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Bishop David Oyedepo

David O. Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Nigeria, affectionately called Papa by members of his church congregation (born September 27, 1954) is a Nigerian Christian author, preacher and the founder and presiding bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide, also known as Winners Chapel, and its affiliated international churches known as Winners Chapel International, with headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Bishop Oyedepo United States Serving God Living Faith Church

As eagles, We were ordained to soar where others struggle, because we are redeemed - Bishop David Oyedepo
The moment you hve caught the picture you have created the future--Bishop David Oyedepo
Only those who are addicted to God's instructions command distinctions... Bishop David Oyedepo.
"The quality of your investment determines the height of your harvest."-Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
It’s your faith that determines your lot. - Bishop David Oyedepo
"Inspiration is the movement of the Holy Spirit in man's mental faculty. DAVID OYEDEPO". If it's Bishop Oyedepo. No doubts
Happy birthday to our father in the Lord. Bishop David Oyedepo. God bless you sir.
If you don't know the purpose of a thing, you stand the choice of abusing it. ~Bishop David Oyedepo
Happy birthday to the God's faithful servant Bishop David Oyedepo.
"For every human situation there is a scriptural solution" - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Say with me: 'I belong to the lineage of Jesus.. I am a member of the household of God.' - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
The breakthrough spirit, the lion's spirit, after the order of Bishop David O. Oyedepo has become resident in ME. ..That is my portion!
YOU know why you do not give consistently to the kingdom? You heart is not there! - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
The General overseer of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has warned that Nigeria is on…
There are light-bearers called apostles and prophets and we encounter light through them . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
happy birthday to our father in the lord BISHOP DAVID OLANIYI OYEDEPO. we pray for more anointing over your head, amen.
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If your children do what they like today, they will exhibit what you will not like tomorrow.- Bishop David Oyedepo
Prosperity is the covenant birthright of God's people.-Bishop David Oyedepo
The post is all about saying the name of your favorite Nigerian pastor. Mine. Is bishop david oyedepo . Which is yours?
"The day Bishop David Oyedepo decides 2 hold Shiloh camp @ Sambisa forest is d day he will know the real winners".(Na Joke ooh)
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If following God cost you nothing, it might deliver nothing to you.-- Bishop David Oyedepo
"PROPHETS are TERRITORIAL COMMANDERS, You have NOTHING to Pity about them!" - Bishop David Oyedepo
Funny how I miss listening to Bishop David Oyedepo on a regular.
God's General Bishop David Oyedepo Clocks 60 on the 27 September, 2014. Send your birthday wishes
David Oyedepo is my favorite people & 2 universit…
David Oyedepo is my favorite people & 2 university, at ease.
There is a place for you at the top, if you are interested- Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: God said to me, you matter to your generation by reason of divine election.
It takes high level discipline to make high level achievements.- Bishop David Oyedepo
IF THIS IS TRUE ? ' THAN TELL ME WHAT IS KINGDOM BUILDING , THESE ARE JUST A FEW HARD HITTERS ! 1. Bishop T. D Jakes: Bishop Jakes lives in a $1,700,000 mansion, he has been called America’s best preacher and has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer. Thomas Dexter “T. D.” Jakes, Sr. is the bishop/chief pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega church, with 30,000 members, located in Dallas, Texas. T.D Jakes wears custom made suits and sports a diamond ring the size of a coin. This man of God has been endowed with a $150 million net worth. 2. Bishop David Oyedepo: Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian Preacher, Christian Author, Founder and Presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel known as Living Faith Church World Wide. Has been hailed as the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria with a total net worth of $150 million and properties like 4 private jets and homes in the United States and England. After the foundation of the Living Faith Out ...
Whatever name you call your spouse is exactly what you are; be it positive or negative. Bishop David Oyedepo
When you don't know where you are going to in life, everywhere you get to looks like it. (Bishop David Oyedepo).
Service Schedule Update @ Canaanland Double Portion, Next Levels greetings in Jesus Name, Amen! In view of the massive influx of souls into the Church as a result of the ongoing Ingathering Season, resulting in large numbers of worshippers sitting outside during our Sunday services, it has become necessary to reschedule our services in order to create room for more people by an even spread of worshippers across the four services. This will definitely reduce the number of people sitting outside and will at the same time prepare the room for more services in future. Therefore, beginning from Sunday, 8th September, 2013, the service schedule for our 4 Sunday services shall be as follows: 1st Service – 6:00am – 7:30am 2nd Service – 7:35am – 9:05am 3rd Service – 9:10am – 10:40am 4th Service – 10:45am – 12:15pm Also in view of the increasing number of worshippers in the Yoruba and French sections an in order to enhance the growth; The Yoruba church shall now hold at Youth Chapel French Church sh ...
