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Billy Crystal

William Edward Billy Crystal (born March 14, 1948) is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, and film director.

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Robin Williams tribute at AT&T park and Robin’s children throw out first pitch to Billy Crystal. AND IS NOT SHOWING …
Robin Williams and Billy Crystal dancin' in Comic Relief: via
What Jim Henson's old company is up to now - Labrynth Sequel, Billy Crystal project, Fraggle Rock project.
It's high time they made a bible movie where Billy Crystal plays god, Jason Segel plays moses, and Eddie Murphy plays everyone else.
Billy Crystal and John Goodman, can't go wrong
Lou Ferrigno, Robert Conrad, Valerie Bertinelli, Billy Crystal, Victoria Principal Battle of The Network Stars...what could you be watching?
City Slickers is on at 9pm. Silly, but really fun 90s comedy starring Billy Crystal & Jack Palance.
Five years ago, Billy Crystal signed a one day contract with the New York Yankees. His position: "Designated Hebrew."
Yesterday I mentioned the private affair - today more was revealed - Robin William's famous friends and family gathered for a private memorial Saturday in San Francisco ... and Billy Crystal was in tears during the emotional tribute. The event was held at the Curan Theatre and featured speeches from Billy, Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait, Bonnie Hunt, Eric Idle, Williams’ three children and his wife, Susan. Stevie Wonder handled the tribute's music ... and the event was attended by Bette Midler, Ben Stiller, George Lucas, Penny Marshall, Danny De Vito, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jeff Bridges, Minnie Driver, Josh Groban, Seth Green, Eddie Izzard and Richard Lewis. Robin's daughter Zelda Williams reportedly organized a majority of the memorial.
I'll never get over this. Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, & more celebrated Robin Williams at a memorial today .
Exclusive: Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and more celebrated the late Robin Williams at a touching memorial today
Jack Palance craps bigger than Billy Crystal, which probably explains his leathery appearance.
No one's having a worse time at the 1996 Oscars than Billy Crystal. Not Lauren Bacall. Not scowly Mel Gibson or Patricia Arquette.
Lip Flip with Sofia Vergara: Inspired by Billy Crystal's fun lip flip bit the week before, Sofia swaps mouths ...
"Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara liked Jimmy Fallon's "Lip Flip" with Billy Crystal so much that on Monday night she also swapped lips with the "Tonight Show" host. This time around, "Fallon" broke out...
Billy Crystal joins host Whoopi Goldberg on today to honor their friend and fellow comedian, Robin Williams.
Billy Crystal joined his dear friend Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" to talk about his new book, "Still Foolin' 'Em," but the duo first took a few minutes to remember their close friend and "Comic Relief" co-star, Robin Williams. An emotional Whoopi had a tough time getting through the discuss…
Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal remember Robin Williams on The View. via
Gonna start referring to death as either Billy Crystal or Bryant Gumbel.
Billy Crystal tells Matt in a touching interview how he and Williams became so close.
- Does this look swollen to you? - thanks Billy Crystal. Acronyms for pre-seniors.
Billy Crystal on the Today Show this way to start the day!
I thought this was very moving and very well done by Billy Crystal
Robin Williams' longtime friend, Billy Crystal, says memorializing the late comedian during the 2014 Emmy Awards was the toughest...
Crystal Clear: comedian on life, loss and laughter. Must-read Billy Crystal,s new book. Robin Williams...
Billy Crystal: Robin Williams Emmy tribute was the 'hardest thing'
Video: Billy Crystal: Robin Williams tribute was 'hardest thing'
Just saw Billy Crystal on the Today Show. He was great and gave another wonderful tribute to Robin Williams. When I think of the two of them together I think of them as the modern day Bing Crosby & Bob Hope comedy duo!
Billy Crystal: Robin Williams Emmy tribute was 'the hardest thing I've ever had to do': Robin Willia... via
I liked a video Billy Crystal's Emmy Awards 2014 Tribute to Robin Williams
Today Show this morning,,, Billy Crystal,,, Love him ! Talking about his very best friend, Robin Williams, and said something so heartfelt,,, Is keeping voicemails left by his friend, saving and treasuring them. So,, Sharon Hisoire Lourcey, Cindy Gause West, Margo Johnson Mattox as people tell you to let it go, or don't wallow in the depression,,, remember that one of the funniest men on earth is holding those keepsakes also ! Doesn't mean that you are wallowing, but maybe instead cherishing :-) Makes me feel less bad about not wanting to get rid of my cell phone, and for keeping a pizza box still in fridge even a year plus later ;-)
I would say ..Billy Crystal is the funniest comedian of my generation..
