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Your days of begging are over! You’re going from begging to the blessing! –Bill Winston
There should B something in UR life that U can point 2 & say, “Faith did that!” –Bill Winston Live stream:
Faith is when we tap into the ability of God! - Bill Winston
When you hold on to your integrity, whatever the devil stole from you - He has to give it back. ~ Bill Winston
"There should be something that happened in ur life that u can point to & say FAITH did THAT!" ~ Bill Winston @ WCCI NY - Camp Mtg
Faith will put you in a place of ridicule. -Dr. Bill Winston (Camp Meeting 2014)
It's on now im about to hear and see Bill Winston in the Bronx. It's on waiting to hear a word from God! Thank you Lord for blessing thus night.
Bill Winston's Prayer of Salvation Why don't you accept Jesus into your life?
The Kingdom of GOD operates on TRUTH, & the world operates on facts!!! TRUTH trumps facts!!!. ~Dr. Bill Winston~
"Faith activates the ability of God." - Bill Winston
"This is your season, and you are NOT going to miss it!" - Bill Winston
"That's not gonna come out of your mouth anymore, only Faith is." - Bill Winston
"From now on, Faith is going to decide your future." - Bill Winston
The Blessing of God is so powerful that it can reverse the curse and fix anything. -- Bill Winston (
"He is leading you into the impossible, because He wants to show you who He is in your life!!" - Bill Winston
"Faith is a universal, international Currency." - Bill Winston
"The shield of faith is the only thing that can block the devil's thoughts from coming into your mind. Bring up the shield." - Bill Winston
The Kingdom of God operates on truth and the world operates on facts. ~Bill Winston
Camp Meeting tonight. Winston up first.. A great teacher, who TEACHES!!
Hey all! World Changers Church NY Camp Meeting 4 day event starts tonight with Dr Bill Winston! 7pm right in the Bronx! See you there!
Anybody from Michigan!! I have hear Bill Winston speak before and he is amazing! Come down to Detroit this week!
"We were never meant to serve time, time was meant to serve us". Bill Winston
I like your teachings on faith,you are gifted in teaching just like Bill Winston
from my Pastor, Dr. Bill Winston. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.." -Proverbs 23:7...
God will use what you have in your house to bless you. Obey God and do what He says. Bill Winston
It's here! The 2014 Camp Meeting begins tonight! First up is Bill Winston at 7pm
Bill Winston: Lions show power from their roar. The Word of God that you speak from your mouth creates miracle power.
Remember this morning that your are a beloved child of the most high God. - Gym; Jerry Savelle; Kenneth Copeland; Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston; Jesse Duplantis - my day.
Just attending Kenneth Copeland,Creflo Dollar,Bill Winston,Jerry Savelle,Keith Moore and Jesse Duplantis conference.What used to be a dream is now my reality.Surely God is faithful.I have giant faith.Global anointing.Faith never fails.
Man! I hear Bill Winston shut it down at the Winston can deliver a message! Him, Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland!
The 2014 Southwest Believer's Convention is streaming live at right now. Jesse Duplantis is speaking at the moment. The rest of today's schedule is: Jerry Savelle @ 10:30am, Bill Winston @ 2:00pm, Kenneth Copeland @ 3:00pm, & Creflo Dollar @ 7:00pm. All times noted are CST. I love how the church, as a whole, is using technology to get the Word to the masses.
in Fort Worth is almost here!! Can't wait for Ken and Gloria, Creflo, Bill Winston, Keith Moore, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle! Yay!!
Rick and I are missionaries to Haiti. We were called to go there in 2012 while attending a Bible College in Chicago at the L.W.C.C. School of Ministry with Dr. Bill Winston. In Jan. of this year we took our scnd trip to Haiti. We taught classes in a Bible college there in Croix des Bouquets.Then we left for Carrefour, Haiti. As I was praying and seeking God for direction, I saw us going in and out of the schools. So I shared this with my husband & our interpreter, Frantz Duval. They knocked on the first door of one of the schools nearby, and we were invited in to pray a blessing over the students. Somehow, that opened the door for us to go into many schools, eventually leading 14,446 people to the Lord. We shared the gospel on the streets, in the tap taps, on buses, vans, in front of hospitals, and up in the mountain churches. We prayed for the sick, and many were touched by the power of God. We also were invited to an orphanage in Carrefour that was struggling to care for 45 orphans ages 2-16. We were a ...
