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Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a dance-pop R&B song by American recording artist Michael Jackson.

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STOP ASKING ME about Annie, Billie Jean & Dirty Diana. They are irrelevant to this hustle. Just know yo boi is single &…
I see a Billie Jean vs Bobby Riggs like match coming to PPview
Craig & Tom Sit on 'Flight Cases' - Episode 3 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson
Super Junior Henry on King of the Masked Singer? Round 1. (Left one) [1/2]. Song: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. [Low Quality]…
Can you believe that Selena Quintanilla invented Billie Jean and Michael Jackson
Baker Street is throwing it back tonight... Billie Jean 🤔 @ Baker St. Pub & Grill - Katy
Selena Quintanilla covering Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at 16 years old. She had the moves and vocals 🙌🏽 such a talen…
Tyrese Gibson shared the video of iKON's LED Billie Jean dance performance.
trivia: American tennis great Billie Jean King broke down barriers in her push for equal prize money for women.
Endless love, Hello, and Billie Jean... one epic tune after another, fro…
Billie Jean via Cornell...should be in a movie:
I added a video to a playlist EDEN - Billie Jean
I added a video to a playlist Chris Cornell - Billie Jean(ACOUSTIC)
News 2 is honoring in every newscast. At 5PM, I'll share the story of native, Billie Jean…
MJ is like Wayne, what part of no Jean in any variation, no Billie golf, did u not understand. When u pair w/ MJ, follow his wisdom.
"mom why is my sisters name Billie Jean?". "because your dad loves Michael Jackson". "thanks Mom". "no problem fifth h…
Added "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson to my All Out 80s Playlist on Spotify
I added a video to a playlist Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Official Video)
Billie Jean & I Dab --Michael Trapson. "Peter Pan with the swag. Peter beat on that a**" 😂
That Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs doco painted her more as a sheltered fool.
I'll sing Billie jean after by Micheal Jackson
Chris Cornell - Billie Jean via So much feeling, a voice that touches the very depths of y…
Woa cant belive Tyrese Gibson will notice the perf of iKON billie jean😍😍
Just bought The Legend of Billie Jean. you're in charge of explaining why I have no money at my funeral.
Ok now listening to Chris Cornell's cover of MJ's Billie Jean. ***
After getting shared by Tyrese Gibson, iKON's LED dance performance of Billie Jean has reached 10M views on FB.
Ah.mazing. Worth the listen. I promise.
Billie Jean is not my mother. She's just a girl who thinks that I am her son...
His cover of Billie Jean is so good.
...acoustic cover of "Billie Jean" was one of the first songs I learned on an acoustic guitar (at HGS Music, of course). After all the...
4/16/83 Billie Jean, 1st Billboard Hot 100 from Thriller spends 7th week on top. Videos
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Oof! Helen Slater and the Legend of Billie Jean? Yusss! Kick it Pat! ❤👊🏻💥
Laver, Samprass, Martina, Billie Jean, and Bud Collins looking over them all!
🎶On March 10, 1983, MTV aired the music video for Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' for the first time
Four decades after the Battle of the Sexes, the fight for equality goes on
34 years ago (1983) Michael Jackson - Billie Jean was top of Ireland's chart
But he was running from Billie Jean.. So wym?
Ownership change in Billie Jean's Mylan World Team Tennis? Think left coast.
"[Billie Jean] defined [Michael] as a singer, writer and of course dancer...” -
I wonder if there will be a copyright case against for his new track FIYAH. Sounds very Billie Jean.
Billie Jean Snow gets treated better than I do
new tune sounds a cross between Men in Black and Billie Jean 😎
Awesome version of Billie Jean played in tonight 👌
On March 12,1983, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson was Billboard's No.1 single on the Hot 100:
Michael Jackson broke boundaries and changed the music world when his Billie Jean music video premiered on MTV on this day…
Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' music video premiered on this day 34 years ago. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Now playing on for the jazz and oldies connoisseur - Billie Jean by Foy Vance! Tune in now!
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Billie Jean by Foy Vance.
Billie Jean was changed from the original lyric, "Emmanuel Lewis"
Genius video. No idea how hard this is! MT Billie Jean by Michael Henry & Justin Robinett.
