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Bill Roache

William Patrick Harry Roache MBE (born 25 April 1932) is a British actor, best known for his role as Ken Barlow in the soap opera Coronation Street.

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Mike from Wilmslow saw Bill Tarmey in Asda at Ashton AND Bill Roache at a petrol station in Handforth. PLAYER!
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They could have at least gone for the Bill Roache spelling to honour the…
Coronation Street spoilers: Bill Roache reveals all as Ken Barlow is left for dead in whodunnit mystery - Metro…
Bill Roache reacts to shock Ken Barlow attack via
Istri Kenikmatan Coronation Street icon Jean Alexander will take a final bow on the cobbles with Bill Roache tribute …
oh that's what it was! My memory is getting hazy...I remember bill roache spanking one of the breakfast presenters 😳
it was something like a tour, I remember the ads for it, not sure about Bill roache was in it...
Time to crack on with to pay this monumental bill then!
.star Bill Roache MBE will be playing at this year! Get FREE tickets now:
Bill Roache: 'Live episodes are a horrible nightmare'
I always muddle Ken Loach with Ken Barlow and Bill Roache. They're all the same person really.
A bill backed by St John's Ambulance, Red Cross & BHF is hardly 'on a minister's whim'.
Well done yet again, Tory voters >>. Tory MPs pointlessly block bill to give first aid training to children.
House bill on refugees could halt visas for Iraqi translators
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I'm sort of waiting for Bill Roache to be the next in line to take a break now that they've turned Ken Barlow into a total ***
Old *** roache crawling back to Nah_not after what Bill has done 2so many
William (Bill) Roache would you be able to contact him as i'd love to Interview him
From the Archive - : Bruce Springsteen. He's no Bill Roache, but we totally would.
I hope doesn't support your homophobic views, do you have permission to use that photo of Bill Roache or have you stolen it
Coronation Street's Bill Roache reveals his sadness at the death of ...
Find out why Coronation Street Veteran Bill Roache is in his hometown today on
Especially great to see Bill Roache and Michael Le Vell in after their recent issues
It does seem like a huge effort,but I quite enjoy the buzz. Bill Roache always says he hates them,yet always appears.
Bill Roache: Corrie cast 'excited' ahead of live episode
.legend Bill Roache tells us there's a 'tremendous feeling of excitement' ahead of tomorrow's
Bill Roache's heartache over loss of two dearest friends, Anne and ...
I'll see your William Roache, and raise it with a Bill Tarmey.
Bill Roache actually asked if he could foreword the books. He believes they will make a difference.
A Diana story, Military Bands CD and a quote from Bill Roache about Cilla. Top quality journalism right there.
Proud to announce that I temporarily muddled with namesake Ken&wondered why anyone wld want Bill Roache singing at their wedding
Coronation Street's Bill Roache: 'I'm in the live episode but I won't enjoy it': The Ken Barlow a...
Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) has confirmed that he will be in the live episode, although he may not enjoy it
Am I the only one that thinks Bill Roache looks like Albert Nobbs?
A tearful Bill Roache told ITV News he saw his on-screen wife Anne Kirkbride just yesterday. "She was such a powerful presence Annie and a truly beautiful person," the Coronation Street star said. Click here to watch more:
Such beautiful words from Bill Roache on the news❤️
Bill 'The *** Roache talking about his on-off-on-off-on-off-on screen relationship with Anne Kirkbride.
"She was a very beautiful soul". Bill Roache pays tribute to colleague of 40-years Anne Kirkbride. 1330.
Has everyone forgotten Bill Roache is a paedophile?
This Morning chat to Bill Roache, who plays Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, following the death of his on-screen wife Anne Kirkbride.
Lovely interview tonight Lucy with Bill Roache done the right way, the way. Lovely words from Bill.
Listening 2 Bill Roache talking about his onscreen wife & offscreen good friend is emotional. I can see how he cared 4 her
How lovely the tribute from Bill Roache to Anne Kirkbride
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Bill Roache on ITV about deirdre's death - "she looked like a 16YO child, she was really beautiful." Bad choice of words there
Can't believe what Bill Roache just said 🙈
so sad to hear Bill Roache talk about Anne Kirkbride he's so upset hes lost his best friend but he said goodbye to her
Bill Roache on Granada Reports is breaking my heart!! 😪
I had no idea he lived on the set. BBC News - Bill Roache: 'It's going to be bleak without Anne'
Just watched Bill Roache and Kirean Roberts on This Morning. It was heart wrenching. X
One of the few special close friends who went to see Anne in hospital to say goodbye was Bill Roache who played her on screen husband Ken Barlow. They'd shared so much over the years he said he couldn't imagine life without her. He tells Granada Report's Lucy Meacock that one of the hard…
Bill Roache ''It's going to be bleak without Anne''
VIDEO: Bill Roache pays tribute to Anne -
'Corrie' legend Bill Roache pays emotional tribute to his onscreen wife, Anne Kirkbride
Coronation Street cancels filming as cast arrive 'too sad' following Anne Kirkbride's death:
Orchids on the Coronation Street set. Bill Roache told me: 'we all came in to work today - and found we couldn't' http:/…
Most read on Bill Roache pays tearful tribute to his wife Anne Kirkbride
would you ever make a documentary with Bill Roache."Comparing Carpet Samples"? What a discussion you could have !
Nobody charged the false accusers of celebrities such as Bill Roache, or Dave Lee Travis or Jimmy Tarbuck or Jim...
