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William Martin Billy Joel (born May 9, 1949) is an American pianist, performer, singer-songwriter, and composer. Troyal Garth Brooks (born February 7, 1962), best known as Garth Brooks, is an American country music artist who helped make country music a worldwide phenomenon. 5.0/5

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Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, and Adele have sung this... Such fantastic deep words.
My top 5 solo music entertainers: Michael Jackson, Elton John, Prince, Billy Joel and Garth Brooks (from 1980-present).. no comments Lou
To Make You Feel My Love - written by Bob Dylan SUBSCRIBE NOW on YouTube: the "Best Of... English song covers" playlist by David: first heard this song when it was recorded by Billy Joel on his 3rd Greatest Hits album. It's since been recorded by just about everyone; Garth Brooks, Adele, Kelly Clarkson ...etc. ...I've never heard this song recorded a duet though so I threw together a harmony part and sung it with my friend Mathieu Bellemare. David DiMuzio: (personal page ...follow) (fan page) (free downloads) My shirt is designed by my brother Mark DiMuzio's new graphic t-shirt line. They're awesome! Check them out here:
Hey what could I say that's funny about Steve Martin & Bill Maher kind of looking alike? Garth Brooks & Billy Joel too. Picture fav'ing that
KISSONLINE   After being invited, we chose and sang Venus and Mars/Rockshow for the McCartney tribute album. Other performers include Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, BB King and Paul Rodgers. The backing tr
Stevie Wonder gave an emotional speech that silenced the crowd, Garth Brooks was misty eyed and Billy Joel was classic when he performed “New York State of Mind.” 827533
Sting honored Billy Joel, recipient Garth Brooks debuted a brand new song, and Joan Baez, Steven Sondheim and...
The only thing that would be better then this.a duet with Garth Brooks and Billy Joel!
Shameless: Originally by Billy Joel. This is a cover song by the same title "Shameless" sung by Garth Brooks. I do not own or claim to own this song or the r...
I have often been asked for my favorite concerts of all time. There have been too many to even begin to list, but I will list my favorite concert moments. In no particular order, they are: The Grateful Dead's soundcheck at the Spectrum (March 17, 1995). While thousands were walking the parking lots, only a few of us were treated to a more than 45-minute run through of "Unbroken Chain," which had NEVER been performed live. It was a special moment. Dave Matthews Band's rendition of "All Along the Watchtower" at the Wells Fargo Center when Tim Reynolds broke into Led Zeppelin Official's "Stairway To Heaven" guitar solo (December 1, 1998). Garth Brooks's fifth show of his six-show run in September of 1998 when he came back out with just his guitar and apologized for playing late and if people needed to go home to relieve the babysitter it was okay with him. He did Cat Steven's "Wild World," Don Mclean's "American Pie" and Billy Joel's "Piano Man." Show ended at midnight. The New York Rock and Soul Revue at th ...
There was a time when I enjoyed any music on any dial. Now we're left with one sound trying to sound like another, and some disappearing all together. I actually used to like "country music" too! Now the best thing I've accidentally heard is Darius Rucker! Long gone are the days when you could have "generic" music like we had back in the day like Pearl jam, Guns n' Roses, James Taylor, Aerosmith, Tony Bennett(yes he had a comeback) Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Metallica, Nirvana, U2, nine inch nails, lemon heads, Sade, simply red, Elton John, R.E.M., Garth Brooks, Allen Jackson, Dee-Lite, Outkast, Soul Asylum, Tag-team, Coolio, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Randy Travis, George Straight, The Judd's, Aaron Neville, Beastie Boys, Beck, The Flaming Lips, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Bruce Hornsby, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Roy Orbison, Depeche Mode, INXS, Morphine, Rage Against the Machine, George Michael, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince, Soundgarden,.if you can't tell by now I'm jumping around a good bit fro ...
Steve Lawrence, 78, has a new album, “When You Come Back to Me Again,” which is dedicated to his late wife and singing partner, Eydie Gorme. It includes songs by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and Neil Sedaka. Lawrence topped … Continue reading →
2014 wish list: Welcoming the returns of Billy Joel, Garth Brooks and U2
2014 has AJC Music Scene excited about the return of Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, and U2. What music, concerts, and the-like are you anticipating this year? Read more here:
Check out AJC Music Scene's 2014 music wishlist, including the possible return of Garth Brooks, U2 and Billy Joel. What's on your wish list?
