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Billy Joel

William Martin Billy Joel (born May 9, 1949) is an American pianist, performer, singer-songwriter, and composer.

Piano Man Christie Brinkley Elton John Long Island Uptown Girl Goodnight Saigon Nassau Coliseum Leonard Cohen James Taylor Fleetwood Mac Progressive Field Madison Square Garden Bruce Springsteen George Strait New York Italian Restaurant

My band, 52nd Street - Playing the Music of Billy Joel will be opening for a phenomenal Neil Diamond tribute act...
Tomorrow, Billy Joel is performing at Wrigley Field! Tickets still available at:
moving off Long Island for the first time has me doing things like searching "Billy Joel lyrics decor" on Etsy
Thirty years ago, Billy Joel played 6 shows in the former Soviet Union that shook the world, and destroyed a piano.
JACK FM has tickets for Billy Joel! Win 'em around 4:20 during the 2 hour commercial free ride w/ Remy.…
Check out "Captain Jack" by Billy Joel on Amazon Music. what in the world are tie dye jeans
All of the cookbooks in Billy Joel's world have been written by his third ex-wife, Katie Lee Joel, wit…
And alternately Spotify has just delivered me a previously unknown Dean Friedman who seems to be a low rent Billy Joel.
2 songs that will always fix my mood:. Chances Are - Johnny Mathis. She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel
Yes, but not as much as Billy Joel.
I think we assume that because we think that would be fair. The classic story of Billy Joel not gettin…
I don't care if it IS the best song he ever did, I still shake my head every time someone calls Billy Joel the "Piano Man."
Currently listening to my sister mess around on the piano in the other room and she just started playing Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
Billy Joel - Piano Man (Live at Shea Stadium) I dedicate this song to ME and Faye Papas Georgian Court Alumnus owner
The Billy Joel Songbook performed by Elio Pace and his band comes to Lancaster Grand on Saturday 16th Sep at 7:30pm
Billy Joel - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me via Rock it for me 1 time Mr Joel
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel on 12th album River of Dreams. At least 4 vers of the song have been recor…
We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel
Win a trip to Billy Joel in Philadelphia with Smooth's Passport To The Stars!
Billy Joel vibes on my way to work always makes everything better
Billy Joel's rejected first draft of We Didn't Start The Fire...
Billy honored legend Larry Doby, the father of crew member Larry Doby, Jr., during his concert last Friday…
Billy Joel has played New York's Madison Square Garden 65 times, more than anyone in history. Elton John is second with 64 appearances.
When you're at the billy Joel concert and he says he's about to sing the last song but blurryface d…
I added a video to a playlist Uptown Girl - Billy Joel - instrumental cover by Dave Monk
Pokemon: BILLY JOEL may be seen around the farting hut. It is Eskimoly naughty and Dutch.
Billy talks about his connection to Oyster Bay Long Island & the Baymen of Oyster Bay Harbor. Watch now:
[first date]. Me: *leading her into my basement*. I normally wait until the second date. But I like you, so here's my Billy Jo…
on Actual Radio Tell Her About It by Billy Joel - Tune in via the website
Eric Church singing Piano Man by Billy Joel and Troubadour by George Strait 🎶
Billy Joel is one of my favorite music artists ever. His songwriting skills, playing instruments…
All purpose parts banner
I had a dream last night that Bobby Flay and Giada took me to see Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum
Billy Joel honored with new banner at Nassau Coliseum! 🙌. Read more:
You know, Billy Joel did a concert in our new 40,000 seat stadium…
I honestly need Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick-Harris to do their rendition of Longest Time (by Billy Joel)
Friday July 14th at Mizner Park Amphitheater - free tribute to Billy Joel by the Turnstiles at in…
So good. Back Noine ... noine under ... ahem Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum. Genius
Billy Joel will play Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Friday, November 3, 2017. . More info:
Only one more day to get tickets to see Billy Joel's original band, the Lords of 52nd Street in Milford CT
Every morning I wake up, pour myself a cup of coffee in my Billy Joel mug, tune into News 12 and inject Long Island directly…
if you can't bump to:. Elton John . Billy Joel. Fleetwood Mac. The Beatles. ABBA. David Bowie. U2. Prince. Queen. The Cars. Toto. The…
Only the good die young - Billy Joel. The best summer song don't @ me
They're like used Billy Joel or Doobie Bros records. The demand will never be able to keep up with the supply.
