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Bill Gross

William Hunt Bill Gross (born April 13, 1944) is an American financial manager and investment author who co-founded Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO).

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Bill Gross is one bright guy! "financial methadone fix" is a brilliant description of our current situation
10 year yield 2.6% . Long and meandering like an African Safari
Dow 20K, $60 oil, dollar/euro parity... Forget all that -- Bill Gross says THIS is the key number to watch:
Jeffrey Gundlach and Bill Gross are fighting over a bull that's already dead via
But it was too late: I had a $3000 hospital bill and felt a certain way, get out of work
Forget oil, forget Dow Jones records, Bill Gross reveals his one forecast for 2017
Bill Gross: "if yields move higher than 2.60% – a secular bear bond market has begun. Watch the 2.6% level.”
Reasons to be fearful: ex-Pimco boss reveals his one 2017 beware 30-year market to end
Bond kings Jeffrey Gundlach & Bill Gross are fighting over a bond bull market that's already dead.…
It is the key to interest rate levels and perhaps stock price levels in 2017. - Bill Gross
Bill Gross: The only number that matters is 2.60% on the 10-year bond. If broken on the upside, we're in a secular bear market for bonds.
I refuse to die before Crooked is behind bars. Bill is stupid & gross, but she's the evil in the Clinton house.
that girl tried to kiss Bill in Mexico and bc of that they didn't let anyone near Bill those days. So gross
"Forget THIS is the number you need to pay attention to, says Bill Gross
"I don't like bill millers, it's gross"
Gross says this key bond level is a far bigger deal than Dow 20,000
Whatever Alan Greenspan and Bill Gross say about interest rates do the opposite.
Bill Gross says Donald Trump victory won’t lead to more economic growth..
Bill Gross says a Trump victory won't lead to more economic growth
Bill Gross jumps back in the 'total return' game, first with a one-client, $100-million SMA, he tell ... -
Bill Gross: Markets are a casino and 'this cannot end well' (Oct. 4, 2016)
Bond investor Bill Gross ramped up his criticism of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, characterizing chair Janet Yellen and her predecessor…
Bill Gross says buy gold and real estate via
Bill Gross' co-manager to move to new Janus bond ETF: NEW YORK (Reuters) - Janus Capital Group Inc on T...
Used by more mainstream athletes now. Also Dan Loeb, Bill Gross, Paul Tudor Jones big practitioners FWIW.
Sovereign bonds aren’t worth the risk with yields at record lows, says Bill Gross
The Federal Reserve is confusing investors, Bill Gross says
Live: Bill Gross rips Yellen for 'outdated' outlook
Bill Gross praying that he can find them Chef Currys in his size this weekend...
"Bill Gross on how the Fed will react to today's jobs report
Every picture of Bill Gross any more he looks like a creepy pervy neighbor who gets a little bit too excited for Ren fest.
Janus's Bill Gross: ‘Helicopter Money' Is Coming in a Year or So The next big monetary and fiscal policy move shou…
McCaskill on MSNBC says you are sexist for questioning HC bona fides. It's gross. 1st female POTUS cannot be Bill's enabler!
It's fine to want to sue a gun manufacturer for gross negligence. The Brady bill was more than that. Went too far.
If only there were a precedent of the Left normalizing gross sexual deviancy, we could plan our counter-agenda here: h…
ICYMI:Best dudes. & called Miss. to sing *** jams after a gross bill was passed.
Kevin, thanks SO much. Idealab 130 West Union Street. Pasadena, CA 91103. Can't wait to give you feedback/talk to you about it.
From our investment experts’ Insights in Action to Bill Gross and retirement strategies, subscribe to get it faster:
Why do some start ups fly and others fail? Bill Gross shares his thoughts.
Cars running 24/7 will avoid warm up and cool down, stressors on any machine.
Time to fix that. And plug the holes. Tax gross profits to start. .
Bill Maher hit on my wife and her friends downtown about 10 years ago. Her comments, "short, ugly, and gross."
Pimco Says Bill Gross's Lawsuit Is Just an Attempt to Repair His Image. (That will be tough..)
