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Birmingham City Council

The Birmingham City Council is the body responsible for the governance of the City of Birmingham in England, which has been a metropolitan district since 1974. It is the most populated local authority in the United Kingdom (excluding counties) with, following a reorganisation of boundaries in June 2004, 120 Birmingham City councillors representing over one million people, in 40 wards.

Trojan Horse Home Affairs Select Committee High Court Peter Clarke

.to air Miglionico Feb 19 & 23. 1933 grad, she was 1st woman on City Council
City Council ponders new low-speed transportation option in Birmingham
Just wrote a 2 ½ page "piece of my mind" letter to Birmingham City Council parking enquiries about their *** poor attitude to motorists
Calling all Brummies and Sabbath fans ! Geezer for Broadstreet 'Walk Of Stars' ! Please sign and support here
Birmingham City Council: Say NO to proposed cuts for vital funds for vulnerable people. - Sign the ... via
The picture was sent to then liberal democrat John hemming MP and Birmingham city council. Within hours I was tracked down by WHITES in wmp
We're at launch today. Birmingham City Council leader John Clancy just welcomed attendees to
Pop down to BrumLife17 at the Banqueting Suite at Birmingham City Council House - Birmingham's careers fair with a…
Birmingham City Council leader launch If birmingham were a US city, it wo…
Thank you to Birmingham City Council for funding our ‘We’ve got this’ project. Read more about the funds here:
Please sign this petition to help prevent £5million cuts to Supporting People fund
In case you missed this last night - Birmingham City Council has approved £183m of housing investment .
Birmingham City Council gritters are heading out now to sprinkle some salt on the roads so you don't slip and slide all ov…
John Clancy of City Council on rebalancing the with construction of the from…
With PRS and now more housing investment, are leading the way and getting the city building
Cabinet Member for Sustainability Cllr Lisa Trickett outlines where Birmingham City Council is with its plans for a…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Birmingham City Council to invest nearly £200m in council housing -
Marketing Birmingham's stall is all set up event at Birmingham City Council House!…
Black History on the Hill: Did you know? Alumnus Jay Roberson serves on Birmingham City Council.
Angela Denton part of the team documenting President Barack Obama inauguration in 2009 © at Birmingham City Council, V…
Birmingham City Council cuts millions from its homelessness budget just days after a homeless man’s death
Need help from Birmingham City Council? Use , or if in Selly Oak or have portfolio issues email Brigid.jones
Does anyone have an old Birmingham City Council branded towel or swimming costume hidden away at home they could lend u…
Birmingham City Council says 80,000 new homes needed over next 15 yrs to meet demand. 44 just built in Kings Norton
Deirdre B and Amy are at the Early Years Health and Wellbeing Market Day at Birmingham City Council. Clay pots on... h…
Birmingham City Council plans to set up procurement process to attract small developers: insidehousing:
Is it too late to move the Olympics to Birmingham? Rio government makes our city council look like Utopia.
FOI: BCC Spending on ‘No Tipping’ Signs: Response by Birmingham City Council to Linda Baddeley on...
Birmingham City Council and the MPs put on a very moving tribute to Jo Cox MP. Makes me very proud of my city.
Birmingham City Council are corrupt. I've been saying it for decades.
: sad vigil outside Birmingham City Council House tonight thinking about her family and her contribution to life
A live report from outside Birmingham City Council House, where a vigil is being held for MP Jo Cox. She was a...
will damage Birmingham's economy for years, warns City Council Leader,
In 1971, Richard Arrington Jr was the 1st Black person elected to the Birmingham city council
I Hope Birmingham City Council hang there heads in shame for cutting funding to this much needed support centre...
Join me and other Councillors outside Birmingham City Council House at 7pm Jo Cox vigil. Plz rt
A vigil will be held outside the City Council House to remember at 7pm
Backed by Virgin Care and Birmingham City Council a family fun day…
We are flying Union Flag at half mast above Council House at Birmingham City Council for Jo Cox MP. Rest in Peace.
Plans to demolish Hall Green track set to get backing of City Council planners!
