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Bill Mahr

William Bill Maher, Jr. (born January 20, 1956) is an American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, author, and actor.

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Great show , it's like the Bill Mahr of conservatives
not gonna fly Wikileaks did look at Trump. Julian said in a live interview with Bill Mahr,found nothing at all in him
When you're in a room with Bill Mahr and Dana White but your drunk *** couldn't find them 😐
He said that many times over and over again. But Bill Mahr accused him of being a Trump supporter.
latest example of *** Savage vulgar, profanity-laced attack on Christians-he told Bill Mahr he wished Rep were dead…
saw you on Bill Mahr I laughed how he asked you a question & would scold you before answering. Real 🇺🇸 ❤️ u
It has made them rich! Which is all that matters to them! A good interviewer, can twist them in circles! Bill Mahr is one!
Ready for real time with bill mahr to come back next week
Fake45 rakes in $ from CHINA PATENTS while he takes away working class and lower income Health Insurance. How patriotic! Scum
When asked who Bill Mahr wanted to see run in 2020, he said... 😎✔💯
The Trump administration is already such an atrocity, Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility.
I can only afford 5.00 and I hope that it helps. Get him on Bill Mahr
surprisingly I remember the twins in the classic.. wait for it. DC CAB (with Mr T Gary Busey Adam Baldwin Max Gail Bill Mahr
Bill Mahr was right about while watching the clown show they break into your car.
,,, Simple azz who gets his butt kicked on Bill Mahr ! Much money ,,, No brains !
really Mindy. You found that a misspelled word was worth and not Bill Mahr's statement
feminism died when Gloria Steinem trashed young women who backed BERNIE on Bill Mahr
YOU should really learn how to spell JUDGMENT DAY...if you don't want to be JUDGED!
There are only 2 reasons I stay sane with nazitrump - your stellar impersonation and Bill Mahr. Quitting would mean you accept
He was on Bill Mahr. He said they were not going to give the government back without a fight.
Bill MAHR Shows His Inclinations supporting he carries the LIBERAL LEFT PEDOPHELIA GENE
that guy is so annoying!! Why is he on the show??? Like having bill mahr on the Limbaugh show daily...
Cute you proved wrong, you're an amoral *** who only pretends to be nice…
Real constituents of looking for Meet us. Democrats, Republicans, Independents.
What the F*&k has Bill Mahr EVER done for anybody or anything notable for this country other than Open his BIG MOUTH saying nothing!
I knew about Breitbart when he would go on bill mahr was he alt right?
Ann Coulter gets the Last Laugh on Real Time with Bill Mahr
do a video on the Bill Mahr, Jeffrey Lord interview on Real Time.. Bill has some weird logic going on in it
Ann Coulter predicts the election on Real Time with Bill Mahr and gets booed for it.
Bill Mahr on Trump: "I can't believe Putin paid full price for this guy."
Is it true your father was an oranguatang? Bill Mahr says so. Let's investigate. 🤣🤣🤣
Saw you on Waters World and you are a freaking disgrace. You are in same class as Michael Moore & Bill Mahr 2 other scum bags.
Kellyanne Conway/Bill Mahr interview. Very good..he's right about Trump's lies. When will it stop!…
Bill Mahr touting Anthony Weiner shows his acceptance to pedophile behavior, his show will be over in a year The movement will
Michael Moore and Bill Mahr are both very bad people. Just trying to make names for them selfs. Bad bad bad.
Obummer sure has a lot of people fooled. Bill Mahr ought to stop drinking the Obama Koolaid
Fake 45 has Cried Wolf too often. He No longer has any Credibility. He has become a paranoid Freak, That is Dangerous!
Bill Mahr has to be the most ignorant person I have ever seen.
I hate Jeffrey Lord with the power of the sun but I found Bill Mahr to be rude.
caught her act on Bill Mahr program last year during primary. She is a disgruntled Little Marco surrogate. 😂
If Bill Mahr is your champion...Well, you should just ask him to help shovel. You'll get done burying yourself faster.
Alex likes Bill Mahr now and to me it is the absolute worst consequence of the 2016 election, bar none
It was delightful getting your lying kicked by Bill Mahr And btw genius. It's Real Time, not Timers
nothing makes me more happy seeing you laughing at Ann Coulter on Bill Mahr's show. Your Sad!
Joy Ann Reid was good on Bill Mahr last night. ROCKING on AM Joy wwith Malcom Nance (hero) David Corn, Eric Swalwell and Naveed Jamali. WOW!
I watched your interview with Jeffrey Lord. Thanks for putting him in his place.
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. He didn't get anywhere with Bill Mahr and the orangutan claim.
You were fine on Bill Mahr last night.
Saturday you are sounding like the Bill Mahr show. How about maybe once report the truth
but not for you bill mahr. Nor bill clinto
You R such bad news! U should learn some CLASS from Lord listening to u spew all that crap. U self-righteous pompous ***
Mahr is saying that President Trump is VULGAR. Is he kidding? He is VULGARITY personified.
Poor Bill Mahr, the POSTER child of tired OLD Hollyweird Queens & most immoral POS MSM, is going 100Pct bonkers!
Oh! I might have to forgive Bill Mahr.
