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Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean (born Leslie Sebastian Charles; 21 January 1950) is a British recording artist who had a string of R&B international pop hits in the 1970s and 1980s.

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News from Chamber Member International star Billy Ocean is among a star-studded line-up of 80s music a…
Legendary artist Billy Ocean has announced his return to Belfast & Dublin in 2018
I added a video to a playlist Billy Ocean - Loverboy (Extended Club Remix)
I'd rather go to a Billy Ocean concert than watch any Ocean's movie
My People! 2018 Billy Ocean(Tshirts are very ready. Laybye your tickets & collect your FREE TSHIRT…
For Christmas gift shopping/giving— when in doubt, get tickets. Billy ocean(
Billy Ocean Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) playing right now on our Old Skool Jamz channel. Download the WBMX app now
😂 The continental shelf will crumble into the ocean before Moore concedes
TBT Toon! Billy Ocean doing his best Billy Dee Williams! "Lando"!. Top 20 hit for the week ending December 22,...
S Club Party have confirmed that they will join Billy Ocean, Hot Chocolate, The Real Thing and Bjorn Again at Live in S…
Wow, Billy Ocean just got a lot more assertive.
Now playing billy ocean Caribbean Queen by !
Shorty said you can't flame someone that's makes more money than you 🤔😂😂 what type of Criteria ?
Billy Ocean is coming back to Blackpool!. Catch him at the Opera House on Friday 9th November 2018. Tickets on genera…
Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean is a bloody tune btw
I've had Billy Ocean's 'Caribbean Queen' in my noggin all bloody day. :(
Breast Cancer Awareness
Getting a ☕️ and they are playing Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean. I feel like a teenager again. Music from the 80’s is the best!
I cannot get Billy Ocean's 'Caribbean Queen' out of my head. Please shoot me.
Sue Falen Is now playing Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen .mp3 by !
What happens is I think about the image of Rihanna in a super 80s dress walking up to a smoky stage as Billy Ocean'…
don't think Billy Ocean made Murray Head's suit
it's 1984 Duran Duran wild boys, love the Billy ocean 😎😎😎
Mesmerizing time-lapse video captures "ocean" of clouds rolling over Colorado Springs, Colorado.
But only if we also get to cover Billy Ocean’s hit “Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car)” or else I’m out
As the great BIlly Ocean once said, "get outta my dreams, get into my pro wrestling ring!" Classes forming now:…
🗣 1/4: Y'all ready for this?? BILLY OCEAN is coming to Botswana for The Hamptons Jazz Fest, 24th March 2018 EARLY B…
I don’t care how much candy he offers you, kids, do NOT get out of Billy Ocean’s dreams and into his car.
for your next ep – gotta know if Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean makes it on the boat. XM station plays it a LOT.
do you have a full song version of your new commercial featuring Billy Ocean's fine music? If so, I would love to see it!
Monday is not Monday without Billy ocean gerraout my dream get into my car
For the longest time I thought that Billy Ocean song was “Caribou Queen”…
Brian Adams, Billy Ocean, Johnny Cougar - all the easy listening crap is being played
TOTP 1984 Chicago and Billy Ocean. Classics still going strong today.
Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car. we're on 98.0FM and .
Not to forget the Billy Ocean classic “Go and get stuffed”.
ACR is Get Out Of my Dreams by Billy Ocean Listen now at
Billy - it seems you should be in the ocean, you spineless jellyfish. Shame on you.
Billy Ocean is beast, could listen to him all day
►: Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run) by Ocean Listen to more Hits here ♫
You're listening to KDDS, all dentist radio, now here's Billy's Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" for the 67th time today
DJ Mark Is now playing Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) by Billy Ocean!
seen by the Sentinel-2 satellite on 19th Sept. Look at that detail, you can even see ocean waves in the eye…
Every time I hear ‘Carabao Cup’ I hum Billy Ocean. I can’t take this competition seriously as a result. No more love on the run.
Chin strap spells danger as Billy Ocean very nearly sang. I won't claim to "know" but I've always found Sampson shifty.
My guess is Billy Ocean or one of the guys from Chumbawamba
►: Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean on Amazing 70's Radio listen on link
I wanted to go to the Billy ocean concert in my country after tomorrow but I'm underage and I have nobody to go wit…
I hope my flat mates don't mind listening to Whitney Houston, Billy Ocean and the soundtracks to musicals 24/7
For those of you too young to get the reference:. The great Billy Ocean everyone! :)
I hope millennials will do to Billy Ocean's "Suddenly" what they did to Toto's "Africa" & Journey. Song is 🔥 .
