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Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver (born August 16, 1939 in Corsicana, Texas) is a Texas country music singer and songwriter.

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♫Feliz Navidad by Billy Joe Shaver, José Feliciano, Flaco Jiménez, from with LiveLyrics®
best part of evening: George Strait singing Billy Joe Shaver's "WILLIE".
I live a few miles from Rileys Tavern in New Braunfels TX. I'll be there for Billy Joe Shaver. It's the best bar ever
If we had more people like Billy Joe Shaver, music wouldn’t suck so bad. Dude tells it how it is.
This is Billy Joe Shaver maddogging me at the Long Beach Folk Revival Fest. Wanna know why? Stay…
Tonight on 2nd shift we are listening to Billy Joe Shaver's album 'Tramp On Your Street' - Here's 'Old Chunk Of Coa…
Never give up. Look at ol Billy Joe Shaver. You Can Do.
But I still think Billy Joe Shaver wuz robbed.
I'm sure I don't know what makes a worthy lit laureate--after last year I was expecting Billy Joe Shaver--but he's a good novelist.
Yes Billy Joe Shavers son. Shaver Live at Smiths Ole Bar is a great…
Ask Billy Joe Shaver how that worked out for him in Waco.
You should hear Billy Joe Shaver tell the story of how he tried to commit suicide, took acid for the 1st time, then wrote his signature song
I love Billy Joe Shaver because I love really crazy electronica; "Tramp on Your Street" gets me so pumped up!
you should get Billy Joe Shaver on the show, the guy has to be naturally funny/crazy
Not a fan of theirs but their version of "Live Forever" with Billy Joe Shaver is my favorite. Played in…
Window Rock. An important song about the Son of a man that we all love. Billy Joe Shaver. RIP Eddy…
The Gridiron show is this Saturday. Had a fun talk with about it.
What was it Billy Joe Shaver sang about Amarillo? Something like, "Screw you, you ain't worth passing through."
Tony Sorce I believe I was telling you about this guy.
Fun read about original outlaw county badass Billy Joe Shaver. Definitely go see him perform if you get a chance.
Really great read if you haven't already...
Lol. Oh I know about Billy Joe, for sure dude!!! Must be a Waco thing huh, somethi…
Waylon Jennings sings Billy Joe Shaver and it doesn't get much better.
A fine piece on Billy Joe Shaver by An American treasure.
You have written a truly great book. Any chance of following that by writing a song for Billy Joe Shaver?
Old outlaw keeps shooting. They always do.
Had to save this a few days until I could get to it, well worth the read!
Billy Joe Shaver invented outlaw country music. Why is he still rambling around Texas in a v
You fathers and you mothers. Be good to one another. Please try to raise your children right. Billy Joe Shaver - Live Forever
Cursed to be born as serious souls. No one will take seriously. Billy Joe Shaver - Serious Souls
| Billy Joe Shaver - i been to georgia on a Fast Train ( tune in here -> )
It's about 10% Billy Joe Shaver, 20% Fear and Loathing, 30% Chekhov, and 40% Dirty Work 2. If you like him, you'll be very happy.
Loadin' up some oldies (but goodies) on High Plains Morning: Vashti Bunyan, The Painted Faces, The Casual-Aires, &…
on I'm listening to Hard To Be An Outlaw by Billy Joe Shaver/Willie Nelson for *** sure
lol close to my guess billy Joe shaver. But nope. Woody Guthrie 🇺🇸🇺🇸
The new book opens with a Billy Joe Shaver quote. Need I say more?
Great as (usual with)But I need to know how Norm became friends with the great Billy Joe Shaver.
Elle and I traded off listening to music on the car ride today. Went from Nick Cave to Billy Joe Shaver. V eclectic couple.
i love ya Billy Joe and i tell everyone to listen to you and try to catch you on tour. GOD Bless U
I added a video to a playlist Billy Joe Shaver
Billy Joe Shaver - Free outdoor concerts and performing arts in Arlington TX via
Billy Joe Shaver at the Levitt Pavilion Arlington. This is the last weekend until next year. If you haven't made...
Billy Joe Shaver is performing country hits you will recognize 8pm tonight
If you know background to this song by Billy Joe Shaver this cover by Joe Ely is just wonderful. "Live Forever".
If there ever was a poet for the working class Billy Joe Shaver and Merle Haggard would be m
One of our focus songs tomorrow is Billy Joe Shaver's "I'm Gonna Live Forever."
I'm going to at SHANK HALL in Milwaukee, WI - Aug 16
I might go to at Threadgill's World Headquarters in Austin, TX - Aug 27
Well I'm out on the town ... Gonna take in Billy Joe Shaver show at Love & War in Texas in Grapevine.