He HAS to be invited by the. Press! And I think Bill Mahr should host it!
Just watched Bill Mahr... more hopeful we can grow a pair and actually fight deadly delusions for real... to win
Bill Mahr isMORE VULGAR than potus! It takes on to know one! And he needs to get respect and get HIS facts straight!
watching Bill Mahr now. Beautiful color on you. You look gorgeous.
oh christ now it's no longer soundstage harry potter, it's bill mahr. This is so much worse, go back to the wizards please :(
of course not, like Bill Mahr said, you got the "Magic R" after your name
86 that *** *** Bill Mahr and I'll think about it.
The liberal roots of Islamophobia Bill Mahr is among the WORST FRAUDS.
Bill Mahr, Michael Moore attack widow of slain hero. No depth to which the left slime won't sink. Let Mahr and Moore lose a loved one.
What scares you? Bill Mahr or John Stewart overcoming your worldview with intellect n reason or being cursed out on national television?
The WHCD should invite Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Bill Mahr to replace him. 45 would be ripped to shreds
Comedian Jim Jeffries flipped off the a-hole, Piers Morgan on Bill Mahr tonight. Way to go Jeffries!!!
Will do!!! I'm on it all the way...dreading to watch BILL Mahr.he is gonna b pisst!
Watched his interview with Bill Mahr last night. Really cool.
Sounds like Defamation to me. Isn't that turd Bill Mahr a part owner? Please contact Theil and give them the Gawker treatment.
Joy rememeber when you laughed at Ann Coulter on the Bill Mahr show? Not laughing now.
Bill Mahr was drilling that point for weeks about getting comfortable
Waiting 4 Bill Mahr 2 commit Harry Carry on air after he takes a few leftie regulars with him! Showed his Promo4 Fri.& looked very sad!GOOD
You gotta check out her appearance on Bill Mahr show called Real Time. She is a real warrior.
I wanna know what bill mahr has to say.
Who/what is a Samantha Bee? I'm guessing she's supposed to be an edgy,hip,female Bill Mahr nobody ever heard of??
as far as I'm concerned, your the only one who saw this coming.
Thank you Samatha Bee, John Oliver, Colbert,Bill Mahr for getting me through this awful election.
How can we not feel totally embarrassed that this man could be elected. Bill Mahr said Americans are stupid
Every time I see Bill Mahr I want to throw up just like rodent Rosenberg
come on pig , respond to me, you don't have the guts, you're nothing but a piece of garbage, I'm a Bill Mahr fan, give me love
See Bill Mahr's HBO Overtime 11/4. Fabulous. He said even the animals will be afraid if Trump gets in. TRUTH.
Amy, this make you looks like a devious *** obsessed liar. You should hang out with Bill Mahr.
Pretty sure Comey and Weiner each received a crate full of steaks and a nice thank you note yesterday.
Well Ann for the time being Les Miserables has been Thwarted.The tiger is back in the cage.I think tho Bill Mahr is not 2 upset.
Shorter Bill Mahr: I gave a million dollars to Obama why is nobody listening to me
I think we're down to The Daily Show, LastWeekTonight, & Bill Mahr? Is that it? Oh ooh ooh. What's her name. She's awesome?
*** about the show. I watched all of them... I think it needed a better night.. Like fri before or after Bill Mahr?
I think sooner they'd have 2 raise taxes & ppl already tired of that out there I remember Bill Mahr whining cpl yrs ago
I watched you on Bill Mahr say that you thought Trump would get in.
You called it on Bill Mahr' s show way back. I know you don't take pride in that but the writing was on the wall
Bill Mahr was 100% correct. Progressives treat all conservative thought as EVIL. Not a disagreement; EVIL. Demonizi…
Watching bill mahr on 11/4 blame millennials if trump wins instead of talking to white women and working class workers who cant afford hbo
. Geez. Waiting for the. Big story with them . All leaving. Wish. Bill mahr. Would have. Said he would go. What an ***
Cool. I like Beyonce. I switch her out for Bill Mahr, whether he said he'd leave or not.
you spent a million on Obama and ended up with Trump; that's too ironic, but just what you elitist *** deserve. So funny!
Bill, we loved you and your show for years up unitl this election. you turned into an arrogant *** not funny, just biased
This, and Bill Mahr's recent mea culpa about character attacks on Romney, should have Liberals think twice about sl…
Do you think Bill Mahr has bought a rope yet ??
By the way a special F U to that UN-AMERICAN GARBAGE Bill Mahr !! That make up covered face and what comes out of his mouth. Needs a smack
Someone check on Bill Mahr! I can hear his weeping all the way back here! !!
Bill Maher: "Remember when Free-Range parenting was just...parenting?" Great monologue!
oh Bill Mahr your wrong for America please leave
you said it long before anyone else , well done Ann .BTW F bill mahr , proud to be an american
do you feel like you just got kicked in the gut I am Canadian for Christ sake
Has anyone called to make sure Bill Mahr hasn't committed suicide?
He sure did and repeatedly told Bill Mahr
Would LOVE to see you moderate a debate between Dennis Miller and Bill Mahr! Will try(?) to get to Tacoma dome?? Good times!
thought your vote for Trump would count
Guys, Bill Mahr predicted on his show that the polls would be wrong and this wld happen and no one wld listen to him!
