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Billy Jean King

Billie Jean King (née Moffitt; born November 22, 1943) is an American former professional tennis player.

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"Pressure is a privilege." - Billy Jean King | Don't take it personal when people challenge you to do more.…
When Billy Jean King won that gender tennis match back in the day (which was supposed to be fun), she said after 'they' closed ranks to push
"Champions keep playing until they get it right."-Billy Jean King
Northwestern is proud to welcome Billy Jean King as our 2017 Commencement Speaker!.
you use to pash that picture of Billy Jean King on your bedroom wall GW
She's proven her spine, against Howdy-Gowdy already. But Trump... was like Riggs vs. Billy Jean King.
These debates are to me what watching Billy Jean King kick Bobby Rig's *** was to my mother.
Yeah. The way it worked out, Billy Jean King clobbered him, and Riggs made a lot of excuses about why he lost.
These debates are like Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs without any of the love.
It's Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs all over again.
Clinton v. Trump like Billy Jean King v. Bobby Riggs on MOTHERF-ING STEROIDS. Will be one of the ugliest periods in US history.
How did that Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs match turn out, I forget?
This whole thing was set up to be Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs only in politics.
I've seen this election before. Except it was played out on a tennis court between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs back in the 70's.
not every jock is Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali or Billy Jean King
do you remember when Kate McKinnon did Billy Jean King going to Sochi? It could just as well have been Pia.
Why does this election seem so much like Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King? They should debate in tennis gear. Trump v Hillar…
When is someone going to make the Billy Jean King v. Bobby Riggs comparison to 2016 Presidential race? It's so obvious. Duh.
Jesse Owens, Jackie Robison, Billy Jean King. Without their sports accomplishments, who are they?
Call me unpatriotic, but I don't give a crap about Milos Raonic. Or tennis. Last time I watched tennis was Bobby Riggs v. Billy Jean King.
I think you left out women on the list. Billy Jean King and Babe Dedrickson Zaharias
In addition to Ali, Reggie, and Kareem, you had Nicklaus, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Billy Jean King, Pete Rose, and Bruce Jenner. (cont)
Honor to get to introduce 2 legends. Billy Jean King and Pete Sampras.
I remember Billy Jean King but haven't heard of the other 8. Did not know this break away history. Merci
Just listen to this Billy Jean King, too *** one sided in the name of feminism
My siblings were all star athletes, & though I wanted to, too, I never became Billy Jean King - Elizabeth
"Billie Jean" is a reference not to BJ King but Billy "Jean" Joel, alias "Billy Jeans", nicknamed for his propensity for wearing dungarees
A young Bobby Brown with a mix of King, thats 'my prerogative'..'every little step i take' lights up like 'Billy Jean'
as an intern he became close with Billy Jean King and her an intern
the new ncaa commercials w billy jean king and shaq are a total joke! Prioritizing money, money and money with no kick back
So the Ncaa has Billy jean king on the payroll saying kids shouldn't get any of the billions the Ncaa rakes in for this tourney every yr? Ok
sorry Billy Jean King but that lipstick is too much
The NCAA is using Billy Jean King to continue the farce that is amateurism. It's a shame someone as great as she is is shilling for them.
UNC should probably ask the NCAA to stop playing the Billy Jean King ad during their games (awkward)
Billy Jean King in the recently aired ad: monetary rewards and love of the game by college athletes, are mutually exclusive.
“Champions keep going until they get it right” -Billy Jean King
Maybe its just me but I'm seeing a lot of parallels between this election and the Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs match. Good for the biopic
It may be "It is easier for a rich man to eat a camel sandwich than for Billy Jean King to look Joseph Needham in the eye."
Billy Jean King could not get credit when her husband was in law school and...
is that Billy Jean King next to Donovan?
Shame on the decision. I hope &firmly believe it WILL be reversed. Billy Jean King & Eleanor Holmes can join fight for a grt cause
Bruno im watching philly freedom billy jean king on my phone 1975
.rocking with King Kunta followed by Billy Jean 😀 xx
PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEGE by Billy Jean King. 1st ed. 2008. SIGNED by the author
Billy Jean King - Champions keep playing until they get it right.
Dj Philip nomination Day 4/7 THE King of Pop Michael Jackson 'Billy Jean' if you don't feel like dancing On this t…
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The PC crowd promoting CEO gender disparity want to use the Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs analogy ignoring the true facts of the equation.
Today the launching of LGBT for Hillary. We listened to Ricky Martin, Billy Jean King and our champion Hillary Clinton! Join our campaign
On the Phone With LGBT for Hillary with Singer Ricky Martin and Tennis icon Billy Jean King
probably like when Billy Jean King took on Bobby Riggs but will win.
Play continues at while construction continues at Billy Jean King National Tennis Center.
Same goes for Daniel Day Lewis. I would love to see him star as Billy Jean King vs. Leonardo DiCaprio as Bobby Riggs
agreed lad - it has all the appeal of the 1973 tennis match between Bobby Riggs & Billy Jean King what?
Wimblelton? Was that the year Elton John got a wildcard into round 1? If I remember rightly he was beaten by Billy Joel Jean King
Can you imagine if they did a Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs, with Serena v. anybody? You know she can hang with most.