Live Forever - Shaver - Billy Joe and the late Eddie Shaver
Dallas friends...Opening the Billy Joe Shaver show acoustic tonight at Love and War in Grapevine, TX. 9pm.
Billy Joe Shaver sharing the story of why he wrote Wacko in Waco at Music on Main
Remember to swing Friday evening on your way to hear Billy Joe Shaver at Heritage Park during Music on Main.
Upcoming Event: Music on Main - Billy Joe Shaver with Designated Drifters - 7/29/2016
On this day in 1995, Todd sat in with Widespread Panic. It was the first time WSP played the Billy Joe Shaver...
I know we have been talking about the Billy Joe Shaver show a lot, but we also have another pretty great show...
please book Billy Joe Shaver, I'd love to see the living legend on your stage.
Super Co-Bill: Billy Joe Shaver and Amanda Shires on Friday, August 5th! Andrew Leahey & the Homestead open the...
Today's CMM Tracks of the Day are brought to you by Billy Joe Shaver and Jason Boland!
Five and Dimer: Billy Joe Shaver sings in the key of life Even if you don't know the name Billy Joe Shaver, you've…
Love my new Acoustic Silvertone! Thanks to all that came out to the Billy Joe Shaver show last wk! https:…
Billy Joe Shaver is going to be at The Foundry in Athens in May. Brings back memories. Saw Shaver at the now defunct City Stages in 1994.
Tickets for Billy Joe Shaver this Friday are going FAST! He is a living legend who has written dozens of songs...
"Heart of Texas" - Billy Joe shaver Live at Billy Bob's Texas
THURSDAY country singer will be at the
'Time to resign from the human race', met dank aan Kinky Friedman en Billy Joe Shaver aan het luisteren.
Huge week coming up. .Billy Joe Shaver Friday, Micky and the Motorcars Saturday! Get your tickets NOW...
I might go to at Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ - Apr 21
Songwriting is the cheapest psychiatrist I know. -Billy Joe Shaver.
📷 Slim Chance and the Playboys by Billy Joe Shaver/Kevin Fowler on Outlaw Country.
reminded me I'd drafted this a few weeks back when I was bored and never posted it. So here.
We're opening for the original Honky Tonk Hero, Billy Joe Shaver, at River Road Icehouse tonight!
Billy Joe Shaver Playing Live Friday Night at at 8 PM at in Austin, TX via
do you dig the Hag song Kern River? Also do you listen to any Billy Joe Shaver? I assume so as a son of Texas.
of our interview w/ Billy Joe Shaver sings, talks Haggard, hit album & more
KCEN TV sat down with local songwriting legend Billy Joe Shaver today to talk about the passing of country music...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Billy Joe Shaver, one of the greats. Old Chunk of Coal.
I'm going to at Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC - Jun 4
Lovely interview with Billy Joe Shaver! Thrilled to have him with on June 3! http…
It must be my Billy Joe Shaver Revival Day - Fit to Kill and Going Out in Style via
. Whatevs, Billy Joe Shaver wrote Honky Tonky Heroes after he telling Waylon he would kick his *** if Waylon didnt listen
'The Really Big Show’ to benefit Hull Family Creative Arts Scholarship . . Billy Joe Shaver will be performing for...
BILLY JOE SHAVER got their posted to Charlotte Mugshots
On a train from Philly to DC singing in my head, "She's Amtrak and ain't coming back"-Billy Joe Shaver
I'm going to Live Forever , I'm going to cross that river -Billy joe shaver
I just used Shazam to discover I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train by Billy Joe Shaver.
What do Kinky Friedman, Billy Joe Shaver, Pitbull, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse & Andy Williams have in common? .
Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver lead the Luck Reunion lineup
If at first you don't succeed - try and try again.. If all you do is lose you better find a way to win - Billy Joe Shaver
Billy Joe Shaver "Ragged Old Truck" Saving this for a go to bed at dawn kinda night. ;)
Need Valentines Day plans? How about an intimate concert featuring at on Feb 13th?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I really want to see James McMurtry and Billy Joe Shaver perform together in a concert/political debate.
ha I only have my 1 of my kids and Billy joe shaver smoking and holding a beer people ask if he's my dad
Listen to I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal by Billy Joe Shaver on
I just found out my drummer met your grandpa a few years ago at farmaid he played w Billy Joe Shaver 😊
Am I the only one who thinks of the Waylon/Billy Joe Shaver song every time Peyton yells "Omaha!"
