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Bill Maher

William Bill Maher, Jr. (born January 20, 1956) is an American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, author and actor.

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How long before Bill Maher makes a racist joke about Trump playing "Kung Pao chicken" with North Korea?
Watching Russia time with Bill Maher and Chris Hayes first words are about - wait for it - RUSSIA!
Bill Maher just brought out this Uncle Phil looking dude.
Garry Kasparov to Bill Maher: Putin is as bad as Hitler via
Bill Maher: ‘Republicans Need to Learn the Difference Between Being Conservative and Being a *** – WATCH
Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Lewis Black, Robert Klein, maybe Jerry Seinfeld are the GOOD comics still alive and working. THEY know Comedy.
Finally got a chance to watch this week's Real Time and Bill Maher's comparison of Trump to Norma Desmond is so perfect.
Must watch! Norma Desmond! 😂. Bill Maher tears into Trump's White House enablers ➡️ by via
Bill Maher knows why the Democrats lost the election: They refuse to let *** like him take a pass on their dickishness. ht…
Between Joe Biden, Bill Maher, and Bernie Sanders, white men on the Left have been EXTRA exhausting this week.
Between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Bill Maher, yesterday was a banner day in White Men Know What's Best for You So Sh…
Bill Maher blasts Trump's team of enablers
Bill Maher is like king of the butt hurt left give him a crown for all his spin and denial of facts. He is a drama queen
" I am Bigly. It's the Congress who's gotten small." Bill Maher as unnamed temp in WH as Norma Desmond."
Foolish - Always lone wolves but even Bill Maher agrees we Must address ARMIES of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! ht…
Jim Bakker spells his name with two k's because three would be too obvious. Bill Maher.
Bill Maher scorches GOP and Trump over failed Obamacare repeal ➡️ by
Bill Maher says he would become a Mormon for Mitt Romney
Bill Maher's monologue: "If you want Republicans to care about kids,you just have to jam them back into the uterus." Drake
Bill Maher or Jay Mohr? Not saying that you're wrong either way.
Colbert was funny when he played his character. Now he's just like Bill Maher, only he still attends Mass.
I liked a video Real Time with Bill Maher - Donald Trump and Bill Maher (HBO) Mar 10, 2017
Keep it up Michael Moore! We need u & Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Madow, Chris Matthews & anyone w/a voice to speak for us!
Bill Maher better watch his back, pissing off thousands of vets by mocking a Gold Star widow is not a…
📍By that definition, I am not an atheist. Neither is Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher.
Bill Maher lashes out at the press: Toughen up, stop covering crap, take one for the team (VIDEO)
Jack Kingston's a lying mushmouth who can't get over Bill Maher beating him down the other day.
I liked a video President Obama on America’s Empire | Real Time with Bill Maher (Web Exclusive)
And Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Bill Maher are pillars of piety??
Rep. Darrell Issa appears to tell Bill Maher that Jeff Sessions should recuse himself & special prosecutor statute should be…
I met Stephen Moore at a conference recently. I know him from Bill Maher, not his work for Trump or as GOP Lobbyist, writer, etc
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Wow. New video shows Bill Maher has literally the exact same views on pedophilia as Also he doesnt think men…
Bill Maher takes credit for Milo downfall — but he said similar things?
Not to cross the referential streams, but I'm now rooting for Brian Billick to be the Henry Rollins to Simmons' Bill Maher.
Bill Maher wants you to thank him for the downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos. Don’t:
A rabid raccoon roams Bill Maher's neighborhood. Animal control finds it after it eats out of his trash can. "You're welc…
Here's ANOTHER reminder that Bill Maher is, and has always been, garbage
If every awful guest on Bill Maher's show ends up losing everything afterwards then I hope Bill Maher has Bill Maher on soon
Oh, I see Bill Maher addressed the Milo thing
Don't buy spin. His primetime Islamophobia created Milo. Join our campaign to hold him accountable:
Far too many liberals who are outraged by Trump's bigotry have no issues with Maher's bigotry.
