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Birth Control

Birth control is an umbrella term for several techniques and methods used to prevent fertilization or to interrupt pregnancy at various stages.

Planned Parenthood

38% raised risked for Breast Cancer found among Birth Control medicine. .
Hobby Lobby Gorsuch denied Women's Civil Rights and access to Birth Control . I hope an employe…
Was just on BBC World News to fight Trump's birth control rollback. It's a horrible assault on women's health and human right…
No birth control, no sex. 🤔. . Figure it out guys and get in the game. Call your congresscritter. 😉
Maybe this sounds crazy but as a man I am of the opinion that I am in no position to tell women if they should take birt…
I worked for a fortune 50 company in 199 who didn't cover birth control. I was shocked and confused…
Someone tell Planned Murderhood that I found free birth control.
I wrote abt how birth control saved my life (& a guy responded by mansplaining why I shouldn't priori…
This photo is the last of our free birth control
No birth control... no abortions... and no support once the baby is born. What an absolutely ridiculous ideology.
Both Massachusetts & California are suing administration over birth control. Is YOUR state protecti…
If your religion says giving 62M women access to birth control is wrong. But making access to guns easy, allowing kids…
Birth control has benefits aside from preventing pregnancy but now it's optional for employees to pay for it 🤷‍♀️
Pennsylvania sues Trump administration over birth control rollback
No abortion. No birth control. No maternity leave. No health care for your kids. No care for you. This is what a war on women…
Either way, abortion is up for grabs, and so is birth control, bu…
Trump’s "case against birth control is a stunning distortion of science" - & also a stunning attack on our health. http…
I'll continue working with my colleagues to safeguard access to vital preventive including h…
Conservatives have a problem with what birth control signifies: empowering women.
Some don’t want to pay for birth control. I don’t want to pay for cabinet members vacations.
No, as a female conservative, I'm mortified that other women feel the taxpayers should pay for my birth…
Whitey Island!!! Make them the Royal Family. Everyone is white and rolls around in beds o…
Can women trick or treat this year? If you're going to take away our birth control the least you can do is offer us a fun s…
In 2017, no boss should get to decide a woman’s access to birth control. I’m sick of these relentless attempts to roll b…
Do you think employers should have to pay for birth-control?
"Any “entities” that claim not only religious but also “moral” objections to birth control are entitled to refuse...
Liberal groups plan to hammer vulnerable Republicans on birth control
Birth Control costs $9 a month. Fool around on your own dime!
🚨 WOW. HHS is pushing an extremist anti-choice policy that would ban abortion and some forms of birth control:
This is a lie. The debate is over mandates, not birth control per se, as polling proves: https:…
These Libtard *** are just trying to use the term birth control as a backdoor way to keep slaughtering the beautiful…
Right, so you agree with subsidized birth control for t…
Pennsylvania AG Shapiro sues Trump administration over rollback of birth control mandate.
Um, Republicans advocated for making birth control over the counter and Democrats opposed it with Planned Parenthood http…
Ugh that *** My skin has been a mess since HIGH SCHOOL. Like even though I've been on hormona…
"Some women use birth control for..." I use it for sex. A human activity. Idgaf if you don't think I should be having s…
Birth Control isn’t just about contraception. I am living proof of that. Many illnesses women face rely on BC to live pain-free lives.
A source from our show about Abortion and Birth Control - Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) obit is def worth a read.
Why specifally do you feel less safe? Birth Control?.
women are recognized as equals in America? Brock turner? Uber? Abortion? Birth Control? Wage Gap? Sit down.
Yes. Birth Control is key. Planned Parenthood is helpful in this way. Affordable is why PP is…
Disappointed that didn't mention Birth Control doesn't take lives in The Daily today. He must live on a different planet
Sandra Fluke’s Testimony on Birth Control and Women’s Health Care
Battle for Birth Control in the via
Morons are Out in Full force, Birth Control; it's a Good Choice!
That Was Fast: Trump and Pence Have Begun the Assault on Access to Abortion, Birth Control, and Planned Parenthood
And this is all particularly heinous in light of GOP attacks on birth control, abortion, & insurance coverage.
