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Billy Mills

William Mervin Mills or Billy Mills, also known as Makata Taka Hela (born June 30, 1938), is the second Native American to win an Olympic gold medal.

Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Jim Thorpe South Dakota Native American Olympic Gold Medalist Field Championships Kansas City United States Marine Bob Anderson

Very simple, do what I with your money, boycott General Mills t…
This morning's tempo run inspired by Billy Mills .
this great find by Billy Mills has some of the themes on children and nature you are exploring.
My life is a gift to me from my Creator. What I do with my life is my gift back to the Creator. -Billy Mills
At halftime of tonight's HS FB game of the week, Gary Hess and Coach Criz chatted with Dinwiddie coach Billy...
He did indeed and former VS managers include…
Billy when I marry this girl please come to the wedding
Muse have covered Popcorn by the way. Don't bother Billy.
My beard is immense. Least I can grow one Billy
Billy Mills been smelling really good today...
I can't believe I experienced this HDA with Billy Mills. He was too innocent for that. We were scarred because of t…
Jalen Mills with his first career interception ends Redskins scoring threat. Cousins let it go blindly in the face of a blitz…
Quite a honor to have our drum crew Owaste asked to offer songs up for the legendary Billy Mills. Check out his gol…
Millennials are killing Billy Mills (racing driver)
Korean Billy has even done doric video! Luv it!!
"Find your dream. It's the pursuit of the dream that heals you.” - Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota h…
I missed this yesterday... University of Kansas legend Billy Mills with a monster kick!
hurdle might know the billy mills cheerakee .. nations .. US to bee
Gregg Popovich on Patty Mills:. "I don't want to talk too much about Patty, because the more I say good the more we're gonna…
Find your passion, develop your talent.BOOM fuse them together and magic happens! -Billy Mills
Probably did, but they did give guys like Aniket Choudhary, Pawan Negi, Billy Stanlake and Tymal Mills a good run.
You absolutely fabulous wonderful back to back winners 🏆🏆🔴🔴 All of you brilliant. Billy deserve…
Billy Mills 5k ✔️. 'Barely beat the first walker'. .
Hah,not before COMEY suicides himself. Huma weinner boy and…
ROSTER MOVE: Scott Richmond to DL (shoulder soreness). Cecil to start tomorrow, Mills to be recalled for Tuesday start in Tam…
he's basically a really tanned Delly.
What's I love about him most is his gritty qualities. get on board mate
special guest host being negotiated - - prob record on Sunday
When's the next pod mate? Ben gonna get wheel chaired with his oxygen mask to do it ?
True, Choc did help us to some big victories over Manly, but apart from that I was underwhelm…
Is there a better Australian sportsman / role model / bloke than Should be Australian of the Year - every year.
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Proud to support Rilee Many Bears, here with his mentor, the legendary Billy Mills.
If any of you wanna come visit me in Reids Mills there is always room in my bed for you
Good stuff! Billy Mills spoke at our commencement in 2015, loved it!
Riel LaPlant, MiT 2018, and Michi Thacker, MiT Faculty with Billy Mills at the Dreamstarter Academy!!. Go Geoduck...
On this day In 1966, May 6th was declared "Billy Mills Day" by the California state legislature.
Happy Friday. It's almost lunch time so have an on 📸
Hey billy mills thanks for the follow!
Great to see ALL motorsport people come together for such a young talent. and…
"Your life is a gift from the Creator. Your gift back to the Creator is what you do with your life.". ~Billy Mills
Billy Clinton give speeches lying. killing Hillarylying.barack. bill is insightful. Jope.he continues.
Look out Billy Mills II :). Andy Linn is back as the head football coach at Lafayette after a short run as the A.D.
I have yogurt & spoonful of apple cider vinegar daily. It's why I am so brilliant.😁 Great photo of Bi…
we need Korean billy to come teach us all how to speak like Bristol Brenda
Absolutely delighted for your lad Mills got right.!
Unless Pop can Jedi mind trick Pau to opting out of 18m... Spurs could get close to max. Probably Lose Dedmon and Mills tho
'The best anthology of new work that I’ve read in years' (Billy Mills). 'The Footing' out now from Longbarrow.
