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Billy Beane

William Lamar Billy Beane III (born March 29, 1962) is a former Major League Baseball player and the current general manager (GM) and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics.

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Quite frankly, I can't get enough of soccer. I tell my jingoistic friends i...
We can't do the same things the Yankees do. Given the economics, we'll lose...
sure, Billy Beane is as conscious of cats as anyone, but even he didn't realize that Ryan Madson's pet turtle was allergic to them.
"How can you not get romantic about baseball?" (Billy Beane, Moneyball). How can you not get romantic about sports?
"no, it's about real nerds, not Billy Beane." "so, moneyball only better?"
Purdue lays down a sacrifice bunt with a man on first and no one out. Somewhere in Oakland, Billy Beane sheds a single tear
He also never read Billy Beane's book.
"I hate losing more than I love winning". -Billy Beane
I've always been intellectually restless, but it is the building part of it...
It will be epic! I just got off the phone with Billy Beane.
Billy Beane finds value in the DSiB.
Billy Beane factor. I don't really want him anyways...overrated.
now watch him become the Billy Beane of Hockey
This puts allot of pressure on him though if he doesn't become the Billy Beane of Hockey
I know Billy Beane, but the Billy Beane who is *** is not the GM of the A's. He is a former MLB player
The link for Billy Beane? Or for Murphy? Murphy - it's pretty well known. But he said it again last year after beating us.
Billy Beane (Brad Pitt in Moneyball) is how we acquired Addison Russell. He was the first to embrace the new analytics approach
He's come out against Billy Beane for his 'lifestyle' i.e. Beane is ***
"I made one decision in my life based on money and I swore I’d never do it again." - Billy Beane
ha..sometimes things don't add up the way they seem..Billy Beane is the p oster boy for that...Jon Daniels >Beane
Did Paul DePodesta and Billy Beane usher in an era of genius or did it open the Pandora's box of analytics?
Billy Beane showed how he used data to compete with the big boys in baseball. We can show you how to do it in brewing. booth 3716
We've got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefull...
It's Billy Beane's fault.. He told me if I got on base it'd get me to the show.
agree 100%. Alot of other fans are comparing this to Billy Beane's moneyball, but forgetting he hasn't won anything.
Well, after Billy Beane was hired, the World Series
Hey G. if anyone has a recording of "BoMel's" post sweep meeting with Billy Beane I'd pay like $25 cash for a copy right now.
Billy Beane would have traded him long ago...
I imagine Billy Beane keeps calling DD every morning asking if he wants Sonny Gray and DD angrily hangs up each time
Billy Beane is one of the smartest GM's in baseball, same approach, doesn't always translate to wins though
Billy Beane has to be held accountable for the rosters he's assembled this year and last. The two rosters look like old, hot dog water.
eric chavez was billy beane's personal DLee
Moneyball's Billy Beane tells craft brewers how the small and poor can defeat the big and rich.…
"The use of statistics to look at data results in transparency". Billy Beane
selling jeans as Billy Beane would say
Silver? Was he some sort of sociological experiment by Billy Beane involving a Skinner Box?
Billy Beane and A's fans are gonna love him.
speaker at the Brewers Association's Billy Beane of the…
They're better looking & probably know more about beer (+ statistics) than Billy Beane. Plus, better name(s).
Worried about Billy Beane being at He might talk small breweries into trading all their best young hops away.
If the city of Philadelphia finds out that Billy Beane was originally a Met, he might not make it out of here alive.
Fun seeing Billy Beane as keynote speaker this morning at CBC.
If Billy Beane called and offered Gray and Riddick for Schwarber do you do it? How about Jose Fernadez straight up?
Spent the morning talking business, beer, and baseball with Billy Beane. Is this real life?…
Billy Beane jumped the shark with the Cespedes trade. Time to cancel his show.
Billy Beane has made a slew of bad decisions beginning with the Cespedes Trade.
