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Bill Young

Charles William Bill Young (born December 16, 1930) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1971. He is a member of the Republican Party, and is currently the longest-serving Republican member of Congress.

I heard Bill Clinton this morning on a radio show ta…
For young adults, the GOP health bill is a hard sell.
The new bill we are voting on will massively spike rates, cause 32 m to lose coverage. Help us kill this monstrosity once…
GOP controls the White House, Senate & House & they STILL can't pass a bill.
Seniors are reaping the benefits of debt. Future generations will get the bill. via
OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby are perfect examples of role models for young black men.
Will clean repeal bill remove provision for young adults up to age 26? Or will it be a mostly clean repeal bill?.
Hillary sells Uranium cheap, Bill speaks for mass dollars.Cocaine Bill and young girls party, Hillary gets loaded and *** out!
Bill Lafluer kicking and punting camp at York High School. Great group of young kickers and punters. We are set for 7 year…
A bill that the leader of their party called "mean."
"The quinceañeras hope their efforts will motivate other young Latinx to join the fight" 🎉💃💃💃.
The bill McConnell now plans to bring up. -Passed the Senate 52-47 in '15 (only Collins and Kirk opposed it. -Uninsures 32…
We are at the point where conservatives and moderates blame each other for failing to pass a bill they all agree doesn’t do…
MCCONNELL . 1. Calling bluff of conservative sens. and challenging them to get on bill. . 2. Likely showing proof clean repeal…
If you’re one of the 217 House members who voted to pass a bill projected to lead to 23M more uninsured, how are you feeling…
A victory for mobilizing & the rational voter: A large majority looked at this bill & said no. Next mobilization: to defeat s…
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At a dinner with GOP senators on Monday, Trump said the party would look like “dopes” if they couldn’t pass the bill.
I did, I still do. As a young man, a fool by definition, said foolish thi…
Ireland considering a Bill restricting alcohol marketing to young people.
Shorter McConnell:. You killed the bill? . Now, walk that plank.
He wasn't anywhere close to third in the cy Young voting last year. He was 5-11 with a 5.69 era. A V E R A G E
I only know of Bill's kids. His oldest is probably a bit too young to c…
I want an alternative universe where Bill Walton is into The Fall, The Raincoats and the Young Marble Giants instead of the Grateful Dead
Breaking News: The health bill has collapsed with 2 more Republican senators opposed
Congress must now return to reg order & listen to govs on bill to provide access to quality, affordable healthcare https…
I am all of these things plus a young Jewish lady trying to make it in life. I think I am th…
If this inhumane bill ever becomes law, I will go to court to challenge it to protect New Yorkers.
demise of GOP health bill is about substance, not Trump's weak standing. No evidence that he's played big role, knows or…
Trump is losing GOP support on the health care bill. So much winning.
Today, I wrote in the about the big problem with the Republican leadership’s "health" bill:
Sweden: Police attend to burning cars, get stoned by “young people” for their troubles
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A young man leaves college, apartment burns, he adopts mantra I Am Light to try & create new life
Why are sexual degenerates so eager to teach young children about sex? 🤔
You know you look young when the waitress hands your 12 yro sister the bill and not your 17 yro self...
So House healthcare bill first failed on day after Trump's truck playtime (Mar24). Now Senate bill fails same day as his…
Should I pay my internet bill or buy young dolph tickets??
Progressivism has done a great disservice to young people. Past generations were concerned about preparing youth...
Would add: Even though I volunteered from a young age, I didn't get to BE the church until
That brings total of "no" GOP votes to four, and with no Democrats or independents supporting the bill it cannot get enough suppor…
"Bill Young will make a fine congressman."
The bill was vetoed it but Iran’s clerical establishment insists that the marriage of young girls is a means to combat i…
Like what you say, Mr. Stiglitz, very much, but why do you not shave? Young people can afford, but at our age: don'…
The "grooming" influence of one Mr Bill Clinton on the young and impressionable.