No female vocalist should be allowed to sing Billie Jean without images of Billy Jean King being projected in the background
*** lyrics. Is this about Billy Jean King the tennis player?
Champions KEEP on playing until they get it RIGHT - Billy Jean King
. This will date me but it sounds like a great Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King match-up!
. is in talks to play Billy Jean King in Jonathan Dayton's and Valerie Faris' 'Battle of the Sexes':
love the bit about your friendship with leading capitalists Billy Jean King and Chris Everett.
Oh yes for sure... or Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs.. they should play for charity
I had no idea a young Billy Jean King got her start doing newscast
John McEnroe thinks he could still beat What do you think? Billy Jean King again?
A McEnroe vs Williams match is a joke another Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs fiasco Old Guy vs Young tour Pro this is another set-up!
Great shot of the West deptford girls tennis team with Billy Jean King.
Venus, Billy Jean King they got the WTA to increase prize monies for women champions.
Just said Wimbletin in a segment with Billy Jean King. You making a video this year
I'm going to Job Club dressed as Billy Jean King.
I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion. - Billy Jean King...
she is still way behind Steffi Grath, Martina and Billy Jean king
Billy Jean King speaks very rarely, so this is some endorsement! !
I know she take words of Billy Jean King seriously. .and this interview is her motivation .
Abby Wambach has to be the top 2 best *** athlete right? Billy Jean King maybe?
Watching Arthur Ashe program really not sure about billy Jean king
Live Blog at ENE ... See what Billy Jean King, others across nation say on decision:
Well said in today's Billy Jean King put the Battle of the sexes debate to bed in'73!
open tryouts today at 3. Billy Jean King court!
Billy Jean n Thriller rocked the world; sad 2 realize its 6yrs since king of pop left us forever legends n legends never die
Kereyn Smith interview Q8: Which 3 people would you most like to invite to dinner? - Dawn French, Billy Jean King & Meryl Streep.
Had Billy Jean King on my flight to London last night.
U got DAT right! I was wondering if Billy Jean King or my Russian Lady masseuse would rival her?=-D
Not sure if GM Billy King is tennis *** Billie Jean King, or BB King reincarnated.
Another writer in the family. Kyle Van Fechtmann's ESPN interview with Billy Jean King: h
Coming up on "Billy Jean" by The King of Pop Michael Jackson and "Love is a House" by Force MD's.
I met Bobby Riggs in a airport. LAX ( He was an *** Probably because Billy Jean King (a girl) just kicked his butt.
You vs could be like Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King.
If you remember, Billy Jean King won that famous Battle.
Badass. Billy Jean King. . "Be Bold. If you are going to make an error, make it a doozy, and don't be afraid to...
Remember michael jackson wrote the first songs bout these *** Billy Jean, Dirty Diana, Smooth Operator. He is the King
A good day: Billy Jean King@ NEHRA's 20th D&I Gala where the Blue Beacon scholarship was presented by our diversity champ to Juliana!
Quote from Billy Jean King Keynoter for NEHRA Diversity Gala - over 500 in attendance.
My new sounds: CandyapelASS - Raw FROzen TILE from the JEan KING! EnJOY SOME FREE FRIZEN JEANS on
Ben E King has died. BB King on hospice care. Has anyone checked on Billy Jean King?
I'm listening to a jazz version of "Billy Jean." Here's my interview with Michael.
Commencement speakers at area universities this year range from Billie Jean King to the US ambassador to the UN.
Billy Jean King said ... "Champions keep playing until they get it right."
No doubt. I think a player like Billy Jean King (695 wins) wouldn't last the 2nd round in today's tennis
Billy Jean King, Dara Tores, Lisa Leslie and Misty May listed among the top 100 CIF athletes in CA.
is it me or is Bruce tryin to look like Billy Jean King?
that's you Kamal on the left, Billy Jean King, Joe Elliot and Wayne Newton
Billy Jean King, Chase Utley, DeSean Jackson, and Cameron Diaz all went the the same Highschool.
Billy Jean King talks : This is fantastic... The IPTL is taking professional tennis to new cities..
I want a Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King style match at PAX where people on different sides of an issue declare hate and threats are uncool.
LOL How? You had Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Brian Boitano even Greg Louganis no one ever cared
Billy Jean King, Jimmy Connors and Bryant Gumbel are in the house with Karen Aydt
Will Ferrell to star in drama about 1970s tennis rivals Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King. with the scoop
In his song, "Billy Jean", Michael Jackson is singing about Billy Jean King
If they denied Visa to *** reporter he'd send Billy Jean King.
Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King had their Battle of the Sexes. Bring it on Richard Petty and Danica with proceeds going to charity.
