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Bill Sykes

Dr Bill Sykes (born 3 October 1948) became the Nationals Member for Benalla in November 2002 after a career as a veterinarian and businessman.

Oliver Twist Oliver Reed Tom Hardy Burn Gorman Derek Branning

Important note on the bill that came out of tax conference committee. Same name, different contents. Not comprehensive refor…
Sykes: is this a preemption bill to subvert local control?. Thompson: no sir. The state has the right to control on the taxes
Sen. Sykes asks if this bill raises revenue. Says "vote no" on it. Vote could be close.
Bill Marshall and me hiding while backing up legendary Keith Sykes
Is anyone else's news feed full of clairvoyants, or is it just me?
Please let the democrats know bill not perfect but repeals most of horrible tax bill from 5 years ago today.
Confusing review of bill because it's hard to know what is new, what was under previous law before block grants.
The class acts at Sykes's went after the student I testified with agai…
Ana Navarro Charlie Sykes Bill Kristol and other Republicans who've seen the light thank you. The rest of you go straight to ***
.“I Killed Myself to Give the a State,” but They Rejected It.
Forever thinking about how Nancy deserved so much better than Bill Sykes :(
Sykes has raised a point of order that SB 326's CCR is improper as it turns a bill about roofing into a bill about…
Sykes raises point of order on germaneness.Original bill dealt with state roofing projects, new language re: importation of foreign pigs
📷 thaac-on: Tom Hardy on his role as Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist. “When you start to look at his...
If same Even McMullin, he got help from Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, Joel Searby, Rick W…
No, on the tarmac at Lax Lynch told BC they would keep H out of jail, Comey would take… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Great weekend for a visit to see Veteran Bill Sykes, US Army, & do a little yard work for him.Thanks to Eric and Ha…
Trump is a monstrous hybrid of Dickensian grotesques--as mean-spirited as Scrooge, as pompous as Bumble, and as brutish as Bill Sykes.
Notice:The brawl between Bill Sykes and El Divo the Murph behind Christie station has been postponed because some rat narced. No bet refunds
Sen. Sykes says a $2.25 fee on a water bill could be a 7% increase for some people.
forget the rain, plan your summer wedding day at Cain Manor 🤣🤣
The biggest fight may yet come on the House floor
Hey it's Bill Kristol's simpleton son-in-law on breaking what scientists call "The Hewitt/Sykes Limit".
If the underlying bill doesn't pass the state has to come up with $24 million over 2 yrs for security - money that doesn't exi…
Proud to announce I get to channel my inner Oliver Reed & play Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist
The current bill does not include college campuses.
BREAKING:Cost of funding bill now at $186 million in new money in 2017-2018, according to committee will…
Never trust a man who looks like Ollie Reed as Bill Sykes.
As the policeman who shoots Bill Sykes in Oliver. Everyone laughed at the extremely loud…
Watching Oliver Twist (BBC 2007) with Timothy Spall as Fagin and Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes to be better equipped
Its been years since I saw it, but I still can't get over how good Burn Gorman was in the role of Bill Sykes
Tom Hardy's Taboo: Bill Sykes meets Hannibal Lecter, with a dash of Peaky Blinders and a pinch of Game Of Thrones.
as Bill Sykes for Oliver Twist back in 2007. Photo by Mike Hogan. See more
Re-accents I'm getting *** Carter from Eastenders meets Bill Sykes with a twang of John hurt
Is Harry Potter the only series these people have ever read? Why not Ramsey Bolton, or Randall Flagg, or Bill Sykes?
Do we need this? Was Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes not sexy~~ enough??
Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes is my limit for Sexy Oliver Twist
Well... Fagin is the Police Chief, Artful Dodger is the DA, Bill Sykes is the recurring criminal haunting Oliver's past
I didn't know the Oliver and Company villain Bill Sykes was in Songbird's entourage
Oliver Reed was a right ride back in the day, loved him as Bill Sykes 😍
What was the name of Bill Sykes dog in Oliver!?. BULLSEYE
The best book I read in my primary school day's was Oliver Twist. Absolutely no question about that. Even played Bill Sykes in the play.
I mentioned Dickens villain "Bill Sykes" earlier. It is of course "Sikes". I must have been thinking of Eric. I know, nobody cares.
I was thinking more David Niven vs Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes, but yours works. :)
Lee Marvin as Liberty Valance is one of the baddest bad guys ever. 100% heartless bully. Bill Sykes of the wild west
Talking about 'my name...' who are you, John Proctor or Bill Sykes?
