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Billy Bragg

Stephen William Billy Bragg (born 20 December 1957) is an English alternative rock musician and left-wing activist.

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following billy Bragg. Just when you thought linekar couldn't get more of a legend...
not sure what point your trying to make here - Corbyn should answer to Billy Bragg?
We all know about Billy Bragg's, but I just heard another song about the A13, by Jah Wobble. Even Route 66 only got the one.
Billy Bragg, you really do have absolutely no idea at all, do you!. Bet none of your friends voted
Mum just casually reveals that she's seen Billy Bragg live.
Billy Bragg reveals he's been mistakenly boycotting Skype for the past six years because he thought it was something to do with Sky.
I'll take Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Jimmy Cliff, Steve Earle, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, and Billie Holiday over you any day.
Billy Bragg v Richard Thompson is like the Sensitive Boys’ Maiden v Priest
Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key by Billy Bragg & Wilco from the album Mermaid Avenue
When you try to influence your students by making them listen to and analyze the lyrics of Billy Bragg.
Someone wrote saying that they had meant to buy tickets for Billy Bragg instead and would he…
Part 1 of my fightback - celebs to tell MSM they are being mean to me Celebs like Diane Abbott, Billy Bragg and half of UB40
I added a video to a playlist The Red Flag - Billy Bragg
You wait until they all tell you they've never heard of Billy Bragg...
Billy Bragg again. Raise the scarlet standard high!.
.. Billy Bragg lives in Dorset, the whitest county in England.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
the likes of billy Bragg wants to get out of London! 38%of Labour voters want end to fom, the majority of the count…
But we know Bronnie's secret plan too: as exposed by Billy Bragg in march of the covert bat…
tired of film remakes of remakes remakes once again Billy Bragg remade a civil war tune not original entertainers r nothing but pied pipers
Exclusive: Scottish nationalism and British nationalism aren’t the same | Billy Bragg
More thoughts on this Billy Bragg show: I thought it was amazing at the time. Video proves I was right.
Disappointing to see Billy Bragg use the UKIP trick of pretending everyone who voted a certain way all did so for t…
And there's an enormously hard to spot Billy Bragg reference in there too FYI
I've had songs written during the Falklands war, and during the first...
hey . you're on the wrong side of the revolution when you're being trolled by Billy Bragg.
codkelpme is now listening to Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards by Billy Bragg
Starting to really rate Billy Bragg. When did i turn into my dad?
1) Young Billy Bragg is stupid handsome. 2) Pound for £, this song has the most of my favorite lines
Dylan/Gord Downie and actually Billy Bragg at the moment
Singer-songwriter recorded his latest album on a marathon 2,728-mile rail journey
I'm listening to California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco on
He's performed on stages around the world with the likes of Jack Johnson, Billy Bragg & G-Love, is described as...
Listen to 29 all new holiday recordings from Train, Us The Duo, Trampled by Turtles, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry + more! https…
Enjoy performances from Bonnie Raitt, Billy Bragg, and more during the Americana Music Festival on Austin City Limi…
On way back from Billy Bragg & Joe Henry. Great old railroad songs, and a few other belters. Cracking night at Nott…
Waiting for Billy Bragg and Joe Henry with and Wendy
Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Paul McCartney, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Billy Bragg and more on or here
Another good listen is Billy Bragg singing Woodie Guthrie's 'All You Fascists'
New favourite: Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad by Billy Bragg
Second one just brilliant when they get there Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Tiny Desk Concert
'I saw one today and in his hand/Was a weapon that was made in Birmingham' (Billy Bragg)
Billy Bragg, Turin Brakes and more to play for Cooking Vinyl's 30th anniversary
"Let's have Christ our president. Let us have him for our king. Cast your vote for the carpenter. That they call the Nazarene". -Billy Bragg-
What is it that unites, on the left of British politics, George Orwell, Billy Bragg, Gordon
awesome Bluesfest line up for 2017? Patti Smith, Jethro Tull, Billy Bragg, Buddy Guy
Bluesfest line-up to feature Patti Smith, the Lumineers, Billy Bragg
Patti Smith, Billy Bragg and The Lumineers among massive first announcement.