Well, whadayaknow? Turns out Bill Maher & MiIo have more in common that you might think - they both think an adult…
And Bill Maher, who is taking credit for bringing down Milo? Here is Maher on 35 yo woman, TWELV…
Bill Maher is utterly disgusting trash.
UH-OH! Video surfaces of Bill Maher condoning sex between an adult and a 14-year-old via
Bill Maher, actual quote: "How can a woman rape a man?". How's that sunlight, Getting a nice tan?
Seeing Bill Maher claim credit for the fallout...
Bill Maher from on defending pedophilia .
"Debra Lafave screwing her 14-year-old boy student, the crime is that we didn’t get it on videotape." - Bill Maher . htt…
Maher takes a page from Trump: claiming false credit for something happening.
.is a big time bigot. See some of the hate he has been spewing for years. via
this is infuriatingly stupid stuff from Bill Maher
That Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins are the voice of atheism is basically the only evidence I’ve ever seen that there i…
Bill Maher, like the living slime ball that he is, tries to coat everything in his own excretion.
this is such a great video collection of some of the explicitly racist things Bill Maher has said over the years re: Muslims…
on 8 minutes of with Milos: Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
And here's 2007 interview in which he vehemently defends pedophilia. .
Smug Bill Maher takes credit for Milo's downfall, then video containing some serious karma surfaces http…
Bill Maher, criticized for booking Milo Yiannopoulos, takes credit for his fall: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant"
Anyone else find it difficult to watch comedians like John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, Stephan Colbert ever …
You KD what do you think about Jim Jeffries being a *** with Bill Maher?
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He said on Bill Maher he wouldn't label himself that. He gravitates more towards Libertarianism.
I don't follow Milo much but that's what he said on Bill Maher which I did watch and cringed through the entire thing.
Samantha Bee embraced Glenn Beck, Bill Maher connected with Milo Yiannopoulos. Next up, John Oliver marries Rudy Giuliani for the Green Card
please Bill Maher. We need you to be the John Lennon of the past. Without the assassination though
Wow lol can't believe Tal Bachman wrote "She's so high" about Bill Maher
Piers Morgan dukes it out with Bill Maher and Jim Jeffries on HBO's "Real Time"
Me too. I love British Humor. Love Samantha Bee & Bill Maher. Used to love John Stewart & miss him.Trevor good but not him.
The weekend conservatives finally reject Milo, is the weekend Bill Maher basically held his hand and sang songs with hi…
Guests on Real Time with Bill Maher this week:. Jerry Sandusky . Fmr. House Speaker Denis Hastert. John Wayne Gacy.
But how do we make Bill Maher go away?
if I watch Bill Maher, my skin crawls off my body and quivers in the corner - so no
Bill Maher picked the wrong week to cuddle up to Milo.
Bill Maher and John McCain should rent a studio apartment.
This is going to radically die out when Millennials are the primary workforce. We watch Bill Maher and John Stewart.
If you get all of your political opinions from Bill Maher, John Oliver and other comedians, you're probably not thinking too critically...
As funny as Bill Maher, John Oliver & others are, their shows are not news, they're entertainment. Unfortunately, many think it's real news.
Please just replace Bill Maher with EXTRA John Oliver thaaanks
John Oliver is much much better than Bill Maher and deserves more recognition
Did anyone see the John Waters interview with Bill Maher?
Bill Maher to John McCain: "A nation turns its lonely eyes to you." Indeed.
Not just the news channels but also programs like SNL, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, etc.
Bill Maher is pulling for John McCain. Let that sink in.
Note: No, Trump Trolls are not "entertainment". John Oliver is Fun. Bill Maher is Fun. Terrorism is Ugly.
