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Bill Russell

William Felton Bill Russell (born February 12, 1934) is a retired American professional basketball player who played center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Greatest CHAMPION player (team sports) all-time any era = Bill Russell with 11 NBA, 2 college, 1 Olympic & 2 HS championships. Amazing!!
By y'all's Bill Russell, Sam Jones and John Havlicek the 3 greatest players of all time.
If you going off rings then you forgot Kareem, Magic, Shaq,Duncan,Bill Russell, and Robert Horry
Bill Russell, Sam Jones, John Havlicek, Tom Heinsohn, KC Jones are just a few that won 7+.. That show…
This man is Legend! Bill Russell, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods & Serena Williams. Move over, you just got company!
On behalf of Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor, Chet Walker and the rest of the NBA civil rights activist…
Kevin Durant and Bill Russell share a moment.
Yeh and I said Bill Russell had 11 and Robert Horry got 7... but ppl still say MJ or whoever is greater .. so it's more than that
Bill Russell, rob parish, Larry legend, red Auerbach, (hopeful legend to be)
Nupe, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russell. This is NBA basketball royalty right here.
Bill Russell, Lenny Wilkins are the first that come to mind.
Bill Russell a 60s glorified Thaddeus Young...Duncan not better than Kobe don't get me started on Lebron placement
in 1986, Larry Bird joined Wilt Chamberlain & Bill Russell as the only players to win three straight NBA MVP awards. https:…
"Jordan and Kobe better than LeBron cuz they got more rings!". "What about Bill Russell???"
Sooo? and since I brought up Rings Derek Fisher has 5, Robert Horry has 7 and Bill Russell has 11 🤔🤔
Ion want no more cop outs, no set ups, & excuses. Shoot yah *** shot! Men been throwing up bricks since Bill Russell days, time for change.
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sell Kobe + Giannis and get Julius Erving and Bill Russell
Windhorst: LeBron James has blocked up the Eastern Conference for a decade. No one has done that since Bill Russell, not…
Please stop putting Bill Russell in your top 10 all time
team with Bill russell, Kevin love, Mr.crabs, Jerry West, and Deandre jordan
Quit telling me that God is calling me to preach. That's what Bill always wanted.
What Yogi Berra, Bill Russell, Jack Lambert, and Tim Duncan all had in common
If only rings matter then why isnt Bill Russell the GOAT?
Meh, more like the Bill Russell. Won a lot of titles when everyone was terrible and people think he…
Bill Russell hasn't had tha best career of any player undisputably by tha 'chips measure...?? Yet, we consider Jord…
Bill russell is the GOAT then Jerry West, Horry, Kareem, Jordan
Lmao so MJ is better than Russell because he went 6-0 but Bill Russ…
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Your argument is the rings therefore Bill Russell is the Goat?
Yeah you lost your opinion you dont know basketball. Bill russell 11-1.…
Has anyone tryed out diamond 98 bill Russell
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So Bill Russell is the greatest basketball player ever by that standard
Bill Russell played when at night they would play in the NBA and the day the would work at a factory LOL
If it's all about rings and winning championships. Bill Russell the goat period.
That would actually be bill Russell he had 12 rings I believe
In desperate need of a striker with a jack russell approach.Thinking you would fit the bill
If stats tell the whole story then Bron is better than MJ and Bill Russell is better than everyone lol
Smhh. Than why is wilt and bill russell considered to be an all time great. They played in the same era
And the main Jordan argument is 6 finals appearances, 6 championships, no game 7's. Bill Russell won…
We have to stop using only Rings to support the argument. If that's all then Bill Russell is the GOA…
team with Deandre jordan, kobe bryant, Deandre jordan, Russell westbrook, and Bill russell
Take away the 3 point line and I'd put real money on the Bill Russell Celtics or Wilt Lakers.
This is what it would look like if Bill Russell tried to guard Shaq
team with Mr.crabs, jason Voorhes, Bill russell, kobe bryant, and Caleb Barnes
The Celtics have had good lottery luck ever since I started praying at the Bill Russell statue 😤
Olynyk thinks he's Bill Russell right now.
