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Billy Joel

William Martin Billy Joel (born May 9, 1949) is an American pianist, performer, singer-songwriter, and composer.

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I added a video to a playlist Seth Avett sings, Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel
If there is a heaven, I’d think it’ll be something like a bean bag on the roof with a couple PBRs and Billy Joel
Per Elliot Friedman this makes sense why Billy Joel was at the announcement today: It will be interesting to see th…
Wonder how Billy Joel felt sitting next to the great Cal Clutterbuck at today's Isles press conference. Joel must h…
Clearly, Westlife is a cover and Billy Joel is the OG!
IN MEMORY OF MOM: A building at the Long Island high school that Billy Joel helped save from closing has been...
Debate in office. playlist says it's Billy Joel version of UpTown Girl. We say it's Westlife's cover.
in case nobody told you: your love for billy joel IS. VALID.
I saw Billy Joel was trending and my heart stopped but it turns out they just named a building at a high school in…
"Leave a Tender Moment Alone" by pop/rock singer-songwriter Billy Joel on his 9th album An Innocent…
Wishing all of you, your families, and your friends all the best this holiday season. Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and…
Here’s the updated WFAN story on the press conference for the Belmont arena:
Love billy Joel. But let’s be honest. He’s the pillar of when Long Island was great. He’s the example…
Billy Joel is here because of course he is.
I really don't get the raging *** LI has for Billy Joel .. like why the *** was he sitting next to freaking Cu…
Packed house for arena announcement. Even Billy Joel is here.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Billy Joel is also available to appear whenever any Long Islander gets a dormer.
Honestly I was just waiting for Billy Joel to get up there and announce Tavares' extension
i think we should ask Billy Joel what he thinks of old Nikki
Billy Joel: We didn’t start the fire. Smokey the Bear, shining a light across the table of a rusted, dark interrogation…
Need I remind the Defense that Disney also gave us an animated BILLY JOEL dog movie?!
Saw billy joel trending was hoping he either died or was accused of sexual assault. Im disappointed.
Billy Joel at Belmont presser:. “Watching the D and Goaltending will give you a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack”
Billy Joel now owns more customized Islanders jerseys than he does cars.
Billy Joel basically lives at MSG, but is at the Islanders arena presser.
He's evidently in the news for two reasons. One has to do with hockey. The other is this sweet story:
TFW you see "Billy Joel" trending and breathe TWO sighs of relief once you are assured that it's NOT for either a)…
Gov. Cuomo, cast of luminaries welcome Islanders back to Long Island at Belmont Park arena press conference. Read…
There are seats reserved for John Tavares and Billy Joel at SRO event in Turf and Field Club for Islanders press conference
Packed house at Belmont Park for welcome back party. Billy Joel among the guests celebrating return. https…
If Billy Joel opened up the Belmont Arena and the Islanders played a season at the Coliseum my ovaries would explode
Whatever else today brings, at least it started with a picture of Billy Joel and Cal Clutterbuck sitting together.
Bettman: If I think about letting play some games at Nassau Coliseum, Gov. Cuomo should think about letting Billy…
Bettman says if he's going to think about Coliseum as temp site for team, Billy Joel should consider being opening act a…
Islanders coming back to LI. Billy Joel, & Tavares came to the event.
Did Billy Joel single handedly bring the Islanders back to Long Island?
Bettman says he'll consider letting the play a few interim games at the Coliseum if Billy Joel is the opening act…
Billy Joel still owes a few million to Long Island taxpayers for all the trees he hit while driving.
Islanders’ Tavares and Clutterbuck joined by Gov. Cuomo and Billy Joel
Bettman says he'll think about letting the play games at Coliseum in the interim if Billy Joel agrees to open the…
I asked my mom if Billy Joel harnessed his power from Long Island and she responded with strong Island lmao
Me: Long Island is trash. Anyone else: Long Island is trash. Me: first of all, my father is Billy Joel and my mothe…
I feel like Billy Joel needs to do a cover of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” with just 2017 references.
Watched the Hired Gun documentary on Netflix and so eh... Billy Joel comes across as a complete *** . Alice Coope…
watched Hired Gun on Netflix. Was good. *** Billy Joel is an ***
I just watched the Hired Gun documentary a couple days ago and it’s really good. Billy Joel doesn’…
Rock doc Hired Gun about session/touring musicians is great. Alice Cooper comes off as an awesome boss. Billy Joel, not so much.
