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Bill Moseley

William Bill Moseley (born November 11, 1951) is an American film actor and musician who has starred in a number of cult classic horror films, including House of 1000 Corpses, Repo!

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"Yeah, but uh...whoA." ~ "Choptop"/Bill Moseley's response after being told it's late and he needs to leave.
~ now; Caroline Williams in TCM 2; investigating a 'disturbance' ( Bill Moseley, as the worst last minute guest to your establishment)
All 50 Medicaid directors come out against GOP bill to repeal ObamaCare.
How in the world am I just now finding out that THE Bill Moseley is a Cubs fan?!?! I love him even more now!
I can get u exclusive interview with youngstar of
Watching Labour MPs defend Spain's behaviour towards Catalonia. Reminds me . Oswald Moseley was in the Labour Party
Bring in the clowns… Heavyweight Pennywise the dancing clown broke box office records and onc…
*** yeah! Thanks Entertainment Weekly for posting about our film Crepitus!
Watching "The First Power", the 1990 action horror starring Lou Diamond Phillips, and Bill Moseley has just shown up as a bartender!
First three guests for Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman & Colin Cunningham
Sid Haig and Bill Moseley's panel was amazing! I love these guys!
Uncle Lloydie had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!. Watch the "Alcoholist" starring Bill Moseley and Lloyd Kaufman! From the...
Brian is at the After Dark Horrofest with Fran Pulido, Tony Todd, Clare Grant and Bill Moseley to promote his horro…
Throwback Thursday with Sid Haig and Bill Moseley from Rob Zombies, House of 1000 Corpses and…
I met Bill Moseley and Sid Haig from Devils Rejects 2 weeks ago
The Devil’s Rejects reunion with Sid Haig and Bill Moseley! 3 Day Passes sold-out! Single day tickets available!
My dad loved to 'arrange things' to take us kids to that scared the crap out of us on Hallowee
idk what all I got me and the kids the other day at the store but my bill was high 😂😂😂
when I got to meet Bill Moseley last year!! 😁😁
We are proud to announce that actor Bill Moseley will be joining us this Saturday, July 30th for Midsummer Scream...
Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon should star in Beast House series by Richard Laymon if series became movie trilogy and Rob Zombie should direct
Okay, The Tortured might not have been a good pick to put a smile on my face but it has Bill Moseley as a child killer so I'll be creeped.
I'm surprised Bill Moseley or anyone else hasn't made this comparison.
Did Bill Moseley just like my picture
// Jared Leto's Joker sounds like Bill Moseley as The Magician when he talks. . I still wanna see Suicide Squad. //
I came from a Halloween-friendly home. My dad, Spencer, was a U.S. Marine captain. But when it
Campaign with my buddy and fellow co-star Bill Moseley Death House...
Sidework Productions has attached Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman and Bill Moseley to 86 Zombies!
Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, and Michael Berryman Crawl From the Shed of the Dead via
Great idea/concept but poor execution. Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley were barely in it. It wasn't bad, just wanted more of them
REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA ('08) - Bill Moseley and Anthony Head share the screen. My heart is happy. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Our film has some of your favorite stars including Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, Tom Sizemore, Joseph...
The Art of Villainy & Bill Moseley got a sweet shoutout today in Creative Loafing for
Seems a bit drastic, especially as you had a clean bill of health!!
At Housecore Records Horror Festival. Last weekend. Here with Bill Moseley. He was awesome to talk to.
Bill Moseley in a Halloween 3 beanie. You're welcome.
Here's the rub - Katie wasn't on show! Seems she couldn't make it in the end!. Glad to hear u hv a clean bill of healthy teeth!
"Just because pain comes from the brain, it doesn’t mean it’s all in your head." Good stuff from Lorimer Moseley https:…
Just saw that Bill Moseley is in The History of Metal and Horror documentary, they should of had him in YouTube video too.
Just seen Bill Moseley as Otis mowing grass...
ha ha maybe Keith wants to turn Moseley into a tax haven .. I'd ask ALL the folks he hasn't paid bills of 1\4 tax bill ect
This movie looks like it's going to be amazing! Plus Anything that has Bill Moseley is bound to be good.
BILL MOSELEY discusses project with PHIL ANSELMO, upcoming movies, and more - -
Latest post for Backstage blog finished. Did you see the Black Comedy double bill last week?. No?. Well you missed a treat!
Time to write up my latest post for . This time it's the comedy double bill performed by Lyme Drama
According to Bill Moseley actors now smoke herbal cigarettes on sit.
I enjoyed hilarious double bill of comedy at last night. Tonight is your last chance to see the show!
Comedy double bill at . Tonight is your last chance to see this brilliant performance
Just wrapped up an incredible Q&A with the legendary Alan Ormsby and Bill Moseley after the Deranged screening!!
Happy birthday to our own Big Bad Bill Moseley!
Not only KHFF fans loved Interior, Bill Moseley himself was a big fan!
That feeling when Chop Top himself, Bill Moseley, likes your film...
I'm probably pretty close to having all of his movies, I have gone Bill Moseley crazy in the last 2 years. Yes he is!!!
Oh, for (most) all your horror needs. Why, we got pics, posters, CDs, DVDs, all autographed by …
Horror Podcast featuring interviews with Doug Bradley and Bill Moseley at the Rock & Shock horror convention
Kane Hodder talks about his new movie, Old 37, where he co stars with Bill Moseley!
hey thanks for the add! Check out my trailers if you would like! My latest stars Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder!