The Breitbart employee's interview w/ Bill Maher is a reminder that white supremacy performs innocence to preserve power. Maher…
Bill Maher rips Trump presser: More ‘p*ssing and moaning’ than when he’s ‘with his Russian hooker’
Shameless, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Shark Tank, and now Planet Earth 2. So many shows to watch😍
Larry Wilmore destroyed that suspected white supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos last night on Real Time with Bill Maher ..I lo…
Look who's talking: Bill Maher, 61, welcomed Leah Remini, 46, on his HBO show Friday. She told …
- Following is an article on Leah's appearance on Bill Maher. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!
I liked a video Leah Remini on the Cult of Scientology | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
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I had no idea Bill Maher could be played so easily. A *** in June Cleaver pearls and he's a quivering mass of jello.
Bill Maher's shucking and jiving with Milo is so reflective of how many in the white Left and the Right are bonded by wh…
Bill Maher has more in common with Milo Yiannopoulos than he thought:
Bill Maher called trans people "weirdos" and everyone had a good laugh. Great use of free speech, guys! Funny is funny!
5) Bill Maher's closeness with Milo last night as well as with the intellectually filthy Charles Murray keep me at arms length
Bill Maher seriously compared Milo Yiannopolous favorably to Christopher Hitchens yesterday and now I want to kill myself
To be fair to Bill Maher, he's locked in a battle for ratings with John Oliver, and when did you last see him get this much press? Last week
Milo on Bill Maher was interesting to say the least. Still think he's confused about the platform he promotes
Overtime with Bill Maher, with Milo Milo Yiannopoulos, Larry Wilmore, Rep. Jack Kingston and Malcolm Nance. via…
Malcolm Nance & Larry Wilmore are heroes. Bill Maher is pandering. Milo is an *** And Jack is very, very misguid…
Watched Milo's segment on Real Time tonight...very interesting back and forth. He and Bill Maher have more in common than you'd think
'Real Time': Larry Wilmore and Milo Yiannopoulos didn't hold back in Bill Maher's "Overtime" segment
Bill Maher is a privileged, ignorant man with no understanding of online harassment or power dynamics...
"Bill Maher is the only good liberal." via
I liked a video Milo Yiannopoulos Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
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Bill Maher's performance on tonight's with Milo Yiannapoulos was downright embarrassing: h…
Watch: Full Milo Yiannopoulos Interview with Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’ 👈 see here
Bill Maher gets upstaged by Milo Yiannopoulos on 'Real Time':
Watch: Full Milo Yiannopoulos Interview w/Bill Maher on 'Real Time' - Breitbart via this crack me up
Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Dave Rubin don't get that b/c they are white men and mostly don't deal with discrimination
Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris etc, are nothing but bigots who masquerade behind a false veneer of liberalism.
Jeremy Scahill pulls out of with over Milo Yiannopoulos booking:
"Newswire: UPDATED: Bill Maher and Milo Yiannopoulos to shout at each other on Real Time"
.is withdrawing from a scheduled appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher over its booking of Milo Yiannopou…
For the umpteenth time, Bill/ Maher critique Islam as a set of ideas. Different from set of People aka Muslims whic…
vegasnewsnow "Sparks fly over Maher's booking of provocateur Yiannopoulos
Sparks fly over Maher's booking of provocateur Yiannopoulos
"Bill Maher isnt a white supremacist, it's not like he's giving a platform to dangerous ppl". What tf do you think having Milo on is?
Let's have another round of applause for the Milo Yiannopoulos haters that shut his talks down. Now he's on Bill Maher.…
Awe. Poor too scared to face on Bill Maher's show this Friday.
Maher should at least be respected for not making his show a leftist echo chamber.
When ur terrified of getting ur r*mp handed to u on TV so u Take A Brave Stand
Sparks fly over Maher's booking of provocateur Yiannopoulos via I'm excited for this debate.
Jeremy Scahill Pulls Out of Appearance on Bill Maher’s Show Over Interview with Milo Yiannopoulos
MILO vs. Bill Maher on Friday night! Can't miss it! is going to trigger Bill!
