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(albeit not JAG) nothing, Winston's bill will not pass, Gov doesn't need a majority to sign
HOPE: Bill Winston says the salvation prayer
Faith, not fear drives God’s system. God takes care of you and His supply will never run out when you give. Bill Winston
The lifestyle of the believer should stagger the imagination of the world! ~Dr. Bill Winston
Missions & Marketplace conference was just AWESOME! Thank you Dr. Bill Winston!
The higher up you get, the more we need one another. -Bill Winston
Bill would love it if that were to happen. Why not investigate Chelsea Clinton w/Clinton Foundation monies?
Without God, a person has a limited perception of reality. You are not designed to go where you cannot see. -Bill Winston
Stop disqualifying yourself when God has called you. Step up to the plate and declare use me God. Dr. Bill Winston
What happened to YOUR anointing? Allow God to dream through you. Dr . Bill Winston
Sometimes, people got soo much education that God can't work with them because they know it all. . Dr. BILL WINSTON
"Your feet will never take you where your mind had never been!" Dr. Bill Winston
The lifestyle of a believer should stagger the imagination of the world. Deuteronomy 28:10- Dr. Bill Winston
Would love to see Kim Clement, Bill Winston or Prophetic Psalmist Dianne Palmer on the program
The Movie War Room is The Bomb!!! Paula sat next to Mr. Kendrick the whole Movie!. Bill Winston Marketplace and Mission Conference is...
Live worship over here by Bill Winston @
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Enjoying the worship experience at the Missions and Marketplace Conference with Dr. Bill Winston.…
Hello here at Living Word, Bill Winston is abt 2 preach the Word &celebrate his new book Miracles in the Marketplace
Hmm, wonder if that's because of Bill's many sexcapades and the resent one with young underage girls.
"Change your confession, change your destiny." Unleash God's blessings in your life. -- Bill Winston
"Love gets us through the minefield . . . unforgiveness gives license to the tormentor . . . " Bill WinstonWord Christian Center
It's one thing to give, but it's another thing to give in the time of your need! Bill Winston
The best way to start living your dreams is to wake up! Bill Winston
God is looking for someone who will stand in the gap! . Bill Winston
The most dangerous person in the world is a person with no hope. Bill Winston
Change your narrative, your good old days are still ahead of you, not behind you. Bill Winston
Not because she's a woman. But the Dems would get a "2 fer" with Bill.
"YOU & I are the answers to the world problems!!". Dr. Bill Winston
That's just because of money. I guess that proves Winston raped someone because of not paying a bill.
Use your platform to fulfill your purpose. Bill Winston
God's delay is not always God's denial. Bill Winston
Lets just redistribute Bill Nye to a pig farm.
Being empowered today at the Missions and Marketplace Conference by Dr. Bill Winston, Bishop TD…
How Constitution's supporters kept a political promise by add the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution:
"YOU AH SUSPECT!" . “Well look who stopped by US Senate today (Photo: Reuters)
"The greatest challenge in organizations is not where you are going but in what you are willing to leave behind!" Dr Bill Winston
If you are looking for your purpose, look at your pain or the area where you are toiling. Machine ...
You can only birth out of you what is on the inside of you. TD Jakes – Bill Winston
It’s not what you give your children but what you put into your children that causes them to be su...
You can teach what you know, but you can only reproduce what you are. TD Jakes – Bill Win...
Anybody who is exceptional has to run the risk of being rejected. You must be bold to be exception...
Honored to be teaching opening night with Bishop Jakes at Dr Bill Winston ht…
"What is going to manifest in your life is what has been planted in your life." Bill Winston. So good to feed on the Word of God!
Let your confession line up with the Word of God and all of needs will be met - Bill Winston
Oh! Yes! God spoke to us through Bill Winston this evening at Rhema Bible Church - a Word in season - I for one needed to hear that.
Church was on fire... Man of God (Bill Winston) delivered... I declare, decree and take by faith as I was blessed...
When you sow you place a demand on the covenant. You should expect a miracle. Bill Winston
Satan has been deprived of his right and ability to hurt you,. destroy you or make you fail. - Bill Winston Ministries
Bill Winston 3 of 3 Seeding for the billion dollar flow
Bill Winston can't wait... Lord fall afresh on us...
Anyone interested in seeing Bill Winston at His People N1 tonight? I have an extra ticket - free of course. In...