After watching Hired Gun on Netflix, my hatred for Billy Joel was further validated. What a tool.
working Billy Joel and Abbott and Costello into the same episode? I’m a huge fan of…
If anyone disses the following singers/bands/rappers gonna have to catch these hands. -Billy Joel. -Johnny Cash. -Que…
Rachel Resheff - "Vienna" (Billy Joel) via "Slow down, you're doing fine, you can'…
No Queen in the playlist today. . Mix of Billy Joel, ABBA, early Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Sinatra, B…
The Uptown Girl video by Billy Joel is absolute jokes.
I can slowly feel Phil Collins entering my heart and joining Billy Joel in the Critically Underrated List
"JFK blown away what else do I have to say?" - Billy Joel's contribution to the Warren Commission Report
One of the best concerts I ever went to was Elton John and Billy Joel together at Rice Stadium (Rice…
Get back to me when you create something as moving as The Downeaster "Alexa" by Billy Joel. 😎
I heard Billy Joel's "You're Only Human" play on the Fred Meyer PA yesterday, and remembered that the video feature…
I used Shazam to discover The Downeaster "Alexa" by Billy Joel.
"Reilly and Nitikman Celebrate the Songs of Sir Elton John & Billy Joel - MORE TICKETS !!", The Grosvenor Casino, S…
Why has "Downeaster Alexa" popped in my head? Like...full Billy Joel all in my brain.
Anyone from Long Island(me) knows “The Downeaster Alexa” is the best Billy Joel song. So there. You’re welcome.
"Life is a series of hellos and good byes , I 'm afraid its time for goodbye again ." " Billy Joel " good words , great man
Good. I like Billy Joel though. We didn’t start the fire and Downeaster Alexa are my favs.
1980's music is the best tbh: Glass Houses (1980, Billy Joel) , Crimes of Passion (1980, Pat Benatar) , Thriller (…
Indeed, squire! I saw Elton John as well as Billy Joel and every time I swore that I wo…
doing my rappin' Billy Joel at Long Island karaoke bars
"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints" - Billy Joel
In the words of the wise man Billy Joel, “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning.”
I saw Billy Joel tonight. I think that guy has a bright future in show business.
Tickets are ON SALE NOW for A Tribute To Elton John and Billy Joel at House of Blues New Orleans on FRIDAY...
In honor on the Catalina Wine Mixer TONIGHT at Mikes Tavern I think that sharing some Billy Joel remixes is in...
Love this song,... one of the first by Billy Joel that I heard decades ago. . Have a great Sunday!
heard Billy Joel playing at the gas station and I thought of you
Today is Kanye West vs Billy Joel, please go let your voice be heard this is important stuff
Billy Joel welcomes his 3rd daughter via
Billy Joel playing harmonica kind of looks like a dying Darth Vader.
Congrats are in order for Billy Joel and his wife Alexis, who just welcomed a beautiful baby girl!
Whenever I feel like living elsewhere I remember that my parents named me after Billy Joel’s daughter & it doesn’t get more LI than that
Billy Joel named his daughter Remy. Isn't that Neil's don's name?
Billy Joel's guitarist tommy byrnes is the real deal.
.Card Members can get tickets now through 10/26 to see Billy Joel in Tampa, FL:
New post (Billy Joel is having a baby at age 68 ...) has been published on Best Images Collections HD For ... -
I'm too old to have a baby with Billy Joel . (Thank God)
Part of me can't reconcile that the Billy Joel I loved mid-80s is still having kids. He's 68 and had a baby today.
Billy Joel is selling out MSG monthly and still popping out kids at 68. What a life
Billy Joel - You May Be Right on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
Piano Mans still got it.Billy Joel welcomes his 3rd daughter
Jesus Christ I’m not a child advocate but at least this old fart can afford this nonsense..
Billy & Alexis Joel announce the birth of their daughter Remy Anne Joel:
Billy Joel stopped by and he came bearing some amazing news
Billy Joel, River of Dreams tour in Chapel Hill, NC. 92 or 93.
68-year old Billy Joel,is going to be a father again. His wife will be buying Pampers for two.
when did Billy Joel start transforming into Mike Ehrmantraut?? Nice impression !!
Fall Out Boy, Billy Joel, Jay-Z and more: The must-see concerts hitting Long Island and NYC soon.
