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Bill Self

Bill (Billy) Self (born December 27, 1962) is an American college men's basketball coach at the University of Kansas, where he led the Jayhawks to the 2008 NCAA national championship.

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Bill Self expected to visit 2018 phemom Zion Williamson on Tuesday.
Just more Bill Self guys doing things in the NBA playoffs. 🐸☕
Interesting exchange of texts between Bill Self and Josh Jackson here
Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson best of Bill Self one-and-done players
Here's Bill Self on Josh Jackson entering the NBA Draft with an agent.
Jackson becomes the 9th one-and-done of the Bill Self era. None of those nine have made a Final Four. It's an insane str…
Self loathing. Many married white women are conservative on women's role…
2018 F will have a home visit Tuesday with Kansas' Bill Self and Wednesday with Clemson's Brad Brownell, his dad…
Lmao but yo how the *** is bill self in the hall of fame but not Pop
How much did bill self have to pay for this?
Guys on talking 3 True Outcomes. . Greg wants expanded zone, Bill & Carlos say game will self-correct. . Maybe, but I doubt it.
Bill Clinton Melts Down When Asked if he Could Have Done More to Prevent Bill being his LYING SELF!
head coach Bill Self headed to see five-star stud Zion Williamson on Tuesday.
Let's hope it is a self inflicted death penalty so the tax payers don't have to foot the bill. But I'm…
.My priorities for this trip:. 1. But Z a warm shot of gin. 2. Get a Bill Self from…
Melania's Daily Mail settlement should be used to reimburse the taxpayers of NY & the US for footing the bill for her self…
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Nope only to your perfect self does it matter. As long as they are paying their bill I as voter…
Bill Nye, the science guy, says a Quartz story convinced him philosophy is not just a load of self-indulgent crap.
Clemson head coach Brad Brownell will complete an in home visit on Wednesday with 2018 five star Zion Williamson; Bill S…
They can be and again everyone but me is looking this through what Bill Self o…
I'm seriously considering grudgingly admitting that science is also not a bunch of self-indulgent crap.
Kansas head coach Bill Self will complete an in-home visit tomorrow with 2018 five-star Spartanburg Day forward Zion Wil…
Bill Self on Josh Jackson leaving for the NBA.
Bill Nye has new theme song and my childhood self is shaking
Scott Sutton is one of the rare coaches to beat Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse during the Bill Self era. ORU beat KU 78-71 in 2006-07 season.
Scott Drew has more losses in Allen Fieldhouse than Bill Self.
Tracy McGrady, Bill Self and Rebecca Lobo have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The full list:
Tracy McGrady and Bill Self are two of my favorite basketball related people of the '00s. So stoked they're hall of fame bound.
Tracy McGrady and Bill Self headline 2017 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame class
Bill Self has a better tourney win% than Knight, Rupp, John Thompson, Boeheim, Tark & Iba. If he makes E8 next year, he’ll p…
This was Bill Self's 7th loss in the NCAA Tournament as a 1 seed. The only coaches with more are Mike Krzyzewski and Roy…
Bill Self has had Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Josh Jackson, Frank Mason and Perry Ellis and failed to make the Final Four with any of them.
Scott Drew need to get in touch with Bill Self's hair guy. Looking real thin up top.
if you think that guy can compete with Bill Self, Scott Drew, Lon Krueger, Jamie Dixon and Steve Prohm. Seems like a lazy hire
U mean Nolan Richardson, Tubby Smith, Bill Self and most recently Danny Manning Thats good company. 3 of 4 won the ship
Landen Lucas is pry the best ascension for a big man under Bill Self. From Freshman to Senior total transformation.…
AUDIO: listen to Bill Self, Graham, Lucas along with Purdue coach Matt Painter:
Here are Bill Self's full comments today on Brad Underwood's departure from Oklahoma State for Illinois:
kansascity​.com >> Bill Self on Brad Underwood leaving Oklahoma State for Illinois: 'It shocks me'
I just asked Kansas coach Bill Self for reaction on Brad Underwood leaving OSU (Self's alma mater) for Illinois (Self's fo…
Bill Self is a fool and the would draft this guy if he was a football player-
or Bill Self, or Tom Izzo, or Roy Williams, or Lute Olsen by your standard
Hear from Bill Self next from the podium in Lawrence live on Sports Radio 810, after Landen Lucas on our special!
Are you a fan?! Read Sports Radio 810 WHB's blog on Bill Self's best wins!
