Bill Gates & Paul Allen

William Henry Bill Gates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington) is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Paul Gardner Allen (born January 21, 1953) is an American business magnate and investor. Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates. 5.0/5

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What about Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Mark Zukerberg, George Soros, all NFL team owners and m…
On this day in 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
The personal assets of Bill Gates, Paul Allen &Warren Buffet exceed the COMBINED GDP of the worlds 41 poorest countries.. let that sink in.
Bill Gates scored 1590 out of a total of 1600 on the SAT, while Paul Allen, his partner in 'Microsoft', scored a perfect…
I would like to thank Paul Allen and Bill Gates and Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf for Windows and Internet.
I'm going to start referring to Bill Gates as The First Lady and Melinda as President. Paul Allen will be called Vice President.
I don't wish to be Bill Gates rich, maybe just Paul Allen rich.
Also shoutout to Bill Gates and Paul Allen for creating Microsoft.
. So has Soros ..Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, paul Allen, so has every other Billionaire
Michael Bloomberg,Nick Hanauer,Paul Allen,& Bill Gates should be allocating more of their billions to heart disease research,cancer research
Need another reason to live in Leading innovators Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Howard Schultz call this great state home!
On 04th April 1975, Microsoft was founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen. T'was the death of open software as it stood.
Walker is in good company. Other dropouts...Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Paul Allen, and so on.
Fell asleep napping to this bad boy Book-of-the-Day. The inside story on how Paul Allen & Bill Gates built Microsoft.
Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Bob Greenberg (who also introduced the world to Cabbage Patch Kids, of all things). What do I win?
- what u didnt know about Bill Gates & Paul Allen ! more @
What if history was different. What if Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Linux Torvalds and Richa…
In 1975 Paul Allen & Bill Gates brought the world 40 Years on we celebrate innovation in the UK through
In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partenership that lead to the making of microsoft. Both
Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Wozniak, Zuckerberg, etc.using High Tech to impose its what? Communications Monopoly
Your work is wonderful about Microsoft. It a gift from god what Paul Allen and Bill Gates did :) You guys are amazing ...
The first ever mention of "Microsoft" was in a letter from Bill Gates to co-founder Paul Allen in 1975.
Dear you should tell Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. that they should have stayed in school too.
No 1 Leading IT Company of the planet Microsoft Corporation is the most valuable IT company in the world and it offers wide range of software products, hardware devices and services. The company also offers training to computer system integrators and developers. It was founded in 1975, when Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed an interpreter for Programming Language at Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems. Now it is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and it has 99,000 employees. After the change in organisational structure in July 2013, the company has five operating segments: Devices and Consumer hardware, Devices and Consumer licensing, Devices and Consumer other, commercial licensing and commercial other. Devices and Consumer hardware segment provides Xbox gaming and entertainment consoles and accessories, its subscription and PC accessories and video game royalties. Devices and Consumer licensing segment offers Windows OS and related software, their licensing, Windows original equipment manufa ...
So are George Soros and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Eli Broad and Paul Allen and Barry Diller.
This Day in January 2, 1975 . Gates and Allen BASIC for MITS. Bill Gates and Paul Allen write a...
you forgot to add Paul Allen and Bill Gates as financial contributors to I594.
In 1975. * Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft. * Viet Nam War ends. * Motorola obtains patent for first...
Wow, Paul Allen did help build Microsoft with Bill Gates, bravo to him on that, he's a billionaire
According to the World Health Organization, 4,881 people have died from the current Ebola outbreak. Without question a serious situation and a tragedy. As a response, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Mark Zuckerberg have donated a combined $170 MILLION to fight Ebola. According to the National Safety Council, an American has a 1 in 4,404 chance of dying due to asphyxiation from choking on food. That number extrapolated to the world's current population of 7,125,000,000 people who have an average life expectancy of 71.0 years (68.5 for males; 73.5 for females) means that approximately 22,787 people world-wide will die this year due to CHOKING ON THEIR FOOD!!! That's 4.67 times the number of people who have died from Ebola. Just wanted to help everyone keep this in perspective. I don't want it. Don't bring it to me. Not asking for it. Just be careful this evening chewing your hot dog at the local high school football game.
Software SOFTWARE Software is a program or a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. Computers would be useless without any type of software. Computer need System Software so hardware and other Application Softwarethat the computer user uses need would run. The two types of software are; 1. System Software 2. Application Software System Software This type of software includes the OS short for Operating System and other utility software. OS is the most important program that makes the hardware functions. All computers must have an Operating System so other programs like application software would run. MICROSOFT Microsoft is one of the largest and most influential computer company founded in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Microsoft has a big contribution in almost every area of computer software, from Operating Systems, programming tools to end-user applications. Some of the popular Operating System made by Microsoft are the following: 1. MS DOS: DOS stands for Disk Operating System whic ...
Ok, so the argument about why even a crash program -- Bill Gates walks in the door tomorrow, ready to spead 30 or 40 gigabucks on a LFTR power reactor; 50MWe, sized to go in power company distribution yards -- is impractical is that "you'd never get it past NRC". Would you? How much time, money, and staff would it take to hand-walk that process through? Let's assume that Allen has some company... oh, say, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison (who wants them for datacenters), and Larry Page and Sergey Brin (who want them because Cool!) If that much firepower descended on the idea, all at once, would it in fact be "impossible" to get NRC to cooperate? Do people really think that?
While still in college, Bill Gates and Paul Allen once built a special purpose machine called Traff-O-Data. .
Paul Allen owns the Seahawks, Steve Ballmer owns the Clippers, so Bill Gates is the odd $MSFT man out of sports.
The government had Internet before Bill Gates and Paul Allen if you didn't know
Education John Sculley was a top executive at Pepsi and had everything going for him. At a time when Steve Jobs and his partner (Steve Wozniak) were just putting Apple together Jobs wanted Sculley to join the company and be its CEO. A hesitant Sculley was persuaded by a question that is now a famous quote: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world ”? It’s often not where you started but where you finish that counts. Jobs had dropped out of college because he felt his calling lay elsewhere. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard the day he spotted an edition of the “Popular Electronics” magazine with a home-computer on its cover in 1975. He and his partner (Paul Allen) met the computer manufacturer and offered to write software for it. In one of his books Gates mentions that he felt he had nothing more to learn from Harvard. Both Jobs and Gates dropped out of college not because they were bad students or bad learners. They dropped out ...
I just want the PSRB to take a good look at this video again, let me know who am I dealing with-Microsoft Painting-In the year of March 2008. Six weeks before I crashed my car into Paul Allen radio business in Portland Oregon. I E-mailed to news media as well as local newspaper companies and News TV channels, Paul Allen business and Microsoft. I demanded Paul Allen donated the 8.5 billion dollars that he owed me from my lawsuit to some countries that needs water supply and foster child foundation. Otherwise Paul Allen better change the Microsoft sign to ABCDE, because I will spray paint on it to SPY.COM ( I got to Redmond Washington Microsoft campus three days later. They really changed the sign to ABCDE for me to spray on it. At this point that I could prove Paul Allen and his friend Bill Gates known who I am...
