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Bishop Dale Bronner

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Distraction is the destruction of a dream in slow motion. Bishop Dale Bronner
You will face a dark night while carrying light to others! - Bishop Dale Bronner
You show what you are waiting on by showing what you are working on. Bishop Dale Bronner
Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to someone bent on misunderstanding you. Bishop Dale C Bronner
The world in front of us is nothing like the world behind us. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
The art of communication is in our ability to listen. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
Life's greatest lessons are learned from our greatest mistakes. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
Learning is a gift even when pain is the teacher. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
"Christianity is the renewal of the mind not the removal of the mind" Bishop Dale C. Bronner
"Let whosoever come and worship not whosoever come and work" Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Beware of what you become in pursuit of what you think you want. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
Receiving the anointed teachings of Bishop Dale C Bronner @
Life long learners are life long observers. Bishop Dale C Bronner.
We must be life long learners. Bishop Dale C Bronner CAPACITY2017
Exposure is the greatest catalyst to awakening a person. to their purpose. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
You show what you're WAITING for by what you're WORKING on" Bishop Dale C. Bronner . Don't miss…
"Can you pass the test of discouragement?" Bishop Dale C. Bronner don't do me like that! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
"There is a patience that comes with harvest." Bishop Dale C. Bronner is blessing me!!! — attending Capacity...
Everyone has the right to speak, but you must earn the right to be heard - Bishop Dale Bronner
Juan with Bishop Dale C. Bronner after sharing his life altering message " You don't get what you…
Every new thing begins with a seed of an idea. Bishop Dale Bronner.
"The prayer that you think goes unanswered is a sign that God is preparing something grtr" . Bishop Dale Bronner
This is now folks Bishop Dale Bronner underlined it for you
Did you see my interview in newsletter on "Change Your Trajectory?" Find it at
Today's Focus: Relationships Bishop Dale C Bronner. It is becoming more and more popular to put...
"Greatness is determined by what you do with what you have." -Bishop Dale Bronner
"I am thankful to God for all I have been healed from, delivered from, and kept from!" - Bishop Dale Bronner
When you speak truth, your words will either attract a strong mind or offend a weak one. Bishop Dale C Bronner
Seek God for who he is, not what he can do for you from Bishop Dale Bronner on Daystar
Out of your misery comes your ministry. ~Bishop Dale Bronner
There are two things that define us. . Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. - Bishop Dale Bronner
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Life is about preparing - you don't get what you want in life, you get what you prepare for. -Bishop Dale C. Bronner . +Inspiring You
If you speak truth and don't offend anyone, then you aren't speaking truth. ~ Bishop Dale C Bronner
"An enemy is someone who weakens your influence in your absence" -Bishop Dale Bronner
"Loyalty is about who stays true to you behind your back." -Bishop Dale Bronner 🌹⛪️
Hope your Sunday is amazing. Heard a great word online from Bishop Dale Bronner than came across…
Today's sermon from Bishop Dale Bronner today was called "The Beauty of Loyalty" taken from Ruth 1:11-17
thanks for sharing Bishop Dale Bronner, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
Hang in there! Like the diamond, the PRESSURE will pass but your VALUE will remain! . Bishop Dale Bronner...
Who you become is a direct consequence of who you choose to be with! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
"God will not entrust you w/ something you can't rejoice over when others have it and you don't.". Bishop Dale Bronner
"No amount of success in business can make up for failure at home." -Bishop Dale Bronner
Avoiding future failures proves you've learned from your past failures.-Dale O'Shield. Bishop Dale Bronner...
Repost from Bishop Dale C. Bronner. - God's got a plan; trust Him!
Youve got something bigger in you than you realize! Thanks for posting Bishop Dale Bronner…
Bishop Dale Bronner sharing at the USCAL National Council tonight in Dallas
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I am ENJOYING Bishop Dale C. Bronner WOW.. what a soothing voice.. teaching.. the right sound before I take a nap.. .
A boat doesn't sink because of water around it but when water gets into it. Stop complaining and start doing something. -Bishop Dale Bronner
Okay, so I was right in Atlanta for years and never heard Bishop Dale Bronner preach or heard his story. Wow!...
