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Bill Parcells

Duane Charles Bill Parcells (born August 22, 1941) is a former American football head coach, most recently with the Dallas Cowboys from 2003 to 2006. He is known as The Big Tuna , a nickname about the shape of his physique derived from a team joke during his tenure as linebackers coach of the New England Patriots.

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Bill Parcells texted CEO Jed York during the draft to pass along some advice to new GM John Lynch.
Bill Parcells needed to win a Super Bowl without Belichick on staff to validate himself more imo
this sort of reminds me of when Bill Parcells called Terry Glenn "she". Definitely a jab.
JETS! JETS! JETS! This day in 1997: Bill Parcells became head coach of the
Lawrence Taylor's coach was Bill Parcells. A great coach. Tom Brady is held accountable for the whole offensive scheme.
"The player’s confidence will come not from a pep talk, but from the work they've done preparing." - Bill Parcells
you asked me to name another coach that had Superstars blah I named Bill Parcells don't backpedal like a defensive back
Last 3 coaches: Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Bill Parcells. All have Super Bowl wins as head coach. Change for the better...
Ray Perkins: Called Steve Sloan HC at Ole Miss and said who is best LB coach in America. He said Bill Parcells and I went and got him.
Charles Woodson could've been a Cowboy but Bill Parcells didn't want to coach him.
A team divided can break down at any moment. The least bit of pressure or adversity will crack it apart. - Bill Parcells, coach
let's just say,the coach of the Falcons is not Vince Lombardi or even Bill Parcells
If it wasn't for Bill Parcells, Belicheck would've been the Jets head coach smh.
I would like to Thank Mo Lewis. I'd like to thank Bill Parcells for Coach Bellichick. You STUPID F'N Jets. J E T S Bur…
The only other coach who could beat Belichick is another from the Bill Parcells coaching tree.
"you are what your record says you are" - Bill Parcells . Coach Bill Bellacheck is the greatest coach of all time
Been saying this for a while, as much as my coach to me, is the greatest coach of all time Bill Parcells, Brady and Belichick are the best!
If it wasn't for Bill Parcells, Bill Belichek would be the coach of the Jets and we would be hoisting up the Lombardi trophy rn
Whether you like him or not Bill Belichick solidified himself as the greatest NFL coach of all time, surpassing Bill Parcells
Bill Belichick, left, greets Patriots coach Bill Parcells after the Browns won a wild card game 20-13 o…
Not enough people talk about the fact that Bill Parcells ruined the Jets franchise. He did it in 1 day. Bill Belichick, best Jets coach ever
Name one current or former NFL coach who praises Belicheck. Bill Parcells never comments on the guy because he cheats
A coach wouldn't throw you to the wolves if he didn't think you had some wolf in you. - Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells didn't win a Super Bowl at any point after the Jets hired him. Pete Carroll did.
I believe every O/C has to have s/p rein them in. Bill Parcells said as about Sean Payton & # of pass plays!
"Just get to the dance and see what happens" Bill Parcells
Have the ability to keep your poise when those around you are losing theirs. – Bill Parcells
Green used his ownership Orthwein hired Bill Parcells as head coach Dale Hunter.
Bill Parcells was the outlier but he's been hiring guys like Chan Gailey, Dave Campo & Wade Phillips
I prefer this to the Bill Parcells ideal of running a team like the beginning of Full Metal Jacket but it's still a dopey sentiment
Wise words from legendary coach Bill Parcells
Best story of camp has been WR Tommylee Lewis. Bill Parcells recommended him to Payton & he's shined so far
One of darlings of training camp so far. 5'7 WR Tommy Lee Lewis. Bill Parcells recommended him to Sean Payton
Sean Payton on rookie WR Tommy Lee Lewis. "Says without Bill Parcells' recommendation he wouldn't be here."