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I remember my oscar winning performance as bill sykes it was truly breath taking
Love this drawing of the bully, and murderer of Nancy, Bill Sykes. created by the genius Charles Dickens.
Bill Sykes explains why Nancy just had to die. I suggest you listen politely!
bill callahan, jon lovitz and wanda sykes on the new series Animals by hbo ▰(˘ᴥ˘)▰
His Bill Sykes frightened me to death as a child. Yes, you're right.
Fred & Paddy. Pure joy. More advertising filth, more bets not paid out. Its like Bill Sykes taking over from Fagin
I've just had the oh so tragic realization that now that I've completed highschool, I will be unable to see the mighty…
.It would have been a much better book if he'd just left out Bill Sykes and Drs. Moreau and Jekyll.
Bill Sykes wants you to know the REAL reason he killed Nancy. Better listen. Very politely.
Sen. Crain questioning legislative intent and legal questions in the bill of Sen. Sykes.
Senator Sykes is fielding questions on the bathroom bill, which was sponsored by Sen. Pres Bingman.
The bathroom impeachment bill is sponsored by Sen. Sykes, who killed nearly all Civil Asset Forfeiture reform legislation.
had to write Bill Sykes in my English book today but I ended up writing Oli Sykes
I'd do anything for you dear...would you buy a ticket? Oliver at the Civic in Tallaght - Elder son as Bill Sykes
"Diane Sykes on Trump list for U.S. Supreme Court": Craig Gilbert and Bill Glauber of The Milwaukee Journal…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Charlie Sykes more like Bill Clinton with his women I wouldn't pay to omuch attn to him
Is Charlie Sykes the most bitter and sore loser of all time? I would say yes and even more so than Bill Kristol.
Trump will nominate 2 of those candidates to Supreme Court which should concern Conservatives
I think this government takes most of its cues from Bill Sykes ...
Dog. E.1 John Claridge...he Looks like Bill Sykes`s dog Bullseye.
Finding out that Afrika Bambaataa is a wrongun is a bit like finding out that Margaret Thatcher helped invent Mr.Whippy.
He has named Bill Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes, but also said he will release a longer list with more names
I agree Is Very Simple and Bill Pryor/Diane Sykes SCOTUS or and 2 more Sotomayors
this is going to be so beautiful. Bill Nye, Wanda Sykes, Juice!
Sen. Sykes is presenting HAs to SB 796, a bill pertaining to liens on personal property.
ICYMI: Sen. Ron Johnson joins Charlie Sykes to discuss "Right to Try" bill and media bias around comments.
Donald Trump proposed Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor for the Supreme Court. Did You Want Another Sotomayor?
With special guest John Prescott as Bill Sykes and Diane Abbot as Bullseye.
The Elusive Andrew Sykes: Senator Andrew Sykes has earned a reputation…and it’s not a good one, as Tim Farley ... https…
nothing personal, love your avatar. Bill Sykes is terrifying (but John Goodman in is worse)
Order Miche Bag Online!
Trump said he wouldn't nom his sister. He's said Bill Pryor, Diane Sykes. Why do you lie?
RDR's gets answers as to why shot down Loveless' bill in
RDR's gets answers as to why Sykes shot down Loveless' civil asset forfeiture bill in
Press-shy Sykes opens up about refusal to hear controversial civil asset forfeiture bill: Sen. Loveless claims…
Trump named Bill Pryor & Diana Sykes & someone as close to Scalia as possible.
Have you watched it? He's a brilliant Bill Sykes & there's a moment with Nancy that is dreamy-ignoring the broken neck to come 😂
I may be a bad deviant but Tom as Bill Sykes I like very much. The vulnerability he brings...he's too talented. *swoon emoji"
to Stewart Parvin bride Phillipa who found her dress with the lovely 📷: Bill Sykes Photography
You got a problem with Bill Pryor or Diane Sykes being nominated to SCOTUS? Are they better than Merrick Garland? Think about it
We've cast Bullseye but could u b Bill Sykes?If u think u could portray one of Dickens most vicious characters email info
Meet the 2 people Donald Trump has name-dropped as possible replacements for Justice Scalia
Has not said any of this! He named 2 nominees Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor. Who's yours Ted?
