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Billy Fury

Billy Fury (17 April 1940 - 28 January 1983) born Ronald Wycherley, was an internationally successful English singer from the late-1950s to the mid-1960s, and remained an active songwriter until the 1980s.

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📸 | The £44,000 bronze statue of Billy Fury can be seen overlooking the River Mersey, outside the Piermaster's Hous…
Listen to Billy Fury and 99 (yes 99!) other artists on The Diamond Edition - out now!
FunFact: Billy Fury was a school mate of Ringo Starr
His previous wife, Lee, had an affair, and she said in her book Billy was a revenge taker. and…
Billy Fury pictured with his wife Judith, late sixties. The marriage was a disaster & didn't last long. Billy descr…
Billy Fury on the set of his movie, I've Gotta Horse 1965.
Yes, and he was also in that film Telstar, brilliant as Larry Parnes. To Joe Meek,…
Yeah, Billy Fury was an Elvis from Liverpool. John Lennon asked Billy Fury for his autogra…
Because nothing says "I want to be your friend" more than threatening fire and fury, mass demonisation and aggressivel…
Billy Fury, Adam Faith and The Kingpins appear on TV Drumbeat in 1959.
One for the autograph collection. Photograph with Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, John Denver, Harry Secombe and more, sig…
Got That'll Be The Day on. Written by Stands up brilliantly in telling a tale of a Britain thats gone.…
True... I can't believe he jumped from that height lol... Billy Milano is kinda insane tho tbh 🤣🤣🤣.
Conor McGregor slowly joining Tyson Fury & Billy Joe Saunders in the bracket of massive cockwombles who I want to see flatlined.
Billy Fury as Aladdin in panto. not surprised he hated it !!! OK for that sweet r…
It's not okay, but people have to be consistant. Look at the racist abuse Willie Monroe Jr suffered at…
Shut up you baby. Everyone likes Andy Lee. It’s just you and Billy Jo they think are *** Not because…
She made no comment on guilt or innocence. Only that her show received suppor…
Billy Fury with his racehorse, First Rate Pirate. Pictured in 1968.
Billy Fury, Play it Cool movie article from Film Review magazine, August 1962.
Billy Fury sings the beautiful, Nobody's Child. This was one of his favourite numbers to do live. 1962. . h…
Billy Fury sings, Please Don't Go. Released in 1962 on the Billy Fury No 2 EP.
The Smiths promo for Last Night I Dreamt...ft. Billy Fury on the cover.
Very rare video footage of Billy Fury circa late 1960's.
Billy Fury article from Disc Feb 1963. The film referred to was never made. I've Gotta Horse was shot in Gt Yarmout…
Do not miss the ultimate Billy Fury show to ever hit the stage, when The Billy Fury Years returns to St Helens... http…
Halfway to Paradise the Billy Fury story Who is coming along ? -> // 25 July 7:30pm
Billy Fury signs his autograph for John Lennon, the day The Silver Beetles auctioned to be his backing group. This…
Billy Fury's mom S.J. Witcherley (96)is in Royal Hospital with broken hip+pneumonia. Very lonely. Send her a flowers pls.
Still touring with voice still in shape - remember Marty Cliff & Billy Fury together on Oh Boy !
Taken from The Great Pop Prom programme 1962. Billy Fury on the bill with Dion, Joe Brown, Adam Faith, Shane Fenton…
Since you broke my heart Don Everly, Only the lonely / Crying Roy Orbison, Last night was made for love Billy Fury,
Loved the Billy Fury track at the end too.
Whew, we are on fire today! Also on sale Halfway to Paradise - The Billy Fury Story in Perth Concert Hall Mon 25 Se…
Radio needs a shot to the vein of Anger, Fury, Heartache and Pain Louder Than the DJ di Billy Talent.
Billy Fury - Once upon a Dream features on Call the Midwife. Good choice for a romantic ending!
Thought I was all out of tears tonight then Billy Fury sang 'Once upon a dream' and I was 12 again.
So great to hear Billy Fury at end of ..
Carousel, snow and Billy Fury playing in the background - ah!
Have to say has made me an emotional wreck! Beautifully told episode ending with Billy Fury, Perfect.
Billy Fury - once upon a dream . call the midwife
My goodness! Whatever next? Helen Shapiro and the Soviets? Billy Fury's secret mission to China?
Some great audience shots here with Billy Fury in 1964.
As if i had a 10 mintue chat with a lovely elderly women about billy fury
Billy Fury's 'My Christmas Prayer' EP. Released by Decca Records in November 1983, after Billy's passing.…
Billy Fury on the set of his 1965 movie, I've Gotta Horse. This photo comes from a Mister Softee Ice-cream promo card.…
Billy Fury (as Stormy Tempest) sings A Thousand Stars in the movie That'll Be The Day. David Essex, Ringo and Keith Mo…
I added a video to a playlist Billy Fury - I Will
O,please let Marc sing more Billy Fury songs,ChristmasPrayer and Lostwithout you are so bea…
My friend and I went to see That'll be the day' because Billy Fury had a cameo part in it!! oh 'sighing' we lov…
Cliff, Billy Fury, Elvis, Ronnie Carroll, Sammy Davis and Gerry Marsden on the cover of the New Musical Express. April…
Whatever happened to the great I loved that pack: Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Duffy Power, Johnny Gentle, Dickie Pride, Julian X
Freddie Starr could always do his Billy Fury impression that he was still knocking out in the 90s.
