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Billy Blanks

Billy Wayne Blanks (born September 1, 1955) is an American fitness guru, martial artist, actor, and the inventor of the Tae Bo exercise program.

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I love me a good training montage. Especially when it's Billy Blanks and Bolo Yeung
Happy to hear about deal with Billy Blanks, Jr.I saw the original deal. Dreams can come true. Marc Cuban.
I had a dream that Billy Blanks won the Nobel Peace Prize. :-/
Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn from some of the most talented Martial Arts Instructors in the US Today. Come and take part in the "2014 Tang Soo Do Boot Camp" which is Open to "ALL Styles," Featuring KJN Robert Kovaleski (9th Dan), KJN Cynthia Rothrock (7th Dan), KJN Billy Blanks (8th Dan Tkd, 7th Dan Tsd), KJN Eric Kovaleski (7th Dan)and KJN Dan Segarra (7th Dan). Don't miss it! Call the Headquarters at 570.307.5425 to register your school, students or yourself today. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving all!!!
So I was graciously given the number 8. This was harder than I thought. I guess I'm an open book sharer... Gotta work on my inner hermit status 1. I had the opportunity to dine with Billy Blanks at one of the training camps. He invited my whole fam to his house, but we had to scoot to Utah that evening and could attend :( 2. I'm always dancing in my car. Always. Dance with the kids, trying to look all cool. Epically a failing by the looks on their face... Funny it was cool 3 yrs ago... 3. I'm not the social butterfly people think I am. Behind shades and a TSMMA shirt yeah, but in 'civi' clothes I'm awkwardly social. AWKWARD. 4. I use to have a belly piercing. Well. 3 times. High school took it out. 20 yrs if age took it out. Then in Hawaii to bling it out at the beach. Took it out. I'm pretty bipolar that way I guess 5. My biggest fear. DENTIST. Big big big baby. Like find me some drugs or knock me out cause I'm NOT going through that door baby. 6. For 1 mth I couldn't lift my right leg more than 2 in ...
I heard something about the possibility of there being a kind of B-Team Expendables-type movie in the works with Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Michael Dudikoff, Cynthia Rothrock, Gary Daniels, Michael Jai White, Billy Blanks, Jeff Speakman, Mark Decascos and more, me being an action movie junkie and loving a lot of theese guys movies, I think it sounds awesome, if you know anything about any of these people are and also think this sounds pretty cool, comment and let me know what you think.
lmao. RTโ€œBilly blanks was a dead beat fatherโ€
the update segment is airing tomorrow! Info here:
Can't wait to see the update on the Billy Blanks Jr. deal just did on ;-)
welcome aboard. Here is information on tomorrow's episode:
showing that side of you w/ Billy Blanks Jr.. Sometimes ppl need to hear it in another light to get it!
good news, they're airing the update segment for Billy Blanks Jr tomorrow:
Billy Blanks Jr. who is the son of Billy Blanks who sold more millions of work out videos then anyone else, came...
Omg Billy Blanks Jr. You are so lucky that Damon gave you a second chance!
Billy blanks was a dead beat father
wow Daymond went after Billy Blanks Jr. - love that! Never do any deal u don't understand & now he does -
Watching Shark Tank... crazy watching Billy Blanks Jr. hem and haw. Hard seeing folks with opportunity miss the boat.
Billy Blanks Sr is such a seemingly Dark Monkey horrible dad. Let his son Jr. go HOMELESS while hes married to CrackaTrash!
just saw the deal you did with Billy Blanks Jr. That was a very classy thing to do. I hope it worked out for everybody.
That's the spirit. Tomorrow is Kevin O'Leary's episode, he chose the one featuring
Billy Blanks Jr. asks the sharks to invest in a dance fitness program on 8pm
How Billy Blanks let his son be homeless with his family good grief son
Here is a preview of tomorrow's episode, Kevin O'Leary's choice:
really wants Billy Blanks Jr's Dance with me!!
Thanks for reminding me that Billy Blanks exists. Also, per the Wikipedia page, found out that Tae Bo is an acronym.
one more episode tomorrow night that is Kevin O'Leary's choice. It features Details:
Was wondering why ppl kept mentioning FUBU & Billy Blanks. Shark Tank is back. I was so confused.
I wonder what Billy Blanks Sr. was thinking watching you be more of a father to his son that he has.
It is Kevin O'Leary's favorite episode tomorrow night, he chose the one featuring
nice Billy Blanks segment. How's it doing?
Yo billy blanks you ever hit that reggie? .
entrepreneurs live for moments like this. What you did for Billy Blanks, Jr. is amazing! Thank you!
he looks exactly like billy blanks but lighter and wears color contacts. Lol
Just saw SharkTank repeat of Billy Blanks Jr. So proud of what you did for them. Made me cry! You have the human touch
This why is one of my favorites from . I can't wait for the update on the Billy Blanks Jr. story.