He previously mentioned Bill Pryor (11th Cir.) and Diane Sykes (7th Cir.), but who knows what he'd actually do
In one of the recent debates,Trump mentioned he liked Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes for SCOTUS. However,conservative & MSM ignores.
a while back, yeah, but his campaign said he'd appoint Bill Pryor or Diane Sykes. Both awful, especially the later.
the two potential nominees he identified were Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes
Why does Cruz misrepresent Trump on SCOTUS? Trump has suggested Diane Sykes or a Bill Pryor... both very conservative.
Or even a criminal with a pitbull which calls Bullseye cos the patterns himself after Bill Sykes!
Name & Shame this flea bitten infested scum who gets his 3 kids to steal for him! Who are no older than 7! aka Bill Sykes & Oliver Twist!!
I used to be all about that Bill Sykes menace on "My Name" and that Fagin touch on "Pick a Pocket or Two." People like fun musicals.
Waiting for Trump & Christie to deck out in fascist raiment like Adolf & Benito. Though they remind me more of Fagin & Bill Sykes.
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Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes wouldn't be better than Hillary's nominees? Put up or shut up. You're spewing nonsense.
Yup. Also had Burn Gorman as Bill Sykes and Julian Bleach as the undertaker.
Ask Trump today who Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor are and he won't be able to tell you.
You don't like federal judges Diane Sykes or Bill Pryor? Those are two names Trump floated for SCOTUS.
- problem is, your mortgage is freely sellable. You contract with Tiggywinky Building Soc and end up with Bill Sykes Bank
Early photo of Jacobs Island, where Dickens set the stage for the demise of Bill Sykes in the masterpiece Oliver T https:…
He looks like a cross between Bill Sykes and Steptoe
Tonight's entertainment provided by Bill Sykes and Mike Downes from Almost Cool Band. Come be a part of The Harp!
He named a couple of possibilities last month: Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes.
Bill Sykes + Gradgrind with a jigger of Jaggers, please?
I hope my MP will be at the 'Reinstate the NHS' bill reading today and votes to do the same.
His two names are Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor. HARD right. They make Scalia look restrained
They call me MISTER Brownlow. And me boy here be Bill Sykes
I'd expect he'll probably mention Bill Clinton multiple times. Re Sykes on Bradley.
Trump says he would put Bill Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes on the SC and was kidding about putting his sister.
Sykes asked if the words "Public Entity" is ever defined in the bill and if it could be applied to the EPA
Joseph Blacksell as Bill Sykes in School21's version of Oliver - superb!
he is. the only one who was asked a Q. about it in the debate. He gave 2. names. Bill Pryor & Diane Sykes..
Trump mentioned Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes in a debate. We know Hillary wouldn't do that. I'm conflicted on this issued too.
Special funding for highways and children’s programs is even more at risk with Gov's latest budget proposal.
. So you have idealogical issues with Diane Sykes and Bill Pryor as SCOTUS nominees? I'm defending them not Trump.
.I dislike Trump immensely, but he has said he'd nominate Diane Sykes & Bill Pryor. Excellent choices if you ask me
. Wrong, Ben. I'm not a Trump Fan, but have to say the two he's alread talked about are pretty good. Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes.
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Official title of the bill: The I Have An Opponent Act.
Let's all make healthy eating our new habit! SYKESers can enjoy 10% OFF on their total bill at SPROUT, the newest...
Watching the BBC's take on Oliver Twist. A cast full of great performances with the always terrific Tom Hardy as a terrifying Bill Sykes.
He was. Remember Mum taking me to see Oliver when very small. Jack Wild was my hero. Oliver Reed's Bill Sykes bloody scary tho!
Rather getting into the thing. Tom, who is curled up beside me, reckons that Bill Sykes did it. Of course!
Tom Hardy made for a terrifying Bill Sykes & Sophie Okonedo played an utterly heartbreaking Nancy.. I love this version of Oliver.
she's in Oliver innit? She gets beaten to death by Bill Sykes
Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes is absolutely terrifying
Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist, you know you enjoy a wee bit of Dickens at Xmas! Come along, Dec 10th- Jan 3rd.
. Wait til Bill Sykes gets his hands on her!
'Dickensian' starting at Christmas - backstories for Miss Havisham, Bill Sykes, Mrs Gamp:
.heads to where he'll be playing Bill Sykes in
Paul Ryan to Sykes: Obama gets bill from Congress this week requiring him to submit strategy to defeat
That one came from Bill Sykes, the IME DS. Email and I'll connect you! adam @ cycle-smart dot com.
