Bill Murray & Bruce Willis

William James Bill Murray (born September 21, 1950) is an American actor and comedian. Walter Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955), known professionally as Bruce Willis, is an American actor, producer, and singer. 5.0/5

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I added a video to a playlist Rock the Kasbah Official Trailer 2015 Bruce Willis, Bill Murray
Nice: Movie in the Works with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray via
Opportunity rocks where you least expect it! Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, Bruce Willis, Danny…
I really enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom. I loved Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray in it. thank you based Wes Anderson
Been on a big Bill Murray and Bruce Willis kick lately.
We went weird with a few. Especially with a Bill Murray movie and Bruce Willis. ;)
I know I've rubbed off on when he asks if Wes Anderson directed because it has Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.
Bill Murray doesn't like Bruce Willis' tone of voice - Rockin' The Kasbah @
- New Trailer for ROCK THE KASBAH, starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and Kate Hudson at …
TRAILER: Check out Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and...our own in ROCK THE KASBAH!
Check out Rock the Kasbah Trailer w/ Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Kate Hudson & Leem Lubany This one may surprise you!
Watch the 'Rock The Kasbah' trailer starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson..
Afghanistan back again in Hollywood. This time it's a comedy movie starring Bill Murray, Kate Hudson & Bruce Willis:
Check out the trailer for 'Rock the Kasbah', starring Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, Bruce Willis, Zooey...
Check out the trailer for 'Rockthe Kasbah', starring Bill Murray & Bruce Willis.
Rock the Kasbah starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis , Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson. Sign me up! All in!!...
Bill Murray threw his shoe at Edward Norton while Bruce Willis watched. What a weird movie.
Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray? I am definitely watching.
So the canceled 'Magic City' series is an impending movie starring the original cast, Bruce Willis, & Bill Murray. *** yes.
Bruce Willis is almost on the same level as Bill Murray!
Bill Murray & Bruce Willis at The team of the movie (from left) US scr
Robert Deniro, Bruce Willis, Arsene Wenger, Edward Norton and Bill Murray with Kevin Spacey off the bench.
the main characters (Sam & Suzie) are so direct and lovable, also there's Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Harvey Keitel and Bruce Willis!
'Magic City' is coming to the big screen with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis as its leads:
Starz' Magic City Being Resurrected as a Movie with Bruce Willis, Bill Murray -
Magic City Headed to the Big-Screen with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis and Bill Murray to star in Magic City
Canceled 'Magic City' being made into movie with original cast, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.
Bruce Willis, Bill Murray to star in 'Magic City' - Zee News BWFNews
Bruce Willis and Bill Murray to feature in Magic City
ICYMI: Bill Murray, Bruce Willis join cast of (via
Love this news is going to be on the big screen w/ Bruce Willis , Bill Murray & more G…
Bruce Willis and Bill Murray join the Magic City cast
Starz's 'Magic City' will return as a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. Really.
Random...looks like Bill Murray, Suggs & Bruce Willis got inthe pic too!
'Rock the Kasbah' gets April 2015 date: The movie stars Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel.
'Rock the Kasbah,' starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Danny Mcbride, and Zooey Deschanel, will open on April 24th, 2015.
This kid I have at work played the starring role in a Wes Anderson movie with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis
In Today’s Industry News… Only months after arriving in LA, actor Beejan Land has landed the role of a suave, charismatic TV host in Barry Levinson's ROCK THE KASBAH. Land will join an ensemble alongside Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Danny Mcbride and Scott Caan. Shooting is set to begin in June in the US and Morocco. For more on today’s Industry News head over to our website:
is already in Morocco to film 'Rock the Kasbah'. Production is scheduled to kick off in June 2014 - (it starts shooting June 2, 2014) Scott will be playing a streetwise arms dealer in the war zone of Kabul, starring alongside such Hollywood heavies as Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson. We hope for more Infos soon ..
Starting to see information on next film that Sean is filming out in Morroco. Open Road Films has acquired domestic distribution rights to the Barry Levinson pic “Rock the Kasbah” starring Bill Murray. Pic also stars Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Danny Mcbride, Shia LaBeouf and Zooey Deschanel. Let's just hope it's as funny as Caddy Shack.
Actors that you frequently mix up even though the don't actually look alike. Kevin Cosner and Bruce Willis. Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. Bob Hoskins, Danny Devito and John Belushi.
*** anything with Bruce Willis or Bill Murray is great
Who will be guests in Letterman's last week? Would bet Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Steve Martin. Final guest Bill Murray? Bubble: Bruce Willis
you, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis always money on Dave's little show!
It has Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson. Also, I love the director.
Hamilton Collection
Remember: 'Rock The Kasbah', a movie starring Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Kate Hudson, is shooting in Morocco & USA in June.
8th for Bruce Willis, 3rd for Wes Anderson, 7th for Bill Murray.
If I had a bar named Willis n Murray's that playEd Bruce Willis and Bill Murray films 24/7 would it be the best bar in America or the world?