"You don't need to kiss another man or another woman to find out if she's the one." - Bill Winston
"Finding a mate God's way is put together from the inside, out." - Bill Winston
comparing the Republicans to Winston Churchill. What a joke! Send a clean DHS bill.
GOP files bill to up state incentive money - Winston-Salem Journal: Local News
If YOU are not PREPARED to FIGHT, YOU are not PREPARED to PRAY - Bill Winston
Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston are the same. And they should both be in prison.
"God's comfort zone is found in the truth of His Word." Dr. Bill Winston
Loving one another is not a suggestion, but a command. Bill Winston
I made the trip down when Elliott9 Was doing the Winston tribute, he finished P4 I love
"Faith converts your humanity into divinity!“ ~ Bill Winston
Don't know you're calling? To believe and act on the Word of God and to release His ability is what we've been called to do! -- Bill Winston
"We are no more defined by this world and it's system. We are no longer marked by the boundaries in this world." Bill Winston
"Jesus came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom." Bill Winston
Bill Belew writes 4 Lessons Winston Churchill taught me about blogging
NEVER compare yourself to the giants you face. Rather, ALWAYS compare them to God. . ~Bill Winston
Also Lord Winston is an expert on fertility. unsure that's much use when, say, looking over latest welfare bill
Bill Polian cannot stand the fact that Jameis Winston excelled at the combines. season. Wishing for his doom all season
Winston is almost as good as Andrew Luck!?!?!? Really? So glad I don't get anymore.
I added a video to a playlist Bill Winston - Faith vs Human Reason
Hi bill,my name is winston vargas, and i would like know your secret to love your job and never feel fear to the life.
Bill Polian the man who drafted Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf said he would draft Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston.
"Don't let the enemy tell you what to think. You are to love and forgive others as God loves and forgives you." - Bill Winston.
Todd McShay on Jameis Winston No 1: "Chris Mortensen & Bill Polian are smarter men than I am & they both think Marcus Mariota is the pick."
OMG, did you just say Winston is the best you ever seen on the white board? Bill Walsh felt that way about Akili Smith 2
Winston was the best on the white board ever? Someone need to remind you that Bill Walsh said Akili Smith dominated the white board 2
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Bill Polian: One of my concerns w/Jameis Winston is whether he's mature enough to lead a franchise & I don't have those co…
I liked a video Your Day of Justice | Dr. Bill Winston
Join us for the Conference w/Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Bill Winston, Creflo Dollar and Jesse Duplantis.
What an Encounter through the mouthpiece of God - Dr. Bill Winston. My life, Marriage, has taking another dimension to the glory of God.
Whitfield is paid to say Winston is ready for the NFL. Question is would Bill Polian take Winston in the 1st round?
Dr. Bill Winston Ministries Love is a commitment Love is a choice Love is established when you say I DO Love says until death do us part. Commitment allows power to flow. Marriage is not 50/50, marriage is 100% from each other meaning each partner is whole & complete. From the beginning to the end, God will make the corrections and lead you to the end. Marriage is a miracle. This is what I got from today's sermon Hope this will bless you too!
Rev. Bill Winston will be speaking at WAFBEC 2015...
Ann Coulter on Bill Clinton's possible connection to Epstein |
On the way to that mountain, whatever you bow to, will own you at the top - Bill Winston .God or worldly materialism?
Woman who accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault files civil suit against Florida St.
Thus Bill Winston said "Fear will negate your faith, and make you lose out QUICKER than anything you can imagine"
I brought up Kevin Costner in Water World. He was way ahead of ol Bill. Then somehow segwayed to Jameis Winston. Ha
“Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling. – Bill Belichick” this applies to Winston
Just read, Winston is headed for the draft. The best of luck to the best QB in the nation! please don't be a Jet or Bill or Pat😟
If it ain't jameis Winston its bill Cosby.That's all the news talk about
Grace is God's willingness to to use His power on our behalf even though we don't deserve it. Bill Winston
The legislation is part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill that’s currently in Parliament in London.
Then maybe we should draft Winston. The closest thing to Steve McNair in years bc no way Kroenke fires Fisher
I've seen you be wrong before about Winston & you retracted it & acted like Bill Clinton trying to define the word "may"
Don't defend Jameis Winston or Bill Cosby or Woody Allen in my presence. Do not defend anyone who has even been accused of rape.
What if Jameis Winston turned out to be the illegitimate love child in one of these Bill Cosby sexual assault scenarios? Just saying...
