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Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong (born February 17, 1972) is an American rock musician and occasional actor, best known as the lead vocalist, main songwriter, and guitarist for the American punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt.

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RE: Billie Joe Armstrong's mourning the passing of Hrant Hart:
So...does Billie Joe Armstrong just have really strong feelings about USENET etiquette?
Me: always a thot for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day.
If I ever get to meet Billie Joe Armstrong I'm going to cry.
It only just now registered with me that Billie Joe Armstrong has been one of my idols for more than ten years now. 😳
Billie Joe Armstrong liked. jackantonoff's avatar. jackantonoff 20h. i believe the strokes will make a great album
Ok but 7th grade me wonders, in disgust, who would ever *dream* of bringing explosives to a place w…
ITS EVERYDAY (billie) JOE (armstrong) . [thats the best pun i could come up with im sorry].
Wake me up when September ends is about Billie Joe Armstrong's father who died from cancer, just fyi. :S
oh my please edit "Billy Joel Armstrong". It's Billie Joe Armstrong, just like its spelled on his instagram post.
"To put it simply there would be no GD if it wasn't for Hüsker Dü." – Billie Joe Armstrong
Finally bought one of these cute pins. Billie Joe Armstrong Blue Guitar Pin via
Billie Joe Armstrong: "Do you have a problem? I have a gun. I'll shoot you. No problem."
Billie Joe Armstrong can still get it!
I constantly ask god why I have the same tummy shape as Billie Joe Armstrong
I can't believe I've had a crush on Billie Joe Armstrong for half my entire life. What a man.
I thought Jimmy/Steve was Billie Joe Armstrong for the first like 4 episodes of Shameless I stg lmao
via workerbeesp. When Billie Joe freaking Armstrong looks directly at you... excuse me w...
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and director Corbett Redford take us inside their new doc on East Bay punk
Billie Joe Armstrong and Ryan Ross are the only men I trust rn
*Sees cast list. *Cries. *goes on tumblr to cheer self up. *sees pic of young Billie Joe Armstrong. *Cries again
billie joe armstrong is the only musician I love that speaks on issues that would directly affect me, a poc, but not necessarily affect him💚
Worked for Billie Joe Armstrong. The problem with libertarians is that... They're libertarians.
the one in the middle is Billie Joe armstrong's son
Billie Joe Armstrong last night at in Ohio.…
*tries to sing like Billie Joe Armstrong on a regular basis.
i'm gonna record with Billie Joe Armstrong one day, i swear it.
I told this guy he looked like young Billie Joe Armstrong and he said "who" . Wow I can't believe this really happened
Billie Joe Armstrong is so cute when he tries to exit off of Instagram live 😊
Billie Joe Armstrong in Cleveland last night. August 21st, 2017. I love this guy.
making direct eye contact with Billie Joe Armstrong at your first Green Day concert
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Dare I say, like in a Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day sort of way? . I'm actually still a big Green…
My 8th grade self is sufficiently satisfied & I can confidently say Billie joe Armstrong is still as cute @ 45 as I thought he was 8 yrs ago
Billie Joe Armstrong x Mike Dirnt of last night at in Ohio.…
"as far as I'm concerned, a Nazi doesn't get to have an opinion" - BIllie Joe Armstrong
I’m a pacifist but if i see a nazi i will definitely pass a fist his was - Billie Joe Armstrong 2017
Billie joe armstrong would never do something like that
Billie joe armstrong is the light of my life that's all
Now playing on radio_sydney WHITE: "Oh So Many Years" by Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, from 'Foreverly'
Fuuuck Billie Joe Armstrong really knows how to control a crowd. He is so talented
"Say goodbye to the ones that we love" - Billie Joe armstrong
Billie Joe Armstrong is the best sort of maniac
Got a couple of shots of Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer and guitarist of tonight at Blossom in Ohio.…
Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer and guitarist for tore the house down tonight at…
"Now guys I'm a pacifist... but if I ever meet a nazi I won't hesitate to pass a fist right upside his head!" -Billie Joe Armstrong
Never in my life did I ever imagine that I would refer to Billie Joe Armstrong as "your dad" to someone in a conversation wow
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Mad, mad, mad respect for Billie Joe Armstrong. He just had a 13yo play with them and gave the kid the guitar. 😩❤️
I fell in love with Billie Joe Armstrong tonight 😍
Did I say Billy every single time last night without even noticing *** . Billie Joe Armstrong is what I meant.