The Devils Rejects alums: Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Ginger Lynn all on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine,...
zombies had the look of Fulci. Great parts for Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley and Brian Cox as narrator. Gerald Scarfe-like animated scenes too.
Tara Reid, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, together at last!
Please support us on Thunderclap! It's free! Special guests Tom Savini, Bill Moseley & Gunnar Hansen! £15!
Hey Jason, how bout a shoutout for a movie staring YOU. with Kane Hodder & Bill Moseley
Check out Night of the Living Dead:Darkest Dawn on Indigogo - Starring: Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris,...
Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris and Tom Sizemore all feature in our movie!
Aussie horror fans alert! Special screening of CHARLIES FARM, with Nathan Jones, Tara Reid, Bill Moseley and me. Cairns Ci…
Devils Rejects are on their way to Crypticon Seattle Memorial Day weekend!! Sid Haig ~ Bill Moseley ~ William...
met Ken Foree and Bill Moseley today! All super nice guys.
that's bill Moseley. I'm planning to meet him next month at the full moon con in Nashville.
so this movie has Tony Todd/Candyman,Angus Scrimm/Phantasm and Bill Moseley/The Devils Rejects in but someone...
Earlier in the day, there was a lot of talk that would be TP’ing a Charlotte’s Web glitch bill…
Melissa Tkautz, Bill Moseley and Roger Ward officially announced for 's BOAR! Great news!
Bill Moseley holding up my print while...: Bill Moseley…
Bill Moseley holding up my Choptop print while...
Bill Moseley holding up my Choptop print while Bill, owner of
Chop Top himself Bill Moseley swung by the Tobe Hooper tribute show
Devil's Rejects on Netflix too. Dillon doesnt think its cool that I met them. But Bill Moseley calling me furry trash IS THE COOLEST THING.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bill Moseley at He played ChopTop in Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. The one with the coat hanger!
Switching to a free site because raising the Horror Baby involves budget cuts for me. See us with Bill Moseley at...
So who else thinks this would be awesome if it were ever released? Bill Moseley.
Awesome man would love the chance to meet him and Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.
will you be in 'death house' with Kane Hodder and bill Moseley?
Hired a horror DVD last night called House. Imagine my delight to find it stars the great Bill Moseley!
William Baldwin, Bill Moseley, Richard Grieco to Star in Horror Movie ‘Minutes to Midnight’ -
No way I could have guessed that bill could get even *worse* when it went to the Senate, says Rep. Chuck Moseley.
Upcoming Kane Hodder / Bill Moseley movie Old 37 was shot where I live. So I kinda can't wait to check it out.
Can't stop laughing 😂😂 Bill Moseley as Chop Top just makes me giggle 😂😂 xx
Exclusive first look inside Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley’s OLD 37, plus distribution news and new poster!
The DARK ZONE . BILL MOSELEY has joined the cast of The Dark Zone!!!. We are ecstatic to announce that Bill...
Masuimi Max (G&C supermodel) meets actor Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects) at the Girls and Corpses booth at...
Twiggy, Manson, Bill Moseley, and Chris Motionless are the most attractive men I've ever laid eyes on.
Movie nite w/The Devil's Rejects. Can't wait till May to see Bill Moseley at the Nashville Full Moon Festival
The Possession Experiment features Bill Moseley. Did you know he graduated from Yale University? What is one of...
Bill Moseley Joins us May 8th - 10th at the Music City Center to celebrate the 10th anniversary or The Devils...
First info on 7DM Studios inaugural film -
I run a tight ship. It was great to meet Bill Moseley! Loved him as Otis Driftwood in The Devil's…
Watching Rogue River. Bill Moseley is one creepy actor!
Hey, this film is a completely original & new story. Hugo will also be voiced by Horror Legend Bill Moseley.
We want to make Hugo the new image of horror, voiced by the Incredible Bill Moseley.
Bill Moseley, Actor: The Devils Rejects Bill Moseley was born on November 11, 1951 in Barrington, Illinois,
Bill Moseley has the best entrances. I would have loved to be in the audience for this scene.
I may or may not be in love with Bill Moseley 💜
Rolando R Neghme & Bill Moseley for their generous donations in support of the vital work being done by
Parliament sends new bill to help pubs for royal ascent. More power to pubs, less power to pubcos
Fantastic news for pubs, drinkers & small brewers. Thanks to everyone who helped force pubcos to treat landlords fairly via this bill
“Jazz at the HUBBARD” Saturday 3/21 at 2pm The musicians will consists of Dorie Barnes (voice), Bill Moseley...
Take a look at our Teaser with never-before-seen images of Bill Moseley! …
and horror conventions too. I'd love to go to all of the cons Twiggy and Bill Moseley go to
Be the Bill Murray you want to run into in the world.
devil's rejects zombie moseley haig moon zombie Easily one of the best horror films of the last decade,
3 years ago on the Amazing set of Devils Carnival at LA Circus with Darren Lynn Bousman, Bill Moseley…
Mr. Zombie, was a tribute to the movie BC Of the Underground Lights & Bill Moseley!.
My photo of me and Bill Moseley is the lock screen and my photo of me and Twiggy is the Home Screen on my phone.
Writing Prompt: Write a short paragraph about what happened here. Photo by: Bill Moseley
If Bill Moseley isnt in 31 Ill be quite disappointed
Going to a Manson concert with Bill Moseley and Damien Echols in NYC would be amazing
Here's the latest grouped picture of the SOS Soulwinning Card along with Frank Moseley and Bill Hathaway
I don't even watch basketball games any more when Bill Walton is the commentator.