Patti Smith, Zac Brown Band, Billy Bragg and more feature on first 2017 line-up
Billy Bragg secretly working for Owen Smith at Corbyn phone bank according to MSM
Billy Bragg: the Times twisted my words by claiming I don't back Jeremy Corbyn
Billy Bragg remains loyal to the original *idea* of Jeremy Corbyn. He's just worried that the actual Jeremy Corbyn isn't qu…
Billy Bragg says he's been 'stitched up' by Murdoch owned Times claiming he's ditched Jeremy Corbyn via
Billy Bragg denies ditching Jeremy Corbyn and says he was “stitched up” by the Times.
3 back to back events yesterday. Chris Packham, Alexei Sayle & Billy Bragg. Brilliant. And plenty more to come
I remember Billy Bragg when he could sing - I'm that old
followed by a rendition of the Internationale by Billy Bragg and a haiku about bloody revolution from Lindsey German.
of Shakespeare, Billy Bragg, Ken Loach, Cornwall, Wallace & Gromit... We will miss you in EU.
'Get stuck in' – Billy Bragg rallies Glastonbury in Brexit aftermath
Exeter Express and Echo published Big guns line-up as Billy Bragg and Ukip chairman sign up for...: What happ...
I'm at the Labour Vote Remain event in Birmingham. Speakers to include Jeremy Corbyn, Billy Bragg and Owen Jones.
Stetson Kennedy . now more than EVER. Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Billy Bragg. I done spent my last three...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
only five words needed to respond to that, really: Charlotte Church and Billy Bragg.
I did meet Billy Bragg and Phil Jupitus at the 2006 FA Cup Final but I was only 9 and it was in Cardiff
Last lot Bad Manners, SLF and one of Billy Bragg picking up strumming tips from Wilko Johnson :)
"Now a man can spend a lot of time. Wondering what was on Jack Ruby's mind. And time is all I have without you here". - Billy Bragg
Does know. Billy Bragg coming to Cedar. Cultural Center 10/17? . Guaranteed I’m only republican who knows him & that venue.
I'm only surprised that Billy Bragg is surprised. Blairites only interested in advancing…
Last RT,Can't help but think of Billy Bragg
evening fella, glad ya enjoying the music. lots of side to this wonderful genre, Billy bragg hey, who'd have thought it.
there is a trap door at the BBC that says 'BILLY BRAGG GIG' that they all go through
Some rock lyrics are poetry—lots of Dylan; poets-come-lately like Leonard Cohen obviously. But the majority are not
Listening to billy Bragg in tescos trying not to cry. I've reached peak Britain
Now that is getting political with the Ukraine win, next year the UK should enter Billy Bragg
Help Save the Youth of America by Billy Bragg with lyrics
Pity didn't listen to Billy Bragg a bit more in his political education.
We read our own political content into The Clash, and they accepted it.
"There's no one else out there who understands/start your own revolution and cut out the middle man" - Billy Bragg
me listening to a downtempo Billy Bragg song: this new James Blake album tho 💦
iTunes shuffle has brought me Billy Bragg doing the Internationalale. I think we had found next year's entry.
she'll come back as soon as she's ready. she's a bad penny. Bad Penny [] by Billy Bragg ♫
And then I, I see you smile. And I'm flying again. You Make Me Brave by Billy Bragg ♫
remember there, JK, the great Billy Bragg once sang "it's time to put on my stinking clothes, and get out there and stink!"
Can't wait for the Billy Bragg version of this. 🇺🇦
Ukraine basically sang a political song so maybe we should get Billy Bragg in for next year.
The world isn't ready for Billy Bragg meets euro pop, Dave!
The rapper MF Doom is arguably the most talented manipulator of the English language working today, in any medium
If this wins then next year we should enter Billy Bragg doing a song about the Tolpuddle Martyrs
Pop critics fall into the trap of trying to bring status to the genre by bathing it in the glow of an older medium
It's a little known fact that 97% of northerners sing along to Billy Bragg songs in a cockney accent
Great interview w brilliant about returning to & his Chalkwell memories. https:/…
Knock Knock. Whos there! Billy Bragg! Billy Bragg who? Billy Braggs too much tell him to stop it! yep
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"Reading the lyrics of someone whose music you love (as I do much of Bragg’s) affords particular pleasures"
"The brain-singing of printed lyrics is a unique thrill."
