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Billy Beane

William Lamar Billy Beane III (born March 29, 1962) is a former Major League Baseball player and the current general manager (GM) and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics.

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Billy Beane of the Oakland A's was the best speaker so far. Looks more like Brad Pitt than I thought he would
ICYMI, I wrote about the Celtics, Billy Beane & how the IT trade exploits a market inefficiency in the NBA:
Great speech on analytics by Billy Beane. Come by booth 217 to continue the discussion on data and analytics
Billy Beane - Team chemistry is coming with the winning, just like in business. When you win its all working great.
Moneyball Billy Beane shares his statistical data secrets and arbitrage at the RILA - UPS luncheon.
We enjoyed hearing Billy Beane speak at the luncheon today. Billy Beane is the GM of the
Job perks...listening to Billy Beane, subject of the movie Moneyball, on his thoughts about…
Unreal to see people in hallway checking emails instead of listening to Billy Beane. Wake up!!!
Billy Beane saying analytics/statistics is the way to measure not eye sight or gut feel.
"I know no one graduates from SEC schools, but did anyone go to one?" - Billy Beane
Vote for him, or Billy Beane will trade you to the Seibu Lons
I'm no Billy Beane, but this seems like a little too much for an unproven.
"I played baseball for 10 yrs and took a couple Econ classes at UC, that qualifies me to run a billion dollar business right?" - Billy Beane
Inspirational subject of & General Manager of Billy Beane speaks on his winning…
Enjoying Billy Beane at lunch at the RILA Supply Chain Conference.
there is an updated version, I just finished reading it. It talked about Billy Beane and Damien Comolli's time at Liverpool
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's from a town . Where the greatest fans are found. . Moneyball and Billy Beane . Oakland A's are lean and mean!
Billy Beane, Daryl Morey and Ronald Reagan are all the same people
Subject of “Moneyball” Billy Beane explores his approach to management and leadership
Join your peers for lunch and networking in the Exhibit Hall before listening to our sports speaker Billy Beane
Billy Beane never should of wrote that book.
I'm not saying Ruben has to be the next Billy Beane, but he needs to do something! Phillies, Knicks, Redskins..hmmm
cue Billy Beane and Ron Washington scene from Moneyball
Like Oakland Athletics' Billy Beane you can build a winning (sales) team with limited dollars:
Billy Beane: It's not that hard playing 1st base. Tell him, Wash. Ron Washington: It's incredibly hard.
The Billy Beane/ sabermetrics-style goings on at have a lot riding on them; it's gonna be interesting
Hill is the nerd who works for Billy Beane.
can you ask Tim if he needs an assistant? Can I be the Jonah Hill to his Billy Beane?
Apparently Billy Beane is on my flight to Orlando. He's seated a little further forward.
That was the name used in "Moneyball" when Billy Beane laughed at his selection being a mere "high school outfielder".
Danny Ainge has borrowed some of Billy Beane’s tricks, and the are playing Moneyball:
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Austin recorded a baseball show that he has been so excited to watch. Thought it was Billy Beane but it was Billy Bean. 😂😂 his face 😟😐😶
What do and Billy Beane have in common? Hint... its going to be awesome!
it's amazing what a lightening rod Billy Beane is when he does his job and Doug Wilson gets a pass for NOT doing his.
I've been a fan of his for years & I'm really rooting for him. Yeah, Billy Beane pretty much made a brand new team.
Another shot of No. 75. ... Billy Beane, Melvin and other front office figures watching.
How can you not be romantic about baseball? -- Billy Beane
So maybe I won't make it as an athlete. But that don't mean I'll let the competition pass me. I money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeans
Billy Beane is trade CarGo and Huston Street for Matt Holliday then Matt Holliday for Brett Wallace
If it's not broken, don't fix it, lose again. How'd Billy Beane's trades last season with out for the 1st place A's?
actually having read it. Thought it was by Billy Beane. (it is by Michael Lewis).
If you were the Phillies would you trade Hamels and half his remaining salary straight up for Billy Beane?
Zito among pitchers throwing in front of a crowd that includes Billy Beane and his twins.