"Cara, Fallout 4 is a really great game. Like, I think Bill Sykes was so angry because he wasn't playing fallout 4."
It's like watching Bill Sykes' bulldog, BullsEye, turning and attacking his master :)
it was horrible, like him when he played Bill Sykes. Thought he was great in Gladiator. Know some of it was a CGI him.
Good to see not all promoters are prepared to play Uriah Heep to Entine's Bill Sykes, at least on occasion.
*starts 'Bill Bottke is the new Mark Sykes' meme*
Wonder if Ronaldo was in charge of guest list for world premiere, with Melanie Sykes + Bill Oddie joining Mourinho + Sir Alex on red carpet
CAPA's Oliver opens this Thursday!! Scary Bill Sykes will see you there!!
Early illustration of Jacob's Island, chosen by Dickens for the fate of Bill Sykes in the masterpiece Oliver Twist. http…
when Kanye see the credit card bill after all of North's in-app purchases
Edwards on Parallels between Marx on machinery and Bill Sykes
Ross barkley reminds me of bill sykes dog in Oliver
don't know. Ppl would be missing Bill Sykes (retired Nat state mp). He was old-fashioned pollie who listened in non-partisan way
don't know. I'm sure people miss Bill Sykes (Nat, state). He was an old-fashioned polly who listened in non-partisan way
Activist hopes to make cold case act named after Emmett Till permanent part of Justice Department. An amazing man:
A great *** raiser by all accounts, so memorable as Bill Sykes in Oliver! which also won Best Picture.
Bill Gates didn't really make these rules for life, but they're still great (and from Charles J. Sykes)!
Full on debate here re captain of team on he Bill Sykes or Starburns without his top hat?
Yorkers team captain looks like Bill Sykes.
Bill Sykes can access the DB from the UI.
I've been harassed for a year about a line I canceled in2014. everytime I call I am assured it's taken care of, the…
.I tried &had at least 10 representatives tell me this is resolved and then a month later I get an…
I swear the villain that used to scare me when I was little and still does is bill sykes from the musical oliver
I love having my own wifi hotspot, I have so much fun coming up with extremely geeky wifi names :D current: Bill Wi the science Fi
Had to bill it wen i heard dis one ere 🔥🔥🔥 Movements, Lil Sykes & Antz - Twiss up [Music Video]
Superb drawing of the bully Bill Sykes as one would imagine him to look like, with poor old bulls eye quivering.
I have to say HUGE hat off to the cast of fantastic performance. Mr Sowerberey and Bill Sykes. Outstanding work!
He just makes a wonderful case for this bill while opposing it. . [Those proposed changes left Whetsel and Edwards...
Bill Bannon, Paloma Nozicka and myself having fun at Sykes Media. .
Really looking forward to seeing as Bill Sykes in tonight!
I wanna work and be independent. I wanna pay my own phone bill and buy things with my own money. I really need to find a job.
Look in the mirror . Face like Bill Sykes on a bad day in a bad mood with a bad haircut painted by Picasso!
LVH is so predictable he ain't no artful dodger more a comical Bill Sykes with Ed as Oliver Twit.
ha! Love it. The thought of Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes and his dog, Bullseye still leave me petrified.
I now have ' you've gotta pick a pocket or 2' and old Bill Sykes as an earworm.
that when police officer raised pistol to shoot Bill Sykes, a despairing member of the audience yelled "shoot the bloody kid!"
Oliver was so annoying I kinda hoped he’d die when they went on that rob with Bill Sykes the 1st time
I think my telly just flicked over to Oliver don't remember bill Sykes singing
Loved Oliver! at the Poor Nancy. I know she's a prostitute & drinks too much gin but there's no need for Bill Sykes to do that!
My plasticine Bill Sykes at my nephews bday party with a little bit if…
mmm. And they are still looking to cast the role of Bill Sykes dog.
Cast Emma Kinston as Nancy, Adam Pearce as Bill Sykes, and Adam Linstead as Fagin, PLEASE let this be a cast for a revival
Wait Ted Cruz also played Bill Sykes in Oliver when he was in high school everything makes so much sense
Good luck to Leigh Symonds who opens as Bill Sykes in Oliver, the open air production tonight
If CEO David Bennett is a modern 'Fagan' who rewards criminal activity by staff, then Simon Clark must be 'Bill Sykes' ?