Imagine living in a country where you have to pay for birth control. Being from the uk I literally cannot even get…
So if girls lie about taking their birth control is it rape
What will happen when the girls who voted for Trump to impress Chad at kappa epsilon pi realize they have to pay for the…
You want fewer abortions? Fund Planned Parenthood so people can access birth control. I mean...this isn't a hard concept.
The "I'm strong, independent, and equal to men but I demand you pay for my birth control and abortions March"
JW Does the recent anti-abortion laws and defunding accessible birth control scare men at all? I feel like it should stress…
I'm always gonna be the black lady with some poetry and some Qurans and some birth control. . Please know it.
want an argument for birth control? It's free for all teens in CO. Preg rate fell…
The "Free Birth Control Is A Human Right! (Having intact genitals and your face uncovered? Not so much)" March.
How r u going 2 let ur religious views try 2 influence my healthcare. Sorry, but it's not up to u 2 decide where/why I get my birth control.
how was it over the defunding of PP when all he said was "I can't afford birth control" ??
Birth control can be for acne, endometriosis, painful periods, heavy periods, migraines, pcos, etc. it's NOT just for sex.
"But how?". Baby: You gave her birth control abi ?trying to eliminate me baa? WEHDONE SIR!
Their demands vary: paid family leave, access to abortion and birth control, police accountability and more.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Republicans are against affordable birth control because not a single one of them has ever had sex. None of them. Zero p…
The best birth control is sporting this facial hair.
Why do women need for Birth Control? O-Care was supposed 2be tossing free BCPs like Mardi Gras Beads~
Are You Worried About Family Planning & Birth Control? To register to attend text your name, email and number to 08…
Nina Agdal on Birth Control, Fake Tans, and the Before-He-Wakes-Up Face Beat via
Watching these shows is the best form of birth control ever. Never want to experience this. 😔
my boo when he realizes I lied about being on birth control
And no I don't take birth control anymore so I don't know when I'm gonna get it and I'm so annoyed
Birth control would help my period problems but is it worth getting fat 🤔
it's usually the same place, like I used to get it all the time when I was on birth control but I stopped like 2 months ago -
Very nice, but still waiting for the day women don't have periods and no side effects from birth control 🙄😒
me: don't want anymore kids for a while. birth control!! gonna wait about 2 years to have more kids :). me on my period: knock me up PLEASE
I think everyone should be on birth control cause it only takes one time and then bam the next 18 yrs of your life are occupied
Hook ups. If only because of the "abortion as birth control" that is leading to the extinction of western society.
Also she's not on birth control & he isn't using a condom, told her he'll pull out. Stupid girl.
I'ma see if not getting birth control makes a difference... We'll see what happens, but I finally feel normal!
When she’s not on birth control vs when she is on birth controlq
Now i get why birth control is so expensive
when ppl say "I don't want to take birth control but I don't want kids either" um, condom+pull out. 😑
He just told me "she can't get pregnant because she on birth control "🙄🙄 it doesn't work for everybody 😴😑
When she told you she was on birth control but she texts you happy Father's Day today 😶
Apps make it easier for women to obtain birth control and connect with providers
Depends what u mean by too late? Maybe we ought to get birth rate under control as well before it's 'too late'
You can get birth control through apps now. Find out which one best suits your situation.
Listening to this young couple with a tiny human going through different animal sounds makes me question if I took my birth control on time
if ur scared 2 talk 2 ur parents & have questions about birth control methods or safe sex, slide right into my DMs I gotch…
birth control got stuck to my phone and when I pulled my phone out the pack went flying. On the train. Being responsible is tough.