Bill Parcells is the reason TommyLee Lewis was put on radar according to Sean Payton. This was Bill's guy
Payton: Tommylee Lewis is tough, has that grit. Each day he does something. Bill Parcells lead them to him
As cold as it may be you have to forget injured players as Bill Parcells would say "talk. To me about the living"
I think Bill Parcells & Nick Saban are the creepiest. Both have had people tied up in their basements, guaranteed.
Growing up I never really understood why people like Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick hated the media.
"Talent is a common thing. It's wasted. It's what you do with your gift. What are you doing about it?" -Bill Parcells
Whenever the Giants needed a big play, Bill Parcells pointed at the quarterback and said "LT, he's got your coke." http…
At a charity event, Stephen Jones tells a draft war room story about his dad and Bill Parcells.
The coaching tress of Bill Walsh, Marty Schottenheimer, and Bill Parcells.(American Football)
I never get tired of watching documentaries/videos over Bill Parcells. Always seem to learn something. Favorite football coach by-far!
At 6 I talk to Patriots rookie QB Jacoby Brissett about his close relationship with former Pats coach Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells, to on intangibles of QB Jacoby Brissett: A Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi, Curtis Martin type.
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There's a line, players usually don't cross it and coaches usually don't cr...
There's a big difference between routine and commitment. - Bill Parcells; What am I just doing and what am I doing with deliberate purpose?
ego on both sides. What was that thing parcells said about different rules for special players?
When Super Bowl time comes around, I get jealous.
Pro Football HOF RB Curtis Martin shares his memory of being drafted by Bill Parcells and in 1995.
Watch recall being drafted by Bill Parcells and the in 1995.
He stole that line from Bill Parcells
I was fighting every windmill, especially when I in college - Bill Parcells. Hello first week of…
There are 3 fights that a team has to fight every day: . 1. Division from within . 2. Competition . 3. Outside influences . – Bil…
"What sets disciplined people apart? The capacity to get past distractions. Focus on the task at hand.". – Bill Parcells
"You can easily separate ‘team guys’ from ‘me guys’ by how they accept coaching. The guys that accept it are about winn…
Successful organizations must be ready to adapt to new environments, no matter how well they’ve done in the past. – Bill Pa…
Bill Parcells spent more time today on player scouting than Ray Farmer did in his 2 seasons
he ran off Jimmy Johnson & Bill Parcells who fires a coach after winning the Super Bowl
you guys are forgetting herman edwards fumble recovery on Joe Pisarcik that led directly to Bill Parcells
Dan Ross is such a awful owner. He is why Bill Parcells left Miami in the middle of that pre season.
The only coach/manager I can think of who's progeny have been successful is Bill Parcells
for sure. Don't forget who he learned under. Bill Parcells was a great football mind himself
In the words of Bill Parcells, "If you don't expect to have your signals stolen, you're stupid.".
If you got anything to you at all as an athlete and a competitor, you don't...
hm...and we Know Sean Payton is a graduate of the Bill Parcells School of Football (BPSF)
I'm not really in the excuse business. ~Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells was right to leave when they tried to shove Romo down his throat. Nothing has changed to prove him wrong
nice to see you received some words of encouragement and what you need to do to be the best from HOF Coach Bill Parcells,
"The psychology of results is a powerful deterrent to team success" -Bill Parcells
I got a call from Page Six a few weeks after Mike's wedding, asking about Bill Parcells' new girlfriend, who came with him to the wedding.
Wentz and Goff wouldn't have met Parcells' criteria
You may at your tender age recall Bill Parcells-who called players who go down as if shot (before getting up) "doing the tuna"
Using the legendary Bill Parcells Rules for quarterbacks, Connor Cook rates best among QB prospects.
what did Bill Parcells and Belichick do ? Jimmy Johnson? Acquire second and third and fourth round picks.
Quote of the day is brought to you by Bill Parcells.
sounds like how Bill Parcells would put it
If you're sensitive, you will have a hard time with me.