I'm very scared of the idea of a space-monkey mafia. I'm glad Billy Joel saved u
Killer Queen by Queen and Rocket Man by Elton John. And Vienna by Billy Joel.
I think today is a Billy Joel kind of day. I listened to him and Elton John almost constantly when I wrote the Big City Heat series.
My only discernible talent is, singing along to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire, and getting all the words right 🔥 🎶🔥🎶
Billy Joel is the pride of Long Island.
Billy Joel is returning to his hometown this weekend to Speak at Hicksville High School's graduation ceremony…
It's not real until you make the twins sing along with Billy Joel...
If we can jam out to billy Joel, we are basically best friends.
Just burst into a grocery store and immediately and coldly started whistling along to the Billy Joel, who am I an events…
I used Shazam to discover Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel.
Good music never ages, right? Just listening to The Stranger by Billy Joel which I bought 40 (!) years ago. Still great and so many memories
on Actual Radio My Life by Billy Joel - Local for
Billy Joel to speak at Hicksville H.S. graduation via
Billy Joel to speak at hometown graduation: - Home -
Billy Joel to speak at Long Island hometown high graduation
The first of month is coming! Are we getting the Billy Joel channel back on ?
Billy will return to his hometown on Saturday to help celebrate Hicksville High School’s graduation ceremony:…
Don't go back to Rockville by REM, Ohio by The Pretenders, Allentown by Billy Joel. Some oldies for ya
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
As Billy Joel sung, "Honesty, it's such a lonely word..." Congrats on the achievement.
If Billy Joel didn't start the fire, who did?
Fifty years after finishing short by one credit, Billy Joel is returning to his hometown to speak at graduation:
Billy Joel to speak at hometown graduation by via Home -
Ernie Chambers was singing us some Billy Joel!
Billy Joel and Lambeau prove to be perfect match - Green Bay Press Gazette
"And now they got Billy Joel on, m'comin' 'ere again!". Dee is easily excited, he's found a new favourite bar that doesn't have strippers.
Had a good mix in our house, dad was more Motown, 60's ELO, Billy Joel, mum was more on the rock side
One more for your dataset Ian. I'm 39 and can't stand the Beatles. Chuck in Queen and Billy Joel as well. Painful.
Hi John! More than a hint of Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon off that last song Loved the Tom Waits!
Thank God for my Brethren from the Vietnam War... Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel.
Lads, Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel (pronounced Joe-L) is an absolute belter of a song. 12 out 10.
Billy Joel was interviewed for “The Last Word” in the current issue of Read the interview:
I love Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel! I have a list with a bunch of songs that I will play next b…
Dayton Kane is out at Kimp's Ace Hardware in Howard until 1pm. The Traeger Grill is fired up and you could win Billy Joel tickets!
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Goodnight Saigon is my favorite Billy Joel song. Fight me.
Billy Joel among supporters to restore Sag Harbor Cinema. Read more:
Billy Joel joins campaign to rebuild Sag Harbor Cinema
weaving thru traffic on sunrise hwy while listening to Billy Joel after dropping my dad off at jfk and boy do I feel like a Long Islander
No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.". -Billy Joel
If Billy Joel wrote We Didn't Start The Fire now it would literally have to be seven hours long
Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" is the greatest rap performance of all time.
you are wrong Hillary said she she isn't a loser just a victim of circumstance like billy joel said
We didn't start the fire, Billy Joel. did.
Wow I had a full blown Billy Joel phase that I forgot about
After last night we went to watch a show you need to see in your lifetime, Billy Joel at madison square ga…
let's go next weekend. Billy Joel tribute band.
