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Bill Nye

William Sanford Bill Nye (born November 27, 1955), popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, mechanical engineer, and scientist.

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Bill Nye confirmed as 2020 potus elect? Honestly tho that'd be dope. President Nye
Moscow's Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre hosts a free screening of Bill Nye's Global Meltdown on Monday. . The...
literally watch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Hamm, dude. Bill destroys young earthers
Fred Rogers, LeVar Burton, Bill Nye, Bob Ross, and Steve Irwin were/are some of the most positive people. Thank you again for everything!
Bill Nye & The Magic Schoobus are each coming to Netflix as new originals series and Captain Underpants movie is coming soon.
stephen colbert looks like the love child of Danny Tanner and Bill Nye
The future looks pretty bright with the return of Samurai Jack AND Bill Nye.
Proposition for a new Mt. Rushmore: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Bill Nye, Beyoncé, and Martha Stewart.
Bill Nye & Magic School Bus are returning! The heroes from childhood are here to make up for the awful state our schools…
Bill Nye coming back, Samurai Jack coming back, Power Rangers movie coming out, I can't take it.
Y'all arguing about George Lopez and Richard Pryor like my *** Bill Nye ain't back.
With the utmost Professionals (including Bill Nye) on set, messing up is part of the fun.
My 9 year old brother doesn't know who Bill Nye is. How could have our educational system failed us like this?!
Young Joe Kenda making big moves in Bill Nye commercials
Victor Cruz, Bill Nye, and Simon Doonan Walk the Runway for Prostate Cancer Research at…
Have you ever seen Kent Hovind destroy Bill Nye?
Update your maps at Navteq
BREAKING NEWS! The Weeknd is collaborating with Bill Nye the Science Guy to perform the classic "Harlem Shake Away From Me"
Bill Nye the Science Guy walking at New York Men’s Fashion Week is the best thing i've seen
I will never be completely satisfied until I meet Bill Nye
I need you to meet Bill Nye at Fashion Week. It'd be the absolute best!
If I don't meet Bill Nye when he comes to UTD I want you all to report me
I wanna see Bill Nye and Kent Hovind go at it
The later in to the night I animate the more I stick a small Bill Nye in to my projects. I do sound crazy, this is hour number 4
.imparts his fashion wisdom at New York Fashion Week: Men’s.
Just seeing that Bill Nye The Science Guy is on Netflix.. ✌🏽for a few days
Bill Nye is designing a line of bow ties!!! via
David: "I'm an expert kisser, I've watched plenty of videos" . Me: That's like saying you're a scientist by watching Bill Nye.
Bernie Sanders should stick to what he's doing and let Bill Nye The Science Guy debate Ted Cruz
Bill Nye offers up one scientific fact to shut down climate-change deniers
Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock. You might know him as the Science Gu…
Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut at
"Americans are always hype when it comes to Bill Nye". u right
Woah I didn't know they put bill nye the Science Guy on Netflix!
thanks dad! can I get another christian beating for wanting to watch bill nye the Science Guy and not hate black people?
Bill Nye the Science Guy owns an insane number of bow ties:
BILL BILL BILL BILL, BILL NYE THE Science Guy. science rules. inertia is the property of matter
I liked a video from ‘Hey Bill Nye, What Technology Can We Expect to Have 50 Years From
Be still my nerdy heart: Science rockstars Buzz Aldrin & walk the runway at
Tonight’s new podcast: “Science Fiction on TV, with Bill Nye” and co-host Chuck ……
Lol! I thought you were gonna be a smart *** D
Gtfo this account if you wouldn't get it with Bill Nye the Science Guy
yes, we shouldn't have faith in anyone. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop for Bill Nye.
Honestly, where would we be without PBS. Reading Rainbow, Magic School Bus, Arthur, Wishbone, Zoom, Bill Nye the Science Gu…
dude. NSF is partially responsible for Bill Nye. How can you hate Bill Nye?!? That's unAmerican!
Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown... - …is a fantastic documentary where ‘Bill Nye experiences the five stages of...
Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is narrating a runway show during
I'm a more informed person after reading this.Thank you😜
Bill Nye the Science Guy walking the catwalk at New York Men's Fashion Week 2017
rain drop. drop top. Alternative Facts gotta stop stop
at the game so no commentary. Any reason the coaches are dressed so Bill Nye-ish?
Bill Nye at the front . Riding a NASA Space shuttle. In a lab coat... On fire. But like special fire that doesn't burn…
Can we please just put Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Jane Elliot in charge of our country forever?
*At a rave*. "I don't think this LSD is working". *Bill Nye shimmies up next to me*. Bill: That's because the bass is neutral…
Seeing "Bill Nye the science Fi" as a wifi network really made my night
Two songs to get white peoples attention: . •Sweet Caroline . •Bill Nye the Science Guy. It never fails.
A threesome with Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Stephen Hawkings narrates.
New show idea: Drunk Science. Like a combination of Drunk History and Bill Nye. Fund this
I thought they were greeting about Bill Nye, the Science Guy...
i keep seeing NYE and i thought ppl were talkin bout Bill Nye the Science Guy but it's just New Years Eve smh
Okay but I thought everyone who used the acronym "NYE" were referring to Bill Nye the Science Guy
When Suzi Q ate my friend Bill Nye the Science Guy, I felt jealous
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I thought NYE was slang for talking about Bill Nye the Science Guy. Then I realized it stand for New Years Eve..☠️
I immediately thought of Nye as in Bill Nye the Science Guy, & tbh I'm more bummed about not getting a kiss from Bi…
Whenever people abbreviate New Year's Eve "NYE" I always read it as Nye like Bill Nye the Science Guy lol
Sarah thought that NYE meant Bill Nye the Science Guy I'm crying
I'm a member of Tau Beta Pi & know as much about the scientific method as your guru the Bill Nye the "Science Guy"
Bill Nye the Science Guy says global warming is real, United States senators bought off by big oil say it's not. Gee, which one's right ?
Sam Roberts looks like if Bill Nye got a Jerry Curl and was also shrunken
One of my dreams is to produce a Bill Nye the Science Guy for politics, explaining issues for young people to get them e…
Compassionate Fighters: Noam Chomsky; Sanders; Nina Turner (does it with warmth), Bertrand Russell (fav), Bill Nye, Tulsi...
Only in Mrs Crosby can you have a 23 question quiz over Bill Nye
you're out of the loop Dan, Bill Nye and Neil dgt are now hated by the circlejerk because they're apparently meanies irl.
Bill Nye the Science Guy wanted to be an astronaut, but was rejected repeatedly by NASA.
Instead of Bill Nye, its gonna be Austin's ep and I'm gonna fall down the stairs.
watching a talk and while Bill Nye is talking, Neil takes out his phone to record him, my dads are so cute
I am so irritated right now. Even Bill Nye isn't helping. I want to scream. Fight me.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
yo the DVD logo will hit the corner of the tv screen if you wait 6 hours. i am bill nye from television
I'm living a life where the theme song from Bill Nye is consistently stuck in my head.
"BUT BILL NYE U DUMMY WHY DO WE NEED TEETH" smh aside for eating this is why we need teeth
Bill NYE might as well be Ronald Mcdonald for all the respect he'll get from them..
I added a video to a playlist Cybergoth Dance Party (Bill Nye theme)
I liked a video from Are Liberals Becoming ANTI-SCIENCE?! - Bill Nye VS Imbeciles
Is Bill Nye the Science Guy a real scientist or just an actor ? I need answers -.-
"Bill Nye is the reason all these kids know how to proportion their lean in their beverage. He taught us these algorithms."-
Watch the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate, Creation Vs Evolution it's worth watching.
Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are my grandpas, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are my dads
no. We are just simply science experiments bc bill nye is a guy
did they ever make a show that's like Bill Nye the Science Guy.but for cooking?
Happy Birthday to our friend Celebrate w/ his latest StarTalk All-Stars episode: Credi…
You can be my friend if you can still recite the entire Bill Nye theme song
It's crazy to think that the younger generation in high school today, most likely grew up without watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in class
Bill nye the Science Guy birthed me.
To be honest, I am sitting in the library watch Bill Nye trying to convince myself studying is fun.
me: babe can we do that thing I like . guy: no not tonight. me: babe PLEASE. guy: ugh. *in bill nye voice* INERTIA IS A PR…
"There will be a 10 point curve on the final."
