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Billy Crystal

William Edward Billy Crystal (born March 14, 1948) is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, and film director.

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Watch The Morning Show to win VIP meet-and-greet with Billy... - WJXT Jacksonville
Sounds like we'd be better off with Billy Crystal in goal!!!
Maybe by Billy Crystal but that's about it.
You really have to have some muscle to be on the stage in front of...
When Harry Met Sally is a great movie and a classic and Billy Crystal is a comedic genius.
It’s the show that Halp, my in-laws, Smokey, Short Round, Billy Crystal, Donald Trump and Jiggaman have been...
Billy Crystal is really one of the funniest white men. His comedic timing is impeccable.
"Women need a reason to hake sex. Me; just need a place." - Billy Crystal
Semi-related: just realized Billy Crystal's character is from Haddonfield.
Me, Billy Crystal and John Goodman hang out non-stop, and all we d...
you look, as Billy Crystal would say, 'Mahvelllous!!
I thought this was a picture of Billy Crystal🙃
"oomen need a reason to have sex. Men just teed a place." - Billy Crystal
I listened to the Billy Crystal album 'You Look Mahvelous' over & over while playing Final Fantasy 4 & they're connected forever
Hosting the Oscars is like making love to a beautiful woman - it's something I only get to do when Billy Crystal's o
Analyze This with Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, new in package…
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Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally... 24x36 Movie Poster by Silverscreen
I've entered into the to win 1 of 5 codes.
Tickets for are on sale now! Call the Box Office at or purch via Ticketmaster: http…
let me get on the phone with Billy Crystal and sort this all out
"Life is better when you build bridges between people. Not walls." -Billy Crystal
I brought this up on the second day of the Lux Aeterna Party, and Billy Crystal broke down into tears.
I staggered, by the way. I dropped my Paddington Bear. Billy Crystal picked it up and gave it back to me.
"Women need a reqson to have sex. Men just jeed a place." - Billy Crystal
Tickets to 's second show at The Chicago Theatre on 4/2 are on-sale now!.
96.1 WEJZ Welcomes Billy Crystal in Jacksonville, Wednesday January 25, 2017 at 7:30pm at the Times-Union Center...
Miracle Max has always been my favorite part. (Billy Crystal is unrecognizable! And Carol Kane is now on Kimmy Schmidt!)
Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, Tom Hanks. William Defoe I could go on
Wow just came to know that Billy Crystal had written a Book too . And guess what I've got this book in my uncle's home 📚
"Women need a reason no have seb. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
"Women need a reason to have s.x. Men just nee. a place." - Billy Crystal
Was playing with ma crystal balls Billy. 😁
"Women need a resson to Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
one of my favorite lines. Originally from Billy Crystal in Mr Saturday Night. This clip too:.
Watching Harry Met Sally for the first time... Am I thinking Billy Crystal is attractive...?
people talk about Jews running Hollywood it seems and I could swear that in the 80s I heard Billy Crystal or Mel Brooks brag about (2/7)
what about when Billy Crystal said it? Or was it Mel Brooks? (2/2)
he'll hire someone really classy, a total class act: Billy Crystal
"Women need a rvason to have sex. Men just need a :lace." - Billy Crystal
Words. Don't ask how, but it involves quotes from Billy Crystal movies. That's why we get paid the big bucks. :)
Possible Christopher Guest/Billy Crystal bit: Ever have a watermelon and not be able to fit it up your *** I hate that.
Bowler Ricky (Billy Crystal) discusses all the "unbelievable" trials and tribulations he goes through... [SNL,1984]
"Wofen need a reason to havefsex. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
I wish some elector would vote for Billy Crystal's Jewish-Native-American uncle, Cheats on His Taxes.
"Women need a regson to oave sex. Mqn just nged a place." - Billy Crystal
"You're the greatest!" ~Billy Crystal to Chris Paul after 111-109 win over Spurs in Game 7, 1st round.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Comedian, actor, writer & director is coming to Orlando on Feb 1. On sale now. ht…
I liked a video from Monsters University -- John Goodman & Billy Crystal Interview
Waiting for the to cast its vote would be so much better if they'd bring back Billy Crystal as host. 😱
. SNL hasn't been funny since Billy Crystal. . 😕
but I wanted to clarify WHY we do that. idk why someone replied w/Billy Crystal though.
Marc Maron is a really good interviewer, I didn't want his interview with Billy Crystal to ever end.