Need someone that can stay up all night listening to Billy Joel radio and sing every song
Just stunned my roommate by telling her Billy Joel is the voice of Dodger for the entirety of Oliver & Company.
She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel on and
Billy Joel is going to be a dad again! Here's every time his lyrics delivered great parenting advice:
Billy Joel expecting third child at age 68
How many replies until this becomes a new verse to Billy Joel's "we didn't start the fire"
The Piano Man singer, 68, is expecting another child with his fourth wife Alexis Roderick
Moments away from on ! Wish I was there but I'll be there for Tracy Morgan and Billy Joel tomorrow.
I added a video to a playlist Billy Joel - The Great Suburban Showdown (Audio)
Not a big fan of this song but MC sings the crap out of it! Billy Joel/Miley Cyrus .. via
Someone should definitely take me to a Billy Joel concert.
Order Miche Bag Online!
A New Uptown Girl (or Boy) Is on the Way! Billy Joel, 68, and Wife Alexis Expecting Second Child Together…
I love the Wrigley organist for playing Billy Joel's You May Be Right during all this.
The "Piano Man" singer reveals that he and his wife Alexis Roderick are expecting another child in November.
The Piano Man, 68, revealed he and Alexis Roderick are expecting their second child together
Piano Man - Billy Joel . Ultimate game changer, puts me in a good mood no matter what.
My airplane music: Ed Sheeran, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks. Music that's good for the soul.
Lmao I can't buy billy Joel tickets Friday bc I forgot about my hair appt on Tuesday and how much that's gonna cost. EK. 😭😥
Billy Joel and wife expecting another child .
*Billy Joel, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra, John Denver. If you don't know them, you should.
I feel like all the Billy Joel shirts in *** say “weed didn’t start the fire.”
I love Billy Joel but this is so selfish on his part. He will be 86 years old when this child graduates High School.
Billy Joel is expecting his third child at age 68
BILLY JOEL Tribute THE STRANG... has a show on 10/20/2017 at 08:00 PM @ C... in Nashville, TN
Mike when we went to see Billy Joel in concert: Eh it was okay. Just went bc he’s famous and everything. Don’t know…
is the real reason you don’t like Billy Joel because people considers him the Piano Man but in reality Elton John is the Piano Man?
8- I love Billy Joel, but he was an absolute *** to Elton John and he should apologize to the man that saved his career
Miley Cyrus stuns on 'New York State of Mind' duet with Billy Joel
I liked a video Billy Joel and Miley Cyrus Perform "New York State of Mind" at Madison Square Garden
You can get what you want or you can just get old — Billy Joel
"I've been watching you waltz all night, Dianne." Name some other bad pick-up lines from Billy Joel lyrics.
Billy Joel playing live at old Trafford next June, think I’ll have some of that..
Me listening to Billy Joel on loop right meow:
Billy Joel // Vienna is so good 🙌🏼 even better that it reminds me of 13 Going on 30 🔥
how do you get the pre sale for Billy Joel??
Pull up next to my mom at a stop light. I'm playing Billy Joel and she's playing Lil Jon. 😂😂💀
One time I was inebriated and I swear I saw Billy Joel perform on the train.
The 11 yo's motivational music before soccer is ... Strange kid - I like Billy Joel, but mine would be
This thread is giving me life. (Also, as a dyed in the wool Yank, I must give Billy Joel honorable mention.)
The Muppet Show, with special guest star Billy Joel. It's time to pee on the fart
.performance of 'New York State of Mind' is EVERYTHING like Billy Joel said.. "Girls got pipes!" 🌟🌟🌟 https:/…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Miley Cyrus stuns on ‘New York State of Mind duet with Billy Joel: In lieu…
I don't think I've ever had a problem in my life that there wasn't a Billy Joel song for.
Imagine being invited from legend Billy Joel to sing with him at his sold out show. Miley can relate and did what t…
Someone buy me Billy Joel ticket's pls
MAKES ME HAPPY: Billy Joel & Miley Cyrus singing “New York State of Mind.” Great duet brought back good memories of my NYC days. 10-7-17.
Every Catholic school girl I grew up with still loves that creepy Billy Joel song where hes tryin to bang a Catholic HS girl for some reason
Miley Cyrus and Billy Joel performing "New York State of Mind" is my favorite thing.
Will you have Disabled Carer tickets available for the Billy Joel concert at Old Trafford in June '18?
