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Birthday May Allah

Happy Birthday May Allah

Happy Birthday to my childhood bestie !!! May Allah bless you always !! hehe ^.^
"hehe thankss :D May Allah bless you ." In Shaa Allah ;D you too birthday girl hehee
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you and have a nice kickstart on being 20 ❤️ Sorry no cakes at this hour 😋
wa lupa mau wish. Happy Birthday to one of my bestfriends afiq. May Allah bles you.
Happy Birthday girl! May Allah bless you with many more years to come ❤️ enjoy your day!! 😜
Happy Birthday cute babyy. May Allah bless you. Love you yayangg ♥♥
"heppy birthday..May Allah bless you.."thank you :D
Happy Birthday to my lovely classmate ! May Allah bless you :D
Happy Birthday ! May Allah grands all you wishes and may all His blessness comes to you.
hiii happy 20th birthday preetz May Allah bless you with good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity with your loved ones :) xo
heppy birthday..May Allah bless you..
panjang Happy Birthday May Allah bless you & missing you hehe
Happy Birthday Allah always bless you stay young and healthy :)
Happy Birthday May Allah always protect you and bless you with a good health. insyallah amin!! be a good…
Eh? Org tu birthday la hihi. Happy Birthdayy baby!! May Allah bless you and hope you like your new age!! Have a blast one :*
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you, panjang umur , murah rezeki and stay handsome :))
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Happy Birthday si cantek :) May Allah ease your journey and bless you w happiness and strength ;) love ya :3
Happy Birthday to my babyy booo. May Allah bless you, dear :)
"Happy Birthday to you .May Allah bless you :)" Wow :O
Happy 19th Birthday May Allah bless you. Wishing you luck for your future. Enjoy your day and be a princess for today. :)
Happy Birthday mah beby galll. You 17teen now!! May Allah bless your day. Lobchuu pretty
Happy Birthday to you. May Allah bless you! Have a nice day
Happy Birthday :) Wishing you a great one and May Allah bless always! stay handsome yaw ^o^
Happy Birthday to my big bro a.k.a my twin May Allah bless u. I pray the good future for u brother.
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you always and stay comel. Have a great day ahead! Wishing you the best, good night! :) x
Happy Birthday my love sis.May Allah bless you:).Jangan lupa adik punya birthday nanti . Btw goodluck for your test tomorrow
Special day, special moments for me Happy Birthday me.May the almighty Allah give long life and prosperity. Ameen
Happy 16th Birthday, Kak Nana. May Allah bless you :-)
Happy Birthday :) May Allah bless you and your life. Stay pretty and keep smile always :D
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless over you. Amin amin
Happy Birthday dan . May Allah bless over you. Hehehe
Happy Birthday pretty . May Allah grant you happiness and success in the world and hereafter. Love you little girl :*
Happy Birthday ziera! May Allah ease everything for you. :)
Happy Birthday beby tingss. May Allah bless you. good luck for your spm. keep smile and stay cute xDxD
birthday shout out to May Allah shower His blessing on u sayang,always stay preetyyy and gojes darl. hve a …
Happy Birthday alya, May Allah bless you, stay pretty
Happy Birthday gurrl! May Allah bless you always. Have a great day ahead. Stay pretty! :)
somebody's birthday today . Happy Birthday :) May Allah bless you always :)
Nadhirah ku sayang , Happy Birthday May Allah bless you . Anyway i love you muah-II :*
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you babe. Don't forget to make more cover. xx
hey handsome :) Happy Birthday! May Allah always bless you. Have an awesome day xx take care ;)
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you and goodluck for your PMR exam :)
I'm late but still barakallahu on ur birthday ...May Allah gives the best in ur life. health,happiness, family and friend ^^
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you always ! ;)
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless u ,hv a great day :)
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you!;) xx
Happy Birthday. May Allah shower upon you his blessings AMD flood your life with lotsa love, happiness, joy and chocolates x].
hey Happy Birthday May Allah bless you boy :)
Hello pia. Today is your birthday? Well, happy sweet 15th birthday :) May Allah bless you always. Stay gorg x
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless u. and happy convocation!
Happpy Birthday ! May Allah swt grant you with many more to come in shaa Allah. Be safe.
Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you. Goodluck for your spm.
Happy Birthday!! May Allah bless you and stay classy ;)
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you always ::)
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless u and have a great day and goodluck for ur Pmr ! May u get good results :)
Happy Birthday :) May Allah bless you . Goodluck PMR :)))
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you and all the best eh :)
Happy Birthday :) May Allah bless u and ease u in everything. Good luck!!
Naim, Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you always .Hv a blast xx .Stay handsome and may the swag be with you !
Happy Birthday May Allah grant you more to come inshallah
Happy Birthday, May Allah bless her with countless blessings and hapineeses
Thanks adib :) "RT : hey hey Happy Birthday , May Allah bless you always beb.all the best on your studies."
Happy Birthday!! May Allah bless you and your family :)
hey stranger, lol jk. Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you :)
Happy Belated Birthday , May Allah bless you , have a great blast . Sorry lambat .
Slamat to my future husband on his birthday! May Allah grant you many more insha'allah! Hope you have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you ❤❤
mira :) Happy Birthday & May Allah bless you. Goodluck in your studies. Enjoy yr day !!! :) bye Take careee
Hi! I don't know you but its okay. Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you always. Be the best! :*
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you as always and stay cute!
Thankyou!;) "Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you (':"
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you (':
Happy Birthday .May Allah bless you with his blessings 🎉🎊🌸
Dear sister, Happy Birthday! May Allah always bless you, hope you always be happy girl in world. Hope success too kak. Te'amo :*
Brooo Happy 19th Birthday, May Allah bless you always
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you too
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Happy Birthday...May Allah bless you
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you always :)
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you. goodluck for your PMR. take care! x
Akk ! Happy Birthday May Allah bless you ;)
to my besties sya, Happy 15th Birthday!! May Allah bless you always,be a good daughter,a good sister and a good friend...
