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Billy Bush

William Hall Billy Bush (born October 13, 1971) is an American radio and television host.

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Evanka fearful to speak. Just because Daddy desires her as a daughter it should creep you out. Look at his speak on the bus with Billy Bush
If you heard the Billy Bush tape yet voted for/support Drumpf, and are now crying your moral outrage card is…
BREAKING NEWS: Kelly Ripa announces the finalists for her co-hosting gig...Seb Gorka, Milo, Billy Bush, The Rock and .hhm
Billy Bush was fired so the standard for an Access Hollywood host is currently higher t…
Something's wrong w/ our constitution when Bill O'Reilly & Billy Bush must go (rightfully so) but Chief Sexual Assaulter Trump can be Prez.
Billy Bush is ready for a career comeback.
Lahren, Napolitano, Ailes, Billy Bush, O'Reilly. We are one fired Hannity away from Trump resigning POTUS & s…
So Billy Bush gone. OReilly gone. Yet its ok if its Trump. The President held to the lowest stand…
Still scratching my head that Billy Bush (who grabbed nothing) was fired by Access - and the 'grabber i…
Billy Bush fired from NBC News for LISTENING to trump talk about sex assault. Bill O'Reilly still employed a…
How did outrage cause billy bush to lose his job and not the guy that said that he grabbed women and girls?
Yeah Billy Bush is unemployed too yet we're all dealing with 'ol donnie
Sexual harassment scorecard:. fired. Billy Bush- fired for talking about it. POTUS. Makes sense right?
Bye bye Billy. Wonder if Billy Bush made him do it? Trump will miss him. Two lecherous old men.
Last winter Billy Bush stole our Christmas cards and wrote Jeb Is A Knucklehead! on each of them
They tried to get Trump to step down with old Billy Bush locker room audio. If they had found Russian connections, they…
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It was reported that Ryan, Romney, & Bush family were the ones who asked the Billy Bush tapes to be outed!
I so agree and you can track that smirk way back. I first spotted it after the Billy Bush debacle.
So everyone involved in the support of 45 eventually gets canned ( Billy Bush, Flynn, Carter Paige etc etc) 45.not so much
Ryan Lochte, Milo Yiannopoulos, Billy Bush - all are extended the innocence of childhood into their adult lives.
From the same network that gave us Billy Bush's insight into Ryan Lochte.
Missing a BIG one. First batch of Podesta emails leaked same day as Access Hollywood/Billy Bush tape 10/7/16
If Tamron Hall is a 'great journalist,' then Billy Bush is this generations Walter Cronkite.
Billy Bush will never work in Hollywood again. Trump got a promotion... to the most powerful seat on the planet.
The guy being sworn in today bragged about sexual assault in order to impress Billy Bush. Today *** in every possible…
If you thought Donald Trump's conversation with Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood bus was lewd, urine for a big surprise.
So Megyn Kelly gets 9am post-Today slot. The Alcoholics(Hoda and Kathy Lee) get 10-11 which was technically Billy Bush's show but u know...
That was a great book. They swapped Billy Bush & Natalie Morales (she went to Access Hollywood?) & I'm very.hmm about it.
They should also move Matt Lauer to Access Hollywood and bring back Natalie. Billy Bush has to go.
Paul Ryan, who refused to appear with Trump in October after the Billy Bush tape, now opening for him in Wisconsin
Loyalty shmoyalty: Trump chewed out Rudy for defending him on Billy Bush tape. "You're killin' me, Rudy!"
NBC fired Billy Bush, so how can it justify airing a television show exec produced by Donald Trump?
I am waiting for the West Palm Beach T.Y.Tour .There should be 2,1 for the special WPB rally people post Billy Bush.
When did you become such a disgusting liar Any sexual touching referenced in the Billy Bush audio was obviously consensual.
So why did the Today Show ever replace Natalie Morales with Billy Bush?
If Robin Williams came out the Jumunji board & read any newspaper in America during the last two weeks of October he’d know about Billy Bush
As an olive-branch to the GOP Establishment, I'm hearing Billy Bush to Chair the EEOC.
Reince should not be hired with Trump admin. Remember his reaction to the Billy Bush tape.
I never thought Karma would hate Billy Bush more than Donald Trump.