Almost lost my mind I literally thought Bill Simmons walk in Starbucks in Winston-Salem
What we believe and confess, we will have in our lives (Mark 11:23). Bill Winston
Bill and I were fortunate enough to be in Winston-Salem's Wait Chapel last Sat for memorial service RT
How can global businesses adapt to Author Andrew Winston explains Sunday on
As you believe and speak the Truth of God's Word, God watches over His Word to perform it. Let's reclaim all that Jesus redeemed including the safety and success of our kids. ~Bill Winston Ministries
Bill Clinton was photographed with hookers. "It's always a mistake to mingle with pure sleaze," said the hookers. http…
A rare day for me today.nothing on my to do agenda. So...I think I'll read and watch Bill Winston DVDs. And sip tea and eat strawberries. :-) :-)
Dr. Bill Winston, Taking Ownership This Sermon is a Property of I do not Claim any property on it
Bill Winston - not all are able, ready, prepared to handle resources, $$,wealth..and wealth doesnt have to be all money..God has processed a a J...
“Following anything other than the Word of God will always lead to bondage.” – Dr. Bill Winston
"Faith has but one time zone and that's NOW" Make plans according to faith not according to time. In Time there are no miracles. Miracles operate by faith and faith is always NOW. Hanging out with Bill Winston Ministry
Bill was just trying to stop the Eric Winston lobbying before it even started.
God has already blessed your marriage in Heaven and you must bring Heaven to Earth through the Word of God. -Bill Winston
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Logic will Never Produce Miracles Faith Produces Miracles and Faith is Now ... So Now is the Time for Miracles - Pastor Bill Winston
5 Minutes with God: God is Faithful When I was in the final stages of becoming an ordained Elder, one thing that I learned is that God is faithful. I had encountered many a test along the way. The most challenging ones occurred as I got closer to the end. I got so sick one Sunday night that I spent all day Monday in the bed recovering. The enemy was trying to play mental gymnastics with me. As I lay in the bed, I put on some faith teachings by Bill Winston, and listened because I had to hear faith. I knew that I had to put it in my ears and then let it come back out of my mouth and go back into my ear to better feed my spirit man. Once I got the cycle going, my flesh eventually fell in line with the words I was speaking and my strength began to return. Some people receive an instantaneous healing others recover. If you happen to be one of those that might be recovering don’t lose hope. The issue has been settled on the cross when Jesus said “It is finished”. Everything that you could ever possibly . ...
We have to plan for the supernatural; plan for more than enough. - Dr Bill Winston
Bill, I'm a huge Buckeyes fan and I feel as though your assessment of Miller vs. Winston is both fair and accurate.
Bill Welch and I will be live in Winston-Salem again after 7AM. Stay tuned to TWC News NC!
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Church…
No joke...just told Bill welch how freaky this huge moth was and it CHASED ME. I think I woke up Winston-Salem.
Bill Winston 4h The Blessing brings a hedge of protection around you.
Photoset: todaysdocument: fdrlibrary: Day 19: Visits by Winston Churchill “It is fun to be in the same...
Faith can do more than your natural mind can immagine. Bill Winston
Day 4 at Winston: the teacher let us watch Bill Nye. Our class is happy, we believe she has remorse due to the strict new class regulations.
For you to operate in faith, you must leave your 5 physical senses behind - Bill Winston
TBN Africa: Please stop these constant repeats of Bill Winston at 7 am. It makes a joke of the message.
The Gospel was never meant to be preached with all manner of revelations, but no proof. Dr Bill Winston
Real faith does not get embarrassed. Real faith is not timid. Real faith releases God's ability. - Dr Bill Winston
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As a minister I take time as well to be ministered too. Watching Bill Winston bible study.
You were not anointed to be Joyce Meyer, Bill Gates, Benny Hinn, Winston Churchill or Billy Graham. You were anointed to be yourself. Be you
"Never let what your eyes see determine what your heart believes" - Pastor Bill Winston
If I could sit down with one person and pick their brain for a little bit it'd be Bill Winston. Andrew Wommack being a close second.
I enjoyed bible study at Living word. Bill Winston had a word!!
Redemption is not complete without divine provision. -- Dr. Bill Winston
Join us cotleorlando tonight at 7pm for our second night of Spring Conference with Dr. Bill Winston.
The quality of intake determines the strength of output. -- Dr. Bill Winston
. Happy birthday Dr. Bill Winston, you are a blessing in my life!
