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I hate how media blows up preachers just to try and tare them down.Bill Winston taught me in one of his teaching series (TAKING OWNERSHIP ) not to compromise on my way up so the devil wont have any bread crumbs that leads to a shameful place while on my way to the top...I TRULY, respect This Man of God and his amazing wife and no media can change that.
Dr. Bill Winston's message on how to renew your mind and rest in the peace of God. also taken from Pastor Winston teaching on Sunday live streaming.once you hear it and believe it, You/me/we can see God manifestation of it
That happened in the New Testament. With a completely different case... There are quite a few pastors who are multi…
Man we literally could have been great for last decade if Mack had just done his ***
Gary Oldham thanked Winston Churchill for his "Darkest Hour" win. The champion of strong, independent…
God doesn't have to go ANYWHERE. to be EVERYWHERE! ~ Bill Winston
Bill Cowher is all in on the He really just did this on National TV.
I added a video to a playlist Bill Winston - 2018 Is Your Year?
Africa! . Dr Bill Winston will be in a city near you for his 2018 Africa Conference Tour. . More details, coming soon.
First thing today, I heard Bill Winston quote “My people perish for LACK of knowledge.” This…
Bill O'Reilly: Churchill, Islam, and Political Correctness:. In a BBC poll, citizens of the UK voted him the greates…
“My taste is simple. I’m easily satisfied with the very best.”. - Winston Churchill
I added a video to a playlist [MUST SEE!!!] Bill Winston ❣ A Year of Breakthrough Wealth Without
I know genii, I worked with genii, is no genius. WAPO: Bill Gates is mentally unstable. Abraham Lincol…
Join us next Sunday at 5:00 PM as Dr. Bill Winston joins us LIVE at Living Word Christian Center - Tuskegee!
Pfizer is reacting to the tax bill by increasing buybacks, laying off workers, and cutting back on Alzheimer’s research.…
How hot does fire have to be heated to burn you? - Dr. Bill Winston
"Any believer who will not fear will always conquer." Dr. Bill Winston
Thanks to Bill Cissna, Prema Lynn Felder, and the Winston-Salem Journal | JournalNow for this great coverage of...
I added a video to a playlist Dr Bill Winston -Restoring The Years Power of The Seed-THE WORD
I ran with one prophecy Dr Bill Winston dropped at WAFBEC last year. That thing brought one deal that gave me confidence for business.
will be 12 Days of Teaching,Training,Instruction, Correction & Impartation. . Join hosts Pastor Poju & Toyin Oyemade…
will someone give meds before people get hurt?. WAPO: Bill Gates is mentally unstable. Abraham Lincoln…
The FSU 34-31 comeback was 4 years ago around this time. The return, the drive, Winston to Benjamin. Attending the…
Amen.”unqualified committal” is believing.Amazing truth.Thank you Dr.Bill Winston
Are you ready to let the same anointing of divine favor and blessing that is on this ministry flow to you and your househol…
I added a video to a playlist The Blessing Empowers us to Dominate | Dr. Bill Winston
Pick a Fight with the devil! - Dr. Bill Winston. Pick a fight with the devil! He is the one that is behind a lot...
I am lead to acknowledge my Brother, in the LORD: Dr. Bill Winston, whom is beloved by our Father and He is Anointed.
Dr. Bill Winston . The Bible is a mirror. When you read the Bible every day you will be changed into the image of GOD.
"Righteousness is the foundation of your faith." Dr. Bill Winston
You have a right to anything it takes to finish your earthly assignment. - Dr. Bill Winston
I shall decree it all Dr. Bill Winston god bless you and family in the new year .
"Faith is acting on what you believe. Faith feeds on the Word of God. Feed your faith and starve your doubts." - Dr. Bill Winston
Winston Churchill instinctively understood that statecraft is partly stagecraft:
You’re Invited! Join us tomorrow for Sunday Morning service with Dr. Bill Winston at 7, 9, or 11:15 AM!