Billy Bush for press secretary. He needs a job and it would be an olive branch to Bushworld.
I'm still trying to figure out how Billy Bush got fired from because of that tape but is fit for the White House.
Will Chuck Todd now be let go and Billy Bush rehired???!!!
Billy Bush was fired from the Today Show for even being in the same room with the guy who just became president.
Billy Bush lost his job and Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.
BREAKING: Matt Lauer to be replaced by Billy Bush.
Future R candidate IMO. First thing that came to mind when Billy Bush tape dropped was ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Justin talks about Selena during his interview with Billy Bush for Access Hollywood (November 3, 2015) Part 2
EXCLUSIVE: Kathie Lee Gifford talks about Billy Bush's departure and who she'd choose to fill his role.…
No sign of Billy Bush, Johnny Weir, or Tara Lipinski…I think it’s safe
And we know he admitted to his modus operandi for sexually assaulting women on video to Billy Bush and in the same way the…
“…and then the second Civil War was caused by Billy Bush and Carlos Danger…”. - your grandkid, writing a book report so…
Justin talks to Billy Bush for his Access Hollywood Interview about Selena dog Baylor, and the date at the Staple Cent…
remember Ryan was suppose to campaign that Sat andthen Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape and i think He didn't want Trump there
Just felt sad realizing my grandchild might fail a test for not knowing Billy Bush was on the Access Hollywood bus.
Trump tells Bill O'Reilly it was "illegal" for NBC to turn his mike on during Billy Bush groping chat he calls locker-room…
Billy Bush and Tomi Lahren will be the Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford of Trump TV.
All crooked polls have up double digit. The traitor Dan Senor( who dumped the Billy Bush tape) said…
Can Tom Hanks host . every week? Pretty please? Billy Bush is gone so now you've got some wiggle room for salary!
Prescott Bush to Billy Bush in 3 generations, folks
Who would of thought Billy Bush was like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie... with his briefcase of grabbed 🐱.
Billy Bush is no longer a host on NBC's Today Show .
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A is for alt-right, B is for Billy Bush: The ABCs of this soul-sucking e.. Related Articles:
If you can't stand up to Alec Baldwin, Billy Bush, and NBC4 Columbus, how are you going to become Dictator of America?…
Did Trump just call Hillary "such a nasty woman?" I bet Billy Bush egged him on to say that.
Hillary doesn't want to put immigrants on buses, where they'll just be egged on by Billy Bush.
in all fairness to Trump, who WOULDN'T want to impress Billy Bush
Trump talking about creating millions of new jobs - Billy Bush at home saying, "Well you lost me mine!"
"If I were still in school I'd be telling all my teachers that Billy Bush ate my homework." Mike Morse
Melania Trump” returns to Colbert to scapegoat Billy Bush
"I did not know this but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billy Bush" http…
Billy Bush is no Jeff Dunham his arms are too short to shoved them up *** and make his mouth move
Trump & Bill Clinton should retire together in Florida. They can golf 24/7 & tell groping tales to their caddie Billy Bush.…
Billy Bush may be a tragic figure: "In the business of stroking celebrities, he now is reviled for stroking one"
USA 2016, Billy Bush loses his job over vile video, the orange menace is still running for president and backed by 35-40% of the country.
Anderson Cooper lets Melania blame Trump's comments on Billy Bush unchallenged but the "media" is biased against GOP? ***
Melania: Trump & Billy Bush were like teenage boys. Anderson Cooper, with a straight face: He was 59
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Trump's son asked Melania "Mommy Where is daddy?". She answers "He and Billy Bush have gone hunting"
Nude photo model & trophy wife defending her GOP nominee sugar daddy by blaming Billy Bush. GOP must be so proud
so Billy Bush loses his job, and still gets to run for president.
So is fired but is still running for president. Hmmm
: "I'm gonna singlehandedly defeat ISIS!" Also Trump: "Billy Bush made me say that!"
RIGHT what a little GROPING and RAPING it's just boys having fun. Blame BILLY BUSH for MAKING
So Donald Trump can't be controlled by anyone, anyone at all. Not his advisers, campaign manager, consultants. . Except for B…
Matt...erah Mitt can fix it. . Matt Lauer addresses Billy Bush departure on Tuesday's 'Today'
"Egged on"? If Donald Trump can't stand up to Billy Bush, how can he EVER handle the pressures of the Oval Office? https:/…
Can't stand up to Billy Bush but can TOTALLY handle Vladamir Putin...