Abe Lincoln, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Ambani, Tendulkar, I can go on. Dese were d people who didnt hv any any formal education.
that and being Bill Gates' buddy. I'm sure he and Paul Allen have "talked."
Story today is that Steve Ballmer is in talks to buy Clippers. When they play Paul Allen's team who do you think Bill Gates will root for?
Microsoft founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates surrounded by personal computers in 1981
Bill Gates, ever the philanthropist, has given away his way to no longer being Microsoft's largest shareholder. It's a title Gates had held since founding Microsoft, starting off with a 64% share of the company he co-founded with Paul Allen. But Gate's philanthropic efforts, mostly on behalf of...
William Henry Bill Gates was born in October 28,1955.He lives in Median,Washington US. Bill Gates is an American business man,philanthropist, author Anh chairman of Microsoft,well known soft ware company,he founded with Paul Allen bright. Carring out his dream,he gave up school at Havard university. And he became a famous entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution. Bill Gates is one of the most successful men in the 20 nd century. He is always present list of the richest people in the world.He owns a fortune of 76,8 billion dollars.
ANSWER TO TODAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION- : A Fortune magazine survey of the top 20 Most Admired Companies in the US has 4 Washington based companies in it,, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Costco. Among its resident billionaires, Washington boasts Bill Gates, chairman and former CEO of Microsoft, who, with a net worth of $67 billion, was ranked the wealthiest man in the world as of September 2013, according to Forbes Magazine. Other Washington State billionaires include Paul Allen (Microsoft), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Craig McCaw (McCaw Cellular Communications), James Jannard (Oakley), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), and Charles Simonyi (Microsoft).
So, Puffy (Sean John Combs) is presented with an honorary Doctorate (in Humanities!!!) and asked to deliver a speech to Howards graduating class. Why are people so upset and against this? Because he dropped out after a semester of higher learning!!! He's extremely successful within his career of choice! Matter of fact, "Forbes just listed him as Hip-Hop's Wealthiest!!!" I'm just saying, "Didn't Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Turner, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks (discovered here in Cleveland!), Lawrence Ellison, Paul Allen, Ralph Lauren, and possibly me (just kidding...). But didn't they all drop out or get kicked out! And Most if not all have giving uplifting speeches in their lives, some have even gave double commencement speeches! Come on people! "We need to get behind our "BROTHAS & SISTAHS" and stop helping these "%&^who don't want us here to begin with, tear us down!!! I'm just saying!
There is Beard person in side of the every Success (eg: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak ; Bill Gates and Paul Allen)
Microsoft founded today 1975 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen in New Mexico: some cactus juice!
I recently came across a study that examined the lives of 755 famous people who either dropped out of grade school or high school. The list included 25 billionaires, 8 U.S. Presidents, 10 Nobel Prize winners, 8 Olympic medal winners, 63 Oscar winners, 55 best-selling authors, and 31 who had been Knighted. With names like Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Will Rogers, and Joseph Pulitzer, being an academic failure still left you in the company of some incredible luminaries. Going one step further, adding the names of well-known College Dropouts to the list, names like Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bill Gates, Buckminster Fuller, Larry Ellison, Howard Hughes, Michael Dell, Ted Turner, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg, and virtually every famous actor, actress, and director in Hollywood, and the dropout list becomes a venerable Who’s Who of American culture. People who are destined to be successful have something to prove. In their mind, college is just another barrier ...
In a 2007 interview w/ Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Gates repeatedly used terms "our bet..." and "We bet..." as he explained the history of Microsoft. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were making 'bets' on a better future; that the microcomputer would become huge and that software would become a key part of the upcoming microcomputer revolution. That’s why they named their new company Microsoft. Those bets paid off large. In the interview Gates explained hpow he approached the world with a "making bets' mndset. He wasn’t afraid to take risks. He was willing to approach the unknown. Make a bet folks ...change your mindset.
I was reading a Microprocessor book today and I came across few lines in that book . They were not shocking lines but where the eye catcher for me . It was "The first personal computer, The MITS Altair 8800, was released in 1974. (Note that the number 8800 was probably chosen to avoid copyright violations with Intel.) The BASIC language interpreter, written for the Altair 8800 computer, was developed in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the founders of Microsoft Corporation. The assembler program for the Altair 8800 was written by Digital Research Corporation, which once produced DR-DOS for the personal computer."
KEY FACTOR TO LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST Living Life to the Fullest Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein If you want to live your life to the fullest, there is one thing you need to do: make bets. No, I’m not talking about gambling. Instead, I’m talking about taking calculated risks that could propel you forward in life. You can’t expect to have forward leaps in your life if you just do what you’ve always been doing. If you want to get different results, you must do things differently. You must move out of your comfort zone and take risks. It’s a “bet” because you could fail, but it’s a bet worth taking because that’s how you progress. Many great people in history have made such a bet. In fact, I learned about this “making bets” concept from watching a 2007 interview with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In the interview, Gates repeatedly used the term “our bet,” “we bet,” and the like to explain the history of Microsof ...
Imagine if Bill Gates followed the Status Quo and stayed in college instead of following Paul Allen to start Microsoft... He would probably be a broke Employee for IBM and we wouldn't enjoy any luxuries we enjoy from the innovation of Software.
Pablo Escobar is the world first criminal billionaire. As a an international drug trafficker his business model, management skills and personal techniques are truly something to marvel although his choice of business was illegal and and many lives were lost as a direct result of his actions. Many people admire him because he is the "FIRST" man to ever be "DOCUMENTED" as a "BILLIONAIRE." But his life was cut short as he was hunted down by legal authorities and killed before being taken to prison to do time. Horrible ending. However there are many men in the world today that have generated billions of dollars legally and have made great contributions to the world provided wealth for others and currently nice healthy lives free and happy. Great success stories such people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim Helu, David Koch, Benard Arnault, Michael Bloomberg, The Waltons, Aliko Dangote, Michael Dell, Paul Allen the list goes on and on. But for some reason more music, movies and TV shows have been ma ...
History behind name of intel , yahoo , microsoft , google , apple and adobe True but really interesting things. Intel Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore are the founders of Intel. Initially they wanted to name it as “Moore Noyce” Later they found that there was another company with that name which ran a group of hotels. Therefore, they decided to look for another name. Then they were toying with the name ‘More Noise’. They thought, for a semiconductor company this name could be a wrong name. Then for the first year they used ‘NM Electronics’ as their company name. Finally, Intel got its name as a short form of Integreated Electorinics. Microsoft Bill Gates named Microsoft from two words. Microcomputer and Software. In year 1975, Bill Gates wrote a letter to his colleague Paul Allen, he wrote as Micro-Soft. But in 1976 they registered the name Microsoft as a single name. Yahoo The first name of Yahoo was “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. In 1994 it changed its name to Yahoo. The na ...