To the tune of Billy Ocean's timeless classic Caribbean Queen: Jurgen Klopp won't lift it up. 😂
A feel like an old woman but I just love Billy Ocean
*** so much they call her Billy Ocean. Interesting
Final hour of with kicks off with Billy Ocean, and the Stranglers. Head online ▶️
Bro I swear I feel everything this *** spittin on this billy ocean freestyle. Ay this…
Who loves the song by Billy Ocean Love Zone?
The word Caribbean should only be pronounced in the manner and octave as performed by the great Billy Ocean.
Afternoon Riddim Ride with DJ Outlah on WEFM 99.9! Who has the better lyrics? Madonna vs Billy Ocean! Send votes to…
If you like Miami Vice, we can be friends. If you like Billy Ocean and Phil Collins we can also be friends.
Billy Ocean performing at the Concert of Legends in this evening.
Just got all clothes dry after the incessant rain at the ,Billy Ocean,Buzzcocks,Tony Hadley and Black Grape all brilliant.
When? Reply or Oxford beat Man City 3-0 .. while Billy Ocean topped the charts with "When the Going Gets Tough"
Apparently that's NOT Billy Ocean singing with Phil Collins on "Easy Lover".
have got no chance of putting capital fm on in the car, chuck a bit of Whitney Houston or Billy Ocean on and mums got the snake hips going
My holiday playlist consists of Billy Ocean and The Culture Club
Billy Ocean, Kim Wilde, Michael Bolton and more! Win tickets to the Upton House Music Festival...
Tough call tomorrow. Geno Washington, Billy Ocean and the Orielles all in Southampton. And sadly, not in the same v…
Unironically listening (and singing loudly) to Billy Ocean... ALL THAT tenor sax, y'all.
Billy Ocean, Busted and Tony Hadley will be playing Splendour 2017, Anita and Me comes to Theatre Royal & Royal...
Say hi to Billy Ocean for me. And kick Tony Hadley in the balls too.
Brian Duffy, Billy Ocean and BBC music memories -
Hump Day already! is ready to go with Jason Derulo, Billy Ocean and Ella Henderson!…
*Sees you put the towel on then goes over to you sitting next to you* Just look at the ocean this is like paradise
This 80s channel is on 🔥 right now. Billy Ocean, Nu Shooz, New Edition, Pebbles.
. U have brought the best of the 90s.billy ocean.Phil Collins. Ub 40 and others.
Now playing on Blaze FM. Billy Ocean When The Going Gets Tough "The Biggest and the Best!"
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I took a Tom Cruise on the Billy Ocean
My driver doesn't have the best English. But he knows all the words to Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean. This is awesome!
Hilarious!!! I just thought of Billy Ocean today, that is hysterical!! I love you girly friend, great memories!! ❤
I'm not correct but it sure felt like a billy ocean/belafonte collab in the best way
I received an RSVP from Billy Ocean, saying he sadly couldn't attend my birthday party as he's overseas.
I want to live in a world where I can listen to Billy Ocean at a high volume through my headphones and not care who hears it
Billy Ocean - Get out of my dreams, get into bei
Today 20 Pacific white-sided dolphins were stolen from the ocean and selected for a life in…
Last night I found a 2 hour video of calming ocean sounds, put my headphone in & passed out to drown out Billy's snoring
Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car / Billy Ocean play now straight from your TL:
'Now Playing:' STAY THE NIGHT MIX by Billy Ocean listen at
Huge thanks to Leslie Hughes & Alan Bailie for their amazing donation of £105K raised from the Billy Ocean eve…
We're about to play THERE'LL BE SAD SONGS by BILLY OCEAN! Listen & Vote 4 More:
New post (Billy Ocean - Suddenly) has been published on Music Videos -
Colour of love .BiLLy Ocean oh its been too long hey thanks (oh Joe Cocker to make u laugh I have a vinyl of it lol @ Ernest
Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny Devito in Billy Ocean video for when the going gets tough?
You were cooler than I. I was into Billy Ocean and Phil Collins.