Tune in right now at to live stream our service with Dr. Bill Winston right now!
You don't want to miss tonight, as Dr. Bill Winston will be preaching live at 7 pm. Visit for details!
Faith obligates God to make His word good. -- Dr. Bill Winston
"People aren't in poverty for a lack of money, people are in poverty for a lack of knowledge." -Dr. Bill Winston
Sir, my name is Joshua Joseph King. I met you at Dr. Bill Winston's church here recently and gave you a copy of my book...
"The foundation of every Christian endeavor is Prayer." Dr. Bill Winston
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, Dr. Bill Winston, and Pastor's Tony & Cynthia Brazelton will all be at our conference which starts this Sunday
All the devil has to do to keep the world under his control is to keep the Church carnal. ~ Bill Winston
Faith is the master key, it will open up every door, it will access every promise. Quote by Dr. Bill Winston.
Hearing the Voice of God is the stronghold of Faith, it brings light into your life for breakthrough. Bill Winston Ministries
"Faith is the universal currency that will transfer things from the spiritual realm to the natural realm."- Bill Winston Ministries
Fast is nearing it's end. I'm looking forward to the fullness of Gods blessing. Today I hear a Dr Bill Winston word coming through
The whole Jameis Winston thing just goes to prove being a good athlete can put you above the law
(1) DECIDE (what it is that you want /need) (2) BELIEVE (that GOD Almighty is able to provide it) (3) RECEIVE (that it is already done by GOD Almighty) (4) THANKS (Praise and Thank GOD Almighty for that you desire). Bill Winston Ministries
EXCITING NEWS!!. You will now be able to watch Dr Bill Winston's Believers Walk of Faith Broadcast 6 days a week...
GOD morning - Happy Wednesday This morning, Dr. Bill Winston was teaching on "Speak It".Light was in GOD, therefore GOD said "Let there be light", and light was. Mankind was created with this same ability. But you have to recognize this ability and use it properly. You cannot think that you want to get out of debt and then say "I'm never gonna get these bills paid". You have to mean what you say and say what you mean. If you are thinking one thing and saying another thing, you cripple your Spirit. You are not imitating GOD. Practice keeping watch over your Mind and your Mouth. And relax. Don't struggle. Just allow GOD to do the rest. I encourage you to choose to create for yourself, a GOD filled, truth filled, prosperous day. Love Camille "May YHWH bless you and keep you; May YHWH make HIS face shine on you and be gracious to you; May YHWH lift up HIS countenance upon you and give you HIS peace."
Truth: The word never loses its value ~ Bill Winston
I liked a video Dr. Bill Winston, Manifesting the Sons of God
I liked a video Pastor Bill Winston - The Authority of God's Justice
Wld Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton or Tony Blair have resigned over a botle of wine, albeit an expsensive one???
The only fight for the believer is the Good Fight of Faith. The just shall live by faith. Bill Winston
God has everything for you in eternity. It's already done. Jesus said "It is finished". Bill Winston
I liked Bill Winston this morning,when he reminded me that-being righteous has nothing to do with what I do right but righteousness is the nature of God that was given to me the day I accepted Christ in my life.Morning friends!
Keep the faith! I must say I love this quote by Bill Winston!
Sin contiousness is a decease of the spirit but uve beign made righteous through the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Message from BILL WINSTON
Wish I could go to a Faith-Convention... Block out errthing else & Listen to Bill Winston, Kenneth Hagan & Kenneth Copeland minister all day & night for week straight -(sticking my fingers in my ears & shutting my eyes while repeating Hebrews 11:1 over & over again, like a kid)! Now Faith is substance of things hoped for, Now faith is the substance of things.
Do not miss this special airing exclusively on The Word Network! 7 Days of Faith Conference with Bishop Andrew Merritt and Dr. Bill Winston LIVE, April 16th ...
That will do it. defeat Jacksonville 6-1. FSU heads to Winston-Salem this weekend for a three-game series starting…
Fusing and arguments are after your image. Its working against your image. Royalty is in you, not fusing. - Bill Winston
Faith is positive, fear is negative. Heaven got to be in you, so seeds can grow. -Bill Winston
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: God never intended for you to bear the weight of your own provision. He desires to provide for you.
