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We just got blessed and guess what? Bread comes w/ the blessings of God. Just gotta ask sometimes. Thanks Dr. Bill Winston.
Even Bill O'Reilly sees the Garner decision as WRONG!
what about bill cosby and jameis winston raping BLACK women?!?! it's cool though they're black.
Bill Self thinks Jameis Winston is a stand up dude.
Jameis Winston similar to Andrew Luck? Bill Polian of explains on
Are we sure Jameis Winston isn't the son of Bill Cosby?
It's less than an hour to the start of our last Breakthrough service with Dr. Bill Winston and I can tell you this, it's going to be EPIC!!
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / says teams will put a lot of stock into what Jimbo Fisher and coaches say about Jameis Winston
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / regarding Jameis Winston; "probably not as mature yet as he should be".
Bill Polian, Fmr GM / says Jameis Winston is not a perfect QB but is a very good prospect w/ a short memory for mistakes.
"We need to know who is footing the bill for our demise, especially if he or she works or lives at 1600 Pennsylvania A…
Count the dead people in their wake since Bill was AR governor.
God took Joseph from prison to prime minister in one jump.He can take you from NOTHING to EVERYTHING in a moment. - Bill winston.
"Never allow what your eyes see determine what your heart believes." Dr. Bill Winston
Bill Winston just said that the worlds system of buying and selling is incompatible with Gods Kingdom principal...
The doors of The Church are open at El-Shaddai Houston we welcome Pastor Bill Winston!
Bill Cowher just quoted Winston Churchill -- “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Thought it was a good one
Bill Cowher quoting Winston Churchill on the pregame show. So legendary
Bill Cowher just threw out a Winston Churchill quote. is
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Bill Winston - Law of Confession, Only Believe 2
Remind yourself what the scriptures say and choose faith every time. - Dr. Veronica Winston. Bill Winston
Bill Cosby, Jameis Winston and Ben Roethlisberger walk into a bar. Get the *** out of there ladies.
Jameis Winston needs to give Bill Cosby some tips on how to beat the rape charge 🙌
Jameis Winston got away with rape but bill cosby can't. Hmm
Day 1 has passed : Check the view from my room , met the honourable Dr.Bill Winston last night wow the wisdom...
The Word of God brings freedom, the Blessing comes when you act on the Word. - Bill Winston
"Innocent until proven guilty"... well unless your name is Jameis Winston or Bill Cosby, of course.
Veterans May Gain Easier Access To Medical Marijuana: A bill introduced in Congress would allow Department of ...
“Winston and Co Visit ” - Students will tag you as well throughout day.
With Dr. Showalter Johnson at the Billionaire Round Table launch with Bill Winston and the world's richest black...
Human reasoning applied to things removes you from Faith in God. Bill Winston Ministries
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"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill
It's more lite 30M+ illegal insurgents in America, not 11M. Illegals flooding in since Bill Clinton terms.
What is revealed to you is restored to you. ~Dr Bill Winston Ministries
The Mayor of London is in USA promoting his book about Winston Churchill. Err what? Insult to Londoners
Dr Bill Winston: You didn’t produce yourself, the Father produced you. The Father is responsible for sustaining you."
Jameis Winston is accused of rape and gets supported and defended. Bill Cosby gets accused and thrown under the bus.
Jameis Winston, Bill Cosby & so many others accused of many sexual assaults. How can rape ever be enjoyable for anyone?
What is with people? Jameis Winston gets away with alleged rape charges and continues to play for FSU.BILL COSBY AT 77 BEING HARASSED.
Faith is a rest. When you are not at rest you are not in faith. Bill Winston
people want to destroy Bill Cosby but hold up Jameis Winston at FSU as a football hero for years because he can play ball.
Why isn't everyone making as big of a deal about Jameis Winston as they are with Bill Cosby? Winston was accused of rape too.