Sochi Russia *** Olympics The USA Olympic team was directly warned to refrain from promoting sexuality and LBGT for respect of the CHILDREN participating watching the games. American *** humans appeared to be offended by Russian protocol and culture and the fiascos proceeded. Pres. Putin rides horse bare chest Billy Jean King assigned and cancels out over sick mother Bob Costas gets "pink eyes" Transgender figure skaters Russian Police sings Daft Punk Speedskater suit malfunction USA "ugly sweaters" with stars HPBH was a flop over BH LGBT symbolism overdose No hetero-human identity
MY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE TO MY FIRENDS ARISE AND TAKE A STAND I am touched by such an outpouring of love by my friends on the occasion of my birthday. I say thank you all for your kind words. At last Billy Jean King, the celebrated *** woman I had mentioned in an earlier write up, is not going to Sochi after all. She was the most popular openly *** former athlete nominated by Obama to lead the US contingent to Sochi. A nomination celebrated by Christianne Amampour (CNN). Her presence would have been the clearest pro *** statement in Sochi. But God works in mysterious ways. One week to the opening of the games her or his mother (what ever gender she is now) took ill and died on the day of the opening ceremony of the Sochi games. While I offer my condolences to other more reasonable members of the family, for the glorious passage of a faithful woman who had lived with her husband for 65 year b4 his death. Unfortunately she bore a daughter who chose the way of the sodomites and became the global *** brand - what ...
Finally can get on board with an Obama statement. Loved his interview with Bob Costas- away to go with selecting our USA reps Brian Boitano, Caitlin Cahow and the great Billy Jean King. BJK is there in spirit though!
Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Billy Jean King is perfection.
Why is President Obama sending former tennis star Billy Jean King as a representive for the Winter Olympics when she had nothing to do with Winter sports?
PBO is skipping Sochi Olympics, but is sending openly *** Billy Jean King & Caitlin Cahow. That's a pretty big stand for human equality.
Just realized how much resembles Billy Jean King
You don't have to like tennis (I don't) to get something out of BATTLE OF SEXES, a doc about infamous Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs match.
PBS is having a show about Billy Jean King, the whole Bobby Riggs game and then her coming out as *** I remember the utter shock of that (I was really young) Almost no women had come out at that point and few men. It's nearly over now, but it was a good show. It will probably be on again.
Billy Jean King's glasses make me nostalgic for a time Sally Jesse Raphael ruled the airwaves.
Best line ever: Matt Lauer on the Today Show speaking with Brian Boitano who "came out" the other day after being named to the official United States delegation to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. "Can I say this. and please don't take it the wrong way. I wasn't shocked" . I think the President may have said."Brian. seriously. do you think people don't know you're *** as well.I just appointed Billy Jean King and Caitlin Cahow to the delegation .jump on the band wagon man. Own it already! . LOL. What is funny. the articles I found named Billy Jean and Caitlin "openly *** and Brian got a side note along with others named to the delegation. Good one Matt. I too wasn't shocked.but my question would have been. "what took you so long?" too funny!
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Yuletide scenes are all around us despite the scarily warm solstice in New York. Bells are ringing, malls are crowding, and in some quarters Christmas caroling can be heard. The US media is agog with serious problems such as whether Santa Claus was white and the even more troubling problem that Jesus might not be a blue eyed blonde man.  In India a benighted Supreme Court upheld a British colonial law against homosexuality.  In the Emirates of Russia, Putin the Vlad may need to rethink his anti LGBT laws since Billy Jean King and other openly *** athletes will represent the US in the Winter Olympics.  But there is reason for hope; under protests, the Indian government has asked the court to review the law because it "violated the principle of equality".  India’s brilliant mythologist Devdutt Puttnaik upset a lot of Hindus by declaring that homophobia is not a part of India’s religious heritage. there are good tidings from Moscow:  Nadia and Masha, the two jailed members of the Russian feminist p ...
*** alert! Billy Jean King is going to drive her Subaru into Red Square doing donuts & blasting Melissa Etheridge
I taught at Poly HS in Long Beach in the 1970's. the alma mater of Billy Jean Moffit, nee King. I played a lot of tennis in those days, good shape. One of my students was a tennis player with a bullet, she was already getting recruited. I went out and hit the ball with her one day, cleaned the court with me, totally killed me. She went on to pros, small solace, until injury sidelined her career. Tennis at Poly has a great legacy, about to get even greater with BJK going to Sochi. Give Putin the middle finger for all of us BJK! Billy Jean King rocks ever.
"There is no demographic in this world that gives less of a flip than 70-year-old *** " - Kate McKinnon as Billy Jean King on "Saturday Night Live"
The Billy Jean King skit on SNL was hilarious!
I'm bringin my arms to Sochi... This ones hammer and this ones sickle "Billy Jean King" on SNL
Omg snl-billy jean king is President Obamas big *** middle finger... This show is hysterical.
Anyone else notice obama just can't seem to get enough of pissing off other world leaders? Why in the *** else would he send Billy Jean King to the Olympics as a spokes woman? / whatever. He's like a bad little kid poking a hornets nest with a stick, he'll walk away clean & the next guy will get stung. This was an obvious slap in the face to Russia. Why do all these liberals think 4 & 5 year-olds need to know anything about sexuality? Teaching tolerance to kids that don't know the concept of homosexuality is just sick. After all maybe 10% of *** have a predisposition that way, the other 90% just kind of get sucked into it.