Billy Crystal and Matt have a connection with Huntington, WV
Billy Crystal has me screaming laughing with the Hyman Roth lines!!!
Watching Today Show, as I do every morning... Billy Crystal making my laugh till i cried.
Watching The Today Show..I forgot how much I adore Billy Crystal!! He just made my morning
Thank you Billy Crystal for the laughter and love in sharing your memories of your dear friend Robin Williams, your devotion to your spouse, and your stories of your grandchildren. I'm so glad I caught that segment on the Today Show. One of my favorite personalities.
Watching Billy Crystal on the Today Show - I'm crying laughing - he does text abbreviations for seniors that will make you wet your pants. He is truly a comedic genius and broke my heart with his memories of his best friend, Robin Williams - CLASS ACT!!!
"I want to do what Grampa does. I want to be a chameleon." Billy Crystal cites his grandson on
Just watched Billy Crystal on the Today Show. He is sooo funny. My favorite comedian. Love him!
Outstanding interview with Billy Crystal on Today with Matt . I miss you so much Robin Williams.
..thank you Billy Crystal for your personal insight on Robin Williams.xoxo to you ...
Robin Williams didn't break just the fourth wall, but "the fifth and the sixth." Billy Crystal to Matt Lauer on
Coming up on the Today Show ... Billy Crystal talks about "Social Media for Senior Citizens!" Should be Funny,...
Good morning friends! Be sure to tune in to The Today Show this morning - Billy Crystal will be speaking about seniors using technology!
Billy Crystal goes to bat for hometown Long Beach, urging feds to pay for new trees.
Billy Crystal is going to talk about losing Robin Williams. I don't know if i'll be able to watch.
My friend Joan Rivers has passed away once again to quote Billy Crystal... There are no words. Bon Voyage Joan 😢
David Crystal on accents in rap (includes Billy Bragg on singing Tracks of My Tears with a London accent):
When Harry Met Sally we were supposed to believe that Billy Crystal could land Meg Ryan.
Billy Crystal was in Long Beach today to push for federal aid for his hometown to replace trees killed by Sandy,
- Billy Crystal pays tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awar
not really but I do love Billy Crystal:-)
Billy Crystal on Fallon this week? Um.. *** YEAH. Love that dude. James ain't too bad yourself.
Billy Flynn is the name of the sexy lawyer in Chicago the musical. Coincidentally, it's also the name of sexy new Chad DiMera!
Last night's played 2-on-2 pickup basketball. Billy Crystal was my partner playing against John Candy and Steve Martin.
it’s all really a story about a funny character named Sphinxy. . - Billy Crystal, when Harry met Sally.
Incredible show, Billy Crystal was in it and essentially the entire cast of "Empty Nest"
Is there going to be a longer tribute to Robin Williams? With Billy Crystal on Friday?
Billy's on the corner with the crystal Meth.💨
I just got paid to watch Billy Crystal talk for an hour.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Long Beach native & ask for $2.5M to replace trees killed by Sandy
"You have to be willing to do whatever you need to do to be better." Billy Crystal
Or for Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines, he would cry sweet freedom to shine a light on him
Paul Reiser is a poor man's Billy Crystal.
That moment when you're watching Running Scared and see Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines exit an SRO your old clients live in.
Kings thru the years: what a legacy! Billy Crystal, William Shatner, Bob Hope!
Such a touching tribute from Billy Crystal
"To be good, you need to believe in what you're doing." ~ Billy Crystal
For example: Wicked starring Lea Michelle as Elphaba, Megan Hilty as Galinda and Billy Crystal as The Wizard
What do Madonna, Billy Crystal, Stephen Colbert have in common? Picture books. Join Rukhsana At Fairview library from to learn how it's done
How I missed this I will never know.
Crystal has lived a real life and I appreciate him opening his heart and his fami... http:…
Rage Vaults on ABC3 is fantastic. Lots of good and absolutely awful musical memories. Billy Crystal Marvelous on now.