16 year old Selena Quintanilla getting down to Billie Jean has got to be the greatest thing ever
When 'Billie Jean' comes on shuffle.. h…
Jesy dancing Billie Jean saved my life.
In The Night by The Weeknd and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson | Alex Aiono and Vince Harder MASHUP 😱🔥🔥🔥
Margaret court,Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Justine henin, Chris Everett and that's only the women
Billie Jean is not my lover. She's just a girl who claims that I am the one. But the kid is not my son
Currently introducing to The Legend of Billie Jean. Helen Slater is a goddess.
Before Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," MTV did not air videos by black artists because they were seen as "rock" enough.
is like Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean at The American Music Awards, for hustlers.
*** it, Kid’s Birthday Party DJ behind my apartment, stop blaring that air horn over Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean!
So like I said, I figured out that "Billie Jean" from Michael Jackson's Thriller album (1982) was about Jodie Foster and
Hamilton Collection
Billie Jean is a female Pit Bull Terrier looking for a new family!
people know Michael for Billie Jean, some for being the greatest entertainer of all time, some The King of Pop but his…
My mum was singing "Billie Jean" and said Jeans instead. Told her its Jean and she said "o mo boya won pe meji"
Kid Wins Talent Show Dancing to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean via *While I'm at it: Brett Nichols.*
when in the shower, sing "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson as out of key as you can
Billie Jean is not my beloved. She is only a female who hath proclaims that I am the solitary.
Andrew Benintendi killing it to some Billie Jean tonight.
We're they playing Billie Jean? Thought I heard it during FOX 46's coverage.
If I ever go crazy and get a pet...I'm going to name it after a famous song name. Mr Jones, Delilah, Billie Jean, Miss get it.
What an amazing day of tennis! We got to see Andy Murray and Venus Williams win! PLUS we got to meet Billie Jean...
A touch on the fedora - An iconic dance movement to solo Billie Jean routine by Michael Jackson!. htt…
I was thinking it's going to be a Supergirl movie question as I met Helen Slater a few years back got Legend of Billie Jean signed
I'm dabbin to "Billie Jean and I dab"!!! Yall Gotta Love it...He does it right. The king'd be proud!!!
Researching my next book Women in Sports: Billie Jean King on the right to live your authentic life.
Can ask Billie Jean 'Who would you like to see play you & Bobby Riggs in a movie about your life?'
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Answer! Bournemouth beat Preston 4-0 at home on ... 12th Mar 1983 ... while Michael Jackson reached with "Billie Jean"
When? Reply or Bournemouth beat Preston 4-0 .. while Michael Jackson topped the charts with "Billie Jean"
My girlfriend just pointed this out, but did "Flava In Ya Ear" sample "Billie Jean"?? I think it actually did
Saturday Nights are Live presents David James this Saturday! . Billie Jean -
Michael Jackson rehearsing "Billie Jean" for his History Tour. Amazing as always.
My sister Donna singing and dancing to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" for her school talent…
Please can you hold Ms Ullman for the future. Just refound Do it Again-Billie Jean, Clubhouse instead please
Oh, I'll be singing I Will Survive or Billie Jean or Papa Was a Rolling Stone...😂
I liked a video from Sungha Jung and Gabriella Quevedo plays Billie Jean by Michael
Trump is quite similar to the bloviating Bobby Riggs, certain he could beat any woman. Billie Jean proved him wrong.
This one's as much fun to watch as it is to listen to. and Michael Henry cover "Billie Jean" by MJ!
Roaming the desert and listening to a Casey Kasem's top 40 broadcast from the 80's... wow, blast from the past. FYI, Billie Jean is
Check out this Latin version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" by Jean Rodriguez and Tony Succar
I just used Shazam to discover Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.❤️
Did we ever find out if Michael Jackson actually did get that Billie Jean girl up the duff or what?
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Emma Stone looks unrecognizable as Billie Jean King on the set of Battle of the Sexes …
I added a video to a playlist Billie Jean Intro Tutorial Motown 25 Version
"This is a historic contract for professional softball and for all women's sports..." – Billie Jean King
"a historic contract for pro softball & for all women's sports & I hope it is the first of many" -Billie Jean King
Such a great piece. And bonus Billie Jean King.