Watching Shark Tank (rerun I assume) -what Daymond John did for Billy Blanks was just awesome to see
Wow, what just happened on Shark Tank got me verklempt. So happy that Daymond insisted on helping Billy Blanks Jr.
I am watching Shark Tank, Billy Blanks Jr is on. He and his wife are really nice people.
so, so glad you went after Billy Blanks Jr. Great show.
that was amazing what you did for Billy Blanks Jr.
Billy Blanks Jr. is about to go bust on Shark Tank.
Billy Blanks Jr was too stupid to understand that deal and for that reason I couldn't do business with him
The Billy Blanks Jr. dialogue was outstanding. Had me all choked up. Awesome!
You really did a good thing by making sure Billy Blanks Jr understood
OMG .is amazing...taking the extra time to reapproach Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife and make sure they understood...
Just got a million lifetime fans in his support of Billy Blanks Jr. That was GOD! Need more people out there like ya!
Just saw Billy Blanks Jr on Sharktank. Is he the black
I can't believe I just teared up at I will buy whatever Billy Blanks Jr. is selling.
I love you, man!! Incredible job with Billy Blanks, Jr.
- Billy Blanks Jr mentioned his dad Billy Blanks wouldnt invest in his dream when he was homeless-- Now Billy Jr's got a brand
You're a class act. Tearing up over your investment in Billy Blanks Jr. :)
This Billy Blanks Jr. pitch on just made me cry
Things taught me tonight. Billy Blanks is a terrible father
Ohhh I'm so glad Billy Blanks Jr made that deal!
This was your best deal! I just purchased all of Billy Blanks Jr's Dance With Me DVDs!
Watching can't believe Billy Blanks Jr wouldn't take the deal!
Billy Blanks, Jr. needs to do the Zumba deal!
Billy Blanks Jr. could give Shaun T a run for his money on the dance workouts. He's just a tad corny. Cute and tall, though.
Billy Blanks son looks like a robot ๐Ÿ‘พ
Billy Blanks Jr is quite remedial...
Billy Blanks Jr. is on the show tonight... a workout business plan!
Billy Blanks Jr doesn't get the concept of distribution
I think Billy Blanks Jr. used to smoke that crack rock
Billy Blanks Jr. looks like he's about to tear up at this offer. These sharks are ruthless.
Billy blanks taught fighting his son teaches dancing the fruit fell far from the tree.
Thinking Billy Blanks Jr on needs to work on relationship w his dad as # 1 supporter. Form partnership w similar business brands
One of you sharks help out young Billy Blanks nah??
Give Billy Blanks Jr the money you guys damittt!!!
Okay, i've done Billy Blanks Jr.'s workout & it is fun. C'mon, somebody Shark Tank him.
Wow billy blanks son creator of taeboe is on this Show Shark Tank trying to make a new exercise video
Billy Blanks didn't give his son any money, even when he was homeless?!
Oh man, awkward Billy Blanks family drama on
Hold up...Billy Blanks Jr. is on Shark Tank? This is gonna be interesting.
If Aaron Hernandez would've remembered what Billy Blanks did in 'The Last Boy Scout' (minus the suicide), G-men would've lost SB XLVI
Directed by Robert Radler. With Billy Blanks, Kenn Scott, Christine Taylor, John Asher. Ken has just moved from Kansas with his mother. He talks to a girl named Julie, not knowing that her boyfriend Tom is very possessive of her. Tom is learning karate from Lee, a sensei whose brother was killed byโ€ฆ
You are awesome Daymond John! Enjoyed watching you help Billy Blanks, Jr. tonight.
We've got a lot of talent involved in the Krav Maga Alliance! Meet one of our Training Team instructors, Tony Morrison. Tony Morrison started his martial arts training at the age of six years old. He was introduced to the art of Shotokan Karate by his uncle who was practicing Karate in a local martial arts studio. That introduction would be the spark that ignited the flames that would forever change Tony's life. Tony enjoyed the rigorous and sometime brutal training he recieved at the famed Tong Dojo in Brooklyn New York. The late Sensei George Cofield was Tony's first martial arts instructor. Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, Karate gave Tony the confidence and the values that kept him focused on success. After several years of training Tony started to compete on the National Karate circuit and became one of the top fighting and forms competitors in the country. It was on the National Karate Circuit where Tony met Billy Blanks the number one fighter in the country at that time, and who late ...