Bill Russell and Tim Duncan have had better careers then lbj
Ill give you Kareem/Dream/Duncan. But you mean the same Wilt that got ate up by Bill Russell his whole career? That Wilt?
if we going by winning Bill Russell is the greatest
It's posed, but I've always loved this Nat Butler special of Bill Russell ...
David Robinson top 10? LMAO and you have Bill Russell bum *** in your top 10 but says KD has no chance
Ehh 3-peating seems completely arbitrary and subjective. It'd be like a Bill Russell fan saying "Unt…
You're probably not old enough to even have se…
Ok your opinion doesn't matter. You have bill Russell top 10
Bill Russell was traded to the Celtics from the Hawks. Russell to the Celtics; Cliff Hagan & Ed Macaule…
Bill Russell just walked into the restaurant I'm in.
you should have Kareem Abdul-Jabar or Bill Russell on the podcast. Would be fascinating discussion of sports, race, politics.
Bill Russell was a cool 170 pounds. Stop it.
Enter to win a Basketball signed by Celtics Legend Bill Russell. Share w/ your friends and get more entries.
celtics fans haven't been this upset since bill russell was allowed to step foot in the Boston garden and win 11 titles i…
So Bill Russell is the best player of all time?
So bill Russell is the GOAT then? Lol tf and yes Lebron had a lot of success alone. Just didn't win…
Bill Russell is the same size than Dwight Howard.
Jordan isn't even better than Bill Russell
Bill Russell walks through the door
Grady Little was a decent manager! Bill Russell was backstabbed by Lasorda and never got a real shot to see if he w…
Bad managers don't deserve jobs. Let him go join the ranks of Bill Russell, Glenn Hoffman and Grady Little.
With the first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select Bill Russell, University of San Francisco.
When players say it's all about championships... Bill Russell doesn't have enough fingers for all of his.…
Larry Bird & Kevin Mcale. Bob Cousey and Bill Russell. Paul Peirce and KG lol but Kelly n Th…
*** always wanna go to rings to defend MJ but wanna ignore Bill Russell, Havlicek, Kareem and it oochie wall…
Sure Jordan will prolly end up with more when LBJ is done but by that argument Bill Russell is the GOAT.…
There are no other elites. That's the point. This would be like saying Bill Russell is the b…
King Solomon would be on the Celtics dynasty with Bill Russell
I say it's apart of your city history. Bill Russell even wrote about i…
Boston ppl tried to block Bill Russell from buying a home,failed,tried buy the home.Later they broke into his home and d…
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Robert "Big Shot Bob" Horry is the most decorated role player not named Bill Russell in NBA history
Speaking of Adam Jones, here's Boston legend Bill Russell on racism in Boston.
Lopez with 4 of Bulls 10 offensive rebounds; Celtics with 5; Bill Russell turns off his TV; 50-42 Bulls
How can we get Dell to convince Angie that Asik is the next Bill Russell?
Our big men make Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis look like Bill Russell and Dennis Rodman rebounding the ball.
Tony Parker has now played more career playoff minutes than Bill Russell. He moves to 10th in history with 7,498 postseason…
1. Bill Russell is a player so it's not 2. It's not like woody Hayes even th…
No disrespect but Bill Russell would be Stromile Swift in the modern age of basketball
If you a bad choice to see Bill Russell or Oscar Robinson or play, who would you choose?
Roy Campanella batted eighth on Opening Day three times. Bill Russell holds the record with seven times.
Woods openly stated his goal of breaking Major record. If Jordan started his career chasing Bill Russell titles would his.
did people already know about this photo where Bill Russell looks like Shaq's proud dad? (Sporting News/Getty Image…
Patrick Ewing left Cambridge, MA to play in the Big East for Coach John Thompson, who backed up Bill Russell & was mentored by Red Auerbach.
the Ray Allen situation just makes *** pick sides. None of them *** show Bill Russell enough love so.