Do you think Billy Fury was Britain's only real answer to Elvis Presley? Or were there others? Cliff Richard?...
1961 Billy Fury entered the chart with 'I'd Never Find Another You' which spent nine weeks in the top ten…
If you like the music of Billy Fury, Buddy, Frank, Dean, Perry, Andy Williams, the Everlys, call - swing int…
What's On: Enjoy "Halfway to Paradise", the Billy Fury Story at Memorial Court this Friday -
Fury over GCSE biology exam that had ‘no biology’ in it
33 years after Billy Fury's untimely death - his own band remember him.
New album coming on nicely. A mixture of Elvis, Billy Fury, Michael Buble and lots more
has just played Billy Fury Gonna Type a Letter
has just played Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury
has just played Billy Fury like ive never been gone
Enjoyed watching the Billy Fury doc bt knew a lot more abt his life than the filmmakers! 😉🎼
Billy Fury: The Sound of Fury Profile of British pop singer Billy Fury, who became an overnight ...
How cute is Billy Joe tryna be Tyson Fury😂😂
Los 60. Billy Fury. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees) (1964). Sonando ahora en
Good to see Billy Fury getting a gig for Latvia
This guy is like a cross between Billy Fury and Billy Ray Cyrus. I still would mind.
fury cracks me up!!! Mcguigan is meant to be an arrogant *** anyhow & not well liked
Now playing Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury.mp3 by !
The Billy Fury doc on BBC4. Lovely Amanda Barrie! Spliffs! It takes you to a, ahem, Wondrous Place
Hughie Fury turned down what would have been a very tough fight against Dillian Whyte (16-1, 13 KOs) for the British h…
Wonder when Tyson Fury and Billy-Joe Saunders will realise it's not his gypsy heritage but his crass comments that turn people against him?
1973 “That'll be the day” released in UK starring Billy Fury
No better place to listen to Mike Walker's Billy Fury play than here.
Happy Birthday to our Billy Fury! Today marks his 76th birthday. This year is extra special for us because our...
I quite liked Billy Fury (and Johnny Kidd) but I LOATHED the shadows and their little mincing dance steps and bow ties!!!
Your musical at 11am with Billy Fury and Dusty Springfield
Good Morning Mike, i love the Billy Fury tune, i always played it on my Mum & Dad's old record player when i was a child.
Halfway to Paradise -- Billy Fury via cant forget this one! what asweet voice
Coming up later: In thoughts of you - Billy Fury, no. 9 single this week in 1965
billy fury like ive never been gone via another favourite Billy Fury favourite
BILLY FURY LAST NIGHT WAS MADE FOR LOVE gottabe one of best songs ever via
Big fan of Billy Fury's. Can't wait for this...
More tomorrow from 1965. Tracks by Marianne Faithfull, Billy Fury, the Dave Clark Five and the Beatles.
It's Only Make Believe - Billy Fury had a UK hit with his version in 1964, which also went to in Singapore.
Billy Fury's performance of "I Like Animals" in the movie I've Gotta Horse is one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen on screen
Well that was a film of two halves. 1st half was great, Keith Moon Billy Fury, Ringo Starr. David Essex - then it went all serious.
Re-live Billy Fury's timeless hits at The Theatre with Halfway to Paradise on March 5th 2016!
Update your maps at Navteq
love the show thanks...Billy Fury was quite an handsome man
I once played "halfway to paradise" after news story confirming Billy Fury had died! Was just needling G Hits for familiarity
Burning a DSD disc with 20 songs incl. "Like i've never been gone" (Billy Fury) with
Tracks from Billy fury and Martin Kember on the way
can I be cheeky and ask for a bit of billy fury a thousand stars please xxx
The weekend starts here! First edition of Ready Steady Go! broadcast today 1963, guest incl. Billy Fury and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes.
On AHBS: Ali Quinn is Halfway To Paradise2.29 by Billy Fury on 60s on a Sunday
Finally Watching Mad Max: Fury Road & we're nick naming the clans. Currently the Rob Zombies are being pursued by the Billy Corgans.
Was in gt yarmouth today, first time Back there in 53 years, when I went with Billy Fury, omg such a long time ago
That sounds like my kind of place " Boy meets Girl, Juke Box Jury, Marty Wilde and Billy Fury"
O'Mallys bar in Selkirk. Marty Wilde & Billy Fury on the box.
We three Kings a Tribute to Billy Fury, Buddy Holly & Elvis!...
.look at the iconic Billy Fury with a one off screening of The Sound Of Fury
Watch: Billy Fury to be celebrated in new film premiering in Liverpool -… via Thomas Tolkien
here are the votes from sanguine Somerset: Scaffold, Box Tops, Billy Fury, Dave Berry, Dionne Warwick
The 2 week booking on Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk I was booked for was cancelled, *** hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!
Play it Cool..It's in our Market Place this Sun with a Billy Fury theme...get practising that quiff
The music of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury and Roy Orbison is brought to life in Sat 11 April
Liked Billy Fury...the entertainers who come 2 our village often sing his songs.Died way to young,also liked Malcolm Roberts.
I can only vaguely remember him.but I remember The Green Door...I was never a fan either...I love Billy Fury...