We didn't do anything new, we borrowed from innovation. Others were too steeped in the traditional ways of doing things." Billy Beane
Billy Beane microwaves his beer to get it to proper serving temperature.
"To put together a great team you don't need superstars, everyone just has to be above average" Billy Beane
Billy Beane talking at about how important data/stats are. I am pretty sure I am dreaming this.
Guest speaker at this week: Billy Beane of the As.
"The ambition at Streatham is to get Billy Beane and Niall Ferguson in to analyse games we didn't even play: counterfa…
Billy Beane is copying off Dayton Moore's homework you guys. As a former copy cat myself, I feel it is my obligation to rat him out.
'08 WS-winner, Charlie Manuel, managed Billy Beane and Ron Gardenhire w/ the AAA Portland Beavers in 1987. https…
The Jeff Samardzija to CWS trade was brilliant by Billy Beane on all fronts but I really like Chris Bassitt. He always goes deep into starts
Back in Billy Beane's playing days, there was also another outfielder named. Billy Bean. Rampant confusion
"I hate losing more than I even want to win...And there's a difference!" - Billy Beane
Coach Carroll what do u think Ryan Clady in ur Offensive System? Obtain him at a discount like Billy Beane did to Dave Justice?
Find out who these GMs like Brian Cashman, Theo Epstein, & Billy Beane would for the 2016 season:
Billy Beane at this point. He thinks his revolving door of Quinton Patton's and Corey lemoniers are actual studs...
Sloan Sports Conference 2016: Former A's exec Paul DePodesta on how he & Billy Beane built a Moneyball team (video)
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👍oh for sure it's a great movie no doubt. Billy Beane & Paul Depodesta are trailblazers they helped more than just the A's
Mark Canha started doing Pilates this offseason. Turns out Billy Beane has been doing it for years.
Nice corner addition for in Kris Davis. Compound that with Josh Reddick in right & Billy Beane has a nice OF look
Jakub Nakladal is Scott Hatteberg. Brad Treliving is Billy Beane. Bob Hartley is Art Howe. See where I'm going with this?
To be clear, Billy Beane is not Billy Bean. They are two different people.
"We are card counters at the blackjack table & we're going to turn the odds on the casino" -Billy Beane in Moneyball; got the QB LOL
. Billy Beane: It's not that hard (to play first), Scott. Tell him Wash. Ron Washington: It's incredibly hard.
The Red's are channeling Billy Beane & the A's .. maybe sequel to MoneyBall will be set in Great American Ballpark
"Stat Wars:" Bill James is actually Billy Beane's father. Didn't see that one comin' did ya?
Tell me Dean Lombardi isn't just a successful Billy Beane.
Billy Beane must be drooling thinking about what he could get for Sonny Gray
If not Fernandez, idk who, Maybe you try and go after Sonny Gray? but A's and Billy Beane actually look like buyers this year
Billy Beane traded away Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie. Never forget that.
Oakland general manager Billy Beane says he does not want to deal Josh Reddick or Sonny Gray, according to Peter …
Billy Beane: I just cannot see the A's trading Sonny Gray or Josh Reddick
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Billy Beane told that he can't see trading Sonny Gray or Josh Reddick, which is in line with other recent comments
Billy Beane: Just "cannot see" trades of Sonny Gray, Josh Reddick via
Billy Beane to Gammons: I just cannot see the trading Sonny Gray or Josh Reddick
A's general manager Billy Beane told Peter Gammons that he does not want to trade Sonny Gray or Josh Reddick.
The baseball ones are brilliant. Now everyone wants to be Bill James / Michael Lewis / Billy Beane.
Astros: A's offseason preview: Will there be a reshaping or an overhaul?: Billy Beane could choos...
People acting like lost Brian Sabean or Billy Beane. AA had top notch trade deadline but overall tenure?
drafted Billy Beane & John Gibbons back-to-back (23rd & 24th) in first round of 1980 draft... after Expos took Terry Francona 22nd.