It's no secret that I'm not a fan of President Obama. That being said, I think he is being derelict in his duties by skipping out on the Winter Olympics. If he wanted to boycott the Olympics, that would be one thing and nobody would attend. But he wants to make a "statement" by not attending, and at the same time sending former Olympic athletes such as Brian Boytonno, and Billy Jean King along with a Deputy Secretary of State. Obama is, in my opinion, acting like a scared child by not attending. He needs to be there showing support for the American team or not have American representation, period
Is anyone as confused as me? This weeks news had the appointment of Billy Jean King and Brian Boitano to represent the USA in Russia at the Sochi Olympics and the controversy of Phil Robertson's comments to GQ. I love Duck Dynasty but at the core Phil's comments sound a lot like Vladimir Putin's. Should we as a country be sending Billy Jean and Brian to represent us when we aren't united at home?
I UNDERSTAND Billy Jean King will be carrying the American Flag for the opening Olympian Parade of Athletes...
I'm Confused about Something: Russia Finally has a Democracy. Isn't that what we are proud about who we are? Then shouldn't we be pleased that Russia is now a Democracy? And shouldn't we respect other nations' democracies, as we do our own? Or "Democracy" in general? Well then, why did our President chose to send, deliberately, Delegates whom just happen to be LGBT, when the Russian parliament simply did not rule that *** Marriage is legal? So, our duly elected president Likes democracies when they elect him or vote in favor of one of his, or his party's polices; but if some other country--whom we should be delighted has recently become a Democracy--exercises it's Democratic Process, and we simply disagree with them, this is the kind of silly stuff we do? is this dignified? And how can Billy Jean King allow herself to be used like this? And, what right do we have to disagree with another country's Democratic Process? And then seek to what, Punish them? Does anyone believe Putin cares what Obama thinks? Th ...
Must Be The Dry Climate The state of Washington joined professional boxing four months ago to create the worst sporting event since the gladiators hacked each other up. Seattle and the MMA hosted a fully legitimate prize fight between a former jockey and a former drug dealer, barroom brawler and experienced street fighter. Well I can see the P.T. Barnam value in that but here's the finger down my throat part: the former jockey was a man and the street fighter was and still is a woman. Congratulations to both of them for being the two steps backward after the one step forward gained by battered women over the last twenty years. During that time tough laws in almost all the states were passed that are decidedly biased in favor of the woman. They need to be to try and counter the physical rage some men just can't control. In Seattle alone there were 16,000 cases reported last year of men beating women, many times to death. The cops hate domestic violence calls more that any other as their outcome can often b ...
Jonathan Carl of ABC (tonight's evening news) quoted the president saying "when it comes to the Olympics and athletic performance, we don't make distinctions on the basis of sexual performance." (Referring to Billy Jean King to headline the Olympic delegation of the opening ceremonies in Russia). I hope that was a misquote! Otherwise I'm thinking the NSA knows a lot more about us than we can imagine!
Hahha according to this ABC newcaster billy jean king is lousy in bed and even premature ejaculatots can go to the olympics. Listen at the end of quote
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While watching World News tonight at 6pm Diane Sawyer is talking with the white house correspondent on sending Billy Jean King to the Olympics as the representative for the USA. He quoted the White House as saying this was to show that America doesn't judge people on their sexual "performance". Shouldn't that have been "orientation"?
Anyone watching the 630 pm ABC News will notice that when the reporter Johnathan Karl was sharing news about the Olympic Games he quoted President Obama as saying, by sending Billy Jean King to the delegation they see we didn't judge athletes on their sexual performance! Check it out. I wonder by what standards we are measuring this???
This just happened on ABC World News 12/20/2013 6:40pm Eastern Time: the reporter said something like, referring to Billy Jean King leading the US delegation at the Olympics: "that the athletes will not be judged on sexual performance".he meant to say preference.
Obama's sending Brian Boitano and Billy Jean King to Russia. Maybe my favorite decision by an American President in my life time.
OK, are my final observations now that the POS, oops I mean POTUS, no I think I had it right the first time!!! 1. He showed up 19 minutes late!!! Extremely disrespectful! 2. What does immigration have to do with Americans getting pay raises??? 3. Why don't you just throw it in our face a few more times that we are paying for your fabulous vacation to Hawaii? I believe the exact comment was that he would be able to reflect better after a couple of days of sleep and sun! Does he have any idea of how few Americans can afford to go to CA or FL, let alone Hawaii? Sure, Mr. , just drop that bombshell on the people! 4. First of all he said that a million people had signed up for Obummercare, then later he said 2 million, so what is the number because there is about a million differences between one and two million! And how is it that the number can even be 1 million b/c the numbers look like less than half a million and I find it hard to believe that if the number wasn't so pathetic, they would be yelli ...
Just wondering if anyone else is hoping the Russians refuse admittance to Obama's "American Delegation" comprised of Billy Jean King and Brian Boitano( essentially our president is giving the finger to Russia) and does not allow them exit the planes? That would be funny.
GREAT NEWS: Gold medalist at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, figure skating legend Brian Boitano has come out publicly, just days after being named as a delegate for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. He joins tennis star Billy Jean King and Olympic ice hockey silver and bronze medalist Caitlin Cahow as the third openly LGBT member of the US delegation to Sochi.
Billy Jean King is going to Russia to teach them about "Truth, justice, and the American *** !"