FOI: BCC Spending on ‘No Tipping’ Signs: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by Linda Baddele...
is supporting the Jamaican Diaspora Conference Birmingham City Council House on Sat 25th June
Local people have been pressuring City Council for 20 years to act on flood risk
Education, skills, housing mkt hold UK economy back, not Brussels bureaucracy the size of Birmingham city council. https:/…
about the size of Birmingham city council, for a continent. Not too bad.
Deloitte's have been paid £250K by city council to work up a plan for a Trust to take over children's services.
All purpose parts banner
My garden birmingham city council was useless luckily water going down
Really need this rain to stop. My neighbour is already flooded. Pity Birmingham city council never bothered with keeping drains clear.
Vestavia attorney to run for city council position.
sounds like the Birmingham city council's trips
Fun fact of the day. The 'massive bureaucracy' in Brussels is roughly the same size as Birmingham City Council.
lol I am a business analyst my experience is within NHS and Birmingham city council I'm pretty good at my job :)
"...a Brussels bureaucracy the size of Birmingham city council." I keep trying to make this point. The EU may be inefficient, but it's tiny
Birmingham council leader unites with other big city chiefs to say we're better off IN the EU
EU must be on very very weak steroids because the entire EU Commission is smaller than Birmingham City Council!!!
[auto] CKS replied to John Pitcock's discussion Birmingham City Council is to give away 2,000 bicycles
Birmingham City Council cut funding for ALL vulnerable services but . .
Honoured to have been re-elected this morning unopposed as Leader of Birmingham City Council Labour Group at our AGM. Many thanks.
Birmingham City Council, get your act together,get your *** in gear take positive action and stop whinging.
white and Birmingham City Council, a big thanks to all who helped
FOI: Business Rates: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by Katy Stone on 14 May 2016 .
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Could you suggest to Birmingham Council your park could be used as a venue so West Midlands can keep in the city
Meanwhile in Birmingham the City Council is terrified of the car lobby and doing almost nothing effective .
The most interesting fact about EU bureaucracy is how small it is, comparable to Birmingham City Council, I believe.
A lawmaker told the BBJ this week that more changes could be coming to Birmingham's Mayor-City Council Act.
The Birmingham City Council wants to hear from you! What questions, comments or concerns do you have? Take a minute and leave your feedback.
Wernick Buildings helped Birmingham City Council realise their aesthetic vision for in modular form.
As if the Perry Beeches chain of schools wasn't in enough trouble - Birmingham City Council is interested in running it.
The latest blog from is all about eyetracking, carried out by Read it here
More changes to Birmingham's Mayor-City Council act could be on the horizon.
Reward and punishment: How the deal was brokered to re-elect Johnathan Austin as Birmingham City Council president. http…
Here ya go, Best I could do. Circles vs. Squares at Birmingham City Council. No puns intended.
Cllr John Clancy, Leader of Birmingham City Council, responds to the announcement.
State Rep: More changes to Mayor-City Council Act possible: After new legislation sent the Birmingham City Council…
Birmingham to build 6,000 homes on green belt: Birmingham City Council cleared to build new neighbourhood in Langley
FOI: Road Safety Audit for Hill Street Cycle Lane: Follow up sent to Birmingham City Council by Co...
Birmingham City Council again tables resolution to rescind massive pay raise.
The moment Birmingham City Council agree to resettle over 500 Syrian refugees. Alhumdulilah
Birmingham City council agrees to take refugees from UN camps. It's a sign of strength.
FOI: Bullying in Birmingham City Council: Follow up sent to Birmingham City Council by Yabootoyou ...
At Council House tonight for launch of BAYC report. Did you know half of city under 30?
Birmingham's city council-mayor system could be rearranged if a bill passes in the Alabama Senate.
House committee approves bill that would shake up Birmingham's mayor-city council arrangement.
Birmingham City Council Highways Department have issued a notice of a revised date to carriageway maintenance on...
On my way back from now, at New St station
City of London Police + British Council of Hajjis, are running a national Hajj fraud campaign next week, see link
Birmingham City Council to reduce the number of chuggers in the city centre.
Database Management Officer - Birmingham City Council - Birmingham: We are looking to recruit an experienced d...
| Requires Birmingham to bid for Commonwealth Games in 2026: The cuts-ravaged city council ...
