Bill Murray & Space Jam

William James Bill Murray (born September 21, 1950) is an American actor and comedian. Space Jam is a 1996 family film starring Michael Jordan and Wayne Knight, as well as the cast of the Looney Tunes. 5.0/5

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In case you've forgotten, Bill Murray shows up at the end of Space Jam & some character says "I didn't know Dan Ackroyd was in this movie"
seriously. OMG. This taking me back. Bill Murray looks crazy young here. Welcome to the Space Jam!
Hey: Bill Murray is wearing a Saint Paul Saints hat in Space Jam.
Space Jam, but hockey instead of basketball and Teemu Selanne instead of Michael Jordan. Bill Murray in the same role as the o…
Larry Bird, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan and Ivan Reitman on the set of Space Jam (1996)
Bill Murray - I don't play defense (Space Jam) this is jay I don't play defense lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bill Murray help save the Toon Squad in Space Jam though.
Space Jam's cast is really legendary: Jordan, Bill Murray, Newman from seinfeld, Danny Devito, Charles Barkley, Bugs Bunny..the list goes on
I'll tell ya what. DeMarco Murray is getting about as much playing time as Bill Murray did in Space Jam. That's wild, man.…
Week 2 is in the books for Orange Coast College. 14 more weeks to go Pirates. "Don't lose that confidence." - Bill Murray from Space Jam.
"Larry Bird isn't white, Larry's clear." - Bill Murray in Space Jam
Going to the Championship! came to play too. Came in like Bill Murray on Space Jam! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Just a friendly reminder that Bill Murray is in Space Jam. I love this movie.
Modeling your basketball play exclusively after Bill Murray in Space Jam.
Lebron James is basically Michael Jordan in Space Jam at this point. Like, I think Bill Murray is the Cavs' backup poin…
People reacting to David Lee like Swackhamer reacted to Bill Murray in Space Jam. "I didn't know Dan Ackroy was in this picture!!!"
Lee came outta nowhere like Bill Murray on Space Jam
Most of my basketball knowledge comes from Space Jam, but I know the Cavs best bet right now is Bill Murray walking on.
Lebron James busting out that Space Jam move and i'm looking for Bill Murray and Stan chillin on the bench
one of my PL's has never seen Space Jam, as I berate him I mention Bill Murry is in it at which he asks "who's Bill Murray?"
Space Jam is a classic.Jim Rome looks like he's 15 talking about MJ sucking at baseball and Bill Murray coming up clutch
J Cole doing an album with Kendrick is like when the Bill Murray suited up next to Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam
Bill Murray coming to save the day in Space Jam is one of the most beautiful moments in modern cinema.
It's literally the best invention, Bill Murray proved this in Space Jam
MJ, do you still play golf with Larry Bird & Bill Murray and have Wayne Knight caddy like in Space Jam?
How did Bill Murray not win an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in Space Jam?
Space Jam is one of the greatest movies of all time. Revolutionary cinematography, epic soundtrack and Bill Murray.
2013 NBA Draft re-do . 1. Zac Adams . 2. Bill Murray in Space Jam. 3. Brown Smith. 4. Lil Bow Wow in "Like Mike". 5. Rights to Andrew Wiggins
Bill Murray is the true hero in Space Jam. What if he didn't show up? Forfeit. Michael Jordan is a slave in the theme park.
"Quite with a center better than him Bill Murray in Space Jam
Space Jam is on right now.and there goes my morning. Ha ha Bill Murray is playing golf in an umbrella hat "IT IS ALIVE!"
Let's all take a moment to appreciate that Bill Murray was in Space Jam.
Monstars kinda got screwed..Bill Murray clearly walked at end of Space Jam.
Bill Murray, best cameo Space Jam by far.
when Donald Sterling's gf brought up Larry Bird, all I could think of was Bill Murray in Space Jam: "Larry's not white. Larry's clear."
Best Documentary of all time is a no brainer."Space Jam." The true life story about how Michael Jordan transitioned from Basketball to Baseball and back again. Yea, pretty much everything in that movie really happened. Who knew Bill Murray could play small forward?
"I feel like Bill Murray in Space Jam right now."
remember that one time Bill Murray was in Space Jam lol
Bill Murray is the best part of Space Jam
I'm here to remind you that Bill Murray was in Space Jam. Also, I want to watch Space Jam.
Bill Murray in Space Jam plays more defense than Tristan Thompson.
I just googled how many Oscars Bill Murray won for Space Jam and now I think the internet is broken.
Best male supporting actor of all time? Goose in Top Gun or Bill Murray off the bench in Space Jam, easy
How did I forget Bill Murray was in Space Jam?