Just finished the Billy Beane story on .and just wow, I highly advise everyone to watch it
Billy Beane: The math, money and mastermind behind the “Moneyball” success. Juan Martinez has the story:
THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer was terrible. Why is everyone excited about Billy Beane (The Force) awakening to trade Josh Dona…
As for Billy Beane and Oakland, I will never understand the Josh Donaldson trade.
Here comes Billy Beane again! Trying to get Troy Tulowitski. Yankees also in the mix to get Tulo!
GM Billy Beane said yesterday that Kendall Graveman is on the "inside track" for a rotation spot in 2015.
Has fearless GM Billy Beane remade the into AL West contenders once again?
Remember in Moneyball where Billy Beane tries to explain how they'll replace Giambi with three players? Sadly doesn't work like that in NBA.
The pundits consistently overvaluing the SEC this year recall Billy Beane's obstinate scouts in "Moneyball."
I have the Billy Beane moneyball mentality with Hank. Get the same production, if not better in 2014 w/talbot for $7M less
Money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeans
Based on this article, you CLEARLY do not understand the magical madness of Billy Beane.
You sound like Billy Beane talking about the playoffs.
Bills need to find football's version of Billy Beane
hope Billy Beane doesnt know that. He'll trade Reddick for 5 of em + put em out on assignment😳
I hate losing more than I love winning. Billy Beane - Moneyball
I think I figured Billy Beane
A’s talk — more on Josh Donaldson, Billy Beane; and Brandon Moss trade report -
Billy beane in a ford commercial. GO AWAY! the dumbest general manager ever. Stop puttin him on a pedestal
Billy Beane made huge mistakes & derailed the A's season & didn't own up to any of it. I don't want that.
Thanks for kind words re our doc All credit must go to club who let us film their uniquely creative Billy Beane-esque culture
Hey Billy Beane Howabout you get us Altuve for the New Year?
You don't think Billy Beane has been interesting?
I'm starting to get the Billy Beane vibe from Wenger and that really pisses me off.
"No matter how successful you are, change is always good." - Billy Beane
Billy Beane now trading away fans. Just sent this one to Michigan.
Waiting for Billy Beane to knock on my door right about now...
Billy Beane is probably working on a trade right now
When Billy Beane's risky decisions work he's a "genius". When they don't he hides behind financial restrictions. Never at fault.
enjoy vacation. Hopefully Billy Beane gives us something to talk about when you get back
Hopefully Billy Beane will let you enjoy your vacation by not making any more moves for a while :)
your NY resolution should be to realize billy beane *** & so does Moneyball (not team Moneyball though)
surprised Billy Boy Beane lets his players have any fun. He obviously thinks u guys are chattel.
Hamilton Collection
Reminds me of Moneyball. Oakland A's manager wanted an extension for job security... Billy Beane was like... OR NAHHH.
can you see Billy Beane trading Sonny Gray
Report: Josh clashed with Billy Beane before trade
Billy Beane did not want to trade Josh Donaldson
So this is where Billy Beane tried to sign James Jones for his outfield defensive metrics that's how Oakland works right
Billy Beane is having a roster garage sale. Everything must go.
Billy Beane and the A's trade Derrick Norris now. I give up!!! Just trade Josh Reddick and Sonny Gray and get the fire sale over with
Good deal for Billy Beane. Next up: Scott Kazmir and Josh Reddick
Billy Beane on Jon Lester: "It's like Arthur Miller married to Marilyn Monroe for a minute. We're the Marilyn in L…
Two years ago. Billy Beane turned down Wil Myers for Brett Anderson straight-up, per this piece:
You realize Jack Z is a better GM than Billy Beane, right? And Upton for Walker is an idiotic rumor.
Re: "The D.A. Show" (loosely translated) Billy Beane . a man that plays the cards that he's dealt... We all think he's an *** . he even looks like an *** Deals Moss to Cleveland and Shark to the Chicago White Sox. . continues to be competitive, on a shoe string budget, in a dump of a ball park . . be patient . Billy's got this.
Samardzija to the white sox. Hammels already signed with the Cubs, Moss was traded, Donaldson...what is Billy Beane doing
Billy Beane has gone crazy! He's lost his mind! There is no need to trade Donaldson, Moss, and now Samardzija.
BREAKING NEWS: White Sox offer Jay Cutler to the Oakland Raiders for Samardzija and Billy Beane agrees!
