Bill Gates & Mega Millions

William Henry Bill Gates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington) is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Mega Millions is a US multi-jurisdictional $1 lottery game. 0.3/5

Bill Gates Mega Millions Detroit Free Press

Also, LMAO means "Lucifer, My *** s Open!" which is basically an invitation to be sodomized by the Son of the Morning himself! The Internet was created by Satan-Channelers, and this is just one more proof to that! Share this of information on all your Christian friends, protect them from Bill Gates and his mega-millions, which he uses to fund *** and baby sacrifice!
Loving and being loved by Glen is the most amazing love and feeling and connection I have ever had for/with anyone (romantically, not the kind of love I have for my kids) and its so absolutely amazing that I just can't hold it in, I want to tell anyone and everyone and I wish everyone had or has this kind of love and deep connection with another human being because no matter how poor u r or how bad ur life is, having this connection and love and the ability to make each other laugh when one is down or blue makes all the difference in the world and is the power to make everything matter and truly makes u richer then the person(s) that won that mega millions a few months ago, or Bill Gates or Oprah!
Bill Gates: Even winning Mega Millions can't make all dreams come true - Detroit Free Press
Bill Gates: Mega Millions winners join the 1%, but they're not Bill Gates - Detroit Free Press
I hope Bill Gates won the Mega Millions tonight
To put this Mega Millions in perspective. Even if you won the $540 million prize, you would still have less than 1% of Bill Gates net worth
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