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Bill Sykes

Dr Bill Sykes (born 3 October 1948) became the Nationals Member for Benalla in November 2002 after a career as a veterinarian and businessman.

Oliver Twist Oliver Reed Tom Hardy Derek Branning Les Mis Danny Dyer Burn Gorman

Upstairs at the brewdog in town having a birthday drink get down. Kowabunga
Think I knew the fella who wore that - Bill Sykes he was called . : O
I love that I get to play Bill Sykes. He's just pure evil and I love that.
is there anyone at your court who resemble Bill Sykes and bullseye
Tim McCurdy and Bill Sykes both disappointed at what the electoral boundaries shake-up means for regional Victoria.
Katie thought that oli sykes was called bill sykes
See 2nd last para quote from Bill Sykes Troubled by BMO? Make submission to Minister for Police & Emergency Services
Nationals Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, says he'll work with the electoral boundary shakeup which divides his seat into three
Electoral Boundaries Commission to release final changes today - will Paul Weller/Bill Sykes be MPs without a seat at the next election?
So proud of my brother after tonights performance but seriously that bill Sykes stole the show
Lool why is fearne wearing a top hat asif she's Bill Sykes?
Listening to the Oliver soundtrack on my travels to get over my weird love for Bill Sykes
yay! Thank goodness for our Poster Board Team - they usually get rained on. Even Bill Sykes was helping I believe!
Bill Sykes hitting a real low in supporting Shaw
Still I think they could have casted you to be Bill Sykes as well as me, that's one reason why I don't like double casting
I remember I was bill Sykes in Oliver Twist
niamh Cullen got Oliver, Donna got dodger, Nicole supple got bill Sykes, niamh o Connor got fagin Emma Reid got Nancy and sarah
Decision looms on electoral boundary changes: The Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes, says the future of his seat ...
Listening to Bill Sykes talking about his book on for show
Bill Sykes costume nearly sorted . Just trousers and boots to get!
Found myself explaining the abusive and controlling relationship between Bill Sykes and Nancy to 9yo DD this morning.
Great day at pollie shoot for Russell Northe Bill Sykes http:/…
How dark a guy is Bill Sykes, a burgular, murderer and wife beater.
Make sure you listen to The Bluntskins album. Check it out now for free, if your feeling the music we make please...
so sad when bill Sykes dies on Oliver and bullseye starts crying
The guys who played Dodger and Bill Sykes are now dead but the actor who played Fagin is still alive...wat
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Burn Gorman as Bill Sykes is more than I can handle.
Are you off to today? Come & try our Hickman’s Folly cocktail - named after the passage where Bill Sykes met his muddy end!
America clearly of the opinion that Bill Sykes and Nancy was a special relationship. :-/
Tomorrow! Wings over Wine Country: feat. Bill Sykes, Jamie Reaser and their winged friends.
Do you know your Bill Sykes from your Napoleons? Take this quiz testing your knowledge of famous literary villains:
NEW BLUNTSKINS VIDEO. Will Bill Sykes Gatley on the visuals, who said stoners are lazy?...
Or you could be the next Bill Sykes?
Another boy didn't go to school but was schooled through internet classes he spoke like johnny five and made me look like bill sykes
I'm thinking that if there is an audition for Oliver! Then I'm going for Bill Sykes all the way, as I've had everyone say I look like him..
you look like Bill Sykes in that pic from your Oliver Twist role!
Who names a range of headgear after Bill Sykes? Do they not know the character at all?
Bill Sykes is the scariest villain ever I hate him so much
Derek Branning is Bill Sykes in this version and It's funny because he's always the bad guy
Derek Branning is Bill Sykes in this version of Olivia Twist on Tv. I can't take him seriously 😂🎩
Michel Vick likes dogs but he liked to see them fighting what about Bill Sykes too? :)
😡no cheating on Fagin I'll go Bill Sykes on your ***
Take a tip from Bill Sykes, he can whip what he likes. I recall he started small, he had to pick a pocket or two.
Be Brutally honest and I mean brutal . What's wrong with the men of today ?