Happy Birthday , May Allah bless you always . Stay handsome and goodluck Trial and real SPM :) Cc :
my sweetest bumil ..Happy Birthday. May Allah bless u as always. love love love :*
Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you! :) x
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you always and forever :D
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless your life always :)
Happy Birthday!! May Allah bless you and enjoy your day :)
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless your life . Have a nice day ahead :)
Kak Qie! Happy Birthday. May Allah Bless you btw good luck for trial Spm! :)
pls wish to ur dad from my side a v Happy Birthday:-) May Allah BLESS HIM:-):-)
oi oi Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you and stay gorgeous xoxo
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you :) here comes 14! :D do the best
I don't have any idea who you're even follow you,but Happy Birthday,May Allah bless your life.stay fab!peace
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you ! :-)
happy sweet 14 birthday. May Allah bless the rest of your life :)
Dear nur aliah zulkifli, Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you, have a blast! goodluck in your life :) loveyou hehe :p takecare x
Happy Birthday :p May Allah bless you
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you always ;)
Happy Birthday! May Allah increase yu in Iman, health + wealth. May He also bless the years yu've spent + the ones yu will spen…
aw. so sweet ! thanx aisyah! x) "Hey ! Happy Birthday . . May Allah bless you . . ;)
Ohh ajijahh alioss. Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you ;)
Happy Birthday!! May Allah bless you on your happy day :-)...
Slamat on your Birthday May Allah swt grant you many more In Sha ALLAH. HaveaGatSkopdag :)
Happy Birthday .. May Allah bless you .. =)
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you and stay pretty :) x
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you eiz. :)
"yo Happy Birthday :) May Allah bless you." thank you for the wish and mendoakan :-)
To my dearest pretty friend, Happy Birthday , May Allah swt bless you always
Happy Birthday ^^ May Allah bless you. All the best for your trial :)
Hey adik muda sehari ! Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you always and success in your future. Don't forget me yeah :')
Belated Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you with all the success of the world! Have a wonderful year ahead! :*
Happy Birthday , May Allah Bless You , And Wait for my birthday present .. :D
Thank You everyone for the lovely birthday wishes - May Allah Bless You All :)
Happy Birthday :D May Allah bless you.
Semlm birthday adek, sme jge dgn date Jinakk my boy yg sdah sethn pergi tuk forever.. I miss you boy. You with your family, so big.. Sorry if i fail. Everyday i pray May Allah forgive me...
Happy Birthday my sweet sister, may Almighty Allah grant u long live and bless u with all d good things that u desire.
Happy Birthday- May Allah bestow his infinite blessings upon you and your family Sarah :)
Slamat and Happy Birthday to Safeyah this little girl spend a lot if tine with ma and pa and we are so proud of you May Allah bless u today and always we love u lots mwah
Happy Birthday .. May Allah bless you ..
Birthday shoutout to one of my brother have a blast birthday...May Allah always bless u..stay happy bro
?? I love my hubby toufiek and Happy Birthday May Allah bless u ??
mirin !Happy Birthday .May Allah bless you :) xx
Congratulations on ur Succesfull ib graduation,,,ur success is not a surprise .you deserve it,spread ur wings,celebrate ur successful achievement .good results are attained through hard work...well u can follow ur dreams nd goals.have a great career.May Allah bless u...Happy Birthday too.
Thanks to all my known and unknown friends for making my birthday so you all and may Almighty bless you always...
dude Happy Birthday! May Allah blees u n hav the best wishes!
Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you abd have a nice day :-) xx
Happy Birthday to my dear son Zafeeq Khan..May Allah bless u always..u are very special to me...the best son..feel so glad that allah give u in my u always..
hey bro,Happy Birthday. May Allah Bless you, and success in ur life . Amin. :)
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you.. bufday too nazirahElias
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Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you dear . :-)
Happy Birthday , May Allah bless you . :)
Happy Birthday, May Allah always bless you, enjoy your birthday!
thanking evryone for all the birthday wishes & prayers..terima kasih banyak atas ucapan & doa yang birthday turned out to be a very interesting the morning suddenly my hubby told me that we would be having some guests for brunch at our place, a wonderful mexican muslim family from Arizona were coming over..then quickly I gotta be creative to fix a meal..voila! a spanish rice with veggies & seafood for evryone..but we ended up having it for lunch at noon time..then, we rushed up for friday prayer at Logan Islam Community Center..afterward, we visited the graveyard as our custom to send prayers to those whom have already passed away from the community..while there, we took advantage of feeding the ducks & turtles..its totally fun..returning back home, I also took the opportunity to plant a mango seed in our backyard..bismillah..may the Almighty bless the seed to become a mango tree..then later in the evening, I shared a Green Ramadan Initiative to the community at Islamic Center of S ...
"My beloved wife ~ how grateful to God and happy my heart on this your birthday. For 37 years we've been united in joy and in grief. Ups and downs. Sometimes the pathway of our life turned out to be rough, and often it was not smooth. Yet our courage and love have always kept us afloat, and then striding right along. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ), the Almighty God, continue to give his mercy and lead us by the hand into our ongoing travels. *Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono*" [President of the Indonesian Republic] Istriku tersayang ~ betapa bersyukur dan bahagia hatiku di hari ulang tahunmu ini. Selama 37 tahun kita bersatu dalam suka dan duka. Pasang dan surut. Kadang-kadang perjalanan hidup kita terasa berat, dan sering tak lunak. Tetapi, kekuatan hati dan kasih kitalah yang membuat kita tetap bertahan, dan dapat terus melangkah. Semoga Allah SWT, Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa, terus memberikan rahmat-Nya dan menuntun perjalanan kita ke depan. *SBY*
Alhamdulilahi Robilialamna. Thank you all for rember me to day as my birthday. May Allah Subuanah wataala reward you all abundantly. Amin
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Happy Birthday Maisara Kamal May Allah bless you. love you!