Jeg likte en – Billy Joe Shaver with Waylon Jennings - Heart of Texas
Just like I always told you. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. Nobody here will ever find me. But I always be around. -Billy Joe Shaver
Lets not get the great Billy Joe Shaver involved. He might shoot the thief in their goddammed face
Billy Joe Shaver at Floore's. Pretty good little Friday night.
Billy Joe Shaver at Working on my cred.
I hate that both Billy Joe Shaver and Hayes Carll are performing tonight...seeing Hayes tonight and hopefully Billy will come back around!
Off to play a gig... Ima hit em with a lill Billy Joe Shaver wether they know it or not!
THIS JUST IN! I'll be opening the show for Billy Joe Shaver TONIGHT at in Helotes! come on down!
"If I'd never felt the sunshine, *** I would not curse the rain"- Billy Joe Shaver. He knew when to end a song, too.
"As you contemplate the next piece of art that you will steal, know this. I'm the real deal": so says my good friend Billy Joe Shaver.
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Waylon Jennings doing a Billy Joe Shaver song is hard to beat.
Great songwriter. Great live too. If u haven't seen him...GO NOW! ps. Check out Billy Joe Shaver too. He IS Outlaw Country
not sorry to be missing MLA, but I am sorry to be missing the sidetrip some of my friends are taking to see Billy Joe Shaver at Riley's
Posted a new photo: " On the set for The Late Show with David Letterman with Billy Joe Shaver and Will..."
Dammit I knew that Billy Joe Shaver concert would sell out
Seeing and Billy Joe Shaver on Friday got me like
The further Invention of country soul folk rock…Billy Joe and Eddy Shaver hitting the note in Austin…Billy Joe is...
acoustic set has begun and starting it off is Billy Joe Shaver with "Live Forever"
Billy Joe Shaver this coming Saturday. Tickets available at
When the Fallen Angels Fly - Written by Billy Joe Shaver. Narrated by Hank Beukema
Billy Joe Shaver with Eddie Shaver - I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (Live 1990)
Q&A Feature: Counsel of Elders: on Honoring the Song via
Hey buddy. I'm thankful we got to see BIlly Joe Shaver in 2015! Happy Thanksgiving.
another walking with the Fat Bald White Guy song.Billy Joe Shaver is one of the best song writers I have...
"It's nice to be important. More important to be nice" . Billy Joe Shaver
Billy Joe and Eddie Shaver with Try & Try Again...on 'The Gospel'.
Billy Joe Shaver- Step On Up. One of the greatest songwriters in outlaw country, and I love the chord progression …
folks are leaving town. Where i was born. Well, the only thing that makes me laugh again. i'm listening to Billy Joe Shaver
Happy lil' piece on one of the best songs about living forever:
Thanks! "I may have been born yesterday, but I got up early and I stayed up late" -Billy Joe Shaver
it is the man, the myth, the legend, Billy Joe Shaver now with "Honky Tonk Heroes"
speaking of Thurs is the 9 yrs since my dad died & Im going to see AA Bondy &it's going to be Billy Joe Shaver level emotional
The outlaw Billy Joe Shaver at Willie's 4th of July picnic!
first off I have to shamefully admit I saw all those artists but still missed Ray Wylie, Leon Russell, & Billy Joe Shaver...
Billy Joe Shaver, still kickin and punchin as the original honey tonk hero
Jus looking at Billy Joe Shaver is like looking at America.
We have 2 big shows coming up in August. 8/14 GARY P. NUNN. Tickets are $15. 8/21 BILLY JOE SHAVER. Tickets are...
We asked what he thinks of the young guns playing 4th of July Picnic:
How do you tell Billy Joe Shaver he only gets to play for 25 minutes? I guess.
The great Billy Joe Shaver closing down Friday at Mathis Fest.
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billy joe shaver - you just can't beat Jesus Christ via
Billy Joe Shaver, one of my country heroes. Georgia on a Fast Train (RIP Eddy)
is about to draft an article where i quote Billy Joe Shaver . . . . Just felt like sharing that
Country pioneer Billy Joe Shaver to perform in Mathis
Outlaw country original Billy Joe Shaver homage to Johnny Cash on Sunday. Photo by vonbadsville…
Just ran into Billy Joe Shaver at the LA airport & he gotta new gold tooth!
Such a privilege to interview Billy Joe Shaver, the truest outlaw there is. His life has been one long country ballad
Tom Jones covers Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Billy Joe Shaver, and more (videos) - via
Incredible show last night at Vagabond! Thank you Ron Riley and Billy Joe Shaver. Awesome shows next week, too,...