I like how Billy Bush is fired for lewd comments, but the person who starred the entire conversation is still running f…
Robert Peterpaul: Billy Bush Is Not Donald Trump - We are living in a "Golden Age of Opinions." With the intern...
Golly! If little Billy Bush can "egg on" Donald, just imagine how other boys will cause him to react!
Melania Trump: My husband is a weak man-child who does whatever Billy Bush tells him to do.
TRUMP: I’m tough enough to stare down ISIS. ISIS: Billy Bush asked about you. TRUMP: omigod what did he say tell me his exact w…
I had great sex last night... thanks to Billy Bush who was there to egg me on..
Love how Billy Bush's involvement got him fired and released from contract and yet Trump is still a presidential nom. IRONY.
After seeing Melania blame Trump's "boy talk" on Billy Bush, it's clear she should've stuck to plagiarizing Michell Obama…
Melania BASHES BUSH!! Says poor Donald was 'egged on' by Billy in foul-mouth video!!
Billy Bush lawyer response re Melania saying Billy egged on Trump: "I thought the Trump explanation would be Trump was not…
Matt Lauer, 'Today' cast bid farewell to Billy Bush, wish him 'the very best'
"I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait." Hypothetical my a$$.
Melania Trump figures that her husband’s troubles are Billy Bush’s fault. And the left wing’s. And the media’s.
I don't see that she did anything for him, blaming Billy Bush, hello Donald was 59 . I believe we heard the real DT
I'm sorry. officer. Billy Bush was egging me on.
I thought Billy Bush made you do it-sad!
.any woman who was raped, and then viewed the Billy Bush tapes, would feel sick and immediately denounce Trump.
Melania says afraid of Billy Bush, but will have no problem standing up to Russia, China, ISIS, etc.
How are you going to hang with the big boys when Billy Bush can egg you to make sexist, misogynistic comments?. WEAK!
Because what you really want is a president susceptible to the cunning mental machinations of the likes of Billy Bush.…
Billy Bush has been formally given the boot from NBC for the vulgar conversation he shared with Donald Trump.
Melania Trump says her husband was egged on by Billy Bush when he made sexually aggressive remarks http…
It's officially a new day at Today.
Billy Bush will ultimately survive one of the most shocking political recordings since the Nixon tapes w/
yeah I did it. It's Billy Bush's fault.
this us what's rigged. You on tape making demeaning comments and Billy Bush gets fired. Someone else pays for your sins.
when Melania said that about Billy Bush. I was so mad. Billy, said a heart filled apology for joining in with her boy!
Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee and Hoda send best wishes to Billy Bush
Has to be more to come. Ask Billy Bush who's most expendable.
Last night, announced that Billy Bush would be leaving TODAY, effective immediately. https:…
Melania says her husband was "egged on" to say things. Really? Because If Billy Bush can get him to do that, imagine what…
Journalists’ personal donations to presidential campaigns, Billy Bush officially out more media headlines: https:/…
Today's Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee Gifford, Tamron Hall and Hoda Kotb Say Goodbye to Billy Bush: It's a new day at…
Matt Lauer says goodbye to Billy Bush on Today Show after Trump 'grab them by the p*' tape scandal
The Today Show is saying goodbye to Billy Bush. (Photo: EPA)
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'Today' show acknowledges Billy Bush's departure on-air
Matt Lauer says goodbye to Today Show host Billy Bush as Donald Trump still runs for president after tape scandal…
Billy Bush no longer with NBC's 'Today' show, Matt Lauer tells audience
Talk about an awkward morning at work... Today's Matt Lauer & Tamron Hall say goodbye to Billy Bush: htt…
Billy Bush might be a lot of things but a mastermind to the downfall of Donald Trump isn't one of them.
Critic: Melania Trump blames Billy Bush, the media and the Clintons for "the fact that her husband is a sexist pig"
Because what we REALLY need is a president who's easily influenced by Billy Bush 🙄
Melania, you say Billy Bush started it, but your vulgar sex talk with Howard Stern FINISHES it. Disinfectant PLS!