Finishing my prep for this Sundays Billy Fury Fair today and can't wait to show them off
Playing_ BILLY FURY Do You Really Love Me Too (Fools Erand) [1964] - _why not tune in now at
My Sounds Of The 60s column this week is on Billy Fury:
"...Billy Fury would still get mobbed in the streets right up until his death in 1983, a true star to the end." Bob Stanley of St Etienne
Kyo Kusnagi Billy Kane from fatal fury, as that union jack bandana biker outfit combo was brilliantly ridiculous
What's on next weekend? - it's our Billy Fury Fair on Sun 12th! 3 Graces Northwest classic cars…
Great article on by for Would just LOVE to track down some of his photos..
I just re watched the series and I decided I don't like Tom Hardy as Mad Max ...but I'm still desperate 4 fury road
Last Night Was Made For Love by Billy Fury is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
not waving but drowning, Duane Eddy, Craig Douglas, Dionne Warwick, Billy Fury, Johnny Preston
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
55 years since Eddie Cochran died in a car crash.This is the scene at the hospital next morning.Billy Fury et al
I've been listening to Billy Fury but that's a bit old for you my friend. But I love the sound of Gregory Porter -hey Laura.
From Bernie Taupin's 1987 album "Tribe". Written by Taupin and Martin Page, with Elton John on supportive vocals. Billy Fury was a Merseyside rock and roll l...
Festive photo of Billy Fury, from Christmas 1965, when he starred in panto as Aladdin.
Michal Alan Newton-Parry more exotic name. Oh its too much. Billy Fury - Bloody *** Its Idol was waiting
84 Fantastic tracks from the greatest time of your life - 3 cds featuring Roy Orbison, Billy Fury, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Everly Brothers, Helen Shapiro & more
It's time for The Golden Year and today Billy Fury, Bobby Darin and Danny Williams all feature.
I'll say goodnight now Martin. Here's a gentle Billy Fury to relax you: "Like I've Never Been Gone"
Check out the Princess Theatre this weekend. Billy Fury & the Barron Knights!
I always preferred Tommy Steele by miles, also Marty Wilde, Billy Fury and even Adam Faith, oh and Elvis of course
Various Music Events On May 10 May 10, 1960: A group from Liverpool named the Beatals (sic) changes its name to the Silver Beatles after local scenester Brian Casser declares the first name ridiculous. The five-piece -- which at this point includes Stu Sutcliffe on bass and Tommy Moore on drums) audition to become singer Billy Fury's backing group. Though they don't get the main gig, they do score a gig backing up fellow Liverpudlian Tommy Quickly on a Scottish tour. May 10, 1963: The Rolling Stones make their first recordings for Decca Records, including the Chuck Berry cover "Come On," but all are rejected by the label as "dreadful." May 10, 1964: Dusty Springfield makes her television debut on CBS' Ed Sullivan Show, singing "I Only Want To Be With You." May 10, 1965: Bob Dylan plays Royal Albert Hall as climax to his British tour (filmed for Don't Look Back) May 10, 1966: Bob Dylan plays Colston Hall in Bristol May 10, 1966: Struggling singer Janis Joplin, back home in her native Texas, is invited back ...
Music History For 10th May 1960, The Silver Beetles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Tommy Moore) auditioned for promoter Larry Parnes and singer Billy Fury for a job as Fury's backing group. Parnes was also looking for backing groups for his lesser-known acts, and The Silver Beetles were selected as backing group for singer Johnny Gentle's upcoming tour of Scotland. The group had changed its name from 'The Beatals' to 'The Silver Beetles' after Brian Casser (of Cass and the Cassanovas) remarked that the name 'Beatals' was "ridiculous". He suggested they use the name 'Long John and the Silver Beetles', but John Lennon refused to be referred to as 'Long John'. 1963, The Rolling Stones recorded the Chuck Berry song 'Come On', at Olympic Studios, London. This the bands first release was issued on the 7th June 1963 by Decca Records. 1964, Bob Dylan arrived in Britain for his first major UK tour including a show at London's Royal Festival Hall on the 17th of this month. 1965 ...
The boys did it for me today...Andy Williams, Matt Monro, Billy Fury, Bobby Vee, and not forgetting Cliff with his beautiful "Visions" :)
At the very same time that Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley were happening in the U.S., Billy Fury and Cliff Richard...
50s rockabillies like Sleepy LaBeef and Johnny Horton; early 60s British rockers like Billy Fury and Cliff Richard; a few leftovers from last week's Duos/Duets show including Paul & Paula and Dale & Grace; some rock'n'roll instrumentals; and some selections from one of the greatest rock opera's EVAH! Join me for a two hour ride in the Wayback Machine on this afternoon's Backtracks show, 3-5pm on your favorite Studio One frequency! Bob Dorr
Today would have been the Birthday of one of my Rock'n'Roll heroes, Billy Fury. He made so many fantastic records and as a singer, I would say his voice is instantly recognisable and unique. He may be more remembered these days by the media as a big ballad singer, but his early Rock'n'Roll records were outstanding. If I had a "Desert Island Discs" top 10 selection, his first record "Maybe Tomorrow"/"Gonna Type A Letter" would have to be included. The A-side is my all-time favorite ballad, utter perfection.
Fancy yourself a bit of Billy Fury, Billie Holiday or Elvis Presley? Then "Eternity" is perfect, get it for £2.00.