Ch-ch-ch-changes, WinterFest on the bill for Music Carolina - Winston-Salem Journal
In other news Bill Gates says you should use Windows, Tim Cook thinks you should buy an iPhone, and Colonel Sanders says…
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do after a loss. Not this time. . This tax bill is only going to get worse as people…
IT'S NOT OVER. The tax bill has to pass the House again and maybe the Senate again if the House wants changes to the Senate b…
YAY YAY YAY! Thank you Thank you Thank you Senate & House! Tax Bill Win: GOP Repeals Obamac…
Sounds like something Jameis Winston would say.
Good morning, . In case you were asleep like a normal person would be, and NOT looking at the news in the middle of the nig…
How much each taxpayer gains or loses with the Senate bill, per CBO: .
Unless the cowardly House just passes the Senate Bill, then it's game over.
Until now, your income that paid for public schools (via state & local taxes) wasn’t taxed by the federal government. GOP bi…
This tax bill has had very low public support, but that'll surely change once people find out that while their local tax…
The servant class in America may already feel permanent, but this Republican tax plan will make that a reality. The right l…
Jameis Winston is not a franchise quarterback, no way no how. Darnold is not a Bill u…
Coming up today on Eternal Life TV... 9am ET. Apostle Barbara R Thomas. 10. Dr. Bill Winston…
Disappointed that every single one of my colleagues just voted against pausing until Monday so we could actua…
Bill Duke paraphrased a Winston Churchill quote for me years ago. "Success is the ability to move from fail…
- Voters will remember in 2018 & 2020 how you screwed them with this tax bill. U r done. . “Th…
I think we can all agree that, bare minimum, a legislator should actually be given time to READ a bill before they vote…
This tax bill isn't just appalling. It's also profoundly depressing. It shows that even the elites have little hope for…
"For what purpose does the gentleman rise?". "Mr. President, I rise to offer an amendment that from passage of this bill…
.when asked why Senate is moving ahead with vote on tax bill even though some lawmakers haven't read it yet: "Y…
If they believed in the bill, if they believed tax reform, if they believed in the law- *** if they believed in themselves…
Winston was important because he REMEMBERED. I remembered. Never forget. Never. FOUR FINGERS! FOUR…
I want to be asked if this, below, is "regular order" for a bill being voted on within hours.
Actually, the onus is irrelevant now that the DoJ is going to have to do the job Cal…
They just wrote an entirely new bill on the fly. This bill has had:. -no hearings . -not been debated on the floor. -not be…
This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from lobbyists…
You have lost the plot on Islam. Was Muhamm…
Why are you trying to pass a bill when your phone lines are jammed with voters begging you not to?…
I am your constituent. These amendments are window dressing on a bill that will hurt so many people and the nation's econ…
Prison time for teen who beat Bill Bloxham.
And meanwhile, our Republican Party, knowing full-well now that our election was likely compromised by Russia and illegiti…
I am so grateful for my spiritual father Dr. Bill Winston blessing us last night! Let’s continue…
Bill Walton's starting five:. Cash me outside Winston. My son played with a Josh. But this is Josh Langford. Miles Bridge…
1987 Winston may have said something inappropriate... 2003 Bill definitely held a sign that was inappropriate. Gue…
"Whatever you can see is paid for. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God" Pastor Bill Winston
"The real bill will soon be cobbled together in a secret conference room somewhere in the Capitol by a handful of [S]enators…
Every Republican member who has spoken passionately about out of control spending or the importance of a return to the…
God never called U 2 compete, He called U 2dominate! Dr. Bill Winston Honored 2 be in his presence! True man of God
Bill Winston will be with us on November 29 at 7pm. Dr. Winston is the senior pastor of Living Word Christian Cente…
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🎶 Canteen cash rules everything around him, CREAM... . Get the bail money, dollar dollar bill, y'all 🎶
1984's Room 101. Winston Smith has an anasthesia mask placed on his face and a precancerous growth removed. Single-…
What’s Bill O’Reilly up to? He discusses possible return to TV, future projects in new interview
Why is Winston touching my student bill when I already made a payment?