The making of Rudy Gobert, "the Utah Jazz version of Bill Russell"
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NBA 1961-62 season: Wilt averages 50 and 25. Oscar averages a triple double. MVP awarded to? Bill Russell. And yes, they got it right.
How many titles would LeBron James have won if he replaced Bill Russell in Boston? Ready. Set. Go
David Feherty's favorite interview subject so far on has been Bill Russell.
More than 20. Best era ever. Bill Russell wouldn't be a top 10 player in this league.
Wilt Chamberlin and Bill Russell are not top 10
thank God for breaking the color barrier and paving the way for MJ, Magic, Bill Russell, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, King many
Bill Russell and were born one week apart in 1934
Off the made Elgin Baylor basket, Bill Russell wastes no time in taking advantage of the slow trot back on defense by…
Join us in wishing Hall of Famer & legend Bill Russell a Happy 83rd Birthday! ☘🎊
Happy Birthday, Bill Russell! Celebrate with 25% off his jersey: Use code RUSS25, today only! https:/…
Celtics legend and all-time NBA great Bill Russell turns 83 today
How about Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlin too ... LOL LOL LOL ! Still not…
The dream I keep having is Bill Russell vs Greg Oden in a "which one is which" match.
Boston has the best 4-sport Mt. Rushmore of any U.S. city by far - Tom Brady (NFL), Bill Russell (NBA), Ted Williams (MLB), Bobby Orr (NHL)
That being the case? The ultimate winning barometer for men's sports is Bill Russell, NOT Michael Jordan. Serena Williams exists as well...
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CA has given New England Brady, Ted Williams, Bill Russell, Nomar, Paul Pierce...and we get frick'n Frank McCourt!
Name one center in the college or the pros who could get a shot off or go head up with Chamberlain, Bill Russell or Nate Thurmond?
sign Rick Barry and Bill Russell in an effort to get younger
Garnett and Wallace act like they are Bill Russell and Kareem. should ask them how many times he punished and embarrassed them.
if you don't know what he's referencing here, it's Tommy on Bill Russell and the Ted Williams tunnel
Bill Russell averaged 18.9 points & 23.6 rebounds and ended up getting MVP over Wilt Chamberlin.
just curious Rob Gronkowski and Randy Moss both played for the Pats right? Brady is Bill Russell great HOF player not GOAT
If you want Togo on rings then Brady is Bill Russell
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown and Bill Russell are the recipients of the 2016 Muhammad Ali Legacy Award
I'm just happy we came into 2017 wit Smokey Robinson, Bill Russell, Henry Winkler, Michael Franks, Betty White, Morgan Freeman & many more
Larry Sanders Show was definitely the Bill Russell of hour long comedy
Mount Rushmore of Boston athletes. Who makes it? Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, and Tom Brady according to Bob Ryan.
Here's Bill Russell presenting a bag full of $15,000 to Bob Lanier. It's like they just pulled off THE BIG SCORE in…
Yup & Yup. Has Brooks or Eagles been in contact with Bill Russell, King of the Pregame Heaves in a less sensitive era?
"What these young bloods have to understand is that this game always was, and will always be, about buckets". -Bill Russell
Bill Russell and Bob Devaney. Tuesday throwback to a couple of legends (source:
Bill Russell beat Bob in the Finals in 57, 60, and 61 but never got the loser tag like Wilt did.
Geno Auriemma is the Bill Russell of women's college basketball. 11 rings!
Remind me, did Bill Russell, 6-9, 215, win championships in the 3 point era? Dave Cowens, 6-9, 230? Willis Reed, 6-…
Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili now have more wins than Bill Russell & Sam Jones. Parker & Ginobili now have 5th most as a d…
Basketball people to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom under Obama: Bill Russell, Dean Smith, Pat Summit, Kareem, MJ.
Jaylen Brown only the 6th top-5 draft pick in Celtics history joining Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, Kevin McHale, Len Bias…
Wilt Chamberlain tries to shoot against Bill Russell during an NBA Finals game, 1969.
Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain: One of the great NBA rivalries in the '60s. They met 142 times in their careers.
6 days till the . Bill Russell. Won 13 championships as a Player and Coach and was the NBA's first real…
"Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory." -Bill Russell
Bill Russell and I have 11 nba championship runs between us
Boston fans shat in Bill Russell's house in the 60s. . They're coming after these two brothers.
Today in 1976: catcher Steve Yeager is nearly killed by Bill Russell's broken bat.
sports has always been an immense driver of social change. Think Jesse Owens, Bill Russell, Jackie Robinson.
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Sports been used for social change. Look at history from Jackie Robinson to Bill Russell n Jesse Owens
Did Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell have all the answers? Nope. So why should Colin?
My top 5 NBA players of all time:. 1.Michael Jordan. 2.Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 3.Magich Johnson. 4.Bill Russell. 5.Wilt Chamberlain
I just flocked Bill Russell's crib. Stole da rings off his fingers and pinky toe. Sold it to Karl Malone. I own Utah
no he wouldn't be. Bill Russell played against a handful of Hall of Fame centers in his day
what if Bill Russell played in modern Nba ? Wouldn't he be like 2008 Dwight Howard or DeAndre Jordan ? Love your channel bro
my record looks like Phil Jackson and pat Riley had a baby,my brothers are MJ and LBJ, and Bill Russell is my uncle
I mean 60s Celtics had Bob Cousy, Bill Russell and Sam Jones if we really taking t back
Michael Jordan found social conscious at 53 yrs...when he had nothing to lose. A modern day Bill Russell!
Never met a female who ask for other females,when I do,she's the real champion,she took Michael Jor...forget that she took Bill Russell spot
Jim Brown and Bill Russell have been critical of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods for years for not speaking out.
With exception of Larry Bird, Bill Russell and John Havlicek, which Boston Celtics legend would fit best on curr...
They always have, to a degree. No one will confuse him for Bill Russell as a leader. He's a well-liked pro's pro.
Tim Duncan and Bill Russell: the two greatest teammates and winners ever
Bill Russell could imagine playing with Bob Cousy and John Havlicek.
Teams in the 70s and 80s had 6 or 7 Hall of Famers. You gonna tell me Bill Russell shouldn't have stayed on the Celtics cause it was unfair?
Which MLB Hall of Famer was a better basketball player in high school than his teammate Bill Russell? Top CA HS duos
Bill Russell played with 10 Hall of Famers. That's hilarious.
A list of players who will fill out roster: Festus Ezeli, myself, Bill Russell, steve Kerr, and Brian Cardinal.
Come on KD. You'll get Reggie's retired Larry Bird, Bill Russell, the city of David Ortiz, Tom Brady...
I'm gonna be mad if we had a Bill Russell clone waiting and gave a bunch of minutes to *** David Lee.
Now, the Celtics are gonna sign KD, trade for Hayward, activate the Bill Russell clone and inject Larry Bird with the Be…
I called this months ago, They missed out on Bill Russell & David Ortiz though
Bill Russell, Kevin McHale, Bob Cousy and John Havlicek are there. All Hall of Famers.
Bring in Bill Russell and Larry Bird and David Ortiz and Bobby Orr, too.
Man if the C's brought David Ortiz and Bill Russell as well? The room would light up from all the rings
Tom Brady is going to be at the Celtics meeting with KD? Bring in Bill Russell, David Ortiz, and Pedro Martinez while they are at it.
get Bill Russell and David Ortiz and it's a gg
The Celtics crew pitching to Durant should include Bill Russell, Paul Pierce, Tom Brady & David Ortiz. "You can be one of us, Kev."
If I'm Boston, I bring Bill Russell to the Celtics meeting with Kevin Durant. Show him 11 rings and tell him he can be the ne…
If Danny Ainge is smart, he'll ask Tom Brady, David Ortiz and Bill Russell to come for their meeting with
Bill Russell is one of the worst finals performers of all time Sam Jones was miles above him in big games
11x champ Bill Russell reflects with on the biggest two words in sports, GAME SEVEN!.
