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Billy Connolly

William Billy Connolly, Jr., CBE (born 24 November 1942) is a British comedian, musician, presenter and actor.

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David Tennant included in a tribute to Billy Connolly on ITV tonight.
Religion is crowd control as Billy Connolly said. "For everyone in favour of the status quo" Life of Brian
Played by Billy Connolly in Muppet Treasure Island. What a makeover!
Frail-looking Billy Connolly leaves viewers in tears as he makes Comic Relief plea
Billy Connolly makes emotional plea for Comic Relief donations
Call me simple, but I think Billy Connolly in Muppet Treasure Island is one of the greatest comedic performances of al…
Viewers in tears as 'deteriorating' Billy Connolly makes heartfelt plea on BBC show
Time to play 'Mark Twain or Billy Connolly after a rough night?'
The theme from the TV series "Super Gran", this was Billy Connolly's fourth and final top 40 hit.
"Like a pork pie at a Jewish wedding" as Billy Connolly once joked.
are led by Colin Brown - a cross between Luciano Pavarotti and Billy Connolly. He's funnier than one and taller than the other.
PicThis is the legend that is Billy Connolly who me and Dad went to see last night as you…
I'm so jealous of my dad going to see billy Connolly on Saturday like I didn't know I could be this jealous of an old man
definitely did not disappoint last night.. brilliant Show at the 😂👌
I seem to recall Billy Connolly singing a song about this. 😂. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Strange, my internal monologue seems to be talking in the voice of Billy Connolly...
As Billy Connolly said "There are two seasons in Scotland, winter and June" Enjoy when it comes!
Billy Connolly plays the 3 Arena 16th-18th Feb. Travel in luxury with Aircoach to Dublin. Tickets from €10 online a…
Had a Amazing time last night seeing the Hilarious the is emotiona…
"I know a guy in Scotland who loved his wife so much he almost told her one day"- Billy Connolly…
Seen Billy Connolly last night in the & near passed out laughing. Unreal set! Happy camper 😄
in the Treehouse : D.I.V.O.R.C.E. by Billy Connolly ... Tune In at
Great night last night The man is a genius. Thanks Billy.
I liked a video Billy connolly last train to glasgow central
“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes.” - Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly is genuinely one of the funniest men to have ever lived
This trip has been great for celeb spotting. Sat next to Helen Mirren on the bus and now Billy Connolly just check my ticket on the train.
Taking bookings for Feb 16th - 18th at Book via our new App or online at
Billy Connolly is a very funny man . Epic night in the suite .
I heard you on talking about your anxiety. The great Billy Connolly has the same "abandonment issues". Just sayin.✌
Billy & Tom sat on their horses when suddenly Billy though!!!.
You've met Billy Connolly!?!? I so admire him. I only hope I get the opportunity one day. Great picture of you both. ☺
close your eyes and think of donald trump thank you Billy Connolly
Yep - there are 'stand ups' and then there are naturally funny people like Billy Connolly & Lee Mack!!
Seen Billy Connolly tonight and as much as his scripted performance was funny, sad to see him not move from the spot for an hour n half
Billy Connolly is a Bhoy he said so in Belfast tonight to a chorus of boos...and massive cheers!
Billy Connolly was brilliant tonight! I laughed my head off at least twice! More like 3 times! Brilliant!
Man, I wish I could see Billy Connolly live.
great night in the presence of the Big Yin, a Master of his Craft, gave us belly laughs and a wee tear as he left the stage.
Some good moments at Billy Connolly tonight but there were times watching him up on stage in his current condition that were uncomfortable
Always wanted to see live. Got to tonight at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast (or as it's now known). Excellent
Billy Connolly departing the stage on his last show in Belfast. Just caught him on the last few steps. Well done Wi…
was amazing tonight in Belfast! Buzzing I finally got to see him live!
