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Billy Connolly

William Billy Connolly, Jr., CBE (born 24 November 1942) is a British comedian, musician, presenter and actor.

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Billy i hope you read this as i really need to apologise to you, in 1994 My Uncle and Me went to se…
I liked a video Billy Connolly stand up (best of the early years)
Billy Connolly -The Crucifixion Part1 - see you Judas, Your getting oan ma ***
Billy Connolly used to Play the hairy banjo
He would be delighted and privileged if you would be able to make a guest appearance. If you don’t ask you don’t get.
My old mate Lindsay has had Parkinson’s since 2003. He organises an annual Burns supper in Edinburgh every year.
I agree with Billy Connolly we have no place in the sea.
A mural of Billy Connolly. One of Scotland’s best known comedians. This, in Dixon Street,…
Laughed til I cried then cried til I laughed, best film in ages!!Check out "What We Did on Our Holiday" on Netflix.
There was a great line by Billy Connolly that after 10 or so minutes of his show, you don't even notice it…
Stealers Wheel } Gerry Rafferty } Humblebums } Billy Connolly... 6 Degrees of separation, so I hope you are laughing! 😂😂😂
One of my favourite Billy Connolly lines was “of course my underwear was a wreck - so…
Is it me or is Si from slowly turning into Billy Connolly?
Think about the poor pedestrians being terrified by the giant head drivers. ©Billy Connolly
want to give this a watch but unfortunately it’s on at the same time as “The Problem Wae Willie” by Billy Connolly…
"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away, and you've got his shoes!"--Billy Connolly
So would I Gillian. Saw him and Billy the a pub in Houston Renfrewshire in 1968. Memorable.
Mmmm I sometimes feel that way with billy Connolly. Ricky gervais is always funny...not seen a serious interview yet lol! Xxx
Have you heard Billy Connolly do it?
“Partick Thistle FC.the F.C. is important as most know them as Partick Thistle nil…
Is that the one where Billy Connolly makes a very unconvincing job of conducting?
Great morsel of silliness, off to find more!! What a riot! This generation's Billy Connolly.
Billy Connolly in Columbo on 5USA now( sky 174)
murder with too many .. with Billy Connolly
Watching Columbo its the one with Billy Connolly.
Watching in a Columbo on a Sunday afternoon. Bliss.😎👍
Billy Connolly playing a killer called Findlay in this episode of Columbo.
Can you please get your hands on some of Billy Connolly's stand ups instead please? Or George Carlin's? Pl…
The Billy Connolly episode of Columbo is on.
Reminiscent of the old Billy Connolly wedding day joke with the punch line ' come back, it's OK, he's apologised'.
Sensational show for Billy Connolly’s 75th. Incredible level of inspiration for new, creative projects gained.…
Billy Connolly Joke. A biker goes to the doctor with hearing problems . " can you describe the Symptoms to me " , " yes. Hom…
Billy Connolly backstage at Glastonbury with a guitar made of bread. Photo Anwar Hussein
Speaking of The Muppets, Billy Connolly is extremely proud of being the only actor to ever die in a Muppet movie.
Really should have done some work these past two days instead of having a Billy Connolly marathon
Congratulations to Billy Connolly who today received a Knighthood from The Duke of Cambridge for his services to entertain…
Remember Jen if you want Americans to ever listen to what a Scot says, only Billy…
And two of the 3 Columbos on 5USA from 12.30 are among the worst ever made, including the Billy Connolly one. It’s…
The "wee pretendy Parliament" as Sir Billy Connolly, national patriot,like to call it.
Billy Connolly Joke. " I get claustrophobic easily I don't get why aeroplane toilets don't f.g have windows. I me…
As Billy Connolly says " what use are 72 virgins to you when you have just blown your balls off ?"
In primary school a kid in my class's parents were working on The Last Samurai set and their babysitter cancelled,…
"Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosy... doesn't try it on." Billy Connolly. Photo credit
Is this real life? He does know this is not his private diary app right??? And he has the nuclear codes. My dads an…
The Billy Connolly tour of NZ is a decent watch. As for actual Nature doco's... can't say.