You are redeemed, to be enriched, you are redeemed to be enriched.. You are not redeemed, to be beggarly!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
am so happy to celebrate my birthday in the same month with my father in the Lord Bishop David Oyedepo
Dere is nofyn more Frustrating like spiritual blindness-bishop David oyedepo
God's plan for your victory, is eternally established!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
There is no irreversible situation with God!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Somebody must change position, this month... That looks like you, let me hear your loudest, AMEN!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Everyone's struggle in this Commission, must end this month!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
The degree of your illumination gotten from the scriptures determines the degree of your freedom. Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: A change is cheap, if your heart is set! Settle down and get to work.
Everything about the kingdom must be like a business like approach.- Bishop David Oyedepo.
(1)Pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on you. (2)The ability to hang on when everything seems to be pulling apart is the difference btw a winner and a looser. (3)A person can never reach his/her potential,until his/her priorities becomes habitual. (4)If you want 2 be somebody,somebody really special,be yourself. (5)What u hear,determines how u think,how u think determines how u behave,and how u behave determines what you become''(Bishop David Oyedepo). (6)If someone were 2 pay u 10 dollars 4 each kind word u spoke and collect 5 dollars for each unkind word,would u be rich or poor? (7)The BIBLE is bread 4 daily use and not cake 4 special occassion. (8)God never promised us an easy journey in life,but only safe arrival. (9)Don't give up,the last key may be the one that will open the door. (10)Tomorrow contains more joy than any yesterday you can remember(Dr.Mike Mudock) (11)No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted a s a reality.(Napoleon Hill). (12)Winners alw ...
My covenant friend; Bishop David Oyedepo is ministering now. Join us live on
Expectant 2day,breezing into HGC'14 mornin session with Bishop David Oyedepo...
"What you believe determines what you will become." - Bishop David Oyedepo
"A miracle is the display of the supernatural acts of God in response to our needs" Bishop David Oyedepo.
Powerful 4days so far... Today the Holy Ghost Convention switches gears... My friend Bishop David Oyedepo will be...
There is no man that has made God the centre of his life who has not emerged great. Bishop (Dr) David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo will be ministering at
"There is no modern faith, it is still the same old rugged cross and it is good enough for you". Bishop David Oyedepo
"The Glory you bear is a product of the purification you have gone through" - Bishop David Oyedepo
Exclusive info for Thursday Morning. . My friend; Bishop David Oyedepo will be in the house. Spread the news.
Life is in shapes and men are in sizes - Bishop David Oyedepo.
God will speak to you through HIS prophets... Bishop David Oyedepo, Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo & Rev. Samuel Olubiyo... At
In Nigeria press parlance only two people live in Ota,Ogun State-Bishop David Oyedepo & Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
Anybody can sing but only the redeemed can offer acceptable praises to God - Bishop David Oyedepo
The future you cannot picture you cannot feature. Life without a. dream is doomed. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Your faith is at the mercy of your understanding. When you are void of understanding you are as good as dead. -Bishop David Oyedepo
"Your mouth is the instrument tha gives God's wisdom expression through you" -Bishop David Oyedepo.
I added a video to a playlist What is Faith by Bishop David Oyedepo
I added a video to a playlist Walking In Financial Dominion Pt 2A by Bishop David Oyedepo
Not everybody is struggling, don't ever console yourself in failure - Bishop David Oyedepo
"There is no place your mouth cannot talk you to" -Bishop David Oyedepo.
A paper doesn't secure you a future God does -Bishop David Oyedepo
Winners' Chapel was founded by a Nigerian Bishop,David Oyedepo in 1981. It has over 1 million members and is present i…
This is going to be your best week ever!-Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo Denies Being Barred From UK: Last week, there were rumours that Bishop David Oyedepo has ...
Bishop Oyedepo Debunks Being Barred From The Uk - Contrary to the widespread rumour that Bishop David Oyedepo has ...
“Your Word that will launch you to great heights is coming your way in Jesus' name” -Bishop David Oyedepo
"It is what you do with the instructions you receive that determines the manifestation you experience" -Bishop David Oyedepo.
"Everything I tell you to do, I take the lead in doin it" -Bishop David Oyedepo.
No matter what we know as Africans, until we recover our economy dignity we will be the footmat for the world. # Bishop David Oyedepo #
1. She met him at a Motor Park 2. She was a university student- GREAT IFE while he was only a Polytechnic student...
[BLOG POST]: 20 Facts About Bishop David And Faith Oyedepo [that you may not Know...]