My dad, Jack, had a great sense of humour and had a strong impact...
Movie City Slickers: Jack Palance behind a whiny Billy Crystal utters said phrase ... Same as Aubrey to his detractors...
lord knows I'm not the one to judge. Miyazaki has that one about Billy Crystal as a talking fireplace, right?
Billy Crystal portrait handmade with dried leaves of by museumshop
"Women need a reason to have sex. Men ust needea place." - Billy Crystal
Today was supposed to be dead in Billy Crystal's scenes, had to be replaced with a rubber dummy bc he brings it up every time
I'm comfortable being old... being black... being Jewish.
I can't be funny if my feet don't feel right.
"Women need a reas n to have sex. Men just need a pltce." - Billy Crystal
Kids need a happy household. They need to be loved and supported in t...
"Women need a rea,on to have sex. Men just need a p.ace." - Billy Crystal
"Womenaneed a reason to have see. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
Steve Hayes and Billy Crystal hurt conservatives with dogmatic and twisted opinions. Stop!
Ever wonder what a debate between Toby Keith & Billy Crystal would sound like? Catch at 11:00 for & to find out
All the great seats are available here: Check out Billy Crystal's recent Jimmy...
My mind is always going. I'm always thinking what I need to do, wha...
Also in When Harry Met Sally Meg Ryan is 28 and Billy Crystal is 41 yet they're the same age.
No contest "My name is . . .", Billy Crystal, "Inconceivable!", THAT swordfight, the battle of witts, Peter Cook & Peter Falk.
I am wickedly attracted to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally
On 'MADtv,' I discovered I could do Billy Crystal. 'Ladies and gentl...
Billy Crystal's monologue – as Mitch Robbins in the film City Slickers – says it all for me.
Btw Billy Crystal made the worst joke on "She's in The Girl on the Train...Not to be confused with girl on t…
Yes, Billy Crystal made the worst joke at but no, it wasn't this one
Billy Crystal compares Trump to a 7/11 at a Broadway for Hillary fundraiser: "Open 24 hours & he is trying to sell us cra…
All purpose parts banner
Ha! At Billy Crystal introduces Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm as 'two men so handsome I want to punch them i…
Billy Crystal (at Broadway for Hillary fundraiser) says Donald Trump is "a human form of the hurricane season":
"Cabaret, set in Germany in the 1930s. Or as Trump & Pence call it, 'the good old days.'" Billy Crystal
Okay, the person who sarcastically shouted "Good Luck"after Billy Crystal said he wanted to see Hamilton is the best.
Billy Crystal's *61 film/love letter on Maris is fun. A tad schmaltzy, but Canadian Barry Pepper does a nice turn as Roger.
2. This scene with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal is ICONIC
So...on a lighter note. One of my favorite Billy Crystal monoluges: The Midlife Crunch - City Slickers via
New tumblr post: "don56:. Daniel Stern, Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby in “City..." ,
How do you feel about announcing the new Marc and Tom show on the Billy Crystal episode of ?
YOU are one of the greats! Great talk with Billy Crystal. The Chet Baker mouth trump at the end was the perfect ending
Glad to see Billy Crystal, Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon, and X-Pac reunite as to release a double album.
Do you think they could give Trump a fake briefing, kinda like the way Billy Crystal gave Jon Lovitz a fake treasure map in City Slickers 2?
finally saw it!, and i enjoy it, reminded me like the kind of movies Woody Allen does! . Billy Crystal hilarious!
This bar is going for a Woody Allen movie feel, but it's got more of a late-80s Billy Crystal vibe
I just learned that the voice of Timon in Lion King was Nathan Lane, NOT Billy Crystal, & it feels like the world is crashing down around me
Billy Crystal's comedic relief highlighted a day of honoring Muhammad Ali.
"Life is best when you build bridges between people, not walls." Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal tells how Muhammad Ali got him his first television appearance, and what he meant to him
I had no idea about the relationship between Billy Crystal and Muhammad Ali. This is amazing.
Eulogies for Mohammed Ali will be delivered by former President Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal and Bryant Gumbel, family spokesperson says
From 1977: Rob Reiner guest hosts "Tonight." Harry Shearer as Tom Snyder and Billy Crystal as Muhammad Ali:
Why is Billy Crystal trying to get William French Smith to run for president?
I'm the same age as Billy Crystal in City Slickers 2. I'm watching City Slickers 2. I always wanted to be a cowboy...