It's no secret Garth Brooks is a fan of Billy Joel. So when Joel was honored during the recent Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony, it made perfect sense for Brooks to perform.
Don Henley and Garth Brooks performed Billy Joel songs at the Kennedy Center Honors for the singer-songwriter on December 8, 2013.
Who saw the Kennedy Center Honors? What a fantastic show. THREE of the honorees are artists that I have worked with. It was so good to see them getting this award: Carlos Santana (Hard Rock Live), Herbie Hancock (Gershwin's World, Possibilities), and Billy Joel (River of Dreams, 2000 Years Live NY Eve Album) My favorite moment was Garth Brooks singing "Goodnight Saigon" with all of the Vietnam Vets on stage (wow!). Another was Snoop Dogg making people dance in their seats - great performance. Another highlight was Rufus Wainwright. Besides the honorees, I have been fortunate to work with others that were on the show: Chick Corea, Terence Blanchard, Vinnie Colaiuta, Snoop Dogg, Tony Bennett, and Garth Brooks. Congratulations to all of the honorees!
remember 'Shameless' was penned by Billy Joel!
MMM: Hopefully you caught The Kennedy Center Honors concert yesterday on CBS. The event, which took place earlier in the month, was broadcast on tape-delay (as is the usual method), with Billy Joel, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Shirley McLaine and Martina Arroyo getting the recognition. The show featured Harry Belafonte starting the Santana section, which included Steve Winwood, Sheila E. and more. Joel's segment closed the show with Vietnam Veterans joining Garth Brooks during "Goodnight Saigon." Joel told "I was surprised. I honestly, really thought there were a lot of people who were deserving before I was going to get this. . . jazz musicians, classical musicians, just other people. I've had so much fun, it's like I'm getting an award for doing something I love. Which is an award in itself. . . It's a really good lineup...He went on to say: "I'm still kind of 'Wow!' because I admire all those people. I'm happy I don't have to speak at this; I'd just be, 'Homina-homina-homina,' like Jac ...
Garth Brooks honoring Billy Joel at the Kennedy Center is like Pace picante sauce honoring Frito casserole at Tavern on …
Just watched the Kennedy Center honoring Shirley Mclaine and Billy Joel. It was ok until they came to honor Billy Joel in which it became an EXCELLENT tribute. Loved when the veterans came out and helped Garth Brooks with "Goodnight Saigon". I had to find my box of Kleenex!
Don Henley and Garth Brooks sang Billy Joel tunes on last night's telecast of the Kennedy Center Honors, they were terrific.
Wow! Garth Brooks paid tribute to Billy Joel at The Kennedy Center Honors last night. You've got to see this amazing video:
Hey, one more post about last night's Kennedy Honors. During the segment honoring Billy Joel, Garth Brooks came out and did kind of a medley of Allentown and Goodnight, Saigon. Toward the end of Goodnight Saigon, a group of about 35-50 Vietnam War vets came out and sang the part of the song, "And we would all go down together, We said we'd all go down together." Very, very moving...
I have mentioned I'm a geek when it comes to books, history, movies and music, right, you all know me. So the music geek and movie geek were excited to watch the Kennedy Centers Honors tonight, I mean out of the five honorees I knew who four were and I liked their contribution to their respective arts (Herbie Hancock, Santana,Shirley McLaine & Billy Joel).did I mention I'm eclectic in my tastes? but I have to say the moment of the night for me was during the Billy Joel tribute, second to last performer for him, Garth Brooks, ok he's not who I'd expect but I can live with it.he starts with an excerpt of Allentown.I looked at dad and said two songs will never make it in this tribute because one basically says hey we need to learn from our mistakes so we don't keep having to fix other words "We didn't start the fire" the other "Goodnight, Siagon" in the current political climate with Vietnam Veterans benefits on the chopping block to remind Washington that these men and women did fight and some liv ...
Garth Brooks, Don Henley, Brendon Urie, and Rufus Wainwright each paid tribute to Billy Joel at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors. Check out their performances.
Amazing performance by Don Henley and Garth Brooks for Billy Joel. .a real tear jerker. He is probably my favorite of all times.
