Bill Gates & Larry Ellison

William Henry Bill Gates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington) is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Lawrence Joseph Larry Ellison (born August 17, 1944 in The Bronx, New York City, New York) is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, one of the world's leading enterprise software companies. 5.0/5

Bill Gates Larry Ellison Warren Buffett Steve Jobs Michael Dell Warren Buffet Christy Walton David Koch Jeff Bezos Mark Zuckerberg Amancio Ortega Paul Allen Carlos Slim Michael Bloomberg Sergey Brin Charles Koch Larry Page Jim Walton Alice Walton Oprah Winfrey

this is your legacy Michael Moritz, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison
The rulers of business tend to come from technology not business. Steve Jobs,Bill Gates,Larry Ellison,Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos,Gordon Moore.
Now how many people did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg provide good paying careers and jobs?
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg and 3 others own more wealth than 3,750,000,000 people.
Bill Gates wants people to think he's Edison, when he's really Rockefeller. Referring to G...
According to the Pakistanis, Iranians, Moslems & Jews all hardworking people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Larry Ellison are psychopaths.
"Iconic tech pioneers like Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison all had notable dark sides, but they overc…
Dear you should tell Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. that they should have stayed in school too.
Bill Gates repeats at top of Forbes' list of billionaires; Larry Ellison is No. 5.
Jeff Ward: list is out! Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos and more.
Bill Gates named Forbes richest man for 16th time in last 21 years with personal fortune of $79.2bn. Larry Ellison (Oracle) 5th @ $54.3bn.
Wish I had a billion dollar idea like Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates had
ya'll should call Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Charles & David Koch, Christy Walton, just call all the Walton.
Bill Gates, drugs and the internet: Top 10 Larry Ellison quotes • The Register
Women in computing... like Steve Jobs,Bill Gates,Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg.
"Take me to your leader." -- Alien. I'd like you to meet Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Helu, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, & …
Lanai island owner and Oracle CTO and executive chairman Larry Ellison is amongst the top 10 people on this year’s Forbes 400 list. Ellison is third with $50 billion, behind the top-ranked Bill Gates ($81 billion) and Warren Buffett ($67 billion). Other billionaires with present or former Hawaii connections include resident Pierre Omidyar, ranked number 52 with $8.3 billion, and previous Lanai island owner David Murdock at number 211 with $3 billion. After Gates, Buffett and Ellison, the remainder of the top 10 are: •Charles Koch, $42 billion •David Koch, $42 billion •Christy Walton & family, $38 billion •Jim Walton, $36 billion •Michael Bloomberg, $35 billion •Alice Walton, $34.9 billion •S. Robson Walton, $34.8 billion
Life is so hard every day of my life. i get so angry when Rich People waste there money of things when someone else could used money in a better. way,this is american people but in australia we have people like this.every fortnight i look forward to payday.$250- a week i i think i can by my self something this week, but we need lots of other things,tyres, food, petrol, elec,medication, i can't even take my son for a driving trip to rockhampton and camp for a couple of nights. I get so upset, TOP 10 PEOPLE ON 2014'S FORBES 400 LIST: * Bill Gates, $US81 billion * Warren Buffett, $US67 billion * Larry Ellison, $US50 billion * Charles Koch, $US42 billion * David Koch, $US42 billion * Christy Walton & family, $US38 billion * Jim Walton, $US36 billion * Michael Bloomberg, $US35 billion * Alice Walton, $US34.9 billion * S. Robson Walton, $US34.8 billion
Ok, so the argument about why even a crash program -- Bill Gates walks in the door tomorrow, ready to spead 30 or 40 gigabucks on a LFTR power reactor; 50MWe, sized to go in power company distribution yards -- is impractical is that "you'd never get it past NRC". Would you? How much time, money, and staff would it take to hand-walk that process through? Let's assume that Allen has some company... oh, say, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison (who wants them for datacenters), and Larry Page and Sergey Brin (who want them because Cool!) If that much firepower descended on the idea, all at once, would it in fact be "impossible" to get NRC to cooperate? Do people really think that?
Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison, and Donald Trump. So I am not satisfied with my life but there STILL is
"The decisions by the supreme court have left the American people with the status quo in which one side's billionaires are pitted against the other side's billionaires. Except one side doesn't have any billionaires." ~ Harry Reid (D) Nevada Harry... just doing a quick google scan of the richest people in America led me to this link: on this link I find the following billionaire democrat donors: * ($72B) Bill Gates (Common Core) * ($59B) Warren Buffett (a frequest white house visitor to 'Dear Leader') * ($41B) Larry Ellison * ($31B) Michael Bloomberg * ($29B) Sheldon Adelson (who donates to Harry Reid all the time) * ($27B) Jeff Bezos * ($25B) Larry Page * ($20B) George Soros * ($19B) Mark Zuckerberg * ($18B) Steve Ballmer * ($16B) Paul Allen The list goes on and on... so, Harry, perhaps it's past time to take your dementia pills.
Gordon writing in today’s WSJ (“The Little Miracle Spurring Inequality“): The great growth of fortunes in recent decades is not a sinister development. Instead it is simply the inevitable result of an extraordinary technological innovation, the microprocessor, which Intel brought to market in 1971. Seven of the 10 largest fortunes in America today were built on this technology, as have been countless smaller ones. These new fortunes unavoidably result in wealth being more concentrated at the top. But no one is poorer because Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, et al., are so much richer. These new fortunes came into existence only because the public wanted the products and services—and lower prices—that the microprocessor made possible. Anyone who has found his way home thanks to a GPS device or has contacted a child thanks to a cellphone appreciates the awesome power of the microprocessor. All of our lives have been enhanced and enriched by the technology. Today the microprocessor, the most fundamental ...
Why Great Leaders Get Angry--and Show It BY JEFF HADEN can still get even...but you can also get mad. Think about remarkably successful entrepreneurs. They're logical. They're rational. In the face of crisis or danger or even gross incompetence, they remain steely-eyed, focused, and on point. They don't get angry--or at the very least they don't show their anger. Unless, of course, they happen to be Steve Jobs. Or Jeff Bezos. Or Bill Gates. Or Larry Ellison. Or... Most of us were taught that the only way to lead effectively is to eliminate, or at the very least swallow and hide, emotions like anger and frustration. Go professional or go home, right? Wrong. According to research conducted by Henry Evans and Colm Foster, emotional intelligence experts and authors of Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter, the highest performing people and highest performing teams tap into and express their entire spectrum of emotions. Which, when you think about it, makes sense: we all get angry (even this guy must get a ...
I have failed so many times ... just like Michael Jordan, and Bill Gates, and Larry Ellison, and Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet, and President Obama.
Seven of the 10 richest counties in the country voted for Barack Obama in 2012. Democrats represent eight of the ten richest congressional districts in the country. Congressional Democrats have a higher median Net Worth than congressional Republicans. The top 20 entries in the Forbes list of the 400 wealthiest Americans include conservative bogeymen such as Charles and David Koch (tied at number 4) and Sheldon Adelson (number 11). But these men are overwhelmed by Democratic fundraisers such as Warren Buffett (number 2), Michael Bloomberg (number 10), Jeff Bezos (number 12), Larry Page (number 13), Sergey Brin (number 14), and George Soros (number 19), as well as by billionaires who have donated more evenly between parties, such as Bill Gates (number 1) and Larry Ellison (number 3). Eight of the 10 largest private foundations are liberal.
Just heard that Robert Vadra is a school dropout. He couldn't go beyond grade 10. Incidentally, Indira Gandhi too had failed to earn a college degree. Her progeny and their clan seem to emulate her. The only exceptions are Varun Gandhi and his wife. It is remarkable that even those who joined the clan in marriage, Sonia and Maneka included, seem to have resolutely avoided higher education. But school dropout Vadra can proudly claim to beat even the likes of Bill Gates and Larry Ellison. These legends, unlike Vadra, are college dropouts and took much longer to become billionaires.
Has there been any billionaire without a stint of failure? My answer is a resounding no. All the billionaires I can think of has been through some sort of failure; from Donald Trump, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, J. Paul Getty to Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison, Ray Kroc and Sam Walton. So if you want to join the league of billionaires; then you must embrace failure and take giants strides without the fear of failure.