Billy Bragg and Wilco go together like custard and cream . Ah let's use to hash tag - any suggestions ?
I'm getting weighed down with all this information. Safe sex doesn't mean no sex, it just means use your imagination. - Billy Bragg, Sexuality
"Stubbs features in Billy Bragg's 1986 song about a woman whose FourTops LP brings her comfort thru difficult times"
Gaz Brookfield announced to support Billy Bragg on Wed 6th July. Tickets on sale now .
haven't heard Redemption since you played the Shelter gig in Dec 14 with Billy Bragg... Ahh, go on!
Yes. Billy Bragg once did a cover of Deee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart", so out with him!
Billy Bragg though. Will someone please buy me his entire discography?. (
Two tickets available for Billy Bragg at Yarmouth Hippodrome on Friday 27 May, as now unable to go. Good seats - face value £50.
Why Billy Bragg was beaten to death by James Franco
everybody loves a good Billy Bragg reference
FFS there Nathan was, about to make his own Billy Bragg funny, but Wickham gets there first. Nob.
♬ Billy Bragg - Waiting for the Great Leap Forward (Live on The Henry Rollins Show) ♬
Feeling a bit low after 5 months unemployment. Maby Billy Bragg, Eliza and Martib Carthy can cheer me up...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Pandora plays two Billy Bragg songs on this playlist, "Blood of the Lamb" and "When the Roses Bloom Again". I cannot tell them apart.
Well, its just an interesting observation. Why, I wonder: They're all enlightened politically, Big Country, Billy Bragg, U2, etc..
Another inspiring song about trade unionism from Billy Bragg
As Billy Bragg says, the Junior Doctors are this generations miners.
Billy Bragg-Sexuality.Everything you need to know and Johnny Marr makes it swing.
That taught me one lesson which is that you're naive to believe that bands ...
I wonder how poor Billy Bragg feels now after he did all that 'opposites can be pals' media promo with Boris Johnson - obviously they can't.
I just used Shazam to discover Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key by Billy Bragg & Wilco.
I added a video to a playlist Billy Bragg - Rotting On Remand (Peel Sessions)
How Billy Bragg crocheted a vest for vintage sneakers
Billy Bragg wrote some great lyrics even when he was only 5 years old, either that or he's a bit "Special Needs".
Ideology by Billy Bragg on's Scrobbler for iOS.
H\T + Billy Bragg . Political correctness is destroying common sense in America. Common decency is under attack...
Meet Harry. He's a final year drama student in the 90s who's obsessed with Billy Bragg. He's getting headshots done htt…
Umm I was with you when you were at Billy Bragg then you lost me totally. Enjoy
Breast Cancer Awareness
Since you've gone my only friends are billy bragg and the jam, though my time with you has got me feeling oh so k.d lang.
Singing along at home with to Billy Bragg's rendition of Jerusalem: Happy St George's Day.
John McDonnell, Billy Bragg and Shappi Khorsandi in FREE event in Bournemouth on Tuesday!. https…
Billy Bragg can write the National Anthem. Fiver to get in. Bosh, we'll be loaded.
Love the sound of early Billy Bragg records.
Hi , how about the milkman of human kindness by Billy Bragg?
Billy Bragg says Boris has 'finally stepped over the mark'. Finally. Lol.
Unlimited funds for that stuff! Not so much on the schools and hospitals. All documented in Billy Bragg's "Great Leap Forward".
Stephen Poliakoff then Billy Bragg and now Get In The Sea by as my 'on the pot' reading material.
"I just want to show the world, I am better than the New England" Kirsty MacColl / Billy Bragg.
Billy Bragg to appear at Hay Festival Site, Hay-on-Wye in June: Thu 2nd Jun: Hay Festival Site, Hay-on-Wye.