If you are not a full-time Christian,you are making a fool of your life.-Bishop david oyedepo
"Redemption has restored dominion back to the redeemed.". -Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: I read ahead of people so they listen to what I am saying.
Bishop David Oyedepo: Vision is the take off point in the journey of success. Proverbs 29:18
truth is timeless. truth is eternal. truth is ageless. truth is truth. - Bishop David Oyedepo
New birth is not an idealogy, it is an experience.-- Bishop David Oyedepo
"Read the Bible to be wise. Practice it to be holy. Believe it to be safe. ~ Bishop David Oyedepo"
Dominion is established in high praises! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
In general praises, we celebrate the faithfulness of God. . In high-praises, we enter the labour room of praise! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Never explain your failure away or you'll become a failure! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Serving God is a big time business for profitable living. Bishop David Oyedepo
"Serving God is a big time real business"_ Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo
Your inheritance is tied to your high-praises! . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
We must switch from ordinary praise to high-praises! . High-praises, high levels of testimonies! . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Everything in the kingdom requires a business-like approach! . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
"The wisdom of God... operates heaven's strategies to have dominion in earthly places" - Bishop David Oyedepo
If I were a dry cleaner, I would have still been this rich. It is dedication and creativity. Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo, has called on church leaders to mobilise their members across the country fo...
Your worth in life is essentially a product of the use of your mind. Bishop David Oyedepo
Every star in life is essentially sense-made. Bishop David Oyedepo
Heights in life are results of insights inside of a man. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Life is essentially a race,and only runners win the price. - Bishop David Oyedepo
BREAKING NEWS: Bishop David Oyedepo a.k.a "OLÈDÉPÒ" has been barred from the UK? See Why + Proof NRECO: ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP HAS BEEN BANNED FROM ENTERING UK. I have so long been campaigning against the so called "NIGERIAN RELIGIOUS ENTERPRISES CRIMINAL ORGANISATION". NRECO. I gave them this name because of their criminal money laundering activities. I am happy that my campaign against their nefarious activities has finally paid off. The activities of one of the kingpin has been nipped in the bud by The Home Office Internal Committe Investigating these so called Pastors from Nigeria and all other African Countries. I have single handedly campaigned for so long and with so much research, I can also confirm that more revelations are to follow about other unscrupulous money grabbing fake miracle workers exploiting gullible Nigerians resident in the United Kingdom. Their main targets are illegal immigrants,who they promise fake miracles of granting a residence permit in The United Kingdom. Also ...
Olusegun Iselaiye Wrote This. Okay, yesterday, I reported that a 3rd term freak senator in Kogi State did some "Happy Slapping" last week... What is Happy Slapping if you may ask? Happy Slapping is a fad originating in the UK in which one or more people attack a victim for the purpose of recording the assault (commonly with a camera phone or a smartphone). Though the term usually refers to relatively minor acts of violence such as hitting or slapping the victim, more serious crimes such as the manslaughter of a pensioner and sexual assault have been classified as "happy slapping" by the BBC. If you the video of the happy slapping incident, kindly forward it to me. No one is above the law. It is very wrong for anyone, senator or not, to slap another fellow, especially the less privileged. I remember the public's reaction when Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners' Chapel slapped a child on behalf of Jesus Christ. Why is this one not generating the same or greater measure of reaction. Hypocritical society huh? De ...
Prophets see ahead because God tells them ahead. And whatever God tells them come to pass. The Good News is that we have a prophet in our generation today and I'm priviledge to announce that God's servant, the prophet over Winners's Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo is one of that prophets. I have experienced the fulfillment of prophecies from His mouth to the glory of God. The same can happen for you too.
29/30. Only a great fool is not grateful according to Bishop David Oyedepo.
Popular Nigerian clergyman, Bishop David Oyedepo, has been barred from entering the United King...
Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo for his impacts in our lives. God bless you more Sir
Bishop Oyedepo Banned From UK Over Donations – Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church a.k.a. Winners’ Chapel, has been banned from stepping his foot in the United Kingdom.According to sources at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Bishop Oyedepo’s ban from the UK was co…
It's amazing how Pastor David Abioye sounds exactly like Bishop David Oyedepo 😳 that is serious impartation!
