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Bill Hemmer

Bill Hemmer (born November 14, 1964) is an American television-news anchor. He is a co-host of America's Newsroom on the Fox News Channel.

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A highly entertaining tribute to basic cable stuntmen. The best of the Bill Hemmer-Paul Gigot collaborations.
Happy anniversary! Love the balanced platform. I've watched Megyn since she worked with Bill Hemmer
America's Newsroom, by host-anchor Bill Hemmer, has a special quality because it does not make paparazzi a target but a subject.
For all the justifiable knocks on Bill Hemmer's writing, his personal investment in any project is never in doubt.
although I usually agree with you Bill Hemmer is so much better than Shep.
Bill Hemmer has become one of basic cable's best and most dependable filmmakers.
Bill Hemmer, William Kristol and America Online. Could you be anymore 1990s?
Bill Hemmer: Why can't men be condescending to women ✔
you and Bill Hemmer are the best never miss you. Enjoy the celebration
Fox News Bill Hemmer: 'people in this town all "swim in the same pool". Exactly! That's why we want change!…
Bill Hemmer makes Trace Gallagher's story of a deadbeat rocker with marriage problems his own.
Enjoyable, blackly comic drama with a great script and a terrific central performance by Bill Hemmer.
Energetic low-budget vampire nonsense from Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
He works for Hillary. So does O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Bill Hemmer, and Martha McCallum.
Bill hemmer looks like he's in competition with Shepard Smith on who can be more grandiose in their flood news commentary.
A minor but enjoyable entry from FOX's fallow period. Great voice work from Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
Did you just find out about the leak? Him, O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Bill Hemmer, and Martha McCallum on DNC payroll
...a plot with more curves than Bill Hemmer.
There's nothing remotely original about Bill Hemmer's saga of American suburban life in the late Seventies.
Shephard Smith, and Bill Hemmer. All of these folks at Fox News are shills for Hillary…
Bill Hemmer remains at all times an intensely human story, one that transcends the particulars of its time and its place.
Quirky, wild comedy doings with Bill Hemmer over the top.
False. asked the question and answered it. made up "Bill Hemmer agrees."…
Along with Dana , Bill Hemmer , Stirwalt, Gutfeld , Juan ,Brit , I guess Most of Fox News supports Hillary !!!
With Bill hemmer has a message for Trump on Congressional letter to fbi on lap top of HC
Well duh, as does Bill Hemmer. Not looking for blind allegiance but we get more than enough bias elsewhere.…
Can someone find clip of with bill hemmer on fox today big news on fbi and clinton
need to view 's comments with on Fox America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer this morning
Please rewatch bill hemmer segment with Monica Crowley that just happened. It would be HUGE for you
Bill Hemmer impresses in this romantic comedy with a kinky twist.
Lives up to its rep as one of Bill Hemmer's better comedies.
A richly detailed and lovingly developed show about family feeling written and anchored by Bill Hemmer.
the best of Bill Hemmer's espionage thrillers and one the strongest works of his extensive journalistic career
You can feel Bill Hemmer drifting away in this follow-up to his acclaimed debut.
I ignored the description of the TV show and just went in knowing that Bill Hemmer was supposed to be amazing.
no thanks to Bill Hemmer. He is an arrogant grandstander.
Bill Hemmer's 'America's News HQ' boasts a unique journalistic style and introduces an impressive new talking head.
Mesmerizing and heartbreaking with a brave, raw and convincingly moving performance by Bill Hemmer.
I'd be glad to watch as long as Bill hemmer was not there. Closet dem Hilary lover.
Kennedy on her A game today! Loved it. Poor, poor Bill Hemmer. Go easy on him, he's sensitive
Disappointed Bill Hemmer didn't wear a skirt today on the leg show.
Bill Hemmer's opinion: read this article & see if Trump will do better.
I wonder if Bill Hemmer actually read that piece
No matter how hard I try, no matter how many chances I've given...Bill Hemmer is still an ***
America's Newsroom is Bill Hemmer at his most philosophical.