I ran into a friend the other other day who I haven't seen in several months and I noticed she had lost a considerable amount of weight, so I asked her how she lost it ( I love success stories) and she told me she had been going to a Boot camp work out. I told her I had been considering looking into that to change up my work out and she told me "You will HATE all 45 minutes of it and you will puke your guts out every workout".with that in mind I don't believe I can commit to that kind of workout. However, hats off to my friends who are doing boot camp and having great success. I want my workout to distress me not stress me out. I have managed to loose around 20 pounds doing PT 24/7 with Billy Blanks, believe I will be sticking with him along with a mixture of new cardio I am trying :)
Bolo was๏ปฟ in a direct to video Sci-Fi film with Billy Blanks called TC 2000 in which he plays a good guy for a change and does win many really good fights. You can find it on YouTube, albeit dubbed into French/
If your in LA go visit my favorite trainer and long time mentor Billy Blanks!! He is such an inspirational treat in person!!!
*** Billy Blanks put a charge into that one. That is a large human.
Hey you have to let your body heal. No worries. I take days off too. I'm not exactly Billy Blanks.
Billy Blanks gonna have us sleeping good tonight
Better than Billy Blanks. PR and marketing done right.
Billy Blanks is not pleased with you
Nothing like starting off the day with Taebo! Billy Blanks you rock!
lmao on me Marcus think I'm billy blanks
My reps just got real. Billy Blanks is my God father
I'm trynna be like Billy Blanks except for double the money and half the black.
JaRule came out lookin like Billy Blanks.
i lost 12 lbs Ordering Up the Baloney's Billy Blanks new workout; all you need is a toilet, handrails & 45 minutes
"Sorry billy blanks, but why buy the tape when you can get the infomercial for free"
I LOVE Tae Bo. I've never done a class but I've done billy blanks videos from YouTube
Billy Blanks said when he comes home there will be no swine in the house!! LMBO ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Kick Game like billy blanks an you *** lookin outta shape"
Ok Billy Blanks I'm ready for more punishment, I hope I will survive this :O
Billy and Sharon Blanks talking at Whirlpool! Dance it Out is their new work out experience
This black guy I danced with last night had a really nice body but kind of a turtle head like a young Billy blanks
Just interviewed Billy and Sharon Blanks...I kind of feel guilty now over the cold pizza I had for breakfast
We have Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks in the house getting ready to dance it out!
Up and ready for a Billy Blanks workout
Couldn't sleep, thought I'd kick some tail with my boy Billy Blanks
that's what Billy Blanks was doin before he got introduced to Taebo
Cuz you look Billy Blanks in yo avi โ€œHow y'all gonna tell me I'm not light skinned!!!..โ€
I need to learn tabo so I can billy blanks a mf
for 4.95 wit yo blockbuster card you can see me and Billy Blanks in Thailand doing Tae Bo with some bow ties
My mom is serious about working out. I guess ill get my billy blanks training on for a few.
Reggie Jackson on OKC look like Billy Blanks lol
.. just wait and see what they do when Billy Blanks gets to Iberia ..
185lbs thrusters, Billy Blanks, and my search for someone that does Seal Fit, but isn't an ***
Just another Friday in LA ... That looks dangerous ! I was categorizing people here on paper Tony Horton , Bob Harper , Jillean Michaels , Richard Simmons , Billy Blanks ! Yes i saw a police Tony ... I also talked to Ayazz in pakistan he is a police man and he came typing me not pakistan police me Ayazz
My Niece's Nanny Part 1 The door bell rang and Hari Prakash rushed to open the door only to find a Beautiful Girl Standing before him and having a bubbly smile on her face.. HP: Jee Kahiya??? (Yes ) Girl: Namaste... Main Naany...!!! (Hello.. I am Nanny) HP: Nani?? Par Naniji toh ghar par nahi hai... (Nani?? But Naniji is not at home) Girl (Getting confused): Naniji?? Arre nahi.. Hum Nanny hain. ( Naniji?? Ohh No... I meant I am Nanny) (She said pointing at herself) HP: Aap Naani?? ( You are Nani??)ย  (He asked seeing her from top to bottom).. Aap toh bilkul Naani nahi lagti.. ( You dont look like Nani) Girl smiled and then continued asking... Little did she knew that the Servant HP was still thinking her to be someone's Naani and not Nanny... He hardly knew what Nanny meant.. Girl: Uhh!! Arnavji ghar par hai??ย  (Is Arnavji at home?) HP: Haan Haan.. Aaiyee.. (Yes.. Please come..) Saying that HP took her inside and she smiled and walked with him. She scanned the house slowly... Never ever she had ever seen ...
Just watched the opening of THE LAST BOY SCOUT. Billy Blanks looks amazingly like a young Perd Hapley.
Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks...wea did they go?
Who remembers Charles Bronson, Don the Dragon Wilson, Billy Blanks, Chuck Norris. They were great. Then movies like Delta Force, Short Circuit, Wild Geese, then phrases like "I'll be back" in terminator and "remember the last time I told u I'd let you go? I lied!!!" In commando. Come on hit me with your greatest memories
you are turning into the female Billy Blanks. I need your boot camp!
I'm on a boat! Creole Queen Paddle Boat that is... Along with the Bella twins, Billy Blanks and Omar Benson, Eric Dickerson and some professional strongmen... :)
Ok on a break between workouts I have done Dance Party 3, Zumba, Fitness 3 and now doing Billy Blanks ! It feels so awesome and know this ARMY WIFE is going to look like a barbie doll in 5 months when the hubby gets home from Afghan ! I love you Srgnt Shawn Micheal Edwards your wife loves you !
I love getting a sense of how diverse we are on this page. Here's a question: Billy Blanks' Taebo became popular in the late 80s. Did you get introduced to fitness pre taebo or after? Me? Definitely before! I remember Richard Simmons!
That's it! I'm getting sick of the reminders that are pulling me back. I'm gonna hand myself over to two men right now. God can hang on to my worries, and Billy Blanks can help kick my *** into shape (through my boot Camp DVD that is). I need release from all this stress and failure and regret. The time for change IS NOW!
I forgot how Billy Blanks can kick your butt!!! I haven't went to the gym since Monday because Zion's nose has been running and I was getting desperate so I found a Tae Bo Full Throttle dvd I bought 5 years ago. It combines weights and it kicked my behind today, yes!
I'll be the white Billy Blanks and Tae Bo your *** apart. But alas, that is an impossibility, so join up with cross-fit.
Anew Manifestation Billy Blanks Booting out Babbittry Dvd in the wind buydvdmart: .Sim
I watch billy blanks tapes so run that
I love Billy Blanks! I've been Tae Bo for years. This Insanity thing is getting crazy though, up to the MAX workouts. Hurts!!
Has anyone EVER! tried to watch staring Billy Blanks? I didn't think so...
Wow, Billy Blanks... I loved Tae Bo... My first EVER home workout video.
TURBO Tae Bo MONDAY - JOIN IN!!! Tae Bo, a combination of martial arts and boxing with some dance moves mixed in, is one of the most popular exercise methods ever devised. Develop by martial artist Billy Blanks in 1976, Tae Bo promises to tone the body while giving a good cardiovascular workout. It is designed to burn fat, help with losing weight and teach some self-defense techniques. Blanks has sold more than 85 million Tae Bo instructional videos since the first one was released in 1998. Building and Toning Blanks says Tae Bo will work on the upper body (arms, chest, shoulders), lower body (thighs, buns) and the core muscles (abs, spinal erectors, obliques). One of the goals of Tae Bo was to increase functional strength, which Blanks described as the type of strength used on a daily basis. Cardiovascular Workout One of Tae Bo's biggest selling points is its cardiovascular workout, which Blanks said was a result of the dance moves added to the already high-energy workout. The benefit of a good cardiovas ...
she was charging that to produce it for someone. I'll bet Billy Blanks doesn't spend that much for his TaeBo videos. Lol
Billy Blanks Body&Mind just kicked my *** back into gear with 25 min of cardio.
YESS! I love billy blanks it works so good.too
I say that ALL. the. time! That's why Taebo was so huge for so long. Billy Blanks had avg looking people in his ads.
100,000 dollars for a workout video?! Billy Blanks and everybody else must gon be in that workout video!
100k budget for a workout video is crazy! LOL Bet $10 Billy Blanks videos were less.
I don't think 10% is that bad. I mean it aint like Phaedra is about to be Denise Austin or Billy Blanks tho
I think 17 mins of exercise is good enough for someone starting off.! Billy Blanks tried to kill me.!
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I have both rhythm and athletic ability but damnit they're not at the stripper level! I couldn't do billy blanks in clear heels
Working out with the weight billy blanks Jenny Craig
Was that Billy Blanks on the sideline?
Haven't done TaeBo in a long time. Billy Blanks doesn't mess around...
One Billy Blanks Tae Bo vid and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. But like a good kind of bus.
Now all of a sudden brat billy blanks
Not like that Billy firing blanks Wellbeck.
Billy Blanks is like "Are you ready - its so awesome screaming in my lounge Let's go And 123 ...
I liked a video from 12 am workout Billy Blanks Boot Camp
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ "Billy Blanks of Hip Hop" can't wait for the Real Husbands of Hollywood nelly_mo
Since when is Billy Blanks a member of the Packers coaching staff?