Steve from Shameless kind of looks like Billie Joe Armstrong without eyeliner and disheveled hair
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong says they were unaware an acrobat had fallen to his death just before their set:
Exclusive first pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day turning up at Bellahouston Park.
I really believe rock‘n’roll can change the world,” Billie Joe Armstrong calls out at the BST concert at Hyde Park…
Billie Joe Armstrong from at Hyde Park: "No sexism. No racism. No homophobia. And no Donald Trump!"
I just saw a photo of Matt Skiba with Billie Joe Armstrong's oldest son Joey and I honestly thought it was Billie Joe. 😫
Why does she look like Billie Joe Armstrong?
theory. aaron sharp of is secretly Billie Joe Armstrong in disguise
Don't forget Green Day or at least Billie Joe Armstrong. He's bi and about as badass as it gets
*** is one of the greatest albums ever created. Billie Joe Armstrong and the other members of Green Day should be protected at all costs.
Billie Joe Armstrong is a top 25 front man all time in my book
Is that eye liner Billie Joe Armstrong or.
This opens tomorrow!. Added my interview with Billie Joe Armstrong as a podcast. (But plea…
Find it hilarious how makeup is a social construct for women yet I started wearing it because Billie Joe Armstrong wore eyeliner. 😅
I dreamt I met Billie Joe Armstrong and it was really realistic, why did I have to wake up 😭😭
But Uzi, Travis Scott, and others of their ilk are more comparable to Billie Joe Armstrong & Patrick Stump anyway, and I think that's dope.
8. I didn't start playing around with eyeliner until I saw Pete Wentz, Davey Havok, and Billie Joe Armstrong do it and think it was cool.
Matt Skiba honors Billie Joe Armstrong in a very unique and awesome way:.
️🐌You don't get Billie Joe Armstrong's autograph on your forehead without following your instincts. 🤔👉Gordo…
Billie Joe Armstrong and James Hetfield - Boulevard of Broken Dreams & T... via
Umm so Billie Joe Armstrong came to the East End yesterday. Make sure you go to Midwest Trader to grab all your...
Let's talk about the fact that Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones released a country album in 2013 bc that one slipped r…
That level of drunk right now where I believe Billie Joe Armstrong's voice is iconic I mean come on it's so UNIQUE 💖💖
I'll probably get near the front (as usual). 😝 Touching distance from Billie Joe Armstrong!
Claire Danes is a goddess but someone allowed her to wear Billie Joe Armstrong's eyeliner and a 2003-era Kid's Choi…
"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." - Billie Joe Armstrong
Can you put a reminder in your calendar to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong on 30 Sep too?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Billie Joe Armstrong with Bill Maher. The great "weed" interview. 😂.
You look like Billie Joe Armstrong in that first pic. 😊
Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1986 by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mik…
'All you need is love... And a good pair of socks' - Billie Joe Armstrong .
You can't change the wind but you can set your sails. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
The great-uncle of Billie Joe Armstrong had to fill a teaspoon.
I liked a video 10 Questions for Billie Joe Armstrong | TIME
I'm going to cosplay Billie Joe Armstrong and no one can stop me
this is almost as terrifying as Billie Joe Armstrong being 45
Billie Joe Armstrong is the love of my life now 😍
Some people would look cool if they had a crowd picture with Billie Joe Armstrong, . Some people would look like me. http…
Billie Joe Armstrong looks like a cheap *** Just keep piling on that makeup so no one realizes you're 50.
1. The lead singer (Billie Joe Armstrong) is still hot asf, even though he's 45.
are you the child of Billie Joe Armstrong and Gerard Way
nothing I ran into Billie Joe Armstrong and kind of started laughing hysterically.
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“Music - that's been my education. There's not a day that goes by that I take it for granted.” - Billie Joe Armstrong ht…
Neil Armstrong, the first person on the Moon, is the great-uncle of Billie Joe Armstrong, lead vocalist and guitarist of Gre…
Can you imagine having ur first kiss from Billie Joe Armstrong?
I'll never have a boyfriend that isn't the equivalent to Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong sees Harry Potter as a good role model for future generations to combat evil.
*watches many video of Billie joe Armstrong kissing fans*. *closes computer*. *cries in a corner*
Also big ups to Billie Joe Armstrong m ***
can u believe billie joe armstrong is in my city rn while I'm crying doing my skin care routine lol!