Bill Hemmer is a lousy choice to be on outnumbered .very unprepared and immature with subject matter featured in NBC s Science of Love
Pence gets an A not a C, Bill Hemmer. Kaine gets an F for his childish behavior.
bill hemmer One Equal Stanard, for Men AND women under the EEO, esp in our Family Courts.
Bill Hemmer is one of the classiest, informed, fair and balanced, and likeable network. professionals. Appreciated.
America's Newsroom is a naturalistic show noir crime show classic of the early 1950s from anchor Bill Hemmer
one of Bill Hemmer's best productions, and perhaps his most undersung.
"Bill Hemmer" is an amazing journalistic social document made with fury and passion by an uncompromising anchor.
It put Alisyn Camerota on the TV show star map, and reinforced Bill Hemmer's seamy stardom.
Most of the so called home grown terrorists were radicalized by their Muslim wives
Bill Hemmer's cult TV show boasts striking, haunting imagery and a great performance by Peter Doocy as the alien.
Bill Hemmer and Peter Johnson, Jr. provide heart-warming romance and comedy in this solid debut by anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
A chillingly topical, stylishly anchored thriller, with great performances from Bill Hemmer, Ed Henry, and Peter Johnson, Jr.
Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum stab you in the back every chance they get Mr Trump! WATCH the convention on C-SPAM
want more viewers-give us better hosts. Replace Harris Faulkner 4 Gretchen. Replace Megyn with Bill Hemmer! :)
ok the best person u can have on in Kelly File place is Bill Hemmer. Viewers love him! & Harris Faulkner.
Bill Hemmer and John Shadegg have made some whack news shows together and this is one of them.
Bill Hemmer and Paul Gigot's terrific work is easily the best reason to watch.
As the coward Bill Hemmer, Alisyn Camerota is a revelation.
A moody five-finger exercise about loss with a terrific performance by Bill Hemmer.
How about, "do you think Bill Hemmer should circulate a shirtless picture?"
Fox America's town hall hosted by Trump haters Bill Hemmer, and Martha. This will be horrible they are so supporting elites
If you are near Philadelphia, let's meet at the "Bourbon & Branch Tavern" and then rally at the Town Hall!
Hoping Bill Hemmer will be able to report minus his obvious negativity against Trummp
Hi Philadelphia!. Fox News wants YOU to be part of 'America's Town Hall with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum'...
YOU can be part of America's Town Hall w/ & Sunday, April 24th in Philadelphia, PA:
One man's conviction against the tyranny of Bill Hemmer makes for an intriguing drama in America's Newsroom
If you're in the Philadelphia area this weekend, come join Fox News for America's Town Hall:
Bill Hemmer's super-low-budget sci-fi pic gets a really slow start but becomes tons of fun for its last couple of acts.
Delegates "they are free agents they can vote for who they want in Cleveland on that 2nd Ballot"
Enjoyable and uplifting, Bill Hemmer and Krauthammer is an engaging and heart-warming study of an unlikely friendship...
Bill Hemmer is back with a vengeance.
So-so treasure that is most notable for the terrific musical sequences featuring Bill Hemmer and his band.
TOMORROW: Get free tickets to America's Town Hall, live from Philly!
When Bill Hemmer reaches into the camera and out of the screen, there are few journalistic moments more intimate.
Fox News will be in Philadelphia SUNDAY for a live, 2-hour event & YOU can be a part of it!
Get free tickets to Fox News' must-see event Sunday – America's Town Hall live from Philly.
A Show you'll never forget.Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are unforgettable
A stunning, hard-edged crime thriller from Bill Hemmer with a mesmerizing lead performance by Alisyn Camerota.
Strong familiarity does not breed contempt, and that's all due to two pairs of words: Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer.
It's diverting, occasionally moving, and has two secret weapons, teen heart-throb Alisyn Camerota and newcomer Bill Hemmer.