Billy Bush officially leaves NBC in the wake of 'Access Hollywood' tape
I'm not shocked that Billy Bush got fired. I'm just shocked that anyone could stand being on Access Hollywood for 10+ years
Why was Billy Bush wasting his talents on the Today Show and Access Hollywood? With his power to egg on, he should be a world leader.
Melania Trump blames Billy Bush, NBC, and left-wing media for her husband’s “dirty” talk about gropin... via
BREAKING: NBC News fires 'Today' show host Billy Bush, who was caught on tape in vulgar conversation with Donald Trump about women.
Everyday we're hearing the names Billy Bush, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Summer Zervos etc., we're not talking about real…
Billy Bush is donating his entire $10 million NBC severance to Peter Thiel.
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House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Rence Priebus aware of Billy Bush audio tape was coming weeks ago!! .
Billy Bush fired from NBC, Lawyers up and NBC negotiates a $10 mil settlement. You said it best "White men stay failing up"
It's good to be a white man in America 😒. Billy Bush expected to get $10 million settlement from NBC | Page Six
So cos he's a wealthy white man, you can't just fire the creep?! "Billy Bush in negotiations over exit settlement"
Billy Bush can now get a job at TMZ so he can grab Harvey Levin by the balls
Billy Bush on suicide watch after learning Corey Feldman is good enough for the Today Show but he isn't.
Thankfully, Trump and Billy Bush are the only two men in American who talk like frat boys.
I dont think Billy Bush was the first in that good ole boys club! He w as just the first to get caught.
Remember how Billy Bush defended Lochte? Billy Bush believes in the old boys club. Glad he's gone.
Now that Billy Bush is out, who is going to be wing man, ? Work it boys, grab your tic tacs and show us how U do it
Only privileged dudes like Trump and Billy Bush get to play the boys will be boys card when they're fully grown men
Yep ironic. Billy Bush buddied up to bad boys in Rio, boorish lout on the set; he deserves the boot but…
No Dan, I believe he was on MSNBC arguing with Chris Mathews. This was after that Billy Bush tape was released.
Trump admitted he did not get to go all the way in his grope story to Billy Bush. That makes it sound more real.
I hope Ann Curry sends Billy Bush a single black rose, with no note
I hope he takes Jenna w/him! Sources: Billy Bush's departure from NBC now matter of "when," not "if" via
lol Billy Bush is no Alpha. He's barely an omicron.
Billy Bush *** but seeing the name Bumble Ward brings back a fond memory of Kevin Smith telling a story about Tim Burton.
SO GOOD! is my hero! Samantha Bee slams Donald Drumpf over debate comments, Billy Bush tape
suspends Billy Bush; this isn't total objectification of men? Public's double standard is insulting
And when they providing the Billy Bush tapes to the MSM in order to thwart your candidacy. GOP elitists…
We have to defeat Hilliary and the elite Republicans. Look who leaked the Billy Bush tapes
used to be my fav I am still trying to be a fan but between Willie Geist moving and Billy Bush coming on! Horrible!
Al Roker needs to be somewhere doing this to Billy Bush.
I forgot that this is the same Billy Bush that told elder Al Roker to "calm down" over the Lochte mess. https:…
So I'm just thinking about the number of workplaces in America in which there's a Billy Bush who patronizes an Al Roker.
Al Roker tried to warn us. When he stirred that straw, it was actually *** morse code for “Billy Bush is not to be trust…
Al Roker had honor of breaking Billy Bush's suspension news on the "Today" show
People Mag: Sources say Billy Bush wouldn't be missed on the Today Show set if suspension becomes dismissal.
Why Kit Hoover is defending her former co-host Billy Bush
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Al Roker fills in for Billy Bush on Today after Trump-tape suspension
[Clink of receiver being lifted]. Al Roker voice: "Hello..?". "Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Bush from Billy Bush . (Phone hangs up)
oh my god the look on Al Roker's face as they announce Billy Bush's suspension this morning
Al Roker has taken over for Billy Bush at the Today Show
Today, Billy Bush was robbed of the honor of standing in a fake kitchen & saying "uh huh" as a celeb chef prepared a basil…
Al Roker tried to tell y'all about Billy Bush.
the brave caipirinha that gave its life to save Billy Bush from Al Roker:
What's going on LA? Al Roker and Tamron Hall address Billy Bush's suspension… Get Found ->
YES to the yes! Fills in for Billy Bush on Today Following Trump-Tape Suspension via
Find out the latest about Billy Bush's future with the
Evidence a bit mixed, but polls suggest that the Billy Bush tape has probably damaged Trump's standing further.