Ok so "Harry" made a's HUGE, 4 hours long. Has 1D songs, Queen, Legally Blonde, and Billie Jean by MJ. http…
Thank Billie Jean! And thank you for the amazing quote also! 💯
Emma Stone Looks Unrecognizable as Billie Jean King on the Set of Battle of the Sexes: Emma Stone is starring in the upcoming film ab...
I liked a video from Student Kills Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' Dance⎟Brett
8. Michael Jackson's Motown 25 performance of Billie Jean. Where he first introduced his iconic glove & the moonwalk h…
A couple songs...Richard Cheese - Gin and Juice and Chris Cornell - Billie Jean would be the picks for today. Search and listen to them.
purple rain is a much better song but Billie Jean marks a time and place
Weird Al Yankovic is smart to not try and parody anything trap. Between 'Billie Jean & I Dab' and mix-tape he can't compete.
It's troubling on a number of levels, not least that NO ONE fought harder for woman's pay that Billie Jean.
"Billie Jean" is a reference not to BJ King but Billy "Jean" Joel, alias "Billy Jeans", nicknamed for his propensity for wearing dungarees
I know Billie Jean likes my puns. I tell them to the man in the mirror. Then I sing my earth song to Dirty Diana. Human nature
So in love with Chris Cornell's cover of Billie Jean.
Been there done that ~ Billie Jean & Kurt Kelly "The Voice Of Experience" The Las Vegas Strip to Hollywood Walk...
check my vocals out...just dominanted Michael Jackson's Billie Jean !! jason Fitzpatrick Billie Jean Tribute
Michael Jackson's Billie Jean was voted No.58 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time list.
I had a crush on Helen Slater back then. Loved her in "The Legend of Billie Jean" & "The Secret of My Success".
Louisa Johnson on wearing sparkly Styles -a- like boots, singing Billie Jean. Classic! 😂
If we're being honest, "Thriller" the actual song is kinda wack. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and Billie Jean are the real bangers
1.Smooth Criminal. in the mirror. 3.You rock my world. 4.Billie Jean. 5.Wanna be startin' something
Just heard Billie Jean on the radio, basically highlight of my vacation
Talk about a cool keepsake at the Susan B. Anthony Birthday Luncheon. Billie Jean King is keynote speaker.
The widow of a British violinist is to receive UK royalty payments for his part on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean for the fi…
Lady Billie Jean is not thy lover, she is just a tavern wench whom quoth thee "I am thy one"
and USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center are right nearby for our Sports Fans to enjoy!
Billie Jean Michael Jackson on those white blocks.🔥🔥🔥. ___. Watch People's Elbow now! Link in bio…
My avi is me dancing to Billie Jean at a wedding for everyone lmaooo. Good times
I liked a video Michael Jackson vs The Doors - Billie Jean on the Storm
Michael Jackson is said to have spent three weeks working on the bassline for Billie Jean.
1983 is not a joke. This will take some more research. Listening to Billie Jean right now. Down Under in queue.
His role model is MJ. He listens to “Beat It” a lot and says “Billie Jean” is a song that describes him and gives him a lot of energy.
FOTD: in 1982, Billie Jean became the first music video created by a black artist to play on MTV. https:…
MJ scarf Tassel the world tour billie jean concert
on PowerON FM Billie Jean by at - Buy it
"Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility." ~Billie Jean King
MJ Michael Jackson scarf Tassel the world tour billie jean concert
“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”. —Billie Jean King
Also my total set list varies from "No Diggity" to "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Billie Jean". And there's at least 9 of them.
Happy birthday to Keith Gordon, 55, the actor who lived in the coolest house on Ocean Dr. in "Legend of Billie Jean"
Michael Jackson. -Became the first African American artist to have their music video played on MTV with "Billie Jean" ht…
oh man there are some antis at school who are gonna try to go off on me. I'll just stand there playing Billie Jean by Mi…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
8 months ago we lost the world's best bassist/Louis Johnson/originally of the Brothers Johnson/played bass on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.