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong compares Trump to Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter’
via 99scenes~. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day with his most beautiful scarf in the streets of Montreal
One day I will learn to palm mute as fast as Billie Joe Armstrong at the beginning of "Basket Case"
Still so hostile that that girl tried to turn down a guitar from Billie Joe Armstrong, that's how you know you ultimately failed as a parent
Billie Joe Armstrong is an underrated living legend
this is my 11 yr old Grant when Billie Joe Armstrong gave him the guitar he played DCU Worcester
I'm so happy to have Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool, Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford in my life, & Ofc the beloved Carrie Fisher ❤️
If we lived in an alternate reality and Jim Morrison and Billie Joe Armstrong had a baby it would be Kellin Quinn 😍💜
We're stuck in that argument again where dad tells me Barry B. Benson looks like Billie Joe Armstrong. He just keeps showing me bee pictures
I had a dream where I was Josh Dun, and another dream where I was Billie Joe Armstrong's best friend
My friend got to see TØP at ally pally today and my mum's friend got to meet Billie Joe Armstrong. I am so jealous.
Just had a dream I was hanging in an airport with Billie Joe Armstrong and then was playing ping pong with Will Smith. Livi…
I have a feeling Billie Joe Armstrong can make Trump references as St Jimmy on the HBO movie. Though doubt they'll veer from source material
UPDATE: Carmen will be featured in the holiday issue of guitar player magazine alongside Billie Joe Armstrong of Gr…
I had a dream last night that I was in a relationship with Billie Joe Armstrong during a zombie apocalypse 😂
The thing about punk is that there are purists. Once you start g...
So Billie Joe Armstrong is a lead role in a new movie, that's cool
Did you guys see Billie Joe Armstrong as Charlie Chaplin on Drunk History? Hilarious!
Can confirm that Billie Joe Armstrong is more convincing and believable in the film Ordinary World than he is on the new Green Day record.
Punk will never be dead to me. It's my life. I can never just dr...
"Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything." — Billie Joe Armstrong
Concert review: Green Day at the Hollywood Palladium: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong led the band in...
"I text a postcard sent to you,. Did it go through?". "Sending all my love to you.". -Billie Joe Armstrong-
whoops the guitarist is Billie Joe Armstrong
"If someone falls down please pick them back up...". - Billie Joe Armstrong
MusicTimes> Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs at the Hollywood Palladium on October 17, 2016 in Los An...
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong shares why he won’t write any songs about Donald Trump
I wonder who Billie Joe Armstrong killed to keep on looking so *** young. Must be all of the political angst. Good for the pores.
Are you trying to tell me I don't belong with Billie Joe Armstrong? YOU ARE MISTAKEN
I was raised by billie joe armstrong and kurt cobain
Billie Joe Armstrong opens up about his personal battles and how they helped him write 'Revolution Radio'.
Billie Joe Armstrong's on Rachel Ray rn. He reminds me so much of Dalton. Billie's starring in a movie coming out! Called Ordinary World.♥
Green Day star Billie Joe Armstrong spent nine months studying acting with writer/director Lee Kirk for his first...
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong explains why he wants “to destroy the phrase ‘pop-punk’”
Did anyone remember to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong?
Am I the only one who gets mad when people joke about waking up Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day's vocalist) since Septem…
Billie Joe Armstrong will play Charlie Chaplin in TV show.
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to play Charlie Chaplin in TV show.
I now understand what Billie Joe Armstrong means when he says wake me up when september ends bc this month blows
Billie Joe Armstrong as an actor suddenly looks like Dana Carvey mixed with the hair of young Mark Ruffalo to me.
Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced he'll be playing in a movie:.
Who knew Billie Joe Armstrong would be so woke
📷 tre-cool-swallovvs: “I am Green Day. That is me. That is… my life.” - Billie Joe Armstrong
It'll be odd when my generations rockers start dying and breaking up. "Billie Joe Armstrong doing the music of Green Day" sounds weird.
So from my understanding so far. 2-D is Billie Joe Armstrong, Noodle is either scary or cute, Murdoc is emo, and Russle? More like Rad
Billie Joe Armstrong telling white people to listen to black people in the most dude way possible is amazing.
the new single makes me want to kick someone's *** besides Billie Joe Armstrong's for a change.
Now Playing: Who's Gonna Show Your Pretty Little Feet? by Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones Listen now at:
I really can't believe I'm seeing Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool all in person! And it's so soon!