Billy Joel marathon on this radio station. I love Detroit radio stations
Are the mountain goats kind of like if Billy Joel was folk punk? Are they??? I don’t know
Miley talking about Billy Joel asking her to sing with him
Clones make fun of Billy Joel in the Jungle for crashing into houses Drunk,Well Chris Columbus did it with a country.
Chuck Klosterman once called Billy Joel "the iceberg lettuce of rock & roll," which is the most perfect…
For some reason I've listened to nothing but Billy Joel and Elton John for the last week and a half
Sounds like a line from that Billy Joel song...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Paul McCartney brought out fellow music legend Billy Joel to perform Beatles classics “Get Back” and “Birthday”...
"I guarantee that cats like Elton John better" [than Billy Joel] [aka the only thing me and Chad fight about Billy v Elton.]
Where tf is Elton John or Billy Joel.or Lionel Richie? This line-up is trash.
When souvenir by billy Joel comes on I turn into a fountain of tears.
Billy Joel joins Paul live on stage for tribute - Starts at 60
i know it's a lot to ask, but could you please cover Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" at a show?
"Joel delivered just the kind of performance that is wanted in a baseball stadium." Read the full STL concert recap: https:/…
Who wants to listen to Billy Joel with me
Seriously, I saw a musical based on Billy Joel songs and I dug it more than this. And I love Evil Dead.
Paul McCartney sizzles in Long Island with hand from Billy Joel 52 years after nearby Sh...…
It's called "Hired Guns" but it's not all Billy Joel. Amazon, iTunes, Youtube
Watch Paul McCartney and Billy Joel play two Beatles songs in New York
He's back-ack-ack-ack! The Channel returns Oct. 2 to Ch. 4! 🎶🎹. While you wait, take our Billy Joel quiz: .
what's the Billy Joel documentary called you talked about on the show yesterday? What network? Netflix?
I’ve got Billy Joel. Apparently I stood up and saluted during “Goodnight Saigon”
Bruno, you’re great, but unless your name is Billy Joel or Paul McCartney, I’m not paying over $200 to see you in concert
Every year we write in knowing we're gonna end up w/ the late 80's Billy Joel cover band from Step…
McCartney and Joel came together to sing "Get Back" and "Birthday" at a Long Island show!
I put on Billy Joel's Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
QUIZ: See how well you know Billy Joel
You guys I'm watching the 1983 concert video Billy Joel: Live From Long Island and I'm just gonna say it, it friggin'…
I wish I had two first names like Billy Joel or Steve Martin. Not 3 though, that's taking it too far. Looking at you Sally…
Protesters block traffic, march in streets of downtown St. Louis outside of Billy Joel concert
I saw Billy Joel in concert tonight, and when he played "Pressure," I thought of David Silver.
Seeing huge musical artists play tiny venues. Billy Joel at the Blue Note, anyone?
Bruce Willis and Billy Joel team up in:. Only the Good Die Hard. Coming Soon
You give no love to Billy Joel and Phil Collins lol.
It's a Billy Joel, Elton John, and Phil Collins kinda day today
Billy Joel gets cheeky about that time Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence climbed on his piano via
Billy Joel is becoming one of my favorite singers. He's up there with Phil Collins and Bon Jovi
If it's not Billy Joel, it's Phil Collins and neither men deserve the hate.
Oh ok.I went to Billy Joel on sat. Went early.Grant u Billy sold out but just coming into the Linc…
Long Island should become its own country and our citizenship test will be you have to sing Billy Joel's Piano Man perfect…
Will someone please for the love of God arrange a Kip Moore and Billy Joel performance of "Guitar Man" and "Piano Man?"
hi Dan Taylor great music can you play so alive by the rockets? Or some Billy Joel or Aerosmith? 🎧🎼😊
Always a good time when aunt Donna comes out 🍻 @ Billy Joel at…
Paul Simon was New York before Billy Joel and Billy Joel was New York before Jay Z was New York but who are we...
TAYLOR, Billy Joel is out front he is putting out the trash again LOL LOLLOL
Spending the evening in South Philly covering high school football, infinitely preferable to hearing Billy Joel. Don't @ me
Hope you, Michael Moore and Billy Joel have a good broadcast
Only thing getting me through the end of this week is Billy Joel on Saturday!!! 😁😁😁
The pianist in has played Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, and now Green Day. This has been a positive airport experience.