First I did with Billy Joel; then with Steve. Now proud to say I did getting more…
Chris Buck's best photograph: Billy Joel in the dark with an Applause sign's horrific. I have just enough time for a quick run before Sean comes on~I'll es…
Billy joel always be getting me in my feels 😭
Billy Joel released a record again. The first track, "I'm Not Sayin' She's a *** is actually pretty good
Guys, isn't there a Billy Joel lyric for this situation?
Fun Fact: wrote in "We Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel as his presidential vote this election.
Hah! I reckon if Billy Joel made an updated version of the song, Trump would get a mention. 😁
I was never really a Billy Joel fan. Heart attack-ack-ack...😉 Sorry, bad joke.
Billy Joel - Allentown I may be wrong but, wasn't the Paris Accord speech already written!
Your mcm says he loves Billy Joel but the only song he can name is 'Piano Man'
Kelly just shouted "HOW DARE YOU" because I said I don't think they needed 33 saxophone players at this Billy Joel concert we're watching.
LAWYER: Don't even mention the fire & they won't suspect you. [Interview room]. COP: This is just a routine int-. BILLY JOE…
I hope billy Joel comes out at the 1975 show tonight
Heard 'Columbus' by Billy Joel on the radio and thought of you guys.for a few reasons.
It turns out multiple Billy Joel songs get stuck in my head whilst traversing (I'm thinking New York State of Mind & Uptown Girls) 😬🎶
Friday July 28th? We are going to Billy Joel at 8, so would wan…
Whole Foods radio has consisted of solely Billy Joel, Jimi Hendrix, jack Johnson and the Beatles pretty much all day and it's been lit af
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Casey has faded out two songs today, Pink Floyd and Gary Numan. While playing every second of two Billy Joel songs and The Rose. Smh.
I was always more of a Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, and Billy Joel kind of guy, but we can pay a little tribute to Gregg.…
I saw The Eagles and the Stones at War Memorial, Elton and Billy Joel did the Face To Face show there as well
PETE PRICE: On The Peaceful Hour I'll be playing music from George Harrison, Billy Joel, Peter Cetera & more!
The long, strange history of Valentin — He's gone from shooting people to singing Billy Joel! —>…
I don't know if liking Billy Joel is the most Long Island thing about me or the most white
Diana and Wayne Sleep on the stage dancing to Billy Joel's “Uptown Girl” (1985) # vi……
JR Smith takes more shots than Johnny Manziel & Billy Joel combined, but anyway gang
Vanessa Bayer announces departure on Instagram with touching, rewritten Billy Joel lyrics from Colin Jost
thats fair, born and raised in NJ and I feel the same way about Springstein, Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel
With Foreigner, Boston, Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Queen and Rod Stewart on tour this summer,...
Grt show! U, Frost, Becky, Haass, a bit of Billy Joel playing--n Joe is absent again!!! Life is better!!!
Grt show! Sorkin, Frost, Becky, Haass, Billy Joel -- n Joe's out again! Life is better!
Andy Friedman draws the tailgate-party scene before Billy Joel's concert at the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum:
Happy belated birthday, Billy Joel, the Godfather of Madison Square Garden.
Billy Joel hasn't had a hit in years. All he needs to do is grab a bat and face Brett Anderson.
For further reference, Billy Joel is one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time, and the woman there is Christie Brinkley
What did Christie Brinkley see in millionaire shortarse Billy Joel?
All in all, Billy Joel's album had some fantastic songs.
I liked a video Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (from Live at Shea Stadium)
Billy Joel is 2'3" in heels and married Christie Brinkley and Elle McPherson. So buck up
An early photo of Billy Joel. He went on to marry Christie Brinkley who he could perform *** on whilst stan…
Yes, this is Christie Brinkley, the future wife (and future ex-wife) of Billy Joel. But did you also spot her on th…
How in all that is holy did Billy Joel ever convince Christie Brinkley to marry him?
The “Uptown Girl” in the video is model Christie Brinkley. In 1985 she married Billy Joel.
