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Billy Beane

William Lamar Billy Beane III (born March 29, 1962) is a former Major League Baseball player and the current General Manager (GM) and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics.

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David Dombrowski doing his best to one-up Billy Beane, take title of "Best GM with an alliterative name." Peter Parker still contending.
That being said, this reminds me of when Billy Beane traded Carlos Pena just to get him away from Art Howe. Who knows.
Money trade for Moneyball. Billy Beane aims for a World Series win by acquiring Jon Lester in this deadline deal ->.
GM Billy Beane on trading Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester: "Who needs offense when we're going to allow nega…
Also, Matheny wasn't playing Taveras everyday like he should so Mo pulled the move Billy Beane did to Art Howe in Moneyball.
Yoenis Cespedes traded to the Red Sox!?!? Are you kidding me. Billy Beane and I aren't friends right now.
Billy Beane sends message to O's, Angels, Tigers and Blue Jays. Go big or Go home
Billy Beane was tired of seeing Cespedes strike out so much without him getting on base.
I wonder if Billy Beane paid for Mills out of his own $$ and kept the profits after he sold him
You're looking for something undervalued to perform the same function, like Billy Beane did with Scott Cat-tree-berg.
Oh, snap. I did not remember that Robin Wright plays Billy Beane's ex-wife in "Moneyball." ...And now I want "House of Cards" back.
Kwame brown totally overachieved and had a great career. Sincerely Jamarcus Russell, Brian bosworth, Billy Beane, & Greg Oden
Billy Beane allegedly told Epstein "you're getting Barry Larkin" in reference to Addison Russel, who they got for Shark
"Technology will transform the social fabric of sport," writes Billy Beane for
"We certainly hope that this is the last year that we're obvious sellers at the trade deadline." How the bleep can Theo Epstein keep from bursting out in laughter making such a statement? The Cubs will be July sellers til who knows when... Billy Beane got Theo on this one big time folks... and today's 13-0 pounding... that's just the start folks... BTW... Go Cubs!
Big trade between the A's and Cubs. Cubs deal top of the rotation starters Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija for prospects Addison Russell(SS), Bill McKinney(OF) and Dan Straily. As usual, the media declares this a win and a good decision for the A's and Billy Beane. If the Yanks or any other team does this, it's a bad decision. The media is declaring this trade the move that puts the A's in the World Series with Detroit's Justin Verlander being quoted as saying the A's did it "because of us" as in they need top guns to go against the Tigers' top guns. Let me try to break this down and poke some holes in these theories.   10% Off
no surprise that Billy Beane outsmarted Jim Hendry.
Billy Beane does it again! Great job picking up Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Chicago Cubs. *** we had to give Addison Russell as part of it, but as myself and Bauce Man have said before on A's Fan Radio, in order to get talent, you have to give up talent.
Billy Beane wants it all this year. Welcome to Oakland, Jeff.
If Jed deals with Billy Beane, I will call for the rehiring of Jim Hendry
Billy Beane. John Henry. And the business. My column in Editor & Publisher.
Former Cy Young Award Winner Bob Welch Passes at 57   OAKLAND, Calif. – Bob Welch, a former Cy Young Award winner and the last Major League pitcher to win at least 25 games in a season, has passed away at the age of 57, the Oakland Athletics announced today.   Welch, a two-time All-Star who posted a 27-6 record as the Cy Young Award winner on the Athletics’ 1990 American League championship team, passed away in Seal Beach, Calif. last night.  Cause of death was unavailable.   “We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Bob Welch,” said A’s President Michael Crowley. “He was a legendary pitcher who enjoyed many of his best seasons with the Oakland A’s.  He will always be a significant part of our franchise’s history, and we mourn his loss.  We send our greatest sympathies to his family and friends.”   "This is a sad day for the entire A's organization,” said Billy Beane, the A’s vice president and General Manager. “Those of us who knew Bob as a teammate and a friend w ...
Could the A's deal for Utley? June, 9, 2014 Jun 9 8:09 AM ET By Doug Mittler | 30 4 Comments (6) Email Print The Oakland Athletics have the best record in the American League despite limited offensive pop at second base. Could California native Chase Utley fill that void as July 31 approaches? Oakland second baseman are hitting a league-low .218, so Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle asks whether GM Billy Beane could seek an upgrade over the combination of Eric Sogard, Nick Punto and Alberto Callaspo. Slusser cautions that a trade would be difficult since the A's won't part with their top prospect, shortstop Addison Russell, while other potential trade pieces, such as minor-league right-hander Raul Alcantara, are battling injuries. That brings us to Utley, who is enjoying a career revival at plate (.314/.371/.498) even though the Phillies are in last place in the National League East. Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro must decide whether it is time to break up his aging cast of vete ...
but we did have future GM"s and managers. Billy Beane, JP Ricciardi, Steve Phillips, Lloyd McClendon
Kawakami: Oakland A's G.M. Billy Beane does it again - San Jose Mercury News via
Also why Billy Beane was "revolutionary." If you're different, you better be right or the old guard will run you out.