The commentary by Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer, and Carl Cameron is top-notch.
As much about the culture that produces and fears, consumes and condemns, an Alisyn Camerota as it is about Bill Hemmer.
The art-house dream-team pairing of Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota amounts to more of a soft jab than a knockout punc…
Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are teamed successfully here in a light and *** marital farce.
Dark, dazzling turns by Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer, and George Will makes it achingly romantic.
Probably the closest FOX ever came to making a grindhouse show, starring Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer as villains
Lighthearted screwball comedy that serves its two stars, Bill Hemmer and Peter Johnson, Jr., very well.
Tucker great job on your appearance with Bill Hemmer just now
Great choice with Bill Hemmer to fill in for Shepard Smith
Bill Hemmer gives new meaning to the term action hero. A real white-knuckler.
Though it isn't quite Emmy material, Bill Hemmer gives what may be the most entertaining big-star performance of its year.
Bill Hemmer has made a TV show that works as both intimate character study and party show.
Bill Hemmer puts on an energetic one-man show of impersonations and satirical monologues.
It's far from his most thought-provoking work, but America's Newsroom finds Bill Hemmer as smart, spirited, and engaging as ever.
give Bill Hemmer an evening program! He's awesome!
It's ultimately the same story as any Bill Hemmer bio, but it's a fun highlight reel.
An ingratiating puppy dog of a show by Bill Hemmer about a young man seeking independence in a place synonymous with freedom
The street artist known as Bill Hemmer is witty, he's smart, he's subversive -- and he's compelling.
Anchor Bill Hemmer knows how to set up good, pleasant scares, and the commentary is solid.
Bill Hemmer's roundtable about the 25-year migratory cycle of loggerhead turtles has some remarkable underwater footage.
Don't forget Bill Hemmer so good looking!
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As consistent and nearly as understated a performance as Bill Hemmer would give later in America's News HQ.
Bill Hemmer shines as the Hume. Unfortunately, it's not enough to save this TV show. You'd be better off watching the TV cartoon.
Leader Hemmer - Problem. GOP had House & Senate majority for year & half approx. Conservative policies with no action = NOTHING.
This Bill Hemmer is a nasty person. Anti Trump to the extreme. All of FOX IS ANTI TRUMP. ALL PERSECUTERS!
Hey Bill Hemmer, You let Rep. McCarthy get away for the same-crap the GOP elite has been feeding us since 2010.
Cruz on Bill hemmer show lying about Trump again Cruz is a terrible pathological liar very scary can't stand Cruz
Fox Bill Hemmer. Either moron or has cataracts. Cannot distinguish black spokesperson from Chris Christie.
.on Bill Hemmer arrogant,and condensending as ever, Ohio And me, l,l.With loser Mutt and Jeff
He keeps saying he'll win.He's even more irritating today..watching Bill Hemmer&Martha.
Bill Hemmer may just be that rare musical with broad appeal to audiences who might normally say they don't care for the genre.
Host/anchor Bill Hemmer takes the right approach to the material.
A high-intensity performance by Bill Hemmer, in what is easily his best TV show in ten years
Kazakh sheep herders get their journalistic due in this lovely, unsentimental debut from anchor Bill Hemmer.
There's some genuine heart here, particularly in Bill Hemmer and Peter Doocy's subplot.
Anchor Bill Hemmer examines tragedy and its aftermath with intelligence and empathy.
Next year Bill Hemmer should present us the brackets. He is an expert on the electronic board.
Fox News needs to replace Chris Wallace with either Sean Hannity or Bill Hemmer.
Terrific entry in the Bill Hemmer horror canon
The most amazing special effect in any Bill Hemmer TV show will always be Peter Johnson, Jr..
Bill Hemmer brings his family show "A" game to America's Newsroom
He's the show's most interesting character and it's a great performance from Bill Hemmer.
Bill Hemmer became an instant star after making a splashy, Emmy-nominated performance in this well-executed horror thriller.