"Blame nobody, expect nothing, do something." - Bill Parcells
I'm looking forward to talking to Bill Parcells, too, and to seeing how that mar - Read full quote @
I've been on my Bill Parcells, kicking back and calling plays.
Success is never final, but failure can be. - Bill Parcells .
I can't keep giving the ball to you, if you keep giving it to them. - HOF coach Bill Parcells
If the players don't trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa. - Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells: Worst thing to ever happen to Jets franchise... Period. Cost us both Manning and Brady. Wow
Bill Parcells to Sean Payton, as told by John Lynch ... cool.
Bill Parcells once compared Khiry Robinson to Curtis Martin. Quite coincidental now:
AV will get the "Bill Parcells" letter from the NHL: sorry, we screwed you; but we were wrong
Thoroughly enjoyed reading Bill Parcells - A Football Life. Learned so many lessons that I can apply to our...
very similar to Parcells mongos. "Mike I go back to the days of Bill, when football was still a mans game..."
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Bill Parcells was a disaster in Mia. Mike Holmgren disaster in Clev. Great coaches rarely make great GM's.
Sorry but you're ratonalizing. As Bill Parcells famously said "There are no medals for trying."
Football coaches the funniest. *** run practice like they are in the NFL Combine next week. Or the second coming of Bill Parcells
There are a few exceptions. Per Bill Parcells, "Don't make too many exceptions from standards. If you do, you'll have a team of exceptions."
"You don't get medals or trophies for get medals and trophies for results." - Bill Parcells
There are two things in New York, euphoria and disaster.
*** always looking for a clause in the fine print. Smh.. To quote the great Bill Parcells.. "You are what you are"
Terrell Owens says he didn't have any tension with Bill Parcells during his time...
I'm reminded of the Bill Parcells quote: "You are what you are." This team will play it out, the same as it has all year.
I'll call somebody 'dumb' or 'stupid' if they make a dumb or stupid play. I...
Bill Parcells told analyst defense was the best.
"Losers assemble in little groups and complain... but winners assemble as a team" Bill Parcells
"If you’re doing something just because it’s always been done that way, you may be missing an opportunity to do better". – …
"Some play for notoriety. Some play for the money. I want the guys who are playing to achieve.". – Bill Parcells
"You reward performance and develop potential! You do NOT reward potential". – Bill Parcells
Another one I like when it comes to finding the right people is this one (paraphrased) from Bill Parcells.
I liked when Bill Parcells omitted the Dallas Cowboys star from helmets until team form during training camp was sufficient.
I don't look at a problem and put variables in there that don't affect it.
I'm not really in the excuse business.
I hope she pay the bill before they throw the cuffs on her
Getting back to yesterday's West Virginia game, Bob Huggins looks like the lovechild of Bill Parcells and Rob Ryan.
Teams ready for NFL combine: Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach Bill Parcells said the NFL combine has a pla...
Rick Barnes channels his inner Bill Parcells to say his Vols are what their record says they are (13-14, 6-8)
If Bill Parcells was still coaching DAL they would of won a SB
Bill Parcells picked Romo,Ware and Witten 🙏🏾 he the goat forreal
"I go to practice every day with the sole intention of trying to improve my team." Bill Parcells
The media dwells mostly on negativity.
"Team quality" is an elusive concept. As Bill Parcells said, you are what your record says you are.
If I have affected someone in a positive way, that means a lot to me. - Bill Parcells (@ Massage By Ben -
The worst thing you can do to a player immediately after a game is to call attention to the errors he just made. – Bill Par…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
is it fair to say John McPhee, David Carr and Bill Simmons are the Bill Walsh/Bill Parcells of today's non-fiction world?
Tony Dungy is a 1st ballot HOFer and Bill Parcells was not. What a joke. Parcells>>>Dungy. I don't think Dungy is a HOF coach.