Watching the SF vs. GB game and only have one question... "Was that Billy Blanks?"
Need to get that Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce! It's good but it will make your breath kick like Billy Blanks!
Shannon Sharpe.Billy Blanks.Who looks more like the "Jack Links" Sasquatch?
I felt like I was on a Tae Bo workout DVD, Billy Blanks be kicking ***
I love exercising with Billy Blanks lol
Tabius is on this Billy Blanks mission
45 minutes of Billy Blanks intense boot-camp with a cooldown of WII Michael Jackson Experience "The Girl Is Mines" in the books. Sweating profusely from this Great Workout on a COLD.Saturday night. Hitting da SHOWERS!
I've had people ask me what work~out programs I like and have tried so I decided I should do a "SHOUT~OUT" for workout programs. For me I have done The Firm, Tae~Bo with Billy Blanks, Slim in 6, TurboFire, Insanity (half the program before hand surgery), The Butt Bible and more recently JNL Fusion. I have also done my own thing which involves Running, Dancing and Weights Lifting. Be watching for my Work~OUT Series shout out pic coming soon :)
Just did Tae Bo!! Billy Blanks can get me to sweat for my own good :)
until last night thought I was alone in world for having unconscious entirely dominated by Billy Blanks, Bolo Yeung, & Robot Jox.
If you worked out with Billy Blanks...well, how high did you have to kick!
Just finishing a great interview with Jet Magazine ! Thanks for the call. Love, Billy Blanks Jr's Dance With Me.
Nope, he just blanks me :c He was my only friend there D; Leaving like 3rd Jan anyway cause contract blows up then :c
Every day above ground is a blessed day*billy blanks
Tough loss last night. Probably due to a mother-in-law in the stands! But we will push on. Time for protein shakes, P90X and some Billy Blanks to gear us up for next week!
It's bout 26 MFers on the dance floor sweatin it out! Billy Blanks style !
Billy Blanks is the grim reaper to fat girls!
Im eating all steaks till im Billy Blanks.
Call me Wooh Billy Blanks i'm on hydro
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Billy Blanks proves that black don't crack.not that type of blk lol
Billy Blanks proves that black don't crack.
True or false? If you are alone in your home and have an intruder that you have not seen yet, but heard them enter the home. You grab the phone and your firearm. The best position is to take a defensive measure behind a closed door, call the police and wait for the intruder to come through the door?
I think i might do some billy blanks tonight ..I been wayyy to lazy today lol
brick on that Billy Blanks, self body weight workout plan so I aint worried bout him.
that's looks cool! But Billy Blanks is the man lol I find myself talking to the screen when watching the DVD lol
Just completed day 1 of Billy Blanks AB workout ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
She threw Mo and Ap the Billy Blanks "double time" neck
I'm supposed to be doing Billy Blanks AB workout but instead I been sitting here for the past hour just laying on my back smh.
Where's Billy Blanks when overweight America needs him?
Don't try hit me with the bae let's go work out ...then transform into billy blanks
I wake up to loud music and I go downstairs to see my mama working out to Billy Blanks OMG its tooo funny
Billy Blanks Bootcamp workout still kickass after all the years.
Tae Bo Cardio Billy Blanks 1 52 new dance routine for Newcastle count it work it stretch it
I added a video to a playlist Billy Blanks' Ab-Bootcamp part 1_4
Omfg Billy Blanks always makes me sweat.
did Billy Blanks start doing drugs yet?
If I was shootin blanks ill fake a nut jus to save face
Billy Blanks is the devil...I need help up off this couch!!! Smdh
Billy Blanks is by far the most encouraging person ever
ALRIGHT YA"LL IMA NEED YOU to end your day with Dance! Billy Blanks Jr's Dance With Me w/TOR 715pm
"Remember your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror because where you're going is more important than where you've been" -Billy Blanks Jr.
Man being I'm Cali again is productive so far ya boy in da gym n eating right again...gettin my billy blanks on...hiiiya!
Measured myself waist is 38 inches so 14 inches off was 52 when I started and my bust is 42 was 52 also when I started 10 inches off I'm happy with that I am determined to be in a size 12 the smallest I have ever been by the middle of january 2013 I got this and will do it.
Toughy but Because you are shaped like a Mexican in a Richard Simmons or Billy Blanks Body Suit! Yo *** is f
What is your favorite type of music to work out to? Any specific songs? It's always interesting to see the different types of tunes people jam when they are working out.
It is COLD out there today! What are you doing to stay warm?! Sarah is on her third cup of hot chocolate here in the office, and Julie has been wearing her coat all day! Brrr!
Have filled in some more of the prospect blanks @ The next BILLY VOLEK included.