I hope Bill Murray returns for the Space Jam sequel.
Moment of silence to commemorate Bill Murray's scene stealing performances in the OG Space Jam.
Time for a controversial statement! Get ready. Are you sure? Here it is- Space Jam... is flawed. Don't get me wrong, I have nostalgic joy when I hear the music, see Bill Murray, or hear Billy West's spot on Bugs Bunny. But- 1. Lola is WAY better played by Kristen Wiig in the Looney Toons Show (seriously!!) than as a Barb Wire knock off in the film. "Don't call me doll" really? 2. Micheal Jordan is beyond words as a world class athlete. As an actor, I have one word- crap. I can see him trying, but more so to pick up the paycheck at the end of all his scenes. 3. Let's have a drinking game for all the urine, fart, butt, and dare I say, BALL jokes as we watch. Ya know, the same jokes we all remember from classic Looney Toons! (hopefully the sarcasm is clear) All I'm saying is, nostalgia googles are great, but any sequel or current adaptation to a personal favorite franchise will usually stink compared to what we remember. So I challenge you to give the new a try and critique what you're comparing with open ey ...
If Bill Murray doesn't cameo in the Space Jam sequel I will literally stab everything.
No. LeBron is not allowed to soil Space Jam and the great Bill Murray. He can take like Dane Cook or something...
My absolute favorite movie growing up had to be Space Jam... I mean it was my first exposure to Bill Murray and Wayne Knight, and it starred Bugs Bunny and Michael effing Jordan who was literally God to children in the mid to late 90's (Later replaced by Tony Hawk I guess?) and R. Kelly's Fly Like an Eagle... Not sure how I feel about the reports of this sequel replacing MJ with Lebron James... I mean as long as, spoilers, Bill Murray shows up to save the day I'd go see it but LeBron ain't no Michael (Coming from a kid whose last watched basketball game was the Harlem Globe Trotters like 3 or 4 years ago)
I hear Warner Brothers are making Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James. I'm sorry but the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan,Bill Murray, and Dennis Nedry(Wayne Knight) will always be a classic and my favorite.
Bill Murray is the tru star of space jam
3 from that new film monuments men, Matt Damon, Bill Murray (he's on Space Jam) and Hugh Bonneville, they just got smashed
Watching Twister on AMC (like you should be right now) and the enormous cell phone Jami Gertz whips out every time a tornado hits made me think about other movies that are so dated that they simultaneously take you back to childhood memories and make you cringe that those hairstyles were actually a thing. Looking strictly 90's here and I'll give you my top 5. 5. Space Jam (1996) This one is almost cheating because the players the Monstars rob of their talent were Barkley, Ewing, Larry "grandmama" Johnson, three foot tall Muggsy Bougues and twelve footer Shawn Bradley. It's superfluous to mention that MJ was the star, but does anybody else think the movie could've been even better with Bill Murray teaming up with Bugs Bunny and drilling the Monstars into oblivion? Don't be shy about this. 4. Mrs. Dountfire (1993) Do you remember when Robin Williams used to be funny? ME TOO! There are so many quotes in this film that you don't catch when you're 7 that it's almost like seeing the movie for the first time aga ...
Michael Jordan is the star of Space Jam. Not Bill Murray or Danny De Vito. :-) :-)
Bill Murray totally saved the day in Space Jam...
Real talk Bill Murray really saves the day in Space Jam (1996)
Plays the last 10 seconds of game in Space Jam and retires from basketball! Bill Murray is the man!.
I like to think that when i play basketball I am like Bill Murray from Space Jam, just there to run my mouth and taunt everyone
Never realized how ridiculous it is that Jordan tells Bill Murray that he could play in the NBA in Space Jam
what sneakers did Bill Murray wear in Space Jam?
I don't know what's better, Space Jam itself or the fact Bill Murray is in it.
Random fact that I forgot about until last night, Bill Murray was in Space Jam! It made my night a 1000x better.
I always forget that Bill Murray was in Space Jam.
is it fanart of Puck, Ursa Major, or Bill Murray in Space Jam?
Bill Murray rocking the 2's in Space Jam.
