! OH HOW I NEEDED THAT!!! Bishop Noel Jones gave me a book for my B-Day called GOD'S gonna make you LAUGH ! WOW!
Church was amazing. God bless Bishop Noel Jones. He always says something that everyone can relate to and going through.
The reason you are not where you should be, Its because you won't listen. -Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge.. What a great word today!! I had a wonderful time!!
Bishop Noel Jones, has been a rock, in my life since 1983-2014, he used to preach our revivals for late Bishop.. Mc Murray#
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Bishop Noel Jones taught real good then preached us this week at
What looks good to you might no be good for you. Bishop Noel Jones
Those who can join me, it is time for a word from God at The City Of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones
And Loretta if you knew what I knew you should be making Bishop Noel Jones beg for the nana, I was inky really there for Shari Demby
Bishop Noel Jones my mentor of all time!
Say what now? Bishop Noel Jones of is Grace Jones brother?! (I love him btw)
There was a time my man & I used 2 be obsessed w/ Bishop Noel Jones' sermons, then he appeared on & we stopped respecting him
Bishop Noel Jones, we do not see his heart, do not judge his actions his attentions are known by God !!
Loretta should accept that Bishop Noel Jones will never propose to her. 16 years as his "friend"? Yeah, ok then...
Lorettam u know u waiting on Bishop Noel Jones...ain't no future in yo' frontin!
Bishop Noel Jones is a hot commodity, people have been trying to get at him for years.
Sooo...I'm assuming then that Loretta & Bishop Noel Jones are now engaged?!??!??? After 17 years, I certainly hope so!
Let your spirit make relationships, not your eyes. -Bishop Noel Jones
Watching Preachers of L.A. & I must say the relationship between Loretta and my pastor Bishop Noel Jones is 😍👌🙌
Bishop Noel Jones has to be my favorite on the show.
The issue that Bishop Noel Jones has reminds me of somebody so much. Smh oh GAWD!
. Bishop Noel Jones are you going to marry Loretta
When you walk in humility nobody can humiliate you ~ Bishop Noel Jones"
Bishop noel jones is on preachers of LA? Why
Bishop Noel Jones was so on point last nite ! From who's on your boat that is collateral damage (Jonah) to Daniel...
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Portrait Of A Good Father
You need to kill the enemies you like, those on the inside!!! Bishop Noel Jones
those few words Bishop Noel Jones said to me changed me tonight.
Just got home from a conference and I'm on fire from receiving an excellent word from God through Bishop Noel Jones.
This video just inspired tomorrow's post Bishop Noel Jones-You're Expected To Win
Bishop Noel Jones- Going where i never been pt.5 Preach Doc
Roscoe is outta line talking bout he wrote Bishop Noel Jones last sermon.. Rotfl
Successfully Single by Bishop Noel Jones. Yhooo what a sermon!
beautiful dress, a nice reception, a lot of guests, and bishop Noel jones lol not the courthouse
BISHOP NOEL JONES and BOPGPSPEL DJ'S ." BETTER MAN " share with 3 people...…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Have you heard ‘BopGospel Dj's Ft. Bishop Noel Jones - Better Man’ by user544958630 on
girl swerve don't be talkin about Bishop Noel Jones ✋😒
Faith comes from promise and promise from Grace. ~Bishop Noel Jones~
Watch "Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me" on YouTube - Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me:
Bishop Noel Jones really came with a word from God tonight!!
Your character is yours but your gift belongs to everybody else. Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones reminds me of my dad
They got it out for Bishop Noel Jones 😂
I'm going to be up all night watching the whole season of OnDemand. This is my show! Bishop Noel Jones is my fav!
Bishop Noel Jones should hv showed up 2 put Bishop Gibson N his place since has N opinion on every 1's relationship
ROTFL! Bishop Gibson calling Deitrick AND Bishop Noel Jones slap out. I love it!
