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Bin Laden

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden ('; March 10, 1957May 2, 2011, was the founder of Al-Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States and numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets.

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🤣😅I told one right after 9/11 in a gas station! I said you kill Bin Laden so America won't be hated! So much for th…
Glencore is none other than weapons supplier Marc Rich & his family from Glencore who sold weapons to Bin Laden & Al Zawihiri & uses studios
No that would be Saint Reagan,mr. Obama was the one who killed Bin Laden, so I see where your confusion came from
to say ALL Muslims are like Bin Laden is like claiming ALL Christians are like David Koresh. I believe in MLKs dream!!
Trump the 'biggest threat to democracy', says man who brought down Bin Laden
you probably forgot my earlier take on ICP, which posted the day of the Bin Laden raid
Idi Amin had a BASE so did Hitler. Bin Laden still has a BASE and Putin has a country.
Flag in front of the shadow box was carried by a buddy of mine in the 75th Ranger Regiment out on patrol the night Bin Laden died.
If instead of murdering Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, and Muhammad, France had taken in more refugees, this wouldn't happen.
Remind me again? How many Navy Seals were killed during the operation that took out Bin Laden & Obama ordered?
or did the job of the George W and killed Bin Laden
If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Steve Carell, I would shoot Steve Care…
Watching Osama's new vlog. Its about time we put those terrorists away! Barack Obama's claim he killed Bin Laden is…
Lorrie, trying to have a logical debate with a liberal, is akin to inviting Bin Laden to a pig roast..long shot at best
Getting rid of Bin Laden is good for the cause of peace worldwide...
I pretty much think that Bin Laden was given up by the muslims. So that their Muslim brother obama could get American street credibility.
Late Duke of Westminster, ex-head Territorial Army "boasted to prostitutes he knew Bin Laden's location."
How convenient to suddenly have a new top enemy in bin Laden's son. All to keep war going to profit military industrial complex. Evil.
Like saying Osama Bin Laden was an architect who gifted Manhattan a new skyline
son of slain terrorist designated as a global terrorist by US.
Bin Laden's son now demmed a terrorist. HM imagine that!
Osama Bin Laden's son Hamza has been designated a terrorist
So bin Laden is the bad Al Qaeda while Joulani is the good Al Qaeda. Ok got it.
Osama Bin Laden's son added to US terror watch list
What is wrong with the West in a nutshell - we place our enemies above ourselves. We think this is moral.
Osama Bin Laden's son is dubbed 'Crown Prince of terror' and added to black list
On Terrorism is fake as it was created by the same people claiming to fight it
Who do you believe? The folks that found Osama Bin Laden, or the guy hidin' at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London from rape c…
Bin Laden's son Hamza 'actively engaged' in terrorism by via
U.S. imposes sanctions on Osama Bin Laden's son, saying he poses a risk to national security.
Osama Bin Laden's son, in his mid-twenties, has become an active Al-Qaeda propagandist since his father's 2011 death
New post: Osama Bin Laden’s son designated as a terrorist by State Department
Bin Laden's son Hamza 'actively engaged' in terrorism
The Taliban has released a new vid of POW Bowe Bergdahl. *** We got Bin Laden but we can’t find one of our own? Bring him h…
DJT just took credit for killing Bin Laden, bailing auto indstry out and would've saved Lincoln @ Ford theater
Barack Obama targeted Hussain,Bin Laden & Gaddafi and got all three of them. needs to target Nicolas Maduro
I worry that arming al-quada is just going to create another Bin Laden if Asad falls
I remember the day Osama Bin Laden was killed by US special forces. I was in Army ROTC and the Colonel told me "Bin Laden is finally dead"
Republicans are now on record as supporting Nazis, Soviets (Putin), and now Imperial Japan. Are they going to say b…
At an American hospital on their military base in Qatar is where Bin-Laden died two months BEFORE 9/11 happened.CIA faked all after
Person of the year is not an award it's an acknowledgement of how influential someone is. Hitler was recognized and so was Osa…
Pilot was flying too fast when he crashed Bin Laden family's private jet: The Saudi…
Oh, I can grow it, I'm just not an unhygienic aspie. No one but Rasputin and Osama Bin Laden thinks that's a proper beard
DIVINE: just received message: I was told that Osama Bin Laden was never apprehended and killed; he tricked the Military
Angry Internet: "Trump is Time's Person of the Year!" So was Hitler, Bin Laden, Stalin, & Ayatollah Khomeini. It's not a…
Then he brings other people into it, now I've got Bin Laden's girlfriend arguing with me.