Billy Crystal pays tribute to the late Robin Williams at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. » Subscribe to NBC: » Watch the 66th Emmy Awar...
"From the first time I saw Sid Caesar be funny I knew that..".
At -- TBT giving back once a week. Meet Billy & crystal, They are homeless, but very nice people, so I got them ...
Real question: does anyone have footage of Billy Crystal's dramatic Vietnam vet character from Comic Relief III?
Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays. Wow. Will make you laugh, cry and be grateful for the time you have with those you love. He is a true genius.
Please find and watch Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays. It's perhaps one of the greatest things I've ever watched.
Never a big Billy Crystal fan but 700 Sundays was a treasure
That time Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were on "Friends" 💛
Just saw Billy Crystal 700 sundays and lanta because I'm almost crying. It was great!
Even in your worst pain it is okay and important to laugh. —Billy Crystal
Mr. Saturday Night by Billy Crystal is really an underrated movie. Not a comedy. But about a comedian. A really good, sweet film.
The day Robin Williams broadcast a Mets game. (with Billy Crystal ...) Amazingly, he caught a foul ball.
Robin Williams on season 3 of friends in the coffee house with Billy forget moments like this.
I'm the only person under 60 that bothers doing a Billy Crystal impression.
People are way more surprised to learn that I have a brother named Billy Bob over the fact I use to have a problem with crystal meth.
Billy Crystal and Christian Bale is in this to O_O
I'm just gonna watch Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays special again because it's so good and it's still on my DVR.
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Billy crystal looks like an old 12 yr old
Unless you're Billy Crystal, you have no right being a LAC fan.
Gregory Hines. His chemistry with Billy Crystal was magic -- and how 'bout that Sweet Freedom video!
Just watched an amazing Billy Crystal stand up show. He's still one of my favorites.
M'lady and I are trying to figure out if Billy Crystal has ever been funny in anything.
If you have HBO find Billy Crystal 700 Sundays and watch it. Absolutely amazing!
Billy Crystal paid tribute to Robin Williams on Emmy's. When someone has brought that much joy, are they really gone? htt…
Home alone...Watching Billy Crystal :700 Sundays...highly Recommend it you'll laugh, you'll cry and then laugh again!
0wned by DodePersie ~ Jake Gyllenhaal played Billy Crystal's son in City Slickers. It was his first movie.
Watch Billy Crystal's Moving Tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys via
Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays, well done, great account of his childhood and Jazz music in Manhattan.
if you think Billy Crystal is funny.
When a funny person doesn't feel like being funny anymore...that's a rough place to be. Billy Crystal.
Psych teacher acts like and sounds like billy crystal for whatever reason.. I love college
"Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place." ~ Billy Crystal.
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And I thought I was called a racist for no reason at all. Jesus f-ing mohammed people, get a life!
Billy Crystal kissed my cheek before the Oscars
My 1 min film is of of 25 selected for Filminute 2014! Please watch, rate it, and share!
I don't know, maybe Billy Baston could be addicted to crystal meth or as DC would name it--crystal beck
Keith Richards is starting to look like Billy Crystal from The Princess Bride.
Episode of where Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest star. Just reminds me how much Robin will be missed.
Friends episode with the random Robin Williams/Billy Crystal cameo is on. Such a fantastically unnecessary and indecipherable accent.
Robin Williams and Billy Crystal on Friends. Still the best cameo
Robin Williams' and Billy Crystal's sketch on Friends is just genius. Pure and simple genius.
Waiting for the next Friends episode with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Not seen that episode.
Billy Crystal delivered a heartfelt tribute to pal Robin Williams at last night’s Emmys. Coming up on
Billy Crystal homage to Robin Williams during the Emmy Awards 2014: .  
Seeing Robin Williams and Billy Crystal on friends, I'm laughing my *** off!
Flashback Saturday: Robin Williams and Billy Crystal cracking up with a pile of my monkey books
Billy Crystal will be honoring Robin Williams at the Emmys tonight. Even if you can't watch, don't
Well thanks, 2014 Emmys. The Robin Williams tribute by Billy Crystal has me chugging and snorting proper unladylike sobs.