Today Allah created a human so kind and loving so helpfull and caring. A human who knows the true meaning of friendship, sonhood, brotherhood, husbandhood and I'm bless to have such great human as a friend. A very Happy Birthday Owais RehmanRahman May Allah bless you with best of everything today and always. Aameen
July 10 is my Birthday. Pl pray and advise about things I should start. I wish and God willing Can provide gainful jobs for all unemployed anywhere in the World. Insha Allah. Sultan Barq
Jenks/ Tiki join us to celebrate mine and marias birthday!
Thanks sis Anam Fadila Abdul Wahab ,nephews Nurridhwan Afiq Megat Fitri ,Megat Faizal nieces Hairul Izzati ,Princess Sweet ,Milya Saila and friends Zel_atip and Nabil Zainol for spending some time with me tonite.And thanks too to my other hubby for always understanding me..and my darling daughter Yuna Zaraai for always being near to me, even tho you are miles away.And thanks all ...families, relatives, friends, students.for all the lovely, meaningful greetings.I did had a good birth day today.Thanks to all.Alhamdullilah.
Thanks you all for the birthday wishes.hope that you guys have a great day today and ahead.. Cheers!!!
So I don't normally make a big deal about my birthday, but this year it's kind of a big one. I want this to be my BIGGEST and BESTEST BIRTHDAY YET!! But what's a birthday celebration without people to share it with? This year I've decided to do things a bit differently. I've been watching this organ...
Tq to all my buddy cousine and mutual fwen also liverpool fc fans for wished me happy besday.. May Allah bless u guys with barokah and wealthy.!!
ALHAMDULILLAH. saya dah 22.. hehehe... Semoga ALLAH memberkati hidup kita.. amin... thanks for all the wishes... May Allah bless all of you.. :D
Bkt gnun?buhay tlg parang lyf..mnsan nkklungkot..mnsan pilitin mna lng mgng msaya pra lng maikubli ang lungkot..but its not the reason to gv up when u carry heavy burdens gnun lng tlg buhay..always keep on PRAYING d nmn xa nppgod mkinig s ating mga hinaing..and be inspired :-)
Thanks family and friend for wishing me eppy u all.. Rgds, Nissa,27tahun 2hari...
today is his birthday. my oldest bro. hepi besday to mohd khairie bin khalid. May Allah always bless you, my bro
Tnx 2 all my frnds dat celebrated my birthday with me may almighty allah be with u all ameen
I’m so lucky and blessed for having someone like you in my life. Thank you for being such a sweet. May every single wish of yours come true. May all your life be filled with loving memories.May we always be together. Happy Birthday !!❤
yeah !!! to day is my B/DAY May Allah give me D best in life .
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As Salam to all my relatives, office colleagues, bosses and fb frens. Thanks for the bday wishes and doa. InsyaAllah, moga Allah memberkati umur saya dan umur anda sekalian, Aaamin. Didoakan bantuan tentera Allah utk Ikhwanul Muslimin di Mesir.
Thank u all for ur sms,dp,pm,gifts,calls and all sorts of medium to wish me Happy Birthday...u've all made mai day,may almighty allah bless u all abundantly.
Masha Allah. The best birthday gift I have ever had. 07/05/13 It's a boy. Yacqub.
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No other day is so important to me than your birthday; there is no other favourite place for me than beside you. Sending you my love on this day and every day. There is always a wish for me to be with you and may that wish come true . It is always a treat for me to wish you on your birthday. Take my wishes and be happy for the rest of your life. Wish you a Happy Birthday my mum miss you
Hi cuzzy. I think of you everyday. In the future cant wait to see if you open up the gates for me. You loved that song. Xxoo Miss you so much..
What a cool start to my birthday! I was picked up at the airport by my daughter. We went to a restaurant and chatted until 1am.went home and all three of us chatted until about 3am. Then, when my son conked out, and my daughter left to go back to my client's house, I checked my messages and had two from my bass player friend already! They were really sweet ones about the possible breast cancer issue.and about something else we had talked about. I'm totally exhausted. I have been up for about 23 hours now but.what a great 23 hours they've been! :-) And...I met a new friend on the plane ride home.
Hey it is my nephew Hashir Khan's birthday. Many happy returns of the day to him.
A very special and Happy Birthday to Ayesha Lari May Allah pak bless you with everlasting happines, health, prosperity and peace here and beyond. Thank you for always being a great elder sister and helping me out every time.
Happy Birth Day to My Little Prince, Afnan. You are now 4 years old. I love U the most and pray to Allah that He gives u a blessed life and allow us to impart U Islamic teachings, knowledge, provide u with the latest education and build yourself a good character and human being inside You, Ameen.
Slamat on your BIRTHDAY,bru! :) May Allah grant you many many more! Have a splendid day!...
Boleh wish lagi sekarang walaupun dah Julai. Better late than never. Muehehe :3
my 'sabuj tia pakhi' didumoni is Two now. pls pray for her.
Happy Birthday to you,adewunmi.May Allah(S.W.A),provide you,with the best of joy,and happiness,2day and 4ver.amin
Happi bday to ma gawjus pricess ma bbyz turnd 5 todaii luv her loadz Ameera Noor May Allah bless her wid a long healthy life and fill her life wid happiness alwayz x
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O Allah I thank you for this day, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to see this day not because am better than those who are not alive today but its by your grace en mercy that I see this day. I ve nothin to give just to say THANK YOU for all you ve done for me. And to my parent: I also thank you for bringing me into this world en takin good care of me. U ve always supported me in rough en smooth times. I love you and May Allah continue to keep you safe for us. To my sisters: Sabiatu, Massah en Assiatu, I wonder what I would ve done without you guys. U are the ones I share my joys en happiness with, the shoulders I cry on and the ones I fight with. I love you guys very much en May Allah continue to strengthen the bond that we share. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.
