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Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers (born June 5, 1934) is an American journalist and public commentator.

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Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on Alabama: Christmas Comes Early to Dixie via
Being Fearless Live Online: Race. Climate. Politics. We live in a time of disruption. We need a new way forward. Jo…
Bill Moyers just said that "hot mess" is "a phrase from my youth." The man is 83. I thought it was a relatively new…
Have you compared with the timeline on Bill Moyers site? .
A2 I love to play with words. For me and my students, living out the title of Bill Moyers' book about t…
Tavis Smiley? Really?. I guess it's only a matter of time before that king of perversion Bill Moyers is brought to l…
I love Bill Moyers😍 IMO Moyers wisdom should be broadcasting (24/7) in every small town square in America...continu…
“I make sense of the world by borrowing what I can from people to whom I listen. Life is a continuing course in Adu…
I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one. --Bill Moyers
You can't have a people's democracy as long as corporations are considered people. —Bill Moyers
I mentioned iraq because bill Moyers did a great documentary for PBS about…
"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." - Bill Moyers
"When morality & politics merge the arc of history bends towards justice." - MLK and Bill Moyers composite. (I thi…
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship:Trump irradiates and poisons everything sucked into his gravitational pull — and th…
Bill Moyers also did a nice piece on "Amazing Grace". The dvd is available via PBS, and 'perhaps'…
Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill a Free and Open Internet | The Smirking Chimp
"Although our interests as citizens vary, each one is an artery to the heart that pumps life through the body polit…
"Trump is the most dangerous man in the world. He’s equally dangerous because of his finger on the nuclear trigger and b…
Bill Moyers and I talk FDR and the Four Freedoms 👇🏾
This is the biggie, though. See my piece today at Bill Moyers.
Bill Moyers and Bill McKibben: Time Is Running Out for the Planet A serious conversational analysis of our climate
Bill Moyers' interview w/ Rick Perlstein: "With Trump, it’s just paranoia and vengeance all the way down, even in his moments of victory."
Had that happen watching Bill Moyers & Joseph Campbell I was up all night 😳oh if only people watched more PBS ❤️
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth — ‘The Hero’s Adventure’. Bill Moyers and mythologist Joseph Campbell begin...
I'll get the joke is that it is you, you are ever looking for but Bill Moyers' / Joseph Campbell.
Robert Jay Lifton and Bill Moyers on ‘A Duty to Warn’ The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump Oct. 3 by St.Martin’s Press.
Was watching Joseph Campbell's first interview with Bill Moyers...should be on YouTube...more later…
My book review of The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers -
they should run Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers every Friday at this time
When we create, we are making myths. Rediscovering the old Bill Moyers series with the great Joseph Campbell.…
Wonderful! Wendell Berry on his hopes for humanity...with Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers on was awesome! "I don't know where I came from, don't know where I'm going but being he…
There's a Bill Moyers special on YouTube about Coleman Barks and his work translating Rumi - worth your time!
After signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Lyndon Johnson reportedly told Bill Moyers that Dems would lose the south for man…
With each day, Donald Trump edges us closer to autocracy, write Bill Moyers & htt…
Happy 70th to Martha Nussbaum. One of the greatest philosophers of our time on how to live with our human fragility https:…
Award-winning new Bill Moyers doc is airing tonight on WGBX 44 at 10 pm. Watch the trailer:…
I agree with Bill Moyers "We are at a tipping point now and the calls for a special prosecutor are...
Northrop Frye, in conversation with Bill Moyers in 1988, prophetically describing President
60 Minutes or Bill Moyers or other credible forums
Bill Moyers & makes impartial investigation of Trump/Russia more important than ever. http…
Excerpt from Noam Chomsky's featured on Bill Moyers. Read here:...
Every day Trump lies lustily, as reflexively as rest of us breathe -Bill Moyers &
Bill Moyers: Trump is hiding something extraordinary and lying as reflexively as the rest of us breathe
"Listening is a revolutionary act of love." Bill Moyers introduces Anna Deveare Smith.
Big fan!! Know that our country- & the world- is indebted to U & your colleagues like Sam Donaldson, Bill Moyers & many others
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: This is the worst scandal involving the White House and a foreign ...