Bill Gates assumed the role of Founder & Technology Adviser to CEO Microsoft Founder Bill Gates assumed the role of Founder & Technology Advisor to the CEO of Microsoft on 5 February 2014. With this he stepped down from the post of Chairman of Microsoft. In his new role, Bill Gates will help Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, in shaping technology and product direction. He will devote more time in making Microsoft Office more interactive and building a cloud platform as examples of ways Microsoft can innovate in the future. For years, Gates has focused on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and now that he is taking a more hands-on role at Microsoft. Journey of Bill Gates: • In 1975, together with his childhood friend Paul Allen, Gates developed a version of the Programming Language BASIC for the first microcomputer – the MITS Altair 8800. • Gates oversaw Microsoft’s company restructuring in June 1981, which re-incorporated the company in Washington State and made Gates president of Microso ...
Eric Schmidt, Paul Allen, Ron Burkle are the antithesis of Bill Gates. They slay other dudes wives and girlfriends while he slays polio.
Yay Seahawks! As you know, I'm a native from Seattle. I'm also a Seahawks fan. I also know that Paul Allen owns the Seahawks. Paul Allen along with Bill Gates developed Microsoft. He made two good investments: 1) Microsoft, and 2) The Seattle Seahawks.
When Microsoft eventually took off, Bill Gates became a billionaire, his partner Paul Allen became a billionaire, programmers such as Charles Simonyi , Steven Ballmer, Marc Arnold and others including admin staff that were the from the beginning become financially sorted, that is a mark of good leader, improving the wellbeing of those who played a role in making the leader a better person. But a bad and selfish leader is when he / she spot an opportunity and capitalize alone and leave others stranded... a leader without a social conscience, driven only by personal gain. Ramphele#
As institutions influence behavior and incentives in real life, they forge the success or failure of nations. Individual talent matters at every level of society, but even that needs an institutional framework to transform it into a positive force. Bill Gates, like other legendary figures in the Information Technology industry (such as Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos), had immense talent and ambition. But he ultimately responded to incentives. The schooling system in the United States enabled Gates and others like him to acquire a unique set of skills to complement their talents. The economic institutions in the United States enabled these men to start companies with ease, without facing insurmountable barriers. Those institutions also made the financing of their projects feasible. The U.S. labor markets enabled them to hire qualified personnel, and the relatively competitive market environment enabled them to expand their companies and market their products. ...
Satya Nadella appointed as CEO of Microsoft i. Satya Nadella was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Internet Giant Microsoft in Washington on 4 January 2014. Satya Nadella succeeds Steve Ballmer and he takes over as the third CEO of the Microsoft firm. ii. Bill Gates is the founder and first CEO of Microsoft. Nadella is the first Indian to head the Microsoft in its 38-year history. About Satya Nadella i. Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India and joined Microsoft in 1992. Satya is a proven leader with hard-core engineering skills, business vision and the ability to bring people together. ii. Nadella holds a bachelor of degree in electrical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. Nadella completed masters in computer science from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Chicago. iii. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 and he served as the Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Group in 2012. iv. His father BN Yugandhar is a former planning commission member and ...
Microsoft to focus on mobile, cloud under Satya Nadella Los Angeles: As longtime Microsoft insider Satya Nadella takes the company's helm, he is declaring a new focus on a "mobile-first, cloud-first world." So far, he only has the latter half of the formula figured out. Microsoft and its new CEO are trying to catch rivals such as Apple, Google and Amazon, which are each building their own thriving ecosystems for mobile devices. At the same time, the company wants to expand its burgeoning business as a provider of software and services over the internet. Nadella, head of Microsoft's cloud computing business, was named Tuesday to be Steve Ballmer's immediate replacement. He is only the third chief executive in Microsoft's 38-year history. The 22-year Microsoft veteran has enlisted the help of company founder and first CEO Bill Gates, who is leaving his role as chairman to serve a more hands-on role as an adviser at Nadella's request. Gates will spend a third of his time working on products and technology. N ...
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Bill Gates 25 Famous & Inspiring Quotes of Bill Gates You Must Note Bill Gates whose full names are William Henry Bill Gates III was born October 28,1955 in Seattle, Washington USA. Bill founded the world biggest software company (Microsoft) with Paul Allen. He has been ranked, several times, as one of the top wealthiest people in the world. He was the wealthiest overall from 1995 to 2009 except when he was ranked 3rd in 2008. He is a renowned philanthropist who donates often to several charity organizations.This Harvard dropout is net-worth US$54Billion. Below are some of the famous Bill Gates quotes. Famous Bill Gates quotes 1) If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions they will be moved to act. 2) This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50. 3) Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. 4) Life is not fair; get used to it. 5) Informatio ...
Microsoft's journey: Four decades, three CEOs SAN FRANCISCO: Satya Nadella's elevation to CEO and co-founder Bill Gates' decision to relinquish his chairmanship at Microsoft Corp marks a changing of the guard at a 39-year-old company that fueled the PC revolution but is now struggling to establish its long-term identity. Here are some highlights in the four-decade journey of the world's largest software maker: 1975: A 19-year-old Gates drops out of Harvard University and goes on to found Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen. They make their first product -- a BASIC programming code interpreter for the Altair 8800 microcomputer. 1979: With sales topping $1 million at the end of 1978, the company moves to Bellevue, Washington, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1980: In June, Gates recruits former Harvard classmate Steve Ballmer to become the company's first business manager. 1981: In August, Microsoft releases its new operating software Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). It begins running on IBM pe ...
Agreed. Not starting the QB they just paid big money? Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Microsoft could've smited him.
Note to Jerry Jones...see Paul Allen (Seahawks owner) doesn't have the time to be the GM of the Seattle Seahawks...he owns the Portland Trail Blazers and he has Microsoft with Bill Gates. So he hires good competent football and gets out of the way...he lets them do their jobs!!!...Your EGO won't allow u to do that...which is why we've become the Raiders...guess who you've become???...until u relinquish control of the team...or move on to that big owners box in the sky...we'll be mired in mediocrity!
Apparently they interviewed dad today on sports radio in Seattle. First stadium announcer, new team, absolutely no prospects - "The Stink Hawks" as they called them. He talked about being in the Kingdome press box with absolutely no fans - everyone came to the Sounders games! (Soccer if you don't know). Those were the days when names like Bill Gates, Howard Schultz & Paul Allen were all but unknown. We have come a long way Seattle!!!
Paul Allen is having a better year than Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer.
Bill GateS Bill Gates may be a knowledgeable and hard-working man, but he was also lucky and opportunistic. He was a taker. In 1975, at the age of 20, he founded Microsoft with high school buddy Paul Allen. This was the era of the first desktop computers, and numerous small companies were trying to program them, most notably Digital Research, headed by brilliant software designer Gary Kildall. His CP/M Operating System (OS) was the industry standard. Even Gates' company used it. But Kildall was an innovator, not a businessman, and when IBM came calling for an OS for the new IBM PC, his delays drove the big mainframe company to Gates. Even though the newly established Microsoft company couldn't fill IBM's needs, Gates and Allen saw an opportunity, and so they hurriedly bought the rights to another local company's OS -- which was based on Kildall's CP/M system. Kildall wanted to sue, but intellectual property law for software had not yet been established. Kildall was a maker who got taken. David Lefer, a c ...