Remember how Billy Beane supposedly traded Carlos Pena so Art Howe couldn't play him? Alderson might need to same with EYJ for Collins.
Keynote speakers include Maria Shriver and Billy Beane of the Oakland As and takes place at the Hyatt Regency
Billy Beane/Brad Pitt pics just seem to tug at the heart strings.
I share a bday with Cy Young and Billy Beane!! (top THAT) jk HAPPY bday!
However, baseball managers; especially in the AL are massively overrated. Just ask Billy Beane
"It's hard not to be romantic about baseball" -Billy Beane
Playoffs are a crapshoot. Like Billy Beane said, you plan for the regular season and then just let the chips fall in October.
Our only chance is to do what billy beane would tell us. See more pitches and get Fernandez out as soon as possible.
I have to admit, the Giants fans make it very hard to despise the ground upon which they walk when they line up on the BART train to genuflect at Billy Beane and tell me they want us to win the American League.
You sent the blog your stats questions and we answer them. First up, batting average on balls in play and the NHL's Billy Beane.
A's have Bob Melvin and Billy Beane. Two proven winners, leaders and great men to steer ship Hope Cal can be as successful
Thanks to and for the questions in this week's mailbag
Wheres Billy Beane to work the Selig and prospects for Silver trade?
Billy Beane subject of changed the way baseball was run. Hear him keynote
the reaction of the "old school" scouts when Billy Beane suggests players to replace Giambi/Damon is so great
Just listened to an amazing speech by Billy Beane. Beane is the GM for the Oakland A's and Brad Pitt portrayed...
Billy Beane speaking at the NSGA show. Amazing!
Listening to Billy Beane speak at our conference on Lessons for Life.
Batting average on balls in play and the NHL’s Billy Beane in this week’s mailbag
Who better to keynote Digital Disruption June event than subject of Billy Beane
Billy Beane, General Manager and subject of keynotes Digital Disruption.
Feel like Billy Beane today with my fantasy team. I have just cleaned house. 7 traded and 1 released.
I'm Money Ball, Billy Beane in some skinny jeans.
Meanwhile, the A's have lost half of their rotation and have an AL best +42 run differential. Billy Beane is awesome.
my point is that the A's can produce gr8 players but they haven't won and point is to win. Billy Beane has yet to achieve that
AND He was out pitched tonight by a complete game shoutout! Unbelievable the Billy Beane As Baseball!
I'm gonna do a Billy Beane and not watch Game 7.
The world may not be ready for a true closer committee, but Billy Beane is. on A's bullpen experiment.
Billy beane might as well give him a job, because the own Yu Darvish
"I hate losing just as much as I hate winning and there is a difference" - Billy Beane
I got to hear Billy Beane speak last week.He was awesome!
Billy Beane is one of the greatest things to baseball. Analytics were re-defined by the aforementioned.
I Money Ball billy beane and some skinny jeans
you'd think the Rangers would have learned by watching Moneyball that Billy Beane wanted his team to make the pitcher work
Through five innings, the game is almost two hours old and the A's have worked the count to three balls (or more) 13 times out of 23 hitters. You happy now, Billy Beane?
Wow, I didn't imagine this happening. Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers doesn't make it out of the 4th inning, trailing the Oakland A's 4-0. I have never seen Darvish get chased this early (3 1/3 innings...shortest outing of his MLB career). Another thing about the A's is that Billy Beane always seems to manage to field a competitive team in spite of his small market payroll.
yeah, that Billy Beane guy must not know what he's doing.
The As are nasty I really hope billy beane finally gets his World Series title
great job once again by billy beane. Math helps with regular season but *** the playoffs are tough to pass.
“you guys shhh Billy Beane is a vampire” O_o
Billy Beane had a really good year in 1984, actually
you guys shhh Billy Beane is a vampire
A's, Beane recast closer role, to mixed results: Can Billy Beane take on conventional wisdom yet again?
Possibly OBP based steroids created by Billy Beane
Billy Beane "it's not hard to beat tell him Wash.". Ron Washington "It's incredibly hard."
"It's hard not to be romantic about baseball. This kind of thing, it's fun for the fans." -Billy Beane, "MoneyBall"
Noted big brained Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane announced plans to study the value of $2 bills. The Athletics are one of the most cash strapped teams in Major League Baseball, but have been...
“I hate losing more than I even want to win” - Billy Beane of & subject of will keynote
I agree with Billy Beane. Sport is better followed on the wireless, watching games just clouds your judgement.
Anybody headed to Park City for IS.Accelerate 2014? Just booked it & excited to hear my old Danville, CA neighbor Billy Beane
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Yup. I never read Billy Beane to mean his teams couldn't win in playoffs, just that randomness overtakes design.
Call me a Billy Beane fanboy if you want, but it does concern me that the Tigers aren't walking, 4th fewest base on balls in baseball
can you short your offerings? If you can, Billy Beane will murder this market
he's got some very compromising pictures of billy beane's last trip to Baja
Check out a cool website that sponsors the Billy Beane page.