Thank you, Billy Beane, for trading Josh Donaldson out of the American League West.
Billy Beane, who Brad Pitt portrayed in “Moneyball,” used ~6,000 gallons per day since July 1 for his CA property: http:/…
They WANT Sonny Gray but Billy Beane wont give him up even if hes moved up to Team Pres and a new GM takes over
LRT: Thinking that "moneyball" means "spending a lot of money to win" is worse than Joe Morgan thinking Billy Beane was the author
I was thinking Ref, Warren and Sanchez for Sonny Gray. Billy Beane isn't smart he traded Donaldson for nothing.
Billy Beane said lefty righty match ups are over rated. I agree.
If you buy me a ticket to go to the game I'm sure he will, I'm the equivalent of Billy Beane in Moneyball for the Cubs
Seriously, what was Billy Beane doing when he traded Josh Donaldson?
Somewhere Billy Beane is smoking a cigar saying "Yeah, but Brad Pitt played me in a movie.."
aren't you glad Billy Beane was willing to give him up for nothing?
Serious question. At what point do we call Billy Beane overrated?
thank god Billy Beane isn't our GM, otherwise he'd trade him for a new vending machine
17 players in mlb playoffs were in the A's organization between 2013-15. Billy beane is overrated.
Billy Beane is wondering: "If Kap's such a good QB, then why doesn't he QB so good"?
I am the Billy Beane of Fantasy football
I believe this where Billy Beane invented Moneyball...
Interesting. I wonder what his thoughts are on the successes of Billy Beane, Moneyball and sabermetrics?.
is Billy Beane getting a Playoff split considering he gave away most Of Players making big playoff contributions
To me the Boston Celtics are like the Oakland A's. Brad Stevens is Billy Beane.
he hated Boston they hated him and Billy beane couldn't afford to keep him
"Billy Beane is my grinch. I hope he has a bad Christmas." -Will Ferrell
Can PLEASE do the world of baseball a favor and fire Brian Kenny. Let him go work his dream job as Billy Beane's assistant!
Lmao billy beane again. Could have cespedes, donaldson, and Addison Russell
Billy Beane: Aaahhh! The problem is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there's fifty feet of crap, and then there's us
SpeedeNews: Oakland Athletics: impact of Billy Beane’s promotion
if they win today it is like winning 20 in a row in baseball which means Ryan Pace = Billy Beane.
Monchi's Method: The Soccer Man Everyone Wants in Europe: Monchi is soccer's version of Billy Beane, the baseb...
that stuff he says about Billy Beane was hilarious.
Oakland Athletics: impact of Billy Beane's promotion - (blog)
Looks like he skimmed past the Billy Beane quote though.
I wonder what Billy Beane thinks of England when he reads this...
A discussion with baseball revolutionaries, Billy Beane and Bill James via
Billy Beane: "No, you're playing me and you're still playing me. Congratulations, *** You win.". [he hangs up the phone]
Billy Beane: "We are the last dog at the ball. You've seen what happens to the runt of the litter? He dies!"
Should the try and convince Billy Beane to trade Sonny Gray over to New York?
Until last year, billy beane was the best GM in baseball. But theo made him look like a *** So Ima go ahead and say theos the best
Don Maloney the Billy Beane of Hockey $72.1m $68.3 vs $58.9 airing now!
It's real ironic I see two former A's players wearing a Mets jersey today and playing in the playoffs Billy Beane.
probably had as good of chance as any of Andy Friedman's stat chosen losers. How many world series has billy beane won?
Billy Beane went against his own philosophy by trading Cespedes. Now look at him... Smfh 😂😂😂
Watching Cespedes and Donaldson, it's hard to admire Billy Beane. Oh wait, he got Butler for the same price as those two get.
The AKA: Definitive proof Billy Beane has been the worst GM in baseball over the past two years.
