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Billy Burke

William Albert Billy Burke (born November 25, 1966) is an American actor. He is known for his role as Charlie Swan in Twilight and its sequels, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. He is also known for his role as Gary Matheson in the second season of 24. In 2011, he played Cesaire in Red Riding Hood.

David Lyons James Wolk New Moon Kiefer Sutherland

Shout out to Billy Burke for a dynamic presentation with principals on "Happiness at Work"
That's definitely gorgeous picture of Billy Burke
Best of luck to all the UCD 19s management an players tonight away in Norway, especially our own Darren Burke.
I'm in need of some great new music to listen too. When's your new CD coming out?
. Thrilled to be shortlisted for the CAP award prize Dublin, . for Best Junior Book !!!.
Website Update: Screencaps of added to 2.06 Sex, LIes and Jellyfish (aka the spider episode). https…
Looking good Todd... I was thinking about you the other day as…
my 21st birthday is next month on the 16th. Can I please get a message from you on my birthday?
I LOVED that movie. really stole the show for me!
KP, Hardaway Jr, Courtney Lee, Kanter, Macdermott, Billy, Kuz, Frank Ntilikina, Trey Burke, is enough to make the playoffs in the weak east
Watching the Voice right now but thinking about and missing !
Alexandra Burke was only 23 when she used the medium of song to become the first person to bring the idiom 'elephant in the…
It is!!! I'm catching up and I watched 6 episodes of S1 so far. Billy Burke is a great Mitch!
Beautiful! Like the added touch of the guitar.
The always handsome and very, very talented actors and
Listen Live at 12:20pm today to hear IceDogs Head Coach Billy Burke on
The leaves were rustling in the night breeze and as an owl hooted, the outline of a ghost ship appeared on the lake. http…
Result: Stefan Macina, Sinead Burke and Billy Harding winners at round 5 of the Yorkshire Points CX League.
I added a video to a playlist 12 Bluesy Larue - Billy Burke
I added a video to a playlist Pollyanna Rose by Billy Burke
I added a video to a playlist Billy Burke Music Video - Removed
Hey, I'd like to make a surprise for my sister's bday! she'd be incredib…
I'm 66 & behind in all things. LOL Just discovered Twilight Series. After books you were all perfectly cast! Thanks for fun.
I feel like watching Revolution again just to see Billy Burke kicking a$$! 😉
A lot of body contact in those scenes!
Post game with hc Billy Burke last night. Sorry for the shaking-it was freezing!!.
Happy Birthday Reece Burke have a great day he is 21 today good luck Reese. dg
What in hilly billy buck of heehaw is going on here???
I thought she was oh did I hit ya to hard. Sorry
Who else thinks that had too much fun knocking out in last night's episode of
What an episode of esp the end, can't wait for next week
Hamilton Collection
Same here lol. I will be very disappointed as it's such a good show!! 😍
Lol still chuckling. Such great acting. But pulling his hair…
Wanna know what the heck this is all about? Check out the episode on
Hee! Where are u. here in Argentina. some animals, needs u!
Watched Lights out last night pretty good movie only Billy Burke's character didn't last long
Me too! I'll throw a fit if they don't renew. Lol
We are not that far behind you then! Episode 10 is the next one we will be watching on Sa…
Another excellent episode of last night!!
I have to wait till Saturday to watch this time!! Travelling home tomorrow from a week aw…
Don't be such a Debbie Downer, Duncan. . Say that five times fast.
If you're still online. It's on now.
Funny. You all make my day. Seriously everyone litera…
Lol yes but I think we are all in agreement that we would love that to happen ;D
Ya. But Jamie saved Mitch and now they can spend time togethe…
That was insanely cool! And proves Mr. Duncan is capable of any…
Yes it was. I didn't quite hear it well so I would have to re…
I was thinking that when I heard it. I give Kristen a 5 full…
Best line in tonight's episode of Zoo goes to Jamie. "I don't need a psyche eval from a robot." XDDD…
Your back and forth between Duncan and Mitch is flawless! Really want you to stop getting hurt though.
ToadMitch I'm really hating what he's doing to right now
I thought that everyone has died and was bawling my head off then when…
Not cool with what you did with tonight's episode you had me bawl my head off!😢😠
As always, you’re a sheer delight. And I’m beyond glad to have Mitch back. (Although Mr. Duncan was growing on me.)
Never thought I would see a scene like this with these two!!
As usual. is doing a fabulous job as Mitch AND Duncan! Keep up the good work, dude!
