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Bill Simmons

William J. Bill Simmons III (born September 25, 1969) is a sports columnist, author, and podcaster. He currently writes columns and hosts podcasts for, which is affiliated with

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LeSean McCoy is having a MVP-like season with Bills, Mike Lombardi tells Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal talked about this. Get rid of TNF and roll back # of teams. There isn't 32 good QBs.
Bill Simmons needs to stop his current TV show and just make his podcast with Cousin Sal his tv show.
fans: Might wanna listen to Bill Simmons with Mike Lombardi this week. Lombardi just excoriated McAdoo. WHOOF.
Hadn't seen that. Been clear for a while that Bill Simmons' "Tyson Zone" for Mike Tyson could translate to politics for Trump...
Robin Roberts, Mike Tirico, Kieth Olberman (kinda), Erin Andrews, Bill Simmons (tbd, but HBO show is great).
.is losing talent. Bill Simmons, Mike Tirico, Skip Bayless to name a few. Personal differences or for payroll?
listen to the most recent Bill Simmons podcast with Mike Lombardi. He has valid criticism of the HC
"John Harbaugh might be this generations Jeff Fisher"- Bill Simmons. Greg Harry Mike Pascal
I met Bill Simmons today 😃 but I thought I was going to meet Russel Simmons 😟
Maybe but wouldn't surprise me if they just want to go in a different direction. They threw big money to get Bill Simmons
Update: through the power of energy drinks, fruit snacks, Bill Simmons podcasts and Mitchel's singing, we are back in Columbia.
listened to her podcast w/ bill Simmons, didn't know her until then. Searched all day for a cliff. I live in the Netherlands.
Bill Simmons mad online that the Broncos sonned his Pats
This conversation about sports, sports journalism, and media b/w + Tony Kornheiser is really good.
Ty Detmer looks like a healthy Bill Simmons
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When does Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons return to HBO? - Last Night On
he couldn't be on Bill Simmons if he was still working for ESPN...?
did all of their budget go to Bill Simmons lol wow HBO has been skimpy. Besides ggg/Gonzalez nothing's coming up
Don't you go Bill Simmons on me, Rustin.
Looking forward to having Bill Clinton in Cincinnati on Monday for the Labor Day picnic!
In Bill Simmons voice:. Are we sure the SEC is good?
ESPN Films presents. 30 For 30 . *sad piano music*. BILL SIMMONS: what if I told you dota was a bad game
bruh bill Simmons n Wilbon took kobe out the top 10. Lmaoo *** hate Kobe
Can Anyone Dethrone the Patriots in the AFC East? - The Ringer (blog)
"If you play out Chingy's career 100x, how many times does he finish top 5 of all time? 10? 20?!" -Bill Simmons, somewhere probably
btw did you listen to Bill Simmons pod with Michael Rapaport? Its terrific. He's says Knicks 5th seed
your boy Cuban rocking d rose's on his feet for Bill Simmons HBO show.conspiracy?
everytime I hear u guys say I think its some kid in the state pen! .
I won't listen to this but can only imagine how cringeworthy Bill Simmons must be on Trump & Mexico.
first time with a top 10 run game. Forgive us if we trust Zimmer more than Bill Simmons & out of coaching Billick
Hey Curt you just made it onto "Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons" about your politics. Congrats
listen to Bill Simmons pod with Michael Rapaport, it's brilliant
you should listen to the last Bill Simmons podcast with Mike Rapaport; very entertaining
How BuzzFeed, Vice, and Bill Simmons followed the same path to success via
BuzzFeed, Vice, and Bill Simmons each followed the same path to media success
Good point on Bill Simmons' podcast: How much better would this team be with JJ Redick instead of Harrison Barnes?
Bill Simmons on most recent podcast: "I don't wanna spend 100 cents on the dollar for Chris Sale. I'm not sure he puts BOS over the top."