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Sitting in a beer garden watching Bill Roache aka Ken Barlow play jenga! That's just how we roll ha! ☀😂
Feel familiar? Bill Roache returns to first scenes of filming after trial acquittal... at Weatherfield C…
Bill Roache returns 2 Coronation st 4 the 1st time aftr trial acquittal filmin scenes at Weatherfield Crown Court
Bill Roache returns to Corrie for the first time after trial acquittal via
Bill Roache returns to Coronation Street for the first time after trial acquittal... filming scenes at Weatherfield C
Bill Roache is back on the set of Coronation Street. ITV's confirmed that today's his first day back filming on the soap
Entertainment Today, quick recap. Warner Bros has announced the full title for the Man Of Steel sequel. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, starring Ben Affleck & Henry Cavil, will hit cinemas on April 29th 2016. Bill Roache is returning to Coronation Street. He’ll be back on screen from August. ITV has announced the new cast members for Broadchurch 2. Marianne Jean Baptiste (Secrets & Lies, Without A Trace) & Eve Myles (Torchwood) will play central characters, alongside Olivia Colman and David Tennant. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and James D'Arcy are also joining the cast. Disney has teamed up with Unicef to give Star Wars fans the chance to win a part in the new Episode VII if they donate.
Prosecution hears how Rolf Harris was apparently called "Octopus". Which, coincidentally (of course), was what a bunch of middle-aged women colluded to say Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) was known as too. Must be a key word in the 'Operation Yewtree False Allegations Handbook'. Glad I'm immune to this tidal wave of idiocy.
Manchester United sign veteran Coronation Street star Bill Roache on loan until the end of the season
So this week it is Max Clifford and Nigel Evans M P turn to headline the TV shows formerly called the news. Dave Lee Travis, Jim Davidson, Bill Roache, Micheal Le Vell are the CPS just working on the theory if they arrest enough people someone eventually must be guilty? We will watch and see, and then of course Rolf Harris next I suppose.
Bill Roache is demanding an apology from police over his rape and sex abuse trial. The Corrie star, cleared of 7 charges, wants to know why a case was brought against him with so little evidence. The Corrie star is ready to use legal action against the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to get to the truth now the dust has settled on his acquittal last month. His lawyers have already fired off a furious letter to Lancashire Police setting out concerns he and his legal team have. The police have replied, but those close to the 81-year-old actor say he and his family were left disappointed by their response so the Ken Barlow actor will sit down for a meeting with lawyers next week after telling friends: “The least I deserve is for someone to say sorry.”
Bill Roache 'to meet Coronation Street bosses in three weeks' to discuss soap return as Ken Barlow
So does the Coronation Street shagger Bill Roache.
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After recent form Man utd and Man city are both looking to get the best defence in Manchester,but Bill Roache says hes keeping them for next time!!
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funny how the all lefty the man haters never had these men guilty until proven innocent like they did with Bill Roache etc.
Jimmy Carr, Bill Roache and Chris Moyles tax avoiders? Surely not! (snigger)
Bill Roache says he misheard verdict and thought he was going to jail via
assumes that the night of the Clegg v Farage debate will see an hour-long special on the other side in which to welcome back Ken Barlow, followed by a documentary on the life of Bill Roache to fill any remaining time.
Bill Roache alleged victim planning civil court action because cops 'failed her' Good luck to her
DPP defends decision to prosecute Bill Roache and Dave Lee Travis: The Director of Public Prosecutions has def...
.has first interview with DPP since the acquitals of Bill Roache and DLT
with Dave Lee Travis And Bill Roache both coming in as innocent for these olden day crimes I reckon Jimmy is to
Why r ppl like Bill Roache and Dave Lee Travis still being looked into? Theyre probs guilty bt its a real waste of ££ for no serious outcome
DPP defends failed prosecutions of Bill Roache and Dave Lee Travis saying CPS review had changed h...
CPS shrugs off questions over Dave Lee Travis and Bill Roache's acquittal
Was it ever likely that Bill Roache and DLT court cases would not end in acquittals? | via
I guess he has foot in mouth moments like England's Bill Roache in the "rape" statement
Hostile takeover of Dunkin Donuts by Private Equity firm KKR? Could recently exonerated UK soap star Bill Roache be fronting the bid?
Bill Roache would no doubt concur with you.
CPS mustn't lose it's nerve over rape and child abuse cases. .
since ur in Athlone 2nite, any chance of u coming 2 No.54 Mulberry in Sligo on Thursday? …
A balanced piece by on how CPS must not lose their nerve over rape cases in light of acquittals
To prosecute or not to prosecute, that is the question facing the CPS
Rape and child abuse cases: CPS mustn't lose its nerve after Bill Roache acquittal | via
it’s a drama about the conception, Jessie Wallace plays pat pheonix very well, bill roache son plays his dad, it’s very good
Bill Roache, Oscar Pistorious, Cricket match fixing, Phone hacking, can't think of any more news stories I want to include. I'm done..
Text from Bill Roache: "Knees-up at my place tonight to celebrate. Feel free to bring Charlie along ;-)" . What the h…
I wonder if Jimmy Savile had been alive and could have defended himself with the same type of solicitors as Dave Lee Travis, Bill Roache and Michael Le Vell would he have also been found innocent. ?
Bill Roache: Lancashire Police release statement on verdict - Police say they "entirely respect" jury's decision to find the actor not guilty. -
Sorry for the serious status but this is really starting to *** me off bill roache found not guilty, dlt not guilty and normal young lads like these getting their lives ruined everyday, their faces plastered all over the papers, but where are the pictures of the women who falsely accoused them, where is their day in court? What if one of those lads kills himself because he can't stand the whispers and suspicious looks, will she get done for murder? I understand that anonymity is a good thing and gives women who have genuinely been raped the confidence and safety to come forward, but it's also providing an opportunity for these disgusting women to make a mockery of not only women who have genuinly been raped but also ruining mens lives in the process!
Well.after my last post it looks like I would have more of a chance winning a court case against Bill Roache then that happening!