Billy Bragg meets Seth Lakeman wd done son top top British folk tune
Billy Bragg and Carol Ann Duffy announced for Festival via
NEWS: Billy Bragg and Carol Ann Duffy announced for Curious Arts Festival - Hampshire Chronicle
also:. -Never Quite Free by The Mountain Goats, although maybe that's more of an escape song?. -St Swithins day by Billy Bragg
Update your maps at Navteq
I bet Billy Bragg was feelin pretty good today until he heard about Annette Funicello.
turns out my Joanna Newsom impression has absolutely nothing on my Billy Bragg impression.
The first three chords of Levi Stubbs' Tears by Billy Bragg are the same as If You Tolerate This... by Manic Street Preachers.
you've obviously never heard 'Billy Bragg having a bit of a moment' by Levi Stubbs then Richard ?..
Surely I'm right in thinking that there are few better songs ever written than 'Levi Stubbs' Tears' by Billy Bragg?
Billy Bragg- Levi Stubbs' Tears. . "When the world falls apart some things stay in place."
"With the money from her accident. She bought herself a mobile home" Levi Stubbs' Tears by Billy Bragg
Spent tonight drinking Tia Maria and watching old favs on YouTube, Marillion, Tom Robinson, Billy Bragg. Got a bit emotional, better times.
Billy Bragg to headline Village Green festival in Southend
Billy Bragg at Village Green this year, I'm in!
What exclusive song will Billy Bragg sing at Village Green ?? Call
Village Green coming up NOW on Billy Bragg headliner
Billy Bragg is playing Village Green this year
TUNE IN now Village Green Announcements on 9-12am with Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg playing Village Green again this year. Last year He was there was 2009.
Village Green 2016: Line-up annnounced: STEREO MCs, Billy Bragg, Sharon Rose, Dream Themes and the Turbans are...
Billy Bragg, Stereo MCs, Sharon Rose, Dream Themes and the Turbans to headline Village Green 2016 in Chalkwell Park
It's another day of packing my life into brown boxes. Today accompanied by Billy Bragg.
Most of the people that I went to school with - I went to secondary school ...
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Accident Waiting to Happen by Billy Bragg
written in 2006 by Billy Bragg and still relevant 10 years later.
Watch "Billy Bragg - Sexuality @ Readings, St Kilda (20th Oct 2012)" by Did you say bollocvks as Que Billy ?
California Stars is such a good song. Wilco & Billy Bragg.
Three days after its debut, first ad earns more than 20 million TV impressions:
The phrase "We'll live together or we'll die alone" is a line written by English punk rocker Billy Bragg.
let no one build walls to divide us, walls of hatred nor walls of stone. - Billy Bragg
Today we're eating delicious pies AND listening to Billy Bragg.
Protest music, you think of Billy Bragg... or Stromzy? Grime is defining the sound of political unrest in 2016
Box sets: which ones would you recommend? Outside of Pet Sounds sessions and the Billy Bragg ones, I don't think I really know box sets.
I'm going to at Camden Town in London, United Kingdom - Jun 4
Between the Wars by Billy Bragg makes me cry English tears but Eton Rifles works too 👍🏻👏🏻
Just heard play this, forgot how beautiful & affecting it was Billy Bragg - Tanks park salute via
Billy Bragg in BL Humanities 2 at the moment. Wonder if he'd wanted the 9 Spanish Civil War books I've got out...
oh my - holding back tears whilst eating my tomato & basil soup hearing Billy Bragg singing tank park salute on the wireless 😢
2nd wave of acts for Camden Rocks inc Carl Barat, Billy Bragg, Glen Matlock .
Billy Bragg thinks he's a UK. 'Woody Guthrie' except the *** lives in a big house with very cushy life,never done a days graft
ha ha 4hr drive there. Few Red Stripes, Billy Bragg, The Big Dish (?) Lloyd and a 4 hr drive home. . *** were we thinking?
If you have a moment checkout Ingrid Bergman tribute on The Immortal Jukebox
I love the song "California Stars" from the Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Avenue record so, so, so much.