Glad the Link Worked in the US. ThankYou for the Awesome Feedback. With Bill Moseley on board, I Know We Have Something Special
Yes! so glad Bill Moseley will be there, he was the nicest guy last year!
Davies urges Pirates to use Bristol victory as platform for win at Moseley |
Thank You God for the opportunity. We'll be back... I will never waiver on who He has called me to be... . Thanks 12s …
Bill Moseley will star in American Exorcist. Check out for autographed rewards! ht…
Fans, Bill Moseley is Officially Confirmed as the Voice of Hugo in htt…
Listening to describe Argento's PELTS and talk about hanging out with Bill Moseley made my week.
Bill Moseley is playing Charles Manson in a movie. Where have I been? IMDB is a beautiful thing.
I recently did the math on what I was paying ROGERS for a phone bill over the past 12 months.It came up to on...
Wanna see Moseley on the same bill as + !? We're Rockin one out this Friday at w/ too!
Is that a jello mold on Bill Moseley's head?
Watched my film with Bill Moseley, "Old 37", Very happy, Great story, performances and music, Should change pe
Geeking out at the cast of Udo Kier, Clint Howard, Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Bill Moseley, David Naughton, & SIMON PEGG!
Bill Moseley as Otis in House/ 1000 corpses, as human monster, the Alien as creature, zombies third
THE GRAVES/2009 /Tony Todd/BILL MOSELEY: The Graves director, Brian Pulido, is known in the comic book world a...
I have intense feelings about Bill Moseley ok
As an art project this girl had to make a wax replica of someones head and SHE DID BILL MOSELEY LIKE SHE IS A GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART
Bill Moseley should have gotten number 1 but that's just my opinion.
Very cool fan art. Such a great movie too, Bill Moseley is amazing
...and Doug Bradley, and Bill Moseley, and Robert Englund, and William Sadler, and... "The Gathering" sounds AMAZING!
This would make a great Christmas hat. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, Bill Moseley
Bill Moseley will be Charles Manson in Manson Girls, with Ron Jeremy ->
Shhh!Love secrets?And want to see Moseley on the same bill as Brendan Benson?I highly recommend you don't miss our show with Modoc next Fri!
Robert was unable to reprise his role as Mayor Buckman in the Second on so Bill Moseley stepped in.Both were amazing.
Gotta say I think Bill Moseley is the perfect choice to play Charles Manson
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams - Trailer: the sequel has Bill Moseley as Mayor Buckman.
Elle in Kill Bill 2 is just the best 👠🙌
Watch for the release of "Charlie's Farm". Very proud of it. A film I did in Australia with Bill Moseley, Tara Reid and ba…
Happy Birthday To Stamford's Bill Moseley: William "Bill" Moseley, who has lived in Stamford,...
nope. Bill Moseley was up there with other Devils Rejects actors. Then it was taken down.
probably not - I never know the dates of these things, so I always miss out. If you go, say hi to Clive Barker and Bill Moseley!
Michael Berryman and Bill Moseley have starred in 14 movies together
The episode you've been waiting for is now live:
Website Builder 728x90
Bill Moseley needs to come back to Hollywood Horror Show!
Photo: Is it wrong that I find Otis Driftwood hot? I love me some Bill Moseley as a horror icon, but as...
Me with the man, the myth, Bill Moseley. Life is good. Scarefest is awesome!…
It's always a good time listening to podcast; especially with guest lineups as entertaining as Bill Moseley.
I have to say Bill Moseley as Otis b. Driftwood has some pretty sexy arms I love those shoulders 😉
Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley have starred in 17 movies together
I gotta make Bill Moseley a custom Luigi action figure with knife and decaff coffee accessories and give it @ NukeTheFridge
Chop Top of Tex Chainsaw Massacre part 2 photo signed by the actor Bill Moseley for sale, get in touch it scares me!!
The Moseley Magic rubbed off on me when I first met Bill at Adam and Jace's pool party.
Voodoo Violets was by far my best work in 40 years of Troma!! Thanks to Bill Moseley!!
1000 corpses blew me away it was the best horror id seen in years. Ive got Bill Moseley (Otis) signed pic autograph
In beautiful Australia! Ready to shoot "Charlies Farm" with Tara Reid, Bill Moseley, and Nathan Jones. Written and directe…
It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of actor, TOBIN BELL, to the guest roster for DAYS OF THE DEAD: LOS ANGELES, happening September 26th-28th at the LAX MARRIOTT. A name which needs little introduction, Tobin Bell is best known for playing the iconic villain, "Jigsaw," in the SAW franchises of films. He has also appeared in such films as DARK HOUSE, BOOGIEMAN 2 and 3, and BURIED ALIVE. Tobin Bell will be making this VERY RARE signing appearance on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th ONLY! Pre-sale autograph ticket information is forthcoming. Tobin Bell joins previously announced guests, Clive Barker, Corey Feldman, Tara Reid, Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Ken Foree, Bill Moseley, and MORE, as DAYS OF THE DEAD makes its highly anticipated return to the west coast! Vendor spaces and tickets for DAYS OF THE DEAD: Los Angeles are ON SALE NOW at
What kind of strange photo is this? Ogre, Paris Hilton and Bill Moseley. Far Too Strange!