Huntington goes big in shotput again but this time in Lexington! Billy Ross places 1st, Ryan Mills 2nd. That's 18 points!
Hey homage please tell me you have one of those in the warehouse somewhere for me to buy. Bi…
What do I have to to get that 10,000 meter gold medal shirt. I have an autographed picture o…
ik how you feel. Jess wouldn't let me play the new billy mills mixtape:(
Negi should be dropped. Billy Stanlake should be given a chance in place of Mills.
DISTRESS DENIM SPRING/SUMMER SHORTS. Shop on. Use code MILLS for 10% discount.
Gak kongs gak aseekkk!!! (with Yunus, Billy, and sofi at Old Mills Coffee • Tea • Eatery) —
memorial riders traveling through the badlands in subzero temps. Pic by Billy Mills. rt
Jim, did you ever hear Billy Thompson speak? 'Jim Mills, sent off 20 times and still claims he never touched anybody.'
It’s Always about the Mother. Watch Annette Bening & Elle Fanning in ’20th Century Women’ with Billy Crudup & More…
Baltimore steelers fans still wear Forman mills
Sam Mills called, he said you don't get to use Keep Pounding anymore.
I'm debating on going to Owings Mills when I get off.
Billy Mills, Olympic gold medal winner rightly quotes on passion and destiny.
u can still see the disappointment in Billy Rays face after all these years
Raymond Chandler with Billy Wilder on the set of 1944's Double Indemnity. Image courtesy of UCLA .
"God has given me the ability. The rest is up to me. Believe. Believe. Believe.". – Billy Mills.
Billy Mills the Gold Winning Lakota even i know who he is and im in UK
Congratulations Matthew V took 1st place in the HS Boys division of the Billy Mills 10K last weekend in a SPEEDY 42:43. Fantastic job!
[Thursday Thought] from Billy Mills, a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Tribe located in South Dakota.
Oglala Lakota 1964 Olympian gold medalist, Marine, and leader Billy Mills. He is still the only…
Billy Mills and Jim Thorpe custom Chucks we created for Steven Paul Judd! . Get your custom kicks here:...
I thank you, Wakantanka, for what you've given me. - Billy Mills , Oglala Lakota
Remember when Billy bought Brad Mills for a dollar? Might be time to break a five.
"The greatest poverty is not the poverty of resources but the poverty of hope." Billy Mills quoted by Sheldon Spotted Elk
One of my favorites. My daughter Brande, FM Crossroads princess meets Billy Mills 💜
grown up play from KD and Russ w Billy Donovan coaching is huge too
Another big day in Wt room. Bench max today: Billy Ross 335, Gus Workman and Ryan Mills 325, Manny Mercedes 315 and Justin Kelley 285!
Billy Mills: Flawed poll can't justify use of team's racist mascot
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Billy Mills explains why the Washington Post failed so badly. I love you, Billy!
Lakota Olympian, Billy Mills says poll doesn't give right to use an ethnic slur...
Billy Mills: A poll doesn't give a team the right to use an offensive name
Is Billy Stretch a good trade for Callum Mills?
Coach Gray this is Billy Mills, Dinwiddie County. Would like to talk to you about K'Vaughan Pope (2018) LB/Y, like to camp 6/4.
Got to listen & be inspired by Billy Mills, 1964 Olympian from the Oglala Lakota Tribe today.
Had the privilege of speaking with Billy Mills today at the Pow Wow. @ Colorado Convention Center
Billy Mills! Go to YouTube and watch that run if you doubt me.
.visits the Museum of Sex. "This is like a terrible Sex and the City episode."
Yes little man Ron: although Hillary has advised all to testify. Like Mills
up in these Taos mountains, feeling like Billy Mills, tried to get in a good run but my lungs didn't agree w me
Convenient you leave out they DENIED others who wanted to testify. Sad You're a hack
Ultimate is not to win, but to reach within depths of your capabilities & compete against yourself to greatest extent possible. -Billy Mills
Boys Soccer defeated Loch Raven, 2-0 today in the Oakland Mills Tournament. Goals: Henry Estevez, Marcus Johnson. Shutout by Billy Bridegum.