I see that 1988 olympic figure skating gold medalist Brian Boitano has made an announcement that he is *** Next we will be notified that the sky is blue, grass is green, and that the big round thing in the sky is called the moon. Why is it that so many *** athletes and celebrities think that I or anyone else gives a crap whether they are attracted to males or females. Why is it that there are so many *** people who believe that no one knows they are *** unless they announce it? It is obvious to the most casual observer that persons such as Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Rosie O'Donnell, and hundreds of others are *** And apparently those casual observers knew it long before the closeted ones did. It was a surprise to me that Rock Hudson and the Brady bunch dad was *** and my reaction was . oh, okay, whatever. How many heterosexuals feel the need to call a press conference to announce that they are not *** I could go on for days on this topic, but let me stop here and just say this. No one g ...
Did you know that for the first time in 7 Olympic Games, the USA delegation will not include the President nor his family. Instead, Billy Jean King and other *** and *** leaders will be our official representatives.
Preparing for 2014 Received an amazing gem of wisdom while meeting with my good friend Zlatko Stupavsky at Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Co. today. While competing in the World Team Tennis Championship over a decade ago. Billy Jean King asked Zlatko and Joey Scrivano what the key to championship level play. Her quote, "Champions adjust." In the coming year you and I will live in ever changing circumstances. Nothing stays the same in life--- and in 2014, even the change will change. God wants us to learn to adjust to what's 'thrown at us' and not to lose heart. You're not alone. Champions adjust.
Peeps...u know me not political but justice and I'm there. So go Obama not attending the Olympics but sending our *** ! Bryan Boitano and billy jean king - going! And Brian comes out after becoming Olympic ambassador. So cute! And that's not all. Madonna's art for freedom has made huge strides. Although my gang isn't that big we are making small strides for justice, equality and peace and love! Share! Xo jb
No, I don't have to be tolerant of someone else's intolerance.and I remain informed and inspired by the fact that Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, those who fought from within the Warsaw Ghetto, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Delores Huerta, bell hooks, Angela Davis. Harvey Milk, Billy Jean King, the first women rabbis in America, Yitzhak Rabin, Joan Jett (who confronted no small amount of sexism on stage), my Butch-Femme family, the Women of The Wall, Irshad Manji, those struggling for a trans-inclusive MichFest, Janet Mock, out *** Jews (and Muslims and Catholics), the students of Eastside Catholic High School (look it up) and Malala Yousafzai (among so many others) weren't tolerant of it either.
Most important sporting moments: NCAA College Basketball: Texas Western (now UTEP) led by the Bear Don Haskins starts five African-American basketball players and beats Adolph Rupp's all-white No. 1 ranked team led by Pat Riley. Pro Football: Super Bowl III--Joe Willie Namath guarantees victory as the AFL New York Jets beat the NFL Baltimore Colts. This leads to the merger of the two leagues and the modern NFL. College Football: At Legion Field in 1970, USC's Sam "Bam" Cummingham rushes for 135 yards as USC beats Alabama. Cummingham was a prep product of Birmingham but Alabama had no African-American players. Legendary Alabama Coach Bear Bryant asks legendary USC coach John McKay where Cummingham was from and is shocked by the answer. Realizing times are a changin', Bryant integrates his team the next year. 40 years later 20 of 22 Alabama starters are African-American. NBA: Not a game but the 1979 draft brought two future stars that would reshape the NBA. The Lakers draft Magic Johnson and the Celt ...
One of the more clever and cooler moves the U.S. government has made lately was President Obama appointing athlete and LGBT activist Billy Jean King to represent the U.S. at the Sochi Olympics in a very anti-homosexual Russia.
Congratulation to Brian and Billy Jean King for representing the USA in the opening Olympic ceremonies ..Mea CASA Edifice REX is proud of Obama's bold choices of all USA athletic champions going to Russia
I am just loving the US Government criticizing Russia's *** policies.. *** rights in the US have not come NEARLY far enough for them to "call the kettle black"...I am going to predict that the beginning of WW3 will start at the Winter Olympics...when Billy Jean King gets her big old lezbian *** up in Putin's face and does her Olympic twerk...
Obama sending billy jean king to the Olympics to represent the U.S.of A. .Phil gets kicked off A&E (and eggheads) . What next???
Can't say I am big fan of "Duck Dynasty", but, if you can grow long beards and pull that gig off.. more power to you!! So, when the old guy expresses his opinion on *** the "politically correct crowd" on their network censures him.. guess I won't make the comment that Obama has appointed Billy Jean King as the LBGT or LGBT or whatever rep. to the Olympics.. we used to joke she was sponsored by Snap On Tools!!
The President of the U.S. and his staff take a global stand for human rights. Additionally he names openly *** people as His representatives. Billy Jean King has been working for women's rights and human rights for a very long time.
Billy Jean King, Caitlin Cahow, Brian Boitano, Janet Napolitano... It's an interesting list, is all I'm saying.
I praise our president, first lady, vice president, and other world leaders for boycotting winter Olympic opening ceremonies in Russia, standing up to Putins anti *** sentiments and rules that they are banned from competing...and happy to see we are sending a male *** ex Olympian and Billy Jean king a long known *** tennis pro in their stead!!! Go USA!!! Peace and love!
Who is going to watch the Winter Olympics? I have mixed emotions. On one hand I want to support our athletes and watch their success, but I really don't want to support NBC or Putin. I am proud President Obama and VP Biden are not going and I totally support the President's selection of Billy Jean King and Caitlin Cahow as representative of the Administration.