I believe you should pick it yourself but l Billie Joe Armstrong has great quotes
Billie Joe Armstrong in the 90's was dady
Josh Ramsay and Billie Joe Armstrong were my first loves
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MusicTimes> Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool perform at 'Geezer' Premiere - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival at Spri...
Billie Joe Armstrong manages to write one of the darkest songs I've ever heard and yet I still wanna dance. That's his geni…
Billie Joe Armstrong and Matt Skiba are being mutually complimentary on insta and I love it!!
I love that knew that I would be freaking out over an exchange between Matt Skiba and Billie Joe Armstrong. It's love guys.
Billie Joe Armstrong and Matt Skiba just shout outed each other on Instagram! ultimate fan boy right now
Really great read! . Billie Joe Armstrong on Green Day's Provocative New LP via
Billie Joe Armstrong discusses Green Day's new LP, 'Revolution Radio,' in our in-depth Q&A https:…
Billie Joe Armstrong (born February 17, 1972)[1] is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalis
A Flaked and Sun-Bursted Les Paul for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day! You'd be a basket case to turn this down! http…
Gerard Way of course(or Ryan Ross or Billie Joe Armstrong)
Matt Bellamy won 2009's Hottest Male Award at the Shockwaves NME Awards, beating out Alex Turner, Liam Gallagher and Billie Joe Armstrong
Now Playing on - Barbara Allen - Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones - Tune in at
Billie Joe Armstrong was forever my elementary school crush. I would pay $3 an hour at the computer place to watch Greenday the whole time 😂
Anyway, that got me wondering what Billie Joe Armstrong thinks of the current state of play in U.S. politics. & I'll tell you in a second...
Out of any musician of that I could just sit down and talk with, it'd definitely be Billie Joe Armstrong, bet he'd be quite interesting..
A dream I have consists of Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones to do another album together
the first one kinda looks like Billie Joe Armstrong...
Tré Cool, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt are the most AWESOME ppl!
when I was like 11 I broke up with a guy and told him I loved Billie Joe Armstrong more 🙄
I'm sure there are many similarities between Billie Joe Armstrong, Kevin Phillips, James Bond and Steve Blackman. Just can't think of them.
Vera farmiga, freddie highmore, Billie Joe Armstrong, Brandon flowers and Lana Parrilla + white
Watch Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong perform with Joan Jett at film ... via
I'm seeing Tom Hanks and Billie Joe Armstrong within 2 days next month and I couldn't be more excited
In 1987, Frank Iero was six, Mikey Way was seven, Gerard Way and Ray Toro was ten, and Billie Joe Armstrong was already in Green Day
trying to explain my love for Billie Joe Armstrong is so hard but just know I'd like die for him
"i want cody carson to choke me and tell me to call him daddy" i want Billie Joe Armstrong*
I got my nose pierced back when I was 20 because of Billie Joe Armstrong.
My mom with Billie Joe Armstrong's wife. She wins this concert.
Proof that Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the greatest humans ever
Tribeca Film Festival will feature Billie Joe Armstrong's acting and Katie Holmes'...
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I always thought Billie Joe Armstrong said," THAT'S the point of delirium." Instead of, "PASSED the point of delirium." . ehh..
They should make a Green Day biopic just so Billie Joe Armstrong can be played by Aaron Paul.
Brendon Urie, Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, and Billie Joe Armstrong (aka the picture that killed me!)
I love Billie Joe Armstrong and Bill Murray just a nice little life update
Dallon from P!ATD looks like a Mix of Billie Joe Armstrong, David Bowie and James Bond
I think you should interview jemima Kirke,Patti Smith,Billie Joe Armstrong,billy corgan and Adam driver
Billie Joe Armstrong- Billy Joe's Arms are Strong. Tre Cool- Tre is Cool (super cool). Mike Dirnt- Mike isn't Dirt. ok i'll go now
My child lookin' like a young Billie Joe Armstrong.