Billy Crystal's moving tribute to at the
Billy Crystal makes emotional Robin Williams tribute at the Emmys
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys, though simple, was the most beautiful:
Billy Crystal's Tribute to at the Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye, by
Billy Crystal to lead tribute to Robin Williams
Billy Crystal's tribute speech to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards simply beautiful!
I missed this, and I'm so glad I watched. Billy Crystal's Emotional Tribute to Robin Williams at Emmy Awards
Sara Bareilles performs Smile at 2014 Emmy Awards in Memoriam Song Review. \ \ Billy Crystal's moving tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy's''illy Crystal p...
Billy Crystal's moving Emmy's tribute to Robin Williams ...have a watch. It's perfect
Billy Crystal told a cool story at the Emmys about going to a Mets game with ... - Washington Post (blog)
Billy Crystal pays tribute to his friend, the late Robin Williams, at last night's
ESL VOCABULARY PRACTICE: Here is a beautiful tribute given by Billy Crystal honoring the life and talent of Robin...
MIKE F: There wasn't a peep...or a dry the audience last night as Billy Crystal paid tribute to Robin...
In case you missed it last night: Billy Crystal's heartfelt tribute to at the
66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Comedian Billy Crystal, bottom right, pays tribute to the late Robin Willia...
Billy Crystal's emotional tribute to the late Robin Williams:
A major highlight of tonight's -- Billy Crystal's touching tribute to Robin Williams
Billy Crystal led a touching tribute to longtime friend Robin Williams at the Emmys
ICYMI: Billy Crystal's touching tribute to Robin Williams last night on the
"Robin Williams, what a concept." Billy Crystal's heartbreaking tribute to his friend at last night's
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams was heartbreaking.
"Breaking Bad" dominates, Robin Williams gets a moving tribute from friend Billy Crystal and more. Full recap: http…
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy's last night was pretty *** nice. .
In cosmic tribute, bid adieu to Robin Williams - With a lump in his throat and a somber tremble in his voice, actor Billy Crystal paid a cosmic tribute to Robin Williams at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday, two weeks after the comedian died in an apparent suicide. Crystal, a longtime f…
Billy Crystal's excellent tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards last night. - The Show
Following the Emmy's annual In Memoriam segment to honor the famous people we've lost over the last year, Billy Crystal took the stage to honor his longtime friend, Robin Williams.
This was taped at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1994. Robin Williams & Billy Crystal (Musical Number) - Comic Relief VI
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams. So often these things are so awfully done. This is a beautifully written piece, by class act Billy Crystal.
Very emotional tribute to Robin Williams from Billy Crystal during the :/ "As genius as he was on stage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine — supportive, protective loving. It’s very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy."
Just watched the Billy Crystal tribute to Robin Williams. Amazing.
Billy Crystal gave an amazing tribute to Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmy Awards. The Robin Williams tribute at the 66th Emmy Awards was so beautiful. The billy ...
Billy Crystal gave a poignant tribute to his late friend Robin Williams during the 2014 Emmys.
Billy Crystal gives a moving tribute to his friend Robin Williams.
Billy Crystal pays tribute to his longtime friend, Robin Williams. Watch now: (free)
'Robin Williams: what a concept.' - Billy Crystal just filled our hearts
'He made us laugh. Big time' pays heartfelt tribute to legend Robin Williams
“Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams last night- beautiful (warning, it will make you cry)
You can see how much misses in this moving tribute...
Billy Crystal Tribute to Robin Williams on the Emmys via
Billy Crystal pays heartfelt tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys
"Here’s the wonderful clip described during the tribute to Robin Williams:
Billy Crystal remembers his friend Robin Williams in a poignant tribute:
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams. Can't beat starting your day with a little weep
Billy Crystal has Emmys audience in tears with Robin Williams tribute via
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Sara Bareilles sings Smile and Billy Crystal honors Robin Williams at
Video: Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys last night was perfect
A fitting tribute to the late Robin Williams.
ICYMI.. Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams at the last night
Top Emmys go to Breaking Bad and Modern Family: Comedian Billy Crystal delivers…
Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg are still the reigning show hosts IMO.
Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams as ‘greatest friend you could even imagine’ at Emmys.
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams . Beautifully said. Great clips too.