Bishop Noel Jones and his girl need to hurry up marry
Bishop Noel Jones teaching from Revelation 1 at the City of Refuge in Gardena, CA.
"You can't get new stuff without getting rid of the old stuff!!" -Bishop Noel Jones
"He who walks in humility cannot be humiliated." -Bishop Noel Jones
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"The more you walk in PRINCIPLE, the less you need MIRACLE." - Bishop Noel Jones
Looking forward to Sunday morning service with the City of Refuge and Bishop Noel Jones
The way bishop Noel Jones is preaching right now is making me want to Run 😫🏃🏃
2 churches I need to visit pastor William Murphy and Bishop Noel jones
I added a video to a playlist Successfully Single ❃Bishop Noel Jones❃
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Come Out Of Hiding
"There is no transformation without reflection." Bishop Noel Jones
"If I wait it out, God will work it out." Bishop Noel Jones
“The greater your influence, the greater your responsibility to tell the truth.” -Bishop Noel Jones
Try to watch The Word Network...TD Jakes is a GREAT Teacher, So is Noel Jones, try to watch Bishop Rudy McKissick online!
Tune in now to Bishop Noel Jones right now at True Love Worship Center!!
"How can you help me out of my mess, when you don' t know what mess is" ~ Bishop Noel Jones
"people don't leave the Church because they don't have faith. They leave the Church because they can't find love" . -Bishop Noel Jones
He who has forgiven much, Loves much- Bishop Noel Jones
"You've got to let your spirit make relationships and not your eyes." - Bishop Noel Jones
"You've got to step out of the flesh and into the spirit." - Bishop Noel Jones
"Someone who will sin with you, will sin against you." - Bishop Noel Jones
"If you have no haters, you're not that gifted..." - Bishop Noel Jones
OK, I perked up in this panel about on when Bishop Noel Jones revealed that his sister is... Grace Jones!
One of the cast, Bishop Noel Jones, mentions his sister is Grace Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones is the brother of Grace Jones. MIND? BLOWN.
God bless the man of god. Thank you Bishop Noel Jones for helping to make me a better man.
Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me: via
Bishop Noel Jones, Dr. S. Gumbi, TD Jakes, Coach Sipho Myakeni, Mr. Kheswa, Mr. Madiya, Cleford Dolar...etc, these people can teach jelous down...only the truth vs the truth, may good God bless them more
Prayer wil keep u,bt Prayer won't satisfy u. Bcoz Prayer is spiritual n bcoz its my Prayer I connct 2 God wif my spirit,n mi spirit holds me wif agape of love,wen my earos is pulling me out of control. Yo fight is 2 stay in line wif God! Irigardles of yo circumstncs bcoz de r tyms were yo circmstncs wil pull u were yo spirit doesn't wanna go. {Get myslf 2geda} Bishop Noel Jones
If you are not going to have no need to complain... - Bishop Noel Jones
When you walk in humility, you can't be humiliated -Bishop Noel Jones
I'm not trying to understand God, I'm just trying to have faith in God. Bishop Noel Jones
When you change, you change who identifies with you. -Bishop Noel Jones
If you want to view Convention with Bishop Noel Jones google : The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and click on stream
You praise God for what He does. You worship God for who He is. --Bishop Noel Jones
I respect Bishop Noel Jones thoo.. Clarence McClendon and Deitrick Hadden can exit stage left.. QUICKLY
Led 's THE BLOOD OF JESUS this morning with Sanctuary Choir
Shouting now...God's Grace Suspends the rules and the laws... Bishop TD Jakes & Bishop Noel Jones - Megafest...
Bishop Noel Jones and Andre Russell of KJLH. They got me covered
Bishop Noel Jones Diva Saying he has a hum
Most important is Do your thing in Church Men of THE City Shouts to Bishop Noel Jones
The Special Interview with Prez Blackmon WGII Radio on Live The Replay Getting it in THANKS Los Angeles City of Refuge Bishop Noel Jones
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Creation Groaning
This black man is preaching and it is almost time to leave work. Bishop Noel Jones is on it.
