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Billy Blanks

Billy Wayne Blanks (born September 1, 1955) is an American fitness guru, martial artist, actor, and the inventor of the Tae Bo exercise program.

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Once got into a drunken pull-up contest with Billy Blanks on my way home on the red line at 4am
I love the just made me cry. He has a heart of gold for going after Billy Blanks Jr.
That Billy Blanks play at the start of The Last Boy Scout should be popping up in playbooks any day now
This Billy Blanks film I'm watching is more compelling than Irish Saturday night tv fare.
This lady was crazy not to take the offer w/Grace&Lace!Wld have access to 1k's of cust. Ask Billy Blanks Jr.
I added a video to a playlist Tough and Deadly 1995 Action (Roddy Piper + Billy Blanks + Richard
Whooo! You need to get here.. Always an uplifting experience to take class from The Billy Blanks! Tomorrow...
In other news, I found an 8 minute full blast Billy Blanks workout for those busy days. . It's lit.
Working out with the Billy Blanks back in the early 2ks
Bul really look like billy blanks in the gym 😂
Taebo DVD workout showed me fireworks felt like I was doing The Grid. Billy Blanks is my fre till all the gym visitors give us peace, lol
*** Billy Blanks Jr just made Billy Blanks seem like a *** 😮
Demo class with Billy Blanks Jr at Blanks Studio tonight at 6:30 PM. So excited. 💥
eldabeee: Billy Blanks in the Duck house! 💪🏼.
Billy Blanks Jr. Cardioke is no joke . It's fun , tiring and gets the job done to top off my workouts 😓
In LA to meet with Billy Blanks Jr and show him BODYpow started in my own bathroom mirror, I just had to…
Hamilton Collection
Its day 2 of my Billy Blanks Tae Bo challenge and I feel different but of course physical appearance won't come in until about 2 weeks later
looking like Billy Blanks Tae Bo with a better ambience
Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks team up to take down a drug cartel
Happy National Dance Week, Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo and who can bust a beat on the dance floor.
Day 12 of our kicked butt ❤️ Some of it reminded me of the Billy Blanks Tae Bo
Going to work out along with my Billy Blanks video, then have a bottle of Syrah for dinner .
Mr. No-No (again)!. In the Cubs' 16-0 win, Jake Arrieta blanks the Reds for his second no-hitter in as many years.
CALLING ALL University of California students! Dance It Out® will be at UCFitCon next weekend -- Billy Blanks Jr.
I'm gonna have to whip out the Billy Blanks Taebo ... I gotta be less person in 4 weeks.
For me, being the one short stocky black guy in a mosh pit is a trip; I've taken more spin kicks to the head than Billy Blanks
Stering: billy blanks, uVan Dam and Chuck Norris all in one.
How we suppose to be ill . when you on our website with a shake weight . Tryna be Billy Blanks, *** Thanks.
Hi from NY! I saw the repeat with Billy Blanks. You are a true inspiration. A good man! Your mother should be proud!!
My cat Jetta rocking it with Billy Blanks Tae Bo upper body workout with weights
TaeBo Fitness with Billy Blanks gives you a full body workout. Come in and give it a try - every part of you...
Heading to my 2nd home, Blanks Studios to take my first TaeBo class from the master himself Billy Blanks! Excited...
Billy Blanks is that friend I rely on everyday mkhaba…
I am watching the repeat with Billy Blanks Jr. Daymond, you are such a good guy!! I love how you give people chances!!!
Just did billy blanks boot camp workout love it 😊
Tae Bo with Billy Blanks during a rainy day PE activity. Students owned it!
EFT and Faster EFT takes us from being pathetic to being atrhletic. Billy Blanks BootCamp 4 Cardio Live via
My lil bro's lecturer called him Billy Blanks so you must know...
I wanna be a body builder and a work out guy on 📀 like Billy Blanks
I added a video to a playlist Insane Abs Tae Bo Exercise with Billy Blanks
I liked a video Insane Abs Tae Bo Exercise with Billy Blanks
pls. His martial art is Tae Bo like Billy Blanks.
love Billy Blanks, nicest guy. Had an amazing time filming this live workout.
Showdown karate martial arts VHS movie Billy Blanks Best of the Best director
By far, one of my favorite interviews-> Emerging From the Shadows With
Emerging From the Shadows With Billy Blanks Jr.: America’s First Family of Fitness. Born into a fi...