This past Groundhog Day, Kristen and I felt like a couple of Wild Things and went to Bill Murray's new Larger Than Life restaurant called Kingpin in The Grand Budapest Hotel on Garfield avenue in the City Of Ember, aka the Lost City, in the Moonrise Kingdom near Hyde Park On The Hudson Where the Buffalo Roam. It felt like Zombieland and smelled of Coffee And Cigarettes. I told her Stories From My Childhood about a fight between the Fantastic Mr. Fox and a pimp named Osmosis Jones. The night turned into a Little Shop Of Horrors when I accidentally called her Tootsie and handed her Broken Flowers. This pushed her to The Razor's Edge of her Limits Of Control and she dumped hot Meatballs on my lap that made Stripes on my Hamlet and then she slapped me across the face with toast covered in Space Jam. I felt the Shame Of The Jungle and made a Quick Change of the subject and explained that my gesture was Lost In Translation and then bungled a Passion Play that Ed Wood could have directed when I said, "I'm sorry, ...
Space Jam, a movie of illogical proof why MJ will always be better than Lebron. Lebron needed Bosh and Wade to win a championship. MJ could do it with the Looney Tunes, Bill Murray, and the other fat guy from Seinfeld.
Kim Jong Un is friends with Dennis Rodman, who played on the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, who was in Space Jam with Bill Murray, who was in Ghostbusters with Dan Akroyd, who was in Blues Brothers with John Belushi, who was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon. Bam.
Come on Michael Jordan and Bill Murray lets get a "Space Jam" sequel.
Tell me why Bill Murray randomly saves the day in Space Jam
Bill Murray in everything is amazing, but Bill Murray in "Space Jam" has a tartan umbrella hat. So, don't tell me about the Academy Awards.
I'm currently buying Bill Murray's Tune Squad jersey from Space Jam. On what level of jealous are you?
I forgot how funny Space Jam is. Bill Murray is classic. Thanks HBO for still showing it.
You know how when you were a kid and you loved a movie but watched it when you were older and it was freaking lame?! Space Jam is NOT one of those movies.
I like how Bill Murray brings back his partial ownership of the St. PAUL Saints by wearing a Saints hat. Just watched Space Jam. So bored.
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I have a theory that Space Jam is the reason the younger generation loves Bill Murray so much. I just made it up that theory.
I think you're forgetting that Space Jam also had Bill Murray. So the Kobe movie would need like, Seth Rogen?
Judging by his performance in Space Jam, Bill Murray deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Space Jam starring the great amateur golfer Bill Murray!
Serious question. Who takes over for Bill Murray in remake of Space Jam? You or ?
Was just reminded that Bill Murray is probably my favorite actor ever. He makes Space Jam a great movie.
the funny thing is that I just watched space jam a few weeks ago. Bill Murray is my favorite.
In da words of Bill Murray in Space Jam- Now... Les Go Bulls!! Hope we can say bye bye Boozey in a wk or so!! Would make my season
Space Jam a black movie. MJ, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, all the NBA players, the Monstars, and Bill Murray, all black
Let's take a moment to appreciate Bill Murray's cameo in Space Jam
Completely forget that Bill Murray was in Space Jam. 2013 is awesome so far.
The Lakers are terrible to watch yo. They look like Charles Barkely, Patrick Ewing and Bill Murray in Space Jam.
Bout to ball harder than Bill Murray in Space Jam
West Coast Football is like Bill Murray in Space Jam: no defense.
You probably only knew one of the following: Actor Bill Murray was in Space Jam. His son, Luke, is a basketball coach.
Breast Cancer Awareness
My favorite thing about Space Jam, aside from The Signature Jordans, is that the game-winning assist came from Bill Murray.
Did anyone else notice Bill Murray had on the 2s in Space Jam?!
When Bill Murray and Larry Bird finish there round of golf after MJ gets sucked into the hole in Space Jam...that's gotta be a
Bill Murray had to ice down his knees after playing 10 seconds in Space Jam. What?
Bill Murray is wearing a St. Paul Saints hat when he takes the court in Space Jam.
Space Jam greatest movie Bill Murray and MJ need to make another film
Oh ya, Monster Mash dance party with the kids..We're cool. On a side note I wish I could be Bill Murray (of course in playing gear) from Space Jam for Halloween. Ya, thats how awesome I am.
I'm watching Space Jam and I really want to know why Bill Murray is hanging out with Michael Jordan and Larry Byrd.
"Larry's not white... Larry's clear." - Bill Murray, Space Jam
Can we talk about how Bill Murray played himself in Space Jam and Zombieland? He's so great he doesn't even have to be in character.
Guys, I was just wondering. Why did Bill Murray join Bugs Bunny/Michael Jordon's team in "Space Jam"? He's not a basketball player.
Bill Murray should've got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Space Jam as well, did a tremendous job.
Odds for the new Bill Murray in Space Jam 2: Ben Stiller 5:1, Jack Black 12:1, Luke Wilson 100:1
Space Jam needed way more Bill Murray. Dude was hilarious in that movie
Just watched Bill Murray save the day in Space Jam. Love this movie!