FYI . DID NOT KILL BIN LADEN!!!. Only are delusional enough to believe this crap!
We had honor of tour on USS Carl Vinson, thanks to LT Gilly Halling of Perry. That red spot marks where Bin Laden's…
Bin Laden family's private jet 'was going 40 per cent too fast' when it crashed during landing…
This monk is the face of a Buddhist terror movement. He’s been compared to Osama Bin Laden.
👉 is paying the price of disclosing Osama Bin Laden's location to US!. Can ask Pakistan to
This is of a piece with the need to pretend that Osama Bin Laden was not:. a) brilliant;. b) brave (led troops from front). c) sin…
Right on! How soon America forgot about Osama Bin Laden terror.
Just saw CNN's depiction of the US killing Osama Bin Laden using CG... Yea. It was that easy I bet... *** discredit the US w that
We now have absolute proof that Osama Bin Laden is dead. He registered to vote as a Democrat in Chicago, LA and NY cit…
put on a 2 hour legacy show about Obama. Cliff notes, they killed Bin Laden. That's it.
🤔Imagine all of the jobs that The Bin Laden Group Construction Co. will lose when we stop funding Mosque construction in the…
Bin Laden. Thank you, President Obama. This New Yorker will always be grateful.
did kill Bin Laden,. did stop the Bush bankrupting of the U.S. had a good health care plan but didn't follow-up. More negatives.
Bin Laden crash pilot 'suffering from mental overload'
the dream act created 100s of 1000s of new jobs captured Osama Bin Laden n many more good deeds don't know where u got ur
- Brought the economy back from the brink of disaster - killed Bin Laden - brought healthcare to millions that didn't have it
Here's a good one heard it today: hitlery clinton and Obama bin laden. The new world order
In 2008, told the world where Osama Bin Laden was, but all the men just had to talk over her and make jokes. https:/…
Bin Laden was a wonderful demolition expert. A true aviation and building savant. He'll be missed but never forgotten.
for saving GM, providing health care, reducing unemployment to 4.6%, killing Bin Laden, and bringing hope to…
Bin Laden family killed in private jet travelling 40% too fast, probe concludes
Chotiner talks to an irritable Seymour Hersh about his Bin Laden story, the New Yorker, Vox, and sources: via
I liked her when she was hunting Bin Laden in zero dark 30.with guns
Trump and is like Barney Fife organizing strike (Navy Seals) on Bin Laden--Unqualified and UN-DANG-FIT--
“Bin Laden is alive,” said Edward Snowden and reveals where he hides. - Military Times
On this episode of we leak info about who really killed Bin Laden. Hint. It's Hacksaw Jim Duggan: https:/…
wouldn’t say Obama killed Bin Laden but a coked up rageaholic blogger w/ untreated bipolar drops dead in LA and suddenly…
Bin Laden went to Quaker school with Dom Joly.
This is how our country came to meet Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden. We built their organizations then dropped
The people hunting Bin Laden were working on it for 12 years. They just made the Obama Admin look good. Watch Zero Dark Thirty.
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How many days did it take the White House to choreograph the tv shot in the Situation Room when Bin Laden was killed. Attendees
She also gave away Nat/Sec information pertaining to Bin Laden raid in a paid speech to Canadian businessmen.
"On the day I was in the Situation Room helping to bring Bin Laden to justice, you were hosting the Celebrity Apprentice."
Agree with Perry Bacon that Hillary's Apprentice vs Bin Laden line was good. Also Her line about him being Putin's puppet was also good
Bin Laden comes out of a business background - he studied public admin...
Clinton's tale of the tape: I'll see your "Celebrity Apprentice" and raise you Bin Laden
On the day Clinton was in the Situation Room working on the Bin Laden raid, Trump was hosting Celebrity Apprentice, she tells O…
Email leak shows Clinton may have revealed Bin Laden raid details in secret speeches to Wall St. bankers via
gives the credit for killing Bin Laden while saying he understands mil b/c of son's service. Tell that to
If Boko haram boss uses Internet or phones, then that tells you that Nigeria technology is still behind. Bin Laden will not try that.
