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Bill Walton

William Theodore Bill Walton III (born November 5, 1952) is a retired American basketball player and television sportscaster.

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If I were a Make-a-wish kid, I would hang out with Bill Walton
Somewhere tonight Bill Walton is smiling because a team from the Conference of Champions will get to play in a Final Four played out west.
I hear Bill Walton starred in that league
Best NBA announcing was Bill Walton and Steve Snapper Jones. So legendary
One semester's tuition or trip to Final Four in Phoenix? Please! as Bill Walton would say.
Przemek Karnowski is the first player to shoot at least 50% from the field in each of his first 11 games si…
I pitch this every year but all March Madness games should be called by Bill Walton via satellite from a recliner in his h…
Maybe Bill Walton was right is the best conference in the county. My apologies Bill.
Kind of want Oregon to win the natty. Kind of don't want Bill Walton to be even more insufferable than he already is. Conflicted.
“Gonzaga plays in a truckstop conference. Mop up Sisters of the Poor. (The Pac 12) is the conference of champions." . Bil…
Bill Walton called a few . Pac12 was on 11pm on ESPN , ESPN 2 Wednesday and Thursday nights as well…
this is true. No doubt in my mind ya'll get Lonzo Ball. Bill Walton loves him. Luke Walton coach. Magic. Stars aligned
I'm sure guys like Larry Bird, Bill Walton, Grant Hill, Penny think he shouldn't manage his health...
for all the fans. Here's a classic Bill Walton chat. everyone!.
I want to be a combination of Bill Walton and Brent Musberger in 50 years
I believe in my heart Bill Walton breaks this jersey out once a year, tucks it neatly in his jeans, and smokes the fatt…
Bill Walton "Arizona and Oregon are better than Gonzaga". Dave Pasch "you know Zaga beat Zona right?". Walton "that was a mean…
Still waiting for Bill Walton to remind us when the Conference of Champions last won a championship.
next time Bill Walton helps "call" a game, you have to take a shot every time he utters the phrase "Conference of Champions"
Take a shot every time Bill Walton refers the Pac-12 to the conference of champions
Fun drinking game .. drink every time Bill Walton says conference of champions.
Bill Walton keeps referring to the PAC-12 as the "Conference of Champions." A PAC-12 team hasn't won a National Title since…
Bill Walton "so ESPN is showing a program on the Ball family? what channel is it on"?
.gifts Bill Walton a shirt at halftime of Oregon vs. Arizona.
Yesterday my friend told me he hates Bill Walton, so now I have one less friend
Bill Walton must be from another planet! One that many, many more people should be from! So spontaneous & enjoyable! Viva Las Vegas
Loved seeing Bill Walton hanging with at a Las Vegas pool...
Bill Walton is Brian Davis with a bottle of Jack and three hits of LSD.
Bill Walton is an electric commentator right now
“Arizona has the backing of Nike. They’ll never be short on players.” — Bill Walton explaining recruiting on live telev…
.everytime I hear Bill Walton, I think of Boris Diaw, Beethoven, and the Age of Romanticism.
New Drinking Game: watch this UCLA/Arizona game and take a shot every time Bill Walton mentions Dr. J, Gary Payton, or David Bonderman
Bill Walton = when you give one of Bill Brasky's buddies his own two-hour sketch.
I think Bill Walton may leave the broadcast in a few minutes to chase down Keri Walsh-Jennings to continue to hit on her LOL
Bill Walton and King Joffrey are both hanging off a cliff and you can only save one. Who do you save?
Bill Walton's hatred for David Pasch is unrivaled 😂 must see TV
... I hope for your sake that Bill Walton doesn't call Arizona games all the time
Bill Walton is an intergalactic treasure. A beam of light in a dark world. He should commentate everything.
Fights between David Pasch and Bill Walton will never get old
Bill Walton is questioning Allonzo's Car accident story...David isn't..pretty crappy of him I think if he doesn't know the truth
Why does Espn have Bill Walton calling these college games. he's like combining Reggie Miller and Chris Webber Together
we all know you're at Wolfgang Puck's doing shots with Bill Walton
I'll say it again, Bill Walton has become Abe Simpson ...