ALhmdullillah Rabill alaa mina Today is my 43rd Birth Day and I thank Allah SWT for allowing me to observe yet another historic day in life. Alhamdullillah once more.
am plus one today,Alliamdullah where am coming from,where i am today and where am still going.OLUWA O SE O
Happy Birthday to Abrar-Ul-Haq...Allah blessed you with good health and iman...
A very big HAPPY 1st Birthday to my baby boy LUQMAAN! Love u lots, May Allah bless u with good health, and a successful life, and may u never stray from the parh of Allah, mwa
Thanks to all my friends to wishing me love u all
Happy Birthday my beautiful niece,May Allah bless you always,amin.
Thank God 4 anoda wonderful year in the life of my daughter Mariam ayomide who added anoda year 2day may d almighty God grant her long life protect her @ grant wisdom,knowledge in her studies,amen. Join me in celebrating wt her becos 2day is my happiest day.
hy Everyone ! Tell me how old are you ? faisal here __ me of 20+ Nd today is my So wish me all :p
Yes its going to be a long speech..this past year has taught me a lot, there are going to be people who are going to go to any extent to make you feel special and people who are going to go an extra mile to make you feel bad and ruin your special moments. For everyone who has been by my side and for everyone who tried to bring me down, I want to thank you all for making me the person i am today. Now another thankyou note.. Thankyou so much everyone who took out time from their busy shedules to wish me, it means a lot to me, for everyone who dedicated a status to me and for everyone who called i can't thank them enough for making me feel so special. And for those who didnot wish me "ON PURPOSE" bachu apni bari anay do. :D
A person who really is missed in every moment of our lives... a person whom we love so much that we cant think our lives without her... the bestest sister in the world... bestest sister bcz she always kept our secrets... always guides us the right way... always comforts us with her love... have gifted us with the most beautiful gift that is our niece... HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY AFTER BEING A MOTHER Neelofer Khalid!!! May Allah bless u with all the happiness in the world.. May u live a long life... N yes.. We all r missing u like mad!! P.s. WE LOVE U! Happy Birthday NEELO BAJI!!!
Happy Birthday to zaida slamdien,May Allah grant u many more years,health,barakah,takwah an imaan.Hope all ur hearts desires come true insha-allah,hope hubby an kids spoil u today mwah losta love from mieka :).
Slamat 2 my little princess. May the ALMIGHTY ALLAH grant u many more years in shaa allah ameen with lots of gheir, barak, taqwa and eemaan in shaa allah amee, mommy loves u 2 the moon and back, infinity and beyond mwwah.
Feeling great :) catching up with my very old friends (Julie n Melissa)... Happy Birthday my very comel loteh Kak Kak Long Albarakbah May Allah always bless you n family dear...xoxoxoxo
Wow thank u ALLAH 4 granting me d power,strength,courage 2 celebrate my birthday alive,4 keeping me till 2day,may ALMIGHTY Allah make my eyes c more of dis year in life wit luv,peace nd joy {AMEEN}HAPPY BDAY 2 ME.:-)
You're the owner of this day, congratulations, Happy Birthday To You. Long live and prosperity,subdue- ment of enemies,INSHA ALLAH KAREEM,AMEN.
Thankz to every1 for ur best wishes...:)
Today is my son birthday "REVOLT YAZID JIBRANI" be a brave boy and may god ALLAH always protect you!!
Happy Birthday to you my lovely mum May Allah grant you more years of peaceful and fruitful years in good health and fitness with abundant wealth AMEN we love u
Happy Birthday to Naina Maya, Alif Najimie and Ayuzawa Qistina. May Allah bless both of you..
Mubarak to my husband and son on there birthday,may the Almighty grant them many more In Sh Allah Ameem ,may He also grant them there hearts desire have a fantastic day love u guys
Alhamdulilah! I thank you Allah as I will always be thanking You everyday of my life for making me witness anoda year in my life and making me witness anoda Ramadan. Allah i am so grateful. I will forever worship You. Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy bdai to the most amazing sis! luv u nabz May Allah shower u with happiness n a long and healthy life. Enjoy the rest of ur dai!
My dream will not die,my plans will not fail,my destiny will not be aborted, and the desire of your heart will be granted Say a big Amen. Money will know my name and address before the end of this month. I wish myself and I Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to U son,may U live longer to celebrate many more years on earth.My pride,wishing U good health,wisdom from above and academic excellence now and always.Amen.
Shukran and thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes
Happy 1st year birthday to my baby Aliyah Iretomiwa Aduke. May you live long to see more of the year. As I know the beginning of your life, may I not see the end of it. May you continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge baby. Love you darling.
Mrngs peeps my status goes out 2 my eldest son Moeneeb on hs bday may ur day b blessed & May Allah grant u mny mre Inshallah
Many thanks to all your FB messages, nice words and wishes - I had a great Birthday all yesterday among great young Egyptians during the last day of their UK summer programme - they made me feel home and I am sure their Egypt will be much better than ours - May Allah protect our beloved country ربنا يحفظ مصر وأهلها من كل سوء وشر
This is using the opportunity to thank everyone that sent messages, well wishes on my birthday thanks so much. Eniyan Laso mi.
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Slamat bro on ur 21 birthday may the almighty grant u many more years insha allah. Enjoy it 2 the max bro (ZiYaAT)
Halleluja my first born is 3 today.wat wonderful child he his.we love u my dear OLUWAFERANMI DAVID our pleasure today to set ur birthday rolling.Feranmi boy,is day have fun jo.Once again Happy Birthday my dear lovely son.
Thank you. to Aida Sophi,Ina Daud,Mohd Fahmi,Nathalia Ele-Cia Gosele,Asma Falcao,Zaly Anas,Eppy Rambli, Anslem for my Birthday Celebration, I'm really appreciate it guys. And to all my friend that wish my birthday at my timeline... Thank you so much... May Allah Bless you all...