Microsoft was founded on 4 April 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
Paul Allen learned evil from Bill Gates, who is the biggest supervillain of them all.
1975 - Bill Gates and Paul Allen adapt BASIC to the MITS Altair microcomputer
15 Wildly Successful People Who Overcame Huge Obstacles    You've heard it before: "If at first you don't succeed, try again." Sometimes you may feel like that's just a saying, but it is absolutely not. These incredible stories below show how even horrible tragedies and setbacks can help fuel a drive for success.   From Oprah Winfrey's scarred childhood to Bill Gates' failed business ventures, these people have been through the grinder, and came out even better than before. Their stories stress one of the most important lessons of all: Never ever give up. Scroll through the list for some serious inspiration. -   Bill Gates' first business failed.   Yes, the richest person in the whole world couldn't make any money at first. Gates' first company, Traf-O-Data (a device which could read traffic tapes and process the data), failed miserably. When Gates and his partner, Paul Allen, tried to sell it, the product wouldn't even work. Gates and Allen didn't let that stop them from trying again though. -   Al ...
Took a trip to Mercer island to see where Bill Gates and Paul Allen live...
Back in 1981, Bill Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen pulled of an audacious feat: they licensed MS-DOS to IBM, but in a deal that saw them retain entire control of the software. To mark the occasion, the pair were photographed amid a sea of contemporary computers—and now they've recreated th...
I just thought you had to know these *Founder of Apple Computers – Steve Jobs *Founder of Artificial Intelligence – John McCarthy *Founder of Bluetooth – Ericsson *Father of Computer – Charles Babbage *Father of ‘C’ Language – Dennis Ritchie *Founder of Email – Shiva Ayyadurai *Founder of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin *Founder of Internet – Vint Cerf *Father of ‘Java’- James Gosling *Father of JQuery – John Resig *Founder of Keyboard – Christoper Latham Sholes *Founder of Linux – Linus Torvalds *Founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates and Paul Allen *Founder of Mobile Phones – Martin Cooper *Founder of Mouse – Douglas Engelbart *Founders of Oracle – Ed Oates, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner *Founder of Php – Rasmus Lerdorf *Founder of USB – Ajay V.Bhatt *Founder of WWW – Tim Berners-Lee *Founder of Yahoo – Jurry Yang and David Filo *Founder of this group – Joe Lubowa and Huffein R
The "true radicals" are actually, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg, Meg Whitman, Bill Gates and Marc Andreessen to name just a few who are using Computers and Coding to out "NSA Radicals" in religion. This is the John Lennon view of the world without borders and a centralized government of Rich Elites who will impose martial law through their money and science aimed at the destruction of religion--this is the true wolves in sheep's clothing who will come as "peace" and then impose martial law through a centralized court system aimed at creating the 2/3rds person who is not rich or Elite. This is the New World Order organizers in hiding.
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The Notorious richest 400 Americans.. randomly wiki'ing alot of these names you get the business owners.. you get alot of daddy was an oil tycoon.. so I'm an oil tycoon. Bankers who were sons of bankers and so on. Alot of these ppl are in oil.. but many more are bankers and majority shareholders of America's most goliath corporations. But many of the entrepreneurs on here.. the business owners.. the inventors.. you'll find many did not go to college.. much like the daddy's of tycoons.. many of them didn't go to college either.. this didn't surprise me much. Heres the list.. some are great people.. some are genuises.. and some just need to get shot in the face. 1 Bill Gates 2 Warren Buffett 3 Larry Ellison 4 Christy Walton 5 Charles Koch 6 David Koch 7 Jim Walton 8 Alice Walton 9 S. Robson Walton 10 Michael Bloomberg 11 Larry Page 12 Sergey Brin 13 Sheldon Adelson 14 George Soros 15 Michael Dell 16 Steve Ballmer 17 Paul Allen 18 Jeff Bezos 19 Anne Cox Chambers 20 John Paulson 21 Donald Bren 22 Abigail Jo . ...
How about Bill Gates and Paul Allen and Mark Zuckerberg--they too big to fail by Citizen's United v. FEC? How about Harvard University?
Interesting Facts About Windows from the History More than 70.39% of Internet users are currently running Windows, and there are 1,693,244,385 users. (As per 2012) Bill Gates started Microsoft with Paul Allen in Gates’ 500-square-footgarage in 1975 with a huge vision—a computer on every desktop and in every home. Microsoft currently employs 88,180 people who work across 32,404,796 square feet of Microsoft’s premises. Microsoft shipped out the first copy of Windows 1.0 on November 20, 1985. Its TV commercial featured current CEO Steve Ballmer as an enthusiastic salesman. Windows 1.0 only required a minimum of 256 kilobytes (KB), two double-sided floppy disk drives, and a graphics adapter card. Control Panel made its first appearance in Windows 2.0. Windows XP was compiled from 45 million lines of code
What Happened the Year You Were Born... This is what happen the year I came into this world. 1975 In the UK inflation continues to spiral out of control reaching 24.2% the price of Petrol increased by nearly 70% in one year, but the US sees a start back down with US inflation going down to 9.2%, both governments use interest rates as a way of trying to control inflation with the US Federal Reserve at 7.25% and The Bank of England at 11.25%. Meanwhile one of the true success stories of modern times when Bill Gates and Paul Allen create the company Microsoft. The First of the new hobby computers are starting to appear including Altair 8800 and the battle for Video recorder standards of VHS and Betamax starts. This is also the year the Vietnam war finally ends. .. Cost of Living 1975 How Much things cost in 1975 Yearly Inflation Rate USA9.2% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 858 Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 7.25% Average Cost of new house $39,300.00 Average Income per year $14,100.00 Ave ...
Surprisingly gripping read on how Bill Gates and Paul Allen got started. From f'coming bk
GK Questions 1.Amartya Sen was awarded Nobelprize for his contribution to Welfare Economics. 2. Blue revolution is related to Fish production 3. White revolution is for Milk Production 4. Green Revolution for agriculture production 5. Black revolution for petroleum production 6. India's first Lok Sabha speaker was G.V. Mavlankar 7. Vice President of India is also the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha 8. Art 19 of constitution has fundamental rights 9. Art 243 is the longest article of our constitution and relates tolocal govt – Panchayati Raj & urban local govt bodies. 10.Abul Fazl wrote Ain-i-Akbari 11.IMF has its head always from Europe & World Bank always from USA. 12.First viceroy of India – Lord Canning 13.Last Mughal emperor – Bahadur Shah Zafar 14.IST [ Indian Standard Time ] is 5.30 hrs ahead of GMT [ Greenwich MeanTime ] 15.The name of first cloned sheep was Dolly. 16.Founder of Microsoft = Bill Gates & Paul Allen 17.Email was invented by = SabeerBhatia - (Hotmail) 18.Uttar Pradesh touches ...