Young *** I just wanna lay low and chill. Oh don't call me kodak thought I told you call me bill?
when Bill Clinton was elected Fleetwood Mac performed. Most young people had no idea who they were as they'd broken up in 80's
I am curious whether after 2000 there was attention on Bill Bradley? (I assume not but I was quite young.)
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Awesome place to spend a field season! Any young birders/ringers that fit the bill should deffo apply!
All this Great young talent that is out here and Bill Collector makes the roster for BL4?
Error over interpreting EU rules to cost SNP Scot Govt £932m: reveal probe into
3rd game. Bill kills young qbs every time. Bad offense. No1 open. Blitzes can only be stopped if bl…
I just seen Bill sneak that wedding ring off. hes totally taking advantage of this young guy
A young turned down to build an award-winning startup cc
yawn. Yet ABC is silent on Bill massage and wine evenings with young women.
"What these young bloods have to understand is that this game always was, and will always be, about buckets". -Bill Russell
Provide your feedback on new child protection legislation in
Bill, Paula and that young tobacco lobbyist are definitely staying. Yay.
Bill Batten would love to have this. He was a catcher when Nick pitched at Young Harris College.
Our movement must unite: . Boots and Suits. Men and Women. Young and Old. Christian and Pagan . We are all one family, let…
Learning to celebrate failure at a young age led to this bill
team with Bill russell, eminem, Gavin young, Deandre jordan, and Nick young
You know I'm the Bill Cosby of my line lol so these young pups don't know bout dat lol
yes must be a young hungry forward in Europe fits the bill, adjusting to champ can be issue a young Drogba type
Dom continue to give young guys more than they can handle while having them play multiple positions
[History 2012] Yet another Governor says that past support for forcing young girls to take HPV vaccine was a mistake
Ohio bans abortion with the heartbeat bill.Young women, plan to leave.Female college students, think twice:choose blue…
Told mama chill I'll pay the bill..Imagine how a young *** feel..
how can I get help we are not young I am trying to do art work to help pay bill but just not doing it wells fargo has taken
New laws are part of a fresh start for in SA. Have your say
and I'm not implying current young players don't have aptitude. Just inexperienced. Too many UDFA
Comments from on the Children, Young Persons and their Families (Oranga Tamariki) bill:
Do a good job young man. Bring the US out of debt just like you did for yourself. Give China the bill.
Beware of hyperactive parenting: 5 baksheesh till screen exclusive of propelling young people likewise carefully:…
I am truly dissapointed decision NOT to defend the rights of the unborn by vetoing the heartbeat bill.
oh Bill how much I love Xmas When I was a young girl my parents gave us the best Xmas ever remember the day Christ was born
Andrew Little: is it a merry Christmas 4 young families locked out of homeownership by million $ homes?. Bill English: Some are disappointed
5mins in &.have 2 goals in the 2nd period. Bill Peters pulls Cam Ward. Leighton is in the net they trail 3-2
Minnesotan Kitty Westin here House bill signing, mom of Anna who died too young of eating disorder. KItty fought w…
Read about former prof. Bill Young's upcoming book on baseball history in Kansas City --> .
Happy Birthday to the guy who gives just as good an interview as Gregg Popovich and Bill Belichick. Stay young bud…
Isn't it wonderful that young people have. an answer for everything, except for who's. gonna pay the bill. Life in
Young people footing the bill for old people, if they ever get out of Starbucks.
I wanna be as rich as Diddy is and get confused when i see a $1.00 bill
One of my dreams is to produce a Bill Nye the Science Guy for politics, explaining issues for young people to get them e…
I only want oomf .. keep it a bill 🙄
I was pretty young back then. But, Ted killed it? I thought it was Ted's bill.
End for us all Bill, like Keating said; not just for young gen. Let Boomers invest without tax breaks!
Looks like the closest I'll get to young money is this dollar bill printed in 2013
Bill listened intently as this young man formulated his thoughts. .
Bill looked down at this young man, who seemed so wise and humble for his age. .
This bill on might interest Roadrunners who are young mothers.