My respect for Dave Pasch has gone up to the moon! Anyone who can put up with Bill Walton for a year get on the diamond lane to heaven!!
Bill Walton just told Dave Piasch that he doesn't believe in science and wants to burn coal. . Walton 2020
Bill Walton arrives with friends just in time to announce the game   10% Off
Wolfgang Puck needs to pay Bill Walton and they needed to pay him yesterday
Bill Walton said shots are on him at Wolfgang Puck
Bill Walton announces he's headed to Wolfgang Puck's at Might be worth dragging myself off the couch for. you coming?
We need someone in Las Vegas to get to Wolfgang Puck's and find Bill Walton taking shots.
I'm, Bill Walton is not good. He's distracting from the game.
Turn on the UCLA-USC game and Bill Walton is talking about doing shots at Wolfgang Puck's.
You want shots I'll see you at Wolfgang Puck's after the game - Bill Walton
I just watch UCLA games to hear Bill Walton commentate. That man is outta there, always wanna argue 😂
I wish Bill Walton could commentate my life
"And no, I haven't spoken to any Russians". Bill Walton is on it tonight per usual.
Bill Walton casually dropping "I love tripping in the desert" on a national broadcast is why he's the best at what he does
Bill Walton is destroying his co-announcer like he was JBL and the other guy was Byron Saxton
“David Bonderman is the Lonzo Ball of the private equity world” is a thing Bill Walton just said.
Each game I do with Bill Walton ages me in dog years. After this week's PAC 12 tournament, I'll be 376.
Bill Walton furiously talking about Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek right now and you can tell he's levitating even though you can't see it.
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Bill Walton explaned the meaning of life to us yetserday: u can never get lost if u dont know were you are.
Bill Walton on Boris Diaw. "he does remind me of the great pianists and the Age of the Romantics"
BREAKING: Bill Walton riding the Ralphie statue outside of Folsom Field.
somewhere in between Oden and Bill Walton...might be closer to Sam Bowie right now.
Bill Walton is the Michael Waltrip of basketball.
Bill Walton and this other guy are ruining the game by talking about nothing the whole time.
Bill Walton justvtook his shirt off during a broadcast
Bill Walton has many bits, you guys.
Bill Walton is trying to connect the Big 12 to his favorite Conference of Champions -- by Bob Bowlsby's Stanford background.
Bill Walton smoked so much weed in 1979 that he wore goggles 24/7 for a whole month because he thought he was actually…
Dave Pasch getting grilled about lakes by Bill Walton when Dave asks “Have you ever been to Lake Mendota?”. Bill: “Where?”
Bill Walton might like Lonzo Ball more than he likes the Grateful Dead.
Watching Cal basketball? TV commentator & former great Bill Walton has on our Haas School shirt with the Defining Principles! Go Bears.
Bill Walton just said that he went to Mt St Helens with the Greatful Dead when it blew up. 😂😂😂
Is that Bill Walton? Because this movie would be so much more awesome with Bill Walton in it. "The shark reminds me…
Bill Walton after a Derrick Williams pull up: "One of the 4 worst possessions in his career in the NBA"
sonofthebronx: Bill Walton on Derrick Williams: "One of the four worst … ESPN NBA Basketbal… ht…
Bill Walton: "Carmelo Anthony can go anywhere he wants to, just as long as it is not one of the teams I like"
We get it, Bill Walton. You're from the 60's. You wear tie-dyed shirts and like the Greatful Dead. Socks with sandals, etc. Please retire.