The Cub Foods on Nicollet is playing "Lover Boy" by Billy Ocean.
Just listened to 'When the Going Gets Tough' by Billy Ocean and 'Ghostbusters' by Ray Parker Jr. Five points if you can get the connection.
ooo watch here>�Emma Starr, Billy, Nat In Diary of a Milf�
Waking up kieran with abit of Billy ocean
in the Treehouse : Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean ... Tune In at
LOVE ZONE - Billy Ocean Tune in...and lose yourself.
slowly but surely turning my family on to them. My father is sold on them since he saw Ocean Billy RR vid
Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean is a throwback banger.
We have some great concerts planned for 2017, including Billy Ocean, Cliff Richard and much more!
Billy Ocean is appearing with Heather Small, the voice of M People at Lincoln Castle on Saturday 8th July 2017.…
Listen to Billy Ocean - Carribbean Queen by Nebojsa Rodney Trotter on
SPORTS: Billy Ocean boasts about murdering gynaecology student whilst in blackface. Israeli Prime Minister: "I'm done."
and now we've got Billy Ocean. Banging tunes today. Makes shopping so much fun.
yeah I've changed my mind earlier I think it could be either queen or billy ocean 🤔🤔
we've had Pier celebs who's next Billy 'Ocean' or Dwayne 'rock' johnson sn…
Spoilt like a big bairn today. . Absolutely delighted with tickets to go see Billy Ocean next year.
When you're older and wiser a lot of the ego has gone out of the window.
Idea: A cinematic universe based on the music video for Billy Ocean's "Loverboy"
*** so hard they call her billy ocean, Roll like an 18 wheeler. That *** fine but this *** killer
Billy Ocean -. Bringing Old classics back to life
On this day in music history; 1984, Billy Ocean started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with...
"Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean"... This is my track LMFAOOO It's stuck in my head 24/7
I got fired from Uber because I would blast Billy Ocean's "Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car" every time I picked someone up.
* Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen * was top of the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1984
Listen to Billy Ocean - Stay The Night (Timbales CMAN Edit) ** Free Download click Buy by DJ CMAN on
Relaxing music from Billy Ocean, Chicago and Callum Scott coming up this evening on (Pic: htt…
on this day in 84 for great artist Billy Ocean with his "
Awesome track from the 80s: Get Outta My Dreams, Get... by Ocean, Billy.
Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" was the Number 1 song on both the Pop and Dance charts on this day in 1984!
I'm OLD! I only know James Ingram and Billy Ocean and is talking about Friendzone that I've never heard 😭😭😭
would you join the likes of Billy Ocean,Adam ant, rick astley,martin fry, martin Kemp,Tony Hadley ?
What a song rose by Billy Ocean it remind me of the late Eddie zondi
Enter here for a chance to tickets to Party at the Palace feat. Billy Ocean
Speaking of Billy Ocean, I'm not a fan of the way he says 'Caribbean' on Caribbean Queen. . Good song nonetheless. 8/10
Enjoying a wonderful evening at Coney Island, concert with Billy Ocean, reminiscing his great hits, romantic songs.
Imagine if Billy Ocean was really called Billy Bismarck Sea. Just imagine that.
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Billy Ocean - There 'll be sad songs (To make you cry) "
Hey, good call! The Michael Douglas "When the Going Gets Tough" Billy Ocean workout should really take off!
Press play on your and let's now with the of Billy Ocean - Are You Ready on
Absolutely glorious, But yeah, Billy Ocean called, he said to join him and his crew in his car.
the greatest since until Now playing Billy Ocean: Stay The Night on
sounds like a Billy Ocean song to me.
I sat doggedly on my beach mat eating butternut squash curry as all around me people made a Billy Ocean commotion.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Saw Billy Ocean singing the anthem on Sunday. I wanna be your luvver...luvver...luvver boy (must be sung with Cornish intonation)
It's just me or this Billy Ocean album looks like the last record KD drop in OKC
When you're listening to Wham radio and Billy Ocean comes on, you know it's gonna be a good workout. 🙌🏻💪🏻
I like telling people that my suits are from the Billy Ocean collection. For no reason other than it makes me laugh.
See Billy Ocean (and play tonight in FREE tickets avail. one hour before show
Also mixing up Billy Joel and Billy Ocean which is way way worse.