Last year's Lights Out with Teresa Palmer, Maria Bello and my main man Billy Burke was a fantastic horror movie.
Oh ya. Bring it on for tonight suspense. Lol
These guys just got BETTER as they got older! But, look how young!!?!
Cannot wait to see what happens with Mitch/Mr Duncan and Jamie tonight!!
Pure witchcraft of from Charles to Mitch and back in a heartbeat. And my heart goes 💔
Had a fab night at last night. Got her hooked on We were up till 2am watching series 1 episodes!!
This one is very light weight. It's made by Keith urban. He made it for easy holding.
OH WOW!!! So nice!!! Mine is way to heavy for I need a lighter weight one. Beautiful
It's finally here!! I can't wait! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to pick it up again.
I know I wouldn't. He brings the humor and humanness that the show needs.
If he left the show...I doubt I'd continue to watch...
That scene was awesome. Mitch got all excited over a power drill 😂😂😂
I am really still so happy Mitch is alive because I was so afraid that was going to leave the show! So glad he did not!
I'm so glad gang is finally reunited…
LOVE Miles/Monroe, but is Billy. I do enjoy David's…
I think is a great actor and I love Zoo and the role he play…
Reece Burke looking very composed at the back. Probably the pick of the performances so far. Full XI change at half-time.…
Burke is so good. Don't loan him out again ffs
Yes, this describes it pretty accurately lol
Just spit the *** out with the bathwater. Billy Burke is a better faith healer than Benny Hymn.
God don't heal people because their good. He heals people because he is good! - billy burke
an Irish adventure 'Billy's search for the Healing Well' for 8-12 yr olds. Great reviews !!…
Did you know was the lead singer in a band in the late '80s?! 😮 Learn more about the star:
I feel a Revolution re-watch coming. I need Billy Burke x swords in my life again.
Burke talks about the return of the CBS hit show 'Zoo' and what it was like to film in a water tank. "Subscribe...
Watching for the 1st time, and I can only see as Dr. Mitch Morgan from lmfao
Just started watching Revolution love this show so much.
Update: Billy Burke is the greatest actor of our generation
Love ... when Mitch get emotional ... but not with a open head. 😦😮
You and were awesome together last night as always!
Advert from the "Village Voice" by Blondie after the departure of former drummer Billy O'Connor. The ad that Clem Burke re…
Learn how Mildred Burke and Billy Wolfe created a global women's wrestling empire in the new doc "Lady Wrestler."…
Mitch is literally my fav character 😍
He seems pretty emotional right now... but emotes like no other
I love Mitch and thought he wasn't real. I too noticed the lollipop. Whewww.
is so ridiculously funny & exciting. Perfect to escape reality at times. Thank you for this modern fairytale
Robert John Burke lost 20 pounds to play Billy Halleck in Tom Holland's '
Apparently, Billy Burke is not a squeamish person. He had worms on his arm in Revolution and spider(s) crawl on him in Zoo
Ok but I wish Lorelai and Alex had dated longer. Not because I shipped them, but I really wanted to see Billy Burke brave a Gilmore dinner.
Me too. That silly show has become so important to me. 😢
The elephant behind the plane I love elephants!
The Mauls&Mitch 2.04 & the Sloth in the Plane with MitchsAction
The electric ants/defibrillator: so unrealistic yet so cool 🐜⚡️
When Gabriela was chased by the mean horses 🐴. I'll never look at them the same
Looking forward to seeing on soon. Hope to see first pictures of the ep and with him soon :)
Watching and loving Billy Burke, is it coincidence that the lights went out in too??
When you run out of good Billy Burke movies to watch 😔.
I still have tears in my eyes when I look at them.:)
They give these warnings once a year. Don't let it worry you to much.
Don't think it would affect me either. And yeah, =(
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wouldn't affect me unless it was the big one.. Billy it would though. :(
Billy Burke is like "I love this job I don't even have to try lololol defiant pupil."
The end of times has always been a fascination. But post 9/11, pretty much everybody will admit
Hi Billy Burke, this is a good picture of yourself, have a good day as well.
just caught up series 2 ep 12 on can't believe I have 2 wait a wk 2 find out what happens
Sooo addicted to season 2 final next week and I need season 3 already!! Can't wait for it
Watching on This man is amazing. And cute too
We are so reliant on power and technology for everything.
Congratulations to Josh Lee cast as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel" at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, VA.