Bill Merten & Susan Peters Schaefer to present on at the Private Directors Association September 27 meeting…
Your job is not your source, it is your seed. No company can pay you enough to live like God has planned for you to live…
The speakers have been on fire for Faith. Looking forward to hearing Creflo Dollar,…
All HBDTMembers Should have a Copy of "Faith & The MarketPlace" By Pastor Bill Winston.if U don't.Let Combs know. Thank U.
What ever God is about to deliver to you must first be spoken by your mouth-Bill Winston
Look good things are going OK going to be released and ordain Dr. Bill Winston on Friday night
Just landed in Chicago. Pretty busy right now getting ready for the bill Winston's conference
"When your light comes on, your struggle ceases." ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Election 2017:. Do you have Jacinda-mania?. Are you a Bill-ieber?. Or do you have Winston Peter-philia?.
Don't trust Bill, Don't believe Jacinda and Winston. . you're dreaming mate. We have to pick wisely, everyone one of us.
Powerful conference at Bill Winston Ministries. The International Faith Conference so powerful
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Any time a republican brings up Bill Clinton just reply with this video of Trump drooling over a 10 year old.
And aren't YOU guys accusing Bill of things he hasn't been convicted o…
Wow so many scandals why didn't republicans impeach him? They had the house and the sen…
The Power of Prayer and Praise Vol 3 Part 2 by Bill Winston Ministries on…
I didn't vote for Bill. Don't like the guy. He's just as much of a rapist as Trump. But…
And dude, you have to PROVE in the court of law Bill raped people. He was accused. Just…
1.) It was a joke. 2.) Sensing you're a little triggered. 3.) Bill Clinton's raped m…
They elected a dude who can't even watch a ten year old walk by without…
There's a reason you have to go all the way back to Bill Clinton instead of bringing up Obama, the…
"Faith cannot be stored up. It's got to be used." . Bill Winston
Kabaka Pyramid Flamingo Cantina this Friday night, 9/15 with Jah Bill on the ones and twos! Winston's Kitchen...
I added a video to a playlist Grow Up - Living Large | Dr. Bill Winston
What has been stolen is coming back! Restoration! Dr. Bill Winston
And a vote for Bill English is a vote for Winston Peters. And…
Ram Ramblings: Bill Hayes still raising money to help college ... - Winston-Salem Journal -
Bill Winston said "Never allow what you see determine what your heart believes. Keep walking BY FAITH " - refuse...
Stop bringing God down to your level. Go to God's level ~ Dr. Bill Winston
"The blessing is designed to turn the worst conditions into the garden of eden." - Dr. Bill Winston
I liked a video Faith In Your Angels - Living on Top of the World | Dr. Bill Winston
Instagram post by Dr. Bill Winston • Aug 30, 2017 at 3:23pm UTC
I added a video to a playlist T. D. Jakes hosts Dr. Bill Winston, Cora Jakes Coleman and Drew
"We didn't come to take sides, we came to take over." Dr. Bill Winston
When you see an obstacle, think promotion! ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Nothing on this earth can stop you from having what you are seeing and saying ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Instagram post by Dr. Bill Winston • Aug 22, 2017 at 5:43pm UTC
"What you see or believe is what God delivers" ~ Dr. Bill Winston
The devil is not after you, he is after the anointing on you. With the anointing you can do anything undone. Dr. Bill Winston.
Can't wait for the 12th Sept Pretoria with Emeritus, TD Jakes, Bill Winston & our very own
I liked a video Word of the Kingdom | Believer's Walk of Faith - Dr. Bill Winston
I could not do the sermon today justice! Watch the reboardcast! Bill Winston was Awesome today!   10% Off
Dear President, it would be great if you could include Bill Winston and Lance Wallnau as part of y…
Lawsuit: Effects of 'bathroom bill' linger in North Carolina - Winston-Salem Journal
. "If God intended for you to wait on time he never would have given you faith!". Dr Bill Winston. I accept!