I've always called Billie Jean a "bad movie I love." Along with Supergirl it's part of my Helen Slater double feature.
Michael Jackson 🙏 such a legend, . I dont think I'll ever delete Billie Jean or Bad out of my playlist!
If you could find time, please do a video on James Hills ukulele version of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.
Today in 1983, Michael Jackson drops the 2nd single from Thriller - Billie Jean
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson was the first video to air on MTV by a black artist
Keith who's the best 'King' out of Billie Jean, Dave, or Kong?
Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" was mixed 91 times—mix number two ended up on the final record.
I find his cover of "Billie Jean" to be particularly pleasing, it was pretty impressive to change a pop tune to a blues song
THRILLER.ANNIVERSARY. . Tribute to the King, the one & only Michael Jackson! Doin his Billie Jean.…
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean i gotta pay tribute to the king tho
Blaster Master theme is not unlike a slowed-down Billie Jean.
I know it's been out for years, but I still 💜💜💜 this cover of "Billie Jean" by on Punk Goes Pop 5
is that Billie Jean and Betty Boop's illegitimate child?
Woww *** Louisa Johnson/ that Billie Jean performance was ridiculously good?!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
No female vocalist should be allowed to sing Billie Jean without images of Billy Jean King being projected in the background
WOW! Johnson's performance of Billie Jean was absolute GOLD :
Buy Louisa Johnson's version of Billie Jean now from iTunes 💕🦄
Watch 'very special' performance of Billie Jean again here: . .
Next on the stage tonight is Louisa Johnson and is singing Billie Jean . Please leave a comment below on how you...
Louisa Johnson is performing Billie Jean. And suddenly, I remember 4th Impact already did that.
This Louisa Johnson bird looks exactly like Lindsey Lohan. Stunning singer, if she wasn't bleating out Billie Jean
Now for the best and she is singing my idols song Michael Jackson's Billie Jean
Jon just turned me on to polish covers of American classics (Roxanne, Billie Jean, ...)
Billie Jean is great but can't touch Diamonds From Sierra Leone
There’s a Thriller Michael Jackson impersonator here who just started doing Billie Jean when Smart hit that circus three.
This hour its 1973 on Day.US boots off ground in Vietnam.Last Tango in Paris.Billie Jean beats Bobby Riggs.Secretariat.Roe v Wade.
Behind the scenes pictures from Michael Jackson's short film Billie Jean.
king of pop Billie Jean lyrics short sleeve tee…
That moment when you realize that Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and All That She Wants by Ace of Base is about baby mama drama LOL!
Pat Benatar, 'Invincible', The Legend of Billie Jean, & Helen Slater This was everything.
Michael Jackson wrote Billie Jean about your bopping *** aunt.
“I unfriended them, they unfriended me.” – Jenelle Potter on her relationship with Billie Jean and Billy Payne.
Video of Gavin James - Billie Jean / can't feel my face mash up that everyone seems to love so much!!
Do Accrington have a Billy Kee song set to Billie Jean? Should have.
Tried to study Trace Bundy's arrangement (Sungha Jung played) Billie Jean. And it was too *** hard!
RobC_Johnson: Great cover Civil Wars version "Billie Jean" by rebekah_kirk Sub/like/sh…
My bruh Kim Mcclanton aunt Billie Jean and the rest of the fam touched down at my mama house. Im gonna have to...
Perks of hanging with my great Aunt at her retirement home... When you blast Michael Jackson's, 'Billie Jean',...
Louis was listening to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson earlier
Not since Billie Jean & Bobby Riggs have we seen a battle like this one bw Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump. It explodes to…
I added a video to a playlist Who's Bad (Michael Jackson Tribute) "Billie Jean" @ Spotlight 29 on
A clip of Billie Jean performed with the Houston symphony friday night…
Your name isn't Billie Jean and you're not my girl, but I'd still moon walk across Space Center Houston for you
And lmao if they really played Billie Jean after the concert, thats smart af
Still waiting on a sequel to The Legend of Billie Jean. Where the *** is Helen Slater?