I love Billy Burke he's one of those actors whose always so watchable.
whew. Okay. I read it, but I had to see it lol
so help me, if Zoo just killed off Burke, I'm going to cry
Billy Burke played Phillip Stroh on The Closer. This really hurts my view of him as Agent Dean on Rizzoli & Isles.
It would be awesome if they made a prequel to Revolution starring Billy Burke & David Lyons and it shows the rise of the Monroe Republic.
David Lyons and Billy Burke - Revolution - Super series and very good actors. 😍😍❤❤
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ray Liotta is now just casually chatting with Billy Burke (psychotic, abusive dad) and it's like who can Jocelyn trust?!?! Ugh
Would prefer Jane with Agnt Dean. Love Billy Burke. But Martinez is still hotter than Casey.
Would love to see,Jennifer Beals,Lauren Graham Kyra Sedgwick and bring back Sharon Lawrence & Billy Burke!
Twilight is cheesier than I remember. Anna Kendrick is still the best part, followed closely by Billy Burke.
I take a Billy Burke day...he definitely deserves it.wonderful edit
The relationship between in is another reason folks should watch the show. On n etc
New time! Tonight 7PM Words of Life Church Miami begins a three-night Healing Crusade with Billy Burke.
Has Ken Reid been drinking that tainted Nova Scotia water again? Robin Williams & Brian Burke ?? *** LOLOL
How the NBA in OKC reunited ex-Providence point guards Billy Donovan and Doris Burke (via -
Good read on roots in NBA and OKC Thunder with Billy D, Doris Burke and JVGundy
The time Billy Burke talked about Robert Pattinson's guitar playing.
Hope y'all are having a gr8 New Year!😆
..& bb, you say you're not great guy?..hah! Fans say you are! Looking fwd to giving soon.TY,Sir ☺
😃Beast returns! ".. are stronger entering January than they ha…
Hello hope you had a great holiday and New Years. 💕🙂
😃Beast returns! ".. are stronger entering January than they have been all season"
I may have a love/hate relationship with Twilight but it showed me that looks incomplete mustacheless..
really enjoyed the first 2 episodes of Zoo on Dutch tv! Thanks!
I liked a video 2015 Zoo Season 1 Gag Reel w/Billy Burke, James Wolk and more
Spent the day watching the entire 1st season of Zoo with and have to say I loved it! Can't wait for season 2!
Would you offer a skype call for a donation?
What on earth is going on with this scene?
Great report about CD release party in June 2010 with excellent pictures, too. Time for a new one?. http…
Hope you and your family have great new year filled with love,health and happiness! xx
I hope so. I still play the first one at least twice a month. I love it♥:-)
Hopefully he has something in the works.
Billy Burke and Paul Blackthorne look so much alike omg
Revolution's concept was really cool. Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito were awesome too. I'm out of compliments.
also like James Wolk, Billy Burke and Kristen Connolly? It's a great cast! Geoff Stults shows up too!!
Burke’s Body Found: Remains of beloved Jackson resident Billy Burke were recovered this morning in Lake Powell.…
More thoughts on Zoo: Billy Burke is kind of delightful + James Wolk emits Kyle Chandler vibes and therefore I have to like him.
I like the beard, too. With it I can see him in a roll like Michael Carpenter with Billy Burke as Harry Dresden.
Laughing 5ever at the fact that Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke, who played Bella's parents in Twilight, both also played villains in 24.
Absolutely. It's a lot of fun, worth it for William Fichtner alone. Billy Burke is pretty great too.
=) This settles it.. 's Def a cat person! ;) :) ♡
Billy Burke says we no longer need to come in in the morning if we have free periods
I cried when I watched Ladder 49! Will have to watch again just to see you and Billy Burke!
Billy Burke on Rizzoli & Isles...his character is good for Jane. But NOPE apparently. Stupid TV show...
..I'm Only asking..I'm married, not blind.. ;)
“& in Ladder 49! Was it fun reuniting on revolution?” Yes. Billy’s a blast
Join our Rewatch in 30 mins..Ep 1.10..Don't need to say who I am usually focused on lol
This is from back in 2009 but when I saw this, I immediately thought of
Looking forward to seeing BB in Zoo, but golly I miss him as Miles Matheson.a wonderful chara…
..& Love is Evthing. The only meaning we have to this crazy dream. Ask BB
..yeah, I do kinda feel bad for bb's little dog ;)
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If Billy Burke and Ian Smolderhalder were in the same show, I'd be over the moon!'s been many yrs since he passed bt I Still feel there was Something I Should have/Could have done-sigh..sry, back to peace
You confuse Billy Burke, the actor..with Billie Burke the actress. the difference is in the spelling :)
I REALLY FRKN TRIED but there wasn't Anything Any1 could do to tear him away from tht bottle & it SUCKED!