You saying Bill Russell is the best of all time then. Sam Jones, Havlicek, Robert Horry, Bob Cousy all better than Kobe
i dont get why LBJ fans always say "well i guess you think Bill Russell and Sam Jones are the goat" to eboK* stans lol
& great, Sam Jones born in Wilmington. (1933); hall of famer's 10 Championship rings only exceeded by Bill Russell.
Larry Bird,Tracey McGrady, Reggie Miller, Bill Russell, Vince Carter, D wade you could of said anybody but curry😕..
Of course, if titles are the mark of greatness, Bill Russell is the GOAT - by a wide margin.
Wait, what about MJ? Bill Russell? Larry Bird??? All those guys that are better than the King?
Tyronn Lue is the youngest to coach in an NBA Finals Game 7 since Bill Russell (1969) as a player/coach.
LeBron James and Bill Russell share a moment after the game.
Well... you included Oscar Robertson and Bill Russell, so I won't give you major arguments on Erving or Stockton. :-)
that is why I had him at 2. I wish I got to see Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell and Wilt play.
I want to hug Bill Russell. Look how sweet he is!
If it wasn't for MJ, Kobe, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell & Wilt'd have to call Lebron the G.O.A.T.
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All decisions the NBA makes should go through Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Bill Russell, Magic, Jordan, etc. Not some yuppie *** bags.
the KG/Bill Russell moment and when Paul Pierce got the MVP trophy, both so electric
Bill Russell with 10 rings (I think) and Oscar Robertson the man who averaged triple double for a season?
At times like this, I really wish I saw guys like Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, etc. play.
Bill Russell think he can sit next to THE MIKE MILLER?
How did Mike Miller get to sit between TMac and Bill Russell? Most random guy ever
Steph Curry is one win from joining LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell as only players to win back-to-back…
Ali, Jim Brown, Lew Alcindor&Bill Russell all together in support of Ali's refusal to enlist. Powerful work from athletes.
Jim Brown, Cassius Clay, Bill Russell, Lew Alcindor were athletes that young athletes will never get a chance to understand
just a question. Bill Russell should be if we are talking ribs
Bill Russell has 11 is he better than Mike ? That's your logic
Lebron should have block/rebounded that Curry layup Bill Russell style.
...Those 3 players from this 1958-1959 Boston Celtics team were Bob Cousy, my uncle Bill Sharman and Bill Russell
Interesting how counting titles negates everything else except when it comes to Bill Russell's 11 titles lol
“Bill Russell and Friends” to Perform at THE MATTHEWS, June 30 and July 3 via
"Bill Russell wanted to win every game, he was willing to do anything necessary." legend /member Thomas 'Satch' Sanders
that's like saying Bill Russell is better than Wes Unsled
Tbh, i'm just waiting for Bill Russell to claim his celtics will beat the warriors. After that, the list is complete
Jordan's the greatest champion Lebron the greatest player, where as Bill Russell was the greatest champion and magic was the greatest player
sorry just woke up the tism is still in me but isnt there like a secret way to get magic? Idk bout bill russell tho
One of my neighbors looks like Bill Russell
Bill Russell played every game in racist Boston but he was a rider for the civil rights movement and Ali
10/10 excited to be seeing Bill Bailey in two weeks and Russell Howard next March
If it weren't for Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain would be the greatest player ever.
Bill Russell didn't let outright racism stop him from being the best in the NBA. Don't let it stop you!
team with spongebob, david west, Bill russell, Dwight Howard, and justin riley
"He knew how to be a friend.". Bill Russell on the passing of Muhammad Ali:
rings only matter to a certain degree, cause if that's the case bill Russell the goat
NEW EPISODE! Discussing the Celtics' battles with Knicks and Pistons near the end of Bill Russell's career.
the GREAT bill russell said in that commercial THIS GAME ALWAYS HAS BEN AND ALWAYS WILL B ABOUT BUCKETS how is lebron top 5?