I f bill did it jamis Winston did it
Trust me, any Bill Cosby rape/Jameis Winston FSU shooting jokes rattling around in your head are not nearly as funny as you think they are.
Isn't it sad that men get away with this ALL the time? Jameis Winston,Bill Cosby. Why do we prosecute 1 & not the other
These white ladies treating Bill Cosby like Winston!!!
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Woody Allen and Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston are free men
I didn't know Bill Cosby was Jameis Winston's personal mentor.
I guess this whole Bill Cosby thing has put a damper on Jameis Winston becoming the next Jell-O spokesman...
This reminds me, are Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston related???
Sow a seed of the Word of God into the soil of your heart, so you can see God's image of you. Bill Winston
Who would win in a rape fight, Jameis Winston or Bill Cosby?
Who are you more sick of: Jameis Winston or Kevin Hart? Bill Cosby should rape 'em both so they would both disappear from my life.
The tithe is a great temptation, it is earmarked for destruction. It is not meant for you to keep. Bill Winston
According to your faith you are healed. This is a poignant message from Dr. Bill Winston.
Who knew Bill Cosby and Jameis Winston had so much in common?
said he's doing a tour. Wonder if we'll see his chocs at Coles Winston hills? *waits 4 Coles response*
I'm about to get in trouble but I can't take it anymore. I just saw a status saying that the "big name" preachers are all about money and they are off the devil. Well let's see - Joel Osteen taught me I don't have it because I haven't asked for it | Paula White taught me I can't conquer what I won't confront | Eddie Long taught me to walk in my God ordained authority | Noel Jones taught me God creates a situation for revelation | Creflo Dollar taught me to understand the Names of God | Bill Winston taught me to say what God says to produce manifestation | Jakes...well the list is too long. I didn't get not one message on "prosperity". The anger towards them is how they live. It's always the poverty mentality that's bothered by the rich. It's real simple, the example you follow will more than likely get you the same results. My name is Bishop Alfondia J Reese, III and I approve this message!
Bill Belichick just provided a moment in his presser that will live on in internet infamy. Trust. "Stupid thing."
Winston the Duck and his big Orange Bill: Great New Christian Children's Book! Winston has...
Meanwhile, there's 100+ college players that have actually been arrested for something. Winston wasn't even charged.
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Dr. bill Winston was right on today. He is an amazing teacher of the word.
No person on the planet can say no to God. -Bill Winston
We're designed to be motivated by vision not provision-Dr. Bill Winston
God blesses you through your obedience (Pastor Bill Winston)
its Sunday and at Gods church at Bill Winston..its worship time...worshipping with We are Victorious!
No person on this planet can say no to GOD. Saved or unsaved!! Bill Winston 10/12
You have to give out of what you lack. Bill Winston 10/12
Your feet will never take you where your mind has never been. Bill Winston
"Whatever you bow down to on your way to the top, will control you when you get there." - Bill Winston
With the Winston coverup does FSU lose it's National Championship, and should it be given to Auburn?
"In order for you to have an impact in the world, God has to first distinguish you from the world through the Blessing." - Dr. Bill Winston
When you speak God's word there are things that go into motion that you can't see with the natural eye.-Bill Winston
I have caught more revelation since I connected w/Bill Winston Ministries than I have since I 1st began! THANK YOU!
"We don't praise God FOR the trouble, we praise God IN the trouble." . — Bill Winston
- Responsible Body Armor Possession Act Law abiding Citizens would no longer be allowed to own…
My first October double bill . Dead & Buried paired with The Monster Club. Stan Winston’s effects in Dead & Buried are still exceptional.
Here's w/ his $100 bill. Come 2 the Curata booth & scan your badge for a chance 2 win at 3:15!
Here's one of Jennie Jerome Churchill.mother of Sir Winston.father of Randolph,father of Bill Clinton
You cannot obey God and lose. Bill Winston
Our job is to believe that God will do His job-Pastor Bill Winston
The only resource Jesus had on earth was His faith-Bill winston
Jameis Winston would be such a good fit in Bill O'Brien's offense.