Go read Michael Mann and Bill Mahr's takes.Liberals have made a lot of mistakes in their treatment of certain voters
ew you fit the bill of the average white girl comeback... I don't mind stepping down im bored
Oh, just to see Bill Mahr´s face right now would be priceless !!!.
Charles Murray gives lectures at Harvard and sits in on Bill Mahr- u can no longer call him unscientific.
you shredded Bill Mahr, way to defend yourself Frank, outstanding representation of yourself, keep up the good work...
They also had Jerry Seinfield, Bill Mahr etc, what do you think they said?
Bill Mahr why don't you out Joel olsteen and others
So Bill Mahr hosted a smoke session at the end of his last show. lol. Wild fella right there.
Bush showed leadership and only allowed one 9-11 (Ana Nevarro on Bill Mahr show )
Listening to Bill Mahr while dinner is being made.I'm editing and reworking a main character.
Bill Mahr fits all the Requirements, a jow, Atheist and ***
Bill Mahr is an anti American and Bill is the worst person to listen to in regard to anything. He really loves hedonism.
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Bill Mahr IS media!!! The worst kind! Why can he do what he does? He is an . American, he can say whatever. ..right ? Mahr is nobody
new story on darkpolitricks Bill Mahr Trump Will Win Against a Party ...
She had sex with Bill Mahr. BILL MAHR! Why would I listen to anything she says?
Fun Fact I don't like Bill Mahr at al but that's still an accomplishment.
Fun fact: apparently Bill Mahr is now wearing accessories made by a company owned by one of my Freshman year suite mates on his show
The debate audience reminded me of 1 of your appearances on Bill Mahr
Caught the Bill Mahr episode this week. Serious thanks to for bringing those SW issues to the mainstream. You done us good!
If no Muslim Appointed to Supreme court, let choose bill mahr he has it all, a jew, atheist, and ***
great job on Real Time with Bill Mahr.
Love you. For Jeb. Been a Bill Mahr fan for years. . You're the best. Love your insight perspective and sassyness
Apparently I need to catch up on Bill Mahr, my "favorites" and all these Bey/Ye think pieces from the week.
Look at Bill Mahr thinking it's 2004 and weed isn't mainstream. You don't have to smoke a joint on TV, dude. We get it, you're hip.
please explain to the nation and Bill Mahr that 4.9% unemployment represents those drawing benefits. Not those w/expired benefits.
Bill Mahr just blazed a joint on air with Killer Mike and Margaret Cho. Definitely one of the…
Oh Bill Mahr, you are baaadd. Smoking a marijuana cigarette on the air? You maniac!
my sister loves watching Bill Mahr. I like this show but I can take the yelling.
Be sure to peep Real Time with Bill Mahr on HBO and check out my guy on the panel
Bill Mahr is on tv. Everyone I watch him he makes sense of this mess we're in. Another outspoken, brave and honest tv host. Kudos to Bill💯
Bill Mahr just smoked a joint on live TV with Killer Mike and Margaret Choe. Interesting times, indeed!
Bill Mahr gets both girls in "Piranha Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death". Good movie
Lol, I'd have to go with Jeb Bush, but let's have Bill Mahr give us the final answer on your show
I still say what Bill Mahr was saying that night was far more offensive than Steinem's quip. But we know he's a pig, right?...
No, it doesn't. And Bill Mahr tried to tell you that months ago.
Hyped for this week it just seems like everything is just happening all at once .In a good way .. Bill mahr in few, kdot tomorrow n Compton
..You've done great work in past to dregs. Now a Trumper. U've become mad. Amazing that dating Rev. Al & Bill Mahr, flipped you.
Cleveland mayor has stepped to podium to address issue of city sending bill to family of Tamir Rice for $500 ambulance ride.
its amazing that it's to pc to worry about terrorism in the middle East even bill mahr says it
I watched Bill Mahr that night and she had no malice in her tone, much less her comments. What a hatchet job.
I'm no liberal but all I ask of Bill Mahr is he speaks his mind. No standard party talking points BS.
Kimmel interviews Bill Mahr, Colbert does Amanpour. *** are falling in love with the sounds from their echo chambers. Crap TV.
got free coach airfare to show up to Bill Mahr's show. got private jets and special perks in her contracts.
All the off-color inappropriate drivel that spilled from Bill Mahr's gaping maw that night, what Steinem said is 'controversial'?...
no! He was a guest on bill mahr back in 2009 and I was sold I have wanted him to run ever since!
I tried to find the clip of Ms. Steinem on Bill Mahr's show. I couldn't find it and in looking I got side...
the article sure be about how appalling bill Mahr 's interview was
I really agree with Bill mahr and how he says that we have become as people
You want sexist? Did you hear Gloria Steinem's comment on Bill Mahr? And she's supposedly "the" feminist. Insanity.
When I use "republicans" as a punchline at mics it gets an applause break 100% of the time. People compare me to Bill Mahr
I would not believe it was real, but Bill Mahr mentioned it on one of his shows:(
Gloria is a fan girl of misogynist Bill Mahr.