Fact. Baseball and boxing are the best subjects. "How can you not be romantic about baseball? -Billy Beane"
Time is running out! Join us for the 28th annual WIN Lecture Series Dinner on Friday, May 16 to hear keynote speaker Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics and subject of the best selling book and 2011 hit movie Moneyball. Billy Beane’s revolutionary strategies led the Oakland Athletics to six American League West titles since 2000 using his Moneyball philosophy to increase efficiency, profitability, and effective management across numerous organizations and industries. Join us at the Atlantis Casino on May 16 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. for an energizing and entertaining evening. Ticket information and pricing can be found at Proceeds support WIN’s breakfast meeting program and the WIN scholarship fund.
Billy Beane as a young Brad Pitt? What a random anecdote on the back, too!
Uh oh Oakland A's. You better hope the Anaheim Angels don't figure out how to pitch cause if they do, you guys are done in the division. If that happens Billy Beane is breaking that team up and moving you boys out of Oakland. Albert pujols looking like Albert pujols of old
Honestly, unless you're hiring Billy Beane or Gregg Popovich, I couldn't care less about executive/coach hires. Begins & ends with players.
A's GM Billy Beane says Sonny Gray is "just like Tim Hudson."
It's not the first time you've heard the comparison, but Billy Beane says Sonny Gray reminds him of Tim Hudson more and more everyday.
Woot, first win of 2014 is in the books! Spectacular job by Scott Kazmir. What a great pickup by Billy Beane.
Though if you wanna find Moneyball 2.0 before everyone knows about them, the Astros have like Billy Beane to the extreme
Moneyball: The character of Billy Beane, played by actor Brad Pitt, is portrayed as divorced, but in reality he had remarr…
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Brad Pitt, Actor: Inglourious Basterds. An actor and producer known as much for his versatility as he is for his handsome face, Golden Globe-winning actor Brad Pitt's most widely recognized role may be Tyler Durden in Fight Club (1999). But his portrayals of Billy Beane in Moneyball (2011), and Rust...
Sandy Alderson wasn't afraid of stat guys as A's GM in baseball all those years ago. Neither was Billy Beane.
who of these 5 would you remove for Lou: RC Buford, Ken Holland, Stan Bowman, Bill Belichick, Billy Beane?
Has Moneyball Worked at Liverpool? By Jon Eastwood Moneyball originated from Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team. The Oakland A’s lost three of their star players and they did not have the money to compete with the bigger teams in the league such as the New York Yankees. In a football sense it could compare to Liverpool trying to compete with Manchester City on a financial basis. The reason Liverpool are trying to use the moneyball system is because John W.Henry (the Liverpool Owner) is a huge fan of this system and has introduced it to the Boston Red Sox, another team he owns. The moneyball system looks at players in a different way and uses a sabermetric analysis. Sabermetric analysis looks at the statistics of the player. This system will ask objective questions, such as who is the best offensive player in the Premier League. The common answer to this could be the leading strikers are Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero or Robin Van Persie. But the sabermetric answer would be Leigh ...
Billy Beane is the Steve Jobs of baseball
Michael Morse shows off power in workout (and Billy Beane nods affirmatively):
Lew Wolff & Billy Beane the devil and the angel
ironic, when he played for billy beane's A's
I wish we could see what Billy Beane could do as an NBA GM.
Lew Wolff and Billy Beane made an appearance at A's spring training today...
Thumbs up to my man up in the sixers front office . Sammy Hinke- The Billy Beane of basketball
Billy Beane and Lew Wolf enjoying the sunshine as they watch their team practice.
I am convinced that we will never be prepared to live until we are prepared to die. Billy Graham, The Heaven Answer Bo…
Will we grieve for lost loved ones when we are in Heaven? In God's glorious presence, all our concerns & griefs will b…
I hate losing more than I even wanna win - Billy Beane "Moneyball"
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Fantasy Baseball brings out the Billy Beane in me!
Sandy's grandson Billy Beane wont be happy abt this podcast.
C'mon let's make some Billy Beane moves and get this ball rolling!
That comes down to org culture & willingness to try new approaches. Every org needs a "Billy Beane" type to push it through.
Measure like Billy Beane and become an
Andy Dwyer was Scott Hatteberg in another life which basically makes Dennis Lindsey Billy Beane!
Billy Beane: Would you rather get one shot in the head or five in the chest and bleed to death?
"None of this matters if we don't win the last game of the year. It won't mean a thing. They will dismiss us." - Billy Beane
*** Billy Beane took Addison Russell and left Sandy Alderson with Gavin Cecchini.
Parenthood: GM Billy Beane on trying to put his twin daughters to bed Wednesday night: "It's easier to find a fifth starter."
We need one more member to complete my Fantasy Baseball Keeper League "Gotta Keep 'Em All". It is a 1+ year commitment (hence keeper league). Points based scoring system. Must be a cool person or Billy Beane, all other applicants can shove it. Message me for details.
I once sat next to the real Billy Beane at a minor league game...
ranks preseason No. 5 (though they still seem like Billy Beane's mechanical turk to us fans, too).
