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Bill Paxton

William Bill Paxton (born May 17, 1955) is an American actor and film director.

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Watching the "Two Cathedrals" ep of The kid who plays young Bartlet really looks and sounds like a young Bill Paxton (RIP).
About the only thing that could get me excited about an Aliens film would be a cameo by Bill Paxton, and well, that's not happening.
I'm at a complete loss of words over the passing of my good friend, Bill Paxton. He was a wonderful human being, and a gr…
Everything you need to know about Bill Paxton's role in 'Mean Dreams'
Another fantastic review for Well done William Woods and Allison Black!
Yes, Bill Paxton is terrific in Everything you need to know about one of his final performances.…
Checking now to see if the topic of any possible Trump/Russia connection was covered in Bill Clinton's 45 minute $700,…
In memoriam of Bill Paxton you've got to review The Dark Backward or at least watch it. Classic BP
This is like when Bill Paxton opens Cal's vault and the necklace isn't in there.
dudes, bill paxton top list and you did not mention the Dark backward?
Bill Paxton, one of the kindest, warmest, funniest people I had the pleasure of working with. A true legend. RIP Bill, you w…
We lost a great actor and a great man. R.I.P. Bill Paxton (1955-2017)
About to rewatch A Simple Plan. Amazon. Haven't seen this gem in a decade. May be Bill Paxton's finest work. Great screenplay too.
I am not watching the tax pageant I'm watching "Frailty" starring Bill Paxton. tell me if anything terrific happens please
Ron Howard's new APOLLO 13 now stars Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, and Brendan Fraser as mystery armored guy.
Kill of the week, Bill Paxton you will be missed.
Feels a bit sad that this episode is airing shortly after Bill Paxton's passing.
just finished watching the movie Frailty for the first time, a nice little Bill Paxton (R.I.P.) hidden gem. Check it out, it's on Netflix.
And we're back. Beard Force hits the bar, again, in "This Ain't Happenin', Man," a tribute to Bill Paxton:…
Frailty. Bill Paxton starred in and directed this one. It's so twisted.
you run out of rounds, and Bill Paxton's voice shouts "Game over, man, game over!" (I'm sure he won't mind)
I read it was when they were shooting 1.15 but Bill Paxton knew from the beginning
I'm already calling it: this ep. is a must-listen! Support my boys at The Countdown in commemorating the late, and oh-so-…
Bill Paxton, actor known for Aliens and Titanic, dies aged 61 - BBC News.
Tombstone (1993) - After a brief in memoriam for Bill Paxton, Michael and Pax are joined by...
An Alien, a Predator & a Terminator pouring out 40s at Bill Paxton's grave - requested by via our mutual Tw…
One of the late Bill Paxton's final movies opens Friday. And he's brilliant, as always. My review of MEAN DREAMS:
just watching the first Terminator movie and realized the great Bill Paxton was in it!.
Fab review of in ! Congrats producers Allison Black, William Woods!
Today we say goodbye to Bill Paxton, a favorite since childhood. Goodbye, Extreme. .
Oh, this is amazing. Storm chasers align their GPS devices to pay tribute to late "Twister" star Bill Paxton.
A young Bill Paxton wanted to see the president. He did — hours before John F. Kennedy was shot. ht…
That's fantastic! Can't wait to see William Sadler and Bill Paxton go head-to-head with…
Bill Paxton cause of death confirmed
Bill Paxton's death certificate states the actor died from a stroke days after surgery
So sorry about Bill of the best people in the world...sad 😢
Bill Paxton died from stroke suffered after heart surgery via
Bill paxton died of a stroke following surgery
This is what killed actor Bill Paxton at 61.
Bill Paxton Passes, InHumans Casting and Tons of DC News in Origin Story - March 3rd, 2017…
Marvel's is deeply saddened by the loss of Bill Paxton. His contributions to the Marvel Universe will b…
I have no words. Bill Paxton didn't just play my mentor on the show, he became one in real life. The world is a sadder p…
Bill Paxton died from stroke suffered after surgery
One of my favorite childhood actors Bill Paxton is someone my generation has grown up with. This tragedy is incredibly depressing.