Bill Walton *** your speed... Grateful for this pai from heavenmentions including David Thompson an…
"Ah the black-throated wind! I must return to the pyramid by the lake." -- Bill Walton's actual sign off tonight
"I'm going back to the Pyramid by the Lake" Bill Walton 😂
Bill Walton calls game producer "Dr. Slave Driver", mic gets cut, Dave Pasch abt to drop his headset and go home 💀. ht…
Bill Walton just made reference to George Karl having Detlef Schrempf guarding Michael Jordan in the 96 Finals instead of
I once heard referred to as the Border Collie of ESPN. He's earning that moniker tonight with *** Vitale and Bill Walton
Bill Walton with a tucked in tie dye shirt. He does not care. I feel like Bill Walton can rival Wilt Chamberlin in numbers.
Tonight Dickie V and Bill Walton will call LeBron's game for the first time since he was in high school. Things have changed…
Bill Walton is so annoying to listen to. I cringe when I see him. I hate hearing about the Greatful Dead instead of the game. 🤐
Unreasonably psyched about hippie Bill Walton and *** Vitale calling the Pacers/Cavs game tonight
Tim Duncan & Bill Walton would be the bigs I'd add to this list. .
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Bill Walton "I love to row the boat, Greatful Dead made a song about that". Pxp guy: Okay bill so Cal is down 6...
Dalen Cuff knows the game and has bright future. But, Bill Walton awaits.
Bill Walton just said Stephen or Westbrook are the best little players in the league. They're not little. Isaiah Thomas is eas…
Bill Walton keeps saying the PAC 12 is the conference of champions they haven't brought a national championship home since 1997
Never thought I could dislike listening to anyone more than Vitale or Jesse Palmer-then Bill Walton happened.
Bill Walton just said that Van Cliburn winning the first Tchaikovsky piano competition in Russia in 1958 was the greatest road victory ever.
Bill Walton citing Van Cliburn winning the tchaikovsky competition in Soviet Russia as the greatest road victory of all time is amazing.
Bill Walton claiming Van Cliburn winning the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow in 1958 as the greatest road win ever
Bill Walton would call this the exclamation point for the Lions!
Luke and Bill Walton through the years!.
What's the deal with Bill Walton? I mean if it's Clinton, why do you want Goggins? Who ARE these people?
Bill Walton is way too lovable for me to dislike forever. (Glad he's not calling Big Ten games). but he's a hoot!
Noah Vonleh with the put back dunk, followed by Bill Walton asking "who is that?"
“Who’s that guy?” — Bill Walton after Noah Vonleh dunks, God Bless him
"who's that guy?" - Bill Walton asking about Noah Vonleh after he dunked. . Also a guy Walton probably met 30 mins ago.
😂😂 Bill Walton does not know who Noah Vonleh or Evan Turner is
Sure when the schedule came out for David Pasch he was glad not working LAL-PDX with Bill Walton, but the Blazers honoring a team w/ him
Terry going full 70s for the 1977 Blazers team that won the finals. I'm now waiting for Bill Walton to say somethin…
"Rodman's become the David Bowie of basketball." - Bill Walton in 1996. Greatest commentator ever.
Dave Pasch/Bill Walton are solid when these games are on ESPN. The Pac-12 Network ***
Honestly, Dave Pasch is only really ever entertaining when he decides he needs to share how much he completely hates Bill Walton
Dave Pasch just insulted Bill Walton on a game Walton isn't even calling. If Bill is found dead in conspicuous fashion, you know who to find
You gotta love Dave Pasch ! This guy is total class ! Bill Walton is a challenge to work with !
Bill Walton calling college basketball is a national treasure. Or an unnatural pleasure. (But hey, shout out to Haystack Rock.)
Bill Walton doused Dave Pasch in popcorn and then uttered the greatest popcorn-related soliloquy ever:.
This might be the year Dave Pasch snaps and kills Bill Walton.
The Dave Pasch-Bill Walton story ends with an on camera fight or make out session and I'm not sure which one would be more fitting.
