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Bill Nye

William Sanford Bill Nye (born November 27, 1955), popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, mechanical engineer, and scientist.

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What, no women on your list? Oh wait, you have Bill Nye and Joss Whedon.
BREAKING NEWS! Shawn Mendes is collaborating with Bill Nye the Science Guy to perform to introduce their new song "Get Baked"
I’m all for Prince Harry man. He da coolest. He’s up der with Justin Trudeau, Louis Theroux, Bill Nye and David Att…
I liked a video Bill Nye the Science Guy - Marcus Joseph Trap Remix
Bill Nye is a Science Guy you are the stupid one! Mechanical engineers can also specialize in sub-disci…
Between this and that Bill Nye the Science Guy doc with a Q&A with Bill on that Friday they're gonna get some good business
It's really all in the bow tie. Bill Nye, Charles Nelson Reilly...
Bill Nye has a msg! As CEO of he wants to empower YOU to advance space science . & exploration
Bill Nye the Science gone all the way and named him Timmy Turner.
I've loved all of your talks and every doc you've been in! . 1. Prof Brian Cox. 2. Neil degrass Tyson. 3. Bill Nye
The Nick Graham couture house decided to have Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin on the runway at NYFW, but that was exceptional.
A girl in Barnes and Noble just looked at her mom and said “is Bill Nye even real?” And I really wanted to tell her he’s my dad
Reminds me of the debate Bill Nye has with Ken Hamm… Bill said evidence could change his min…
Bill Nye has wine with a climate change denier and talks beloved PBS show in new trailer for 'Bill Nye: Science Guy
Bill Nye just walked into our elevator while I was snap chatting..
This reminds me of the time I replied to and he responded back. He mistook Bill Nye for…
It wasn't Bill Nye it was Bill Nighy dude.
Bill Nye is talking science with Dan Rather? That's a pair - both are snake-oil salesmen
Instead this shows that Moon Girl is probably less qualified to debate Ken Ham than Bill Nye was and that she was indeed not listening.
TBT. Hanging out with Bill Nye the Science Guy at Live With Regis and Kathie Lee...
I uploaded a new episode, "Bill Nye suing Disney! * And 20 more TRUE weird news stories! on
Bill Nye the not so much "Science Guy" ~ He's a mechanical engineer with an honorary doctor of science degree,…
The great Bill Nye. I was so lucky to see him at Homestead National Monument in Beatrice,…
Dr. Tyson, you are still one of mine! Along with Bill Nye, Richard Dawkins, and several others 😊👍
I have three different kinds of vanilla ice cream in my freezer and I can feel Bill Nye finger shaming me.
Bill Nye's a big shot, and Anthony Watts' dog is a paid up member. Really.
Love the excusamine, Jay Mohr, Bill Nye, Tim Grover and Alex Zkouts. Then I started to fade... so m…
Neil Tyson cluess just like all the other famous lying astrophysicist even Bill Nye the Science Guy a fruad.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Recruits George R.R. Martin, Bill Nye, and Neil Gaiman for video game collaboration!
Only ones I got are Drake, Lindsay Lohan, Bill Nye, Jaden Smith, Cole Sprouse, and the lead singer of Nickelback
Fancy invocations of "science" is not evidence Bill Nye. Evidence is evidence there college boy
Are you frigging serious? Well guess what we are teaching our children to be just like us go go f yourself bill nye
Bill Nye the Science Guy has a plan.
Bill Nye: Climate science needs older generations to &off
So Bill Nye who once took an Astronomy class with Carl Sagan, which made him a science expert?
I think you missed the memo, but ever since you became "Bill Nye the Buttstuff Guy" the younger generations stopped…
Ok then we will start with Bill Nye and see how long his vile point of view continues. Sounds fair. MAGA 🇺🇸
Bill Nye, you're nothing but a fraud and a fake scientist
Anyone told the Blowhard Guy that Millennials, gen Y, and Z are far more conservative than boomers.
Bill Nye's Sex Junk song is nominated for an Emmy. If that urethral swab of a song can get nominated, why not my song"…
I'd like to see Bill Nye do it. The getting stabbed part anyway
Not a big deal for Bill Nye, he is already a brain dead animated corpse
Bill Nye the Climate Guy: Older people will need to ‘die’ before climate science can advance -
Bill Nye on the terrifying ascendancy of American 'dingbatitude' He wants old people to die to save the planet?