As someone who watches Katie Nolan, Bill Simmons show and listens to Pardon My Take, it was kinda odd seeing on all three.
you should listen to his podcast w Bill Simmons. Made me respect him so much more
So it seems as if three people/places have had Michael Rapaport on their programs. Bill Simmons, Katie Nolan, and BrewHoop (
Every Leonardo DiCaprio movie would be slightly better is it was a Matt Damon movie- Bill Simmons
Hey, if Bill Simmons can be a DeflateGate truther, than we can go to bat for Aldon Smith
Oh btw Bill Simmons is trash. I will not forgive him for saying Leo DiCaprio movies would be better played by Matt Damon.
Bill Simmons really said every Leo movie would be better with Matt Damon. It's the exact opposite and I like Matt Damon
Yo Cousin Sal dropped a "Matt Harvey + drug problem" on Bill Simmons' podcast today. I can confirm that this story has legs, to put it mildy
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Sally Jenkins and Bill Simmons: put down the crack pipe.
Bill Simmons is a dork, but idk, Jacoby is pretty unlistenable. He's got that Michael Rapaport Syndrome going on, it kills me.
.& I go in depth on the flaws of Bill Simmons' show & SEC football predictions on this week's Doug In:
"First of all, Clay Bennett moved the Thunder from Seattle to Oklahoma City. That doesn’t seem very loyal." -Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons has Ben Afflack on his show and as he is ending his interview. He says, "Thanks Superman." And BA looks at him like wth bro?😂😂
No one watches the Celtics except you and Bill Simmons. But I'm taking bron and kawhi on the perimeter as well
I want to give Bill Simmons credit, he sure is 0 MMA knowledge eddie bravo in this clip
Bill Simmons is a Celtics fan hence the kelly green is all I can assume.
I don't think Bill Simmons gets enough scorn for introducing "the Mount Rushmore of ... " because it really is an annoying way to categorize
Why is over half of the most recent episode of that Bill Simmons program dedicated to a sport that's in its off season?
Left field or an HBO home run from Bill Simmons?
Inside the Pylon is a shorter, quick hit one. NFL insiders the big ESPN one, OTI for the Irish view, MMQB and Bill Simmons
Check out this cool episode: gotta listen to this one with
Can't wait for Bill Simmons to trash Horford in the playoffs next season when he gets 4 rebounds in an important game
there's a Bill Simmons article where he wrote that he knew the oats were going to lose the SB, once they made that heel turn. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I have no idea if Bill Simmons ever writes anymore but if he ever did a Trade Value column again KAT would be for the next decade
Ben Affleck isn't holding anything back! On the premiere of HBO's Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons last night, the actor went on a
Please make sure that Bill Simmons yells at them for those 90 seconds. . Perhaps they’ll enjoy it.
Bill Simmons coming in clutch with Any Given Wednesday. I think it's the Boston fan in you that I like, or your brutal honesty. Keep it up!
Half of these sound like Bill Simmons' buddies.
TV Review: Shades of Artie Lange + Joe Buck: How ruined premiere of on http…
Bill Simmons,you need to do my story about MSG being sued by me,US District Court.Racial injustice,seeking backpay,lost wages
Bill Simmons and i have a lot in common
So Bill Simmons who claims to love Boston has been trying to sell Durant on living in Boston and he himself wouldn't live there?
The commercial for Bill Simmons' new show is super weird
If the Celtics get Kevin Durant does Bill Simmons move back to Boston?
just watch you on Bill Simmons, you think on a different level. It's refreshing.
Bill Simmons is good at being Bill Simmons on HBO's
Is to television what Dave Grohl is to guitar?. Any Given Wednesday -
Questions while binging GoT: Who the eph is Bill Simmons and why do I or should I care what he thinks on a Wednesday or any other day?
yeah but at the same time I just imagined Bill Simmons reading this and threw up a little bit in my mouth
well, I sound like Bill Simmons lol. Been reading him for a solid 13 years now
"What am i going to do with $3 billion?" - Mark Cuban — watching Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons
Wow Cuban and Gladwell just killed Joe Lacob on Bill Simmons' HBO show. My intuition was correct.
considering his performance on the Bill Simmons show I'd say it's 100% in play
Bill Simmons Podcasts will become unbearable if KD signs with Boston
Bill Simmons is my fav but... When is Bayless joining him?