Congrats to Nancy Lozon and Bill Young who split out $991.00. Whatch highlights and...
"Hillary turns to Husband, Bill Clinton, on how to gain young impressionable female voters"
Funny man Bill Mayer, as usual mixing truth w/fiction, n his young audience eating it up.
Prayers up for Tray Walker and his family. Way too young. God rest his soul.
Im so weird i never tried to watch kill bill when i was young before why do i suck
We know this already. Spend your time on HRC's attack on the women Bill raped. Young women don't like her bc of it.
A school full of young Sheryl Sandbergs and Bill Gates? Listen to The Business of Learning
Megyn Kelly was trying to stir the pot with these two young black men that are Bill Ayers type (domestic terrorist)
Richmond boy...sweet..a young man I've known for years worked for him couple years ago and had nice things to say about Bill Dennis
Texas-Northern Iowa just tipped. My story today on how Shaka Smart will help represent coach Bill Brown
Got a 100 dollar bill for every bump on your face
team with Nick young, Carmelo Anthony, Bill russell, Gavin young, and chris paul
Bill giving tips to a young man on how to pick up women... .
If you get your political info from the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Test Tube, Young Turks, or Bill Maher, please don't talk
Well, this is gross. I’d never let my daughter go to school there.
A young Bill Clinton with his saxophone, in 1958.
Most of you are too young to remember but I do. That time when Bill Clinton wasn't the anointed candidate but he kept charging, and won it …
"The problem is those same perverts will be pushing for legislation to take your children out of their…" — Paul Bays
Looks like we've got young Bill Walton lining up for SFA too! Really lives up to the Lumberjack mascot
When you get old & start paying a water bill , you'll think twice taking two showers a day like when you was young 🛁
And all the young ppl and white male libs that voted for Obama. Ie Bill Maher's million dollar donation.
The first trains unveiled in 1965, when they were at the beginning of their useful life. (Photo: Bill Young) htt…
Young *** think they grown but cant pay one damm bill
That Joyner kid is shooting like a young Bill Heisler. Needs the high socks, though.
Teachers unions back bill allowing adult males to shower with young girls in Massachusetts | News | LifeSite
Hey Dos Equis, I got your new guy. Don't go young. A young man will never best Bill Murray…
Hilary is old school. She and her husband are accused of raping young people in this program. Bill eventually apologized on TV
Bill Young was my district's U.S.Congressman from 1970 until death in 2013. We voted 4 him since 1980.
Joe Dineen laying some wood forcing 4th down. Bowen brought two blitzes up the middle. That was the ole zone blitz from Bill Young days
Tonight's Talking Football with Bill Young and Hugh Burns 6-8pm tonight's guests are Jim Leishman and Frank McAvennie.
New video of my collaboration with Bel Canto and Bill Young on my new SSAA accompanied version of Good Night Dear...
Briles says when he talks "young" WRs he means Cannon, Hall, Zamora, Platt and to some extent Quan Jones. Those guys need t…
Young surgeons from UTSW observe Dr. Bill Adams' techniques today!
So it looks like Gediom Zelalem from Arsenal and John Swift from Chelsea. A young team that gets the ball down & plays. …
When you put a small child on your lap and open a book, an amazingly complex set of brain interactions begin. .
Feels like it was just yesterday that Bill Clinton finally came clean about Monica: Hillary trashed that young woman.
NO Karl I'm in the Tampa Bay area Dist13 Bill Young B4 he passed away we lost a good man
Gooners say he is like a young Fabregas
I chose to put up with the bill shut and put up with not letting me be the best i can be
take a look at this young prospect from France
As young Anakin said in Phantom Menace" It' s working! it's working! "
Allenham, indulging a young lady been, so much I must have suspended by placing Bill Gates, and each other's way: negligence
You can imagine young Bill falling at her feet given she was also the smartest person in the room.
There, there, there, young Kardashian. Let me soothe your pain with a $100 bill shower, an E! News special, and your very own TMZ paparazzo.