Q: What tribe did american indian runner billy mills belong to
Clinton aide takes the Fifth: Hillary Clinton says her use of a private email server didn't break the law -- b...
is excited to that Billy Mills will be our keynote at the National Conference!
If you don't know about him, you should- Billy Mills is More than an Olympic Legend via
If you like Track or just like underdogs in general here is some inspiration. Billy Mills is one of my track heros!
That bean & cheese at Billy Mills is so 100. Tempted to get another.
My ideal, my role model, the person I look up to... Billy Mills! First American to win the 10,000mm
Billy Mills, Lakota, from Pineridge, South Dakota remains the only American to win a Gold Medal in the 10,000 meter - powerful tribute to a…
Always love listening to the great and inspirational Billy Mills. Oglala Lakota who grew up on the…
Taught about Maria Tallchief, Ben Nighthorse-Campbell, Jim Thorpe, and Billy Mills. Hoping to inspire students to pursue greatness.
Another shot of Billy Mills with his Lifetime Achievement Award.
From Olympic gold to lifetime of humanitarianism, Billy Mills has been a hero to many:
Billy Mills famous '64 Olympic victory to lifetime humanitarian
History 1960 Buddy Edelen wins the 5,000 meters in 14:35.7 over Phil Coleman, Alex Henderson and Billy Mills.
With artist Steven Paul Judd, maker of the Billy Mills shoe.
Billy Mills, an Oglala-Lakota-Sioux American Indian from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South
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I'd put Billy Mills and Becky Hammon up there. “Is Adam Vinatieri the most accomplished SD athlete? Hard to argue it.
Dinwiddie HC Billy Mills on "He's incredible. How someone hasn't jumped on this kid already is crazy."
It was a true honor to meet the legendary, Billy Mills today at the .
Credit to Dinwiddie HC Billy Mills for reaching into his back of trips. Lining up Carrabotta at FB, RB and TE has opened up the offense
Team South coach Billy Mills dials up his second trick play, but RB Logan Allen's pass is intercepted. Team North takes over.
Now on talk to Olympic Gold Medal Billy Mills. Listen here
gold medalist Billy Mills to speak exhibit opening today via
Kudos to Billy Corgan for supporting a no-kill rescue! They also fight puppy mills. I'm following, how about you?
Billy mills exhibit at the heard museum, Phoenix Az. Can you recognize some of the items?
1964 Olympic Gold Medalist to help open exhibit via
Billy Mills brings unity message to Heard Museum. has the story:
Billy Mills brings unity message to Heard Museum
Billy Mills great story...i can relate to this even in todays society.inspirational the movie was great.
Billy Mills brings unity message to Heard Museum -
Judge Billy Mills was honored today for 38 years of service as the judge of County Criminal Court Number Three.
About to watch the Billy Mills Story "Running Brave" never seen it but I'm sure it's inspirational & motivational.
"Jeb's Mother says we've had enough Bushes... I Agree. I will put all of my efforts behind Dr. Ben…" — Billy Mills
"Every passion has its destiny." - Billy Mills Native youth can achieve their destiny by applying for the...
Stop by WalMart Concord Mills and let us sing for you!
*** Servito in the Panther Room and Mills in the main room 1 week. Then Pan-Pot w/ Billy Pats open to close in the Panther Room. Shhesh
“When you bump Young Moose but you realize that you're not out the mud and you live in Owings Mills http:/…
many years ago, a shy Cherokee boy from Big Cove had many dreams. He wanted to get away from the family farm, to be a jet pilot so he learned all he could, even had an interview for the Air Force Academy. But said his eye sight wasn't good enough. So he believed that. Then he was going to be the next Billy Mills and go to the Olympics, well that didn't work out. But he did become good friends with his hero. Had a couple of Movie offers and a dream of becoming an actor inspired! Many heart filled prayers and promises were made. Then oddly enough he was good at doing his tradition dances and learned quickly new dances too. Got an invitation to audition for a university performing group. Thats where he fell in love with the theater. Loved it so much at his grades, well lets say he is now back in school trying to finished what he started way back then. All the while the prayers were being answered, well not in the way that he wanted them but answered better. He did get to go to the Olympics, twice. Ha ...