Okay, so is awesome as Bill Sykes in the 2007 BBC drama series of Oliver Twist.
I never implied he wasn't. Anyway, imagine Australia as a former prison colony full of Bill Sykes from Oliver! THEY SQUAWK...
I have always fancied the late Oliver Reed, especially as Bill Sykes
Probably... there with Bill Sykes and the cast of Oliver Twist. ;-)
true story: my characterization of Bill Sykes in the 2011 school show was inspired by Phil Mitchell combined with Ray …
Yeah got boxnation mate. 4 cracking 50/50's on that bill. Walsh sykes, eubank saunders, gavin skeete all good fights
I don't like you Bill Sykes. This awful! :.(
Fact: Bill Sykes does not have a heart of gold
I bet Bill Sykes would have a sweet man bun in another century! ;)
Bill Sykes made me shake. Nancy was decades before her time. She is a warrior.
Nancy you can do better than Bill Sykes! You are beautiful. You are kind to children.
Bill Sykes SCARES me. As a women we need to stand up to the Bill Sykes' and stand next to the Nancys' of our generation.
Bill Sykes even makes the audience nervous!
Pharrell's hat is old news. Be on the look out for the top hat of the menacing Bill Sykes.
I think even Fagin is afraid of Bill Sykes! What a presence!
Meet our Bullseye! A local English Bull Terrier joining us as Bill Sykes' dog in Oliver Nov 6-9th http:…
Loving but Sean Pertwee as Alfred is AWFUL casting. More Bill Sykes than Alfred.
Actually, it was my parents choice (except for yearbook, student government & playing Bill Sykes in "Oliver!" - that was me).
Dane Belknap and KFC 1st and 3rd at Plymouth yesterday along with a strong ride by Barry D. Thanks to Bill Sykes...
no, i haven't. been meaning to. like TH a lot - was a chilling Bill Sykes - great screen presence. will look it out.
Desperate calls call for desperate measures RT: "When you need money to pay your phone bill.. 😂😂
6year old's comment: 'what a stupid thing to do: falling in love with a man like him' (Bill Sykes)
I think Bill Sykes was younger than Nancy which made their dynamic make NO SENSE
marry John Thornton, date Darcy and ditch Bill Sykes (although I do think he'd be sexy...)
Watching Oliver! again - still get the chills as Oliver Reed first walks into view as the quintessential & best ever Bill Sykes :)
Uncle to Oliver Reed, whom he casted as Bill Sykes.
I remember the days when Medel was Bill Sykes’ dog
At 10am tomorrow (Thursday) the local member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, and the local member for Benambra, Bill Tilley, will be visiting Mount Beauty to discuss the future of facilities in the area. Interested residents are invited to come along, hear what they have to say and enjoy a community morning tea. It will be held at the Mount Beauty Library in Lakeside Avenue. Please share this post with anyone you think might be interested in coming along.
Dear friends, I need your help now, more than ever, to win the seat of Euroa at this year's state election. As you may have seen, in the past 12 hours the Liberals have made the decision to run. The Nationals currently represent the majority of communities and voters in the electorate of Euroa and - through the hard work of Bill Sykes, Paul Weller and Jeanette Powell - have been a strong voice for these communities. I am standing for The Nationals because we are the only party in State Parliament that solely represents the interests of rural and regional Victoria. I'll be standing up for local communities in Euroa and doing everything that I can to make sure the electorate retains a strong voice in State Parliament. But I can’t do it alone – I’m asking you to show your support for my campaign by visiting my website: where you can register to volunteer, suggest an event that I can attend, make a donation or just share my page to show your support. Thanks so much, Steph
When everybody was talking bout oli sykes, I used to think bill sykes had a son and named him after Oliver Twist or somethin.
child protection system has been taken over by paedophile gangsters, Fagin and Bill Sykes are aliv and kicking!
Don't you be a Fagin or a Bill Sykes!
i like Oliver Twist where he played bill sykes the funniest part when he fell rolled over backwards in the lake lol XD
Stars make Croswell’s ‘Oliver!’ enjoyable: Bryan Dryer did the same thing by taking on the role of Bill Sykes ...
In case you missed it, talked to about all things D.C. 
Stunning day and I'm where I'll be playing the malevolent Bill Sykes. Have a murderous day in the sunshine!