Thanxx all ma buddies whoever wishes me a happybirthday,4i say i love U all May Allah /God bless u!! naye banange is it a birthday or a birthdate??nsaba ku explain me more buddies!!
Three yrs from today an Angel (ZAHRA) came in my life when there was no hope for me to live(bcos a month before her birth I lost my Amma)She taught how to smile, how to b happy n most of all what MAA is for children... Thank U Allah for blessing me with the most precious gift of daughter, HAPPY BDAY ZAHRA,MAMA LOVES U ZAHRoo
Our Beloved Master Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has stated, “Rajab is the month of Allah, Shabaan is my month and Ramadaan is the month of my Ummah.” Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) also said, “There is no doubt that Rajab is one of the sacred months. It was in this month that Allah Ta’ala put Hazrat Nuh (Alaihis Salaam) aboard the Ark. Hazrat Nuh (Alaihis Salaam) then spent the month fasting aboard the Ark, and he ordered those who accompanied him to keep the same fast, so Allah Ta’ala delivered them and kept them safe from drowning, while He used the flood to purify the earth by ridding it of unbelief and tyranny.” Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said: “If someone has fasted for three days in Rajab, Allah Ta’ala will cause a trench to be dug between him and the fire of *** a trench so wide that it would take a whole year to travel from one side of it to the other. If someone has fasted for four days in Rajab, he will be immunized against such af . ...
Almighty Allah, let this feast of my birth be a reminder to me of all the gifts and blessings I have received from You this day and all the days of my life. On my day of celebration, I thank you for my life and all of my blessings and ask for another year filled with Your presence in my life that I may continue to grow in your love. Allah, I thank You for enabling me to celebrate my birthday. Lord You have been good to me all these years and I thank You for all the blessings I have received but especially for life itself. Creator God, I do not know what lies ahead for me this year. Yet I know that You are holding my future in Your hand. Let my ways be pleasing to you. As You have promised, be with me, Lord. Grid me with Your strength and grace so that I can live for Your light. Enable me to draw closer to You that I may walk in your peace and be the creative and loving person that you intend for me to be. I ask this and all things in the sure and certain knowledge of your love for me and for all your peop ...
Alhamdulillah. Muhammad Bello AKA imam is one year today. May d almighty Allah bless n guide him as he grows up,and may he always prosper wit ease. Happy Birthday my angel
Happy Birthday MUHD RAZIEF May Allah bless you :)
Happy Birthday to zaheer the most sweetest grandson, may (allah swt)grant you the best of both worlds insha'allah ameen lots of luv hugs n kisses
Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes. Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative. These are not just "online" wishes but rather special sentiments to me that I do remember and appreciate. Thanks again. Allah almighty bless you all.
Happy Birthday to my darlin hubby, bilal osman. Hav a fantastic day an may u c many more birthdays, insha allah. Lov u babes.
Tanx for de birthday wishes both those who did n could not.Tanx May Allah bless all of us.Ameen
What more but my profound gratitude to all of you that wish me a wonderful birthday. I sincerely appreciate it and May Allah continue to bless you all more and more. Thank you all for everything.
Dr. HAMZA THAMI [youtube=came in a speech by Dr. Hamza on 06/05/2013 Liberal neighborhood Singled out a large part of his speech, about 6 minutes to wash rats Alamadag the and give them Maysthakon (sale honor of their daughters, and their wives, to destroy the country, debasing the value of the Libyans, the looting of oil .) The face of his security outside of the rats and said that there is of them recorded in the room and called on them to Althacm and return to the confines of the nation because they know everything, he also called to reflect on themselves and the search for dignity and honor, and then answered them, he was Asamsrh their Almsarit Chtmthm كالابل It speaks tends him seal Talk about what happened in the scenes of the Council of Ministers, said Ma talked him and arrived before you came out of your offices, in this regard, said Dr. that occur by rats in the Council of Ministers: Middle Easy silenced their purchase, we will transfer Oil Corporation to Benghazi to prevent them from Gener ...
Thanks for wish my birthday and May Allah Bless to you all...Amin..and many2 thanks to my lovely frenzz Siti Zahalia Yanti Saito Shamini Sally coz belanja nie lunch for today..i luv u all very much...
Happy Birthday, may the Almighty grant you many more in'sha-allah, hope you have a mooi day :)
Today was his birthday,Happy Birthday longer a long life for you,but..hopefully your place beside Allah is the most convenient place in your journey,may all your good deeds more easily through your journey after death and my prayer always for you...Dear brother Dwi Bayu Setiawan
I will like to use this medium to thanks everybody that make my birthday a special one and a memorable day of my life may almighty ALLAH grants us all our heart desires.
i tank God 4 my life 4 witnessin a beautiful day like dis.i wish myself long life, more success, health, wealth and prosperious new year
Happy Birthday 2 an amazing man...My DAD.
Happy Birthday Baba, May Allah continue to guide,protect and shower his endless blessings upon you sir, ameen.
Happy Birthday to my lil bro wu grew up so fast May Allah spare u many more years inshallah .I hope you have kickass birthday lil chavalito:)
Here comes today again, am very grateful 2 Almight ALLAH 4 seein me through all dis years and 2day is another year again, kindly rejoice wit me an let us celebrate. Venue jogor center in ib, enough goodies an as in u know enongh packagin. Come one come all.
Happy Birthday Zaheer Heero De Allende May Allah grant you all of the best inshallah mwah
Happy Birthday bro. May Almighty Allah continue shower his blessing upon you and your family. Bigger you I pray. miss you soo much my broda.