A's GM Billy Beane told he knew they had to be aggressive in bidding for Punto since the Dodgers probably wanted him back
Billy Beane: Baseball executive who molded the Oakland A's into one of baseball’s most consistent achievers.
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Progressive and talented professional baseball executive Billy Beane molded the Oakland Athletics into one of baseball’s most consistent achievers since taking over as General Manager following the 1997 season.
My Econ professor is a dead ringer for Billy Beane.
I made one decision in my life based on $$ and I swore I'd never do it ever again - Billy Beane
In case you missed what Billy Beane said about his pursuit of last night on
rumor has it Billy Beane's first act as an asst GM was trying to convince the A's to draft Julia Roberts
Billy Beane's remark about was that he has his own issues to deal sewage, apparently, in the Coliseum.
Buried in this discussion: How has JD escaped criticism for being SEVERELY out-GM'd by cash-poor Billy Beane last 2 seasons?
best move Knicks could make is reach out to Billy Beane and see if he can work his magic in the NBA
"I pay you to get on first, not get thrown out at second." -Billy Beane
"The real question is: Do they get on base?"- Billy Beane
I feel bad for Billy Beane... Someone ask me why...
How much does Billy Beane respect Frank Thomas? The name of the Oakland A's fantasy football league is The Big Hurt Fan Club.
In the movie Moneyball,Billy Beane(Brad Pitt) and Peter Brand(Jonah Hill),the Data Scientist of Oakland A's used only statistics and analytics to pick players in the team
You know you lived in Poway and vicinty in the 70's and 80's played sports with or against Billy Beane, Darren Balsley, Eric Anthony, Dan Farren, the Lord brothers, John Colborne, Phil Plantier, Jud Buechler and any of the other local talent that I can't remember right now!!
Billy Beane: I know these guys. I know the way they think, and they will erase us. And everything we've done here, none of it'll matter. Any other team wins the World Series, good for them. They're drinking champagne, they get a ring. But if we win, on our budget, with this team... we'll have changed the game. And that's what I want. I want it to mean something.
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My data analysis professor is going to learn a lot about the early 2000 oakland As and billy beane. Finally an interesting paper
Drove my first celebrity last week. Mr Billy Beane. What a cool guy. Conversation was non stop and he was a very genuine guy. For those who may not know who he is , he is the director, and writer for the movie "Money Ball" which is his life story. Also the GM of the Oakland A's. I always work with the coolest clients
(1)  Moneyball This is my favorite innovation film. It would be hard to imagine a better vehicle to teach all aspects of innovation. It’s nominally about baseball, but really, it’s about implementation of an innovative way to do something. It has all the typical steps of innovation: drastic need, lack of resources, a breakthrough concept, bold steps, team building, resistance to change, enrollment in the project, depths of despair and ultimately triumph. The initial meeting with the old scouts is what every innovator with a vision has faced. Fave clip might be the mid-season meeting where innovator hero Billy Beane convinces the team owner to stay the course on the new approach. Or, a clip with the late, great, Philip Seymour Hoffman playing a very innovation-resistant passive-aggressive team manager. Hard to go wrong.(2)  Mad Men Okay, it’s not a movie. Still, there are so many lessons related to innovation in this series you could write a book about it. Every single episode contains complex cre ...
Everyone assumed I was at annual, lol! I kept saying I wasn't at annual, I was in Vegas! :) I wish I was at annual though Billy Beane & Lenny Kravitz :)
Thanks to Billy Beane and Moneyball I've decided to sink my teeth into the player analytics of curling... ...why not?...I've got 5 minutes to kill.
Had a great week with some pretty awesome peeps! From the adventures enroute to Orlando with Jill Jackson-Holtsman to the midnight grocery shop at Walmart, to the inevitable costco shop when with Blair and Jill, dinner with the CRA Peeps, an extended duration board meeting. Seminars seminars seminars, CRA hospitality suite, an evening or two with Mark Scarce, keynote session with Billy Beane, a great bunch of show hours for all out shopping needs, a "Big Splash" at seaworld. Another evening with my HRIA peeps, and Erik Mosley, more show then a catch up day at the villa, insane storm, a rough sleep anf now I sit at the airport thinking that a couple of extra days would have been great as I didn't get a chance to visit enough with Jill, Blair, James Morden, Bridget Wight. Maybe in September. Or a summer holiday.??? Oh and let's not forget about the late night chat with the lovely Christine Scarce. That was a nice surprise! .sigh. Why must All good things must come to an end.!
Have I ever mentioned I have the best job in the world working for the very best company in the world? Let's recap the last few days. Motivational speaker - Billy Beane from the Oakland A,s talking about Moneyball - anyone see that movie? Motivational speaker - Tim Tebow. Then for our ceremony Kenny Mayne and Sage Steele facilitated... Now on to the entertainment ... Lenny Kravitz! Have I mentioned all of this is happening in Las Vegas??? BLESSED!
Just watched Moneyball for the first time. Whole new appreciation for Billy Beane and Sabermetrics. Great, great baseball movie. Oh, and pitchers and catchers for the National League Champions reported to Spring Training today! All is right with the world again...