Birmingham MP: 'Isolation' of some Muslims in the city is partly the fault of central government + local council. https:…
Our neighbours have been awarded Gold Top Cycling Location by City Council
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City council tables pay raise resolution for the second straight week.
When will Birmingham city council ban the religious peddling in City centre
FOI: Training in relation to s444(1): Internal review request sent to Birmingham City Council by W...
Help make Birmingham more active!. The Birmingham City Council Wellbeing Service is trying to get people who...
FOI: Use of temporary (agency) social workers: Response by Birmingham City Council to Rose Smith o...
Take a look at our new repairs and maintenance contract with Birmingham City Council in numbers…
I'm listening to debate over the Birmingham's mayor city council act. Rep. Moore, says the act "is broken"
FOI: BCC – List of schools in Area: Follow up sent to Birmingham City Council by Wayne Pearsall on...
Afternoon and Evening talking housing and Skills with Birmingham City Council and Birmingham City University
Birmingham City Council holds off on rescinding pay raise.
Making Birmingham Greener & Healthier Awards launched!: . Birmingham City Council, in partnership with environ...
FOI: salary of District Depot Manager: Response by Birmingham City Council to A Robinson on 13 Apr...
Why the Bham City Council is dragging its feet on rescinding its pay raise...
Council: Licensing set to reduce number of city centre fundraisers: Proposals to reduce the number...
Birmingham City Council Highways Department are consulting the residents of Rectory Road to improve the traffic...
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Council again takes no action on rescinding pay raise: The Birmingham City Council again failed to take any action…
SB409 [NEW] Birmingham, city council, salary and expenses of the members, const. amend.
Birmingham city council wages department telephone number pls. tnx
'The council is now in a position where we are building more homes than anyone else in the city.' Clive Skidmore, Birmingham City Council
Cleaner - Birmingham City Council - Birmingham: Cleaners are responsible for a wide range of cleaning duties, ...
Shooting an interview today with a leader from Birmingham Council on the impact that Aston Villa being relegated will have on the city.
Find out how we're using technology to revolutionise services at Birmingham City Council
Congratulations to Birmingham City Council on winning the Best Small Project Award for the Acocks Green Local Centre
Birmingham City Council celebrates the completion of the 2,000th home built.
City Council looking for an Assistant Director of Communications, £82,500
Finally someone to keep the Birmingham city council in line.
Petition: £98m of Fairer Funding to Birmingham City Council No more
Birmingham City Council backs campaign that will highlight the importance of the arts in Birmingham for children!
Good to see Mark Rogers CEO, Birmingham City Council given pivotal role: Leaders named for eight major STP patches
FOI: City Council Website: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by Peter Jones on 15 March 2016 .
Birmingham city council for ya all *** and all employees on a good thing bunch of *** fix my boiler asap
FOI: Parking Data Feeds from council run car parks: Response by Birmingham City Council to Prem Gy...
Local news: Lifford Lane tip – CCTV to beat the queues: Birmingham City Council are hoping that re...
FOI: Financial & Workforce Efficiencies: Response by Birmingham City Council to J Taylor on 14 Mar...
Don't miss the chance to talk to about & attend their seminars at
New Permanent Director of Waste Management Services at Birmingham City Council in Birmingham -
Very proud to be titled an : "Arts Ambassador" for Birmingham's campaign alongside many hugely...
Not sure this is so much "could" as "will have to": Future of city funding has to include more than business rates!
Huge thanks to and his team for supporting the campaign by
Birmingham could become self-financing by 2020 says council BIRMINGHAM City Council could become self-financing by…
That's gonna sure help what about cover up 23 years of Muslim rape by Birningham city council gonna push that...
What are your views on busking in bham?! Join the debate, discuss the new proposals this Wed.
The IEB at Small Heath School and Birmingham City Council: Reinstate Simon O'Hara - No Academy at S... via
and his political ambitions would be confined to Birmingham City Council.
General Assistant - Birmingham City Council - Birmingham: Please note if you have not received a reply within ...
The ethic of Birmingham City Council (all political parties) - don't invest in it/let it rot/knock it down/build something new
Yet to secure an internship? Lots of summer placements available with Birmingham City Council
Why have I woke up to £100 of parking tickets from Birmingham city council when I never had a ticket on my car
Nationwide Caring Services, who Birmingham City Council charge for 45 minutes, have just been on…
FOI: Correspondence with What Do They Know/My Society: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by ...