Don Henley singing Billy Joel's "She's Got A Way" and Garth Brooks signing "Allentown" and "Goodnight, Saigon" with the stage filled with Vietnam Vets at the Kennedy Center Honors Tribute to Billy Joel. AWESOME!!!
Watched the Kennedy Center Honors tonight, and as always, was moved. Don Henley singing "She's Got a Way About Her", then Garth Brooks and a chorus of vets honoring Billy Joel. Sutton Foster et al singing and dancing to honor Shirley Maclaine. Amazing musicians playing the breadth and depth of Herbie Hancock's music, including Snoop Dog (and a beautiful intro by Bill O'Reilly!). Wow. If you missed it, find it and watch it. Good stuff.
Just cried my eyes out watching the Kennedy Center Honors. They honored many people but at the end it was the one and only Billy Joel. Absolutely inspired version of Goodnight Saigon by Garth Brooks, with Vietnam vets and everything. Rufus Wainwright did New York State of Mind and Piano Man. What a tribute, I cried for half an hour. Thank God for Billy Joel.
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Garth Brooks and Don Henley honor Billy Joel. When my time comes may I please have Gary Lenox?
Watching Kennedy Center Honors, and Garth Brooks just did a wonderful tribute to Billy Joel singing Goodnight Saigon. So good! Did anyone else catch Snoop Dog in the audience gettin down to "Piano Man"?
Tears might have been streaming down my face as Garth Brooks and US veterans sang "Goodnight Saigon" to honor Billy Joel at this years Kennedy Center Awards. An outstanding musician and artist, cheers to the one and only Piano Man.
...i just watched Garth Brooks sing a tribute of Goodnight Saigon...for Billy Joel and it was amazing.i must say that i am super proud of my son AUSTIN BROWN and all the men that go fight for my country.THANKS BOYS !
Tonight's Kennedy Center Honors was uniformally excellent but for the me the highlight was Garth Brooks singing Billy Joel's "Goodnight Saigon" with a large contingent of veterans joining him on the "we said we'ld all go down together" chorus.
I am blown away by “Goodnight Saigon” performed by Garth Brooks in the honor of Billy Joel. What a great touch by having the Military Vets to come out and sing along
Garth Brooks and Billy Joel (2 of my absolute faves from childhood on), not to mention Sutton Foster and tributes to/and the music of Herbie Hancock, Santana, Martina Arroyo... great Kennedy Center Honors program.
Don Henley, Garth Brooks and Rufus Wainwright performing for Billy Joel at the Kennedy Center Honors. Awesome!
Garth Brooks and Don Henley singing Billy Joel songs on the Kennedy Center Awards. Cool!
Classy. Very classy. Kennedy Center Honors for Billy Joel and Garth Brooks play "Goodnight Saigon" and veterans join to sign the chorus as he usually does. Including a standing ovation from the black tied crowd for the veterans. Awesome!
The tribute to Billy Joel and what they did with Garth Brooks and the Vets singing "Goodnight Saigon" was AMAZINGLY POWERFUL. I think I saw John Kerry shed a tear. I know I did.
Rufus Wainwright and Don Henley singing tribute to Billy The military folks behind Garth, that was the highlight.
Kennedy Center Honors are great tonight ... Billy Joel is honored and Shirley McLaine !!! Garth Brooks just sang one of his songs and they are singing Piano Man now !!! Good music !
Kennedy Center Honors. Garth Brooks and stage full of veterans just killed it. Tribute to Billy Joel!
Watching the Vietnam Vets singing Goodnight Saigon with Garth Brooks for Billy Joel brought tears to my eyes.
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On tonights Kennedy Center Honors During the tribute to Billy Joel, towards the show's end – Garth Brooks sings “Goodnight Saigon” A great friend of mine and an amazing American hero was part of a large group of Vietnam Vets joining him on stage. The gala was taped Dec. 8 and I am proud of you Jim "milkshake man" mayer. As I've said before Jim Mayer your a national treasure
The Kennedy Center Honors...Awesome! Martina Arroyo, Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, Shirley Maclaine and Carlos Santana...priceless! And just for good measure add in Kathy Bates, Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks (❤️), Chick Corea, Sutton Foster, Buddy Guy, and what Snoop Dog!...󾮗...and the list goes on...such talent!