One movie he stars in with Zooey Deschanel. Support from Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, and Danny Mcbride.
it has Bruce Willis and Bill Murray in it too
Casting Net: Shia LaBeouf is not retiring, it seems. The Nymphomaniac star, thrust into the spotlight recently by an ever-escalating plagiarism controversy, has signed on to Barry Levinson’s Rock the Kasbah alongside a host of high-profile names including Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, Danny Mcbride, and Kate Hudson. The film follows a past-his-prime rock manager who takes his sole client on a USO tour in Afghanistan. While in Kabul, the manager discovers a young talent and enters her into the Afghan Star contest — Afghanistan’s version of American Idol. Bill Hader, who showed his dramatic chops in the Sundance pic The Skeleton Twins, is in negotiations to join Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer. The plot of Universal’s comedy is being kept under wraps. Rebecca Hall, who recently appeared in Iron Man 3, has signed on for the romantic comedy Tumbledown. She’ll play a young widow, struggling to write a bio of her late musician husband who teams up with a “brash New Yor ...
How could I pass up this film with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Frances Mcdormand? Thank you for providing my late night independent film showings
Danny Mcbride, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, and Shia LaBeouf sign on to ROCK THE KASBAH, directed by Barry Levinson and also starring Bruce Willis and Bill Murray
Hey, hi, do you see this? This is three, count 'em, THREE fantastic hosts to end out the year. Paul Rudd is an excellent improviser and comedian (see: Anchorman). He'll do great, but he will probably be like Bruce Willis, where he's funny, but he's also the star of the show. He's also one of the Kissing Vogelchecks (which probably won't return because Fred, Kristen, and Bill all have left). John Goodman (hosting for the first time since 2001) will maintain his third place spot for most times hosting (after Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin). No doubt he'll integrate himself into the cast, despite his age. I'm probably more excited about his episode than any other that I've reviewed. Jimmy Fallon will obviously do a great job on his second time hosting the Christmas episode. He probably returns to the Update desk, hopefully joined by Amy (Tina already stopped by at the beginning of the season). I'd also be partial to other past hosts returning (Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Dennis Miller, Norm MacDona ...
REMINDERS!! 1.TONIGHT, November 20th 5:30 PM Healing Mass, 6:00 PM Movie Night, Featuring: Moonrise Kingdom, starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, Frances Mcdormand, Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward. Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle. Pizza will be served! 2.Gen X Auxiliary Returns, Monday, November 25th At the Auxiliary’s upcoming meeting, at 7:00 on November 25th, Father Clarke has offered to serve as priest, counselor, confessor, teacher, learned intermediary and bartender. To the event you need not bring anything but yourselves and if you’re inclined a friend or two. We’ll have drinks and hors d’oeuvres. . ...
Moonrise Kingdom. 8/10. I was asleep for approximately 1/3 of this film. 7 points for being well cute. 1 point for casting Bruce Willis alongside Bill Murray. Now I need a penknife with a racoon head embalm.
Sensational and truly powerhouse performances from yourself, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand and Tilda Swinton!
If you were 12 in the year 1965, I highly recommend the movie (on TV right now) called, "Moonrise Kingdom". (some of the supporting cast are: Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Neil Huff, etc; the movie is hilarious.) It is about scouting and being 12. It's great!
Edward Norton hosting next week..Bruce Willis this week, Back2back Moonrise Kingdomers. Its ok as long as we get Bill Murray too!
First, it's Bruce Willis for some reason. Next, it will be Edward Norton. is clearly a big fan of Moonrise Kingdom. Bill Murray next?
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Sometimes I feel like Bruce Willis and sometimes like Barbra Streisand, but I feel closest to myself when I feel like Bill Murray. U feel?
Just finished watching "Moonrise Kingdom" - an inoffensive, amusing film with Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, Frances Mcdormand et al and a bunch of 14 yo kids.
na it's mad good, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis & Edward Norton👌 can't go wrong
Just watched Moonrise Kingdom. Wow. What a quirky movie. Bruce Willis and Bill Murray gave it credibility as a comedy/drama. (dramedy?) Surely there are many layers to this movie. Opinions?
On the brighter note I am watching Moonrise Kingdom. Bill Murray,Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Dope movie
I'm in a hotel watching a movie I have never heard of called "Moonrise Kingdom" with Bill Murray & Bruce Willis. I'm not permitted to partake in Mother Earth's special plant so can someone please tell me *** is this Pink Floyd-like movie about.
Just watched a film with Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel and Bill Murray.yet it was somehow awful
What is up with Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, and Harvey Keitel in Wes Anderson movies? Not a bad thing.
Chris reviews "Moonrise Kingdom" starring Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray - Check it out @
two of my favorites too! Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray make for a great team.
Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton... directed by Wes Anderson so far so good
  Moonrise Kingdom: written by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola; directed by Wes Anderson; starring Jared Gilman (Sam Shakusky), Kara Hayward (Suzy Bishop), Bruce Willis (Captain Sharp), Edward Norton (Scout Master Ward), Bill Murray (Walt Bishop), Frances Mcdormand (Laura Bishop), and Bob Balaban (Narrator) (2012): Another one of Wes Anderson's tiny, nearly perfect miniatures, quirky as usual and humane.   The love of 12-year-olds Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop leads them to run away from home. Well, he runs away from his Khaki Scout Troop. But all this is happening on one of the small, rural islands near New York (so far as I can tell, anyway) in the mid-1960's, and there's a major storm rolling in.   The major players are Sam, an orphan whose foster family intends to send him back to Social Services; Suzy, a depressed outsider with a great love of reading and mascara; Police Captain Sharp, a lonely bachelor having an affair with Suzy's mother, played by Frances Mcdormand; Walt Bishop, played by Bill Mur ...