Foreverly (a collection of Everly Brothers covers) by Billie Joe Armstrong (from Green Day) and Norah Jones (from h…
Happy birthday to my first love, the man who's face covered my binders in middle & high school, Billie Joe Armstrong https:…
"Billie Joe Armstrong is 44! Do you what that means!" Frank demanded. . Gerard looked confused. "What.". Mikey sighed, "it means he's Daddy"
hey Frank it's Billie Joe Armstrong's birthday, just thought I' d remind you
Two great musicians turn 44 today. Happy birthday Taylor Hawkins and Billie Joe Armstrong 🎈
it's actually pretty amazing that I was born the same day Billie Joe Armstrong and Taylor Hawkins did 🤘🏻
.drummer, Taylor Hawkins, and Billie Joe Armstrong of both turn 44 today. They should start a band called
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Top 3 here we go!. John Petrucci. Steve Vai. Billie Joe Armstrong (I think this one was obvious) :)
Billie Joe Armstrong talking about working with 5SOS. htt…
Rockfact: Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the Green Day song American *** as an apoplectic response to Lynard Skynard's That's …
I have a writing question for you. Character based off Billie Joe Armstrong, is it too much to name him Billy?
What an awesomely unexpected song choice from channeling his inner Billie Joe Armstrong &
All I see is Billie Joe Armstrong when I look at Dalton.
You never told me you like Billie Joe Armstrong?
Mikey did you know fetus u look i like fetus billie joe armstrong? Btw ILY
Anyone who like billie joe armstrong?
Billie joe Armstrong or Chester Bennington? Share your love who is ur biggest idol?
Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong selling coffee now
I will always love Billie Joe Armstrong no matter what!
Wanna chuckle for a second? Imagine Billie Joe Armstrong signing a country song. Got me good.
He was supposed to be Billie Joe Armstrong...
Welcome to a new kind of tension. Green Day&Billie Joe Armstrong has spoken out about censorship after Enfiel…
Im voting for Billie Joe Armstrong for president
I want to be Billie joe armstrong's guitar so that he can pluck me.
I think a threesome with 2001 Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool would be great. 👍🏾
do you ever want Billie Joe Armstrong to be your dad too bc same
I want Billie Joe Armstrong to screw me till I scream, then cuddle him till I die
id bang billie joe Armstrong even tho hes old enough to be my dad ok soz
I want Billie Joe Armstrong to be my dad
I would let *** era billie joe armstrong run me over with a truck
I want billie joe armstrong to punch me in the face with his guitar yES PLS
I want to do a threesome with Billie Joe Armstrong and Deyrick Whibley
Billie joe armstrong could be my dad but id still smash ✔️✔️😜
lol when I was 10 I wanted to marry Billie Joe Armstrong 💍
Just wanna sit on Billie Joe Armstrong's lap and have him plait my hair while I call him daddy
what's crazy is the age of 90s front men-Billie Joe Armstrong is 43, Rivers Cuomo is 45, Dave Matthews is 49 & Eddie Vedder is 51
Billie Joe Armstrong please create a new Green Day album.
Billie Joe Armstrong warns of censorship after a school cancels "American ***
Billie Joe Armstrong calls out high school for banning musical:
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love. Billie Joe Armstrong.
we were talking about childhood crushes the other day and everyone said Chris Brown and I was like.Billie Joe Armstrong
Billie Joe Armstrong posted this picture yesterday, does this mean new Green Day is coming? Please let it be true!
Billie Joe Armstrong and Ed Sheeran born on same month, same day. FEBRUARY 17 gonna be the b'day of my heroes.
If I had a pound every time I said Michael, Calum. Luke or Ashton. I would be able to buy a Billie Joe Armstrong signed by Calum :) :)
Michael Clifford just reminds me of Billie Joe Armstrong being up on stage
People like Billie Joe Armstrong make me want to keep living on this planet. Even if it is cold here.
Teenage Kicks vid ~. via Jean Luc Le Du ~ Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) rang in the New Year at Berlin with...
Remember that time Billie Joe Armstrong and Edie Falco madeout? Weird.
Upsss.. Sometimes i agree with Billie Joe Armstrong, Punk is punk and pop is pop :)
Billie Joe Armstrong the pop-punkaphobe would not like me. That's how pop-punk I am
Why does my voice kinda sound like Billie Joe Armstrong's when I speak ?
Hannah thinks Billy Ray Cyrus and Billie Joe Armstrong are the same person.
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is sick and tired of the phrase 'pop-punk'
The most recent quote by Billie Joe Armstrong.
Billie Joe Armstrong wants to end pop punk.
Billie Joe Armstrong wants to end pop punk so maybe he'll take emo too
Jesse Malin, Billie Joe Armstrong and Little Stevie Van Zandt ringing in the New Year with…
Wake me up when Billie Joe Armstrong ends 👽
Billie Joe Armstrong's voice is so perfect.