Last night was awesome. ZBB not only did lots of their own awesome music but they played some covers like Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band, patience by GnR, Piano Man by Billy Joel, Devil went down to Georgia, Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks, Enter Sandman by Metalica and one by Led Zepplin. Best concert ever! I'm so glad mom and Keith invited me and Brent to go with them
Garth Brooks and Billy Joel are in a race to look exactly like each other.
On CBS This Morning, Bob Schieffer, talking about the Kennedy Center Honors, last night, said he liked hearing Garth Brooks sing Garth Brooks songs, instead of Billy Joel songs. What Bob may not know is that Billy Joel wrote one of the most famous "Garth Brooks" songs: "Shameless"
Sometimes I catch myself listening to Elton John, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, and think "I'm an old man and I'm proud"
As I tuck my Cher concert tix safely in my sock drawer, Jackson starts to ask me about all the concerts I've seen in my lifetime. WOW.Prince, The Eagles, Tina Turner, Van Halen, Elton John, Billy Joel, KISS, Aerosmith, Tesla, Randy Travis, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Aaron Tippin, Chaka Kahn, Boston, Alabama, Joan Jett, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, and the list goes on! Some of these folks I've seen more than once! Still have so many artists I want to see.Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, LL Cool J, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Katy Perry, etc. I've never even see Buffet live! I think I'll start a jar labeled "Concert Fund", these things aren't cheap you know!
And so today was the great iPod war between Billy Joel's "Shameless" and Garth Brooks' "Shameless."
Billy Joel will induct *** Jones and Lou Gramm of Foreigner into the Songwriters Hall of Fame tonight! Billy was inducted into the Hall in 1992 and received the Johnny Mercer Award in 2001. In 2011, Billy inducted and performed Shameless with friend Garth Brooks, and in 2010, Billy presented Phil R...
Music History for Jan. 29 -- from Mary Landers 1937 - Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra recorded the famous "Song of "India." 1962 - Warner Bros. Records signed Peter, Paul & Mary. 1966 - The Bobby Fuller Four's "I Fought The Law" was released. 1969 - The "Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" debuted on CBS-TV. 1972 - Smokey Robinson left The Miracles. 1979 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer disbanded. 1983 - Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac married Kim Anderson at her Los Angeles home. They were divorced the following year. 1989 - Billy Joel sang the U.S. national anthem at Super Bowl XXIII. 1994 - Mary Wilson, formerly with the Supremes, was injured when her jeep hit a freeway median and flipped over while driving outside of Los Angeles. Her 14-year old son was killed in the accident. 1996 - Garth Brooks refused to accept his American Music Award for Favorite Overall Artist. Brooks said that Hootie and the Blowfish had done more for music that year than he did. 1998 - Paul Simon's musical "The Capeman" premiered in New York. T ...
She’s Got A Way: Love Songs are the love songs, ballads and sentimental favorites comprising a dream Billy Joel playlist for old and new romantics alike, bringing new context to classics like "Just the Way You Are," "Honesty" and "She's Always a Woman" while rediscovering forgotten masterpieces like "Travelin' Prayer" (the b-side of the "Piano Man" single), Billy's version of "Shameless" (a country smash for Garth Brooks), and the haunting instrumental "Nocturne" (from 1971's Cold Spring Harbor).
I love PBS!!! The third season of Downton Abbey just started, watched a fantastic concert with Billy Joel and special guests Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks and Sir Paul McCartney, love Masterpiece Theater and Doc Martin. Best viewing on TV.
Garth Brooks and Billy Joel are . At least when it comes to lovin you.
Enough farting around...the rest of this night will be dedicated to blowing out my voice learning to sing Make You Feel My Love since IT'S THE SECOND BONUS TRACK ON BFI MOTHER TRUCKERS! lol It's also the only track i will be trying to sing a capella. I had to add this one. It's written by Bob Dylan and famously performed by 3 of my favorite artists Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, and Adelle. Perfect tribute song.
Imagine me doing a cover of Garth Brooks doing a cover of Billy Joel: "I'm SHAMELESS...shameless as a ma-a-a-n can be.."