Billy Crystal makes emotional tribute to Robin Williams at the
Amazing tribute to Robin Williams by Billy Crystal at the Simply beautiful.
Billy Crystal's tribute speech to Robin Willams has had me in tears
Billy Crystal gave a personal and touching look back at Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmys.
So sad. Billy Crystal and his brilliant tribute to his friend Robin Williams.
Billy Crystal's tribute to the late, great Robin Williams was just perfect
VIDEO: Crystal eulogizes Robin Williams: "He was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy"
Friend and fellow actor has made an emotional tribute to the late Robin Williams at
DTN Korean News: Billy Crystal on Robin Williams: "What a concept": Crystal called the late actor "the brighte...
Billy Crystal describes Robin Williams as 'the greatest friend you could ever imagine' http:/…
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams last night-
Comedian Billy Crystal honored his colleague and longtime friend Robin Williams on Monday night to cap off the award show’s traditional segment honoring performers who have died over the past year.
Billy Crystal, a longtime pal of the late Robin Williams, paid tribute to the comic's humor and kindness during an emotional tribute piece on Monday's Emmys telecast.
Last night at the Emmys, Billy Crystal payed tribute to his friend.
The 66th Emmy Awards has paid a heartfelt and sombre tribute to the late Robin Williams, his friend and fellow actor-comic Billy Crystal calling him
The 2014 Emmys honored the late Robin Williams Monday night, Aug. 25, with a touching tribute at the end of the in memoriam segment of the broadcast. Billy Crystal, Williams' longtime friend, spoke about the late actor. "The brilliance was astou...
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[Elliot] Lovely tribute here from Billy Crystal at last nights Emmy Awards.
Billy Crystal, left speechless by Robin Williams' death, paid tribute to his great friend and comedy brother at the Emmy Awards, movingly remembering him as "the greatest friend you could ever imagine."
Long Beachers stick out your chests with pride tonight as Long Beach legend Billy Crystal delivered one incredible moving tribute to his best friend of 40 years, Robin Williams. This had to be so difficult to pay tribute to such a close friend but Billy spoke with love and passion and hit all the right notes. Well done, Billy well done!!!
Friend and fellow actor Billy Crystal has made an emotional tribute to late actor Robin Williams at today’s Emmy Awards ceremony.
Just finished watching the Emmys.Things I was thinking: 1 Still don't get the appeal of Seth Meyers.(yawn) 2. The music when the presenters were walking to the stage was strange. 3. Beautiful Tribute to Robin by Billy Crystal. 4. I miss Breaking Bad 5. So happy for my friend Moira Walley-Beckett (she won for writing on a drama series) 6. I loved Modern Family the first two seasons, but now please stop giving it awards. OITNB should have won. (I'm not just saying that because of my talented friend Gary Lennon either) 7. Game of Thrones needs to have its own category because it's awesome and should have won something. 8. Weird Al was not funny tonight- just weird.
WATCH: Billy Crystal's poignant and emotional tribute to his mate Robin Williams.
Such an emotional tribute for Robin Williams last night from Billy Crystal at the Emmy Awards.
Billy Crystal's poignant tribute to his mate Robin Williams
A tearful Billy Crystal toasted his longtime friend Robin Williams during the Emmys to cap off the show's In Memoriam segment.  "He made us ...
Billy Crystal delivers incredibly touching tribute to Robin Williams at the
I saw Billy Crystal's giving his speech in memory of Robin, over our nightly news..
"Modern Family" won a record-tying fifth best comedy series Emmy Award and a dominant "Breaking Bad" captured the top drama award and a trio of acting honors in Monday's ceremony, which took a somber turn as Robin Williams was remembered with restraint and grace by his longtime friend, Billy Crystal.
"He was the brightest star in the galaxy." Billy Crystal on
Met the psychologist today. He resembles Martin Short w/Billy Crystal (Analyze...), but the speech pattern of...
Big announcements from this morning's red carpet rollout: . ➤
Billy Crystal to pay tribute to Robin Williams at this year's Emmy Awards
Robin Williams is getting the tribute the comedic legend deserves. His very dear friend Billy Crystal will be honoring the late icon at this year's 66th Emmy Awards on Monday night.