I remember reading the metro one morning during autumn of 2011, the page headline read “man wins £800 after buying iPhone 4S”. I learnt he was the first to buy the iPhone 4S from a shop on Oxford Street after queuing for two days, and an app developer for the iOS gave him the money and a shirt with his company name. In September 2012, on my way to work, early in the morning, I saw a massive queue outside a shopping complex that was locked and this happened in a city on the outskirts of London. Again they were waiting for the iPhone 5. I heard a school of thought say - that era will never return since the passing of Steve Jobs. But I think there is a misconception here. Bill Gates imagined a world with a PC on every desk, but Paul Allen built the company. Steve Jobs is the rebel’s evangelist, but Steve Wozniak is the engineer who made Apple work. I won’t behave like a soothsayer and tell you all new Apple handsets will be best sells compared to its predecessors. There has been a revolution with ** ...
Bill Gates tried to whittle down Paul Allen's percentage in the company. Gates is a *** LMAO
A perfect SAT score is 1600 combined. Bill Gates scored 1590 on his SAT. Paul Allen, Bill's partner in (more)
Microsoft’s odd couple. Paul Allen talking about his relationship with Bill Gates.
Bill Gates and Paul Allen reprise classic Microsoft photo, three decades later - GeekWire
Discuss in my forum Bill Gates - Biography and History Bill Gates was the founder andfirst chairmen of Microsoft.By Mary Bellis, Guide See More About: history of computers Bill Gates software windows microsoft Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates listens during a press conference to launch a plan aimed at saving 10 million mothers and newborns in the poorest countries Cetty Images/Rick Gershon Bill Gates came from a family of entrepreneurship and high-spirited liveliness. William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th, 1955. His father, William H. Gates II, is a Seattle attorney. His late mother, Mary Gates, was a schoolteacher, University of Washington regent, and chairwoman of United Way International. Bill Gates - Early LifeHe had an early interest insoftware and began p ...for the MITS Altair microcomputer. Did you know that as young teenagers Bill Gates and Paul Allen ran a small company called Traf-O-Data and sold acomputer to the city of Seattlethat could count city .. ...
What year did Bill Gates and Paul Allen form an official partnership?
William H. Gates, III was born in Seattle, Washington, the second of three children, in between an older and a younger sister. His father was a successful attorney, and it was expected that young Bill would follow in his father's footsteps. He was a notably gifted student who did well in all subjects but showed a special aptitude for mathematics. When he was 13, his parents believed he was not being challenged in his public school and enrolled him in the private and highly demanding Lakeside School. The school acquired a computer terminal and young Bill Gates was immediately fascinated. He and a small group of friends, including his future business partner Paul Allen, took every opportunity to explore the possibilities of the new technology, teaching themselves the basics of Computer Programming. Soon Gates and his friends were working part-time and summers, writing computer programs for large businesses around the Seattle area. Although they were all precociously gifted programmers, it became clear that ...
Steven Spielberg of Star Wars fame, who dropped out of Cal State Long Beach ; Barry Diller, who founded Fox Broadcasting after dropping out of UCLA; Ted Turner, a dropout who founded CNN; and all the many dropouts who gave the U.S. its computer dominance, including Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mike Dell and Larry Ellison. Don’t think I am asking you to avoid college or to drop out when and if you get there; I’m asking you to search for the truth, to think for yourself and to avoid situations where independent thought isn’t welcome. ~John Gatto
How do Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Richard Branson want to solve the world's energy challenges?
If someone ask you for help, do you have to know that individuals or not? Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Oprah Winfrey, Christy Walton, Michael Bloomberg, Jacqueline Mars, Paul Allen and the list goes on; when people ask those billionaires for help, I assure you those billionaires don't even know 3 quater of the people them who they are helping, and why some people making some huge issue out of this? What's your problem?
So it was Paul Allen who convinced Bill Gates to Drop out of School.
Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, but quit the company after only eight years. He walked away with enough stock to become a billionaire, but now he’s claiming Gates swindled him out of his due. Dan Lyons on what Allen has done with his barely-earned fortune, and how he became a sulky,...
You've heard that Republicans are the party of the rich right? An organization called keeps tabs on the top all time donors to political campaigns. Twelve out of the top 15 give almost exclusively to democrats. The remaining three are more or less balanced between the two parties. Out of the top 20 richest people in the US, the majority are democrats, and the majority of the money in that group belongs to democrats by a 2:1 ratio. People like Bill Gates (currently the richest man in the world), Paul Allen, Warren Buffett, Howard Schultz, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, are all liberals. Most of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the elitists in media and academia - by far mostly democrats. So where are these rich republicans?
Bill Gates – Interesting Facts and Coolest Quotes Image credit: Flickr Domain Barnyard William Henry Gates , the person who never graduated from a college, is the current chairman and former chief executive of Microsoft. His net worth is around $61 Billion. He founded Microsoft in year 1975 along with his friend Paul Allen. He was rated as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in year 1987. He was listed in the pages of Forbes’ 400 Richest People in America issue when he was 32 years old. Introduction: Name: William Henry “Bill” Gates III Born: 28 th October 1955 in Seattle, USA Age: 56 Years Major Fields: Entrepreneur Computer Programmer Philanthropist Author Books: The Road Ahead Business @ the Speed of Thought Interesting facts about Bill Gates: He is ranked among the world’s richest people wherein he scored number one in the list from 1995 till 2009, except 2008 wherein he was ranked number three. In 1973 he became a student at Harvard University but dropped out in year 1975 wherein h ...
Bill Gates and Paul Allen together again via
Microsoft staff in 1978, just 3 years after its start-up. Bill Gates lower left, Paul Allen lower right.
Bill Gates and Paul Allen got together at the Living Computers Museum in Seattle and recreated a famous photo...
I've read many books. Jordan's, Steve Job's, Einstein's, Bill Gates & Paul Allen's bio & what they had in common is that they're relentless
Check out Bill Gates before the wrinkles. Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975!
The Seattle Seahawks owner is Paul Allen , he's cofounder of Microsoft with Bill Gates
Bill Gates and Paul Allen, in the beginning years of Microsoft, and now.
Paul Allen and Bill Gates, then and now!
Popular on Forbes: Bill Gates and Paul Allen reunite and recreate their famous 1981 Microsoft photo
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Reading Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. 20% of the richest people ever to live where born in the US between 1830 and 1940. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, Paul Allen, Eric Schmidt and Bill Joy (Silicon Valley multi million/billionaires are all born between 1953 - 1956. Sometime it's the time and place you are born that makes a difference.
Microsoft's founding employees gathered in 1978 to take a portrait before the company moved to Washington. Front row (left to right): Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood, and Paul Allen. Middle row: Bob O'Rear, Bob Greenberg, Marc McDonald, and Gordon Letwin. Back row: Steve Wood, Bob Wallace, and Jim Lane. Not pictured are Miriam Lubow and Ric Weiland.