I can't do photoshop but photoshopping Hinkie's face on Brad Pitt as Billy Beane doing pull ups would be fun.
Billy Beane is one of the most successful General Managers in baseball. The only thing missing from his career is that elusive World Series title.
Just finished player selection for Bella's spring soccer team. I feel like Billy Beane.
IMO I think Reddick was wise not to show up at FanFest. Avoided lots of sensitive and difficult to deal with questions that could come back to bite him at the upcoming hearings if he doesn't settle before the hearing date which is coming up soon. The arbitration hearings end Feb 21. Here's a note about it:Josh Reddick was one notable absence at the Athletics' FanFest today, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Reddick is arbitration eligible and has yet to agree to a deal, but such players still attend team events, according to Slusser. When asked about Reddick's case, GM Billy Beane indicated a lack of concern, commenting, "these things always get done." The outfielder is projected to earn $2.2MM in his first trip through the abritration process by MLBTR's Matt Swartz.
Effective Executives: balance the inner Billy Beane (Statistical Insights) and Joe Morgan (Wisdom), via
Billy Beane getting me going this morning. He was great to listen to and runs the team as a business and turns a profit every year. One of the few teams in the league that does.
Nice piece The benefits-and limits-of decision models Billy Beane vs Joe Morgan...
Billy beane awesome keynote speech.even got to ask him a question lol
Keynote speaker this year - manager of the Oakland A's and subject of the awesome movie, Moneyball: Billy Beane!!! Very, very cool!!!
The A's roster has a lot of new faces heading into the 2014 season, and GM Billy Beane said he has a 'pretty good idea' of the 25-man roster.
By all accounts, Billy Beane was a cool dude. But his ultimate gift from the world was probably being portrayed by Brad Pitt.
In December of 2011, the Oakland Athletics acquired Josh Reddick (Raul Alcantara and Miles Head) from Boston for Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney. In the 2012 season there was no doubt that GM Billy Beane was the clear winner … Continue reading → [ 335 more words. ]
It's unlikely the low-budget A's are making an offer to Masahiro Tanaka. But it’s never wise to assume you’ve got Billy Beane's thought process figured out.
Andy Reid is very by the book but he wrote the book. He's the Billy Beane of football.
...kinda liking the prediction by SI: 10. Billy Beane's you-know-what finally works in the playoffs. The well-rounded club put together by Oakland's General Manager will win its first World Series in 25 years. The A's, who have won just one postseason series in eight tries under Beane's leadership, have either above-average players or capable platoons at every position, plus a dynamic young rotation and the makings of the game's best bullpen. They'll defeat the Nationals -- who will do in 2014 what they were supposed to do in '13 by reaching the Fall Classic -- and return the championship trophy to the Bay Area for the third time in five seasons. Read More:
It's Hall of Fame time and you will start to hear about how Mike Piazza can't be a legitimate HOFer because he was a 62nd round draft pick. Well here are some very successful low drafted/no drafted MLBers - Keith Hernandez, 41st round; Tom Herr, undrafted; Kevin Mitchell, undrafted; Dan Quisenberry, undrafted. There are many more. Here are some first round picks who were total busts - Billy Beane, John Gibbons, Steve Lyons, Sam Horn, Derek Lilliquist. And there are many more. The fact that Mike Piazza was a 62nd round draft pick should have zero bearing on his HOF worthiness.
You know this s*** f* *** my niece and my nephews grandma is on her way over to pick up their Christmas presents I am so f* tired of not being able to see them its been three years since I have been in a room with send longer than five f* minutes here goes another Christmas without my niece and my nephew I just don't understand anymore and I'm tired of thinking and thinking everybody says Billy Beane iCable Billy is tired of being nice something's gotta give I'm sick of this s*** feeling like punching somebody in the f* face
I'm glad the Rangers and Angels are determined to answer the question "How much more money do you have to spend on players than Billy Beane to win the AL West?"
Soo the Rangers have Fielder, Darvish, and Choo; Mariners have Cano and Hernandez; Angels have Pujols and Hamilton; and the A's have Billy Beane. Let the race begin!... sorry Astros.
How can you Not be romantic about baseball...-Billy Beane
Happy Jonah Hill! - Brad Pitt: "How can you not be romantic about baseball?!" - "It's a metaphor." [from Bennett Miller's "MoneyBall", with (as real life Oakland Athletics' Manager Billy Beane), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright]
Today's draft pick blast from the past -Billy Beane would be promoted in October of 1997 to GM by the A's. This will be his 1st draft, being the A's GM in 1998, they have the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Beane and his staff decided the player they want is pitching in the Big Ten, pitching for the Spartans of Michigan State, Mark Mudler. Mudler who pitched for the Thunderbirds of Thornwood High School in South Holland Illinois. He is drafted in the 55th round by the Tigers and he does not sign. Mudler pitches 9 seasons in the big leagues. The southpawer wins 21 games for the A's in his 2nd season of 2001 and finishes 2nd in the voting for the Cy Young
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I KNEW IT!! Billy Beane knew all along about Balfour
In yet another December trade by General Manager Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics have acquired outfielder Corey Brown from the Washington Nationals for cash.