Bill Paxton's cause of death has been revealed
LOOK at this phenomenal digital drawing~PLS recirculate... ...
Bill Paxton's death caused by stroke after surgery.
. We now know why actor Bill Paxton died February 25 at just 61. Paxton p…
Bill Paxton cause of death revealed via Fox411
The official cause of Bill Paxton's death is in.
FoxNews Bill Paxton cause of death revealed via Fox411
Bill Paxton cause of death revealed via
Bill Paxton’s Cause of Death Confirmed as a Stroke
Family representative says Bill Paxton, who played an astronaut in "Apollo 13," has died - The Whole World News™
The tornados that happened in Missouri was Mother Nature honoring Bill Paxton. Some say they heard his voice between the cracks of thunder.
Bill Paxton's death caused by stroke after surgery. He was 61 years old:
Bill Paxton died from stroke suffered after surgery - Read:
I just reached the first of the Bill Paxton episodes of Agents of SHIELD 😔
Bill Paxton's death caused by stroke after surgery on valve likely damaged by childhood rheumatic heart disease https…
Bill Paxton's death caused by stroke after surgery
Bill Paxton cause of death revealed   10% Off
Bill Paxton's cause of death revealed: Stroke after heart surgery
Bill Paxton was born William Paxton on May 17, 1955 in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the son of Mary Lou (Gray) and John Lane Paxton, a businessm
This Week in Horror! . A new Alien Covenant trailer, Saw Legacy is coming, and we say goodbye to Bill Paxton.…
I was thinking Jason Lee of My Name Is Earl would be a good "Second Darren" if you continue the series w/o Bill Paxton.
put it on the poll: Who will this show kill next after ushering in the demise of Alan Thicke and Bill Paxton
James Cameron pens poignant farewell to dear friend, Bill Paxton. "The world seems quieter, less filled with spirit"
TRESPASS is still great. Worth watching for Bill Paxton, William Sadler, Ice-T, Ice Cube & especially Art Evans
It's still surreal to me Bill Paxton is gone. He was part of so many classics, Mighty Joe Young 😭Weird Science😫so heartbreaking
Not just the GAME OVER guy from Aliens. Check out Bill Paxton's performance in A SIMPLE PLAN, TITANIC + more! RIP.
I'd rather be signing against than watch True Lies RIP Bill Paxton. Heaven will roll out…
Been thinking about some of my favourite Bill Paxton films: Twister, True Lies, Tombstone and Mighty Joe Young.
Bill Paxton was in what seems to be everything. Thanks for bringing me Mighty Joe Young, favorite film as a kid. RIP. https:/…
Bill Paxton's last role will be the upcoming Emma Watson/Tom Hanks movie the Circle as Watson's dad. Also is the lead o…
sorry Mantz but Apollo 13 is totally a Tom Hanks movie, Bill Paxton does get overshadowed
Watching Mighty Joe Young makes it so hard to believe that Bill Paxton is dead 💔
Electronic Device Insurance
This photo with Tom Arnold reminded me of one of my favorite Bill Paxton movies, True Lies.
Of all the Bill Paxton roles, his in Mighty Joe Young is my favorite.
Tom Hanks, James Cameron and Rob Lowe are among the stars to have paid tribute to Bill Paxton following his death -…
Bill Paxton my Oval Office is a studio talking on 10pm EST! ht…
Watching Twister...Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton both gone. I need whiskey. Honestly, the chase scenes are very realistic. Love it
Tom Hanks, Rob Lowe and others react to Bill Paxton's death.
😱😱😱A L L I E N...I think in that and remember Bill know better than me, Matt!!