LP review in courtesy of the man Baldy O'Hare -
If you dont know about The Bluntskins, check out this video. Enjoy :)
My name is Rod. I'm the stuntman, and *I* like to party.
looking more and more like Bill Sykes every day. Just with a new jacket.
Note to self-NEVER let my daughter mow without adult or jarrets supervision!! She put gas where the oil goes!!!
Overheard whilst helping with school play: " is Bill Sykes old?""Yeah, really old. Like 30, 35". Oh.
Would anyone want to team with me and Syke for the Boone County, IL trial next weekend?
In about 30 minutes Tim Duncan will have as many rings as Kobe, is he better?
is you love weed, Watch this if you smoke :) RT
Watch this if you smoke. The Bluntskins - Roll Up RT
LOL hes Bill Sykes fmlll I made him sing for mee goshh, ill see you there thenn:D
Ok all u tattooed people. where is the LEAST painful place to get a tattoo?
Bill Sykes made an eloquent point to Nancy in that scene from 'Oliver!' that I still can't watch.
I want to own a dog, an English Bully like Bill Sykes, been staying near that there London too long now, need to go back to
. Brand new from The' fresh hip hop outta Mcr !.
stick this on your mix. It's got your mates on it and that...
you said it to me yesterday when I was trying to act bill Sykes !
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Oh Hi Steven Hartley, saw you as Bill Sykes. Always the bad guy eh? Ha.
Nils Lofgren pirouette solo with Bill Sykes hat.
We are on air now at Kaaga Girls high school, ni warembo na wa funny mbaya sana, keep it locked, ma comments zifuate hapa!
Thoughts on Fatherhood So, we come to another “Father’s Day”. That day when men all over the county brave the onslaught of yet another ugly tie, or a hand pressed, hand shaped ashtray that will be used for a spare change collector or a cuff link tray since you give up smoking years ago. You did give up smoking, didn’t you? Well, speaking as a ‘non-human Dad’, let me express something about Fatherhood, which in no way should be considered a substitute for Dad’s all over the country, who tuck their wonderful children in bed each night with a sense of wonder, delight and worry, that all will be well for their children and the missteps of their own youth will sidestep their own. My wife and I have been married for twenty eight years and counting. When we met, at Buffalo State College in the early eighties and fell in love, parenthood was the furthest thing from our minds. As the relationship matured, it became obvious to the both of us that parenthood was not in our future. This suited me ...
You need to realise that The Bluntskins are about to drop some ridiculousness. , and have…
Fishing or bball later? Wish I had the day off so I have enough time to do both
We gotta ctfu wen I get down there Ace Boogie
Got bad tooth ache help! Got no pain killers and I just wanna get it pulled out
Also, confirm your deny: you are descended from Bill Sykes, the villain in Oliver Twist.
i told him to stop... he just looked me in the eyes and chanted 'you'll be next' in his Bill sykes voice!
I even begged Zara to make loafers in my size, computer sent me link to some shoe Oliver Twist used to polish for Bill Sykes
Geez! Just been asked to let someone go. Answer. Not until I get Gavroche back from Bill Sykes
It appears that was kidnapped by Bill Sykes a few hours ago and was taken to London.
A few hours ago by Bill Sykes, taken me to London!
Oh Bill, I know you're into the classics, but please give Mr. Sykes, Quinn and Fuentes a break
proper bill sykes from Oliver side boards!
Gary Sykes fans have been snapping up tickets to see him defend his title on the bill
Just gettin off the 43 at the airport found a bag of weed on the bus, had to leave it there. Felt slightly hurt...
"we was on about this yesterday init!" Memories mate
If you text RED CROSS to 90999 it donates $10 to the emergency response fund for the explosion in West. (Added to your phone bill)
Dear Chris, please excuse Gavin as he's just finished playing Bill Sykes in Oliver! Bo! Yours, Doc Roddy
William Shakespeare went into hiding after an affair with Bill Sykes dog, Bullseye.