Hey Al Gore n bill nye, wanna try to fit this into your global warming bullsh**??
Every environmentalist is a eugenics advocate ... most in disguise some are just blatant. Bill Nye the a$$hole guy!
From Bill Nye's Bookshelf via see what the Science Guy reads!
Hope that will do some Bill Nye is a complete *** video.
I am with it as long as Bill Nye is the First
You first. The irony. It's anti-science ppl vs that sustained oil and coal, leading to
Perhaps Bill Nye the-sky-is-falling guy should take the first step in that direction. This is something many of us…
People, people, people...Bill Nye is a Liberal & has a liberal philosophy. Liberal philosophy is de…
Bill Nye is at the top of the list - (or not he likes it)!. He's .
Bill Nye: Older people need to "die" out before climate science can advance
Funny how enlightened liberals always want people that disagree with them to die. Maybe the young are more gullible.
Physicist Dr. Motl rebuts Bill Nye: ‘In the real world, the progress in science doesn’t require anyone’s death’
News post: "Bill Nye: Climate science needs older generations to ‘die’ off"
Bill Nye to climate alarmists: Wait for older people to die
Bill Nye did too many tabs of acid... he should be put in a padded room for own safety... what a jack ***
Bill Nye is to climate science as a cashier is to Albert Einstein! His brain wheels are up & locked & he has lost…
BILL NYE: Older people need to 'die out' before climate science can advance
Bill Nye: Climate science needs older generations to 'die' off - Washington Times . The Ice Age will kill us all😡
YOU FIRST: Bill Nye the Not-a-Scientist Guy says old people have to DIE to save the planet
Bill Nye says old people need to die to fix the climate !! I say he should lead by example what a jerk
Dear Bill Nye,. This is your idea. You go first.
That moment when you learn Dolph Lundgren has more education than Bill Nye
( ) put skeptic on panel, CNN still sensationalizing the news with lies. htt…
why does the entertain me live it remix sound like bill Nye the Science Guy
The Nominees are out today, and tons of LGBTQ people, shows and stories received nods.
Hey hey don't bash my man bill nye. 😤😤😤
EMMYS SJW SCAM: Why Bill Nye Was Nominated... I never really payed attention to this stuff in the first place.
Bill Nye is now one of my followers! Thanks! 11594
will I ever love anyone as much as I love bill nye?
So apparently Bill Nye got an Emmy nomination for the episode that aired "My Sex Junk"
re: Emmys. Speaking of not putting it on your resume. God forbid Bill Nye wins. Now you LOST to it.holy ***
Request free tix to see at The World --->
God pls send the meteor. The end is Nye.
So Bill Nye's Butt Junk episode was nominated for an Emmy. Yes, really. Full video >>
Life goals: Get a selfie with Bill Nye
He got beat by Bill Nye and Kevin Hart.
you would not believe Bill Nye. if ten million Science Guys
DC has Martin Lawrence. DC has Ginuwine. DC has Duke Ellington. DC has Bill Nye the Science Guy. DC has Batista. DC has Blac…
Trump really showed the Deplorables! He listened to Bill Nye the Eugenics Guy, & appointed Okefenokee Swamp creature Brenda Fitzgerald!
The shirt should have had Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole, Andrew Johnson, Bill Nye and Timothy Leary.
I want to be the Bill Nye or the Neil deGrasse Tyson or the Brian Cox of anthropology.
Groupthink isn’t science. -Kyle Smith, on Bill Nye, the Scientism Guy.
Bill Nye will be in Nebraska for the Great American Eclipse on August 21st in Beatrice.
Lone Star state leads the again! choosing John Wayne as a symbol , I live in cal we got Bill Nye :(
Bill Whittle takes a look at the claims of Bill Nye, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and other “scientists.”
Why do all of Bill Nye's selfies look like he snuck in at the last moment
Look, love Neil De Grasse Tyson and Bill Nye, but they need to figure out how to make science more accessible to those unknowing.
Yes, our atmosphere isn't a Bill Nye science trick. No greenhouse effect from co2. Dad was no d…
Just saw on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, and I have to applaud Bill Nye's patience and composure. Esp when being so disrespected
Laying in the couch, L in hand, bae in bonnet, and Bill Nye in the background. Baby showers then Reggae fest later
Our very own Dr. Paul Markovitz, sharing info about the 2017 solar eclipse. Better than Bill Nye imho. :)
"You can watch the once loved scientist turned SJW cringefactory Bill Nye"-Reed Hastings.
