Bill Murray & Michael Jordan

William James Bill Murray (born September 21, 1950) is an American actor and comedian. Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. 5.0/5

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or Christopher Walken or Bill Murray or Michael Jordan or Kris Bryant but probably Justin Timberlake
20 years ago today Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and the Toon Squad pulled of the best comeback ever back from 66-18…
Remember that time Bill Murray played basketball with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan? The mid-1990's were a...
Space Jam, but hockey instead of basketball and Teemu Selanne instead of Michael Jordan. Bill Murray in the same role as the o…
Larry Bird, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan and Ivan Reitman on the set of Space Jam (1996)
Vintage photo of Michael Jordan and Bill Murray are out for a friendly golf game
Being in the same room as Bill Murray, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan i was about to faint 😫😫. I love this job sometimes.
Will you be the Bill Murray to my Michael Jordan?
Is Space Jam the most 90s movie ever? The Looney Toons, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Knight. Brilliant
Michael Jordan tries acid for the first time with Bill Murray
All I want in life is to go golfing with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Larry Bird
my top 3 Space Jam 3 heroes would be. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Bill Murray. 3. Steph Curry
LeBron James is basically Michael Jordan in Space Jam at this point. Like, I think Bill Murray is the Cavs' backup poin…
J Cole doing an album with Kendrick is like when the Bill Murray suited up next to Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam
Bill Murray using his connections to play with Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad, then retiring undefeated.
I like to imagine Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Larry Bird all really do play golf together. With Wayne Knight as their caddy.
what you mean gross?!? Michael Jordan. Muggsy Bogues. Bill Murray. R KELLY!!
Michael Jordan plays golf with Larry Bird and Bill Murray; his dog eats his lucky Tar Heel shorts.
Bill Murray: It's cause I'm white isn't it?. Michael Jordan: Larry's white, so what?. Bill Murray: Larry is not white, Larry…
"President Obama announces deployment of Michael Jordan, Bill Murray to Iraq."
Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and the Tune Squad will beat the Monstars again
Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, and Bill Murray brought LeBron to the decision to return to Cleveland
Bill Murray is the true hero in Space Jam. What if he didn't show up? Forfeit. Michael Jordan is a slave in the theme park.
Bill Murray and Larry Bird finishing their round of golf even after Michael Jordan gets sucked down a hole.
Watching my all time fave movie feat. Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and friends.
Best Documentary of all time is a no brainer."Space Jam." The true life story about how Michael Jordan transitioned from Basketball to Baseball and back again. Yea, pretty much everything in that movie really happened. Who knew Bill Murray could play small forward?
Masters bound. I'll be on the lookout for Bill Murray, Michael Jordan and Johnny Manziel.
Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Newman from Seinfeld are in the same scene. How did this movie not win every single Oscar?
Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, and Buggs Bunny. The real Big Three
If the rumors are true, Lebron in 'Space Jam 2' is just a disgrace to Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad, even Bill Murray
I hear Warner Brothers are making Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. I'm sorry but the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan,Bill Murray, and Dennis Nedry(Wayne Knight) will always be a classic and my favorite.
Suarez is pretty much Michael Jordan in the Toon Squad, not much of a supporting cast, Sturridge is Bill Murray, Henderson = Lola Bunny.
Michael Jordan is the star of Space Jam. Not Bill Murray or Danny De Vito. :-) :-)
What if I told you there was a movie that starred Bill Murray, Danny DeVito, Jim Rome, and Michael Jordan?
There will never be a better top billing on a film than Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, Bugs Bunny and Danny DeVito. Suck it Oceans Eleven.
Better idea for "Gravity": replace Sandra Bullock and George Clooney with Bill Murray and Michael Jordan and call it "Space Jam 2"
Who remembers this classic moment when Michael Jordan and Bill Murray team up in the 90s hoops flick '
Kim Jong Un is friends with Dennis Rodman, who played on the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, who was in Space Jam with Bill Murray, who was in Ghostbusters with Dan Akroyd, who was in Blues Brothers with John Belushi, who was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon. Bam.
Come on Michael Jordan and Bill Murray lets get a "Space Jam" sequel.
Thank God Bill Murray came and saved the day I really don't think that Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes could have taken them
Larry Bird and Bill Murray don't find it weird at all that Michael Jordan just got sucked down a hole on a golf course.
"The guy from Space Jam was in my dream last night...". "Michael Jordan?". "No... Bill Murray."