Jay Williams and not Bill Self named in Naismith Hall of total crap
Special treatment for Bill Self again... if it were Roy Williams or Coach Cal players this would be the many story…
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If true, Bill Self and Sheahon Zenger should be relieved of their duties. The mistreatment of women in college athl…
Bill Self has been named a Naismith Coach of the Year semi-finalist
"Best guard I've ever coached" - Bill Self on Frank Mason. My recap on Senior Night from Allen Fieldhouse.
Allen Field House is a basketball cathedral and Bill Self is the Bishop
After 14 years of coaching in Allen Fieldhouse, Bill Self is 220-10 at home. A 95.6% winning percentage.
When Frank Mason joined no one knew he'd become the best guard Bill Self ever coached. Senior Night story: https:/…
Kansas head coach Bill Self says Devonte Graham will not be suspended after arrest for failing to appear in court.
Bill Self wouldn't play Cliff Alexander but he will play Josh Jackson and Devonte Graham after run ins with the law, the next game.
Bill Self says there will be no punishment for Devonte' Graham's arrest on a failure to appear in municipal court for…
College basketball: Bill Self, Muffet McGraw and Rollie Massimino highlight the Naismith Memorial -
Tell that to Bill Self, Matthew Mcconaughey, Lebron James, Ben Affleck, and Bradley Cooper. All have had work done.
The last coach to sweep Bill Self over the course of multiple games in a single season? Jerry Tarkanian, 17 years ago.
Last coach to sweep home-and-home series in a single season vs Bill Self was Jerry Tarkanian in the 1999-00 season. (Fresno vs Tulsa)
ICYMI: I wrote about Frank Mason, his press row dive and why Bill Self said those plays define seasons. Story: https:…
Fun Fact of the Day: Scott Drew now has more losses at Allen Fieldhouse (10) than Bill Self (9).
Rick Barnes and Scott Drew more loses inside Allen Fieldhouse than Bill Self
Scott Drew has more losses in AFH than Bill Self.
He's coaching 18 year olds.. Bill Self must not be able to coach either since he lost today, and Jay Wright.
Bill Self nominated for coaching hall of fame but Eddie can't get in?
Tonight was Bill Self's 400th career win as Head Coach at the University of Kansas!
.Who is the best PG in the Bill Self era? Frank Mason? Sherron Collins? Tyshawn Taylor? Mario Chalmers? Aaron Miles?
Bill Self has been nominated for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!. DETAILS:
If i remember correctly kansas coach Bill Self was the coach of Oral Roberts
Bill Self after defeating Davidson to go to his first Final Four in 2008.
Bill Self on many topics today at Roundball Club luncheon at KC Downtown Marriott
Bill Self: We didn’t to anything with (Reid Travis). That was a total beatdown by him. . Upset about him getting the FT record against KU.
Bill Self: winningest coach ever in Allen Fieldhouse. Self has more toes than AFH losses. One of the best EVER.
It's getting old. Year 14 and Bill Self still only has 9 home losses.
History at the Phog. With tonight's victory, Bill Self has more wins at Allen Fieldhouse than any coach in history. He's 207-…
Ok State grad Bill Self will have his Jayhawks improved too by March. Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby!!!
Bill Self looks like he's had a few too many Prairie Village burritos over the offseason
"Part of our responsibility as a university is to provide educational opportunity" -coach Bill Self on Armed Forces Classic in Pearl Harbor
Chris Mullen would have been better than Bill Self.
Talked to Bill Self about KU's "small ball" attack this year: Mason, Graham, Vick, Jackson, Lucas. Will see it more. ht…
Bill Self in Wichita today talking Perry Ellis: "He'll play in the league."
coach Bill Self makes good on a promise to Scott "Scooter" Ward, who remains on the road to recovery...
news - Bill Self makes good on promise to Scott "Scooter" Ward
Bill Self on the Podcast: Kansas' Elite Eight loss to Villanova, Josh Jackson, and the Big 12. https:/…
Bill Self has been unstoppable at Kansas. Will he one day search for a new challenge in the NBA?
What do Bill Self, John Groce, Dave Leitao, Don Showalter, and Porter Moser have in common?
Bill Self, Avery Johnson, Jim Boeheim, Bob Huggins & Chris Holtmann are among the others in the house for this contest.
offer 2019 Grant Sherfield after watching him at the . HC Bill Self was on hand
I caught Bill Self sweeping up my hair droppings while I was at the barber shop once .
Bill Self is nine wins away from 200 at Allen Fieldhouse. It could come Jan. 23 vs. Texas.
item? Sharing the dance floor for "Uptown Funk" at a wedding with KU coach Bill Self? Asking for a friend.