The fact that billy beane doesnt believe in chemistry meant that the a's lost out on 76 HR and 228 RBI
screw Billy Beane. Cespedes should still be in Oakland. And while I'm at it, screw Lew Wolfe.
Nah...the didn't need him. Billy Beane is AWESOME!
at least 17 of those 25 were traded away be Billy Beane.
Bob Geren was Billy Beane's best man at his wedding. Geren managed Oakland for 5 years, 710 games, with a .470 win pct. Best year: 81-81.
Billy Beane: "Not like this you're not. You're not even looking at the problem."
RF Josh Reddick will be back with Billy Beane says they'll think about an extension.
A's vice president Billy Beane said Monday that Josh Reddick is a candidate for a contract extension.
Justine Siegel, 1st woman to be guest instructor w/says of GM Billy Beane: "There is no Jackie Robinson without Branch Rickey."
Billy Beane and talk data, truth and the new frontier for sabermetrics:
domain names
i was a Billy Beane fan but he has done nothing to deserve keeping his job there the last bunch of years.
The two worst baseball people in America are Billy Beane and Mike Scoscia.
Still attempting to figure out why Billy Beane traded Tom Milone for Sam Fuld
Joe Maddon is a better baseball history figure of winning on a small budget than Billy Beane is.
the day before Billy Beane traded Yoenis Cespedes last summer.
The only prize you'll get is a World Series Trophy personally signed by Billy Beane and Lew Wolff.
Billy Beane feels like Doug Risebrough after he traded Doug Gilmour to the Leafs.
Something tells me Darby is the Billy Beane of kickball.Probably 15 roster moves this week
Remember, the genius Billy Beane traded Addison Russell to get Jeff Samardzija...
Billy beane is not my friend. JD, Billy Beane is not my Friend AR , Billy Bean is not my friend YS. sad A's Fan..
Billy Beane: "It's not difficult to coach 3rd. Tell him Wash.". Ron Washington: "It's incredibly difficult."
Harry Reid today brought up Ty Cobb, Bryce Harper and Billy Beane in opening his Clean Power Summit.
Mike Gallego said he got a call from mgr Bob Melvin, but he assumes decision on his firing came from GM Billy Beane
Forte and Antonio Brown acquired in the same day ... Call me the Billy Beane of fantasy football
Do you think they'll make a movie about how Billy Beane traded Josh Donaldson for Brett Lawrie?
I'm sorry Billy Beane is not really a genius. I'll change my mind when I see Billy Ball actually win something.
I do like Billy Beane., but think his Billy Butler signing for 3 years at $30 mil, might be his worst free agent signing ever.
I wonder if Dayton Moore sends Billy Beane a text every time Morales produces. . "Thanks for taking Billy, Billy."
Billy Beane being promoted to president of baseball operations isn't any different than him being GM, just a fancy new title
and John Dowd was seen walking around Jack London Square this morning with Billy Beane and Oakland A's great Ray Fosse.
Column: Billy Beane was selling, Jeff Luhnow was buying and struck first in AL West arms race
Still trust Billy Beane, fact of matter is not all moves work out. He's still one of the best. A's will be back at top of AL West soon.
And nothing for Kazmir. I am having a hard time believing in Billy Beane. However I still believe in Stephen Vogt!
Moneyball 2: the time Billy Beane huffed a lot of glue and somehow gave Billy Butler a three-year, $30mm contract.
Well I can't wait to read the book. I say trade him now for a front line starting pitcher. Billy Beane would do it
The current state of the Wolff to Billy Beane.
What has Billy Beane and Lew Wolff done for us, REALLY?
Now how cool would that be? But I wonder if it's a guarantee he'd keep Billy Beane.
but seriously call AA and tell him to call Billy Beane. Every prospect not named Sanchez and Stroman is available for Gray.
Norris, Hoffman and Pompey --- does Billy Beane hang up the second you mention Sonny Gray ?