Bill Simmons, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are the top 3 most annoying people in the world.
Just watched that Boston homer Bill Simmons ep 1 - all I can say is thank you
(VIDEO) Bill Simmons & Charles Barkley discuss LeBron's place among the all-time greats:
announces that will be on the next Any Given Wednesday to talk…
I don't care about the Celtics, but Bill Simmons has brought me so much greatness over the years that I wanna see him take this W and get KD
Bill Simmons is so bad at being objective
Bill Simmons, and it's not even close.
(I enjoy Bill Simmons' work. But let's not pretend he has done the requisite research on the guys NOLA signed to have an…
If Bill Simmons chastises your team's moves, that guarantees you 50+ wins, right?
Loretta Lynch - Bill Clinton. Now this is the best headline in a decade!
This Any Given Wednesday show is really selling itself on the assumption I have any idea who Bill Simmons is
Bill Simmons made his name by being a homerish super Celtics fan.
don't use the word "subjective" and then refer to Bill Simmons as evidence. Most biased reporter I've ever met. (Cont)
Bill Simmons is so aroused right now it's not even funny. Like Stephen A was when the Cavs won. Durant still doesn't go.
Bill Simmons is enjoying a celebratory late-night longjohn from Dunkin Donuts.
"You can bring people back to life on this show. Give the poor dude his *** back!" - Bill Simmons on Theon Greyjoy.
Bill Simmons jk lol Honestly Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Paige, Jr would be entertaining.
If you watched Bill Simmons tonight you just saw Malcolm Gladwell make Mark Cuban look like the *** he is.
I'm bout to watch that Bill Simmons show featuring Mark Cuban and Malcolm Gladwell because I'm sadist af
Is there anyone more insufferable than Malcolm Gladwell? On This American Life and Bill Simmons' show in 1 week?! Go away, please!
If you have HBO, you should tune in to Bill Simmons show at 9. My favorite writer, Malcolm Gladwell, will be on and he is…
Is it bad for Bill Simmons that I'd be perfectly happy if he walked off the set and just let Mark Cuban and Malcolm Gladwell talk?
Bill Simmons, Lowe post, Jericho, stone cold, Jim Ross, Vince Russo that'a all I can think of
Okkervil River's Will Sheff wrote theme song for Bill Simmons' new HBO show
Trav...Bill Simmons was a star...until Sage Steele, Jalen Rose, and Doug Collins punked his a**
My biggest problem with Bill Simmons' tv show is it's not 9 hours long.
Ben Affleck's expletive-laden rant over Deflategate the highlight of Bill Simmons' HBO show: htt…
lml - Ben Affleck on - Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons . via
Affleck ROCKED the new Bill Simmons show on . LOVE angry Affleck (especially when he's 100% right about ).
Ben Affleck gives an epic rant about Deflategate on Bill Simmons' new show.
Ben Affleck made an unforgettable appearance on the debut of Bill Simmons' HBO series:
VIDEO: Bill Simmons's new HBO show debuts with insane Ben Affleck Ballghazi rant
Ben Affleck goes on expletive-laden Deflategate rant on Bill Simmons's new HBO show -
I liked a video from Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons: Ben Affleck on Deflategate
Obvious, but the best part of that Ben Affleck video is Bill Simmons trying his hardest not to laugh at Ben's obvious d…
Ben Affleck blows a fuse about on Bill Simmons' HBO show Any Given Wednesday:
Ben Affleck and Bill Simmons talking about deflategate is on par with the Kanye and Zane Lowe interview. Ben seemed kinda drunk.
Drunk Ben Affleck on the Bill Simmons show, dropping F-bombs & crying about everyone being mean to Tom Brady. [HBO]. http…
Of all the things to upstage Bill Simmons much awaited HBO debut, I imagine C-Span was not perceived as a real scheduling threat
'Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons': TV Review - Ben Affleck's emotional Deflategate passion will get the a...