Billy Connolly used this over 30 years ago, minimum.
on my flight home today from Dubai - your coupon appeared on the Billy Connolly tribute - how did that happen? Good effort 👍🏽👍🏽
I added a video to a playlist Muppet treasure (1996) with Billy Connolly, Jennifer Saunders,Tim Curry
In passing, one of my favourite things ever is Billy Connolly barely containing his lau…
I suggest responding with Billy Connolly next time. .
Just remembering the time MrsGrow said we had free tickets to see Billy Connolly. When we arrived it was Brian 'It's a puppet' Conley...
Great theme tune, which I didn't know was sung by Billy Connolly
Have you seen the Billy Connolly murals in Glasgow? If not here is where to find them
Billy Connolly truly is the biggest blessing to this awful planet
could watch Billy Connolly for days
Here at the online shop we are delighted to have some more John Byrne Billy Connolly Limited Edition prints .…
He's starting to look like Billy Connolly. And nearly as funny with the 6-4-0 formation 😂😂
Watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and its great but aways reminds me of Billy Connolly and men called Alisdair with a D A I R
As Billy Connolly would say, purely in a political sense 'he's as welcome as a fart in a…
Thanks for making me aware of this account.Reading it's the most fun i've ever had with my clothes o…
With Billy Connolly doing the intro you wonder why!
OK, so I'm behind on my WDYTYA episodes. Thrilled to see you w/Billy Connolly. "Hey, she did research for me!" I shouted.
Rezzy. Enjoyed the request show today Spent it dozing on the couch with Aria Whos just woke up Some Bi…
your Billy Connolly portrait is now in the People's Palace. Great portrait and beautifully lit. Picture to follow.
Sure is:) Did you know Billy Connolly sang theme tune?
Billy Connolly: There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter.
Has anyone found this mural of Billy Connolly yet?
Billy Connolly once said "remove all the warning signs and let evolution take care if itself." This is a special k…
would of loved a dinner party with these guests plus Julie Walters & Billy Connolly hysterical & intelligent people
Can't believe they never paid the £5 for the An Audience With Billy Connolly DVD
. "There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!". Billy Connolly (World Tour)
I liked a video EVERY Billy Connolly with Craig Ferguson!
Pre-boxing match disses and Billy Connolly are two aspects of western pop culture that totally passed…
Finally got round to watching 'Billy Connolly : Portrait of a Lifetime'. So sad to see him looing so 'rigid' with Parkinsons these days. 🙁
The world is short a few more wankers, as Billy Connolly would say.
Anytime I see an article pop up about Billy Connolly I get pure nervous
Watching an Audience with Billy Connolly when I was rock bottom was the best therapy I'd had in months.
The Missus is watching Victoria on so I asked her when Billy Connolly comes into it. I got that look!
True story. In the 80s I used to gig at The Barge. BOC was the resident comedian. Lifted Billy Conn…
I know ! i mean im no Billy Connolly but even a londoner like m…
Yep, I know.. my aunty gave me her 7inch single of it. ;) I still have it somewhere up the loft. 😊
After a bunch of Googling and racking my brain, last joke by Billy Connolly
I added a video to a playlist Billy Connolly - On a plane to Australia - Funny story
26) You notice how posh Billy Connolly's accent has become over the years.
How about Billy Connolly "I don't like condoms, I don't like the smell of burning rubber"
Omg I forgot Billy Connolly was in this!!!
He's genuinley close to leapfrogging Billy Connolly & as my favourite comedian. Murals all oor Glesga soon.
John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connolly, Peter Cook, Clive Jenkins and Anna Ford at the Secret Policeman's Ball press co…
Billy Connolly is the best I've ever seen... Kevin Bridges is sensational. peter Kaye is al…
Seeing revered figures like Ludovic Kennedy in a soppy pool of helpless mirth as Billy Connolly describes the Big Slipper is never tiring.
Greatest comedian poll? Go on. Billy Connolly, Peter Kay, Eric Morecambe or Ricky Gervais.
Working in graduations has led me to meet Billy Connolly and Jackie Bird fae the news
Barry Hilton's career took off after Billy Connolly told him to stop telling jokes - check out…
I love Billy Connolly but gutted he's accepted knighthood. Always thought he wouldve done right thing like Lennon, Bowie and Albert Finney
Fantastic really, always a fan and this is fit acknowledgement of the value of his art by his homeland. Cheers Sir…
Sir Big of Yin has a ring to it 😀 great month for the Celtic family HH
'Billy Connolly leads the way in Queen’s birthday honours list'
Billy Connolly honoured with knighthood in landmark year that will see him hit 75
Billy Connolly already has a CBE. How many awards does one man want or need?. He has been well paid for what he does.