Bill Nye just posted this to Instagram. It's him in 9th grade science class, captioned
Melvin Burgess reads Bill Sykes as a survivor of abuse, becoming an abuser - a theme Melvin's work has explored.
Highview College and Brighton Grammar had a great chat with the Parl Sec for Primary Industries, Bill Sykes
FIFA & the EU bent as Bill Sykes the pair of them! forever!
best bill I've seen for a long time, Sykes-Walsh will be a war I reckon. Shame if Mathews-Flanagan doesnt happen though
Anyone who went Parklife should check their videos and photos to see if you can spot this person. People don't...
I love that my old boss at work thinks I modeled Z after him. Um….not quite…maybe Bill Sykes? ;)
BREAKING: Senate approves bill to make it easier for veterans to get health care from non-VA doctors
POST OFFICE SELL OFF .This so called government are nothing but spivs and faginlike thieves (although fagin might sue me for the comparison)how in the name of f*** could the public waste their money for something they already own! Cameron and Osborne ?Fagin and Bill Sykes in disguise (not to mention Mince Vince Cable.
Media release 11 March 2014 Skills crisis looms as Victorian Government confirms drastic funding cuts for outdoor training programs The outdoor recreation and education community has strongly criticised the Victorian Government’s decision not to restore funding for genuine Vocational Education Training (VET) courses in outdoor recreation, warning that an imminent skills crisis is threatening the $250 million outdoors sector and the Victorian regional economies that depend on it. In November 2013, the Napthine government cut funding per student in the Outdoor Recreation training package by 84%. This was a response to the practice of some providers of non-outdoor programs of including outdoor recreation components to access the higher funding rate available. Unfortunately, the cuts also affected legitimate outdoors training providers, who were meeting public and private sector need for 200-300 highly skilled graduates per year. Within days of the announcement, MP’s Cindy McLeish and Bill Sykes, within w ...
Jacob's Island in the Neckinger - infamous. Is where Dickens' Bill Sykes fell to his death... Many cholera outbreaks in mid-C19th...
Hamilton Collection
Upstairs at the brewdog in town having a birthday drink get down. Kowabunga
Think I knew the fella who wore that - Bill Sykes he was called . : O
I love that I get to play Bill Sykes. He's just pure evil and I love that.
is there anyone at your court who resemble Bill Sykes and bullseye
Tim McCurdy and Bill Sykes both disappointed at what the electoral boundaries shake-up means for regional Victoria.
Katie thought that oli sykes was called bill sykes
See 2nd last para quote from Bill Sykes Troubled by BMO? Make submission to Minister for Police & Emergency Services
Nationals Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, says he'll work with the electoral boundary shakeup which divides his seat into three
Electoral Boundaries Commission to release final changes today - will Paul Weller/Bill Sykes be MPs without a seat at the next election?
So proud of my brother after tonights performance but seriously that bill Sykes stole the show
Lool why is fearne wearing a top hat asif she's Bill Sykes?
Listening to the Oliver soundtrack on my travels to get over my weird love for Bill Sykes
yay! Thank goodness for our Poster Board Team - they usually get rained on. Even Bill Sykes was helping I believe!
Bill Sykes hitting a real low in supporting Shaw
Still I think they could have casted you to be Bill Sykes as well as me, that's one reason why I don't like double casting
I remember I was bill Sykes in Oliver Twist
niamh Cullen got Oliver, Donna got dodger, Nicole supple got bill Sykes, niamh o Connor got fagin Emma Reid got Nancy and sarah
Decision looms on electoral boundary changes: The Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, says the future of his seat ...
Listening to Bill Sykes talking about his book on for show
Bill Sykes costume nearly sorted . Just trousers and boots to get!
Found myself explaining the abusive and controlling relationship between Bill Sykes and Nancy to 9yo DD this morning.
Great day at pollie shoot for Russell Northe Bill Sykes http:/…
How dark a guy is Bill Sykes, a burgular, murderer and wife beater.
Make sure you listen to The Bluntskins album. Check it out now for free, if your feeling the music we make please...
so sad when bill Sykes dies on Oliver and bullseye starts crying
The guys who played Dodger and Bill Sykes are now dead but the actor who played Fagin is still alive...wat
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Burn Gorman as Bill Sykes is more than I can handle.
Are you off to today? Come & try our Hickman’s Folly cocktail - named after the passage where Bill Sykes met his muddy end!