There is no way Ben Affleck didn't slam at least 5 or 6 shots in a row about 10 minutes before that Bill Simmons interview. NO way.
Bill Simmons commercial for Steph Curry is *** epic, wow. genius.
Barkley: LeBron will never be a top-5 NBA great
Ben Affleck went on an epic Deflategate rant during the debut of Bill Simmons' new HBO show
Charles Barkley: LeBron James will never be a top 5 all-time NBA great
ESPN or BSPN been taking "Ls".. Losing top talent Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, Mike Tirico, & Brad Nessler...
i think once he goes to Fox Sports he will. ESPN tends to have the worst sports personalities. Skip, Bill Simmons, Stephen A
How is it that Steven A gets away with his actions yet Bill Simmons gets fired for saying less controversial things?
Bill Simmons said every Dicaprio movie would be better with Matt Damon instead lol FOH!!
NBA/ESPN rigged for Game 7 to rival against Bill Simmons' new channel HBO/Game of Thrones!
Hey if you can make a podcast everyday so I don't have to hear Bill Simmons say "The B-Word"
Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons and Bill Simmons have also declined to work out with the Sixers.
Bill Simmons talking to Malcolm Gladwell is fun as usual, minutes 35-42 on Steph Curry's optimal salary are great:
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Bill Simmons likes Steph Curry shoes. That's not joke. He said that on his podcast.
Stephen Curry's shoes think Bill Simmons is cool and edgy and it loved the parts about all the "strippers" in that one Vegas…
Bill Simmons wore Steph Curry's new shoes on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)
Bill Simmons wearing the Steph Curry shoes on Jimmy Kimmel.
Bill Simmons and Chad Ford said it perfectly, if Marquese Chriss (would've went to Duke or Kentucky he would be the or pick
Bill Simmons asks who works at ESPN that deserve respect? I'd say... Zach Lowe & Barnwell?
any chance Charles Barkley finally throttles Bill Simmons during the half-time show? he clearly disdains the guy, beats me why
I could listen to Bill Simmons talk hoops for hours. On TNT right now.
Bill Simmons co-signed Mark Cuban on the notion that Oklahoma City is going to win the NBA Championship.
Bill Simmons thinks Steven Adams vs James Harden is an argument. I don't count his opinion lol
Bill Simmons really and truly honestly believes that it's really a tough decision on whether to start a franchise with Steve Adams or Harden
Would you take Harden or Adams? is now a thing according to Bill Simmons
Just realized Steven Adams was acquired by OKC thanks to the James Harden trade. If they win the title, Bill Simmons will eat some crow.
Guys, is Bill Simmons the Kayne West of sports talk show hosting?
Bill Simmons new NFL guy ranked Aaron Rodgers as the 6th best QB for 2016... Behind Andy Dalton.
Bill Simmons and others in Boston would trade Celtics No. 3 pick for Jahlil Okafor - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
probably not much but Bill Simmons randomly mentioned this week's episode was an "all timer"
Drew Magary wants to be Bill Simmons so bad.
Jalen Rose is great with anyone. But there will never be anything like Jalen Rose with Bill Simmons.
Craig Kilborn's interview on the Bill Simmons podcast answers all the questions you ever had about Craig Kilborn's career.
Craig Kilborn on the Bill Simmons podcast: "In Minnesota you have basements." Couldn't help but laugh when he said it. Why?…
Bill Simmons' podcast with Craig Kilborn was a trainwreck.
This Craig Kilborne/Bill Simmons pod is surprisingly boring. Or maybe not surprising cuz I've never found Kilborn to be that interesting.
Craig Kilborn made quite an impression on the Bill Simmons podcast
Craig Kilborn on Bill Simmons' podcast talks like a man who just emerged from a cave after thirteen years with no human contac…
If you want to torture yourself on a Friday afternoon the new Bill Simmons podcast has Craig Kilborn on it and he is as painful as it gets.
ESPN is losing all the good ones. Scott Stuart, Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless. I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen A Smith was next.
Proof? Writers that think Steph is currently the best - Matt Moore, Zach Lowe, Zach Harper, James Herbert, Bill Simmons, etc.