I gotta keep up with these push-ups and what not, I'm over here looking like a young Billy Blanks.
Prolly the only thing I regret is not being able to dunk no more.. I'd need 6 months of diet and billy blanks training to do it again
- you be Billy Blanks and I'll be Richard Simmons.
Shoutout to youtube for having Billy Blanks tae bao work outs cause he is still the best workout motivator of all time 🙌🏻
Billy Blanks would be so proud of you all
Just got off the phone with the CEO and just like that, ya boy bouta be Billy Blanks 2.0 🤘🏾
My husband told me he's gonna hold a Billy Blanks Tae Bo class on my face. . That's true love.
Cynthia Rothrock, Don Wilson and Billy Blanks...yup they were my jam
Plus I dont think anyone nowadays would be caught dead eating a donut, everyone fake billy blanks now
First time seeing my man since he got on that fit life. Looking like Billy Blanks these days.
Billy Blanks and I have a complicated relationship
All that Tae Bo has crushed Billy Blanks' balls so now his wife calls him Billy Shootin' Blanks.
Thanks to Vodka & Insomnia ... I'm now the proud owner of w/ Billy Blanks
Join Billy Blanks for 15 minutes of self defense training Tae Bo® Style!
Operation Name My Dance Class - is in full force. . As you might have heard, Billy Blanks (the TaiBo guy) has the...
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Just found a billy blanks Tae Bo dvd in the back of kelly mccoys car
Hi *** hi *** today I'm feelin' Tae Bo! Billy Blanks and I are gonna get our box on 💪Tae Bo was…
Bad bish but your under arms be darker pass Billy Blanks, Me x Jim Iyke. smh
About to work on my core after track tomorrow call me Billy Blanks.
Day 9 of the vegan diet. I feel like Billy Blanks.
I can't get over that new Hopsin track.. specifically his flow on the second verse after the Billy Blanks line. Fire!
This morning's is brought to courtesy of Billy Blanks. My go to for a quick…
Entranced by the Billy Blanks Tae Bo Zumba class
So we just gonna act like this ain't a cross between Billy Blanks and Sho'nuff
that's how bad Billy Blanks TaiBo is too
Working out with Billy Blanks @ The Healthy Living Expo. Madison Marriott West. More FREE classes at Noon & 2PM.
Join us next Saturday March 12th and meet Billy Blanks Jr.! Nspire Sports...
They reduced him to "comic relief" *pfft*. That said, have seen Billy Blanks "act", they may have made the correct decision
BootCamp 1 Basic Training via If you want to do the Billy Blanks Tae Bo this is a good video to start
Billy Blanks bootcamp! I just finished 45m:30s of doing circuit training with
I actually thought this was a Billy Blanks Tae Bo routine.
This man that goes to my gym wants me to work with him so bad. No *** I don't care if he does look like Billy Blanks.
I added a video to a playlist Billy Blanks BootCamp 3 Ab Bootcamp
Watch Dance It Out Creator Billy Blanks Jr. give a dance intervention with the "worst dads on the dance floor" on...
Spend some of your Sunday with more than 40 exhibitors and Billy Blanks!
Watch the creator of Dance It Out Billy Blanks Jr.perform a dance make over as The Meredith Vieira Show 's...
Nothing like an afternoon in the office to decompress and talk about Tae Bo and my love for Billy Blanks.
😂😂😂 I am Billy Blanks and you do Tae Bo
Billy Blanks : Naahchill. Did u know u c0uld get an iPh0ne 6s with N0 cost? Read rules on my bi0. Thankss
Watching a movie that the big star is "Billy Blanks" this has to be gold.
Tae Bo II get started billy blanks cardio workout -
you didn't clarify, Billy Blanks face
Home from work oh lawd im tired now im about to get some Tae Bo in Billy Blanks again
Is it me or do the NBA cheerleaders look like there doing a dance from a beginners Billy Blanks dvd.
How rich is Billy Blanks?: The post How rich is Billy Blanks? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
Looks like im about to get my Tae Bo on watch out Billy Blanks its about to go down well maybe
I can't believe I just spent an hour watching Billy Blanks trying to figure this out...And count it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Anyone looking for a good cardio workout, I highly recommend Billy Blanks Tae Bo, start at beginner and work your way up, it's great
Who needs a club when you got Billy Blanks and Shaun T?