Roof tops of Grosvenor Place Bath You can run from one end to the other like Bill Sykes at the end of Oliver Twist
I decided that seeing as there was a high chance of better singers going for it, that I would do it in my Bill Sykes voice
It was built for a Dickens Xmas Faire (it's Bill Sykes) about 20 yrs ago (it's an old pic). There are also great shots of
Bill Sykes, is literally the best character in Oliver. By far.
"My name is Bill Sykes!" *Bangs stick* * jumps, and throws his phone across the aud* *Me and erupt in stitches*
the lass that plays Nancy is amazing ! But Bill Sykes looked like Oliver could have gave him a hiding !
I've decided even if I don't get the Bill Sykes role, I'm still gonna grow the sideburns
Bill Sykes's song from Oliver is sexy.
Writing about my obsession with the killing of Nancy by Bill Sykes on the ABBA website today,
Am thinking of auditioning for Bill Sykes in local amateur production of Oliver. Do you have any advice?
Was Bill Sykes an abused child? by Miriam Halahmy: I am often absorbed by obsessions.  I believe that our ob...
An Awfully Big Blog Adventure: Was Bill Sykes an abused child? by Miriam Halahm...
12 days until defends his English title on the bill - latest from Friday's Reporter
Can I be Nancy to your Bill Sykes? I'd make a very convincing nancy...
Very proud of my wee bro a great performance as Bill Sykes last night in 'Oliver' for
State&Council funding announcement today for Murchison Heritage Centre. Bill Sykes MP with Committee & Council reps. the original movie, he was kidnapped by Bill Sykes and Nancy used the song to help him get away
If you ever challenge Bill Sykes to fistacuffs...better watch your back before James the *** Hatin dolphin n Mandroid toe tag you
When u were younger,did u ever pretend ur name was bill so ppl could recoil in horror when u say my name's bill... sykes..?
Well the possibility should be explored. That is if that *** Bill Sykes dont get involved bc hes probably the one who ...
I forgot how good Tom Hardy is as Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist! I must lend my friend Rachel this, (cont)
Nancy is on her way to see her Bill Sykes
Gone and gave myself some pure sidey's, proper bill sykes style
Am I the only one who thinks Bill Sykes was Jack the Ripper? Only one problem: Bill Sykes wasn't real :/
If I'm late meeting Ron Moody for today's interview do you think he'll send Bill Sykes to find me?
On the bright side of him leaving: No more fights. More food in the house. Less expensive light bill. More money towards us.
Last night was great - love the space and there was some brilliant talent - Bill Sykes and Just A Normal Bloke
Look on the bright side - I have the prefect voice for Bill Sykes at the mo. 'I LIVES WITH YA DUN I?'
Saw 'Oliver' the other day. Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes still scares the *** out of me!!!
Jonathan Hansler as Bill Sykes, what a champ! Dealt with the ringing phone calm!!
Bill Sykes...THANKYOU! Giving us something different love the confidence and spontaneity! Xx
Oh. And second all how did Will find out I kissed ? Did you tell him or did Sykes? Cos Will told me all about Bill!
Absurdly impressive writing from a 10yr old. Nearly 2000 views & we understand why! Based on Bill Sykes:
Maggie Thatcher did her dmt in today.
yeah me too. My phone is the most expensive bill I have
yes I can remember how many awards you won for your very threatening performance as bill Sykes
Gavroche, tell me you have nothing to do with Bill Sykes. Please
I'm back London.and Paris...not even the Devil could best Bill Sykes!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
And who was always laughing at me and trying to steal from me? would never dare go to Bill Sykes.
easy bro, hows it going, hope all is good. just did a new video RT
hey bro, just hooked up a new video for Gone, check it out RT
he just has that face. Like if he played Oliver everyone would root for Bill Sykes.
Bill Grundy's Sex Pistols encounter goes Amish courtesy of Kevin Eldon: Beautifully done!
Watching Oliver and Bill Sykes just killed Nancy 😭 She was so lovely!