Growin up i wanted to be like 50 cent, steve jobs, bill gates and i see these lost souls wanting to be young thug lol.thats wild
Not my bills, I was helpin some young lady keep pay her cellphone bill for next month
Bill Gates, she did _not_ great joy to give them--a dinner; and she said, 'the least two thousand pounds in the young ladies
THE NEWMAN FAMILY - "Bill and Gayle Newman, and their young sons, Billy (4) and Clayton (2) were standing on the...
I might step out this weekend. Maybe even cause enough precipitation for a special young lady to pay her Internet bill.
Young Joc remind me of Bill Cosby. I think its the jello pudding looking lips 👎🏾🍷💊
When I was a kid all I wanted was a hundred dollar bill. Now I'm 19 young ni$*a want a hundred mill.
Will Bill Shorten be this generation’s John Hewson or its Tony Abbott? reads the tea leaves
Bill said you're both too young to date. and at least she wasn't wearing her spandex. She doesn't look too happy with you. LOL.
The poor boy you rejected today could be the Bill Gate of tomorrow .Never underrate anybody .
Young Bill Mulder was so hot, you guys. Young CSM too. But CSM is a *** so I feel gross saying that
what do young consent know abt Bill, Hil or Ross?
More science on early reading boosting skills.
The real problem left has w/sorority video is that if young white men could marry chaste women from video,they'd conquer t…
Sometimes I wonder if middle aged woman servers hate us because we're young and run up our bill and they assume we can't afford it.
Fall back “Again...Joc looks like a young Bill Cosby
Again...Joc looks like a young Bill Cosby
Poor Jesse Waters- he has to interview all those young women by himself!
News in 5: Survey finds bisexuality common among UK young people + more
yet to see evidence this is more than eg Mensch/Young bloviation. Seen plenty of ppl convinced by Corbyn, wanting him as PM.
Tomorrow you can wake up and the person you love could love someone else but tomorrow a 100 dollar bill is still a 100 d…
Young Michelle O, young Buster Posey, and young Bill Nye on
Bill Young: Hudson Music Fest: A moveable feast of art and pleasure - Montreal Gazette
Robert Orr and Angela Bishop with speakers James Hodge, Bill Young and moderator Mr. GILFOY
Young fans last night probably didn't know who Bill Medley was but should have got a standing ovation!
my name is Nate aka young Hilf uhm I gave you a dollar bill for quarters 😇. That should be good
African young leaders launch to explore African models
A..I'm bout to shoot the beat out I just did and the cat the write the iLLest 16 I'm sliding a crisp $100 Bill RIGHT NOW! >> …
Today launches A great man helping young unemployed people in the North East, you should fo…
BJ Bill is back, so many young Interns and so little time. Like a kid in a candy store. What will Hillary do this time?
I still can't believe my mom had a kid whose parents couldn't afford to pay the water bill so she paid it for them. She is my inspiration.
Stay young, bill free and responsible less as long as you can. Once you grow up, life doesn't stop or slow just cause you don't agree
American Legion urges Maine lawmakers to kill underage-drinking bill: The intent was to allow young veterans into…
Young thug should've taking that $9,000,000 cash to stop making music that bill gates offered
When Bill hears there are young female staffers on Hillary's campaign team:
bb are you too young to know who Fire Marshall Bill was??? 😂😂😂
3Novices:For a Clinton, Its Not Hard to Be Humble in an Effort to Regain Power When a 35-year-old Bill Clinton, famously the nation's young…
I mean so If I become president I will have my own young impressionable intern and ruin my life like Bill did :/ no thnx
if u would look ur facts up u would actually come to find that those numbers are false. Thus proving bill's point
She then accused people of lying about Bill taking advantage of a young powerless woman.
Senate passes higher education bill that would cap tuition
Young Jeezy sent me a $1,000 bill. Had trace elements of yayo on it but his name rings out in the streets now
Sam Young should think about changing his name to get back in the league. Worked for Jeff (Pendergraph) Ayers and Henry (Bill) Walker.
no I haven't, should do as I want to double bill it with a viewing of The Black Stallion Returns with a young Vincent Spano!
bill to no longer separate the two, but you can get a card! Making things confusing and way difficult for young patients.