I liked a video from CT Fletcher, Ice Bucket Challenge, Ronnie Coleman, Billy Blanks
Today was incredible to be on the Meredith Show with Billy Blanks Jr, Tamar Braxton and Lance…
Ok, being told that's Billy Blanks & he's about to go all Tae Bo on you.
15 years ago the All Star game was in DC, I remember going & meeting Billy Blanks from Tae-Bo...
ask Dr A how I get rid of the pain from my ex wife
Always have fond Memories from that Billy Blanks film "Showdown" 1993
frankly I'm just shocked it's a sequel to a movie I've seen (talons of the eagle starring Billy Blanks)
lol we don't bite girl. Or would u rather learn boxing from Billy blanks
I think it'd be great alternative to hear during Billy Blanks's Tae-Bo.
Tae Bo kickboxing with Billy Blanks in today's Dance and Exercise class
Wake up everyone! It's time for Tae Bo with Billy Blanks at Blanks Studios. 9:15am
Nice to see stroman isnt wearing his billy blanks titty shirt anymore
Party tonight at Blanks Studios. with Billy Blanks Jr. and DJ Eric Shoji. 6:30pm. Hope to see you...
I just uploaded "BRUK Radio - 4th Feb 2016 - Billy Blanks b2b DJ Set b2b Raynulds" to Mixcloud. Listen at
I liked a video from Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Body Shape
A guy in highschool used to tell form ones that his name is Billy Blanks Mitochondria.
Someone will make my year if they get me the Latest Billy Blanks TEABO DVD set as my birthday present!
Woke up at 5 AM time.. Just me and Billy Blanks. Didn't realize how out of shape I was
*** Lol so now he Billy Blanks in Last Boyscott? Lol
Talib gonna run out on the field in the 2nd half with the burner like Billy Blanks in The Last Boyscout
This Green Bay/Arizona game ends with a Billy Blanks on-field suicide.
I've been drinking water and doing Tae Bo with Billy Blanks 😏💪🏾
My uncle been outta jail one week and this *** is a mixture of Billy Blanks and Kevin Hart's Uncle Richard Jr
I heard it on luv 99.5 fm kumasi that Billy Blanks attended Prempeh college in kumasi🙆. What these sofoline boys can say eh hm 😡
. Loved watching your action movies with big action stars like Billy Blanks, Cynthia Rothrock .. You still one of the bests.
Beyonce gets all her choreography from old Tae Bo DVDs. Billy Blanks should sue!
Celebrity Sweat, Hollywood Physique expert Eric the Trainer, and Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, bring the Ultimate...
wamma Anthony Martial is using the same barber Danny Welbeck, Wesley Snipes and Billy Blanks had?! cc
Its on tomorrow morning. 10:15am class with Billy Blanks Jr. SATURDAY (Bring a new friend FREE). Come to...
Come join the circuit training class with Dillon on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30am at Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Studio!...
Can't run since it's raining so I ended up doing my Billy Blanks "Ultimate Bootcamp" DVD and I forgot how good I felt after. Recommend it! 👍
Spread the word! Creator of TAEBO, Billy Blanks, comes to Phx to host a benefit for kidney transplant http…
I meant what to watch. Whatever. . I have a black belt in Tae Bo from Billy Blanks himself. Come at me.
How I loathe you, Billy Blanks. Why does Tae Bo exist? A questions that reaches into the depths of everyone.
Weird it's being offered by a gym though since it's a patented video series? . It's like if a gym offered Billy Blanks Tae Bo.
LOL this video is too funny but you gotta respect the youth, he is the next billy blanks via
Billy Blanks has his grandson make fitness videos now
He’s the man, the legend…., and he’s back!. . Starting tomorrow, Billy Blanks will be back teaching Kickboxing in...
That may have been obvious but it just occurred to me because this DVD includes bits of a very bad movie starring Billy Blanks of Tae Bo
I also shot a new workout video for Billy Blanks and MoveTube!
Where Will You Be?. . Are you ready to spice things up? Then head on down to the Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Studio in...
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Thx to Billy Blanks Jr team for having me on their new channel this morning to lead some "surfer body" workouts!
I like when Billy Blanks was all stressed out and pulled a gun during his run back
I hear Billy Blanks has his business meetings there! 😂😂😂
"Magic, and /ten thousand years/ of Jillian Micheal, Richard Simmons, and Billy Blanks Tae-Bo fitness videos." He chuckles
yho I so feel like makin an ep n callin it billy blanks
124th Film of 2015: The King of the Kickboxers. Little known Kickboxer ripoff w/ the right kind of bad acting & Billy Blanks!