Billy Joe Shaver, Jim Lauderdale and Scott Miller on stage together singing a gospel song at Music City Roots...
Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Nashville thinks Billy Joe Shaver should get more credit. What do you think?...
yep. Never seen him. Been a fan for a while now. Billy Joe Shaver is coming later this summer. Alejandro Escovedo & Joe Ely in May
Tonight on the Big Show : Kid Rock tickets, Craig Hlavaty, Lone Star Rally Mark and passes for a Night of Stimulation with Billy Joe Shaver
I wish Billy Joe Shaver and Kristian Bush would form a duo. Shaver/Bush.
My friend and former guitarist for Diamondback Jeremy Woodall, will be on the Late Show with David letterman tomorrow night with our old bossman Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson. Y'all check em out
~UPDATE~ September 30, 2014 For Immediate release: Concerts on the Bay is taking the Billy Joe Shaver show, Friday, October 3, 2014 indoors to the Hilton Garden Inn. We have made arrangements for staging, seating, dance floor, cash bar, food concessions, vendor’s area, artist’s lounge and dressing rooms and it’s all taking place in their beautiful 10,000 square foot ballroom. A front is predicted to blow through at mid-day Friday along with heavy rain. Make plans now to enjoy this Texas icon in a very comfortable setting on South Padre Island. Britney Lobas will open at 7:00pm. Billy Joe Shaver will perform at 8:30pm. Saturday’s show is still on for the outdoor stage. Come out to the Island and make your friends jealous.
A norther is forecast to blow through Friday, so the Friday night free concert on the Island headlining Texas icon Billy Joe Shaver has been moved indoors at the Hilton Garden Inn. The show will go on!
All I can do is listen to Billy Joe Shaver and hope for the best lol
“Old Five and Dimers Like Me” by Billy Joe Shaver is my new jam. Listen:
I know. On my list. Also want the new billy joe shaver album
Happy Bday to one of my favorite musicians of all time, Billy Joe Shaver.
And my gateway drugs were Johnny Cash, Billy Joe Shaver and Jason & the Scorchers. No idea why Jason and Billy Joe are cult, not pop.
"The devil made me do it the first time. The second time I done it on my own" Black Rose - Billy Joe Shaver.
Any chance you can bump some Billy Joe Shaver during the afternoon show today?
Ray Wylie Hubbard and W Earl Brown nailing a Shaver tune for Billy Joe's 75th. Eady, Ely, Boland, McMurtry all there.
I wanna see a Billy Joe Shaver show so bad.😔
My brother had tickets to Billy Joe Shaver's birthday bash and skipped it to see me. What a *** I didn't write Georgia On A Fast Train.
It's been a full weekend. Topping it off with Billy Joe Shaver at the Paramount!
Celebrating Billy Joe Shaver's 75th birthday at the Paramount
Great time last night@ Redneck Country Club & yes that is the legend himself Billy Joe Shaver
I'm going to at Paramount Theater in Austin, TX - Sep 28
A few shots from last night at the RCC with Billy Joe Shaver and Sheila Marshall. Great show!
I'm listening to You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ (Live) by Billy Joe Shaver on Pandora
Billy Joe Shaver - Fit to Kill and Going Out in Style (Houston 09.27.14) HD: via
That moment when Billy Joe Shaver sends you a text & you debate whether you're actually cool enough to text him back.
Billy Joe Shaver singing songs from Long In The Tooth. Some of his best work since Everybody's Brother
please save a few. Going to need them after the Billy Joe Shaver concert at RCC
.I just talked to Billy Joe Shaver and he shook my hand! This more exciting than meeting Ronald Reagan.
Sunday music picks: 75th birthday at via
$3 a ticket to see Billy Joe Shaver tonight? Yes. Get 4 tickets to a package of 3 shows for a TOTAL of $40.
From Emmylou Harris to Moon Taxi. St. Paul & The Broken Bones to Billy Joe Shaver. is documenting it all at
Tickets to Billy Joe Shaver at the White Water Tavern are officially SOLD OUT!
Gamblers who wagered that Texas singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver would be buried, incarcerated or straitjacketed before he'd hit his 75th birthday had to pay up Saturday night. 
“played with Billy Joe Shaver to warm up!”
played with Billy Joe Shaver to warm up!
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Billy Joe Shaver remembers Elvis Presley on the anniversary of the King's death via
Tomorrow night me and Billy Joe Shaver will hit the Rhythm Room in central Phoenix at 8 p.m. sharp!…
Long in the Tooth review Billy Joe Shaver shows how honky-tonk heroes grow old via
This songwriting and music institution, otherwise known as Billy Joe Shaver, will be playing…
Tickets are starting to go FAST for Billy Joe Shaver tonight...glad to see people with great taste in music!