We about to see Johnny Manziel everyday on ESPN because Jameis Winston going to the draft & that gives them a reason to bring him up again
Remember when Ben Affleck called Bill Maher 'racist' for saying Muslims will kill you if you 'draw the wrong picture'?
Is he another Bill Clinton type of predator?
I will laugh and cry so hard if we pick up Jameis Winston in the NFL draft. Him, Manziel, and Gordon on the roster together would be a riot
Jameis Winston to Browns? Please ...: Jameis Winston will declare for the NFL draft in May.The Cleveland Browns…
the question does Winston fit Bill O'Brien's system
Shocker: Jameis Winston is declaring for the NFL Draft
love the skill set and size of Winston. Fits the bill of an AFC north QB, but so much to worry bout off field
I would love to see Bill O'Brien interview Jameis Winston at the combine. I would pay money to be in that room.
Jameis Winston was just described on ESPN as a "polarizing figure." That's the most unique way of saying "accused rapist…
Tryna destroy my mans Bill.. Smh cold world for a black man. Just ask Jameis Winston
Phylicia Rashad is defending Bill Cosby. Jamies Winston is leaving college and will enter NFL Draft. FSU mad.
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is leaving for the NFL this year, which is pretty noble since he'll have to take …
Todd McShay has Jameis Winston going 2nd to the Tennessee Titans
IF Jameis Winston actually fell to the would Bill O'Brien and/or Rick Smith even think about drafting him?
Bill O'Brien and Jameis Winston will go on to be the new Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.. It was written.
Winston has 65 career TD passes, second in FSU history. He’s thrown a touchdown pass in each of his 27 career games at F…
I heard Jameis Winston has been hanging out with Bill Cosby, hoping he can get some pointers
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: To do business in the world you need money, to do business in the Kingdom you need faith.
"God is always on the case!"- Dr. Bill Winston... I'm thankful that God does not slumber or sleep…
You said last night that Winston would be the pick.. Now your switching?? *** Bill Miller??
Faith converts the Word of God into power - Bill Winston
Wonder how many rooms has booked for after tonight's game. Wonder if pays that bill off too.
My man and woman of god, Pastor Ramson and Estrella Mumba with Dr Bill Winston. We really enjoyed the wisdom and teaching of this General of the Lord's Army. Many more blessed years I pray. Thank you Lord for your servants...
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Jameis Winston is the Bill Cosby of our time. If you catch my drift. I think you do.
Who will have more sexual assaults before their careers are over? Bill Cosby or James Winston?
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: God desires that we bear fruit and manifest His will for our lives. The way to accomplish this is to operate like God.
The on Jameis Winston's point-shaving scandal is going to be dynamite.
Jameis winston is gonna party like Bill Cosby for the next month
MSM working hard to clean up the dirty laundry coming out of UVA. What's difference in UVA, Bill Cosby and Jaemis Winston.
"jameis winston has more rapes than losses in his college football career". -Bill Wenzel
Florida State needs to lose...that way, OSU and TCU can get in and Jameis Winston can go hang out with Bill Cosby behind a movie theater.
After extensive searching, I am sad to report that Jameis Winston has never been quoted saying that his favorite comedian is Bill Cosby.
I want to see Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston tag team rape
The same way Winston and Roethlisberger remind me of Bill Cosby...
So... Jameis Winston and Bill Cosby walk into a bar. actually no lemme hold that thought
Jameis Winston is the Bill Cosby of college football.
Jameis Winston, the college Heisman version of Bill Cosby
Jameis Winston out there making Bill Cosby proud.
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Jameis Winston will eventually end up like Bill Cosby
philosophy is to sit back & not let the arm if Winston beat them, they'll give up rushing yds. Bill did this to Peyton in 2009 4&1 game
It is impossible to understand the Bible if you don’t understand the Kingdom of God. ~Bill Winston
Bill Elliott was the Winston Cup champion in 1988 and won 44 races. He was voted into the Hall of Fame today. htt…
Jameis Winston does Bill Cosby impersonations in more ways than one
We just got blessed and guess what? Bread comes w/ the blessings of God. Just gotta ask sometimes. Thanks Dr. Bill Winston.
Even Bill O'Reilly sees the Garner decision as WRONG!
what about bill cosby and jameis winston raping BLACK women?!?! it's cool though they're black.
Bill Self thinks Jameis Winston is a stand up dude.
Jameis Winston similar to Andrew Luck? Bill Polian of explains on
Are we sure Jameis Winston isn't the son of Bill Cosby?