I liked a video from 'Hey Bill Nye, How Do I Engage Skeptics in Meaningful Climate Change
I got a shiny watching your stream but I couldn't think of a name but my friend hit me up so it's now Bill Nye the Decidueye
Americans have this weird obsession with Bill Nye. Our entire country is in love with him
Will binge watching bill nye the Science Guy on Netflix help me study for my final???
Video is gone, but this shows he's a meteoroogical no nothing
Pluto was a mirror-image photo of Bill Nye for his podcast [1hr].
Bill Nye hosts modernized telethon in support of national parks & ht…
"When it comes to women's rights with respect to their reproduction, I think you should leave it to women." Bill Nye ht…
I was live on for the very first View-a-thon to raise money for Give it a look.
Glacier Bay only exists because of glacier melt. What does Bill Nye and other climate Televangelists say about that?
Second debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
🤖 Second debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye .
watching Ken Ham's edit of Bill Nye at fake ark 22:30 in is that u & your missus? A bit blurry due to to his camera (& my whisky!)
Hey now! Nobody sings the Blues like Bill Nye sings the Blues.
Climate Change not ur thing.can i recommend Bill Nye for Director of White House Science and Tech? That would be so cool!
This just in: Safwan *** and doesn't care about social relations or Bill Nye
Ben Nye in the streets Bill Nye in the sheets
I thought that Bill Nye being on stargate Atlantis was a dream too but turns out that one was real.
You know, we got Bob Ross on twitch, any chance we could have the same deal with Bill Nye episodes? SO MUCH SCIENCE TO BE L…
This guy in my photography class confused Clint Eastwood with Bill Nye.
yo tonight the DJ deadass played the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song and I've never seen a bar get down so hard
Noah was singing the "Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song" all class period so I kinda just...
Tom is interacting with Bill Nye the Science Guy like it's Dora the Explorer I s2g
Excited to make cupcakes for Bill Nye the Science Guy, for his new show, Bill Nye Saves the World, soon to Netflix.…
How to find an American:. Sing the Bill Nye the Science Guy. Americans will join in
Did I ever tell y'all bout the time I met Bill Nye the Science Guy at a thrift shop?
did I totally miss the fact that Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes are on Netflix?
My new baby 💛 Bill Nye the Science Pipe. You can see all his DNA!!! Poor little guy isn't very photogenic though bu…
PSA Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Netflix and it's literally a fantastic as u remember it from 4th grade
In Illinois, it's as if Sarah Palin ran against Bill Nye the Science Guy via
Roses: our fingerstaches, rectangle riddles, indoor recess, writing, and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy talk about magnets!
Here's a link to all Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes for fellow 90s kids 😊
I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy with yesterday lul
This guy might look like a dirty biker but will straight Bill Nye you on the science of hydration!
She watches Bill Nye the Science Guy and learns a lot!
what Bill Nye the Science Guy taught me;. class conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat would lead to capitalism's downfall
stuck between being Kevin Malone or Bill Nye the Science Guy for halloween
Jongdae looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy
Cecil is like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
My entire day consists of watching Bill Nye the Science Guy
Listening to Bill Nye the Science Guy while I get ready for class this morning...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bill Nye the Science Guy Loves 3D Printing, and The Best is Yet to Come:
I need a world that is lead by Malala Yousafzai, Bernie Sanders, Bill Nye, Beyonce, and my AT Bio teacher Mr. Rogers
Ich mag das von Bill Nye on the Remarkable Efficiency of SpaceX
Bill Nye and Bob Ross are the goats
If Bob Ross were still alive, he would be doing for art what Bill Nye is doing for science.
It is now Bill Nye and Neal Tyson's America faithwise.
I suggest the authors Michael Crichton, John Green and of course and previously stated, Bill Nye the Science Guy
Is there not a producer or something that can explain to Bill Nye who John Titor is before they record?
Bill Nye addressed the John Titor conspiracy theory
We need more people in this world like Fred Rogers, Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye.