If is gonna have this dude on there at least have an LGBT comic/actor/activist. Me &
I'm a Liberal, but the left doesn't want to debate anymore, just whine. At least Bill Maher always hears both sides.
i think humor , Andy Borowitz Bill Maher, etc will help us all tremendously not get too upset about these times
I see Bill Maher is continuing his well-worn habit of mainstreaming bigotry.
For those on the left trying to suppress free speech, enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Bill Maher's booking of conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos prompts another guest to cancel.
Leftist Nut Job pulls out of Bill Maher show Friday cause Milo Yiannopoulos will be a guest on the same night,...
so weird that Real Time booked Milo, it's almost like Bill Maher completely *** or something
It's important to enjoy your work, like shooting fireworks at moussed-up fashion-Nazis who get tongue baths from Bill Maher.
Why I will not appear this week on Real Time with Bill Maher.
WATCH: Sen. Al Franken and Bill Maher say think President is crazy
WATCH: Sen. Al Franken and Bill Maher say GOPers think President Trump is crazy
The two best points made in Bill Maher's atheist documentary film 'Relig...
Jim Jefferies lights up that *** Piers Morgan on Bill Maher and it's fantastic! via
Bill Maher and Jim Jefferies tell Piers Morgan to "f-off" over use of alternative facts
He has no opinion. He's clueless. Saw him on Bill Maher. He's not too bright
Piers Morgan exposed as Trumpster fraud by Bill Maher and Co. on
i watched the bill maher/Tomi Lahren clip last week i am NOT watching the piers norgan one
I agree with you that Bill Maher's panel was hysterical but making misogynistic jokes are fair game for comedians.
Piers Morgan gets cursed out by comedian on Real Time with Bill Maher after defending... by via
Comedian jimjefferies reams out professional outrage-mongerer piersmorgan
Bill Maher: islam is evil and does nothing but breed violent radicals. Also Bill Maher: Hey let's ship all the muslims to america!
Bill Maher and Co. shame Trump apologist Piers Morgan on 'Real Time':
They're all 'stupid and dangerous': Bill Maher explains why he criticizes religion via
Love how the left thinks Jim Jefferies destroyed Piers Morgan on Bill Maher. He looked like moron
1of 2) Bill Maher: "Trump saying 'Ill see you in court' to the 9th Circuit judges is like saying to Chris Christie
Comedian reams out professional outrage-mongerer
watch Jim Jeffries on Bill Maher's show last night, I was applauding and hooting!!
Bill Maher: Islam is violent cancer. It should be destroyed. Also Bill Maher: omg a MUSLIM BAN? Who would do such a thing and why?
Piers Morgan is a tool. Bill Maher is a tool. Both perptuate Islamophobia. One owning the othr is like Frum owning Trump. The *** with both
.She still is... Everything Trump has done is Legal. Bill Maher is officially irrelevant
I was already a bit smitten with Jim Jefferies before this. Now I think I want to have his babies. Bill Maher
like Bill Maher said the only difference between Trump and Scientology is that $cienos have better celebrities.
I liked a video Piers Morgan & Jim Jefferies: The Lesser of Two Evils | Real Time with Bill Maher
Trump vs. Press, Fake News, Dem Priorities | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)*45 Get a grip fake news is coming from U
'It's like he's looking for OJ's killer': Bill Maher calls Trump's bluff on crazy conspiracy theories
Did you catch Karine Jean-Pierre on Real Time With Bill Maher last night?
Morgan was an *** on Bill Maher on 2/10. Very unpleasant.very rightwing.
Bill Maher embarrassed you last night
Ture! "3 weeks of Trump is like 5 years of Nixon." Bill Maher
Your periodic reminder that Bill Maher is an *** Have a great day.
the Bill Maher clip from yesterday where he attacks Piers Morgan gives me all the feels.