Billy blanks I forgot what a tough cookie you are
Fitness Inspiration: Like the great Tae Bo Master Billy Blanks says (lol)... you will only get out of a workout, what you put IN to it.
Thought I'd make you laugh by letting you know I slept in again so I'll be kicking it with billy blanks. No pun intended.
I have lost 21.6lbs during the Mamavation Graduate Campaign! My partner The Exposed Mom rocked this campaign. We couldn't have done it without the support of the Mamavation Sistahood. Thank you to our sponsors New Balance, Omron Fitness, and Billy Blanks.
New class schedules!!! Sunday's @ 2:00 pm & Tuesday and Thursday's @ 6:30 pm. We are using Billy Blanks' workouts! Low impact with big results modifying movements to your level of physical abilities! Come shed some pounds and become a healthier you!
I am getting in the xmas spirit, lets turn on some xmas music and see what happens. See you for some Billy Blanks Jr's Dance With Me at the Maui Family YMCA at 5:30 pm
burned 471 calories doing 30 mutes of "Billy Blanks this is Taebo"
Be a conqueror... find your power and use it to better yourself and to help others.
Tae Bo is a total body fitness system that incorporates Martial Arts techniques such as kicks and punches, which became quite popular in the 1990s. It was developed by taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks[1] and was one of the first "cardio-boxing" programs to enjoy commercial success.[citation neede...
Post your completed Weekend Workout (if you did not already) by commenting below for a chance to win a Heart Rate Monitor or a FuelBelt! Great work winning the weekend!
With the cold weather coming in and the holidays drawing near It maybe time to switch up the old routine:-) Just like produce, picking activities that are in season helps to give you a better palette for exercise. Choose indoor activities like yoga, indoor cycling or an at home program that will prevent you from getting bummed that you can't run outside because of the weather. The more perfect a workout is for the season, the better suited it will be for you. I switched my December workouts to Brazil Butt Lift, what will you be doing this month?
Fabian Olando, Billy Odhiambo and Oscar Ayodi make their maiden IRB Sevens World Series tournament appearances at the Nelson Mandela Bay Sevens
Old Duke Families There will be rolling power outages all night long until Fort Wainwright can repair the boilers. So though you may have power now I would plan as if you will lost it multiple times through out the night. Pls plan accordingly if you have any issues pls feel free to contact your chain of command. All our Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants will have their phones close by. CPT Billy D Blue III D Co Commander
"Maginnes On Tap" with your host John Maginnes is live on SXM PGA TOUR Radio from 5-7 EST. Scheduled to join John today is recent Q-School grad Billy Horschel & PGA TOUR Pro Kris Blanks.
Digging out an old friend Billy Blanks Tae-Bo, lets get it!
What's the safest way to extract a cell phone from a butthole? I'm asking for a friend.
Billy Blanks Jr. Dance With Me is Coming To COLORADO Yea We are going to rock in Colorado! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Happy Hump Day Fit N Tanners!!! Join Jen this evening for Body Sculpt at 615pm--we would like to start adding some classes after the first of the year--can any of you make some suggestions on what kind of classes you are interested in and at what times?? Thank you and hope to see you later!!!
Ok Total Woman! What do you get when you mix Japanese Dance, Ballet Booty, Hip Hop and Latin? An awesome Billy Blanks Jr's Dance With Me class! Be there! 8:30pm Glendale and 8:00pm Wed. night Studio City
Did my new Tae Bo: Cardio Explosion DVD today. Felt the burn...and LOVED it. Thanks for the motivation, Billy Blanks!
channeling my inner Billy Blanks for class tonight :)
I have lost 44lbs during the Mamavationon graduate campaign. My partner Aries Mommy and I are rocking it this campaign together! A great big thanks to our sponsors Omron Fitness, New Balance and Billy Blanks
Fishing counts as exercise. Yes or no?
Billy Blanks Ultimate Boot Camp. Work it , work it, work it! Intense.
I can't believe it's already December :) What's on your Christmas list this year?
Have you heard about all the people rushing out to buy Hostess products? Don't fill your children's tummies or yours with those highly processed foods I've been telling you to steer clear of for years. Read those labels, buy fresh and you won't need to look for Hostess or any other junk food that's not doing your children's bodies or yours very much all.
Someone special is getting a Yummy KIT KAT CAKE for his birthday tomorrow...some other fine people are going to be enjoying some sensational squares, cookies and candy from a couple goody trays on Wed.this girl is working hard at making the treats for your sweet tooth...I am also working hard at NOT sampling EVERYTHING!!! I am off to grab some water and work out with Billy Blanks...:)
20% of the proceeds from todays 4-HOUR Workout go to HARPERS HELPING HANDS! Are you coming? Today is also Elijah Blanks teaching debut!