Everybody dissing Billy Joel for pulling Christie Brinkley *klaxon*
Check out 'How to Play "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" by Billy Joel on Guitar' by Mack Meadows
Such a horrible day, but at least I discovered Oliver & Company somehow features songs sung by Billy Joel *and* Huey Lewis.
Do you think listeners would have understood Anthony was "Movin' Out" if Billy Joel hadn't put the c…
you should do a version of Billy Joel's "Piano Man", but make it about Brianna Wu or a Beta Male
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Billy Joel is awesome, man, but you gotta pay the piper. What has the devil got on this dude?
Billy Joel's music's awesome & I'm not white or from LI. Bruce Springsteen is a pompous liberal ***
Brody's album of the day: Billy Joel - Storm Front. My first concert was seeing this guy at Market Square Arena in Loved this one!
Billy Joel should have killed himself after Christie Brinkley left him. OTOH the Soviet empire may never…
Grace: "okay morgan you can have the aux but if you play any Billy Joel, I am done with you" :/
For a split second I thought was the blonde in Billy Joel's Uptown Girl video. Still laughing.
I liked a video Karaoke Uptown Girl - Billy Joel *
was at a bar with a very good and enjoyable cover band last night, but they blew it by doing two Billy Joel songs back to back
now playing:. Billy Joel - Uptown Girl. from the Decades of Music.
Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer music are the best
It's definitely a Billy Joel kind of day.
.a boyfriend made out to Billy Joel music near what could have been Billy's home? Most LI story ever.
We've just announced our 2017-18 Season! Including Indiana Jones, Disney, Music of Billy Joel & More
I completely disagree with your ranking of Billy Joel songs.
Mar 26,2016, Billy Joel's iconic hit, 'Piano Man', was selected by the US Library of Congress for preservation in...
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Lol last night I had a dream that I was engaged to Billy Joel 😂😂😂 idk what that means or how I feel about that 😂
I wouldn't trade last night's Billy Joel concert but that's an awesome pic w
neither did Guy, Billy Joel, Townes, etc... The song writing in this album is phenomenal, the arrangements are masterful!
Review: Billy Joel -- The Entertainer at his finest at arena
I would've loved to see Billy Joel.
Billy Joel used to snort blue cheese powder off the crack of Katie's *** before going onstage.
Panic! At the Disco did cover of "Movin Out" Billy Joel and Queen Bohemian Rhapsody last night.
I texted request to but after that Billy Joel, feel like should have done Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" to cleanse palate.😉
Uptown Girl by Billy Joel is in Cat & Fiddle, Ilkeston.
Review: Decades melt away as Billy Joel returns to Lincoln
Listening to Billy Joel - An Innocent Man on my Blip station @
I don't think I could name one Billy Joel song. Would probably recognize a few of them.
I just bought a Billy Joel double cd greatest hits at the thrift store, so yeah, pretty much.
Thanks for the beautiful music with Billy Joel in Lincoln, NE last night. Your "Nessun Dorma" brought m…
Billy Joel cover instead of starboy
if you aren't listening to Tom Petty, Billy Joel, or Elton John in the morning how are you even making it through the day pls enlighten me
Thank you to whoever handed them the tickets and Billy Joel for making my girls. night!
Hey Q95 you can't be braggin about Billy Joel Neil Diamond concerts and wonder why you losin listeners
At 67 years old, Billy Joel admits "It's time to slow down...I’ve got a new baby now."
I just wanna get drunk and listen to Billy Joel
If Trump and Putin are world leaders, here are two prophets: Don Henley with Billy Joel via
Great concert last night. Billy Joel in Lincoln, NE
Billy Joel's trumpet player just followed me on insta. That's pretty cool right?
Four pounds down. 16 more to go. If I was Billy Joel in 1986 I would make a beautiful song out of my journey.
I passed on Billy Joel, James Taylor, & Jackson Browne, but so help me I will see . I'll work 3 jobs if that's what it takes.