It's less than an hour to the start of our last Breakthrough service with Dr. Bill Winston and I can tell you this, it's going to be EPIC!!
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / says teams will put a lot of stock into what Jimbo Fisher and coaches say about Jameis Winston
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / regarding Jameis Winston; "probably not as mature yet as he should be".
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / says Jameis Winston is not a perfect QB but is a very good prospect w/ a short memory for mistakes.
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"We need to know who is footing the bill for our demise, especially if he or she works or lives at 1600 Pennsylvania A…
Count the dead people in their wake since Bill was AR governor.
God took Joseph from prison to prime minister in one jump.He can take you from NOTHING to EVERYTHING in a moment. - Bill winston.
"Never allow what your eyes see determine what your heart believes." Dr. Bill Winston
Bill Winston just said that the worlds system of buying and selling is incompatible with Gods Kingdom principal...
The doors of The Church are open at El-Shaddai Houston we welcome Pastor Bill Winston!
Bill Cowher just quoted Winston Churchill -- “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Thought it was a good one
Bill Cowher quoting Winston Churchill on the pregame show. So legendary
Bill Cowher just threw out a Winston Churchill quote. is
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Bill Winston - Law of Confession, Only Believe 2
Remind yourself what the scriptures say and choose faith every time. - Dr. Veronica Winston. Bill Winston
Bill Cosby, Jameis Winston and Ben Roethlisberger walk into a bar. Get the *** out of there ladies.
Jameis Winston needs to give Bill Cosby some tips on how to beat the rape charge 🙌
Jameis Winston got away with rape but bill cosby can't. Hmm
Day 1 has passed : Check the view from my room , met the honourable Dr.Bill Winston last night wow the wisdom...
The Word of God brings freedom, the Blessing comes when you act on the Word. - Bill Winston
"Innocent until proven guilty"... well unless your name is Jameis Winston or Bill Cosby, of course.
Veterans May Gain Easier Access To Medical Marijuana: A bill introduced in Congress would allow Department of ...
“Winston and Co Visit ” - Students will tag you as well throughout day.
With Dr. Showalter Johnson at the Billionaire Round Table launch with Bill Winston and the world's richest black...
Human reasoning applied to things removes you from Faith in God. Bill Winston Ministries
"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill
It's more lite 30M+ illegal insurgents in America, not 11M. Illegals flooding in since Bill Clinton terms.
What is revealed to you is restored to you. ~Dr Bill Winston Ministries
The Mayor of London is in USA promoting his book about Winston Churchill. Err what? Insult to Londoners
Dr Bill Winston: You didn’t produce yourself, the Father produced you. The Father is responsible for sustaining you."
Jameis Winston is accused of rape and gets supported and defended. Bill Cosby gets accused and thrown under the bus.
Jameis Winston, Bill Cosby & so many others accused of many sexual assaults. How can rape ever be enjoyable for anyone?
What is with people? Jameis Winston gets away with alleged rape charges and continues to play for FSU.BILL COSBY AT 77 BEING HARASSED.
Faith is a rest. When you are not at rest you are not in faith. Bill Winston
people want to destroy Bill Cosby but hold up Jameis Winston at FSU as a football hero for years because he can play ball.
Why isn't everyone making as big of a deal about Jameis Winston as they are with Bill Cosby? Winston was accused of rape too.
I f bill did it jamis Winston did it
Trust me, any Bill Cosby rape/Jameis Winston FSU shooting jokes rattling around in your head are not nearly as funny as you think they are.
Isn't it sad that men get away with this ALL the time? Jameis Winston,Bill Cosby. Why do we prosecute 1 & not the other
These white ladies treating Bill Cosby like Winston!!!
Woody Allen and Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston are free men
I didn't know Bill Cosby was Jameis Winston's personal mentor.
I guess this whole Bill Cosby thing has put a damper on Jameis Winston becoming the next Jell-O spokesman...
This reminds me, are Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston related???
Sow a seed of the Word of God into the soil of your heart, so you can see God's image of you. Bill Winston
Who would win in a rape fight, Jameis Winston or Bill Cosby?
Who are you more sick of: Jameis Winston or Kevin Hart? Bill Cosby should rape 'em both so they would both disappear from my life.