LESSONS FROM A SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR An Entrepreneur Ought to be Mobile and Fluid,and be Able to Take Quick & Decisive Calls A formal education is not a prerequisite to be a successful entrepreneur.But you must be daring and innovative Entrepreneurs have often held a rather base opinion of college education.From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Paul Allen and Larry Ellison,the list of the worlds richest entrepreneurs and innovators is littered with the names of those who couldnt be bothered to get a formal degree.Kiran Gopinath certainly subscribes to that credo.According to the 41-year-old founder and CEO of Ozone Media,one of Indias leading digital advertising networks,the lack of formal education should never be a barrier to professional success.By the end of my third year of engineering in Nagpur,I pretty much knew I was never going to be an engineer.Therefore,it didnt make sense continuing my studies, he says,with a degree of satisfaction.Gopinaths current venture Ozone Media is often tapped as one of the ...
Took my Mom over to visit her youngest brother, my Uncle Martin (and Aunt Jane) in Stuckey, GA yesterday. Looking at pictures and identifying people in there from their childhood. Mom is 86 and Uncle Martin is 82. He told me my Grandparents moved 21 times in their first 20 yrs. of marriage, starting work at a saw mill to share cropping to eventually buying and farming their own 100 acre farm. They raised 6 kids, all turned out solid citizens, Christians who raised great families. They helped built a church (Stuckey Baptist) that is still thriving today. They had the first radio in the area and first car. He always had a nice car and truck. Among their grandchildren was the firstborn, H. Edward Roberts, inventor of first personal computer and first employer of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, another has been the CFO of the Georgia Farm Bureau for the last 20+ years, and me.Along with other cousins who have made huge, monstrous, impacts in their churches and communities. All this from a young hardworking couple ...
Bill Gates and/or Paul Allen buying spare computer parts at Free Geek's Thrift Store! :)
at the end of the song Bill Gates and Paul Allen kiss and cry and leave a 5 Dollar Bill tip
Young America a boss isn't what Rick Ross portrays in his music it's what guys like Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen, and Bill Gates spend their lives doing.
Important Events in Hacking History 1878 - Teenage boys mischievously misdirect and disconnect telephone calls at Bell Telephone Company 1960 - The term “hacker” is used by MIT train enthusiasts who hacked their train sets to change how they work. Later, these same enthusiasts emerge as the first computer hackers 1968 - Dennis Ritchie and Keith Thompson develop the UNIX Operating System, possibly the most elegant hack of all time 1969 - The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) launches the first four nodes of ARPANET (the system that eventually morphs into the Internet) at UCLA, Santa Barbara, University of Utah, and Stanford 1970 - Phreakers, another type of hacker, exploits the newly all-electronic telephone network to make free long distance calls 1971 - Ray Tomlinson writes the first email program and uses it on ARPANET (now at 64 nodes) 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen form Microsoft 1976 - Stephen Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne form Apple Computer 1978 - Randy Seuss and Ward Christiansen c ...
Bill Gates,Warren Buffet,Larry Ellison,Michael Dell and Paul Allen start their life without or little money. So wat is ur excuse?
Bill Gates and Paul Allen were intentional though, I wonder if they narc'd on me?
Bill Gates and Paul Allen registered Microsoft as a trade name on November 26, 1976.
On behalf of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Paul Allen, Warren Buffet, myself n other global billionaires, we wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
At Microsoft they like to mix business and pleasure: - Paul Allen, Microsoft's Co-founder, was Bill Gates's childhood friend. - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, was married to Melinda French, a Microsoft employee. - Steve Ballmer, the current Microsoft's CEO, was a Harvard classmate of Bill Gates and was the 24th Microsoft employee.
Parents, Time to celebrate your kids! ADD, ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder's incl. Aspergers) can be a wonderful adventure if we look at it right and nurture it. Take a look at the well known people living and in history that have been suggested to have ASD or have been diagnosed with ASD. Some of the names that are commonly mentioned as famous people with Aspergers are: Bill Gates - this socially awkward man could definitely think "outside the box". His obsession or fascination or single-minded focus has made him a Billionairre several times over. Albert Einstein - It seems the ADD and the Asperger's groups are fighting over which of us gets to claim Albert Einstein as being in our camp. I vote for Aspergers. After watching his biography and seeing some of the nuiances I recognize in my son, I believe this famous person had Aspergers before it was classified as a disorder. Isaac Newton - This scientist certainly had a single-minded focus on his work. Paul Allen - Another Microsoft "geek", the owne ...
woah . 4/top 5 richest people in the United States in 2006 were College Dropouts: Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, and Paul Allen
vilas It is common knowledge that the richest man in the world is a College Dropout. Instead of completing his education at the prestigious Harvard University, Bill Gates decided to take a risk and devote himself fully to a little business called “Microsoft” he co-founded with a classmate, Paul Allen. Not content with the prevailing open-source practices of software development, Gates decided to buck the system by demanding a closed-source ethic. By changing the rules of software development, he established the software industry as we know it today.
Today in History: 1898: Author, soldier and Cambridge professor, C. S. Lewis born in Belfast, Ireland 1929: Admiral Richard Byrd flys over South Pole 1972: Nolan Bushnell releases Pong, the first commercially successful video game 1975: In a letter to Paul Allen, Bill Gates refers to their informal partnership as "Micro-soft"
From Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanic" for today, November 20th comes this bit of "history": Microsoft Windows version 1.0 was released on this date in 1985. Bill Gates and Paul Allen had developed an Operating System that they called "MS-DOS," which stood for Microsoft Disk Operating System. It shipped in IBM computers beginning in 1981. But it wasn't intuitive; users had to memorize a string of commands and get comfortable with the "backslash" key, something most people had never taken any notice of. Microsoft designers began working on a more user-friendly Operating System, code name Interface Manager, the following year, and by 1983, they announced that "Windows" was in development. People were skeptical, calling it "vaporware." Two years later, the first Windows-equipped computers shipped. The original press release promises that "Windows lets users integrate the tasks they perform with their computer by providing the ability to work with several programs at the same time and easily switch betwee ...
5 most surprising things heard at Harvard’s Cyberposium By Barb Darrow Nov. 4, 2012, 3:07pm PT There was the usual talk about the excitement of the startup universe and the thrill of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School’s 18th annual Cyberposium on Sunday, so I’ll cut to the chase. Here are the five most surprising, or entertaining, things I heard at the confab which drew about 700 attendees, many of them MBA candidates. 1: Founders who lack co-founders fail. Okay, that’s overstating the case, but the vast majority of tech startups that go on to massive success have co-founders, said keynoter Lee Hower who, probably not surprisingly, was a co-founder of LinkedIn and is also the co-founder of NextView Ventures, a Boston-based VC firm. He cited Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Google’s Larry Page and Sergei Brin, and, of course, Hewlett-Packard’s, William Hewlett and David Packard as exemplars. The exception to prove the rule? Amazon’s Jef ...
Still waiting to learn the final count on charter schools in Washington. Bill Gates and Paul Allen may have bought themselves an election.
That's very untrue. I would never assume myself to be smarter than Jack Horner, say, or even Bill Gates or Paul Allen.
well unless I missed one somewhere, the answer to the last question is Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, of course.
Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Andrea Lewis, Steve Wood, Jim Lane, etc. They all are original employees of now Microsoft.
Bill Gates' and Paul Allen's friendship repaired? -
Oct 28 Geek Birthday - Bill Gates (co-founded of Microsoft with Paul Allen)
Another moment in History? On October 28, 1988 - Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen gives $10 million to U Wash library. Hmmm, what did Bill Gates do?
Today it's birthday of "William Henry Gates III", the man you know by the name "Bill Gates". In the school time he got interest in Computer Programming and he was excused from his Math Classes to pursue his interest. He dropped out from Harvard University to start his own company along with his friends from school and college, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer, The company called "Micro-soft" then and now "Microsoft". Starting from MS DOS, this company has given us some wonderful Operating Systems like Windows 98, Windows XP & Windowx 7. Their latest Operating System Windows 8 also has arrived in the Market. Bill Gates is very famous in the whole world, may be not because of Microsoft, but because he has been "The Richest Person" in the whole world for more than "15 years". What one can do with that much amount of money? Bill Gates is not only a Programmer, a Businessman, he is also a Philanthropist, he along with his wife Melinda Gates, has founded "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" which is the World's larges ...
As much as I am not a fan of Microsoft, I have to ask: Where would the city of Seattle be without the investment of Bill Gates & Paul Allen?
Bill Gates and Paul Allen introduced Windows in 1983. See Microsoft and Windows through the years
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Along with Paul Allen, William Henry Gates iii (Bill Gates) formed Microsoft in 1975 initially naming it Micro-Soft
"Remember, in 1977, Microsoft only had two employees in NM: Bill Gates and Paul Allen. No tax increases for anything, I would raise the tax on poor folk (Yes, it is an incentive for them to move up to a higher income, cut Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing AT LEAST 10%, no baby momma checks for the second child or more. No grandmothers "Adopting" their own grandkids and getting money from Uncle Sugar. Drug testing for welfare people. Make welfare finite like unemployment, after 250 weeks (and all on welfare and food stamps beyond 250 right now lose it!) We send the illegals back with a copy of the constitution and a book on free enterprise. No legal immigration until all 11,000,000 illegals are gone. Put the unemployed on construction crews, picking veggies, waiting tables, etc. Keep them busy. REPEAL OBAMACARE. Put women on ANY abortion/right to life committee, since it is their bodies. Cut out 2+ free lunches for kids at school (AND make the parents man up and pay for the other two meals, dammit) P ...
The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, was greatly influenced by the ministry of pastor Akindayomi. The worlds' best neurosurgeon, Dr Ben Carson, was greatly influenced by his mother. The world's richest man, Bill Gates, was influenced by Paul Allen. All these people were a blessing to their generation basically because they rode on the wings of rightful relationship .
Vote NO on Initiative 1240. Charter schools siphon off taxpayer money for private gain. Look at the millionaires like Bill Gates, Alice Walton (heiress to the Walmart fortune) and Paul Allen who have singularly bankrolled this initiative to the tune of $9 million. They're doing it because they get new investment opportunities with school real estate and services, not because they care about marginalized kids. The state charter commission established by I-1240 would be an unelected board of cronies appointed by partisan politicians, with the power to overrule your elected school board. The Urban League, NAACP, La Raza, the Washington State Democratic Party, and dozens of school boards across the State of Washington all say the same thing: vote NO to privatizing our schools.
Finally he was oredered by the goverment to pay $385in the support of the child, who was named lisa Nicole Brennan. For the first time Steve Jobs appeared on the cover of magazine Inc. In This year BASIC ,Programming Language, originally developed by Harvard Kids Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Marty Davidoff was implemented on the Apple computer. Bill Gates and Paul started their own venture Called "Microsoft".
Bill Gates is refeqed to as THE FIRST SOFTWARE BILLIONAIRE but what about Paul Allen his member counterpart? Bad Boy Bill Billionaire Became Bully But Brutal.beca ni beca,bia ni bia
Microsoft co-founders praise Windows 8: Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft Corp. on a snowy day...
In 1980, the year IBM hired Paul Allen and Bill Gates to create an Operating System for a new PC, Professor George Trubow of The John Marshall Law School had the foresight to recognize the technology revolution, and began developing courses that focused on computers and their impact on law, business and privacy. Two years later, Trubow organized Law for the Information Era as a new curriculum concentration at the law school, recognizing it as a “new and developing area of legal practice.” He founded the Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law at John Marshall in 1983. It became the first Center of its kind in the country. Trubow set three goals for the Center: 1) Reinforce the protection of individual privacy; 2) Monitor and evaluate the economic, social and political effects of Information Technology and practices as they relate to law; 3) Train attorneys in technology and privacy law. Trubow’s experiences and insights helped him structure the Center. Between 1965 and 1975—long before t ...
College is too dang stressful, I wish it was like the good ol' days where a man worked his way through life and accomplished things to get to greatness. That diploma is just a piece of paper to hang on the wall. Sure, higher learning is a great thing and I plan to accomplish the task one day, but there have been too many people to go through college and do nothing for the community, country, or even world. Look at Paul Allen, Glenn Beck, Warren Buffet, Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, John Glenn, Peter Jennings, Steve Jobs: some did not even finish high-school and have changed the world as we know it. I'm not saying to quit at life, I'm saying aspire to be something great. Be willing to work no matter what the task and have joy in the fact that you are alive.
Man I don't like you guys. I'm going back in time and telling Paul Allen and Bill Gates about the iphone
I was reading the Oregonian news paper this morning (Tuesday Sept 18 2012), And there on the front page was a story about one of those evil, greedy corporations and over all bad mega rich people that Obama is always talking about (Phil Knight of Nike), giving away another 125 million to OHSU Cardiovascular Institute. Also listed was the 25 million this evil man gave to the University of Oregon for a new Law school building (What ? for higher education?) . 50 to 60 million to expand Autzen Stadium at University of Oregon. 105 million to Santford Graduate School of Business. Another 100 million to U of O Athletics dept. 100 million to OHSU Cancer Institute. The nerve of this guy, he should be paying his FAIR share don't you think? He should just give it to the Government in the form of more taxes. They could do a lot better job of spending it, RIGHT? He's just another evil right winger. Check out what Bill Gates, Paul Allen and yes even Mitt Romney has given away, you will be shocked. There is a lot of thes ...
January 2, 1975: Bill Gates and Paul Allen create a version of the BASIC language to run on microcomputers.
Paul Allen, Bill Gates (founders of Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg, 3 of the world's most successful men, were all ...