Gray v. R. - TCC: Gross negligence penalties sustained in another Fiscal Arbitrators case | GetTaxNetPro
That's the best anti-theft mechanism I've heard of, but they should probably electrify the whole car.
USDMXN was down almost 2 pesos, it's either that or Bill Gross buying Mex bonds again.
remaining 60% of Ford business won't be sustained for longer than the fwd PE 😳
I would admit I'm an introvert. I don't know why introverts have to apologi...
Logan's husband swappers whatever Brooke surprised you don't all have syphillis ridge nick Eric bill urgh so gross
Classic millennials! Want baby with no bathwater just because they can
.Ford have been dragging their feet for years & FocusEV is only available in a few states. Doing the strict minimum.
.Implicit assumption in statement is that Ford remains meaningful player for 10 more years
can hardly pop the hood on one these days without voiding some kind of warranty. Ownership perks eroding away.
To build a great business, you have to shoot to be 10 times better than your competition. . —
Pimco: Bill Gross left resignation letter ‘in the middle of the night’ 🔓
Bill, I'd love to send you a copy of my new book, The Inevitable. You'll resonate with it. What is the best address?
Noo now people are gonna think i vape! GET YOUR GROSS LUMP OUT OF HERE
Pimco says it had 'good cause' to fire Bill Gross: filing.
Okay but having half your nameplates electrified doesn't equate to sales or demand.
Ford CEO talks about 5 levels of autonomous vehicles: semi all the way to no driver required/allowed
Heh hehh.. This probably will be built at Ford's new $1.3 Billion dollar factory in ..
cool, get me an electric Expedetion
not necessarily. Electronic cars have much fewer parts, meaning less maintenance
wish my F stock would reflect it! I'm a satisfied owner of a Ford Cmax. Here's hoping doubles down on
Sounds like we need an Elon Musk in healthcare
"By the end of the decade, fully 40% of the Ford nameplates will be electrified." Ford CEO Mark Fields at
"Ford is building an autonomous vehicle that can drive in snow. We call it Ford CEO Mark Fields at
I expect car brands to start sharing brands and include some access for also owners needing alt form/traveling
What keeps you up at night? Elon Musk? "No, nothing, because when I get home I am dead tired!" Ford CEO Mark Fields at
"New younger car buyers want access/mobility more than actual car ownership." Ford CEO Mark Fields at
"Autonomous vehicles running closer to 24/7 will have so many more miles will make big service opportunity." Ford CEO Mark Fields at
Central banks 'running out of time' to reflate economies: Bill Gross
Has Chief economist takenAction to *** gross domestic damage GDD of
is using as a political ploy to shame 4 voting down the unconstitutional Brady bill. Desperate & gross 😡
The difference between German and US 10 yr in 2015-16
Electronic Device Insurance
But characterizing that bill, and the NC also, as just "anti *** is so gross. Ugh indeed.
Bill Clinton abused a women in his workplace while he was POTUS the humiliating acts he performed on her were a gross abuse of his power.
We may have a battle for second place after Bill Gross.
The precautions towards gross income conformable to uniting an sorority girl bill of fare online: WvkrLFYT
Pimco says had 'good cause' to fire bill gross: filing
Bill Gross, manager of Unconstrained Global Bond fund, hits out at 'unconstrained' managers...hmmm:
Bill Gross weighs in on the state of banks as investments and likens them to utility companies.
Bill Gross says global selloff shows the failure of central bank efforts
Bill Gross went to see 'The Big Short' & thinks the same thing is happening again htt…
Gross: central 'casinos' to run out of luck
Bill Gross urges investors to 'gradually de-risk' portfolio.
Central banks and quantitative easing: Bill Gross is not a fan
Ofcourse mistakes are highlighted fast. $NWBO for WW, what did Bill Gross do ?
Bill Gross made also mistakes. So what! But it's interesting that Woodford gets such big attention
Talking to myself all day long... Bill doesn't even pay attention to me anymore 😏
the Detroit Transportation Challenge has typo in the timeline.. Anyway, interesting this
Bill O'Brien could you be more smug? Gross.