The tithe is a great temptation, it is earmarked for destruction. It is not meant for you to keep. Bill Winston
According to your faith you are healed. This is a poignant message from Dr. Bill Winston.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Who knew Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston had so much in common?
said he's doing a tour. Wonder if we'll see his chocs at Coles Winston hills? *waits 4 Coles response*
I'm about to get in trouble but I can't take it anymore. I just saw a status saying that the "big name" preachers are all about money and they are off the devil. Well let's see - Joel Osteen taught me I don't have it because I haven't asked for it | Paula White taught me I can't conquer what I won't confront | Eddie Long taught me to walk in my God ordained authority | Noel Jones taught me God creates a situation for revelation | Creflo Dollar taught me to understand the Names of God | Bill Winston taught me to say what God says to produce manifestation | Jakes...well the list is too long. I didn't get not one message on "prosperity". The anger towards them is how they live. It's always the poverty mentality that's bothered by the rich. It's real simple, the example you follow will more than likely get you the same results. My name is Bishop Alfondia J Reese, III and I approve this message!
Bill Belichick just provided a moment in his presser that will live on in internet infamy. Trust. "Stupid thing."
Winston the Duck and his big Orange Bill: Great New Christian Children's Book! Winston has...
Meanwhile, there's 100+ college players that have actually been arrested for something. Winston wasn't even charged.
Dr. bill Winston was right on today. He is an amazing teacher of the word.
No person on the planet can say no to God. -Bill Winston
We're designed to be motivated by vision not provision-Dr. Bill Winston
God blesses you through your obedience (Pastor Bill Winston)
its Sunday and at Gods church at Bill Winston..its worship time...worshipping with We are Victorious!
No person on this planet can say no to GOD. Saved or unsaved!! Bill Winston 10/12
You have to give out of what you lack. Bill Winston 10/12
"Whatever you bow down to on your way to the top, will control you when you get there." - Bill Winston
With the Winston coverup does FSU lose it's National Championship, and should it be given to Auburn?
"In order for you to have an impact in the world, God has to first distinguish you from the world through the Blessing." - Dr. Bill Winston
When you speak God's word there are things that go into motion that you can't see with the natural eye.-Bill Winston
I have caught more revelation since I connected w/Bill Winston Ministries than I have since I 1st began! THANK YOU!
"We don't praise God FOR the trouble, we praise God IN the trouble." . — Bill Winston
- Responsible Body Armor Possession Act Law abiding Citizens would no longer be allowed to own…
My first October double bill . Dead & Buried paired with The Monster Club. Stan Winston’s effects in Dead & Buried are still exceptional.
Here's w/ his $100 bill. Come 2 the Curata booth & scan your badge for a chance 2 win at 3:15!
Here's one of Jennie Jerome Churchill.mother of Sir Winston.father of Randolph,father of Bill Clinton
You cannot obey God and lose. Bill Winston
Our job is to believe that God will do His job-Pastor Bill Winston
The only resource Jesus had on earth was His faith-Bill winston
Jameis Winston would be such a good fit in Bill O'Brien's offense.
Good morning Sunday. Last stop before heading home Bill Winston Living word Christian Center.
Bill you taking weekends off? I need Gatorcentric/Rapist Winston humor on Sunday morning not NYC based bombast thank you
It doesn’t matter what the physician said, your job is to say what the Word says. Bill Winston
Praise transfers the battle you are going through to God. -Bill Winston-
Start teaching them the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Bible.
Jameis Winston to his defense on the sideline: "Come on D! F 'em right in the pu...I mean be skrong! If you tackle skr…
Notice body language from thinking 'what have I done' and also making a qu…
Or Bill Clinton. David Lloyd George would be good fun too. And imagine the grief over Winston's drinking.
I think he resigns. Then on Fox NFL Sunday, during Glazer spot, NWO tune starts. Bill comes on set w/ O'Reilly & Hannity.
Was Bill Simmons suspended from using a platform like Tumblr? Just curious at some things that pop up out of nowhere...
Line to get in to see Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump
"Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog." --Winston Churchill
Good thing that Cruz’s bill revoking US passports for American jihadis made it throu— oh, wait.