I shared a night with Keely we will never forget! Garth Brooks sounds exactly like his records, excellently imitates Merle Haggard, George Jones, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and more. Trisha Yearwood came out and did several songs, too-including a duet with Garth. All of this happened so close to us, I could have hit him with a rock. I'm in love with GB music all over again.
Listening to GAC cos I'm too lazy to change the channel after the show abut country craftsmen. Top 15 countdown. I haven't listened to much country since I trimmed that cowboy out of my life, but some of the current stuff is absolute dreck. The videos are just T&A, not much better than a hip hop video. Now I really like Blake Shelton - I think he's a super stand up kinda guy. Any guy that still owns the same Oklahoma ranch he did before he hit it big is a winner in my book. Even his stuff sounds like a top pop song of the 70s. I closed my eyes and thought that "Yeah, Harry Chapin could have done that" great song just not "countrified". I miss the young and hungry Garth Brooks. There will never be another "Shameless" - and yes, I know it's a pop song written by Billy Joel.
It's still early, but it has been a GREAT day so far. Had a cup of hot chocolate dispensed from my new Keurig coffee maker. Susan surprised me with it on Monday. Hopped in the car and Garth Brooks (Much Too Young To Feel This *** Old) was on the radio. It is my favorite Garth song. Had a super meeting at work. Nice to feel successful again. Now I am jamming to Billy Joel on Pandora. Absolutely loving it!
Because of the success of Garth Brooks' version of 'To Make You Feel My Love,' it's often forgotten that Bob Dylan and Billy Joel recorded the song before
Last night I went on an emotional and musical journey with Garth Brooks - just him, his guitar and a small audience. He told his life story through his musical influences and their songs - Merle Haggard, George Jones, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Keith Whitley, Bob Segar, Billy Joel, Elton John. I laughed and cried and I don't think I sat back in my seat for one minute of the ninety minute show. WOW!
I find it fascinating that some of the big music stars either had a great passion for something other than what they chose, and or had advanced training in that area: Art Garfunkel, architecture and was completing courses toward a phd in math during the peak of his success with Simon and Garfunkel. John Denver trained as an architect. Elton John very good at football/soccer, and actually managed the Watford team for 5 years in the 70's. He even scored a goal in a professional game with "his glasses broken." Garth Brooks plays baseball at a professional level of skill. Billy Joel was a professional boxer. Pierre Trudeau would have preferred to be a novelist. Marlon Brando would have preferred to be a scientist as he held disdain for the acting business.; wasn't good for much, he mused. Stephan Harper has such a great passion for music, it would seem that part of him would have wanted that as a career, so i have surmised from watching him in a t.v interview, etc.
A great DVD! 2008 : Billy Joel plays the "Last Play at Shea" concert - the final show before Shea Stadium is closed down. Joel is joined on stage by Paul McCartney, Garth Brooks, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and The Who's Roger Daltry.
Zeppelin to Bob Dylan to Garth Brooks to DMB to Billy Joel--this playlist has taken great twists & turns. Music beats the *** outta TV.
On Thursday, May 10th, at 7:00pm at Salute to Springfield on Peoria road (previously Chasers), I will be performing a concert featuring everyone's favorite songs by Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Randy Travis, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Elton John and many others. I will also try to do requests if you have a song you would like to hear. Please come out and have a good time listening and dancing to some great old songs. Hope to see you there.
What an amazing night listening to Garth Brooks playing and talking through his life and music, just him and his guitar apart from a guest appearance by the missus, Tricia Yearwood. Everything from Merl Haggard and George Jones to Billy Joel, James Taylor and Bob Dylan. It's no wonder he's sold as many records as Elvis Presley!
Garth Brooks singing my fav song..with Billy Joel at Shea Stadium...*Shameless* :) havent seen GB in long time..:(
This week's lyrics, sung by Garth Brooks but written by Billy Joel: "Well I'm shameless when it comes to loving you I'll do anything you want me to I'll do anything at all. And I'm standing here for all the world to see Oh baby that's what's left of me Don't have very far to fall . . . You see in all my life I've never found What I couldn't resist, what I couldn't turn down I could walk away from anyone I ever knew But I can't walk away from you."
Listen to Billy Joel and Garth Brooks in concert together in my AMS class today. AMAZING!!
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