Pastor Bill Winstone; Oh what words of wisdom, you've made my day
"Sin consciousness destroys Faith, and without Faith, you cannot please God." -Dr. Bill Winston
"My God Today! I-D-E-C-L-A-R-E Mother Estella Boyd is risen from the dead. Cause her Children I'm gone call them "The Twins Of Thunder": Denise Ray & Marvin Winans ! Put a "Double Whammy" on me today! in that 5:30AM CITYWIDE PRAYER! Perfecting & The City of Detroit Will Never be the same! Between her groaning & travailing & his preachin & praying & Combining Apostle Wayne T Jackson's weeklong fast, with William Lee's Anointing on me from the night before!!! I went from the heat to the frying pan! (I had a Tripple header breakthrough today that was so Satisfying to my soul, when I tried to get up off that alter, my body was saying come on its time to go. & my Soul was saying, I CAIN'T GO NO WHERE TIL I GET THIS OUT! That Breakthrough got so good all I could do was weep, then weeping turned into shreaking ... And Pastor Winans, I gotta be very careful praying around him, cause he got so much of Mother Boyd's Spirit of impartation in him, every time he say hay! I say *** And don't let him sense you ...
Bill Winston Ministries. 4 hrs · . You cannot judge things by your senses. Go by the Word of God and not your feelings.
It takes two parties for a covenant to work; if you do what God says to do, He will do what He promised. Dr. Bill Winston.
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"Faith makes your prayers work, not the other way around." Bill Winston
The article gives one erroneous "fact". Awesome Bill was a Winston Cup Champion. The Sprint company was yet to be founded.
Thank you to Superintendent Bill and First Lady McDonnell for hosting Ty TV Word in the City and Dr. Bill Winston in Las Vegas!!
I imagine Dawson's phone bill is similar to Winston Bogarde's weekly wage when he was with us
God works according to your prayers, not according to your tears, so pray! Bill Winston!
Everything that has it's start, starts in the spirit. But everything material depends on the spirit! The prophet is not responsible for bringing it to pass but he is responsible for telling you what will happen if you obey GOD. The man doesn't do the work, your obedience to the prophetic word shows faith and GOD causes the manifestation! Bill Winston Ministries
"If you have guts enough to say it, God has POWER enough to do it" Dr. Bill Winston
The unbelief in you has to die a spiritual death so that belief in can be resurrected. -Bill Winston
Bill Winston is a great teacher. Kingdom! .
If it looks impossible, thats where your stuff is. -Bill Winston
Join Bishop Andrew Merritt, Pastor Viveca Merritt, Dr. Mark Chironna, and Dr. Bill Winston for a spectacular, anointed week of teaching on Faith and Obedienc...
7 Days of Faith is this week at Straight Gate 10:00 a & 7:00 p. Guests include: Dr. Mark Chironna and Dr. Bill Winston.
Ownership can be defined as a legal or rightful title to something... Revelation is the way into ownership. When God sees faith He transfers the title deed to its bearer. Dr. Bill Winston @ Wafbec
John 8:36 36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. "The way you set a man Free, is to let him "Be" Free. Dr Bill Winston
The platform for all increase in the Kingdom of God is His Word. God promised you increase in joy, wisdom, love and finances. Bill Winston Ministries
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New lottery bill being discussed would boost transparency with lottery - Winston-Salem Journal -
You are only as organized as you are in the unsupervised areas of your life ~ Dr Bill Winston
Catch Dr Bill Winston this week on TBN Africa at 7:00-7:30am on the Believers Walk of Faith!! Keep walking by Faith!
To be strong in the Lord you have to be strong in Faith. Hearing the Word of God strengthens your faith.- Bill Winston
the power of prayer and praise by Dr Bill Winston.,what a sermon.
Prayer is more solid than a contract in the world system spoken this mrning by Pastor Bill Winston
Wooo Dr Bill Winston one of the great teachers of God's Word is on TBN now weekly 7am Halelua
Dr. Bill Winston, Manifesting Abundance (IGOC 2007) International Gathering of Champions For more info see I do not Claim any property on ...