Bill Sykes is my drug..Thank you Oscar Wilde
Jesse Sykes added to bill for Mount Moriah @ Entry 6/23
bit to show you the bandage on my leg* Madame Joly fixed me up. Some guy Bill Sykes was after Gavroche. So he came after-
The dog in the apartment below me purrs not barks plus it's a Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist type dog
Yeah the leader of the packs name is Fagan and the main dog is Dodger and the bad man is Bill Sykes and the cat is Oliver!!
Soon the bbc will interview Bill Sykes and Dodger. "Cor blimey yeah we lav watching the Toffs row ap an dan the warta we does!"
Bill Sykes here inviting you 2 a night of plenty of Oom Pah Pah. U'll be pleading for more. They're the worst
It's disturbing how much Bill Sykes looks like John Winchester...
Hehehe got to dress up as Bill Sykes and play on the stage for a bit, best saturday ever.
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I enjoy that Bill Sykes later moves to Africa and trains Gladiators for Ridley Scott.
- Bill Sykes : *** you all! do your worst, i'll cheat you yet.'
Derek Branning is directly descended from Bill Sykes. Explains a lot.
Bill Sykes has to be one of the most despicable film characters ever.
Bill Sykes is a little women beater
Jamie Foreman playing Bill Sykes, I initially thought it was Danny Dyer. The exaggerated accent did it I think.
I'm watching Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist on More 4. Shortly Bill Sykes is going to meet his end in the gloopy mouth of the Neckinger.
Not kidding, Ollie as Bill Sykes is my all-time fave man crush
Wee bit of Oliver Twist, i LOVE this musical could act a part in it. Bill sykes is my type of man, yum!
Bill Sykes aka the person who gave me nightmares as a child
Where did I get the idea that Bill Sykes was the Dodger's dad? I've believed that for years but watching it now I don't know why
Bill Sykes is my least favourite person in the whole entire world
Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes is the original Cain Dingle
Oliver Reed is so fit as Bill Sykes
Watching Oliver Twist, bill sykes scares me:(((
Bill Sykes is the definition of a horrible man!
I named my son after Oliver Reed - class actor - Bill Sykes character my favourite and 'The Devils.'
That bourgeois cousin of the king set out a ransom for my death, Bill Sykes wants to kill me fer the reward an' now that kid.
People are after him. And a man Bill Sykes tried to get information out of me, shot me then dropped me from a roof. But I -
Sometimes, when I get mad, I fall into my Bill Sykes voice...
I'm bill sykes, I can kill when I want
This gang stuff is making me hate Eastenders. Get this bulldog looking bloke and his Bill Sykes Dad off my screen now
...Yeah and they are: Bill Sykes...the death of your family...the fall of the barricade...death, itself, who I know too well
Auditions went on yesterday, hope I get bill Sykes
Gav if I were to go looking for this Bill Sykes, where would I start?
dig the bullet out. Anyways, last night that lady put out a ransom for Gavroche, a man named Bill Sykes heard of it and -
my friends at rehearsals: the guy playing bill sykes is so scary omg and I was just laughing bcos it's my uncle
Fangirl feels in over drive today. Being wasted on lusting after Bill Sykes as Olivers on in work :/ . I need an SPN fix
I had a miscarriage and Colette got shot tonight in the leg by Bill Sykes. He wants Gavroche so he's threatening our family.
Bill Sykes? I've met the guy. He doesn't scare me anymore.
.you've already been will never be innocent again...a mark has been left...Bill Sykes will come for you.
Hm... Yeah, I really should've been more like Jesus. *Mutters "Curse you, Bill Sykes"*
And yer tell 'im Bill Sykes did that to yer!
Sykes payin a light bill up here for nun
Yer like a mini Bill Sykes... That is not a good sign.
Tim Knowles Bill Sykes dog and James Bond villain cat appear to be finished now, photo in the morning.
Won pts decent little 4rds on to the big 1 now on the khan bill sheffield English title fight vs Sykes tickets on sale nxt wk!!!
I like the fact we are on bill boards in Manila! See you in a few weeks guys!