Great piece by on Billy Mills. Billy Mills Ascent at Rim Rock has more than one meaning!
Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota Sioux, was the 1st American to win gold for the 10,000 meter race in the 1964 Olympics
will you be praying for one of the families in our church today? they are having a funeral today and a friend of mine is a pall bearer. and I really think it would be nice if we lift them up asking God to hold their hearts, encourage them and walk with them as they celebrate a loved one getting to be with Jesus. Dave Spoelma Willene Tanis Deborah Kritzman Jim Dickinson Wendy Armstrong April Shafer Stacey Gates Anderson Brandy Marie Martinez Beverly King Billy Mills Corrie Henry Dan Taulbee Daniel Lee Whittington Lori Fitzpatrick Shifflett Brenda Griffin Larry Goodale Katie Griffith Goodale Ilene Satchell Patty Jamison Kurt Morse Lisa Norton Mindy Patrick Michele Rosa Melissa Morse Tina LeTourneau
Bear Grylls just liked my photo and I think it was actually him
Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota, United Tribes has Olympic Gold Medalist as keynote speaker: via
Darion! Billy mills'ed it back from DL the other day lol
TVG is like Billy Mills (the Olympic Gold Medalist runner). He seems to do better moving up from the back.
Olympian Billy Mills: "The only time I've been referred to as a Redskin has been in derogatory ways."
by the immaculate Cher Lloyd released today but so far …
. I would definitely say it was a racial slur to Billy Mills
Billy Joel was great! He sang Allentown. Sounded awesome with pictures of the mills on huge screens to with it.
Running Brave. It is the story of Native American distance runner Billy Mills.
Surely 1 of or will stand up to R1 bosses + start playing the brillian…
Olympian wonders at American morality as continues to keep racial slur say
My grandma took a picture with Billy Mills and she's barely telling me now 😐
still way short of making up for Johnson. Need bout 9.5 mills deals. Good job billy almost there.
was Cher with Scott Mills on radio 1?
Billy Chan and Mel Zunti cover a window on a car smashed by at Costco near CrossIron Mills.
I wonder if Billy Beane paid for Mills out of his own $$ and kept the profits after he sold him
if billy didn't have such an ego, then Johnson could have been dumped and Mills kept.
Such an honor, I met Billy Mills and Winona LaDuke earlier this week at the lacrosse games.
Native American Olympian wonders at American morality by keeping nickname/mascot. He is h…
Get involved in events celebrating and commemorating Billy 50th Olympic Gold Anniversary!
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Correction: Photo Marilyn and Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist and Keynote Speaker at the 2014 Pathways conference.
Check out our events page for the latest news about events in honor of Billy Mills' 50th Gold Medal Anniversary:
"The God of Thor", written by Gozeay Mills and Billy Bonds, published by Bonds Music, administrated by EMI-April Music, Inc. (BMI)
“Fire safety in the workplace WHOOPASS
Billy Mills talks to the Boys during the Weather Delay
Apparently someone from Pine Ridge Reservation (South Dakota native Billy Mills) cares about the Redskins nickname.
Happy Birthday to Billy Mills today. He was born on June 30, 1938 in Pine Ridge, SD.
Billy Mills is coming to Indianapolis! At 1 p.m., Saturday, November 8, 2014, the Eiteljorg Museum will present Running Bravely Through Life - a screening of the film, Running Brave in collaboration with Spirit & Place. This film chronicles Mills’ early life and journey to the Olympic Games. Following the film, Billy and Pat Mills will host an inspirational Q&A session about discovering your passion and fulfilling your dreams. Mills will also sign his book, Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding, following the program.
Running legend Billy Mills in Bemidji this week. Only person from western hemisphere to win Olympic gold in the 10k
US Outdoor Track & Field Championships to host the Billy Mills 10K on the evening of June 26 & entry includes a...
Billy Mills' career both as Olympic champion & motivational speaker show anything is possible for people who are willin…
on Saturday march 29th we will be at the Billy Mills center in Pine Ridge. We will be doing crafts, playing games, and serving dinner it will be an all day event. Please pray for this event, it is an outreach to this community where in the weeks fallowing we are trying to rent the community building to start holding services and youth outreach.