Did u knw ? Aliko Dangoteis forever an Oga at the Top; theDangote GroupCEO is still Africa’s richest man. Aliko who recently spoke toBBC on his business, moves up 20 spots, breaking into the top 25. Top 5 1.Bill Gates, Microsoft–$76 Billion 2.Carlos Slim Helu and family, Telecom–$72 Billion 3.Amancio Ortega, Zara–$64 Billion 4.Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway–$58.2 Billion 5.Larry Ellison, Oracle–$48 Billion
Bill Gates saw the potential in PCs before anyone else truly grasped the commercial value of the concept. His foresight allowed him to build Microsoft into a $400 billion behemoth, and made him a passionate believer in the system that allowed him to do so. ”Some people, through luck and skill, end up with a lot of assets. If you’re good at kicking a ball, writing software, investing in stocks, it pays extremely well. Capitalism has worked very well,” he said in 2010. To those not as enraptured with capitalism, he offered a curt suggestion: “Anyone who wants to move to North Korea is welcome.” Capitalism has indeed worked well for Gates, who’s back on top of the Forbes billionaires list for the first time in four years. It’s been good to the other 1,645 people on the wealth ranking. Staggering figures–record figures actually. Combined, the billionaires are worth $6.4 trillion, a greater sum than any other Forbes has previously calculated. Perhaps equally suggestive of the prosperous economi ...
Asli Daulat Imaan Ki Daulat hai. Warna dekhiye ALLAH ne Kafiro ko kitna paisa de rakha hai.. . . . 1)Carlos Slim Helu: The Mexican telecom mogul is the richest man in the world with a Net Worth of $73 billion, which is $4 billion up from 2012. He has retained the top spot for the fourth consecutive year. 2) Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft comes second with Net Worth of $67 billion, which is $6 billion more than what he earned in 2012. He has gained from investments like Ecolab, Republic Services and FEMSA. 3) Amancio Ortega: He jumped two places, overtaking Warren Buffett and Bernard Arnault, to become the world's third richest man. His Net Worth is $57 billion, $19.5 billion up from his 2012's $37.5 billion. He holds 60 percent share of clothing retailer Inditex. 4) Warren Buffett: He has slipped from third place in 2012 to fourth place in the list of world's richest people. The chairman and CEO of Berkshire has a Net Worth of $53.5 billion, as against $46 billion in 2012. 5) Larry Ellison: The C ...
SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT! “A college degree gives you credibility, pero hindi siya prerequisite (to having a successful business)”. Says entrepreneur and business coach Berna Moldez. “ang tinuro kasi sa atin is go to a good school, get good grades, then get a good job. Theres nothing wrong with that, pero kung mapapansin mo, yung mga wealthy sa US – dropout sa college.” So diploma holders advance three steps. Dropouts and undergrads get to advance seven steps! IT’S TRUE! Billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Michael Dell, all didn’t finish school. DISCLAIMER: Skipping school is not a guarantee that you will amass wealth. Read on and find out why…""
I recently came across a study that examined the lives of 755 famous people who either dropped out of grade school or high school. The list included 25 billionaires, 8 U.S. Presidents, 10 Nobel Prize winners, 8 Olympic medal winners, 63 Oscar winners, 55 best-selling authors, and 31 who had been Knighted. With names like Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Will Rogers, and Joseph Pulitzer, being an academic failure still left you in the company of some incredible luminaries. Going one step further, adding the names of well-known college dropouts to the list, names like Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bill Gates, Buckminster Fuller, Larry Ellison, Howard Hughes, Michael Dell, Ted Turner, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg, and virtually every famous actor, actress, and director in Hollywood, and the dropout list becomes a venerable Who’s Who of American culture. People who are destined to be successful have something to prove. In their mind, college is just another barrier ...
Microsoft’s Bill Gates Richest Man In The World (Again) With Net Worth Of $76 Billion :) The Microsoft co-founder, American business magnate and philanthropist – Bill Gates – has regained the title of the world’s richest man in Forbes Magazine’s billionaire list. The list of the world’s wealthiest individuals is published on an annual basis by Forbes and includes individuals like Warren Buffet, Charles Koch and Larry Ellison of Oracle fame. After falling down the ranks in recent years, Gates has managed to climb back to the top of the wealthy charts after a 4 year hiatus.
After spending four years in second place, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is back on top of Forbes Magazine's list of the world's richest people. Gates has an estimated Net Worth of $76 billion, beating out Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu by $4 billion. Spanish clothing magnate Amancio Ortega held his third-ranked spot, famed American investor Warren Buffett was fourth, and Oracle's Larry Ellison was fifth.