Bill Parcells is the fat crooked mayor who. Walks in with his goons of Mike Golic and Tony Siragusa
Today we feature Sea Girt where former NY Giants / Jets coach Bill Parcells once lived. Many will remember him...
Feb 2: On this day in 2013, former Cowboy player Larry Allen (OL: 1994-05) and former Cowboy coach Bill Parcells...
16 years ago today, Bill Parcells had to pen this little gem...
I wonder if is ok. His BFF Doug "young Bill Parcells" Marrone is not a HC again. Hope you and your shared agent are ok. Homer
Again, that was Chris Palmer/Tony Sparano/Bill Parcells. No Ernie Zampese influence whatsoever.
You had Chris Palmer, Tony Sparano, and Bill Parcells as the triumvirate calling the offensive plays after Sean Payton left.
Got to work with Craig Harmon... Butch's brother... and hit balls next to Bill Parcells so it was a good day
Another note: Bill Parcells wanted Tony Brackens in 1996 draft. Grier overruled him with Kraft and they selected Terry Glenn.
Simply Stated. "If you bombard them with information, . you’ll soon put them on overload, . and they won’t absorb any of it." Bill Parcells
Jon Ryan injury reminds me of all my all-time favorite Bill Parcells quote. When trainer told him the kicker was sick & co…
Only Giants HCs to go out a winner in final game: Robert Folwell '25, Joseph Alexander '26, Ray Perkins '82, and Bill Parcells '90 (SBXXV).
The last time the replaced a legendary coach (Bill Parcells), they got Ray Handley. He lasted two seasons (8-8, 6-10).
Bill Parcells on Vikings coach Mike Zimmer: 'I think football needs guys like him'
Just contacted Bud Foster & Bill Parcells for interviews on Denver HC vacancy. Just fired Kubiak & he don't even know it.
I don't think Bill Parcells ever gave Quincy Carter a fair shot
Only Cowboys teams I will ever like or respect were under Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells
Jimmy Johnson , Bill Parcells, and maybe George Steinbrenner to name a few
For maximum value, practices must be challenging, both mentally and physically. They can’t be passive. – Bill Parcells
Jerry Jones is critical of the coaching staff? For real? He fired Wade Phillips & Bill Parcells! It's you & your style, dummy!
Top 5 Guests of Herd all time (no particular order)... Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, Brian Billick, Greg Cosell, Peter King.
When asked about Terry Glenn's health, Bill Parcells refers to him as "She". But players shouldn't criticize coaches.
Chatter Payton might ask to opt out of contract. He is a Bill Parcells guy and Trent Baalke is a Bill Parcells guys. Just saying.
Bill Parcells? While we do that, how about SDSU signs Jerry Tarkanian
So this is describing his guest: "Bill Parcells, Hall of Fame coach, Jets, Patriots, Cowboys, Dolphins" ...
Hou +4½ Interim coach wins first game and Peter King turns him into Bill Parcells. Settle down, Rolodex. Not that uncommon.
Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson ain’t walkin’ through that door.
Look, coaching is about human interaction and trying to know your players. Any coach would tell you that. I'm no different. Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells said, before you fire a coach make sure you have a better coach lined up (I'm paraphrasing) Miami fans, who else is there?
Sometimes it’s easier to criticize than to praise. Winning coaches look for opportunities to praise. – Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells would have Josh Scobees bags packed before he made it to the locker room
Leaders have to work harder than the people they hope to motivate. – Bill Parcells
You are what your record says you are. To paraphrase Bill Parcells.
Think everyone gets along with Belicheat? Bill Cower. Parcells.
Oh I believe, you went Bill Parcells are what your record says you are.but you know what I meant lol
best thing Bill Parcells ever made vogue
I wish Bill Parcells would just fix Phil Simms like he did back in the day
as Bill Parcells once said, "You are what your record says you are." If we're 4-0 after tonight, then we're pretty good."