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LeBron James said he is no Jordan and no Ali. True, but you are no Bill Russell either and YOU WILL NEVER WILL BE!
Bill Russell and Jackie Robinson dropping science on American racism, Muhammad Ali, and the Vietnam War.
please don't insult Bill Russell like that
Bill Russell, discussing the public beach at Ramsey Creek Park
The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I’d made my teammates play. – Bill Russell
I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the ...
Here's 135 games of archived blocked shots data from Bill Russell. ~ 8.1 per game:
team with Russell westbrook, patrick, patrick, damian lillard, and Bill russell
Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Bill Burr, Louis C.K, Russell Peters... those are the ones I can recall right now.
Met Jordan. Met Magic. Met Mays and Aaron. Met Bill Russell and Jim Brown. Legends and champions. Ali was king of all…
team with Bill russell, Larry Bird, Goku, Vegeta, and Deandre jordan
I'm just saying bill Russell is best player that ever lived. 11 rings
Bill Russell to Kevin Garnett - "You have no idea how proud I am of you, I couldn't be any more proud of you than I am…
Russell Westbrook looks like he was in The Land Before Time
wouldnt it be fun to be a legend in the same city as Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady, and Red.
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Bill Russell greatest winner of all time, MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN G.O.A.T.
Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bobby Mitchell, Sid Williams and more were all present at a summit hosted by Ali in 1967.
Bill Russell and Gary Payton could help him with his defense and I don't think it would work.
If Curry do what he does now against Bill Russell, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, or even Gary Payton, he'll be worth the talk. Nobody plays D now!
I'm your case Bill Russell the greatest player ever. Since that's what stats say he got 11, that logic is retarded
LeBron James ready to step in Bill Russell's footprints
Thirty years ago today, Larry Bird joined Bill Russell & Wilt Chamberlain as the only players with 3 straight MVPs.
Lebron has relegated the East to looking like when Bill Russell played as far as advancing to the finals. That. Is. Craz…
45. Wilt had good competition at C. Including Nate Thurmond, Bill Russell, Willis Reed, Zelmo Beaty, Walt Ballamy etc
Neither did Kobe, Jordan, Duncan, Larry Bird or even Bill Russell
like Bill Russell, Willis Reed, Jerry lucas and Walt bellamy?
Only Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, LBJ, MJ, David Robinson and Bill Russell had more WS than CP3 through their first 10 NBA seasons.
I'd be a nervous wreck if legends like Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were watching me play in the playoffs.
Michael Jordan wins his 5th MVP Award, tied for the 2nd-most league MVP awards with Bill Russell.
From the Kevin Garnett sits down with legend Bill Russell!
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get diamond MVP Oscar Robertson, MVP KD, and Diamond historic Bill Russell or Amethyst DPOY David Robinson
"He's closest thing to Bill Russell we've seen." Whatever Tim Duncan does next, we should celebrate.
Column: An appreciation of Tim Duncan ... closest thing we've seen in the modern NBA to Bill Russell. SLL link --> https…
Also Mitch played with David Bing who played against Wilt,Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russell in their primes
bro.. you got Shaq, David Robinson, Bill Russell, Kareem, Patrick Ewing and then you have the new guys like Anthony Davis.
My all time starting lineup would be:. PG: Oscar Robertson. SG: Michael Jordan. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Kevin Garnett. C: Bill Russell
Riley curry has been with more dudes then Bill Russell has rings
Steph Curry!. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and LeBron James never did that.
Kareem, Bill Russell, Jordan the GOAT, Jerry West are players that are better than LBJ currently.
I think LeBron is right this time. I think Jordan is the G.O.A.T. and Bill Russell is the Most Valuable Player of all time!
The only guys who can complain the NBA is watered down are Bob Cousy and Bill Russell.
LeBron James never did it. Neither did Magic Johnson or Larry Bird, or Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell. Even...