Letters: Bill Self should hire the folks cut from Kansas welfare
Liberal millennials seem to have a lack of self control. It might be a girlfriend of Bill and she needs to rush off of stage.
So the self-appointed grand-inquisitor of Bill Clinton's sexual peccadilloes failed to protect female students from rape at Baylor. Ironic.
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I have no real problem with corps pursuing their self-interest. It's what they do. I have a prob with being told no one…
Employment is in the self-interest of my nation. Pursuing that interest is JUST as valid as a corporation pursuing max…
Borders are in self-interest of my nation. May interfere w/ your markets, but I've ZERO obligation for ur markets to be…
waiting for that Kansas piece since Bill Self gets a pass on being one of the best but terrible in tourney
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Bill Cosby & his trashy self is on the road to dealing with the consequences of his serial rapist behavior. Cheers to the justice system!
Rational ground is treasury bill fitting self-important insofar as him?: KQqCVobYq
Dont diagnose better self restore bill!: oLa
Big 12-SEC men's basketball pairings announced: Kansas coach Bill Self reacts to his team's play during the f...
I am happy to see Bill Cosby get his comeuppance after playing respectability politics for 30 years. He's a down-low self-hater.
So Bill Cosby out here telling on his self?
By self admitted adulterer you mean Bill?
Oh I'm not speaking of her in particular but LGBT SJWs in general. The self-entitlement is absurd.
. We will take that but his words sound like a traitors when following self serving votes. 👀you Abbott
Bill Cosby is going to court. His sick self. It takes a real low life to rape a woman, or put your hands on them. Hang him
For sure, nothing less than another Guenther Bill Self like hire will do. . Illinois has everything a top coach wants
Municipal old men debating uber vs taxis while the robots come up the middle. The future is now.
Bill Cosby was someone I admired greatly as a kid on Cosby show. Sad to see him fall the way he has. Disgraced and self admitted rapist. Sad
Note to self in 1996: In 2016 Hillary Clinton will face Donald Trump for President and Bill Cosby will go on trial for rape.
It's really crazy how they got Bill Cosby's old self in court but these white cops can kill unarmed black people and get off like nothing
Keep slobbing Bill Self and his massively underachieving post-season performances. Must offer some really good inside info / perks.
The Bill O'Rielly show is self destructing! For every 3 or 4 minutes of show content we have to endure 7 to 10 commercials.
very cheap date-hey, after Bill, well I guess ur self respect is all, but gone
See was the FIRST TO SHOW BLACK BROWN Ppl as lawyers and doctors on TV to boost your self esteem we needed it th…
She only cares about herself. I believe Paula Jones said that. She stayed by Bill because she has no pride. Low self esteem
Absolutely, Bill! Do you know 99% Invisible, Lore, Stuff You Should Know, Note to Self, Hidden Brain and TED Radio Hour? Also, do
Be careful not to entrust someone full of self-criticism because they may love you like they love themselves. -Bill Johns…
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If I'm Bill Cosby I would quickly self identify as a women to throw the sexual assault/rape argument out the window.
My dad is in an elite class of having a picture with Bill Self and Travis Kelce at the same time
I think a college coach gets a shot from one or the other. Shaka Smart, Bill Self, Ollie if he's ready to jump
How many times do I have to see Bill Self and his overflowing trophy room before my school wins 1 *** conf title?
Lon Kruger, Tom Izzo, John Calipari, Bill Self, and Shaka Smart on hand to watch 2017 5-stars Troy Brown and PJ Washington.
Roy Williams, John Calipari, Tom Izzo, Bill Self front and center as Mohamed Bamba and DeAndre Ayton square off in the main event
Bill Self + Josh Jackson = Long nights for teams that play the Jayhawks. Will look good @ the Phog Pics by http…
Just saw the Josh Jackson news. Can't say I'm excited. Bill Self's track record with one-and-dones (Wiggins, Oubre, Selby, Henry) is awful
Wiggins continued development just reaffirms my belief that Bill Self is basketball's version of Les Miles.
Basketball Coaches Tennessee passed on or said no Bill Self , Jay Wright , Gregg Marshall etc .
Another award for Bill Self. AP National Coach of the Year! His second national honor. ^JL
Bill Self smells. Mike Brey deserves more credit for what he's done with ND basketball. Just my opinion!