Outstanding: Billy Jean King; world class athlete; author of Pressure Is a Privilege (great book title); openly *** USA Delegate to the Winter Olympics held in Sochi...RUSSIA :)
While I am on a roll, why is the POTUS sending people to the Olympic delegation in Russia based exclusively on their sexual preference? Billy Jean King and others were chosen to represent the US ONLY because they are homosexuals. What is our country really standing for?
what kind of parents would want these woman to be a roll model for there little girls, billy jean king and this hockey player, and who would want to have them as reps for our country,this is not the image we would want to promote for our country. and our president should do some real soul searching, he represents a CHRISTIAN people and this is not the the message of the people, it is of a select few.
I award our President 1000 prez points for sending Billy Jean King and another activist to the upcoming Olympic Games in Russia in response to Russia's "homosexual propaganda" law. Feel free to join us in the 20th century, Ruskies. That is exactly the kind of thing that I would do if I were President. If you find yourself concerned about the preferences of another, seek help. That's just one man's opinion.
Billy Jean King is a woman? Man, I guess the next thing you'll tell me is that Marilyn Manson is a man? Good thing I'm pretty...
I am very pleased with President Barack Obamas decision to send Billy Jean King to represent our country at the Winter Olympics in Russia. Take that, Putin you homophobic weirdo!
Now our president is fighting w/ Puten the same way he faught with Congress. Like a couple of little kids batteling over a made up game. By not going to the Olympics in Russia under the pretence of not likeing how they treat *** people is just snubbing the American Athletes. If he really wanted to prove his point and cared about American Athletes he'd go and sit next to Billy Jean King. Instead once again his arms are crossed, feet stomping w/ lower lip out saying, "I don't like you. I wont go." Maybe next election we could vote for a grown man. Ok, done w/ my rant.
ON SET Sharing a laugh with Billy Jean King during our interview.
Billy Jean King to be the United States Official Representative for the Olympics in Russia: Great Idea..!
Billy Jean King representing the US at the Winter Olympics. How cool is that (no pun intended).
Kudos for Obama and Biden in there 'subtle ' shunning of that goon Putin and his Olympics…..And sending Billy Jean King in their stead,well that is just sheer brilliance...
Just seen where our fine president nominated Billy Jean King as one of the Olympic Delegates for the US since Russia is antigay. So he and the vp will not be at the Olympics. All i can say is our.President and V.P.are once again having the citizens of the U.S. doing something that they will not do themselves. Obamacare comes to mind also. What great leaders we have here in this United States
Whoa man. Billy Jean King and Elton John look like brother and sister.
Sagittarius Sun..Cancer Moon til 7PM, then Leo ★Nov 22 Birthdays: Jamie Lee Curtis; Charles de Gaulle; Scarlett Johansson; Robert Vaughn; Rodney Dangerfield; Mads Mikkelsen; Billy Jean King; Mariel Hemmingway; Steven Zandt ★It’s Go for a Ride and Start Your Own Country Day. ★A new island has emerged off the coast of Tokyo on October 20, 2013, as a result of underwater volcano eruption. Advisories from the coast guard and the Japan Meteorological Agency said it's about 660 feet in diameter. ★If you start your own country what would you name it and what would it be like?
We made it home today. My Crew was awesome Stephanie J Schrank and Tom Peevers kept me on track and on the bike. I finished 36 out of 54. Not a bad time for being sick for the past two weeks and just being a week out of an epidural. I talked with Bill Walton again but the biggest thrill was when Susan Notorangelo (the Billy Jean King of ultra cycling) started a conversation with me.That was way cool.
ESPN, ABC: Did Bobby Riggs throw his match against Billy Jean King?
I read that the Billy Jean King vs Bobby Riggs war of the genders match may have been a work. A fix. Phony baloney. . Sad, as well if so.
Watching World Team Tennis championship. Random find, seems ptetty cool. Billy Jean King still changing the tennis world.
What are your kitties names past and present! I am I interested to see all the different names people have for their fur-babies!
Just met the legendary Billy Jean King watching Murray practising, what a woman!
She's stuck in traffic so another one. Billy Jean King Kong
in Billy Jean King documentary: Battle of the Sexes - says it all.
Nadal, Federer, Cilic, Tsonga.Rusedski & Henman.all out already!!! Surely this must be Murray's year!!! Unless Serena Williams is in his half of the draw?!
If Michael Jackson was the "Billy Jean" King of pop, who was the Billy Jean King of tennis?
Getting ready for the arrival of Billy Jean King at the premiere of
Billy Jean King, what an inspiration for women!
Billy Jean King talking about how sexist tennis is
Spending Review Update:. Billy Jean King just fell down the stairs.
When Billy Jean King won Wimbledon in 1967 she won £45 worth of gift tokens!
At Wimbledon this eve, on CC tomorrow, and at the premiere of in Leicester Sq tmr night w Billy Jean King.
and it took so long for billy jean king to equalise tennis and then misogyny is alive and well in McEnroe and his tiny tiny..
Women's tennis has come a long way from the days of Virginia Wade, Billy Jean King etc. Lookswise I mean of course.