Why did Dave Pasch mention that in front of Bill Walton? lmao
Bill Walton just dumped popcorn on Dave Pasch
"The sun was out. The rivers are flowing." - Bill Walton, while pouring popcorn on Dave Pasch...this is good tv
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bill Walton and Dave Pasch continuing their argument from last week over whether Nike and other shoe companies influence recruiting
::braces for when Bill Walton asks Dave Pasch if he's "ever seen a duck fight a bear?" in the second half::
Just in, Bill Walton really doesn't like Dave Pasch
No sound of Dave Pasch and Bill Walton on the Cal/Oregon game on ESPN2
5 minutes into the Cal-Oregon game, Bill Walton has already scratched Dave Pasch for the 1st time tonight
Bill Walton just called SID Greg Walker handsome. now happening.
No offense to Doris Burke, but I really wish Dave Pasch was calling this game with Bill Walton. Need to feel like I'm tripping to watch this
Dave Pasch asks Bill Walton if he was there when a meteor left a crater in Arizona. Bill replies: "No, I was on tour with…
ASU/UofA hoops brings out all the big hitters: ESPN's Bill Walton & Dave Pasch w Steve Keim & Michael Bidwill of
can u do a segment of Casey Kasem impersonation w/ JVG on mobile & Bill Walton on mobile callers in ur show?
People love Bill Walton for the same reasons they hate Rex Hudler.
awful announcing just had a post about Bill Walton being good so i had to unfollow
Bill Walton: "how do you know everyone's name?". Marcellus Wiley: "I'm looking at the backs of their jerseys.".
Bill Walton is dressed as Apollo Creed in Rocky IV
Mike Patrick must have enjoyed Bill Walton's griping last night
Bill Walton has to be the dumbest person besides Dorris Burke
My friend, Bill Walton, talking about everything from Maurice Lucas to Lewis & Clark.
why does ESPN let Bill Walton commentate games smh
please make Brock Huard shut up. Bill Walton rambles less.
Bill Walton is the only person that could make my life seem interesting.
Only 2 wars in and Bill Walton has already talked about Matt Jennings, David Fluker, Brian Grant, and Larry Bird.
Not sure what to say...Maui , and all of mankind, wishes Bill Walton would put a shirt on.
Surround yoursen wi people like Bill Walton and Conor Robinson happiest lads in Leeds them always smiling and dancing
At 49, I can say something I never would have said when I was a playe...
"This is the real test, did I give my best effort on every play?"-Bill Walton. We did today Jags
What would it take to get Gus Johnson and Bill Walton to work a game together?
Bill Walton's reaction to Jerry Sloan's resignation is one of the best clips of all time.
it's like Bill Walton is calling this game.
is killing me with these Bill Walton impressions 😂😂Walton and Bilas are both awesome though
I can only imagine the weird stuff Luke Walton heard growing up from his dad, Bill
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God, Bill Walton is losing it. "I love my son Luke Walton and the Lakers". Thanks Bill. Hard-hitting.
Watching this Arizona-Gonzaga game just to hear Bill Walton impression
Man, AZ's uniforms are hideous, did Bill Walton create those in the offseason?
Jay Bilas is like the Flowers for Algernon version of Bill Walton.
.doing an impression of Bill Walton in Maui was just what I wanted this evening
"I love big guys, I love Maui, I love my bike." - Jay Bilas w/ the greatest Bill Walton impression ever 😂😂
Dude calling this game with Bilas just openly mocking Bill Walton. Love it.
Bol just put home an alley-oop off the backboard that'd make Bill Walton proud.
I know I'm a week late but I'm thankful that through Arizona's first 8 games we have not had Bill Walton as a commentator.
Bill Walton literally has no clue where he is at any given moment.
Bill Walton is still a national treasure
When Bill Walton is happy, everyone is happy
Steve Kerr smokes weed, no one cares about Bill Walton's son lol
Mr. Ball and Bill Walton would be a fierce broadcast combo
Big key to UCLA's upset. Bill Walton is jealous.
UCLA need Russ, Love, & get a time machine and get Kareem &Bill Walton from the 1960s if they want to win tomorrow
Bill Walton bringing out his favorite bong and blasting the Dead
Can't believe we lost to a team that hasn't been relevant since Bill Walton played college. So disappointed in todays (lack of) performance
Homer Drew commentating a game is worse than Bill Walton. I think.