Father, I declare the blood of Jesus and Your hand of protection, and I declare restoration and healing upon Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones, in JESUS Name.
Its His responsibility to bring you out, and its your responsibility To Stay Out🙌👆 - Bishop Noel Jones
Listening to some Bishop Noel Jones.. then I'm off to bed. Be blessed
"Bishop" Noel Jones, new reality tv "Pastor Star" gives the GAME relationship advice??? Wowser...
Promoting The Weave Cafe from the East Coast to the West Coast! Owner of TWC with Bishop Noel Jones!…
How can I have a word with the venerable Bishop Noel Jones? "I'd like 2 tell u, what I've been going thru."
😂😂😂 hold up I'll be back Bishop Noel Jones trynna offer me a record deal for his praise team
i really want to know if Bishop Noel Jones has plans of marrying Loretta?
Bishop Noel Jones: ‘I don't have to be perfect to have a greater strength to reach and touch people’
Jay Laws backing up Bishop Noel Jones by Rohan Samuels -
"If you want to have power, you have to deal with pain." Bishop Noel Jones
If you don't have haters you're not gifted enough - Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones: ‘To make an icon out of a man is a problem when he is problematic himself’
Thank You ADONAI for all that you're doing in the lives of Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones. As they prepare for services today and decree and declare a full manifestation of your word and that souls are saved in a huge number today. Bless their thoughts and let not the congregation be distracted by anything but to be fed by The Holy Word and may The Holy Spirit take charge and bring change in such a mighty way that there will be no resistance and they will see the glory of you Daddy. How wonderful you are Oh Almighty Our shield thank Upu. Hallelujah The King is here Glory praise GOD we welcome You We welcome you have your way Jehovah Jireh and let peace be still in the services in our Pastors lives and I summon high ranking angels to protect them and anoint that as they work for the Kingdom. Transform them and make today a day of total recognition of your goodness and mercy. Use them and I rebuke every plan and attack of the enemy amd thank you ABBA for doing it in Jesus Name
Bishop Noel Jones reminds me so much of my uncle
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones "Go After It" this man is preaching. Yup it's Friday. I'm in the house lol
Bishop Noel Jones - Bible Study on Patience and Comfort (Video) -
I want to thank Bishop Noel Jones senior pastor the City of Refuge for presenting himself as a father an mentor to my husband and I at the 2014 Go Deeper Summer Revival. You blessed the house and set a fire. You preached like you were preaching to thousands. We are forever greatful. Love you
At the Power of God conference in New Jersey at Bishop Evans church. This conference has been great. Their is so much information that I have received that I can't wait to implement back at CYM. Last night Tye Tribbet put it down last night and then Apostle Carpenter tore the house up after him. Bishop Noel Jones came with it on Tuesday, and Bishop David G Evans brought it on Wednesday. Bishop Paul Morton is tonight. Also got to speak with Pastor John P Kee.
I'm still full off of Bishop Noel Jones message last night and when he shook my hand all I could say was that message was full of wisdom:) He spoke from the book of Daniel;3. What did I get out the message, watch how you treat Gods children not the ones who say they are called but the ones In which GOD HAS CHOSEN! Gary Johnson I had a beautiful time. Thank you.
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Praise The Lord Family , given honor to God who is head of my life . It final day of conference and just coming from lunch after AWESOME afternoon service tonight Bishop Paul Morton will bring it home . This was AWESOME week here my soul crying out yes Lord . This week we got bless powerful Men of God and Women of God that pour into us . Pastor Jamal Bryant , Bishop Noel Jones , Pastor Ron Carpenter , Dr James Woodson ,Dr. Rita Twiggs and Bishop Paul Morton and host after of powerful speakers too . MUCH LOVE
Praise Him in all circumstances and ABBA I praise you for you deserve all the glory and the honour. I place in your hands Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones for you to anoint them make new transformation and I carry them through this a testing time. Thank You for taking care of their needs and I plea the Blood Of Jesus over them and their entire family. No weapon formed against them shall prosper and cancel every attack and send ur back to it's head in Jesus Name. May goodness ans mercy follow them for the rest of their days ADONAI. I decree and declare it be your will in Jesus Name Amen
This was an AWESOME Word Delivered via Bishop Noel Jones, for the AV! Thank You all for having me. Gods Best to You Always!!!