No matter what you've lost, what you've got left is ENOUGH! - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Stop trying to get the word out...get the Word in! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
What's left is the history in your head.-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
He gives seex to the sower and He gives the increase according to your faithfulness!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Was hats left in your hand is the harvest in seed form!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Youwill never achieve what you're capable of if you stay connected to what you're supposed to let go of!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
The original purpose of language was not fpr communications but for creation!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
If you get His word you can get His miracle!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
God always leaves a pot of mana for a generation!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
God will always give yob something where you need Him!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
For some people believing. Is seeing!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
For some people Seeing is believing!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
No matter what you've lost what you have left is enough !-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Miracles are temporary blessings are permanent !-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
1 Kings chapter 8: What's left is enough -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Hard practice in private makes performance easy in public! Bishop Dale Bronner...
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"When you speak and use the Name of Jesus, you have the authority as the Power of Attorney!" Bishop Dale C. Bronner... My God!
You have to think before you speak and see before you act and don't act before you think. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
You've been waiting on God, but God's been waiting on you. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
If you get the seed in the ground God will send the rain. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
If God can get it your heart He can get it in your life! - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
"Every opportunity comes with opposition" The victory is on the other side of a fight. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Formula that leads to victory:. Be humble. Be hungry. . Be the hardest working person you know. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Every opportunity comes with opposition. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
You can have what ever it is if you're willing to struggle for. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
If you think and act things will happen FOR you. But if you don't think and act things will happen TO you. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
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If you stay where you are you'll have what you have. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
When you keep using excuses you start believing them. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
If you're ever going to act on what God has for you then you have to get rid of your excuses. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Success is always connected to motion. God is going to deal with people who are on the move. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Your performance is more important than your position. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Until you talk to God, you have no authority to talk on His behalf.- Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Let your gifts speak. Your gifts will make room. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
God's only reason to give power is to empower others. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
The strength of God is not in numbers, but in unity. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
God is writing an incredible epic in your life. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you. --Tom Hopkins. Bishop Dale Bronner
Satan seeks to either control you or destroy. you! Opt out of both by submitting to God's. will! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Life is too short to hold grudges. Forgiveness. is not an option, it's an obligation! -Bishop. Dale C. Bronner
What worries u, masters u! But when u trust in. the MASTER, u will master what worries u! -. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
As long as your heart is with God, His hand. will be with you! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
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"Make time to live your values, not your wants.. Live in the NOW. Needs Over Wants." - Bishop Dale Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner with Dr. Michael Brown, Bible scholar and advocate for biblical truth.
TODAY!!! Men's Conference at with Pastor ,Bishop Dale Bronner, and at 9AM
Today was glorious! Thanks to Bishop Dale Bronner & Dr Nina for giving me the privilege of ministering to the...
Stop investing yourself in things and people if you don't see measurable change in reasonable time - Bishop Dale Bronner
MATURE people don't make excuses.they make CHANGES - - Bishop Dale Bronner
when things are not adding up in your's time to start subtracting.the "who's" and "whats" need to go - - Bishop Dale Bronner
Omg. This is totally Bishop Dale Bronner's sermon on the lens/perspective through which we see the world
You change your future by your behavior, not just by what you believe~ Bishop Dale C. Bronner. You can have all...
You may be faced with trials on every hand, choose to obey God and not man. Bishop Dale Bronner
Train yourself to see the big picture not just a snapshot of the present. -Bishop Dale Bronner.