You can tell a lot about a person if you know they're favorite Bill's... Mine are Billy Bragg, Billy Joel, Billy the kid... And Billy Mays
Billy Bragg covering Smokey Robinson surely it can't get much better
Following on from yesterday ( Alan Johnson, Gorillas by C section & Billy Bragg) Bristol has moved on to UFOs
Listen to She Came Along to Me by Billy Bragg & Wilco on
Listen to When the Roses Bloom Again by Billy Bragg & Wilco on
Billy Bragg & Wilco-"California Stars" from "Mermaid Avenue". One of my favorites from this collaboration.
Update your maps at Navteq
every chance - even the likes of Billy Bragg are changing their minds on England
enjoyed my first listen a lot, will buy ASAP. Reminds me of SplitEnz and Billy Bragg. Great job mate
me Davis article has got to be one of the more banal articles on the topic. You & Billy Bragg confound it.
Or Alan Cummings, Brian Cox, Billy Bragg, and on and on.
New England by Kirsty McColl, top tune! Billy Bragg versions is good too 😊
Billy Bragg in conversation this arvo Melbourne Festival Club appearance this arvo...
Boris Johnson & Billy Bragg are best mates. As are George Galloway & Peter Hitchin.
I added a video to a playlist The Saturday Boy - Billy Bragg - Covered by Jonathan Coulton
All You Fascists by Woodie Guthrie (better known for "This Land is Your Land") performed by Billy Bragg via
First slide of this Whitman lecture and there's the cover of the Wilco/Billy Bragg doing Woodie Guthrie album on screen :/
that's it! I remember Billy Bragg likening it to a shopping centre...saw Jerry Lee Lewis there!
Billy Bragg to receive Trailblazer Award at UK Americana Awards -
In other news, Stewart & Gaskin's version of Billy Bragg's "Levi Stubbs Tears" is also ace.
Kloot, Billy Bragg, Craig Charles, Teleman, Field Music, Lau, Martin & Eliza Carthy plus more to be announced...
Hope so, it was great, free concerts paid for by the London Rate payer like me. Clash, Billy Bragg, Lloyd Cole, Communards...
35 years, 31 albums and still going strong, Billy Bragg charmed Perth's Concert Hall
Eclectic, moralistic and charming; Billy Bragg had the Perth Concert Hall entertained:
A performance to remember from Billy Bragg in Perth, read our review here:
He's still got it; Billy Bragg put on a great performance in Perth
Ben Gibbard has covered the Magnetic Fields & Billy Bragg so far and we're only three songs in.
Stetson Kennedy by Billy Bragg & Wilco; Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2. War on War by Wilco; Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
Mind you what a brilliant gig! Blockheads, Wilko Johnson, Billy Bragg, Wreckless Eric and Phill Jupitus
The Bilash by The Civic Hall. Have seen everyone from Billy Bragg to Judas Priest in there :)
Love hearing Billy Bragg's St Swithin's Day on - a real goosebumps song (though could be that I am just fricking freezing)
Long shot: anyone have any spare tickets for Billy Bragg at Union Chapel?
A midweek session with Allen Toussaint, Lord Huron, live Jason Isbell, Billy Bragg and more. ♫
Watching Douglas Carswell & Billy Bragg make pottery is awesome.
Billy Bragg, on the passing of Margaret Thatcher, in Studio Q
1 ticket to Billy Bragg at Union Chapel - London, 24 Nov, fv £28.25. Buy with protection:
English is the global lingua franca because millions of people are desperate to understand the pontifications of Billy Bragg and the Blokes.
I remember Billy Bragg from when he worked in a City merchant bank. Fact.
Pro mass immigration Billy Bragg wants to know why wages are low! Supply and demand you numpty. Stupid is as stupid does
Stewart Lee update: In an alternative universe right now, Stewart Lee is on fire and driving a Rolls-Royce straight at Billy Bragg. 😊
Watch Bullingdon Club (supported by Tom Robinson, Billy Bragg and on Stewart Lee's website) http:…
3 people I was most excited to meet in my life: 1) Desmond Tutu 2) Luther Blissett 3) Billy Bragg. How sad is that? Who's your top 3?