This guy has always made me lol. :p Watch "The Heckler | Billy Connolly" on YouTube -
Billy Connolly. Worlds greatest comedian, and one who foresee's the future:.
my loins are more Billy Connolly's than they are yours I'm afraid
naw for me it was her sad boring life story. And the bemused look on her face when I asked her to be quiet
Aww sad not to have seen you! Glad you had a great night too, one everyone lucky to be there will remember 😊
I really wish you would come to Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and do a show, especially as I can't travel. Mx
I was there too! One of my bucket lists marked off for sure. Great night! Sorry to not have seen you
Have two tickets for gig in Dublin next Friday, want to swap for Thursday. Any takers?
PJ and Jim are live on air! They've got Billy Connolly and Phil Collins tickets to give away and €1,060 on Guess the Question!
I find Billy Connolly way easier to understand than Ewen Bremner (Spud). Maybe it's the speed.
I added a video to a playlist Billy Connolly and Michael Caine on Parkinson from Mullis Partners
Muppet Treasure Island (1996) 1hr 35m [U] Jennifer Saunders and Billy Connolly can't compete with Muppets rangi...
New stand up DVD's have all dropped, so far Billy Connolly, Alan Davies, Tim Vine and Romesh Ranganathan all worth watching
Billy Connolly is the king, went to see him live a few weeks ago
says booked Billy Connolly for first time in 1971 after being given a CD of his act
Billy Connolly - 13 nights at the Glasgow Apollo in 1975.
Help me . Apart from Tim vine and Billy Connolly. Are they any stand up DVDs out this year . Hasn't Bill Bailey tour finished?
Well done Mel. I was off watching Billy Connolly youtube clips & missed the quiz.
nope it's the traditional pink of William Wallace, Rabbie Burns, Billy Connolly et al...
Is Tommy Tiernan turning into Billy Connolly in appearance? Looks fierce like him on Cutting Edge tonight!
1 ticket to Billy Connolly at Brighton Centre - Brighton, 23 Nov, less fv £35.00. To buy these tickets and more:
Do you think Xtianity isn't mocked? Life of Brian, Father Ted, Dave Allen, Billy Connolly?
The Motorpoint Arena is hosting Billy Connolly as part of the Comedy Festival. See the full festival listings here: ht…
is that Jimmy Nail or Billy Connolly on the left ?
good job you clarified the name...Billy Connolly, Brian Cant, Bernard Cribbins!
Yes it's on Friday nights. I'm going to see Billy Connolly next week in Birmingham :)
In the words of Billy Connolly,Wellie boot rims from their wear in summer used to be a mark of poverty in children in Scotland
Where are my tickets for Billy Connolly 2nd Nov Birmingham?
Bra-less Liz Hurley befuddles Billy Connolly at the BAFTAs! via
I suffer from Michael Parkinson's disease. It results in a constant urge to interview Billy Connolly.
Well said Gary sometimes you need to swear for better effect.Just think Billy Connolly
There was a song called Ten Guitars, I've got Billy Connolly covering it
Watching some Billy Connolly standup from the 1980s. In case you're wondering where Michael McIntyre gets his entire shtick from...
Watching the film "What We Did on Our Holiday" with David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike, Ben Miller. Love it!😜
also have quite a few of yr early vinyl, as well as Joan Baez ,Bob Dylan, Billy Connolly, David Bowie etc but precious to me
Lucinda is at her grad ball tonight and I'm just sending her videos of Billy Connolly 😂😂😂
seeing Billy Connolly (@ Wilbur Theatre - for Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour in Boston, MA)
Worked at Plymouth Pavilions. Saw Jimmy Carr, Brendan Cole, and Billy Connolly all being genuinely nice and generous.
Peter Jackson was ahead of the curve when he replaced Billy Connolly with all-CG Ironfoot. Check out WARCRAFT
no Billy Connolly, no Micky Flanagan...delete your account 👌🏻
*all time* and they're the options??! Bob Monkhouse & Billy Connolly right up there. Micky Flanagan's best of current crop
Hoot, Guffaw, Howl, Giggle, Snicker, Chortle, Chuckle, . A stadium act right up there with Billy Connolly and Peter Kaye.