It takes a pimp to know a pimp: Bill Gross on Central Banks' Martingale Scam.
.Two dudes want to Shack up, who cares. Do you have show them kiss? Only thing more gross would be you & Bill kissing.
~ The single biggest reason why startups succeed | TED Talk |
Gross: Central bank 'casinos' to run out of luck
it's for such gross actions I see why the social media bill is necessary demands it's passage.
you don't even have to hand-solder it and then copy the BIOS from the magazine by hand
I find BillXDipper gross because many fanart depicting Bill as a human is always him looking much older than Dipper. . Also he's a shape.
Central banks are casinos. They print money as if..manufacturing endless numbers of chips...never have to redeem.
sharkeatsman: "Nichalaus_Long DestinyTheGame yup. Bill Gross as well"
Are central banks just gamblers, caught in a major bluff?
Um ew It's so gross that when babies are born you have to CUT their uncle bill cord. NASTY!
The Supreme Court has reinterpreted the Bill of Rights repeatedly. Famous for it.
Self-driving cars will turn 50 billion hrs of boring driving time (8% of GDP) into 50 billion new hrs in moving living room.
All the bacteria growing on a child's hand are vital to human existence, but still gross... ht…
the emails from Bill asking ppl to donate $1 to build up their 'small donation' % is gross.
Engross used to textbooks as representing can! gross income the very best emption deals online!: IHhoSYLm
Bill Gross can get business of 1200 Billion US Dollar from single project Human Life immortal Software.
*CRINGE* Sounds like the first time she's hearing about the RH Bill! The scariest part: she'll probably win. Gross
"Did you reimburse Betty Curry for legal bills incurred in Bill's perjury/civil rights case? Did U gross up for taxes?"
Pimco strikes back at legendary Bill Gross, calls his suit 'sad postscript' to his career:
I feel like half of the movie Kill Bill is Uma Thurmans gross feet
still believe in bill C-24??? I don't keep up with politics but such a gross bill!! Now what if one was Canadian Cit. ??
so what do you think about what happened yesterday? Bill and Sam still gross and racist? or are you going to admit you're wrong.
yes! I figured when the ball dropped last night, it fell over the fiscal cliff
Ahh... I guess this explains why Soros withdrew his funds from Bill Gross ' management.
Scotland Bill: SNP accuse UK Government of 'gross disrespect'
Toronto StarPaul Gross vs. Martha BurnsToronto StarSecond, those participants (called Bill and Judy in the pla...
: The single biggest reason why startups succeed
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Paul Gross vs. Martha Burns: Second, those participants (called Bill and Judy in the play) are being portrayed...
Sideways: The secret diary of Bill Gross, part II
Yet ANOTHER problem. You’ve put my bill up now with no warning. Googling suggests you sent a letter out. I never got it. Gross.
Sir,I got an startup idea.Could you please hear it?
It was an honor to have met in Singapore and hear him share his stories and insights. 😌
Bill Gross: The Fed is being stubborn, not stupid
Life-advice from ex-boss Bill Gross: "find ​something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for".
What matters most in startup success or failure? knows...
How does Bill Walton have a broadcasting job?
Why do we always get stuck with Bill Walton?! Gross. Put an ice pick in my ear.
From bonuses to the Cheesecake Factory, the juiciest nuggets from Gross's suit against Pimco
Bill Cosby's scandal is a gross but necessary reminder of why you should have renter's insurance. bottom
Try Seejay a more powerful and cheaper tool for your Social Walls!
Watch and look at Bill Gross & returns over the past 5 years vs. their benchmark! http:…
3 I follow for CRE info retailwizard retail trends and mkt…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
3 I follow for CRE info retail trends and mkt review
Bill Gross Says the Fed Must ‘Get off Zero’: The Fed chose to extend the normalization process While bo...
Bill Cosby's lawyer must be a rich man. Over the past few days, Bill has receive...