The whole USA needs to go to Chili's, put on a Bob Seger / Billy Ocean mix, and reevaluate what's really important.
Billy Ocean plays a free show tonight. When's the last time you listened to Caribbean Queen? Revisit it. It's a JAM.
I realize now that the soundtrack to *** is likely the same music that plays at airport bars, Billy Ocean and all.
Billy Ocean today in at Tix distributed 1 hr before 7:30PM show ht…
you're gonna be on stage with THE BILLY OCEAN??! whoa... *standing ovation*
Digging this Pregame music. "Caribbean Queen" by Billy Ocean is playing in the ballpark
Have you heard? Billy Ocean will be performing at the Opera House on 1st April 2017. Tickets go on general sale this Friday at 10am
Now playing on : Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen. 80's : Nothing but the best!
" rose'..Billy Ocean the love of Sunday music.
I saw Gwen Dickey in Rose Royce, Shola Ama and Soul II Soul yesterday and today I'm seeing Billy Ocean 😭👏🏽
Word document open. Billy Ocean blaring. Now just waiting for the magic to happen
Just filmed another episode of with me dad Billy Ocean & me 1/2 brother 👍😜 https:/…
Fantastic show to today with Ruth, Sherrie Hewson, Janet Street Porter and along with Billy Ocean.
Billy Ocean is Keith Lemmon and Chris Cammaras dad juice
Can't stop listening to Billy Ocean, I'm so obsessed with him rn🙄😂
Watching and asks if Billy Ocean is Morgan Freeman. 😒😮😦😫
why am I listening too Billy Ocean, Lionel Ritchie and Phil Collins on repeat🙃
The only normal people in my day today are my running buddies! And a little Billy this song!
A cruise liner emerges from the Atlantic Ocean and sails back to Ireland with Rose and Jack. Titantic.
100+ People got Arrested if You think They all Deserve Too be Jail you Stupid , So if Someone Say Free Da Guy , Just Respect it
Now we're sharing the same dream. And our farts they beat as one. No more love on the run.🎶😃 It's Jim Morrison AKA Billy Ocean.
Billy Ocean and Motown superstars Sister Sledge to perform at iconic Kelvingrove Bandstand during West End festival
Hey Guys n my best Billy Ocean voice I ask you to vote for this lovely Caribbean Queen, who happens...
Had the pleasure of meeting fun, friendly &polite.Billy Ocean is a legend 🙌🏻
Very gutted Billy ocean is playing O2 academy Bristol tomo and I'm not there 😔
And then there's that wonderful moment when Billy Ocean comes on the radio during your ride home.
For birthday, Billy Ocean treated us to a special performance!! See it all thurs 10pm https:…
Billy Ocean (66) is a Trinidadian-born English recording artist who had a string of R&B and pop hits in the 1970s https…
The Lighthouse Family's 'Ocean Drive' was inspired by Billy Ocean's work on the Cortina assembly line at Ford's Dagenham Factory.
Just had to meet the legend Billy Ocean whose 1986 album The Love Zone was the 1st album I ever bought 😁
Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen "I lose my cool when she steps in the room..." 😘😘
Billy Ocean is trending. Is he alive? Please tell me he's alive.
agree. He's a legend. Love Billy Ocean. Played him on my radio show last week.
fingers crossed getting taped xx cannot wait i love Billy Ocean wow xxx
Billy Ocean trending. He's not dead. He's on The One Show. Just his career that's dead
Tune into an 80's special for tomorrow at 10pm with Billy Ocean & https:…
Seeing as my Mum mistook Billy Ocean for Billy Idol today, I’ll never feel embarrassed about mixing up two people ever again.
Just saw Billy Ocean trending, thought of the worst but thank god it's not!! PHEW
2/2 ...answer: Billy Ocean. Because doesn't do cover bands, and I'm in London not Canberra
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Uh oh. I saw Billy Ocean trending and assumed he'd died. Thankfully he's doing okay. Stupid 2016, Year of the Celebrity Death.
Nearly choked when I saw Billy Ocean trending, I thought he had died too. Phew 😥
.have grabbed off with their rework of Billy Ocean. They're tough. So are - next on
Hands up anyone who clicked on the Billy Ocean trend, fearing the worst?🖐🏼
For a moment there I thought that Billy Ocean had carked it as well. I'm getting very jumpy this year when I see a name trending.