Upcoming acts at Warner Theatre also doubles as list for 'Dead or Alive?' Billy Connolly! The Monkees!
Yeah, bit like having Jasper Carrott or Billy Connolly in Parliament
I am 21 and I thought Billy Connolly and John Cleese were the same person oh my god
Is John Cleese's quote an endorsement or observation? (I agree with Chris Rock and Billy Connolly anyway)
He was chatting with Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson as he stood at the bar. I was all over the place... 😉
No, it was Billy Connolly that said that.
Billy Connolly considered suicide after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
Hanging puts them out of their misery too easily! but a size 12 boot will hurt longer!! (its a Billy Connolly ref)
Why is it that professional Scotsmen such as Billy Connolly and Sean Connery never actually live in Scotland once they make their fortunes?
Love ! Think I've watched all videos of his stand up & Tracks on YouTube
Tickets for Billy Connolly live on Wednesday secured. YUS!
Billy Connolly admits Parkinson's has given him suicidal thoughts
have a listen to Billy Connolly on football violence sometime.
Billy Connolly pretending to vomit when pished is legit me when I whitey :))
late to hear about your health. Have you tried Kangen water yet? I hear it does amazing things. You're a funny man for sure😁
"That day I was wearing a Vivienne Westwood overcoat, you have to show the profit eventually!" - Billy Connolly
I loved both.but they weren't my "heroes".. my only one is Billy Connolly and I worry. I'll embarrass myself when he goes
Watching Billy Connolly at an American footie game on TV sitting next to a shouty woman & all I could think about was 😉
Looking windswept and interesting as would say
. One of Billy Connolly's. I can't do the accent tho.
Random footage of me many years ago used on sky TV Billy Connolly's across America. Back when I…
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"Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he think he was doing at the time?". - Billy Connolly -
It was not Billy Connolly, in was Dan Starkey
it was a fantastic series, interesting and funny - Billy at his best
If you haven't watched Tracks Across America series then you are missing out. Brilliant must watch TV 👍
The two MOST important comedians of my young life were Victoria Wood and Billy Connolly. They taught me comedy was ideas th…
Just watchng the last part of that Billy Connolly tracks across America. That Louisiana Woman showing him around the frog festival, Kinell
Just melting at on . I've no words to be honest..
thanks Billy you're amazing xxx you saved my dad
a true inspiration,my dad has Parkinson's and seeing his hero cope with the same probs has helped him cope !
if you can find the Billy Connolly doco - only he can make death hilarious
Billy Connolly is just one of the famous faces currently battling Parkinson’s Disease awarenessweek
Likewise, i liked the part when he's handing out party hats and party poppers to Billy Connolly and the others XD
When the greatest comedian alive gets me shouting at my TV... Incredible TV... . Beyond comedy..
What do you get if you cross Billy Connolly, Blakey from on the busses & basil Fawley? Dno, but he reffed today's swindon ladies game! 😂
This will be the first book I've read since Billy Connolly's bio... and I only read that cos I was bored in Scotland.
I think I've just seen Billy Connolly building a fence in my neighbour's garden 😂 his doppelgänger anyway!
Superb acting by paired with bespoke design by
I'd like to start a campaign only to see & watch the comedy routine after!. Arise Sir . Funniest man walking the planet.
Nobody I'd like to hug more than and you know how much I love a hug. . The funniest man walking on this planet and my hero!
I'm not even in his league. ..His bravery in comedy is all I aspire to be. On another level! X
the best live stand up ever. Yourself aside obviously Roycey 😜
Thank you . I now get to sit and watch my comedy hero on my TV!. The funniest man on the planet! .