The Al Franken Millennium | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) "Our Democracy in the hands of Republicans mad w/ POWER"
Been outta the loop w/Bill Maher 4 a min. Didn't know abt his anti Muslim rants. Thanks 4 playing this forward.
Bill Maher sugarcoated his view of Islam on He didn't on Charlie Rose.
Bill Maher is right: the new religion in town that is anti-women, *** Jew, Christian, Atheist is ISLAM. Liberals should call it…
In vs. one is a vocal national treasure the other is just uh, vocal.
See Bill Maher and Jim Jefferies rip Piers Morgan for defending Muslim ban on
You leveled that bloated gasbag on Bill Maher last night. Well done, Mr. Jefferies. Very well done.
"Piers Morgan slammed by Jim Jefferies after defending Donald Trump on talk show Real Time with Bill Maher" -
He just got cursed out by some guy on Bill Maher from Australia. Lol! He's not very bright, Piers.
Neil Sroka is as annoying as Bill Maher, Bob Sagat & Geraldo all rolled up into one. Lose him, please. He's obtuse & obnoxious
Two white men, Bill Maher and Sam Harriss, sitting and telling us why Muslim women really wear the hijab
not gunna lie, sorry Jim Carey, but ur my favourite comedian. I mean Bill Maher is, but that is different.
. Just watched you on Bill Maher .. . Glad you see that Bannon/Flynn in bed with Putin to start "fake holy war"
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Where was Tomi Lahren's big mouth on Bill Maher? She was so quiet. Like Holly Hunter in THE PIANO levels of quiet.
did you watch Bill Maher last night.
Muslims gunned down while praying, mosques torched & a implemented, so naturally, Bill Maher sides with the white s…
..but she lead into another unwinable topic. Lol Bill Maher asked her if a black guy ran the same campaign as Trump would he have won? 😂
Bill Maher wants to book Milo Yiannopoulos for a record-breaking *** off via
WATCH: Bill Maher says Crooked Trump administration has “no idea what we’re doing”
Why did Bill Maher decide to have this waste of sperm & egg Tomi Lahren on his show? She can barely hold a conversation.
this looks exactly like the kind of movie a young Bill Maher would star in.
Praying you're able to forget how ridiculously embarrassing you were on Bill Maher tonight.
So, Bill Maher called the homey a "theocrat." What we call Maher: an Islamophobe.
Even Bill Maher is fed-up with behavior of libs: They need to stop ‘shutting people up’
Destroys Bill Maher Panelist look out for her . Nice
Trevor Noah and Bill Maher have proven that by having Tomi Lahren on their show, they exposed her lack of expertise in debating politics.
I have - - I've also debated Bill Maher on this topic
reminder that Bill Maher did as much as anyone to popularize the racists' beloved term 'politically incorrect'
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Bill Maher Exposes Tomi Lahren on ‘Real Time’ - She really said whites face as much discrimination as blacks do. smh
See Bill Maher explain why Donald Trump and Tom Brady made him the Atlanta Falcons' biggest fan h…
I don't often find myself agreeing with Bill Maher, but this, yes, this is me right now.
Real Time With Bill Maher 2/3/17 | Feb. 3, 2017 Bilmar please don't bring any more blinds on from the right bimbos
I'd like to share a whiskey one day with Bill Maher. Or just a hand shake. Or just like being in the same room that'd be cool too
Bill Maher dissects Donald Trump's second week in power ➡️ by via
yo it's so good! It's w/ Bill Maher if you're familiar with his personality lol
This is the face I've made through this entire episode of Bill Maher.
I added a video to a playlist Tomi Lahren Destroys Bill Maher Panelist
Bill Maher has always had an issue with religions. To be fair, he opposes all religions!
The most I like about Bill Maher is his open mindness [mindless] and tolerance.
Bill Maher is an islamophobic "liberal", not suprised he's talking about me on his show.