"Our expectations are vital to our manifestations" ~ Bishop David Oyedepo
HOSANNA NIGHT SERVICE THE MYSTERY OF FEETWASHING BY BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO INTRODUCTION The kingdom of God is a kingdom of mysteries. Mark 4:11 The understanding of these mysteries is what guarantees our mastery over the affairs of life. Matt. 13:23 WHAT IS A MYSTERY A mystery is a divine secrets embedded in the stories of scriptures. They are scriptural secrets that are superior to scientific facts. Jn 2:6-8 Mysteries are authenticated by testimonies. Jn 10:37-38 Only fools doubt proofs. Mysteries may not make sense but they make proofs. Praise is one of the vital mysteries of the kingdom. Every prophetic word is an incorruptible inheritance reserved in heaven for you and drawable on God's terms one of which is praise. 1 Pet 1:4 You need a praise signature to see prophecies fulfilled. Prayers makes demand praise makes it cashable. Gen 18:12, Rom 4:21 Only the hand of God can fulfill the plan of God. 1 Sam 2:9, 1 Kings 8:15, Every prophecy is fulfilled by the zeal of the Lord. Is 9:6-7 Every prophetic word ...
SKRIPTURE'S THOUGHT ON EBOLA. Ebola or whatever they call it has suddenly become a house hold name. So sad how bad news spread. I am more concern about the Christians who have shown more signs of fear there by allowing Satan to dominate their thoughts instead of keeping to the faith and believe in what God has said about them. Psalms 82 vs 5~6 (they know not,neither will they understand;they walk on darkness...I have said,ye are gods;and all of you are children of the most high.) which means no matter the diseases (they ferment) it shouldn't make you tremble! 1John 5 vs 11 (and this is the record,that God hath given to us eternal life,and this is in his son.) now I am not disputing the fact that this thing exist but what am saying is if we as Christian give more concern to faith and Gods word about our life and pay lesser attention to the fear ebola brings, I think we will WIN knowing Christ is in us. He has come to take away all these things which Satan and his cohorts is using to bring fear to the life ...
meet the african verison of a dirty fake preacher who exploits his own people. Yall know how we do em we drag em...
Bishop David Oyedepo. Mystery is a Divine secret embedded within the stories of the Scriptures.Far above scientific facts as it's explainable.
Im so disgusted by these fake preachers who hide behind religion to mask their child molesting friends while...
I don't know about you.. I strongly believe that God sent Bishop David Oyedepo. He has the Word.
Bishop David Oyedepo: Challenges in my life is just another opportunity to see God again.
"The company you keep has an effect on the outcomes of your life" Bishop David Oyedepo
Two blessing in one night.baba Adeboye and bishop David oyedepo.only ghost night and one night with a king.
As your feet is washed tonight, you will receive a package of total perfect health & walk in the dignity of Christ. Bishop David O Oyedepo.
Mysteries are authenticated by testimonies. Only fools doubt proofs. Mysteries don't make sense but makes proofs. Bishop David O Oyedepo.
Our level of understanding of the mysteries determines the level mastery. Bishop David O Oyedepo.
on with Bishop David Oyedepo, second hot session of praise.
Vengeance must answer for your destiny to be fulfilled-- Bishop David Oyedepo.
You cant flow in the realm of signs and wonders without ano attitude of Praise. - Bishop David Oyedepo Night
If you can think enough, what you have is enough. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Shallow men think of luck while gr8 men think of cause and effect. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Planning is the cheapest way to avoid wastage.- Bishop David Oyedepo.
If you are not futuristic in your approach, you cannot earn a good future. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo gave an instruction d@ all Members n family should bath with Salt and Water against ebola virus before 6AM. Do it Now!
"Maintain an attitude of gratitude. (Bishop David Oyedepo)"
Bishop David Oyedepo said everyone should bath with cold water and salt before 6am this morning in respect to Ebola virus
By the Anointing, the eagle in you comes alive!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Don’t look unto man, let God be your source.-Bishop David Oyedepo
If you don't serve God as a business is never profitable.Bishop David Oyedepo
No prophecy can be fulfilled in the energy of the flesh!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
My Bishop, David Oyedepo talks great things about the Copeland a lot. I pray the Lord bless and Keep you more and more.
When you give a man purpose, he will be committed; get him committed, and he will be creative; if creative, if creative, he becomes productive; when productive, he becomes successful, and when outstandingly successful, he becomes impactful. Bishop David Oyedepo
A great man of God that hears from God. Bishop David Oyedepo says this year is a year of exceeding grace, while prophet T.B. Joshua says is a year of crossing bridge. It take God's grace to cross. Indeed, we have seen and experienced the outcome of crossing the bridge by the killing of people, by war, by bolar disease not'only that. What about the accident which has claim many lifes. Stop being afraid, stop complaining, keep praying and do God's will that is the solution to this problem. For you to enjoy the grace of God, to cross this bridge let the whole world turn to God, he will cross us by his grace in Jesus name Amen.