Michael King presents an outstanding tribute to the one and only Billy Fury. 31st May:
Join us this Thursday night for another packed show. Including featured artists Bread, another super Elvis Jukebox and more madness from the Story Lady! This weeks classic pop interview features one of Pat Wheatley's favourites:Billy Fury. We've some great Nashville music,and our usual left field songs. The Disney Spot includes an interview with the legendary Angela Lansbury talking about her early days in Hollywood and working on Bedknobs and Broomsticks.We also play a song that was deleted from the final film! There's music from Disney TV's Laura Dickinson and Martin Olson plus the Brain Teasers and another DVD Contest. Our theme this week is: "Stuck in the 70's!" Grab your flairs,get the space hopper ready and bring a bottle of Tizer with you as well for an hour of terrific tunes from that decade. Its going to be a corker,join us live this Thursday night at 8 pm UK time!
Been a while since I added to my iPod library, so I’ve procured more from Billy Eckstine and Roy Orbison, plus David Gates and Billy Fury.
"Ronnie and the Reverbs" wrote: This band is really beginning to gel.! there were magical little things going on at times today! I think 2 months and we'll be gigging and it won't gig 'til it's right! from Eddie Cochran to Gary Moore, Elvis Presley to JD. McPherson, Billy Fury to The Rollin' Stones! and some Johnny Cash thrown in the mix along with Bobby Rydell, Matchbox, Dave Edmonds and Johnny Kidd to menti...
Stop press ! If y'all get a chance you must go and see the great British rock and roll band Serious Charge ! Lead by Dave Prince on drums Mark ( from Stingrays) lead vocals and lead guitar . The Bass man on Upright bass . Great gig at Sally's Bs last sunday ! Great covers done of Feeling by Johnny Kidd , Don't bug me Cliff Richard and the Drifters plus Gonna take magic Billy Fury . Great gig Nigh
Blackberry Smoke, Jezebels, Nina Nesbitt and Angel Olsen have their new albums out on next week and there are a couple of great compilations from the Small Faces and Billy Fury.
if you're coming to the Billy Fury show tonight remember to check in Mansfield Palace Theatre
A little diversion tonight..but it is Liverpool focused!!..Who remembers the Package Tours to the Empire..Bobby Vee,The Everley Brothers,Del Shannon,Frankie Avalon,Tony Orlando,Miracles,Helen Shapiro,Stones.Billy Fury,Johnny Tillotson.,.,wish I had saved my tickets and programmes !!
Anyone interested in show business DVD biographies should check out the ones made by The have made some brilliant documentaries on the likes of Dusty Springfield, Frankie Vaughan, Billy Fury, Alma Cogan, John Lennon and Matt Monro. Pictured is the one profiling Kathy Kirby which I wrote the commentary for, and appeared in along side such names as Sir Bruce Forsyth, Sandie Shaw, Vince Hill and Ernest Maxin. And no I am not on any commission for the plug!
For the first time in years, i watched the brilliant That'll be the day/Stardust - at one point, David Essex, Ringo Starr, Billy Fury and Keith Moon - closely followed by a very young pre get some in Robert Lindsay - were all doing it in the same scene! Classic...
Billy Fury, Peter Sellers, Johnny Dankworth, the Supercar theme, all 'pop' by the standards of the time.
Lancaster's Grand Theatre has some fantastic shows on over the coming months. Here's just a tiny flavour: There's comedy from Rich Hall, Ruby Wax, Arthur Smith, Jenny Eclair, Jerry Sadowitz, and from Test Match Special Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter. There is drama and dance with performances of Dracula, Swan Lake, The BFG, The Little Mermaid, Lady Windermere's Fan, Oliver, Annie and 60's classic Look Back in Anger. And music from The Bachelors, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Joe Longthorne, Joe McElderry and tributes to Johnny Cash, The Hollies, Led Zeppelin, Michael Ball and Billy Fury. For more details and to book visit
Smokey Robinson and the miracles ( cracks in ma fleers ) Andy Stewart ( Donald Fars yer rooser ) Police ( massage in a brothel ) Billy Fury ( Halfway to Tannadice ) Lulu ( gout ) The Beatles with the famous pigeon fanciers song ( Love Ma Doo ) Cilla Black ( Anyone who had a fart )
It was on this day in '72 "That'll Be The Day," a 1950s revival drama loosely based on the Harry Nilsson song "1941," starring Ringo Starr, David Essex, Keith Moon, Billy Fury and the Nashville Teens' John Hawken, began filming in England. The movie opened in 1973 to good reviews, many critics praising its gritty realism.
Just had Wee Willie Harris still playingrock and roll at the age of 80. Also had Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley, Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard and man others from 1958 - 1962. Oh bring back Rock and Roll.
Nothing against Billy Fury who worked on the Ferry but why no statue of Jesse Hartley who built Albert Dock?
Someone else liked it. Our own Billy Fury who covered it 21 years later. "Love or money" BRILLIANT …
ON-AIR NOW: is remembering the music of August 1964. Billy Fury, Dionne Warwick and Louis Armstrong coming up
Cancer how long have you got Billy Fury in the Rain xx
Video: Song of the Day Halfway to Paradise - Billy Fury 
My grandma is coming tomorrow and we're going to watch 50's movies and listen to Billy Fury together. Shall be grand.
JLT The Sound of Fury. Billy Fury bio-play. Classic Rock n Roll trajectory. Makes me wish I could talk to my Dad about it.
Afternoon from Kev Roberts in the hot seat for Tom all week and YOU can win tickets to The Billy Fury Experience at The Futurist before 6pm!