Ian McLagan...the man who made two great bands greater..Billy Bragg: the privilege of playing with Ian McLagan ✌🏻️❤️
Starting the "buzz" about Stetson Kennedy's 100th birthday in October 2016 with Billy Bragg and Wilco along with Arlo Guthrie.
After a great gig on Saturday just lined up Nils Lofgren at the Queens Hall and Billy Bragg in Perth over the next 6 weeks
Billy Bragg - this is Poverty, aye the World is ill Divided: Karan Casey - The Jute-Mill Song via
Billy Bragg is doing a gig in MCR tonight ahead of the THE TORIES!
Sun will be shining; Billy Bragg will be playing. Will you be marching? Join us in Manchester tomorrow
it was ace! Did you see the pic of Fiona & Billy Bragg. HIL-AR-IOUS. Me & Billy having a old mans chat, Fiona in LOVE with BB!
Bob Mould is a super fave of my brother-in-law who's a morning dj in Chicago. Me? Other ❤️ is Billy Bragg.
"Well...are Richard Stilgoe and Billy Bragg still available to do a pastiche of Armstrong and Miller's airmen?"
Wakes up. Rubs eyes. Realises may have to listen to flatunent bores Billy Bragg and Owen Jones all day. Back to bed...
Website Builder 728x90
Billy Bragg sings The Red Flag after Corbyn’s refugee rally speech - video
How does Stuart Pearce leave Billy Bragg out of the West Ham team. Hammers win hands down with him on the left.
So glad our kid can grow up listening to Billy Bragg every few years. I had Paul Kelly. Both great men.
Been listening to Ghosts & Graffiti by Really good album featuring Billy Bragg, Waterboys, King Creosote
Brian Eno to speak about modern culture Sept 27 as he gives annual John Peel Lecture. Follows Iggy Pop, Billy Bragg. http:/…
Yep, Steve Harley was excellent. The Dhol Foundation too. Missed the night Billy Bragg was on though.
Billy Bragg wants Labour to back Corbyn? Last time I saw Bragg give such a resounding endorsement was for Clegg in 2010.
Billy Bragg on the news, on Compassion, sense and knowledge amidst a load of noise.
This thing is perfect for Billy Bragg
doubling down on my go-betweens claim. THIS is the best Billy Bragg song
Queued an hour and a half with libby_ayres to see the end of Billy Bragg's set last night and it was…
Jesus. This song is bloody brilliant. . The world turned upside down - Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg on Labour/Austerity with reference to momentum in Scotland with pro-Indy movement
Life's a Riot with Spy vs. Spy by Billy Bragg is simple and beautifully executed.
Billy Bragg tells why he's backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader:
Ah Billy Bragg the eternal voice of sanity and public opinion.
I really enjoyed it, and was close to tears several times, which is usually a good sign, also reminded me of a Billy Bragg track
Billy Bragg backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader via
well worth listening to Billy Bragg here.
Billy Bragg questioned on Channel 4 re Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign. via
So would I, but I haven't got a cassette player. By the way, you're supporting Billy Bragg - Workers Playtime on the A side.
Billy Bragg right - these r most exciting times in recent Lab history. !
I campaigned for Lab in 2010 to stop the BNP taking over Barking & Dagenham Bill…
Billy Bragg once worked for an Investment Bank.
Billy Bragg backs the beard of and claims that Ed Miliband was 'never left'
For me, watching Julia Zemiro and Billy Bragg would be not unlike spending the evening with Brad Pettit and Ben Elton. [shudder]😱
This week it's Billy Bragg on Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery if you missed it catch it on
Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery Series 3 Ep 8 Billy Bragg: Billy Bragg - known as the Bard of Barking - is one of...
'Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery' is such a wonderful show. I had forgotten how much I love Billy Bragg.
It's been a great sick bed night in front of loving Billy Bragg busking with Julia Zemiro
Music: Billy Bragg and Seth Lakeman at Tolpuddle Martyrs festival: BILLY Bragg, The Beat and Seth Lakeman will...
Billy Bragg, The Beat and Seth Lakeman all head to Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival
Back in the olden days Phil Jupitus would play St Swithuns Day by Billy Bragg on Radio 6 on 15th July. Mainly as I always requested it.