Bill Walton must be enthralled watching his young Bruins playing with the heart of champions at Rupp Arena!!
Bill Walton's somewhere smiling rn, lol
Somewhere right now Bill Walton is getting his bong out
the game has been on for 80 seconds and already a timeout? We need Bill Walton to go on air and complain
Okay, but If Bill Walton show up in nothing but an open robe, I'm leaving immediately.
Ray Hudson is like if Bill Walton did a bunch of cocaine and it's the best
Bill Walton, an old Einhorn enemy, is making a comeback with a Trump transition team role
Also, Ray Hudson needs a bigger stage than BeIn. Very much the Bill Walton of soccer.
That Brady Quinn is a real stud. Smart. Handsome. And not bill Walton
Joe Davis & Brady Quinn ???!!! I'd almost rather listen to Bill Walton call this game..."I'm mainstream always have been"
But do NBA coaches get drugged tested? No wonder why Dr. Jack and Bill Walton got along so well ;)
I hope Fox promotes a new sitcom by having Bill Walton and Patty Hearst in the front row
I'll make an exception for only two people: Bill Walton, and Hubie Brown.
Bill Walton for IRS commissioner: Echoes of Joe Kennedy? explains:
Mike Fratello is my favorite color cometary guy not named Bill Walton
Just passed Bill Walton riding his bike down the highway, not very often you see a 7 footer riding a bike 😂
"They were just about to rename the West Maui Mountains the Boucher Mountains. Come on!". - Bill Walton
Bill Walton: "I'm much better at getting high then getting low." He was talking about how he doesn't stand up paddle board anymore
how is your stand up paddle board game asks Bill Walton
I think the only reason anyone watches the Maui Jim invitational is for Bill Walton's commentary. I know that's my reason
Jawun Evans just used his body to seal off a big in transition, justifying Bill Walton's liking of him to Chris Paul earlier.
Bill Walton: "That's the best I've seen him play.". Jon Sciambi: "That's the first you've seen him play.". Walton: "Both true sta…
Bill Walton is undoubtedly the worst sports commentator of all time
Idk who's a worse commentator, Bill Walton or Chris Webber
Watching Maui invitational; what is wrong with Bill Walton? he should be drug tested. worst announcer ever!
Bill Walton is up there with Chris Webber.
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1st we had Bill Walton talking about getting lei'd. Now Chris Berman talking Spanglish. Who says Mondays suck?
I'd rather listen to Chris Webber commentate a game than Bill Walton
Watching the Maui Invitational...and I gotta say Bill Walton is just as annoying if not more annoying than Chris Collinsworth. Impressive 🙄
I hate watching games when the commentator is Bill Walton, Chris Webber or Reggie Miller
Watching this Maui invitational game. Bill Walton makes Chris Webber sound like Marv Albert.
he needs to smoke out with Bill Walton - the sooner, the better.
Bill Walton and Chris Webber are the worse commentators ever
Bill Walton asked Barnes to list some names to look for on his team. In order: Robert Hubbs, Detrick Mostella, Lew Evans, Jordan Bone
Don't worry, Bill Walton got his bike back.
I get where you're coming from regarding Bill Walton v Hawaiian Airlines but what about Bill Simmons v Chris Collinsworth??
Update: Bill Walton got his bike back
Penny Hardaway the best "what if" of all time. Greg Oden is closer to a modern day Bill Walton than the biggest bust ever
its Lakers and Clippers Mychal Thompson and Bill Walton are the Nba players dads
Clippers have Bill Walton and Lakers have Mychal Thompson tho
I take it back, definitely LA Lakers & Clippers. (Mychal Thompson & Bill Walton)
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that offense was literally built for guys like Lew Alcindor and Bill Walton
Lloyd Christmas, Bill Walton and manute Bol are stepping up big time for the buffs.
yeah that's true. People like Yao, Grant Hill, Bill Walton, and Ralph Sampson could have been LEGENDS if it wasn't for injury
Bill Walton would kill to hear Taylor Swift play a glockenspiel.