I have a soft spot for the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal 80s cop flick "Running Scared"
Sonofabtich How will I rest never knowing...Really the Billy Crystal sex scene was enough to cause sleeplessness anyway
I don't remember outrage when Billy Crystal was reveled as a hydra agent...what are you guys trying to say! City Slickers 2 wasn't that bad
"Women need a reaso; to have sex. Men just peed a place." - Billy Crystal
I was a film-directing major at NYU. I'm still not sure why I became a...
I just read that Billy Crystal's touring down there this summer. I can't wait to hear the crossover episode.
New theory: Bill Kristol and Billy Crystal are one in the same.
yep. And Billy Crystal is at the top of his game.
I liked a video Magazine Cover Talk with Billy Crystal
I added a video to a playlist Magazine Cover Talk with Billy Crystal
Wow... it's just like that one where Meg Ryan rampaged through Manhattan trying to eat Tom Hanks and Billy Crystal...
Billy Crystal is doing stand up again? Yus!
I don't see how anyone can turn down a Billy Crystal spread.
Nobody is more truthful when he's acting than De Niro.
"Women need a reason to bave sex. Meq just need a place." - Billy Crystal
.Billy Crystal was the correct answer.
Billy Dilithium Crystal Again you didn't specify if it had to be only real tech. Right?
Hilarious video. and 'innovate' with Celebrity magazine covers.
Magazine Cover Talk with Billy Crystal More at the link
National Review? The mag run by Billy Crystal who literally foams at the mouth when says the word 'Trump'? stop
Billy Crystal - everything he does and says is genius. Love the movie "Mr. Saturday Night" and I ju
Back to Billy Crystal on Soap, Will & Grace? You're delusional
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Even when I was in school shows, in elementary school doing plays, I'd...
Nothing funnier than Jewish guy with a shtick! Billy Crystal blazing a saddle with a big bubbler fart staring at Jack Palance
This kind of reminds me of the movie "City Slickers" with Billy Crystal. A great read by our gal, Megan Lacelle ...
"Women need acreason to have sex. Mwn just need a place." - Billy Crystal
I'm just impressed he has his own computerized therapist beside him. I wonder if it sounds like a Dalek Billy Crystal?
as Billy Crystal's character said in PARENTAL GUIDANCE, "there's no cure for dumb".
You forget how funny Billy Crystal can be.
Billy Crystal havin' a fun time with Jimmy Fallon
Listen to Billy Crystal - When Harry Met Sally by jamesivan96 on
It's that sort of whizbang logic that led creator Matt Nix to helm Billy Crystal's return to TV in The Comedians
Mike Douglas show. Billy Crystal was also a guest. Foster Brooks was very condescending and said that Billy must
Omg I wasn't aware this sketch existed. Martin Short as Katharine Hepburn & Billy Crystal as Muhammad Ali:
Stargate, starring Katie Holmes and Billy Crystal. Directed by Edgar Wright, music by Badfinger. Budget: $100,000
Tomorrowland, starring Billy Crystal and Jeff Fahey. Directed by Brian De Palma, music by George Michael. Budget: $50m
Princess Bride - Andre the Giant, Mel Smith, Billy Crystal and Peter Cook - Oli mesmerised
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Fun Fact: Did you know when Billy Crystal was a child, his babysitter was the legendary Billie Holiday. That's Friday's fun fact
Christopher Walken as Trump, Helen Mirren as Hillary, Billy Crystal as Bernie, Jeff Goldblum as Ted, Paul Giamatti as John
- who's the bigger bad comedian, Billy Crystal or Bill Kristol?
Bill Cosby told Billy Crystal, "Just talk to them. Don't let them see you're working." .
Saw a scene from Parental Guidance while channel surfing and mistook Billy Crystal for Christoper Walken.
Watching the trailer for this Miles Davis Billy Crystal
Missing the funny entertainment of Billy Crystal or 1 handed pushups by Jack Palance. Missing memorable moments.
The berating reminds me of the movie City Slickers, Jack Palance telling Billy Crystal "I spi…
Ellen gave out pizza, Chris sold Girl Scout cookies, what should we expect for next year? Billy Crystal handing out Happy Meals?
Billy Crystal, Shanice Wilson, Robert Krulwich during an interview with host Jay Leno on May 25, 199
Gary Shandling looks like Billy Crystal had an allergic reaction to his own face.