I can't believe our drama teachers been Bill sykes. was like 'I thought he was in the chorus' and then we started fangirling
"Kayls & I were actually fangirling about out our drama teacher today." HE'S BEEN BILL SYKES IN THE WEST END
Bill's on the ride, babe. Bill SYKES is on the ride 😱
Easy kids! Just uploaded this track to the new Soundcloud page as well. Watch out for The Bluntskinz - Sykes &...
to defend English title on Golden Boy Amir Khan bill full story and interview with
Sykes to defend English crown on Golden Boy bill - Local Sport - Mirfield Reporter:
If you haven't heard the album yet, you can get it thru this link. Enjoy!...
Hmmm sounds like a modern day Bill Sykes.
Danny Dyer sounds a mixture of Bill Sykes from Oliver and Mark Wright...
Quite brilliant performance of Oliver! this evening. Especially loved fab character performances of Fagin & Bill Sykes!
Frighteningly gruesome display by as Bill Sykes in
Actually cant believe i got bill sykes omg.
lol he only used to look like the young bill Sykes not the drunken one lol. Not to bad still can't talk tho 😞 xx
Anyone else grow up fancying Bill Sykes?
Tickets for April 27 fight on the bill will be £50 & £75. A limited Sykes allocation will be available soon
I have a Nancy and Bill Sykes in my life.
*Whispers to Little Hank* That's Bill Sykes! Don't push him to usin' a blade...
Who? *Not knowing Bill Sykes.* Sounds like the generic version to Bill Gates. I'm an entrepreneur. I am going to BE somebody. $⌇$
Dodger 'ere again mates. So a couple a ya got the right answer to what was Bill Sykes's dogs name - Bullseye!...
Whilst in school, I played Bill Sykes in a production of Oliver. Got to sing and everything. I'm not very good at that ;-)
*Sent in a note* Thank you so much for taking Reagan in. Bill Sykes is after us both: Me for revemge, and her for money.-
Well done to Oliver! cast for the concert tonight, particularly baddie soloist Felix von Simson (Bill Sykes)!
Gotta love it when the fire alarm goes off during a performance. Right when Bill Sykes is killing Nancy!
Bill Sykes had this poster on the wall of his seedy garret - via
All criminals on sound like Bill Sykes.
*Bill Sykes music and creepy version if as long a he needs me plays*
I looked at S.B. 1039 by Sykes seeks to reverse many of the positive changes in S.Q. 762 it appears to be the DA's bill Is now head 2 ***
Theres a character in a movie called Oliver and his name is Bill Sykes
Maybe the legislature should pass a bill making them play. That is why we have state government, right?
follow back fam its Stephan This Is My Promo Account
If you are interested in getting some customized graffiti artwork done please inbox me. Bedroom walls, tattoo/logo...
Mother and I terrified of this evening. Scarily good Bill Sykes. Oliver again tomorrow night!
Why does Bill Sykes have to kill Nancy :(
dreaming of Oliver Twist: both Fagin and Bill Sykes had long, crazy dreds and there was an underwater sequence...
I created the sex scene & then Bill let the actors go, & I dont think Rob & Kris needed any help with how to perform [Laughs.] -Rosenberg
Bill Sykes spotted repping in this months Magazine. @ HQ
oh no not I am poor so I go on a job like Oliver Twist with Bill Sykes.. I really hope the script writers don't cliche this up
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Spotted in the month's Wordplay magazine, Bill Sykes rocking a KNOWN 'Arch' tee. Click 'Like' and comment...
Just written to Bill Sykes about this, would have loved this to be in Harrietville and at least something for Mt Beauty.
will any of Bill Sykes announced $1.7M be spent in Kiewa Valley or just Bright, H'ville, Dinner Plain as announced?
National Member for Benalla Bill Sykes just announced $1.7 million in funding to assist Harrietville, Bright and Dinner Plain region
The guy next to him actually looks really Bill Sykes-ish /shudders at memories/
then Jonathan was the dodger. Bill Sykes had little to fear in that production
Burn Gorman and Tom Hardy both were in Dark Knight Rises. So... two Bill Sykes were in one film together.
I think I over did it! Can sleep! I hope it don't snow tomorrow! Good thing Bill Bellamy is on he is too funny!