Kansas' Bill Self wins AP Coach of the Year, Chris MacK of Xavier second
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Bill Self and Brett Brown for coach of the year
Bill Self got Gary Parrish 2 write a story abt “scouts” and Svi two years ago in order to motivate Selden. Svi is not an NBA SG.
My March Madness scorecard: Tom Crean is a winner, Bill Self, Coach K not so much
a crying Memorial Stadium with a Brinks truck driven by Charlie Weis with Bill Self juggling and dropping and
Roy Williams didn't win a chip at Kansas. Larry Brown only won one. Bill Self is fine. He'll win another one win its his time.
Pulling for my old friend Bill Self. Thought I had him coming to Lincoln, but he eventually ended up in Lawrence. Can't ima…
Perry Ellis got to play for some great coaches at Kansas Larry Brown,Roy Williams and Bill Self.
No matter how good KU is any season, as long as Bill Self is their coach in March, things like this are going to happen.…
Perry Ellis is the only KU player history to play for James Naismith, Phog Allen, Larry Brown, Roy Williams and Bill Self
Bill Self's resume at is beginning to resemble Bobby Cox's run with the Lauded for absurd consistency, dinged for just 1 title.
Bill Self is the Bobby Cox of CBB. I'll give them credit for coaching during a marathon regular season, but they're awful postseason coaches
Bobby Cox is the MLB version of Bill Self. 🔥
The same people who think Bill Self is the problem with Kansas also thought Bobby Cox was the problem with the Braves. They need help.
Bill Self is the college hoops version of Bobby Cox.
Huh. That's a shocker. Bill Self's Jayhawks eliminated with a really talented team. You never see that.
Why can't Illinois hold on to great coaches? For example Lon Kruger and Bill Self! Both will be in the Final Four this year!!! Figure it out
Tom Crean, Bill Self and Rick Pitino always gonna have at least 1 African on the roster
Kansas coach Bill Self is a spittin image of Sen. Jon Tester
Someone got to meet Bill Self and interviewed by KSNT news
Bill Self has reached his 8th Sweet 16 as the coach. He is 5-2 w/ losses coming in 09 & 13. 5-1 as higher seeded tea…
Remarkable story about KU basketball, but can I still hate Bill Self for abandoning my Illini on the cusp of a national title?
Bill Self, Bruce Weber, Lon Kruger, Shaka Smart, Bob Huggins, Tubby Smith, Scott Drew, Jamie Dixon have all made it to Elite 8 or farther..
hope Bill Self has early practice.. Old man Ellis has to got that 6:30 bedtime
Wayne Selden, Jr. and Perry Ellis live now on Sports Radio 810... Bill Self next.
Kansas coach Bill Self, guard Wayne Selden and forward Perry Ellis speak to the media after the win.
Bill Self, Wayne Selden and Perry Ellis will speak at the podium next.
Only thing that stops Kansas from winning the title is Bill Self
"They made some shots," says Bill Self to Tracy Wolfson, as though he expected a shut-out. (He might well have; he's not far off.)
I'm pretty sure Perry Ellis and Bill Self were neighbors in HS.
Perry Ellis been at Kansas as long as Bill Self. ***
Ellis limping off. Bill Self still standing. I think.
fairly certain Perry Ellis was in Bill Self's first recruiting class at KU
Very cool that Perry Ellis & Bill Self have been at Kansas for the past 13 years
P. Ellis will be the second Bill Self recruit to crack Top 10 in scoring, joining Sherron Collins
AUDIO | Bill Self on UConn's strengths, KU's progress, importance of Ellis & more
Mason and Bill Self must go to the same rug Doctor.
Bill Self on Perry Ellis: "He's very well respected in our league but does not get the credit he deserves nationally."
I hate Kansas with a passion...Devonte Graham better go to the league before Bill Self turns him into a 10 year player like Perry Ellis
I'm sorry but I just don't like how Perry Ellis plays. He might be perfect for Bill Self's system, but I think he would be mediocre at best
lmaoo I remember Bill Self and his assistant broke their necks to check out one of my co workers when I was at the Nike Camp 😂😂😂😂
Bill Self has more Big XII championships than losses at Allen Field House. 🐐
Bill Self has more big 12 championships than he does loses at Allen Field House
Bill Self has to rest Ellis in games during the next two seasons to keep him fresh for the 2017,2018 tourneys respectively.
"PERRY! Right now," exclaimed Bill Self after a careless Perry Ellis turnover.
IU's Tom Crean 1 of 4 finalists for Naismith Coach of the Year. Others are Kansas's Bill Self, Xavier's Chris MacK, Villanova's Jay Wright.