Iya labake omu Iya dun Iya lalaba ro Iya lonigbeja Omo.Iya ni wura Omo,orisa bi Iya kosi laye.I appreci8 God for his mercies over my mum. If not God we wld not be celebrating.Sugbon nitori Eni to fe lope Eni to pe loyan. We are sayiny thank U God.Mum u shall continue to live and not die now,U shall dwell in abundant love and mercies,HBD
please FRIENDS pray for me.. this is my last semester.. today is my paper at 6:15pm.. I don't wanna stay any more in islamabad. so kindly do pray for my besti best result. thank you
To the best gift that God has chosen me to be blessed with, to my princess, to my girly, to my everything... Happy Birthday to you my love, may you enjoy this day and every single day of your life. I wish you nothing but the best. Adore you my Rhea
The day my little princess Seher came to my world,love in every breath I breathe my sweetheart--Happy Birthday princess...
Happy Birthday Mummy mi Iya Riskot, May Almighty Allah grants u all ur heart desire and May u live long in good health and wealth to reap the fruit of her labour.
slamat on your birthday Ayesha May Allah grant you barrakah,gheir,takwah&emaan inshaALLAH May Allah guide& protect you &grant you all the best in your in your life inshaALLAH stay as sweet as you are.Enjoy this day with lots of love 4rm the one & only Sorayda Richards my kids &the rest of the Richards family.hope to c u soon sister insha ALLAH MWAH!
I want to use this medium to say a big tanks to u all that remembered me on my birthday, may almight allah remember u for gud, i luv u all. God bless u once again tank u all.
Thanks to Almighty God for allowing me to witness yet another birth day. May your name exalted always
Happy Birthday Mum i love yu May Allah grant you mo yrs on earth n good health
My Son is 2 years old today. I pray Allah grant him long life and prosperity . Happy Birthday dear.
I will celebrate more of dis, Many happy returns of d day A'amen? HBD 2 Me Prince Abdul-lahi Alamu-Okin Adekunle Abbey Adewumi & i say congratulations, on dat day when my luvly mummy born me is a gr8t day & dere is no harm in making it. 3day matter most in d lifetime of a pple:- (1) The day of birth, (2) The day we get married, (3) The day we pass on? (1) On d day of our birth, we were young & knw noting while every1 rejoice. (2) On d day we get married, every1 talk about our marriage, (3) On d day we pass on everyting dat happen in d world is outside our knowledge. So y i'm nt celebrate my B'day? 2day's is my B'day. I'm happy for my self. All praise be 2 Allah, believe rejoicing 2day of my celebrate & i quite a numba of my age-mate are dead; A lot of innocent soul are in d prison, A lot are unconscious, Alamu-Okin I count my blessing & i giv tanks 2 Allah. I pray dat next 1 will nt be done in sickness, Sickness no matter hw minimal will nt befall me?
Mubarak Mammie on your birthday. 70 years and we still blessed to have u with us. Shukran for all your love and support. Much love
Alihamdulilahi robilihalami,4 giving me opo2nity 2 witnes 2day,May Allah giv me lot of joys& hapy moments
Salam alaekun may peace of allah be to all my gud friends who send me greeting birthday i thank u all you are bless insahallahu
Today is a very special Day in my life naomba sana Mungu ALHAMDULILAH YA SATTAR.
Happy Birthday to the most georgeous, sexy , best mom in the whole world have a fantastique day!!! I love u
Today, its my baby's birthday. Mubarak Imraan on yr birthday. May u always stay in the protection of the Almighty to guide and protect dhunya and agierah, Insha-Allah. To grow up to be a good muslim and stay the sweet boy that u are. lots of love from Mommy, Daddy and Boeta. x0
Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman, my MOMMA Bear!! She's our pillar of strength , shoulder to cry on, encourager, our wise owl a great mother and the most amazing grandmother to our kids!! May the almighty grant you all that is good insha-allah may all ur duas made by you and for you be accepted insha-allah! Love you always even when you want to kill me sometimes! Have an amazing day!! Hugs and kisses ^-^
My status goes out to my grandmother who is 91 years old.first I want to thank the allmighty for granting us such a lovely person may u enjoy ure day ma. May the allmighty grant u all that is gOod in ure short life. Ure always in our prayers and pray for us. Hope to sEe u soon we are real fortunate and blessed to have u in our lifes.we love u ma from shakie and family
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Happy Birthday Sakina Cader. 8 yrs old today! U have brought sunshine into our lives. We love u very much
Ebami dupe every june is my month,is my day 6 of june is my day.
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you, your the best mom ever. I will try to give you all the happiness in the world, I will do anything to keep a smile on your face. You have been through everything with me and did so much for me, and now it's my turn. Today is your day, your wish is my command - Sedra I luv u
I would like 2 wish my son Luqmaan a Happy Birthday May Allah grant him his health.wealth,strength,imaan and takwa and grant lots of ghyr and barakah and grant him all his heart desire's and protect him from all calamities insha-allah ameen luv u zillions my boy
Glory Be To Almighty God The king of Glory for making me see to day happy brithday to me wish my self long life afon mi agbo ko to wo , igba odun odun kan amin Edunmare
As you make those year May Allah the most gresious keep u health,fresh, open minded, ajoyful life and all in all keep u apracticing muslem Happy Birthday ZAINAB
DEAR Zia , Wish You Many Happy Returns of the day and May Allah SWT , bless you Ziaa with health , Wealth and Pr0sperity in your Life.. I'm sorry and I Love you so much, my best friend .. Don't forget me ;-) Happy Birthday sayang Ziaa n0ng jen0nk :-* ({})
ALhamduLiLLaahi Am so happy cos am a year plus today, ALhamduLiLLaahi for today and yesterday, as I celebrate my birthday this year May Allah increase me in good health, wealth, abundant blessing, joy, everlasting happiness, good job and many good things in life to come. I wish Myself Happy Birthday !!!