Steel & Oak is literally playing "Billy Joel's Greatest Hits" and I'm so comfortably lame I might stay until the end of the album.
lowkey wanna experience being at a bar with Billy Joel singing by a piano
What do you get when you mix Billy Joel and Freddie Mercury? Kyle Craft's "Eye of a Hurricane" is so good:…
Not to spoil the whole thing for you, but:. 1. That time Gwyneth Paltrow referred to Billy Joel as “William Joel.”
Billy Joel wore a Star of David jacket during his NYC show encore.
Billy Joel wore a Star of David onstage to protest rising anti-Semitism: via
Billy Joel wears Star of David during sold-out show in NYC via
Billy Joel wears Star of David at concert after Charlottesville
Billy Joel wore the yellow Star of David in protest of neo-Nazis
Billy Joel, has said he likes to stay out of politics, but it looks like neo-Nazi nonsense made him change his mind. https…
Billy Joel wears Star of David to concert after Trump's Charlottesville comments
Ask Billy Joel who the real jews are.🕎👍🏾
Needless to say 2 years in Serbia and 1 in Iraq, it was hours upon hours of Billy Joel sing along.
One of my all time favorites making a bold statement.
I've been wearing my traditional one since Charlottesville. Billy Joel's is VERY chilli…
Billy Joel wears Star of David on jacket to protest neo-Nazi activity
Went to a Billy Joel concert and people actually thought he left before playing Piano Man.
Billy Joel wore a yellow Star Of David on stage to protest neo-Nazis
domain names
"Thank you, Billy, for reminding people what it may never ever be again," wrote his ex, Christie Brinkley.
Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David pinned to his blazer during concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden.
"We're liberating towns out on Long Island" is the worst Billy Joel song.
I have a love-hate relationship with Billy Joel's music, but theres nobody who can deny this man respect for...
I'm not the world's biggest fan of Billy Joel, but this was on point.
Billy Joel wears Star of David to protest Trump's response to Charlottesville
Joel ditches his usual apolitical stance for a anti-Nazi protests
Billy Joel doing is encores at MSG on 8/21 wearing one Jewish Star on his breast and another on his back. He is a true hero. h…
I didn't need another reason to love Billy Joel, but here it is anyway. via
Billy Joel wore the Star of David on his jacket to make a statement while performing at Madison Square Garden in NYC
Billy Joel is the bill Murray of music
Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" will ALWAYS be a favorite song of mine! . Hey - remember when Tony Womack had that as his At Bat song?!?
Me when call Billy Joe Armstrong, Billy Joel at the Green Day concert 😑🙄
My band, 52nd Street - Playing the Music of Billy Joel will be opening for a phenomenal Neil Diamond tribute act...
Tomorrow, Billy Joel is performing at Wrigley Field! Tickets still available at:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
moving off Long Island for the first time has me doing things like searching "Billy Joel lyrics decor" on Etsy
Thirty years ago, Billy Joel played 6 shows in the former Soviet Union that shook the world, and destroyed a piano.
JACK FM has tickets for Billy Joel! Win 'em around 4:20 during the 2 hour commercial free ride w/ Remy.…
Check out "Captain Jack" by Billy Joel on Amazon Music. what in the world are tie dye jeans
All of the cookbooks in Billy Joel's world have been written by his third ex-wife, Katie Lee Joel, wit…
And alternately Spotify has just delivered me a previously unknown Dean Friedman who seems to be a low rent Billy Joel.
2 songs that will always fix my mood:. Chances Are - Johnny Mathis. She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel
Yes, but not as much as Billy Joel.
I think we assume that because we think that would be fair. The classic story of Billy Joel not gettin…
I don't care if it IS the best song he ever did, I still shake my head every time someone calls Billy Joel the "Piano Man."
Currently listening to my sister mess around on the piano in the other room and she just started playing Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
Billy Joel - Piano Man (Live at Shea Stadium) I dedicate this song to ME and Faye Papas Georgian Court Alumnus owner
The Billy Joel Songbook performed by Elio Pace and his band comes to Lancaster Grand on Saturday 16th Sep at 7:30pm
Billy Joel - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me via Rock it for me 1 time Mr Joel
"The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel on 12th album River of Dreams. At least 4 vers of the song have been recor…
We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel
Win a trip to Billy Joel in Philadelphia with Smooth's Passport To The Stars!