True, that's why if I was the owner I'd clean house then call Bill Parcells and say name your price,
Mike Babcock might pull out the old Bill Parcells line this week: "If you want me to cook the meal, you ought to let me buy the groceries."
looks like the guy explaining to his dad his GE job is really great. That dissapointed father is Bill Parcells
Utah's style reminds me of what Bill Parcells said after beating my Bills in SB 25, the most painful loss I've ever endured as a sports fan.
"Losers assemble in small groups & complain about the coaches & other players. Winners assemble as a team & find ways to win" -Bill Parcells
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Listen to Ep. 1: Week 4 NFL w/ Cousin Sal by The Bill Simmons Podcast on
In order to understand what wins, you have to understand what loses. - Bill Parcells
In my experience, you learn far more from winning, which also makes your players more receptive to criticism. – Bill Parcel…
we need Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, or Bill Parcells. Someone to change culture.
Jerry Jones, Troy Aikman and Bill Parcells all make cut in week's Top 10 sports quotes.
Bill Parcells grouped Robert Griffin III with EJ Manuel and JaMarcus Russell. RGIII 'poster boy' for over-hyped QBs
If they let you shop for the groceries, they should allow to cook the meal, too. So true Bill Parcells
yeah I'm sure that Phil Simms and Bill Parcells had that same thing happen before
Bill Walsh once admitted to headset "gamesmanship" with Bill Parcells
Todd Bowles said he heard from Bill Parcells early in the week, told him "coach how you want to coach."
over a 3rd QB like the great Bill Parcells said can't ever have enough pass rushers I would have kept 12 DLine
The higher the stakes, the tougher the competition, the more daring you must be to carry the day. – Bill Parcells
One of the keys to football Management is to get ur bad apples on to the roster of your competitors - Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells told Drew Bledsoe. "They aren't booing you son, they are booing the uniform. "
"They want you to cook the dinner;at least they ought to let you pick the groceries"- Bill Parcells, 1996 and just now to me.
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Winning coaches look for opportunities to praise. Anything that reflects a commitment to the team is praiseworthy. – Bill P…
The more you prepare beforehand, the more relaxed and creative and effective you’ll be when it counts. – Bill Parcells
From yesterday: My podcast conversation with Bill Parcells about Trent Baalke, Al Davis, Lawrence Taylor & more...
Hard to believe but true Bill Parcells and Al Groh are the only coaches to finish Jets tenure with a winning record.
How did you react when Curtis Martin, Bill Parcells & Andre Reed was getting introducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Has Brandon Boykin and his supporters ever heard how Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells & Tom Coughlin talked to and treated their players?
Valley Vista DT Abram Bubba Cook has received an offer from Hastings College in Nebraska. Bill Parcells is an alum fro…
Unbiased opinion, if I were starting a team 1st coach I could think about starting with is Bill Parcells
Hopped out got the new car smell. Coach em how to touchdown wit the work, *** Bill Parcells
"Winners don’t need to be recognized as brilliant; they strive to be dominant." -Bill Parcells
If people wonder how good a coach Bill Parcells was, remind them that he got the Dallas Cowboys into the playoffs with Quincy Carter at QB!
"I consider preparation the most enjoyable part of my work, and the most challenging." – Bill Parcells
A young coach takes on 5 crises a day; an experienced coach pinpoints the one that will most affect his team.- Bill Parcells
Legendary coach Bill Parcells will never forget his last chat with John Tuggle - WATCH:
When Georgia Tech's Eddie Lee Ivery set the single game rushing record in Colorado Springs, the head coach of Air Force was Bill Parcells.
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TBB [SB Nation: Bucs Nation] - Bill Parcells is not a fan of Winston.
Bill Parcells just listed Tim Couch in a list of busts like Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf? Criminal. Couch could play.