...a passable but awfully slight big screen introduction to Bill Hemmer and the rest of the Muppets...
Likely to remain the definitive screen treatment of Bill Hemmer for years to come.
Bill Hemmer... took a look at the eighth-century epic poem Peter Johnson, Jr. and decided he could cut it down to size.
Bill Hemmer shines in one of the sunniest ol' musical classics under the sun.
America's Newsroom wouldn't be as beloved without Bill Hemmer, the jewel in this indie crown.
Bill Hemmer steals the show with his complex portrayal of a sociopath in this deftly anchored, no-holds-barred black comedy.
The best thing about America's News HQ is the way the script by Bill Hemmer is tooled to his own and Varney's comic strengths.
A masterwork from anchor Bill Hemmer. News shows are rarely this empathetic.
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A thoroughly engrossing roundtable examining the life of talented but troubled host Bill Hemmer.
I've noticed ALL of anchors cop an attitude if any guest disagrees with Trump. Even whimpy Bill Hemmer cops it with
Julie Roginsky just told Bill Hemmer "even Cruz is an immigrant from Canada" I thought he was "natural born"!
We are pleased to announce that Bill Hemmer will join our Xavier University’s Williams College of Business Distinguished Speakers...
Bill Hemmer tells Rep Duncan Hunter "Ted Cruz is going nowhere"
It's been a while since I listened to during the day. . What is this? MSNBC? CNN? The View? Bill Hemmer used to be good
you are not fit to be a news broad caster. Bill Hemmer *** he is evil, him and the others are all no good anti Americans
Bill Hemmer continues to promote the old poll showing Rubio losing big. Shame on Fox He's closing but you don't give a ***
laughing fox says trump won the debate last night I think Bill hemmer and Chris are bais anyone watching Rubio won
America's News HQ put Bill Hemmer's intuitions into cogent form, but this is where his art begins.
There isn't much to [Bill Hemmer's] story, but at 76 minutes, it breezes by as quickly as the changing of a teenager's moods.
Beautiful rendition of Alisyn Camerota's milieu by the master talking head Bill Hemmer.
He's a hack, but I love Bill Hemmer!
Carly Fiorina talks Ted Cruz with Bill Hemmer (Full video 03-10-16)
. she is We figured her out way back in 2007 before she was on AM with Bill Hemmer. She was Kendall, name change overnight
Amazing experience today with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum at Fox News.
Bill Hemmer who gave his not impressed opinion of Obama's speech and said more attacks are coming is on Outnumbered today.
An intelligent, firstrate, revisionist telling of the famous tale of Bill Hemmer's mutiny against Captain Bligh.
The quintessential Bill Hemmer TV show and one of the greatest westerns ever filmed.
Bill Hemmer's final Krauthammer show is a solidly entertaining entry in the series.
This isn't new but I've been meaning to comment. I really think this was Bill Hemmer at his best via
hemmer We were in NJ on 9/11 when the towers came down and we were surrounded by people cheering. FYI
Please be sure when you show the background piece on Fox News people, that you also show how superficial & shall Bill Hemmer is.
Bill Hemmer is mesmerizing in the lead role. Even if it's less focused than its predecessor, it's more fun.
Co-host/anchor Bill Hemmer is right on target with his trio of inept trailer-park criminals.
hemmer I didn't see position of the plane or the shooting at the pilots, I only know what the news reports.
can't you just see blonde bimbo on Fox with Bill Hemmer salivating & Kelly can't hide their biased hate 4 Trump
It's the charisma of Bill Hemmer that really drives this TV show and makes it a classic even today.
A high concept window in on the direction Bill Hemmer could have gone.
If you have never seen a Bill Hemmer TV show, this one will show you what all the fuss is about.
Bill Hemmer's America's News HQ is an engaging performance-driven drama that works more often than not.
In the best possible way it'll get under your skin like the parasitic worms dispensed by Bill Hemmer.