Good morning Sunday. Last stop before heading home Bill Winston Living word Christian Center.
Bill you taking weekends off? I need Gatorcentric/Rapist Winston humor on Sunday morning not NYC based bombast thank you
It doesn’t matter what the physician said, your job is to say what the Word says. Bill Winston
Praise transfers the battle you are going through to God. -Bill Winston-
Start teaching them the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Bible.
Jameis Winston to his defense on the sideline: "Come on D! F 'em right in the pu...I mean be skrong! If you tackle skr…
Notice body language from thinking 'what have I done' and also making a qu…
Or Bill Clinton. David Lloyd George would be good fun too. And imagine the grief over Winston's drinking.
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I think he resigns. Then on Fox NFL Sunday, during Glazer spot, NWO tune starts. Bill comes on set w/ O'Reilly & Hannity.
Was Bill Simmons suspended from using a platform like Tumblr? Just curious at some things that pop up out of nowhere...
Line to get in to see Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump
"Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog." --Winston Churchill
Good thing that Cruz’s bill revoking US passports for American jihadis made it throu— oh, wait.
Every time de Blasio kills a groundhog, NY gets 6 more weeks of communism
I can't believe he told me to find a ride when he be all over winston-Salem with his bat mo-bill 😒
We are prophetically packaged to lead the world and it's "High Time" we take our place!! ~ Pastor Bill Winston
He has always poured into me and our ministry! I love this man! Bill Winston Ministries...
in 1789, Congress passed the Bill of Rights and sent them to the states for ratification.
.talks Bill Simmons, Roger Goodell, LeBron, Jameis Winston and more on
"There is NOTHING in this world so great and powerful that it CANNOT be turned around WITH YOUR WORDS" ~ Bill Winston
Ep 47 of "The Ed & show where we talk Jameis Winston, Bill Simmons' suspension & Night of Champions:
There is absolutely nothing that God can’t do!. Bill Winston
ESPN suspends Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar, but won't suspend it's Zubin Mehenti for his racist rant on Jameis Winston?
Little Giant Ladders
Jameis Winston told Bill Simmons to suit up anyway.
16 year old Bill Simmons flips off an injured Michael Cooper, as he's carried off the court.
Bill you need to pull a Jameis Winston. Just suit up dude. Get in there
So is only interested in pushing an agenda. So much for sports reporting. Bill Simmons & Jameis Winston are the anti-christs now, huh?
You cannot listen to your human logic, because logic doesn't produce miracles! GOD can perform a miracle RIGHT NOW! ~Bill Winston~
Dear Mr.Bill, this is amazing initiatives taken by your foundation. Best Regards, Winston
How rich was He, very rich. Live off the top of the barrel. . Bill Winston
Your past must not dictate your future. . Bill Winston
Learn faith from children, they tell you what they want not what they need. . Bill Winston
When you understand that God is first place He keeps you full in every way. Bill Winston
God is not a respecter of persons but he is a respecter of faith. . Bill Winston
Establish within yourself that God cannot lie. . Bill Winston
Streaming in my nightly worship on with Pastor Bill Winston Faith week service — watching Jesse Duplantis at Home...
# watching Bill Winston conference with Jesse Duplantis now on Daystar
Winston Churchill in WW2 was way ahead of the iPhone:
"The only way we are going to succeed is to begin to see ourselves as God sees us." -Dr. Bill Winston
When Adam fell, he went from discerning to learning. Bill Winston
I'm raising money for Veterinary Bill. Click to Donate:
Would you like to accept Jesus Christ into your life? Let us know here: . Bill Winston
The highest form of obedience is giving. . . Bill Winston
Your spiritual DNA is just like God’s. . Bill Winston
The Words of God are faith containers. 100% word, 100% results. . Bill Winston
God is not an absentee father. He has been talking, you aren’t hearing. . Bill Winston
If you live like the world and act like the world then you get the worlds results. . Bill Winston
You can't do the things God has called believers to do without the supernatural. Bill Winston
I've learned the Law of Association. You can sow up to go up. Bill Winston
If You haven't watched any of the Bill Winston International Faith Conferences You still have time. check it out.