Billy Ocean: trending, but thankfully alive. My fave misheard lines: “She touched my meat/And blamed it on James”
Ma big mate on the one show Billy Ocean what a legend
Billy Ocean on The One Show tomorrow. Still sounds so good!
Not a huge fan of Pop though, but I think Billy Ocean should be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jackson and Prince.
I added a video to a playlist GWAR - Get into my car (Billy Ocean cover)
it's the Character she personifies that Everybody be Falling For
God when I was that young.they used to call me Billy ocean
take a Tom Cruise on the Billy Ocean
Billy Ocean - Suddenly is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the Party!
All I can hear is that Billy Ocean song...
Proclaimers & Billy Ocean to headline with Heaven 17 & Andy Bell
Billy Ocean and I will be back around 7:30 PM Eastern!
Billy Wilder + his 6 Oscar's.. touchingly, he is buried nr Jack Lemmon + Walter Matthau
in the Treehouse : Billy Ocean - When the Going Gets Tough ... Tune In at
the 70's hour. Now playing: Billy Ocean: Are You Ready on
Just discovered this Billy Ocean video with Michael Douglas, Danny Devito, and Kathleen Turner. It’s incredible.
Billy Ocean rocking Dubai Tennis stadium at 66. About to achieve a long-time ambition and see UB40 incl Ali Campbell
The Proclaimers, Billy Ocean, The Fratellis, Andy Bell and Heaven 17 will appear at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow this summer.
The Proclaimers and Billy Ocean set to headline Party At The Palace Festival 2016 in Linlithgow
Lionel went from The Commodores to me getting him mixed up with Billy Ocean
I'm really loving this tribute to Billy Ocean. Long overdue.
Murphy wat is d colour of love 'Billy Ocean' is it Blue, Red, WhiteN
A Billy Ocean and Frank Ocean world tour called "Coast to Coast". Did I just become a billionaire?
Wow.haven't seen Billy Ocean in decades...looking quite gray. Making me feel very old but still snds like he did in 1984 cc
Billie Holiday, Billy Ocean and Billy Idol are all very different people, but in my head, they are all each other...
Happy 60th Birthday to Billy Ocean. Yeah, that's vinyl.
also celebrating a birthday today - Billy Ocean and Detlef Schrempf. I wish all of you a happy happy day!!
Happy Birthday to THE Billy Ocean, . Be well, many more
Happy Birthday to the late Richie Havens & Billy Ocean
Happy Birthday from Organic Soul… . Grammy award winning singer Billy Ocean is 66
Happy Birthday to R&B singer Billy Ocean, Jimmy Ibbotson from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, & to Edwin Starr from War.
You got it, Andy!! Happy 66th Birthday to Billy Ocean!
You got it, Jim!! Happy 66th Birthday to Billy Ocean!
Our 3ple play(Billy Ocean -There will sad songs 2 make u cry,Lizz Wright-Hit da ground& Daryl Hall-Every time you go away)
Lotjha Mngani,Our triple play at 04:40(Billy Ocean - There will sad songs to make you cry, Lizz Wright - Hit the...
"Be an individual" says someone who just copied a load of James Brown & Michael Jackson moves & sounds like Billy Ocean
My line up in this heat, while chilling at Republic of extra cold... Phil Collins, Billy Ocean, Anita Baker, Bruce Hornsby, Elton John etc
Want tickets to see Billy Ocean 11 May for only £12.50?. Visit enter code: Billy50. Only valid for first 50 people! this afternoon we've had Billy Ocean, Chesney Hawkes, Micheal Jackson, Elton John, Spice Girls and S Club 7
Lol, "Caribbean Queen" Scott Van Pelt on Michael Finley. He does look like Billy Ocean.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Billy Ocean will be joining Showaddywaddy at the Perth Christmas Light Switch On!
*** Chris that wasn't Billy Ocean that sounded like Michael MacDonald.
Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean from "Billy Ocean: Greatest Hits"- Listen: - iTunes:
I wish there was a version of Billy Ocean's "When the going gets tough" video that was just the camera on Danny Devito the whole time
I'm a shell of a woman right now. Hold me up to your ear and you'll hear Billy Ocean.
Billy Ocean, Jeffrey Osborne and Alexander Oneal got me vibing real smooth while Im late to work, in traffic!!