Bill mahr mentions Winnipeg in skit on current show
You weren't interrupting, Gloria,Bill Mahr was! Frankly, I wanted to hear you and for Mahr to shut up!
Just watched the full Gloria Steinem interview - it begins with Bill Mahr complimenting her appearance
if you watch the exchange (on Bill Mahr) last night, this is a tad out of context. She made a few good points 1/2 .
Gloria Steinem tells Bill Mahr that young women support Bernie Sanders bc they want attention from boys
I don't care if your heroes are Richard Dawkins and Bill Mahr, pray for Mexico
Marc Cuban looking old and fat on Bill Mahr
My Sunday is: Chris Hayes & Bill Mahr other news recordings from the week, beer, my pups and my handsome boyfriend. Life is good, y'all.
I lump RL and Bill Mahr and all of those types together, more of a problem than a solution
Bill Mahr needs to lighten up vs Bernie
summary Bill Mahr gave Fri da it was so spot on my sentiment exactly couple that with the predicts of job near future 1 ask who will survive
I downloaded the latest one. I started listen to Bill Mahr and I went back and heard 80% of his past shows.
Thank you for putting the immigration rhetoric in proper perspective.
Jon Stewart is gone, but we still have Bill Maher. The Trump bit toward the end is worth waiting for.
I know about Cali. & NY but the fly-over states are scary. We watch Bill Mahr & Larry Wilmor & the Unblackening.
I'm watching Bill Mahr on an episode of Murder She Wrote, now I'm torn
I see this election cycle shaping up to be media outlets quoting irrelevant low-TV-ratings wannabes.
Bill Mahr on Trump, including Trump's immigrant wives.
"Here are the plans: repeal the 14th amendment, seize the wages of illegal immigrants who are working here, use...
"Driverless cars? We already have that. It's called 'texting behind the wheel'." - Bill Mahr
Bill Maher called Trump's immigration plan hypocrisy (considering the woman he's married to is foreign)
If I had to pick my own people for a roast, I'd have, Seth MacFarlane, Jeff Ross, Bill Mahr, Amy schumer, Lisa Lampenely & Whitney Cummings
What I'm trying to say is:. If you're gonna be an atheist, don't be a Ricky Gervais or a Bill Mahr. Be a Stephen Hawking.
Bill Mahr dismantles Mike Huckabee’s platform ‘ths country is not Bubbaville anymore’
Teddy Theodore Roosevelt to Bill Mahr for me if you will please. "No matter how straight the gate. Mared is in there. It's a long quote
Bill Mahr is trying to take over Dennis Miller's spot as the biggest *** 'comedian' on tv. . News flash,...
Bill Mahr on Cosby’s accusrs ‘There’s no glamour in sayin an old creep forcd himself on U’
I think you have plenty of liberals who demonize muslims. Like Bill Mahr.
.The idea that Bill Mahr is a racist is laughable. We've seen him for dozens of years. Stupid idea.
Bill Mahr Comparin my Islam criticism 2 Nazi propaganda is ‘beyond stupid’
Take a lil time out to watch and really listen to this interview with Bill Mahr. "My paranoia is justified."...
Seth MacFarlane is promoting his "Chirstmas Album" lol ! Years after he promclaimed his atheism on Bill Mahr's show:
Just like there's a difference between Bill Mahr and Osama Bin Laden.
Bill Mahr ran up against ppl like this when making a few salient pts abt Muslims. If they're NW hands off.
Bill Mahr I hope the gets drunk 1 day & confesses 2 not even bein religious
Bill Maher faces new type of Islamist- Outwardly Secular, but Muslim Patriot -
she follows Kathy Griffin, Rosanne Barr, and Bill Mahr... She gets on once a year...
call on university 2 cancel speech by ‘bigot & Bill Mahr
Sad that I have to go to John Oliver and Bill Mahr to get an honest discussion about public affairs
Okay, I will. You go give Bill Mahr a ***
Great segment on Bill Mahr - and love how you manage to get things done. What can we all do to help?
Bill is falling into the trip of being a 'message train' for his unwillingness to educate himself. Time to learn!
Not certain but might a heard Bill Mahr say that on Fri?
Bill get his *** kicked knowledge wise by Jebreal. Mahr might want to admit his limited knowledge and say thank you Rula.
absolute BS that Bill Mahr has been consistent with his religious views, b4 it was about ALL religions NOW its about Islam
I love Bill Mahr and anyone who says what they feel or what they want.
Is it a coincidence that the likes of Bill Mahr AKA Neo-atheists are so friendly to Israeli right wing parties??
I was surprised to see Lois' dad, Carter Pewterschmidt on Real Time with Bill Mahr last night.
Awesome on Bill Mahr Show Love your passion and enthusiasm about equality of all people despite race OR religion.
Support Bill Mahr speaking at Berkeley graduation in December.
pointed out on Bill Mahr last night "I am not a scientist" is code for the Koch bros want me to keep my mouth shut
obviously you appreciate free speech as you are exercising it now so I assume you are for bill mahr speaking
Where is the salafi who will debate Bill Mahr and Fox News about what is islam & what is salafiya
I'd sure like to punch Bill Mahr in the face.