Am I the only one who didn't know that Billy Bush is George H.W.'s nephew?
Billy Bush's former 'Access Hollywood' coworker teared up while talking about the
Access Hollywood Live co-host Kit Hoover tears up talking about Billy Bush:
When the Trump/Billy Bush thing happened I thought they were talking about Willie Geist and I was like oh no not that precious nugget.
co-host Kit Hoover on the Billy Bush controversy: "I was just devastated":…
Access Hollywood Co-Host Kit Hoover on Billy Bush: ‘He is a Good Person: 'A lot of people would say has the b...
Access Hollywood Live co-host on Billy Bush: 'I was just devastated'
Billy Bush's former co-host Kit Hoover gets emotional defending him after scandal: 'He's a good person'
Surely I'm not the only one who remembers Billy Bush's radio shows in DC in the late 90s. He was an obnoxious tool back then, too.
get rid of Billy Bush and bring Willie Geist back to the 9 o'clock hour. He's a good guy
I never understood the Billy Bush hire for TODAY anyway. I prefer Willie Geist. Would love to see Geist get an expanded role
Where's Willie Geist when you need him? Bring back Natalie Morales. No more frat boys like Billy Bush, please.
Billy Bush is probably on paid leave and will come back to his comfy job with no further repercussion, privileged as ever.
Al Roker v. Billy Bush on Ryan Lochte interview, Natalie Morales didn't come off any better than Bush:
Billy Bush was a great fit for the show. He's perfect for the relocation of Natalie Morales. Thanks
Top story: Billy Bush suspended from NBC after Donald Trump lewd tape see more
The fallout from Trump's lewd comments so far:. -NBC suspends TV host Billy Bush. -Trump is still running for president
wonder if Billy Bush's suspension has any influences of his Royal King Al Roker?
Billy Bush suspended from for Trump tape. Trump still nominee. Today Show has higher standards than Republican pa…
Glad to see Billy Bush scratching his unemployed rear end on the street corner. Maybe he can get a job at Burger King.
Yeah, well, that's a whole different story. Billy Bush wasn't right for the TODAYShow to begin with. He need…
where in the world is Billy Bush is he out with Matt have affairs with married women like Natalie Morales she had to move to la
NBC has suspended Billy Bush. But will he ever come back?
Billy Bush has been suspended from NBC's "Today" show and it's unclear if he will ever return
Did you guys know that Billy Bush is THE FIRST COUSIN of George W. Bush Jr.? Wow I never put 2 and 2 together lol...
Billy Bush suspended from 'Today' show after tape of Trump's lewd comments: memo
‘No Excuses for Trump Tape’ – NBC suspends Billy Bush indefinitely!: Billy Bush has been yanke... via
Can the Today Show bring back Jenna Bush and fire Billy Bush? He is a creeper and needs to go.
You can tell Trump won big tonight - MSNBC is back to talking about the Billy Bush audio and the beauty queen.
in my opinion it was a big mistake to get rid of Natalie Morales for Billy Bush. I miss her !do not understand !
Not even 8:30 in LA and I'm wiped. NBC won't do anything more with Billy Bush tonight or suspend Jenna Bush just for heck of it right?
Have you apologized for replacing Natalie Morales with Billy Bush?
He thinks "President" means "King". It's what top adviser Billy Bush told him.
Billy Bush suspended. Donald Trump permitted to participate in debate for PRESIDENT OF THE GODDAMNED UNITED STATES.
Billy Bush was suspended by the Today Show. . Donald Trump is still the Republican nominee for president.
Yes, Billy Bush has been suspended from "Today," but how do we go about suspending him from "Tomorrow"
They traded Natalie Morales for Billy Bush. Whoops on that one NBC.
And that job was with NBC, who also employs the recently promoted Billy Bush, oh and Jenna Bush Hagar too! Small world
so the Today Show employed both Jenna Bush Hager and Billy Bush? Were they on at the same time?