I want to hear a Taylor Swift and Billy Joel duet, so who do I write a letter to about getting this to happen
Amazing concert at the Pepsi Center. By far the most righteous covers of Billy Joel and Queen...EVER!
John Fogerty, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards, Neil Young and Steve Winwood and the bandleader Chuck...
My music literally just went from Jason Aldean, to Lecrae, to Taylor Swift, to Billy Joel. I'm officially Queen of the Aux
That IS sad! I've seen Billy Joel, James Taylor, Eagles, and Jimmy Buffett there. They shouldn't have to rely on certain acts.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Saw a boutique on Abbott Kinney today selling a "Billy Joel: The Stranger" tshirt. Folks, stop. There are some things irony cannot salvage.
Featured artist: Billy Joel. But here you are in the ninth. Two men out and three men on
Only I could find the rationale to make a playlist that ends up playing Billy Joel, Nelly, George Strait, and Bob Marley all in a row.
Piano Man, Billy Joel, will be in Lincoln on Friday, March 24. Secure your 🎫 today →
So there was a Billy Joel concert, no wonder it smells like Long Island and beer and it's not Cortland
he is brilliant for sure. One of the best concerts I ever saw was him and Billy Joel doing dueling pianos.
I will be Billy in the morning Billy Joel and the kids are keen to get that sorted.
When you stare at your iPod for 10 minutes... can't decide... & end up just picking "random.". Glen Phillips->Darrell Scott->Billy Joel
. My Life was a song written & performed by Billy Joel which also served as the theme to the late 70's program Bosom Buddies
Why is Billy Joel so amazing? Because not only did the Piano Man sing his songs PERFECTLY, he covered Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones
Just sang Wilson Philips "Hold On" and Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" at karaoke So those of you not there…
Billy Joel time in Big Easy. & hatin on Must've been show for follically chal…
"One of my biggest heavy . metal influences is probably Billy Joel" - Dave Matthews
Listen to The Marc Cox Show all this week for your chance at Billy Joel tickets!
Billy Joel - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (Jazz Fest 2013 - AXSTV)
Hannah, this is why we aren't friends. Billy Joel is good
we forgetting about mulan or better yet Oliver & Company?! Billy Joel is the greatest solo artist of all time.
My music taste goes from Mac miller to Beyoncé to FGL to Fleetwood Mac to Billy Joel to mayday parade to Steve aoki & everything in between
Music is universal I like Billy Joel also Frank Sinatra and James Brown and etc
...Kim would sound awesome on Harry Chapin's Any Old Kind of Day, or Love Me by Collin Raye, or Billy Joel's Lullabye
I'm going to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden with my parents next month. It's gonna be lit.
Crane says more concert coming in addition to Billy Joel, James Taylor, Dead Company, Tom Petty, Zac Brown Band and Green Day
Patrick Bateman, adjusting tie: Do you absolutely need to have mommy issues to kill people?. Billy Joel: No, just listen to Phil Collins.
311 grassroots, mortal kombat soundtrack, Hudson hawk soundtrack, Elton John and/or Billy Joel. Those work for me
can you play baby grand by Billy Joel and Ray Charles. Love this song, and was signing it at work the other day. Ty
Current status: sitting in dark, drinking Skyy Vodka with lime, listening to Billy Joel. *** I'm old.
I watched a rerun of Billy Joel receiving the Gershwin Prize in 2014 and sings part of Piano Man!
2017 Goals: . RHCP in March. Billy Joel in May. One show at the Hollywood Bowl. One show at the Greek Theatre
This is why I avoid all Billy squire, billy idol, billy joel, and billy vera and the beaters concerts.
Happy to hear Billy Joel is coming to Cleveland.sad it's the same weekend as Jamboree in the Hills. Best concert I've ever seen.
