Bill Hader & Keith Morrison

William Bill Hader (born June 7, 1978) is an American actor, comedian, producer and writer. Keith Morrison (born July 1, 1947 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian, veteran broadcast journalist. 5.0/5

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I really miss Bill Hader on Snl doing Keith Morrison.
Dale Hansen sounds like Bill Hader's impression of Keith Morrison from Dateline.
When you see an old and realize that in your head Bill Hader's impression replaced the real Keith Morrison years ago
At least we got Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison out of the deal.
Can't believe Bill Hader didn't think of this: Dateline's Keith Morrison reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
The only way this could be better would be if it were Bill Hader-as-Keith Morrison reading it.
Or if they can't get him, have Bill Hader dressed up as Keith Morrison.
I can't watch Keith Morrison on without thinking of the great SNL skit with Bill Hader...
I want my story to be told by Bill Hader as Keith Morrison.
"Reaaly... Go on. Mmmhmmm... Oo... I see..." -Bill Hader being Keith Morrison on snl ❤️
I can't watch a dateline episode with Keith Morrison and take it seriously because of Bill Hader
Got suckered into Can't watch without thinking of Bill Hader's Keith Morrison impression
Also, if I'm going for Bill Hader, I'm going for either Stefan or his imitation of Keith Morrison.
Your discussion of Bill Hader on SNL reminded me of my favorite moment of his...Keith Morrison on Dateline. Brilliant.
An character I'd love to see tonight — though I'm probably the only one — is Bill Hader's Keith Morrison
Just last night, I was talking with friends about Bill Hader's Keith Morrison impression.
Warning: Odds are very high I will use any excuse to reply with one of my Bill Hader as Keith Morrison gifs.
Few things in life are as satisfying as Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison.
. Exactly. . Plus, I think of Bill Hader when I see Keith Morrison.
Such greatness! His Alan Alda, John Mayer & Keith Morrison get me every time. Bill Hader's impression supercut:
Jenny and I frequently impersonate Keith Morrison from Dateline, through the Bill Hader filter.
Internet, I really need a video of Bill Hader doing his Keith Morrison impersonation. DELIVER THE GOODS.
Falling asleep to Dateline with Keith Morrison talking about Mr. 603 makes me think/hope a dream with Bill Hader & Pitbull is in my future.
Can we just have a Dateline show with Bill Hader as Keith Morrison? Now that's a show I would watch
If you haven't seen Bill Hader portraying Keith Morrison on you need to! So funny, so perfect!
Is it possible for Dateline NBC to replace Keith Morrison with Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison?
Bill Hader does a better Keith Morrison than Keith Morrison does.
I am in love with Bill Hader playing Keith Morrison.
Try watching NBC Dateline after watching Bill Hader's impersonation of Keith Morrison. You'll laugh the entire time.
Watching the Deadly Desires episode of Dateline and I keep giggling because every time Keith Morrison says a word I think of Bill Hader.
So I'm watching Dateline and keep picturing Bill Hader's impersonation of Keith Morrison on SNL. Hilarious!
After seeing a little Keith Morrison on Dateline NBC, I think Bill Hader's impression of him is actually understated. Insane.
Is it me or does Keith Morrison (Dateline NBC) look like Bill Hader doing a character?
Did you see that Keith Morrison acknowledged Bill Hader's Dateline impression? So awesome.
Bill Hader does some fan-fave impersonations, including Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood and Keith Morrison reading “The Three Bears.” Prepare to giggle
I Bill Hader and Keith Morrison report a story together
The Keith Morrison one is THE BEST. Bill Hader does fan-fave impersonations
Bill Hader does Keith Morrison reading "The Three Bears" for me & on Just so good.
Bill Hader says he talks to himself in the voice of Dateline's Keith Morrison, & it's awesomely creepy:
I'm going to miss Bill Hader on SNL. he was just interviewed by Kathy Lee and Hoda. He does a great Keith Morrison impression, and I love his Stephon gig. What a funny guy
Bill Hader doing an impression of Keith Morrison from Dateline has me in tears..
Keith Morrison just made me miss Bill Hader a million times more (and made my eyes sweat).