Hmm... Looks like Bin Laden attended Bantng Memorial in his high school years... Seems I got his…
I sure hope her body double doesn't last as long as Bin Laden's did. That was about 8 years.😲
Yet, he killed Bin Laden. And, virtually eliminated ground troops in the Middle East. Nope...
Bin Laden always wanted to get rid of Mubarek and Ben Ali and Gaddafi and so on, claiming that
or like Bin Laden was a CIA tactician and we gave $6 billion to Al Qaeda in 1989-92
Islam has nothing to do with Bin Laden's attack, Ben Laden was terriorest & banned from Saudi,. Islam's a Religion of peace.
Further more, when President Obama got Bin Laden, George W. Bush refused to take the phone call from Cricket…
Never gonna give credit to President Bush for 9/11. It was a tactical masterpiece by brother Bin Laden.
& mysteriously Isis gained momentum & then Boko haram , then BO claimed to have found & killed Bin Laden.
Navy SEAL to pay $6.6 million to settle case over Osama Bin Laden book
Jawbreaker: The Attack on bin Laden and al-Qaeda (Unabridged) -...
So, this Navy Seal gets zapped for $6.8 MILLION dollars for publishing "unapproved" info, and Hillary walks free? https:/…
How much faster would we have found Bin Laden if he was a Pokemon'?
The one murderer who can't profit from the Bin Laden assassination:
A former Navy SEAL who wrote about the US raid that killed Osama Bin Laden agreed to forfeit earnings from the book
Speaking as someone who has been down this path, what a mess: . Pentagon Drops Claim Against Navy SEAL on Bin Laden http…
not the picture, story is to an extent. Long business history b/w Bush & bin Laden families
If you call getting Bin Laden, Al Quieda, & ISIS guys a failure... BTW, was part of that…
He signed a contract and did not live up to it's terms. He is lucky he is not going to jail.
Former SEAL to pay millions for writing book about bin Laden raid -
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Former Navy SEAL to forfeit $6.8 million in royalties and fees for book on Bin Laden raid
. . Said the queen of drone strikes, super predators,assassination of Bin Laden etc. https…
Navy SEAL who wrote about Bin Laden raid pays $7m to government
To the detriment of the USA & security. Ken Starr regrets case @ Bill/Lewinsky bc it allowed Bin Laden to grow network
[News/Aug 19] : U.S. GOVT wants $6.6 MIL from NAVY SEAL involved in OSAMA binLADEN Death (while H.Clinton is free??)
Former US Navy SEAL who wrote controversial book on Osama Bin Laden raid is forced to hand over his $7m profit to…:
1993: Osama Bin Laden (CIA bagman b/w Pak & Afghan) is portrayed as a hero in the mainstream media.
Remember that time GOP's sent the dogs after Bill Clinton? Distraction = rise of Bin Laden. Focus on REAL issues, or we'll lose
The Navy SEAL who wrote bin Laden raid tell-all forced to give all proceeds to government
Bin Laden's killer sanctioned for violating NDAs related to classified info
Navy SEAL who wrote about Bin Laden raid agrees to forfeit $6M
Former SEAL on Bin Laden raid to forfeit book proceeds
Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Marcos, and of course...Hannibal Lecter and Idi Amin
Is your bogus journalism degree awarded by Al Qaeda University of Pakistan? Board of Director, Hon. Late Osama Bin Laden.
The Bin Ladin family seems not to have gotten the memo about the Saudi government being their paymasters.
Government ends war against Navy SEAL who wrote book on bin Laden raid...
U.S. settles case with Matt Bissonnette, author of controversial Bin Laden book.
US settles case with Matt Bissonnette, the author of controversial Bin Laden book
I remind you, after the Bin Laden raid, the President identified the special operators who were responsible. A...
Don't forget he also outed Seal Team Six for killing Bin Laden!
Didn't Biden blab that Seal Team Six had killed Bin Laden? Not long After that 24 were killed in copter crash.