I (JOKINGLY) told my mom my new birth control is anal and she goes "elena I'm really gonna go throw up right now y would you tell me that" 😭
If it wasn't for birth control some of y'all would have a few kids by now, and *** near wouldn't even know who the baby daddy was 😂
Ladies if you don’t have kids, today the perfect day to throw that birth control away
Ann Honebrink, MD, Director of Penn Medicine for Women, on choosing the right
Momz & I are so chilled. I just casually ask her to explain birth control to me. Just for informative purposes 👓
Brb gotta go snort some birth control pills
"Mom asked me the other day why I need to be on birth control...well mom considering I'm almost to a body count of 40"…
To all you fellas who thought pulling out was a fool proof method of birth control.
Apps and websites that help women obtain birth control are expanding rapidly
Birth Control is bitter sweet. It controls your body, but hey...ion't have any kids 😌😌
The best birth control is easy to use and effective, but nearly all of these medications can come with side effects. The De…
Experiencing morning sickness. You confess you're off your birth control. You've had six kids before. But this one, attack.
Can you get pregnant on the nexplanon birth control implant ?
Uh Oh I'm not on birth control and he is my brother
“Israel is tolerant” . When Israel injected birth control into immigrant Jews from Ethiopia without their consent, was that…
Doctor: are you using any birth control besides your horrible b*tchy personality?
Birth control, Plan B and vasectomies will soon be free in Maryland: via
I can't stand when a baby cries, that is birth control to my ears.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
that babysitting thing has been the best birth control method for Me.
A FB friend had a baby 2 hours ago and she already posted a video slideshow of baby pics complete with music. [snorts bi…
Real *** crush up the birth control pills & sprinkle it on her pizza to make it look like Parmesan cheese .
I'm sorry I got you birth control for Christmas and said it was my gift to the world.
Watching parents deal with their screaming kids in public & trying to remember if u took your birth control that day ht…
Justices seem split in case on birth control - marshall news messenger - marshall, tx -
I always have a bad experience with birth control I stg and every time I say I'll never take it again and what do I do? Take it again 🙄😒
I mean not anymore thanks to birth control 🙂
I'm on birth control and I'm not in a relationship. I'm still sexually active tho 😂 well sometimes...
I lie to guys & tell them I'm not on birth control just to test & see if they *** in me.. & every single time 🙃
If you're gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it could be your birth control http…
Not Tryna be funny but why do girls get on birth control when their not in a relationship? Sound sketchy to me
On this A1 birth control called abstinence
In 1917, Margaret Sanger was arrested and sentenced to a workhouse for establishing the first birth control clinic in the U.S.
I mean, he was happy for me to come off birth control and he knew what that meant... But talking about it too much scared him
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I wish guys could take some form of birth control besides condoms. Like why is it up to me to not get us pregnant?!
Are you using any other form of birth control other than wearing crocs?
As much as over against remind one of apropos consequent birth control device fading solutions: OVyIl
I really need to get back on birth control. I'm not dealing with these break outs & having Mother Nature visit me. *** no. 😭😭
The less human population are there, the less swines have to be slaughtered. Thus, mandatory is our birth control.
Now that I'm off birth control I break out.. Please no.. 😭😭
"I gave birth to it,I raised it, I take care of it, 4 as long as it can not take care of itself I will control IT! Somizi about his daughter Very effective birth control tho
I'm ready to be off birth control for awhile..
understandable. I always say my 2 nephews were the best form of birth control.
Sign the petition. Help the deer by protecting them. … … … … …
Ur wcw would rather pop xannies than birth control smfh
Going on FB now just reminds me to get my birth control refill
Best form of birth control. :working in customer service 🙂. Sorry Barbra don't let your stress levels get high cuz yo' man didn't pull out
Birth control pills should be made for men. It makes more sense to unload bullets from a gun than to shoot them and then…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I feel like me and Kass will be last. 1. I hate kids and I NEVER want to have them 2. Kass loveees birth control lmao
.I am so fortunate my mom told me from the onset to stick to non-hormonal birth control.
almost every girl I know takes their birth control at nine o'clock.
Hang on to your hats! Here's a Republican who's NOT hating on women or families!). Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R)…
Kudos to Maryland for passing the most expansive, progressive birth control bill in the country
Decoy eggs used to provide birth control for mice
What does an accountant use for birth control? His personality.