'The moment you tolerant your FEARS, you contaminate your FAITH' - Dr Bill Winston
On this day in 1985, Bill Elliott scored his 12th career NASCAR Winston Cup Series win at
Chinamasa says wage bill remains unsustainable and salary freeze to remain.
I thought of bill gates and Winston Churchill. What about you?
is no Winston Churchill!. would like and without divorce bill. suffered from partner
Are you a Bill Winston Ministries Partner? Become a partner today and let's reach our destinies together:…
Free speech is important. Right now, the ACLU is war…
Did you know?. The sneaky, ineffective Senate snuck an EXEMPTION FOR THEMSELVES into their lousy bill. NEVER do ANYTHING f…
I'm being patient with Winston bc my bill isn't the only thing that isn't in order but I understand that there are thousands of students.
Christianity was not meant to be dictated but demonstrated. -- Dr. Bill Winston
Winston inquiry into abuse in state care bill english
Instagram post by Dr. Bill Winston • Jul 19, 2017 at 12:57pm UTC
Like Winston is doing with Bill a pact with the DEVIL National Government post Sep23
🤔yo i got to get baptized i was suppose to at Bill Winston church back in 2006 but i was on my period 😷🤢so i backed out of it 😫😩 sorry God
"If you're going through *** keep going." Today in 1941 Winston Churchill launched V For Victory campaign
1/ Just remember: Trump is calling to go nuclear option in the Senate after he was playing w/ firetrucks while the bill colla…
Galatians 6:7 | If someone talks about you, BLESS THEM. You will reap what You sew, NOT what they Say!. - Dr. Bill…
Problem for Bill easy 4 him to look dodgy. Little can look a little friendly goofy ea…
It still gets me first Bill Elliot wins the winston mill and the only other to do it Jeff G…
Was Winston Churchill an Islamophobe? Bill Federer remembers first-hand accounts of British prime minister's experi
Russians I met today say they never saw here but want the 500k back that Bill Clinton got for speech.
I'm so proud of Diana Moskovitz for making this list. Diana reported on NO MORE, Jameis Winston, and Bill Cosby...
So Bill Clinton and Trump dodged the draft...fair enough.
I'm posting this beautiful photo of a REAL US president signing a bill (ACA) the way a REAL US president is s…
Trump made it from the beginning to the end of his health-care initiative without answering a single question on the details of…
Trump says his plan is now "to let Obamacare fail" as 3 Republicans say they'll vote against repeal-only bill
Wherever there is vision ,the will be a provision.- Bill Winston
Former Pastor based a bible study from a book by Bill Winston. skip to 5:40. Blasphemous!
'The devil's job is to keep you from manifesting the promises of God.' - Dr Bill Winston
True, because Bill Clinton opened the border floodgate to illegals. I saw it first hand.
Maher accused of crossing the line with Ivanka incest joke. Imagine if Obama faced any of this.
Bill English says Winston Peters' plan to allow re-entry into Pike River could put lives in danger
Happy Birthday Bill Winston. You are are indeed a blessing to the body of Christ
Winston Peters not credible on tax cuts, Prime Minister Bill English says (News)
Battles are necessary to get to your destiny. With God, you are anointed and protected in the battle. Bill Winston
Have you ever heard his spoken word versions of popular tunes? I love bill shatner
"The best of God is a Perpetual State of PERFECT HEALTH.". Dr Bill Winston.
Dare to stand on God's word. Stop speaking what is happening and start speaking what is written.-Bill Winston
Your Winston Churchill and bill o Reilly are the same voice I think 🤔
Is Bill English still the Prime Minister? He's about as buried in the media as Andrew Little. At least Winston has something to say. Boring.
Dash hung tough on Saturday, but Salem sweeps the twin bill. GAME 1 RECAP: GAME 2 RECAP:
Happy Birthday Dr. Bill Winston,May the Lord continually bless you in every area of you…
Little Giant Ladders
And I also recently discovered that Jack the Ripper was Winston Churchill's grandad. Diana Spencer was related. And Bill Clinton is his son!