What is your favorite motivational workout saying??? From anywhere... a workout DVD, a trainer or even yourself! :) Mine would have to be "DIG DEEPER" -Shaun T (from the Insanity workouts)
Jillian Michaels or Billy Blanks... who will have the honor today?
This morning I contemplated sewing my bed sheets into clothes so that I may remain asleep in every possible way, but my conscience, who happens to be Billy Blanks, force fed me some steel cut oats with blueberries and strongly suggested I go for a long run. A very different outcome ensued: 4hrs of studying, 4hrs of research, 1hr Salvation Army volunteering, attended a screening of "This is 40", met Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, and ended the darkest chapter in my life, thus far, by seeing the final Twilight for free! I can't even sew, but you get the point...
Interesting here Deepak I am sitting here with this USA weekend papet here with Alec Baldwin Holding a plug in his hand and sharpen your Brain with puzzles the front of this paper... Michael Beckwith here just posted... I was just talking here with Anu a physical therapist in India and do you know on my screen here he posted in India and a physical therapist I use to work with posted right with him ... Must be a connection here why they posted together.. Billy Blanks here is typing me to get to the gym here ... I was thinking about this ... Power of the Brain is right ... God Bless ...
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The daughter of Billy Blanks opens her first gym offering, of course, classes in Tae Bo.
I collect workout videos...I actually do them...ok, maybe not 60 days straight but I do enjoy them...I have Zumba, Billy Blanks boot camp, Slim in 6, Leslie Sansone Walk Fit, Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred, Taebo Insane Abs, Crunch Cardio Salsa, Crunchless Abs, Core Rhythms, 10 minute trainer, and I just ordered Brazil Butt Lift...I really should be much hotter! ;) it's okay to do some things because you like to do them, just like you'd get a pedi...not everything has to be a grueling race to a lower dress size. Do what you can to stay active and give your body good fuel sources as often as possible, then give yourself a's okay to enjoy life from where you are today!
remember Billy Blanks? went to his class at 24 hour fitness today... it was surprisingly fun =)
I lost an amazing 9lbs since the unofficial start of the Mamavation Grad Campaign! Now I am slowly gaining healthy pregnancy weight. Big thanks for sponsor support from Billy Blanks, Omron Fitness (pedometer), and New Balance shoes. Big hugs to Alysa Bajenaru (InspiredRD) for the nutrition advice and help.
Speaking of which, I highly reccomend the feature film "Back in Action" starring Rowdy Roddy Piper and Taebo master Billy Blanks
I have lost a that pesky pound I gained, plus one more of 5to be below my starting weight as Mamavation Mom Graduate Couldn't of done it without Billy Blanks, Omron Fitness, New Balance & of course my partner in all of thisRachel Habegger I am looking forward to rocking out this week!
Last week was a bumpy one for me, but since the unofficial start of the Mamavation Grad campaign I have lost 9 lbs. I am teamed up with Angela Rolfes Bishop and we are the "A-Team". Big thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible: New Balance, Billy Blanks and Omron Fitness.
There's still time to register for the convention tomorrow. WPIX 11 Health & Fitness Expo, Jacob Javitz Center, NY. 3 classes with Billy Blanks and so many more!! Online reg-$10!! Come on!!
Today, after a couple months of P90X and Tae Bo, I threw a little Richard Simmons "Dance Your Pants Off" into my workout routine. I hate to break it to Tony Horton and Billy Blanks, but Richard uses a lot of the same moves they use. and I was sweatin' to the eighties!
I'm going to do Tae-Bo tonight. Even though its cheesy as *** I refuse to talk to my television just because Billy Blanks tells me to.
with me with Billy Blanks Jr. At 24 hour fitness in Sherman Oaks!!! Ahhh can't wait!!!
Start your Monday off with some Dance With Me love with Sharon Catherine Blanks, Billy Blanks Jr. and the Billy...
My aerobics teacher is the white female version of a combination between Shaun T and billy blanks.
Billy Blanks, please be kind to me. I know it's been a while. (Yes, I love Billy Blanks. I don't even care.)
Four days to the Marathon.. Billy Blanks is my friend :-) BREAK IT DOWN..cmon!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I am like Billy Dean Howard in real life. We fill in the blanks. With the lotto I can only get 4 out of 6 except for 911. Yup
wits rats are trained by ex taibo champion billy blanks! Those things are BUCK
home working out this moring with Billy Blanks Taebo express go hard r stay home its a must buy ladies
Tae Bo is my wand.Every time I wonder about it.It is always running.Thanks Billy Blanks!