Who wants to join me in working out with Billy Blanks? Raising funds to help Ernie with his medical expenses.
Lol getting out of hand with the dances! He must've been watching billy blanks do the knee raises 😂
He had us in there doing Billy Blanks moves SMH
The body only profits a little from exercising, but the spirit profits a lot. Billy Blanks
Billy Blanks arriving to the Sweat ESPY Awards After Party via
FAT SCORCHING workout with Billy Blanks! Taebo :-) CLICK to WATCH VIDEO:
Lmao *** this n* look like Billy Blanks and the Rock had a love child
At the with Khandi Alexander from the legendary Billy Blanks and
more for Expendables 4, Mark Dacascos, Cynthia Rothrock, Don the Dragon Wilson and Billy Blanks.
Mulleted loose cannon undercover cop Jake Donahue is assigned to stop Billy Blanks, a kickboxer who kills his opponents... on video-tape!
This *** Billy Blanks look like what a mole on the back of your neck would look like if it came to life
Loving Tae Bo! Thankyou # billy blanks Just need to get my legs straighter. Lol not as flexible as I used to be.
you know that's a gateway to Tae Bo with Billy Blanks, right?
I know will never have a body like Ciara because I give Billy Blanks attitude when be says - "One more time" :(
Who will be at Adult Tae Kwon Do tonight at 7:30pm?. Billy Blanks® is Grand Master 8th Degree Black Belt of Tae...
I don't act tough. The Tae-bo by Billy Blanks I do in my driveway on a daily basis speaks for itself..
Back when I lost my brother Kevin 'BILLY BLANKS', I thought the world had it in for me, but it always passes. RIP Desire, RIP Moze
I planned of Reviewing the 1993 action movie TC 2000 staring Billy Blanks, but then Bolo Yeung happened
Me and Billy Blanks bout to work this thang out!! — feeling determined
The secret to being happy is to take all your fear, all your resentment--all your sad--and channel them in to Billy Blanks. (1/2)
I'm giving away: DVD Tae Bo fat blasting cardio BILLY BLANKS Buy 2 get 1 free. Check it out -
Billy Blanks at the beginning of The Last Boy Scout. Though that might have been a Temple Ventilation, now I think about it.
Also i think i remember Billy Blanks throwing basketballs at the kids head at top speed.
Billy Blanks Net Worth: Billy Blanks is an American fitness expert and originator of the Tae Bo fitness plan u...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wait, is that the Billy Blanks version of Holiday Heart?
Video: I’m really sad I haven’t gotten a call yet from Richard Simmons or Billy Blanks or Jane Fonda to...
perfect action movie cast: Speakman, Billy Blanks, Bosworth, Dudikoff. Bad guys are Andrew Divoff and Brian Thompson.
Lol why do they have Billy Blanks aka the "Tae Bo" guy on a printer commercial looking chunky.. I guess
Alas, I was not able to find a copy of Billy Blanks & the Magical Tae-Bo Exercise.
Why do people give up on their fitness goals ? Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, explains that no matter what age you are, you have something ins...
What is the key to changing your body? Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo fitness, explains why so many people give up before they reach their...
You can get yourself the set of DVDs by Billy Blanks, he started it…. Check online😄😄
That Brother commercial with Billy Blanks is great. Owns that water cooler.
thanks Daniel! I would like to thank Billy Blanks
Has anybody seen this Billy Blanks commercial tho? Lmao
A5: I am a Billy Blanks fan so.I still pop in Tae Bo! I'm kicking my way to success.
That printer commercial with Billy Blanks was incredible. I died laughing. Well done. Felt like a Super Bo…
Who would you rather fight billy blanks or Chuck Norris
The middle aged moms are killin' the taebo circuits in the gym this morning. Billy Blanks would be proud.
domain names
Billy Blanks looks exactly the same.
Billy Blanks Tae Bo headquarters was just a few doors down from Anajak Thai. It's a chipotle now or something.
Last chance 1 hour left..Check out Billy Blanks..Tae Bo Contact Complete
I'll do that billy blanks tomorrow ✋😂
*** still alive? Lol "Billy Blanks still doing commercials?"
This dude went to change into his Billy blanks gear 😭😩😂😫
Tell me why I am Doing this Billy Blanks Old *** Work out tapes lol ??
why is Billy Blanks Tae Bo being played in our 3rd grade PE classes?