Billy Jean King talking about sports and leadership to the next, next generation
exactly and then they accept this patronising inequality.Think it was Billy Jean King who attacked Cash over his article - ***
Why will the women at Wimbledon make the same as men this year? One reason.Billy Jean King. We all owe her.
mate you're better off with Billy Jean King!
Nuts. When Billy Jean King won three titles at Wimbledon in 1967 she received a £45 gift voucher as her prize
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Stunning interview with Billy Jean King. So grateful to have heard that. Thank you.
"Every generation job,is to make next generation better..." -(Billy Jean King,former world no.1,39 major title)
you heard billy jean king, No crying in the breast milk
Alright guys you heard Billy Jean King no crying in the breast milk
I shall be honored until my dying breath at being an activist on the playing field of equal opportunity. - Billy Jean K…
Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility - Billy Jean King
Sadly didn't get ticket for today :( but will look forward to podcast. Billy Jean King & Robert Carlyle is quite a line-up.
It is our responsibility to make the next generation better - Billy Jean King
Billy Jean King: "The WTA is not like a moon ball, but a backhand down the line."
"Fascinating stories from Billy Jean King on Agree. Brilliant player, wonderful speaker. Inspiring.
Billy-Jean King. I have many questions, I will go to google!
Was there ever a more inappropriate woman to give the initials BJ to than Billy-Jean King?
Fascinating stories from Billy Jean King on Had no idea that she'd fought so hard for equality
Billy Jean King's on The One Show - woohoo. One of my all time heroes 🎾
Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams. 4 of the greatest women tennis players of all time.
ONE National *** & *** Archives has been busy this week clearing a space for Jason Collins in our LGBT Archival Sports collection alongside the likes of Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova, and John Amechi, among others.
u act up I got bean *** smooth criminal light ya block up like billy jean ***
to Michael Jackson's Motown concert when he first performed Billy Jean. Or when Martin L. King gave his speech.
Hey, can anyone tell me if a "1980 Autograph Billy Jean King" tennis racket is a collectors' item???
I found an old picture of king billy jean for you :-)
🎶"Billy Jean is not my lover..." hearing the king on my way to work 🎶
Probably not a great thing for the Nets that infamous tennis star Billy Jean King is the GM leading their coaching search.
The true heroes are Billy Jean King and Martina..they lost a lot...
Great LGBT's and allies on the talking head shows this morning - Billy Jean King, Martina Navritlova, Brendon...
I don't agree with billy jean king *** rights are not like the civil rights in the 60's BJK never suffered like civil rights did?
It was 1981 when Billy Jean King came out. Surprise!
Billy Jean King on coming out in 1981: I lost all my endorsement in 24 hours...But the truth sets you free.
What would this world be without balls...Even Billy Jean King played with balls.
Dress like billy jean king. Polyester suites are back in style?
How about Billy Jean King? Don't know she made a public announcement but never hid it. That's the way it should be handled.
although I'm still trying to remember exactly what Billy Jean King said in the Makers documentary.
Alright now you heard Billy Jean King. No crying after breast milk
Billy Jean King.its not new. Now Brittany Griner who unlike JC came out at the top of her career...
I cant follow that at all. Billy Jean King maybe?.Brian Kennedy?
Didn't Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs put that debate to bed in the 70`s - I guess Johnny doesn't read recent history
And... Billy Jean King is the of bowling.
Was flippin channels, found team bowling on ESPN & Billy Jean King owns 1 team & they have cheerleaders!
Billy Jean King and Terrell Owens both own bowling teams, and there are sometimes cheerleaders in bowling.
This is great isn't it? You & Billy Jean King ought to go play tennis in the street in front of this house.
Billy Jean King vs Arthritis. I don't think this was suppose to be funny.
Kinda missed seeing Billy Jean King, Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert at the tennis invitational.
Everyone knew Billy Jean King and Liberace were *** ..they excepted then...not now
1973 FUN FACTS The Mississippi River reaches its peak level in St. Louis during a record 77-day flood. •World Trade Center in New York becomes the tallest building in the world •Supreme Court of the United States rules on Roe v. Wade •Armed members of the American Indian Movement and their supporters seize the old town of Wounded Knee in South Dakota •In a Tennis Match billed as the battle of the sexes Ms. Billy Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs •The wide ranging Endangered Species Act of 1973 is signed into law to "protect species and the ecosystems upon which they depend."
..."this" picture hang's on my "Wall of Fame.My Coach, Fraternity Brother (Kappa Alpha Psi) , and Dear Friend, along with Me & Jack Nicklaus, Billy Jean King. "Pup", still winning."Let the Big Bird Eat".!! Roadrunner 71'
CONCENTRATION Concentration is in your eyes By Dr. Jorge Valverde Great champions develop the ability to stay focused for long periods of time regardless of the challenges they face. High levels of concentration take place only when athletes develop the habit of controlling their eye movement. Martial arts masters, yogis and the monks in Tibet are capable of achieving high levels of concentration by controlling their eye movement. Modern scientists have now discovered the reasons why eye movement is related to high levels of concentration. Research shows that when you focus your eyes on an object that is 12 to 18 inches away from you, your brain wave activity and your heart beat decreases. When your brain wave activity decreases, you achieve mental clarity and you reduce muscle tension. Both, mental clarity and optimal muscle tension are keys for peak performance. Observe the eye movement of great tennis champions, from Billy Jean King to Pete Sampras, Andre Aggassi, Roger Federer, Stephi Graf, Martina Na ...