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Bill Self one of four finalists for Naismith Coach of the Year, joining Villanova’s Jay Wright, Indiana’s Tom Crean, Xavi…
Here are the finalists for the Naismith Coach of the Year award: Tom Crean. Chris MacK. Bill Self. Jay Wright.
named one of the Naismith Coaches of the Year along with Bill Self, Tom Crean, and Jay Wright. .
Every player who has played four years under Bill Self has gone to a Final Four. Perry Ellis has still yet to make a Final Four.
Bill Self was coach of Tulsa in '98. Spent time speaking with Self at the Pearl Harbor memorial. Great guy!
Perry Ellis, Bill Self, and the Kanas Jayhawks men's basketball team find themselves on to… … … …
I would cheer for Kansas over quite a few other blue bloods. Give me Bill Self over Calipari, Crean, etc.
From what I heard, Ted Owens had one scholarship left and it came down to Tad Boyle & Bill Self.
Bill Self at Illinois got to two Sweet Sixteens and an Elite Eight. Once missed the second weekend.
Big 12 Tourney championship is 10th in 20 years for Jayhawks, Bill Self's 7th. Roy Williams, Kelvin Sampson with 3 each.
Bill Self to Wayne Seldon. *** of a dunk last night, but Uncle Anthony is going in the upper deck tonight".
Bill Self named National Coach of the Year by .
Kansas's Bill Self is our college basketball Coach of the Year.
Bill Self named Coach of the Year by the Associated Press
Local Weekly Paper Kansas coach Bill Self on Jayhawks' win over Iowa State
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It's crazy that Perry Ellis has been so good under Bill Self, Roy W, AND James Naismith.
Bill Self was there for Perry Ellis' first game when he was guarding Jimmy Chitwood
"Teams that play with joy feel more pleasure than pressure.". -Bill Self
As long as Bill Self stays in Lawrence.
Great stat I heard last night; Bill Self and Scott Drew were both hired the same year; Drew has MORE losses at Allen Fieldhouse than Self
I'm an grad, but growing up in Lawrence made me a die hard fan! Bill Self came from Win.
Bill Self was at Perry Ellis' first high school game. Self was still an assistant at Oklahoma State then, 1992.
Bill Self is the best big man coach in the country. Hope he can coach you next season in Lawrence!
Bill Self is casting his coach of the year vote for Tubby Smith. "I don't think you have to look much fur…
Tubby Smith on Bill Self: "I think he deserves Coach of the Year. I think he's done a fantastic job."
Tubby Smith says Bill Self should be the B12 Coach of the Year. I agree. For the last 12 years.
Kansas coach Bill Self on what Tubby Smith has done this season at
John Calipari, Bill Self, Larry Brown and Jamie Dixon will appear at the Coaches Clinic at on April 8. Load…
Justin Edwards remains angry about Brannen Greene's dunk, calls him out Bill Self style before K-State/KU rematch https…
KU is used to being under pressure and when the right mold is applied (see Bill Self) Pressure Makes Diamonds.
... and a guy unranked in top 1000 seniors in his class by HoopScoop got to talk smack at Bill Self as he rained 3's on Kansas in Elite 8.
The Big 12 is very difficult. And, Bill Self is just ridiculous.
Dukes squeaker W makes me even more grateful that Bill Self now governs my Jayhawks!!
Frank Mason III may be one of the toughest players in the BIg 12. And Bill Self agrees:
This good be the best thing to happen to the Illini sports program since ... Bill Self.
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As a Jayhawk fan, going from Roy Williams to Bill self is like going from a Hyundai to a Honda.
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Roy Williams and Bill Self are by far my least favorite coaches in college basketball.
I'd take Bill Self over Roy Williams any day.
The 1984 Bill Murray movie -- good movie about discovering one's self. and adventure and life.
Watching how Dukeplayed out, I'm thankful Bill Self is the KU coach.
UNC administration should start calling Shaka or Bill Self immediately! Roy needs to step down NOW!
No coach in the country does less with more. Well, maybe Bill Self
is it coincidence that the Bulls want McLemore and Hoiberg spent time with Bill Self during the break?
not when it comes to coaches like coach K bill self Tom Izzo coach Cal he’s at the bottom of that list
Andrew Wiggins really messed up our program bruh bill self a *** for stealing him from us
No hyperbole Bill Self is doing UCLA John Wooden type stuff when it comes to conference streaks. Unprecedented Greatness
Bill Self owes Bill Self a drink. KU wins their titles on their own. Come on now
Oklahoma is 1-3 since it arrived in Manhattan. KU’s path to 12 straight has never looked smoother. Bill Self owes Bruce Weber a drink.