"When some wanted to delay the Bin Laden raid by one day .. she said,“Screw the White House Correspondents Dinner.” https:…
that Bin Laden is the guy sitting in the back of the plane here
If Gore won 2000 Presidency, Bin Laden still attacks, Democrats take blame, and we'd be in 3rd President Anne Coulter term today.
Let's be Honest,the CIA funded Al Qaeda during the Cold War,yes funded Bin Laden! look up Operation Cyclone..also funded S…
How can stop domestic terror when her husband failed at Waco, Oklahoma City, 1st WTT bombing and Bin Laden?!
You don't need Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein together to take a photo of the 2 biggest killers in the world.
My day 3 RNC Bingo card has Mordor, token Jew, Lyndon Larouche, Zumba break, "Bin Laden would've kept other terrorists in line", goatherder.
Is Obama bin Laden paying Notso Sharpton? That kind of thing just ups the federal deficit.
Hamza Bin Laden, the son of Osama Bin Laden has vowed to avenge/revenge his father's death. All EYES on you buddy!!!
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'We are all Osama': Bin Laden's son threatens revenge against US in an audio message
Bin Laden son said he wants revenge for his fathers death. Aww *** 😳
Osama Bin Laden's son is vowing revenge against the US. Typical -Kids these days take 5 years to get around to doing anythi…
Snake Eyes Trump was hosting beauty pageants and bankruptcies while Obama and Hillary were taking out Bin Laden. Loser
Why don't you telecast this video where he clearly condemns Osama Bin Laden ??
I had a dream my big bro came home it wa$$ beautiful
The son of the late al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden threatens revenge against the U.S. for assassinating his father.
Hamza bin Laden threatens to seek revenge against US for his father Osama’s death via
Osama Bin Laden son is hamza bin laden? So who is your father bro?
US promises revenge on Bin Laden son for his father assassinating 3k civilians.
Osama Bin Laden’s son says he'll avenge dad's death...changes name to Inigo Montoya Bin Laden.
REVENGE: Bin Laden's son threatens to 'strike' US for father's death - TheCable
Bin Laden's son vows revenge for father's death in new audio message
Should a slain terrorist's body be given to relatives to stage a public funeral that triggers riots? Why not follow bin Lade…
Got you Dow doubled, 14.5 million new jobs, deficit cut in half, lowest uninsured rate in history, Cuba, Iran, Bin…
Bin laden's son better chill smh, short *** not going to threaten us lol *** child, what's the world coming too?
Osama Bin Laden's son says Al Qaeda has grown despite a decade and half of war -
My analysis of Hamza bin Laden's new audio message (w/ translation from via
Bin Laden Jr. vows revenge on the USA.
Osama Bin Laden’s son vows revenge against US for killing his father in audio message posted online.
Hey since you're surely connected to the Bin Laden's, can you verify this?
Son of Osama Bin Laden issues threat of revenge against the US IRANIAN PROXY !!!
It seems that al-Qaeda is positioning bin Laden's son into leadership role. Fixes Zawahiri's lack of charisma issue? https…
"The world's facing terror/. Bin Laden been happening in Manhattan/. Crack was anthrax back then,back when/ . Police was…
"Harambe was just the start. When president Trump declared war on Atlantis, ISIS unleashed mecha-Bin Laden and attacked the White House."
Wasn't Hillary with Seal Team Six the night they killed Bin Laden?...
FACT Hillary Handler and her family are tied to radical groups the US Govt says financed Bin Laden
Sure, in between joint business ventures with the Bin Laden family
Photographic proof of Bin Laden's death?. Too gruesome for the public. Harambe clobbering a child and getting shot?. Knock yourself out.
says the party that ignored Bin Laden threats, Scooter lied to protect Cheney who got rich off no bid contracts, shoots friend w/no inv
find it interesting Bin Laden was reading “Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, Stealing Al-Qaeda’s Playbook”
Bin Laden's son enters the 'family business" with a CHILLING new threat
Death and Destruction: Bin Laden's True Legacy | Stratfor . Long read, but powerfully clear and strong.
Hamza bin Laden tells jihadists to ...: Bin Laden's young son, Hamza bin Laden, calls on all jihadists to uni...