Richard Justice has a good column up about Billy Beane today. He notes Beane’s role as a transformative figure and how, despite the fact that every GM this side of Ruben Amaro has followed Beane’s approach — and despite the fact most of them have more money to work with than he does — Beane’s…
Just an article on the amazing Billy Beane
According to Greg Papa (the voice of the Raiders), on a number of occasions Billy Beane told Papa that he wanted a chance to run the Raiders. How interesting would that be...
Awesome.Now if they build it.the Only thing to do after that is Get Rid of Billy Beane...and maybe then I might like Oakland again...
American actor, from TV. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Ray Liotta studied at the University of Miami. Best performances: "Something Wild," "Narc," "The Rat Pack" (as Frank Sinatra), "Goodfellas (as Henry Hill), "Identity," "Smokin' Aces," "Hannibal," and "Field of Dreams" (as Shoeless Joe Jackson). American leading actor, from TV. Raised in the Ozark Mountains, Oklahoma, Brad Pitt left his journalism studies at the University of Missouri to seek work as an actor in Los Angeles, California. He was paid a reported $17.5 million plus 15% of the first-dollar gross to star in "Meet Joe Black." Best performances: "True Romance," "Inglourious Basterds," "Fight Club," "World War Z," "Moneyball" (as Billy Beane), "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "12 Monkeys," "Babel," "Legends of the Fall," "Burn After Reading," and "Thelma & Louise."
So, Mr. Moneyball (who has had a movie made but hasn't won anything) Billy Beane traded prospects for their closer in Baltimore who makes $10.4 million watched the closer he could've retained sign with the Orioles. What math does that work under where Balfour (who had a better year than Johnson) is getting paid $2.6 million less. Win for Orioles. I think Beane needs a good program.
Just finished back to back to back conference calls in my shorts and slippers. I feel like Billy Beane.
And the A's pitching rotation takes another blow today.Bartolo Colon signs with the Mets.. I'm getting concerned about reshuffling our staff like this...but I trust in Billy Beane.
Moneyball, what a film 󾮞. United could do with a Billy Beane at the moment, just in time for the January transfer window and all!
Watching "Money Ball" for probably the 8th time (part of my routine to get through the non-baseball season) and really struck (not for the first time) by the sub-plot between Billy Beane and his daughter...
When applying for a job with the Oakland A's, should I do my cover letter as a direct message to Billy Beane?
Can we get Billy Beane to be the GM for every team that calls the Coliseum home? Each year I consider jumping ship and each year I decide to give it another shot.
Billy Beane, definitely. What other General Manager can shake it up like him? tinker, tinker, tinker!
Scott Boras: "Billy Beane is the master of goulash. You never know what's in it. You just know it's good at the end of the year."
Billy Beane acquires Billy Burns and Jim Johnson to go with John Jaso and Coco Crisp. Billy Beane loves alliteration.
I've noticed that a lot of Hollywood people operate by the phone rules that Brad Pitt (playing Billy Beane) gives in "Moneyball." Once they hear you agree to what they want, they end the call, usually in about one sentence.
Oakland Athletics, Billy Beane bring rotation depth to Winter ...: With their busiest work week of the offseas...
Wish I was at the Winter Meetings in Orlando with my boss Billy Beane.
A’s bring rotation depth to annual Meetings
Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in might be one of my all time favorite performances
Oakland brings rotation depth to annual Meetings - -
management needs to sip Billy Beane juice for these meetings..
Ok, Billy Beane, why dont you get out of your negative flipping vibe for once and realize, we need veteran players
and how many World Series has Billy Beane won with his logic. Oh that's right none.
For the life of me, I will never understand why people think "potential" is a measurable metric. (See Billy Beane, Ryan Leaf, Mark Ingram)
Oakland brings rotation depth to annual Meetings
Oakland brings rotation depth to annual Meetings -
Mike Rizzo and Billy Beane are going to spend the entire Winter Meetings drinking in the hotel bar.
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It's almost time for the Winter Meetings!!! So exciting!! Make some deals billy Beane
i dont like trading with Billy Beane. He always wins
“The calm before a Billy Beane trade.
The calm before a Billy Beane trade.
Team Gust gave hope to all. "Mack Gust is to fantasy football what Billy Beane is too baseball" - Matthew Berry
Nice, you get to go to the Winter Meetings? Tell Billy Beane to get me Yan Gomes
dudes like the Billy Beane of football
And he has the same number of WS titles as Billy Beane. Take that, sabremetrics!
Not as if Jack Z has been able to Billy Beane the Mariners out of the gutters that often, even by accident.
I hear ya & to a degree true but that's more billy beane tho even he is changing with that kazmir contract. Happy for kazmir
For the record, Billy Beane inherited team with Giambi, Tejada, Chavez, Hudson, Had two top 10 picks, took Zito and Mulder.
he should have been there all along. Could this be Nonis doing his Billy Beane impersonation?