Christian Slater dresses as a girl complete with wig and make-up at the ending of "legend of Billie Jean" movie
Enjoyed that.. The greats influence the masses. Arthur Ashe & Billie Jean King influence my thoughts on tennis
Me: what was the name of the song?. Kylie: idk. Me: was it Billie Jean?. Kylie: no it was by Micheal Jackson . Umm...😂
You're not alone, Billie Jean, thriller, black or white and Beat it prolly my top 5 favs
1. Billie Jean. 2. Beat It . 3. You are not alone . 4. Bad . 5. I'll be there, even though that's Jackson 5
I liked a video Kodaline - Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover for Sunday Sessions)
When you think about it, Billie Jean is really a song about a guy trying to dodge his parental responsibility.
I kick it like Billie Jean so you boys better beat it.
And then, later on, she began fighting for equal pay - & won. Wimbledon eventually gave in. She took the torch from Billie Jean King
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson was voted the No.3 song of all time in a global NME magazine poll.
. +... She & Petra play the "exhaustion card" when they lose. As Billie Jean King says: "pressure is a privilege."
Listen to Daft Punk Vs Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Get Lucky - Noy Alooshe Mashup by Noyalooshe on
Billie Jean is the only song I sing when drunk
we've been singing Billie Jean, mixing vodka with caffeine
Just had a conversion with my brother about and somehow we broke out into Billie Jean. Lol late nights with family 😜
that *** made Billie Jean, you think he touched those kids?
If you play tennis and don't understand the legend that is Billie Jean King, quit.
Throwback to Maria by Justin Bieber that pretty much copied Michael Jacksons Billie Jean. Maria was a tragic song 😂
Where were you 30 years ago during the filming in Corpus Christi of "The Legend of Billie Jean?" I'd love to hear your experience.
You know what's genius? Chris Cornell singing Billie Jean acoustic is genius.
Michael Jackson didn't use power generated tiles in the Billie Jean video, they really lit up by his touch.
Louis Johnson, founding member of funk band the Brothers Johnson and an in-demand bassist who appeared on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"
I put Mike Jack on stage at summer jam, Billie Jean. I put Prodigy in his place on that summer jam screen.
Also the "tennis great" in question is "Billie Jean King," not "Billie Jean." Billie Jean was someone else and not MJ's lover.
Every single person is an influencer Billie Jean King still rocks
'it would set us back 50 years if I didn’t win that match" Billie Jean x3
BB King's '80s Take on Jimmy Reed's Takes on "Billie Jean"
Steve Barron is from Dublin? I always thought he was British. So an Irish guy directed Billie, learn something n…
Paul Pogba dancing to Billie Jean on big screen at Juventus. No wonder Fergie sold him...
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Ben E. King died, B.B. King is in hospice. Someone take Billie Jean and Gayle to a safe location please.
the song was obviously written about Helen Slater's character in "The Legend of Billie Jean".
OMG! Forgot that. Just remember Helen Slater because of this and Legend of Billie Jean: the faux revolutionary I aspire to be
On this day 32 years ago, Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" hit on Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for 7 weeks!
Local fans sang along to Billie Jean, Beat It and Rock With You during the King of Pop's opening night last week
There will be another open Academic Advising Session today @ 12 in the Computer Lab-SH 312. Amy and Billie Jean will be glad to help!
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean: this tune never gets old letalone he has died hes still the king of pop
I liked a video from Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - MJ Impersonator Alex Blanco
This guy is great and also has the best 'guitar face' out there. . Adam Rafferty - Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
just heard your take on Billie Jean - amazing haunting voice. Got a new fan in Old Colwyn now!
I liked a video Guitar Pro Tabs to Billie Jean - Sungha Jung. Download !
Billie Jean. She says I am the one. The kid is probably my son. - Antonio Cromartie
The Civil Wars cover of Billie Jean is still one of my all time favorite covers. And I still have a huge girl *** for John Paul White.
beg steal borrow from Ray Lamontagne...Consequence and Glory from Ben Harper...Billie Jean (cover)...The Civil Wars
Someone tell me why do I love Billie Jean so much except for the fact that the music builds itself literally perfectly.