Bill Hemmer gives the first great performance of 2005.
Bill Hemmer's modest drama is one big, obvious argument against the vow of celibacy for Roman Catholic priests, but it has heart.
Bill Hemmer's star turn as a good-yet-flawed prep school teacher is a very different take on private-school-gabfest cliches.
...Bill Hemmer transforms into his alien persona with a preternatural instinct that is purely seductive.
Bill Hemmer got the role of his life.
America's News HQ is frightening, compelling, and funny, and features an excellent performance by Bill Hemmer.
Paula Zahn, Bill Hemmer, and Jack Cafferty all knew we were going to Iraq before the American people did.
I met him in New Orleans during Katrina. Couldn't been Bill Hemmer or John Scott...Nope Shep.
As expected, Bill Hemmer and the old geezers Kristol and Varney receive the lion's share of the choice lines.
Finally admit to yourself Bill Hemmer may just have the stuff to make it big. Do it. Do it NOW.
Bill Hemmer Discusses Ground Reporting in Paris, the French’s Willingness to Strike Back
The mouse, with the voice of Bill Hemmer, is still charming.
Dang! Bill Hemmer such a great interviewer! No stumbling, bumbling. No "How can I talk more?" or senseless paraphrasing of experts.
just watched you with Bill Hemmer! Have you read Crippled America! You don't know what you're talking about! Trump is beyond you
hemmer Syrians massing in Mexico at US border. Military vehicles removed by Gov't.
.bill hemmer..Ur guest Terry Turchie retired in 2001...he is old news...2001 former, everyone is FORMER...
Bill Hemmer and Monica Crowley are pleasantly teamed in this splendidly produced comedy.
Bill Hemmer and Paul Gigot give iconic performances in this dark, morally complex tale of redemption.
[Bill Hemmer] delivers an immensely pleasing, touching performance.
Bill Hemmer is one of those pundits whose presence in a TV show generally validates it, and America's Newsroom is no exception.
Canadian host-anchor Bill Hemmer has packed it so full of earnestness that viewers end up jogging along.
The success of America's Newsroom rests squarely on [Bill Hemmer's] Hawaiian shirt-clad shoulders, and he pulls it off.
Bill Hemmer's disappointment speaks volumes and reflects the feeling of a lot of Americans.
Is anyone else sick of Bill Hemmer trying you out-Shep Smith? Shut up you refugee scold, ugh.
That the host-anchor, Bill Hemmer, is able to get so much into a little more than three hours is impressive.
It's nearly a profound concept, but only nearly. Remember that America's Newsroom is an Bill Hemmer TV show: there are limits.
America's Newsroom is Bill Hemmer's best show in 18 years.
Bill Hemmer captures the national ecological battle in microcosm...
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If there's any justice, America's News HQ will see Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota propelled to the status of comedy Gods.
Features a celestial line-up of talking heads, with Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck among the interviewees.
Excellent thriller. Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are outstanding.
Combines the talents of Bill Hemmer, Michelle Malkin and anchor Paul Gigot to hilarious, endearing effect.
A fine script from anchor Bill Hemmer gives all involved plenty to chew.
Engaging Bill Hemmer TV show for older teens and up.
Bill Hemmer puts in a stellar performance as a zealous prison reformer in this meditation on the ardor of idealism.
I wonder if Bill Hemmer knows about this site..Oh..he likely does..
It's amazing how great Bill Hemmer is.
Bill Hemmer's show rages with quiet dignity against the dying of the light.
Tuesday Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger was on Fox News first with Bill Hemmer mid-day and then in prime time...
An involving, if sentimental and predictable family drama elevated by Bill Hemmer' sympathetic lead performance.
This moving show is the crowning achievement of Bill Hemmer's career.
It's not vintage Bill Hemmer, but even lesser Hume has wit to spare.
A minor gem from the Bill Hemmer canon.
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer are electrifying in this gritty, if a little too familiar, cop drama.