Your expectations determine your destination - Bishop David Oyedepo
'Don't die a global champion, when you are a global entity'.Bishop David Oyedepo
"Serving God is what makes you a servant of God not the title you bear" Bishop David Oyedepo
Spirituality is your greatest asset in the journey of life. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Where you are here is immaterial, where you are going is far greater! g Job 8:7 Zachariah 4:10. -Bishop David Oyedepo . …
Book of the month: Understanding the power of praise by Bishop David Oyedepo
No one ever attend to distinction without intended focus. Bishop David Oyedepo
It is the intensity of your focus that determines the quality of your scaling height in life. Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: Your life is created to serve a specific purpose and it is service oriented dreams that ever see the light of day..
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We don't learn in marriage, We learn for marriage ~ Bishop David Oyedepo
It's never late to be right with Jesus, but it's a risk faking it. Return to Jesus now!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
"If you are not SAVED, you are not SAFE!"~Bishop David Oyedepo
Poverty is not a native of Africa, but a traveler that stays only where it is welcomed - Bishop David Oyedepo
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This week is declared your week of testimonies ... in the Name of Jesus!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
In the name of Jesus, I see you listed among the saviors of Zion! I decree your sudden springing up! -Bishop David Oyedepo
There is no end to changing levels! This time next year, you are returning a thousand times better in Jesus' name! -Bishop David Oyedepo
Int'l youth alive convention 2014 Theme:- "SCALING NEW HEIGHT" DAY 3:- MORNING SESSION. ( PART 3) minister:- BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO TITLE:- THE FORCE OF MENTOR & POWER OF MENTORSHIP GOD is the author of MENTORSHIP. ISA 51:1-3 TEXT:- John 8:39, jer 6:16, heb6:12 Truth is Truth - take it or leave it. Every of step is a long jump role. Allow true follower become a greater leader. WHAT IS MENTOR? Mentor can be defined as a leader of change of level or need to go up. They provide opportunity. To have an impact on your generation. Every man star is a name. Give a man star 2 peter 1:19 but require a coach for his star to rise.
Love is primarily a choice and not a gift! John 21:18-17, Joshua 24:16 -Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Faithfulness is the covenant ladder to the top! -Bishop David Abioye
Every situation is reversible by Faith~Bishop David O Oyedepo.
The star in you will only shine in your place. Don't be a wandering star. David Oyedepo - WYA (Scaling New Heights)
Nothing is a substitute for staying where you belong. Remember Jonah. David Oyedepo - WYA (Scaling New Heights)
Every child of God is a STAR by REDEMPTION. John 20vs21. David Oyedepo - WYA (Scaling New Heights)
You don't have a future outside your place given to you by God . David Oyedepo - WYA (Scaling New Heights)
Revelation is the power base for transformation. 2 Corinthians 3:18. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
" The redemption from the curse of the law is actually the impactation of supernatural ability to fulfill the law". Bishop David Oyedepo
"Readers are leaders"... Bishop David Oyedepo. Happy new month, my month
Giving, is the master key to the world of financial dominion, take it or leave it!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
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I don't know where you are today, but God will surprise you, this year!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
God's finger will be evident in every step of your life in Jesus name!. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
BEST BLESSINGS From Bishop David Oyedepo for You! You can't afford to Miss this!. Every issue of concern in your...
Lovers are natural Praisers and Praisers cannot be stranded as God manifests himself to his children. - Bishop David Oye…
Bishop David Oyedepo. Before we cross over into the month of August, something good will happen that you will never forget in Jesus' name!
Am just unstopable cos i served the God of Presiding Bishop David .O. Oyedepo
"Making a living is cheap. Making an impact on your generation is costly.-Bishop David Oyedepo" - (via...
If you don't delight in His Word, His people and His House, you don't love Him. Psalm 87:4;132:2. -Bishop David Oyedepo …
God's finger will be evident in your life from today!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
The last failure you experienced is the last you will ever experienced in Jesus' name!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Love is loving what God loves. 1 John 5:3. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
You cannot be in love with God and be grounded or stranded!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Every child of God is. ordained for unending. progress. Proverbs 4:18. -Bishop David Oyedepo ts
It takes you getting it now, so that regrets will not line up for you tomorrow! . -Bishop David Oyedepo .
BE AWAKE and make your choice early enough and you are ready for the utmost height. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
If you love God, you will speak of Him to others. If you love Him, you will serve Him. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
You can't truly give your heart to God and not rule your world. Proverbs 3:26. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Love for God makes you indestructible. Songs of Solomon 8:6, Daniel 3:17. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
I see you breaking forth! . I decree you as failure proof entities in the world!. -Bishop David Oyedepo .