Birmingham charities join forces with city council on homeless soup kitchen project .
Birmingham City Council joins forces with local charities to feed .
Blog comment: Taxing business: Birmingham city council are unlikely to receive as much rental inco...
Event portable toilet hire for Birmingham city council. @ Cofton Park, Birmingham
Homeless charities join forces with city council on soup kitchen project - Birmingham
£98m of Fairer Funding to Birmingham City Council - Petitions
Homeless charities join forces with Birmingham city council on soup kitchen project
'£98m of Fairer Funding to Birmingham City Council' has 500 signatures -
FOI: EAL Kids at secondary schools: Response by Birmingham City Council to jessica chumber on 29 F...
Just 9 places left at this free event in city centre at 13.30 on 10th March a great agenda
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With a majority vote the Birmingham City Council approves at $10.10 effective as of 2/24/2016
For your viewing pleasure. The Birmingham City Council Meeting is LIVE NOW:
Birmingham council person "This vote is not about the city council. It is about the people."
The Birmingham City Council meets today at 9:30am on the 3rd Floor at City Hall. Please take some time to attend.
Birmingham City Council working with partners to feed the...
Birmingham City Council hounded Margaret Gill saying she had received housing and council tax she wasn't entitled to
INFOGRAM - Want to know the amount of grassroots pitches Birmingham City Council own?
INFOGRAPHIC: Birmingham City Council decrease spending on leisure and sport -
Birmingham City Council moving forward with transportation projects.
Birmingham City Council moving forward with transportation...
'I don't want to run the city' says council leader Thank you to sponsor
Birmingham City Council endorses as vast savings continue to rise!
On my way to Birmingham to make urban plans with and the city council.
More stupidity from the Birmingham City Council. I can't think of another group of people anywhere who are as...
Birmingham City Council to vote on faster minimum wage increase
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
This will only cause more businesses to move out of Birmingham, and, the City Council is breaking the law.
Battle over minimum wage heating up in Bham. City council is amending its ordinance AGAIN:$10.10/hour starting Wed. https:…
Bham city council trying to raise minimum wage to $10.10/hour starting Wednesday
Birmingham City Council president discussing fair wages at the Labor for Bernie event!
"This is a future we can all believe in." -Johnathan Austin, president of Birmingham City Council on
Deserved: MBE. Darren John Share. Head of Parks, Birmingham City Council. For services to the environment in Birmingham.
John Clancy the 'esteemed' leader of Birmingham City Council and councillor for Quinton.
Birmingham City Council gives Uber the green light
Cuts likely as Birmingham City Council prepares to unveil its 2016 budget
"Let&build hope" says new Labour leader of Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council opens the road for Uber
Progress has been made... Birmingham City Council voted to pass an ordinance allowing to operate in
Cuts ahead as Birmingham City Council plans to reveal next year&budget plans
Birmingham: Birmingham City Council's Labour, Tory and Lib Dem leaders join forces to head off Gov...
Birmingham City Council opens the road for Uber via
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BREAKING: Birmingham City Council passed amended ordinance to allow Uber to operate in the Magic City under a 6 month r…
Tracy and Tara from FLO Unit. Working with Birmingham City Council todayon effects of drink driving.
MPs could be asked to help run failing Birmingham City Council.
Birmingham City Council: Local workshop to discuss future of council services
...Jas, an accountant, who used to be a pupil at Bearwood, Nicola who worked for Birmingham City Council...
Here is Birmingham City Council smashing up another 20th Century treasure, the old Register Office on Broad St.
Birmingham City Council leader to step down, say Labour -
Birmingham City Council recommends creation of new Sutton Coldfield town council
Birmingham City Council under fire over timing of consultation launch for building on Sutton green belt.
FULL STORY: Johnathan Austin, Birmingham City Council president, arrested for DUI in 2014 via
Executive needed in at BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL. Apply now!
"Birmingham libraries banned from buying new books by city council"
Birmingham City Council approves raising to $10.10 by 2017
The I shot for City Council is now live:
Today's top Birmingham City Council news stories: Media Watch - August 20:
City council to consider establishing $10.10 minimum wage in Birmingham via
Birmingham City Council invites robot workers to take the place of humans.
