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Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. The term birth certificate can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth.

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We have one and since his Birth Certificate is fake Guantanamo Bay is the perfect…
Listen to my record 'Barack Obama's Birth Certificate is a fraud.'! Even Rosie O'Donnell likes it!
was she born in Scotland? But in NY you have to be born there to have a birth certificate form there.
you can't get a Hawaiian birth certificate if you weren't born there.
asking obama for his birth certificate? Nope.
I heard Putin leaked that birth certificate that says you're white
Dunno if you're still looking for resources for Indiana birth certificate changes, but here's a thing:
technically because of my age I'm oriental according to my birth certificate. Just hate that term. It my mind, I'm a rug.
I demand to see Birth Certificate and his TAXES
And in NC, you can legally change what's on your birth certificate.
Wasn't that to what they're registered as on their birth certificate?. *Checks*. Yep.
Are we sure that Trump was born in the U.S.? I have yet to see his birth certificate so i'm not exactly convinced.
Obama’s Birth Certificate Issue Heading to Congress Yet Again. Arrest him this time!.
She has a birth certificate same as any other SA born citizen. (You're confusing her with Obama. Also bogus doubt.)
My mom lost my birth certificate the day I'm supposed to get me passport
But even if I am, even if having an F on my birth certificate and a *** makes safe, so many of my friends won't be
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Do we have to start carrying our Papers? Birth certificate or Passport?
we already know she has been trying to claim to b a ZAn by birth & yet she doesn't even have a birth certificate
Ask the Irange *** for his long form birth certificate, it will say Danila Ivanovich Trumpoff
seriously we have obamas birth certificate from joe Arizona nine forgeries on certificate forensic evidence
This why your birth certificate says "Born in Somali-land"
Obama's fake birth certificate full video pretty compelling
The Black guy w/the fake birth certificate had a mandate & you couldn't even beat a girl who had 3 MILLION…
& his CIA JPEG birth certificate has been rejected by Sheriff Arpaio's investigation. Forgery! MSM silent!
will be presenting “newest” revelation to investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate on Thu…
birth certificate is important JUST to check what gender they were born
Sooner or later people will realize that Barack Hussein is a Islamic agent with a fake birth certificate. Painful realization!
8 years of Obama and all I got was this crappy pdf birth certificate??
Do trans have to carry their birth certificate around in N. Carolina to use bathrooms. Like how do they know?
When you are looking for Chestnut on your birth certificate 'cause it's just gotta be there!
'Birthers' always want to see the birth certificate!
Lol someone check his birth certificate he may be 12
Who's on board for requesting Trump's birth certificate? Over and over again? For the next four years?
Armenian to English translation of Birth Certificate with handwriting - - All on Tr ...
I still have doubts whether Obama was even qualified to serve as potus, given recent evidence birth certificate. No…
Wow!'It does not violate equal protection to acknowledge biological truths'- Birth Certificate - ABC News -
"If you don’t know where your social security card or birth certificate are right now, maybe don’t get them." 😂
How exactly does plan to enforce Who carries their birth certificate?
for the record: DJT is 100% legally eligible to be POTUS, and anyone challenging his birth certificate would be stupid.
Military-grade stealth penetrators are in operation at this station. Please have your birth certificate ready for inspection.
Just got an email that I have to wait 12 weeks for my birth certificate tf
Yes Lair and Chief, this is before we found out about his FORGED, BIRTH CERTIFICATE 😂😂
Not sure if you should get the short-form or long- form birth certificate? You can get both, online, guaranteed. https:…
Since his birth certificate is a fake, I'm going to have to agree that Barrack Obama probably IS a fictional character.
In Total AGREEMENT! He is the very essence of EVIL and a TRAITOR! His birth Certificate has been found to be a forgery! So...
Can you make a reasoned argument or do you question his birth certificate and call him a secret Muslim?   10% Off
FULL video proof that Obama's birth certificate was fake. Document compa... via
! You're Not a "Birther", Obama's Birth Certificate is just a Forgery
Enough: Giving these people rights to Riot and Loot. Is not the DOJ's right in any COURT OF JUSTICE. Obama's Birth Certificate ends this.