I liked a video from Tomi Lahren Destroys Bill Maher Panelist
BILL MAHER. Embarrassingly WRONG 99% of the time. BUT. 100% right about THIS.
wow I had no idea I could not-watch-Bill-Maher more than I already am. Turns out I was wrong
Tomi Lahren slammed as 'f—ing crazy' on 'Real Time With Bill Maher': via
Bill Maher Exposes Tomi Lahren on ‘Real Time’ This was pretty embarrassing. She really had nothing in return.
Me, too, but not just because of Trump.
I liked a video Sam Harris: Winning the War of Ideas | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Bill Maher and his panelists thoroughly embarrassed Trumpian screamhead Tomi Lahren tonight: https:/…
Bill Maher might be a hateful Islamaphobe but I will never NOT enjoy watching Tomi Lahren,the dead eyed scream machine,get shut the f down.
ask Dana Jacobson to interview Stuart Sato or Bill Maher again. See that response.
Tony Ortega: Leah Remini books the Bill Maher show, gets swung at by Giovanni Ribisi
Not sure he'll have anything to talk about, but Bill Maher is headed to Old National Centre for a June 4 show.…
Is there any guest banned from show? Yes, Bill Maher,because he's too vulgar (even in the age of Trump!)
Don't forget: you can thank Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, and that New Atheist clan for making Islamophobia seem hip, cool,…
Idea of the day...HBO creates a 24 hr news channel combining your content...add Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert. Those are the guys I look a...
Bill Maher: Okie From Muskogee – "They should redo the lyrics 'We don't share our needles in Muskogee / We don't mix our smack with PCP.'"
New set for Bill Maher's disastrous. 1st guest Jane Fonda couldn't get comfortable in chair, 1st guest to walk trips up stairs.
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I'm watching the interview of Jane Fonda on Bill Maher and she tried to excuse the fact the white women voted for Trump. 🙄
I loathe Bill Maher but his Trump/Russia timeline on was both funny & most convincing thing I've seen indicating…
Obama leaves the White House with mixed record on press freedom Bill Maher
We have a new leader, Vladamir Putin. - Bill Maher
has a new leader now... Vladamir Putin! - Bill Maher
I've been blocked by them all. Peter Daou, Shaun King, Jonathan Capehart, Bill Maher, Joy Reid, I can't keep up
Will always remember Joy Reid as the lady who pulled that dumb face on Bill Maher when Ann…
Didn't Bill Maher get sued for saying Donal's dad was a baboon?. No. He was a…
More than anyone, Bill Mayer mainstreamed the Islamophobia that Trump traded on for votes. This is blowback:
I liked a video from Bill Maher Absolutely Destroys Regressive Muslim Apologists.
Bill Maher sounds alarm before Trump inauguration: ‘No one knows what this man is capable of’ https:/…
Bill Maher and Justin Trudeau both have the same giant weird trapezoid head. Do @ me, to tell me I'm right.
Right, is thinking about you! It's all about you, Bill. Nothing else on anybody's mind actually.!! ht…
I liked a video from Best of Real Time With Bill Maher: Trump is Lying the Facts s…
Bill Maher Isn’t High on Trump: The State of Free Speech in a New Era
Donald Trump “lives for vengeance," Bill Maher said. Then it dawned on him: “No one’s been meaner to him than me.”
It's like, oh hey there's awesome people like Ana Marie Cox and Van Jones. and Bill Maher's stupid smug face.
He finally did bill maher so just wait and C but putting him on blast, risky
Listen to compare Bill Maher to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. via
Bruce Wayne vs the other Bill Maher guest Richard Spencer told you is really on our side.
if I can't seize Bill Maher's mansion and have it converted to a mosque it's not my revolution
and yet Bill Maher when came back after the election his balls apparently had fallen off.