Sometimes in order for you to grow, you have to go! ~Bishop Noel Jones
What a high time in the Lord tonight. Angela Hearns put that twist down on Break Every Chain Pastor Stan and Friends we went in on the devil Bishop Noel Jones ripped it Praise Dancers my God ! Whew!
Bishop Noel Jones has made a powerful statement about trust and control: if they don't trust you, they will try to control you.
I Speak Restoration into Pastor Jamal H. Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones and a night of double portion of sleep in Christ Jesus name
I like how they made my bro stay onstage while Bishop Noel Jones preach. What in tarnation lol... He's…
Praising God with my sister April of Hilltop Dominion enjoying Empowered Church revival w/Bishop Noel Jones
"The hardest thing to do is to hear God calling you out of something that you shouldn't have been in in the first place and your flesh has began to like it." - "I've got to get myself together" - a message by Bishop Noel Jones
I "get to" worship with some incredible people of God tonight. So blessed to be working with Word n Motion and hearing and singing the praises of God with Trishelle Ruiz. Gonna get to hear Ms Angela Hearns sing from those glorious pipes God placed in her mouth to bless His holy Name. Im gonna listen to a man of God, Bishop Noel Jones speak the Word of God to His people and be encouraged. Everyone is Welcome at the Palmdale Cultural Center at Sierra Hwy and Palmdale Blvd.
Come experience a dynamic move of God in the Antelope Valley. Join us in this community event as we bring community officials and business owners together. Job opportunities will be the first thirty minutes. Come and be blessed in the Word and worship experience. As we here from one of the Greatest Voices in our Nation; Bishop Noel Jones.
This is a lesson I've learned: There is no honor among thieves. In other words, says Bishop Noel Jones."He who sins with you will sin against you."
Listening to the teaching of one of my favorite teachers..Bishop Noel Jones...I'm gifted and I know it...Lunch time with God!
Sitting here this morning and getting my church on with Bishop Noel Jones...oh man, it is just what i needed. Talking about dignity, but also, the potential and greatness you have in you. Not in other people or other things but in you. It is there...Get It!
God is the only one I know that will give you a gift that will challenge His love for Him - Bishop Noel Jones
*This post was created by Felicia Glenn. She on it this mornin! Lmao*. *In my best Bishop Noel Jones voice*. Good...
We raise the financial bar and lower moral bar,where is the Christian voice? Bishop Noel Jones.
''Id rather be alone special, than be with someone only to be made to feel unspecial'' Bishop Noel Jones
Christianity is not a religion of rules, but rather a religion of relationship. It's not about the rules, it's about the relationship! The rules can't keep you without a relationship. (Bishop Noel Jones)
"People will come to your funeral before they come to your rescue." Bishop Noel Jones!
Do people know that Grace Jones is Bishop Noel Jones' sister??? Her birthday is one day after mine :). ..pull up to my bumper baby...
Bishop Noel Jones - " He Said It, So Let It Be! ": via Bishop is blessing me with this right now!
" you are never envious of some1 you prayed for because when God blesses them its like blessing you" Bishop Noel Jones.
Last night's word from Bishop Noel Jones was awesome. Can't wait for tonight's word!