Just won tickets to the billy fury tribute show at the futurist on Sunday. Thanks
they will be replaced some time soon as I do not like my own Billy Fury x
he wants to dance with lissy to billy fury I think
My grandad just said you look like Billy Fury... I see the resemblance!
Well done all the pier head spotters! Liverpool . It was billy fury!
The record was very popular with UK artists - there were covers from the Beatles, Billy Fury, Alvin Lee & Dr Feelgood
Another Liverpool favourite - Billy Fury original signed framed print by Frett - available from tomorrow at...
Another booking just secured for a 60th Birthday party at Stratford upon Avon in September this year. This was a venue we'd played at about 2 months ago. The club steward recommended us to the client who was struggling to find suitable entertainment. She was really lucky as this date in September was the one of the few Saturday dates we have left this year! What is really interesting about this booking is that they really do want a 60's night - so its over to mainly Eric this time for some Elvis, Buddy Holly, Del Shannon, Billy Fury, Roy Orbison, Drifters, and Cliff Richard!! Kelly ones include dolly Parton, Abba, Mary Wells, The Ronettes.
I was wondering how the late great Bobby Bland would have fared had his management been Larry Parnes, with his acts having snappy names like Billy Fury, Dickie Pride, Vince Eager and so on. Bobby Brilliant seems to be more marketable than Bobby Bland. Still, he did better than labelmates Tommy Tedium and Mickey Mediocre who vanished into obscurity. Rita Rubbish realised she'd do better under another name and became Nina Simone.
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC JUNE 15th (Don't forget to "LIKE" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1956: John Lennon met Paul McCartney at a church dinner in Liverpool, England, and invited him to join his group the Quarrymen. 1957: Elvis Presley's new single, "All Shook Up," debuts on the UK charts before its release, due to advance copies of the single -- intended for US troops in Europe -- finding their way into the hands of British DJs. 1958: The Platters perform their new hit "Twilight Time" on tonight's broadcast of CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. 1958: The first teenage all-music TV show Oh Boy!, was broadcast for the first time in the UK. Each week Oh Boy! featured resident artists plus a selection of special guests. The residents included Cuddly Dudley, who sang on 21 shows, Cliff Richard (20 shows), The Drifters (Later to become The Shadows) (17 shows) and Marty Wilde (17 shows). Guests included Billy Fury, Tony Sheridan, Shirley Bassey and Lonnie Donegan; with occasional ...
Adam Ant: Sound and Vision Chris Salewicz, Face, The, April 1981 "Malcolm McLaren just said to me, "What do you want, Adam?" I said, "I'd like to be a household name, and have everyone know and like Adam And The Ants." He said, "You're making it very difficult for yourself." And he was right!" "I think showbusiness is looked upon as a dirty word, and I don't think it is. Malcolm's a very Tin Pan Alley character – he reminds me of Billy Fury's manager, Larry Parnes. I really admire him: the guy's alive. I paid Malcolm a grand to work for me for four weeks. He sorted me out: he went through my first album word-by-word, note-by-note, and just said what was what. I think he realized early on there was no way I was going to sing about cassettes or sing his lyrics, which is what all the Bow Wow Wow words are. I did try, but I couldn't work under those conditions. But he was very wise – Malcolm's a very wise person – and he helped me a lot...Though it was very painful to lose friends like that. "Malcolm di ...
my dad went to see them & wanted to take me. He had great stuff like Buddy Holly, Billy Fury, Del Shannon
Evening All its Dean here from Gold Requests...So who was a better singer, Matt Monro or Billy Fury?
Idol was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. The name Billy Idol was inspired by a schoolteacher's description of Broad as "idle".[3] In an interview on November 21, 1983 Idol also tells us that the name "was a bit of a goof, but also part of the old English school of rock. Billy Fury and all that. It was a 'double thing' not just a poke at the superstar-like people. It was the whole sort of - everyone was doing it too - it was fun, you know?" He goes on to say the name "didn't really ever backfire, only with the stupid people who took it seriously" [4] In 1958, when Idol was two years old, his parents moved to Patchogue, on Long Island, New York, US. The family returned to the UK four years later with Idol and a younger child Jane (who had been born in the US), settling in Dorking, Surrey.[5] In 1971 the family moved to Bromley, southeastern London, where Idol attended Ravensbourne School for Boys. Idol (rather William Broad) also attended Worthing High School for Boys in West Sussex. In October 1975, ...
What a difference a day makes! Beautiful day where I am today, so folks might be listening by the barby tonight. We'll have some good stuff for 'em from Ricky N, Roy O, Del, Chuck B, Sedaka, Nappy Brown. Some nice British boys in the form of Mike Berry & The Outlaws, Johnny Kidd and Billy Fury; local bands Rusti Steel, Big Black Cadillac, Johnny Red, Denvir Jet & Shindig. We'll mark the birthdays of John Fogerty, Rudy Lewis of The Drifters, Art Sharp of The Nashville Teens and play the first single from Buddy Holly & The Crickets that was released this week in 1957. Chuck in some Bo Walton, some Lennerockers, Elvis and doowop and I reckon we've got ourselves a *** ! See you at 6 on FM, digital and on-line. Bernx
I'm just hoping there will be less Cliff & more Lonnie Donegan, The Shadows & Billy Fury
first gig on the Rockin' scene for us ladies of the purple persuasion, featuring the vocal and musical prowess of the amazing Robson Field singing songs from way back when people like Billy Fury, The Drifters, Buddy Holly, The Everley Brothers and Cliff Richard were household names! As well as this we have music before, between and after sets by the awesome DJ BopCat playing some Jivers, Strollers and Boppers to tire out those dancing shoes! Doors 7:30pm Price £3 ALL PROCEEDS TO South Durham Counselling Service who provide an INVALUABLE service to those with Mental Health Problems! Help us spread awareness and raise funds!