Interview: Billy Joe Shaver on Bob Dylan, new country via
Billy Joe Shaver Charts for the First Time Ever with new album
Did you know that Billy Joe Shaver wrote almost the entire "Honky Tonk Heroes" album for Waylon Jennings??!! See...
I really want to congratulate him for his Billy Joe Shaver "whisky" proximity "wry" pun but maybe it shouldn't be encouraged.
Billy Joe Shaver shines during 75th birthday party at the Satellite
No show? Too bad. The show was on a roll. Wuz kinda hoping for an audience with Billy Joe Shaver. Stanhope's in LA, too...
Billy Joe Shaver at the Satellite: 'It ain't what goes into your mouth that defiles you but what comes out.'
Our good friend Otis Gibbs (you may remember him on the bill with Leon Russell last year or Billy Joe Shaver this...
Americana godfather - Billy Joe Shaver...Here is an NPR interview with the 75-year-old Texan coming to Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach Fri. the 15th... go to for seats.
Save your pocket change. Cause August 5th there are three must own albums coming out. 1. Billy Joe Shaver-long in...
Concert review: The honky-tonk heroism of Billy Joe Shaver (with Jack Grelle) at the Old Rock House, Friday, July 18
Zoe Muth, the woman that opens for Billy Joe Shaver. . Wait, that sounds dirty.
I might be the youngest person at this Billy Joe Shaver concert. Probably not the handsomest though. I’ll ask around.
About to head out to see Billy Joe Shaver. That’s one week after seeing American Aquarium and Turnpike Troubadours. Maybe Ohio isn’t ***
Here is an interesting interview with country music legend Billy Joe Shaver, who will play here on July 14:
Last night Billy Joe Shaver and Otis Gibbs play to a packed house! Thanks everyone who came out and supported...
Me and my buddy dubyah1181 with Billy Joe Shaver @ Duling Hall
Had a really FUN laid back jam at Par's Place in Fairfield,Ohio this evenin'. Really appreciate gettin' to chill out and sing my original songs (including my newly re-discovered song co-written with Wayne Mills ) along with a heapin' helpin' of classic, John Anderson, Moe Bandy, Mel Street, Gene Watson, Jimmy Martin, Billy Joe Shaver, Marshall Tucker Band, Willie Nelson and Waylon *** Jennings tunes. Between the Bourbon and the banter 'tween the jams I really did have a *** Good Time and sure do appreciate getting to hang with friends here at home! Off to KENTUCKY tomorrow night for a Dallas Moore Band show at Garrett's Place Sports Bar and Grill in Walton,Ky 9:30pm. Y'all C'mon and GIT AMONGST IT!!! See Ya Down The Road.
Hello everybody! Just wanted to give you an update. Billy Joe Shaver has cancelled his late May dates to recover from an inner ear infection which has made it impossible for him to travel or perform. He will make a full recovery and will tour again surrounding the release of his first new studio album in six years, Long in the Tooth. However, his doctors have ordered him to cancel his remaining May shows and rest and recover. Shows that have been cancelled are: 5/24 Kansas City MO - Westport Music Festival 5/30 McKinney TX - Hank's 5/31 Hubbard TX - Woodall's
Three reason to be excited about new summer music. Old Crow Medicine Show,Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson are...
I will never forget that Billy Joe Shaver likes Steve Spurrier
Stormin' Norman, congratulations on the new gig. Now to decide who will lead your band: Billy Joe Shaver?
All of my idols are dead, except Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Merle Haggard.
ADAM CARTER PLAYING MERCK MTN MUSIC FEST- Saturday 4/19 from 6-6:30! Adam is a current up-and-coming artist in modern country with a skill set that allows him to stand out amongst the rest. He is a seasoned guitar player as well as a talented vocalist and delivers the best performance possible each and every gig. He has had the privilege of performing with many recognized artists in the country music community, such as Brad Paisley, Billy Joe Shaver, Willie Nelson, and Loretta Lynn. Adam is currently working with management in Nashville and has gained interest from major record labels. He is also in the process of working on his first three singles. Additional band members: Scotty Hawkins – drummer for Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn, Collin Raye, and Darryl Worley Tim Collins - Keyboards and studio engineer Brandon Lambert – rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and songwriting partner The current set lists include songs from the genres of country, southern rock, classic rock, blues, funk, and many others. ...