Had never even been dimly aware of the guy. But does this mean NBC news had paid Billy Bush, Chelsea Clinton, and Jenna Bush?
Arianne Zucker breaks her silence on Donald Trump and Billy Bush's leaked conversation:
Someone at NBC has to be second guessing that swap of Natalie Morales for Billy Bush for the Today Show...
Wondering if rethinking trading Natalie Morales 4 Billy Bush. Hope genius who brokered that is on u…
Also, never put two and two together that Billy Bush and Jenna Bush are co-hosts.
For me, Billy Bush is a *** poor replacement for Natalie Morales!
Bush Family didn't either.. Jenna Bush, Billy Bush, you know it was talked about over dinner.
Foster Design Build Billy Bush set to be on "Today" Monday -- and to apologize again: Billy Bush ... Robert Berg
Natalie Morales being the one to ruin Billy Bush's career is some sweet, sweet payback
Quote By Rebekah Mercer (Mega Donor for Trump) “If Mr. Trump had told Billy Bush, whoever that is, earlier this...
Can we have Natalie Morales back on and send Billy Bush literally I don't care where?
and Billy Bush, Jenna Bush.. you know it was discussed when family decided to vote Killary
I can't believe that the replaced Natalie Morales with Billy Bush. Seriously ?? 9am hour ruined. Click,…
My TV is on NBC and I find it amazing that Billy Bush and Jenna Bush are hosts on their shows when everyone there despi…
Not sure if that Natalie Morales for Billy Bush trade was ever really a good move NBC...
Thought: demotion for Natalie Morales and strange for Billy Bush to join after Lochte n Trump. Maybe it's way of grabbing..
Can't stand Billy Bush. Stopped watching Today Show when Billy Bush joined. Loved it when Natalie Morales was on th…
No matter what Ivanka says, we know who Donald Trump is when the cameras aren't on. Billy Bush.
Billy Bush and Ann Curry: Compare and contrast. . Melissa Harris-Perry and Goldie Taylor too, also. .
Can we talk about Billy Bush pretty much forcing Arianne Zucker to touch "his boy"? Every woman has experienced somethin…
This is what Arianne Zucker should get in the for being so lovely to Billy Bush and Donald.
The creepiest part is Billy Bush prompting Arianne Zucker to give Trump a hug; aiding and abetting in a probable sexual assau…
2nd worst part of that vid is Billy Bush asking Arianne Zucker to hug Trump. Worst is him following up with "How about a l…
Billy Bush, forcing Arianne Zucker to hug Trump, in full knowledge of what Trump had just said about her enrages me as much as…
I feel bad for Arianne Zucker: unknowingly being harrassed by those two, then Billy Bush, upping the ante, trying to bait her…
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Billy Bush urges Arianne Zucker to hug Trump after that exchange and then they exchange a creepy look. This is RAPE CULTURE
After seeing Billy Bush push Arianne Zucker to touch Trump I felt like I needed a shower. I can't imagine how she feels.…
Rumor is that Billy Bush will now go back to "Access Hollywood" however it will actually be "Access Hollywood, Florida".
Men, don't just congratulate yourself on not being Donald Trump. Be sure you're not Billy Bush.
Nancy O'Dell's departure from Access Hollywood may have come from Billy Bush's 'tantrums'
Billy Bush also under fire along with Donald Trump for lewd comments in 2005 "Access Hollywood" exchange.
The leaker? Carson Daly. The reason? Revenge for Billy Bush lording Access Hollywood over him during the "up super late with Carson" years.
Billy Bush under fire over 2005 tape in which Trump uses vulgar terms and brags about being able to grope women
Who NOT to invite to your man cave: Billy Bush, Tim Kaine, Bathhouse Barry Obama, Richard Simmons or Paul Ryan.
No idea who Billy Bush is, but he's obvs America's answer to Richard Hammond with his snivelling laughter at the jokes of his bully mate
Who knew that two of the most important interviewers in the 2016 cycle would turn out to be Billy Bush and Howard Stern?