Horror Legend of Month: My pick for the month of June goes to Bill Mosely. I will post his career achievements throughout the month. Here is a short Bio of his career. For a period of time, Bill Moseley operated as a journalist, writing for such magazines as Omni Magazine, National Lampoon and Psychology Today. At the age of 29, Moseley got his first film role in Alan Rudolph's Endangered Species as a cab driver. In 1985's Osa he played a character named "Quilt Face." His third role has become one of his most well known; he appeared as Chop Top in Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, after Tobe Hooper saw him in the independent short, The Texas Chainsaw Manicure. The character spawned the famous film quotes, "Dog will hunt!", "Incoming mail!", and "Lick my plate, you dogdick!". Two years after TCM 2, he played Frank in 1988's Mamba. Also in 1988 appeared as a soldier in the remake of the Steve McQueen film The Blob. He next played Darrell in the film Pink Cadillac starring Clint Eastwood. He then ...
just found out that Alexa Vega will not be attending Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014. :( it's officially "cancelled" on the TFW web site, but the weird thing is is that even her agent can't get ahold of her!!! hope she's OK. was looking forward to meeting her since she's the only one that has not signed my REPO! BluRay and original REPO! one sheet ( and yes, even Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich and Darren Gordon Smith have all autographed these two items). oh well, at least i get to see and hang out with my pal Nivek Ogre (Pavi) and Bill Moseley (Luigi) again this year!
I think I want my next bf to be more like Bill Moseley, Gomez Addams, Captain Ahab and Odin...
Thanks to Rifftrax's National Geographic shows, I learned that those cute koalas are nasty, disgusting creatures that, when babies, suckle their mothers' *** to feed off the diarrhea, and that 80% of them have chlamydia. Still want to cuddle one, Bill Moseley? :)
Diamond Dallas Page reunites with The Devil’s Rejects cast members Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman for the upcoming horror film, DEAD afterlife. Bang! Of course, DEAD afterlife is written by Michael Joy, Operations Manager at and Jared Cohn (Buddy Hutchins, Atlantic Rim) is set t...
We want to be a CULT CLASSIC. Are we asking for too much? We don’t think so… It’s seems like we have all the elements set in place, an offbeat script and a collection of actors that reads like the who’s who of the horror genre. Michael Joy, Operations Manager of, is the writer of this zombie-ghost mash up and he’s aligned himself with some creative forces in director, Jared Cohn (Traplight Media Inc.) and producers, David Gere (Woodhaven Films) and Marie Lemelle ( Platinum Star PR). They’ve already secured Domestic and International Distribution deals and their fan base is growing faster than a zombie outbreak. DEAD afterlife The Movie is set to star the reunion of a couple of The Devil’s Rejects in Michael Berryman and Bill Moseley. Kane Hodder (famed as Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th) is also chopping his way into this movie alongside professional wrestling legend, The Universal Hearthrob Austin Idol. Scream Queen, Liana Mendonza, adds some sex appeal to counter the ...
In Today’s Industry News… American actress Tara Reid is headed to the Sunshine Coast, having signed on to star in Chris Sun’s horror flick CHARLIE’S FARM, which will call “action!” mid-March. The film will also star Aussie actor Nathan Jones and horror pros Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder. And it was a modest start for the premiere of TEN’s crime drama SECRETS & LIES, which drew 403,000 viewers in the five capital cities last night. The much anticipated show had a national average audience of 546,000. For more on today’s Industry News head over to our website:
Join us for our LIVE "Repo! The Genetic Opera" shadowcast performed by Amber Does Dallas at the convention! ALSO! Meet the cast of Repo! including Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre who'll be appearing all weekend long. Only at Texas Frightmare Weekend! The live shadowcast is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. FREE for all convention pass holders! Tickets and infor for TFW at more info on Amber Does Dallas please visit
The Devil's Carnival is a 2012 musical short horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan, Jessica Lowndes, Paul Sorvino, and Terrance Zdunich.[2] The film marks the second collaboration of Bousman and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich, their previous work being on the unrelated musical film Repo! The Genetic Opera. The film also brings back several of the cast members of Repo!, such as Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre. The Devil's Carnival has Aesop's Fables at the core of its story, with the main characters each representing a fable. Flanery's character John represents Grief and His Due, Evigan's character Merrywood represents The Dog and Its Reflection, and Lowndes' character Tamara represents The Scorpion and the Frog.
Photo: Dee Snider hosting a panel with Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Derek Mears, and… the guy that played...
Say Hi to Bill Moseley and Sid Haig for me. Met them at Crypticon KC!!!
I did a Movie Killer Panel discussion with Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Derek Mears and Dee Snider yesterday at...
met Bill Moseley and Sid Haig today with Stephanie Rathbun. tiggght.
Day 2 of the convention under way. Looking forward to Killers Korner later with Dee Snider, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Derek Mears. Tonight is the VIP celeb party and, oh yeah, you know I'm gonna have fun there :)
Sid Haig and Bill Moseley at Days of the Dead
And so Day's of the Dead Atlanta is upon us. Roddy Piper, David Keith, Meg Foster, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Toe Tag, Bill Moseley, The movie The Thing reunion, Lita Ford, Chris Sarandon, Ken Foree, John Dugan, a whole bunch of the tv show walking dead people, Jabb Pictures, Tons of b-movie actors and a whole lot of dress up.
Say hi to Ken Foree, Sid Haig and Bill Moseley for me!
Super freakin stoked about hangin with Daniel Yeager, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, John Dugan, Dee Snider, Lita Ford, and my fave Stephen Pearcy. It's going to be a good weekend, indeed. Leatherface, the Devils Rejects, and some badass rockers. Who could ask for more?!!
for those in or around Atlanta come on and meet Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Ken Foree!
Packing for my trip to Atlanta for Days of the Dead horror con this weekend. If you can't come to see me, Dee Snider, Sid Haig & Derek Mears- to name a few- go to for (most) all of your (Bill Moseley-autographed) horror needs!