I agree, wish he would of stayed there and we could of got bill self!
Nah Bill Self the most overrated but Roy Williams definitely the stupidest coach in America
nobody loses more big games than Roy Willisms and Bill Self
they should him and Bill self should be fired
I'm self- funding my own Verizon bill so I can say whatever I want.
Bill Self has obviously made a pact with Satan.
Nolan Richardson ain't walking through that door. Razorback BB died when with Bill Self and Frank Broyles. Give MA a break.
Biggest take away from today is that we have photo evidence of Bill Self smiling at Brannen Greene
Bill Self said Fred Hoiberg stopped by Kansas offices yesterday (his daughter works there) & they talked four-guard lin…
Betting against Bill Self in the Big 12 is like betting against Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
Frank Mason jacked in the face with an elbow, called for a foul. Bill Self put it well
Lucas and Ellis help keep KU in the Big 12 title race: . Bill Self said it best. They got punked by West Virgi...
Bill Self uses some type of black magic to keep winning at home and to keep Perry Ellis alive
Who's been at Kanas longer Bill Self or Perry Ellis I forget
it's like Bill Self at OSU. OU's coach went to KSU can't win there
Former Illinois coach Bruce Weber tops former Illinois coach Lon Kruger and former Illinois coach Bill Self is still alive for Big 12 title.
Bill Self has more hair than Perry Ellis
Bill Self has to be feeling tingly after that sequence. Also: Perry Ellis just smiled.
Bill Self didn't like Kansas' Brannen Greene dunking at the buzzer against Kansas State:
On the radio, Bill Self just called Brannen Greene's dunk as time expired a *** move." Wow. Now that's a coach calling ou…
Have you ever wondered why they don't show replays at Allen Field House. I don't know maybe because Bill Self has the refs by the balls
Bill Self will be 202-9 at Allen Field House after tonight. Call your mom and let her know.
Bill Self is 200-9 all-time in Allen Fieldhouse. He has won more Big12 season titles (11) than losses at Phog.
When is a Bill Self team gonna learn to finish strong?
wow, you are impressive. Again, not about Bill Self. Most teams have motivational speakers/coaches.
Bill Self is just going to sit over here and sip some tea while pretending not to know who Cliff Alexander is.
JCBC Prepares to Honor the Life and Legacy of Dr. Bill Self - Johns Creek Baptist Church
Crazy Stat of Day: Bill Self has won more Big 12 regular-season titles at Kansas (11) than he has losses at Allen Fieldho…
I love it when Bill Self does his best Frank Martin. Or was that a Bo Pelini? I bring out the best in him!
In the Bill Self era kind of(besides 2 Final Fours & a title). But you can't argue with 5 national titles and.
Bill Self going full Bobby Hurley. You never go full Bobby Hurley.
Bill Self has led Kansas to more Big 12 regular season titles (11-straight) than he has home losses (9).
Bill Self's record in the Phog is 198-9. He has more conference championships (11) than home losses. That's kooky talk. …
Fun Fact of the Day:. Baylor head coach Scott Drew now has the same number of losses in Allen Fieldhouse as Bill Self (9).
Quinn Snyder was hired the same year as Bill Self...sooo...
Bill Self learned from Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre and rejuvenated the KU offense with a smaller backcourt:
How Kansas coach Bill Self went small and rejuvenated his offense.
Happy 53rd Birthday to Kansas coach Bill Self, former 1981 Oklahoma HS Player of the Year at Edmond Memorial.
What I want to know is if Bill Self has fewer home losses than years Jeff Withey played volleyball.
Danny Manning in our room describing his biggest coaching influences--his dad, Larry Brown and Bill Self.
Speaking of recruiting it sounds like John Calipari and Bill Self were the only HCs at Marshall County. And you wonder why…
Bill Self said Cheick Diallo will come off the bench tonight in his college debut. Also hoping to play the frosh in excess…
Brannen Greene has been suspended 6 games for conduct detrimental to the team KU head coach Bill Self announced.
Tom Izzo vs Bill Self in a no holds barred extreme rules match. Winner gets Jackson
Great story on KU's Bill Self: Self is a sure-fire Naismith Hall of Famer. An amazing coach.
Another strong KU piece by of the TopekaCJ - this time on how Bill Self got his toughness. Good details
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Nice feature on where Bill Self's toughness comes from by
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