For the 4th year in a row, Billy Joel will perform at Citizens Bank Park! . 🎟 January 13. 🎹 September 9. Info:
Slight contractual mixup at Progressive today. Billy Joel now Tribe DH and Edwin Encarnacion's frantically learning "Zanzi…
I saw Billy Joel trending and about had a heart attack. I'm white, part of my life force is given to me by Billy Joel…
Billy Joel to headline Progressive Field show on Friday, July 14 -
Nearly had a panic attack that Billy Joel was trending
Billy Joel trending almost gave me a heart attack! Don't do that to me!
I hope Billy Joel plays the 'Browns Quarterbacks' version of We Didn't Start the Fire when he comes to Progressive Field.
I'm both a born Clevelander and a Billy Joel fan. That spoof on WDSTF was awesome.
In other news... the Billy Joel channel is back on Ch.18!
when you see billy joel trending and you think he's died 2017 CANNOT DO THAT TO ME OH MY GOD
Phillies & Announced Billy Joel returns to Citizens Bank Park on Sept. 9th, Tickets on Sale 1/13 at 10a…
I saw Billy Joel was at the top of my trending list and almost had a god *** heart att-ack-ack-ack-ack. He alive tho, we good.
have acquired singer Billy Joel for cash considerations. He will perform on 4/28/17. The first concert at
Billy Joel trending no. 1 has so many people shook. 2016 emotionally scarred us.
JUST ANNOUNCED! Guess who's playing Wrigley Field for the FOURTH year in a row!?!
jesus christ why is whY IS BILLY JOEL TRENDING . okay he's going to ohio
Billy Joel is in Cleveland the day I leave for vacation and now I'm sad
More awesome news:. Billy Joel will perform at Progressive Field this summer -- his first stadium show in Cleveland!
Saw Billy Joel trending and thought "great, the celebrity death march continues into 2017" 😅
Say what you want. Billy Joel is arguably the greatest songwriter of all time. Don't @ me.
Billy Joel is trending God why is Billy Joel trending oh he's just doing a show in Cleveland OK. Carry on.
Props to the on bringing in Billy Joel 👍👍👍
Colin Cowherd made a great Billy Joel parody video called "Browns are a Dumpster Fire" making fun of all their QBs:. h…
Saw Billy Joel trending and almost had a heart attack. Can't have him die too
In honor of another horrible Browns season, Billy Joel runs through all the quarterbacks who have come and gone.
*** I see live music regularly, stone roses, you expect it. I saw Billy Joel this year remember - note perfect.
Good way to end the night with some poker and Billy Joel.
reminds me of the Joe Queenan essay in which he calculated how much Billy Joel he'd have to listen to at the gym to lose 10lbs.
You guys only think about madonna... what about Billy Joel? Bruce? Bon Jovi? Vince Neil? David Lee Roth? Eddie Van Halen?
Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel. A perfect love song. ❤. More perfect than Bruno Mar's song in my own opinion.
I don't mean to poke fun, but they better get friggin Billy Joel to narrate the Oscar's In Memoriam segment or it will tak…
I got the new box set for Christmas... why not the live recording of you and Billy Joel doing "You May Be Right"?
Love watching the concert for Tony Bennett. So good! Billy Joel! KD Lang! Stevie Wonder! Michael Buble! Andrea Bocelli! Can't wait for Gaga
Now playing New York State of Mind (with Billy Joel) by Barbra Streisand!
Sing the names in that order to the verse of We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel. V.tenuous though.
I wrote a bucket list when I was 14 and one of the things was to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens and now I…
ICYMI.Billy Joel recently covered Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' and it was awesome!!
Yes, but in Trump's America, Billy Joel songs will replace be the new foundation for social studies curricula.
Ive told you I went to see Billy Joel in Madison Square Gardens with him last year right?
REO just played Virginia recently so idk about that. Multiple is possible. I'm thinking big, like Billy Joel maybe?
I'm the type of person who alternates between Billy Joel and Childish Gambino on Spotify.
though someone would come back with a Billy Joel lyric
Listening to Vienna by Billy Joel makes me feel at peace with myself especially with all these finals looming and life well being life.
Music trivia: every character in every Billy Joel song is named Anthony or Sergeant O'Leary, even the women.