Watching Real Time. I think Bill Mahr just said he can't be islamophobic because he has a Muslim friend. Mitt Romney's black friend says hi.
It appears that knows nothing and is an *** But he likes Bill Mahr and Berkely thanks him for fomenting differences.
. Oh please. What about what Bill Mahr called Sarah Palin?You condone that? Most on the left are far worse t…
"Democracy [in america] is like exercise. It doesn't matter if it works; it just matters that we do it." - Jerry Seinfeld on Bill Mahr last night
Thank you for posting, Paul. I can take or leave Bill Mahr, but he made some good points on Charlie Rose. Most Americans have a knee-jerk, rather than informed response to sound bites they hear or clips they see on Social media; most never look deeper or become more informed. We react to labels and naming, without understanding what they mean or even where we fall within their spectrum. There are those who would never like President Obama, if he cured cancer, solved world hunger, and established world peace, and we all know why. We have one of the most uninformed electorates in the modern world and sadly our dysfunctional government is the result.
I wish there was a way to "normalize" but until U can truly stand N another's shoes it is unlikely. Bill Mahr vs Billy Graham
who figured it was a good idea to give Keith Olbermann a show?? I feel like I'm watching Bill Mahr. This is ridiculous.
Sunday I saw "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and found it mostly ammusing . Charlize Theron Was brilliant, and beautiful (why she is under used and appreciated in Hollywood is a great mystery in my opinion). The movie tried to be worthy of "Blazing Saddle" status but didn't come close. The funiest scenes were cameos by Bill Mahr, Christopher Lloyd, ETC., Seth MacFarland needed a talking teddy bear with him. Glad I wen to a cheap theatre to see it...
Don't go to see million ways to die, Wanted funny like Farrely Bros.but got Smothers Brothers. And Cameo by Bill Mahr. Ugh
“A trillion dollars in student loan debt right now. A trillion right. A TRILLION dollars. We are lending money that we don’t have to kids that will never be able to pay it back, to educate them for jobs that no longer exist.” - Mike Rowe on Real Time with Bill Mahr
The BLM will NOT come back , they , to a man did NOT want to be there anyway if they DO return the Patriotic resistance will be 10 fold ! F the desert tortoise , F Harry Reid and his Son , F the Chinese and their Solar Panel factory , F Obama ( Both of them ) ( I consider the kids off-limits , they never stood a chance in *** of coming out normal ) Most of all , F Eric Holder ! And F Kanye West , Bill Mahr , F Kathleen Sebelius ( Good Riddance) F Margret Sanger ( the Mass Murderer from planned parenthood ) , F Sean Penn , F Michael Moore , F Alec Baldwin , F John McCain , F John Boehner , F Chuck Shumer , F Susan Rice , F Both of these Bloated , Waterheaded *** , Chris Christie and Rosie Odonel !Be Strong , Be of good Courage , God Bless America and Long Live the Republic ! Oh yea , almost forgot , F Malaysian Airlines , F the Muslims and the Somalians . F Burkas and Hajibs and the Quoran and the Ayatollah KOMENI , F The Pedophile Prophet Mohammed , F Halal food and God Bless Dogs and Bacon and and ...
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is the same person who is buddies with Chris Christie & Bill Mahr, & thought Romney was an awesome candidate
FACT: 9% of your tax dollars goes to aid those who cannot provide for themselves. Best-guest estimates claim out of THAT 9%, 3 % was paid out to fraudulent abusers of government assistance. So if you paid a $100 in taxes, $9 went to welfare, and roughly 30 cents went to abusers. I dont like people abusing the system any more than you do. But even with the abuser I have to ask how many of them fudged information because even with assistance, it still wasn't enough. But I digress. I was watching Bill Mahr last night and one of the panelists, an ex-republican congressman, was complaining about lazy people and how they're bringing down the economy. ( of course the average congressman only works 2.5 days a week, factoring in the multiple vacations and federal holidays, but I will let that slide for now) I would have ignored his ignorance, but I mention it only because I am hearing or reading this everyday by a conservative, a tea party member, or a republican. People who got ill, or lost a limb, or hungry chi ...
Ok, one last political post for the weekend, then I'm done, I promise! But this is actually VERY funny!!! Please note: I don't like to use the word "hate" but when it comes to Bill Mahr... Well, I just won't use the word. But this is pretty funny!!! So watch this video, he reads a quote and says it was Paul Ryan who said it and asked if the panel thought it was a racist comment? And they attacked him (Paul Ryan) for the comments. But then he tells them, well it was Michelle Obama actually that said it... And the panel goes quiet... Now they are asking, "well in what context did she say it?" LMAO! Wait, when you thought it was Paul Ryan, you didn't care what the context was and you attacked him... Oh the hypocrisy. Additional note: I think Paul Ryan, while intelligent and good with numbers is a fraud! Video:
Man I love Glenn Beck! But more than that, I love where he rests in the political spectrum. I just watched his review of "Noah" and let me just say that I am so glad that he is a representative of the Right, and NOT a representative of the Left. Republicans, we've got plenty of room for you over here with the Democrats. You'll find that we are very welcoming to many different points of view, as long as those allow others to have theirs also. Plus we have Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Sam Harris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Mahr, Al Frankin and President Hussein Obama. You all have Chris Christie, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Glenn Beck, Fox "News," and good ol' Dubya (who I actually like after reading his book, but will use him in my rant because he is an easy target).