Why does my father read my text messages but not answer me...I have questions that need answered, Bill😒
Learn more about a Florida bill that proposes a ban on smoking in cars when young children are present -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Young Thug is as *** as a two dollar bill and he's slipped and said it on several occasions
what ever Bill, same thing last year . Country star won and two young men who were extremely talented passed up
When I was young I was scared of the dark... Now when I see my electricity bill I am scared of the lights...
Van gaal might aswell go for Harry Kane English young fit the bill for homegrown player scored lots of goals . They need a striker . Perfect
curbing radicalism, employment of young opportunities etc don't see how they infringe on the Bill of Rights
Fbi files on GOP reps, deleted emails, corruption, lamp tossing contests, young female interns for Bill.. What's not to like
Bill to keep lower minimum wage for young student workers advances to 2nd round in 32-11. Needs 33 yes votes to pass final round.
hi Nick you had a cool idea for a Doc Brown prequel, I think Bill Hader would do a great job as a young Doc Brown..thoughts?
To the young lady ahead of me who paid my bill. Thank you, for making my day a little better!
. Hi Gretchen, according to Wikipedia, JFK was 43 when elected and Bill Clinton was 46. So Marco Rubio isn't that young.
boy if youn get yo ole young Bill Cosby lookin *** out my mentions
Our sincere condolences Bill, Beth and Young family. This little church has an eternal view. Blessings.
HR176 [Passed] Designating the month of April 2015 as "The Month of the Young Child" in Pennsylvania.
"Jimmy Saville hands over the famous Jim’ll Fix It badge to young Neil Barker watched by Daily Express photographer Bill Lovelace"
Fantastic! well done Bill Jones Young Achiever of the Year
Got to pay my phone bill but fucc it I want a new phone
Lynton do u shag young girls like Bill?
"It's Valentines Day, and Bill Belichick and Brady ❤️ deflating footballs"... Thanks Mr. Young, feeling the love
Today I filed a bill to levy a tax on e-cigarettes as a deterrent to young people.
.to go Bill Jones take young achiever of the year at pride of awards
The Young Achiever of the Year is Bill Jones! Well done!
Too young for me as well rather have someone Bill's age I hope you will be doing something for Charlie & Pam too
Gilligans comments were around a young manager coming in to spend 10 years rebuilding us. Fits the bill
Touch 'em all young fella! Hagen Owenby with his first collegiate HR - Puts ETSU up 4-3 in the sixth!
“He was the editor every young writer should hope to encounter.” remembers David Carr:
Yip. Rick and Gerry Mannering who are top blokes, as well as a young lad called Wild Bill.
# Who would do Hillary's job. To keep Bill young girls in line. If he is first man. As a country do we need to go through this again.🇺🇸
On this day the greatest sports mind was born. they say he had Steve young's mobility, bill walsh's genius, and del's flow
If she don't know who Bill Nye is, she's too young for you bro.
Going pay my bill after i finish chilling with young
Looks even better with the beard. Like a young Bill Oddie.
fabulous. I was thinking a Young Blood, Mark Morrison double bill. friday nights would never be the same again!
thanks for the fav. Young War Widows should be compulsory viewing on the same bill as
When Bill O'Reilly said Beyonce is why young black girls get pregnant...would he have shown the same contempt for a white artist like Miley?
[Korean restaurant]. Me: An itemised bill for my lisping young lady friend, please. Waiter: And you expect ME to perpetuate the myth?
Bill & Melinda Gates met at a 1987 Microsoft press event & married in 1994:
Here is the very young Tommy Cook with his co-star Bill Bendix from theNBC show the Life of Riley. Tommy will be...
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two women accused Bill Cosby on Thursday of drugging them decades ago when they met him as young models, and one
Utah state legislature passes a bill to bring back the firing squad. The 21st Century, everybody!