Really like Bill Morris – Hinterland not overtly political but in the vein of Billy Bragg & the Eastern. Recommended.
Stewart Lee tonight and Billy Bragg tomorrow. By Monday I will have overthrown the government
Last day at Glastonbury with Dalai Lama, Ken Livingstone, Charlotte Church, Billy Bragg and Shami Chakrabarti
Bullingdon Club - "this song deserves more coverage, more power to ya!" - Billy Bragg - … (video link).
You know that Billy Bragg song, "I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night?" Tonight I'll dream Trump is president and Corbyn is prime minister.
Also heard some odd music transitions: Billy Bragg to Toni Basil, and the Ramones to Falco...
Billy Bragg followed by Toni Basil. Odd radio pairing.
Wonder if she'd say that to a male singer? Woody Guthrie, Chuck D, Billy Bragg, etc.
What if Billie Joe Armstrong was an XVX solo acoustic act? What if Billy Bragg was from Italy? Then you would...
do Wilco classify? Maybe start with the collaboration with Billy Bragg from Woodie Guthrie lost lyrics...
Praised by Steve Buscemi, Billy Bragg. "Pete Seeger vs. The Un-Americans: A Tale of the Blacklist"
Jeremy Clarkson, Billy Bragg, Jennifer Aniston, Tiger Woods & Robbie Williams all have labradoodles it goes to show just how fab we are!
I saw Lorraine Brown support Billy Bragg at Manchester Academy 20 odd years ago. She was brill then too. Glad she got through
Billy Bragg - "This song deserves a wider audience, more power to you" 'Bullingdon Club' = http:/…
and then I turn in into a tattoo. I have one of Jens Lekman, and Billy Bragg is next. I was so hoping to get that from you.
She's at The Black Swan (I've no idea where that is) but imagine a young, female Billy Bragg...
So now has muted me! Franky Boyle, Billy Bragg and Mike Harding have and all blocked me! Don't you just love xxx
- Waiting For The Great Leap Forward! Our Dan does love some Billy Bragg!
.I blame my entire 20s on the fact that I was listening to Billy Bragg instead of Al Green.
whoops there goes another pint of beer - greetings to the new brunette - Billy Bragg
The Lyrics to this Woody Guthrie song really get to me. As sung by Billy Bragg.
Billy Bragg, Kirsty McColl and the Band; it's like always knows what I need to hear. :-)
Billy Bragg performs "The Milkman of Human Kindness" on Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984. From the Life's a Riot album.
Well, you've got Billy Bragg churning stuff out still, & Frank Turner too, will rack brains for more tomorrow... (c:
Ew Jen. I'm judging you. Mind you my sister fancied Jarry Adams, Paul Heaton, and Billy Bragg. At diff stages.
Billy Bragg could do with reading that .the soft left happy for religion to write the narrative .
The Smiths, Lou Reed and Billy Bragg on Chris Evans. Great way to wake up.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
when phony liberals like singer Billy Bragg tell Evans what job he can & cannot do society is pretty well fu…
Warming up for New Year's Eve by listening to The Jam and Billy Bragg. Now for the Small Faces followed by a bit of Dobie Gray.
Taylor Swift 'sold soul to Google', says Billy Bragg
"If you're in trouble, or hurt or need - go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help - the only ones." -John Steinbeck Today's Labor History: Dec 20: Delegates to the AFL convention in Salt Lake City endorse a constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote. -1899 The first group of 15 Filipino plantation workers recruited by the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association arrive in Hawaii. By 1932 more than 100,000 Filipinos will be working in the fields. -1906 Emma Goldman meets American author, political activist, IWW member, Helen Keller during this month at a benefit ball for The Masses publication. -1917 Birth of British working class songster and activist Billy Bragg. -1957 American social activist writer John Steinbeck dies, New York City. Wrote Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, script writer for the film, "Zapata!" -1968 The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) takes effect today. -1970 Thousands of workers began what was to be a 2-day strike of the New York City transit system o ...
need to get you into the back catalogue of Billy Bragg old son. Up there with Weller and Strummer/Jones as one of the best.
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