Hamilton Collection
Bet you Billy Beane figures out how to trade Vendittes right arm to Twins and left arm to Royals.
check it out! Guests include Jim Harbaugh, Billy Beane, Brian Sabean, Jerry West and more.
So this is what it was like for Billy Beane having Jeremy Giambi in the outfield.
10 minutes ago, a girl practiced the national anthem. Just now, we heard a different girl practicing. Billy Beane really w…
"There are submariners like David Berg in major league baseball." Yes, Billy Beane even wrote a book about 1 of them, Chad Bradford.
How does Billy Beane give up on Carter after two years but keep a guy like Barton around for a decade?
Thanks a lot Lew Wolff, John Fisher and Billy Beane for destroying this team. SELL!
says the Billy Beane belongs in disrupter hall of fame.
Ned Yost vs Bob Melvin drunken boxing would be fun too. That would just be an undercard for Billy Beane vs George Brett though.
Curt Schilling just said on Sunday Night Baseball that he could see Billy Beane swooping in and getting Cole Hamels at the trade deadline
Breaking news: Braves secretly hired Billy Beane instead of John Hart this offseason
Diamondbacks have basically had a Billy Beane-level makeover, except the players aren't nearly as good.
Seems like Chip Kelly is self-proclaimed Billy Beane of the NFL. Source: John Kitna & Scott Hatteberg are next.
I'll say this about Billy Beane, he has the character formula nailed in excel. Every new guy I met today was an impressive dude
because Billy Beane will trade me if I don't vote ..
Billy Beane didn't trade because he felt he still had a little bit left to win the
The Billy Beane and Peter Brand combination is lethal
Even Billy Beane admits that his methods won't win championships. Isn't that the point?
Billy Beane of the Oakland A's was the best speaker so far. Looks more like Brad Pitt than I thought he would
ICYMI, I wrote about the Celtics, Billy Beane & how the IT trade exploits a market inefficiency in the NBA:
Great speech on analytics by Billy Beane. Come by booth 217 to continue the discussion on data and analytics
Billy Beane - Team chemistry is coming with the winning, just like in business. When you win its all working great.
Moneyball Billy Beane shares his statistical data secrets and arbitrage at the RILA - UPS luncheon.
We enjoyed hearing Billy Beane speak at the luncheon today. Billy Beane is the GM of the
Job perks...listening to Billy Beane, subject of the movie Moneyball, on his thoughts about…
Unreal to see people in hallway checking emails instead of listening to Billy Beane. Wake up!!!
Billy Beane saying analytics/statistics is the way to measure not eye sight or gut feel.
"I know no one graduates from SEC schools, but did anyone go to one?" - Billy Beane
Vote for him, or Billy Beane will trade you to the Seibu Lons
I'm no Billy Beane, but this seems like a little too much for an unproven.
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"I played baseball for 10 yrs and took a couple Econ classes at UC, that qualifies me to run a billion dollar business right?" - Billy Beane
Inspirational subject of & General Manager of Billy Beane speaks on his winning…
Enjoying Billy Beane at lunch at the RILA Supply Chain Conference.
there is an updated version, I just finished reading it. It talked about Billy Beane and Damien Comolli's time at Liverpool
's from a town . Where the greatest fans are found. . Moneyball and Billy Beane . Oakland A's are lean and mean!
Billy Beane, Daryl Morey and Ronald Reagan are all the same people
Subject of “Moneyball” Billy Beane explores his approach to management and leadership
Join your peers for lunch and networking in the Exhibit Hall before listening to our sports speaker Billy Beane
Billy Beane never should of wrote that book.
I'm not saying Ruben has to be the next Billy Beane, but he needs to do something! Phillies, Knicks, Redskins..hmmm
cue Billy Beane and Ron Washington scene from Moneyball
Like Oakland Athletics' Billy Beane you can build a winning (sales) team with limited dollars:
The Billy Beane/ sabermetrics-style goings on at have a lot riding on them; it's gonna be interesting
Hill is the nerd who works for Billy Beane.
can you ask Tim if he needs an assistant? Can I be the Jonah Hill to his Billy Beane?