U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Cards. I have 15 of them. The cards that I have are the 1964 U.S. Olympic men's basketball team, Refer Johnson, Bob Richards, Jesse Owens, Peggy Fleming, Glen Davis, Peter Vidmar, 1964 Olympic mens basketball coach Henry Iba, 1980 U.S. ice hockey team, Henry Iba, Greg Louganis, Shirley Babashoff, Billy Mills, another 1980 ice hockey team, Lee Evans. I would like to get $30 for all or best offer.
My hero is Billy Mills, the only American to win an Olympic 10,000 meter gold medal. The greatest upset in Olympic history.
Dr. James Andrews, Billy Mills, Cameron Lyle and Jason Church among those being honored at this week's
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I read what Terry Fox went through on his journey, and thought about what Billy Mills went through. As for myself, it is apparent that no one will understand what we went through doing what we have done with our Passion. But we did it, we did it! And at the time we did it, there is no word that will ever describe what it felt like for us at the time. Ultra Marathoner
When it was learned that Tokyo was in the running to host the summer Olympics for 2020, Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills let it be known he was a
This is beautiful.! Billy Mills was Lakota,Oglala, that won a Gold Medal in a distance run, the U S never one before.! C/my/Pro
Native Athletes in the Olympics: Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota), second Native American in history to win an Olympic gold medal 10 meter run at the 1964 Games
I'm at IOTA Club and Cafe for Billy Woodward, Dan Mills and Adam Day (Arlington, VA)
Marcus asked me who Billy Mills is.
Join us on Wed Nov 20 for a presentation by Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills to benefit the Boys & Girls Club!
As much as i love Ryan Mills i want Billy to cone on !
Interviews include Loren Johnson of HS, Kevin Tucker of Mike Hnederson of Billy Mills of
Clyde Bellecourt, Billy Mills, Gov. Mark Dayton, Jesse Ventura, DC council, and Shoni Schimmel say no to "Redskins."
""Washington Redskins is among the most vulgar for us. You just look in the history books. In Minnesota and some...
Report from the New Mills game is now on the website - plus videos from Bernard, and
Please read, consider and demand they CHANGE THE NAME! We are NOT mascots!! LS
Gonna pull a Billy Mills today. They're gonna be saying, "LOOK AT SULLIVAN, LOOK AT SULLIVAN!"
At FBC Auburn today. Gobs came forward in invitation and more when pastor reissued invitation One professed faith from Billy Graham My Hope.
But no, me and Hilary gotta go to valley mills
An interview with Oglala Lakota Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills about the Washington Redskins team name
Just saw Billy Harris at Opry Mills lol. I love him though.
Running Strong for American Indian Youth's National Spokesperson, Billy Mills, is in Minneapolis, MN today to...
that's why I have donated thousands to Running Strong for American Indian Youth, Billy Mills charity. You should check it out.
I'm irrationally proud of my MA thesis. I had a ridiculous amount of fun writing it, including a day interviewing childhood hero Billy Mills
Full text of my MA thesis "Indianness and Expectation: Jim Thorpe and Billy Mills as Iconic Native American Athletes" is now in Proquest.
Re-watching Billy Mills win the 1964 Olympic 10k race always gives me chills
The most cowardly way of quitting is hitting. Billy Mills
Watch and read billy mills quotes! He gives me hope and motivation to do my best!!!
Coming off the last turn, my thoughts changed from 'One more try, one more try' to 'I can win! I can win! - Billy Mills
I was at Pine Ridge last week, working on a Billy Mills project. I feel your pain.
Billy Mills was so unknown until 1964
Met Billy Mills tonight! What an amazing speaker and an inspiring person :)
Billy Mills is at my school tomorrow!
Runners, time to get inspired... 1964 10K Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills will be at MSU's Shroyer Gym tonight...
Billy Mills is coming here today folks!
I was joe american horse today vs billy mills at mile 4
On the heels of death, Olympic Champion Billy Mills gains lessons for life
Billy Mills will be in Bozeman tomorrow...badass.