Bill Nye, Steve Irwin, and Johnny Bravo are white legends
Steve Irwin is right up there with Bill Nye as biggest childhood heroes. I can't believe it's been 10 whole years since we lost him...
Bill Nye used to play Peewee Herman didn't he?
Bill Nye is coming back to TV with a talk show in 2017
Bill Nye the Science Guy's new Netflix show is all grown up, just like his '90s kid fans
Science RULES! Netflix announces new Bill Nye the Science Guy talk show
Bill Nye is returning to TV with a new science talk show on Netflix
Bill Nye, Netflix team up for new talk show
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is getting a new show. This is not a drill.
So I'm co-head writer on the new Bill Nye show for
Bill Nye is getting a new show on Netflix
Sometimes in my head I can't keep track of where Bill Nye ends and David Byrne begins and you know what I'm 100% okay with that
Bill Nye The Guy blames Louisiana flooding on, wait for it... You'll never guess... Climate Change!
Ever see David Foley get slapped by Bill Nye the Science Guy?
Climate Change fear mongering Bill Nye probably only gets tv time because his propaganda narrative 2 scare people in 2…
It's not an act, Bill Nye really does love science.
You could power most of the world, renewably, if you just decided to do it, right now, says
Bill Nye: Climate Change is reason for Louisiana floods — and it's going to happen again
Can he get any cooler? He continues to get kids excited about science!
Waiting for Bill Nye to join this election as an independent.
Hamilton Collection
Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear bow ties and tired of explaining Climate Change to you plebs
"and I love Bill Nye, and I'm really scared of the illuminati"
I just witnessed Bill Nye get a booty call. I fell like my childhood has come full circle
Bill Nye discusses our nation's parks and why Earth is the best place to live
CGI and honorary doctorate folks like Bill Nye are all the evidence you have. Try testing it
We gave 8 people (Bill Nye, John Davis, Pen Ward) Celestron FirstScopes to paint for our LA MoonWalk charity art and star party. Here's wha…
during intercessions for the deceased someone at my church named Bill Nye passed. I was so scared I checked Bills encyclopedia. it wasnt him
wanted you to relive this. Bill Nye was the Luke Wilson to ur Idiocracy in this segment.
Malcolm Roberts reminds me of the deranged creationist Ken Hamm trying to argue with Bill Nye about evolution
Did they actually have science lessons in elementary school or was it all just Bill Nye and Magic School Bus?
Bill Nye reveals the science behind warm winter weather
At least metaphorically speaking, we hold the future of the planet in our hands, says Bill Nye in Unstoppable
Saddened after hearing that both Mr. Rogers AND Bob Ross had died, Maxine says: "At least we still have Bill Nye the Scie…
Harrison is watching Mr. Rogers on Netflix. We both just freaked out when Bill Nye made an appearance on the...
Bill Nye's Solar Sail Hits a Few Nags but it's Almost Ready to Fly . Despite a recent glitch, Light Sail 2 is...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
We talked to Bill Nye about the competition that inspired these 10-year-olds to dream up...
Bill Nye is as much a scientist as the Swedish Chef is a chef
I quite liked Irwin though. At least in the US he was a Bill Nye sort, sensational perhaps, but there was reason
I would kill to go on a field trip with Bill Nye
I'll be honest the best thing about attending an American-owned international school was that I got to experience Bill Nye the Science Guy.
... Charles Martinet, Franco, Joe Pruett, bumped into John Barrowman, and sat 4th row for a Star Talk show with Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman
Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class.:
I have pictures of Elvis Presley on my wall and grace asked if it was Johnny drop or Bill Nye???
More people "back from the dead".Mohammed Ali is supposedly alive again, as well as Bill Nye. But now it's spelled "muhammed"
"I wonder if, behind the bow tie, Bill Nye the Science Guy can be Bill Nye the Fun Guy, too." — Shane Kirton
A Sanders/Trump debate is like political version of Bill Nye "debating" Ken Hamm. Shouldn't have to happen, but I think it has to.
Trump vs Sanders would be the political equivalent of Ken Hamm vs Bill Nye.