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Hmm, best basketball duo: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin, or Michael Jordan and Bill Murray on Space Jam? I'm banking on Michael and Bill. xD
Larry Bird's two scenes in Michael Jordan's motion picture Space Jam (1996). First in a scene when playing golf together with MJ, Bill Murray and "Stan" (played by Wayne Knight). Second when sitting in the basketball game audience together with Mu...
"Life is like Space Jam, not enough Bill Murray"
Bill Murray in Space Jam >>>> .and fat Newman, MJ's assistant lol. Stan Potilak
Bill Murray racked up 1 steal and 1 assist in the last 10 seconds of Space Jam
Bill Murray was a better player than Charles Barkley. My proof? Murray's soul wasn't captured by monsters in Space Jam
Space Jam drinking game Drink each time: - There is a slam dunk - There is a close up shot of MJ's face - There is a "World change" - One of the Loney Tunes says their famous quote or a sexual innuendo - Bill Murray is shown, take two - You see Newman's sweat I'm going to enjoy this week.
Am I dreaming this or did Space Jam come on Cartoon Network yesterday morning? I remember going to sleep hearing Bill Murray talk to Larry and MJ.
Does anyone else remember that Bill Murray is in Space Jam? oh man.
and kids watched "Space Jam" together. They have never heard of this "Michael Jordan" fellow (or Bill Murray, or Charles Barkley and the other mid-1990s NBA stars) but they sure know their "Looney Tunes". Time is so cruel!
Bill Murray not playing defense in Space Jam.
Just saw Space Jam for the first time in a while. Why can't Bill Murray be in every movie?
Bill Murray reppin the St Paul Saints hat in Space Jam
Bill Murray, part owner of the St. Paul Saints (who play the Pheasants), wears a Saints hat in Space Jam. Cool!
God Bill Murray was never better than he was in Space Jam
Bill Murray rockin the St Paul Saint hat on in Space Jam!!!
Space Jam is on Cartoon Network right now. I think I need a Bill Murray marathon.
Bill Murray in Space Jam wears a hat like Harold.
Don't forget that Bill Murray was in Space Jam.
Saw a guy at the gym wearing a TuneSquad Bill Murray jersey from Space Jam. How badass is that?!
Bill Murray is the Nick Collison of Space Jam. Think about it.
you know who i would want taking the game winning shot on my basketball team? Bill Murray's character in Space Jam.
Space Jam is like half the mashup. Especially the parts with Bill Murray!
Heard that if you recite the lyrics to the Space Jam song in front of a mirror in a dark room 10 times Michael Jordan AND Bill Murray appear
Bill Murray from Space Jam has as many rings as
did anyone notice that Bill Murray is COMPLETELY exhausted after playing 10 seconds of basketball in Space Jam?
Bill Murray in Space Jam "i didnt know Dan Akroyd was in this picture"
Some things in life will always blow my mind. But the fact that Bill Murray was in Space Jam is still right near the top.
Bill Murray's Space Jam 10 go watch it trust me
I'm still waiting for Dunkey to make Bill Murray's Space Jam 11 and 12 :c
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All of these people arguing about nba players are stupid. It's as if no one remembers how good Bill Murray was in Space Jam..
are playing worse than the Looney Tunes did against the MonStars in the first half of Space Jam. Bill Murray better show up soon.
"James Harden is the man, but Bill Murray in Space Jam is still the best 6th man in history."
I don't think people grasp just how genuinely brilliant Space Jam is. The scene where Bill Murray lampoons Jordan's baseball career is gold.
Bill Murray putting the team on his back in Space Jam.
That awkward moment when Bill Murray in Space Jam is better in the clutch then Lebron James.
After having the Space Jam theme tune in my head for a week now, combined with Seans love of Bill Murray, I'm now forcing him to watch it.
if Reggie was in Space Jam, they wouldnt have needed that hack bill murray..
Reminder: Special subjects tonight are Bill Murray and Space Jam!
The only one who out acted Bill Murray in Space Jam is Daffy Duck. He is so method.
Bill Murray's character on Space Jam is absolutely hilarious
Mind was blown earlier tonight when I noticed Bill Murray was in Space Jam
I always forget Bill Murray is in Space Jam
Oh my god. I totally forgot Bill Murray was in Space Jam.
Going to be a good night. Representing the Bill Murray Toon Squad Tonight!! Space Jam
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Jacob is watching Space Jam.omg...worst acting ever...glad they got their millions by playing ball...Omg I feel old, I have to tell him who Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Bill Murray are.
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