Billie Joe Armstrong, is now trending in United Kingdom
just in case no one told you today, Billie Joe Armstrong is beautiful
I remember having a huge crush on Billie Joe Armstrong when I was 7. I think it was his eyeliner.
Billie Joe Armstrong, is now trending in Canada
imagine if Michael Clifford and Billie Joe Armstrong ever take a photo together...
Billie Joe Armstrong, is now trending in United States
Billie Joe Armstrong, is now trending in Australia
Billie Joe Armstrong, is now trending in
All purpose parts banner
Breaking: Billie Joe Armstrong plans to time travel to stop the release of ***
I never had a problem with the phrase "pop punk" but Billie Joe Armstrong hates it so now I do too
Happy birthday to the one and only - Billie Joe Armstrong!
Billie Joe Armstrong and Avril Lavigne will be crowned as the King and Queen of Eyeliner
So I've done charcoal drawings of Taylor Momsen, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, and a zombie... Who should I do next?!
I look at Billie Joe Armstrong and I say to myself "I can do that"
Can science explain why do I find Billie Joe Armstrong so attractive
"People are so damned afraid that one day they might wake up and discover that they've grown old."- Billie Joe Armstrong.
"A lot of people think we're weird. And I say YES! *** It we're weird!" - Billie Joe Armstrong. 6/28
Chelsea just described Billie Joe Armstrong as "Billie Joe from Green Day" as if I didn't have any idea who he was.
Billie Joe Armstrong ends all his text messages to Adrienne with the words "all my lovin" in tribute to The Beatles song…
Billie Joe Armstrong did a great job producing this band. .
Rachel just called me a gem fusion of Billie Joe Armstrong and Gerard Way
*** I got William Beckett of The Academy Is.. And all you guys got like Mark Hoppus and Billie Joe Armstrong what did I do wrong...?
Why are Billie Joe Armstrong and Frank Iero the most beautiful men to inhabit this planet
Goals to meet. Billie Joe Armstrong . Gerard Way . Frank Iero ✔️. 1/3 ... I hope, I pray, I will one day meet the other two.
My dad said that Billie Joe Armstrong reminds him of Tom Fletcher. It's weird, but I can see it...
Brendon Urie and Tyler Joseph on vocals, Mark Hoppus on bass, Rian Dawson on drums, and Billie Joe Armstrong on guitar
its actually Michael Gordon Clifford and Billie Joe Armstrong must be disappointed on how this fandom acts
Michael looks like a mix of Gerard Way and Billie Joe Armstrong
Michael reminds me of Billie Joe Armstrong i swear
Is it just me or does Michael look so much like Billie Joe Armstrong in this wow
Angus Young, Billie Joe Armstrong and Eminem were the gateway to my favorite drug
Carr looking like Billie Joe Armstrong with that eyeliner.
Today in 1995, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong was fined $141 after mooning an audience in Milwaukee. The more you know.
Billie Joe Armstrong's 17 year-old son released the best release of the entire Burger Records catalog. Love it.
The story about Taz nearly fighting Billie Joe Armstrong because he was being a *** in a hotel lobby always gets me.
My drawing to !!. An anamorphosis of Billie Joe Armstrong~.
Principal: Billie Joe Armstrong is reserved(cuz I can)
On BLUE: "Rockin' Alone (in an Old Rockin' Chair)" - Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones
Heart Like A Hand Grenade was one of the best depictions of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong's…
Billie Joe Armstrong is the only guy i've ever seen that is in his 40s but looks 20.
Was wondering why everyone at work came dressed as Billie Joe Armstrong.. And then I realised that today is Green Day!
Last night I had a dream that I met Billie Joe Armstrong, we became bffs, he autographed everything I own. I woke up to text him about it.
I liked a video Broadway *** - St. Jimmy with Billie Joe Armstrong (2013)
Corey Taylor Jacoby Shaddix Matt Tuck and Randy Blythe and Billie Joe Armstrong are bae af
The best thing about VING green eyes is when I put my eyeliner on my eyes look like Billie Joe Armstrong's 😍
If you think Billie Joe Armstrong giving his son the middle name Danger isn’t totally badass you’re wrong.
Even though I've never met him and he doesn't know I exist I consider Billie Joe Armstrong to be my dad.
Billie Joe Armstrong hurts my heart and ***
I tried to draw Billie Joe Armstrong. It didn't go exactly as planned 😂😂
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