Dave Lee Travis found not guilty , bill roache found not guilty, I wonder if the late Jimmy Savile had been found not guilty if he were alive to stand trail. ! Shame we will never know...WILL WE.!
So, in 1965, when Bill Roache dragged you into the toilets and raped you, you didn't struggle or scream? "I did, I yelled, 'Help! I need somebody! Help!'" And what happened? "About four or five people sang along."
Bill Roache - NOT GUILTY Dave Lee Travis - NOT GUILTY The Police - GUILTY of seriously overreacting after the Jimmy Savile case and of totally wasting the taxpayer's money
Bill Roache And Dave Lee Travis: We knew what the verdicts were going to be, because the establishment brought those cases for the purpose. But you remember this BBC and your overstuffed poof friends. An old man died here last … Continue reading…
Dave Le Travis , Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell all cleared in court, but Max Clifford and Rolf Harris trials still to come in next 2 months
I wonder what Dave Lee Travis and bill roache got for valentines day ? A free pass I guess !
So after bill roache d l t is found not guilty the police and cps are furious what can we do we couldn't fit him up they are going for a retrial . If that don't work bet they find more witnesses the law in this country is third world at best admit you got it wrong and gain some respect
DLT walks free the week after Bill Roache, okay where would Jimmy Saville be if he were alive to defend himself?
It's v uncomfortable to see now 2 well known men dlt and Bill Roache go through trail by media and both cleared at crown court, its all very left win hysteria in the media by the likes of the BBC, because they missed the real one seville, who going to be next in the media firing line.
Not one to rant! Well actually I do but can someone please tell me how on earth was the trial of DLT and Bill Roache allowed to go ahead what a waste of public money and theirs complete disgrace people who allowed it should be sacked
So- Bill Roache cleared DLT cleared, is it in the public interest to waste public monies on these trials?? Seems most have no scientific evidence to back them up, but carry on with multi million pound court cases we don't need the money anywhere else !
When men and women (predominantly women) accuse people of sexual offenses they are quite rightly afforded anonymity throughout the court proceedings. If however those accusations are found to be nothing more than vicious lies then that anonymity should be removed and they should be named and shamed! Why should the likes of Bill Roache, Jim Davidson, Dave Lee Travis and Michael Le Vell have to suffer months and months of public hate and vitriol on a daily basis while the accuser gets to live their life without reprisal? It's wrong, very very wrong! I'm fairly sure that by removing the safety net of anonymity we'll find that far fewer scurrilous accusations will take place.
DLT and Bill Roache now both found not guilty of sex charges. That leaves Rolf Harris to go. It's difficult to form a view - yes people should be held to account for actions, whenever they were. On the other hand it is sometimes wrong to judge one era's standards by those of another. We have seen plenty of historical apologies and other re runs of historical events. Another point is the difficulty of establishing guilt at this distance vs. the difficulty of defending something you did or did not do 40 odd years ago . Who knows where they were on a day all that time ago? If they are victims of some function of celebrity worship I feel sorry for them. If they really are innocent and not just unproven they have still been through massive stress and well, mud sticks. On a social level they will never be absolutely free of the accusations I think. Everybody loses. :( (Except the lawyers)
So David Lee Travis is found innocent of 12 charges against him. This is beginning to feel like a witch hunt. The only person found guilty so far has been Stuart Hall. Jim Davidson, Michael Le Vell & Bill Roache were all innocent. Rolf Harris is doomed either way whether he is guilty of the 12 counts of indecent assault or not. When all of this dies down I wonder what impact it will have on genuine cases.
I don't know if DLT or Bill Roache are innocent or not but it makes me wonder if a lot of stars were rounded up because the Judicial system failed to get Savile so they had to be seen to be doing something. There were rumours about him circulating around Leeds, where I live, for years.
I'm just pleased people like Dave Lee Travis and Bill Roache can carry on with their lives now without everyone secretly thinking they are dirty perverts from the 1970/80's.
Dave Lee Travis has been cleared. A totally and entirely innocent man. Just like Bill Roache. I also predict that Rolf Harris and Freddie Starr will be cleared later this year. If so, I hope the lot of them sue the CPS to BANKRUPTCY.
Dave Lee Travis cleared of all charges, as was Bill Roache, as was Michael Leveil. I can't quite understand why it is that when someone makes false allegations, and tells a pack of lies in court, they are not prosecuted for perjury or slander.
Well thats Dave Lee Travis and Bill Roache both cleared of sexual assault charges!
V pleased for DLT. The 'Hairy Cornflake' joins Bill Roache, Jim Davidson and others now able to breathe (and work!) again after what must have been unbearable pressure on them and their families. Time to STOP this pathetic celebrity witch hunt!
Dave Lee Travis cleared of 12 counts of sexual assault. Bill Roache also cleared. Isn't it time they stopped naming people until they are found guilty?
So Bill Roache and DLT are not to ask what successes Operation Yew Tree actually produced
Bill Roache cleared & so is Dave Lee Travis. Something's wrong here & it seems like it's a spillage from the Jimmy Saville vile revelations.
So that's now David Lee Travis, Micheal Le Vell, Bill Roache, Mike Osman and Jim Davidson who, among others, have either been acquitted or had the charges against them dropped. How many more poorly evidenced and publicly funded trials/investigations will it take for the CPS to wise up to this compensation-driven witch hunt?
Bill Roache and now DLT cleared of all charges, obviously owing to lack of sufficient evidence as our justice system dictates. Question: if Jimmy Saville were still alive, would there be sufficient evidence against him to secure a conviction at trial? I wonder.
DLT, Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell, not guilty stop the witch hunt. Saville was evil but this is getting stupid with Rolf Harris and maybe Freddie Starr to come. Waste of time and money just more money for the lawyers!!!