DOB thinks Billy Beane is an *** but worships at the altar of Tom Hart, Bobby Cox, and JS. . This is not surprising in the least.
Billy Beane may get fired soon. Joey Wendle is the best he could get for Moss? ***
No doubt in my mind Billy Beane would have traded Jim Harbaugh after the super bowl year
36 yr old second basemen, the new market inefficiency. Billy Beane will have 3 of them to platoon by Christmas.
My Medium-hot take on the Donaldson deal and what Billy Beane is doing w/ that deal:
Hey look, Billy Beane was bored again.
you do if you're Billy Beane. He always has overpriced vet DH on his teams. Frank Thomas, Adam Dunn, Hideki Matsui
Michael Lewis is a fine writer and Billy Beane is a man of genius. This book...
“Billy Beane says he plans on Jeff Samardzija being ace of staff next year” thank god
lol I wish but if you do the research it's definitely easier, why Billy Beane has so much success, eats &sleeps it
so what do you think the Billy Beane is going to pull out of his hat? trades,or possible FA
I thought that might be what you'd say. I just don't have that Billy Beane Jedi Mind Trick power.
jenn Yeah, but there's literally nothing in Oakland I want. Except maybe a job with Billy Beane
Trades could be how teams fill SS need. Billy Beane & A's always like to wheel & deal
nah. I don't see them giving them both up but who knows. We may have another Billy Beane in the making.
That was one great quote on Billy Beane by Michael Lewis on "Moneyball" novel.
Billy Beane might be stupid enough to 😂
Leadership Lessons from "Money Ball" - I wish we all followed Billy Beane's advice as we build our teams! ~
You're crazy if you don't think Billy Beane is at least considering Sean Rodriguez.
*** Billy Beane, quit rehiring people. I'm yer best option, buddy.
I'm like the billy beane of fantasy football cause I make crazy picks and trades but I don't win.
Actually, Billy Beane is notorious for not drafting Scott Boras clients.
The behind Did Billy Beane know something the rest didn't?
no way, Billy Beane is always running the mystery team
Oakland As GM and the subject of Moneyball Billy Beane is joining our 13th Annual Spine Conference, are you?
¿Mariners buscando 1B? The phone number for Billy Beane is 1-555-I-COLLECT-1B, call him.
“Phil Jackson crossed with Billy Beane” will never not be funny.
‘When your enemy is making mistakes, do not interrupt him.’ —Billy Beane, in Moneyball
Even Billy Beane couldn't swing a deal like that.
"I hate losing, even more than I love to win!!!" - Billy Beane
Billy Beane at Remarkable what one man can do with such a limited MLB budget.
Cespedes, billy beane is an *** I hope he lands in our division so this trade bits billy beane in the AS!
craig mactavish is the billy beane of the NHL. except oakland makes the playoffs.
Former Royals 1B/DH Billy Butler will be first free agent Billy Beane has signed to deal that was 3+ years and had avg a…
“How could you not be romantic about Baseball?” Billy Beane 😏
Did the not learn anything from Billy Beane???
The one thing that is always constant, Billy Beane is working on something. When it actually comes to fruition is the mystery.
Report: Lester, Giants to meet next week The Giants are turning their attention to Jon Lester following Pablo Sandoval's departure. The free agent pitcher has plans to meet with the World Series champions next week, a person with knowledge of the meeting said Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because there was no authorization to publicly disclose the meeting. San Francisco has need for a front-line starting pitcher and was expected to get busy in the free agent market after losing the slugging third baseman to the Boston Red Sox. Lester would join World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner to give the Giants two top left-handers at the top of their rotation. Lester, who turns 31 in January, was dealt by the Red Sox to the Oakland Athletics at the trade deadline in July and helped the A's reach the playoffs for the third straight year before a 9-8, 12-inning loss to Kansas City in the AL wild-card game. Oakland general manager Billy Beane said after the season he didn't think his club would have ...
I wouldn't count on billy beane trading Donaldson.
If Lester leaves the A's Billy Beane had one of the worst years ever for a GM.
Mark Few and Billy Beane have something in common. Small sample size of post-season obscures sustained success.
I remember when no-one wanted Chris Pratt, that was until Billy Beane picked him up for the A's...