It is truly an Investment for everyone to have A "Let's Get Quiet--Slow Down--Hear God--Listen To God--Act On It" (Ben Tankard/Bill Winston) days often. At the conclusion of my vacation, God revealed some gifts that I have not touched in over 10 years; Streams of Income Gifts...I tell you, A Big Light came on when i realize those gifts have been dormant...SMH at myself
Satan's goal is to get you to make decisions out of your soul, from your mind, emotions, and senses. He doesn't want you to be led by the Spirit and the Word in your spirit. Instead of having your mind renewed with God's Word, he will try to fill it with worldly reasoning and sense knowledge. When you allow that to happen, your carnal reasoning takes over and decide what is right and acceptable. Before long, that reasoning will drop down into your heart and grow, until without realizing it, what you are thinking, saying, and doing are totally against the Word of God. -- The Law of Confession by Dr. Bill Winston
Winston Peters joins me at 3.10pm to talk housing restrictions on foreigners. Followed by Bill English at 3.20pm. Drive
As we continue in our intercessory prayers for the nations, especially Nigeria, please make Isaiah 54:15 one of your weapons of defence against kingdom of darkness and their cohorts. THE WORD OF GOD IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING THAT EXISTS- Dr Bill Winston
you know that you are my favorite preacher..better than TDJakes..Crefo Dollar..Bill Winston etc...and I love them..but I see in
Since won at Remember When Bill won the Winston Million there.
Human reasoning deals with what you can see. Faith deals with what you can't see. Faith calls things from another dimension. Bill Winston
"It's done right now! Let it Go!" - Dr. Bill Winston 2013 International Faith Conference. Purchase the 2013 International Faith Conference on CD or DVD here ...
The promise of God is everywhere just like the air - Dr. Bill Winston-
When God sees faith in your life He will transfer whatever you need any way He wants. Faith will get you what money can't buy... Bill Winston
Faith is a force which comes out of your human spirit. Faith is developed by hearing the Word of God. Bill Winston
In the last days one of the main targets for demonic abuse is going to be the Justice system. Dr. Bill Winston Ministries.
''If there ever is a worldly law that challenges the law of God, We must do what Daniel did and follow the laws of God. Daniel wasn't the least bit intimidated by these people coming together and making a law that would require him to violate his God. He wasn't going to do that. When Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house, left the windows opened, kneeled.and gave thanks to his God" Bill Winston-The Kingdon of God in You. www.
Sitting here posting and listening to Bill Winston with my Wife. what are you doing today?
Whatever you need, there is a promise for that need in the Word of God. And the process is that you must sow the seed of the Word of God into the soil of your heart.~Bill Winston Ministries
and his name: Beefalo Bill won! Honorable mention: with Sir Winston Beefalo the Fourth. Congrats!
God has chosen you to be an Agent of Change. Live your life on another level from the world. Bill Winston Ministries
"The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes." --Sir Winston Churchill
Dr Bill Winston: Everybody that's with you is not with you. Don't look to people to validate what you are doing, you have to do it by faith.
God never intended for you to bare the weight of our own provision. Bill Winston Teaching
Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.Winston ChurchillWho Pays the Bill?
NOLES WIN! Dylan Silva with the Win & Jameis Winston gets his 5th save of the season.
on right now. Bill Winston - Word of the Kingdom. Win some prices from
"Faith is your currency, when God sees faith he transfers your goods." Dr. Bill Winston
Faith fixes things from the root. There is nothing faith cannot fix. . Bill Winston
Eternal life is right now...💜 Your joy is for now, your peace is for right now...your fellowship with God is for now. -Bill Winston
Bill Winston's Mission & Marketplace conference is the best one ever! Get here if you can! If not buy CD/DVD/MP3/MP4's.
Madame Alakija, I really enjoyed your testimony at Bill Winston's church on Wednesday. Giving back and helping others is
Just came back from Bill Winston church. Power house preaching. Great worship with William McDowell leading the way. Going back tomorrow for more. Blessing's for everyone who's eyes read this post. Amen
We must learn to Trust the Holyspirit!! I watch, listen & go to church wherever the Holyspirit leads & guides me!! It's all about God & being close to Him!! ~Im truly Thankful for the teachings that's cleaning me up inside & for these Awesome messengers of God's Word ( My Pastor Joseph Johnson at Mt. Hebron, Pastor Vincent Robinson RWCC, Dr.Bill Winston, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop Jakes & a couple more on the Word Network). Their truly helping me & I thank God for beginning a good work in me. God is Awesome!! :)
I was blessed by my Man of God, brother Kenneth Copeland & his guest brother Bill Winston on BVOV last week. Prayer works
watching Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston talk about how to get your Prayers Answered
Join Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston this week on the broadcast and discover the keys to receiving God’s answers to your prayers!
Dr. Bill Winston preaching at the Pastors meetings this morning from 9am to 12pm - Make your way down to River...