Freddie Starr sings Billy Fury. Watch the video, the bit at 0.31. . . Nearly dropped me *** phone in the bath
Kristian Bush from on stage singing Love or Money! (not the Billy Fury one) Rock on!
Matthew Charles Fisher (born 7 March 1946, Addiscombe, Croydon, England) is an English musician, songwriter and producer. He is best known for playing the Hammond organ on the 1967 single, "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harum, for which he subsequently won a songwriting credit. Contents [hide] 1 Biography 1.1 Early career 1.2 Procol Harum 1.3 Production 1.4 Songwriting credits 2 References 3 External links [edit]Biography [edit]Early career Fisher was born and grew up in Addiscombe, a suburb of Croydon, then in Surrey. He started playing in bands in his teens, initially playing bass guitar, but around 1964, after hearing The Animals and Georgie Fame, he decided that he would prefer to be an organist instead. After briefly considering a career as a music teacher, enrolling in the Guildhall School of Music for a year, he dropped out, obtained two Vox Continental organs, and used them on tour with The Gamblers, backing band to Billy Fury. After The Gamblers, he played with various local groups before jo ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
WATCH OUT ! MORE ROCKABILLY GREATS ! "Trying to get to you / Let me play with your poodle" HANK C. BURNETTE (M-100). "Tag along / Rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flue" HANK C. BURNETTE (M-101). "Rock with me baby" - released last year - was the first single by Hank C. Burnette which got the attention of rock-collectors all over Europe. RI-subscriber and rockabilly fanatic Mac Bouvrie from Lanaken, Belgium not only bopped through his room on the tune, he also contacted Hank about some more releases, and here they are! Two new singles (on Bouvrie's own MAC label) by 'the One Man Rockabilly Band from Sweden'. The sound on all these tracks is unbelievable and can be compared with the best American stuff. Unbelievable that Hank never made it way back! If only he had been born in England instead of Sweden he would have topped people like Cliff Richard, Billy Fury, Marty Wilde and Tommy Steele by miles! He is without any doubt the greatest rock & roll talent that ever walked around in Europe! Reason ...
Wayne Radley's Rock N Roll show tonight on Lincoln City Radio 103.6fm or www.lincolncityradio and press the listen now button. Playing Rock N Roll. Rockabilly, Doo *** Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockin' Blues. Tonight we'll be playing a few Billy Fury tracks in recognition of the 30 years since his passing away. Plus requests, and the gig guide. Show Rocks off at 0800-1000.
Paddy Shennan reports on a new song which will serve as a tribute to the late, great Billy Fury, who died 30 years ago
Billy Fury "was the James Dean of Rock 'n' Roll." - Cliff Richard.
I haven't seen this one before. If you're not too sure who's who they are: Dickie Pride, Billy Fury, Vince Eager, Marty Wilde, Duffy Power, Johnny Gentle and front is Julian X.
I know BBC management like to think the locals only exist to do bad weather stuff, but, other than my 4 standard travel bulletins, we're not doing it tonight!! Just keep the rockin' tunes coming to warm us up. We'll have a wintry start then 3 from Carl Perkins to mark the 25th anniversary of his passing today, loads of Billy Fury (cos I'm not on next week for HIS anniversary) birthday songs from Jack Scott and Etta James, and some belters from Warren Smith, Jerry, Janis, Buddy, Ritchie, and a 5 minuter from Duane. Local acts Jackson Sloan, Jack Rabbit Slim & The Strollers, plus I'll play out part of the chat I had with JD McPherson. And LOADS more! I'll have something to eat, play with Riles then mosey in and I'll see you "live & shiverin'" at 6. Bxx
If you're around tomorrow morning, Clem Cattini will be on the day job at about 11.40 to talk all things Billy Fury (he's in the forthcoming Billy Fury Years tour). He's one of the world's most proficient drummers - 45 Number 1s from Tom Jones to Ernie, artists as diverse as Lou Reed, Dusty, Weller and Bolan, but he started with Marty, Cliff, Terry, Billy et al. If you're around Northamptonshire try & catch it or go on line, and I'll post a link up here to the iplayer tomorrow. Very much looking forward to talking to the great man. Bxx
I take back what I said about BBC4 letting me down: just watched that great Jeff Lynne documentary. Terrific. His "Long Wave" album has some nice rnr roots: Running Scared, some Chuck and a Phil & Don song. Anyway, you know I love my music magazines: Vintage Rock ed. 5 is out now with good pieces on Billy Fury, PJ (Proby, not "& Duncan!), Joe Meek, Ronnie Self and The Ventures. £5.99 with Lennon on the cover this quarter. Mojo this month has articles on Etta James and Aaron Neville (the latter has a new doo *** cd out). And Q continues to not know its readership but has a nice interview with Richard Hawley where he talks about albums by Fats Domino,, Elvis, Duane, Little Walter and Santo & Johnny. Seek 'em out if you want some New Year reading. Bxx
Available Now on DVD and Blu Ray from A stunning reinvention of Bruce Lee's timeless 1972 classic, Fist of Fury, Fist of Legend is c...