Apparently Billy Beane is on my flight to Orlando. He's seated a little further forward.
That was the name used in "Moneyball" when Billy Beane laughed at his selection being a mere "high school outfielder".
Danny Ainge has borrowed some of Billy Beane’s tricks, and the are playing Moneyball:
Austin recorded a baseball show that he has been so excited to watch. Thought it was Billy Beane but it was Billy Bean. 😂😂 his face 😟😐😶
What do and Billy Beane have in common? Hint... its going to be awesome!
it's amazing what a lightening rod Billy Beane is when he does his job and Doug Wilson gets a pass for NOT doing his.
I've been a fan of his for years & I'm really rooting for him. Yeah, Billy Beane pretty much made a brand new team.
Another shot of No. 75. ... Billy Beane, Melvin and other front office figures watching.
How can you not be romantic about baseball? -- Billy Beane
So maybe I won't make it as an athlete. But that don't mean I'll let the competition pass me. I money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeans
Billy Beane is trade CarGo and Huston Street for Matt Holliday then Matt Holliday for Brett Wallace
If it's not broken, don't fix it, lose again. How'd Billy Beane's trades last season with out for the 1st place A's?
actually having read it. Thought it was by Billy Beane. (it is by Michael Lewis).
If you were the Phillies would you trade Hamels and half his remaining salary straight up for Billy Beane?
Zito among pitchers throwing in front of a crowd that includes Billy Beane and his twins.
Just finished the Billy Beane story on .and just wow, I highly advise everyone to watch it
Billy Beane: The math, money and mastermind behind the “Moneyball” success. Juan Martinez has the story:
THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer was terrible. Why is everyone excited about Billy Beane (The Force) awakening to trade Josh Dona…
As for Billy Beane and Oakland, I will never understand the Josh Donaldson trade.
Here comes Billy Beane again! Trying to get Troy Tulowitski. Yankees also in the mix to get Tulo!
GM Billy Beane said yesterday that Kendall Graveman is on the "inside track" for a rotation spot in 2015.
Has fearless GM Billy Beane remade the into AL West contenders once again?
Remember in Moneyball where Billy Beane tries to explain how they'll replace Giambi with three players? Sadly doesn't work like that in NBA.
The pundits consistently overvaluing the SEC this year recall Billy Beane's obstinate scouts in "Moneyball."
I have the Billy Beane moneyball mentality with Hank. Get the same production, if not better in 2014 w/talbot for $7M less
Money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeans
Based on this article, you CLEARLY do not understand the magical madness of Billy Beane.
You sound like Billy Beane talking about the playoffs.
Bills need to find football's version of Billy Beane
hope Billy Beane doesnt know that. He'll trade Reddick for 5 of em + put em out on assignment😳
Update your maps at Navteq
I think I figured Billy Beane
A’s talk — more on Josh Donaldson, Billy Beane; and Brandon Moss trade report -
Billy beane in a ford commercial. GO AWAY! the dumbest general manager ever. Stop puttin him on a pedestal
Billy Beane made huge mistakes & derailed the A's season & didn't own up to any of it. I don't want that.
Thanks for kind words re our doc All credit must go to club who let us film their uniquely creative Billy Beane-esque culture
Hey Billy Beane Howabout you get us Altuve for the New Year?
You don't think Billy Beane has been interesting?
I'm starting to get the Billy Beane vibe from Wenger and that really pisses me off.
"No matter how successful you are, change is always good." - Billy Beane
Billy Beane now trading away fans. Just sent this one to Michigan.
Waiting for Billy Beane to knock on my door right about now...
Billy Beane is probably working on a trade right now
When Billy Beane's risky decisions work he's a "genius". When they don't he hides behind financial restrictions. Never at fault.
enjoy vacation. Hopefully Billy Beane gives us something to talk about when you get back
Hopefully Billy Beane will let you enjoy your vacation by not making any more moves for a while :)
your NY resolution should be to realize billy beane *** & so does Moneyball (not team Moneyball though)
surprised Billy Boy Beane lets his players have any fun. He obviously thinks u guys are chattel.