I wonder if ppl really can keep other ppl alive w their love bc that didn't work w my brother-he drank himself to death..
MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY was meant to star billy burke as it was meant be a movie for her. Winifred...
some more m&m trivia for the return of The Billy Burke Show. Rooting for you Bill, bring the show back, you like adventure? How's filming n 1 of England's Haunted Castles sound?Thn you occ shape-shift into a Wolf& Time-travel
;)admit it,how many of you were wasted whn u did this? Lol
omfg..I Hate typos! So, let me try this again using correct grammar for who is..grr! Lol
Sweet ♡ TY! Hope u see BB soon bc y'know wo things like this we barely see him at all :( can we jst enjoy this silly pic of Any day? ;)
..or th server got washed out n Tx :( God Bless Tx&Ca
-oh,Maybe BB's site's down bc he's all out of Love ;)
U weren't afraid 2b goofballs 4 this,so twt w us
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Still love these guys. I have had a thing for bad boys all my life.
Even though they prefer David Lyons over Billy Burke, follow them... They are still pretty cool 😛😛😂😎
I think Bill won, should be the Billy Burke show
who is in it. (Scott Bakula in NCIS NOLA, Billy Burke in Zoo)
6th best of the Sarasota Film Festival. Congrats to all involved w/ specially Billy Burke&Steve Prince
No Sexier Two Halves of a Bromance than Billy Burke and David Lyons Rocks! We ❤ You!
Thinking back on "All Creatures Great & Small" & have no desire to see 's arm in cow or any large animal really.
Look who showed up @ the show last nite, it's our buddy Billy Burke!. I was really glad 2 C him!
I love Billy Burke but he cannot run a school to save himself
Between the vine and the music we are very excited for Sunday 9-5!!! Billy Burke
Website update: Screen caps added to Ep 1.14
started to give Revolution & I love it but I have not received sufficient only 2 seasons.Do u participate in other series?. hiBg
Such a bad man Just watched the season finale here in the UK! Cannot wait for to catch you!
you can hear them in person SUNDAY march 15! thanks to Billy Burke and Montecito Music and Media
Millions of & Fans miss the Awesome fight scenes of htt…
domain names
Come out to the Billy Grant fields this Sat @ 1:00 for the Pink Out Baseball Game! Hope to see you there! 🎀
Watching Red Riding Hood. is so awesome. I love him!
ran into and his daughter at work today. he was a super nice guy. I'm still sad revolution ended too ***
Billy Burke was the bad guy in Red Riding hood.
Oh, I think that's the girl from Revolution, with Billy Burke!
If you like Led Zeppelin, your going to enjoy this. via
And this goes for everybody involved so pls let them know, too :) when NBC canceled our show, we just started our own weekly rewatches :). Really
In case you guys see this..yep we are a stubborn bunch :). Networks can't tell us what to
Kiefer Sutherland and Billy Burke with a tactical operator from SWAT4HIRE in this scene from 24.
Kiefer Sutherland and SWAT4HIRE OPERATORS as CTU - with Billy Burke (on left) on location filming 24.
Kathryn Kuhlman had anointing for people to be healed. Billy Burke, Pittsburgh ministers for her organization,he was healed…
Billy Burke is so cute. just saying lol Revolution rewatch on I miss him & the whole cast.
“I need to see billy currington and zac brown band!!” Going to both 😏
Please sign my petition for a constitutional amend. that secures unencumbered access to ...
such a sweet dad - LOVE his character.. Love his whitty comical one liners.. Hah love it! 👍💕😊
Thanks so much for the kind words! Really appreciate it. Happy you're liking the show!
Ikr!They need to or Renew it,Ridiculous!
hm Ok..we'll Can't be better thn tho' bc Nothing EVER Will be. Ev 1 agrees on tht ;)
Attending or covering premiers this Sunday!
Please could you wish my wife a happy birthday tomorrow.
{Open Roles} {Family} | Charlie Swan | FC: Billy Burke | me if you're interested in the role.
Weird, I thought Josh Brolin was in Twilight, but I guess that was Billy Burke. I thought they were the same guy. hah
Idk if this was a dream or not. In episode 15 season 2 of Billy Burke's name in the credits is Billy Gurke.