Bill Gross confuses cause w/effect: weak investment and spending are what are keeping rates low, not QE
Bill Gross thinks the Fed will be ready to go in December
Pimco asks California court to throw out lawsuit by Bill Gross
Bill Gross thinks central banks should rethink whether low yields are good for the economy:
'Jesus doesn't like it when you yell at people for not having his special birthday coffee.' 😂 (Bill Gross from a Mexico City trip)
Bill Gross to sue Allianz-owned Pimco for $200mn: Bill Gross, the founder of Pacific Investment Management Co.
Management: Bill Gross Seeks Millions in Pimco Suit - Bond investor Bill Gross gave his first public account of th...
Bill Gross is suing 100 John Does for conspiring to kick him out of Pimco. So there's that.
(Reuters) - Bill Gross, the prominent bond investor, has sued his former employer Pacific Investment Management Co and its parent All...
Gross seeks 'hundreds of millions' from Pimco over ouster: Bill Gross sued Pacific Investment Management Co, c...
BREAKING: Bill Gross sues PIMCO for at least $200M, accusing managers of forcing him from firm he founded.
Bill Gross is literally laughing at the stock market
"Bill Gross: American savers are being ‘cooked alive’"
Bill Gross tells Janet Yellen to 'lift rates for long-term gain' http:/…
Bill Gross says raise interest rates now Jeff Gundlach says no. Who's smarter?
Bill Gross to Fed: Get off zero, get off quick
.writes about the price of losing Bill Gross or Jeff Gundlach
Meanwhile, in the other corner, Richard Fisher, Bill Gross, Rick Rieder, and Albert Edwards are in favor of a rate hike.
PIMCO Bleeding With out Invoice Gross, Layoffs Loom: Officers at mutual fund big Pacific Funding Administratio...
Interesting TED talk by Bill Gross on the reasons why startups succeed:
I dislike Bill because Gravity Falls is gross.
.Bill Gross says the Fed may have waited too long to raise rates
Every wants to be successful -- In this blog, tells us the secret to startup
Fed credibility is lost for not taking decision.Pimco's Bill Gross now accuses Fed for not raising rates.People don't trust Chair Yellen
Flip a coin on Bill/Kiz, but Phil over Brooks is sooo gross
That, and it was originally born out of "Bill Gross to Janus".
Bill Gross proves that timing is everything! Enjoy.
Whatever the makeup in their portfolio, I'm comfortable in saying if Bill Gross was still there, AUM wouldn't have fallen
Bill Gross - the single biggest reason why startups succeed
PIMCO may face layoffs as assets under management slide in wake of Gross exit. via
Sighh have to go pay the cell phone bill an it's gross out but anyway go follow an get their app in October
PIMCO Bleeding Without Bill Gross, Layoffs Loom: Without Gross at the helm, the Total Return Fund has produced...
Bill Gross thinks everything *** "I'm not so much concerned about the return on my money as the return of my money"
I just had to pay a bill for the first time so that was gross
Gasparino: PIMCO continues to bleed assets after Gross’ exit: FBN’s Charlie Gasparino says a year after Bill G...
How simple site architecture improvement can boost publishers' Google traffic by 40% overnight
How do I apply 4 a through your foundation? Catherine Lyon :)
"You can't leave for the bathroom without the market moving up or down" says Janus' Bill Gross. So what's next?
Damon Wayons defends Cosby. His disrespect for women is well known in Hollywood. Gross.
Some great insights about success from Looks like timing is everything
Great talk by talking about why startup succeed.
If the startup org. is so great, why do so many fail? shares the reason startups succeed
Bill Gross, merger abitrageur: 'a $140m stake in Sigma-Aldrich, a biotech supplies company being taken over by Merck'
Like I made a student loan payment, dr appointment and paid a bill. That's gross..all I want is yoohoo and a nap
Mexico second biggest country exposure after US in Bill Gross' Unconstrained Bond fund, as at end…
TV Clipster Alert - Bill Gross has been mentioned just now >
WARNINGS of Economic Disaster by Alan Greenspan and Bill Gross in 2015!
David Tepper and Bill Gross must be making a killing on their shorts.