Not a fan of Bill Simmons, I guess. I feel like he gets namedropped once a month at least.
ESPN becomes less and less entertaining every day. Stuart Scott, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and now Mike Tirico gone! Yikes!
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SI Media Podcast: Sports Business Daily's John Ourand on Tirico, Bayless, Bill Simmons and more - Sports Illustrat…
Bill Simmons and Chris Sacca chop it up. Great podcast!.
you listen to any podcasts? I was listening to Bill Simmons Podcast with Chris Sacca and that was incredible.
Two of my different worlds intersect. On the sports podcast is tech investor Chris
This new Bill Simmons pod is so dope
Chris Sacca on Bill Simmons podcast, fascinating chat
Ashamed of how my areas Bill Simmons podcasting with Chris Sacca is
- This should work. You can search for it on your podcast app as well.
Bill Simmons x Drake needs to happen!
Bill Simmons' interview with Silicon Valley investor Chris Sacca is really excellent (& does not involve sports).
[Bill Simmons] I didn't enjoy First Take but Skip and SAS had real chemistry and I don't think you can just throw …
Check out the Bill Simmons podcast from today, had on.
Locker, you really need to listen to Bill Simmons more often. He uses "savant" and "clairvoyant" all the time.
Really good discussion with a Silicon Valley insider. Worth listening to:
Podcast was great but let's be real, I really want to see guest answer a special mailbag
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Chris Sacca (investor) mentioned these on Bill Simmons Podcasts as apps to know -- REX, SLACK, NUZZLE, PERISCOPE -- check'm out
This FB show was hilarious tonight! Clay is killing it lately. The CFB version of Bill Simmons.
Cool shout out to on w/ Reminds me 1st time I met Chris IRL 🙂
to steal from Bill Simmons: everyone needs a VP of common sense
Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premieres on HBO on June 22nd: by
Whoa my worlds just collided, podcast with (sports) & (tech) - listening now.
I can’t judge; my hockey fandom is the Kings and Bruins because Bill Simmons likes them.
One of the most interesting Simmons pods I've heard:
Oh totally. wrote a great piece about possible KD to BOS. Bill Simmons has made same argument.
that's what was dope about Bill Simmons' podcast. He's a herb but the casual fan talk was cool lol. Would like to see it again
That picture of Bill Simmons with Laker gear always cracks me up lmao
As Austin Rivers and Dame Lillard get ready to square off tonight, a reminder of Bill Simmons 2012 Mock Draft
Bill Simmons is the only one watching.
Best thing about winning this series:. Making Bill Simmons cry
People who have me blocked: . Derek Carr. DeAndre Hopkins. Bill Simmons. AJ McCarron. Adam Carriker
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My mom really liked my new BS Pod with so that counts for something. Here's the iTunes link.
Bill Simmons calls out ESPN for taking it easy on Roger Goodell
The Celtics are having more trouble scoring than young Bill Simmons
Was really hoping for more Bill Simmons melt tonight than I'm getting
First Keith Olbermann then Bill Simmons and now Colin and now Skip Bayles..
Last two years Mike Tirico, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann all dipped from ESPN.
Pick 1… ESPN personality you will miss the most. Keith Olbermann, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico, Bill Simmons or Jason Whitlock
Al Michaels' best Pete Rose stories on the Bill Simmons podcast is a must listen. Towards the end.
In the last year, prominent personalities Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Curt Schilling, Mike Tirico have been fired by
ESPN is losing everyone who is anyone at their network: Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico. Who's next?
ESPN lost Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, & Colin Cowherd last year. Now Mike Tirico & even Skip Bayless are leaving. Rough times for ESPN.
Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann , and Mike Tirico? Come on what are u doing?
That makes it Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico and Skip Bayless all in the last two years.
Everyone’s dream should be to make a good basketball play against the Celtics so Bill Simmons can cry about you.
Amazing listening to Louis CK on Bill Simmons. Doesn't know what Mail Chimp is! Has he not listened to yet?
Jesse, no need to change your password when you have Bill Simmons on the case.