Tom Perkin's outburst about how the rich are being vilified in this country is a reflection of the growing frustration among America's successful for being blamed for the growing income gap in America. The fact that the tiny District of Columbia is right behind California for number of millionaires rarely gets a mention, but should be a good indicator of just how desperate this sales pitch has become. Bad policy decisions over the past four decades - many driven by politics rather than good economic sensibility - has had significant downside implications for America's middle class and poor. There's a reason the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and others are richer than you or me: they're smarter and they work harder. And they've created billionaires, millionaires and thousands of jobs that would not have existed otherwise. They've earned what they have, unlike many in Washington. Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan made $61 million last year. $1 was salary. The rest stock options. But let' ...
I've made a decision to do a weekly post of some sort of motivational/inspirational message to stir my beliefs and faith. I hope this also serves to motivate/inspire other business owners and individuals. Men who Achieved Greatness because they had Faith 1. What made Thomas Edison go on with the light bulb experiment even in the face of 10,000 failures? The answer is simple; he had faith that the incandescent bulb experiment will yield positive result. And did he achieve his goal? The answer is yes. 2. People cursed the Wright Brothers for imagining the possibility of a flying machine. But the brothers had faith in their dream and the airplane became a reality. 3. With faith, David was able to defeat Goliath the Giant. 4. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college because they had faith in their business venture and today, they are the most celebrated entrepreneurs who became billionaires in their youth. "You are nuts and you should be proud of it. Stic ...
Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University to focus on building Microsoft. He said “ To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks, we were young but we had good advice, big ideas and lots of enthusiasm.” His schoolteachers labeled Thomas Edison dumb but he went on to become one of the greatest inventors and founded one of the most powerful companies in the world, General Electric. Sir Richard Branson, Best known for his adventurous spirit and business tactics. He dropped out of school at the age 16 to start his first business. He is the billionaire founder of the Virgin brand and its 360 companies including Virgin Active, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Airlines and Virgin money to name a few. Larry Ellison dropped out of college twice and was told by his adoptive father that he would never amount to anything but he went to become a billionaire by building ORACLE, the world’s second largest software company. Michael Dell, he dropped out of college at the age of 19 to start DELL Computers. Dell became th ...
THOSE are the name of world top 5 BILLIONAIRES in the world no black man. Carlos Slim Helu $73B, Bill Gates $67B, Amancio Ortega $54B Warren Buffett $53.5B Larry Ellison $43B the next will be me INJ.
Couldn't agree more. While this is an unfortunate reality most blacks faced in Federal Prison, Piercings , tattoos too are taken from other cultures with totally no understanding of the "why" they were there and "what" they meant to individuals, societies and cultures. Saturated societies are suffering from a disease called "boredom" and "misplaced enforced leisure". You won't see Indians and Chinese kids walking around in masses draped in meaningless paraphernalia. They don't have the time, they want to conquer the world! Back in 60s great revolution was happening. Technologies were born and young and hungry kids like Bill Joy, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison were looking up to doing something extraordinary. Worker class / middle class were diligent workers and contributed to collective growth of those societies. Fast forward to today and Isaac Asimov prediction comes to mind. He saw it so much ahead of time. This generation is not only lost but will be exterminated by the new hungry lot! 10 years ...
On behalf of Carlos Slim,Bill Gates,Warren Buffett,Larry Ellison, Aliko Dangote, Patrice Motsepe, My humble self and other Billionaires across the world. We like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. and we hope next year you'll join our club. Enjoy.
Which IT entrepreneur authored the book 'Business at the speed of thought' ? (A) Bill Gates (B) Larry Ellison (C) Michael Dell (D) Sergey Brin
I just thought you had to know these *Founder of Apple Computers – Steve Jobs *Founder of Artificial Intelligence – John McCarthy *Founder of Bluetooth – Ericsson *Father of Computer – Charles Babbage *Father of ‘C’ Language – Dennis Ritchie *Founder of Email – Shiva Ayyadurai *Founder of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin *Founder of Internet – Vint Cerf *Father of ‘Java’- James Gosling *Father of JQuery – John Resig *Founder of Keyboard – Christoper Latham Sholes *Founder of Linux – Linus Torvalds *Founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates and Paul Allen *Founder of Mobile Phones – Martin Cooper *Founder of Mouse – Douglas Engelbart *Founders of Oracle – Ed Oates, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner *Founder of Php – Rasmus Lerdorf *Founder of USB – Ajay V.Bhatt *Founder of WWW – Tim Berners-Lee *Founder of Yahoo – Jurry Yang and David Filo *Founder of this group – Joe Lubowa and Huffein R
The other night I listened to an episode of the CBS Radio Theater about a rich person that went to the Pearly Gates and was asked what acts of kindness he did for his fellow human. He answered that he gave millions to charity and set up a few charities of his own to help others. St. Peter asked him, "but did you do this out of the goodness of your heart." and the man answered, "No, I did it to help grow my business and to get as much publicity as possible for the money I invested in the charities." It would seem like people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Carlos Slim, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch, Christy Walton,Jim Walton and so on do not do anything to support charities unless they and their respective companies can get massive gains out of their public donations. What will their answers be when they stand at the Pearly Gates one day? Makes you think.