Pastor Biodun Bakare, after doing a post-mortem of Osun election, went on to say, “It is not going to be easy for Omisore in Osun State over Aregbesola because the latter is closer to the people”. In other words, Osun is a different kettle of fish from Ekiti to the extent that Aregbesola, who has a thriving grassroots organisational culture, cultivated a pro-people orientation. Significantly, and contrary to the expectation that religion will be an issue, several Christian leaders such as Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Enoch Adeboye, have endorsed the incumbent based on performance. It would seem however that in the circumstances of a state, arguably, in the throes of governance upgrade and verifiable deliverables, the message of ‘change’ is unlikely to be heeded. The election, considering the various uses to which the omnibus ‘federal might’ might be put, may be closely fought but there is little doubt that the incumbent stands a more than even chance of winning
PRESIDENCY ROOTS FOR RELIGIOUS CARD AGAINST AREGBESOLA - APC The All Progressives Congress (APC) disclosed yesterday in Osogbo that competent source from Abuja has alleged that the Presidency instructed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State of Osun to intensify its religious campaign against governor Rauf Aregbesola in an attempt to persuade Christians to vote against him. The decision, APC was informed is said to have been taken at a meeting in the Presidency yesterday during their review of Aregbesola’s campaign footages with the mammoth crowds that explicitly demonstrate huge popular support for the governor. According to the source, the Presidency is particularly worried that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola appeared to be waxing stronger in popular support and the only way to check that development was to intensify the use of the religious card. But unfortunately for the Presidency, as that decision was being taken in Abuja, the people of Osun were resoundingly rejecting any idea of religious hatre ...
Bishop David Oyedepo on BOKO HARAM. " I hope that we are willing to find solution to it. I would be the last...
You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving (John 3:16). BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO
Bishop David Oyedepo | "without HIS glory, you are going no where" via 6-8am
Bishop David Oyedepo | "Without his power, you can't have his glory" via 6-8am
Bishop David Oyedepo | "You can't come out of his presence without a difference" via
Bishop David Oyedepo | "You can't separate prayer from power" via 6-8am
Bishop David Oyedepo | "when u are charged, den u are incharge" via 6-8am
Bishop David Oyedepo | "it is what you have done in secret, that comes in the open" via
Bishop David Oyedepo | "what torments others will begin to fear you in Jesus name" via
6-8am Bishop David Oyedepo | They that wait on the Lord shall renew their power via
Bishop David Oyedepo | "Prayer is a spiritual empowerment for dominion" via 6-8am
6-8am Bishop David Oyedepo | Prayer is not getting blessings from God but getting command of blessings
Bishop David Oyedepo | "Prayer is claiming command of blessings" 6-8am
6-8am Bishop David Oyedepo | Prayer is essentially a medium to be empowered by God..
6-8am Bishop David Oyedepo | No believer is dignified without a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.
Bishop David Oyedepo | "Strength not renewed is a strength soon gone" 6-8am
6-8am Bishop David Oyedepo | Why do we pray? We pray bcos it is commanded.. via
I just listed: 'You Are Welcome to God's Family (Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries)', for $11.90 via
It is faith that calms the storms of life - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Mysteries are things to see and not just hear or read ... ... - Eph. 3:8-9. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Being in Christ and being in church are two different things - Bishop David Oyedepo.
I added a video to a playlist Shiloh 2012 The Spirit of Wisdom by Bishop David Oyedepo 1
17. "If God cannot do it, let no man do it!" ~ Bishop David Oyedepo .
A poor man is not someone without a fat bank account; it’s a man that can’t open his hands to be a blessing.Bishop David Oyedepo.
How 2 make an impact.bishop david oyedepo "The Last Book you read ?
No challenge of lyf can hold God to ransom( Bishop David Oyedepo). Ders nafin to big 4 God to do, so table ur trobles 2 Him nw.!!!
Bishop David Oyedepo | The endtime Church is an enviable church, we need power to become it...
Bishop David Oyedepo | Everytime you lock up in prayer you are been empowered bcosHis presence equals power
Bishop David Oyedepo | we all need power to disarm all spiritual barriers against our answers to prayer
Bishop David Oyedepo | we all need power because there is a regular conflict with the strongman
Bishop David Oyedepo | We all need power because satan comes in to people who are empty.
Bishop David Oyedepo | We all need power because everyday is loaded with evil and wickedness.