Bill Moyers: We Must Know The Truth - There is nothing as dangerous to democracy -- with...
Excellent video of poet Robert Bly being interviewed by Bill Moyers in 1990. They discuss what it means to be a...
Just up, Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: We Must Know the Truth via
is a bright light - Bill Moyers | Just the ​FACTS: All voting records are listed here by our elected...
"Trump isn’t fit to be a carbuncle on John Lewis’s posterior." -- Bill Moyers via
I liked a video Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers | Star Wars | PBS
Yeah, we watched Star Wars and the Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell. My English teacher was...creative.
Joseph Campbell The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers 1988 First by BeanzVintiques via
Occupy Wall St. shared Bill Moyers' article: "Worker-ownership will be beginning of a transformed economy."...
Past moderators of have included: Bernard Shaw, Bill Moyers, Jim Lehrer, and Barbara Walters.
Second Thoughts: Reflections on the Great Society . Bill Moyers was President Lyndon B. Johnson's press secretary...
I have never missed Ted Koppel or Bill Moyers as much as I do tonight, or Huntley, Brinkley, Cronkite, Jennings. Lauer is an embarrassment
The printed page conveys information and commitment, and requires active involvement. Televisio
With the exception of Bill Moyers, there ARE NO JOURNALISTS any longer in America.
Now if you're conservative you hate Bill Moyers, but he says LBJ said it to him directly.
"I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come" from Bill Moyers
Kevin Phillips helped design and employ it for Nixon. Then turned against it, became very lefty. Has spoken to Bill Moyers about it.
"Outing is wrong!". Until it isn't... Bill Moyers, Mike Rogers, and now .
Bill Moyers: Trans-Pacific trade pact is death for democracy
Bill Moyers: The Challenge of Journalism Is to Survive in the Pressure Cooker of Plutocracy
Sometimes I mix up Bill Maher with Bill Moyers and boy is it shocking
An Evening with Bill Moyers - Martin E. Marty Lecture via He says it like it is about politics today.
TPP=Treason: Bill Moyers on why the TPP free trade agreement is death for democracy via
you too are harmful farces. Bill Moyers has gone entirely senile and/or given control to wacky interns!
Donald Trump Has Some Explaining to Do - Bill Moyers. Where there is this much smoke, there is a big fire
84 industrial chemicals found in blood, urine of test subject PBS newsman Bill Moyers
This is what Community Rights Movement is all about. Exposing the System and then organizing to break it.
“When a library is open, no matter its size or shape, democracy is open, too.” -Bill Moyers
We need more PR (Personal Responsibility) in our own lives. Search for solutions rather than casting blame. - Bill Moyers
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Bill Moyers & Harvey J Kaye talk Fighting for the Four Freedoms via
“To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things...”
Democracy works when people claim it as their own. BILL MOYERS
two more podcasts: Bill Moyers: in conversation with Khalil Gibran Muhammad: KGM @ cone.
1) Dean Baker and Yves Smith on the Bill Moyers show 2) Robert Reich drawing cartoons
Bill Moyers has a new podcast featuring bold ideas for democracy. . Subscribe via iTunes: https:/…
Interview with Bill Moyers is more relevant today in the age of Trump and Cruz than it was when it first took place. https…
Wow ! Great get in Bill Moyers as commencement speaker! My favorite White House Press Secretary ever!!
Bill Moyers spares no words about embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Democratic National Committee Chair...
The GOP elites have themselves to blame [Bill Moyers & Michael Winship]
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship *** how crazy to GOP establishment is,
Bill Moyers was right about Karl Rove in 2003, and he’s right about Clinton/DWS/Rahm and the Democratic Party now.
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship say two top Democrats must go,
Bill Moyers: resign as DNC Chair because you "represent everything wrong with the Democratic Party."
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship stack a lot of substance to argue Rahm and Debbie need to go. As a lifelong...
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Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Time for These Two Democrats to Go via
Time for These Two Democrats to Go - Bill Moyers, Michael Winship There are two Democrats whose resignation fro...
Bill Moyers interviews George Lucas about the mythology in Star Wars:.
"To make a living is not to make a killing, it’s to have enough." . Quotes from Wendell Berry!. From an interview with Bill Moyers.