I asked for health, that I might lead a long life; I was given infirmity, that I might appreciate each minute.>> Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota
I received nothing I asked for, yet all my wishes came true. Despite myself & Iktumi, my dreams were fulfilled. Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota
Billy Mills isn't the same as Billy Mays...
Who met Billy Mills and Bob Anderson today? Feel free to share your pics.
I'm doing a Double Road Race on Sunday with Bob Anderson and Billy Mills. Haven't done anything like this before, so I'm excited!
New Tag Line Aa gaya asad zoya ke beech daraar! kya bikhar jaayegi inka pyaar? Trans : Rift has come in between asad and zoya, will their love be shattered? What do you think guys? :D
About to say dave wottle for the best race. Although Billy Mills was more unlikely
Ayo ima let you finish but billy mills had one of the greatest races of all time
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Billy Mills and Superman once fought each other. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside
Don't phone me to complain. San Gwann Local Council decided to award the distribution of the HUGGIEGA magazine to a new distributor for 50 euro less. End result is the magazine thrown blindfoldly in the apartments. Bad service. I wonder why.
Have been seeing the video of Sant Teja Singh from Rara Sahib being shared by many friends from this morning.Loki ohnu Matha tek rahe ne.. Par saade log kinna ku samjhe ne es gal nu ... Thadriyaan wala does the same thing and we are having his samagams all over Australia.u can see his posters in our local newspapers.why don't we speak out this should be stopped.are these sants bigger than Guru Granth Sahib Ji...
Then we can bring up Rupp getting the USA their first 10k medal since Billy Mills
Billy Mills comes to Kansas City for the first annual Double Road Race of Overland Park, KS as a part of his...
What is your favourite one liner dialogue from your favourite serial? (Mention the one liner along with serial's name).
We are inspired by this beautiful passage by Olympic Gold Medalist and Pine Ridge native Billy Mills as we...
So, as long as I'm in Fantasy World, having completed my first screenplay, let's say lo-and-behold, it gets made into a Major Motion Picture! I Absolutely Demand an actor who can be credible for all the running sequences in my script. I love Dustin Hoffman...but he was an embarrassment as supposedly a "good runner" in "The Graduate" and in "Marathon Man." The list goes on and on of actors who tried to portray runners but couldn't: Ellen Barkin in "The Big Easy" (if you saw an animal behaving like that, you shoot it to put it out of its misery), Tom Courtenay in "Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" (idiotic arm flapping...mostly looked like a person having a seizure), etc. It can be done: filmmakers responsible for the Prefontaine biographies had Billy Crudup and Jared Leto and both did very well with running sequences; Robby Benson has never been a truly charismatic actor but he did very well as Billy Mills in his running sequences. I'm afraid on this score I'd be more upset with the performer playin ...
Start your weekend on Friday June 28th by joining KCTC to meet Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist (It's Billy's...
Joining my peer for a two day retreat to celebrate our 36th Ordination Anniversary: 1977 -19th jUNE - 3013.
Billy Mills will be in KC on June 28-30. Info at . Check it out.
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, sahhiet Sur Bondi :)
Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando addressing the media after the Broadcasting Authority debate in 2008, in which he was allowed in as a journalist. The event had sparked a furore. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi
My Dad had a saying painted on the wall at Central High School. The saying read "Once an Indian, always an Indian." That same saying is in a display in the fieldhouse at Kansas next to Jim Ryun and Billy Mills letter jackets. "Once a jayhawk, always a jayhawk." They were my Dads idols when he was in high school. Jim Ryun was the first American to run under a 4 minute mile and Billy Mills was the first Sioux Indian to win a gold medal. When my Dad was the Head Track coach at the University of South Dakota in 1980 he was only 29 years old. He asked the Kansas Track Coach Bob Timmons to come to a clinic in South Dakota. Timmons was Jim Ryun's coach even in high school at Wichita East. Timmons won several national championships at Kansas. Most of them in the later 60's when my Dad was in high school. When my Dad asked him to cinema to South Dakota for a coaching clinic Timmons was a *** about it. He wanted $2,500. He wanted a particular hotel. He treated my Dad like a shine shine boy. They had never met. Aft ...