I don't see Billy Beane trading Shark. Esp. If we sign Lester which would mean we killed him on the trade
If anyone can take us past the first round, it's Barry zito. Billy Beane is gonna break the bank for that guy
If Lester comes back, I just kill myself if I'm Billy Beane. What an atrocious trade.
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it's like first base from Billy Beane in the Moneyball movie
Meanwhile Billy Beane 1 more playoff exit away from getting fired
Can i leave work, go home to watch moneyball and wish i had billy beane's job?
possibly in all of sports is the brilliance and competitiveness of Billy Beane.
MtCarmelHS in San Diego: Billy Beane-GM as well as Eric Chavez-former & A's great!
Problem is, there aren't any tech companies with Billy Beane in their HR departments looking for people like me. So I go on, underemployed.
These days, I'm not a star programmer any more. I'm the former star that Billy Beane squeezes some use out of at the tail end of his career.
Why do I have the song Billy Beane's daughter sings in Moneyball stuck in my head?
in walks hey kind of an old school Billy Beane offense Donaldson had an MVP caliber Lineup discussion AL Central Our series looking a
I'm interested to see which way the A's and Billy Beane decide to go. Could move Samardzija, Kazmir, maybe others, or could stand pat.
no Lester and no Cespedes. Red Sox front office outsmarted Billy Beane
Billy Beane really went all-out to win this year and traded much of OAK's future and lost. Frankly as an M's fan I love it.
Your 2012 sit-down with Billy Beane was the only mention of Dan Kantrovitz at so thanks for that :)
Drumbeat: much more on Billy Butler, incl. comments from Beane, Butler, Melvin, Donaldson, Reddick:
Billy beane just signs a bunch of white boys & gets rid of the Cubans nice
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Just when Billy Beane had the upper hand on negotiations with a extension with Donaldson Seattle goes and overpays Seagar!
Not butting in at all. I have seen the rumors but Billy Beane hasnt made up his mind as to what to do w/ the
Im a bit late to this but its interesting to see that Billy Beane is interested in a career in football.
You have to think Billy Beane has kicked the tires on Nava
Billy Beane actually made the playoffs though.
that is why I am so frustrated as a Baseball fan with Billy Beane. Would love to see what A's could be with consistency.
Batter up! December 5th, tequila, dinner, prizes & Billy Beane is ALMOST here! Can you believe it?! A big...
I like did Billy Beane is in Cleveland and he's like "What are we doing here Mark?" "This is how we do business in Cleveland."
Red Sox are stacking up!! If they get Lester back they better thank billy beane for giving them cespedes!!
So Mark Davis and Billy Beane have deep dark secrets and Khalif and Daric knows about em? Yeah, let's go with that. 😂😂😂
What place did Billy Beane get? "GM Dayton Moore finishes 2nd in MLB executive of year voting”
"Billy Beane today was seen laying Josh Reddick's contract on the counter at Whole Foods with a note 'free to a good home' attached."
If you remember in "Moneyball," Billy Beane traded Jeremy Giambi because he was mad and wanted to send a message
watch them pull a Billy Beane and trade Thompson lol
yes get rid of McGuire to hire Dusty Baker and Billy Beane
Two people who need to be fired. Billy Beane and Don Mattingly. Today.
Billy Beane is watching this and having Seth Rogen instead of Jonah Hill looking up numbers
Morning reflection on last night's game: Billy Beane is Frank Grimes and Ned Yost is Homer Simpson.
Chris Mad Dog Russo hit the nail on the head today! Umpire was awful, Yost was a moron, Announcers were a snorefest, Billy Beane screwed A's
Chris Russo saying Billy Beane shouldn't go into the HoF because the A's aren't good at clinching games. Lol.
The absolute BEST part of these wild card games is hearing all the morning after analysis. If you believe what you saw in ONE game last night the experts think Billy Beane should blow up the A's and fire Ned Yost.
If you tell Billy Beane his team would score 8 runs in a do-or-die game with Jon Lester on the mound, he's convinced it's his year.
Billy Beane you've become weak. Might as well rehire Art Howe now
Can someone photoshop Indiana Jones with the snakes, but make it Billy Beane saying "It had to be small ball..."?