Ever listened to Pastor Bill Winston and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's teachings?yohh.The wisdom Lord..Can only be God.So inspired
One not to miss! “OCCUPY” with Dr. Bill Winston Sunday 26th January, 8am The Expo Centre
To get God's faith you have to be born again. Bill Winston
"Your feet will never take you where your mind has not been. You can't be big when you think small."...Bill Winston
Imagine a post game interview with Ray Lewis, Richard Sherman, and Jameis Winston
Unless you expect the supernatural, you will not experience the supernatural. Winston Ministries
I liked a video Bishop Oyedepo and Bill Winston. day 1 part 1.
Join Bill Winston at the Indoors Sports Hall, National Stadium 26th-31st January 2014
God will supernaturally add to your life if you are sufficiently organized to contain it...Pastor Bill Winston.
Click 'join' if you plan to attend this Special Service with Dr. Bill Winston this Sunday | Eko Hotel, Expo Centre | 8:00AM | FREE admission
Bill Winston is the Prophet that is sent for the Supernatural
Bill Winston is the prophet that's Sent!
Where will you be at 8am on the 26th of January 2014? Come join us as we learn from Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston starts to teach now. Join if you're interested at
I am so ready for to start to hear God's unfailing word come forth...Ty Lord Jesus for Pastor Bill Winston's obedience.
Has ray Winston ever got a next goal scorer right
To move into the supernatural you've got to grow up. You can't go blaming people. Bill Winston Ministries
Function from where you come from (The Kingdom) and not where you are. Have God's Faith. Bill Winston Ministries
Pastor Wilbur T. Purvis, III is pastor of Destiny World Church in Austell, GA (the list has Pastor Bill Winston)
Dr. Bill Winston will be speaking at Like the FB page to get frequent updates.
bill Winston you are not normal lol
He's innocent just like Jameis Winston was. No such thing as rape anymore.
Bill Winston Ministries Repentance isn't just something that happens when you get saved; it’s a continuous process.
Other than Winston, who will be the top QBs next year, in your opinion?
I liked a video Dr. Bill Winston, The Force of Faith (3)
On TBN, this Sunday at 17h30, Dr Bill Winston will be speaking on The Force of Faith . The Force of Faith is a 4...
Your faith is supposed to grow, it's not to be stagnate. God's plan for your faith is to move from faith to faith. Bill Winston Ministries
God is taking you past what makes sense! Bill Winston Ministries
Playing now on - Pastor Bill Winston Rework by Byron Burke called "The Gift"
Dr Bill Winston was tonight talk about wisdom and knowledge. My faith is NOW
Before you leave this earth everything Jesus died to provide is coming to you! Dr. Bill Winston Impact Conference 2014
When you cooperate w/faith you will see miracles. Copies of tonight's sermon w/Dr Bill Winston can be purchased following service.
NO SHARK TANK! Looking at bill Winston at my church! he is ON IT
Your spirit feeds on the impossible. ~ Bill Winston
Faith will keep you from being offended. ~ Bill Winston
Impact Conference has begun! FreshOil! We had amazing praise and worship with Minister Felton Rowe and now Dr. Bill Winston brings the Word!
Nothing like a Friday word!!! Lets Go..Dr. Bill Winston is in the house and he gets down wit the get down of the G...
The Power of God Impact Conference ~ Fresh Oil begins tonight at 7:30pm! Join me in service at Bethany Baptist Church located in Lindenwold, NJ. Our Guest Preacher for tonight is Dr. Bill Winston and our Guest Soloist is FELTON D. ROWE JR.! See you there!
We are going to be used to change the world; but you can’t if you’re dependent on it. Bill Winston Ministries
Checking in on Bill Winston. Powerful message on faith and prayer.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Truth is the highest level of reality. The fact is you might not be selling anything, but the truth is everything you do prospers.
False Teacher Friday: I use to listen to Bill Winston all the time back in the day. He's got to be the worse...
Tonight impact conference begins! Bill Winston and Mark Chironna are our guests. For more info or to stream
In the world u will have tribulation. But take heart I have overcome d world! Join us this Sunday with Bill Winston at Expo Hall.
Join us on Sunday 26th January 2014 for an inspiring &service, “OCCUPY” with Dr. Bill Winston at The Expo Centre, Eko Hotel | 8a…
"Happy is d man who finds wisdom, & d man who gains understanding.TPH presents Occupy - d Bill Winston Conference
Bill Winston Ministries: God is taking you past what makes sense!