The Person with Last comment Will become admin :) =P Start Now :D
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat acknowledged this morning that his appointment of Lou Bondi' to a government committee had raised the blood pressure of many genuine Labourites.
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"My reply to genuine Labourites, is that I understand your anger [about Lou Bondi's appointment] but what we are doing will change the country. At the end of these five years this country will be changed, with structures where we can work together even when we disagree, where injustices will be consigned to history and the country will revert to normality. But that takes courageous decisions." - Dr Joseph Muscat. Dr Muscat, a true leader.
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The perception of immigration as a crisis is rooted in wild misconceptions regarding the actual scale of the problem facing Malta, a MaltaToday survey shows. The survey reveals that 84% think Malta faces a “national crisis” because of immigration. But 50.4% believe that fewer than 500 migrants have…
The Government is in the process of considering changes in the Education Act including the possibility of introducing the concept of home schooling, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said this evening.
PBS set to promote use of MalteseAn agreement has been reached between the Public Broadcasting services to promote the application of high standards in the use of the Maltese language. PBS Chairman Dott Tonio Portughese and the Chairman of the Kunsill tal-Ilsien Malti, Prof Manwel Mifsud signed the…
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Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded.
Getting ready to head to Deer Creek State Park with the Envirothon team for the state competition tomorrow and Tuesday! The team has to work together and are tested on forestry, soils, wildlife, aquatics, and this year's issue on managing grasslands in addition to putting together a team presentation. Good luck to: Billy Mills, Austin Douglas, Brandon Smith, Brett Roby, and Breanna Vanderpool!
this is billy life story Go to forman mills get a outfit and shoes then 8months repeat
Best team mates ever! Austin douglas, billy mills and brandon smith! Thank you guys could have made it to nationals w/o my team cant wait
NCAA Honors Billy Mills - On Thursday, April 18, the NCAA dedicated a room at its national office in Indianapolis ...
Congrats to Kansas track legend Billy Mills, who was honored by the NCAA yesterday -
I could watch the 10k BIlly Mills race 600 more time and I guarantee you I will get chills every time I watch it
Billy Mills Kansas track star as he wins the gold medal in the 10,000 meter
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
(3/3) Patricia Mills painted this specifically for NCAA dedication of room to Billy Mills ("Spirit/Passion")
(2/3) Patricia Mills (Billy's wife) painting now on display in office ("Wings of an Eagle")
"Look deeper, where the dreams lie; there you'll find character, dignity, hope. " Billy Mills at
Billy Mills, 1964 gold medalist, speaks at Awesome! "Daily decisions, not talents, make the difference in our lives. "
Very fortunate to hear Billy Mills speak today. What an incredible person, athlete, and speaker.
We had Billy Mills share his story with our XC runners prior to our conference championship in 2009. Incredible presentation.
"It's the decisions we make in our daily lives that choreograph our destiny." - Billy Mills to staff. Blessed to hear him speak...
Billy Mills won the gold medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics for the USA in the 10,000 meters race. The only American to ever do so!
Billy Mills, gold medalist of the 10,000 meter at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics ncaa... @ NCAA National…
Legendary runner Billy Mills presenting at the office today. What an amazing runner who ran the marathon & won the 10K in the 1964 Olympics
Listening to the great Billy Mills speak to the staff at the NCAA today in Indy! What an amazing man!
Sad news about southbank really. Bin a Mecca for skating and flatland forever
One of my boyhood heroes, the GREAT Billy Mills. Dream. Work. Do. "LOOK AT MILLS!"
Balling it at billy mills I guess ball is life !
hi is still doing plan b? If so 1 of the lads has dropped out of holiday so £600 all inclusive 9 of us off in July
The ndn teacher in creative writing is showing a movie about Billy Mills to her almost all ndn class.
btw the lyrics from a Billy Bragg song are not evidence
Racers sign sponsorship deal with Nike: How many times, I wondered, has Billy Mills watched that grainy, black...
Every passion has its destiny. Billy Mills
Galen Rupp (wins SILVER in men's 10,000m! Rupp is only third American ever to medal in the event - first since Billy Mills in '64!