I can't watch without thinking about Bill Hader doing his impression of Keith Morrison on Hysterically accurate.
I only hear Bill Hader when Keith Morrison talks on 'Ohyes.'
Better idea: Bill Hader in character AS Keith Morrison every night at 12:35.
As far as sing-song voices go, Dateline's Keith Morrison is the man! Both the real Keith AND SNL's Bill Hader's version of him.
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Love me some Keith Morrison. For the exact reasons as Bill Hader.
Don't you just love Dateline's Keith Morrison? (And Bill Hader's Keith Morrison, too?)
I can't see Keith Morrison without picturing Bill Hader's SNL impression of him now. lol
SNL sketch about Catfish: The Show felt like it was made just for me. Bill Hader's Keith Morrison stuff, too.
Bill Hader to Take On David Hasselhoff Character in Baywatch Movie // who else could play this role AND Keith Morrison?
Flipping through channels and came upon Dateline NBC. Keith Morrison has to be one of the worst and creepy people on TV! Yikes!!
bill hader is genius as Keith him!
Every time I see Keith Morrison,all I can see is Bill Hader.
Bill Hader has impersonated Keith Morrison &your bro Ben on I think needs to do a Josh Mankiewicz next.
Always disliked Keith Morrison but just Love Bill Hader's impression. Can't get enough.
Have you seen Bill Hader in SNL do Keith Morrison? Brilliant!
Honest to goodness truth: It is Bill Hader's fault that I'm attracted to Keith Morrison.
Good plan. All I think of is Bill Hader when I her Keith Morrison.
Sometimes my Bane impression is actually Bill Hader’s Keith Morrison impression.
Once you've seen impression of Dateline/Keith Morrison, its the funniest show on TV! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Half the time spent talking with my mother is just me doing Bill Hader doing Keith Morrison. Why? Why not...
I have "entertained" my kids imitating Bill Hader imitating Keith Morrison. So ... talking to him for LAT was fun.
Keith Morrison strikes again. Bill Hader still does a better Keith Morrison though.
It's impossible to watch Dateline without hearing Bill Hader's Keith Morrison and laughing when it really isn't appropriate to do so.
Watching Friday's on the DVR. Every time I see Keith Morrison now, I think about Bill Hader & can't help but laugh. Poor Keith!
Screw having Morgan Freeman narrate my life... I want Keith Morrison. Or even better - Bill Hader doing Keith Morrison.
Bill Hader's Keith Morrison makes me laugh hard every time!
Watching Dateline NBC and thinking how excellent Bill Hader's parody of Keith Morrison is.
you should check out Bill Hader from SNL impression of Keith Morrison it's hilarious!
Things that always make me laugh: Bill Hader's imitation of Dateline's Keith Morrison.
Bill Hader should do a murder investigation report on Dateline in full Keith Morrison impression mode.
Lots of big-name birthdays today. Just to name fourin the hockey world (since there's no Cup Final game tonight and Doc Emrick thus won't have a chance to say this), you have Milan Lucic turning 24, Milan Jurcina turning 29, Mike Modano turning 42 and Terry O'Reilly turning 61. In other fields, Anna Kournikova turns 31 today and Bill Hader (aka Stefon aka Herb Welch aka Lyle Round aka Keith Morrison) is 34.
I cannot listen to Keith Morrison on Dateline without hearing Bill Hader’s SNL impersonation.
It's like Keith Morrison is impersonating Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison.
I think I prefer Bill Hader's Keith Morrison over the actual Keith Morrison.
All these Dateline NBC murder mysteries just become one endless sensationalism festival to me. That Bill Hader or Keith Morrison narrating?
Watching Keith Morrison does a great Bill Hader doing a great Keith Morrison- "a ghost?"
I can't take Keith Morrison seriously on Dateline. Just keep thinking of Bill Hader on SNL.
I don't have many good things to say about SNL these days, but Bill Hader doing Keith Morrison cracks me up..
I can't listen to Keith Morrison without thinking of Bill Hader.
After seeing Bill Hader's dateline skit on SNL I cannot for the life of me take Keith Morrison seriously.
Bill Hader is spot on when he impersonated Keith Morrison once.
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