Oh ya, Moonrise Kingdom has both Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. Hawt.
Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray are one of the best trio I have seen in a while. Moonrise Kingdom was awesome.
Bruce Willis vs Bill Murray. best rivalry ever.
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Moonrise Kingdom. Awesome flick. Would've loved to see more Bill Murray and Bruce Willis confrontations though. 7.5/10.
Ha. continues to be the Bruce Willis of movie geeks. (I'm more like Bill Murray.)
Galan and I just watched the most fabulous movie called "Moonlight Kingdom". It was nominated for a Golden Globe and should have won as it was just fabulous. Anyone who has ever been a Boy Scout, or ever been young and in love, you would love it. It has an all star cast, Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton,Bob Balaban and Tilda Swinton. Just fabulous!
I'm not a diehard Wes Anderson fan, but I certainly like his films. Know what you're getting into, and you should be good. On a tiny New England island, a weird, young Boy Scout has disappeared (sort of) and so has a 13-year old girl. So starts the kooky hijinks. Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton and a couple surprises highlight this typically quirky, odd and unique Wes Anderson film.
Starting this afternoon we will be showing Hyde Park on the Hudson Staring Bill Murray at 1 & 4 pm. Die Hard staring Bruce Willis will continue to play at 7pm daily.
A movie with Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Edward Norton has to be good right?...Thank you Universal Studios for proving me wrong
Missed it last summer, but just saw Moonrise Kingdom on DVD; anyone with kids should see this: imaginative, creative, quirky film with a terrific cast: Bruce Willis (imagine that), Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray and 2 fab adolescents playing Suzy and Sam, both misfits who run away on an island. Great sound track as well, everything from country to Benjamin Britten and Mozart. The only movie to credit by name people in the orchestra, including a piccolo trumpet player. A 4 star movie, without doubt.
Moonrise Kingdom is a great movie!! Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray!! 👏
Enjoyed a day at home on a soupy Saturday, after completing the weekly upkeep since Anna went off to prison to see her husband Bates. Don attended a board meeting at the range then we went off to California Pizza. To finsh off the night watched Moonrise Kingdom with Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Frances McDermott. An odd movie of young love and scouting. I enjoyed the humor and glimpse back to the 1960s.
In fact my true (elder) loves are probably Ted Danson, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray.
Best Film of 2012 - Moonrise Kingdom - one of Wes Anderson's Best Films - Bruce Willis is terrific as is Bill Murray & Frances Mcdormand
You'll thank me if you watch: Moonrise Kingdom (2012 film directed by Wes Anderson, starring Bruce Willis, Frances Mcdormand, Bill Murray).
On the set of with Fran McDormand, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill M
Moonrise Kingdom was surprisingly good. I couldn't figure out how a movie about two twelve-year-olds eloping in 1965 managed to get Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances Mcdormand (Fargo), Tilda Swinton (lately, you'll know her as the Ice Queen from Narnia), Harvey Keitel (who doesn't seem to be credited, but it's him), and Jason Schwartzman (also Bob Balaban, who nobody knows, but is great), and none of them are even the main characters. I'm told the movie is an allegory. All I know is it made hilarious fun of the Boy Scouts by showing them being totally serious. See this movie.
"Moonrise Kingdom" - Wes Anderson - Director, Producer, Screenwriter, creates magic with this delightful and humorous film of childhood love that will make kids of all ages smile. Big names like Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Bill Murray, and more. Where has this gem been hiding?
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What was that movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray that came out recently that looked kinda nice
I recommend watching Moonrise Kingdom. With Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. How could you go wrong?
If Tim Allen and Bill Murray had a child with a striking resemblance to a chubbier Bruce Willis, that's my dad.
i just spent some of my morning watching a rather entertaining movie called Moonrise Kingdom. If i were to describe it...would be a combination of MEATBALLS, THE SANDLOT, and maybe a little Stand By Me. Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Frances Mcdormand are the stars. It was very different and i really enjoyed it. Some scripted funnies along with some great sight-gags!! It's a 2 thumbs up!
Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray? And a 94 on Rotten Tomatoes? Watch Moonrise Kingdom on MUTV streaming, see what its all about
We just saw Moonrise Kingdom on DVD with Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and more--It's a great by Wes Anderson.
Movie Night at the Kate !! A fundraiser for SafeGrad Night- looking forward to seeing all my townies... "Moonrise Kingdom" with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis $20, starts at 6:30...tix at Harbor Books or at the door
There's just something right about seeing Bill Murray and Bruce Willis in the same movie.
into the woods on the island that they live on. It has Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, and Bruce Willis in it
My review for Moonrise Kingdom with , Bill Murray, and Bruce Willis. It's a good flick!
& now I'm watching Moonrise Kingdom. The description sounds lame but it's got Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, & Bill Murray in it so it can't be THAT bad, right? We shall see...
So Hannah and I discovered this amazing bar in SE that's entirely blue. We walk in and there's this music playing and it sounds live, and there's this great stage with a musical being performed. As it goes on I realize it's an adaptation of 12 Monkeys! And you'll never believe who was in the Bruce Willis role... BILL MURRAY!!! Jay, Shelby, and Becca were there too! Oh wait, none of that happened? It was a vivid nap dream? Bummer.