Sooo I'm seeing from this Twiztid thing that if I were to fly to Atlanta for this horror convention, I would at some point meet; Linda Blair, Twiggy Ramirez, Sid Haig and Bill Moseley?? And also, Jason Mewes and slutty *** Tara Reid?? *** I need in on this, bad.
I've got a copy of ELDORADO and tomorrow, God help me, I'll be watching it. Jeff Fahey, Michael Madsen, Patrick Bergin, Brigitte Nielsen, Steve Guttenberg, Rik Mayall, Sylvester McCoy, Bill Moseley and with Daryl Hannah and Robin Askwith. None of them got paid, as far as we all know and not even Madsen will probably put it on his resume.
Writer/Director, John Schneider was on Rachel Ray this morning giving a lil shout out to his "horror-comedy" movie SMOTHERED, starring Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Moseley, Dane Roberts, Malcolm Danare to name a's due out Spring 2014! Go to YouTube and type in John Schneider's Smothered Official Trailer.
A behind the scenes sneak peek at Bill Moseley's death as "Soggy" in "John Schneider's Smothered."
Ahh I forgot Bill Moseley is Johnny in Savini's Night of the Living Dead. All this'd I forget???
Watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I'm secretly in love with Bill Moseley.❤
Directed by Chris Sun. With Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley. In an effort to do something different, four friends head into Australia's outback to explore Charlie's Farm, the site where a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, they persist...
got to thinking while playing Arkham Origins, if they make a Batman movie with Mad Hatter he should be played by Bill Moseley
I just booked a supporting role in a movie called DEAD afterlife The Movie; starring Michael Berryman, Bill Moseley, Bill Oberst Jr.; directed by Jared Cohn; and written by Michael Joy.
REPO! THE GENETIC OPRRA - MOVIE REVIEW REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is a horror-rock musical directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is based on the play The Necromerchant's Debt written and composed by Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich who also play a part in the film as well. The film stars Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Orge, & Terrance Zdunich. In the year 2056 an epidemic of organ failures has befallen the & with major corporation GeneCo. coming along to save everyone by providing the organs they need but for a price, but for those who can not afford the transplant are put on a payment plan, but if the payment is skipped then GeneCo. sends the Repo Men to reposes the organs. So when the CEO of GeneCO. Rotti becomes terminally ill & can not save himself he realizes that none of his kids are good to follow in his footsteps due to their wild ways Rotti must find & heir to GeneCo. that is worth enough, therefore finds hope in a 17 year old girl nam ...
It occurred to me today that this coming year will be my 10th year going to conventions. So I'm posting this for my con-going buddies: List your top 10 ever most memorable convention moments. These could be good, bad, things you’ve done, things you’ve seen, w/e. 10: At my first ever convention, Dad went as Darth Maul, and I went as an Elf. People kept asking me to move out of the frame so they could get pics of dad. 9: The first time I ever went to a convention after-party, I accidentally leaned on the light switch! 8: Turnabout is fair play - I went to a convention with some friends, and people were asking THEM to step out of frame, so they could get pics of ME. 7: I met my good friends Michele & Jess at a convention years ago, this past year we actually connected and started hanging out. 6: Having a girl scream at me ‘OHMIGOD YOU ARE DRESSED AS CLAIRE THANK YOU THANK YOU!’ 5: Dancing to Micheal Jackson’s ‘Beat It’, Dressed as *** Boy/Girl. 4: Meeting my good friends Ricky & Bambi for the . ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Happy anniversary, Bill Moseley and Candice Wagner Moseley!!! We LOVE you guys and are SO STOKED to have Dice in DA HOUSE!
Just booked our room for Texas Frightmare Weekend!! I know what I'm doing for my anniversary weekend!! Meeting Linda Hamilton and Bill Moseley :)
Baby it's cold outside! Looking to play golf but don't want to wear your ski pants to keep warm? Check out Golf365 Boise with Bill Moseley! Great way to keep up your game this winter!
I want to see a movie with bill moseley and billy bob thorton playing angry psychos yelling at everyone.
"Hey Michael, Great job. Has a very glossy look and the protagonist resembles Bill Moseley. Nicely shot. Good luck with it. Hang in there, Joe Bob" A nice little nod of appreciation from from the "King of the Drive-In" Joe Bob Briggs.
Update: My mom’s boyfriend (Bill Moseley) was told that he has stage 3 cancer in his lungs and kidneys. The Dr. has talked to him about Chemo, and said that it has a very VERY good chance of working. Please continue to pray for Bill, my mom and the Moseley family. May God bless you in the name of Jesus and thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.
this is an old online interview i did with Caroline remember this Caroline? My Interview with Caroline Williams!(Thank you Caroline) Rob Mahoney April 30 at 5:50pm I run 4 Horror Movie groups and would like to know...What has been your favorite work?...who has been your favorite person to do a movie with? my members would love to know some of these things. more thing.What actor/actress would you like to do a movie with and lastly any new projects coming out? Caroline Caroline Williams April 30 at 6:01pm No trouble! Hope your group is enjoying movies and doing well. Of course, to date, my fave work has been TCM2. It was the biggest role and most action-packed, of any I've done. My favorite star in a movie was Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder. He was generous, gracious and took terrific care of his crew. A true class act, no matter what people say or have said since. I would love to work with Bill Moseley again, and I had the day of a lifetime working with a phenomenal TV/movie actor name ...
If I could choose one actor to be on The Walking Dead next season I would have to pick horror icon Bill Moseley..He would really bring it on The Walking Dead!! Look at his performances in movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and The Devil's Rejects..The man was born for the horror genre..