Bill Winston Your spiritual your DNA is just like Gods.
You have to Sow up to Grow up. Bill Winston
"Everything changes when the Kingdom comes. That's the answer to the south side of Chicago." -- Bill Winston after the Binions performance
Watching Live Stream to Pastor Bill Winston's .. Nicole and David Binion singing Let the Redeemed…
Night two has begun of the Bill Winston's Ministries International Faith Conference. Get ready to be blessed beyond measure.
I'm loving the conference at Bill Winston Ministries..
Hopefully giants will go 0-16 and get Jameis Winston next year
My bill would designate fighting for hostile foreign govt or foreign terrorist org as renunciation of US citizenship: http:…
"A consistent dose of the Word hacks at unbelief" (Bill Winston, 9/2014) and breakthrough follows.
God doesn't want you to do it without Him. Bill Winston
This is the worst thing to happen to OSU since Jameis Winston's touchdown run
Looking forward to a great conference with Bill Winston, and a host of anointed speakers in Chicago!
If you would like to accept Christ into your heart, . Visit Bill Winston
What you ask God for tonight, it shall be done! Bill Winston
There is a Rhema rising in the room! . Bill Winston
God is about to give you divine protection. . Bill Winston
You never know what might happen tomorrow morning. Faith can explode in your spirit. . Bill Winston
You get what you expect. . Bill Winston
If you don't take a stand in faith, you won't have a leg to stand on. - Bill Winston
Calm down, don't be afraid, don't panic. . Bill Winston
thank you bill Winston . Love you Ps: u the best : )
: ) thank you god for dr. Bill Winston and his wife and the team : ) LOVE TI: )
Pastor Bill Winston said, " Somebody is going to be a Billionaire." I say, "That's me." "Praise God it's mine."
. From Bill’s sec Hi Jo and Chrissie, Hope you are both well. I had a long phone call from Winston and Linda.
TinaTurner4 is also part of BWM&Int'l faith Conf,Glad you guys know and serve the lord especially w/ Bill Winston Mins
Watching Bishop Tudor Bismark at Bill Winston's International Faith Conference... Come on! The future is now!!
I added a video to a playlist The Supernatural Church - Dr. Bill Winston
"Without an ownership mentality you can't properly govern the earth. We are owners with stewardship responsibilities.". -Dr. Bill Winston
You cant manage the earth without an ownership mentality. . - Dr. Bill Winston.
"One day of Favor is worth a lifetime of labor" ~ Dr. Bill Winston.
"Faith is the way the Law of the Spirit of Life works. Fear will keep it from working." - Dr. Bill Winston
If you love Dr. Bill Winston like I do and can't make it to the FAITH CONFERENCE starting this week . If you...
Look whose eyes are open!!! Bill Bob has both eyes open. Winston has one eye starting to open and Lil' T is a...
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Neurology researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., have a new pilot study in the...
"When God drops a thought in your spirit, don't ask your flesh what it thinks about it because you can walk on water" ~ Bill Winston
Never let what your eyes see determine what your heart believe. by Dr. Bill Winston
"The word of God has enough power to replace the facts!" Bill Winston
I will speak at Dr Bill Winston's Conference one topic "Understanding the power of wellness in the temple"
I reckon Bill is the only option Winston would do a deal with them with Key stepping down. But still all hypotheticals.
"Whenever you are losing a battle it's because your doing more fighting than praying" -Bill Winston
Chef Bill, the DDD gang and I laying on top of a Whistlepig Hollow pig !