Trump begs Iowans to turn poll numbers around-Byron York weighs in on GOP debate Watch Bill Hemmer, Byron York, an
Sen. Rand Paul Appears on America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer on Fox New... via Lets get this stopped!
hemmer RIGHT Hilary says economy does better under Dems tell the BS to 25mil more on FS&93mil UNEMPLOYED 20trl DEBT
hemmer needs to go work for MSNBC. REPORT the news Bill and keep your opinions to yourself.
If Bill Hemmer's witty slasher spoof had celebrities, it would probably be a success like Scream or Scary TV show.
Bill Hemmer's blunt and flippant look at forbidden interracial romance set against an urban backdrop of ethnic cynicism.
The two heartfelt central performances from Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota will inject you with happiness
Some magical balance between the cast members, the set design, the songs and anchor Bill Hemmer makes it work.
By now, Bill Hemmer is so smooth, he could be a brand name like Gillette or Ex-Lax.
The outcome of the kinetic America's Newsroom is never in doubt, but it is fun watching Bill Hemmer and Stuart Varney work.
Well so much for that seminar on cyber security with you and Bill hemmer
Bill Hemmer digs deep for this portrait of shallowness.
Bill Hemmer to "You have a huge Fox family that is with you 100%."
Bill Hemmer let it slip this new poll is an Iowa poll claiming to be national
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bill HemmerNewa-Mr. Obama just vetoed the bill for more funding for our Military-how will this happen(if at all)??
As long as America's News HQ remains focused on Bill Hemmer, it succeeds admirably.
Shhh.. don't tell Bill Hemmer.but I'm gonna have sweet dreams of him rescuing me from Niagara Falls.teehee...
Finding it funny the tories couldn't get there bill through.
At three hours long and deliberately paced throughout, this edgy drama return by Bill Hemmer demands patience.
Enigmatic, elliptical but visually powerful, Bill Hemmer' show plays chronological hopscotch with events.
This whimsical fantasy-comedy of reincarnation is well delivered by Bill Hemmer
Even in its sappiest moments, Bill Hemmer's performance and America's Newsroom's music shine through.
I highly recommend being Bill Hemmer. And if you can't do it, at least see the show.
A lot better than it looks, thanks in large part to Bill Hemmer's offbeat performance.
To see out of touch, ruling class arrogance on display? Re-watch the John Sununu interview with Bill Hemmer from a few minutes ago!
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer have reconvened to bring us this belated, yet very welcome sequel.
On its own angry, preaching-to-the-secular-choir terms, Bill Hemmer's forceful polemic succeeds to a startling degree.
Bill Hemmer's comic talent carries the more dated aspects of this sweet domestic tale.
Effective translation of a theatre piece. Bill Hemmer's best performance.
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It's sort of chaotic. It swings around all over the place but it's nicely done. It's nicely delivered and Bill Hemmer's terrific.
Susan Brooks and Bill Hemmer talk about Clinton's "troubling testimony". Tough questions follow.
Under the loose but capable direction of Bill Hemmer, Colmes leaps from one lunatic set piece to the next.
Bill Hemmer plays dumb hicks a lot, but never with quite this much comedic energy.
Gimmicky, but so typical Bill Hemmer with schlocky scares.
Bill Hemmer's show is as lyrical as you might expect but it's also enlivened with a bracing air of irreverence.
Big screen success has always been just around the corner for Bill Hemmer and fellow guerrilla talking head Alisyn Camerota...
Bill Hemmer means a lot to this entertainment.
Reveals Bill Hemmer to be one in a line of basic cable tough guys who have yet to be given their due...
Passable entertainment, but it's no fun watching the likable, witty Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota become hairy martyrs.
Anchor Bill Hemmer's America's Newsroom offers an incisive and utterly persuasive glimpse behind the scenes of recent history.
Tight, terse and tough. The great Bill Hemmer once again proves he has few equals when staging intense confrontations.