How do we get to broadcast all TV lakers games...even better with FYI Mychal Thompson equals tanned Bill Walton!
Do you think Jim Buss knows that Luke Walton is related to Bill Walton?
maybe , , and our new boy can work on cheering routines ala Bill Walton '86
that's a good one. I wanna say maybe that Boston team that added Bill Walton is one of em
Len Bias would be on NBA Mount Rushmore if he lived. My father, a bball encyclopedia, called him & Bill Walton the best players he ever saw.
Make sure to check out Bill Walton at Books Inc in Berkeley Monday signing his book 12-3! He'll also join Greg Papa! https:…
Bill Walton went up against a bunch of gamers in Street Fighter
Bill Walton takes on Street Fighter V at E3: 'I love pressure. Put me in, coach'.
We are pleased to announce that Simon Smith and Bill Walton with be the 1st team management for the coming season.
I still have a bad image in my head when Bill Walton said he where's speedos on the beach. Marv says "Yes"!
Also, I never saw him so I cant answer, but Bob Ryan swears up and down that young Bill Walton is the best he ever saw
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Two San Diego icons at the unveiling of the statue of Bill Walton today.
LIVE on Bryce Miller live: Bill Walton statue unveiling in San Diego
Chris Webber getting up there with Bill Walton and Chris Collinsworth as announcers I hate
I also propose that the Lakers hire Bill Walton to be the new color commentator.
Mason Plumlee, point center. Blazers best passing big man since Bill Walton?
Kareem Abdul Jabar & Bill Walton on SBU's campus today, go figure.
I'd go Tom Hammond, Bill Walton and Snapper Jones on the old NBA on NBC. Breen/Van Gundy/Jackson up there too.
The NBA Playoff announcers are all pretty good. Eagle, BBarry, Kevin Harlan. Just need to switch Reggie for Bill Walton and we'd be set.
While some will ask if he's on his way to the Hall of Fame, only 2 players who have won the award actually made it: McHale & Bill Walton.
“I am the human being that I am today because of the Grateful Dead”: Bill Walton shares life lessons from 859 shows
Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and then Bill Walton off the bench. Come on that's 4 HOFers
Yeah I think Bill Russell, Kevin McHale & Bill Walton give an emotional halftime speech for their comeback!
How would Warriors stop a front court of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and Bill Walton? 1986 Celtics remains the best team ever.
DB is one of the best commentators, heads above . Bill Walton
I liked a video Larry Bird and Bill Walton: Basketball Magic (1986 Boston Celtics)
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LeBron James is now envisioning himself and Chris Paul as Stockton and Malone, with Bill Walton coaching...
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the precious Mike Mitchell meets the sticky Bill Walton ⏬
Oregon's 6'7 hoops player who Bill Walton calls Snoop Dogg is now on the football team
Bill Walton is the Gary Busey of the sports world.
Come by the show tomorrow at Root Park in Houston. Guests on set include Ralph Sampson...Kenny Smith...Bill Walton..Doug Got…
Dude has to be mixed up, he must be thinking of Arvydas Sabonis but Bill Walton? No way
Derrick Rose has now joined Brandon Roy and Bill Walton as being the most eligible sufferers of Murphy's Law in the NBA.
Bill Walton says he contemplated suicide after he was injured and fired from ESPN:
Watch: on how he overcame the loneliest points of his life
Please ask Bill Walton if there's an audiobook version. I'd gladly pay double if he's personally reading it.
I assume you are working on get Bill Walton on?
Bill Walton would be another great legend that injuries still their career from them. What if?
another great one would be Bill Walton!
Bill Walton: ESPN firing came at my lowest point
Some great stories you might have missed over the weekend. Sam Anderson on Bill Walton:
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NBA's Bill Walton reveals he contemplated suicide after being fired by ESPN
Walton pondered suicide after 2009 ESPN firing via
Good piece on one of the most interesting personalities in sport!. Bill Walton is unique, and awesome. . When...