Is that Billy Connolly she's hugging in her background photo? Poor *** ... hope he d…
Great to see my fellow Glaswegian Billy Connolly get a knighthood! Well done to the Big Yin and all the others!
I'm not a huge fan of the Honours system, but he is a wonderful Scottish talisman. Arise, Sir Billy Connolly!
SIR Billy Connolly.cant argue with that
Sir Billy Connolly?. Why hasn't he been that for years?! He's a national treasure, we needed to honour him sooner. Congrats to Sir Big Yin.
I was watching that programme about the Billy Connolly portraits and thought I'd try a wee one.
congratulations on the knighthood SIR.
Arise soon-to-be Dame Julie Walters, Sir Billy Connolly, CH for Paul McCartney, and a MBE for talented and sometimes overrated Ed Sheeran
10 comedians reveal how Billy Connolly, the Glasgow-born comic loved the world over, influenced their own work
The world is blessed to have Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly has been knighted in - now Sir Billy Connolly 👏👏👏.
Hairy rebel pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly
Can I encourage you to watch the Billy Connolly feature from earlier this week. It is just lovely.
Sir Billy Connolly! Glasgow's favourite son has been given a knighthood. More:
'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly - BBC News'
Congratulations to Billy Connolly for his Knighthood. Funny, dignified man.
I never swear on this page. Never will. However, the people who have used disgusting terms about Billy Connolly should go…
Honours system is ridiculous, but Billy Connolly respects it n he deserves all good that comes to him so fair play. Happily call him Sir. :)
Yas Dame Julie Walters one of my all time favourite actresses 👏 also Sir Billy Connolly, both so well deserved
Queen's Birthday Honours: Peggy is going to the Palace. June Spencer CBE via
We've posted a few snaps of this Billy Connolly mural recently, but the timing here was perfect! . Credit: Neil Adams…
Sort of OT: Have you watched the Billy Connolly movie on this? What we did on our Holiday
"Overjoyed" - Billy Connolly's reaction to seeing his 75th birthday gift from Glasgow. Portrait of a Lifetime, Wednesday,…
She crossed no line. There is no line - Lenny Bruce, Billy Connolly, Monty Python, Richa…
Remember that thing where Billy Connolly does the drunk guy negotiating a discarded *** packet? Imagine that on a rough ferry-crossing.
New video! Amazing how much Dave Grohl looks like Billy Connolly .
A rival for Billy Connolly for best British stand-up of all time in my opinion
Gave up watching in favour of watching old Parkinson interviews with Billy Connolly.
And a Scottish accent is either Billy Connolly or Miss Jean Brodie. 😠
Reflection young people need encouragement following your example
Hi Billy just need to thank you over 30 years ago. visiting Derry and taking an interest in my first business venture.
Scottish is a weird accent. I find it insufferable to listen to the accent in long form, e.g. Billy Co…
From “Who discovered we could get milk from cows, & what did he think he was doing at the time?” - Billy Connolly.
If you don't ALREADY love Billy Connolly. Here's why you should.
“I've always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives.” Billy Connolly
Yes, and I like Billy Connolly, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle. Maybe it's partly a guy thing.
Billy Connolly at Craigmillar, Edinburgh, for the unveiling of a sculpture by Jimmy Boyle. (1975)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The Big Yin. Brand new mural of Billy Connolly, one of three celebrating his 75th birthday. Tsken on our Glasgow St…
There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter. . ~ Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly to get three Glasgow murals - BBC News
I was asked what I thought about Billy Connolly. I said he was the only philosopher I'd met who had a sense of humour.
Not sure, but Billy Connolly might know?
A pure treasure Steffi, was blessed to have met him! 😊
Pat Kane: Why the Big Yin deserves big, big love as Billy Connolly fades from our sight
Naturally just the funniest person!!! A pure Gent too, even mentioned about us in one o…
I bet! He's a cool dude! Must've been pretty interesting to talk to him!
That had to be an incredible experience!