It's going to be Billy Beane vs. Dayton Moore, and the legitimacy of Moneyball will finally be decided once and for all.
A's GM Billy Beane tells The Game's Damon Bruce that "You can stack up our rotation against anybody."
A's GM Billy Beane tells 95.7 The Game's Damon Bruce that what's gone on lately has been "frustrating" and "mystifying."
why is he history? because upper management lives in the 90's and thinks Billy Beane and Bill James are hipster kids.
Funny, but Billy Beane's deadline deals got all the press, but Dan Duquette's moves ended up being more effective.
Hope Jon Daniels buys a big couch in October. Billy Beane may need a place to sit and watch the post-season.
John Gibbons was drafted right behind Billy Beane with back to back picks from the Mets.
"Dayton Moore is just like Billy Beane." Oops, wrong thread.
You could probably trade Hosmer for alot right now, too bad Moore doesn't have the balls to make a Billy Beane like trade.
Memo to Ben Cherington: Should Billy Beane call on Sunday,Major League Baseball's waiver trade deadline day, wondering if the Red Sox can try with all their might to sneak a certain Cuban slugger through, there’s only one retort: “No, you can’t have him back.”
Adam Dunn to the A's? Isn't Adam Dunn the type of player Billy Beane wouldn't touch, ever? isn't he the anti-Scott Hatteberg?
you do realize that Billy Bean and Billy Beane are two different people?
Billy Beane: I'll give you $40 and a kettle corn if you pinch hit for Johnny Gomes. Me: Nope. Billy Beane: Oh come on!!! It's kettle corn!!!
Leadoff walk... Bunt on the first pitch. This team man. Billy Beane wasn't wrong.
Billy Beane surprises our incoming full-time MBA class.
Billy Beane & Sandy Alderson talking to school about how technology is effecting sports. http:…
Billy Beane is showing Sandy Alderson what it is like to have a team that scores runs.
Amazing opportunity to hear Billy Beane and Sandy Alderson here at Haas today!
Billy Beane says that Eric Sogard can play SS to replace Lowrie, but says the team may look outside of the team as well for a replacement.
"Wenger runs Arsenal like he's going to be there for 100 years." Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane
Wow I'm going to follow in Bill James , Billy Beane , and Brian Kenny's methodology from now on … completely changed my views on baseball
Listened to Billy Beane talk with Dan le batard show yesterday. Would be legit to see a small market team like the A's win it all
Oakland’s Billy Beane added Jon Lester for his formidable rotation, Dave Dombrowski brought in a third Cy Young...
It's one thing to pretend to be the Oakland A's of & it's another thing to actually do it. Mike Burns is no Billy Beane.
"Billy Beane is a busy man. The A's have traded SP Tommy Milone to the Twins for OF Sam Fuld."
Billy Beane: It would have been challenging to sign Yoenis Cespedes long-term.
Found this video of Billy Beane out for a walk this evening. He's in the gray fedora.
A huge fan of now because he loves Billy Beane & he knows how to pronounce Cespedes
Billy Beane going for it THIS YEAR. Verlander,Scherzer,Price. Deep breath when facing Detroit going forward in 3-4 game series.
Billy Beane wants to win. Best GM in baseball.
Who are MLB's best general managers? SN's Jesse Spector ranks them 1-30. Find out where Billy Beane, Brian Cashman, Ned Colletti and the rest are on the list.
"I think he really believes the timing is right" - on why Billy Beane has been so active this year
That was a move right out of the Billy Beane playbook lol
I'm beginning to suspect that 's cat Lola ran away to talk Billy Beane into making a big trade.
True story...DD's gave Jackson a hug in the dugout then called his nemesis, Billy Beane, and told him he's got exactly sixty seconds to go ahead and trade for Chris the gamesmanship developing between them and the A's!!!
I heard after he got Price he texted Billy Beane saying "you have 1 minute to acquire Chris Sale." That's a boss move
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Will Billy Beane's deadline deals be enough to push the A's into the World Series? joins us right now
Dave Dombrowski sent some fun smack talk to Billy Beane after the David Price deal via
Have you learned ANYTHING from Billy Beane?!? GMDM - 'Nope'.