At the end of a long day, not much cheers me up more (music-wise) than this song. Billy Joe Shaver is such a songwriting hero of mine! Love John Anderson's draawwwlll
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Here is Billy Joe Shaver singing "My Valentine" with Nanci Griffith! Thank you All for Being My Valentine! I do so appreciate all your lovely comments.My ...
I wish i could have the opportunity to meet Billy Joe Shaver.
Billy Joe Shaver and Billy Don Burns ... Outlaws in Concert March 8 - Calico Rock Tickets may be purchased at the link below... $15-$50...
Friday nite, late, and here I sit, semi watching golf being played by the pros at Pebble Beach, and listening to Billy Joe Shaver, an under appreciated county singer, on you tube, who only gets better with age. And he has a lot of that, as do I. My favorite from his many is "I'm Gonna Live Forever". We're not, of course, and I suspect there's a lesson in there somewhere, but my soul searching abilities are about as sharp as a boulder. And about as dense. Kinda like my golf game. And I'm okay with both of those thoughts. Tomorrow we get to watch the two youngest granddaughters, ages six and ten, close out their basketball season. Both are integral parts of their team and will play with heart and smiles and will give it their all. They always do. There won't be a larger fan base there. That's how us Russellls and Shugarts roll. It's in our DNA. Later in the day we'll probably end up watching our oldest granddaughter play varsity softball in a local tournament. I should be working on two othe ...
Just completed an interview with Billy Joe Shaver... He is looking forward to coming to North Central Arkansas for the March 8 concert at Calico Rock. Joining Billy Joe will be the great singer/songwriter Billy Don Burns. Another very special surprise guest may be announced soon. Mark your calendar and tell your friends.
I've been on this Guy Clark, Larry Joe Taylor, Billy Joe Shaver kick got two weeks. The Honky Tonk Godfathers.
Another great Billy Joe Shaver tune from the 2007 album "Everybody's Brother. This one requested by my friend Marianne
Billy Joe Shaver - I don’t miss the money Or the time or pride that’s gone But I sort of miss the outlaw...
"Black Rose" from Billy Joe Shaver's 'Live From Austin TX' performance. Buy it today on Amazon or iTunes
I got all my country learnin', a-milikin' and a-churnin', pickin' cotton, raisin' *** and bailing hay. . Billy Joe Shaver
Billy Joe Shaver - That's Why the Man in Black Sings the Blues -
Billy Joe Shaver on all morning long!!
I wish Billy Joe Shaver was MY spiritual advisor.
Billy Joe Shaver cover performed with Jeff Plankenhorn at SPACE, Evanston, October 25, 2012
I personally think Waylon is a greater artist than Johnny Cash. Billy Joe Shaver as well.
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Josh Thomas, with EDDIE SHAVER on lead guitar this is crazy good , yes Billy Joe's son sad pat is he was only...
Let me tell all you songwriters something.Go to youtube and Listen to Billy Joe Shaver,Hank Williams,Neil Diamond,Dwight Yoakam,Harlan Howard,John Prine,Jackson Browne,Merle Haggard,Willie Nelson. *** on the music industry.If you are good enough they will find you.Don't kiss anybody's ***
Festival Season is almost here! Make sure you head up to Abilene in March for Outlaws and Legends Music Fest! They have one heck of a line-up this year. Robert Earl Keen, Leon Russell, Billy Joe Shaver, Cooder Graw, The *** Quails, Jason Boland & The Stragglers and MORE! Gonna be a great weekend of live music!
I'm listening to Billy Joe Shaver and I'm reading James Joyce
What a butt kicking!!! Decided to listen to Billy Joe Shaver!
Warning warning warning, Fri the 14th we have Wayne the train Hancock playing and Sat the 15th is Billy Joe Shaver. It ya know what's good for ya then you'll be there.
Lately, every time I hear a great song and look up who originally wrote it, it's Billy Joe Shaver. Every single time.
Cash's covers of Billy Joe Shaver's "Communism'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal" and Jimmy Webb's "Wichita Lineman" define
Wow! the canadian version of reveals a new talent Live Forever from Billy Joe shaver
I was raised on billy joe shaver and Johnny Cash, no I'm not gonna like Taylor Swift
I know Jessie wrote that, but I can't help but think Billy Joe Shaver had a touch in it since he wrote so much of Waylon's
Check this awesome tribute to Billy Joe Shaver on the Canadian version of The Voice , La Voix -
"Love is so sweet, makes you bounce when you walk down the street"--Billy Joe Shaver.
This a song written by Billy Joe Shaver. His version, very laid back and country/bluesy. I learned it off of a Waylon record. Bye-bye ice.