I'm going to resume my listening ritual of the danny duncan show in shock. My luck definitely isn't the billy burke kind in this moment. :P
has some of the best lines. And his delivery is hilariously perfect.
danny duncan player for the billy Burke show
I FF three of them already. Will get the other 3.
I actually WhooHoo'd out loud when you got the trivia question Billy! The Billy Burke Show 😉
Watching Gilmore Girls (again) & Billy Burke has finally arrived! Alex has Charlie's love of fishing and Cesaire's floppy hair. Happy times.
..That's the Why of it..nothing mysterious..just Respect & I Believe in ..that is all :-)
..And he has Big Heart & enjoys helping others: So Should be a Billionaire!
..And is such Brilliant Actor w This many credits: .
Seriously, a guy who looks like this sounds this good: And..
He'd wouldn't even have to say a word! Those eyes. I'm done! Swoon. :-) women fall 's feet I mean.. but don't get me wrong..That's a good thing :-) Happy for him! :-)
A new website has been launched for new movie
Congrats on winning back your rightful place of being the host of The Billy Burke Show.
I don't tend to watch sitcoms, but I'd watch that one!.
Drunk Miles is just hilarious. plays that so well. Especially, "Are you a spy?"
“By all rights, he should be as dead as Billy here.”
hi I'm running the London marathon after sadly loosing our granddad to cancer would u kindly sponser me
Now I'm starting New Moon and lets be real people, Billy Burke is the best actor in the series.
Shooting hoops vs Doris Burke / yes she whipped me / She was a dynamite PG at Providence during Billy Donovan era
Wouldn't it be a GREAT ADVENTURE to help Love Save the World? plz listen "DREAMERS": Adam Exler Goodley:
that moment when you see Danny's friend Billy Burke on Say Yes to the Dress
:) 2013 Billy Burke Tracy Spiridakos How well do they know each other: :)
GHOST BROTHERS tour: Billy Burke (from TWILIGHT), Gina Gershon, Carlene Carter, more. Good acting and singing troupe.
Great to see you in "Major Crimes!" Dead body and all!! You could have passed for Billy Burke's brother..
I love Billy Burke too he's the reason I started watching the show to begin with... But yes I love me some David Lyons 😘 lol
I must be honest but I think Billy Burke or Jensen Ackles or Jason Clarke would be better choices for Deadshot
David Lyons and Billy Burke: 1600 Penn & 'Revolution' God I miss seeing things like this. Bring it back whoever can.
Days after 9/11, Joey wore an FDNY Capt. Billy Burke shirt - one of the NYC firefighters who died. h…
1st off-its Fri-long w/e I hope-2nd-David Lyons.Billy Burke..c'mon use that imagination-it's all good :)
Everyone stop fighting about Billy Burke & David Lyons. M.C. Gainey is better
Billy Burke and David Lyons together again would be an Honor to any Network!…
Guys I find somehow attractive: David Cook, Justin Chatwin,that one guy I saw on Lipstick Jungle, Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Burke (wait what).
Feast of Love Trailer - Directed by Robert Benton and starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Billy Burke, Toby Hemingway, Fred Ward. A meditation on love and...
“When we I would love to see Play the guitar and sing
I watched the first few episodes of Revolution...I kind of dig it. Billy Burke is doing a good job.
Billy are you in any new shows i can watch?
Twilight star does this guy look like? Is he one of the wolves or possibly posing as Billy Burke? This dude looks like he is a million years old to be in the Twilight movies. Didn't your mom tell you never to get in the car with any man who tells you he was in Twilight? Christ on a crutch, boys and girls of all ages should know that no freaking vampire or werewolf would try to lure you into a car! They would hunt you down by foot and try to convince you that you didn't know them. They would never claim they were in a movie! Use logic! If someone tries to lure you somewhere they are clearly human.
I miss you on ! Do you know you have upset fans trying to ??
..not sure why? Is it to get 's guitar scene released?
If U help 2 ratings will go up 4 this Dream Team! htt…
This was hands down my fave show! The entire cast was incredible. Much love!
Nor do words exist sufficient to express gratitude to you for creating such a compelling character. Thank u.
I've never hated the cancellation of a series more
Congratulations to Billy Burke who was named the Chief of Organizational Effectiveness at last night's board meeting!
Big Happy Birthday for yesterday Billy. Look forward to seeing you light up Burke Road in your old mans Merc
Your words have the power to release life or death into people. What you say can rearrange someone's life! Pastor Billy Burke
BB is too talented to stay idle too long! Hope he gets the recognition he deserves!!