. o O ( Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, dirt roads, Chuck Norris, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Bill Murray, freedom fries, Bob Dylan, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Woody Allen, Natty Light, the A-team, Michael Phelps getting stoned and swimming really fast; faster that those *** foreigners, Mary Lou Retton dressed in red white and blue flipping and twisting and stuff and then crying, justified xenophobia, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, light bulbs, Richard Simmons sweating to them oldies, electricity, phonographs, Cheech and Chong, Chuck Norris Again, getting drunk and shooting guns because it is our god-given right, sugar-coated toothpaste, McDonald's, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Bruce Lee, wait what? he's not 'Merican, wrong yes he is, George Jones, Richard Pryor, action movies starring action stars that speak with accents but are still more merican than you, Breakfast of Champions (the book), Breakfast of Champions (the Wheaties), Wheaties with Mary Lou Retton and/or Michael Phelps or Michael Jordan . ...
Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and the Looney Toons are a better basketball team then the heat.
The best way for ABC to boost ratings right now: while LeBron James is making his victory speech, the lights go out and "Sirius" by Alan Parson's Project plays. Michael Jordan makes his way to the court and goes to shake LBJ's hand. Suddenly MJ gives LBJ an F-5 in the middle of the arena and announces that he is coming out of retirement. This builds up to WrestleMa-I mean the 2014 NBA Finals-where the Miami Heat will eventually take on Michael Jordan's revived Dream Team of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola and Bill Murray in a 5 on 5 Survivor Series style Elimination Match-I mean basketball game.
Happy Birthday to the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. If it wasn't for Bill Murray he'd be on Moron Mountain.
If you could golf with any 3 non golfers who would it be? Mine would be Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Justin Timberlake.
In the movie Bill Murray famously says, "Larry's not white he's clear." Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny = joy
I'm watching Space Jam and I really want to know why Bill Murray is hanging out with Michael Jordan and Larry Byrd.
Suggestion to the PGA of America: in 2014, look past Michael Jordan for golf inspiration and just go with Bill Murray and Ray Romano!! Same thing as going to Art Schlichter for gambling advice
Keep your eyes peeled for Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Michael Phelps, Bill Murray, and Justin Timberlake (and fiance Jessica Biel) at this year's Ryder Cup on Sunday at Medinah Country Club.
Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Bill Murray all in my moms restaurant right now
Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps and bill Murray were all at the tivoli theater in downers last night for a Ryder Cup event. Pretty cool. And coach Q from the Blackhawks was at the Ballydoyle in downers. Nice guy.
Best Big Three of all time: Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Bugs Bunny
Hmm, best basketball duo: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin, or Michael Jordan and Bill Murray on Space Jam? I'm banking on Michael and Bill. xD
Larry Bird's two scenes in Michael Jordan's motion picture Space Jam (1996). First in a scene when playing golf together with MJ, Bill Murray and "Stan" (played by Wayne Knight). Second when sitting in the basketball game audience together with Mu...
Only 2 things would get me to watch the Olympics 1) The cast of Cool Runnings reunite and actually compete in bobsledding. 2) The 92' Dream Team lead by Michael Jordan reunite with Bill Murray as the coach to take on Kobe's team after it's revealed that him and LeBron are aliens and the the fate of the planet will be decided with this game.
Bill Murray: It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it? Michael Jordan: No. Larry's white, so what? Bill: Larry's not whit...
It must be hard being an NBA player knowing that nothing you do in your career will surpass the standard set by Michael Jordan, the skill of Charles Barkley, some aliens, Bugs Bunny and god himself Bill Murray
and kids watched "Space Jam" together. They have never heard of this "Michael Jordan" fellow (or Bill Murray, or Charles Barkley and the other mid-1990s NBA stars) but they sure know their "Looney Tunes". Time is so cruel!
Larry Bird: "What's the matter Bill?" "Larry," Bill Murray, replies, pointing at Michael Jordan, "that could've been me."
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Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Bill Murray go golfing together, and no one is concerned when Jordan disappears?...
The thought of Larry Bird and Bill Murray hanging out and stealing Michael Jordan's sweets fills me with an inordinate amount of glee.
I don't know who you're man is, it could be Bill Murray, it could be Michael Jordan, *** even Brett Favre...but my vote goes to Bill Hicks.
*Michael Jordan is yanked into a golf hole. Bill Murray looks angrily at Wayne Knight and yells* "what kind of camera is that"
Woke up and realized if it weren't for Bill Murray, Michael Jordan would still be a slave on Moron Mountain. Happy
Wayne Knight: He turned into Bill Murray when Michael Jordan needed him to come off the bench.
The highlights to this Wizards-Bobcats game is unreal. Michael Jordan, it's time to call Bill Murray. OR ANYONE.
Where is Michael Jordan's Oscar? And Bill Murray's Oscar for best supporting actor?
How about that time when Michael Jordan & Bill Murray played on the same basketball team?
oh my god it's Michael Jordan and Bill Murray and Looney Tunes magic. There's also aliens.
Jacob is watching Space Jam.omg...worst acting ever...glad they got their millions by playing ball...Omg I feel old, I have to tell him who Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Bill Murray are.
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