Birmingham City Council is looking for a Social Workers in apply now!
Birmingham City Council hosting "Post Budget Tour" meeting at the Oxmoor Valley Community Center now
Birmingham City Council approves $500,000 of funding for football this fiscal year
Opinion: Has it really taken the Birmingham city council 55 years to remember our neighborhoods?
Sen. Jabo Waggoner talks about the big Birmingham City Council pay raise at six pm.
Victory for working families in Birmingham, where the city council has voted to raise the
Column: City council feigns benevolence with funding for neighborhoods:
Birmingham city council votes to increase minimum wage
Birmingham city council votes to increase minimum wage via
Birmingham CC gives themselves 233% pay raise. Abuse often worst at local level b/c fewer are watching.
Greensboro city council agrees on increasing minimum wage for city workers | Second in the south, after Birmingham
HotinBirmingham--Bham City Council approves minimum wage increase to $10.10 in 2017.
Birmingham, Alabama city council votes to increase minimum wage
Website Builder 728x90
Birmingham city council votes to raise that city's minimum wage to $10.10 over two years
HUGE! "Birmingham city council votes to increase minimum wage"
Birmingham (AL) city council voted to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2017. $8.50 by July 2016.
Birmingham City Council has approved minimum wage hike to $10.10 in 2017. First "Deep South" city to pass its own minimum…
This glorious entry for Chelsea Flower Show by Birmingham City Council.
Birmingham City Council is hiring a Office Waking Nights, apply now!
New opening at Birmingham City Council in -
A speaker at Birmingham City Council addressed the proposed removal of a Confederate monument from Linn Park. He is definitely against it.
I'm headed into the Birmingham City Council meeting this morning to face off with the collectivist cultural cl...
Senior director to leave Birmingham City Council after 40 years
Birmingham City Council delays action in dispute over millions in Regions Field debt
Thanks to Mark Rogers CEO Birmingham City Council for his visit to our Social Enterprises
Birmingham City Council set to put Grand Central on the market - six months before opening.
Just arrived in Birmingham for launch of new education resource 'Bait' Birmingham City Council
The truth about Larry Langford. Larry didn't march in Selma or get jailed in Birmingham, but he knew all too well about the obstacles placed in the paths of Black people, especially young Black people in Alabama. He grew up in the housing projects in the Sixties and joined the Air Force at an early age to escape poverty and educate himself. He broke barriers in Birmingham when he was hired as the first Africa-American reporter for a major news outlet. He did this job well, establishing himself as a political force to be reckoned with. When he was elected to the Birmingham City Council in 1977, he spoke for a generation of young Black people who had never had a voice in City government. He championed the people, trying to eliminate slum housing and regularly challenging the patronage of the establishment and black on black crime. As Mayor of Fairfield he was a champion of law and order as he cleaned up that city and gave it things like a civic center, improved schools, and new jobs. He was the first Africa ...
Birmingham City Council banned Christmas. Oh sorry, that was made up by instead.
Birmingham City Council report finds abuse risk for 132 children on
High Court Judge blasts Birmingham City Council for lack of secure accommodation for children
News: Birmingham City Council gears up for round of massive cuts in the city: Massive cuts to Birm...
**LANDMARK DECISION BY High Court IN PASSING CIVIL JUDGMENTS AGAINST SUSPECTED PERPETRATORS OF CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION BY GRANTING INJUNCTIONS IN ORDER TO PREVENT ABUSE** BBC West Midlands Today interviews Bhai Mohan Singh from the Sikh Awareness Society (S.A.S.) for his views on the groundbreaking proceedings carried out in the High Court today. Birmingham City Council had launched civil court proceedings against 10 men, a High Court judge had been told and as a result six men have been banned from contact with young girls after Birmingham City council became the first to use civil injunctions to block child sexual exploitation can be named Mr Justice Keehan said the names of Mohammed Anjam, 31, Omar Ahmed, 27, and Mohammed Javed, 34, Alam Shah, 37, Sajid Hussain, 40, and Naseem Khan, 29, could be relvealed. The injunctions came after social workers at Birmingham City Council and police raised concerns about the welfare of a vulnerable 17-year-old girl who is in the care of the council. The judge barre ...