As 2013 comes to and end, it's nice to stop and think of all the good moments from the year. I had even started a good memories list with John earlier in the year. In no particular order except for here are 10 of my favorite good moments from 2013 1. Becoming an aunt! No words can express the love, excitement, hope & concern I have for this little girl. I will forever be here for her & cannot wait to watch her grow up 2. Rescuing Bubbles off the ghetto streets of Wilmington. I didn't want a third cat but I couldn't resist when I saw his 5 lb skinny butt up close with his terrible eye Infections. Now 6 mths later he is an amazing part of my family. He makes John and I laugh every day. My older 2 cats (Mr. T who is 18 & Kodiak who is 13) are tolerant of him and his extreme kitten energy but they haven't express any kitty love yet for him :) so hopefully in 2014 they will all become fur siblings truly 3. Getting a promotion at my job. I'm as high as I can get right now. (I've been a mortgage processor for 15 ...
Director: Corbin Bernsen Stars: Bill Moseley, David Moscow, Corbin Bernsen, Elle Travis Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable ...
1.) Had the opportunity to act as editor in chief for my favorite horror site for the whole year, before starting my own site. 2.) Met so many wonderful people in the horror circle and am now blessed to call a lot of them good friends. 3.) Was accepted to cover Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX as press, and saw so many great films. 4.) Worked things out between my wife and I, just when I thought things were unfixable. 5.) Had the opportunity to interview a lot of people in the horror circle that I admire, such as Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Derek Mears, Dee Wallace and my childhood crush, Barbara Crampton. 6.) Did the layout for a novel, and was lucky enough to be quoted on movies and books.
Just found out that my mom's boyfriend Bill Moseley has cancer in his lungs and kidneys, Please keep him and his family as well as my mom in your prayers
For the BOYLS- who would u do a sex scene in a horror movie with?- Sherri Moon Zombie, Linnea Quigley, Asia Argento, or Pamela Springsteen? For the GHOULS- Same question- Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Robert Englund? ONLY THESE CHOICES APPLY!
Day 2: IN THE BOOKS! Thanks to everyone who basically came out in droves despite the weather in surrounding areas! TOMORROW is a BIG day & your LAST chance to take part in the first AC horror con! We have a discussion with The Devil's Rejects- Bill Moseley, Ginger Lynn & Michael Berryman at 1pm directly followed by a Special Makeup & Effects Q&A w/ Tom Savini at 2pm that are both included in ticket prices! DOORS AT NOON!
Hey Gang, Things are really coming together. DEAD afterlife The Movie is taking shape, and Andy Gates and Jared Cohn will be doing interviews in a few days. I'm heading over to meet Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, and Kane Hodder this weekend. Meanwhile, I'm working with a line producer right now and we are getting our budget down. Just know, If I'm not posting stuff , it only means I'm busy working on getting this movie made! We are going to do this!
If you missed any of our interviews with horror icons Tony Todd , Doug Jones, Douglas Tait, Lance Henriksen, Alex Vincent, Tyler Mane, Irwin Keyes, Bill Moseley and many more. listen now...
Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Tom Savini, Robert The Tire from "Rubber" & a ton more will be there. Nerd-out central for us Horror fans!
I got the number 10. But since I already did this before I decided to do my 10 greatest horror convention memories. 1. When I walked in to Texas Frightmare for the first time and the first person I saw was John Carpenter being interviewed. Then I saw Sid Haig and Bill Moseley walking together. Then I saw Kane Hodder staring at me. I was like where the *** am I... I felt like I walked in to horrorland lol 2. Kane Hodder at the elevator at Texas Frightmare. I was going up to my friends room and he came in the elevator. It was one of those elevator's where you have to swipe your room key first and it wouldn't work the first few times then it finally did. He looked at us and said, "I wonder why my room card hates me" I said "Maybe its scared of you". Kane walks up and looks down at me. I looked up at him and said "Hello". He just started laughing. I said, "I bet you do that to everyone". 3. Meeting Danielle Harris. She had no line since it was almost the end of the weekend. So I walked up to her to get an a . ...
No worries, we're in a tent listening to Sid Haig and Bill Moseley. Everyone knows the safest place in a tornado is a portable tent.
Would love to see a Bill Moseley, Sid Haig and Jeordie White photo!!!
Got pictures with Danny Trejo, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, and Sid Haig. Life complete.
Signatures will take place tmrw...during interviews with guests, of course. Bill Moseley is down, likely Sid Haig too, MAYBE even Trejo AND Twiggy!!!
hoping to go to the dawn of the dead convention in chicago on the 16th of this month. It would be cool to meet Sid Haig, Linnea Quigley, Heather Langencamp, Bill Moseley and other horror film heroes of mine. and yes, I'll say it, I would love to see twiztid live once in my life.
Cool people I've seen today: Dee Snider, George Romero, Danielle Harris, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.