Apollo 13. Along with Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, I believe Bill Paxton was an astronaut
I see nothing about live streaming this as per Bill Paxton 'I want out of this CS outfit'
I finally found out what movie I remember Bill Paxton from... Mighty Joe Young!!!
"There are no coinsidences in life that Bill Paxton dies Sunday and we are hit with a ton or tornadoes just a day later" - Tom Savory
Watching Twister right now. Still sad about Bill Paxton... and now sad again about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 2 great actors gone too soon.
[tornadoes kill 22 people overnight] looks like Bill Paxton is up there in heavan stormchasing :)
The only way Bill Paxton's career could have been any greater? If he had been in Escape From New York.
Bill Paxton set off my tornado alarm on my iphone last night. . I see ya fam.
and you knew what a great guy Bill Paxton was , a loss too early , right ! Tom , you are wonderful as well !
Some of my favourite movies when I was growing up in the 90s were Bill Paxton movies, Twister, Mighty J…
I gotta start remembering names... I just realized Bill Paxton played in one of my all time favorite movies, Mighty…
That time when Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Rick Moranis visited the set of Aliens, as retold by Bill Paxton:
Rest in peace, Bill Paxton. Thank you for your services.
A salute to Bill Paxton, the TV return of Matt Czuchry and Lauren Graham, tease + more in the round-up.…
Bill Paxton will forever go down in history as the only actor to be killed by an alien, a predator, a terminator and surgical complications.
"One of the greatest people ever." Tom Hanks, Rob Lowe and more react to Bill Paxton's death.
Did anyone know there is an alternate ending to Titanic? The late Bill Paxton explains...
Rob Lowe remembers Bill Paxton: 'My closest friend in the industry' via
Bill Paxton was to meteorologists what Tom Cruise was to sports agents. I'm a mix of Dusty and Bob Sugar.
Great read and a tender tribute to Bill Paxton from his friend of 30 years Rob Lowe...
Bill Paxton on the Alternate Ending of That Audiences Didn’t See in 1997 via
Rob Lowe remembers Bill Paxton as closest friend in the industry
Movie friends, here's a trove of smart, insightful tributes to Bill Paxton.
Worth a read. offers a tender tribute to his friend Bill Paxton for
.talked to us about his best buddy, Bill Paxton, and it is fantastic. Amazing insight into a *** of a man http…
Our guest says the late Bill Paxton looks like a mix of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
Kevin Bacon is great and all, but I feel that Six Degrees of Bill Paxton would be more fun.
This week Matt Reeves directing Batman, Bill Paxton passes, Switch launch, Nokia making a comeback and so much more.
RIP Bill Paxton. One of my all time favorites. So so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Oh man. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton just hugged in Twister and it hit me right in :(
Watching the movie Twister and remembering Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 😢
Bill Paxton may be gone but his influence on the weather world lives on. My blog-->
Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman gone way too soon!
Twister was an inspiration to many budding meteorologists over the last 20 years. Thank you, Bill Paxton, a.k.a. Bill "The Extreme…
Today's newsletter: the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and remembering Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton; We're going green, Phillip Seymour Hoffman; greenage awesome.
Bill Paxton was the first to get killed by a Terminator, Alien, and Predator. is the second person to ge…
Hundreds of storm chasers pay tribute to late actor Bill Paxton by spelling out his initials using GPS coordinates
Didn't hear of the passing of Bill Paxton until late last night. Pretty sad news!
I'm going to delay the 2nd drunk unboxing for the month so I can do a Bill Paxton memorial video. I also don't want to spam your feed.
RIP Bill Paxton & Emmanuelle Riva. I didn't know they already died. He did after my birthday. I'm shocked. I still know him from Titanic.
Everybody's all remembering Bill Paxton, and here I am thinking, "I STILL can't believe he chose Helen Hunt over Jami Gertz!"
did Matt meet Bill Paxton or something
Bill Paxton's son, James Paxton is exactly in phenotype to my boyfriend in High school. It freaked me out, really.