The Notorious richest 400 Americans.. randomly wiki'ing alot of these names you get the business owners.. you get alot of daddy was an oil tycoon.. so I'm an oil tycoon. Bankers who were sons of bankers and so on. Alot of these ppl are in oil.. but many more are bankers and majority shareholders of America's most goliath corporations. But many of the entrepreneurs on here.. the business owners.. the inventors.. you'll find many did not go to college.. much like the daddy's of tycoons.. many of them didn't go to college either.. this didn't surprise me much. Heres the list.. some are great people.. some are genuises.. and some just need to get shot in the face. 1 Bill Gates 2 Warren Buffett 3 Larry Ellison 4 Christy Walton 5 Charles Koch 6 David Koch 7 Jim Walton 8 Alice Walton 9 S. Robson Walton 10 Michael Bloomberg 11 Larry Page 12 Sergey Brin 13 Sheldon Adelson 14 George Soros 15 Michael Dell 16 Steve Ballmer 17 Paul Allen 18 Jeff Bezos 19 Anne Cox Chambers 20 John Paulson 21 Donald Bren 22 Abigail Jo . ...
Yes, billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison!! The richest Americans!! Oh wait, they're all liberals.
The world's 10 richest tech billionaires 1. Bill Gates Net Worth: $67 billion Bill Gates is an American businessman, investor, inventor and philanthropist. He is one of the best known entrepreneurs of the Personal Computer revolution. Gates is the former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft. Apart from being criticized for his business tactics, he consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. 2. Lawrence Ellison Net Worth: $43 billion Lawrence Ellison is popularly known as Larry Ellison is an American business magnate, cofounder and chief executive of one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies, Oracle Corporation. He left the University of Illinois after his second year and is now ranked among one of the wealthy people in the world. 3. Jeff Bezos Net Worth: $25.2 billion Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is an entrepreneur who played a very important role in the growth of e-commerce. After graduating from Princeton University Bezos worked for a few companies b ...
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Bill Gates is the pope of the Personal Computer industry, He decides who's going to build, -Larry Ellison
International: Increasing wealth.more power! New York: America's super-rich just keep getting richer. Overnight, Forbes released its annual list of the top 400 richest Americans. While most of the top names and rankings didn't change from a year ago, the majority of members of the elite club saw their fortunes grow over the past year, helped by strong stock and Real Estate markets. Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates remains America's richest man, taking the top spot on the list for the 20th straight year, with a Net Worth of $US72 billion. Investor Warren Buffett, the head of Berkshire Hathaway, keeps second place with $US58.5 billion, while Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison stayed third with $US41 billion. Brothers Charles and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, stay tied for fourth with $US36 billion each. Wal-Mart heirs Christy Walton, Jim Walton, Alice Walton and S. Robson Walton took the next three spots, with holdings ranging from $US33.3 billion to $US35.4 billion. New York City Mayor Michael ...
I have a lot of respect for Larry Ellison, he wrote code, like Bill Gates, knowledge rock solid-a hybrid-more than 1 focus:)
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Larry Ellison, Soichiro Honda and Richard Branson all do not have a college degree.
1.Bill Gates is a Richest People in the world now. 2.Warren Buffett 3.Larry Ellison . by forbes/2013 now
EVERYONE IN HIS OWN WAY Read: PROVERBS 16:9 At Joppa there was a certain disciple named Dorcas. This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did.—Acts 9:36 Don't try to put God in a box by thinking that everyone has to do the same thing. Not everyone who serves God in ministry went to seminary or Bible school. Not everyone who is the president or CEO of a major corporation went to college or university. Some people get on-the-job training. They are simply not book people and learn much more quickly by the hands-on method. However we learn, we can be assured that God will prepare us in His own way. Dorcas in her own special way fulfilled her ministry. Microsoft czar Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in his junior year. Instead of going to college, Truett Cathy started a chicken restaurant with strong biblically-based business principles and Chick-fil-A is now the second largest quick service chicken restaurant chain in the USA. Larry Ellison the founder of Oracle Computer – and also ...