Hanging out with Heather McWherter catching up on Mob Wives & Bill Mahr.
Just when I thought Mark LeVin was the most vicious of all the Talk Radio jerks along comes Sean Hannity showing us what a horses *** he can be. Yesterday They both bum raped Sandra Fluke (She was the law student who Limbaugh called a *** and LeVin called her "a *** . It turns out that she has to decided to run for congress. Telling his listeners that "Rush and Mark got it right" . However Hannity gave glowing endorsements to Sheriff Joe Arpio who has decided to run for Gov. of AZ. There are not too many people more repulsive then Arpio. He is a real piece of crap. Not to be out done, Mark LeVin demonized Bill Mahr calling him "a stupid little man who is not funny". I find Bill Mahr to be hilarious and right on the button with his political commentary. LeVin then trashed MSNBC taking special aim at Melissa Harris Perry, Rachel Maddow (LeVin showed his level of maturity by calling her "Rachel Madcow" and Ed Shultz "A big fat pig with an IQ of 10" and Al Sharpton as "Al not so Sharp who only has one t ...
I'm pretty much an offset of political ideals that doesn't fully accept either position of a polarized two party system. But I've reached my fill of Bill Mahr and Bill Moyers and now put them in the same boat as Bill O'Reilly (focused idiocy). I seem to be entering one of my apolitical phases, but it's a fool that thinks that makes me apathetic. What I don't care about is the pundant absolutions of requiring a conformity to live in their bubble.
Now I figured it all out, the "who done it" in NJ's GWB. Obama did it! Isn't that what they always claim??? I'm thinking Christie has blueberry all over his face, as the Rev says. And now Christie has nobody left in his office after the latest one jumped the ship like a rat! And no I don't believe my President is to blame, I am just being sarcastic. But did you get the opportunity to listen to Joe Scarborough this morning trying to keep his buddy Christie clean? He said it is all merely speculation!!! Imagine, speculation when it is one of his ilk and when it comes to the opposing party.GUILITY GUILTY GUILTY. And the more Joe tried to defend the guy the more pathetic he looked. Yep.the plot just keeps thickening! It is almost worth paying for HBO to get Bill Mahr!!
Ok, our I want Bill Mahr, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert to interview Chris Christie lol
Bill Mahr on Jay Leno was like "Yeah ive tried beastiality. 1st with a walrus. Didnt work cause the whiskers iched. Then with a seal and it was better cause after there done the seal always claps!" Lol! The context in which he delivered it was witty and spot on. My type of humor!
Bill Mahr--Gov. Christie's already shot his chance for the Republican nomination for President. He hugged Obama after Hurricane Sandy. He's covered in Kenyan 'cooties'.
If you can relate to Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, Martin Bashir, Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr, or Glenn Beck you are a fringe extremist and therefore part of the problem!
I sure don't think anything he said is as bad as Bill Mahr calling Palin a *** and did he call her or was it Colter a c- - t. On television. they weren't let go - whoops, I'm including Ed Shultz in there too. I'm glad he said what he did - - I do have *** friends and I think they are great - but things are being said and it's part of living.
Now let me get this straight! Bill Mahr, David Letterman, Ed Shultz, Oprah Winfrey, and even Michelle Obama, can spew their vile left wing putricity and get a total pass! Hey Liberals! Thanks for all your fair and balance stance!
The actual quote that got Phil Robertson suspended by A&E. He just gave his opinion but there is absolutely no hate in this quote. You may not agree with how he processes it but it's not like he said anything vile towards *** You know, vile like you hear practically every day from some high profile lib who targets someone just because they are conservative. Know what I'm saying Alec Baldwin, Martin Brashir, Ed Shultz, Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr... I could go on and on but what's the point... “It seems like, to me, a *** as a man would be more desirable than a man’s *** That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes. You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin it’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”
Ballots or Bullets? I was surprised to read Tim Kern’s comments on the second amendment in the recent Baker City Herald. You would think that after close association with Republicans over the years Kerns would be immune to Democratic talking points. Evidently not. It even seems like the Feinstein Flu has even spread over to the Unity country. Mr. Bennett seems to be infected. Whenever the second amendment and hunting are mentioned in the same paragraph you know the speaker has been bitten by the banning bug. Recovery is a long process usually involving staring at pictures of Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Peirs Morgan, Nancy Pelosi, Ginny Burdick Michael Bloomberg or Bill Mahr , and in terminal cases Barack Obama, while reading the words “ A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state , the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. The excise is trying to find the words “hunting”, “musket”, “National Guard”, “police” ...
Bill Mahr, but not the REAL silver fox...Anderson Cooper?
I was just listening to Tim Wildmon on AFR lament about why people like Bill Mahr make such fun of Christians. Taking a short breath, he launched into a tirade about how stupid Charles Darwin and Steven Hawkings are. Then they had a break to advertise their home schooling package and annuity products. I had to stop listening to their annointed speech--it's time for the Flat Earth Society to meet.