PPMA Annual Seminar great line up so far including: . Mark Rogers – CEX Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council's leader has 'exaggerated' cuts
AND THE BLACK COUNTRY AGREE HISTORIC DEAL TO TAKE REGION FORWARD TOWARDS A UNITARY AUTHORITY AND A REGIONAL MAYOR Birmingham and the Black Country have agreed a historic deal to create a combined authority in the region – with Coventry expected to join up. Authorities in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton will sign an agreement on Friday alongside Birmingham City Council committing to creating a new body with powers over the region. The Post understands Coventry City Council has also agreed to sign up – but has yet to rubber stamp the move which promises to attract hundreds of millions of pounds of investment to the region. The creation of a combined authority is a vital step to devolve powers currently held in Westminster to the regions, over areas like development, housing and skills. Dear George: The letter sent to George Osborne by the region's leaders Sandwell Council leader Darren Cooper told the Post: “At this stage we have definitely got Birmingham and the Black Country and we will ...
Leaders from the Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall & Wolverhampton & Birmingham City Council agree to join up. .
Paul Smith said Birmingham City Council needed to back clubs in the city "like in Manchester".
Everyone is welcome to become a member Petition for Multi-Cultural Memorial “We, the members of Asian Union Forum UK are petitioning Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II and Birmingham City Council, for a Multi-Cultural memorial for those who have been forgotten in both World Wars” The Asians, Blacks and British Army approximated more than 5 million of Hindu’s Sikhs, Muslim’s Christians and Buddhist’s who came to fight VOLUNTARILY with determination to be victorious in both World Wars. Thousands and thousands of Asian, Black and British volunteers lost their lives in hope that their future generations would benefit from a better future. We appreciate their great sacrifice. We as a Multi-Cultural Forum aim to represent the Midlands, whom, with which, there is an accumulating number of British, Asians and Blacks whose ancestors served in both World War 1 and 2. We want to provide a memorial in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, to celebrate and accommodate the memories of the fallen forgotten Asian, Bla ...
Arts prioritised as Birmingham City Council weighs up major cuts
At Birmingham City Council Highbury 4 Democracy Convention - future of governance considered as mechanism to handle funding cuts
Last minute stream for the Birmingham City Council. Always prepared.
Pensioner couple 'left homeless' after Birmingham City Council spent £90,000 evicting them
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Indeed, in my local area v worrying state of affairs - Bham City Council leadership of Children's Services
For further about the public meeting on Tue 28 Oct, 18:00 - 19:30
Nice to see Birmingham recognising the importance of arts in the Midlands
Payday on hold: Legal questions delay Birmingham City Council plans to increase its pay
Birmingham in running for 2019 municipal clerks conference: The Birmingham City Council has approved a resolution…
encourage people to give their views at 6pm on 28 October in the via
FOI: Cost of firework displays.2013-2014: Response by Birmingham City Council to P.
Birmingham City Council review - Kerslake invites direct views from local residents and workers
Public invited to give views direct on City Council: Students?
Birmingham City Council is slowly getting its act together on policy/research. Link is to an internal sharing event
Council: Parade to celebrate Christmas through the ages: Visitors to Birmingham city centre are be...
'Birmingham needs to build 80k homes by 2051 to meet demand' says Waheed Nazir, Birmingham City Council
Have your say on future of read this & book a place
.dianekemp1 . One for the students of our city . https:/…
.dianekemp1 . One for the students of our city .
Birmingham city council need to oil their bin lorries! Jeez! Like godzilla crashing through my wall each time they collect!
In 2011 Birmingham City Council repeatedly asked (see comments)
Landmarks such as the NEC could be sold to fund legal claims of more than £1bn, Birmingham City Council says.
FOI: Fruit and Vegetables Tender PacK: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by Robin Hilton-Jon...
And poisoned by Birmingham City Council. Which just resulted in pigeons and seagulls taking over the city skyline.
Well done Labour, apparently Birmingham City Council have paid out £1bn in equal pay claims. Sorry, you signed the contract end of.