So Bill roache, Michael Le Vell, Andrew Lancel all from Coronation Street and all found innocent. Police announce dropping cases against two others on show today is this the wind of change we have been hoping for is common sense finally arriving. Or is it police panic as they realise the Crucible was a story not an instruction manual?
There saying that the Bill Roache trial was a waste of millions. What if he was guilty!
I feel sick from that Bud last night.. (no hangover, just sick), I think that's drink gone out the window.. I felt quite upset in the offy last night because Bill Roache was on the front page of one of the tabloids there, talking about how distressing the court case had been. Bill was a friend of mine of FB for a short while (not through any show biz connection; through a mutual friend) and from the little I know of him, he seems like a genuine man. I've heard people who have been in care saying that they are going to make-up false allegations of child abuse against former care staff to get a few quid; and there's no concscience involved... just makes it more difficult for genuine cases.
Yahoo! Bill Roache is coming back to Coronation Street!😊
I see Bill Roache is doing just what he said the women who accused him of indecent assault would do, sold his story to the papers! Amazing! He should crawl into a hole and shut it!!!
Bill Roache should persue these women for Deformation of Character! English law says that these women cannot be named, I say "Name & Shame" the scum! Also in English law - Someone is Innocent until proven guilty - This is clearly NOT the case. The press have had a field day. Bill Roache has been dragged through the courts and lambasted by the press and media, it's a total disgrace and makes an *** of British "JUSTICE".? if a Woman screams then it is up to the Man to prove his innocence. These money grabbing females need to be named to protect other men!!! I am not sexist, Rape or any sexual assault against a woman is wrong!! I would be the first to condemn any man who commits this vile act but there has to be a way that a man is also protected from these vile, evil women who shout rape just to get fame and fortune!!
Friday, 7 February 2014 THE LORD PRESIDENT OF SCOTLAND It is worth looking at recent editions of Diary of Injustice, the Scottish Law Reporter, the Scottish Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Herald in reporting the extraordinarily evasive conduct of the Lord President, Lord Gill. A formal petition, brought about by Peter Cherbi, has been accepted by the Scottish Parliament with a special committee set up and having the full support of the Judicial Complaints Reviewer, Ms Moi Ali. One of the main purposes of the petition was merely to ensure that members of the Scottish judiciary should have a duty to publicly disclose information about their interests that may be perceived to have a bearing on their impartiality when adjudicating cases. The Lord President has reacted in a most unusual way, by not only flatly dismissing the proposals, but also even refusing to face questions from a properly constituted committee made up of representatives elected by the people of Scotland. The Lord President`s position seems . ...
Bill Roache to return to Coronation Street in the summer:
Coronation Street actor Bill Roache found not guilty of rape and assault charges
Police are 'looking into' fresh claims that cleared Coronation Street star Bill Roache sexually assaulted 3 women. htt…
$FSGI Bill Roache: I was convinced I was heading to prison when I MISHEARD not ...
CLEARED soap star Bill Roache faced fresh anguish last night after police revealed they were...
I am so glad bill roache cleared his name in court he's my best friend xxx
now I know nothing about Bill Roache, but all through the trial I have had the impression the his sons are hoping that if he is found not guilty that the news coverage will get them a tv part. Hence the look as though they are doing an audition each time they walk to court with their father.
Mixed marriage+ Calcutta cup = as Bill Roache says there are no winners lol x glad Bill Roache is going to be back in Corrie.. Deirdre is doing my head in :)
So it turns out Bill Roache isn't a kiddy fiddler. He isn't boring either. In fact, he's rattled over a thousand women. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing he is. What a studmuffin. The lord does work in mysterious ways!
Following being found not guilty of historic rape and sexual assault charges earlier this week, it is expected that Coronation Street veteran, Bill Roache,
I love him - Corrie Deirdre Barlow's relief as Bill Roache cleared of sex accusations
Just read a post that a pensioner couple in my li'l town have won £1M on the euro lottery. Some of their first comments were "what a lucky week, we also won £30 on the bingo, we can now buy our council bungalow & also can now afford to heat it in the winter. As I also watch the news & see the MAJOR incident that is occuring on the Somerset levels, if this was happening abroad we would have already raised millions to ship out. An expense cheating mp released from jail laughing saying he's a celebrity victim akin to Bill Roache. WHY are people less important than money. Why is the cheating (labour) rich boy laughing whilst the poor people are suffering. Why are our government & previous governments not looking after us & the country's infrastructure? I'm now suffering a bout of graham norton & his uparsed guests because I want to see the band that is 'LONDON GRAMMAR' a band with a lead singer with the sweetest voice I've heard for years.Please forgive monologue my friends as I'm habing a noggin for my DAD ...
Peter Merrick, are you a younger Bill Roache? Were you innocent too?
Have MPs no shame? Denis MacShane does 6 weeks of a 6 month sentence for fraud and says it was rewarding and enriching!? Then has the audacity to compare himself to Bill Roache who happened to be found innocent- what arrogance.
I do hope Bill Roache will be compensated for the stress he's been put through. These women falsely claiming rape nearly 50 years ago are not doing any favours to women who are genuinely being raped on a daily basis. Half a million for this trial coming out of all our pockets. Bloody makes me mad!
Ken Barlow returns to Corrie: Bill Roache will return to Coronation Street this summer
Glad to see Bill Roache was found not guilty!! Good job I haven't took every bloke to court that had a grope of my boobs or bum back in the High Cross/Newfield days as it would include half the men who went in there!!!
Bill Roache cleared of all allegations!!! What a huge waste of police time and a waste of money that has been spent... Those women should get in trouble for wasting police time and that man has suffered for a long time bcus if it!!!