Billy Crystal will honor Robin Williams with "In Memoriam" segment at the Emmys on Monday
Billy Crystal to honour longtime friend Robin Williams at Emmys
Robin Williams will be honored at Monday's Emmy ceremony with a tribute led by his longtime friend, Billy Crystal.
Billy Crystal will remember Robin Williams at Emmys | Entertainment News | ArcaMax Publishing via
Famous look alikes Richard Simmons vs Billy Crystal. These men love to smile and do not have facial hair. Richard Simmons and Billy Crystal celebrity twins.
.will honor at the Emmy Awards, Aug. 25:
Los Angeles (AP) — Billy Crystal will pay tribute to Robin Williams, his longtime friend and fellow comedian, at next week's Emmy Awards. Crystal will honor Williams as part of the traditional "in memoriam" segment for industry membe...
Billy Crystal to honor Robin Williams at the Emmys
Sunday’s Emmy tribute to Robin Williams will be presented by a fellow famed actor-comedian: Billy Crystal. Executive producer Don Mischer announced the programming decision on...
MLB Network and MLB Productions accepted the We nominate MLB fans Kevin Costner & Modern West, Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld to help next!
Robin Williams to be Honoured at Emmys: Actor-filmmaker Billy Crystal will pay a tribute to late actor Robin W...
.to pay tribute to his longtime friend at next week’s Emmy Awards http…
yeah, but getting magic chocolate from Billy Crystal always helps
Billy Crystal will remember Robin Williams at Emmys - Robin Williams will receive a special tribute at the Emmy...
Billy Crystal to commemorate late actor Robin Williams at Emmys
Robin Williams' good friend Billy Crystal will honor him at this year's Emmy Awards:
Billy Crystal will lead a tribute to Robin Williams at Monday's 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, this year's exec producer  Don Mischer announced this morning Crystal was the obvious choice -- he and Wh...
Robin Williams' Emmy Awards tribute will be given by longtime friend Billy Crystal:
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Emmy Awards plan tribute to Robin Williams with Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal to pay tribute to Sara Bareilles to perform during the In Memoriam
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the coach also sounded like Billy Crystal so I imagined Mike Wazowski giving it which made it that much better
Billy Crystal's Oscars opening monologue at the 64th Academy Awards® in 1992.
Sentense on Billy? — So cute omg no one deserves billy he's so nice
Is that the Billy Crystal year, which you can’t find on DVD or anywhere?
Malky Mackay is the new Crystal Palace manager. (Source: Daily Mirror)
It's not only to 'drop off'. Think Billy Crystal in 'The Princess Bride', "Have fun storming' the castle." can also be 'song'.
"At 60, I could do the same things I could do at 30, if I could only remember what those things are." Billy Crystal
I have re-packed my suitcases twice, now watching Billy Crystal open the Oscars in 93', maybe I won't rip my entire head of hair off
To be honest you could include everything from Billy Crystal's character on Soap all the way to Victor Victoria and The Birdcage
You know, you look fabulous. Billy Crystal
The little league coach on ESPN is 2% Robert De Niro and 98% Billy Crystal.
Customer Hero Awards are ready to go... look fwd to announcing winners on Friday. I'll do my best Billy Crystal.
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If I attempt suicide with iocane powder before gym, will billy crystal save me before maths?
I always pictured Billy Crystal doing his Miracle Max voice from Princess Bride!
Photoset: Director Rob Reiner often left the set during Billy Crystal’s scenes because he would laugh so...
My BFF "babysat" tonite's taping of Great tribute to Robin The rumors of Billy Crystal appearing are false.
Do you think in his mind, Billy Crystal thinks he's now bigger than Jack Nicholson?
Quick photo of Chelsea's Keeper Thibaut Courtois hanging with Billy Crystal
'Scooch' Robin Williams and Billy Crystal during their cameo in Friends!
Comedians and co-hosts, from left, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Williams sing and dance the 19
Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, the hosts of the "Comic Relief" variety benefit special
I think you meant There's Something About Mary. :) When Harry Met Sally starred Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. :)
Billy Crystal is a phenomenal actor.
He's dishonest to his followers & to the memory of RW. Let's not forget that when a celebrity died Billy Crystal got a call.
billy crystal sighs. "there's only one way to deal with losing robin." he reaches for his old black jazzman makeup. "the Katrin…
The noise Robin Williams makes when he sees and hugs Billy Crystal makes me cry every time. Best buddies. So sad. https:…
-- his husband. "I'm Billy Crystal, right?" He asked, bringing up old memories.