17 people were rescued from a flat fire at Billy Connolly's old school
Comedian Billy Connolly writes poignant letters for his...
Billy Connolly thought about suicide after Parkinson's diagnosis just like tragic pal Robin Willi -
Residents jump from flats as firefighters battle blaze at Billy Connolly's old school in Glasgow -
Firefighters battle major blaze at Billy Connolly's old school in Glasgow -
Fire rips through flats at Billy Connolly's former school in Partick
Billy Connolly admits Parkinson's disease has given him suicidal thoughts
🎵 coming to Boston on May 19. Grab the tickets! 👉
Order Miche Bag Online!
Thank you. But I fear that Billy Connolly, Sean Connery and Michelle Gomez need their voices back now. ;-)
Billy Connolly is far too good in What We Did On Our Holiday 👏🏼 such a cute wee film
from Billy Connolly to Elton John, my how your image has changed over the years... :-)
Billy Connolly is just brilliant. He plays a tiny wee cameo role in the next book. (Along with Jim Rockford)
My preview of Billy Connolly's new series, one of the shows I'll be talking about on Friday's breakfast:
Best Billy Bones since Billy Connolly. I would sail with latter, just because I am jealous of your work out!
PREMIERE: Be the first to watch as Billy Connolly tracks his way across America...
Scotland: Pamela Stephenson says husband Billy Connolly is still dedicated to stand up comedy despit...
Pamela Stephenson reveals why she doesn't go on tour with husband Billy Connolly
A preview of Rowan Atkinson's new drama and Billy Connolly's new US travelogue
David Tennant paid tribute to Billy Connolly as he received his Special Recognition Award at
Bill Hicks is amongst the pantheon of greats for me. Billy Connolly, Tommy Tiernan, Richard Pryor, Steve Hughes, Glenn Wool. Important peeps
Billy Connolly says that, as a child, he thought there was a teddy in heaven with a... >>
YES!!.Nigel Havers lived there too,as well as Billy Connolly with Pam Stephenson.W14 used to be a celebs dwelling zone.
and Billy Connolly for the Would you BUY or PASS?.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can do bloody good impressions of Chris Tarrent AND Billy Connolly! Also Stephen Hawkins, but that's work in progress.
Heads up. ITV now. Billy Connolly in Columbo as the villainous composer Findlay Crawford. Can't help think Billy picked character's name.
Billy Connolly, Bill Hicks, Sarah Millican, Brendon Burns, George Carlin, Victoria Wood, French and Saunders are that funny😁
We have now, then Robin Williams, Billy Connolly, Eddie Murphy, &
Glasgow City Council: Glasgow City Council to build a statue of Billy Connolly - Sign the Petition! via UKChange
Glaswegians use it as punctuation!! Can't remember if that was Billy Connolly or Malcolm Tucker..?!
Candacraig, once a holiday getaway for Billy Connolly, becomes a home
Wonder if the guy who took Billy Connolly off in Tenerife knows we still remember him today and he made our holiday. 😂😋
If you have Netflix and love Billy Connolly you need to watch What We Did On Our Holiday. What a film.
So good to see Billy Connolly receive an award last night. Never laughed so much as at his incontinence pants piece genius
First time I've seen Billy Connolly on TV since his Parkinson's diagnosis. Made me sad.
Dustin Hoffman there doing for Billy Connolly what I'm doing for David Belcher in the Partick Oscars this weekend.
Also, Steven Moffat told Phil Ford to think of Billy Connolly when writing 'Into the Dalek' for Peter Capaldi's Doctor.
This year I will see Billy Connolly and Rod Stewart. I'm so excited
Jon Culshaw on GMB saying they should replace the national anthem with the Archers theme,stealing a 20-odd year old bit from Billy Connolly.
I actually can't believe I'm going to see Billy Connolly next Thursday, he's been my favourite comedian for as long as I can remember.