Bill Roache is apparently set to return to Corrie as Ken Barlow. Well he was hardly likely to be playing Mavis was he?
With the return of Bill Roache to the Street and in a bid to boost Coronation Street's ratings ITV bosses are going to run a risky story line this spring….. It's going to involve Kevin Webster and Ken Barlow running an under sixteen's disco in the Rovers ;)
In his summing up the judge in the Bill Roache case said that the so called "victims" must have been Manchester City supporters, you hear nothing for forty years and then they all pipe up at once!
Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) is a member of a religious group called the Circle of Love, and he told an interviewer recently that victims of abuse are paying for sins committed in a previous life. That alone should be enough to get him locked up! (who does he think he is - Glenn Hoddle?) What a nutter
Really hope Bill Roache returns to as Ken Barlow. Deirdre needs him. Nice front page today
Good Morning! On today's Daybreak we discuss: Bill Roache cleared of all charges; Cameron's speech on Scotland; flooding update; Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Plus, Richard Arnold chats to Gary Oldman and has the latest showbiz news, Jason Manford is on the sofa and we return to the Phillipines with Myleene Klass three months after the devastating typhoon Haiyan to see how generous British donations have helped the relief effort. Tune in from 6am
Bill I'm keen to get back to Coronation Street
No winners here, says Corrie star Bill Roache as he's cleared in rape trial: ITV said last night it was prepar...
Friday's front page: Bill Roache cleared of all charges
An article on the fashion of Bill Roache's daughter's courtroom outfits? Oh * off Daily Mail
Coronation Street stars blast police as Bill Roache is cleared in sex trial - Daily Star -
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Bill Roache's private life and regrets dissected in court - Irish Independent
actor Bill Roache cleared of rape, sex assault charges; allegations involved 5 women from 1960s and 70s.
Bill Roache has been cleared of all sex abuse charges against him.
Coronation Street star Bill Roach (aka Ken Barlow) has been cleared of multiple charges of sexual assault.
Verity Roache, the loyal daughter who was dad Bill's rock to the end via
Roache cleared of all rape and assualt. He be back in soon 😄
Bill Roache not guilty: trial's brutal dissection of 'perfect gentleman': Coronation Street...
WorldNewsApp: Bill Roache verdict: police still committed to investigating...
Bill roache so happy of not guilty verdict that he kissed the nearest person on lips. Sadly, it happened to be a 12 year old school girl.
Hmm, Bill Roache is found innocent. That's good news for his son Linus.
when Bill Roache is mentioned people will still question if guilty or not. If found not guilty, the accuser should be name…
Coronation Street star cleared of rape - A LONGTIME star of British soapie Coronation Street was cleared of multip... http:/…
Roache speech reminded me a lot of Bill Murray quoting Chekov in Groundhog Day. Just as contrived, very much a self-serving monologue
“front page: Bill Roache cleared of all charges whys noel edmonds there
Justice I have every support for Rape and sexual assault victims remaining anonymous BUT so should the accused . When the trail is over the Innocent should remain innocent and untarnished. Which rather suggests that the accusers, if the case isn't found in their favour might be publicised as were the guilty - If the case was found to be founded. Case in Point Bill Roache , having been found innocent is still in the media headlines - his accusers, by implication being guilty - are still granted innocence ! How fair is that ?
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Coronation Street to consult with Bill Roache over show return
"I feel let down": Woman who claimed she was sexually abused by Corrie's Bill Roache slams legal system
It was all an Act: Cool and unflappable, Bill Roache strolled out of court as if walking off the Corrie set
"What shall we do with the article we wrote for the Bill Roache guilty verdict, Colin?". "Run it anyway, Steve.".
'Bill Roache' appeared on Thursday 6 at the 9th place in the Top20 of Leicester's Trends:
Disgusted @ the women in Bill Roache case. Should be arrested for perjury and wasting police time
Well then, Bill Roache has been cleared of the charges of historical sexual assaults, but I think that the stigma attached to it will stay with him for a very long time. I have to question the amount of money that goes in to bring these high profile cases to court it's an outrage! I'm not saying that they shouldn't be taken to court.
Victims in the Bill Roache case came forward because he publicly admitted to being a sexual predator, then it's ruled inadmissible?
Sadoes who lied abeit innocent BILL ROACHE shud be named an shamed,AND PUNISHED
Bill Roache case is another example of why the law should potentially be changed and anonymity given to those accused until found guilty..
Wondering why Bill Roache was acquitted? Pretty damning stuff this.
BREAKING: Bill Roache found not guilty of sex offences
It turns out that Bill Roache is a serial adulterer. But that's not my business - I couldn't care less. And it's certainly not a criminal offence. But, with his ludicrous, historical (50 years?!) sex crimes trial, he had to discuss this private matter and make it public record. So, other than for gossip columnists and the like, this trial has been a complete waste of time - a huge waste of public money. But the authorities have more or less admitted to a witch hunt, stating that they'll continue to pursue and attempt to convict historical sex crimes. But I remain convinced that there cannot be one shred of hard, admissible evidence pertaining to such crimes that are so, so far in the past; there can only be anecdotal and circumstantial evidence and plenty of conjecture. And, in cases such as this (as in rape cases full stop), the accused is named, stigmatised and subjected to potential life-ruining general defamation of character EVEN IF THEY ARE LEGITIMATELY INNOCENT. It's wrong.
Bill Roache not guilty of all charges. Another triumph for the police. What the *** was all that about?
$SFY How did it Bill Roache sex offence charges ever get to court?
I'm pleased to announce we've appointed a new youth team manager who is very experienced and brilliant with kids. His …
Corrie actor Bill Roache cleared of rape and assault
Bill Roache wether he did it or not, hes been found not guilty in a court of law, leave the man to get on with his life in peace now!!