You cannot tell a man something he already thinks he knows. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
When things don't add up in ur life, start subtracting. - Bishop Dale C Bronner
Adversity introduces a man to who he really is. . - Bishop Dale Bronner
"What we see with our eyes closed is more important than what we see with our eyes open." BIshop Dale Bronner
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"If you sharpen your gift well enough, it will give you access to great people." - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
The hardest thing to bring under subjection to God's will is what you THINK you know. - Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Dont be just attracted to cute people with no character. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
"Lord, help me to be fruitful and multiply the talents you have given me.". Bishop Dale Bronner
"David would not have known he was a champion, had their been no Goliath to slay." Bishop Dale Bronner
I can listen to Bishop Dale C.Bronner , and all day ! 🙏⛅️
"You're born, looking like your parents. When you become an adult, you start looking like your choices." -Bishop Dale Bronner -"dOk"
Have the courage to live; anyone can die. Make a difference in the world! -Bishop Dale Bronner
Be intentional about lifting someone today! Bishop Dale Bronner
"Instead of God changing your situation for you, He may be changing you for your situation" Bishop Dale Bronner
"When you FOCUS on what you do NOT have you fail to see what GOD has already given you.". Bishop Dale Bronner
You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Bishop Dale Bronner
"Lord, help me to love like You love as a natural expression of who You created me to be." Bishop Dale Bronner
Let sorrow make the best of you. Every pain and wound births a womb Bishop Dale C. Bronner
A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience. Bishop Dale Bronner
Nothing great happens without sacrifice! Bishop Dale Bronner
Your life is a print out of your thoughts!1 peter 1:13!thanks @ bishop dale c.bronner excellent wisdom!
People who know who they are can not be overcome by the devil. ~Bishop Dale C. Bronner.
STRESS is symptomatic of a disorganized life Bishop Dale C. Bronner
The worst thing you can do with disappointment is live with it.~Bishop Dale C. Bronner
shows why it's important that Jesus take the wheel in your life. Watch now.
Never wait until a crisis to determine your identity. Bishop Dale Bronner
Seeds of discouragement will not grow in the thankful heart. Always be grateful...things could be worse!~ Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Your a vessel its not about me devil! GOD DAILY LOADS US WITH BENEFITS Bishop Dale C. Bronner
I am looking forward to a great lesson tomorrow on "Heart Change" . Bishop Dale C Bronner said that 2015 would...
People do not lack strength; they lack will. Set your will, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you!. Bishop Dale Bronner
"Everything that you've been thru, God's going to use it for the betterment of your future!" -Bishop Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Join me this Sunday for 8:30am worship service at Word of Faith as Bishop Dale C. Bronner prays over my family.
Bishop Dale C. Bronner. I refuse to live with disappointment!
Leave things better than you found them! Bishop Dale Bronner
"Laughter has the power to cleanse the mind of worry." Bishop Dale C. Bronner
When you run with the crowd. You get no further than the Crowd. Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Apostle Bryan Meadows, Apostle John Eckhardt, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Dale Bronner and many others are truly a God sent to the church.
I added a video to a playlist Kingdom Mantle Conference 2014 - Bishop Dale Bronner
Grace Soulutions. "The blood breaks the curse but you have the responsibility to change your course" Bishop Dale C Bronner.
"It's better to be kept from, than delivered from". -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner . Opinion is really the lowest form of. human knowledge. It...
Bishop Dale Bronner . Arrogance in the attitude is a sign of poverty in the...
When you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner . Be thankful for everyone who comes into your life...even the...
"All is well in the end and if it's not well,'s not the end." - Bishop Dale Bronner
We would be more grateful if we knew how much of what we take for granted is planned by God. Bishop Dale Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner . When we love like Jesus, serve like Jesus, give like Jesus,...
Bishop Dale C. Bronner said, . Golden rule by which to live:
Addiction is compulsive behavior. motivated by the memory of. pleasure!-Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner . Never miss an opportunity to. refrain from speaking untruthful,...
Thanks to Bishop Dale C. Bronner for being such a tremendous blessing to The Tower. You inspire us to reach Higher!!
"Be who you are because you never know who will the person you really are." ~ Bishop Dale C Bronner
"Lust is NEVER satisfied. Love is EASILY satisfied." -Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Know what's necessary for the season you are in! Bishop Dale Bronner
Excited to have Bishop Dale Bronner with us tomorrow at The Tower! He is an outstanding speaker and a tremendous...
Remember, problems never come to last, they only come to pass!~by Bishop Dale C. Bronner~
Days Away-Count Down To the Grace and Favor IPMC! Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Reba Tyms and Ambassador Charles Neiman and Bishop Dale Bronner and more Dynamic Teachers of God, Classes in the Day and Services in the Evening!