There's no birth control quite like walking past a primary school at recess time
New law puts Maryland at 'forefront' of birth control access
Should Obamacare be allowed to force Birth Control on Religious Organizations?
When is the FDA approving these male birth control pills?! Enough is enough. Women go through *** trying to "prevent" pregnancy.
Ugly *** don't use birth control. 😂 they want someone that won't leave them. On the other hand beautiful women do use it
THIS birth control is FREE and READILY AVAILABLE! .
But say nothing about raising minimum wage, closing pay gaps, increasing access to b health care, free birth control
My nephew popped out some of my birth control pills now I can't find them
Dropped my birth control pill in the washer, sprayed perfume into my mouth. I don't want anyone to think I might be good at this life thing.
Isis fighters force sex slaves to take birth control so they can continue to rape them
She was like jokes on you, I'm on birth control and it's over. She blocked me from EVERYTHING!!!
Birth Control Pills Side Effects On Your Body: Learn the surprising positive and negative side effects of the ...
Lib ghouls say celebrate abortion as birth control
Why best City in the World - 17th March 1921 1st Clinic opens offering birth control a…
.I want 2 make sure ppl don't forget corporations R ppl when it comes to coverage 4 birth control too.
ISIS fighters use birth control so they can rape, over & over, the women passed among them https:…
A recently published study proves that a plane ride to Orlando is the most effective form of birth control.
Florida just passed a massive two-fer anti-choice bill that would take away both abortion and b…
TWO controversial issues - birth control and advertising control - should be on list of solutions.
My Sunday schoolteacher always said that abstinence was the only effective form of birth control. But that didnt work well for Joseph & Mary
Chasing birth control with a shot of tequila
The girls that aren't on birth control be the main one to tell you to go raw.
ur genius. I would crap in my pants if I found empty birth control pills & a credit card. I would seriously evaluate my life.
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Maddy's taking birth control so when she goes home she can have sex w/Jordan & not worry.
It is a scientific fact that the most effective birth control is an OB/GYN rotation, followed by Pediatrics.
ISIL uses birth control to maintain supply of sex slaves: ‘When I was sold, pills came with me’
In ancient China, women swallowed mercury heated in oil as a form of birth control.
Male birth control pill is about to come (so your boyfriend can too, without pulling out)
My body does not fw birth control at all
Scientists are Looking to Put Male Birth Control on the Market Very Soon
I think a great form of birth control would be having teens work with children so they learn first hand that kids are only…
Having swimming lessons with 11 kids, 3-9 years old for four straight hours is great birth control...
Taking kids to get donuts and drop them off at school at 7:30am when you haven't even slept yet is great birth control. Lol
A step closer to a male birth control pill
Random passerby has stopped to talk to the protesters about birth control education/access. Lol. SO MAD
CDC: Women under age 44 should refrain from drinking unless they are on birth control »
Q: What do fans use as birth control?. A: Their personalities.
What's the difference between "Insurance" and "Congress". Both are "Rhythm Method of Birth Control" in which you have to be very careful 1
The Internet was actually invented as a form of Birth Control.
Does the New CDC Warning on Birth Control and Alcohol Go Too Far? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention i…
Met Mr Married to take the Plan B and birth control pills. He also gave me back my panties so his wife won't see them.
Tennessean Bill would allow to prescribe
Your birth control pills and hamburgers might be making these fish intersex:
And can I give their hatred of contraceptives a shoutout for reminding me that I need to take my birth control.
Writing an article on the impact of the birth control pill .
Jasmine's boyfriend just came to pick up her birth control for her. How courteous ❤️
Anonymous said: Hi! Have you heard about the lady comp for birth control? Your video inspired me to get off...
But because the main ingredients of birth control are synthetic hormones, meant to mimic (?) natural hormones...
get a copy of book Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control by here…
Did u know there are 19 Methods of Birth Control? Haram or Halal?
They start drinking alcohol early, birth control pills excessively. Apply to much make up 4 too long without cleaning out properly
Know about 19 Methods of Birth Control, whether Halal or Haram..? >
I think most tinder profiles are a more effective form of birth control than condoms or even abstinence.