Anger management had Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson not Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro
Three's Company (1977). Billy Crystal auditioned for the role of Jack Tripper.
The movie is Running Scared with Billy Crystal and dead Gregory Hines.
Don't forget the comedians that are still with us. Billy Crystal, Paul Rodriguez, Whoopi Goldberg, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Bill Cosby...
Generations of fans of the late Robin Williams recall how the comedic talent along with comrades Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal were the face of the groundbreaking Comic Relief specials, a fundraiser for America’s homeless, for two decades. The trio were chosen to co-host Comic Relief's ...
In 1992 I told a stupid joke on a local radio station and won a trip to California to see Comic Relief hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. The grand prize was to meet the the three stars after the show. As i said, the joke was stupid so I didn't get to meet them, but to see him on stage was an experience I'll never forget. Not only was he almost super humanly funny, he had a kind heart. And now we also know he had his demons as we all do. It's a sad,heart breaking thing when the *** demons win.
Each a comedy icon in his or her own right, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams als...
In the midst of our grief over the death of Robin Williams, let us not forget that one of his gifts was his incredible generosity, two examples of which stand out in my mind: 1. His work with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal on the Comic Relief charity series, and 2. When Christopher Reeve was having trouble paying his medical bills from his paralysis accident, Robin Williams stepped in with virtually a blank check to help.
Robin Williams' friends and collaborators, including Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, and Jennifer Lopez continue mourn his death on Tuesday, Aug. 12
Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Jennifer Lopez and more stars remember Robin Williams:
Update: Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg give the most eloquent reaction to Robin Williams' death via
Because neither of them know him well. They should have hooked up Billy Crystal or Steve Martin for a proper chat.
I've thought for years now that comedians may be our most gifted talents in the entertainment business because the great ones can seemingly do anything. The modern day Jimmy Stewart, Tom Hanks started out in comedies (Bachelor Party & TV). Billy Crystal can be hilarious & serious. Louis CK is showing some chops, Jason Bateman and even probably Charlie Day before it's all said & done, too. Chris Pratt is rising quickly. But Mr. Williams was far & away the best in a class all by himself.
Robin Williams surpassed even his wacky mentor, Jonathan Winters, in ad lib genius. I love to watch his appearance on Inside the Actors Studio when he took a shawl from an audience member and created an amazing series of improvisations. There are many great comedians and a few who also were outstanding comedic actors. *** Van *** Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, come to mind. On the other hand, his serious acting could break your heart in The Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, and others. How ironic that suicide was a fact or a fear in those. It seems silly to be so saddened by the death of someone who never knew of my existence. But we've watched him as Mork and the DJ in Viet Nam, Parch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, "Captain My Captain", the psychologist who bares his soul in Good Will Hunting… but also as himself on Carson and talk show after talk show. We watched him age from an adolescent to a sixty-something. We just feel we know him. A frenetic performer, yes, but a gentle soul. Real.
I love these three. Billy Crystal because of City Slickers, Steve Martin because of My Blue Heaven and…
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You Robin, along with , Charlie Chaplin, Gracho Marx, Steve Martin,Billy Crystal are, and always will be. the best ever. RIP
Celebrate the living legends. Steve Martin, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Billy Crystal, Katherine O'Hara and so many more. Comedy is important.
I hope Steve Martin, Billy Crystal and Bill Murray et al are holding up good tonight.
You guys are acting like Steve Martin died... I KID!!! Love you Billy Crystal!!!
1 of my fave memories is when he won his oscar & Billy Crystal was the host. He was so happy for Robin. True friendship.
TV options: Keeping up with the Kardashians. Golf... A Billy Crystal film about parenthood. And they're all in French...
I love that they had Billy Crystal be the first openly *** character on TV until they completely back peddled.
I luv biographies. Robin Roberts' book is awesome. Billy crystal did a one about retirees. My folks just retired. Hysterical
maybe but Billy Crystal was great and so was the movie
Watched Billy Crystal's stage show "700 Sundays". It is beyond brilliant, best one person show I have ever seen. He is a genius
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