Faith is not a movement, faith is your lifestyle. . Bill Winston
There is an inheritance for you that cannot be delivered to you beyond your level of growth ~ Bill Winston
Expect what you speak, speak what you expect! ( Dr Bill Winston)
Anti-Planking Bill of 2011 ni Winston Castelo, now may Anti-Selfie Bill of 2014 si Carlos Zarate.
God is our ultimate supply. Your responsibility is to increase in everything. Bill Winston
Just got in from LIVING WORD. Bill Winston gave a good word tonight. His son did too. Man I love God.
is Not a Movement. Faith is Your Lifestyle! ~ Dr. Bill Winston & featured in NBC s Science of Love
Every time I hear Bill Winston speak, I feel like I'm trying to take a sip from a fire hose.
Every Word of God has power and will do what it says. Bill Winston
Honorable mentions go to Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Bill Clinton. That dude knew what was up.
White privilege, in one Fox News screen grab:
God can give you revelation to reverse every lie of satan or fix any problem the world has. Bill Winston
"Whatever God is going too deliver into your hands must first be declared with your mouth" - Bill Winston
One of the reasons why some people are not blessed with abundance is because they don't have abundant thinking. Bill Winston
Where people have signed you off God is going to step you out.~ Bill Winston
Hopkins football wins big in season opener, 37-14! Big s/o to Harry Momoh, Bill Atkins, Taj Winston for taking track speed to the field!
You have to submit yourself to God and His word to defeat the devil. Bill Winston
God is a heart fixer and a mind regulator--Bill Winston
The only reason you have words is that words form pictures. - Dr. Bill Winston
When you are under pressure, your first words are the difference between triumph and defeat. ?~Bill Winston Ministries
Bill Winston 18m. One reason why some people aren't. blessed with abundance is because. they don't have abundance thinking.
can't wait till the 13th Scotty,ant,scott,Joshua gonna be *** of a bill :)
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When you forget who you were and remember who you are ( righteous and made new) you can do the supernatural. -Bill Winston
Winston Dookeran is hailed by his constituents as a man of uncompromising principle for voting against the PM amendment bill
I'd takeJameis Winston number one, but Hundley and Mariotta are on the short list.
Good Morning and God’s blessings upon all who read this letter written to my community and to all people on behalf of OUR CHILDREN. I am not sure that people will agree with anything here that I may say—but I am sure that if I say nothing, I’ll never know whether it did some good or not. First, I would like to make statements to people that I trust with my spiritual education. To date I could not tell you all of the people who have poured into me “how great is Thou faithfulness.” So, this is a time I’ll express to the leaders, of which I consider myself one, suggested solutions to help alleviate some of the problems in this country concerning our young people, especially our African American boys. The first thing is to stop fearing (without probable cause), criticizing them, and demonizing them. Adults are guilty of pushing children to a point where they now “cry for help.” They do not know what to do. They do not know why they are so hated. First of all they have a right to blame ...
I want to go to the faith conference in Chicago with one of my favorite teachers Dr. Bill Winston
You cannot think the devil away, you've got to say something! Bill Winston Ministries. Really THINK...
You can't listen to your logic, because no where in the bible did human logic produce a supernatural miracle! ~Dr. Bill Winston
Satan can't steal what's covered by faith - Bill Winston
Is Bill Mahr and Willie Nelson thugs cause they smoke weed? Is Jamie Winston a thug when he stole lobsters out grocery store? whats a thug?
There is also a Miracle in your mouth...agreeing again with Mr Bill Winston TKU!!! God is great!