Some bloke called Mike has gone and got married for the 3rd time - He now has 3 women's names tattooed on his arm!! Do you have a tattoo of someones name?? If so... Who / Where / Why??
Anyone have a bottle of Bell's with a batch # later than 11550?
Thanks to all the amazing musicians who made St Stevens Day a class night. We are lucky to have them... New Years tix on sale, joe fury in concert ( dance a billy)on sat and dec o rourke is sold out tomorrow.. Happy Christmas everyone from us all at The Tav
I'd Never Find Another You.Lyrics: Don't ever worry that I'll leave you That's such a foolish thing to do How could I ever go When in my heart I know I'd ...
You were on wrong side of Mersey for the Billy Fury statue !!
Billy Fury 2 Art Print by PICSL8 - also available as a phone case and canvas from
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'Only You' by Yazoo into 'Sexuality' by Billy Bragg into 'Wondrous Place' by Billy Fury into 'Drinking In L.A' by Bran Van 3000. Done. Boss.
Merry Xmas!! My arena mate tells me it's highly recommended that I return back to rogue. Guess they are getting buffed in 5.2 patch?
No problem. Joan had been telling me to do message to you all week. How about Billy Fury "In thoughts of you" next week" please.
hi Michael, thanks for the follow. Sorry I didn't get your email in time to play Billy Fury. Merry Christmas to you and Joan
A busy day in the studio today - here's to the very best of times for you, your family and friends. Gael
Marina Pesto its been an absolute pleasure marina treating you.Your my dearest new friend.You always put a smile on my face your shine and stop traffic your gorgeous little thing. Im so proud of youxxx about a minute ago · Like
Argentine fury at Antarctic renaming: Argentina summons the UK ambassador to explain why part of Antarctica ... bbc
Chuck Berry and FATS DOMINO both spring to mind. Buddy Holly, BILLY FURY too.
Steve Trevor is their lame Nick Fury. Billy Batson is an *** ARGUS is SHIELD down to the uniform. It's just bizarre reading this.
Quote of the day "that is for that frakker" guess who says it and win a golden star for your forehead.
He also saw Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Billy Fury there.
The latest issue of Vintage Rock is on the shelves now! Issue 5 of Vintage Rock magazine is on sale in WH Smiths UK and will arrive in Barnes & Noble very soon! Inside you’ll find: The Beatles – 50th Anniversary Special - Hamburg - The rock 'n' roll years Billy Fury – Living with pain in paradise Ru...
wow another packed few outings in Suzanne's world. Managed to squeeze in two great shows Billy Fury story with Fury's tornados and the man who discovered them -really excellent and from rock and roll to rock with Spike's SAS all stars. Spike Edney from Queen, Manfred Mann guitarist Chris Thompson, Midge Ure and Cream guitarist. A great gig. Then something more romantic Franz Lehar's Merry Widow and Life Of Pi. As eccletic a mix as my shows which my lovely east coast fans is replayed at 9pm US time xx
Busy old day today - just got in from switching on the lights in the lovely village of Woodford (very nice people). Now in to do the show, then off to jock for The Jets in their hometown Christmas gig - might stay in bed all day tomorrow!! So tonight we'll mark Little Richard's 80th and Freddy Boom Boom's 72nd, as well as remembering Roy Orbison who we lost- unbelievably- 24 years ago this week. Some *** from Billy Fury, *** Bobby Freeman, Earl Bostic, The Champs, Dion, Gene Vincent, Del & Frankie Lymon. Local music from The Leopard Trio, The Chevtones, The Rock Island Rebels and The Jets - including part of a chat we had with Bob & Ray on the day job this week. See you at 6. Bxx
Asking again James Arthur to try a Billy Fury song Nicole
Asking again James Arthur to sing a Billy Fury song
Freddie Starr singing I love how you love me from the album after the laughter recorded in 1989. This song is an old Billy Fury song.
Anyone looking for a good night of music tomorrow?.then get on down to The Rodbourne Cheney WMC in Moredon Road for 8:30- ish for some good old sixties songs. Take a stroll down memory lane with Billy Fury, Cliff Richard, Elvis, Adam Faith and many others as well as more modern stuff like, Lional Ritchie, Neil Diamond, Ronan Keating .etc., etc.
Janice long just played billy fury halfway to paradise me and ma mam was dancing in the kitchen to that on Sunday lol we love it
Requested by rayl2109 Once, once upon a dream I met her Long ago but somehow I can't forget her I met her, once upon a dream We built a castle where we plann...
On route to see the fabulous Michael King as Billy Fury this evening in Blackpool.
Just finished Fury MAX (2001), wherein Nick Fury is Billy Butcher with an eye patch. And it's even by Ennis and Robertson,
Billy Fury - I love How You Love Me.Lyrics: I love how your eyes close Whenever you kiss me Or when I'm away form you I love how you miss me I love ...
Remembering a great pop star of the 60''s. Recorded from TV in 1983 on VHS...tape, remember??? LOL Sadly, Billy suffered heart problems for many years and died young. This was recorded days before he died, at his own request. (1940 - 1983 RIP. The
I sure hope you enjoy the story of Billy Fury
Shame that! I will be polishing the zimmer and listening to Billy Fury
The best ever tribute to Billy Fury comes to town on Thursday 15th Nov. Featuring all his greatest hits. Book now at
Tony Orlando don't give up your day job. You've got nothing on Billy Fury.