Leslie Jones has persisted thru troll *** Billy hides immediately. has bigger "balls" than Billy Bush! ✊ ht…
My uncle works for Access Hollywood and he got Billy Bush to say mazel tov in my bar mitzvah video. Not sure how I feel about that right now
"Bill Clinton dropped his pants and said 'kiss it please'."-Paula Jones, 1991. Billy Bush
Fake Clinton shock over Billy Bush is🐮💩to hide . Hillary is clean-up crew 4 Bill's rapes. https…
Who would have ever dreamed Billy Bush's journalism ethics would embarrass our country and profession TWICE in one year…
. It's no coincidence that the Billy Bush tape was leaked the same day as the State Dept email dump a…
Billy Bush gonna get to keep his job? He cajoled Trump, then suggested the woman they objectified hug him. Should women h…
there is a silver lining in this crazy political race. Billy Bush is insufferable.
When people lose they minds over some Billy Bush talk
"I was younger, less mature..." -- Billy Bush . Dude, you were 33. I wouldn't tolerate this in a 13 year-old.
AVALANCHE: Top Republicans pile on Trump after lewd comments about women emerge - Business Insider
Flashback to when Al Roker tried to warn us that Billy Bush is trash.
Pathetic MSM pushing Billy Bush, while a gold mine of corruption just got dumped on Hillary.
Donald Trump and Billy Bush are the reason women go to the bathroom in pairs.
Maybe can use the mic from the "Billy Bush" interview at the next debate. Seems like it was working pretty well.…
While you foam at the mouth over Billy Bush nonsense released emails from John Podesta re: Foundation/Uranium…
Completely. Rape. Adultery. Assault. Abuse of power. . He advocates all of it w a smile while Billy Bush laughs along. htt…
When exactly was that conviction for rape again? Ironic that a discussion about bush will take out a Bush and a Tru…
The left is outraged over an old convo Trump had with Billy Bush but has zero outrage over Hillary threatening her husband's ra…
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Let me get this straight Billy Bush can trend. can trend. can't?. You're all a joke
When you hear Trump's remarks about groping women and Billy Bush cosigning. That ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example…
After that Billy Bush audio, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Rob Portman, and John McCain are all on suicide watch tonight.
Billy Bush is your typical weak beta male who morphs into a slime ball when he's around slime balls like Trump to try and fit i…
Remember when Billy Bush excused Ryan Lochte's Rio lie? "Boys will be boys." It's all making sense now...
If Pence drops out over this scandal do you think Billy Bush would step in? Trump-Bush
It's obvious was attempting to shield Billy Bush & not release this tape
Bush excused Lochte's bad behavior & publicly lying this year, how old is Billy now? Check w/Roker.
In light of the whole Billy Bush/Trump in 2005/Grab Them by the P controversy, here's a reminder that women can stop Trump…
Billy Bush went right along with the conman. He sat there and laughed.
"Trump’s comments to Billy Bush reflect more on society"
Billy Bush has nothing to apologize for.
When women vote, Democrats win. Vote like your life depends on it. Billy Bush Donald Trump
Bill Clinton has raped many women & Hillary intimidates the victims but the media is focused on jokes made by Trump in 2005 w…
The Billy Bush tapes won't hurt Trump with women voters, the real damage is with the beta male segment of GOP, which is huge.
Once you've read up on wikileaks it'll be very clear this Billy Bush story was created as a distraction.…
The remarks made to Billy Bush are *not* "locker room banter." No man should be "okay" with them. Gents: RT…
Billy! Bush publicly apologizes for being attracted to women, adding, "it won't happen again."
Billy Bush, on lewd talk with Donald Trump: "Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed"
Billy-William Hall Bush, born in Manhattan, NY, the son of Josephine & Jonathan Bush, older broth…
Billy Bush and Trump said politically incorrect things about some women. Hillary destroyed women whom Bill Clinton rap…
I thought EVERYONE knew Billy Bush was one of THOSE Bushes. Surprise!
Am I desensitized because I just listened to the Donald Trump/Billy Bush video and thought, "eh, that's just how dudes t…
This tape was from 11 years ago and you are calling for Billy Bush to be fired? WTH? ALL of you are guilty...Prepare to be fired! O M L!
John McCain blasts Trump: 'There are no excuses' for his 'offensive and demeaning comments' ht…
Ironic that the people making a fuss about the Billy Bush tapes are the same people who want an actual rapist & his wif…
Billy Bush should be fired from the Despicable and complicit in the Trump tape.
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