The Fragrance of Wisdom: "A change in your life begins with a change in your words." . -Bill WInston
There are two types of knowledge available to man. Bill Winston calls them "dark or carnal" knowledge and "light or spiritual" knowledge
Went to Word Explosion and saw Dr. Bill Winston. The Lord always speaks to me in some awesome ways- I…
We are coming to a time and place where we are going to need Jesus 24/7! Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston. "Where we live now.Faith is not a suggestion, it's a requirement". Tonight Dr Bill is...   10% Off
Just left Dr.Bill Winston's service in Tulsa. I promise that message he gave was sent from God just…
Mr Bill Winston talkn bout Esther was an orphan Yall can see why I'm kjnd of the Lone Ranger & the one flyn w/Jesus n my family Tku:D
And Mr Bill Winston comes fully loaded to I see! Great services today Saints! Tku!
"Faith is the holder of your destiny!" Travel from OKC to see Father Bill Winston! Awesome Man Of GOD!
"Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of heaven. We aren't to wait on God, Gods waiting on us." - Bill Winston
Supernatural is our way of life. Expect Miracles! ~ Dr. Bill Winston — at Victory
"Faith is the holder to your destiny!" Bill Winston at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Ok, Word explosion! Powerful week! Think like God!
"Faith is the holder of your destiny" -Bill Winston
Our tendency is to go somewhere that doesn't require faith but that's not how He set it up. Bill Winston
Everyone come out to Victory tonight for our last night of. Explosion!. Bill Winston is closing off this. powerful week we have had!
I added a video to a playlist Tomando propiedad II- Bill Winston (Ensancha 2014)
Dr Bill Winston: There are 3 things you must know in order to prosper; It's God's Will, His Way and His Why.
Dr Bill Winston: God wants you to prosper because you are responsible for blessing the earth.
Dr Bill Winston: The Word of God is medicine that you can't overdose on. You can take it as much as you want.
Dr Bill Winston: Faith superimposes the Word over the fact and changes it to match the Truth of the Word of God.
Greed is trying to meet a spiritual need through material possessions. Bill Winsto…
"Whatever you need is in the economy of God. Thus He says pray - Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth..." ~ Bill Winston
"My faith in God is not as my source but as my ONLY source" ~ Bill Winston
Not to be outdone by we have already had the following through the shop today: Bob Hawke, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill... /2.
“Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught” - Winston Churchill.
hello Pastor Dollar. Walt Whitman from the Soul Children of Chicago. Faith conference at Pastor Bill Winston
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: An ownership mentality is required for us to properly govern this planet. No ownership, no outrage.
Dr Bill Winston 2014 Messages: Only Believe: Man i needed this this morning n maybe u do too God bless
Faith reaches up into the invisible realm and takes hold of what belongs to you. - Bill Winston Ministries
Do not ever dare to throw in the towel! God has already won the Battle Dr. Bill Winston
IOW most would rather have Winston.
When we go into a community, we have the anointing to eradicate poverty. - Dr. Bill Winston
I liked a video Dr Bill Winston, The Force of Faith 2
“Maintain humility and see yourself teachable.” ~Dr. Bill Winston~
Failure=Lesson: Bill Gates, Sir Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein et al. What do they have in common? They all failed exams.
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"Never let what your eyes see or your ears hear determine what your heart believe". -Bill Winston
"Faith is a way of living, and not a parachute used in case of an emergency.". - Pastor Bill Winston
"¡¡This is your day, this is your season, this is a turnaround!!" - Pastor Bill Winston
"This is your jubilee. Everything is coming back to it's rightful ownership. I'm a joint heir with Jesus." - Pastor Bill Winston
NHS to pick up the bill as dozens suffer after private provider cataract operations. Scandalous. .
Faith is the holder of our destiny. It is an international currency. - Dr. Bill Winston at
Words of wisdom from my pastor, Dr. Bill Winston...
"Pharoah couldn't touch Moses, Nebuchadnezzar couldn't touch Daniel, and the devil can't touch you." -Dr. Bill Winston
Photog Bill Welch and I will be in Winston-Salem this morning! Why? Stay tuned to to find out! : )
Black parents must stand up and say this is intolerable! Say NO! Jay-Z doesn't pay the *** light bill, you do.