Bonkin' Bill Roache, soon to be back on t'cobbles with his *** out..look out ladies!
...breath as the radio guy talked about Bill Roache being found not guilty. Bit worrying when alone...didn't get raped though
The Bill roache and others trials shows that even with a justice system favouring victims it is impossible to be wrongly convicted
Rumours circulating that Kevin Webster and Bill Roache are set to star in their own spin off show. 'Molestation Street' will air Summer 2014.
Bill Roache was found not guilty of sex abuse charges. Ever since the Jimmy Saville fiasco, it seems to me that there is a deliberate attempt to divert attention from real questions that need to be asked, and the real culprits being identified and brought to book. It has not escaped my attention that all those arrested are from the arts. For me this is a smoke screen. We need to look at the role of the media, police, and politicians in the Saville saga. I suspect that Jimmy Saville was protected until the end because he would implicate very "significant" others. Justice has and will not be done on this issue. QS
Have just saw the news his bill roache guilty or not guilty ...
Bill Roache cleared. Now bring his accusers to court. How long and how many more lives are gonna be investigated.
Andrew Lancell, Michael Le Vell and Bill Roache all cleared of sex offences. That's the only treble Manchester will see this season
So Bill Roache has been cleared of the sex allegations. More money WASTED by the authorities. Although not permissable in court as evidence accusers and victims should be put through a lie detector before police resources and man hours are committed to see the case in court only to be thrown out. Acusers go away anonimous.
So Bill Roache is yet another celebrity cleared today of all can these alleged victims expect a positive outcome if they are waiting 20/30/40 even 50 years before making the allegations. What the *** are they doing in these celebrities dressing rooms in the first place??!
Bill Roache from Corrie got an innocent verdict.just my personal opinion...him n his sons are sleezy slimy lookin *** wat about the victims???
'Coronation Street' bosses have confirmed that they will be speaking to Bill Roache over a return to the soap. The actor - who plays the Street's Ken Barlow -...
Bill Roache, who has appeared in the soap since its first episode in 1960, admitted on the steps of Preston Crown Court 'there are no winners' after he was cleared of rape and indecent assault today.
Glad bill roache the actor who plays Ken Barlow didn't get found guilty some lasses will say anything these days to try ruin someone's life innocent til proven guilty ...
Coronation Street stalwart BIll Roache had to endure his colourful personal life being aired in painful detail in the battle to clear his name
Well done Bill Roache, its about time they started to put time limitations on these cases and start to investigate more thoroughly before going to court for gods sake .tax payers money lost and peoples lives turned into nightmares.RAnt over
so Bill Roache has been found innocent 6 different counts of rape and indecent assault are all wrong! who am I to have an opinion if it happened 50 or more years ago and there were no witnesses
I knew my mate Bill Roache was innocent, he would never have cheated on us! What a joke, should never have got that far.
Bill Roache, aka Soap character Ken Barlow, should be happy that I wasn't on the jury when he was found not guilty of multiple rapes and sexual abuse earlier...I still haven't forgotten his comments last year when he made a number of questionable statements about abuse survivors including the fact that society should be 'totally forgiving' of paedophilia and that victims are a consequence of past-life karma...I question anyone who talks of abuse survivors and paedophile behaviour in such I said, he was lucky I wasn't on that jury it would've made me question whether he was as truly innocent as they found him to be today.
is it any shock that Bill Roache was cleared of all charges? in life , its who you know , not what you know and for the famous and the very rich 'normal' rules don't apply
Bill Roache found innocent, if he's not done a thing then the poor sod has to live with the stigma now as others wrongly accused do. There really should be some kind of law where people lying and making false allegations that wreck peoples lives and waste tax payers money should be prosecuted. The sick, twisted ***
Bill Roache. AKA Ken Barlow has gone before a judge and been found innocent. Let British justice prevail and let's put this to bed!!! End of!!!
At last 12 people on the jury for Bill Roache has found him not guilty, because these so called victims made a mistake, but l ask why is it their names have not been made public only the celebs, it just makes me wonder if all the other allegations are true, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, and even Jimmy Saville who has never been able to defend himself, or is it just a question of what money they can make.
Bill Roache of Coronation Street acquitted of fantasy rape allegations. I thank God that justice has been done. I am against rape and think that those who commit the offence must be severely punished. However, this is a lesson for people who wrongly and falsely accuse others for whatever reason or bear false witnesses. I think that Bill should sue the women for compensation and the police must do the same for waste of their time and public funds.
The women who accused bill roache of indecent assault and rape should think again
I'm disgusted at the women who accused Bill Roache of sexual assault. They do little to help the genuine victims of rape!
now that Bill Roache has been cleared, are we going to be told the names of the people who accused him? or are they still "protected" because of legal reasons?...seems to me you can accuse someone famous of all sorts of horrific crimes with no consequences, its theinnocent accused that suffers their family, work, reputation and friends.
Ok so these are the high profile ones but Jim Davidson Kevin levell , bill roache but there are loads that are not famous ! Are these people going to be prosecuted for making false allegations ??
I heard Bill Roache has arms like Mr Tickles? That make the same sound?
Nice one Bill Roache. hope the the gold diggers who jumped on the bandwagon get their come uppance.
Sorry is it just me or does Bill Roache look as guilty as *** ??
What a surprise Bill Roache is found not guilty !! What has the world come to!!
Bill Roache.innocent! I never thought any other, the poor man at his age being put thro that, so wrong! xx
Respect for Bill roache and the rest that have been cleared, should make those women lives a living *** for what they've put them through in the last year.👍
If lie detector tests are always correct according to Jeremy Kyle then why can't we use them in a court of law? I know it may sound daft but it may resolve a lot of cases quicker and not put people like bill Roache through all that. However on the other hand I've not always trusted Jeremy Kyle's judgement on the test.