My Son STILL can't get over the fact that Billy held his Saints Brothers rosary! 😆
Couple of years ago now Steffi but cheers Sláinte n thankyou! Was a great night! 😊
Soccer Action 24 - 1981, the one with funnyman Billy Connolly on the cover and the joke Rik Booth logos on p15: .
ta meeting 'Il Duce' with my Son. Spoke to us for over an hour n…
Didn't Billy Connolly play Abdul in the last one?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Strangest dream! Walking Billy Connolly home then he gets a heart attack but after I yell at him to hang in there he just laughed.
Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit. -Comedian Billy Connolly .
Here's that wall in full: Spike Milligan, Billy Connolly & Gerry Rafferty (the Humble…
It would be good to include you with Frankie Boyle, Billy Connolly and Kevin Bridges and…
WATCH: Billy Connolly's long career recognised by the Royal Television Society Scotland
Right I'm listing my legends down. Jocky Wilson, David Attenborough, David Jason, Billy Connolly, Elvis and my family. All made me who I am
All I want in life is an episode of where hosts. The panel is Stephen Fry, Sandy Toksvig, Billy Connolly...and me
Billy Connolly given special recognition gong at National TV...
Billy Connolly's tour of Glasgow, the sites that helped make a comedy legend
Billy Connolly - Fave joke, the lions and the wilder beast
Billy Connolly was “purged from the records” of his school because his former teachers considered him blasphemous
Billy Connolly "If you're eva gonna sack a sheep, put it at the edge of a cliff, so it pushes back ha…
Turned off the Billy Connolly programme I had recorded to be confronted by Donald Trump. Well, from one comedian to another!
I've always loved so much, even more so after meeting him. Amazing program on him tonight on
Wow, it's like you and Billy Connolly are the same guy.
Little Giant Ladders
I've just stumbled across this article about when Billy Connolly called the SNP "dreary little *** in 1996.
.Thanks for the love you've shown my portrait , I love "the big yin" 😘
Billy Connolly: I mock symptoms of my Parkinson's disease during performances via
Billy Connolly mocks symptoms of his Parkinson's disease during performances, by
Billy Connolly turns to song to mock his Parkinson's symptoms.
This is why I could never move to Scotland
Billy connolly trending, still pisses me off his joke about ken bigley.
Got such a fright when I saw billy Connolly trending there 😭
As Billy Connolly once said: Don't vote for politicians... it just encourages them.
Here's speaking about his own health conditions.
I've just been watching tribute to Billy Connolly. A true Scot and a National Treasure for the whole UK.…
What about that Billy Connolly programme? How funny is he? What's your favourite sketch? Mine is the lions hunting, just t…
Here's speaking about being star struck on meeting Billy Connolly.
Jill jackson from paisley plyays the banjo you should look her up she onc…
The wise words of Billy Connolly come to mind today
Billy Connolly reveals he MOCKS symptoms of his Parkinson's disease whilst performing
Billy Connolly: Anyone who wants to become a po…
Even though love Billy Connolly I would much rather it was a programme about Billy Connolly (give or take a couple of celebs)
Billy Connolly is an amazing man! His jokes are the best for cheering yourself up. The Big Yin should be named Sir Billy Connolly.
Billy Connolly fans left crying with laughter as famous faces look back at the Scottish comedian's career…
I'm honoured to be part of The Billy Connolly Special on ITV at 9pm tonight. One of my comedy heroes.
David Tennant included in a tribute to Billy Connolly on ITV tonight.
Religion is crowd control as Billy Connolly said. "For everyone in favour of the status quo" Life of Brian
Played by Billy Connolly in Muppet Treasure Island. What a makeover!
Frail-looking Billy Connolly leaves viewers in tears as he makes Comic Relief plea
Billy Connolly makes emotional plea for Comic Relief donations
Call me simple, but I think Billy Connolly in Muppet Treasure Island is one of the greatest comedic performances of al…
Viewers in tears as 'deteriorating' Billy Connolly makes heartfelt plea on BBC show
Time to play 'Mark Twain or Billy Connolly after a rough night?'
The theme from the TV series "Super Gran", this was Billy Connolly's fourth and final top 40 hit.
"Like a pork pie at a Jewish wedding" as Billy Connolly once joked.
are led by Colin Brown - a cross between Luciano Pavarotti and Billy Connolly. He's funnier than one and taller than the other.