Bill Winston Ministries God will launch you into environments where you will change the atmosphere. Pray for the people and their circumstances.
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Bill Winston "Kingdom Dominion 2 ...on YouTube . Not for babe Christians who want a hoop & a holla
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Whatever you are believing for must first be declared with your mouth.
Bill Winston The church has to stop looking for the supernatural to happen in the future. Never let your eyes dictate what you believe.
Bill Winston Ministries Faith is the currency of The Kingdom. Faith bypasses labor.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Favor does not guarantee that you won't have adversity. Persecution comes with favor but with it, you can not be defeated.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Guard your heart so that God's seed can grow inside you. Practice the Love Walk, produce the fruit of peace.
Bill Winston Ministries Satan's strategy is to wipe out the Word and it's importance in your life because he knows you can't defeat him without it.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: There is an inheritance for you that cannot be delivered to you beyond your level of growth.
Bill Winston Ministries God is rebuilding and restoring what was destroyed. God has to do it supernaturally because it would take too long naturally. His restoration always breaks natural laws.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: The Supernatural is not just an event, but it's a lifestyle for the believer. If you don't expect the supernatural, it won't happen.
We're going to see what we're praying for. We're going to see the Supernatural! ~Bill Winston Ministries
We're about to live in the supernatural. Not just an event but a lifestyle! It's the Year of the Supernatural! ~Bill Winston Ministries
God is returning us to our original mode of operation, operating in the impossible. ~Bill Winston Ministries
Sometimes people don't want you to go up because they don't want to get up! - Bill Winston
People are not poor because they don't have money. They are poor because they don't have knowledge. -Bill Winston
Listening to Bill Winston preach on "Taking Ownership". This is the best message I've heard in years!
Happy Blessed Sunday..God is about to show the world who he really is- Bill Winston... Remember
A person will attract what they are, not what they desire to be. Dr Bill Winston
A person will always move in the direction of their thoughts. Dr Bill Winston
“Worship makes prayer and faith work more powerfully.” — Pastor Bill Winston
Glad to be in the service today with Bill Winston Ministries! With Dr Cindy Trimm
WAFBEC will be a life shaping event.Oone of our speakers Bill Winston. Jan 26th to 31st.
- Hi: Is there a live service (Bill Winston Ministries) today? I know the weather is freezin in Chgo. I'm in L.A. Thanks.
"Everyone moves in the direction of their most dominant thoughts. " -Dr. Bill Winston
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Expect God's supernatural intervention in your life, especially in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.
Does Jameis Winston remind you of a young Bill Cosby. Anyone?
A leader of the fight against the Aliens Bill and against ...1903-1904 was Winston S. Churchill.
Run the same defense Bill Bellichek ran against Peyton Manning bait them into running the ball and take the ball out of Winston hands
Jameis Winston is now live at BCS Media Day. Watch it here!
And I want to see Winston do his best Bill Cosby in a pregame speech again. So strange.
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My mom just said she hates Bill O'Brien so much she hopes Jameis Winston rapes his wife.
– Bill Winston - Timeless Reality on Where the Power is in the Praise
Bill Winston, and are my absolute favorite pastors.
Winston sounds a whole lot like bill Cosby
Jameis Winston is like a young Bill Cosby.
Bill Winston delivers a timely word for Harvest Week at the Potters House!
You and God are a majority. It doesn't matter how many people are coming against you. Bill Winston Ministries
Dr Bill Winston said, "In 2014 don't take no for an answer and don't negotiate either "
False Teacher Friday: Listen as Bill Winston teaches (not Christianity) the "Law of Attraction." The Bible is not...
"Christianity was never meant to be dictated, it was meant to be demostrated" --Bill Winston
Everything you need is in the seed you sow. - Bill Winston
Welcome 2014! Happy New Year! I am sure that some are glad to see 2013 go and a new year with new hopes and dreams come upon us. If you have been listening to the Spirit of God concerning the new year, He has had much to say about it to the church. Through Brother Kenneth Copeland, He has said that 2014 is the year of victory over death and the manifestations of love. Billye Brim said that this is the year that the church dons the glory. Jerry Savelle said that it is the year of greater. Bill Winston says it is the year of the miraculous. It sounds like the church better be ready. There is much for us to believe for. Look up, church, He's coming very soon. Before He comes has to come the greatest outpouring the church has ever seen. It's here!