So glad that someone else got to experience the greatness of Quincy Carter/Bill Parcells
Curtis Martin credits his Hall of Fame career to Bill Parcells on the Talk of Fame Network:
Curtis Martin says career wouldn't have last 5 years without Bill Parcells @
Bill Parcells should definitely go into not just for the Super Bowl appearance but he drafted alot of the Super Bowl winnin players
Just witnessed a guy, who looked like Bill Parcells/sounded like Sam Elliott, tell his wife, "Let me take a selfie, so I can send it to Bob"
"Sometimes when everyone feeds you cheese it's hard not to eat it," a Bill Parcells gem.
Talent is talent. Bill Parcells knew what he was getting when he signed Romo after not being drafted.
"Individuals play the game, but teams win championships." ~ Bill Parcells
"Confidence comes from demonstrated ability"~Bill Parcells
a pseudo-Bill Parcells quote if there ever was one
'In order to win, you have to figure out what makes you lose.’ -Bill Parcells
Dear the same Bill Parcells who took Pat White with a second round pick? :)
Shocked to see Bill Parcells had NC State's Nate Irving atop his ILBer board, placed where 1st rounders are. He's a 8th best…
Nate Irving says he wasn't aware of Bill Parcells' first-round grade on him. Says he was trying to relax heading into the d…
they once beat Arizona St in football when Bill Parcells played for the Shockers
"Losing will take a little from your credibility, but quitting will destroy it." - Bill Parcells
"Individuals play games. Teams win championships." . -Bill Parcells
5 are weak. Don Mattingly Jack Nicklaus, Bill Parcells, Coach K, Gen. Colin Powell would be my 5.
Hope Larry Brown doesn't leave SMU like Bill Parcells did after the Romo Fumble
This might send Larry Brown into retirement like that fumbled snap sent Bill Parcells to Saratoga Springs.
Bill Parcells thinks the 49ers are cheaters. And according to you, thats all you need right?.
"us Cowboys don't need you, you're Bill Parcells"
If you're factoring things other than playing for the team, how come Bill Parcells isn't included in the bracket?
".for the rest of your lives one can say you couldn't do it.cus ya did it ." - Bill Parcells.
"Thats why you lift all them weights" - Bill Parcells
As Bill Parcells said "You're in the Big Room in Vegas now"
"Don't confuse routine with commitment.". ~Bill Parcells
I have a ton of respect for Bill Parcells; what a great story!
LIVE from Spring Training as Bill Parcells waves, smiles and says "hey guys", as he passes by. Thought we was boys 😕
There is winning and there is misery. -Bill Parcells
DUH!! Dumb statement What was Chuck Noll's or Bill Parcells record their first three years.
Blame no one. Expect nothing. Do something. -- Bill Parcells
Sometimes it’s easier to criticize than praise. But it’s praise that fuels an organizations progress. – Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells, Herm Edwards, Sal Pal join me now on 7-9 am ET
Bill Parcells speaking about Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer: "It was a very, very unfortunate incident, but young...
I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones. - Bill Parcells
Manziel skills didn't translate to the NFL In some aspects, but they also hazardous. ~Bill Parcells
Curtis Martin played for both coaches, tells they have one thing in common.
Bill Parcells has concerns about both the Seahawks and Patriots in Super Bowl
Bill Parcells was more eloquent in disdain for media. No one ever made a big deal when he refused to answer questions
Should Ray Rice get another chance? Bill Parcells says maybe. Part 2 of our convo about PARCELLS: A FOOTBALL LIFE:
Visit with Bill Parcells part of Sean Payton working behind the scenes to revamp Saints
Bill Parcells domestic violence is NOT an "unfortunate incident", it's a violent crime!
[- Bill Parcells has concerns about both the Seattle Se
America needs to find its Bill Parcells in 2016.
Thank you for the Bill Parcells interview! Not a or fan, but I miss that guy on the sidelines.
Bill Parcells breaks down the and in
Should Ray Rice get a second chance? Bill Parcells: "Maybe." 6:53am on OPB.