Every time de Blasio kills a groundhog, NY gets 6 more weeks of communism
I can't believe he told me to find a ride when he be all over winston-Salem with his bat mo-bill 😒
We are prophetically packaged to lead the world and it's "High Time" we take our place!! ~ Pastor Bill Winston
He has always poured into me and our ministry! I love this man! Bill Winston Ministries...
in 1789, Congress passed the Bill of Rights and sent them to the states for ratification.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
.talks Bill Simmons, Roger Goodell, LeBron, Jameis Winston and more on
"There is NOTHING in this world so great and powerful that it CANNOT be turned around WITH YOUR WORDS" ~ Bill Winston
Ep 47 of "The Ed & show where we talk Jameis Winston, Bill Simmons' suspension & Night of Champions:
There is absolutely nothing that God can’t do!. Bill Winston
ESPN suspends Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar, but won't suspend it's Zubin Mehenti for his racist rant on Jameis Winston?
Jameis Winston told Bill Simmons to suit up anyway.
16 year old Bill Simmons flips off an injured Michael Cooper, as he's carried off the court.
Bill you need to pull a Jameis Winston. Just suit up dude. Get in there
So is only interested in pushing an agenda. So much for sports reporting. Bill Simmons & Jameis Winston are the anti-christs now, huh?
You cannot listen to your human logic, because logic doesn't produce miracles! GOD can perform a miracle RIGHT NOW! ~Bill Winston~
Dear Mr.Bill, this is amazing initiatives taken by your foundation. Best Regards, Winston
How rich was He, very rich. Live off the top of the barrel. . Bill Winston
Your past must not dictate your future. . Bill Winston
Learn faith from children, they tell you what they want not what they need. . Bill Winston
When you understand that God is first place He keeps you full in every way. Bill Winston   10% Off
God is not a respecter of persons but he is a respecter of faith. . Bill Winston
Establish within yourself that God cannot lie. . Bill Winston
Streaming in my nightly worship on with Pastor Bill Winston Faith week service — watching Jesse Duplantis at Home...
# watching Bill Winston conference with Jesse Duplantis now on Daystar
Winston Churchill in WW2 was way ahead of the iPhone:
"The only way we are going to succeed is to begin to see ourselves as God sees us." -Dr. Bill Winston
When Adam fell, he went from discerning to learning. Bill Winston
I'm raising money for Veterinary Bill. Click to Donate:
The highest form of obedience is giving. . . Bill Winston
Your spiritual DNA is just like God’s. . Bill Winston
The Words of God are faith containers. 100% word, 100% results. . Bill Winston
God is not an absentee father. He has been talking, you aren’t hearing. . Bill Winston
If you live like the world and act like the world then you get the worlds results. . Bill Winston
You can't do the things God has called believers to do without the supernatural. Bill Winston
I've learned the Law of Association. You can sow up to go up. Bill Winston
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If You haven't watched any of the Bill Winston International Faith Conferences You still have time. check it out.
Bill Winston Your spiritual your DNA is just like Gods.
You have to Sow up to Grow up. Bill Winston
"Everything changes when the Kingdom comes. That's the answer to the south side of Chicago." -- Bill Winston after the Binions performance
Watching Live Stream to Pastor Bill Winston's .. Nicole and David Binion singing Let the Redeemed…
Night two has begun of the Bill Winston's Ministries International Faith Conference. Get ready to be blessed beyond measure.
I'm loving the conference at Bill Winston Ministries..
Hopefully giants will go 0-16 and get Jameis Winston next year
My bill would designate fighting for hostile foreign govt or foreign terrorist org as renunciation of US citizenship: http:…
"A consistent dose of the Word hacks at unbelief" (Bill Winston, 9/2014) and breakthrough follows.
God doesn't want you to do it without Him. Bill Winston
This is the worst thing to happen to OSU since Jameis Winston's touchdown run
Looking forward to a great conference with Bill Winston, and a host of anointed speakers in Chicago!
If you would like to accept Christ into your heart, . Visit Bill Winston
What you ask God for tonight, it shall be done! Bill Winston
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There is a Rhema rising in the room! . Bill Winston
God is about to give you divine protection. . Bill Winston
You never know what might happen tomorrow morning. Faith can explode in your spirit. . Bill Winston
You get what you expect. . Bill Winston
If you don't take a stand in faith, you won't have a leg to stand on. - Bill Winston
Calm down, don't be afraid, don't panic. . Bill Winston
thank you bill Winston . Love you Ps: u the best : )
: ) thank you god for dr. Bill Winston and his wife and the team : ) LOVE TI: )
Pastor Bill Winston said, " Somebody is going to be a Billionaire." I say, "That's me." "Praise God it's mine."
. From Bill’s sec Hi Jo and Chrissie, Hope you are both well. I had a long phone call from Winston and Linda.
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