Billy Joel vibes on my way to work always makes everything better
Billy Joel's rejected first draft of We Didn't Start The Fire...
Billy honored legend Larry Doby, the father of crew member Larry Doby, Jr., during his concert last Friday…
Billy Joel has played New York's Madison Square Garden 65 times, more than anyone in history. Elton John is second with 64 appearances.
When you're at the billy Joel concert and he says he's about to sing the last song but blurryface d…
I added a video to a playlist Uptown Girl - Billy Joel - instrumental cover by Dave Monk
Pokemon: BILLY JOEL may be seen around the farting hut. It is Eskimoly naughty and Dutch.
Billy talks about his connection to Oyster Bay Long Island & the Baymen of Oyster Bay Harbor. Watch now:
[first date]. Me: *leading her into my basement*. I normally wait until the second date. But I like you, so here's my Billy Jo…
on Actual Radio Tell Her About It by Billy Joel - Tune in via the website
Eric Church singing Piano Man by Billy Joel and Troubadour by George Strait 🎶
Billy Joel is one of my favorite music artists ever. His songwriting skills, playing instruments…
I had a dream last night that Bobby Flay and Giada took me to see Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum
Billy Joel honored with new banner at Nassau Coliseum! 🙌. Read more:
You know, Billy Joel did a concert in our new 40,000 seat stadium…
I honestly need Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick-Harris to do their rendition of Longest Time (by Billy Joel)
Friday July 14th at Mizner Park Amphitheater - free tribute to Billy Joel by the Turnstiles at in…
So good. Back Noine ... noine under ... ahem Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum. Genius
Billy Joel will play Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Friday, November 3, 2017. . More info:
Only one more day to get tickets to see Billy Joel's original band, the Lords of 52nd Street in Milford CT
Every morning I wake up, pour myself a cup of coffee in my Billy Joel mug, tune into News 12 and inject Long Island directly…
if you can't bump to:. Elton John . Billy Joel. Fleetwood Mac. The Beatles. ABBA. David Bowie. U2. Prince. Queen. The Cars. Toto. The…
Only the good die young - Billy Joel. The best summer song don't @ me
They're like used Billy Joel or Doobie Bros records. The demand will never be able to keep up with the supply.
I'm very scared of the idea of a space-monkey mafia. I'm glad Billy Joel saved u
Killer Queen by Queen and Rocket Man by Elton John. And Vienna by Billy Joel.
I think today is a Billy Joel kind of day. I listened to him and Elton John almost constantly when I wrote the Big City Heat series.
My only discernible talent is, singing along to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire, and getting all the words right 🔥 🎶🔥🎶
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Billy Joel is the pride of Long Island.
Billy Joel is returning to his hometown this weekend to Speak at Hicksville High School's graduation ceremony…
It's not real until you make the twins sing along with Billy Joel...
If we can jam out to billy Joel, we are basically best friends.
Just burst into a grocery store and immediately and coldly started whistling along to the Billy Joel, who am I an events…
Good music never ages, right? Just listening to The Stranger by Billy Joel which I bought 40 (!) years ago. Still great and so many memories
on Actual Radio My Life by Billy Joel - Local for
Billy Joel to speak at Hicksville H.S. graduation via
Billy Joel to speak at hometown graduation: - Home -
Billy Joel to speak at Long Island hometown high graduation
The first of month is coming! Are we getting the Billy Joel channel back on ?
Billy will return to his hometown on Saturday to help celebrate Hicksville High School’s graduation ceremony:…
Don't go back to Rockville by REM, Ohio by The Pretenders, Allentown by Billy Joel. Some oldies for ya
As Billy Joel sung, "Honesty, it's such a lonely word..." Congrats on the achievement.
If Billy Joel didn't start the fire, who did?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Fifty years after finishing short by one credit, Billy Joel is returning to his hometown to speak at graduation:
Billy Joel to speak at hometown graduation by via Home -
Ernie Chambers was singing us some Billy Joel!
Billy Joel and Lambeau prove to be perfect match - Green Bay Press Gazette
"And now they got Billy Joel on, m'comin' 'ere again!". Dee is easily excited, he's found a new favourite bar that doesn't have strippers.
Had a good mix in our house, dad was more Motown, 60's ELO, Billy Joel, mum was more on the rock side
One more for your dataset Ian. I'm 39 and can't stand the Beatles. Chuck in Queen and Billy Joel as well. Painful.
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