When you walk in humility you never have to worry about be humiliated. ~Bishop Noel Jones
If you walk in humility you will never be humiliated! -Bishop Noel Jones
I couldn't be more thankful for getting the word tonight at church ! Bishop Noel Jones 🙌🙌 that's all ima say
sometimes your garden will cause you're pain than your wilderness! Bishop Noel Jones
If you walk in HUMILITY you will never be HUMILIATED! - You only have power through pain!-Bishop Noel Jones
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I don't want the Word without the anointing and don't want the Anointing without the Word! - Bishop Noel Jones
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (Bishop Noel Jones teaching on how to preach at The Potter's House, Bishop...
"STOP running around looking for a hero, when everything that you need is already in you!" Bishop Noel Jones Spirit
Church today. Not knowing it was Pentecostal Sunday. Bishop Noel Jones was on point today. ...If you want Power you gotta go through PAIN... ...It takes Pain to release the POWER... Thank you God.
Praise be To God. Come join me June 8th 2014 until June 13th 2014 at Bethany Baptist Church for our Power Of God Convercation Week. Time is 7:30pm sharp. If you can't attend, the conference will be streaming live every night. Guest are, Bishop Noel Jones, Jamal Bryant, Ron Carpenter JR, Bishop Paul Morton, and our very own, Bishop David G Evans. Music by Ty Tribbet, John P Kee, J Moss and many more.
Jesus gave up his right that we must have right... Bishop Noel Jones
I am @ Bishop Noel Jones church-city of refudge.The time is now. Its a new day for a break thru.Get ready.Wonderful he is worthy to be praised. The choir is great. Thank u Jesus 4 my family & self perservation.
Decided to visit Bishop Noel Jones's church today. Last visit was July 24, 2010
Bout to hear a word from Bishop Noel Jones from Preachers of LA
Hello great one, We give thanks to GOD almighty and to BISHOP NOEL JONES and other anoited women and men of GOD for their support towards the growth of this orphanage home, he has been a source of blessing to the orphans and the motherless babies, As you support this Orphanage, you and your household will not lack, blessing and favour shall be yours in JESUS name (amen) I am OKONKWO IFEANYI, I run the Hosanna Orphanage home located in Nigeria. It is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and in the facility we have 130 children. The facility has twelve dormitory rooms to house the 130 children. There are 30 staff to care for them. Most of the children enter the Orphanage because their parents either live on the street or are deceased. The children mostly come from Nigeria, with a few being from Liberia,Libya and other places in Africa, they come from all types of backgrounds and religions but we all live together as one family. If it weren’t for our facility and the support of Bishop Noel Jones who GOD . ...
Thank u Jesus for another day come join us at the city of Refuge family with bishop noel Jones in Gardna
Celebrate!!! Because HE did you can "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Phil.4:13)". If I can you most assuredly can. I was to have celebrated this very special Pentecost Sunday with Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn but decided at the last minute to stay in the DMV You will be blesses if you visit him I remember my baptism in the Holy Ghost on November 5,1992 under preached word of Bishop Noel Jones. Do you know someone who has yet to receive the second blessing the gift of the Holy Ghost in accordance with (Acts 2:38) message me. So that the powerful gift, the baptism can be released in your life or your loved ones
If God paid a heavy price for me, I need to stop acting like I'm cheap!!! - Bishop Noel Jones
City of Refuge - Bishop Noel Jones in Gardena, CA. um why are you up? 😃
Oh my gosh! I have to tell it! We've been so consumed in holy convocation I just didn't get to tell it like I experienced it!!! Wednesday night our Bishop Wilkinson shook the house, he made the foundation break apart, Thursday night our Prelate Bishop John R Thompson just came in and bull dozed it down to the ground and Friday.., Bishop Noel Jones brought the brick and mortar to rebuild ! Preaching machines ! And I'm so proud Youth Pastor Anthony Smith took his initial run out the gate and finished first!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE WORD! Pastor Sharon Alston-Craddock, it was wonderful and thank you for my spot in the consecration program!!!
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Everyone is educated either by the streets or formal education, if Ur not careful street smarts will run circles around many who r formally educated... Bishop Noel Jones
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