UK, the city flag over the Council House …
.Roll up, roll up for the (Sir Bob K) magical mystery tour. 28/10 @ 6.00 pm, Library of Birmingham. https:/…
Support for culture, museums & arts remains a priority for Birmingham City Council despite its ongoing budget crisis: http…
Devolution of city services? Have your say on Bham City Council’s green paper
Birmingham City Council have asked to be twinned with Sunderland as from Monday.
Let's keep supporting this church''s fight against Birmingham City Council's decision to sell the church building...
Redeemed Christian Church of God take on Birmingham City Council to save 200 year old church.
Redeemed Church Christian Church of God in takes on Birmingham City Council to Save Church
Birmingham city council is considering setting up its own energy services company ! .
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@ birmingham city council If you are no longer taking Green waste with the rubbish why is the amount of tax we are paying not less???
Tiny Terrorz is extremely proud that Birmingham City Council has awarded us with an outstanding Food Hygiene...
Protest outside Birmingham City Council in solidarity with on 11 August @ 1pm. Come out in big numbers.
FOI: Information on Prevent Programme: Request sent to Birmingham City Council by M.
Birmingham City Council in the local Shrewsbury star paper.
Birmingham City Council needs your help in mapping its vast third sector. Deadline 15th August! Apply now @
This is what you get for taking a stance for innocent Palestinian children, shame on Birmingham City Council. We...
Birmingham City Council to vote on proposed resolution to rescind insurance hikes
City Council (UK), providing services for a million people > to you
Great news,Birmingham City Council has won large gold at the Shrewsbury flower show
Is there a secret conspiracy to run Birmingham City Council so badly that we'll all end up supporting a directly elected …
Birmingham councilors agree to re-work budget to fix retirees' insurance premiums: The Birmingham City Council is...
Birmingham City Council looking for solutions after retirees told insurance will double
Birmingham City Council set to vote on dumping contentious insurance plan, seek funding for $4.9 ...
Birmingham City Council's education chief offered to resign after publication of Trojan Horse reports
Breast Cancer Awareness
You are in News National School chiefs accused in plot probe Published: 18 July 2014 Key individuals were "promoting and encouraging certain Islamic principles" in Birmingham classrooms amid poor oversight from education chiefs, a city council investigation into the alleged "Trojan Horse" takeover plot has found. However, the Birmingham City Council inquiry carried out by Ian Kershaw also concluded: "There is no evidence of a conspiracy to promote an anti-British agenda, violent extremism or radicalisation in schools in east Birmingham." But his report's conclusions differ to those of a leaked draft of former Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism chief Peter Clarke's own investigation, commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE), which found a "sustained, co-ordinated agenda to impose segregationist attitudes and practices of a hardline , politicised strain of Sunni Islam". While Mr Clarke and Mr Kershaw looked at much of the same evidence both men have arrived at different findings - a state of af ...
one from Birmingham City Council, one from Peter Clarke (on behalf of DfE)
Birmingham City Council is part of the problem. It appointed failed & failing heads as school improvement partners.
Nissan has loaned Birmingham City Council its latest electric car for a six-month trial to test the vehicle's energy eff…
Trojan Horse schools: Spending cuts 'to blame' for lapses, Birmingham City Council claims
Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council, Mark Rogers and Cabinet member for Children and Family Services, Brigid Jones has started to give evidence into radicalisation in schools to the Home Affairs Select Committee. Watch it live here
Home Affairs Select Committee about to hear evidence from Lee Donaghy and Birmingham City Council in Radicalisation in Schools…
The saga began with an anonymous letter sent to Birmingham City Council in November last year.
The head of school inspectors Ofsted has written to Education Secretary Michael Gove warning that schools in Birmingham are at risk of an extremist take over, and made urgent recommendations to the government. His letter summarises the findings of an Ofsted report into alleged Islamist takeovers at 21 state secondary schools in the city which has been dubbed ‘Trojan Horse’. The report finds that schools are subject to a “culture of fear and intimidation”, that some governors had exerted “inappropriate influence on policy and the day-to-day running” of the schools, and that Birmingham City Council failed to support a number …read more Source: Breitbart
2pm Birmingham City Council's media briefing on Trojan Horse and Ofsted reports
Birmingham councilors begin balancing 2014-2015 budget: Tuesday, members of the Birmingham City Council met to...
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