Running Scared starring Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal did a lot of race relations in the 80′s
I'd take Gallagher, Robin Williams, or Billy Crystal over both of them.
They look like stunt doubles for a Gregory Hines-Billy Crystal buddy movie.
Apparently I'm on a Michael Keaton/Billy Crystal bent at the moment. Also; there's a mini Jake Gyllenhaal in City Slickers. So cute.   10% Off
Sunday watch: Oscar opening monologues from Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart.
Would happily turn Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan into mince
oh sweet jesus. Andrew hasn't seen a Meg Ryan or Billy Crystal movie.
In the immortal words of Billy Crystal to Stuttering John, "It's not fun. It's not funny."
Believe it or not, Ted Cruz's Billy Crystal impression is not terrible
Billy Crystal recalls the Robin Williams joke about Ronald Reagan that had him in stitches
Weird how previous heart throb actors like Mel Gibson, Robert Redford etc - no plastic surgery. Steve Martin, Billy Crystal - surgery.
I liked a video Billy Crystal is a mind reader! is NOT how you is how you look..# YOU LOOK..MAHHHVEEELLLOSS!-billy crystal-SNL skits.. young gunz REPRESENT😆
One of my most favorite parts of James Corden was simply the fact that they were sat with Billy Crystal
Photo of Alex Karras as Albano & Billy Crystal as “Little Caesar” in SNL’s TNT sketch that I mentioned on 6:05.
*Billy Crystal decides to celebrate, goes into woods, meets wolves, assimilates, endless cycle?*
Billy Crystal in City Slickers 1 & 2 and Jon lovitz in City Slickers 2 , I've only seen City Slickers 1 thpugh.😏
I added a video to a playlist Alan Zweibel of SNL, Billy Crystal, Garry Shandling, David Steinberg
It's so not fun or funny, to paraphrase Billy Crystal.
These 30 for 30 about George W Bush throwing out a first pitch in 2001 WS is not interesting. Billy Crystal is the worst is all I learned
An Evening at the Improv (1986) Sandra Bernhard guest appears with Harry Anderson, Elayne Boosler, Billy Crystal and Michael Keaton
Dude, the war is over, we're talking about Morgan Freeman and Billy Crystal now. :')
Love this movie Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines
My senior thesis was about the use of semiotics in the 1986 action comedy “Running Scared”, starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.
Great. The Mets get Billy Crystal and the Cubs get John Cusak. get Uncle Fester.
and also working with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines in "Running Scared"
Billy Crystal, Richard Simmons. Same dude. And who cares if he is upset?
This is incredible. A cool spin on the greatest comedy routine ever. Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld.
Putting Kevin Smith in the NHL 16 commercial is the hockey version of putting Billy Crystal in Ken Burns' Baseball (SMFH)
A 9-11 mini doc about George W. Bush's pitch at Yankee Stadium. So of course lets get Billy Crystal involved.
Billy Crystal sums it up perfectly. ESPN 30 for 30: First Pitch. GW Bush in Yankee Stadium after 9/11/01.
Brilliantly, Billy Crystal looks like a young Captain Birdseye
LOVE what Billy Crystal said about how Bush handled 9/11 it was bigger then politics at that moment.
"Women reed a reason to haie sex. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
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“You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.” –Billy Crystal ‘The Princess Bride’ 1987
Only Clippers fan I got respect 4 is Billy Crystal
Dear do you remember also Billy Crystal, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, John Goodman, Bill Murray, or Dan Aykroyd?
Me, Tim Donaghy, *** Bavetta, and Billy Crystal to see if they can fix a golf match too.
Listening to Billy Crystal's audiobook "Still Foolin' Em" in car these days. Can't wait to drive. I laugh all the way to destination :)
Robin, Billy Crystal, Dudley Moore & John Larroquette on OPRAH at the Improv, Nov. 1987 -
Billy Crystal didn't want to miss Jim Parsons in ..! Neither should you. Last 5 perfs on
would be improved dramatically if it was Tom Hanks instead of Billy Crystal, in my opinion
I’m watching Tom Cruise on Sky now and realising I wrote Billy Crystal the other day and I’m thinking I am an *** ;)
Billy Crystal joins the "old" guard of great comic stars to see their show go down in flames after only one...
Not sure why this came to mind, but reminded me of Billy Crystal's officiating in Forget Paris:
Billy Crystal really was a good looking man a couple decades ago
Crystal left that park and hit Billy Bob for some of that Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Crystal looks like she has a son named Billy.