Eliz. Warren takes down HRC on Bill Moyers - get to 3 min in when it turns on HRC
"Donald Trump is to Bernie Sanders as Archie Bunker is to Jon Stewart." — Bill Moyers
You're the best Thom. Bill Moyers , Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Papantonio...the true voices of reason.
Bill Moyers says it all, and he says it right!
Watch that 5-minute video of Elizabeth Warren with Bill Moyers and tell me why we should trust someone who betrays us?
I liked a video from The Secret Government: Bill Moyers (1987)
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Imagine quoting a fool like Bill Moyers! lololol NRA is the greatest civil rights org in this country's history.
Buying The War - Bill Moyers documentary on the build-up to war in Iraq via
"For the life of me I cannot fathom why we expect so much from teachers and provide them so little in return." - Bill Moyers
This is a fun watch (fun&depressing). Don't miss Bill Moyers and Elizabeth Warren YT vid on HRC Wall Street sellout.
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From Bill Moyers...this is important. via
Bill Moyers, USC Professor Marty Kaplan and others "chime in" on unplugging Sundays, silence and "media fasts"
'The Plutocrats Are Winning, Don't Let Them.' Bill Moyers, still keeping it real...
An EXCELLENT read by Bill Moyers: The Plutocrats are winning, don't let them. It is up to ALL of us.
And it's weird bc I love Bill Moyers, who loves old Joe.
Please watch and share this great interview conducted by Bill Moyers about our new Gilded Age It'll take all of us.
On this day in 1973, Maya Angelou had her superb conversation with Bill Moyers about freedom https…
Bill Moyers in 1987: Secret Government inventing perpetual war, sponsoring terrorism and drug trade
Boulder faculty member Luis Alberto Urrea talks with Bill Moyers about crossing borders of all kinds. We can't...
Bill Moyers on why the is death for democracy … We are so screwed.
Need Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, Jim Zogby, and Alice Walker to moderate the debates tbqh
Bill Moyers has worked for years trying to teach us how Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Tom DeLay and MEDIA BRAINWASH
Bill Moyers talks with a veteran community organizer about how average people can fight back against the...
I liked a video Toni Morrison and Bill Moyers
Dear Paul Craig Roberts, why are Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and Bill Moyers so vehemently against proof of 9/11 inside job activity?
Campbell asked Bill Moyers , what is largest building still standing in ancient Rome? Obviously, the Coliseum, a fun palace
"Secrecy is the freedom tyrants dream of." - Bill Moyers (via infamoussayings)
Thanks to Bill Moyers for pointing out the truth:. "Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate for the...
Transcript: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth -- 'The Message of the Myth'
BREAKING: Bill Moyers encourages Democrats to support Bernie Sanders. Thank you, Bill Moyers, for your strong...
Congratulations on the rec. from Norman Lear & John Nichols, Bill Moyers, et al on The Fight for the 4 Freedoms!
Bill Moyers says "I have an assignment for you: Read Harvey Kaye's
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship wrote the article; I would bet the editor changed the title to make it provocative
Don't remember for sure but was there a Bill Moyers/George Lucas/Joseph Campbell interview circa 1999? I might have wires crossed
Bill Moyers is delusional and spent a good part of the article re-writing history which dems have been doing for years!
My rebuttal of Bill Moyers, /r/politics and a defense of the TPP. via /r/postnationalist …
good article which kind of explains problem. Bill Moyers is always bang on
Clive James Interviewed by Bill Moyers on "Cultural Amnesia" . He's at his sparkling best here. What a beautiful guy
Bill Moyers: Journalism must survive the pressure cooker of plutocracy via
"What happens when PR turns a profit and truth goes penniless?" -Bill Moyers speech on journalism today
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"One of my mentors told me that 'news is what people want to keep hidden, everything else is publicity'” -Bill Moyers htt…
One of my heroes: Bill Moyers --On the survival of journalism amid the thickets of $$$ via
MUST SEE FOR EVERYBODY! Who Owns the Government? Bill Moyers,1992, 1 of 26 episodes of "Listening to America", 1992
Bill Moyers said, "News is what people want to keep hidden, & everything else is publicity." Via cc:
Video: therealbornfree: Bill Moyers Journal: Nikki Giovanni In an intimate conversation, Bill and renowned...