Bill Nye got a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University
Bill Nye is out here subtly Larry-ing by sporting a green bow tie and blue pocket square. 👀👀👀
Amazing how progressive trash like Bill Nye and Dear White People get green lit but not this. All about politics folks
I wanted to be Bill Nye smart but ended up like Dr. Peter Venkman. John Wayne who? When I was a kid, Agent Mulder was my favorite cowboy.
Alton Brown and Bill Nye on the same set 👍👍
Fake science TV actor Bill Nye goes berserk when REAL scientist schools him on carbon dioxide
Bill Nye, whose credentials are equal to those of Professor Proton's... via
Finally saw the video. So I guess we really should start calling him "Bill Nye, The Cultural Marxism Guy."
All of the greats start with a B. Bernie Sanders, Bill Nye, Billy Mays, Bob Marley; I was born into failure 😩
I'm just thinking about how there are people who don't believe in climate change and probably don't like Bill Nye.
Why does Bill Nye wear an occulted-Saturn lapel pin? What would he do to the minds of our young?
Bill Nye the Science Guy on gender, circa 1996. (Season 4, Episode 8) . "[Chromosomes] control whether we become a boy or a…
I'm more qualified than Bill Nye to talk about Science, and all I have is a diploma, and a Youtube channel.
Bill Nye exhibits the best qualities of a scientist: seeks out new info, checks confirmation bias, admits when wrong
Can the next celebrity boxing match be Bill Nye vs. Neil DeGrasse Tyson?
Reminder:. Bill Nye's credentials as a scientist are EXACTLY the same as Tom Selleck's credentials as a Private Investigator.
*** Bill Nye brought Steve Aoki on his show to do an experiment !! dope
That cringy song in the new Bill Nye looks like something out of Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Science is dead Bill Nye and Black Science Man ruined it.
Bill Nye only has B.S. in mech. engineering from Cornell. Without him, how would college educated white guys know they could be successful?
Bill Nye episode on sexuality & gender starts off not too bad, and then...holy crap cishetcentrism everywhere.
Is that truly Bill Nye or did Max Headroom just get old while I wasn't looking?
You have the best life I wanna meet Bill Nye one of these days and talk to Billy Corgan
Bill Nye is the Amy Schumer of science.
Bill Nye looks like Abe Lincoln came back from the dead as a hipster. Bill, show antifa how…
Bill Nye's new show has Desiigner and Karlie Kloss in the first episode? Good start
March for Science: Bill Nye rallies thousands in DC amid threat of Trump budget cuts
Bill Nye sends Karlie Kloss to teach Desiigner (about the horrors of climate change:.
Bill Nye also has impeccable taste in neckwear.
Bill Nye is an outstanding teacher who was good at presenting science concepts in an engaging way. That does not translate to policy expert.
How, exactly, is Bill Nye qualified to make this sort of assessment?
Watch: Bill Nye blows gasket when a real scientist schools him on facts abt climate change via
What does this extreme Nye-fan think of Bill Nye Saves the World? Find out on soon!
Episode 1 of the new Bill Nye show in a nutshell:
The irony is that Bill Nye is also incredibly unqualified to say like 90% of the crap he says.
Bill Nye the Science Guy on Trump: 'We are in a dangerous place' - the guardian
Bill Nye's new show is cool too but only if you're hella liberal+a hella science believer 9/10
Can all of you weed addicted astrology *** watch ep 2 of bill nye I've been waiting so long for someone to say it 😂😂😂
Having Bill Nye on to talk about Climate Science is like have Hugh Laurie(Dr. House) on to talk about medicine. it's fake
That is so so cool!!! These are just some of the awesome Science Teens and they got to meet Bill Nye!!!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Bill Nye is the epitome of celebrity creating some form of credibility and relevancy. The only reason he has a voice is his performance 1/
BILL NYE: It's in the US Constitution. To promote the progress of science and useful arts. That enables innovation. htt…
Bill Nye is the Kim Kardashian of science.
Bill Nye is a TV scientist, not a real one. Pot, meet kettle.
‘Save the world!’: Watch Bill Nye’s barn burner speech in pouring rain at DC March for Science rally
Bill Nye's career trajectory is the inverse of Mr. Rogers'; he's gone from children's show host to cold-blooded sniper htt…
If you don't know the Bill Nye theme song, then I don't know you.