Effect of excess birth control pills
Is getting a birth control prescription and correct reproductive health care really as difficult as it is? I have a story fo…
Know about 19 Methods of Birth Control, whether Haram or Halal..? >
The journey to creating decent birth control was long and arduous
Anoniem heeft gezegd: Just filled out *** on the form of birth control question at the dr. 😂😂😂
Women do not have the right to choose not to give birth to a fetus. Men took that right away. Birth control measures
Thanks, Birth Control, for these well-timed partners in crime. @ City of La Mesa, CA
Everyone pregnant man this is so crazy. What happened to birth control & condoms😩!
Are you aware girls at the age of 14 are having abortion without parents permission. Birth control need parents consent.
Safe sex is the best sex! Wrap it up, get on birth control too. Don't have a kid if you cant take on the responsibility
When she tell you she ain't on birth control
Every girl should be on birth control honestly
Guys, we need to get Marco Rubio's mom on birth control.
Why did this make me want to cry... I blame birth control..
I think for me it might be bc I just started birth control again so hormones are messing me up right now. But I'm also still not
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And maybe they would understand what it's like to take birth control.
If she's Hispanic & NOT on Birth Control ... RUN. ... Because Soon as You Hug her She's already Pregnant with Yall 3rd Child.
Glad about the equal pay question, but you know what else is an economic issue? Access to birth control and abortion.
Newsflash: birth control isn't just for preventing pregnancy
I think you should pay for your own mortgage, birth control, & college loans. It's not because I'm conservative, it's b…
May have to give into birth control. I'm gonna try these natural way first. I can't keep this up.
Screaming children in department stores is all the birth control I need.
My birth control does it's job so I've never needed an abortion but if I had one I would shout it.
Was wondering why i was feeling so freaking emotional went to take my birth control pill... pms week starts tomorrow mystery solved
.in response to Fiorina's attacks on Obama: "I don't know about you all, but I'm getting free birth cont…
When you're an emotional mess bc of birth control and first day of the period and all you wanna do is commit seppuku and die
birth control is for so many reasons other than sex too like what LOL
I hope she teaches her kids about birth control and hypocrisy
But she's not gonna get pregnant because she's gonna have a better grasp of birth control this time around.
My mom and her boyfriend got into a fight bc he called my mom a bad parent and me a *** bc I'm getting birth control...???
I'll have you know my moms birth control is nonexistent. She wanted to abort me.
When you drop your birth control pill on the floor and contemplate hiring a search & rescue squad
After you nut in her & you find out her birth control pills were actually sweet tarts
You need to know this before taking those birth control pills.
yeah. I'm gonna need to hear Bill's views on birth control. I'm guessing you don't know as much
Lysol disinfectant was once marketed as a feminine hygiene product and birth control.
The best part of birth control is your *** get HUGE! 😇
If that's the case, then they should buy their own birth control and not force me to PAY FOR IT.
Fund birth control so we can eliminate abortions as whole like what is so hard about this?
"When you take your birth control with alcohol - Cayuga Community College
They say abstinence is 100% effective for birth control. Tell that to my mom
he has a case but she forgave him for feeding her birth control pills and nearly killing her so NO.
"The most important things in my life right now are my Planner and my Birth Control." - East Carolina University
Margaret Sanger formed the National Committee on Fed Legislation for Birth Control- an upgrade 2 just douching- LOL
Platform to repeal Roe V Wade and limit access to Birth Control is harmful to women
The Pageant of Birth Control in Waugh’s “Black Mischief;” or,The Difficulties of Promoting Family Planning in Africa
And why is no-one, not even UKIP, mentioning our out-of-control BIRTH rate? I wish political parties would address that, 2!
The second doctor warned me about Lupron and simply suggested birth control and I'm happy she did because I'm doing just fine
Mirena birth control device may cause injuries: Some Texas women turn to birth control to reduce the risk of p...
How tf can you say a woman should've been on birth control even if she's raped like who tf plans to get raped?!