PicThis is the legend that is Billy Connolly who me and Dad went to see last night as you…
I'm so jealous of my dad going to see billy Connolly on Saturday like I didn't know I could be this jealous of an old man
definitely did not disappoint last night.. brilliant Show at the 😂👌
I seem to recall Billy Connolly singing a song about this. 😂. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Strange, my internal monologue seems to be talking in the voice of Billy Connolly...
As Billy Connolly said "There are two seasons in Scotland, winter and June" Enjoy when it comes!
Billy Connolly plays the 3 Arena 16th-18th Feb. Travel in luxury with Aircoach to Dublin. Tickets from €10 online a…
Had a Amazing time last night seeing the Hilarious the is emotiona…
"I know a guy in Scotland who loved his wife so much he almost told her one day"- Billy Connolly…
Seen Billy Connolly last night in the & near passed out laughing. Unreal set! Happy camper 😄
in the Treehouse : D.I.V.O.R.C.E. by Billy Connolly ... Tune In at
Great night last night The man is a genius. Thanks Billy.
I liked a video Billy connolly last train to glasgow central
Billy Connolly is genuinely one of the funniest men to have ever lived
This trip has been great for celeb spotting. Sat next to Helen Mirren on the bus and now Billy Connolly just check my ticket on the train.
Taking bookings for Feb 16th - 18th at Book via our new App or online at
Billy Connolly is a very funny man . Epic night in the suite .
I heard you on talking about your anxiety. The great Billy Connolly has the same "abandonment issues". Just sayin.✌
Billy & Tom sat on their horses when suddenly Billy though!!!.
You've met Billy Connolly!?!? I so admire him. I only hope I get the opportunity one day. Great picture of you both. ☺
close your eyes and think of donald trump thank you Billy Connolly
Yep - there are 'stand ups' and then there are naturally funny people like Billy Connolly & Lee Mack!!
Seen Billy Connolly tonight and as much as his scripted performance was funny, sad to see him not move from the spot for an hour n half
Billy Connolly is a Bhoy he said so in Belfast tonight to a chorus of boos...and massive cheers!
Billy Connolly was brilliant tonight! I laughed my head off at least twice! More like 3 times! Brilliant!
Man, I wish I could see Billy Connolly live.
great night in the presence of the Big Yin, a Master of his Craft, gave us belly laughs and a wee tear as he left the stage.
Some good moments at Billy Connolly tonight but there were times watching him up on stage in his current condition that were uncomfortable
Always wanted to see live. Got to tonight at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast (or as it's now known). Excellent
Billy Connolly departing the stage on his last show in Belfast. Just caught him on the last few steps. Well done Wi…
was amazing tonight in Belfast! Buzzing I finally got to see him live!
This guy has always made me lol. :p Watch "The Heckler | Billy Connolly" on YouTube -
Billy Connolly. Worlds greatest comedian, and one who foresee's the future:.
my loins are more Billy Connolly's than they are yours I'm afraid
naw for me it was her sad boring life story. And the bemused look on her face when I asked her to be quiet
Aww sad not to have seen you! Glad you had a great night too, one everyone lucky to be there will remember 😊
I really wish you would come to Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and do a show, especially as I can't travel. Mx
I was there too! One of my bucket lists marked off for sure. Great night! Sorry to not have seen you
Have two tickets for gig in Dublin next Friday, want to swap for Thursday. Any takers?
PJ and Jim are live on air! They've got Billy Connolly and Phil Collins tickets to give away and €1,060 on Guess the Question!
I find Billy Connolly way easier to understand than Ewen Bremner (Spud). Maybe it's the speed.
Muppet Treasure Island (1996) 1hr 35m [U] Jennifer Saunders and Billy Connolly can't compete with Muppets rangi...
New stand up DVD's have all dropped, so far Billy Connolly, Alan Davies, Tim Vine and Romesh Ranganathan all worth watching
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Billy Connolly is the king, went to see him live a few weeks ago
says booked Billy Connolly for first time in 1971 after being given a CD of his act
Billy Connolly - 13 nights at the Glasgow Apollo in 1975.
Help me . Apart from Tim vine and Billy Connolly. Are they any stand up DVDs out this year . Hasn't Bill Bailey tour finished?
Well done Mel. I was off watching Billy Connolly youtube clips & missed the quiz.
nope it's the traditional pink of William Wallace, Rabbie Burns, Billy Connolly et al...