Saw Moonrise Kingdom last night - really enjoyed it. A strange mix of big stars (Bruce Willis, Bill Murray) and total unknowns and a very off the wall story
Wayching Moonrise Kingdom. I love odd obviously:) and...Ed Norton, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis have my heart, they all rock.
Watched "Moonrise Kingdom" today as the hurricane blew by and I've got to say that I was spellbound by this motion picture. The cast of Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Francis McDormond, Ed Norton and all those young kids brought back both memories of the '60s and my own early adolescence. This was certainly the best movie of it's kind since "Stand By Me".
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Bill Murray, Ed Norton, and Bruce Willis? I must see this Moonrise Kingdom
Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Ed Norton all in the same film. I may faint.
Just watched Wes Anderson's latest film: Moonrise Kingdom and loved it. It is my favorite film of Anderson's since Rushmore. Artistically stylized in vertical and horizontal formats, the visual designs provide an running undercurrent of humor to the often stilted, "school play" delivery by excellent actors such as Ed Norton, Bill Murray, and the chronically heroic Bruce Willis. Anderson makes an artform of whimsey and quirkey, and although his deliberate slow pace (Masterpice Theater is sometimes brisk by comparison) may be excruciating at first to some young Americans raised on fast edits and continual explosions, Moonrise Kingdom is worth the investment of patience (an exhibition of paintings is even slower)
Moonrise Kingdom was such a nice surprise,lovely fairy-tale like story.Bill Murray,Bruce Willis &Ed Norton+great young actors really make it
If you're looking for a very delightful movie this weekend while waiting for "Sandy", check out "Moonrise Kingdom". Bruce Willis, Edw Norton, Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand & Jason Schwartzmann can't stop true love between two 12 year olds who seem smarter than all the adults. Set in 1965, the kids are in love, not lust, and all the '60's sensabilities and memorabilia will delight you; not to mention the wilderness skills of the scout troop to which the boy belongs. It's On Demand for those who have that service.
Went to see Moonrise Kingdom again seeing as the movie I wanted to see was not on this evening but no issue as M K is a beautifully crafted movie ~ a visual feast and musical treat. Wow ! to slightly older versions of greats like Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances Mc Dormand and Tilda Swinton. This is real good acting and the two young stars who live out their early post pubescent love for one another. At one level lighthearted innocence but at another supremely profound and moving. It is classic arthouse celluloid and not for everyone but if you want to ponder and laugh in one go this movie you'll find both enchanting and uplifting. I'm ready for round 3 and it astounds me how much one can miss in the first sitting as with novels as I relish rereading Haruki Murakami's phenomenal 1Q84 ! Enjoy da w/e !
Young love blossoms in "Moonrise Kingdom," even if the appropriate adults don't approve. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray star in this quirky, carefully crafted comedy, ascending onto DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Oct. 16.
Bill Murray threw a shoe at Ed Norton while Bruce Willis just watched.
has to be Wes Anderson's craziest film yet. Very witty though and great casting with Bill Murray, Bruce Willis & Ed Norton.
Bill Murray, Edward Norton and Bruce Willis.. how could this movie get better?
Moon rise kingdoms is now one of my favorite movies! I recommend it to you all. It has everything you could want. Plus, it has Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and Edward Norton!
I know I may be a little behind on this, but Moonrise Kingdom... I am in love with everything about this movie. I wish Sam was my boyfriend when I was 12, I wanna go camping, I love Bruce Willis in that uniform (yum), and Bill Murray's clear glasses!
I just saw Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom and it was excellent. Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton & a bunch of funny kids.
This movie stars Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. It's so good.
watch it, you'll love it. Directed by Wes Anderson. Has Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, et al.
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Alright man here we go: Moonrise Kingdom review: First off, this movie was released very limited this year and it fits the tone and I really enjoy Wes Anderson's movies, that being said, I really liked this one. It has the same style, wit, and drama that the others have and just because it feels the same doesnt mean its different. It is, and it's very interesting. In fact, everything is, the characters, the dialogue, the set pieces, all wonderful. There isn't a single character i didn't like or a joke i didn't get. It's also neat to note that Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, and of course Bill Murray are in this film but are cast as side characters and instead we focus on two preteens on a quest to find love. Very beautiful. It embodies the innocence that young kids have and the urge to break away from heartbreak and lonesomeness. I'll admit some parts are unnecessary but that doesn't ruin the film, it just adds to its quirkiness and that might drive people away. Also, I don't know if this a running theme or not ...
So excited that "Loopner" opens today. Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Gilda Radner. What a cast.
William Atherton, he played the scumbag reporter guy in the original Die Hard and he played the scumbag bureaucrat in Ghostbuster (y'know, the guy that Venkman called dickless). Anyway, his character was not the main bad guy in either of those films (that would be Hans Gruber and Zuul respectively). In fact he wasn't even affliated with either bad guy, he wasn't a terrorist nor was he a demon. But he was a big hinderance to the protaganists in both films. What do you call that type of character? (ex. Bruce Willis & Bill Murray = Hero, Alan Rickman & Zuul = Villian, Key Master/Gate Keeper & Karl = Main Henchmen, William Atherton = ?)
Moonrise Kingdom releases in India this week. Please go and watch it. Critics have called it Wes Andersons Best Film to date. It will release in PVR theatres ( maybe others also ) and stars Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Harvey Kietel, Frances Mcdormand, Tilda Swinton.