Reminds me of Moneyball. Oakland A's manager wanted an extension for job security... Billy Beane was like... OR NAHHH.
can you see Billy Beane trading Sonny Gray
Report: Josh clashed with Billy Beane before trade
Billy Beane did not want to trade Josh Donaldson
So this is where Billy Beane tried to sign James Jones for his outfield defensive metrics that's how Oakland works right
Billy Beane is having a roster garage sale. Everything must go.
Billy Beane and the A's trade Derrick Norris now. I give up!!! Just trade Josh Reddick and Sonny Gray and get the fire sale over with
Good deal for Billy Beane. Next up: Scott Kazmir and Josh Reddick
Billy Beane on Jon Lester: "It's like Arthur Miller married to Marilyn Monroe for a minute. We're the Marilyn in L…
Two years ago. Billy Beane turned down Wil Myers for Brett Anderson straight-up, per this piece:
You realize Jack Z is a better GM than Billy Beane, right? And Upton for Walker is an idiotic rumor.
Re: "The D.A. Show" (loosely translated) Billy Beane . a man that plays the cards that he's dealt... We all think he's an *** . he even looks like an *** Deals Moss to Cleveland and Shark to the Chicago White Sox. . continues to be competitive, on a shoe string budget, in a dump of a ball park . . be patient . Billy's got this.
Samardzija to the white sox. Hammels already signed with the Cubs, Moss was traded, Donaldson...what is Billy Beane doing
Billy Beane has gone crazy! He's lost his mind! There is no need to trade Donaldson, Moss, and now Samardzija.
BREAKING NEWS: White Sox offer Jay Cutler to the Oakland Raiders for Samardzija and Billy Beane agrees!
DOB thinks Billy Beane is an *** but worships at the altar of Tom Hart, Bobby Cox, and JS. . This is not surprising in the least.
Billy Beane may get fired soon. Joey Wendle is the best he could get for Moss? ***
No doubt in my mind Billy Beane would have traded Jim Harbaugh after the super bowl year
36 yr old second basemen, the new market inefficiency. Billy Beane will have 3 of them to platoon by Christmas.
My Medium-hot take on the Donaldson deal and what Billy Beane is doing w/ that deal:
Hey look, Billy Beane was bored again.
you do if you're Billy Beane. He always has overpriced vet DH on his teams. Frank Thomas, Adam Dunn, Hideki Matsui
Michael Lewis is a fine writer and Billy Beane is a man of genius. This book...
“Billy Beane says he plans on Jeff Samardzija being ace of staff next year” thank god
lol I wish but if you do the research it's definitely easier, why Billy Beane has so much success, eats &sleeps it
so what do you think the Billy Beane is going to pull out of his hat? trades,or possible FA
I thought that might be what you'd say. I just don't have that Billy Beane Jedi Mind Trick power.
jenn Yeah, but there's literally nothing in Oakland I want. Except maybe a job with Billy Beane
Trades could be how teams fill SS need. Billy Beane & A's always like to wheel & deal
nah. I don't see them giving them both up but who knows. We may have another Billy Beane in the making.
That was one great quote on Billy Beane by Michael Lewis on "Moneyball" novel.
Billy Beane might be stupid enough to 😂
Leadership Lessons from "Money Ball" - I wish we all followed Billy Beane's advice as we build our teams! ~
You're crazy if you don't think Billy Beane is at least considering Sean Rodriguez.
*** Billy Beane, quit rehiring people. I'm yer best option, buddy.
I'm like the billy beane of fantasy football cause I make crazy picks and trades but I don't win.
Actually, Billy Beane is notorious for not drafting Scott Boras clients.
The behind Did Billy Beane know something the rest didn't?
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