Billy Connolly to receive Special Recognition Award at National Television Awards -
Billy Connolly to get a Special Recognition Award at this year's National Television Award
Billy Connolly's to receive a Special Recognition Award from his pal Dustin Hoffman at the Hear, hear https…
Billy Connolly will get a Special Recognition Award at the 2015 NTAs
★★★★ Billy Connolly found laughs in his misfortune at
Billy Connolly, comedy review: Frail Connolly has still got his funny bones - Evening Standard
Reason347 I love my husband: he still laughs when I quote Muppet Treasure Island every time I see Billy Connolly.
. How about Billy Connolly as Crowley's Dad? Carries on the Scots line since Crowley is "Fergus"
Don't vote, it only encourages them. ~Billy Connolly, An Audience with Billy Connolly, 1985 (Thanks, Gordon!)
Where do I get my sense of humour? Billy Connolly, Roy Chubby Brown, Eddie Murphy with a wee bit Chris Rock 😂❤
The MSM won't say it for fear of offending perpetual victims. Billy Connolly gets it about right.
Dave King fast replacing Billy Connolly as Scotland's top comedy act
Watching "Timeline" on SyFy, a.k.a. that time Hollywood tried to tell us Billy Connolly & Paul Walker were family somehow.
Billy Connolly and Judy Dench as John Brown and Queen Victoria in the 1997 movie, "Mrs. Brown." featured in NBC s Science of Love
And when he's in need. Of that longed for release. Does Pamela Stephenson. Give Billy Connolly. Comic Relief.
This Sat. What We Did on Our Holidays, with David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, and Billy Connolly. More info:
Billy Connolly tribute and live music at The Swan Inn, Stranraer at Hogmanay. 7pm. Tickets £10.
Billy Connolly has written a series of poignant letters to his grandchildren for them to read after his death, reports …
Billy Connolly tickets secured for Sunday evening. Apologies in advance for language on Monday morning.
Grannies on the train in true Billy Connolly style discussing the price of scones.
Eric it sounds like someone hads mistaken you for Billy Connolly
pretty much my first show ever after seeing Billy Connolly in Newcastle in Jan.. Shall be going to the more in the future :)
I got As Scottish as Billy Connolly dancing the Highland Fling in front of a bagpiper.! How Scottish Are You?
poignant interview by Billy Connolly. Love him.
Disclaimer:Apols to Billy Connolly for stealing his joke. Never mind Bonnie, Prince and Charlie. I'm here right now
My dad is a mix between Basil Fawlty and Billy Connolly
Craig Burley doing his best Billy Connolly impersonation.
Watching The Hobbit battle of the Five Armies for 1st time. Ok can just about cope with Stephen Fry, but Billy Connolly? Riding a pig? What?
Billy Connolly's art works go on show at the People's Palace.
Always wanted to try that stall outside Sydney Opera House that Billy Connolly visited that served pies in pea soup!
You know it's never going to be a serious film if Billy Connolly is in it!
Billy Connolly is the greatest stand-up ever
Billy Connolly's recepy for writing country music via
... Then you'll have his shoes and be a mile away-as the great Big Yin advises
I am a photographer and my job is to be invisible.If I am not,it's on me,you did the right thing.
check out the legend that is Billy Connolly old stuff i promise you you will be in tears of laughter
Billy Connolly forced to give up playing his beloved banjo due to ...
You should read mr Billy Connolly's chainletter on chainletters! Just a suggestion
Billy Connolly is easily one of my favourite people on the planet
Billy Connolly -The Crucifixion Part1 - see you Judas, Your getting oan ... via
. We have Goodbye Parksinsons, Hello Life. for your review. Please check out . . Please contact me. Ken
As if the film isn't already good, but throwing in Billy Connolly in with that Scottish accent... "ohh C'MON!"
It looks terrible. And CG Billy Connolly made me want to cry.
Everything looks über sharp and contrasty and ridiculous. And we're not even at cgi Billy Connolly yet.