A great essay from Bill Mahr: New Rule: Conservatives who love to brag about American exceptionalism must come here to California, and see it in person. And then they should be afraid -- very afraid. Because while the rest of the country is beset by stories of right-wing takeovers in places like North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin, California is going in the opposite direction and creating the kind of modern, liberal nation the country as a whole can only dream about. And not only can't the rest of the country stop us -- we're going to drag you along with us. It wasn't that long ago that pundits were calling California a failed state and saying it was ungovernable. But in 2010, when other states were busy electing whatever Tea Partier claimed to hate government the most, we elected a guy who actually liked it, Jerry Brown. Since then, everything Republicans say can't or won't work -- gun control, immigration reform, high-speed rail -- California is making work. And everything conservatives claim will unra ...
Bill Mahr talks about Obama's remarks about Trayvon Martin & relates his own experiences.
I'm just curious as to why Capital One and NBC hasn't dropped Alec Baldwin for his tirade using *** slurs yet Paula Deen has been vilified and dropped from everything?? I realize there is an ongoing trial in Deen's case but she hasn't been convicted of any of that yet and a person is innocent until proven guilty in this country. Yes, she used an offensive term and that was wrong, but it was many years ago and it was while she was held at gunpoint. The man who held her at gunpoint has apologized to her for doing that and has accepted her apology for calling him a name. If using an offensive term can ruin a person's life in career then it should apply equally to ALL offensive terms used by ALL people no matter how long ago. That means Alec Baldwin should be out of a job and drummed out of Hollywood. Al Sharpton should have been knocked out of the public completely after his rant agains Jews several years ago. Bill Mahr should be vilified for using the C word to describe a woman and using the term reta ...
Ummm, if you want to ban the word "retarded" while calling Trig Palin that name--a boy who has never even said an unkind word to anyone as far as we know- you may be a very stupid, insensitive, diversity-hating, moronic, not-funny liberal--like Bill Mahr.
Who is Bill Mahr? Who is Barbara Walters? Now Sarah Palin and Trig...I know who they are.
I like Sarah Palin. She is a Lady that loves her Country and her family, and is not afraid to stand up for either. That is why, when she is personally attacked, my good old fashioned Southern upbringing starts to sound off. Recently, the liberal pundit / comedian / pig of a human Bill Mahr referred to Palin's son, Trig, who has down's syndrome, as retarded. That type of speech makes my blood boil. First, leave politicians' families out of it. I feel that way for conservatives and liberals - base politicians qualifications on the merits of their ability - not on what their second cousin twice removed on their grandfather's side did on elementary school 20 years ago. Second, Billy boy, pick on someone your own size. It takes a special kind of bully to pick on a special needs child. If you were in elementary school, you could be expelled for calling a classmate with Downs Syndrome retarded. Not ok for an 8 year old, but ok for you, Bill? Tell you what - I am a nobody in Texas - no training in radio, T ...
Fewer mass shootings over the past 30 yrs. says this woman on Bill Mahr."I just happen to be informed on gun issues," she says. Is she?
Too bad Bill Mahr & the Blade Runner weren't roommates. Probably, they'd have shot each other, rather than his girlfriend.
Bill Mahr says he has a dog and a gun upstairs & a gun downstairs. Note to self: no stalking Bill Mahr
Bill Mahr (sp?) says, "Why doesn't he just tell Catharine Zeta-Jones he doesn't want to do that any more?" Ha!
Bill Mahr hit the mark tonight as he skewered the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Truth be told...
Seth McFarland is Awesome! Pull up Seth does Capt Kirk on Bill Mahr!
I'm so sorry Bill Mahr caused you to need to bandage your finger...don't worry - breaking the guitar fixed the situation.
Excellent episode of Real Time with Bill Mahr right now.
Watching Real Time With Bill Mahr. He called out conservative hypocisy regarding PRISM and warrantless eavesdropping on U.S citizens. They weren't upset until it happened under Obama. Of course it's wrong to spy on us, and it's unconstitutional. But consistency folks.
trying to edit this video interview. Windows MovieMaker is a total loss. Does not accept the DVD files, so I need to convert. tried about 3 different converters, and finally managed to get a .WMV files, but then Moviemaker got stuck on one. So I found some other video editing software, and trying to understand what they want, the language they use, the strange terminology... sometimes I feel like a motherless child...
I am in official countdown mode for tv and high speed Internet. Let the festivities begin with Bill Mahr tonight and the season wrap up of Game of Thrones and the sweet beginnings of another filled summer with vamps and pretty little liars. I can hardly wait.
If Republicans really want criminal convictions, they can look into Willard Romney, John Boehner, Koch oil associate ERM, and conservative groups' illegal activities.
White House officials say President Obama will nominate Samantha Power to succeed Susan E. Rice as U.N. ambassador. Power, a longtime foreign and national security adviser to Obama, has been called a Harvard brainiac with both a Pulitzer Prize and a mean jump shot. Here are a few facts about her.
If there are three things Americans hate - its taxes and math. Bill Mahr
New TV show idea: How about we put Piers Morgan, Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck in a room and watch them annoy each other to death? Or maybe just watch Rush eat them?
when it becomes apparent to Biden he won't be the next President he and Bill Mahr will be official brand ambassadors of
Comrades, do not worry about our government taking our phone records. Diane Feinstein has assured us that she will keep everything safe, so you can sleep well tonight...