Bill Alletzhauser on recording at Red River Gorge and ripping off Neil Young:
Guys... thats not bill ayers. He was a hippy in the 60s. That pic needs to go away. Way too young for bill.
Would you like to save a life? Click below to learn how to become a bone marrow donor for the C.W. Bill Young...
Phone bill due tomorrow, should let it get cut ion talk to nobody anyway
Bill O'reilly wants Beyoncé be careful how she influence young Girls but says nothing about the hate messages sent by ppl like Rush L.
TONIGHT! @ Boon-Docks at Eagle Mountain Marina, I get the pleasure of opening the show for this young lady...
Teesta - the same fraud was trying to influence young minds by being on CABE, was trying to get the comunal violence bi…
- Congratulations & well done Bill so pleased for you & the young people
Can't listen to "Operation: Mindcrine" out of order! Sam, you may be too young to know that one...
the pieces are in place to have a run of success for a few years. The farm system is improving, young nucleus at MLB level.
My *** im trynna meet J Cole, hopefully get his autograph on a dollar bill
Hugh Burns and Paul Hegarty join Bill Young tomorrow on Talking Football, the guys will look ahead to the...
Good luck, Congressman. Remember Bill Young's legacy of support & care for our military & our veterans. Don't let us down.
Gotta pay my young boy phone bill almost forgot
Being part of young mens’ growth, maturity, and transition into manhood is fulfilling.
Bill Gates drinks from machine that turns feces into water. That's an invention that has to work 100% of the time.
Bill Clinton the molester is back at it again molesting young girls he a scumbag his wife is to old ugly so he after young stuff
Let's pray we stay young, stay made of lightning!
“A young Mr.stealyourgirl my man look like lil bill lowkey
I swear I just payed my bill last week😒
Our friend Bill O'Connor and one our favorite group... Ricky Young
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
😁I fee old on this! Young'en be bragg'n about responsiblies &im like have u had a mortage tho?! Get a real bill then talk smfh
Before I die I want to hear what a conversation between young thug and Bill Cosby would sound like. ._. # lifestyle
i left cali Bill, i miss the runs though.
Bill Clinton impeached for have sex with a young female intern.
Sunrise on the mountain as the young racers arrive to prove their mettle.
the singer reminds me of a young, Finnish version of Bill from the St A's days! I'm class of '94.
it doesn't, though, and there's no reason it should. Young, Speaker and Hornsby weren't 1st balloters.
--now if we can only get a bill to save America from Young and his cronies
Young and in the way - Black Metal for people who have their mom pay their iPhone bill
When i was young i was scared of the when i see my electricity bill i'm scared of the lights!!!
I was quite young in 1962 mind.. Didn't that film look ancient :-o
Einstein research cited in article on dangers of heading for young players.
Bill Moyers’ farewell message to young activists: ‘Over to you. Welcome to the fight’
My dominatrix and I had a polite disagreement over her bill.
.oh thought you were talking about Bill Clinton-afterall he likes'em young - pedophile like his buddy
(Young) Bill Pullman is way more attractive than people give him credit for. ★ Lost Highway —
Bill Cosby was the elephant in the room on "Celebrity Apprentice"
Bill has retired (again) and says it's up to us to do this work now. Seriously:
part of the calculation will be the wage bill. We've got some really good young players to retain.
Real *** Young probably wrote on an Underwood. Does that count? PS Bill Nack is a first ballot 99.6% HOF guy.
Forgot to say congrats on the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award nomination from Bill!!
"lawsuit revealed Clinton took multiple trips to Epstein's private island where he "kept young women as sex slaves"
Reps. Young, Lipinski introduce bipartisan bill to restore 40-hour workweek to be voted on this week
Parents want to sell their SON to pay for twin sister’s medical bill (Photos): GistReel. A Chinese couple who c...
Caught this cute moment: Rep. Bill Flores' young granddaughter looked up at him & said "I'm excited!" Flores responded "I'm…
Thanks to Bill Bushnell at the Kennebec Journal for this great review of Young Emerging Authors student Henry...