Billy Connolly is a mischievous photographer. Liked to do unconventional pics like Sahara from 6in away rather than landscape!
another good one Bro keep this up and you might just become as good as Billy Connolly or Eddie Izzard.
Carrie-Anne Moss dancing it up with zombie Billy Connolly in FIDO (photo from Fandango.)
My definition of an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger. Billy Connolly.
Swear down I just saw Billy Connolly in the Titanic Exhibition😅
This you? Pt70/- Fowlers wee Heavy on the side. SALAD CREAM!!. Quality man. Match that
Billy Connolly rejoices and exclaims; "Religion is over, lads!"
Billy Connolly had it sorted, the Archers Theme tune a bit more up beat and easy to learn (Mr S)
Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosey... Doesn't try it on. Billy Connolly
Comedian Billy Connolly will be displaying a selection of his art at The from August 28th!
A Woman on a lift asked Billy Connolly "Bad hair day?" to which he replied "Fat *** day?"
Wanted to ask during the Q&A last night. Did you ever meet Billy Connolly? N what did he say to ya?
Because I want to keep my genitals. & because Billy Connolly is epic.
We from StudyPortals would like to invite you to a special event in Glasgow in September. During the EAIE.
Don't get me wrong, I love very, very much. But the bad motion capture Billy Connolly gave me nightmares.
What to expect from show at October '15? Watch concert now!
Billy Connolly's exasperated 'OH COME ONNN' when the earth-eating monster worms sprout from the mountain... Best line in the Hobbit Trilogy.
What are you waiting for? coming to Ottawa on Oct 23. Tix still available! 🎫
To paraphrase Billy Connolly, the is like getting trapped inside the Eurovision song contest in your school uniform. Naff.
Billy Connolly - Mario Lanza At The Glasgow Empire there ye go
We have interviews with the King of Kings, the Maestro, Fergus McCann & Billy Connolly all in this week's bumper edition (NM)
Michael Caine, Billy Connolly, George Harrison and Ringo, Eddy Grant and Eric Clapton - fab.
"Being a Scottish person I start off pale blue. It takes me a week to go white." ~ Billy Connolly
BBC News - Billy Connolly forced to give up banjo because of Parkinson's
Ever wondered whether Paul Walker and Billy Connolly should play father and son? Well, Timeline might be for you
I see Billy Connolly, Rod Stewart and Wee Jay so far
Reminded of Billy Connolly line "I felt as welcome as a fart in a space suit". Toilet humour. Works every time. We are so human.
Is it me, or does Fraser Nelson sound like a camp Billy Connolly?
In Brandon after a crazy prairie lightning storm with Gerry Rafferty & Billy Connolly in company
- What We Did On Our Holiday with Billy Connolly & David Tennant is one of the most popular films in Madrid +
WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY starring Billy Connolly is out next week on Disc & Digital. Pre order now on iTunes:
So I've seen a customer from work on holiday and Billy Connolly!!
Russell Howard, Billy Connolly, Frankie Boyle - They're some of my favourites.
Billy Connolly has taken up as a hobby. You're never too old to learn something new!
Keith ''I voted for the Iraq war'' Vaz, going to Bradford, as Billy Connolly said ''As welcome as a fart i…
Wow - this week started with Billy Connolly in New York for & ends watching Paul Simon with Sting in Glasgow. Special times!
Are you the Billy Connolly tribute act?
Omg having a dose of Billy Connolly. .my sides are sore laughing!
Don't vote, it only encourages them. - Billy Connolly
It's 2015 and is still the greatest comedian of all time 👍
do a Billy Connolly impression to one of them 😂
He looks like he's got Billy Connolly under his nose.
""My definition of an intellectual..." - Billy Connolly
Billy Brennan's sending off today is our 12th red card this season.
- featuring Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. Scroll for bonus Billy Connolly.
cool!! I was watching a billy Connolly gig and he said "all the weans were greeting in the street" and I was laughing at my..