Drumbeat updated with comments from Billy Beane and other tidbits:
Hey, if anyone wants to help get trending, that would be cool, because that's what Billy Beane is: cool. And
Couple thoughts on today's trades. Think Billy Beane finally had the last screw pop. Cespedes is the heart of that lineup. Cant trade
Although I don't like the trade. I understand why Athletic's traded Cespedes for Lester. Billy Beane is going for it all.
I'm hoping the A's finally win one for Billy Beane so they can make Moneyball 2.
Here's my article on Vavel - Billy Beane Doubles Down On His All-In With the Athletics
Here on the West Coast, the first cup of coffee hadn't even been brewed, yet alone ingested, when Billy Beane sent a triple-caffeinated bolt through the baseball world. He traded his young budding-star slugger Yoenis Cespedes to the Red Sox for pitcher Jon Lester and former A's outf
Billy Beane also mentioned that the front office and the coaching staff have yet to hear back about Coco's neck injury.
Gotta give it to Billy Beane the guy is going for it this year! Bold moves and hope he gets bold results.
This Dave Dombrowski vs. Billy Beane chess match has been something else.
Michael Baumann was genius today on Grantland writing about Billy Beane's trades:
If you missed A's GM Billy Beane on with he discussed the Cespedes/Lester trade in detail. Listen:
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I think Billy Beane may have mistaken the A's for "ARIAN"!
We will provide notes from Billy Beane's EXCLUSIVE press conference in tonight's episode of DON'T MISS IT!!!
Billy Beane's brilliance vs. the Jays giving in.
just relaized A's GM Billy Beane did look at his promotional calendar---It says World Series towels Oct. 10-20, 2014
Billy Beane has either lost his mind, or we're seeing Moneyball 2 in the making.
That's it folks! Listen to for more details on the Billy Beane press conference @ 8PM PST!!!
We will have EXCLUSIVE notes from the Billy Beane press conference from earlier today! Tune in @ 8PM PST!
Billy Beane trading Cespedes for Lester is pretty YOLO of him.
It's pretty humorous to me that the detroit tigers faithful gave Austin Jackson a standing ovation after he was yanked in this afternoons game then quickly took to the airwaves to say some rather negative things about him and made it seem that they didn't want the door to him in the *** on his way out. Either way, Billy Beane and moneyball take the AL this year.
A's haven't won a World Series since 1989. Billy Beane tired of being good enough to make post-season, not good enough …
Billy Beane jokes that he's a marketing department's worst nightmare.
Billy Beane is pure crazed right now, with the scent of a World Series title in his nostrils as never before. The pressure is on in Oakland.
BREAKING: Billy Beane has just traded John Boehner for Kim Jong Un.
Thanks to Moneyball, all I can envision is Billy Beane eating popcorn out of a coffee filter high fiving Jonah Hill during t…
Billy Beane's gone crazy and the Dodgers are just hanging out.
I would too. Don dombrowski just does some crazy things. Billy Beane thought he got the best of him with Lester…
Billy Beane doesn't care about next year. Or the year after that.
I agree with you , What Billy Beane should be Yankees GM
A's get Lester, Gomes from Red Sox for Cespedes: OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Billy Beane considers Jon Lester a proven ace who can ca...
Making an inventory of everything I own to make sure nothing got traded to Billy Beane.
Once again the biggest "star" on the Oakland A's is traded in advance of possible new contract time. Yes it's a move to make a big run this year and they won't keep Lester. Even though they score a lot I think they will have a big hole in the batting order with Cespedes gone. And whether it's intentional or subconscious Billy Beane has once again acted to say "I AM THE STAR OF THIS FRANCHISE, NOT ANYBODY ELSE! And they need to cut Hammel loose right away!
Billy Beane's aggressive trades for Jon Lester and Jeff Samardzija make it clear: The Oakland A's are going for it all in 2014. But will it work?
Billy Beane does it again.A's bullpen rotation is looking nasty.
Tigers got David Price for a box of popcorn. Billy Beane and the A's absolutely going hard for that illusive ring. Yanks make some subtle moves. Prado's not a stud but I like his versatility. Steven Drew couldn't be a worse fit than Kelly Johnson. Baltimore stood pat. Every National League team still look like push overs other than the Dodgers who have the bankroll to make a heavy salaried waiver scoop before September. Seattle made some nice little moves, Cano gets a speedy runner to driver in. Red Sox scoop Cespedes in a coup. *** of a trade deadline.