Color of Love - Billy Ocean 🎵The colors of the rainbow turn gray whenever you are so far away.🎶
2016 Soul Train Cruise with Smokey Robinson and Billy Ocean sold out!
Billy Ocean and Jimmy Sommerville on 🔥🔥🔥 at lytham proms last night
Bit of a mixed bag at lytham festival tonight. Billy Ocean, Jimmy Sommerville and Chesney fab!.
So, now we don't have Hope, Cash , Jobs or Rivers. Someone check on Billy Ocean. . Is that how the joke format goes?
Enough of the Billy Ocean now. Thank you my 'insignificant other'
Happy Birthday to my TV husband . I'll be playing some Billy Ocean to mark the occasion. Obvs.
Is Frank Ocean like Billy Ocean's nephew or something?
fantastic day at yesterday cant wait to do it all again today! Billy Ocean has so still got it!
Billy Ocean supplies the Friday song this week -
oh Ivan it's not the same. Billy ocean is in the blues genre.
Billy Ocean certainly got the girls dancing
Billy Ocean wouldn't have done this to us
From last week to Billy Ocean this. When the going gets tough, the tough go to
Billy Ocean - There'll be sad songs on Listen live on
My good friend and producer Chris Birkett who had the pleasure of working with Billy Ocean in the late...
I want eddy baker to do a project full of luther vandross and billy ocean covers
Frank Ocean don't pay my bills. Maybe Billy Ocean though.
Did Billy Ocean drop an album today?
Even if I saw Elton John or billy Joel or Ed Sheeran or Frank Ocean aka my fav artists of all time I don't think it would top this
Dear Frank, . You have less than 40mins or I am coming for your family. Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Billy Ocean are gone
Frank who? ?? Don't know any artist with the last name ocean besides billy ocean tbh.
Until he drops the album, Billy Ocean > Frank Ocean
At first the atlanctic was my favourite ocean.then it was billy. now im certain its frank, frank is my favourite ocean
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Going to Faithless on Thursday and 80s/90s on Friday - Billy Ocean, Five, East 17, Venga Boys!
Billy Ocean is seriously underrated as a musician.
I liked a video Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park 2014
Bak from fab dancing diggers, Billy Ocean, but best of all has to be the silent disco. Can't wait to do it all again tomoz x
Billy Ocean wrote a ballad about yer "Suddenly"
Well Happy me just had email looks like im off in a feiw weeks time to photograph Billy Ocean, Jimmy Somerville,...
You are listening to Caribbean Queen buena - Billy Ocean
I just used to discover Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) by Billy Ocean.
Currently wishing that a bit of Billy Ocean was on the Prom tracklist! (Caribbean Queen or When The Going Gets Tough).
*holds ear against conch shell*. "If you listen carefully, you can hear Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean"
maybe he meant Billy Ocean, you don't look like him but you'd probably do a good Caribbean Queen at karaoke
Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean is a jam.5
From 2013, here's the late Oderus Urungus on why he hates Billy Ocean's “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”:
Billy Ocean​, yeah? Haven't listened to what he's saying but, I care not, it's Billy Ocean on a trampoline.
Michael Bolton and Billy Ocean, Gettin’ Ready for Groovin’ in the Park on Sunday.
Still a bit gutted am away for Billy Ocean at the Bents park. Imagine jiving to to 'when the going gets tough' sun shining tinny in ya hand
How would the world be different if Rikki Lake had married Billy Ocean and they had a child they named River?
Billy Ocean at Birmingham Town Hall on 31st May 2015: R&B, soul and pop.
Tevin Campbell - Could you learn to love , via with , followed by Billy Ocean - Lover Boy
Billy Ocean at The Forum Kentish Town tonight. Class Act! Forgot how many hits he has!
actually it was a joint venture between Billy Ocean and Sir Max Bygraves, funded my Merchantile credit. 1974
Hozier covered Pink Floyd in college, but he also sang a little backup for Billy Ocean:
big Up Mary Anne any chance of playing Billy Ocean - Live really hurts without you on your Saturday morning show mothers 90th
Super great night with the Billy Ocean crew! @ Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
Billy Ocean has obviously sacked Kathleen Turner & Michael Douglas by the time of this Totp performance. Trouble makers probably
Engalnd will achieve nothing until " When the going gets tough" (Billy Ocean version) becomes our National Anthem.
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