What a fantastic, kicking time with the Kahunas at Elk Creek Cafe last night! We just keep making more magic all the time. So in the zone, great micro brewery, great locally raised food, and a great crowd, great sound system--how could we possibly not be our jammin best? :) And *** Doggie! I am so excited about my new Texas Swing band. We're quickly getting into full swing mode--sounds almost like Dixie Land Jazz at times--Asleep and the Wheel, Commander Cody, Ray Price, Bob Wills, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff, man is this fun stuff! We'll be filling dance floors very soon. And to make life even better yet, having my 2nd rehearsal today with an Americana version of a Rick Mullins tribute band. For those who didn't know Rich, he is my all-time favorite singer/songwriter. This is going to be a hoot! :)
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Bailey all bundled up watching Billy Joe Shaver rock out at the RCC
Headed to see my buddy Billy Joe Shaver
Heading to go see my buddy Billy Joe Shaver. Dang It's Cold! But Not That Cold.
Redneck brown & the freshwater donkeys on stage...Billy Joe Shaver up next
I must really love Billy Joe Shaver or to come out to an outdoor show in 36° weather.
so want to see Billy Joe Shaver , but way too cold!
Traffic stopped. Bridges closed. Headed back. See u at 5 , then Billy Joe Shaver at RCC
You're cool but are you Billy Joe Shaver, "you just brung a knife to a gunfight" cool.
Billy Joe Shaver defined the Outlaw movement when Waylon Jennings recorded nine of his songs on his first album... Billy Joe is the original Honky Tonk Hero... Order tickets for this great concert at Calico Rock on March 8 on this link:
I am honored to have John Dorris as management. We have talked, planned and both feel like we together are on the brink of something big. He has been a big part of a lot of careers through the years, and has decided to try again with..ME!! Here's a little background on John. John Dorris launched Hallmark Direction Company in 1983 with Don Williams as his first client. Since then, Dorris has managed numerous country artists, including ACM winners Montgomery Gentry and Blake Shelton. His career includes successful tenures at Monument Records and Combine Music Publishing, aiding the careers of artists like Roy Orbison, Kris Kristofferson, Larry Gatlin, Billy Joe Shaver, Billy Swan and others.
Jim Ed Brown is no Tom T. Hall, but then again Robert Earle Keen is no Jerry Jeff Walker, but then again Ray Wylie Hubbard is no Billy Joe Shaver, but then again David Allen Coe is no Cowboy Slim Rinehart.
Woke up in the land of Lightnin' Hopkins. Rode north to Freestone County where Blind Lemon Jefferson was born. The song references get more rocky from there. Corsicana-Billy Joe Shaver, Palistine-Steve Earle, Fort Worth-Guy Clark, Dallas-Jimmy Buffett. All I got is Clear Channel on the radio. If the mediocrity of Miley Cyrus does not make people stand up and demand more then there is no bottom to this bucket of *** that is over produced pop. I wish I could still hear it on the X. Sheesh!
Here is my Sam Bush story for the sambushstories site: I met Sam at Westside Athletic Club, where we work out. I was thrilled; I had seen him on TV, in person, and heard his recordings for years going back to New Grass, Emmylou, and Lyle Lovett days, as well as with his own band. It is always great to talk with him. I asked him to visit my History classes, and he said that he would, although I have never nailed him down. But I did stand next to him in the shower several times, and you learn a lot about a man that way (LOL)! Sam Bush is a musical hero, along with John Prine, Keb Mo, Guy Clark, Emmylou, Patty Loveless, Dwight Yoakam, Ray Benson, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, the Black Lillies, The Carolina Chocolate drops, Billy Joe Shaver, Claire Lynch, and others who make Americana beautiful. That is my SAM BUSH STORY. HOPEFULLY, IT WILL MAKE IT ON THE SAM BUSHSTORIESTE. WHEN I POSTED BEFORE, IT WAS ON MY SITE BUT NOT ON THE SAM BUSH STORY SITE. HOPEFULLY, NOW THAT I HAVE USED THE TERM SAM BUSH STORIES SEVE ...
The concert event of a lifetime. Dear friends, last night there came an unexpected knock on my door. Without reservation I opened the door to a very pleasant, older gentleman who informed me that he was here to chauffer me to a very spectacular event. Without hesitation I followed him out to a very luxurious white limousine. En route to the venue I realized that I was the happiest I'd ever felt in my life. No worries, no pain. After arriving at the venue, the chauffer escorted me to front row center, encouraged me to enjoy every moment and told me that he would return for me. There I was joined with family and friends that I hadn't seen in a very long time. After much catching up and sharing with loved ones the lights dimmed and everyone was overcome with excitement. First to take the stage was country and western sensation Billy Joe Shaver along with Eddie Shaver. The crowd went wild! Next up was Hellyeah with special guest appearance by Dimebag Darrell who rocked the house. And just when I thought thi . ...