Moonrise Kingdom! Starring Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman!. Come see it at
It made me very happy to see Ed Norton as a scout master, Bruce Willis as a sad policeman and Bill Murray as a dad.
Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and others, Moonrise Kingdom made for a great night. You all did very well. Thank you.
Movie: Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson is a masterpiece. One of the Best Films Ive seen. Full of colorful, youthful magic. Told with the rich, ripe imagination of late childhood, it's shot almost like a cartoon, playing with themes of love and angst dawning in the sudden wake of teenagehood. The light boys choral, percussion and small orchestra score is delightful and theatrical. Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel make their signture on this joy of an Art piece. Its for everybody. Go see it.
Summer 2012 Winners and Losers Winners : 1. Joss Whedon and "The Avengers": The summer's opening -- and best -- studio tent-pole blockbuster. Now, Whedon will direct the sequel, too. 2. Matthew Mcconaughey: The hunky actor got a career infusion with his Oscar-baiting male stripper in the surprise hit "Magic Mike." Continue to take it off, Matt! (Add in the underrated "Bernie" and "Killer Joe," too, for a massive and interesting comeback.) 3. Wes Anderson and "Moonrise Kingdom": Anderson's most successful live-action movie also boosted the careers of Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. 4. Jeremy Renner and "The Bourne Legacy": Renner proved that he could open a movie and make audiences forget Matt Damon as Jason Bourne -- and he also had a piece of "The Avengers" action as "Hawkeye." 5. Tom Hardy and "The Dark Knight Rises": Hardy is the summer's breakout action star with dramatic chops -- see also "Lawless" -- and he rises with the Dark Knight franchise. 6. Seth Macfarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and "Ted": A sleeper h ...
Bill Murray's only in it for a handful of scenes, but also featured are Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, the guy from Fight Club.
I was thinking of seeing the O's game tonight, but instead I may check out Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie chock full of a cast of my favorites: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzmann, Ed Norton, Bruce Willis... not to mention 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. this simply can't be a loser!
If you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend it. It’s an awkward love story told as only Wes Anderson could tell it. Bill Murray, Ed Norton, and Bruce Willis are incredible. I also loved...
Went to see a movie that got excellent reviews and virtually no attention afterwards: Moonrise Kingdom, with Bill Murray, Tilda Swinson, Bruce Willis, and several others you'd recognize in supporting roles to a large cast of kids! Quirky, funny, seriously adult themes, and pre-teen angst. Recommend.
Liked watching "Moonrise Kingdom" movie last night at Ragtag theater with good friends. It has Bill Murray and Bruce Willis and other actors I've seen before. Later looked up "Kaw-Liga" song that was in it.
We loved this movie. Bruce Willis' part is nothing like the parts he normally plays. Add Francis McDormand and Bill Murray.
Moonrise Kingdom starring Bill Murray and Bruce Willis coming to Blu-ray in October
Went to a movie last night -- Moonrise Kingdom with Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances Mcdormand, Ed Norton and other greats. Great quirky, off-the-wall, funny yet touching movie! Go see it!
Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand, and Bruce Willis in Wes Anderson's latest, Moonrise Kingdom is still playing at OFS this week.
Just saw the movie Moonlight Kingdom - I really enjoyed this film but it is not for everyone. This is a little 'sleeper" film with many great movie actors; Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Francis McDormand, Ed Noriris, Harvey Kietel, etc.. It is a sweet movie about "first love", teenage alienation, but done in a artsy way that exposes human frailities rather than glossing over them in the usual Holywood style. It is really a sweet rom-com sorta thing.
Moonrise Kingdom. Highly recommend it! We saw it last night since we didn't want to see Spiderman, Batman or the Avengers. It was basically our only choice. It was excellent! Bill Murray and Bruce Willis were great in this movie, but the leads playing two 12 year old kids were fantastic! Go see it!
Just saw with Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, and Bill Murray. Great movie, and wonderful script.
Man. I love Bill Murray. Bill as Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson. story Trailer:
Nice lightning storm last nite, I love hearing issue solved...contractor on board to do 3 floors...BMU soccer camp going glad Bachelorette Emilie picked Jef!...workin' our way thru summer to do list..."Moonbeam Kingdom" w/ Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill Murray etc. was FABULOUS - the debuts of the 2 young actors was excellent...quiche tonite...reading a book @ a werewolf! Master Chef hoo to the creep who used my visa # out in Los Angelos...
What to expect at this year: Bruce Willis in an opening-night Gala, and Bill Murray as FDR!?! The details:
Saw the quirkiest, sweetest, *good* movie last night... Moonrise Kingdom. LOVED it! Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray... Unlikely cast, but amazingly loveable.
Saw Moonrise Kingdom at the Fluer this afternoon. Great movie! It's a little off-center but fun. Bill Murray, Francis McDormand, Bruce Willis, Harvey Kietel, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinson, Bob Balaban, and some really good child actors.
Going to see Bill Murray AND Bruce Willis in the same movie. I don't expect to survive the awsomeness.
Saw a fantastic film on Friday night Moonrise Kingdom with Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. 5 stars
Turns out my neighbor had her dates mixed up---so there was no play this afternoon. But she is quite laid back---so we ended up at *** Barrel and the movie, Moonrise Kingdom. It was interesting, enjoyable. Never seen Bruce Willis or Bill Murray in these kinds of roles.