DEAD afterlife The Movie , director Jared Cohn , actors Bill Oberst Jr. , Bill Moseley , Liana Mendoza , Andy Gates , Michael Berryman , Kane Hodder , Trae Ireland , Universal Hearthrob: Austin Idol ! If you don't know about this movie yet, manager Michael Joy will be talking the movie tomorrow evening at 9pm EST on TV Nation Halloween Show
Horror Movie Quotes Try using some of these creepy quotes in everyday conversation. 1- Dracula - 1931 (actor: Bela Lugosi) Dracula: To die. To be really dead, that must be glorious! 2- An American Werewolf in London - 1981 (actor: David Naughton) David: I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf! 3- The Lost Boys - 1987 (actor: Barnard Hughes) Grandpa: Well, now, let me put it this way. If all the corpses buried around here were to stand up all at once, we'd have one *** of a population problem. 4- Fright Night - 1985 (actor: Chris Sarandon) Jerry Dandridge: Welcome to Fright Night. For real. 5- The Prophecy - 1995 (actor: Christopher Walken) Gabriel: Ah, I can always smell a graveyard. 6- Frankenstein - 1931 (actor: Colin Clive) Dr. Frankenstein: It's alive! It's alive! 7- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - 1986 (actor: Bill Moseley) Chop Top: Peel that pig and slice him thick. 8- Motel *** - 1980 (actor: Rory Calhoun) Vincent Smith: Meat's meat, and a man's gotta eat. 9- Night of the Living Dead - 1 . ...
I just realized how epic next month us for me. I have some TV interviews to do, then Totally Wild on channel ten with my kids, the Charlies Farm auditions, then fly out to the USA with investor Laurence to Meet with Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and other talent. Yep i think its slowing down lol
We are now officially in talks with the legendary Mr. Lobo about him possibly being in our film "Conclave" that we've already received Letters of Intent from Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder to be in. Mr. Lobo is the long-time host of the incredible Cinema Insomnia show on the just as awesome Zom-Bee TV!
The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day - On the Set of House of 1000 Corpses: Sheri Moon and Bill Moseley take a...
"Bill Moseley reflects on a monster career"
opening credits pretty good so far. saw the names Dennis Hopper, Bill Moseley, & Tom Savini. really enjoyable film, we'll see where it goes.
ISSUE # 3: 4 HORROR ICONS MOVIE SERIES REVIEWS           I started off this page with the "31 Movies for the 31 Days of Halloween Movie Marathon" blog and a short story written by yours truly. In November I'm taking a look at 4 horror icons that changed the face of horror in the 70's and 80's and their franchises. Here's what the calendar looks like:(NOTE: Most movies I have seen many times and will be reviewing from memory and some I will have to view again. Reviews will be posted as comments below.)         (Jason Voorhees)   1. Friday the 13th 2. Friday the 13th Part 2 3. Friday the 13th Part 3 3-D 4. Friday the 13th The Final Chapter 5. Friday the 13th Part V A New Beginning 6. Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives 7. Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood 8. Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan 9. Jason Goes To *** The Final Friday 10. Jason X 11. Freddy Vs. Jason 12. Friday the 13th (Reboot)      (Michael Myers)   1. Halloween 2. Halloween II 3. Halloween III Season of . ...
The Texas Frightmare Weekend announcements keep on coming! Join us in welcoming Bill Moseley, Alexa Vega and Nivek Ogre to TFW 2014 for a very special Repo!
Bill Moseley returns to TFW! Chop-Top, Otis Driftwood, Luigi Largo and more! . Tickets and info
Still can't believe I finally get to meet Sid Haig and Bill Moseley!
Check out Old 37 - Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley's upcoming indie horror film - as they walk down the red carpet...
We now have a Letter of Intent from actor Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes," "Weird Science") to be in "Conclave" (we previously received commitments from Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley). We also already have a distribution deal in place. Now we just need the cash to make the film!
Update on the Shocktober movie marathon/ experiment. I've seen the Phantasm movies. Angus Scrimm is scary as *** The series is worth seeing. Wild at Heart with Nic Cage was very good, I need to re visit it. Texas Chainsaw 2 was campy, silly fun when I saw it. Chop Top is a great character. Played by horror icon Bill Moseley (check his IMDB credits). 13 Ghosts was freaky and had some scares. Dog Soldiers was really good. Made me a fan of Neil Marshall's movies. He did The Descent which is very good as well. Motel *** the image of the pig headed man holding the chainsaw is iconic. It's also a campy, bizarre movie that is a cult classic and should be seen.
DAYS OF THE DEAD returns to Chicago for three days of monsters, movies, and madness! Celebrity guests scheduled to appear include DANNY TREJO, ACE FREHLEY, BILL MOSELEY, Sid Haig, Jason Mewes, JAMES KAREN, Twiggy Ramirez, Lita Ford, Gunnar Hansen, a RETURN OF THE Living Dead reunion, BLADE RUNNER reunion, and much, much MORE! Live music, 48 hour film festival, monstrous after hours parties, and the best memorabilia vendors from across the country all weekend long! Tickets available NOW at
We lost a dear, dear friend! Bill Moseley was an incredible friend- full of fun- a serious twinkle in his eye and always asking for advice or suggestions when he knew the answer! He loved his wonderful family and had so many friends! I miss him!!! Member nights just won't be the same...
don’t worry I screwed up the chance of meeting Bill Moseley & Michael Madsen
So, bill moseley is gonna be in the manson girls film coming out, awesome.
Bill Moseley (Chop Top in pt2) actually made a movie with that name
Fairly positive my writer has seen every Bill Moseley video to be found on youtube. // my wife's obsessed, sorry. // ...sure...
Sitting here watching the DVD extras on House of 1000 Corpses, and I don't think I've ever watched the interviews before - Bill Moseley is a Bruce Campbell fan. How awesome is that?
I just got off the phone with the representatives for the legendary Bill Moseley. They asked if I would cast him in "Conclave" should I make it. How awesome is that?! So now we have Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley both interested in the film. Now I just need a couple million dollars to make "Conclave"!
Why doesn't Manson Girls with Bill Moseley have a release date yet? WHY?