I find it funny that conservatives who supported warrantless witetaps under GW are now calling Obama a tyrant for using that power, and that liberals who were appauled with GWs use of warrantless wiretaps are now totally cool with it if Obama is doing it
My dad and I saw him live at the Ohio theater last summer, he loves Bill Mahr lol
Heh Bill Mahr and Michael Moore weigh in, he's your hero. Where's whats her name, Oprah?
I'm no Bill Mahr fan but you won't see me try to organize some pathetic twit attempt to get him off the air.
Really looking to swotch my vz acct it freaks me out that every private conversation I've had in the past year as well as any search I make is veing monitored
Bill Mahr did an anti muslim film AND ALSO GAVE $1M. the and also is what you are misreading.
Don't watch John Stewart or Bill Mahr...they're dopes.
I make people "uncomfortable" by criticizing war mongering NEOCONS? Tough!!! As my fb friend Audrey Russo says: "Truth is hate speech for those who hate the truth"...and that's EXACTLY the case here.
"Who uses MYSPACE any more? It's the abandoned Amusement Park of the internet!" -- Bill Mahr
Hey Zack! I've heard a lot about your activism and saw your segment on Bill Mahr. You're doing fantastic work!
even bill mahr said he was about to flee CA b/c of high taxes.
Bill Mahr wants to be the new George Carlin.
I would like to agree with bill mahr but i just inherently hate him as a person so much
I am not a tea bagger but does Bill Mahr have to be on HBO at every given second? Was it in the contract or did they lose some bet with him?
Sorry! Simon LeBon does not a sex symbol make
Rothschilds (global bankers/investors/and business) own, control, and manipulate nations like ours (USA) to invoke profit. The voting populations of our country have no say in the will of its' government or military intent. Global bankers via the CIA have undermined and aggressively moved to remove…
HBO host Bill Maher debates guest Brian Levy, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino, about the Boston Marathon Bombers' Muslim faith playing a role in their terrorism "It's not like people who are Muslim who do wacky things have...
I sure wish Bill Mahr would try to "bite off" a piece of any of your arguments. He thinks he is a genius. You would own him.
According to a news release from Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius June is LGBT Pride Month and time to note the special benefits the Affordable Care Act includes for fans of ABBA and “Modern Family.” (Except, the release notes, the special benefits are just as ava...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
2 Bill Mahr tickets for sale. July 20 atthe jubilee auditorium in $150 for the pair. Message me
I've been waiting for this to be made a meme forrrevverrr I laughed so hard when it was on tv
I just discovered you through bill mahr. I developed an instant crush! I have been inspired to finish up school and give chase.
Lollyphile, the lollipop company that has previously brought us pops in such flavors as sriracha has debuted a new flavor: breast milk. “I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but it seems like all of my friends are having babies these days,” said Jason Darling, the owner of Lollyphile, in…
Could it have been better? Sure? I certainly could have done a better job of playing traffic cop. But it was exactly what I wanted it to be: a well-mannered, intelligent, often funny, and always impassioned discussion about a sensitive and charged issue that you rarely see on TV.
You can't make me believe that there's a shortage of jobs in this country, when there's 23 registers and only 3 cashiers at every Walmart!!!
I don't have HBO but I LOVE LOVE game of thrones. It's just not available to me. I have netflicks and I have Hulu. I know that really it's Bill Mahr and Game of Thrones, that is really the only reason I now would watch it. One day way off in the future we will be able to stream only the programes we want right?
Woody Harrelson, during an interview with Details magazine, admitted to being "an absolute moron" during his carefree Cheers days; this came after telling his questioner that Barack Obama is like Richard Nixon because Nixon escalated the Vietnam War:
why is Bill Mahr telling me that my President was/is an "enjoyer of hemp? I dont want to know that - I dont like it. I dont enjoy it, I dont want to know people who admit doing it publically, its not my lifestyle, I just dont want people to go to jail for it anymore. Being so fearful of what "pot" would do to ruin my life as a middle schooler I have avoided it like the plague and thankfully, it never did a thing for me as an adult...but I dont want my tax dollars going to house potheads and turn into something worse!!!
The subject of my walky talky with my very smart friend Leslie, before we got into the specifics of our week, our life, catching up on the minutia of the month, was "What is the POINT??" She said she'd been talking with Bianca, her 14 year old- about just that very thing. And, funnily enough, as John Geiger used to say, I'd been talking about it with my 16 yr old, just the other day. I guess, 'the point" would depend on who you are talking to, and how broad and how deep they want to get. I decided that perhaps there is a two pronged point to existence. Prong one, survival of the species. This would include everything from dental floss, and curing cancer, to going to Trader Joe's or getting a new pair of shoes. The next "point" would be hedonism. Basically, well, as long as we are here, lets make it as fun as possible, once our basic needs for survival are met. This would encompass all of the arts, humor, movies, entertainment and redecorating, leafing through this month's Anthropolgie catalog, writing po ...
The hypocrisy of Hollywood knows no bounds.
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