Bill Roache once an actor always an actor!
Well thats Bill Roache in the clear.
My claim to fame..I met Bill Roache once in the 90's. I was in the van with my Dad at The Stapleford and a Volvo pulled up along side and He asked where to buy a washing machine from!
ROVERS RETURN TOO MUCH FOR AGEING STARS: In a script that wouldn't have been out of place on the famous cobbled street, daddy daycare suffered defeat against rossendale rovers on their return to the spotlight. The game was in doubt due to gridlocked traffic on the approach to ground, possibly due to the droves of daycare fans looking to witness their idols in action. And on a day where local Corry legend bill roache received a stay of execution, the same luxury was not offered to daycare's stars. In a largely one-sided first half, Michael Eddisfords hands were kept warm following a peppering of shots from rovers front men. In one such scramble, rovers were kept at bay by a mixture of fine saves, last minute blocks and the woodwork being rattled 3 times in quick succession. However, the boys went in at half time 4-1 down, a solitary Nick Elsworth strike the only positive moment. The war weathered veterans were clearly coming to terms with the slippy, lightning quick conditions and it was a relief for all t ...
Police defend the investigation into Bill Roache after the actor is cleared of all charges
Well Bill Roache (alias Ken Barlow) found not guilty... As he left court he thanked his fans for their support and added 'I can't wait to get back working with my colleagues on the Coro cobbles again.. Especially Hayley who I've missed so much'.!!... Dare you tell him..??..
After today's headline showbiz story I'm just amusing myself by counting the number of different ways people (including journalists) are finding to spell the name Bill Roache.
domain names
So Bill Roache is cleared. I'm not a fan of soaps so I have no opinion either way. This Jimmy Saville thing has caused a tidal wave of accusations and finger pointing. Are they all guilty or not ? I couldn't care less really. Some would say that when your in trouble it helps to be a household name and famous. But f ame can either work for you or against you.
So, they found Bill Roache not guilty & all they have done is bang on about it. What they haven't mentioned is the women who accused him. We're they all lying, or just couldn't get the evidence to stand up??
Bill Roache not guilty - 'bout time too; there's been too many accusations and we got to have something to believe in, even if it is just a soap star...
Former Coronation Street actress Sherrie Hewson welled up on live TV as the verdicts in the Bill Roache trial were announced. Speaking on ITV This Morning, she said she was "so thrilled", but added that it "should never, ever have gone this far".
Lance Manley 2 ways of looking at the Bill Roache verdict. 1). A poor, fragile little waif was abused at a tender age (in the 1960s) by an arrogant, rich, good looking TV star who thought he was untouchable. Decades later his past came back to haunt him and she bravely found the courage as she turned 60 to finally tell someone about the horrific rape she went through as a teenager. The press coverage led to many other elderly ladies finally finding their voice and plucking up the courage to come forward and tell their stories to the Police. His acquittal will forever put a dampener on "survivors" of sexual abuse standing up to their abusers in criminal court. 2). After Jimmy Saville (where not one case has been proved as he's dead) a lot of people thought "hang on!" and decided to jump on the bandwagon. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board website actually lists HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN GET for what type of abuse you've suffered (page 66). There is no Statue of Limitations on sexual offences so it's bas ...
Finally!!! Bill Roache has been cleared of the charges... Sick to death of hearing about it!!! 😴
Perhaps Bill Roache is a better actor than we thought :/
So, Bill Roache reckons there are no winners ? Check out the solicitors' bank accounts,then tell me again.
Great news, Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) has been found not guilty now let's stop all this historic stuff and leave Dave Lee Travis, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile alone. Either that or sue the timewasters who cannot prove their claims.
Bill Roache found not guilty! I said that all along! What a waste of money that was! Not to mention a major stress and upset to him and all his family and friends.
Bill Roache has been found not guilty on all counts. Twelve good and true men and women have deliberated and come to that conclusion. But what about those women who brought the allegations? Do they feel let down by the system? Or were they jumping on a post-Saville bandwagon? Or was it that they just couldn't prove their cases so long after the events? I just don't know what their motivation was. I am not accusing any of the protagonists - Mr Roache or the women - of lying because I could not prove that either. The whole sad, sorry affair is now over for Mr Roache. I hope that both he and the ladies in the case can now walk away and live their lives.
So, Bill Roache had been cleared of all charges, and quite right too ! Now they should be naming & shaming the trollops that brought these allegations & turmoil to such an obviously nice guy !!!
Well i said it 3 months ago, and will say it again, i told you bill roache would be not guilty, d.l.t will be the same verdict, and Max Clifford etc etc, then we will all ask, why the cps brought these cases in the first place, a waste of tax payers money,the only evidence was THE WOMEN SAYING THEY ARE ALL GUILTY, sorry but not good enough, get those women in court for being lying horrible people and jail them! rant over
Bill Roache CLEARED MUST BE THE BIGGEST MISS JUSTEST EVER THE PAMPAS AND so CALlED EDUCATED GET AWAY WITH it AGAIN . This world is run by over privileged and under lived people they have no idea as to the real life. Silver spooned and under street cred
So bill roache got a not guilty so are all those women liars ?something not right there
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All this business with Bill Roache reminded me of a recent Roger Mellie cartoon. Tom: "The BBC want you to do a news spot on Friday" Roger: "Can't do Friday, Tom-I'm in court." Tom: "What is it this time Roger, drink driving? Wife beating? Drug dealing?" Roger: "It's an 'Historical' sex offence, Tom" Tom: "Oh God Roger, I always knew you'd end up paying for how you behaved in the 70s." Roger:"70s? This was last week-I was filming at the Tower of London and I made a grab for that Lucy Worsley's *** "
After being enforced to endure the frenzied media circus surrounding the arrest of doddery Bill Roache yesterday, I feel compelled to dip my fly in the turgid ointment being daubed and splattered a...
just reading the Bill Roache news on the BBC and thinking about how sorry the whole episode is. Then I read 'The women, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had claimed..' and got angry. So someone can have their name dragged through the mud and be cleared of all charges by a jury of their peers, whilst their accuser is able to sit behind anonymity? Now I understand all the arguments about retaining anonymity to allow more victims of abuse to come forward, but in this instance it just seems so very, very wrong...