TIMELY NOTES! Many people are stagnated in life primarily because of Satan and his agents. The bible talks about four horns in the clouds that stops the children of God from lifting up their head. What this means is that he makes it almost impossible for God's children to think prosperity. It was the same affliction that came upon Job, he began to think that God was behind his predicament. And that made the ailment to last longer than it should. Satan was behind his fall, yet he thought it was God. My father in the faith, Bishop David Oyedepo, has always told us a story about a certain time when the church was not growing. And so he decided to go on a 3-day fasting and prayer program along with his prayer team. On the third day God opened his eyes to see a thick dark cloud over the church building, and told him that the dark cloud was the reason for the stagnation of the church. My father immediately spoke a word in faith, and the cloud roled away. That's how far we'd go on today's Timely Note. But take t ...
I shout aloud in tears,father in heaven,GOD Almighty pls,don't forsake my mum ur daughter.Pls let her eat the fruit of her labour,since the death of my dad ur son,her husband.Pls i beige of u,O GOD of Bishop David Oyedepo,the creator of heaven & earth.& father in good health.Long live u the greatest mum of the century in Jesus name Amen!
Healed of HIV/AIDSLeave a replyWhen I woke up from sleep on Wednesday January 4, 2005, I felt very sick, so I went to the hospital for test, where I was diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS. I came to church and bought a book written by Bishop David Oyedepo, titled, The Healing Balm.I got to pages 15 and 16…
Depression has never generated solutions anywhere. It is a stimulant for oppression. - Bishop David Oyedepo
God doesnt bless you on your terms,He blesses you on His terms. Bishop David Oyedepo.
There is no comparing an open heaven with men's effort. Bishop David Oyedepo
Projectsave Devotional Thursday, 17th, July 2014. LET HIM HAVE THE FINAL SAY Prov16:1 We may make our plans, but God has the last word. GNT Bishop David Oyedepo told a story on how he had set his yearly ministerial goals and wrote them down, as he stretched his hands to pray on them, God told him to dump them because it was clearly his own idea not his. God had to give him proper direction on what to do that year. Your plans are good but God's plan is the best, you must learn to be flexible in God's hands. It is dangerous If God can't interrupt your plans and have the final say over them. Don't be too rigid with God, whenever you're making your plans and you're not sure if its God's perfect will for you, let your prayer be 'Father, let your will be done'. It is a terrible thing to walk out of God's original plan for one's life. Stay in the place of spiritual flexibility where God can halt your plans and give you his. It is not bad to plan but it is bad to plan without God. PRAYER:- Father, I choose to wal ...
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Nobody hate abundance,but they hate the conditions Bishop David Oyedepo.
' There is no comparing an open heaven with man's effort'. Bishop David Oyedepo
' You don't stubble on anything of value'. Bishop David Oyedepo
EXPECTATION: KEY TO FRUITFULNESS Expectation is the mother of manifestation. What you don’t expect you cant experience. God has promised, His word is ready to perform, it is your expectation that determines when you will be visited. Don’t base your expectation on doctors reports but on what the Word has said. Stop focusing on the doctors report, focus on God’s ability to give you a surprising testimony. Be dangerously determined to contact your miracle – Bishop David Oyedepo When you are determined, no good thing passes you by. You were created to be fruitful stop believing the lie of the devil. You have heard testimonies of those who got their miracle in the same service you were in. the fact you didn’t get yours doesn’t mean God hates you but it means you were not prepared/determined to receive. Don’t let anything tamper with your expectation. Remember God is ever ready to meet you at the point of your needs, your portion can only be released the day you become determined to receive. E.g H ...
Here are 10 selected inspired quotes by Bishop David Oyedepo, on giving. I hope they teach you some deep truths. I particularly like this one that says that … “when you live life for yourself, you don’t go up. But when you live for the benefit of others, nothing stops you from going up.” Enjoy. […]
You are not where you are today, because of what you earn. You are where you are today, by reason of your giving!. - Bi…
"If you look carefully around you,what you have is enough to get what you don't have." from Bishop David Oyedepo.
""The level of your investment determines the height of your accomplishment" - Bishop David Oyedepo"
If you are not into giving, your love is questionable, your love is fake!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
That mustard seed in your hand can grow into a might seed if we learn to sow with it. Matthew 13:31-32 - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
If you can not show your fruits, people will doubt your roots- Bishop David Oyedepo
When it comes to the subject of wealth, it has to be, 'the blessing of God' or the struggle will be forever!. - Bishop …
Prosperity is not a function of salary ... it is a function of the blessing of the LORD! - Proverbs 10:22. - Bishop Dav…
I love Bishop David Oyedepo.may the anointing on his life by God destroy every yoke in your life.
nything you kept wouldn't grow,its what you sow that grows- Bishop David Oyedepo # tithing
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don't beg ur way out of poverty u give ur way out of poverty.Be faithful with what God has given.Bishop David Oyedepo
Giving is a financial gate way to God blessings. A spiritual transaction that provoke the heavens. - Bishop David Oyedepo
Papa is loaded. His biblical puns and rhymes tho. Respect! Bishop David Oyedepo.