ICYMI, we were lucky enough to watch Bill Nye and The Planetary Society test their light s…
Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter
Brother n I bout to be higher than Bill Nye
Evidently, if someone puts Bill Nye in an ad for pasta that's 2 minutes long while he's talking to Hannah Hart about science, I'll watch it.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is lightsaber fighting on stage @ the Fashion Institute of Technology. Just another NYC Fri https:…
Bill Nye is like a crazy drunk uncle to
And if you don't believe that, I urge you to watch the Ken Hamm vs. Bill Nye debate.
Bill Nye from Planetary Society (which is against sending humans to Mars) is now speaking at
this is going to be so beautiful. Bill Nye, Wanda Sykes, Juice!
I hope Hillary is at least courtesy vetting Neil de Grasse Tyson and/or Bill Nye for VP. Why not counter Trump with a scientist celebrity?
I find the hero worship of Elon Musk, Bill Nye, De Grasse Tyson, and the like creepy. I dont believe in the "Great man theory" of history.
DJ Khaled has been spending all this time with Ariana Huffington and Bill Nye and I want to know what his end game is
Bill Maher? Bill Maher is one stylin babe. As is Bill Murray, and Bill Nye
Enough people have now mentioned Bill Nye the Science Guy to me that I now ...
How YouTuber Hank Green is bringing STEM to a new generation: . Bill Nye is a millennial nostalgia heartthrob,...
"I want Bill Nye the Science Guy to officiate my science-themed wedding"
Don't get stuck inside of Plato 's cave! ... Bishop Barron on Bill Nye and Philosophy
Bill Nye said its true so it must be 😕
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Weather Channel Founder Calls Bill Nye 'Pretend Sc... via Lol...been saying that for years
(Al Gore Jablador, Bill Nye you're a Nay!! You should be sent to prison instead) Climate Cops Panic via
I thought she was talking about bill nye the Science Guy ok bye I hate myself 😂😂
I regret not studying science every single day. I just want to be the next Bill Nye but that dream is gone 😣😩
they should replace bill nye with me tbh I'm much more realistic
Bill Nye, Al Gore and friends: Climate alarmist superstars descend on D.C. via
'Art & Science have to co-exist, they're both human endeavors ...without art, we would hardly be people.' -
Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 41, Ken Ham, Bill Nye debate) via
The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye .. Was the livestock back in the day 🤔
Sounds more like "they" wouldn't want to send others to jail for disagreeing abt Climate Change.
Cheering up Bill Nye & yesterday in NYC, after they managed to escape that box that always traps them.
"Yo if I was 70 Bill Nye would be my soulmate" -
I liked a video from Bill Nye to Climate Change Deniers: You Can’t Ignore Facts Forever
one asked me if that was the same time as Bill Nye 😂 I was like dude I'm not that old
Justin Bieber, Grammy award winning artist and Bill Nye the Science Guy stan.
Say 3 Bill Nye's and a Sam Harris and I absolve you of your sins.
HEY SMART PEOPLE. You know how you think Bill Nye is some sort of scientist?
cuddles with cuties cures migraines. Bill Nye told me so.
Shoutout to Bill Nye for those easy 100% in science class for writing notes
lol.. i was being sarcastic.. if Bill Nye is your Science Guy your worse off than the Tyson nuts
Forever admiring the wisdom of Bill Nye.
People always want to blame rap for the younger generation using drugs, if you want to really blame somebody blame Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ash just informed me that he wishes that Bill Nye would be our next president.
I liked a video YouTube Poop: Bill Nye the Guy 4: Atoms & Molecules
yo, *** Bill Nye the Science Guy passed away the other day!!
TheBlaze asks Climate Hustle viewers if movie changed their opinions :
"I met Bill Nye on a plane in 1999. Here he is inventing the selfie."
Imagine having bill nye the Science Guy as a sugar daddy
"We gotta do everything, it's not one or the other": on v via
I just saw Bill Nye driving a Volkswagen bus
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Inside the Beltway: alarmist superstars descend on
This is what Climate Change denial looks like.
Bill Nye is an emaciated joke. He should visit his grocery store instead of backing frauds like warming & evolution
I don't get jealous much, but Khaled got to hang out with Bill Nye. 😡
Bill Nye-not a climate expert. Mechanical Engineer who makes big money working4the sky is falling Climate Change org.