Two incredible Louis C.K interviews today:. • with Bill Simmons: • with Marc Maron:
Im guessing this is at Curt Schilling, Bill Simmons, etc?
Bill Simmons should have Cowherd, Olbermann & Curt Schilling on the first episode of his new HBO show!
No freedom of speech at ESPN Curt Schilling should have realized that from what went down with Bill Simmons
Funny to think that Bill Simmons and Curt Schilling were both fired by ESPN for falling afoul of the network's top brass.
Looking fwd to 12,000 words from Bill Simmons about how Curt Schilling's behavior has ruined his Greenwich HS buddies' memories of 2004.
Curt Schilling finally terminated after his 100th strike... Bill Simmons discharged for providing great content 🤔🤔
Bill Simmons: Goodell is a liar. You’re fired. Curt Schilling: Hillary Clinton should be murdered. Take a few wee…
Bill Simmons suspended for calling Roger Goodell a liar. Wonder what discipline Curt Schilling will face for being openly bigoted.
ESPN shows its true colors when it allows a bigot like Curt Schilling to remain on the network and fires Bill Simmons for speaking the truth
Curt Schilling acts like a bigot and ESPN turns the other cheek. Bill Simmons speaks the truth about a money man and they roast him.
Zach Lowe, Bill Simmons, Brian Windhorst, Howard Beck, Ken Berger, Kevin Arnovitz, Mike Breen, what do they all have in common? (1/2).
The garbage that Curt Schilling spews is so much more offensive than Bill Simmons' calling Roger Goodell a liar.
ESPN fires Bill Simmons for telling the truth but not Curt Shilling even though Shilling has said far worse things multiple instances
Some of the media members that voted Millsap Top 3 for DPOY: Bill Simmons, Doris Burke, Howard Beck, Kevin Arnovitz, Zach Lowe
and . Not sure if I did that correctly but they are with Zach Lowe &Bill Simmons
GSW losing would make Bill Simmons and Mike Wilbon happy. I can't support that, regardless of take magnitude
Bill Simmons is embracing his inner bad boy and going after Stephen A Smith hard
Whoa, I just listened to Sam Hinkie on Bill Simmons podcast today, did not get any impressions he was about to leave the org.
Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman: "Wow UNC v Villanova was amazing." Nek minnit "do you believe in God?"
Bill Simmons sobre Steve Kerr: "He's like Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich had a baby. He played for both of them, he's their coach baby." . 😂
Writing is like playing golf - you have to keep working at your swing. - Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons trolling the audience with a screenshot of the Patriots on his phone. Classic heel move
you should listen to the podcast Bill Simmons recently did with Mike Tollin. Great story on his meeting with Trump for the doc.
Also, You'd probably like Bryan Curtis audio story about OJ Simpson that's on Bill Simmons podcast today.
Bill Simmons thinks the Lakers should trade D'Angelo Russell for Jabari Parker...
Former ESPN loudmouth Bill Simmons says he misses Gus Johnson on hoops. I always thought Gus was WAY over-the-top. Blind leading blind...
I liked a video from Louis C K and Bill Simmons Full Podcast B S Report
as Bill Simmons said it could be the best thing that happened to him if he was drafted 2nd, might motivate him further
looks like someone got Bill Simmons's last newsletter
We are talking about the number 1 pick no Manu, Bosh, and yes Bill Russell lol but Simmons no Russell!
I know I sent you the list. Do the math fellas. Simmons will never be a Bill Russell
New BS Pod: Jim Lampley on his greatest HBO fights, the future of boxing + the dawn of sideline reporters. GOOD ONE! https…
.on Grayson Allen: “If JJ Redick & Hope Solo had a kid & gave him up for adoption to Montgomery Burns”
did you just use as a click bait..Wow, It's official, Bill Simmons has reached BOSS status!!
we appeared on Bill Simmons' podcast
Recommendation: If boxing or broadcasting interest you, the Jim Lampley ep. of the Bill Simmons Podcast a few days back is fascinating.