So Bill Roache is found unanimously innocent. And what will happen to the women who lied under oath, claiming he'd assaulted them, attempting to ruin his career and life? Should these dreadful people be allowed anonymity?
Bill roache aquitted- I reckon DLT will be too. I don't think it right that the accusers can remain anonymous.
Bill Roache Clear - Hooray -charge those who wasted time and money instead
Bill roache found not guilty and his response... "In these situations there are no winners" - isn't that a weird thing to say if 5 people have lied and made you stand trial for crimes you didn't commit? I'd be a bit angry if it were me. Hmmm.
In the eyes of the law Corrie stars Bill Roache,Michael Le Vell and Andrew Lancel have been found not guilty a lot of people might disagree but from my point of view they are innocent all three of them have been victims of a "historic" sex abuse claims witch hunt all started by Savile who turned out to be paedo because he looked like one and was one
This Bill Roache trail is another example of where accusations can ruin lives.. I honestly believe that things should be thought about with regards to naming before trails.. He will never ever shake off the names that come with this kind of trail.. You can't help but think this could all be prevented with careful thinking and restrictions
Iv never seen a younger lookin man for he's age than bill roache!!! ( Ken Barlow) 81 year old! Xxx
Whichever way you look at it the Bill Roache not guilty verdict is a sad day. Either the British justice system doesn't work or there are some evil manipulative nasty individuals in this world he'll bent on ruining celebrities lives.
Congratulations to Bill Roache found not guilty by the court of the land. This Country needs to get a grip and uphold .innocent 'till proven guilty.anonymity 'till proven guilty is the order of the day!
Glad it's over for Bill Roache. All pathetic and waste of money all these things that's supposed to of happened in to 70,s. how the *** do they prove it anyway. The real pervert is dead (Jimmy Saville) but no one bothered to arrest him. Always thought Bill Roache was innocent, Dave Lee Travis too. Smacks of compensation culture to me.
Well done Bill Roache, once again police and lawyers have had a filled day out of an innocent man, thank Goodness the jury were not as bent as all of these cases going on since Savile, I suppose George Best will be called *** next, that a load of B"
Bill roache found not guilty good for him but he should never have been named unless found guilty as he will stick get stick off some people out there even though he has proved his innocents xx
I think it is now time that the ones that accused bill roache of rape Should Be Named AND SHAMED, SHOW THEIR PHOTO'S THEN MEN CAN KEEP CLEAR OFF THEM. PLEASE SHARE THIS.
Great news to hear Bill Roache was found not guilty. Can't believe it went this far. Some horrible mindless ppl out there.
Bill Roache not guilty! So Scott Winn- one more time. Viva Ken Barlow Viva Ken Barlow Viva Ken Barlow!
Bill Roache, (Ken Barlow), innocent on all charges, so that`s that. A Jury has decided that he was telling the truth, and his so called "Victims" were lying. I think it`s about time that some serious questions were asked about our so called "Justice System". How can someone be dragged through the process of VERY Public Prosecution, culminating in a Crown Court Trial, and all of the associated grief that goes with it, just on the basis that certain verbal allegations were made, regarding so called "incidents of sexual abuse", going back in this case between 40 & 50 years ?. No other evidence whatsoever, just verbal accusations. As Mr Roache has now been proven to be completely innocent, should not the Law be looking into takings proceedings against his accusers ?, as they have obviously caused untold damage, as well as run up a bill from the public purse, probably amounting to millions of pounds, which will of course have to be met by you and I as Tax Payers. There is of course another Crown Court Trial ta ...
Bill roache Michael Le Vell Jim Davidson n the rest of these celebrities payin everyone of will get to *** and have the *** mauled by savage pitbulls if theres any justice dirty horrible peado ***
Auntie Leta and my Uncle Stu on TV re Bill Roache story , just missing my Dad the great GBK they all worked together at Granada and on Corrie 40 years ago xx
Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) cleared of all sexual offences against five different women. So five women are all lying, are they? Right.
Just been interviewed by Peter Allen on BBC5Live about Bill Roache
I feel bad but worth the giggle > “Breaking news: Bill Roache 'innocent.'
Prosecutors tell jury Bill Roache was ‘sticking to his script’ - The Coronation Street star's 'instant stardom' by 1965 had probably 'massaged his sexual ego, Preston Crown Court heard today as prosecutors summed up their case -
Bill Roache arrives at Preston Crown Court court with his daughter Verity
Trial: Bill Roache arriving at Preston Crown Court today as witnesses continue to give evidence
Let's march down to Preston Crown Court and free Bill Roache.
Just had a joke with actress Prunella Scales on the train sitting opposite me. She was reading a paper about the Bill Roache court case and she told her friend that she had been in Coronation st. I said to her maybe it was a blessing she got away. Then she saw a story about a picnicker trying to have sex with a sheep and a cow in the country and another story about lab rats. I wont tell you what i quipped but a most bizarre train journey!
The cast of Coronation Street are to give evidence in the trial of Bill Roache. No corpsing, guys.
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