What a dreadful, yet encouraging day for the Red Sox. I have been bemoaning the thought of trading Jon Lester and hoping that instead the two sides would work out a deal (while knowing that wasn't going to happen). While I am very disappointed and sad to see Lester go, I am happy that he might help the A's and Billy Beane "win the last game of the year." I do have to say I was more upset until I listened to some of Ben Cherington's press conference. Some might not like him, but his acceptance of responsibility for this season's failure, along with explaining the thought process and plans moving forward helped me come to terms with today's trades. Now, I hope the Sox at least make a serious attempt to bring Jon Lester back. Although I recognize it isn't likely to happen.
Here's the thing you need to understand about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane: He simply does not care about next season. Or the one after that.
SFGate Thompson: Lester trade risky but worth it for A'sSan Jose Mercury NewsA's general manager Billy Beane had already bet big on the now, shipping away his top prospect earlier this month. Thursday, he went all in. Pushed all his chips to the center of the table by giving up All-Star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. And he did it basically ...Old-Fashioned Blockbusters Reshuffle RacePrice, Lester, Lackey traded in deadline flurryIn wake of trades, what are Red Sox up to? - -
A's GM Billy Beane joined Damon to discuss every detail of the Cespedes/Lester trade. You can't miss this one.
Could you imagine if the Oakland A's DO NOT make it past the AL Division Series? The repercussion is huge after Billy Beane's trade. Cespedes will be missed.
Billy Beane just seems like a cool guy. Can I adopt him as my crazy wheelin' and dealin' uncle? Miscast of Brad Pitt, Beane's much cooler.
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The A's make a big trade today and all of a sudden all the haters come out...true fans would see that Billy Beane is trying to get a ring on a poor man's budget, Lester is a proven post season pitcher, Cespedes was great and he will be missed, but he is not proven when it counts...I will trade two derby titles for a World Series title all day everyday...
Billy Beane would not confirm or deny if the A's offered Addison Russell to the Rays for David Price.
I wonder if Billy Beane would rather have Samardzija/Hammel or David Price and Addison Russell.
Billy Beane and Dombrowski just had the baseball version of a *** measuring contest.
David Dombrowski doing his best to one-up Billy Beane, take title of "Best GM with an alliterative name." Peter Parker still contending.
DD possibly getting Price is a big "we can play that game too" to Billy Beane and his 900 starting pitchers
If the Tiger's get David Price, I'll call Oakland's Billy Beane to say "Game, set and match".
That being said, this reminds me of when Billy Beane traded Carlos Pena just to get him away from Art Howe. Who knows.
Money trade for Moneyball. Billy Beane aims for a World Series win by acquiring Jon Lester in this deadline deal ->.
GM Billy Beane on trading Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester: "Who needs offense when we're going to allow nega…
Also, Matheny wasn't playing Taveras everyday like he should so Mo pulled the move Billy Beane did to Art Howe in Moneyball.
Yoenis Cespedes traded to the Red Sox!?!? Are you kidding me. Billy Beane and I aren't friends right now.
Billy Beane sends message to O's, Angels, Tigers and Blue Jays. Go big or Go home
Billy Beane was tired of seeing Cespedes strike out so much without him getting on base.
I wonder if Billy Beane paid for Mills out of his own $$ and kept the profits after he sold him
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You're looking for something undervalued to perform the same function, like Billy Beane did with Scott Cat-tree-berg.
Oh, snap. I did not remember that Robin Wright plays Billy Beane's ex-wife in "Moneyball." ...And now I want "House of Cards" back.
Kwame brown totally overachieved and had a great career. Sincerely Jamarcus Russell, Brian bosworth, Billy Beane, & Greg Oden
Billy Beane allegedly told Epstein "you're getting Barry Larkin" in reference to Addison Russel, who they got for Shark
"Technology will transform the social fabric of sport," writes Billy Beane for
"We certainly hope that this is the last year that we're obvious sellers at the trade deadline." How the bleep can Theo Epstein keep from bursting out in laughter making such a statement? The Cubs will be July sellers til who knows when... Billy Beane got Theo on this one big time folks... and today's 13-0 pounding... that's just the start folks... BTW... Go Cubs!