Is Tommy Tiernan turning into Billy Connolly in appearance? Looks fierce like him on Cutting Edge tonight!
1 ticket to Billy Connolly at Brighton Centre - Brighton, 23 Nov, less fv £35.00. To buy these tickets and more:
Do you think Xtianity isn't mocked? Life of Brian, Father Ted, Dave Allen, Billy Connolly?
The Motorpoint Arena is hosting Billy Connolly as part of the Comedy Festival. See the full festival listings here: ht…
is that Jimmy Nail or Billy Connolly on the left ?
good job you clarified the name...Billy Connolly, Brian Cant, Bernard Cribbins!
Yes it's on Friday nights. I'm going to see Billy Connolly next week in Birmingham :)
In the words of Billy Connolly,Wellie boot rims from their wear in summer used to be a mark of poverty in children in Scotland
Where are my tickets for Billy Connolly 2nd Nov Birmingham?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bra-less Liz Hurley befuddles Billy Connolly at the BAFTAs! via
I suffer from Michael Parkinson's disease. It results in a constant urge to interview Billy Connolly.
Well said Gary sometimes you need to swear for better effect.Just think Billy Connolly
There was a song called Ten Guitars, I've got Billy Connolly covering it
Watching some Billy Connolly standup from the 1980s. In case you're wondering where Michael McIntyre gets his entire shtick from...
Watching the film "What We Did on Our Holiday" with David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike, Ben Miller. Love it!😜
also have quite a few of yr early vinyl, as well as Joan Baez ,Bob Dylan, Billy Connolly, David Bowie etc but precious to me
Lucinda is at her grad ball tonight and I'm just sending her videos of Billy Connolly 😂😂😂
seeing Billy Connolly (@ Wilbur Theatre - for Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour in Boston, MA)
Worked at Plymouth Pavilions. Saw Jimmy Carr, Brendan Cole, and Billy Connolly all being genuinely nice and generous.
Peter Jackson was ahead of the curve when he replaced Billy Connolly with all-CG Ironfoot. Check out WARCRAFT
no Billy Connolly, no Micky Flanagan...delete your account 👌🏻
*all time* and they're the options??! Bob Monkhouse & Billy Connolly right up there. Micky Flanagan's best of current crop
Hoot, Guffaw, Howl, Giggle, Snicker, Chortle, Chuckle, . A stadium act right up there with Billy Connolly and Peter Kaye.
Upcoming acts at Warner Theatre also doubles as list for 'Dead or Alive?' Billy Connolly! The Monkees!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Yeah, bit like having Jasper Carrott or Billy Connolly in Parliament
I am 21 and I thought Billy Connolly and John Cleese were the same person oh my god
Is John Cleese's quote an endorsement or observation? (I agree with Chris Rock and Billy Connolly anyway)
He was chatting with Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson as he stood at the bar. I was all over the place... 😉
No, it was Billy Connolly that said that.
Billy Connolly considered suicide after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
Hanging puts them out of their misery too easily! but a size 12 boot will hurt longer!! (its a Billy Connolly ref)
Why is it that professional Scotsmen such as Billy Connolly and Sean Connery never actually live in Scotland once they make their fortunes?
Love ! Think I've watched all videos of his stand up & Tracks on YouTube
Tickets for Billy Connolly live on Wednesday secured. YUS!
Billy Connolly admits Parkinson's has given him suicidal thoughts
have a listen to Billy Connolly on football violence sometime.
Billy Connolly pretending to vomit when pished is legit me when I whitey :))
late to hear about your health. Have you tried Kangen water yet? I hear it does amazing things. You're a funny man for sure😁
"That day I was wearing a Vivienne Westwood overcoat, you have to show the profit eventually!" - Billy Connolly
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I loved both.but they weren't my "heroes".. my only one is Billy Connolly and I worry. I'll embarrass myself when he goes
Watching Billy Connolly at an American footie game on TV sitting next to a shouty woman & all I could think about was 😉
Looking windswept and interesting as would say
. One of Billy Connolly's. I can't do the accent tho.
Random footage of me many years ago used on sky TV Billy Connolly's across America. Back when I…
It was not Billy Connolly, in was Dan Starkey
it was a fantastic series, interesting and funny - Billy at his best
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