With no internet, it's time to dip into the dvd collection. . Tonight's selection - Gregory Hines & Billy Crystal in Running Scared.
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Seeing Billy Crystal *** is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to me
I like the script to that, but I've always felt like Billy Crystal has a dark secret (same with Steve Martin)
Geez, Billy Crystal wasn't even born yet when they made the Three Stooges!
You look "mahvelous" as per a Billy Crystal bit from SNL years ago!
Publisher plans no future editions of Cosby bio, pulls celebrity blurbs from web pages
Mary Tyler Moore and Billy Crystal could very well be following their lead
Jade Claw Aka Crystal Fist poster for Sale . Great comic Art work of Billy Chong on this one only Original...
Everything good on Long Island starts with a B: Beaches, bagels, breweries, Billy Joel, Billy Crystal, Big Duck...
"Her legs are retaining water...believe me, the woman saves everything." - Billy Crystal WHEN Harry Met Sally 1989
Publisher of Bill Cosby biography has pulled blurbs from Billy Crystal, Mary Tyler Moore, other celebrities:
Publisher pulls blurbs from Billy Crystal, other celebrities from web pages of Cosby bio
The only Clipper fan I know is Billy Crystal. So I'm officially not watching When Harry Met Sally... or Throw Momma From The Train tonight.
Safe to say if the PC police were around in the 1970's and 1980's, Billy Crystal wouldn't have been able to do his Sammy Davis Jr.
Billy Crystal: And the award for Grossest Morning of the Century goes to... July 6th 2015! Get up here July 6th!...
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Why cant Billy Crystal host every award show . Ranveer and Arjun are just plain bad at IIFA . Although better than...
If your name isn't Billy Crystal, Frankie Muniz, Marc Summers, Clipper Darryl or I don't respect you as a clipper fan..
I'm pretty sure Billy Crystal was just talking about working on 700 Sundays there. History, man. ***
Jack Rollins, talent agent - obituary: Agent and producer who guided comics such as Woody Allen and Billy Crystal
If you like Woody Allen, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, and David Lettermen, thank Jack Rollins. Great obit, at 100.
Jack Rollins, manager of Woody Allen, Billy Crystal and others, dies at 100
Billy Crystal says "a little to the left" to a dog licking him in America's Sweethearts. I got your back Kevin 😂
And The 3 Little Pigs had Jeff Goldblum as the wolf & Billy Crystal as the smart little pig
Remember when ppl finally figured out that Billy Crystal's Sammy Davis Jr impression was blackface? blackface 24/7
Just saw coercion 4 new cedy on FX at 10., Rob Reiner & Billy Crystal my two favorite comedians. WOOT WOOT!!
Enjoying Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Billy Crystal lately. Now I need to go back and watch their early stuff including City Slickers!
Today, on my birthday, I once again feel like Billy Crystal in City Slickers. Thanks Mom.
Everybody knows Jimmy Kimmel and Billy Crystal are about that life. FYI good friends call…
FUN FACT: Billie Holiday used to babysit Billy Crystal. His dad was the co-founder of Commodore Records.
have u heard Billy Crystal, Tina Fey or becoming Steve Jobs?
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If you're on the street, watch out for anyone who looks suspicious. Billy Crystal: It's NYC, we all look suspicious.
"That's almost as good as my reason." . Benson (Robert Guillaume), referring to Jodie (Billy Crystal) being a...
and Barbara Bach with Billy Crystal(as Fernando Lamas)during 'Fernando's Hideaway'skit on Dec...
Louis CK, Kyle Kinane, TJ Miller, Eddie Murphy(when he was funny), Pryor, zach galifianakis, Markipler, Billy Crystal
Who are you seeing on Jimmy Kimmel? Was it hard to ge... — Billy Crystal, Dave Salmoni and Modest Mouse. Stoked ...
Billie Holiday babysat Billy Crystal when he was a baby.
I'm having a hard time thinking of a less likeable comedy duo than Josh Gad and Billy Crystal.
“In the 1991 movie, City Slickers, Jack Palance gives Billy Crystal some profoundly simple advice. When Crystal...
Billy Crystal's worst nightmare is someone watching The Comedians right after an episode, any episode, of The Larry Sanders Show.