Jennifer Aniston chokes up about Bill Paxton at Oscars Memoriam - Daily Mail
Jennifer Aniston holds back tears while paying tribute to Bill Paxton and more before In Memoriam segment
Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Bill Paxton ahead of the In Memoriam tribute.
I'm choosing to believe the ghost of Bill Paxton is now righting the wrongs of the universe.
Matt you never mentioned in the news that the actor Bill Paxton died I know you can't mention everything BUT😯
In honor of Bill Paxton & Phillip Seymour Hoffman, currently watching: twister
Jennifer Aniston remembers Bill Paxton, who passed away today at the age of 61
That moment Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are reunited.. This movie was the reason why I loved my childho…
Glad they didn't include even a clip of Bill Paxton so they could do five more Matt Damon jokes
How do they not scramble to get Bill Paxton in the "in memoriam" ...bad form.
Director James Cameron mourns death of Bill Paxton: ‘The world is a lesser place for his passing’:
Such a great tribute by storm chasers for Bill Paxton.
Oh man. RIP Bill Paxton. In some of the greatest movies ever made. Doesn't get any better than all his work in James Cam…
Me: Bill Paxton from Apollo 13 died. . My sister: which one was he. . Me: the one that wasn't Tom Hanks or Kevin Bacon. SMH
A profound statement from James Cameron on Bill Paxton's passing.
I had no idea Bill Paxton who did all those other films was also Hudson in Aliens. James Cameron does a good job of disguising actors.
When is James Cameron going to come on stage and give a heartfelt eulogy for Bill Paxton?
director James Cameron hopes Bill Paxton will be remembered for the "great human that he was.”
Storm chasers across the Southern Plains position themselves this afternoon to honor Bill Paxton, who died today.
Back at Tribeca, Tom Hanks said he and Bill Paxton "went berserk" at a Kevin Bacon joke on the set of Apollo 13
James Cameron pays tribute to Bill Paxton: 'The World is a Lesser Place' via
James Cameron remembers Bill Paxton: "A good man, a great actor, and a creative dynamo."
"I've been reeling from this for the past half hour," wrote James Cameron on the passing of close friend Bill Paxton
They always die in threes: today was Bill Paxton, Judge Wapner, & Mike Huckabee's latest joke.
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Some of my favorite memories are of floating around in a tiny vessel with big hearted,hilarious,brilliant Bill Paxton. Sad…
Oh wow, Judge Wapner really did pass away. Kind of got lost in the Bill Paxton news.
First Judge Wapner, then Bill Paxton, now Suicide Squad wins an award? Man, 2017 can suck it.
Storm spotters are creating a 'BP' right now, in honor of actor (and star of "Twister") Bill Paxton. Paxton died today at…
This is a gem. Bill Paxton had the juice in the 90s
How sad. Bill Paxton feared the worst. Astrologically, with a new moon and eclipse at play, he may have had a...
Watching Training Day in tribute to Bill Paxton
Oprah Special 1996 - Storm Chasers and Cast of "Twister" movie - Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz
RIP beloved actor Bill Paxton, seen here in one of his early successes, with Sigourney Weaver in Aliens.
Bill Paxton gone? How can that be? Fine actor, fine man. Game over, man. Game over.
Bill Paxton in TWISTER inspired a whole generation of storm chasers. Today they paid tribute to him.
RIP Bill Paxton. We're fondly remembering his time at NSSL prepping for Twister.
RIP Bill Paxton. His Private Hudson in Aliens was one of the best minor supporting bits i ever saw.
Maybe Bob Einstein was right. So far our show has killed Alan Thicke, Bill Paxton and Michael Rapaport
Bill Paxton . Awesome talent and a great guy. My heart , thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
R.I.P Bill Paxton, you will be missed
Storm chasers pay tribute to Bill Paxton with "Twister" tribute
Very sad to hear news of Bill Paxton passing away. So many characters; Severen & Hudson are my faves. tribute
Game over man! indeed. One of my favorite actors Bill Paxton has passed. Another pop culture legend taken too early 😔 May the gods bless him
was wondering why I was seeing ppl talking about Bill Paxton :(
Very sad today to hear the passing of Bill Paxton. My heart goes out to his family & his many friends. Rest In Peace my fri…
Julie Benz has issued a personal tribute to her late costar Bill Paxton.