Today's Pacific Business News has an editorial about Lana'i: Hawaii deserves clearer vision for Lanai Larry Ellison appears to be on the right track, but details are fuzzy Staff Pacific Business News, July 5 Larry Ellison didn’t buy just an island a year ago. He bought a community. That is what has made his purchase of Lanai so intriguing. This is no Fantasy Island, a playground for the rich and famous who value seclusion and have the means to pay for it. The Pineapple Isle is a community of approximately 3,100 mostly long-time residents with a rich cultural tradition. Ellison no doubt recognizes this. The founder of Oracle Corp. did not become the nation’s third-richest person by making bad business decisions. Forbes Magazine estimates his financial worth at $41 billion, behind only Bill Gates at $66 billion and Warren Buffett at $46 billion. His purchase of Lanai, reported at $300 million, cost him less than 1 percent of his Net Worth. He also got a good deal. Former owner David Murdock reportedly w ...
Andrew Carnegie, Jacob van Astor, Thomas Edison, Commodore Vanderbilt, J. P. Morgan, Bill Gates, Steve Case, Larry Ellison, Ross Perot and Sam Walton. .what do all these people have in common ?
Steven Spielberg of Star Wars fame, who dropped out of Cal State Long Beach ; Barry Diller, who founded Fox Broadcasting after dropping out of UCLA; Ted Turner, a dropout who founded CNN; and all the many dropouts who gave the U.S. its computer dominance, including Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mike Dell and Larry Ellison. Don’t think I am asking you to avoid college or to drop out when and if you get there; I’m asking you to search for the truth, to think for yourself and to avoid situations where independent thought isn’t welcome. ~John Gatto
I've got a friend on whose posts I sometimes argue--frequently with economic issues, I argue with a girl who isn't on my friend list. I'm not sure if she ever was, and unfriended me at some point, or if we've just never been friends. Anyway, she works at a big-box store we all know, and they sell mostly imported goods. She's moved up, but pretty much buys every republican canard there is--I believe she earns about $12 an hour. Her saying on her web site is something like "Queen of bad choices," or something like that, which in itself is pretty much a right-wing line. Anyway let's call her Ima Worthless. Ima had embraced a republican talking point, about bad choices as her little "saying." Let's look at this "bad choices" meme. First, do we all have the same choices? Republicans throw it around like we've all got a brilliant array of choices. But certainly anyone could see, we don't have the same choices. The children of Bill Gates, or Larry Ellison, or Jack Welch, all top-level CEOs in their compa ...
After all, people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison & Ted Turner are white and affect the average dramatically.
Many would say that of Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, ... It goes with the territory.
Who will be the next generation of business leaders after Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and others?
Gates, Ellison, spar over future of online world, Internet competition. (Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.; Larry El...
Top 5 richest people in the world Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffet, and Larry Ellison BILLIONAIRE names.
Some serious "Net Worth" in the stadium this week in Indian Wells. Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Dennis Washinghton...
Bill Gates in the crowd. Along with Larry Ellison. Probably plotting to set up a tennis tournament on Mars.
Imagine if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Larry Ellison were all friends in their early 20s.
Question: what do Ted Turner, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell have in common?
sau một hồi đọc bài văn này Unit 11 BE 4 mà chẳng hiểu gì mấy. bài đọc khó hiểu quá Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the thirtyish founders of Google, are doing something so courageous that it has never been risked before, not even by the bold Silicon Valley iconoclasts who preceded them. Not by Microsoft's Bill Gates. Not by Netscape's Jim Clark. Not by Oracle's Larry Ellison. Not even by Apple's Steve Jobs. The Google guys are telling Wall Street to drop dead. For all their talk about reinventing the world, those entrepreneurs from an earlier era played the game of going public the way it had always been played. Before Google came along, when a company was ready to sell shares, it hired big Wall Street investment firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The firms offered the stock to their favorite customers at a big discount to what it would command on the open market. The privileged few were guaranteed quick profits, but the company received less money for its IPO than it h ...