Interested in having world renown fitness expert and creator of Tae Bo® Billy Blanks hold a seminar at your...
showdown with Billy blanks totes awfulsome
Billy Blanks be takin me back to 8th grade when I would be acting like I'm punching the kids in school who threw sunflower seeds in my hair
Since I been had the Taebo CD for 4yrs & only used it once even when I packed it going on a trip & dint use LOL it's by Billy Blanks I will
When I kick bo's like I'm Billy Blanks it'll wet a *** like he in a lake. So you sell weight gettin' plenty cake
Srsly. I could beat Billy Blanks in a tae-bo competition after drinking this coffee.
In 2015 in channeling my inner Billy Blanks
The fact that Brother printers have hired Billy Blanks as their spokesperson has me completely sold for whatever reason.
Ain't been no Blanks this great since Billy nugga
Back together with Billy Blanks. An abusive relationship that I am extremely fond of. I think I love him...
This new Billy Blanks TV commercial cracks me the heck up, I knew he'd be back in a funny way,
Yall be gassing tho ...some days yall like a belly .some days yall want billy blanks ...
my fantasy martial arts team is Scott Adkins and Billy Blanks, fwiw
if you mean Tae Bo, that particular honor belongs to Erie PA's own Billy Blanks
So in the middle of my positivity post, I saw a commercial with Billy Blanks in it!!! Billy Blanks, for those who may not know, is the creator & King of Tae-Bo workouts! I haven't seen Billy Blanks on TV since the early 2000's!! I did Tae-Bo in efforts to lose my pregnancy weight after I had my daughter. I remember not being able to keep up! I also remember kicking a little too hard and losing my balance!! HA!! Fast forward to present day with intense workouts like Insanity, the P90X series & Turbo Fire.and so sad to say, it makes Tae-Bo look like child's play!! Hey Billy!! Come over to the side!! =). Dig Deeper!! {Usher voice}
First, Theo Huxtable, now Carmelo Anthony, if Sons of Anarchy features a Billy Blanks cameo before it ends I will be in heaven.
"Barbells & jump ropes, Bowflex's to body it and a couple Billy Blanks tae-bo karate kicks"
Billy Blanks, aka the Tae Bo guy, plays a dude named Jason Storm & has to fight the villain from Bloodsport in a post-apocalyptic future.
Sarah's TRIBUTE to Billy Blanks. GET STARTED with Tae Bo! No excuses - training your brain is just as important...
On this day, and also this coming weekend and in this month, in our industry’s history: circa Aug. 1947 — Kajukenbo, a hybrid martial art whose name is an adaptation of the arts practiced by its five creators, is founded. It only adopts its formal name in 1949. Kajukenbo could be called the first truly “mixed martial art” in America (Hawaii became a state on Aug. 21, 1959), since it incorporates six different arts from its five creators: Walter Choo (“ka” from karate); Joseph Holke (“ju” from judo); Frank Ordonez (again, “ju” from jujitsu); Adriano Emperado (“ken” from kenpo); and Clarence Chang (“bo” from Chinese and Western boxing). Aug. 1964-March 1965 — In Okinawa, during his stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, American Joe Lewis studies shorin-ryu karate with Eizo Shimabuku, Kinjo Chinsaku and Seiyu Oyata, earning his black belt from Shimabuku in an unprecedented seven months. Aug. 1998-2001 — Tae Bo, created by retired national semi-contact karate champion Billy Blanks, b ...
After 2 days of competition the team spent the afternoon attending seminars from some of the best and famous in the martial arts world. To name a few all Grandmasters Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Art Camacho, Frank Dux, Willie Bam Johnson, Fred Waters, Christopher Francis and Sergio Barriga.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I met the creator of Tae Bo, Master Billy Blanks, today!
After a week of cheating on my routine workout, what better way to start my day than with 45mins of Billy Blanks?
Call me Wooh Billy Blanks I'm on hydro I work ya girl out but I ain't talking Tae Bo
DVD cover shoot with Billy Blanks Jr. Shot with
Grandmaster Billy Blanks : Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2014: via
That's right.I'd forgotten about Billy Blanks Jr. and his workout program.wonder how that went.
*** I just got some of the best sleep of my life. I feel like I could beat Billy Blanks in a fatal exercise competition.
Another night of some Billy Blanks! Love taking it back. These Workouts are great and effective.…
For 4.99 with your card you can catch me and Billy Blanks in doing tai-bo with some bow ties.