Here's the BIG List of Political Leaders who think Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake ..
This week they released 100% Proof Positive Obam's Birth Certificate is a FORGERY A FAKE. Everything he did as Pres…
Obama is Delusional psychopath! And he Faked his Birth Certificate! That makes him an Illegal President
Sheriff Arpaio Cites Source and Expose 9 Points of Obama’s Birth Certificate as “Fake” - Freedom Outpost
The New PSA Birth Certificate. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the new NSO. Your birth certificate...
victimized by the destruction of my Birth Certificate by Michigan Department of Corrections. Since I used my Medical Records
Didn't expect to get my NSO Birth Certificate in less than an hour. TY Pasig City Hall & e-Census! talaga 👍🏼
My birth certificate says I'm 18, but I only slept like 3.5 hours last night because I was too excited for Disney and that says I'm 5
To heck with Obama's birth certificate, where is .High School certificate???. .
So you are lying when you say many people are saying? When you never named sources when ?? POTUS birth certificate?
Please ask for Trump's birth certificate. I know he's American - just not sure he's human.
source for the article is J. Corsi. He's the one that sold the book about a birth certificate to gullible people?
All purpose parts banner
we r citizens of india suffering a lot because birth certificate not accepting passport OFFICE HYDERABAD WHY?smt. SIVAKUMARI
questioning his birth certificate? That doesn't sound like wanting to deal with citizenship and laws to me?
Trump is the biggest whiner ever... Waahh the media, birth certificate, nfl, bone spurs, tax returns, ...etc ...etc... wah
Was checking my immigration paperwork when I found out that my father had lost my birth certificate. Lovely!
Sometimes when she says things I just want to look at her and say… Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory
It's here! Back to school! If you have a lost birth certificate, replace it fast with us!
I remember when racist trump put up money to find Pres. Obama's birth certificate, now what's wrong?
knowing if you live in a state that lets you change your gender along with your name on your BC 👍🏽
My 9 y/o brother just started singing birth certificate by I have never been more proud
What a hit 😯 and they said Ibrahimovich is too old 😕 Who cares if his birth certificate says he is 50 years 😄
Does it say Biff on your birth certificate?
the lady at Zaleskis wants ur birth certificate
Child support should be an automatic part of the birth certificate, men might think twice about having kids they ain't willing to support.
I don't care whether or not Trump releases his tax info. However, remember when he was hellbent on releasing his birth certificate?
's tax returns are about as real as Obama's photoshoped birth certificate - IRS will never audit
NEWSFLASH: Trump called for Obama's birth certificate to prove he's American. I'm asking for Trump's proof that he's an ea…
Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo is my full name. it came about when i was born and my parents put it on my birth certifi…
Liberals can provide a SSN and Birth certificate for welfare, but when it comes to voting they struggle to find it
why should you provide tax returns when Obama never provided his birth certificate -required 4 Pres!
Trump sent Captain Cook to Hawaii to find Obama's birth certificate where Cook was murdered by natives! You tell me.
Hi, If I will be 18 the day I depart with for South Africa, do I still have to bring the certificate of birth?
You're a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.
you're a total loser. Show us your birth certificate!
- Remember the Arizona Sheriff's Department was the one the found Obama's Birth Certificate fraudulent. Democrats?!.
School Leaving Certificate or BC for applicants born before 26.01.1989 and Birth Certificate if born on or after 26.01.1989
Let's see that tax audit, Trump. Let's see that email, Hilary. Let's see that Birth Certificate, Obama. Let's see that secret recipe, Dr.Pepper
☝🏻️Let's NOT forget who started rumor of Birth Certificate! It was back in 08/ NOT http…
U referring 2 name Barry Soetoro on Certificate of Live Birth? Never saw his official Birth Certificate.
Karl Rove Suggests Benghazi as Ridiculous to Investigate as Obama's Birth Certificate in Apparent… via
Explains why Barry Soetoro (Obama) doesn't have an authentic Birth Certificate
Cruz is legit...stop wasting time fretting about it:. . Birth Certificate for Ted Cruz's Mother - Breitbart
Satoshi Nakamoto does not have a Social Security Number, Birth Certificate or a ID to be owner of any IP related to Bitcoin Use in the USA.