Big trade between the A's and Cubs. Cubs deal top of the rotation starters Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija for prospects Addison Russell(SS), Bill McKinney(OF) and Dan Straily. As usual, the media declares this a win and a good decision for the A's and Billy Beane. If the Yanks or any other team does this, it's a bad decision. The media is declaring this trade the move that puts the A's in the World Series with Detroit's Justin Verlander being quoted as saying the A's did it "because of us" as in they need top guns to go against the Tigers' top guns. Let me try to break this down and poke some holes in these theories.
no surprise that Billy Beane outsmarted Jim Hendry.
Billy Beane does it again! Great job picking up Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Chicago Cubs. *** we had to give Addison Russell as part of it, but as myself and Bauce Man have said before on A's Fan Radio, in order to get talent, you have to give up talent.
Billy Beane wants it all this year. Welcome to Oakland, Jeff.
If Jed deals with Billy Beane, I will call for the rehiring of Jim Hendry
Billy Beane. John Henry. And the business. My column in Editor & Publisher.
Former Cy Young Award Winner Bob Welch Passes at 57   OAKLAND, Calif. – Bob Welch, a former Cy Young Award winner and the last Major League pitcher to win at least 25 games in a season, has passed away at the age of 57, the Oakland Athletics announced today.   Welch, a two-time All-Star who posted a 27-6 record as the Cy Young Award winner on the Athletics’ 1990 American League championship team, passed away in Seal Beach, Calif. last night.  Cause of death was unavailable.   “We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Bob Welch,” said A’s President Michael Crowley. “He was a legendary pitcher who enjoyed many of his best seasons with the Oakland A’s.  He will always be a significant part of our franchise’s history, and we mourn his loss.  We send our greatest sympathies to his family and friends.”   "This is a sad day for the entire A's organization,” said Billy Beane, the A’s vice president and general manager. “Those of us who knew Bob as a teammate and a friend w ...
Could the A's deal for Utley? June, 9, 2014 Jun 9 8:09 AM ET By Doug Mittler | 30 4 Comments (6) Email Print The Oakland Athletics have the best record in the American League despite limited offensive pop at second base. Could California native Chase Utley fill that void as July 31 approaches? Oakland second baseman are hitting a league-low .218, so Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle asks whether GM Billy Beane could seek an upgrade over the combination of Eric Sogard, Nick Punto and Alberto Callaspo. Slusser cautions that a trade would be difficult since the A's won't part with their top prospect, shortstop Addison Russell, while other potential trade pieces, such as minor-league right-hander Raul Alcantara, are battling injuries. That brings us to Utley, who is enjoying a career revival at plate (.314/.371/.498) even though the Phillies are in last place in the National League East. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro must decide whether it is time to break up his aging cast of vete ...
but we did have future GM"s and managers. Billy Beane, JP Ricciardi, Steve Phillips, Lloyd McClendon
Kawakami: Oakland A's G.M. Billy Beane does it again - San Jose Mercury News via
Also why Billy Beane was "revolutionary." If you're different, you better be right or the old guard will run you out.
Remember how Billy Beane supposedly traded Carlos Pena so Art Howe couldn't play him? Alderson might need to same with EYJ for Collins.
Keynote speakers include Maria Shriver and Billy Beane of the Oakland As and takes place at the Hyatt Regency
Billy Beane/Brad Pitt pics just seem to tug at the heart strings.
I share a bday with Cy Young and Billy Beane!! (top THAT) jk HAPPY bday!
However, baseball managers; especially in the AL are massively overrated. Just ask Billy Beane
"It's hard not to be romantic about baseball" -Billy Beane
Playoffs are a crapshoot. Like Billy Beane said, you plan for the regular season and then just let the chips fall in October.
Our only chance is to do what billy beane would tell us. See more pitches and get Fernandez out as soon as possible.
I have to admit, the Giants fans make it very hard to despise the ground upon which they walk when they line up on the BART train to genuflect at Billy Beane and tell me they want us to win the American League.
You sent the blog your stats questions and we answer them. First up, batting average on balls in play and the NHL's Billy Beane.
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