''BETWEEN MY DEATH-DAY & MY BIRTH-DAY'' (06/06) My Time is Closing-up and my days are numbered. I've had enough, but Time seems never enough to have done enough. I've live long to outgrown clothes in the constant image of my own face. I've been sick and strong, strong and sick. It's been 365days of ups and downs; I mean, solid 12 Months which was meant for the absolute Worship of my Creator. Hence, I ask my self, I've I done enough to RELAX and REJOICE? Or to CELEBRATE and JUBILATE? Isn't it better for me to RELAX and REFLECT? SubhanaLlaah! What Joy does the Heavy Rain at Summer bring a decayed Corpse? How does a Drowned Fisherman hopes to Enjoy the harvests of His Fish Nets? How do I celebrate when I've got countless of reasons to Ululate? Have I done enough? Have I done enough to celebrate my BirthDay in the presence of my Death-Day? Hmn . . . I may not be with you much longer. It could have been yesterday but AlhamduliLlaah Robil 'alameen it wasn't, it could be now, today, tomorrow or not so far away! ...
Happy Birthday 2 my baby boetie ebbie May Allah grant u all the best an yet 2 *** mwa love u much
Alhamdulila.As my mum and I celebrate today may Almighty Allah spare our lifes to fulfill our dreams and grant us our hearts desires. Amin
So 5 years ago I gave birth 2 a beautiful little baby boy I would like to say shukran to the almighty for granting him to me so here we go slamat to Niyaaz on his 5th May Allah grant him health,wealth,taqwa&imaan an may all duas made by him an for him b accepted inshallAh Ameen.Have a fabulous day my baby all our live mommy,daddy&hanifa
my birthday is dis month, May Allah cleanse my sins from my head 2 my Allah shall grant me a new life 2 begin a new day,O Allah! don't put me 2 shame on d day i shall return 2 u and Guide me against d *** (Amin)
GOD IS IN CONTROL,he is my divine refuge nd inner strenght,today has realy be good,i wish(NAS)happy bday,full load of happiness nd joy today been my day nd always,i give GOD the glory for my life,ALHAMDULILAHI.
Happy Birthday to my lovely brother Salman Ali May Allah give you more wishes Inshallah love u .
In case you didnt know, to the World its June 6th, to me its ma arrival to the World.
Its 13 birthday of my elder son Yasir Quazi...May Allah bless him with all the happiness and long life...
thanks guy am turnng 41yrs today praise to b Allah.
She brightens up my days from morning till night her smiles and laughter has such a beautiful light. She's sweet and kind to all that she knows, her heart gets bigger and brighter as she grows. She makes the sunshine on the rainiest day she'll make you smile no matter what she may say. she’s our pride, our unconditional love we pledge, she’s our joy, our undivided bond we cherish, she’s our sunshine, our embrace is your shield through the rain May Allah(SWT) bless my dear angel especially on this day, that marks your birth, for all the special ways you bring a bit of heaven into our world May Allah(SWT) bless you, protect you and guide you Today, Tomorrow and Always in Peace in Health in Happiness and in Love In Sha Allah HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY JAHAAN WE LOVE U SO MUCH!
It's my season of jubilee! Fenk you God for the gift of life. Grace to know u more, i pray! Hapie b/dae to Me
I want to collectively thank each and every one of you for taking you time and phone unite to wish me a Happy Birthday, I must confess that you all made me happy and most of all made me feel very important and loved, may the love of ALLAH never stop being with us all, ameen. Am very proud to have you and you as my friend. Thank you all for the LOVE and care you have all shown.
As salaamu alaykum (peace be upon you) All An Thank you for following me to another birth year. Yes world I made it to be 46 oops 47 Lol Alhumduilliah (all praise to Allah) I made it to see another yr. insha Allah (gods will) I see many many more. An may ur god make thing easy for you As mine has for me. YES I MADE IT TO SEE 47 in good health mind body an most of all soul. Love ya see ya and again THANK U! Smile
Tnx to all who greeted me on my bday and for some friends that i didn't able to reply them it does not mean i ignored ur greetings, its really highly appreciated by me and i only saw ur names that u greeted me but can't see the messages, but what matter at least i know each one of u who did remember me on my day :) sa mga di nag greet dont worry wag po kayong matakot hahhaa because i dont need a gift of u in return para matakot makabati lol joke anyway my sincere gratitude to all who greeted me, friends & relatives and even who didn't because deep in my heart the sense for true humanity will always be there..All the best..And May Allah bless us all :) Ameen...!
Alihamidulillahi. Alihamidulillahi. Alihamidulillahi. Robiliallamina. I thank the Almighty Allah for granting me the grace to witness another birthday in life with good health. I also thank Him for protecting my children and their families. My thanks also goes to the well wishers both at home & abroad who have been sending BD greetings to me since yesterday. Thank you all. May the blessings of Allah remain with you. Amen.
e story of Jesus, peace be upon him The emergence of Mary No disagreement that they descended from David, peace be upon him and her father Imran His prayers of the children of Israel in his time It was her mother Hannah bint Vacod bin such Abidat, Zechariah was a prophet of that time sister pair Mary "أشياع" in the words of the audience and told her aunt's husband "أشياع" God knows. And has been that Mary's mother not conceive saw days birds Azk the chicks him Vachtht boy Vendhirt to God that carried Tgaln generated by any editor trapped in Jerusalem. They: has just Vhadt of when he cleared and reality when her husband came to bear Mary peace be upon her set {When the Lord said, I developed by a female, and God knows what put} {Not to report كالأنثى} any sacred in the service of the house, and they were in that time ينذرون of the Holy House officers from their children {And I toxicity Mary and I Oaivha You and her offspring from Satan the accursed} Has responded to this and accept t ...
Slamat my boytjie Meekaa-eel on ur birthday. May Allaah grant u to grow up a pious muslim with a life filled with Gheir,Barakah nd Emaan Inshaa Allaah nd grant u all the blessings of the Doenja,Kabr nd Aagieroh. Njoy ur day my boy
To all my friends , I would like to thank you so much for your greetings and wishes for my birthday , so happy to have such friends God bless you all
7y ago I gave birth to a baby girl we named her khouthar happy bday my baby we all love u mommy daddy ur sister nerridah nd ur bother tauriq plus u have lots of grandma's soon u will be a tietie so my baby we will spoil u tonight
Mubarak to my BIG boeta mogamad cummings on his birthday today,May Allah grant you many more with ghayr and barakah, may you always be successful in the dunya and agierah I LOVE YOU lots boets from joburg mwah enjoy the day
Happy Birthday my baby Karma Khafagy. 17 years old and I still feel you are my baby.