1st assignment: determine birth certificate status of BO.
Employers will be holding your cv, birth certificate, healthreport, criminalreports and still ask "Tell me about your sel…
Where is the outcry for this alleged lack of patriotism... where is your birth certificate
Is ur name on my birth certificate? If not then don't try to tell me wt to do. OK?
I was holding out for gifts but my mother showed me her birth certificate to prove to me that she isn't santa
Police investigating after birth certificate stolen during break-in:
Im sure his birth certificate is on there
It is rumoured that Uncle Sam's birth certificate shows his real birthplace as being in Nairobi, Kenya https:…
I want to see his birth certificate I think he was born in Cuba
When ppl say dumb stuff like "Jesus was a Capricorn" I really wanna ask "Oh have his birth certificate??"
Trump is clearly Obama's fault. If Obama hadn't been born not white, Trump wouldn't have needed to see his birth certificate.
A part of me really believes that parents are putting a hashtag in front of their child's name on the birth certificate
Did y'all know my name is actually Yesenia on my birth certificate, passport etc
A birth certificate is basically a baby receipt with no refund/return policy.
Trolls are never satisfied, still demanding to see Jesus' long form birth certificate
My entire family supports trump and I now want to see the birth certificate and a paternity test
I don't think they can find his birth certificate either...
My middle name is mark, or maybe just a slip of the sharpie on the birth certificate
So now an envelope with things like my old passport, original birth certificate, and Apple Watch.
my grandmas had her bday on the 14th of February for over 60 yrs n found her birth certificate n it says she's actuall…
I went through 16 years of my life to just find out that my dad spelt my name wrong on my birth certificate. https:/…
Barry's Birth Certificate prolly has him listed as White or Moorish American which is why y'all ain't seen it
Sam and I forgot that Scott Walker existed. Birth Certificate or he's a nonsentient robot being.
still don't believe me until I see a birth certificate
That tyga situation is more evidence that asking for your birth certificate is mandatory before you start texting someone
You gotta love the look upon their faces once they see the old IFE and check your birth certificate
I swear by the end of the month Jeremy name gotta be on that birth certificate ✊💪
‘Baby blessing from an angel': reveals baby Zeke's birth certificate.
You can order an birth certificate online anytime.
You want a rich educated man but the only certificate you've got is a birth certificate, but that's none of my business *…
Wow! That's Brave! For me his name only appears on my Birth Certificate... 😊
My birth certificate says one thing; my accent another
Oh. And the birth certificate that only Savannah Guthrie was allowed to touch? A proven fake.
wait your birth certificate's expired? That can't be good
from Western Journalism: He’s 83 years old, running for reelection to a seventh term, battling federal contempt...
Who is a Hindu? The only official definition could be anyone whose birth certificate says so & hasn't formally converted to another religion
Saar, please tell me what to call one whose birth certificate says he's a Hindu, but who claims he isn't one?
I need to see a birth certificate bc I still don't believe Matt's 18
if you find it easier to believe a 2,000-year-old Greek text than a US long-form birth certificate htt…
If it helps, I turned 36 two weeks ago and now I'm demanding my birth certificate because THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT
Wait he just said his name is Dog Chapman. So Dog is like, on his birth certificate?
"Luna... I uh... We're /actually/ sisters. I found baby pictures and your birth certificate..."
as soon as I get his birth certificate, he will have a bank account! 💰💰💰 I want my baby set for life.
Where can I apply for a replacement of a lost birth certificate. Still waiting for your response.
A birth certificate of your husband is only required if he also applies for a residence permit. ^EB
Birth Certificate of Car.. Epic.. What a concept... Having all this in hands
"Europe without Greece is like a child without a birth certificate"..
Proud mum Jodi Albert marks a big day for one-month-old son Zekey!