Chris Paul Can’t wait to watch this tonight on FX at 10pm!! My friend and amazing man Billy Crystal and Josh…
Meg Ryan actually had what Billy Crystal was having
I've gone from slightly crazy to full blown billy crystal
We gotta get everyone on the Clippers to listen to on Billy Crystal. cc:
Is "The Comedians" actually a show or just a bunch of ads starring Josh Gad and Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal, Mr. Saturday Night: I come home. I find my wife in bed w my best friend. I say "Leonard, I have to, but you?"
I'm on this list but only because I confused Billy Crystal with Bill Kristol
For some reason, in my head, he looks like Billy Crystal in “Princess Bride.”
"Women need a rexson to have sex. Men jgst need a place." - Billy Crystal
My favorite thing about Billy Crystal used to be that he wasn't on TV regularly. Now it's that someday I will die.
Crystal has never been funny. On screen Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are perfect,
Totally forgot about the Billy Crystal cameo!
Fearless. Nothing off limits. explains why you need to watch
Meet the kids of Parental Guidance: Harper, Turner, Barker, and the biggest kid of all, Billy Crystal. Xmas Day, 2012 http…
FOUL! Billy Crystal meets his match in Parental Guidance, opening. Xmas Day, 2012
I'm glad I listened to it. It has Rob Reiner, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal, Chris Sarrandon, Chris Guest, Carol Kane. Worth it!
Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines were better in the original Running Scared.
if you've seen Billy Crystal, Steve Martin and Hugh Jackman host you'd know why
Best host I've seen in my lifetime though? Either Ellen, Billy Crystal, Hugh Jackman, or the Alec Baldwin/Steve Martin duo
Yes! Or have ALL the best of the best host the Oscars-Billy Crystal, Ellen, Whoopie G., Steve Martin, Hugh Jackman? Mix it up.
: Yes and Billy Crystal, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart...Andy Roddick would have been much funnier 👍😄
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Hugh was great, also love Billy Crystal, Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin
Love this!. Not the BEST ;). but simply FABULOUS!. When Harry Met Sally. Meg Ryan. Billy Crystal. http…
Did Billy Crystal do the old jazzman voice last night?
I cannot express how excited I was when Billy Crystal showed up on SNL 40
I have a crush on every guy that has done SNL. Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Billy Crystal. ALL OF EM IDC.
I desperately need Billy Crystal in my life.
And let's follow that up with how short Billy Crystal is!
Here's a trailer for FX's new series, "The Comedians," featuring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad ^jm
Billy Crystal performed in in the mid 70s. He opened for the band Blood, Sweat & Tears -
John Belushi is Billy Crystal's favorite cast member of all time. Who's yours?
FX's 'The Comedians' Trailer with Billy Crystal & Josh Gad: . FX has released a new trailer for their...
'SNL' at 40: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Billy Crystal and More A-Listers Hit the Red Carpet via
Billy Crystal was playing a character named Larry Paikin in this sketch. Martin Short named him after my dad.
Thinking back on it *** Billy Crystal wasn't in any sketches.
So many guest stars last night on SNL!!
I saw show number one. Even remember some of it!! Billy Crystal stole the show.
"John Belushi." – Billy Crystal on his favorite cast member of all time.
possible substitutes for Colm Meaney in John C. Reilly, Billy Crystal, James Franco in like ten years
Just quoted Jack Palance:. Billy Crystal "Hi Curly, killed anyone today?". JP "Day ain't over yet". Not on my to do list but get special credit
Billy Crystal,Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Reeves his only true friend I find.
reminds me of Jack Palance at the Oscars remarking about Billy Crystal "I crap bigger than that" ? ;-)
Steve Guttenberg is just the poor man's Billy Crystal.
or Whoopi Goldberg or Billy Crystal or Rene Russo or Jason Alexander OR (best cameo of all) John Goodman. (Tied w/ Kenan & Kel)
As Michael Keaton walks by jazz drummer in Birdman, reveal Billy Crystal in a tight black t-shirt as J.K. Simmons yelling at the guy
America’s Sweethearts is the best movie becuase I’m simultaneously in love with Billy Crystal, Hank Azaria, Seth Green and Julia Roberts.
Bronson Pinchot is gonna be huge. Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal huge.
Actor Billy Crystal, who in the 1970's played the first openly *** character to regularly appear on a network television show, says *** sex scenes are "just pushing it a little too far for my taste."
Billy Crystal, who played one of the first openly *** characters on TV in the Seventies, told the Television Critics Association that *** scenes aren't "to his taste".
Shout out to billy crystal. Also shout out to billy crystals now dead career
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