Three sound teachers of d gospel of Christ in the USA Bill Winston, creflo dollar and Andrew Womack. Amazing teachers.
Bill Murray wants nothing to do with it, and Harold Ramis passed away earlier this year. It's just Ray and Winston left.
Just to let the world know bill nye is awesome
"You can't separate how you're thinking from how you're living" Bill Winston
is an international, universal currency. ~Bill Winston
Listening to Let&Talk...Raw and Uncut.feat. Bill Winston "The Power o... by APEPT
Bill Shakespeare and Winston Churchill analyze Amaya's completion of PokerStars acquisition
My show, "Let's Talk...Raw and Uncut.feat. Bill Winston "The Power of Prayer and Praise" on "APEPT" is airing...
Bill Engvall tonight at 7:30! Parking at gate 5 off Deacon blvd. Good seats still available...see you tonight Winston-Salem!
Faith is the key to unlock all that God has in store for us. Bill Winston Ministries
KMOX Radio: 'Yes, if we see you praying, you get 15% off your bill.' A Winston-Salem resta...
YOU can NOT ask people who do NOT know GOD who YOU are - Bill Winston
My dad is going to murder me when he sees my phone bill 😑
God gave us dominion over the earth and that includes time. Bill Winston
The devil must keep you in time to delay your faith. Bill Winston
Winston Churchill--father or grandfather of Bill Clinton? All I know,he's a Digby-Churchi…
Winston Churchill wasn't afraid of firearms.So what happened to grandson Bill Clinton?
To Mimi Dixon and Winston Dixon. I thought of Bill's family.
This feels like something Bill would've commented on
I'm ready to go back to Winston.. They better get the bill stuff right , or I won't be going back
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Vintage 1940s Bill Barnett Winston Churchill pen and ink drawing via I like this :)
Want 2 find out how works overseas?Apply for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship: ht…
Bill Winston Ministries wrote: Every prayer has angelic intervention to produce manifestation.
OPP reporting a pig loose on Hwy 401 near Winston Churchill Boulevard. Should make for interesting commute in TO.
I asked Bill's nephew for a hug when I left and he tried to take my keys. Thanks, Winston 😂
"Without revelation there is no restoration." - Bill Winston
Some times people don't get out of being broke cause they are not tired of being broke. Bill Winston
"Faith ALWAYS declares the outcome before the fight ever starts!" - Bill Winston
God put you in the earth after time, to govern time. Bill Winston
Bill Winston Ministries. Whenever there is a deficit Jesus comes to us to make up the difference. Hear and obey.
Provision in farm bill could shield complaints from public - Winston-Salem Journal -
The strength of your output is determined by the quality of your input - Bill Winston
Revelation is the Word of God with light. When light comes into your life all struggle ceases. Bill Winston
Name me son winston, Gregory, hopeton, bob or bill
Oh! I like this meme of Remember when 0bama said "Bill of Rights is a bill of negative rights"
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Limber up your Limbic Brain for authentic Charisma - - By Nikki Owen Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Eva Peron, P...
Your days of begging are over! You’re going from begging to the blessing! –Bill Winston
There should B something in UR life that U can point 2 & say, “Faith did that!” –Bill Winston Live stream:
Faith is when we tap into the ability of God! - Bill Winston
When you hold on to your integrity, whatever the devil stole from you - He has to give it back. ~ Bill Winston
"There should be something that happened in ur life that u can point to & say FAITH did THAT!" ~ Bill Winston @ WCCI NY - Camp Mtg
Faith will put you in a place of ridicule. -Dr. Bill Winston (Camp Meeting 2014)
It's on now im about to hear and see Bill Winston in the Bronx. It's on waiting to hear a word from God! Thank you Lord for blessing thus night.
Bill Winston's Prayer of Salvation Why don't you accept Jesus into your life?
The Kingdom of GOD operates on TRUTH, & the world operates on facts!!! TRUTH trumps facts!!!. ~Dr. Bill Winston~
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