The world billionaires, list presented Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican as the world richest man with a Net Worth of $73bn, while Bill Gates of United States came second with a Net Worth of the $67bn. Others are Armancio Ortega of Spain ($57bn); Warren Buffet, United States ($53.5bn); and Larry Ellison of US with $43bn Net Worth, coming third, fourth and fifth, respectively and i hope (Mike) to join the group one day by the grace of God
Mukesh Ambani is richest Indian on Forbes’ list, Carlos Slim is World richest person As per an annual ranking published on 4 March 2013 by business magazine Forbes, Mukesh Ambani has retained his title as India’s richest person for sixth year in a row,with networth of $ 21.5 billion.In the overall rich list of world’s billionaires, Mukesh Ambani is ranked 22nd, while the second-richest Indian Lakshmi Mittal is at 41st position with a networth of USD 16.5 billion.Mexican business tycoon Carlos Slim has topped the rankings with a networth of USD 73 billion, followed by Bill Gates (USD 67 billion), Spain’s Amancio Ortega (USD 57 billion), Warren Buffett (USD 53.5 billion) and Larry Ellison (USD 43 billion) in top five
Bill Gates richest tech czar, Premji tops in India :- America's technology sector remained a driving force for the world's billionaires, led by Microsoft's Bill Gates and other familiar names, a Forbes survey showed on Monday. Gates, the world's second richest individual on the Forbes list, saw his fortune rise by some $6 billion to $67 billion, but the magazine attributed this to his private equity and other holdings, not to Microsoft. That allowed Gates to widen his lead among tech billionaires over Oracle founder Larry Ellison, with a Net Worth of $43 billion -- making him number five overall on the Forbes list. Amazon's Jeff Bezos, number 19 overall on the list, was third in the tech sector with holdings valued at $25.2 billion. Google's chief executive Larry Page and co-founder Sergei Brin were close behind with $23 billion and $22.8 billion, respectively. Despite his company's woes, Dell founder Michael Dell held a fortune worth $15.3 billion, making him the sixth wealthiest tech billionaire. Micro ...
Come lets go and discuss about getting rich like Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Amanico Ortega, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Li Ka-shing e t c . pm me to join me to be among the world billionaires
For the first time since 2000, Warren Buffett is not in the top three richest people in the world. Forbes list for 2013: 1-Mexico's Carlos Slim has a Net Worth of about 73-billion dollars 2- Microsoft founder Bill Gates worth 67-billion dollars 3- Spain fashion executive Amancio Ortega worth 57-billion dollars 4- Warren Buffett with 53-point-5 billion 5- Software mogul Larry Ellison with 43-billion Forbes entire list includes a record 1,426 billionaires with a total Net Worth of 5-point-4 trillion dollars. 210 new billionaires were added this year. Once again, the U-S leads the list with 442 billionaires, followed by Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas and the Mideast.
The richest of the 1%, the 1% of the 1% in the US. 1. Bill Gates, Net Worth $59 billion 2. Warren Buffett, Net Worth $39 billion 3. Larry Ellison, Net Worth $33 billion 4. (tie) Charles Koch and David Koch, Net Worth $25 billion 6. Christy Walton, Net Worth $24.5 billion See the pattern. All of these people’s companies are some of the major corporations that run the stock market and the resources and wealth of our world subsequently. I know a lot of you in here are also asking yourself, what’s wrong with Microsoft, and Walmart making money, and rightfully owning a giant piece of the pie because of that? (See Slide 4 first frame) 1. The corporations of this world have acquired so much money and power they have literally bought out and taken over our world governments. 2. We now live in a country that corporations equal people and money equals speech, so that means we are now legally corporate assets.
Monday, February 25, 2013. THE PLAN: OK here it is. To avoid the sequester we just need to come up with 44 billion dollars. We just take 9 billion from Bill Gates. We just vote it away from him, 6 billion from Warren Buffet, 5 from Larry Ellison, 3 from each of the two Koch Brothers, 3 from each of the Waltons, there are 4 of them...that's 38 billion...and how about 2 billion more from everybody else between Bloomberg and the Mars candy family George Soros is in there and I'd like him to pay. Mars candy-fat kids- Michelle-just sayin') Total 48 billion at least... problem solved. Any problems with this plan?