Just saw Moonrise Kingdom. Not sure how I liked it. Don't think it's the sleeper hit of the year, but I enjoyed watching it. It was funny, it was weird, it was cute, it was awkward, it was random, Bill Murray was great, Bruce Willis was great, Edward Norton was great.
Moonrise Kingdom at the movies. Wonderful, memorable, great, quirky, funny, delightful. Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Bob Balaban and a fabulous group of kids.
Going to the movies this afternoon. Going to see " Moonrise Kingdom" We saw the previews in Yuma. It looked cute. Can't be all bad with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. So its playing right next door to Costco, will just have to force myself to go afterwords.
moon light kings .. I don't know but it's starting Bruce Willis and Ed Norton and Bill Murray 2012 !
July 11, 2012 Teenager moves from big screen to stage By Julie Huss jhuss— Jordan Puzzo has never been in a school play, but is well on his way to a stage and screen career. At only 14, the blond-haired, blue-eyed Derry boy is making his mark not only on the summer theater scene in New Hampshire, but has also modeled and appeared in films with the likes of Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. Jordan, the son of Nikki and Chad Puzzo, is currently appearing in the Whitebridge Farms production of "On Golden Pond" in Laconia at Pittman's Freight Room. The play is designed and directed by Academy Award-winning Ernest Thompson, who wrote the play and then the movie screenplay for the popular 1981 film starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. Thompson, a Vermont native, won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1982. The story, with New Hampshire ties to the Squam Lakes in the Holderness area, features Jordan as the character Billy. See Below for a Picture of Jordan.
I have a weird taste for movies, but Moonrise Kingdom is really good. Ed Norton + Bruce Willis + Bill Murray. See it!
Just saw "Moonrise Kingdom" - exceptional work from Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, and crew. Please see this film. As a good friend put it "It's almost magical" Actually, it was.
Bruce Willis v. Bill Murray...? Frances Mcdormand you had much to consider in Moonrise Kingdom.
Kudos to Bruce Willis( (and Bill Murray for lending their weight to a great movie,
What a day!! Good afternoon FB land!! Nancy & I got up early this morning & loaded up the yaks & drove down to Sanford to paddle on the Wekiva river. It was nice but got a little warm when we had to come out on the St. Johns. Met 3 guys who paddle in the area. I think that they were worried about us being able to complete the paddle!! Boy, did we fool them!! Now I wanna go see the movie with Bill Murray & Bruce Willis in it!! Hope everyone has a great day!! God Bless Ua All!
Went to see Moonrise Kingdom--quirky little movie which we both thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDornand.see it!
Mike and I just took the boys to see Moonrise Kingdom, which we all gave thumbs-up to. Funny, awkward-funny and unpredictable. Plus, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis!
"There is a scene in which Bill Murray throws his shoe at Ed Norton while Bruce Willis watches. See it." - My review of Moonrise Kingdom.
Came back a bit ago from seeing "Moonrise Kingdom". What a terrific movie. I'm not a huge Bruce Willis fan,but I may rethink that now. Tilda Swinton is fabulous and Bill Murray is great,as well. The best actors, though,were Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward. Two young kids with a very bright future ahead of them. I'm pretty sure that the writers HAD to go to Boy Scout summer camp at Camp Manatoc in Peninsula. Absolutely a must see.
We went to the movies today to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was funny, cute and a little strange. We liked it alot. Slow beginning but picked up fast. Bruce Willis and Bill Murray were in this film.
Saw Moonrise Kingdom on the 4th -- a funny, quirky movie that features Bruce Willis and Bill Murray, but the primary characters are two twelve year olds who are seen as incorrigible but fall in love. If you have a chance, check it out!!
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Moonrise Kingdom was as awesome as I hoped it would be. Bill Murray and Bruce Willis did well together. Really good storyline too. Fun night.
Went to see Moonrise something with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. Very interesting not funny
Saw "Moonrise Kingdom" yesterday and enjoyed it a lot! It's quirky, but fun. Bruce Willis (didn't smirk once during the movie) and Bill Murray. Several more big names in the movie and two charming pre-teens who steal the show.
Deb's Movie Reviews: This is my first week of unemployment and I decided to catch up on what's happening at the movies. So this week I went to three movies: 1) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - this is billed as a "comedy" and stars Steve Carell & Keira Knightly. I cried throughout the entire movie it was so sad. How they could bill this as a comedy when the main characters both die at the end is beyond me. Of course, the title should have clued me in! 2) Snow White and the Woodsman - Lauren wanted to see this movie and it was pretty good. The storyline is good and the special effects are remarkable. I wouldn't say I loved it but I didn't cry through it. :) 3) Moonrise Kingdom - another "comedy" this one had a 4 star rating and Bruce Willis and Ed Norton in starring roles (Bill Murray's in it as well but I went anyway). This was set in the 60's and there were moments of nostalgia (with the old "record player" and plastic bound library books) that were entertaining but you're supposed ...
Went to see Moonrise Kingdom with a friend the other day -- a very unusual, totally delightful movie!! Delightful music, too! Bill Murray & Bruce Willis - sort of odd duffers with small parts. Thanks, Dian, for the treat.