Old People Dance to Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) please subscribe, like and favourite :) and comment if you had something to say ! ;)
5 jazz masters separately improvise to an a cappella version of "Billie Jean" and the results are just fantastic
Michael Jackson’s Surprise Grammy Appearance. Is it true? Well, my sources say that Michael Jackson may actually be performing at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. A lot could change between now and Sunday night, but the scenario that’s been described for me goes something like this: Justin Timberlake starts the show singing along with a tape of Frank Sinatra. The next act up is Jackson, performing one of his hits from "Thriller," possibly even re-creating the dance number for "Billie Jean" he made famous at the Motown 25th anniversary show in 1983. Will it happen? Who knows. Jackson, my sources insist, has been rehearsing at a Burbank studio and keeping away from the Staples Center, where the Grammy show takes place. Of course, if it does happen, Jackson would get a huge boost for the special 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller" that Sony releases on Tuesday. And if it doesn’t work out, well, then … as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Michael, the ball’s in your court. And believe it ...
In case you're looking for a Friday night eargasm, here's Chris Cornell covering Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is in Bowlplex Tower Park, Poole. Download it now at
we could heal the world if Billie Jean wasn't such a thrilling, Smooth Criminal.
Suddenly I have this urge to watch The Legend of Billie Jean - Oh, Helen Slater.
The Civil Wars are awesome and John Paul White is from our hometown. A UNA grad! ♫ Billie Jean – The Civil Wars
Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" Live in Jerudong Park Amphitheatre, Bandar Begawan (Brunei), during the concert celebrating the Majesty's 50th Anniversary in...
I loved Helen Slater in the Legend of Billie Jean & her portrayal of Supergirl with Peter O'Toole. She's very irresistible.
Billie Jean King looks more manly than Jonathan Kraft but then again who doesn't
Mixing "Billie Jean" with Bruce Swedien at Full Sail University: 91 mixes & they end choosing mix No2 !
"But the cheese is not the one" Ahh Costa Ricans trying to sing Billie Jean 😂
Billie Jean by Chris Cornell got me crying my heart out
Grand Wizard Theodore transitioned from Billie Jean to Smells Like Teen Spirit and not only made it work, but made it something to dance to.
Bruno Mars cover Michael Jackson (HD) -SONGS: Billie Jean, Man in the mirror, The way you make me feel, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, Beat it. ...
Hosted once again by the fabulous Anita Cocktail - Miss *** USofA 2012 - this amazing event will take place on Friday, December 5th at the Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial Street in Provincetown. In addition to Anita Cocktail the event will include performances by Billie Jean, Barbie Q, Kira Stone, Payton St. James, Khloe Glamoure, Genesis, John Swanson, Ania Bangkoks, Patrick Adams-Riviere and many more of your favorite Ptown Celebrities! Doors open at 8PM - Show starts at 9PM $10 Donation at the door - 100% to ASGCC All Proceeds to Benefit the work of AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod! Fabulous Raffle Prizes - Cash Prizes
Can you imagine being alive when Michael Jackson dropped Billie Jean like *** but Sam Smith is pretty comparable lol jk not really at all
Keep the king alive Michael Jackson - Billie Jean: via
I want Michael Jackson money Billie Jean money shawty not my lover cause ima money lover 🎧🎧
Billie Jean just came and as im laying down, so did my Michael Jackson moves
Entering to win 5,000 pts from trivia! The artist who sang "Billie Jean is not my lover" is: Michael Jackson
Amazing what you can do with some old beer bottles . . Michael Jackson's Billie Jean as you've never heard it before :-)
Billie Jean is the second single from Micheal Jackson's 6th solo album 'Thriller' w
Remembering the King of Pop, played with your own hands "Michael Jackson - Billie Jean" from your Smarphone with
Billie Jean is the first cat I've met on the street that liked me more than owen and I miss her because she is fab
Helen Slater was such a Baddass in the legend of Billie Jean
OLP: The Legend of Billie Jean is on Patreon for a week! Helen Slater makes some point as a good-hearted fugitive.
I just bought: 'Billie Jean' by Claire Davis Reply w/ for a free sample via
My friend's M/M romance short is FREE on Amazon. Billie Jean is beautifully written and emotional. So proud of her.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Only a jammin accordion could make this better... ♫ Billie Jean – The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars's rendition of Billie Jean is so subtle the original don't sound half as good.