Shocking: Bill Nye, no longer hanging around White House, gets political at -.
Bill Nye is the Chelsea Clinton of science.
Bill Nye: Lawmakers are "deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science"
It's pretty difficult for me to see an upside around putting Bill Nye down right now
Bill Nye to "Science is political...if a country stops innovating, it will not be able to compete."
Bill Nye: Pruitt, DeVos are "least qualified people on the planet" to run their agencies
They played just hold on in bill nye saves the world sign of the times could never
Bill Nye slams lawmakers who are "deliberately ignoring and actively suppressing science" at the DC https…
Watch school on climate change for Bill Nye's Netflix show.
In the old days,before sober.We used to drink with Bill Nye in the university distr…
We got totally soaked. But a fun day anyway. Bill Nye, Thomas Dolby, Jon Batiste and Stay Human,…
Are you acting in a way John Denver, John Muir, or Bill Nye would want you to? If you have to question it, you need to think more
Watch episode with Anthony Cumia, Nick Dipaolo, and Bill Nye and the developments therein.
Bill Nye the Science Guy bunch of Disney videos 😂
Bill Nye never put in the grueling 4-7 years to earn a PhD. And no. Honorary degrees don't count. He's modestly educated w…
Bill Nye coming out the gate with shots on those Climate Change Deniers.dummies
Bill Nye has a new show, and he wants to save the world
Im huge fan of Bill Nye but im disappointed that video is lack of closed captioning, im deaf my lip…
Bill Nye is going to be in Elvis Duran in an hour... I suddenly can't go to school.
Netflix bringing back both Carmen San Diego and Bill Nye is making my inner child so happy. Nostalgia! Now I need Ghost Writer and Wishbone.
Tyler, The Creator creates the theme song for Bill Nye's new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World. Debuts April 21
Tyler, The Creator is out here making theme songs for Bill Nye
Bill Nye, the Science Guy, says a Quartz story convinced him philosophy is not just a load of self-indulgent crap.
Bill Nye has new theme song and my childhood self is shaking
Is this real science or Neal Tyson/Bill Nye "science"? Oh wait, it's being promoted by the LAT, so obviously the latter.
Bill Nye would be a more interesting choice for me! I'd share a beer with Bill Nye long before either Clinton or Murray.
Fred Rogers, LeVar Burton, Bill Nye, Bob Ross, and Steve Irwin were/are some of the most positive people. Thank you again f…
“Bring it Nye!” Ed Begley on his eco-friendly rivalry with Bill Nye. The Unwritable Rant podcast .
Is it just me, or does Abraham Lincoln, without the beard, resemble Cosmo Kramer and Bill Nye?
*** Bill Nye was at the Book Revue in Huntington and I missed it .
Tucker Carlson "interviewing" Bill Nye was the most toxic thing I've made myself watch in months. What a mess. Discourse is in shambles.
The so-called March for Science doesn't want Bill Nye to represent them because he's a "white male."
Bill Nye-backed startup is using particle accelerator tech to make solar power accessible: After hitting more than…
Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to Long Island
We're watching Bill Nye in Physics, and I think I'm going to cry🙏🏽
.reacts to Trump's executive order rolling back Obama climate rules: "Clean coal is a MYTH."
Bill Nye's mission to save science and ourselves - Bill Nye talks about his life, the environment, and why havi...
Disappointed in Bill Nye's "dorky white guy" bafflement on science + diversity. Tks for insightful story.
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(USAToday) What's streaming in April: 'Handmaid's Tale,' 'Bill Nye Saves the World'
Sorry but I only trust Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye is an *** Global warming is nonsense. Tax scam carbon credit rubbish.
And she's also meeting BILL nye the Science Guy I'm-
Bill Nye is going to march on Washington
Excited to announce that my friend and the Planetary Society will be part of the March for Science.…
A letter from Bill Nye: Why we're marching for science .
I'm going to make my future kids watch bill nye during breakfast every morning
Bill Nye's mission to save science and ourselves
"I basically have an undergrad in being Bill Nye." ~Nate
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. 😟.