And now we have Bill Gross openly accusing TheFed of running a shell game via open manipulation. .
out of Bill Gross. In the second half, Max interviews documentary filmmaker, Nick Broomfield, about whether when NHI
Peter Lynch has the best hair in the investment world, followed by Bill Gross.
Bill Gross is worried about bond market liquidity
Bill Gross takes over the $272 million Old Mutual Total Return USD Bond Fund as it switches to Janus from Pimco
OMGI's total return fund handed back to Gross: Old Mutual Global Investors has reinstated Bill Gross as manage...
PIMCO Outflows 'Staggering' Amid Gross Exit: Morningstar: In November 2014, just over a month after Bill Gross...
Peter Lynch, Bill Gross, Howard Marks were born from 1944-46. There will be a lot of great investors born between 1979-82.
In financial market, brain is the money, natural or artificial. A lesson Bill Gross's learning the hard way
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Bill Gross takes over as Fed Chairman today
Gross Expects Fed to Raise Rates in June: Bill Gross says the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in Jun...
NEW YORK, Jan 29 Reuters - Bill Gross, the closely watched bond investor, on Thursday said the Federal Reserve will begin to raise U
: Is this the next bubble to burst in global financial markets? Bond king Bill Gross lost his job for calling ...
Bill Gross owns majority of Janus Fund through brokerage accounts at Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab
I updated my latest comment on the Fed to include insights from Jim Keohane, Bill Gross and Larry Summers:.
Buzz Machine: Innovation day at CUNY with Shane Smith and Bill Gross
Bill Gross from idealab analysed 250 startups, successes and failures, these are his ranked success factors.
Or was it Bill Gross?. Or Bill Ackman?. Or Alan Greenspan?. Or maybe it really was Soros. Don't remember.
Yeah she resigned just like Bill Gross "resigned" "NVC resigns from :
In a new interview, Pimco's Bill Gross says the Federal Reserve was right to act to avoi...
Bill Gross puts his money where his mouth is after moving to Janus Investments.
Bill Gross may be getting the ultimate vote of confidence from ... Bill Gross:
Relevant again- Bill Polian's non-1st round picks since 02. This is gross
Janus' Investment Outlook:"Corn in everything we eat; genetic modification. How could they?"
Uk fiancee bill of health-as much as in the gross points require into obtain voluntary to protection purveyance!: AkLl
For doing a trick with his butt, something gross / with a stick of lipstick and two pieces of toast
How Bill Gross lost his empire: via
A bit british today are we? Bill Gross on some barmy London escapade?
“when you high school musical AF reminded me of u
.Bill Gross mentioned today on US infrastructure focus FY'15
Bill Gross had one - when he lost it everything went downhill
Bill Gross is wrong, knows nothing about economics
Can Bill Gross bring back Janus's glory days?
I wish I never had to see an image of Bill Cosby ever again. He is totally gross and I feel so sorry for any woman that ever dealt with him
Will Bill Gross bring back Janus's glory days?
Zach just told our waitress the pasta was gross and she took it off the bill... That was easy😂
Bill gotta dance his way into oncoming traffic at this point. He's gross.
on Rex Ryan After Bill Gross I bet he knows the difference between a motivating and a demotivating boss. $$
With Bill Gross’ demise at PIMCO, Jeffrey Gundlach effectively became the new bond king in 2014:
... *** did I just read. *** is wrong with Bill Cosby? I really didn't think the man could gross me out any more than he already has.
Tell that to Bill Gross at PIMCO and Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader, for their Debt Ceiling actions.
Janet Yellen as Little Miss Muffet? Mario Draghi and Angela Merkel acting as Punch and Judy? No one is off limits for Bill Gross
Bill Gross calls an investment 'great' less than a week after Jeff Gundlach says it's for 'losers'
Bill Gross says 'TIPS look great' less than a week after Jeff Gundlach says 'TIPS are for losers'
CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Bill Gross about the...