Joe Johnson is the Bill Russell of this game
Charles Barkley obviously never saw Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Wes Unseld play, talkin bout great offensive rebounders.
first three in order then the rest you can debate 1.kareem 2.jordan 3.magic and then Kobe,Shaq, Oscar Robinson,Bill Russell,
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and BTW, I'd say Lebron is in the top 5. MJ, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and Kobe are the top 4
That's the same thing people said about Greg Oden and Bill Russell? Lol. Like comparing these two guys? There is no comparison.
again who cares your old *** prob sat next to Bill Russell on the bus in middle school
How's this for a list: Bill Russell, McLovin, Malcolm Butler, and of course, LeGarrette Blount will be at Game 6.
On this day 50 years ago, Boston's Bill Russell became the first African-American head coach in any major pro sport.
Bill Russell going up for 125k on PS4 next refresh with 12 gold badges
Today in 1966, the Celtics name Bill Russell player-coach, making him the first black head coach in pro sports. https:/…
In fairness, I also feel like the Sacramento Kings are a vintage Mike Jordan and Bill Russell shy of the eight spot in the West...
Bill Russell was born to Charles Russell and Katie Russell in West Monroe, Louisiana. West Monroe was strictly...
By the "rings determine who's the best player" logic. Bill Russell and Robert Horry are 2 of the greatest players of all time
Bo Jackson; Deion Sanders; Bill Russell; Jesse Owens all in the conversation. Jackie Joyner Kersee too?
so should we post Robert Horry's also? Or how about Bill Russell
Robert Horry > Kobe . Horry got more rings . Bill Russell > Kobe , Russell got more rings
Asked my bro what he was up to and he said "waiting for Leon Powe outside his crib. the other day i scooped Bill Russell and Larry Bird"
because ill shut you down quickly w/ Bill Russell and Robert Horry
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love how people always wanna use rings to measure greatness but they nicely forget that Bill Russell has ELEVEN of um...
Bill Russell got 11 rings.Robert Horry got 7 rings.
.got a post-game congratulations from Bill Russell ☘
Yeah I think Bill Russell, Kevin McHale & Bill Walton give an emotional halftime speech for their comeback!
Bill Russell - my all time favorite player since I was in third grade. Little Billy from La Mesa
Robert Horry and Bill Russell better then MJ with that argument
Robert Horry has 7 rings and Bill Russell has 11 so what u saying?
Robert Horry as 7 and that's most as a player next to Bill Russell
VIDEO: Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and Ty Law join David Ortiz to throw out the 1st pitch!
Boston sports legends on the field for the first pitch- Bobby Orr, Ty Law, Bill Russell & David Ortiz http…
Bill Russell, Bobby Orr and Ty Law join David Ortiz in his final home opener of his career.
Robert Horry is the greatest player since Bill Russell idk why this joker keeps talking about Derek Fisher
Boston’s finest!. Ty Law, Bill Russell and Bobby Orr toasted David Ortiz at Big Papi's final home opener at Fenway.
Jack Clark hit a ground ball to Bill Russell in the first inning. Clark was safe at first, called it a error. 😖
Who tf is Tim Russ *** look like Bill Russell in the face
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things I trust more than Russell. Drinks from Bill Cosby. OJ Simpsons alibi. Babs.
I trust a glass of wine from Bill Cosby more than D'Angelo russell
Who should be on our Mount Rushmore of Boston sports? Here's suggestions
"I go hard like I'm Bill Russell, 11 rings". SC: Tmacdeflare2
team with Kevin love, Caleb Barnes, Bill russell, batman, and Jerry West
Bill Plaschke: This is a big rookie mistake for D'Angelo Russell
I was thinking about getting MVP Bill Russell
Hope that Tracy McGrady is ACTUALLY in Packs like Bill Russell lmao prob a joke though and there wont be any pulled :( .
Awesome sight at ADL dinner for CEO Rick Welts: the great Bill Russell is in attendance.
team with blake griffin, jason Voorhes, stephen curry, James Harden, and Bill russell
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