Anyone who calls Bill Nye a disservice to science and close minded, well, that person should stfu or just walk onto a bus…
Bill Nye is going to march on Washington | Popular Science via
When speaks the truth and it's the most adorable thing ever
Bill Nye's mission to save science and ourselves
A letter from Why we're marching for science
I respect ISIS's passion for trying to do what they believe is the right thing - Bill Nye, probably
A letter from Why we're marching for science by via
Bill Nye's mission to save science and ourselves go to
Bill Nye the Sciience Guy hates Tom Brady too and also thinks Deflategate was real. He has a degree in science.
Time to send Scott Pruitt to climate school. Sit down with Bill Nye the Science Guy ASAP!
Bill Nye talking in a valley girl accent is all I needed in life
he's not a genius. He's a "scientist" the same way Bill Nye or Neil de Grasse Tyson are scientists- they're entertainers 1st
Jenna Marbles, Josh Peck and Bill Nye were st sxsw yesterday and I didn't see them :(
Him, Alton Brown () and Bill Nye () are major reasons I love the STEM fields so much, a huge p…
.Stephen Hawkins is the original Bill Nye conman. None of his dumb theories can be proven or disproven. He's just a man!
Lisa Randall with Bill Nye the Science Guy on Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs via
did my deed as a good aunty and got my nephew hip to Bill Nye 👼🏽
Super bugs, Bill Nye, and PETER POPOFF (who I thought was dead) - Embarrassin…
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye talked about how fighting climate change can bring jobs to America
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Bill Nye the Science Guy. When Tucker started to put him on the ropes he smiled just thinking about his globalist agen…
How dare he try to popularize science! We are trying to keep our children away from critical thinking! Knowledge i…
Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, was 10 times the scientist Bill Nye will ever be and about 100 times more effective at getting kids into science.
that's what Nye was getting at. Why debate what is already fact. Bill also went into detail about how the earth would differ.
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye (the Science Guy) Join Forces to Send a Message to Donald Trump via
.Bill Nye =100% FakeScience . Tucker exposed on FNC he's:. 1. a nut case. 2. science fraud.
Even IF Nye was right (climate), how would Bill Nye propose we get Russia, China and India to participate in global cleanup?
Even know it all bill nye the Science Guy is subject to being g…
If something is "settled science," then it should be easy to answer basic questions about it. Right, Bill Nye the Scien…
This is what happens when you *** off Bill Nye to Science Guy. *** hath no fury like a triggered Science Guy.
Tucker Carlson spanking Bill Nye on Climate Change. No the science is not settled my friends. far from it.
Tucker Carlson argues with Bill Nye about change: Boing Boing
Bill Nye v. Tucker Carlson . Once again, alternative facts have taken the L.
Woah, Bill Nye got totalled. Never knew much on him, but youd think hed have some answers prepared.
Bill Nye the Science Guy... Daily wedgies and being stuffed in lockers can really warp one's mind. Poor little guy. ht…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tucker Carlson tore Bill Nye a new one last night. "Climate change", the current mantra is obviously off limits to scientific challenge!
Tucker crushes Bill Nye, calls him a bully: You just pretend ... 'You're not a scientist! You're a popularizer.'
well you aren't Bill Nye, so who's an *** now?
After Bill Nye explains the consequences of climate change, Tucker Carlson gets angry and calls him a bully
"Bill Nye was the reason I fell in love with science, Bernie Sanders is why I fell in love with politics. - Beth Hughes
.to on climate change: You pretend that you know...& you bully people who ask you questions.
Unlike Bill Nye the Science Guy, I actually have a degree in Environmental Science. It is all Left-wing politics!. Led…
WATCH: Tuker Carlson relentlessly bullies scientist Bill Nye, says he “does a disservice to science”
Bill Nye the pseudoScience Guy. Just another example of "Revenge of the C-student".
Bill Nye: 'There would have been another ice age' if not for humans. *** I was looking forward to that ice age. https:/…
Bill Nye is a scientist like Michael Moore is a fitness expert.
Wow. Just, wow. “Tucker Carlson argues with Bill Nye about climate change” - how to utterly bend scientific enquiry.
Watch induce cognitive dissonance in Bill Nye on climate science 'til he goes mental in last minute. htt…
BREAKING!. Bill Nye: Human activity changed the climate; made Earth habitable for humans! Ice-Age would have made u…
I miss watching Bill Nye in science class
specific question. Bill Nye's answer did not conform to the answer Carlson was expecting to give climate change deniers some plausibility.