"Moonrise Kingdom" had me on the edge of my seat ... ready to leave an hour before it was over. Turns out you can put Bill Murray and Ed Norton together and still make a bad movie. Who would have guessed? The movie could have made for a great short film. I should have known this one would have disappointed me because of my personal movie rule No. 8: If a movie has Bruce Willis in it, it is by definition a bad movie.
Once I feel better, I'm excited about seeing this film. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray..Wes Anderson!
Saw a wonderful movie today ~ "Moonrise Kingdom" ~ from writers Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola. Wes directed this delightfully quirky and occasionally hilarious farce about a young boy (13 year old Jared Gilman) and girl (12 year old Kara Haywood) who fell in love and ran away (he from a Boy Scout camp, her from a dysfunctional home) in this their first movie ... and hit it clean out of the park. With a cast that included Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel & Bruce Willis, this is one to watch for at next year's Oscars. The veterans were great and the new young actor/actress in the lead roles were magnificent. Four Thumbs UP!
suicideblonde: “ Bill Murray with Wes Anderson and Bruce Willis at the Cannes Film Festival photocall for Moonrise Kingdom, May 16th ” I know I posted Bill Murray already…but it’s Bill Murray in such...
it's an interesting plot...really good cast--Bruce Willis, Frances Mcdormand, Bill Murray but some new ppl too!
Movie Review from Doris to You: I had been meaning to see Moonlight Kingdom for a while, but it seemed a little strange from the trailers. I'm so glad we saw it when we did, because it leaves time to see it again before it is gone from the theaters. My daughter used to read all the Judy Blume books when she was growing up. The movie is in the same image I would expect from this young person's book writer. It was stunningly delightful. Our protagonists are experiencing the worst weather ever recorded. The cast (Bruce Willis, Francis Macdermond, Ed Norton, Bill Murray) was subdued, with no one character trying to out-do any other. This boy-scout type camp experience was so well woven together so as to give each player a meaningful part, and to create a moving treasure of story telling. Listen to the words used: "with a left-handed scissor," "the Social Service,". This simple story of a simpler time is a real surprise package to be opened with suspense.
Went to the cinema to see "Moonlight Kingdom" starring: Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand. You must see this film.hilarious!! Take your mate. I might just go see it again.
Going to see Moonrise Kingdom this afternoon. Looks like a great film, just quirky enough to be interesting but not stupid. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray head the cast. Will let you all know how it is.
Getting some laundry done! Chuck and I are going to see "Moonrise Kingdom" today. They say Bruce Willis and Bill Murray are really good in it. Have not been to a movie in ages, and I used to be a regular!
Moonrise Kingdom, the quirky indie-esque film by Wes Anderson was, by far, the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Aside from a great cast of Bill Murray, Frances Mcdormand and company, I ...
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Shopping this afternoon in Richmond with Andrew and Emma. Saw the new movie, Moonrise Kingdom. Pretty good movie - Bill Murray funny as always, Bruce Willis in a different role. The whole story line kept you interested. Now it's raining & storming - hard to believe after the heat today. Still getting ready for markets in the morning - Mike is in the meat shop & can't get to the house because of the storm !! Hope the power stays on .
I bet "Moonrise Kingdom" is a scream! Bill Murray and Bruce Willis back on the screen.
Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Frances Mcdormand, Bruce Willis, and Harvey Kietel. Moonrise Kingdom is only an hour away...
I just seen a advertisement for a new movie staring Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. I guess that will answer the question, Who you going to call?? Yippee Ki yay!
I still have no idea what Moonrise Kingdom is about. But it's got Bruce Willis & Ed Norton, & Bill Murray told me to watch it. So I'm in.
Just saw Moonrise Kingdom. Wow. It's easy to make light of the depth of feelings of people much, much younger than you are, but this movie never does that. These children are amazing actors and remarkably well-directed. Everyone is good. Of course, I adore Bill Murray (in anything, I'll watch him read the phone book and laugh hard!) and Frances Mcdormand, and Edward Norton. And this may be my favorite Wes Anderson (but I said that after the Royal Tannenbaums). If you like laughing, go see it. "Don't let go." (Bruce Willis is also very, very good.) I loved this movie.
My wonderful son, Nick Nodurft treated me to Moonrise Kingdom today with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. Its totally off the wall. We loved it. Most people might not. Nick and I were laughing so hard at one point we couldn't stop. Its extremely quirky. Ed Norton is in it. :)
Alison and I saw Moonrise Kingdom the other night. It is the best movie we've seen in ages. Absolutely gorgeous and superbly cast with Bill Murray and a surprisingly great performance from Bruce Willis. The newbie kids in the film will be seen from now on too. 4 thumbs up from the Rainey's.
Go see Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson's still got it, Bill Murray is amazing as always, and Bruce Willis was totally on as Captain Sharp. As Julie Ann said, I want to see this again. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen in years.
We saw Moonrise Kingdom last night. A delightful movie about a young (13???) couple who runaway from her home and his scout camp set on a New England-like island in 1965. Tilda Swinton of Harry Potter fame and Jared Gilman play their roles so realistically and with so much poignancy and charm, hearts just melt. The cast is star-filled: Bruce Willis as the island's only police officer, Bill Murray & Francis McDormand as Tilda's lawyer parents, Edward Norton as the scout master, and even Harvey Keitel makes a a brief, but funny cameo appearance. It was co-written by Roman Coppola, so talent obviously runs in the family. Highly recommend.