Baillieu 'one stuff-up' from leadership fight via Is Bill Sykes taking the old "drover's dog" thing too seriously?
BBC Oliver Twist mini-series with Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes? There goes my afternoon...
"Nationals MP Bill Sykes made a woofing noise to the media as he emerged from the meeting."
Finished paying the last bill now chill time... SYKE bout to get on that Just Dance 2 and Micheal Jackson Experience PUMPIN PUMPIN!!
I was hyperventilating when I saw the bill in the restaurant afterwards.
"His own evil dog kills him." (we hope. what actually happened to Bill Sykes?)
That old version of Oliver T where the dog scraps at the door as Bill Sykes murders Nancy
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Nancy at the hands of Bill Sykes in " Oliver!"
Hey , Ellen , it was amazing working with you in How's it going!? 'It's BILL SYKES''! :O
Anyone else think looks a bit like Bill Sykes in this pic? King’s Cross king of meatballs publishes book
.. Remember when you played Bill Sykes.. And you hit me.. And my skirt came down during the performance
St. Paul students earn a place in "Elite Eight" of Bill Drake's Battle of the Brains! Team: Perry Sykes,Geoff McVey,and Rebecca Funderburk.
Bradley Jones as Bill Sykes in Oliver was a star tonight!! So proud x
I was like read description...foster kid...Z...hacking...Bill Sykes...whoop, back up SYKES?? And then I got the title, lol
Watching little bro as Bill Sykes in Oliver tonight!
Bill Sykes. That's Indiana Jones, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Cat in the Hat and Bond. Need an idea for next year...
I think I got it wrong.. Brad is Bill Sykes :)
I've heard it's Chris Brown as Bill Sykes and Rhianna as Nancy...oh dear n we all know how THAT ends!!
Casting new version of Oliver. Harry Styles as Oly Rylan as Artful Dodger Simon Cowell as Bill Sykes and Pudsey as Bullseye
Though Crowe as Bill Sykes could work."My Name" is always shouted anyway, no-one actually bothers to sing it
If a movie version beckons, Stephen Graham would make a great Bill Sykes!
Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist tomorrow for World Book Day. Finally sorted costume from my own wardrobe. Borrowing Megan's dog for Bullseye.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Bill Sykes song from has been stuck in my head for the past 3 days!
Also a chap who has a bum eye who looks like he could be the strong, silent new addition to the Dingle family. Or Bill Sykes in Oliver.
awwwh my sisters ddn't 4get u either, tho they know u as Bill sykes LOL
I have been, to date, Bill Sykes and Robinson Crusoe. I feel a "Foul Play" charactee might be in order next time.
Sen. Sykes says if this bill passes there will be a dual court and administrative system until 2017
Senator Anthony Sykes is presenting the workers comp omnibus bill for President Pro Tem Brian Bingman
they have those pink eyes and no eyelashes and look like Bill Sykes owns em ;)
nice one bro! Long time no see, where've you been hidin?
Enjoyed listening to you lot last night, big upz
Have to go far to match Fagin and Bill Sykes...
Well done . You reminded me of a young Olly Read. You make a terrifying Bill Sykes.
can you imagine how this presidential debate would be without Dida.It could be very boring with the others wearing serious faces atleast he makes this lively
Sorting out the vocals from and for another banger.E.P due May.
Oh yeh, Nancy's bill Sykes girlfriend. Was it good?
That's terrific. I expect to see Bill Sykes any minute.
Tickets still available for Oliver! at brittania theatre Dickens World tues and weds (26th and 28th Feb) as Bill Sykes!
I dont have enough friends to do for me when Im in need so Im having open auditions I need someone to pay my phone bill bring me somthing to eat and cater to my sexual needs it could be one person or a combination of a few dont all of you jump at once.
Possibly in the market for a change of scenery.anyone know of stores with openings in grocery?
does anyone say...oh Nathan sykes like Bill sykes? Lol..just wondered.