What a geat weekend spent with family and friends as well as Barry White, Dave Clark (out of Dave Clark 5 )Elvis Presley, Billy Fury, and Timmy Mallett Sooty and Sweep didn,t dissapoint either Great times
A wonderful Billy Fury song. Enjoy it! People see us everywhere They think you really care But myself I can't deceive I know it's only make believe. My one a...
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Where did this come from? An Elvis duet with Billy Fury on the incredible track Because Of Love. When this turned up at our office on a reel we were that exc...
Three of the big names in 60s music are interviewed for the Border Television programme 'Beat in the Border'. Marty Wilde was among the first generation of B...
- that boyband have certainly got the looks girls like - one of them minds me on Billy Fury - I know you don't know who he was!!
I like a bit of Billy Fury, 'Maybe Tomorrow'.
Well if we're into that I saw Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran & Billy Fury at Apollo in 196x
Billy Fury did not record many cover versions of songs... but here's his cover of the Bobby Rydell hit, "Forget Him". And (in my opinion) this is far, far be...
Also enjoying The Sound Of Fury by Billy Fury. But Phone Call a little hard to believe - how many "chicks" had a telephone in 1960?
We couldn`t remake our channel without including the first song that we danced to. It means so much to us. We would like to dedicate it to all our wonderful ...
Look for Spring 13' shows now on sale incl. tributes to Johnny Cash & Billy Fury. Visit our website for more details.
The billy fury and elvis experience at the globe in chelmsford this saturday from 8pm all welcome
Rather worried that Noah settles himself to sleep listening to Billy Fury! DAD!
You know i said i brought some 1960s Practical Motorist magazines - these little gems were shoved inside a couple of them - hiding from the wife no doubt. x
You dont hear voices like this these days!
all the people that slag of the traveling people i bet £1000 none a them would stand in front of and say it to him
Remember when you uppercut yourself . Had me in tears that !
& fight will be a good one there both top British boxers just think fury loves.himself abit to much
talks so much, but he hasn't actually done a bit. would ruin the boy. Stop talkkng and start getting some fights
Fury rocks to Billy Squire's "Everybody Wants You!" They do because this is one of the hottest (
oh dear, race has no part in this. You wouldn't say that stuff about Billy Joe saunders.
behave yourself man! Ur been a silly billy Tyson fury is not going anywhere apart from down to the canvas silly ppl😏
A wonderful but very sad song by Billy.Lyrics: I was slowly passing, an Orphans home one day, I stopped for just a little while, to watch the children pla...
I apologise mate to be fair your the best boxer I've seen since Billy Hardy
Do any you older teenagers of say 1957 rember some of our uk singers like Adam Faith. Billy fury. Marty Wilde joe brown also the tornadoes and the vernon girls .Helen Shapiro i wondr what happend to.them cause we know where Cliff Richards will be soon in ausie but i saw h on stage with some of these great singers ah just remernising its great having a memory of nice things..but i lov the x factor and some of there stars from the globe have been so so good just wanted to share this lol even though im giving my age away sort of .
you off to Manchester to pull head out of his *** ?
Today Billy Fury - aptly - joins Jonathan Greenbank in 'A Wondrous Place'. And here it is:
Just bought Billy Fury collection,he of hand on her knee 'halfway to Paradise fame,coolest pop idol!
This is one of my faverite cd of all time. ( The sound of Fury ) - by Billy Fury, U.K. best kept secret. The singer is from the rock 'n' roll era. This cd from unerveral music, is only avallable online legal cd website's , cost , peanuts. By the way there is 3 times more the amount then in stores.
Just seen the fantastic Michael King as Billy Fury, what a great time we had. If you are a Billy Fury fan then this show is a must, you will not be disappointed...x
Seeing the fabulous Michael King as Billy Fury in Blackpool tonight..x
of the time so yeah! I like a variation of artists, though. Bryan Adams, Bobby Vee, Billy Fury, Eddie Money, Journey, etc.
Hamilton Collection
Coming up- Billy Fury, Clay Walker, Del Shannon, The Carpenters, David Bowie and much more!
Billy Fury, born Ronald William Wycherley (17 April 1940 - 28 January 1983),[1] was an internationally successful English singer from the late 1950s to the e...
Hear The Grumbleweeds, Matt Monro, Billy Fury, Rolf Harris and Mrs Miller all going 'out there'. And loads more, obviously! 8pm
The Big O and Fury tributes on variety bill - Hull Daily Mail: Roy Orbison and Billy Fury will join ...
I feel a more gritty take on a Billy Fury favourite number. See what you think? All pictures courtesy of no copyright infringement i...
Just got back from Peter Hook and the Light gig in L'Pool - they were performing the Unknown Pleasures album - good stuff, went alone though but Billy Fury story with mum and dad at the Brindley tomorrow
A cover version of the Billy Fury song.
Charted at on Billboard Hot 100 in May 1961. Tony's first Billboard chart single. In the UK, this song was a bigger hit, charting at for Billy Fury al...
Elvis, Alan Jackson, Neil Sedaka, Faith Hill, Alma Cogan, Rick Nelson, Brad Paisley, Billy Fury & more all lined up for tomorrow!
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