The old woman in the Billy Blanks Tae Bo video is 1000x fitter than I.
Everyone remember Billy Blanks son has his own studio in Sherman Oaks.
i actually do own an autographed Billy Blanks blackbelt lol
My autographed Billy Blanks blackbelt protects my virginity sufficiently
My last personal trainer made me cry... Pretty sure he was Billy Blanks son
What was the very first home workout program you ever tried? For me it was TaeBo with Billy Blanks!
And you people that be at the gym wit the DJ turntable headphones gon catch the Billy Blanks Fade too!
Today we did a little cardio! Billy Blanks! Who remembers Tae-Bo? Gotta get the heart pumping and sweat a little before the day starts.
I'm giving away: Billy blanks Exercise video. Check it out -
he looks like Billy Blanks in one of his B 80's martial arts movies
*** go to the gym for 3 days straight and start posting FB statuses like they billy blanks
Missing billy blanks, anyone got those old VHS
I'm very excited to workout in a live Billy Blanks class in a couple weeks. So cool!!
When I see someone wearing a bow tie I like to ask, "is that a bow tie...or a Tae Bo" as I strike them in the throat Billy Blanks style.
but my brother think he billy blanks and I don't have time for that.
did you really go "our pitchers get hurt more"? Stats please...or talk to a fan...maybe should hire Billy Blanks
either Bob sanders, Billy Blanks Kayla Mcbride or Alice from the Brady bunch lol “who's the most famous person from your city?”
These workouts be killing me...kerry think he billy blanks😏😏
having fun teaching families about fitness with Billy Blanks last weekend at Celebrity Sweat.
Billy Blanks came through and let me alter my dream though.
Yesterday was rough, I decided to do 50 min of Billy Blanks with 3 sets of 20 in abs works, well worth it,...
I got dressed up because my gym advertised a Bow Tie Class, but it was just a bunch of people dancing to a Billy Blanks video
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Watchin mother and aunt work out to a billy blanks dvd
Wow we have one living dedicated fan of billy blanks 👏👏 lol
A attribute my athleticism to childhood Taebo workouts. Thank you Billy Blanks.
Chick in the purple wig looks like Billy Blanks. Get her off my TV.
Another photo of Billy Blanks new martial arts and fitness studio opening up this summer in Dana…
05:30 to 06:30 session with Billy Blanks. ...Im out.. .
B E A S T | 1hr Advanced workout never gets old..Billy Blanks stay kicking my *** ..we are…
“I just be wanting people to be clear with their feelings towards me”well here's go I think u look like billy blanks 😐
go do your Pilates somewhere else Billy blanks...
Getting ready to do a work out DVD in my living room this morning. I've eaten some breakfast, taken my Thermofit and have my Greens waiting for me when I'm done. Even though kick boxing with Billy Blanks at home isn't my ideal workout, I know that its only temporary while I work my business and save up for a membership at the place I REALLY want to be exercising (I miss you, Pure Barre!). Because I've got this goal, and its posted on my fridge, its easier for me to do something I don't love as much while I'm working towards the bigger payoff later. And I know this payoff is coming, because we just got paid and I am pretty happy with the direction my first paycheck has taken. I can't wait to see what next months is going to look like!
Just so everybody knows, Billy Blanks is a jerk! My entire body says that
My abdomen could use some Billy Blanks magic!
Rachel came to the bar dressed like a extra in a Billy Blanks workout infomercial
Godloving Little you inspired me to pull out good ole Billy Blanks. He pushes you and talks to you through the video. Just when I be like bump dis, I've done enough. He points to tge camera and says "Don't Quit".me, I'm not a quiter, I push it to the's definitely a's a smidget of my workout.made time when I didn't. Ill do better tomorrow. NO SOUND for the sake of FB proud of
VERY funny to remember that a few years before I did Turbo Jam®, I had a full set of Billy Blanks' Tae Bo home...
did this seasons TUF contestants get selected from the back ground of a Billy Blanks cardio kickboxing infomercial? Very vanilla.
I know Billy Blanks can help me back into shape plus a tea!
in Madden, can you recreate the beginning of The Last Boy Scout where Billy Blanks shoots himself in the head?
My cousin didn't go to the gym today!!! BILLY BLANKS IT IS. 💪
Personal trainer?! You got that type of money?! You better get a Billy Blanks DVD and sweat it out lol.