I was unaware of Bill Walton's struggles.
Never thought the Buss family would allow the Lakers to ever get this bad. Bring back Luke Walton for head coach.
Boston Celtics Bill Walton tells the story of how he ended up with the Celtics: Bill Walton joined the Celtics...
ESPN firing led to Bill Walton's lowest point
Anyone read Bill Walton's new book yet?
Walton pondered suicide after 2009 ESPN firing
Lakers or Knicks? Bill Walton's trying to convince his son Luke to stay with the Warriors
Available now... NBA Hall of Famer newest book - Back From The Dead:
Blazers legend Bill Walton looks back on his life and career: Book excerpt
Really, really exceptional writing in this piece: Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Tale of N.B.A. Survival
Bill Walton says he contemplated suicide after his 2009 ESPN firing. (
Bill Walton opened up on his 2009 ESPN firing: ‘I was going to kill myself if I had a gun’ | For The Win
A life of dominance, pain, accompanied by the music of the Grateful Dead. Excellent read on NBA legend Bill Walton. https:/…
From earlier: Bill Walton thinks his son, Luke, a potential Knicks coaching candidate, should stay with GSW:
I've never heard a Bill Walton interview where he doesn't make reference to John Wooden, Lew Alcindor, John Lucas & Greatful Dead..
A great read on Bill Walton and more in this week's :
Think of Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley and Bill Walton on same show talking basketball...
Happy birthday to our amazing trainer Bill Walton. We surprised him with cake & courvoisier
[Deseret Morning News] Love him or hate him, Bill Walton's World always entertains on air
Who is the biggest threat to Golden State? "San Antonio: Size, strength, discipline, coaching, leadership and Boris Diaw." -Bill Walton
Bill Walton on why the Spurs are the biggest threat to GSW, "Size, strength, discipline, coaching, Boris Diaw." Wait, what...Boris Diaw? lol
I don't care what no one says but Bill Walton is one of my play-by-play guys during the NBA on NBC era next to Mike Fratello
I'd be perfectly fine if I never heard Doug Gottlieb, Doris Burke, Brent Musburger, or Bill Walton ever call another game
Reggie Miller isn't having as much fun as Bill Walton, but he's as delusional. Makes his own reality
So far Mark Jackson very complimentary of the Warriors on ABC. Van Gundy appears to have taken a hit of w/e Bill Walton gets into pregame
Grayson allen is the best basketball player I have ever seen. Better than MJ, Kobe, Lebron, wilt, Steph, Bill Russell, Bill Walton
Looks like we've got young Bill Walton lining up for SFA too! Really lives up to the Lumberjack mascot
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Jakob Poeltl of Utah he reminds me of two great centers Bill Walton and Mark Eaton.
If we could just somehow get Gus Johnson, Bill Walton, Marv Albert, Jon Gruden and Tom Tolbert to call every sporting event I'd be good
Dave Pasch sounds so much more relaxed without Bill Walton yapping in his ear.
lol ain't no might be...I'm pretty sure folk gone throw Lew Alcindor or Bill Walton name out there but they are before my time
In my world, Mark May crushes everybody.., and why is Bill Walton not a 16 seed, a national treasure!?
Nothing better than having Bill Walton in tie dye calling Ducks Arizona game
Who is more excited? Me working w/or Dave Pasch who doesn't have to work w/ Bill Walton?
Worst ESPN commentators in any sport:. 1. Bill Walton (also kind of the best). 2. Matt Millen. 3. Doris Burke
Meet the Oddest Odd Couple in Sports Broadcasting: Dave Pasch and Bill Walton create the most entertainin...
Dave Pasch taking a shot at Bill Walton... not cool man, not cool
Does anyone really ever understand Bill Walton? I mean, yes he's speaking the English language. But what is he really saying?
my top 10 is a toss-up between George Mikan, Walt Bellamy, Bill Walton and Ewing. he can make top 10 tbh but not higher than 9
Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton to Keynote at Navigate by Continuum...
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