Just bought a script for Texas Chainsaw 2 signed by Bill Moseley. JFASDKFJ ahhh
Keep the rcmp busy for the rest of their lives. Lookout big tarantula. No I am not talking about my finely trimmed salt and pepper *** But bill moseley is. Cuz when I got out of priz you should have seen it though I quickly bleached it blonde then who gives a care how long it is. Speaking of *** you shoulduh duh duh mom!
I was doing some brainstorming. I think we need to get a Rob Zombie reunion together for a convention. Headlined by the man himself. We can get the actors from his movies and music videos. A one of a kind show. To celebrate everything horror and Zombie. We could get Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie - Official, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Danielle Harris, and Michael Berryman.
If you're a "Devil's Rejects Fan" for more than the fact that it was a Rob Zombie film, here's a movie you may like. It's called "The Graves". It stars Bill Moseley, the guy who played Otis in "The Devil's Rejects". Check it out, dude is good at being funny and scary/creepy at the same time. You'll recognize his voice even though he looks different =D It also stars Tony Todd, or better known as Candyman. Watching it with my brother Victor Brooks
The new Texas Chainsaw. So it continues straight after the original, but the house shrank and the Sawyer family expanded rabbit style. Then reenacted the start of The Devil's Rejects but with more fire and less Bill Moseley
White Fang on telly - Bill Moseley and James Remar have just got their comeuppance.
OMGOSH!! Alexa Vega, Ogre, and Bill Moseley are all going to be here for Spooky Empire, Inc.!!! AH!!! I'm so going! BTW, they are all three from one of my favorite movie/musical/horror flick REPO: The Genetic Opera!!
//if I was really gonna get stabbed by anyone, Bill Moseley would have to do it.
I'm sorry, Bill Moseley does not make ovaries explode. That job is taken by my hubby and Dr. Thredson. Just saying.
//.Did Bill Moseley actually say Sarah's lips are wet and appealing?
Bill Moseley will always be my favorite actor
John Waters, Bill Moseley and more on Mugworth, the craziest animated movie ever made. Coming soon!
Friends at Jersey Horror Scene have shared this article about Philly-shot "The Church". I was lucky enough to do... ht…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I seen Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley and I thought I'd take a chance lol
Dead Afterlife launches Indiegogo Campaign starring Michael Berryman, Bill Oberst, Jr., Bill Moseley. Join us to make a zombie/ghost mash up.
The cast of this new Living Dead includes Tony Todd, Danielle Harris, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bill Moseley and Tom Sizemore.
Support If you want to see Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, together on the bigscreen!
Come join in on the fun! Help if you want to see Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman on the big screen together!
If you're a of Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, help support
Do you want a signed prop from the film from one of the Bates Family? Like Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, Ed...
I'd pay $80 to meet Bill Moseley but I'd want a full day with him and dinner.
Just watched Michael Berryman have a conversation with Bill Moseley about Jack Nicholson. 👍
Buckethead has also done work with Bill Moseley, as the band “Cornbugs”. If you want weird music… lookup Buckethead.
and Choptop's Bill Moseley from TCM2 is also very much the polar opposite in real life.
Bill Moseley's there every year, and he's super fantastic about spending time with fans.
CORNBUGS! I like it b/c Chop Top (Bill Moseley) is the singer. So I get obsessed with a character, then find out he's in a BAND!
It's worth watching but could've been a lot better. Wished Bill Moseley would've had a bigger role.
like I said, I liked it. It was an interesting take on a classic. See if you can spot Bill Moseley in it.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I can't wait to meet C. Thomas Howell, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Kane Hodder in a couple of weeks! :).
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010) Full Movie. Staring Bill Moseley. "When this year's round of unsuspecting...
Dan Doherty and Lee Brown (Both in The Dead Mile) are posing with Tom Savini and Bill Moseley. Both have worked...
Today I learned that Bill Moseley has been in a bunch of cool movies
BTW, follow the new animated movie of Zombificador's producer Marc Fernandez, starring Bill Moseley, John Waters and Darren Smith
This weekend at the Calgary HorrorCon.Bill Moseley!! So excited!! Bill Moseley is really mad at the Chisox since my Tribe beat em tonight.
Mugworth, a hand-drawn animated movie, with the voices of Bill Moseley, John Waters, Darren Smith and more!
Up next Bill Moseley sings the doors!
// the woman has three loves: Bill Moseley, Gary Oldman, and Christoph Waltz.notice how I'm not in this list. //
when you say two, are you speaking of the one with Bill Moseley?
Am I the only one who finds Bill Moseley scary, rather than hot? .-.
Overheard: Me: *sees any new picture of Bill Moseley or Christoph Waltz and starts sobbing and flailing and...
Photo: harlequin19bee: This is forever my favorite picture in the universe. Not only is this Bill Moseley...
Video: jthm666: Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre messing around on the set of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Lol I love...
Photo: repo-tdc-confessions: I have a hard time believing that Bill Moseley is in his sixties. Same. He...
Yes, this is a Bill Moseley fan page but understand that we’ll be showing what is called Random Love for...
Dead Souls DVD ~ The film version of my novel DEAD SOULS now out on DVD & Blu-Ray: Bill Moseley via
I got excited when Bill Moseley and Kyle Hebert talked to me.
for (most) all of your (personally autographed Bill Moseley) horror needs. Choptop, Otis, Luigi, Cornbugs & more!!!
I have way too many Bill Moseley pics on my phone.
Transcript of '07 interview I did just published: on & early days Interview w/ Bill Moseley,
Women love this old creep. {JACKSON! Bill Moseley is awesome. Shut your mouth!} Calm the *** down.
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