"It doesn't mean anything if you don't win the last game of the year" - Billy Beane
Plenty of business left for A's at Winter Meetings: CSNBayArea » Billy Beane has already...
I need baseball trades and signings...c'mon people...where's Billy Beane when you need him!
Billy Beane has already been busy this offseason, but with the Winter Meetings starting on Monday, he still has plenty of work left to do.
Billy Beane may have been to something about not letting the coach choose the roster
"Uhh...can we...uhh...have Carlos Gonzalez back?"--Billy Beane
Tough one. but would have to stay with Billy Beane"s team
The have an identity problem, either be a big spender or go the Billy Beane route, the in-between method doesn't work in MLB
billy beane would have traded him for someone. Start making deals a year early rather than year too late
I'm loving the moves Billy Beane is making
"We are all just trying to win the last game of the season."- Billy Beane
Don't know if Cano is going to completely change a terrible team but hey, Billy Beane did it.
I now understand why Billy Beane chooses not to watch A's games. This is nerve wrecking to the point it's almost not even fun.
There but for the grace of Billy Beane go I.
Now it kind of makes sense why Billy Beane is going for it all the next 2 years. He wants to win in Oakland BAD.
"Vice President" Billy Beane's proximity to the "frontline" makes the difference. He knows and understands what the data mean.
Billy Beane Wheelin’ and Dealin’! Oh and the Astros too by Jamie Sayer
yep. Worked for Billy Beane. Really well the last two years.
Arsene Wenger at Arsenal has always had a Moneyball-like approach.
Alls I know is, day one of the Winter Meetings I better read that Frank Wren was seen at dinner with Billy Beane or SOMETHIN
Sports stats are cool & seldom lie. But unless you're applying to be the next Billy Beane, there are better uses of over-analyzation in life
I really think Oakland should change their name to Billy Beane. Just feels right.
Heh..."Billy Beane". Also, nice use of the Coliseum. Only park with foul territory big enough to list all 30 teams. :)
Beane does heavy lifting before Winter Meetings
*** so you're saying the likelihood of the Ms scoring Billy Beane in the first ever player for GM trade is slim?
If you really want to get to the World Series, Billy Beane, then make a deal for Shelby Miller. Figure it out.
in the time it took me to write this Billy Beane traded 17 players. Only two of which were on his team. In the same amount of time Brian Sabean traded Pokemon cards with Pablo Sandoval. Your 2014 World Series champion San Francisco Giants
I apologise for the screen real-estate this will eat. It's a rough day. An open letter to Josh Byrnes, General Manager of the San Diego Padres: Hi Josh, Look, I get it. Billy Beane is some sort of mystic, it's easy to understand being fleeced anytime we're swapping with Oakland. However, I'm not fully convinced you even looked at this deal. Luke Gregerson for Seth Smith? Really? Luke's xFIP for his career is 3.24 which, I'm not sure if you know, is pretty *** good. I'm using xFIP, because you know, Petco (I'm not actually convinced you would know, FYI). That .210 BAA over five years is pretty nice as well. And, the cherry on top, he's consistently healthy: he's appeared in an average of 72 games per season during his tenure in San Diego. Wow, what a great arm we've got here! I agree with you on one thing: trading him was certainly a priority! And while we're at it, Seth Smith, while not ideal, is actually a realistic image of what kind of Major League-ready talent we could have received in a deal involvi ...
Billy Beane is the poor man Pat Riley
Great question on Gary & Larry this morning (sans Gary)... You're being given the gift of an expansion baseball team for a holiday gift. Who do you hire as your GM...Brian Sabean or Billy Beane??
If you are in Billy Beane's division, and he calls about a trade, hang up the phone. Immediately.
Big-spending Billy Beane will be played by a sinister Josh Brolin in the feature film. Richard Jenkins will be a bumbling Bob Melvin.
Just saw Billy Beane at *** Sporting Goods. Hopefully he was shopping for Nelson Cruz.
Billy Beane told me today he has no regrets about ultimately deciding against taking the Red Sox GM job 11 years ago.
There is a quote from a movie that I think of now and again when I watch baseball.  It is from "Moneyball", in which Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the General Manager for the Oakland Athletics.  He says several times in this film, "how can you not be romantic about baseball?"  Today, I am a little romantic about baseball.  I grew up playing the game.  From t-ball to high school.  I played recreational modified fast-pitch softball as a young adult since there were no adult baseball leagues in my home town and I wasn't good enough to make it to the next level.  I have a soft spot for the game of baseball, the tradition, the lore, the legend.  I struggle to watch televised games and rarely see games live, but deep down, baseball is my favorite of the major four sports.  I have been a Detroit Tigers fan since I started playing ball.  I mimicked Trammell and Whitaker turning a double play, toed the pitching rubber like Jack Morris and swung for the fences like Kirk Gibson.  As a little tike, I watche ...
Billy Beane's Xwife in moneyball is Jenny from Forest Gump. I did not know that.
kind of like how they all say Billy Beane and Theo Epstein are geniuses?
We here so much about Sandy Alderson, Billy Beane, Brian Cashman, and Theo Epstein. Who is the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals? He's probably the best in the game.
you say the can't draw any fans. I say fans are boycotting until Billy Beane quits or Lew Wolff sells the team.