U can neva eva serve God and Lose Bishop david Oyedepo
May I say this... The love of God, is the gateway to financial fortune!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
The grace of prosperity, answers to your covenant practice! . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
The answer is not in the country in which you are hiding,. The answer is in the covenant!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Its not where you steal from that matters, its the act of stealing that makes a thief ~Bishop David Oyedepo
What is unique about biblical prosperity? . It is sorrow-free! - Proverbs 10:22. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
What is unique about biblical prosperity? . It guarantees posterity!. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Praise is wat to do wen u don't know wat to do: Bishop David Oyedepo
"It's only in school we have classmates, after school everyone determines the class they belong to." - Bishop David Oyedepo
If you take God for granted, you will be grounded - Bishop David Oyedepo
Celebrating God's faithfulness in the life & family of God's servant - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Blessed be God who spoke with His mouth unto Bishop David Oyedepo and hath with His hand fulfilled it.
Complicated beings are easily deceived by the devil because the demands of the scripture are simple - Bishop David Oyedepo
cool. I'm searching for a book by Bishop David Oyedepo _ Mental Exploits (something like that)
Success is not a gift but a choice - Bishop David Oyedepo.
GOD of Bishop David Oyedepo,pls help my life and destiny. Grant me an eternal testimony and breathrough today
Bishop David Oyedepo: Faith create what is missing to deliver what is desired.
Who is a Millionaire?. One who has touched a million lives - Bishop David Oyedepo. You're blessed to bless blessing!
Bishop David Oyedepo: We are not ashamed to be called the church of the rich
If you are a christian and you don't reflect Christ, then you are fake. Bishop David Oyedepo
"To be informed is to be transformed, and to be uninformed is to be deformed''. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Until your life becomes a seed, the fulfilment of your ministry is not in view. ~Bishop David Oyedepo
I rather sink with God than shine without Him. Bishop David Oyedepo
For you to xperience a GREAT DESTINY wat you need is the xperience of the GREAT GOD. Bishop David Oyedepo
You will not be remembered for what you have but for what you have done.-Bishop David Oyedepo
I Was at landmark university today.. Bishop David Oyedepo has great vision.
David Oyedepo, Wealth without distribution channel can kill the carrier
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Truth is Truth. Truth can not be outdated. There is no modern Truth. Truth is Eternal! - Bishop David Oyedepo.
"If you are not a planner, you are a joker"-Bishop David Oyedepo
Outsanding success is impossible without a well defined focus or purpose for living ( bishop david o. Oyedepo)
It should be noted that wealth in the Kingdom is an ENTRUSTMENT but not an ATTAINMENT. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Remember, every child of God is a seed of Abraham – Gal 3:29 . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
The midst of the year is also ordained for encounter with financial fortune! - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Every Winner should expect to be visited for a supernatural turnaround this month. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
Recommended books of the month of July 2014 authored by Bishop David Oyedepo include:. 1. Understanding Financial...
I always thank God for making me to know a man like Bishop David Oyedepo,he have been a blessing to me
The day Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Winners chapel decides to hold shiloh camp at sambisa forest is the...
Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Tunde Bakare invoke the wrath of God on the Boko Haram.
The Church is in need today than ever before to push darkness out of the land- Bishop David Oyedepo
One of the indestructible entities on the planet earth is the Church- Bishop David Oyedepo
PROPHETIC INSTRUCTION FROM BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO. Beginning from 1st July 2014, and for the next seven (7) days,...
"What you don't earn, you cannot manage" - Bishop David Oyedepo
Let your books be heavier than your clothes. -Bishop David Oyedepo
Oyedepo, Bakare Curse Boko Haram . Published on June 30, 2014 by admin pmnews. Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor...
Faith rejoices in the reality of the unseen. Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo Sunday 28th June 2014: Experiencing The Wonder in the Word: via
When you STAND for GOD, GOD will PROVIDE for YOU.". Bishop David Oyedepo(God's General)
"FAITH compels opposition to bow and ENFORCES the RELEASE of your DESTINY in CHRIST JESUS.". Bishop David Oyedepo(God's General)
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