Can hardly wait to hear Bill Maher on Inauguration night!Won't watch this inauguration-a fool in t…
as much as people rag on Bill Maher and Mike Moore they were the only 2 who kept saying "stop laughing him off this is not a joke"
I've definitely heard that on Bill Maher. Just didn't notice on time and got kinda confused. But yes, he is a
I liked a video Bill Burr on Real Time with Bill Maher
I added a video to a playlist Bill Burr - On Bill Maher
Back in 2012, Romney was the next Hitler:
I remember bill maher saying to Obama he didn't do enough to protect atheists and they are the "biggest minority"
I liked a video from Real Time With Bill Maher: "Merry Christmyth!" And Age of Trump -
Thank you for watching! Real Time with Bill Maher new season 15 will be begin on January 20th! :). vi…
dump this stock FAST! they attacked Trump today. No patriotism here, they use cnn and bill maher to hurt America💔
Last year Canada's new Foreign Minister flew to LA to be on Bill Maher's show. She paid for it with taxpayers money. http…
Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" show was taken off-air 1 week after he questioned the bravery of US troops post 9/11
I added a video to a playlist George Carlin on Bill Maher - No Freedom of Choice
On a scale of Bill Maher to Paula Deen, how racist is it?
Bill Maher, Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins made islamophobia appealing to liberals long before Trump & his supporters did.
Much better company hanging out with Don King than Bill Maher total ***
didn't we have some circus clowns? What are Michael Moore and Bill Maher up to?
Watch "Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)" on YouTube -
king of the libtards and fuctards.Bill Maher prince your fat friend Moore ..President Trump is his name get very used to it 8yrs.
This strategy was hinted at on the Bill Maher show when he and Michael Moore said they wanted to motivate base.
Bill Maher is the second biggest turd on the planet, behind only Micheal "Mound of ShMoore
The first time, Bill Maher, David Frum, the president of the Family Research Council, and author of" Personal Faith, Delia Gallagher
Martin Short as Jack Frost looks like Bill Maher covered in blow
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Bill Maher on Donald Trump's cabinet picks: He's 'f---ing with people'
Bill Maher is the Only individual I would not begin to raise an argument with. Or Trey Gowdy.
Bill Maher gets schooled on vaccines by Bill Frist via
"I'll have what she's having"- Pyramid Head, Real Time with Bill Maher
I love how the same people who got their news Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert and Bill Maher are now decrying fake news.
Ben Afflick argued vehemently for truth about Islam on Bill Maher show.
Bill Maher backs the establishment, yells at millennials like he's 85 & smears Muslims regularly, his comedy is so bold! Way…
meanwhile on Bill Maher, John Legend was LOVING on HRC, saying she's so smart, good campaign, just no "it" factor like O
Headline should read: Bill Maher and other White Liberals attempt to tell John Legend that Donlad Trump isn't racist http…
Bill Maher: "Remember when Free-Range parenting was just...parenting?" Great monologue!
love to see Sam Harris on your show, the guy Ben afleck attacked on Bill Maher's show. Sam is amazing, goes on rogan often
RYAN: Bill Maher just called this a coup. TRUMP: Well, that's a very fancy word. RYAN:. TRUMP: Which might apply, depending on wh…
President Ash Carter visits Ft Hood & thanks troops for their service. Barack Obama was interviewed by Bill Maher
Bill Maher so ditzy for Hillary, he's apologizing to George Bush for having been too *** him in the…
I liked a video Bill Maher Implores the Media to Do Their Job | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
New Rule: Bible Trumpers | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - on religious hypocrites who support Trump via
Wow. Bill Maher now says he was wrong to hit McCain, Bush and Romney so hard: "We cried wolf and that was wrong"
Bill Maher and President Obama talked marijuana history, "rigged" elections and Trump
Bill Maher on Trump "Once fascists get power, they don't give it up
Bill Maher loses it over Trump and the "slow-moving right-wing coup" ⏩ by
Can't wait for Real Time With Bill Maher tonight, to watch his interview with President Obama
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