Great Job Billy Mills,and to all Tro wrastlers who made it to states.
Doe eyed beauty Kratika Sengar, who rose to fame with her splendid performance in Jhansi Ki Rani and is currently is seen as Aarti in Zee TV’s Punar Vivah, wants to work with Karan Singh Grover, the handsome hunk of the television industry. Undoubtedly, Karan has a lot of fan following and here he has one more admirer in the form of Kratika, who is in awe of the actor. In a candid chat with, Kratika shared, “I think Karan is one of the finest actors on television currently and I would love to work with him in the future. I have met him on the sets and think he is very humble and down-to-earth as a person.” Talking about a particular scene, she said, “He is doing fantastic in the show (Qubool Hai). I still remember that there was a maha episode special happening for Zee TV and in one of the scenes Asad (Karan Singh Grover) was searching for Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti). I liked the way he presented himself for the scene. There were tears in his eyes literally and he was so natural.” Krati ...
u need 2 develop a plan to clone Billy "the boss" bartender from potomac mills va that or give him a raise
GonziPN - The First 100 Days after the 9th March 2013 Election
At 170, Tuscarora's Billy Mills and Oxon Hill's Darrian Hollings both lose in the semis.
Today we enter the final day of competition at the 2013 NAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Through 2 days of events we have set 8 school records and have our first All-American in Katie Thurbon (Pole Vault). Competing for the Wildcats today we have Kayla Hannam, Jeremy Gathright, and Avery Parker in the Triple Jump, 2012 All-American Stephanie Nelson in the Shot Put, Danielle French in the High Jump, Ty Sloan in the 60m Hurdle FINAL, Khadijah Lane in the 400m Dash FINAL, and Lauren Jaqua in the 3,000m Run FINAL. "I was constantly told and challenged to live my life as a warrior. As a warrior, you assume responsibility for yourself. The warrior humbles himself. And the warrior learns the power of giving." -Billy Mills, 1964 Olympic 10k Champion TIME TO WIN SOME MORE HARDWARE BUTF!
Fantabulous Day to day at Marae Waka Ama with Raukotahi Whanganui!! Just for being apart of it all we got a hundred dollars and participation tohu... woop woop Raetihi Pah REPREZENT!!! Some mad whanaungatanga happenin... beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful buzz and the most amazing energy!! Thanks to the organisers and sponsors of the Raukotahi summit, you ROCK!!! congrats to all the winners of the waka ama comp (no not us:) Also to Damon Taura for wining a $50 gift card, Billy Mills for the gym membership, Jakar Elers for the lifejacket and me Nova for the iPad2! Woohoo!! But then again we're all WINNERS, TRYERS and we whanau are ALL AWESOME!! mwah Much love whanau
I have always believed God loved me, but my lack of change bred doubts in my heart. Now I believe that being receptive to the love of God is my only source of change.
(Seen bunch of aim people at billy mills) Terrell: Man tht better not burn down white clay! US: why? Terrell:that's where we get our worms!
at 530pm Mountain Time today (1 hour to go) They will be leaving from Billy Mills hall (Pine Ridge, SD) Lets March
Hamilton Collection
Just talked to Billy Mills on the phone. Highlight of my
"If you're not winning, then what are you doing?" -Billy Mills
I got robbed in London by 3 black guys they took my phone :-(
He also said that it was time to stop objecting to Maltese living abroad voting at embassies and said that ministers’ salaries would not be increased during the next legislature. “I got the people’s message,” he said. (PM Gonzi) - I choose to vote AD because I heard this 5 years ago and I have no guarantee that I won't have to hear it again in 5 years time.
"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"- Billy Mills 10,000 Olympic Champion
On who billy don't look like a mills berry character
Why must you try to be such a billy joe bad *** all the time? You aren't and will never be the only one to have it rough
Only 2 hours til we screen BILLY THE KID Fancy grabbing yourself a last minute ticket and joining us?
Jayson doesn't know who billy mills is -_-
yes you do!!' But check out 'running brave' my favorite runner Billy Mills only American to win Olympic 10k
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