Another great Bill Moyers article : Bernie Sanders isn’t a “crackpot” — and the progressive agenda isn’t “left-wing”
says: The challenge of is to survive in the pressure-cooker of
'Sanford and Son' was not modeled on 'Steptoe and Son' (BBC) but on 'Bill Moyers Journal' (PBS)
Bill Moyers is repeating the prog. fantasy that the movement is non-ideological. (& "ended slavery?!")
...I pay attention to what Bill Moyers says:. "The progressive agenda isn’t “left wing.” (Can anyone using the...
Blog4Iowa: Moyers Still Around And Bringing The Heat: Did anyone really think Bill Moyers would r...
"A free press doesn’t operate for free at all. Fearless journalism requires a steady stream of independent income." http…
Bill Moyers: "But if Senator Sanders is a crackpot, so are the majority of Americans." -
Here is an article for all those interested in knowing how the grim challenges facing good journalists.
"I said a lot of things.. that I regret." Bill Moyers (1992) on calling Morley Safer a Communist.
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What's not 2 love about Bill Moyers? I'm a fan of his, Warren's, Sanders', Miller's, Lee's, Reid's, Reich, .
Bill Moyers is a haven/ refuge/ light at the end of a dark tunnel in this steadily declining way of life being built by GOp.
- I don't have stills. You're free to take stills off the video if you credit Now with Bill Moyers. Sorry I can't help more.
Joe Barton (R-Texas) made this "point" (I generously call it a point) back in 2013. Bill Moyers brought it up on...
When I learn something new, every day - I feel a little more at home in this universe, a little more comfortable in the nest. - Bill Moyers
I was surprised that PBS cut Bill Moyers show to a half hour. Now I haven't seen his show on their schedule line up.
I think that report was from Bill Moyers but I'd have to recheck.
His statement is 2 years old, but Bill Moyers recently brought it up. Not one single GOP candidate for Prez...
This is from 2013, but Bill Moyers invoked it recently. (Because ALL the GOP candidates for Prez share a similar...
Media Coverage of Iraq and Susan Sontag on War via
Miss the Bill Moyers talk at last Thursday’s International Speaker Series event? Access the full video recording:
Bill Moyers nails it...again. . The Coffee Party Movement via Lefteous Indignation FB
The late writer Susan Sontag on how the images of war affect our perception of reality.
Just liked the captured quote. But it's Bill Moyers. I could repost them all.
This series of programs is made for the ear and the mind,
I think Bill Moyers has been hammering the issue of inequality longer than anyone today:
Bill Moyers's interview w other Toni Morrison- on love
Bill Moyers is one of my favorite authors and journalists.check out this classic clip.
Bill Moyers: Help Baltimore by Restoring Voting Rights to Ex-Felons . Worst idea ever.
"He who has no wish to be happier is the happiest of men.". -Bill Moyers.
“We spoke to Bill Moyers and Judith Davidson Moyers at an OPB event at the Portland Art Museum.”
I went to hear Bill Moyers talk last night...he spoke convincingly as to why TPP is a bad idea. After listening, I agree.
sorry Wiley I was at bill moyers right after Obama... It finished pretty late!
Love Bill Moyers. Wish I could have been there.
Showing of Maya Angelou: Creativity with Bill Moyers at the on Friday, May 15
Bill Moyers is the last word for my mongo-ruby-driver C optimizations this morning while I take care of chores.
You need to school your coworkers on the Bill of Rights. O'Reilly sounds as ignorant as Bill Moyers lately. Can't watch anymore.
ICYMI...from 2013, but still VERY relevant...
compelling words from Bill Moyers on "there is no substitute for the coupling of the image and the word" re his doc on Isl
Went to hear Bill Moyers tonight...amazing speech...amazing man.
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Saudi Arabia is dropping cluster bombs on civilians and Villages in trying to to hit a few terrorists - Bill Moyers
And symbols can be powerful healers, as noted by cultural historians/commentators such as Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers.
Bill Moyers# said the "gravediggers of democracy will not have the last word" at Affairs Council speech in Oregon.