Birth certificate and employment contract ?😂😂😂
My dad didn't even used to let me get players names on my shirt, but he put Eric on my birth certificate
your randburg office lost my child's application for an unabridged birth certificate. What a disgrace. They say I must apply
Here's Veda with the family and a birth certificate with her name on it! It's a moment to remember!
*** I just found my mums birth certificate. It says she's a couple years older than I know her to be???😳
what’s this mean: Shorten ”where our Aboriginal&Torres Strait Islander Australians are onthe national birth certificate of the constitution”
he needs to produce his birth certificate. If he's American, proceed. Not American= out of the race...loser.
Does he have his birth certificate with him?
Im gonna eat and then find out what to change and then get my birth certificate
Makes sense not to rely on paternity,enf to hv mother's name on birth certificate since maternity certain,paternity depen…
ARTICLE: shares excitement as baby Zekey receives birth certificate...
I wish someone could find Bebe's Hawaiian birth certificate so he could run for President here.
How are they supposed to understand my Chinese Birth Certificate 😅
Get copies of your birth certificate, apply for an SSS number, apply for TOR, get your NBI clearance
Shouldn't you be able to get your child's first birth certificate for free?
You can look at some people and instantly know they're only going to get two awards in life. A birth and a death certificate
Remember David Niven claimed to come from Kirriemuir. Birth Certificate says London
You literally gotta ask people for their original birth certificate because you can change that too
We are slaves by way of the birth certificate. We are made wards of the state by our mothers.
California didn't want to change my birth certificate cause I forgot to put Jr on my name change form cause I was named after my dad. Lol
I need to get my new birth certificate. They hoed me cause I did an error on my court order, so I need to make a trip downtown and fix it. 😂
Haley: how do you KNOW u were born in 1996. me: I mean I have a birth certificate I can show you. Haley: yes but how do you KNOW that's right
TwBirthday of is on 14 April 2009, birth certificate at …
If I named a child Brittany, there'd be a clause on the birth certificate that it had to be pronounced the way Janelle says it in Yoga.
Shennanigans! They made up where JFK gets Barack Obama a secret US birth certificate & gives it to Marilyn Monroe in '61 to take to Hawaii.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
lmao my birth certificate says Louisiana and I lived there for a long time until we moved to Houston
Had to provide birth certificate and copy of social security card. And then they're all like but that birth cry had a different surname.
My mom just looses all important stuff of mine. My ID, my birth certificate. What's next. Probably my social security card will be next.
Im an illegal immigrant u guys i am unofficial i have had an unofficial birth certificate since birth... riiight:-)
Being born in cali problems are the ""unofficial birth certificates"" that the dmv wouldnt take even tho its my actual birth certificate i:)
lol nah I was IDless for like a month, I took my birth certificate everywhere with me, never had a problem.
Can't be sure what gender someone was born as till you see their birth certificate and photo album
I hold out hope that his birth certificate actually reads 'Daniel Ulysses Magic'.
TwBirthday of is on 7 January 2013, birth certificate at
nah but my birth certificate says Ohio tho. I think that makes me a legit fan
foreal! That was an ahwo! Someone needs to check his birth certificate lol
I'm going to need to see a birth certificate and a student ID on that guy. He looks 30. AT LEAST.
They showed me my alien baby but it doesn't have a birth certificate I can't have a babysitter and I don't have the right food
Dude that hit the bomb is at least 32 years old. Birth certificate check pmease.
just make sure you gave your birth certificate & an ID 😁
s/o to my dad for getting me a new birth certificate while he was in the Bay Area🙌🏼
My birth certificate has the wrong date; I was born the day I met them
If I was to love in America I wasn't having any sexual relations with anyone unless I saw 2 pieces of ID and a birth certificate
My birth certificate has my dad as my mom & my mom as my dad. Someone isn't telling me something!!!
If you requested for a copy of your birth certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), and all you...
I think my name is Murphy. Just read my birth certificate. 😂
do you have Hossas birth certificate? I think he's 95
Abbeys birth certificate says abbadabba. I saw it.