The Complete List of House Republicans Who Voted Against Fake Obamacare Repeal Bill & the List of Those Who
Happy BirthdayDr. Bill Winston! We thank4 your many years of faithful service2God&His calling onUr life! -…
Blessed birthday Dr. Bill Winston. Many more years of ministry. More revelation on the Blessing!
You don't need to counsel a righteous person about being greedy, they can't be, if they are righteous. -Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston, Manifesting the Sons of God Very powerful massage💯
Here's a (partial) list of all the pre-existing conditions the GOP bill may not cover
Happy birthday Dr. Bill Winston! God bless you are an inspiration!
At Starbucks this morning, everyone is on their laptops drafting a healthcare bill.
Got a tour of new facilities tonight. Very, very cool. They're building something special here in Winston-Sal…
Dr. Bill Winston stirs us up to have destiny transforming, purpose fulfilling faith in the Word and promises of God!.
What a glorious month to celebrate the birth of this giant of Faith Dr. Bill Winston . Congratulations Sir. . More...
Congrats to Joe Bill Ellender & Greg Scales for induction into Winston Salem HOF
We receive again, the awesome teaching ministry of Dr. Bill Winston and wish him a happy birthday today.
The Word for today's second session, titled "Restoring The Years" is taken from Joel 2:25-28. Preacher: Dr Bill Winsto…
(The Supernatural Church Vol. 1 Pt. 1 - Dr. Bill Winston) has been published on Station for Inspiration -…
I totally dig this quote by Bill Winston: "Look young for as long as you can.The wrong kind of people will make you age really quick!"
Faith is no respecter of time. Once faith declares when something will be, time is suspended. - Dr. Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston preaching tonight in Phoenix at the GTS meetings with Andrew Wommack.
Dr. Bill Winston. Very deep scripture...on all levels!!!
Great word from Dr. Bill Winston at the GTS meetings this morning with Andrew Wommack in Phoenix. Powerful.
Todd helps at the GTS meetings with security. He is there beside Dr. Bill Winston. pastor Van and Regina Smith...
Worship was great today. This morning Dr. Bill Winston is teaching this morning and today at the GTS meetings...
Dr. Bill Winston is up next on at 11:30am EST on TWN
"Faith and the Marketplace", by Dr. Bill Winston. . Make this your first book for 2017!.
No child of God should ever be struggling to survive. The anointing is designed to give you sweatless victory! Dr. Bill Winston
I liked a video from Dr Bill Winston Prophetic Declaration
Bill France Jr and Charlie Tucker pose with 1977 Winston Cup champion Cale Yarborough and Rookie of the Year Ricky…
Your season of failure & frustration is over, your season of deliverance & success has begun -Dr Bill Winston
"The anointing removes every burden and destroys every yoke. It is the most powerful force in the universe." - Bill Winston
Young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs pose for a picture (June 1973)
Will you foot the bill for Duke Energy's coal ash cleanup? - Winston-Salem Journal
It's too Satan's advantage to keep you carnal - Dr. Bill Winston . Don't be carnal in 2017!
Chapter 3 . "You can't go where you can't see". Transform Your Thinking. Bill Winston
Will Bill and Hillary really attend Trump inauguration? Legal Arm Twisting?
George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton will attend Trump’s inauguration
Winston needs to stop the foolery and take that insurance off my bill 😡
Winston slick tried to keep that insurance on my bill..😒
hey Bill I've been thinking about this respect movement and I think we need a spokesperson. Ray rice? Jameis Winston possibly?
a delight of a man called Bill Walker. Was an MSP.
"Many will read the Scriptures long enough to gain information, but not long enough to receive revelation." -Bill Winston
you have too much, lose some of it, you're too comfortable, you're like Sampson about to get on the wrong side. Fear Him. -Bill Winston
Penn State's offense is like Bill Elliott at the 1985 Winston 500 at Talladega.