YOU are Not here by coincidence, YOU have ben Chosen - Bill Winston
Jameis Winston plays chef and makes the ceremonial first cut at the Lawry's Beef Bowl and serves Coach Fisher. http:…
Great song! --> I just used Shazam to discover Released by Bill Winston Presents Living Word Feat. Donald Lawrence.
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Folks be trying to get YOU to help them... but instead YOU are busy helping the World - Bill Winston
GOD will then DIVINELY Position YOU so YOU can become a walking supply house amongst the wicked - Bill Winston
GOD deliberately plants the righteous among the wicked - Bill Winston
amazing that WW2 was won by blokes called Norman, Alan and Bill.. not forgetting Guy, Sir Barnes, Winston + sir douglas
Because someone else is being forced to pay his bill. Mr. President you are killing the middle class.
One encounter with favor is worth more then a lifetime of labor !!!. Winston
'Find something that takes your time.. and apply faith to it! Faith takes time and puts it to ZERO!' -Bill Winston
I added a video to a playlist SWBC 2013: Bill Winston - July 4 - 3:00 pm - Having an Ownership
God doesn"t need time he only dwells in the new. He can take your future and invade your now faith is now Bill Winston
No one rises above the level of their confession. Bill Winston
Bill DeBlasio will be a colossal failure. Will make David Dinkins look like Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson rolled into one.
10 minutes to go: Bill Elliott Winston Cup Ford Thunderbird Factory Sheet Metal Hood on
Bill Winston Ministries Unbelief doesn't mean you don't believe, it means belief in something God didn't say. God has a solution to every problem.
Bill Winston: I need the faith that says: "I've got to believe God's Word when I have nothing in the natural to validate it's credibility."
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: We TAKE debt cancelation now, in Jesus name! Amen.
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Bill Winston Ministries: The law of faith demands that whatever God delivers into your hands must first be declared with your mouth.
Bill Winston Ministries If your faith is not growing it is considered poor stewardship. Satan has got to stop your faith in order to stop your progress.
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Faith supersedes time, it can fix anything and everything.
Tomorrow night, we close out the 2013 International Faith Conference with our own Dr. Bill Winston and welcome again, Anita Wilson!
Merry Christmas, Bill Winston! Your teachings has impacted our lives and ministry a lot. God bless you.
You are designed to make Earth like Heaven. Take God's blessing and manifest it here on earth. - Bill Winston
Don't try to think with your mind.think with the Word of God...Bill Winston
"Faith determines your time and what you can do. Faith makes prayer work and goes beyond human logic.". -Bill Winston
"Prayer is based on a covenant of God's love for you. Your faith in God will cause victories in your life.". -Bill Winston
Stress is fear in disguise...bill winston
The Spirit of faith yields a happy countenance. You will not see worry on your face...bill winston
Make it so that your words are valuable. ~Bill Winston of Confession
Power of the tongue! By Pastor Bill Winston will change your life.
I liked a video Bill Winston Ministries and You - Partnership
Bill winston teachings are wonderful. Such gives me great faith in God!
You don't have to put money in the bucket scared. Bill Winston
11's r out. should i get them or sow a seed in bill winston ministry? that brotha is rich so i think im gettin the J'z lol
Born on this date: Bill Dudley, Winston Moss, Michael Haynes, Cas Banaszek... see more:
"Positive thinking alone will not deliver you.It's what you say out of your mouth. Say what God says." - Bill Winston
Giving honor to whom it is due. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014 to all my prayer partners around the world : FB friends and followers Dr kalu Oji of building memorial for God Bishop ken obanor of victory life church internatiinal Sister Ruth Boaz of 7in 1 Prophetese Irene manjeri Of bethel Healing ministry of Uganda Pharm iheanyi Uzoma intercessors for Nigeria Dr Mike Evans of Jerusalem prayer Team Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny hinn ministries Pastor Kenneth Copland of Pastor Creflo Dollar of Creflo Dollar ministries Dr Bill Winston of Bill Winston Ministries Pastor Jesse Duplantis of JDM.Org Pastor Rod parsley of W World harvest church Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood church Dr Che of HIM outreach . Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free chapel church . Dr David Jeremiah of Turning point Dr Reinhard Bonnke of Reinhard Bonnke international evangelistic ministries David and Barbara cerullo of inspira tional ministries Sister Lara of Beyond veil prayer Team Bishop T.D Jakes of The potter's house of Da .. ...
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