If Rock Hudson were a star today. He would be making love to a guy. Billy Jean King would be openly *** So would Jim Neighbors.
it was Macinroe, he still plays right. Or maybe it was Billy Jean King
When did women's tennis players start looking like Victoria's Secret models... I thought they all looked like Martina Navratilova and Billy Jean King.
Last week, we listened to Casey Kasem's Top 100 hits of 1975, but it turned out to be the bottom 50. I was bummed, but they did the top 50 this weekend. Results: Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John (dedicated to Billy Jean King . . . Who knew?) Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (1st song since 'Big Bad John' in 1961 to be simultaneously on the Country and Pop charts) Song of 1975: Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennile
Geesh Clemson.where is Billy Jean King when you need her.
Ever look up who shares your birthday with you? I did... Jamie Lee Curtis, Scarlett Johansson, Billy Jean King, Abigail Adams, Charles De Gaulle, and Rodney Dangerfield. Some very unique, incredible, humorous people. I think I travel in good company
Two tennis birthdays today. Billy Jean King blows out 69 candles today, while Boris Becker turns 45. Will get to the musical birthdays in a bit. Gotta check on the oven.
Andre Gide was born this day, in Paris, in 1869. Billy Jean King was born today, in 1943. You go, girls!
Today is the birthday of Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Billy Jean King, Jacques Laperriere, and Yvan Cournoyer. Jamie is 54 today. She starred in "Halloween" and is the daughter of Tony Curtis. Rodney would be 91 today. He was a stand up comedian that often said, "I don't get no respect!" Billy Jean is 69 today. She won 12 women's singles Grand Slam tournaments. Jacques is 71 today. He was a defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens from 1963-1974. He won the Calder Trophy in 1964 as best rookie. He won the Norris Trophy in 1966 as best defenseman. He played on 6 Stanley Cup Championships. Yvan is 69 today. He played right wing for the Montreal Canadiens from 1964-1979. He won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 1973 as most valuable player in the playoffs. He played on 10 Stanley Cup Championships. He was nicknamed "The Roadrunner" because of his blazing speed.
Today I am thankful for those who went before and blazed a trail . . . Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, Billy Jean King, Neil Armstrong, Gloria Steinem, Representative Patsy Mink, Senator Birch Bayh, Rosa Parks . . . Brave individuals who were courageous enough to change the world . . . who are your trailblazers??
Soup de Jour: "So Jeanette's in her Billy Jean King track suit n says 2 me, Stephen, don't kick students in the balls w a lawn mower.
Hitting the tennis court for the first time in a while today. Gonna try to channel Billy Jean King. We'll see...
This tune goes out to Janet 'Butch' Napolitano, special dedication going out from Billy Jean King!
“Movement is not the same as action.” ~Billy Jean King
Some follow up questions for the vaunted UNDECIDED voter: Boxers or briefs? Coke or Pepsi? Bobby Riggs or Billy Jean King? Union or Confederacy?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It made me cry and it made me donate (good job Jane Lynch, Billy Jean King and Wanda Sykes).
.all u hafta do is be like Billy Jean King... make him run and run and run
I absolutley love Billy Jean King, and I can promise with 1000% certainty that I know someones daughter that sets at Thankgiving table with a family that their religion forbids LGBT'S and has a *** or *** or both in their family and that is acceptable but not acceptible when it happens to be one of their parents...just saying that is JUDGEMENT at its finest...:)
9/20/1973, Billy Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in a Battle of the Sexes tennis match.
Sept. 20, 1973 -- "A Day Which Will Live in Infamy": Nearly 40 years ago a young vibrant Billy Jean King defeated the crippled and aging Bobby Riggs in an epic tennis battle of the sexes, poor Bobby using a walker and cane versus a young champion in the prime of life. Bobby fought on bravely but nonetheless lost narrowly 6-3, 6-3, 6-3. Men, that's how I remember it. How about you?
On this date in 1973, Billy Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in one of the most famous tennis...
1973: Billy Jean King bt Bobby Riggs in the 'Battle of the Sexes' 6-4,6-3,6-3
Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs on this day in 1973 in the "Battle of the Sexes." A tennis match that changed the sport forever!
Are we making celebrities of people who rant the loudest and quieting the voices of dissent @
Ha I could be obsessed about Health Care and some other important issues of our times!!I love watching tennis especially back in the day with Billy Jean King!!
This day in history 39 years prior Billy Jean King set the record straight by defeating former Wimbledon star...
1973 - Billy Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in battle-of-sexes tennis match
On this day in 1973, Battle of the Sexes: Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs in tennis
Billy Jean King, 3 in 1, the only woman who can call herself King
I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of Billy Jean King. I assume that's not the girl MJ was singing about...
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Don't question me about Serena Williams knowledge if you don't know who Arthur Ashe or Billy Jean King is
Who is Billy Jean King's latest sponsor? Snap-On Tools of America.
I did it with Billy Jean King recently I reflected back to her what she had done. She made me stand up- said "I like u"
At Denny's just waited on Billy Jean king famous tennis player
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