Today in form, Ty said this quote from bill sykes, then i was like thats from Oliver Twist
I played Bill Sykes at school as well; Awesome to know my hero did the same
cheers pal. Dodger would be an honour. Your Bill Sykes Luke!
Senators in Immigration Talks Mull IDs for All Workers: Key senators are exploring an immigration bill that woul...
SOS SOS SOS i hads a message from a Max Hills to says "shut up you little creep!
o that's one for me to watch then, I haven't seen that! I bet he plays a great Bill Sykes! X
yeah seen Bronson, not seen Inception! It was the BBC Series of Oliver and him playing Bill Sykes that kicked it off!!
Sen. Anthony Sykes is principal author of Senate Bill 759, the Deployed Parents School Act of 2013 #
Carl said we should change rolls fir Oliver ie you be Nancy Claire bill Sykes and me fagin lol xx
If I have tickets to a performance of Oliver, I want to see Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes, not Charles Nelson Reilly!
The Bad River Band isn't important enough for their editorials, but the JS news page finally had to mention reality. Except, with sentences like this, it's hard to believe that their news room isn't being influenced: "The bill would ease some environmental safeguards and speed up the DNR's review process, but supporters emphasize that it contains many protections." Maybe if they had said "claim"... but the word they chose was "emphasize"... why should this paper expect to be taken seriously on this issue? Editorials are one thing, but spiking news is embarrassing. The did it on police data, they did it on Waukesha water, and now they're doing it on the mine. Please ask your local paper to be more professional.
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The Welsh language has been crushed by successive English Governments. How would the English feel if Germany did the same to them?
Ticket inspector looks like Bill Sykes from Oliver..a tad scared.
Les Mis. can any one explain why the artful dodger from Oliver was in Paris ? Where was bill Sykes when you needed him ?
what's the facial hair saying.bit bill Sykes!
Classic moody look from Bill Sykes. I'm watching you.
Helena Bonham Carter & Sacha Baron Cohen are great as Bill Sykes & Nancy in Les Mis ...
lol it's a dollar bill... The amount wasn't ONE tho lol
its a picture of Bill Sykes and his dog!
this kid was playing 'monster story' and ran his mum up a £1000 bill through in app purchases..
Agreed. Paranoic a long time unseen by myself. did Bill Sykes in school play. Felt he was looking over my shoulder
yeh. Two favourites - Paranoic and his Bill Sykes matches and perhaps surpasses Robert Newton.
Thanks to Bill Sykes for his ongoing support towards the Keeping it
... And Mr Bill Sykes has graced us once again
Dirty manc weekender tomorrow.. Couldn't be more bill sykes(d)
ft and assa new video on the SP blog!
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Watching Bill Sykes in Oliver! Mads asked 'does daddy ever slap you?' No Mads he doesn't, that's not how it's meant to be.
How bout Bill Sykes? "If your girl knows the song Oliver Twist & not the character, I have breakup text formats you could use."
I want to know what happened to Bullseye when Bill Sykes died
Going to watch Tom Hardy being Bill Sykes so I can do the same thing just because it's him and he's awesome and I should be too
For all who have been lost on the James River or otherwise might want to know: "It is with great sadness that I write to you today with the news of Wally Riley’s passing this morning. Wally was an institution for Tribe swimming and diving as well as the entire Williamsburg and W&M community. Matt Crispino will have more details for you soon regarding a memorial service. For now, please keep the Riley family in your thoughts and prayers." Al Albert Associate Director of Athletic Development
RP? Would you be the Bill Sykes figure to my Nancy?
Have a feeling I went over my data. I've been using it a lot lately. Guess it's a good thing I'm not paying my bill anymore lol
saw the and post thort you might want some more NW fun bless ups
We keep bringing it! Northern Structure Records! NSR stands for Never Seen Retiring!
safe bro, just dropped this new video with Spider Jaroo, Assa and Pro P. Check it out. Manchester Tings
Hey bro, just dropped a new video. Check it out. Thanks again for playing my track on your show. Peace
Yo Charlie this is how we do up north, dont sleep on it.
Just pass this same sex marriage bill ffs,stop treating *** and *** as if they're aliens
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