He was love. He was light. He shared a piece of his heart and soul w everyone he knew. It was an honor, Bill Paxton. An abs…
R.I.P. Bill Paxton he was a really cool guy, he came to a 36 mafia show with his kids prayers up for the fa…
RIP Bill Paxton. Here are some of his most memorable roles:
Julie Benz (Abby) just lost her colleague Bill Paxton, the lead on her current show "Training Day"...
James Cameron on Bill Paxton: 'Great Actor, and a Creative Dynamo' via
RIP Bill Paxton. A truly lovely man and phenomenal talent who shall be missed. Condolences to friends/family/fans http…
Bill Paxton was the only man to be killed by Terminator, Aliens, and a Predator. .
Bill Paxton would have made a better Governor. for California following Grey Davis.
OMG!!! I hope this had NOTHING to do with the Twisters in Pittston area yesterday! R.I.P. Bill Paxton...
Bill Paxton was open, kind and talented. He had an engaging and engrossing charisma. So very sad that he is gone.
Bill Paxton, Todd Field, Sean Whalen, Jami Gertz, Helen Hunt and Philip Seymour Hoffman on the set of TWISTER (1996).
Can't believe the actor in one of my favorite movies passed away! Prayers to Bill Paxton's family 🌪
Bill Paxton. RIP. Met in 1986. ALIENS. Hollywood Egyptian theater. Watching movie. Realize he's sitting in front of me, w other Marines cast
Bill Paxton has died at the age of 61. I remember him in "Twister" and countless other movies. Prayer Up 🙏🏻.
Devastated by the sudden loss of my close friend and one of the finest actors in the business, Bill Paxton. Renaissance man, r…
RIP Bill Paxton. Have started liking Training Day. Now it will not be same without you.
As great a filmography as Bill Paxton already had, was really excited about his work on Training Day. We just lost a big talent
And now Bill Paxton's dead too :( At least he won't be embarrassing himself on that "Training Day" TV series anymore
Rest in peace, Bill Paxton. You died way too early. Sad you couldn't go out on a high note - Training Day is just bad. Not ur fault tho.
RIP Bill Paxton. Your death is so sudden. Training Day is a gem, so at least you went out with a bang 😟
"Bill Paxton" Just started watching Training Day.he will be missed.
Bill Paxton did 'Training Day' for people who can't afford cable
What a tremendous career Bill Paxton had. Was in new Training Day for CBS.
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Well, I guess I can quit watching "Training Day..." It won't last without Bill Paxton.
We spoke to Bill Paxton a few months ago about his new series with
No I just started watching & liking the new show Training Day still can't believe the news RIP Bill Paxton great actor & man gone
Easy argument that the kings of Hollywood during the 1990's were Tom Hanks, Joe Pesci, & Bill Paxton.
Very Sad News about your Classmate Bill. He was a Terrific Actor. R.I.P Bill Paxton. How was the Cruise Joe? Was it the lovely
Bill Paxton, star of Titanic, Aliens, Apollo 13, and Twister, is dead at 61
Bill Paxton?! NOT OKAY, UNIVERSE. Twister, Weird Science, Big Love, Aliens... the man did good work. *sigh* R.I.P. Bill.
This is weird but my favourite Bill Paxton movie was Frailty. Oh and I really liked Big Love.