I knew those Billy Blanks resistance bands I bought 10 years ago would come in handy one day.
You've gotta love billy blanks. He works you you hard and you sweat buckets, but afterwards you feel amazing!
my friends who have met Billy Blanks at random in L.A. number in the double digits, so at least he seems to be doing well
Billy Blanks “Does anybody know any good personal trainers that are cheap ?”
RECAP: blanks the Orioles over 6.2 innings as the win in Baltimore.
Yho when I was laaitie my mother BELIEVED in Billy Blanks hey
Yeah Billy Blanks is back lil *** time to flex in yo hood who gonna rob me for my chain
I'm not fooling with Billy me in here bout to die 😩😩
If Billy Blanks was a live I could see the commerfcial now!
Billy Blanks staring role in the Last Boy Scout
I've done like Billy Blanks and Zumba before since my mom has them
Gr8 Monday . 2 hikes. Billy Blanks on lunch . Random steps through the day .
My spin class was full tonight but I just found an old Billy Blanks Tae Bo dvd at the crib.
and PLEASE let me know when you are in WI next! We can do some Billy Blanks or somethin 😜
We only fux with Billy Blanks workout dvd's here.
happy monday! 󾌳. did a billy blanks cardio blast 30 min w/o and 18 min Zuzka Light w/o from this...
Sawyer Fact At one point my mom consistently worked out to either Billy Blanks or Jane Fonda.
I Just Finished 30min Workout Les Mills Combat DVD. At 51 I was very proud of myself that I was able to DO IT I did Billy Blanks years back.
Myth: Babe Ruth was fat, gobbled hot dogs and drank beer in between hitting home runs. Fact: Ruth was no Billy Blanks fitness-wise, and he partied like a Hilton sister, but for most of his career he kept himself in remarkable shape relative to other ballplayers at the time. Keep in mind that major leaguers were not super-rich like they are now. Many spent the winter working full-time jobs, not training, and during the season they rubbed mercury on wounds or applied heat to aching knees, practices that have since be proven to do far more harm than good. Ruth, being by far the highest-paid player in the game, had access to the cutting edge of medical attention, kinesiology and weight training. Yet the image of Ruth late in his career, waddling to the plate and smacking 40 home runs a season, is the one that persists.
Michael Jai White 1. Hire martial artists that can act and not actors that cannot do martial arts. I know that with the use of technology, visual effects and wires you can make a fighter out of Cameron Diaz these days. Anyway it is not the same. Why spend millions of dollars hiring an actor who can fight and still have to spend money on wirework, visual effects and stuntmen? Actors like Donnie Yen, Michael Jai White, Adrian Paul or Billy Blanks come a lot cheaper and they are worth their money. 2. If you hire martial artists, for God’s sake, use them. Some directors are afraid that their martial arts actors that have supporting roles may look better than the leading actors so they do not let them do the stuff that got them hired in the first place. See “Blade 2” (Donnie Yen) or “Universal Soldier 2” (Michael Jai White). I was so excited when I went to see these two movies that had such skilled actors in their cast and I was so disappointed. It takes a lot of Hollywood’s arrogant actors and ign ...
Every year the Ocean State brings in some of the best competitors from all over the world and some great celebrities!! We look forward to having Mr. Billy Blanks back to the Ocean State, along with many other Martial Art legends! (With Chuck Norris, Shannon Lee, Don Wilson Cynthia Rothrock, Bill Wallace & Maurice Elmalem)
I workout first thing in the morning, and either do a T25/ Billy Blanks/ Jillian Michael's ( cardio & strength ) workout
Billy Blanks abs boot camp and the treadmill. Now what Wayne Allen!
Ziggy Berkeley from Cinema on the Rocks reviews TC 2000 (1993). Bolo Yeung, Billy Blanks, Jalal Merhi, and Matthias Hues headline this post-apocalyptic video store era gem about cyber soldiers, chop socky, and playing "spot the movie we're lifting from" drinking games. Also starring Bobbie Phillips.
Great time at Great Tae Bo workout with Billy Blanks!
Tae Bo tape I have is from 1989👉best workout of your life folks! Billy Blanks don't play with that "double time" 💪👊🙋
Had a great workout this morning with sister Suzanne DuBarry at the Clinton Foundation at the La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST. Jenna Wolfe and Billy Blanks kicked our butts!
I love Tae-bo, but it's hard for me to take Billy Blanks seriously.
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