Great ex of how 1 pic can say so much :) ♥ re 's expression
I'll be on the lookout for her as well. Did I also see Billy Burke in the description?
Do you think anyone listened to me to keep Revolution!!! I commented, commented, and commented so more. Don't take my Revolution away!! But, I don't see anything about it, and I see Billy Burke on another show! Augh! :( Boo hoo Boo hoo Boo hoo! I know it's not the most important part of life, but.(
yes they do. 😂😂 you're the one and only Billy Burke.
hi) I have a very difficult exam tomorrow. Could you wish me good luck, please? It means a lot!
Israel gets inside your gadgets: Samuel Burke took a trip through Israel's tech scene where the government is ...
"I'll be reppin' the crew MILESKEN BEN SANA COK ASIK OLUYOM.
YA heartthrobs: Let's hear it for the dads: By Katie Atkinson. Katie Atkinson: Sam Trammell/Billy Burke trump ...
Millions of die hard fans are fighting for you all,check this
Oh, yes! I don't think anyone else could portray Miles Matheson as well or with as much finesse as he does.
Happy Cheers to our favorite duo Miles & Monroe!Gotta love them! htt…
Won't surprise anybody, but I would love for to get nominated. His portrayal of Miles Matheson was perfect.
Happy Hope you enjoy these pics of w gang http…
I'm hoping gets a reprieve. I luv the show the premise the actors R the best>>
We fans have gratitude for the acting & storytelling. Just wish I culd get outta my head, Lol.
You are Amazing but You probably already…
I'm gonna miss seeing Billy Burke and David Lyons face every Wednesday! So sad it had to get cancelled! :(
May 15 Today is Thursday, May 15, 2014. This is the 135th day of the year, with 230 days remaining in 2014. Fact of the Day: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Today is the anniversary of the birth of Lyman Frank Baum, who was born in 1856. Lyman grew up to become a newspaperman and the author of one of the most famous children’s stories in recent history. Lyman Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Baum wrote a series of Oz books, but this was the most famous. He also adapted the story into a musical play. It then became the basis for the 1939 MGM musical, The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Frank Morgan, and Billy Burke among others. The film, a classic, was nominated for six Academy Awards but won only two (Best Song: Over the Rainbow and Best Score). Events 1602 - Cape Cod was discovered by English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold. 1756 - The Seven Years War, a global conflict known in America as the French and Indian War, officially began when Englan ...
Can I offer a suggestion for a great guest(s)? The cast of esp David Lyons, Billy Burke or Stephen Collins
Tracy Spiridakos, JD Pardo, Mat Vairo and Billy Burke on the set of 2x18 Austin City Limits.
*End of topic* Right here's the answers to tonight's topic.. 1. Kate Winslet (She was in the ever so famous, 'Titanic') 2. Matt Leblanc (He's also known as Joey Tribbiani in the TV series 'Friends') 3. Kristen Bell (She was in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' & 'Couples Retreat') 4. Tom Felton (He was Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter') 5. Nico Mirallegro (One of my man crushes out of the TV series 'My Mad Fat Diary' Also used to be in 'Hollyoaks') 6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (He was in both '10 Things I Hate About You' & '500 Days Of Summer') 7. Billy Burke (He was in both 'Twilight' & the TV series 'Revoloution') 8. Michelle Rodriguez (She was in the film 'Fast & Furious') 9. Stephanie Davis (She's currently staring in the soap 'Hollyoaks') 10. Hilary Swank (She was in one of my favourite movies 'Ps. I love you') How many did you guess correctly?
I dont want to seem naive or insensitive. I will fully admit that I do not follow the gods of hollywood. Especially when they produce crap tv and movies. For instance I stopped watching Revolution after the 1st season, when they made it a soap opera and not even the talents of Billy Burke could save it for me. Anyway was watching tv and saw a commercial for a new action movie coming out, staring Paul Walker and its like didnt he die in a car crash last year or was that a preview trailer for this movie? Someone set me straight, as I'm very confused about this.
The boys from Revolution are chilling at cedar street, Billy Burke etc
Hey U need 2 call your buddy today 2 tell him that fans are on a WALNUT mission! h…
Nanite Squirrels for May the force be with you ;)
Someone who RT's this will win a t-shirt!!! Billy on the Street starts in 30 mins!! To find Fuse: http:…
I am still watching Revolution for one reason and one reason only and this reason is
Watch this. MT Billy Burke, David Lyons on collaboration w/
Billy Burke and David Lyons answer fan questions about collaboration with the
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