One more thing to thing about as the year draws to a close. The Self-Reliance Institute Protecting your family and your money with Rob Douglas and Chris Peterson of self reliance institute logo.jpg A Gross Economic Warning If you only focus on the stock market and the mainstream media reports about the successes of those getting rich on Wall Street - because they have privileged access to what is undoubtedly a rigged game at this point - you’d think all is right in America. But is that the reality that most of us are experiencing? The other morning, I got a haircut at my regular barber shop from a barber I didn’t recognize. As we chatted, the barber mentioned she was new to town. So I asked what had brought her to our community. In short, after several decades of owning her own hairstyling shop in another state, her business had failed. What had once been a thriving enterprise, had slowly succumbed to a long stagnant local economy and she could no longer afford to keep the doors open. To ...
So it's the eating trial next.hope you've all eaten. It's gross. Good gross though. A.
Bill Gross fished bigger fish from ocean than any other fisherman in history. No one else could catch them.
Ground in order to gross la networking sight bill exclusive of cisco?: nAB
Bill Gross' final days: What really triggered Pimco exit
Financial advisors, Join Steve Forbes, billionaire bond manager Bill Gross & more for a free iConference on Dec. 10:
Can you cure a debt crisis with more debt? Bill Gross doesnt think so -
I suspect Bill Gross is seated right at the 'X' in this curiously cropped ad in the
businessinsider: Bill Gross' last months at PIMCO were spent on a witch hunt
Must read ..Bill Gross Put A Magnifying Glass on the Current Global Condition & says Why? How Could they do?
> Bill Gross leaves bond giant Pimco to join Janus Capital on
After pulling billions, former Pimco investors may not be better off: When Bill Gross bolted Pimco in late Sep...
my food bill is never particularly high, it's just annoying because I have zero space in the freezer thanks to gross flatmate.
.has to wear shades as things remain very bright. I can only hope it's not like Bill Gross' shades :)
Having kids in detention call Ricky Muir to beg for their freedom, via Morrison's despicable bill, is an act of gross manipulation & evil.
New article: INSIGHT-Bill Gross told rival Gundlach: 'I am Kobe, you are LeBron' read more at here
hi, read abt ur idealabs/mrkt idea, hve been tryin to replicate somethin like it in India, could we join forces/connect!
How Bill Gross lost an empire as Pimco cracked via
I used to think Kill Bill was the 'bloody' filthy and gross film..the series Breaking Bad is disgusting..!
(Adds details on Janus Global Unconstrained portfolio and background on Bill Gross)
Bill Gross reportedly earns $290m bonus even as investors withdrew billions from Pimco funds
If there's a silver lining to the Contador crash, it's nothing compared to Bill Gross Ello.
Why you should be outraged at First Lady Michelle Obama
Housing market abandoned by first time homebuyers featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chief Investment Strategist talks about the arrival of Bill Gross on
Most small investors (including you if you’re managing to squirrel away any money in the stock and bond markets) don’t know how much of their money ends up in the pockets of fund managers, portfolio managers, hedge-fund managers, and bond-fund managers. Although the financial sector’s share of GDP is only 6.8 percent, financial profits last year were a whopping 24 percent of total U.S. profits. Consider Pimco, the largest bond firm. Last year its former head, Bill Gross, got a year-end bonus of $290 million; its former CEO, a $230 million bonus. Look elsewhere and you find similarly astounding figures. Steven A. Cohen, whose hedge fund was found to have engaged in insider trading, raked in $2.3 billion last year alone. We’re all subsidizing Wall Street in one way or another, and the Street is using our money to bribe politicians of both parties -- so,for example, Dodd-Frank gets watered down to nothing, no bankers are jailed, and the Street can continue to treat the economy as a giant casino. Bewa ...
Tiger's coach plays golf. Roger's coach plays tennis. Most CEO coaches have not been CEOs.
Managing other people's money is just insanely profitable, if you collect enough $$. Great scoop icymi:
Talking about Bill Gross' stunning track record then discussing his sudden rash of bad bets is prime example of being fooled by randomness.
This is amazing, spectacular reporting from People have been hunting for these numbers for *years*.