"We are still in an age of transition and a world of turmoil" - bill Moyers
Bill Moyers comparing crises that crossed LBJ's desk in 1966 to our crises in 2015
The Power of Myth by Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell (1988 Paperback) 1st Ed
Love Bernie Sanders! Also Adore Bill Moyers! Bill Moyers, Ronan and Charlie Rose are my favorite interviewers!
I called and upped my contribution because of this program with Bill and Judith Moyers!!! Superior!
“Civilization is but a thin veneer stretched across the passions of the human heart." Bill Moyers
"We didn't have any skills for retirement" says Judith Davidson Moyers about why her & Bill's retirement didn't stick before now
.is very good at wanting to know, being curious, says his wife, Judith Davidson Moyers
Bill Moyers And Judith Davidson Moyers: Bill Moyers and his wife and creative partner Judith Davidson Moyers share…
Bill Moyers told me to stay in school as long as possible
Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow. And politics is the bow of idealism. Bill Moyers
Isaac Asimov on Bill Moyers World of Ideas pt 1 via
No. But you have to wonder whether it was the intention of Bill Moyers, contrasting a 99-year-old image with ISIS.
And this is from Bill Moyers of PBS..and yes he's white.
- - bill moyers movement action plan. Two views of power: power elite model and people power model
pretty good stuff. But it makes me nervous hearing Bill Moyers lightly critiqued.
Bill Moyers suggests putting Rosa Parks on the $20 bill. I doubt the public would go for that. Beyoncé or Oprah, however . . .
A decent introduction to his thinking is "The Power of Myth." Available as DVD & book (w/ Bill Moyers)
I just liked "Bill Moyers Journal: Buying the War" on Vimeo:
Saw you on Bill Moyers last year. Maybe Bernie Sanders can revive FDR's Four Freedoms.
I would recommend watching Bill Moyers interview with Dr. James Cone about "The Cross and the Lynching Tree"
But see, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and Bill Moyers are architectural engineers. They believe in the miracle that jet fuel burns steel.
Bill Moyers on US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts: He seems to believe discrimination has to be...
In this video, Bill Moyers and John Lewis walk to the spot where Lewis, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others spoke. There, they talk to school children visiting the Washington Mall, and end up conducting a spontaneous "living history" lesson. In the full show -- -- Lewis shares new insight into how the 1963 March on Washington unfolded and the impact it had and continues to have on American culture and politics.
You Had To Act: A US congressman, John Lewis, was 23 years old when he participated in the historic 1963 civil rights “March on Washington” led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Half a century later, journalist Bill Moyers asked Lewis how he was affected by Dr. King’s I Have A Dream speech that day. Mr. Lewis replied, “You couldn’t leave after hearing him speak and go back to business as usual. You had to do something, you had to act. You had to move. You had to go out and spread the good news.” Many who encountered Jesus found it impossible to remain neutral about Him. John 7:25-46 records two different reactions to Jesus. While “many of the people believed in Him” (v.31), the religious leaders tried to silence Him by sending temple guards to arrest Him (v.32). The guards were likely present when Jesus said, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (vv.37-38). The guards returned ...
While visiting the spot of his 1963 March on Washington speech, Rep. John Lewis, along with Bill Moyers, conducts a spontaneous lesson in civil rights history.
Which also raises question, who in LBJ administration will Dylan Baker play next? Bill Moyers? Billy Sol Estes?
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This is "The Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas and Bill Moyers" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
Don't miss my wonderful friend, Mary Woods, on Bill Moyers...she's rocking' the world of climate change:
.Say it ain't so! Bill Moyers is the smartest, most informative voice on TV this side of Jon Stewart and
Before returning to Washington for the start of Congress, Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks to Bill Moyers about the problems facing middle class Americans. "Washi...
In this second of two programs celebrating the life and work of the late Maya Angelou, Bill Moyers revisits a 1988 documentary in which he and Angelou attend...
In June 2013, Bill Moyers joined Stephen Colbert to discuss "Two American Families," a Frontline documentary on the disappearing middle class. Watch what happens.
Let us not settle for what or who does not stand strong by, for and with the people. Bill Moyers. Here's why John...