Saw "Moonrise Kingdom" at the Tower in Sac yesterday; great cast and excellent movie-making. Bruce Willis, Francis McDormand, Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Harvey Keitel...made you want to clap at the end. Set in beautiful northeast US in 1965. Much more innocent than 1965 was...Erin signed on with Alhambra HS in Martinez, Ca., this morning. Katie and John get their keys this week to casa excitement.
I really wanna go see that movie with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis "Moonrise Kingdom" looks classic ^_^
I'm usually not one to judge a movie by its trailer, but "Moonrise Kingdom" looks really good. I enjoy Bruce Willis in odd roles. And whenever Bill Murray finds a slightly dark and quirky role (Rushmore) you never know what to expect.
Saw "Moonrise Kingdom" on Sunday. What a great film. Bill Murray and Bruce Willis are in it, but the young actors deserve the credit for its success.
Yesterday, I saw Moonrise Kingdom. I recommend it. It has Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. Also, Edward Norton and Frances Mcdormand.
Two Thumbs up for "Moonrise Kingdom", Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Bruce Willis (That's right, Bruce Willis) and that chick from "Fargo" (sorry). Perfect. An hour and a half long, no car chases, no super heroes, no gun play, minimum blood (Hilarious)
Funny, fresh, weird and wonderful, Wes Anderson's latest concoction, "Moonrise Kingdom," takes us back to 1965 and the hunt for two runaways with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray.
Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray? Oh, and by Wes Anderson? Are you kidding me, yes please!
Bill Murray is in a movie coming out with Bruce Willis! Two of my favorites!
Travelled 10 miles today to see Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Best review I can give is Go for the grown ups, stay for the kids. I was excited to see Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, but their characters are cartoonish, especially compared to the 2 STARS, the 12 year old "lovers". Sweet, funny, and nostalgic. I'll give it a B+, unless you're generally an Anderson fan, then I'd give an A-.
If I haven't mentioned Moonrise Kingdom yet; a must see great hysterically funny movie. So great I coughed up a lung laughing, and WAS in a good mood until my very last group of patrons on Friday! May see it again, and willl buy when it comes on on DVD. Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton..perfect movie.
Moonrise Kingdom conundrum: On the one hand, it has Bill Murray, so I should probably avoid it. On the other had, no movie with Bruce Willis can be all bad. What is a poor geezer to do?
Moonrise Kingdom looks amazing, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill Murray, & Tilda Swinton why havent I heard of this movie b4 now?
There's a new Bill Murray movie out? And it has Bruce Willis in it?
"now all you need is Bruce Willis to buy you a hot dog" -Bill Murray to me yesterday
Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" is quiet good. The two kids both gave top notch performances. And seeing Bruce Willis and Bill Murray working together was a treat in my book.
Poor Wes Anderson.he gets Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Francis McDormant, Swartzman, and a few other greats to be in his new flick Moonrise Kingdom, and you still don't see a lick about it on the TV...but don't worry yall. Battleship is out now...holy awful
and Bill Murray. And Bruce Willis. And Tilda Swinton. Oh and Frances Mcdormand. Basically everyone I have an acting crush on!
Bill Murray and Bruce Willis star in Wes Anderson's brilliantly quirky tale of the hunt for two missing children.
Wes Anderson film with Bill Murray, Edward Norton, and Bruce Willis. And boom goes the dynamite.
Celeb pix: Bill Murray, Bruce Willis ham it up at Cannes – - Mercury News Media Center
So excited for "Moonrise Kingdom" it's going to be great. Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis!
Swimming with major celebs at Cannes: Bruce Willis, Bill Murray & Sean Penn in the scene with Houston duo
If youre excited to see Moonrise Kingdom then youre gonna like Moonrise Kingdom. I wish more movies had Bruce Willis & Bill Murray in them.
Bruce Willis is back in his Breakfast of Champions toupée, Ed Norton is in a scout uniform, Jason Schwartzman is in a mustache, Bill Murray is drunk and shirtless and armed, and every shot and prop has been carefully...
If it's Thursday it must be Cannes. Gorgeous day. Favorite festival sight so far: Bill Murray and Bruce Willis sharing a laugh.
Bill Murray and Bruce Willis gave life advice to their 13-year-old co-star on the set of 'Moonrise Kingdom.'
The ensemble cast is one of the hallmarks of Wes Anderson’s films. And over the years, Anderson has developed close working relationships and friendships with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman. Anderson has cast Murray for a sixth time in his latest feature, Moonrise Kingdom, which pre...
Bill Murray and Bruce Willis provide comic relief at a photo call for "Moonrise Kingdom" at the international film festival. Plus, Kelly Clarkson and Alyssa Milano hold court at an ABC party, and Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy reunite for "Dallas" at a TNT upfront presentation.
Bruce Willis and Frances Mcdormand are simply excellent in Moonrise Kingdom but the air has gone out of the tires of Bill Murray
HOT *** A NEW Wes Anderson MOVIE WITH Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray! All hipsters can die happy now.
Cannes: Bruce Willis and Bill Murray bring the buzz to Moonrise Kingdom photo call
Also at Cannes: Bruce Willis and costar Bill Murray, who make for a lesson in contrasts while attending a photo call for...
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