But Billy Joel had so many bad songs from the 70's, that terrible songs from the 80's don't seem his strong suit.
Hamilton Collection
as Billy Joel, you may be wrong but you may be right
With John Glenn's passing, there are 4 left in Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire' still alive: Bardot, Day, Dylan & Geotz
A4: Honestly? Anyone. Haven't been to a concert (like a full concert) in years. I'd love to see Billy Joel.
This conversation is worthless without a mention of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire".
SAY GOODBYE TO HOLLYWOOD by Billy Joel - listen now:
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is Billy Joel's best song ever.
Now playing on : Billy Joel - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me. 80's : Nothing but the best!
Billy Joel concert or Gaspy ugh why do they have to be on the same weekend in different cities :/
I added a video to a playlist Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (Audio)
Always a good time for a lil Billy Joel
Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" History Summary in order of the lyrics
Home | Billy Joel Official Site Can you befriend me I want to ask you some questions about this party & the artists
Billy Joel said no to penning the score for 'A Bronx Tale'
It's Billy Joel's 85th all-time performance at Madison Square Garden!
In 2016 Natile Cole died, Billy Joel died Prince is dead Brad and Ang broke up Trump is president & Wes died on how to get…
Wait no, he's more old than Larry King. So he's pretty much the Billy Joel before the Billy Joel?
Sunday Collection with Eddie Shaw is on 2-6pm with Billy Joel, Monkees and some Christmas classics plus No1's after…
Steven Spielberg reference! 😱. First Ridley Scott and then Billy Joel and now Spielberg, this just keeps getting better! 😉.
30 years after I first saw him at Nassau Coliseum, back in NY at the Garden to see Billy Joel.
Broad was just playing *** Hath no Fury riding through Bad News to get them voted now she in the woods with Billy Joel fans
Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen in "The Second Act of Elliott Murphy" via
Also why does Billy Joel look so tan next to Bill Clinton? We'll probably never know
The great said "The only pressure Billy Joel has ever known came from the soda gun at the country club"
You know how everyone on Long Island has a Billy Joel story? Well same thing here, except everyone has a Niall Horan story
"Yo, I found some gems today fam.". -Fleetwood Mac, Meat Loaf, Elton John, Billy Joel, Boston
Just heard Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire on radio first time in years besides references / memes. Folks... it's bad.
Mac Demarco singing Billy Joel is my favorite ❤️⚰️✨
Nick just surprised me with Billy Joel tickets and I don't even know how to act
if for some reason I die prematurely I want my coffin to be like a music box so every time you open it 'Zanzibar' by Billy Joel plays
Always been my favorite Billy Joel song. Love Cohen and all that he wrote, this song is pure greatness.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Billy Joel covers Leonard Cohen's "Light As The Breeze" & sings the *** out of it. My favorite version of this: https:…
Happy bday to Ryan Miller of Hear them cover Billy Joel, Blue Oyster Cult, more:
The beer,wine,Leonard Cohen and Billy Joel are in full flow. Happy days.
*** Africa & Hold the Line by Toto, Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, Rock Lobster by B52s, Ramblin Man by Allman Bros Band, etc
Before I die I have to see Paul and Ringo, Billy Joel, Elton John, my man Jackson and like 20 other people
hey JJ a chuck wagon plowed thru my kitchen, *** that Billy Joel.
One of my favorite cuts from Billy Joel. They also got some nice shots of drummer Chuck Burgi in this video.
Aaron Copeland, Fanfare for the Common Man, Tanzania band I found in Africa last week that does Billy Joel covers.
Billy Joel wrote beautiful song "DownEaster Alexa" you think he's going to voting for Silver Spoon Trump? Nah
Was actually Billy Joel at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit & I was wrong about the Girl, the Job & definitely about being invincible!
At Mets games, we get Dean Martin and Billy Joel in the same inning so just tack on a another point us. New York: 765,453,234 - Chicago: 2
Long Island Fact: if you look at your reflection in the Long Island Sound and say "bagel" 3 times Billy Joel will appear
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