Giving me some much needed life today, this Bill Moyers doc on Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon
On the Rob Kall's Bottom Up Radio Show today at 8pm CDT. Rob Kall Interviews some of the world's smartest, most dynamic people on his Bottom Up Radio Show with the goal of getting them to share their wisdom and knowledge AND to stretch their vision. Rob explores two themes: 1-the bottom-up revolution, bottom-up mind and their patterns and ideas. The world is transitioning from a top-down to a bottom up world. Rob explores this with brilliant minds who have a take on how this is happening and how it is being used-- from web culture analysts to media experts to protest leaders in the Arab Spring 2-Progressive activists, leaders and thinkers-- from economics to Occupy, revolutions to Fracking, Rob interviews leading progressives and activists. His guests often appear on Bill Moyers, The Daily show , The Colbert Report and MSNBC shortly before or after being on Rob's show. They have included Senator Bernie Sanders, Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Howard Gardner, Frans De Waal, ...
Anyone appreciate Joseph Campbell here? During Yom Kippour, before children, my husband and I would go up to the highest hill or mountain and read mythology from around the world regarding life and death. We even incorporated some stories communicated by Joseph and a native American poem into our wedding ceremony. I First became hooked after an English teacher televised an interview between himself and Bill Moyers. Such interesting deep discussions .
Sitting behind me was Bill Moyers, (LBJ's press sec, now conscience of the nation). He said Cranston nailed it as LBJ
On this day in 1982: Maya Angelou’s spectacular conversation with Bill Moyers on courage and facing evil
This week's guest on Bill Moyers shows were two academics-- Zephyr Teachout And Larry Lessig-- who "decided to practice what they preached. They left the classroom, confronted the reality of down-and-dirty politics, and tried to replace moneyed interests with the public interest." Teachout stunned Andrew Cuomo and his backers by winning over a third of the vote and 30 of New York's 62 counties. She won Ulster County with 70%, Schoharie County with 71.7%, Columbia County with 77.9% and Albany County, where they know Cuomo best, with 61.9%. Cuomo spent $60.62 per vote. Teachout ran a more frugal and cost-effective campaign; she only spent $1.57 per vote. (Cuomo's hand-picked conservative ex-lobbyist Lt Gov. pick, Kathy Hochul, fared even worse against Tim Wu, another academic, beating him, but only 60-40%.) As for Lessig, only two of his Mayday PAC's candidates won-- progressive Democrat Ruben Gallego (AZ) and moderate Republican Walter Jones (NC). Their high profile losses were Greg Orman (I-KS), Paul Clem ...
I've said it before let's get Bill Moyers and Amy Goodman to moderate a presidential debate, at least in D primary
v odd of Marilynne Robinson to wear a Ron Jon Surf Shop tank on this Bill Moyers interview
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Bill Moyers' 2012 interview with Matt Taibbi and Christia Freeland seems quite prescient now.
Richard Rodriguez discusses what it means to be an American in this interview with Bill Moyers: Yay FilmsonDemand!
After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to reshare the following piece I submitted to the New York Times last summer, warts and all ... a few additional notes notwithstanding. I've made an attempt to post such things in appropriate for quite a while now, as the marginal interest and response here dictated my feelings on the matter were not acceptable in polite conversation. But with the midterm elections -and the implications for the makeup of the Senate in play - a month away, the echo chamber is not where it belongs. I have been considering resharing since I saw this story in July, from no less than Bill Moyers. In it, the conservative mindset is implied to be broken down into a "more primitive" response set that may be dictated by genetic hardwiring. ( ) While it seems to me that this threatens to dovetail into a modern genetic equivalent of eugenics, it also makes me wonder in the context of the piece I am sharing that if these findings were to hold somewhat true - and if conservationis .. ...
if there's Bill Moyers, there is hope
in the news! Read Bill Moyers on our campaign to get green companies to drop climate deniers:
Survivors&Allies have called on the support of impt voices to no avail.thus,as I was twting 2 Bill Moyers, a sense of despair
Evangelical Christian tells Bill Moyers not all Christians are climate deniers:
It seems that Bill Moyers helps The Deep State [with] Hiding in Plain Sight by balking at what kicked off to begin with.
Watch: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact: A majority of Americans think global warming is real and that human a...
New on politics from Watch: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact
[HuffPost Green] Bill Moyers: Watch: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact: Previously published on BillMoy...