Billionaire keeps young girls as sex slaves and nobody seems to care. Worlds powerful visited him.
Mine and Little Rock's Karissa Noel Derby birthday party will be this Saturday the 20th... meeting at the Outpost 4576 co hwy 3280 freeport fl 32439 around 4:30 or so we'll ride from there and to my place. Trashy is cooking on the smoker but feel free to bring whatever you want hint hint Bill Young and Charles Smith lol everyone is invited so please share and invite friends.. hope to see everyone there :) wont let me tag anyone else :( so pleass spread the word it's little Rock's 21st
I debated whether or not I was going to write this for the last few days... I was very, very sad to hear about the passing of Twin Cities comic Bill Young. He wasnt a friend of mine, I only talked to him twice and the conversations were short. But he was an undeniable talent. And he had a direct and profound impact on my life. Bill opened for Paul F Tompkins the night I became hopelessly obsessed with comedy. He killed. He told a joke about hunting geese with a hammer I think and laugh about all the time. We chatted after his set and he was awesome and warm and fun. That show changed my life. I loved it so much it made me try comedy, it made my mind different. Gave me focus and a love for something I know Ill have for the rest of my life. I didnt want to write this because who the *** cares about my little world. I feel incredibly sad for his friends and family, tremendous grief and heaviness for everyone. But the reason I feel compelled to say something is because I know he mattered, and a great ...
Because young ppl don't vote we will stop everyoune getting benefits for 4 years due to fears of immigrants inflating the welfare bill
.Accompanied the presentation of Eco park Bill at Mendoza Legislature 24th July
Be a Hero for the Animals at the Zoo, support the Eco-Parque Bill, Thank you
The ECO-PARK BILL Explained! Argentina animal advocates lead the fight for Arturo and Mendoza Zoo
7 Organisations seek to improve life 4 Arturo & other residents at Mendoza Zoo .with Eco Park bill
ECOL Logicos UNIDOS Thank you! ECOPARKS Bill is only hope for Arturo and all animals at Mendoza Zoo
he looks like a young, hip Bill Gates
Young Thug has lit a blunt with a hundred dollar bill.
Raking in followers like Bill Cosby rakes in the innocence of young actresses.
OMG Williams keep it down for a few days man, let the heat die down first! P.S. I agree!
TIL that a young Bill Nye was once sent to the principal's office for being "rude and arrogant" after correcting a …
thankful for you & the entire "Wolfe Pack" for being a light to our young people.
Young Thug though.. Now i understand why Bill Gates offered him money.. O.O
Bill Shorten: "Today we also think of Sean Abbott – a young man who did nothing wrong."
"Young Bill and Hillary struggle to make it...".
Young Bill and Hillary struggle to make it.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lol bill gates is deep for that but young thug should take the offer not cause I don'tike his music cause he's
I read the 'love thing' what Bill wrote to my grandma and she started to cry and told me, he's the most amazing young man.…
Remember that "letter" by Bill Cosby? He's tired of "young black culture" and its shared by certain people who are like "I didn't say it!"
Young black man singing the national anthem on thanksgiving 👏👏👏 Dats a Good look
This evening I'm going to see a play by some young, upstart writer called Bill Shakespeare. No, never heard of him either...
Ha! Great look on Lorna's face, Lovely comp, superb job by our young Edinburgh artists!
BOLO: recruiters coming to a mall near you-desperate to sign up the young. They need the stupid 2 foot the bill 4 everyone else!
"Oo look it's a young person in the dog show they're usually all dumpy old ladies" - bill
This anti-cyberbullying advocate is worried that Bill C-13 will make things worse for young people online
Young people should care about the health bill coz it has can provide youth-friendly services
Don Lemon and Bill Maher recently came out in public opposition to the senses of the young. Cited Kardashians etc.
Heard Young Thug Lights his Weed up wit a 100 dollar bill
Bill Gates offered Young thug 9million Dollars to stop Rapping 😂😂😂 he said he went into depression when he heard him Rap 😩😂😂
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