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Billy McMahon

Tony Abbott Prime Minister

Grand Champion was Billy’s idea so they could be. But people comparing
The Billy Graham to Weider Brothers to Arnold to George Bush conspiracy theory McMahon advocated in 1992 has no disposable income.
Was thinking about that the other day as well. Imagine Billy Sims or Tony Dorsett or Earl Campbel…
This is me waiting for Vince McMahon to get popped back in the attitude…
Wrestling because of scantly clad females, thanks Vince McMahon!
the one that Billy McMahon inadvertently used trying to appear cool in his last failed election campaign
Billy McMahon was our local member (seat of Lowe) but never knew how 2 get to inner west without a chauffeur!
Fantastic experience at today with Alums Billy Ricci ‘14 & Christine Rossi ‘10 as well as…
Fred they are the worst ever it's official they beat Billy MCMahon,s circus there calling this o…
"It was abundantly clear that the sort of abuse directed at Gillard would never have been targeted at a…
79 - sniping run by Billy Cantin and Andy McMahon dives over. Billy converts 24-7
The Defence Dept wanted a nuclear reactor, to seed an Australian nuclear weapons…
It would be really hard to go past Abbott as the worst, Billy McMahon the 2nd, JWH the 3rd. Turdbal…
Billy McMahon is looking like an organised, savvy PM these days. Trumble defines hapless political inep…
January 4, 1982: Former Prime Minister Billy McMahon retired from Parliament. He served as Liberal leader and PM from…
Sir Robert and Dame Pattie Menzies sat in a pew in front of Gough and Margaret Whitlam. Treasurer Billy McMahon sat…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Speaking of former Prime Minister, I met Billy McMahon once at a private party and we had a lengthy conversion. He…
Andrew Bolt endorses Kevin Rudd’s assessment that Turnbull is the most ineffective conservative Prime Minister since Billy McMahon.
Oh don't know about that we've had Billy big ears McMahon
Close, but that accolade is still held by Billy McMahon by a long neck.
Billy Mac = Billionaire McMahon. It's an adaptation of Vince's walk. That's what he calls it.
Well yeah, that's where Billy Mac comes from. Billionaire McMahon = Billy Mac.
Marc Gasol hits the Conor McGregor/Vince McMahon Billy strut after the clutch corner three!
. Left to right it is Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, David Carradine and MJ.
Who's billy!!???he's copying Vince Mcmahon's power walk from wwe!
Even Billy McMahon was better, and Google him to see what a waste of space he was.
Harold Holt and Billy McMahon spring to mind
. PM Pogo has traded principles and substance for survival and a failed shot at a legacy. Billy McMahon deja vu.
Did you notice that Howard looks spookily like Billy ALL LNP ministers end up like that?..a form of bad karma punishment.
You mean charisma like Tony Abbott, Billy McMahon, John Howard? Maybe a bit early but he's a player.
Ah yes, but he is in good company remember Tim Fisher, Joh, Billy McMahon and marbles in the mouth, John Anderson
is making Billy McMahon look competent mate.
They are the most clueless hacks I have ever seen, make Billy McMahon look smart and organised.
Ruddock retiring, good for Julian Leeser, but does that mean we will never see the Billy McMahon biography?
You could say the same about McMahon & Hanson. Billy Clarke too before his injury.
unloads on former PM Billy McMahon to ."A thief,devious and a disgrace."
Maybe Abbott wants to break Billy McMahon record
It was actually Billy McMahon who started the process of withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.
He cant. No way Routis can play after last week so has to Billy and McMahon in the middle.
Mitchell on who Oakes may be talking about Mitchell names Billy McMahon as liar thief - apparently Oakes told him
it's Billy McMahon: typical Liberal. He just doesn't mask his lies like his contemporaries
Billy McMahon as PM was an certainly an aberration 😩! And he had THE worst voice. Awful.
except Abbott is as competent as Billy McMahon
Seriously, you twits are seriously talking about that ding-a-ling Abbott coming back? He made Billy McMahon look like a svengali
1994, Dannii Minogue married Julian McMahon, (the son of Billy McMahon, Australia's Prime Minister during the 1970s)
For some reason dad reminds me of Billy McMahon. So yes what I am saying is that Julian McMahon should be our new PM
Tony Abbott will be appreciated in the same way as Billy McMahon...which is to say not at all.
Billy McMahon perhaps not the best ghost to summon, Tone.
At 60, is 3rd oldest to become PM behind Billy McMahon (63) & John McEwen (67)
Sacked by his own Right dominated party. Abbott will go down as worst PM since Billy McMahon. Huge relief it is finally ov…
GOLD: "But the dig brought the witty retort from Labor's Ed Husic, who said: "No you're channelling Billy McMahon.".
Labor peddling racist lies PM - and Billy McMahon gets mentioned again: via
I mean, Tony, you'll always have Billy McMahon
Devastating critique | "His record of achievement is inferior to Billy McMahon's" | Time for Tony Abbott to go -
One thing Tony Abbott has achieved, he is now far worse the Billy McMahon ever thought of being.
"Tony Abbott's our worst Prime Minister since Billy McMahon" - Libs headed for the electoral cliff.
Tony Abbott is the poor man's Billy McMahon.
still think the 61 days Tony Abbott has to pass Billy McMahon as 20th longest serving PM real test of his leadership
John Hewson and Billy McMahon the two worst ever Liberal Leader communicators
Abbott like to think of himself as a leader in the same vein as Howard, but he's really more like Billy McMahon:
Abbott is an erratic PM since Billy McMahon, no direction Chops & changes like a drunken sailor while people are hurting
Electronic Device Insurance
(Fun fact / I think I see a pattern) the last Liberal PM who didn't call a Royal Commission about Unions was Billy McMahon, i…
How stupid is Maurice Newman? It's now official that Tony Abbott's chief advisor is officially an *** of historic proportions. He now ranks as the most stupid Prime Ministerial advisor since records began - and that includes Billy McMahon's closest advisor (who was actually Lady McMahon's dress maker - but he didn't realise until it was too late.)
'Internship' Filled With Gut-Busting Laughs     In 2005, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made audiences laugh out loud in the comedy smash "Wedding Crashers." Now, the two comedians have finally reunited to make audiences laugh again in the new comedy "The Internship." In the 20th Century Fox release of "The Internship," Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell are two watch salesman who are on top of their game - or so they think. But, when their boss tells them that the company is going under due to everyone using everything digital, Billy and Nick are stuck without jobs.  After a few days, Billy gets a last minute idea and persuades Nick to sign up for an internship at Google. And, hopefully, the internship can lead them to a high-paying job. Now, they have to compete with the nation's most elite, tech-savvy geniuses (who are half their age)to prove they have what it takes. "The Internship" is a hysterical comedy that will leave the audiences roaring with laughter until the very end. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilso ...
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