I celebrate u today as u add to ur yrs of leaving May Allah in his infinit mercy grant u many more fruitful years on earth in wealth and gud health. Igba odun odun kani o. I luv u soo much
Wht else can I do? Dan to. Glorify d almighty Allah dt keeps me alive till ds moment .May Allah open a new page of mercy to me allow me xperience new blessing. Ad peace Happy Birthday to my self TeMmy omo Oba
Thanks every one for all your birthday wishes.I had a great time with my family and friends.It was a amazing night.
I thank you all so very much for my birthday greetings. I absolutely had a memorable one. Muah, woohoo l'm out of breath.
Dearest My Best Brother Happy Birthday.May Allah keep an eye for you and your good family,May Allah give anything you need I promise you to give you pray every time,You are my Best Brother.I'm proud of you when I'm meet Mama I will tell her.
GLOOMY DAY FOR SEEMI A.O.A today is 6th june. today my frnd & sis faiza,s birthday. ALAAS. she is nt with us... on 29 march 2013 she met to ALLAH. May Allah shower his blessing on hr grave and give her a precious and wonderfull place in JANNAT UL FIRDOS... AMEN SUMAMEEEN. Happy Birthday RIMI SHOHNAY. MISSING U A LOT.
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Wishing a very birthday to my papa... U r my first teacher, n i learned a lot from u. Realy u r a great person n my inspiration... Hats of to u.. May Allah (SWT) bless u n fulfil all ur dreams... Aameen.
Wooow it is june 6 thanxs to Almighty Allah many was born but nt all could b alive today thanxs to Almighty Allah my darling hubby is alive he add a year to his age May Allah grant him all his hrt desire pals pls help mi wish my beloved hubby Happy Birthday I luv u so much baby,Happy Birthday WULLP bigger u I pray
anything done in order to get rewarded in islam from the creator ALLLAH SUB HANU WA THALLAH other than quran and sunnah is BIDAH innovation u will cry in next life if u dont fix now and become better muslim innovation in worldly life is ok because ALLAH sub hanu wa thallah is giving knowledge for betterment in the worldly life but for religion it is already completed back in the Prophet Mohammed (S..A..W..) times there is ABSOLUTELY NO addition or substraction from the religion if u want paradise and peaceful life in this life or U CRY A LOT if u follow the deviant satanic sects of muslims who added so much in religion like 27th rajab or 15th shabaan nights or milad un nabi just like jews and christians who added so much they changed the holy books to due to the to much satanic whispers in their mind and souls and also the worship their nafs (desires) they dont care about next life they just want this life and enjoyment without doing anything according to QURAN AND SUNNAH and they wll enter paradise.
Salam & tq so much to my loving hubby & kids,my friends & relatives for wishing me Happy Birthday May Allah bless all of us.Amin...Amin...Amin. & Salam Israk Mikraj
: Happy Birthday ramram and lovely ayaah :* -06.06- May Allah bless both of you :*
Today is my birthday. so friends we also pray for me. All the best
A healthy and happy baby, an amazing husband, the most thoughtful friends and family.I am truly blessed. This has been the best birthday ever!!! Thank you all for all the love and support (especially over the last year).
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Today make yet another important day in my life as i ages closer to my grave. a day that send a warning message to my life. in this case i took this moment to ask Allah put right for me my deen in which lies the protection of my affair and put right for me this world in which lies my livelihood and put right for me the Next World in which is my future. Make life increase in every good thing for me and make death a rest for me from every evil thing. thanks to everyone who take time to drop a message of good wishes it show how concern you are.
Alhamdullilah, All thanks to Allah ( SWT) for giving me this great opportunity to witness another year. Oh Allah ! continue to guide,guard and protect me,do not keep me in the company of wrongdoers and continue to strengthen my imaan (Ameen) LLNP Aisha
helo mga people, musta poh, have a nice day sa atin lahat.. hmp at first of all i would like to greet my self na Happy Birthday to my self, more birthday to come hehehheheh.. at mga kaclassmates ko, groupmates in Tpc, at sa ibang sector, keep a good work poh sa atin lahat.!
I'm so blessed 2have a lovely mum like u this comes with many loving thoughts n warm wishes i send this wishes from the bottom of my heart,may ur day be filled with laughter on this your special day n may the finest things in life always come ur way,yaye gigeen bu mun gorr di daw rek purr njabot amul lo nyakut purr nuw contan mai nyan yallah gudal sa fan jerreh jeff!May Allah d almighty shower his blessings on.SWEET MUM!
I am a parent, dear Allah... I ask nothing from You for me I pray that only in Your Mercy, You would grant my child his needs May his life be long and healthy, May he achieve all his dreams May he be the best and always stays in Your ways May he always be blessed by You May he knows till his last days that he always deeply loved by me Happy blessing birthday my beloved sunshine
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. Please "READ ABSORB LEARN" Since there is a negative stereotype of how Islam views on MOTHERS, many people may not know that mothers specifically and parents in general are held in "very high esteem in the faith". There are verses in the QURAN and HADITH that emphasize the burdens that a MOTHER carries and the RESPECT that should be accorded to her. In this post, I will focus on the importance of "mothers in Islam". The verses of the Qur’an that address the mother emphasize the difficulties of pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding and the need to respect one’s mother. These verses many times mention parents in general but go into detail in regard to the mother because she faces challenges that a father does not. Verse 15 from chapter 46 illustrates this point. And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship, and his gestation and weaning [period] is thirty months. [ ...
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