Lynch's dad is crazy.bill these guys make more fun
Bill Simmons - Jay Glazer podcast is a must listen.
Two former Obama officials have a new podcast on Channel 33 (Bill Simmons's podcast network). Good stuff.
you're not going to believe this, but Glazer did a "podcast" with Bill Simmons. Tune in, bro.
Bill Simmons announces launch timeline for new site 'The Ringer'
not surprised bill Simmons keeps throwing what he knows
i used the stitcher app under the bill Simmons podcast. Enjoy
Website Builder 728x90
listen to the Bill Simmons podcast with Jay Glazer at the 39 minute mark.
Sound bite saying Channing Frye won't get open looks on - Is Avg 14 pts & 60% from 3 last 5 games
well one things for sure, Bill Simmons is updating his resume today
Hah, is devastated about the HC loss; however, shares the sentiments of Bill Simmons
Did you listen to Bill Simmons' podcast w/ Jim Lampley, and if so what did you think of his comments on UFC?
Piece I wrote after was fired in July about how like him can't stop creating new things.
Bill Simmons announces official return with The Ringer
New BS Pod: on MMA's ascent, breaking stories, battling ESPN + the time he almost fought Peyton Manning. https…
Great conversation about boxing. Ep. 77: Jim Lampley by The Bill Simmons Podcast.
Bill Simmons’ new digital venture, The Ringer, will launch in mid-March as an email newsletter
Don't know anything about boxing but this was an interesting podcast
bill Simmons where's your championship photo from ESPN. Oh wait you got FIRED. enjoy that *** whoopin today smart ***
Dogs Trust free dog microchipping from 10-1pm today ahead of new law. Don't forget your photo ID & utility bill!
Katie Nolan dances and dishes on Fox Sports 1, ESPN and Bill Simmons - KSPR
New Bill Simmons site will feature many Grantland alum
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In case you haven't known, the already outspoken Bill Simmons no longer works for ESPN. Now UBER-outspoken BSimmons.
Just listened to podcast with Tremendous conversation.
Peyton Manning slander is probably the best parts of Bill Simmons' podcasts.
Bill Simmons' ESPN bitterness clouds new website launch
Click here for the name of Bill Simmons's new website - The Boston Globe
Only Bill Simmons is allowed to say Boston might want Kevin Durant:
Jay Glazer told some all-time great stories on the Bill Simmons podcast today. Highly recommended.
Bill Simmons's new website has a name
oregondesigns's photo any more trash talking BILL SIMMONS??!! You're a disgrace with your cheerleading!
and Bill Simmons went there so depending on your taste they're either awesome or the worst
Consequences of caring. What it's like to be a sports fan by Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons coined the Tyson Zone, for when someone reaches the point where no story seems too crazy to be true. 2016…
Bill Simmons mocked Flynn's choice in his draft diary. Was an awful decision in t…
thanks!! I didn't know that. Agreed. After all, Dee Brown won the Bob Cousy Award. There is no Bill Simmons award
Waiting for Bill Simmons to announce any combination of Zach Lowe, Bill Barnwell, Shea Serrano, Rembert and Robert Mays for his new site.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Celebrity lookalikes on the L train: Marissa Tomei, Klay Thompson, Bill Simmons, Richard Nixon, David Simon, and George Miller.
my 2 favorite vocal frys of all time: britney spear's discography and the Bill Simmons podcast!!!
Melissa Harris Perry and Bill Simmons should have lunch together.
Bill Simmons would bring up his Ewing Theory
I've listened to Bomani but couldn't get into it but I haven't Bill Simmons, I want another college basketball one
Bill Simmons podcast yesterday with Andrew Bogut is a must listen
revfrank4 is now listening to Ep. 68: Andrew Bogut by Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons and Andrew Bogut on Ben Simmons availability for the Rio Olympics
Bill Simmons podcast with Andrew Bogut is the perfect meeting point of insightful & reasonable American/Australian viewpoints on basketball.
By the sounds of it, Andrew Bogut on the Bill Simmons podcast all but confirmed that Ben Simmons won't be playing for the Boomers in Rio.
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