Bill Paxton, versatile 'Big Love,' 'Twister' actor, dead at 61 by via
RIP Bill Paxton. Such truth in his performances. Beyond amazing in One False Move dir. by Carl Franklin, A Simple P…
My favorite Bill Paxton role was Big Love. But I would be remiss if I did not mention Mighty Joe Young, my first Bill Paxton…
Bill Paxton — known for roles in 'Aliens,' 'Twister' and 'Big Love' — dies at 61
Wow, so sad. I loved him in Big Love. I forgot he was in so many big films. RIP Bill Paxton
Titanic actor Bill Paxton passes away at 61: He had recently starred in the HBO television…
Bill Paxton died, now Matt Elam got arrested for drug charges. what a worse way to end final weekend. SMH!
RIP Bill Paxton from terminator to twister titanic and more *** be remembered always such a great loss
Bill Paxton with Sigourney Weaver on the set of
Did you know Bill Paxton directed the music video for Dr. Demento staple "Fish Heads?" THAT'S a Renaissance Man.
I think your confusing Bill Paxton's characters with Will Patton characters. Great art though.
"Jo, things go wrong. You can't explain it, you can't predict it." RIP Bill Paxton ...
Heard about Bill Paxton, *** Your talents brought laughter to many Rip Private Hudson
FULL STORY: Actor Bill Paxton, best known for films like "Twister" and "Apollo 13," dies at age 61 htt…
Looking back at Bill Paxton's career in photos:
Really nice guy, great actor. One of few cool ones. Bill Paxton, 61 due to surgery complications. Survived by wife Louis…
Bill Paxton: only actor ever slain oncreen by a Terminator, a Xenomorph, and a Predator. I'll update the In Memoriam…
Growing up as a kid in Oklahoma, I will always remember Bill Paxton as the BA tornado chaser in "Twister". RIP
Rest in Peace Bill Paxton. From Titanic from Big Love...we loved everything you did ❤
We have lost the great Bill Paxton, who has passed away at the age of 61
Had the pleasure of meeting Bill Paxton at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
'Big Love' actor Bill Paxton, 61, dies after surgery
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Gutted about Bill Paxton. Here's a retrospective I drew a while ago. Guy was in all the best films!
RIP Bill Paxton. King of the classic film Twister.
Bill Paxton was simply one of the greatest people ever. To know him was to love him. I loved him. Huge love to Louise, Lydia…
Very sad to hear about Bill Paxton. His talent, enthusiasm and energy were unique. Our thoughts are with his family https:/…
Thanks for bringing your voice and talent as narrator of our Omnitheater film TORNADO ALLEY
Family representative: 'Titanic' actor Bill Paxton has died (from
LasVegasCP "Actor Bill Paxton dead at 61 due to surgery complications 8NN
Bill Paxton elevated every project he was a part of. Always funny and flawed with a visible heart. A true inspiration. Tr…
I love And all of its Wizard of Oz references, and its His Girl Friday structure. Bill Paxton is adorable in it.
Twister is by far one of my favorite action movies. Rip bill. ⚡️ “Actor Bill Paxton dead at age 61”.
I will but will pop in old DVD of Twister to watch Bill Paxton again.
Bill Paxton was, simply, a wonderful man. A wonderful man... Hanx.
Actor Bill Paxton, known for roles in 'Big Love,' 'Titanic,' dies at 61 by via
I met w/Bill Paxton about a film he was directing & it was 1 of the most enlightening convos. A man who's seen it all. So…
RIP Bill Paxton. I remember when he randomly said hi to us when we were sitting in a hallway at a con.
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So tragic the passing of Bill Paxton. Heartbreaking. What a talent, with so many more years of art to share with us. My l…
Just found out an actor who starred on has passed away. RIP Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton the toughest SOB. Only man killed by a predator, terminator and Alien xenomorph. RIP.
Paxton was a legend, and always will be. RIP, Bill.
Actor Bill Paxton, who appeared in "Aliens" and "The Terminator," has died, a family representative said. He was 61.
I can't believe it's game over for Bill Paxton. 😭😭
Bill Paxton, Hollywood mainstay and actor in "Titanic," "Twister" and "Big Love," has died at 61, CBS News confirms
The late actor reflected back on his career in film and television over the years.