Article on Paul Allen and Bill Gates offers a lot of insight into early microcomputer history, Microsoft, sw business
I like the Washington Post's approach; Go and research for yourself! Thanks for posting this ladies! :) MICROSOFT FOUNDER, NFL OWNER, PAUL ALLEN, SPEAKS OUT ON MORMONS Paul Allen is the owner of the Seattle Seahawks, the ones who played the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Super Bowl a few years ago. He is also the owner of the Portland Trail Blazers NBA basketball team and is co-partner with Bill Gates in Microsoft. He wrote this editorial in the Santa Clarita, California newspaper: I have heard and seen enough! I have lived in the West all my life. I have worked around them. They have worked for me and I for them. When I was young, I dated their daughters. When I got married they came to my wedding. Now that I have daughters of my own, some of their boys have dated my daughters. I would be privileged if one of them were to be my son-in-law. I'm talking about the Mormons. They are some of the most honest, hardworking people I have ever known. They are spiritual, probably more than most other so-called religio ...
Fact: The word Microsoft was first used by Bill Gates in a letter to Paul Allen back in 1975. But, Bill initially wrote it as Micro-Soft.
Floyd Mayweather act like he got a billion dollars! Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen and many others including Oprah Winfrey make him look like a welfare case!!
Everyone wants to be Bill Gates it's nothing wrong with being Paul Allen
I've always thought some1 like a Paul Allen or a Bill Gates if they pulled up driving their own car & walked in w/out some sort of entourage
10 Interesting facts about Microsoft| Read and share this| * Almost everyone knows Microsoft and its Operating System Windows. But you will probably not know the following 10 interesting facts! 1. No one knows the reason, but it is impossible to create a folder named "con" or "Con". It is just not possible. And if you try to fool Windows by naming the folder "c-o-n", you will get an error message. 2. When you enter "=rand(200,99)" without the quotations into Microsoft Word, something very weird happens. After pressing "enter", the document is filled with more than 400,000 words. 3. Bill Gates, the founder of this giant company Microsoft, has officially left the company. He is no longer to blame for Microsoft's failures. 4. The biggest challenger of Microsoft is definitely Google as Google does offer many services and programs free - whereas you have to pay for if you are using Microsoft. This will be a huge challenge in the near future. 5. Microsoft Windows is installed on over 90 % of all computers world ...
50 States in 50 Days: Many people think software giant Microsoft was started in Seattle, but did you know it was actually founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Bill Gates and Paul Allen did their first work for Microsoft by contracting with MITS, a company which was located in Albuquerque.
Thirty-eight US billionaires pledged at least 50% of their wealth to charity through a campaign started by investor Warren Buffet and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It's called "The Giving Pledge" project. ( "The Giving Pledge" lists all the families and individuals who have committed to the project. They believe giving can save the world from diseases, illiteracy, famine. The organization says many of the donors have committed to donating sums far greater than the 50% minimum level. Mr. Warren Buffett, the chief executive of the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, pledged 99% of his money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and family charities in 2006. Billionaires who have joined the project includes: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Warren Buffet (Hathaway), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Michael Bloomberg (New York Mayor), Paul Allen (Microsoft Co-founder), George Lucas (Movie Director Star Wars), Ted Turner (CNN), Ronald Perelman (Restauranteur), David Rockefeller
Bill Gates, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, one of the richest men in the world, philanthropist. Dropped out of Harvard after his second year to work with Paul Allen on the venture that became Microsoft. As he noted, “I realized the error of my ways and decided I could make do with a high school diploma
Jim Bell as the 'Bill Gates' of world security? Not out of the question.However that makes Carl ,'Paul Allen' and me...Steve Ballmer! Yoiks!
Leaving for Milon Italy in November for 2 weeks all by myself. Hired by Paul Allen to do massage for their family reunion. On call 24-7. Trip paid for and my stay at the home of Paul Allen. This is too good to be true. I may not want to come home. Thank you to my boyfriend for the contact. Paul Allen is patner to Bill Gates. This should be a life time memory. My boyfriend has the contact through a home he is building in Colorado for the Gates Family. I will take many photos and feel so blessed. Maybe now I can buy that new car I want. :) I love what I do!
A look at Silicon Valley in the early days as told by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, and other insiders from Apple, Micros...
"At our foundation, Bill Gates and Paul Allen made a bet on software..."
...Bill Gates, Paul Allen,,...they all dropped out of school 4m Harvard University after reading d Book ' Cilicon Valley '...wch d said ws d secret 2 dr success.
3. Paul Gardner Allen Age: 46 Nationality: American Marital Status: Single Children: 0 Education: WSU dropout Worth: $30 Billion Another Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen is the buddy who dropped out with Bill Gates to build the software company that now holds a monopolistic stranglehold on the world. Paul dropped out of Microsoft some time ago to spend his time privately investing his money and sipping piña coladas, but he still holds a stake in the company. His current baby is Vulcan Ventures, with which he pursues his dream of a "wired world" by buying up cable operators and other technology-related companies. It's not all boring tech stuff, though. Paul was also smart enough to invest in sports teams like the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks. Single guy, 30 billion, owns a couple sports teams, knows Bill Gates personally… poor baby
Failure is not the opposite of success. It is an essential part of success. Once you succeed, no one will remember your failures anyway. Microsoft wasn't Bill Gates' and Paul Allen's first business venture. Who remembers that their original Traf-o-Data business was a flop? The actor Jim Carey was booed off many a stage while a young comedian. We have electric light bulbs because Thomas Edison refused to give up even after 10,000 failed experiments. If the word "failure" is anathema to you, then reframe it: You either succeed, or you have a learning experience. you'll learn a lot more by doing than you ever will by thinking indefinitely
I need a Paul Allen to my Bill Gates! Unless we're talking about men then I need a Bill Gates to my Paul Allen!
From the five richest Americans,four r clg dropouts, Bill Gates,Sheldon Adelson,Paul Allen &Ellison of Oracle r in the list.Warren Buffett is not.
Once again geeks, nerds, computer guys and gals. Time to stop hiding the culture we have and share. Computers are not for the out cast anymore. We have finally won our war. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen,Woz. Thank you for showing the way. Even the guy from Oracle and yes I know Larry
In the 1970s when people rely on typewriters. If they need to copy a document, they likely use a mimeograph or carbon paper. Few have heard of microcomputers, but two young computer enthusiasts, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, see that personal computing is a path to the future.
Albuquerque is where it all began for Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The Microsoft founders had some great times in Albuquerque in the late 70's. A crew of about a dozen people helped them start what would turn into a computer empire. The company never forgot its roots, and installed a plaque in 2006 to...
Paul Allen or Bill Gates? Paul Allen all day. Rich and virtually anonymous is the move.
Hundreds of disabled Seattle residents have jobs, housing & healthcare because of Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Howard Schultz. *** greedy 1%...
On this day, Apr 4, 1975, Bill Gates & Paul Allen founded Microsoft Corp to sell BASIC for the Altair 8800
Today in 1975, Bill Gates & Paul Allen founded the Microsoft Corp to develop/sell their first product, Altair BASIC
4/4/1975: Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates & Paul Allen in Albuquerque, NM. They go on to bring us greats like Clippy, IE & Zune
Seattle is one of the dopest cities you may never visit. Kurt Cobain, Jimi, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, & Quincy Jones held the town down.
Nerds ALREADY rule the world:Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen,Michael Dell,the "bad boys" end up selling drugs,pumping gas
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