Cazale's track Echo mashed up with the mighty fine Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.
. I 1st saw him with MJ in a Pepsi commercial dancin to Billie Jean in '84
Michael Jackson shouldn't be played at weddings because you shouldn't do the same dance to Billie Jean as you did to Sweet Home Alabama.
There was this other Christian Slater movie... the Legend of Billie Jean or something, and I think Helen Slater was in that
Helen Slater looked amazing from beginning to end in The Legend of Billie Jean
R.I.P African American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer The King Of Pop Michael Jackson (1958-2009). He would've been 56 years old today! Called the King of Pop,his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he debuted on the professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1964, and began his solo career in 1971. In the early 1980s, Jackson became a dominant figure in popular music. The music videos for his songs, including those of "Beat It", "Billie Jean", and "Thriller", were credited with breaking down racial barriers and with transforming the medium into an art form and promotional tool. The popularity of these videos helped to bring the then-relatively-new television channel MTV to fame. With videos such as "Black or White" and "Scream", he continued to innovate the medium throughout the 1990s, as well as forging a ...
Ladies, don't hate on groupies...they were responsible for great songs such as Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Darlin Nikki, He…
Totally agree with you, -made "Billie Jean" even more amazing! Takes real guts to mess with the King of Pop!
Jesse is singing Billie Jean this week from the King of Pop MJ!?! So excited.
's version of Billie Jean. Amazing. The king of pop would be proud. Can't stop raving about this guy!
Billie Jean is not my lover, she is posion
Our favorite Billie Jean performance proves why Michael Jackson was the King of Pop:
this is my new next cover for drum cover . 1 . Papa roach - last resort ( 3:36 ) 2 . Michael Jackson - Billie Jean ( 5:18 ) 3 . Metallica - Sandman ( 5:31 ) 4 . Green Day - Basket Case ( 3:05 ) 5 . Green Day American *** ( 2:44 ) 6. Paramore - Crush Crush Crush ( 3:08 ) 7. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer ( 4:46 ) 8. Blink 182 - what's my age again ( 2:44 ) total minutes 37 minutes and 5 seconds . so doing this this week or next week cause wikll be having a party for my birthday this weekend
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Christian and Helen Slater aren't related even though they played siblings in Legend of Billie Jean?
Chris Cornell, live in Stockholm 2006. All acoustic set, beautiful, tear-inducing version of Like a Stone and an excellent cover of Billie Jean too.
Chris Cornell - Billie Jean: different type of cover for this type of song. Opener music Even if ur asleep
Flushing Meadows Park in Queens is a public park in New York City. It contains the USTA Billie Jean
Billie Jean works for Carlos Gomez, who homers to right-center on the next pitch. up, 2-0, now in the seventh.
Now its a first time viewing. The Legend of Billie Jean. Christian Slater is a baby in this.
In this photo ,with MICHAEL, is Derek, the son of Sam Emerson . And beautiful words about the friendship with MICHAEL and Derek : | Growing up in Beverly Hills, California, Derek Emerson lead a charmed life. “It was nice to always have an all-access pass,” he laughs. His father, photographer Sam Emerson, worked the rock music scene where Derek met the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cheap Trick, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Billy Idol and Elton John. The list, he says, “Goes on and on.” But there was that one performer, one icon, that Derek fondly recalls. On the fifth anniversary of his untimely death, Derek reminisces about Michael Jackson. Derek’s dad was MICHAEL’s personal still photographer from 1980 to 1993. He shot the album cover for Bad, worked on the ‘Beat It,’ ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Bad’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ videos and traveled the world – three times over – with the King of Pop. “Any photos released from ’82 to ’94 were mostly my dad’s,” Derek explains. At the age ...
Coming to Blu-ray: The Legend of Billie Jean. , commentary by Helen Slater and Yeardley Smith.
What is the world's best song to dance to? — Billie Jean
Did Danny Gokey lose American Idol when he forgot "Billie Jean" and had his hometown concert cut from the show?
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