Only story is: How flush he is Documents reveal $290M bonus for Bill Gross.. & this discussion follows
How is being disrupted by the all 2 billion of them!
Listening to talking about LA tech. Amazing how many great people learned their tech craft at Lotus. HT
."most of us in can be traced back to True for me. HealthAllies, 1998. ht…
Barry Ritholtz's bombshell report on the obscene compensation at PIMCO: inside look at the new aristocracy
.but this only regards to the price. Most woman can't wait 2 days ;-) :-D
.identifies an interesting component of Bill Gross' incredible pay package.
Living in the new reality. Retail business disruption via
There has been an amazing gravy train at PIMCO, but it's probably about to end.
Amazon would never completely kill its brick-and-mortar 'show rooms'
retailers can use today's technology (WiFi + network application analytics + CRM) to combat 'show-rooming'.
The Tell: Bill Gross bonus a mystery as Pimco denies report it was $290 million ~
I'd be happy with just the interest you could collect off this bonus Bill Gross is rumored to have gotten from PIMCO in 2013...
Bill Gross made more last year than Tiger, Messi, Lebron, Federer, and Kobe combined... Kids should grow up dreaming of selling bonds
How retail is being disrupted by the Smartphone, all 2 billion of them!
"Tiger Woods has a swing coach, Roger Federer has a tennis coach; I think the best CEO's have a CEO coach." David Lee, SV Angel at
"The Smartphone is the biggest disruption to retail since the automobile, and it's just getting started." -LA Tech Retreat
It's unclear if Bill Gross actually received a $290 million bonus. But he definitely didn't earn one:
Bill Gross must max out his 401k in like 20 seconds.
Pimco is disputing a report that Bill Gross, who left the company earlier this year, received a $290 million bonus in 2013.
Analysis: Pimco staff frantic and sad in wake of Bill Gross sudden exit - Baltimore Sun
Also need more "Bill Gross lost it" comments, when he clearly tells you that at 500-600% debt/GDP the system is struggling to…
While Bill Gross has been cross-dressing as a philosophical wanderer worried about deflation, ISM has printed consistent with 4-5% RGDP.
Good or terrible plan? Went from $200M a year to a package much smaller .
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Strange things are happening in the bond market. Few of them are stranger than the reports Jeremie Banet, a French fund management colleague of former Pimco executive Bill Gross, quit the bond business altogether to sell croques-monsieur from a food truck. Bill Gross, whose management style has been described as “bullying”, had reportedly told in front of Pimco’s entire investment committee that, “I never understand what you’re saying. Ever.” With those credentials, Monsieur Banet is supremely qualified to become the next chairmen of the Federal Reserve. And if so, he has his work cut out for him. Consider the sort of volatility that the 10-year US Treasury experienced on 15th October. Intra-day yield, 10 year Having begun the day sporting a 2.2% yield, the 10-year note experienced an extraordinary surge in price that took its yield down briefly towards 1.85%. Later in the same session the buying abated, and the bond closed with a yield of roughly 2.14%. During the same trading session, equity ...
New blog from Deflation a growing possibility: Bill Gross
The 21st century economy is built on the sand of finance instead of the firmer foundation of investment and innovation; Bill Gross
Is there life at PIMCO after Bill Gross? Our Fall newsletter contains market insights, year-end tax tips, and...
Famed bond investor Bill Gross on Monday warned that deflation remained a growing possibility despite aggressive monetary policies by central banks around the world.
Gross said much of the US 21st-century economy had been based on financial engineering rather than investment and innovation.
Partner req: Can tech transform all social data into $7.2Bn in philanthropy? Yes. See:
Bill Gross former of the worlds largest now says you are in bad shape if you have bonds.
Bill Gross’ November Investment Outlook, “The Trouble with Porosity and Prosperity,” is now available.
Here’s the weirdest economic commentary you’ll read today
Marc Faber - All Banks Engaged in a Ponzi Scheme: Marc Faber, comments on Bill Gross' remarks about deflation ...
“Bill Gross’s advice to central banks. Bank Robber advises Bank so he can rob them again,
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