Bill Moyers on His Legendary Journalism Career: "Democracy Should Be a Brake on Unbridled Greed and Power"
Bill Moyers talks with Katharine Hayhoe to discuss the conflict between faith & science over climate change:
thank you Bill Moyers... has a new. urgency when we. continue being lied to.
saw you on Bill Moyers. Fantastic discussion. Saved the vid & will play it forward!
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Excellent interview on Bill Moyers about faith and climate via
Christian and climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe talks to Bill Moyers
Christian and climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe on Bill Moyers last weekend would be a good guest
David Suzuki chats with Bill Moyers about climate change and “market forces”
One of the best on Bill Moyers Full Interview HD: vía
September 11: 11th of September:Bill Moyers: Two days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United S
Poet Robert Bly on The Great Persian Poets ; Hafez and Rumi ; Interviewed by Bill Moyers via etc.,,,
Ten years ago Elizabeth Warren spoke about how policymakers in Washington don't always have the best interest of Americans in mind. Here's a story about then-first lady Hillary Clinton that she told Bill Moyers in 2004 on NOW on PBS.
Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, doesn’t want to be considered a part of the political system. He’s a comedian: an outsider, shouting at the core decision makers, just to make us laugh. In a 2007 interview with Bill Moyers, Stewart explained, “You know, people don’t understand t…
Hello, friends and other friends! I have been challenged by Carson Wright to list 10 books that have stuck with me in some form or fashion. Don't take more than a few minute to do this, and don't stress yourself out about it. They needn't be pinnacles of literature, just books that are meaningful to you. Tag a few friends afterward! Here are mine, in no particular order: 1. "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Italo Calvino 2. "House of Leaves" and "Only Revolutions" by Mark Z. Danielewski 3. "Labyrinths" by Jorge Luis Borges 4. "Midnight's Children" by Salman Rushdie 5. "Dubliners" by James Joyce 6. "The Odyssey" by Homer 7. "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers (it's a transcription of an interview. Deal with it) 8. "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" by William Shakespeare (Oh higgledy piggledy a play) 9. "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell Let's see books for Audrey, Isa, Haley, Daniil, Dalton, Christie, and Mackenzie!
From the vault (but relevant as ever) Bill Moyers in conversation with The Wire creator and journalist David Simon
Sunday Bobbleheads: lessee, FOX has John McCain, Bill Moyers has Joe Stiglitz on inequality. Wow, tough choice! 😜
On the Bill Moyers public TV program last night, Moyers hosted leftwing economist Joseph Stiglitz, who argued that growth of our economy and the creation of jobs DEPEND PRECISELY ON raising still more tax revenues. The two leftists agreed with each other that it was ridiculous to say that private companies create jobs. Rather, Stiglitz claimed that demand for goods is what creates jobs. In a skillful bit of intentional cognitive dissonance, he refused to address HOW THE GOODS GET MADE when there IS a demand for them. Naturally, much of the interview consisted of cobwebbed catchphrases like "pay their fair share." But Stiglitz was more up-front and brazen than some liberals about what he means by "corporate welfare": ANY LIMIT AT ALL upon taxing business more and more, according to him, IS the same as GIVING them undeserved money. Of course, if you're going to pretend that a nation's productivity ISN'T created by its enterprises, then you have to pretend also that those enterprises deserve no considerati . ...
Have you notice a rash off shootings by the police from one end of the country to the other, the placing of armored trucks from one town to the next by Homeland Security, the police in the street's with more body armor than our troops in Iraq, cable or TV trucks banned in Ferguson Missouri, TV reporters arrested? This was predicted in Jules Archers book 40 years ago. What we are see is the beginning of the first step toward Marshall Law and these plans were laid down in the first attempt of the over throw US Government in 1935. Bill Moyers reported the first attempt on PBS and the media ignored his report. Notice the family's at the bottom of the pic involved in the first attempt. The Bush Family, JP Morgan, Heinz/Cheney, Mellon, Hutton, Warburg. "Mission Accomplished" Republicans.