I start my day with Bill Winston Ministries and Jimmy is better than his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis
SEE IT: The ugly lowlights from the 2016 NFL season, starring Aqib Talib, Jameis Winston and Bill Belichick
My neighbour's guests are trying to talk them into voting Winston because 'Bill English is a loser, last time he lost!'
This year God is going to expose the anointing that’s in you and on you. Bill Winston
Gotta confront evil in Pastor Bill Winston said it best in his sermon 'Pick A Fight With The Devil.' Love it!
Bill Winston marathon. Resting in God. This message. Fellowship with my iron sharpener. Look at those socks.
Whatever is written in the Bible, you can develop faith for it. Nothing is impossible. Bill Winston...
The establishment wing of the GOP are rushing to finalize an immigration bill that would leave all of Obama’s amnesty directives in place,
I liked a video Dr Bill Winston December 14 2016 - Keep Your Focus on Where You're Going - Pastor
"You have to be sold out to stand out." - Dr Bill Winston
This is going to be a year of pure Joy! Bill Winston
How Many Frogs Do You Have to Kiss to Find a Prince by Bill Winston Ministries on…
Praise is not a feeling. Sometimes you have to give a sacrifice of praise! Praise shifts the battle! - Dr Bill Winston
The Holy Spirit gives you revelation and revelation gives you restoration Dr Bill Winston
my cats names originally were Winston and Wilson and somehow the names have turned into Nuggets and Bill 🤔
Tune into Dr Bill Winston's live stream tonight at 19h15:
Like Dr. Bill Winston with the favor of God just followed me..I'm no longer to be pitied but envied! I am honored for the follow, pray4me
The Power of Prayer and Praise by Bill Winston Ministries on
When you mess up, fess up & the God of love WILL hear you & He WILL forgive you IF you are truly sorry/repentant. - Dr. Bill Winston
"Revolutionize your life and rewrite your future with the power of your words." ~Dr. Bill Winston. 📖
"You were redeemed to be OUTSTANDING, but it takes being SOLD OUT to STAND OUT!!" ~Pastor Bill Winston
"You are redeemed to be outstanding, but it takes being sold out to standout." ~ Bill Winston
"Don't try to fit the Word (of God) to your lifestyle. Fit your lifestyle to the Word." Dr. Bill Winston
I liked a video Embracing The Blessing - Rising to The Top | Dr. Bill Winston
It takes being souled out to stand out! -Bill Winston
What a great service...Bill Winston rock it so good. — celebrating Thanksgiving Day
Economic Empowerment Session with Dr. Bill Winston is happening ONE WEEK from right now! . If you have not...
Dr. Bill Winston Walk of Faith with Bill Winston What is Man Part 7 -
My dad was sat at table 17 at my cousin's wedding. Beyonce's 7/11 song. Bill Winston god daughter wedding to my cou…
CSIS suspends bulk data mining pending new guidelines, including requirements to demonstrate necessity and value
Beyonce's song, is also code for my cousin & Bill Winston's god daughter divorcing. They were married for a year
Thought for the day: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill
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7/11 is the relationship between Winston & I and Hannah and I, as well as the marriage of my cousin & Bill Winston…
Fir Dr. Bill winston who was trying to put Jermeka in jail. I geuss we will see.
Just 31% of Brits are aware Sir Winston Churchill features on the reverse of the new £5 polymer note…
To the date of when I posted a picture of my cousin's wedding to Bill Winston's god daughter is 7/11 code. Sep28- F…
John Hannah and Bill Winston are Obama's allies. Bill Winston's God daughter married my cousin.
When God revealed himself to me in a much stronger way, Bill Winston, John Hannah, Tyler Perry, and President Obama began attacking me.
The event will also feature an 'Economic Empowerment' Session with Dr. Bill Winston.