Every since i got that birth control out my arm, I'm looking a lil slimmer...
This dude just said he's tired of the excuse of women getting an abortion because she was raped and there's birth control...I'm confused
When you get your birth control refilled 😂😂
Like just give me my birth control and let me leave
I am also on Birth control and QVAR.
Birth control has made my waist skinnier and my boobs almost a size bigger I love you hormone jesus
Kids are expensive, break things. activities/hobbies cost money, their clothes get bigger,. They eat all your food!. PSA b…
When the Egyptians realized crocodile dung didnt work as vaginal birth control they switched to elephant droppings.
Birth control pills cause thinning of the lining of the uterus, making ovulation less likely.
you all need some lessons on how pregnancy and birth control work. There is actual science to be considered, not just your beliefs
Walking through King Soopers is like an extra heavy dose of birth control.
We need a birth control pill for men. It makes more sense to pull the bullets out of a gun than to wear a bulletproof vest.
good one 😂 that's what birth control is for. Plus bae to far away 😂😂 he got a career to make. No babies no time soon 😂😂
Advocates for urge lawmakers in TX 2 pass legislation 4 access for
Hypocrisy: Demanding that the government stay out of your bedroom and your womb while demanding they pay for abortions and…
The diaper aisle should be called the birth control aisle.
Birth control is funded by taxpayers
This stupid *** birth control gives me cramps every day around this time.
I believe in birth control. ..hate the side affects but I believe
16% of women* reported that male partners tried to pressure them into pregnancy. This is called Reproductive Coercion
Why do they not use birth control in places like Kenya & Malawi? The children starve & have no water.
A nice comparison of birth control methods effectiveness. http…
Working with 80 kids under 12 years old is probably the best birth control you can get
Today in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began after a woman demanded birth control, the right to vote and equal pay for equal…
The future of birth control feat enhanced protection & more satisfying sex. via
nonhormonal birth control that is effective for up to 10 years. yes I am pumped.
The “99% effective” label on birth control pills means that out of 100 women who use the pill in a year, 1 will get pregna…
At 17, most of us were preoccupied with high school, but one of the stars of the CBS comedy "Mom," Sadie Calvano, is
Once birth control is in the water, lefties will be free to actually notice what a partial birth abortion is. But not til then.
"Mom can I take birth control pills" . "R u having sex?". "noo!...but I heard it helps with cramps"
Can I use a tampon as birth control?
We already donate to near universal birth control via taxes. Why don't people try USING it?
When will we take religion back from the crazy people? When will WE be the religious leaders? After all, Jesus... http:/…
"Remember at my last physical when the doctor asked, 'What do you use for birth control?' and I answered, 'Exhaustion'?"
Looking for an effective method of birth control? Here's what no one's telling you about the pill.
I believe you. I will make him triple wrap that sucker and I will take five birth control pills. 👌😂😂😂
I'm dating a rich older man and I'm lying to him about my birth control
Babysitting children is the best birth control ever🔫
So let me get this straight. Birth control is a right, abortion is a choice, and Right to Work is wrong? It’s so hard to keep up these days
lord I was absolutely psychotic on birth control. Maybe that's where Bridezillas come from.
Mmm, could it be, slutty, promiscuous, Miss Sandra Fluck was calculating cost of her unwanted pregnancies as "birth control"?...
.. Let's see; am I forcing you to have abortions, making you use birth control, banning prayer in church? I think not.
No, I will not write you a prescription for your birth control. . Should have seen YOUR doctor.
Hongki: We fought nine years with FNC. For the first time, FTISLAND will be releasing our very own exclusive album. http:/…
no not pregnant I'm on birth control
I'm just kidding for the most part. But if birth control is used condom is redundant lol
My mom left me with a 5,4,2 and 1 month old.🙈 uh's too late for birth control
Iran's Plan to Limit Access to Birth Control Will Backfire Spectacularly by via
She was only over here for 2 hours but that was the most effective birth control ever. I'm double bagging it from now on to besafe
Hongki talks about fighting with his agency, birth control, and ideal type.
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