Bill Paxton on his 15 best roles by via
After seeing Twister as a kid, I'd go outside during tornado warnings & pretend to predict what was going to happen like Bil…
Hollywood star Bill Paxton has died after suffering complications from surgery.
Bill Paxton has been killed off by Alien, Predator and Terminator
To reiterate: if you are mourning Bill Paxton, take two hours and watch One False Move. One of the great films and it spe…
Bill Paxton knew how to find the twisters, fake being a spy, fight a predator, terminator, or aliens. It'll never be ga…
The actor died suddenly due to complications from surgery.
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Bill Paxton was hands down one of the greatest guys that I have ever met. I feel lucky to have called him my friend. Bill,…
He was in many movies I loved. RIP Bill Paxton ❤
Actor Bill Paxton, known for roles in Aliens and Titanic, has died aged 61, his family tell US media
Sad to hear about Bill Paxton's passing. Fantastic actor in some fantastic movies.
Bill Paxton could play any role, but he was best at being Bill - a great human being with a huge heart. My thoughts are…
Bill Paxton did so much 4 all of us in film, as a man, father & husband. Working with him was truly an honor. We will miss…
Apollo 13 and Titanic actor Bill Paxton has died aged 61. RIP.
EXCLUSIVE: “Edge of Tomorrow” director says Bill Paxton eagerly spoke of appearing in sequel in chat before surger…
Old acting classmate Bill Paxton has died. Really great guy. RIP Bill.
Here's Bill Paxton at 8 outside the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth waiting for JFK. Heck of a story from a *** of a guy: ht…
we got a scene with Clark Gregg, Bill Paxton, and Sam Jackson...Might have to go watch it right now.
Tragic news about Bill Paxton. What a legacy of great movies he leaves.
Michael Fassbender is my candidate for TB12 -- Bill Paxton as Bill Belichick and Tom Hardy as Edelman but Wahlberg…
Gary! On your 6-2-2000 show you said Bill Paxton played Dr. Okun in Independence Day! It was Brent Sp…
"Wild" Bill Paxton as he was credited on Lords of Discipline
Off topic, but "Aliens" does not star Bill Paxton or Michael Biehn (no disrespect, fellas). It stars a kickass Sigo…
But Rick Rossovich, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton were in the Terminator and Navy Seals together...
This just in, Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton also not the same person.
Mixing up Bill Pullman, Bill Paxton and Will Patton is a running joke in our house (where the fun never stops).
I've confused Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman for 20 years. Two white middle aged men...
I was the same way with Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton
Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are the Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman of the 2000s
Britten and RVW: the Peter O'Toole & Richard Harris/Bill Paxton & Bill Pullman of C20th British music.
Billy Bob Thornton is violent drug-stealer on run w black girlfriend & other psycho. Bill Paxton is hick sheriff with secret.
Bill Paxton, Wim Wenders and a screaming Nick Nolte all make an appearence in Rockie's latest ...
I'm sorry. I'm still sore over "Term Life." Bill Paxton and Jonathan Banks are there and you put them in the backseat of the movie.
Bill Paxton tells that exact joke to Maria Conchita Alonso in Predator 2
To quote Bill Paxton in the Aliens movie...For and its in
I’ll be honest, this show isn’t nearly as entertaining as Twister. Bill Paxton makes for a more compelling storm chaser. Plus better CGI.
Bill Paxton was killed by an alien in 1986. Bill Paxton was killed by a predator in 1990.
domain names
I would tie a belt to a random ground pipe in a tool shed likePaxton in Twister. Would definitely still die though.
easily my favorite movie that year, Bill Paxton was outstanding too!
Why are Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton not active in the weather community?? They could make big $ on merchandise/events.
I'm not going unless bill paxton is there.
Awesome idea! I'm always up for Bill Paxton chewing the scenery and enjoying every single second of it! Garrett is like that
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