And here it comes out and about and at the Feel the Country Bar, singers and songstress’s from all over with their own brand and style of Country Music from South Africa to Texas and beyond I will be bringing you the music that is close to your hearts! And such a line up again I really don’t know where the money comes from… and do you deserve it? Of course you do…. We got, The Charlie Daniels Band - Alabama - Billy Currington - Rhonda Vincent - Martina McBride and Alan Jackson Blackbyrd (from Cape Town amazing) - Suzette Jacobs (SA) - Pieter Mohr (SA) - Priscilla Rauscher (SA) Gerrie Snyman and Priscilla (SA) - Jan Porter (SA) - Dwight Yoakum - Billy Joe Shaver - Reba McIntire - Little Big Town Luke Bryan - Emmylou Harris - Brad Howard - Keith Urban – Gene Watson – Red Simpson – Merle Haggard - Eagles Zac Brown Band – Uncle Kracker – Vince Gill….. Don’t miss it you’ll be missin’ out!!! But the choice is yours to cry over if you do Schedule for “Feel the Country” with Dave Wes ...
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Billy Joe Shaver's Georgia On a Fast Train.. Great music to head to Athens to!
Bouncer Roscoe is spinning 'Hero' by Willie Nelson;Jamey Johnson;Billy Joe Shaver in the All Country and Rock:
TY-ONE-ON LIVE TONIGHT & $3 drink specials!! Don't forget to get your Billy Joe Shaver and Marty Stuart tickets!
Got bumped from playing with Billy Joe Shaver.. because they found a band to play for 4 tickets and a shot.--- feeling awesome.
Tickets are going FAST for our 3 headliners this month:.Stoney LaRue, Billy Joe Shaver, and Blackjack Billy!
Church at the Flora-Bama. Bar is open. 500-700 people here. Flip Flops. Band is playing Billy Joe Shaver.
"The hill I been climbing just turned into a mountain, I'm caught in the backwash of cheap talk and wine." -- Billy Joe Shaver, one deep cat
"I been to Georgia on a Fast Train, honey; I wasn't born no yesterday." -- Billy Joe Shaver, one smart cat.
Only You and Hicks. so might be Billy Joe Shaver.
You know who loves Bill Hicks, Old Strings?Billy Joe Shaver.Tells me and Bill are the only two " he has any use for". And I shut my mouth.
The only reason to like Squidbillies is Billy Joe Shaver and Dan Halen.
Tix for Billy Joe Shaver on 9/21 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot.
its a Billy Joe Shaver kinda night.
If you have never listened to "Live Forever" by Billy Joe Shaver, you're missing out on a great song.
And then I had dinner with Billy Joe Shaver tonight 😳
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Billy Joe Shaver - Black Rose: via Eddie pickin' the paint off that strat!
It doesn't get much closer to the bone than that. Billy Joe Shaver - Songwriter
Tix went on sale today for my show w/ Billy Joe Shaver in Austin on 9/12 . But now to Okemah for
Tix for rescheduled Billy Joe Shaver, TIm Easton's album release show on 9/12 are on sale now! Gonna be big!
We just added a new event. Check out Billy Joe Shaver at The Museum Club!
You both have an open invite to FBC Waco. Maybe we can get Billy Joe Shaver involved.
I see your jimmy buffet and raise you one Billy Joe Shaver
Good news trickling in each day about "Not Cool" LP and today we hear that the Austin show 9/12 will be w/ Billy Joe Shaver.
Got some awesome news! We're hosting a show with real deal country music legend, Billy Joe Shaver Saturday August...
"The road never moves but it can take you anywhere" - Billy Joe Shaver
I love this song by Billy Joe Shaver . Live Forever.
And if you've heard the song "Live Forever" by Billy Joe Shaver, then you know is real.
yes DAC is great! Good "outlaw" country. If you like they type check out Billy Joe Shaver or Paycheck
they're playing some Billy Joe Shaver now. really oughta brush up on my old-school country
Search: Squidbillies Theme by Billy Joe Shaver. Now YouTube recommends Honey F***ing Boo Boo for me.
Billy Joe Shaver - "That's what she said last night".all 73 years of him...will be downloaded soon.
Everyone else should have 5 minutes taken off of their set so Billy Joe Shaver can keep playing.
I'd like to be the bass player for Billy Joe Shaver.
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