PSA: When coming to Winston, make sure that phone bill is paid and your data plan clutch asf, cause this WiFi don't fw us😂
Excited to be a part of Dream Conference in Gary, Ind. this weekend!. I.V.Hilliard, Bill Winston,…
As a child of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you. Bill Winston...
In the Bible, Caleb said at 85 he was strong as he was when he was 40. What u SAY is what ur brain commands your cells to do. . -Bill Winston
The rallied for a couple of wins to sweep Wednesday's twin bill at Winston-Salem. RECAP ➡️
Bill you are so right, problem is the left don't listen. Winston just likes to put on a show. Robertson loves to giggle. That's NZQT
You don't need to work things out, The Blessing will work it out for you. Bill Winston
The Blessing is what causes things to happen. Bill Winston
Order Miche Bag Online!
Don't miss this message by Bill Winston speaking at the Southwest Believers Convention on 7/5//2016 in Fort...
Bill Winston speaking at the Southwest Believers Convention, 7/5/2015, in Fort Worth. It will bless you.
What you can't do by worry you can do by faith - Bill Winston
Decided to share a few tapes, via my dropbox, included both audios and videos...sermons by Bill Winston, Dr Paul...
Davey Allison edges out Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt to win the 1992 Winston 500 at
Amen just like our Pastor Bill Winston taught on facing our giants and not to bow down to them love and blessings 💚💙💖
There is an overflow supply coming to you. God wants to give you too much! Bill Winston
Oh yea, didnt the state where police murdered just sign into law the "Blue Lives Matter " bill? These cops are getting off.
Fix your mind on the promise & not on the problem. Most problems are designed to distract you. Dr. Bill Winston
Your days of toiling and struggling are over! Bill Winston
Stop saying what you think and say what is written in God's Word.- Dr.Bill Winston
The word of God was never meant to be dictated, but rather demonstrated.-Bill Winston
Stop feeding on the bottom of the barrel. Bill Winston
If the blessing is on your life, the blessing knows what to do @ bill Winston
Faith is the holder of your destiny. - Dr. Bill Winston
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Don't mistake your condition for your portion. -Dr. Bill Winston
"As an ambassador you have no right to say anything other than what your govt says." - Bill Winston
Bill Winston... Abraham had the physical side of the promise; Jesus brought the spiritual side! WHOO HOO!
OMG Bill Winston is off the chain at the South West Believers Convention
Don't try to bring the word down to your mind, instead raise your mind to the word. -Bill Winston-
"Fix your mind on the PROMISE and not on the PROBLEM."~Dr. Bill Winston
Don't try to adjust the Word of God to fit your lifestyle. Change your lifestyle to fit God's Word - Dr Bill Winston
The days of Winston Churchill types are long gone imo
"No matter where God sends you, you will move from the bottom to the top, so that people can see your good works!"~Dr. Bill Winston
God has loaded potential on the inside of you, work is how you get it out. Bill Winston...
Color by me: Winston Churchill. This is a quite old colorization that I did, but people usually like it.
1987 pass in the grass at the winston Dale Earnhardt passed Bill in the grass and won the race
When you hear the Word of God you must receive it by and when He speaks you must act on what He says. Dr Bill Winston
-store at Hanes Mall Blvd in Winston- Salem NC 336.774.9687 has elec short in outside pharma sign.Havent fixed, told them re in Mar
no onenreprwsenting Jesus The king of Kings should be broke Bill Winston!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
God loaded POTENTIAL inside of you and the way you get it out is through WORK. Stop running from work - Bill Winston
"If you can see it, you can have it". Bill Winston in the message Seeing the Invisible.
"Faith is not a feeling, it's a confidence." . -Pastor Bill Winston
I liked a video Possessing the Land Pt. 2 | Dr. Bill Winston Believer's Walk of Faith
thanks for sharing Bill Winston, have a great Friday :) (🆓 Insight via >>
1987 Winston All-Star Race: Dale Earnhardt's pass in the grass on Bill Elliott |
"Possessing Your Mountain" by Dr. Bill Winston has really been ministering to my spirit. Powerful series.
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