Dear Billy blanks, Please make a punk-version of Tae-Bo. Sincerely, The one passed out on the floor in a pool of sweat.
Im Bored guess I'll get in this Billy Blanks Amped. ๐ŸŽถI'ma Be Boom like an 808 Be makin circles like a figure 8๐ŸŽถ... BOL! Watcha Know!
um... Billy Blanks after having chinese take out. maybe not the best choice.
Screen shot, favorited n RT'd. No excuses. N I will be in Jax on the 10th. So don't play. I'm working with Billy Blanks now on my uppercut.
Did a little bit of taebo tonight I feel accomplished .. billy blanks worked my *** off for 45 min
Post-Parent`s Night dinner. Tomorrow, preschool, bill paying and work. Cheese pizza and fries. Billy Blanks is gonna need to see me at least 3x this week, lol.
I'm scared to go attend this Billy Blanks workout.
Your *** gona be billy blanks fit โ€œJus ran 600 stairs and 100 jumps at my apts then ...
Had fun in gym today i was doing that billy blanks video i was sweating like *** but it was fun
My words carry the same power as Billy Blanks
just finishing up a project then going to sweat with Tae Bo...pray fuh meh cuz Billy Blanks ain't no! How are u?
I knowww. But I enjoy level 1 more. Yes, I alternate buat yoga, JM, and some Tae Bo by Billy Blanks. Need variety lah..
Jilly & I had the insanity of doing Billy Blank's boot camp last night. I's feelins all them squats, lunges, & push-ups today. Man!
I wanna workout but the little fat girl inside me keeps saying "lets sit on the couch and eat that pan of brownies".ugh determination! lets go billy blanks!
Billy Blanks is killing me I can't breathe!
I just survived a 20 min workout with Billy Blanks!!! Oh MY WORD! Longer than I thought I could, lol. I am still standing, YAY ,ME!!! Hve a good day everyone, SMILE
"No, Billy Blanks is the Tai Bo man." is a sentence I just said.
I think Billy Blanks Jr a fraggle too.. but he married (not that that means he don't be playing butt darts)
lots of cardio. running (started off slow) and Billy blanks Tae Bo. I swear by it. Also, I use myfitnesspal.
Shaun T and Billy Blanks will be making another appearance at EMPOWER!
Love Billy Blanks PT24/7 workouts. Thumbs up to this one :-)
Sitting on the couch watching a Billy Blanks cardio DVD hoping he'll motivate me to at least wash my car.
Billy Blanks is THE MAN mad respect&admiration for THE MAN!!
Just left the gym with Billy Blanks( ) and Caleb I'm so tired and hungry
"Queen you was screaming like a white girl" lol ... i really was thou ima sound like ?Billy Blanks in the morning lmao
Just got an hour done of working out with billy blanks body feel good , hope I don't be to sore tomorrow
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
This fool working out to Billy Blanks infomercial butt naked
My dvd player is broken. No billy blanks tonite. I'm trying on demand fitness. This better be good.
Garbo with Mr. Palles' class for PE Activities! Billy Blanks to the rescue!
Our fitness regime this campaign: Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. You can see them here,...
Just got done workin out with my personal trainer. *** she put me on a billy blanks mission.
Billy Blanks Insane Abs just killed me. OMG...I made it though. Whew!
I'm baking a pizza for the kiddos, then off to apply at stores forChristmas. Then Billy Blanks is (cont)
Keep it Fresh No Bowtie and go Billy Blanks in the sheets no TIebow
Whatever happened to tae-bo? Billy Blanks was that dood for a minute..
Shoutout to Tammy's Yoga routine. Billy Blanks on da track
well it official.I am starting a Relationship with . Tyler Perry... yes he looked at me SEVERAL times while on the View..I haven't broken up with Billy Blanks... so yes I am in two.."one sided imaginary relationships!"
another day with billy blanks and he is NOT playing with me of to the showers.oh by the way good morning fb .be blessed plum
Hands up if you let your woman win at thing and pretend like you actually suck? I'm really good at it. The sweat and shortness of breath are all fake. Billy Blanks and his wussy tai Bo suck anyway see if I care. Stupid pink shirt crap music ***
Time to workout. Brazilian butt... Tae-bo wit Billy Blanks and 5 day abs by the Firm. Better see results by next monday. Im on a mission. Here we go.
So what did I do on my day off from working out? Billy Blanks Boot Camp workout. Some day off.
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I did a Tae Bo video with Billy Blanks for exercise today. It was fun but I wanted to go longer. I am working on forming a Pilates workout too. Preparing for the real rainy days.
it was a long and wonderful day and i must now go to bed b/c it is WAY past my bedtime and i have a date at 4am with billy blanks
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