My role models growin up were Bill Nye, Lil Wayne, and Johnny Bravo
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin mocked Bill Nye on Thursday, using the premier of a film that criticizes Climate Change scie…
discusses that exact point here Bill Nye: Race is a Human Construct
I liked a video from Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Season
Bill Nye has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. . Sarah Palin has a PhD in BS. Case closed. .
Bill Nye: We know the age of the earth thanks to carbon dating. Sarah Palin: Carbon dating? I didn't know carbon went on d…
man you hear about Sara Palin thinking that she's smarter than Bill Nye ? What a moron lol Climate Change IS REAL PEOPLE
Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin argued Thursday that Bill Nye is not actually a
Sarah Palin mocks Bill Nye over Climate Change Sara Palin is so ignorant we have to make a new name up
Yes, you should listen to Bill Nye instead of Sarah Palin on Climate Change
It's as if James Fenimore Cooper, Bill Nye and Akira Kurosawa style Bunzie. .
Palin ‘as Much a Scientist’ as Bill Nye?: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin falsely said she is "as much a scient...
Bill Nye the Science Guy thinks you should go to jail if you deviate from the Climate Change consensus.
I just wish I could sit down and have a meaningful talk with Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, and Neil Degrasse Tyson
My writing and Christian experience.: Sarah Palin saying Bill Nye is not a scientist. Se...
Bill Nye's degree is in Mechanical Engineering. He's like the Peewee Herman of the sciences.
Taking Climate Change advice from Bill Nye is the equivalent of allowing Marcus Welby do your heart transplant
Sarah Palin says she's more of a scientist than Bill Nye. A "MAD" Scientist for sure. Deny Climate Change? Oil & gas stocks in trouble Sara?
Sara Palin said Bill Nye's not a real scientist. She never stops reaching new levels of stupid.
.No she is wrong - as mechanical engineer Bill Nye works with energy systems so he has expertise to speak on climate issues
Palin: Bill Nye 'as much a scientist as I am' (Timothy Cama / The Hill)
She probably doesn't know how to spell the word "scientist." Palin: Bill Nye ‘as much as scientist as I am’
Palin: Bill Nye 'as much as scientist as I am'
Sarah Palin doesn't think. Bill Nye is a real scientist.
Bill Nye has an honorary doctorate in science. His actual degree is in Mechanical Engineering.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sarah Palin says she's as much of a scientist as Bill Nye, although 98% of scientists disagree
This reminds me that one of my fave facts about Bill Nye is that his mom was a brilliant badass.
Bill Nye talking about Iowa being the leader in wind energy! I've learned more about wind energy…
Bill Nye loves Stalin, hates the 1st Amend. How have we even let it get this far, Patriots? htt…
During World War II, Bill Nye's mom was recruited to work on the Enigma code to decrypt German messages, which helped shorten the war.
Sarah Palin is trying to debate Bill Nye. In other news, my nephew's upward basketball team is looking to beat the Warri…
Spending my night listening to Bill Nye the Science Guy remixes
Only *** is you,Bill Nye is to afraid 2 go,he is only on video.
Dumbest move 4 u is going 2 that website,Bill Nye isnt even going 2 b there,2 afraid,only on video.
Speaking of ignorance,that would b 1 who reads that clueless website Bill Nye isnt even goin 2 b there
You will never learn anything from that website,cause Bill Nye won't be there only on video.
You won't be watching anything cause Bill Nye won't be there he is only on video,clueless
They aren't debating anything Bill Nye is only going to be there on video,but not debating anything.
Bill Nye talks about how human body becomes *** at LAX Airport in Los Angeles: via
TIL Bill Nye married an oboe player, and Rick Warren was the preacher. The marriage lasted…
Neil de Grasse Tyson is a huuuge Bill Nye fan, and so am I
Bill Nye, not even a scientist, but an actor who plays one on Television.
As a Gemini im a mix of Bill Nye and Beanie Siegel
I want to be like Bill Nye when I grow up
Bill Nye's grandparents are buried at the same cemetery my grandfather is buried at
really taking notes during Bill Nye bc journalism class lol
Bill Nye getting more support at UNT than the football team 👀
Bill Nye is here at UNT makin up words i love life
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