Bill Nye the Science Guy was reduced to Bill Nye the flustered, old fool guy on Tucker
Pencil head Bill Nye the creepy guy.
to flip out as seen in this excerpted video. After several minutes of setup and back and forth, Tucker Carlson asked Bill Nye a very
You could be Bill Nye for all I care but until you have a salt rock lamp you'll never be a level 10 woke
My, the conservative snowflakes are getting really triggered by Bill Nye!
I explain how induced cognitive dissonance in Bill Nye over climate science:
Tucker Carlson is such a muppet. Bill Nye has forgotten more about science than he will ever know.
...and Bill Nye doesn't want to debate Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist
Bill Nye confirmed as 2020 potus elect? Honestly tho that'd be dope. President Nye
Moscow's Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre hosts a free screening of Bill Nye's Global Meltdown on Monday. . The...
literally watch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Hamm, dude. Bill destroys young earthers
Bill Nye & The Magic Schoobus are each coming to Netflix as new originals series and Captain Underpants movie is coming soon.
stephen colbert looks like the love child of Danny Tanner and Bill Nye
The future looks pretty bright with the return of Samurai Jack AND Bill Nye.
Proposition for a new Mt. Rushmore: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Bill Nye, Beyoncé, and Martha Stewart.
Bill Nye & Magic School Bus are returning! The heroes from childhood are here to make up for the awful state our schools…
Bill Nye coming back, Samurai Jack coming back, Power Rangers movie coming out, I can't take it.
Y'all arguing about George Lopez and Richard Pryor like my *** Bill Nye ain't back.
With the utmost Professionals (including Bill Nye) on set, messing up is part of the fun.
My 9 year old brother doesn't know who Bill Nye is. How could have our educational system failed us like this?!
Young Joe Kenda making big moves in Bill Nye commercials
Victor Cruz, Bill Nye, and Simon Doonan Walk the Runway for Prostate Cancer Research at…
Have you ever seen Kent Hovind destroy Bill Nye?
Bill Nye the Science Guy walking at New York Men’s Fashion Week is the best thing i've seen
I will never be completely satisfied until I meet Bill Nye
I need you to meet Bill Nye at Fashion Week. It'd be the absolute best!
If I don't meet Bill Nye when he comes to UTD I want you all to report me
I wanna see Bill Nye and Kent Hovind go at it
The later in to the night I animate the more I stick a small Bill Nye in to my projects. I do sound crazy, this is hour number 4
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.imparts his fashion wisdom at New York Fashion Week: Men’s.
Just seeing that Bill Nye The Science Guy is on Netflix.. ✌🏽for a few days
Bill Nye is designing a line of bow ties!!! via
David: "I'm an expert kisser, I've watched plenty of videos" . Me: That's like saying you're a scientist by watching Bill Nye.
Bernie Sanders should stick to what he's doing and let Bill Nye The Science Guy debate Ted Cruz
Bill Nye offers up one scientific fact to shut down climate-change deniers
Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock. You might know him as the Science Gu…
Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut at
"Americans are always hype when it comes to Bill Nye". u right
Woah I didn't know they put bill nye the Science Guy on Netflix!
thanks dad! can I get another christian beating for wanting to watch bill nye the Science Guy and not hate black people?
Bill Nye the Science Guy owns an insane number of bow ties:
BILL BILL BILL BILL, BILL NYE THE Science Guy. science rules. inertia is the property of matter
I liked a video from ‘Hey Bill Nye, What Technology Can We Expect to Have 50 Years From
Be still my nerdy heart: Science rockstars Buzz Aldrin & walk the runway at
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tonight’s new podcast: “Science Fiction on TV, with Bill Nye” and co-host Chuck ……
Lol! I thought you were gonna be a smart *** D
Gtfo this account if you wouldn't get it with Bill Nye the Science Guy
yes, we shouldn't have faith in anyone. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop for Bill Nye.
Honestly, where would we be without PBS. Reading Rainbow, Magic School Bus, Arthur, Wishbone, Zoom, Bill Nye the Science Gu…
dude. NSF is partially responsible for Bill Nye. How can you hate Bill Nye?!? That's unAmerican!
Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown... - …is a fantastic documentary where ‘Bill Nye experiences the five stages of...
Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is narrating a runway show during
I'm a more informed person after reading this.Thank you😜
Bill Nye the Science Guy walking the catwalk at New York Men's Fashion Week 2017
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