Your my *** 3 US Beuroues Stop That's my Birth Certificate Borac Obama"12" 12 units in the Building he's a Size 12. That's Mine
seriously see my birth certificate jay z and Kanye signed it
so that's why I still haven't found my birth certificate. Smh
A couple *** my son I'm just not on they birth certificate 😂😂😂
birth certificate, but you refuse that because I'm right, page
I see no danger if there is a policy to allow adult amendment of birth certificate. No objection to that.
explains Why Alison Hendrix name on birth certificate. Nice one writers!
Watching the and California has a pitcher with a dirty mullet and a player that looks 35. Check his birth certificate.
So far 3 people have asked me for pics of my birth certificate so that they can get in to foam wonderland 😂😂
yeah but since I'm underage I have to have a birth certificate and ID
oh you are so right he was born in Kenya who got his birth certificate I just showed it
birth certificate Kenya UK he is not an American
And then the birth certificate contradicts this myth. 😌
OH this is like the end of Lost but instead Shooks is going to show us his birth certificate.
Bey when child services ask for Blue's birth certificate.
I was looking at my birth certificate & it doesn't say my race 😐 I could be Chinese all this time & not even know it
don't forget HR meeting in morning at center. Bring license and soc card or birth certificate
Is A$AP "Rakim" even an American? Has anyone seen his birth certificate?
I got a job interview tomorrow, and they want my birth certificate social. I must be already hired.
can I legally change my birth certificate to "lemon stealing *** asking for a friend
I can read scripts, but it doesn't matter, you can't change your birth certificate.
is donny meant to ask her to pull out her Birth certificate
Be serious are we supposed to ask for birth certificate and ID, this is dumb
Maybe you should ask to see the girls birth certificate before you think about having sex with her.
remember when he legally changed his name on his birth certificate to Park Junior yeah me too
My dad's sister doctored his birth certificate so he could get into the Army at 15.
my moms looking for my birth certificate .and it might be in SD but I gotta go wait at my friends house while he goes looks
My mom turns 43 this week, I'm gonna give her my birth certificate to remind her about the greatest gift she's ever been pre…
I think today ma dad bday but im not sure 😁 let me look on ma birth certificate 😩😂😂😂
But my birth certificate and everything else says I'm just white lol.
not at all impressed with how I received my daughters birth certificate back!
and you don't pay child support for a child if your name isn't on the birth certificate. She already said he don't pay so. ☕
So many women in Oklahoma just don't have they bd sign the birth certificate and just say they don't know to keep him off child support
B.C. group files to have gender removed from birth certificate. appeasing every sexually confused weirdo?
If this was a rec league, Houston's coaches would demand to see Steph Curry's birth certificate.
My birth certificate has arrived from Somalia, the city boy living in another city.
Tomorrows post on will be about Germaine Greer and Elton John's male partner being 'mother' on birth certificate.
I already have my Cabbage Patch Birth Certificate in hand, by the way when is the lap band for your second stomach?
Me: "Why are there 2 copies of my birth certificate?" . "Cause ur adopted & we were going to send one to your birth parents"
Imagine travelling to Stirling to collect stuff for an interview just to forget your birth certificate
my birth name is Myaah even though Dolcee is on my birthday certificate now💪
cleared for the school year yes, but you also have to meet requirements like Birth Certificate and/or Elementary F137.
Germaine Greer criticises Elton John for naming husband David Furnish as son's 'mother' on birth certificate: ...
I swear he my brother I got his birth certificate
Germaine Greer slams Elton John for naming David Furnish as 'mother' on child's birth certificate.
I mean that's what it says on my birth certificate. I think
All I've got to do now is send off my birth certificate and some other forms then my student finance is completed. 🙌🏻
I really was supposed to be on that "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Gladys Knight and The Pips. There's an error on my b…
There's one somewhere near Diamond that has the classic "where's the birth certificate?"
He smack my mom *** in front of me. That's his mom now & im taking her off my birth certificate
Getting bored of dossing about don't know how people can live like this. Just awaiting the arrival of my birth certificate then back to work
Why doesn't MSM cover this instead of Ted Cruz's birth certificate
Hamilton Collection
Hi, I have my AST tomorrow but I can't find my birth certificate anywhere, do you mind telling me what you suggest? Thanks
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