Billy Beane + Lew Wolff = NEVER winning a WS. Got to have big time players to win, not cheap hopefulls
Impressive work from Dan Otero, 2 scoreless innings. What a find he has been for the Thank you Billy Beane!
did you lend Steve Lyons to Billy Beane for tonights game?
Billy Beane and Johnny Ramone interviewed together in '02. Who knew that Billy is a Punk Rocker? via
Billy Beane needs to get Scott Hatteberg an at bat right now
Watching the A's/Tigers, I can't help but ask, where is Scott Hatteberg? And is Billy Beane watching from the teadmill?
7. Billy Beane's ultimate "Moneyball" move: hires Jose Valverde, who somehow performs lights-out against the Tigers
Since Theo Epstein took over the Cubs: Oakland A's Record 2012-2013 Won 190 games Lost 134 ( Billy Beane) Chicago Cubs Record Won 127 games Lost 197 (Theo Epstein) This is what you get when you settle for Billy Beane light.
I wonder what Scott Hatteberg felt like when Billy Beane randomly showed up @ his house & offered him a MLB contract to play a new position
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"A's are in second place for most homeruns in Major League baseball". Billy Beane: yea but do they get on base?
If I'm the Seattle Mariners, I'd rather sign Billy Beane for $30MM/year than Robinson Cano. General Manager is most important player on a MLB team.
My favorite part of the movie Moneyball is the way it completely glosses over the fact that the A's 1) had Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, and Barry Zito (when he was still good) along with Miguel Tejada, and 2) have never actually done anything in the playoffs under Billy Beane, meaning "moneyball" doesn't really work.
Billy Beane reacts to Jason Giambi's walk off home run!.
The Arsenal America Podcast: Jim Van Wijk of the Press Association and Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oak...
Josh Reddick . Photo bombing Billy Beane - love it!!!
The Trevor Cahill trade and the Andrew Bailey trade and even the Gio Gonzalez trade have all been wins for the a's. Billy Beane is the best
Another hit by Daric Barton, as lead 9-4 in fifth. Billy Beane now kissing cardboard cutout of Barton.
Who you gonna pie first Billy Beane or Bob Melvin?
GM Billy Beane should move on to better organization - Chicago Tribune via
In the book Moneyball, Billy Beane supposedly told Art Howe to stand in the dugout rather than sit, to look more inspiring to his players.
Andre Ethier for Milton Bradley. Which doofus got the short end of that deal? Oh yeah...Billy Beane.
Of the 30 current GMs, only three have Major League experience: Jerry Dipoto, Billy Beane, and Ruben Amaro.
Mike Rizzo, Billy Beane, and Theo Epstein should probably just start their own fantasy baseball league.
Billy Beane keynote speaker at Hilliard Lyons National Forum. Telling stories of Brad and AJ.
Word is, Billy Beane got career backup Kurt Suzuki back in Oakland. They need depth, on the other hand, the Nats are almost cancer free.
Maybe..maybe not...perhaps Arsenal is where he wants to be a la Billy Beane and Oakland?
Salute to Jon Daniels in Texas and Billy Beane in Oakland. Those guys have been really good at what they do the past few years...
Shoutout to both and ! Brad Pitt played Billy Beane , A's General Manager
Yeah man. Bunting is like the worst thing ever because Billy Beane told me and I'm gonna roll with it. Lol
This game is a Billy Beane wet dream come true. 10+ runs, no home runs. OBPs at 1.000...
Very true. I imagine the scouts who said Billy Beane had "the face" would've been desperate to get Kemp on their teams.
Based the trading patterns lately, I'd be very concerned if Mike Rizzo, Theo Epstein and Billy Beane ever went out drinking together
Berry Zito would be a great veteran addition to the bull pin. It may be a long shot to get him, but Billy Beane can do it.
Mr has a marketing background and has done a good job this year. Would love even more creativeness. Billy Beane style.
Already given up on my fantasy team. Might put a load of unknown players just in to be like Billy Beane
If you want/need to deal like Billy Beane you can't brag you've got Brian Cashman's budget.
Billy Beane signs with Jays. Jays trade for A-Rod. Shaugger's there to catch "the speech". Dare to dream
"I hate losing. I hate it. I hate losing even more than I wanna win" - billy beane
Off to Denver today. Moneyball theme at my clients event. Billy Beane opening, I'm closing. Can't wait.
38 years ago today,the Ramones played their 1st show at CBGB. Here's a pic of Johnny Ramone & Billy Beane. http…
Hold on here! Billy Beane's idol is Arsene Wenger... I see what's going on here. playing
it's like Billy Beane thinks like Theo lol and that actually turned into win-win even if Beckett is horrible
In the words of Billy Beane: Huntington does not matter!
Random Twins: Billy Beane had 1 RBI for '87 Twins, a 12th inn walkoff 1B against Brewers...Kirby was good too. Box:
Even though it's a different sport, I always feel like Billy Beane on draft night for fantasy football.
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