No Bubba Clinton should have given the military to take out Bin Laden but he was too concerned with getting a BJ.
and Bush all but fellated Prince Bandar & Saudi King - after letting Bin Laden family ESCAPE while America grounded
Yes, they were, in collusion with our Government. Bush helped all 90 visting Bin Laden family out of country
2 days after 9/11 as the U.S was flying out Saudi nationals and the Bin Laden family? the 2Bs Bandar/ Bush
Nice ad hominem to distract from the fact you lied about Bin Laden and Reagan. How about getting a hobby other than lying?
It's getting worse by day, I'm slowly switching to a young Bin Laden
Looked it up to be sure. This is the greatest thing I have ever heard, right next to Bin Laden getting killed. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
"And then say I was the one who really killed Bin Laden, they would believe that. You getting all of this down?"
This ROGUE getting degree in Humanities is like Bin Laden getting nominated for Noble Peace prize!
Bin Laden's son Hamza urges jihadist unity in Syria! The complete family should have been assassinated! He will seek revenge on American's
CIA stn chief slow poisoned for Bin Laden raids by ISI in all probability.
Incredible story -- CIA Pakistan chief who oversaw Bin Laden raid returned home convinced he was poisoned by ISI
A CIA station chief involved in the fake 'Bin Laden' raid was poisoned, almost certainly by the CIA itself
If Prince Turki Al-Faisal is credited with supporting Bin Laden and the creation of Al-Qaeda, his cousin Bandar Bin Sultan created ISIS.
Bin Laden sneaked into mainly bcz trusted warlords struck a deal with him at Tora Bora, let him escape
Exclusive Interview: Seymour Hersh on the Killing of Bin Laden, the sarin gas attack in Ghouta etc
Bin Laden family construction firm in turmoil?
Protests, layoffs and debt: Is the Bin Laden construction company in turmoil?
Interview by Seymour Hersh on Saudi Oil Money Bribes, the Killing of Bin Laden, Syria Sarin Attack https:/…
I hope when POTUS will get Dr Shakil Afridi out of Pakistan prison, he got us Bin Laden. Obama left him there!
National Campaign distributes 881 food parcels 2 in - maybe Bin Laden laid off to get food parcels too?
Yes they were. Bin Laden family bailed out Arbusto Energy, and were partners with Poppy Bush in Carlyle Group.
The Royal games of Prince Williams Prince Charles Bob Proctor Mark Victor Hansen the Illuminati sacrifices oh they killed the fake Bin Laden
Watching this ESPN mini-doc on the Mets-Phillies game & the night they got Bin Laden, but where's the Austin Psych Fest version?
The Committee on Foreign relations in the senate had report on how the U.S/Bush Admin failed to capture/kill Bin Laden
Yeah yeah typical right wing bump sticker policies ! Yet y'all didn't want to credit call for killing Bin Laden !
5 years ago today, the world got a little safer. Rot in *** Bin Laden. Merica.
hard, but how about the fact she argued with O for Seal Team Six to charge Bin Laden's camp. Easiest accomp to list
watched "Seal Team Six" in math the other day. Cried twice and clapped when they shot Bin Laden. Merica🇺🇸
A Compound is too cultist, nothing good ever happens at a compound. Ruby Ridge. Saddam Hussein. Bin Laden. Mormons. Prince. Etc
Jane Lynch as a reporter and a pre 9/11 reference to Bin Laden. Tonight on this old West Wing ep I'm watching.
Worked well when tough talking George Bush was in office. But Buh forgot about Bin Laden, and Obama, Didn't. LOL
Was killing Bin Laden by America a fake encounter? I hope this answers part of the question.
Don't know why Bin Laden ever hid in Tora Bora - he'd still be at large if he'd made his way to Brum..
Kola Boof was Bin Laden's mistress (sex slave) & the Arabs enslaved her folk 1500yrs
does this have to do with Bill Clinton's incompetence in not getting Bin Laden?
Lord now Bin Laden came out of hiding 🙄
I think it's a bit like blaming Laura Bush for the failure to capture Bin Laden at Tora Bora.
Yes, getting Bin Laden was a good thing! Just seems like he doesn't acknowledge the problem of Islamic terrorism!
Bin Laden still had major influence. But getting MILLIONS healthcare superseded taking out 1 mass murderer.