America clearly of the opinion that Bill Sykes and Nancy was a special relationship. :-/
Tomorrow! Wings over Wine Country: feat. Bill Sykes, Jamie Reaser and their winged friends.
Do you know your Bill Sykes from your Napoleons? Take this quiz testing your knowledge of famous literary villains:
NEW BLUNTSKINS VIDEO. Will Bill Sykes Gatley on the visuals, who said stoners are lazy?...
Or you could be the next Bill Sykes?
Another boy didn't go to school but was schooled through internet classes he spoke like johnny five and made me look like bill sykes
I'm thinking that if there is an audition for Oliver! Then I'm going for Bill Sykes all the way, as I've had everyone say I look like him..
you look like Bill Sykes in that pic from your Oliver Twist role!
Who names a range of headgear after Bill Sykes? Do they not know the character at all?
Bill Sykes is the scariest villain ever I hate him so much
Derek Branning is Bill Sykes in this version and It's funny because he's always the bad guy
Derek Branning is Bill Sykes in this version of Olivia Twist on Tv. I can't take him seriously 😂🎩
Michel Vick likes dogs but he liked to see them fighting what about Bill Sykes too? :)
😡no cheating on Fagin I'll go Bill Sykes on your ***
Take a tip from Bill Sykes, he can whip what he likes. I recall he started small, he had to pick a pocket or two.
Be Brutally honest and I mean brutal . What's wrong with the men of today ?
LP review in courtesy of the man Baldy O'Hare -
If you dont know about The Bluntskins, check out this video. Enjoy :)
My name is Rod. I'm the stuntman, and *I* like to party.
looking more and more like Bill Sykes every day. Just with a new jacket.
Note to self-NEVER let my daughter mow without adult or jarrets supervision!! She put gas where the oil goes!!!
Overheard whilst helping with school play: " is Bill Sykes old?""Yeah, really old. Like 30, 35". Oh.
Would anyone want to team with me and Syke for the Boone County, IL trial next weekend?
In about 30 minutes Tim Duncan will have as many rings as Kobe, is he better?
is you love weed, Watch this if you smoke :) RT
Watch this if you smoke. The Bluntskins - Roll Up RT
LOL hes Bill Sykes fmlll I made him sing for mee goshh, ill see you there thenn:D
Ok all u tattooed people. where is the LEAST painful place to get a tattoo?
Bill Sykes made an eloquent point to Nancy in that scene from 'Oliver!' that I still can't watch.
I want to own a dog, an English Bully like Bill Sykes, been staying near that there London too long now, need to go back to
. Brand new from The' fresh hip hop outta Mcr !.
stick this on your mix. It's got your mates on it and that...
Breast Cancer Awareness
you said it to me yesterday when I was trying to act bill Sykes !
Oh Hi Steven Hartley, saw you as Bill Sykes. Always the bad guy eh? Ha.
Nils Lofgren pirouette solo with Bill Sykes hat.
We are on air now at Kaaga Girls high school, ni warembo na wa funny mbaya sana, keep it locked, ma comments zifuate hapa!
Thoughts on Fatherhood So, we come to another “Father’s Day”. That day when men all over the county brave the onslaught of yet another ugly tie, or a hand pressed, hand shaped ashtray that will be used for a spare change collector or a cuff link tray since you give up smoking years ago. You did give up smoking, didn’t you? Well, speaking as a ‘non-human Dad’, let me express something about Fatherhood, which in no way should be considered a substitute for Dad’s all over the country, who tuck their wonderful children in bed each night with a sense of wonder, delight and worry, that all will be well for their children and the missteps of their own youth will sidestep their own. My wife and I have been married for twenty eight years and counting. When we met, at Buffalo State College in the early eighties and fell in love, parenthood was the furthest thing from our minds. As the relationship matured, it became obvious to the both of us that parenthood was not in our future. This suited me ...
You need to realise that The Bluntskins are about to drop some ridiculousness. , and have…
Fishing or bball later? Wish I had the day off so I have enough time to do both
We gotta ctfu wen I get down there Ace Boogie
Got bad tooth ache help! Got no pain killers and I just wanna get it pulled out
Also, confirm your deny: you are descended from Bill Sykes, the villain in Oliver Twist.
i told him to stop... he just looked me in the eyes and chanted 'you'll be next' in his Bill sykes voice!
I even begged Zara to make loafers in my size, computer sent me link to some shoe Oliver Twist used to polish for Bill Sykes
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