The National Football League has broad troubles. Good thing Bill Parcells is no longer coaching.
The winning at all costs mentality is really the core issue with the problems of the NFL.
Listening now to the wise & articulate coach Bill Parcells on via Weighs in on issues among others.
Hall of Fame football coach Bill Parcells talks about Ray Rice and his new book.
As I say in the draft process, there are exceptions to EVERY RULE. But as Bill Parcells once said "don't build your team on exceptions."
Great to hear Bill Parcells talking actual football and not the other BS rhetoric.
Bill Parcells: Teams try to get most of the serious preparation done before leaving for the SB. Listen in on The Fanatic!
Would Bill Parcells take Ray Rice on his team if he coached today? "Maybe."
Bill Parcells breaking it down right now
Fascinating to hear Bill Parcells on Mike and Mile talking so much about the read option when talking about the Super Bowl.
Thanks to for this one: "A team’s practices will predict its performance just about every time." - Bill Parcells
2x Super Bowl Champion, Bill Parcells, joins us RIGHT NOW on and ESPN 2!
Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells are all better coaches
.Vinny Testaverde, in the last playoff game the Cleveland Browns franchise has won, '94 season over Bill Parcells' Patriots.
Based on what is happening it looks like it will be a Patriot-Seahawk Superbowl. For my football heads let me ask this question which Iask you to answer. If New England wins does this place Tom Brady in the top five quarterbacks? Will he be considered better than Elway, Marino, Manning? Will he be considered the equal of Joe Montana since he will have Four rings? If New England Wins does this place Bellichick at the top of the all time coaches? Will he be considered better than Halas, Paul Brown, Chuck Knoll, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells? Where will he rank? If Seattle wins where will the Seattle defuse rank all time?
Ditching great coaches like Bill Parcells & Wade Phillips so quickly & Jason Garrett gets another 5 years. Whats Garrett got on Jerry Jones?
Bill Parcells and Andy Reid do the same thing. But, Reid is actually coaching his team, and has a better QB to work with.
Play from your Strengths, but keep your options open. It’s dangerous to become too reliant on any one element. – Bill Parce…
: just like the bill parcells coors light commercial said... And thats a good thing. Not a bad thing but a good thing
You're right, he was in Miami for a while. Gaine is straight from Parcells tree. Bill took him everywhere.
Is gonna suck but in history hes the 3rd best giants coach ever as of now. Steve Owens. Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin.
you're killing me bro. The Lobster really?! What next Bill Parcells
"If I'm going to be asked to cook the meal, I'd like to be able to pick the groceries" - Bill Parcells
unfortunately I don't get AC stations down here in NC. I guess the great Bill Parcells and I just think alike
I can't let time move on without fighting tooth and nail and hopefully being a part of a revolution that is positive. — Bill Parcells
Listening to & on As a fan hiring Doug Marrone sounds more like Rich Kotite than Bill Parcells.
Dream team front office: Bill Parcells as President, Ray diddy as GM
he could add bill Parcells and Jeff ireland. They did such a fine job in Miami. Lol
Source: Bill Parcells just woke up from a nap and wants in on all this coaching chaos.
Bill Parcells: Tony Romo's playing with a sense of urgency; Romo: I ...:
Today Jan. 2, 2003 - It was announced that Bill Parcells would be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
Personally I'd prefer Joe Gibbs or Bill Parcells as our next coach.
On this day in 2003, Dallas Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones introduced Bill Parcells as the club's new head coach.
Bill Parcells comes to mind...told the Pats we was quitting on them before a SB game!
I used to pull for Randall Cunningham. One of my favorite players. And I really respected those Bill Parcells Giants teams.
Remember when Parcells tried to get him, Ozzie traded up and beat Bill to the punch? Fins stuck at 32 & Merling
Hey still searching for a GM and HC? Why didn't you think about reaching out to Bill Parcells?
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