Thank you to all the MGT and FOI who did our community outreach this morning by attending "Word of faith" Bishop Dale Bronner's church PBTA
I would like to take the time out to also thank the television Ministries such as Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Jeffrey Duplantis, Pastor Paula White, Pastor Joel Olsteen, the Bishop Dale Bronner, Pastor Calton Byrd breathing of life Joyce Myers John Hagee for keeping me encourage and many others every day of week thank you for your awesome messages a word from God it's so good to know that I could grab my Bible and lay back in my bed and be inspired with a word from the living God thanks to each and everyone of you for my daily inspiration!!!
Need a church in Greenville, I'm talking about a banging choir sing me right into heaven with some daily bread I can understand. Until that I guess I will listen to Bishop Dale Bronner live. Oh how I miss my Sundays and Word of Faith in the A. All my friends would join me.
Thanking GOD for such awesome words from Joel Olsteen and Bishop Dale Bronner!!
Atlanta Metropolitan College Foundation, Inc.invites you to the 2013 Celebration of Leadership Awards honoring this year's award recipients Andrew Young, Bishop Dale Bronner, Ms Cynthia Day, Chancellor Hank Huckaby and Dr. Louis Sullivan March 30, Twelve Hotel Ballroom, Atlantic Station. Black Tie. Individual tickets are $150. Join me and Mr. Willie Watkins as we serve as Honorary Co-Chairs of this fun, wonderful Gala to benefit students of Atlant Metropolitan College.
The Men's Ministry would like to thank Robert Ortiz for his awesome leadership in planning the I Declare Men's Conference today featuring Bishop Dale Bronner and Paul Cole. It was an excellent event! We also thank Moving Worship and the many volunteers who assisted in making the event a success. Congratulations to Jaime Rodriguez for being commissioned as a Minister to Men.
I am so honored to serve along with Mr. Willie A. Watkins as Honorary Co-chairs of the 2013 Celebration of Leadership, a benefit for the Atlanta Metropolitan State College, March 30, 2013, celebrating the contributions of Andrew Young, Bishop Dale Bronner, Dr. Louis Sullivan, Mrs. Cynthia Day and Henry Hank Huckabay.
Don't say "God, I have a big problem!" But instead, "Hey problem, I have a big God and everything will be okay!" Bishop Dale Bronner
Bishop Dale Bronner from Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral will be speaking at the "I Declare" Men's Conference at Lakewood Church on Saturday, February 9th. Register now:
There is no doubt that that the Nigerian Pentecostal Church and certain bishops in the fold are emulating and borrowing from the rich American Church and her superstar pastors, bishops and televangelists like Pastor Benny Hinn, Bishop TD Jakes, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop Dale Bronner, Pastor Joel Osten, Pastor Joyce Myer, Pastor Paula White, and Pastor Darlene Bishop etc. These imitators and imposters refused to understand that United States is a rich and capitalist country. The American Church organizations are big businesses and they have learned to tap into the wealth and prosperity of the nation without depending on the meager tithes and offerings from their members. Today, the streets of major cities in Nigeria are littered with all kinds of Churches promising healing, wealth, prosperity and happiness and yet Nigeria and vast majority of its citizens are among the poorest people in the world. Additionally, the presence and practice of rituals, divination, astrology, sorcery, witchcr ...
Thank You Lara Martin, Pastor Joe McKelvey,Pastor Ray McCalley,Bishop Dale Bronner, for your encouraging words and endorsement of The Key...
Always remember just because others don't believe , does not mean that it's not true. Enjoyed ATL natural hair show with my girls yesterday, Bishop Dale Bronner delivered the mail , He said "You are an Eagle don't flop around with chickens and let go of anyone in your life who does not have your best interest in mind. In other words if they don't see you like God see's you it's time to let them go.
Mentoring is the transference of wisdom - Bishop Dale Bronner, Real Men Conferen @ C3 Church - Oxford Falls
BRYAN POPIN at Bishop Dale Bronner's church LIVE in Atlanta... "Awesome God". Original song written & recorded by: Bryan Popin (from his new & upcoming EP) "...
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