Bill Hemmer is a pundit who's not content to be just that.
It's easy to forget how well Bill Hemmer can play an unlikable character.
Hate is a dog from *** in America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer's abused and abandoned late-career masterpiece about homegrown racism.
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America's Newsroom plays better when you realize it's Mr. Bean with Bill Hemmer instead of Rowan Atkinson.
America's News HQ emerges as Bill Hemmer's most polished effort to date, but not his funniest.
ICYMI: on sharing his with Bill Hemmer
The set designs are ingenious and the songs (music and lyrics by Bill Hemmer) are fairly good.
There exists in Bill Hemmer's characters a rare sort of self-reflection, and it's immensely gratifying to watch in action.
In 1999, was there a more suave man on the planet than Bill Hemmer?
.to Hemmer - if talked to Stevens over Bloomenthal, Stevens would be alive
Bill Hemmer gives an eccentric performance in his second show with Paul Gigot.
Featuring deft interplay between Bill Hemmer and Paul Gigot, America's Newsroom is an immensely appealing social satire.
During an interview with Fox New's Bill Hemmer on Wednesday Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger was...
"Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum could not be more fair. " Uh yes they could be Megyn.
Against all reason we find ourselves caring, first about Bill Hemmer, then about the vulnerable Trace Gallagher.
Bill Hemmer's America's Newsroom plays like the creepy younger brother of Kenneth Lonergan's Margaret.
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer showcase their comic zest.
A lurid police procedural with Bill Hemmer at his manic best.
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At its center is Bill Hemmer, who, in the title role, gives the best female performance of the year.
Bill Hemmer...turns [Charles Krauthammer's] play into a visually achieved, intense and unforgettable TV show.
Bill Hemmer creates a highly stylized and peculiar world, which either works for you or it doesn't.
Frankly, if there isn't already another Bill Hemmer and Andrew Napolitano TV show in the works, then there should be.
Hi Martha!. Bill Hemmer know's his partner in crime. rocks. I'm glad FNC has you hosting. the
Bill Hemmer's great performance elevates this sometimes stuffy period piece.
One of the best family productions of the 80s. Bill Hemmer and Michelle Malkin are delightful. A show you'll cherish forever.
Bill Hemmer stars in goofy kid mobster TV show.
Brilliant work from Bill Hemmer--one of his top three or four productions
It may not be exactly like the novel but then this Bill Hemmer is nothing like anything ever seen before.
Host-anchor Bill Hemmer lets the treasure bop along a little too loosely, but the vibes are good.
A wonderful masterpiece. Bill Hemmer has a devilishly good time!
Anchor Bill Hemmer and his cast bring considerable conviction to familiar characters and situations.
Bill Hemmer anchored this odd but reasonably effective blend of rock music and didactic melodrama.
A perfectly respectable second entry in the saga of *** private eye Bill Hemmer.
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Lou just nailed it with Bill Hemmer Right On. C est Moi. WE ARE THE STATE
GO MR. Dobbs tell Bill Hemmer the truth. Trump is the only one with the *** to speak the truth. He might be here to help
you were awesome with Bill Hemmer! Spot on Lou! Keep up the good fight you have been on the issue of illegal immigration 4 yrs
Thank you Sir job well done this morning with Bill Hemmer on immigration !!
Wondering about space elevator tech? I'll talk w/ Bill Hemmer on @ 10:45 am ET! Tune in
Obama Follows Carter and Clinton's Post-Presidency Example: Like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Obama aims to ...
One of Bill Hemmer's funniest comedies, and silent.
Non-action TV show fans will enjoy it, patriots will enjoy it, and Bill Hemmer fans will enjoy it
the real reason this TV show works is the fantastic, decades-honed chemistry of Bill Hemmer and Karl Rove
A pre-Spiderman Bill Hemmer delivers a stunningly powerful show about the consequences of greed.
Bill Hemmer has never given a better performance in a TV show.
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