He is no Billy Connolly, but still great nonetheless. 👍😂
French and Saunders, Victoria Wood and Morecambe and Wise on new UK stamps - very happy-making …
Blondie (band) is posting RIP for you. I do hope it's not true. Pop up Billy Let us know your alive??
I felt the same way, Chatia. The only thing i actually liked was Billy Connolly and his dwarven army.
You haven't seen enough of the good ones (yeah, I know it's a narrow field). What about Hugh Laurie, Billy Connolly, Simon Pegg?
Watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and heard a familiar voice. Took me a minute to realize it was :)
I wouldn't mind one voiced by Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly's wheelbarrow joke always makes me smile
Latest I'm hearing from is that Sturgeon plans for Billy Connolly + Ally McCoist to kidnap Miliband day before election
"No such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes". Billy Connolly
I know literally no one cares, but why did Steve Martin steal Eddie Izzard's act in Home? cf Shrek/Mike Myers/Billy Connolly.
I'm with Billy Connolly on this one. Theme tune to The Archers would be great & over much quicker!
an old ,Billy Connolly has the original.
Ronnie Corbett*, Billy Connolly mark with new stamp collection. *Image actual size
Watching Muppet Treasure Island because I want to see Billy Connolly be a pirate and hear pirate Muppets sing. .
Childish is good! Has a touch of the Barry Humphries about it. Have you heard the Billy Connolly 'Aussie wildlife' routine?
In bed listening to John Cleese and Billy Connolly desert island discs 😊😴
You must have been sitting next to us. I was looking over his left shoulder, my wife his right. Billy Connolly was there too.
"One of the nation's favourite stand up comics..." Hmm, hardly Billy Connolly or Stewart Lee, is he?
This is still so funny, Pamela Stephenson interviewing Billy Connolly, as Janet Street Porter:
snoop dog and rod hull? Surely it was Billy Connolly on the Michael Parkinson show who said "I'll break your neck and his f**king arm"
From welder to embroiderer - Billy Connolly takes up embroidery on Judi Dench's advice
Mark Lawrenson doing his best Billy Connolly impression
Thanks Alan Stevens for finding this song that I mentioned on Billy Connolly's show last night from Monty Python.
Saturday 28th February-The Memorial Hall, Pateley Bridge. 'What we did on our Holiday' Cert 12A. Rosamund Pike, David Tennant & Billy Connolly
Does Mark Lawrenson SERIOUSLY think he can pull off a Billy Connolly 👀
Sam & Nick play 'Cripple Creek' by Billy Connolly on the Firefly banjolele & Lanikai 8 string tenor uke.
Willie Haughey, John Reid, Jim Murphy, Rod Stewart, Billy Connolly just some of the famous ones.
Had my hair cut short thinking I'll look like Billie Faiers but I look more like Billy Connolly
It's so parky out today that the wind just said "tonight my guests are Barbara Dixon, Billy Connolly & the incomparable Mister Bob Hope".
I just uploaded "Feature shows with guest stars Iggy pop, Billy Connolly, Baz Luhrmann & Guy Ritchie." to Vimeo:
With Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, James McAvoy, Russell Brand interviews are the best
Judi Dench, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins, Billy Connolly and Julie Walters all on TV. I like 2015 so far.
Just watched the Comedy Drama Quartet, .. brilliant performances from Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins and a host real life Opera & Classical Music veterans ... a delightful film and one I hope will be repeated at some point in the future. Watched Esio Trot earlier with Dustin Hoffman and Judy Dench, Roald Dahl classic that I wasn't familiar with.
I can see why you like him, I just don't personally. Billy Connolly as Dain was one of my favourite roles
Going to give a whirl on now. Great British cast: Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, Michael Gambon and Pauline Collins.
I'm looking forward to watching Quartet ... Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly at 9pm
Still can't believe Billy Connolly was in the finale to end the year!
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