Too Much, the Institute for Policy Studies weekly on excess and inequality that I edit, this week celebrates its 10th anniversary. Many thanks to all of you who've helped spread the Too Much word. Over 10,000 folks now get Too Much in their email inboxes every week and many more regularly read Too Much pieces on the Bill Moyers and other progressive online sites. Not familiar with Too Much? Check out the latest issue here: The sign-up page:
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Moyers site posts Kaye’s ‘dangerous idea’ on American exceptionalism: Posted at the Bill Moyers website this week...
Bill Moyers. "Paul Ryan’s populism is not the real thing. It’s the Koch-tested, Koch-approved version." John...
As the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza enters a third week, we're revisiting this 2009 episode of Bill Moyers...
It was a beautiful Sunday! We were honored to have special music by Dent Davidson during the service and brunch. It was also good to have Deacon Bill Moyers participating in the service today.
Bill Moyers reports that while top CEOs made 331 times more than the average worker, many paid a lower tax rate than members of the middle class. “Inequality,” he asserts, “has turned Washington into a protection racket for the one percent. It buys all those goodies from government: tax breaks, tax havens allowing corporations and the rich to park their money in a no-tax zone, loopholes, favors like carried interest.” Moyers referred to a study asserting that “America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened” and that the influence of the average American is "miniscule." He concluded that it’s up to us to stop this “mad dash to oligarchy.” Watch:
Back in 1987 Liberal PBS aired. "The Secret Government" with Bill Moyers, Ronald Reagan was Pres. Was PBS attacking the Republicans?
For more on the North Carolina story, my film with Bill Moyers
Video: hevesvese: Bill Moyers Journal: David Simon from on Vimeo.Crime beat...
Bill Moyers does very valuable work. He is a exemplary journalist.
Once you decide to titillate instead of illuminate, you're on a slippery slope. - Bill Moyers
Late Great Molly Ivins pushed Bill Moyers to run for that very reason (not that he would win but push debate to the left).
Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood tells Bill Moyers it's now better 2 B a corporation than a Woman in the USA
Is social movement is overcoming its traditional limitations? I guess so
me too. My list ran long. Charlie Rose and Bill Moyers rock knowledge, too. The satirists keep us alive & breathing :)
.talks about the war on women with Bill this week on 'Moyers & Company'
'Bill Moyers talks about the politics of reproductive freedom with Cecile Richards, president of the Planned...
Israel spills the blood that turns the wheel of retribution~ Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers talks politics of reproductive freedom with Cecile Richards
Healing and the Mind. Healing and the MindBill Moyers (Author)(4)Buy new: CDN$ 28.00 CDN...
graveyard trews, brilliant! If only I was able to photoshop a Bill Moyers/Brand chimera. Russell, 40 yrs into the future :)
you have really made it! Fresh Air, Sunday Times, now all you need is to be interviewed by Bill Moyers or Charlie Rose.
"Thomas Paine understood and gave voice to the essential and political radicalism of the American Revolution." Bill Moyers
VIDEO: Bill Moyers w/ 2 minutes of absolute truth about companies that don't pay taxes
Bill Moyers and Sam Clark DiBrell. "By going after The New York Times reporter James Risen, the Obama...
Doug, here's a primer on Voter ID, from Bill Moyers:
how about a pix of my dad & Bill Moyers & Morley Safer smoking weed together? It happened in our living room when I was a kid.
A passage that reads loud and clear from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers: "The story that we have in the West, so far as it is based on the Bible, is based on a view of the universe that belongs to the first millennium B.C. It does not accord with our concept either of the universe or of the dignity of man. It belongs entirely somewhere else. We have today to learn to get back into accord with the wisdom of nature and realize again our brotherhood with the animals and with the water and the sea."
Bill Moyers and Joseph Stiglitz talk about why companies that dodge taxes are killing us.
Bill Moyers chronicles the lives of two ordinary families –one black, one white — for more than 20 years as they battle to keep from sliding into poverty.
"They said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could turn the smoking gun into a mushroom cloud, and they were wrong. They said Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda, and they were wrong. They said the war would be a cakewalk, and they were wrong. Over and again they were wrong, yet 11 years, thousands of lives, millions of refugees, and trillions of dollars later, the very same armchair warriors in Washington who from the safety of their Beltway bunkers called for invading Baghdad, are demanding once again that America plunge into the sectarian wars of the Middle East." -Bill Moyers
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