Getting a lot of this in my feed. Bin Laden now seen as "impotent hermit"
we're so lucky Bin Laden consented to getting his brains blown out, or he'd still be at large.
Getting a DUI after getting ripped at Chili's and merking Bin Laden are both stops on the Road of Life.
US killed Bin Laden who u wr hiding in Pak; Mullah Omar of Afghan Taliban was also hiding in Pak, died in Karachi hospital
They knocked down the WTC because we waged a war from their holy land. Bin Laden warned HW Bush!
Like the one in San Bernadino and Bin Laden.
Pick your Bush 41 or 43 or Jeb, they were all terrible. The Carlyle Group business with Bin Laden. Cheney with Genie Energy
San Diego picture update: USS Carl Vinson carrier at sunset. The same carrier that buried Bin Laden at sea.
Stephen Curry felt tonight like what Bin Laden felt after he found out the 4th plane missed its mark, really disappointed.
Obama found Bin Laden tho. Something America was strugglin to do for years .
also Obama's legacy is the death of Bin Laden. So many people want to forget that.
if it wasn't for Obama the ISI would still be helping Bin Laden
Bin Laden probably responsible for about $2 Trillion in govt waste, Obama just following his leadership
⚑ New Hillary emails reveal correspondence about suspicious timing of Bin Laden raid to cover for Obama’s
She'd cut public sector jobs while the private sector created jobs like Obama?. Maybe kill Bin Laden again for fun..
Obama taking credit for Bin Laden's death is like a Pre-K teacher taking credit for a Harvard graduate featured in NBC s Science of Love
Obama saved us from a 2nd great depression, saved auto industry, killed Bin Laden & insured 20M people. BS? Meh
Romney lost it during the debate when Obama glared at him and said " I killed Bin Laden " . That was it .
Obama lowered the price of gas, found Bin Laden and predicted Hawaii to upset Cal 🔮
Obama killed Bin Laden & captured the 3rd attacker for Paris
Thank you. I doubt that though guys. Obama is yours, you don't like all of him but he still got Bin Laden 😜
Todd Akin said he "misspoke", in the same way Bin Laden was just "misunderstood".
CIA has been looking for Bin Laden long before Obama got here. Kudos to the CIA
First arrest warrant for Bin Laden was issued in 1998 - By Moammar Gaddafi?
[30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE]. Day 09 - A song that you can dance to. MC Bin Laden - Ta Tranquilo Ta Favorável. via
gravitas of knowing Bin Laden's books were insightful, eyeing justice, and climate change was foremost factor in his concerns
Bin Laden penned essay calling on Americans to help Obama fight climate change.
it was only the death of Bin Laden that stopped the birther talk. Same folks upset now, said nothing then.
Bin Laden's left millions to 'jihad' in handwritten will - Middle East Eye
his show after Bin Laden was killed is my favorite late night clip ever. I'll find it and DM it to you. Can watch when bored!
An article from Dec 6, 1993 about Bin Laden when he was a US darling fighting big bad Soviet Union
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They didn't just "pop up" after Bin Laden. They are not even afflicted with Al Quada. They've been around since the 90s.
I have the same MBTI as Gandhi, Hitler, Bin Laden, Marilyn Manson and Benedict Cumerbatch and I am honestly very content with that.
As well as Saudi Arabia financed Al-Quada and harbours the Bin Laden family
Bush should have gone after Bin Laden not Sadam Hussein. His decision caused the destabilization of the Middle East
I liked a video from MC Bin Laden tranqs e favs, as tattoozeiras do Justin Bieber e
Now we are getting clip "Abu Ahmad al Kuwaiti," film shows character Ammar spilling beans on this kunya for Bin Laden courier.
Rana Ayyub topper from Bin Laden university of Peace & Love!Have a question-Zameer kitne me be ha?Raat ko chayn se so pati ***
If Bush put the button on Bin Laden they would have been parading Dubya's portrait in the streets.
the Kuwaitis went to the French Rivera, the Saudis were radicalizing Bin Laden and we fought for their oil! Crazy to me!
Bill Clinton had the chance to kill Bin Laden in the 90's and he didn't. I'm not blaming him for 9/11 either but it could've been avoided
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