LESSONS FROM A SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR An Entrepreneur Ought to be Mobile and Fluid,and be Able to Take Quick & Decisive Calls A formal education is not a prerequisite to be a successful entrepreneur.But you must be daring and innovative Entrepreneurs have often held a rather base opinion of college education.From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Paul Allen and Larry Ellison,the list of the worlds richest entrepreneurs and innovators is littered with the names of those who couldnt be bothered to get a formal degree.Kiran Gopinath certainly subscribes to that credo.According to the 41-year-old founder and CEO of Ozone Media,one of Indias leading digital advertising networks,the lack of formal education should never be a barrier to professional success.By the end of my third year of engineering in Nagpur,I pretty much knew I was never going to be an engineer.Therefore,it didnt make sense continuing my studies, he says,with a degree of satisfaction.Gopinaths current venture Ozone Media is often tapped as one of the ...
9 bucks in hr can't buy you two meals in McDs ... But some employees are getting less than 9 bucks. So to my good friends who say, get up and get a *** job. To Bill Cosby who's Net Worth is $450,000,000 , he should just chill . The sad part is you never herd Bill Gates or Larry Ellison talk down to poor or middle class folks.. I'm just saying don't complain about things you can help change,Mr. Cosby .
They ask thee how much they are to spend; Say"What is beyond your needs."Thus doth Allah Make clear to you His Signs: In order that ye may consider-AL QURAN So who follows the QURAN? More than 30 US billionaires pledged today to give away at least 50 per cent of their wealth to charity as part of a campaign by investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Among the billionaires joining the campaign are New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, entertainment executive Barry Diller, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens, media mogul Ted Turner, David Rockefeller and investor Ronald Perelman, according to The Giving Pledge campaign.Buffett pledged in 2006 to give away 99 percent of his wealth to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and family charities. Bill and Melinda Gates have so far donated more than $28 billion of their fortune to their foundation.
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[Recorded March 4, 2010] According to author Kurt Beyer, Grace Hopper is arguably as important a figure to computing as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Steve J...
Bill Gates,Warren Buffet,Larry Ellison,Michael Dell and Paul Allen start their life without or little money. So wat is ur excuse?
Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Emmanuel Jashon, Bernard Arnault, Amancio Ortega, Larry Ellison and other billionaires are in their flight to Old Trafford to watch the crucial game.
It appears that every wage earner I know (that has rec'd a 2013 paycheck) has seen a rather significant decrease in their take-home pay. So, who didn't see a decrease in the money they generate for themselves? Those who do not earn wages (Paul Pelosi, Real Estate; Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, and Bill Gates, billionaire investors; John Kerry, gold-digger gigolo; Jared Polis, e-business; Mark Warner, venture capitalist; Jay Rockefeller, born lucky; Richard Blumenthal, professional giant awards attorney that keeps much of the funds from big name cases on contingency rather than full distribution to the affected victims - sort of like a tax on helping others that the helped have to pay; Michael Moore, village *** . I feel a little duped, misled, and outright lied to.
Who made these people so rich? Guess who gave them the money? They just ask you for it and you gave and continue to give it to them. Yes, most are thieves, and feel no quilt about steeling from you and will certainly continue as long as they are allowed by followers who idealize them. 1. Bill Gates, Medina, Wash., $66 billion 2. Warren Buffett, Omaha, $46 billion 3. Larry Ellison, Woodside, Calif., $41 billion 4. Charles Koch, Wichita, Kan., $31 billion 5. David Koch, New York City, $31 billion 6. Christy Walton & family, Jackson, Wyo., $27.9 billion 7. Jim Walton, Bentonville, Ark., $26.8 billion 8. Alice Walton, Fort Worth, Texas, $26.3 billion 9. S. Robson Walton, Bentonville, Ark., $26.1 billion 10. Michael Bloomberg, New York City, $25 billion
woah . 4/top 5 richest people in the United States in 2006 were college dropouts: Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, and Paul Allen
Forbes released the list of 400 richest Americans recently. Bill Gates remained at the top position for the 19th consecutive year. Who is at second position? 1) Steve Ballmer 2) Warren Buffet 3) Paul Allen 4) Jeff Bezos 5) Larry Ellison
Gd morn, TRUE SUCCESS/WEALTH has 3 parts 1) Health & Wellbeing (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Mental) 2) Money (Cash Flow, Savings, Investments & Profession/Occupation, Value) 3) Power (Spiritual & Temporal Influence- Inner & Outer) According to 2010/11 Forbes in 2010/2011 here is a list of the Top 10 Richest Africans. 1.Aliko Dangote - $13.5Billion 2.Nicky oppenheimer & Family -$6.5Billion 3.Nassef sawiris-$4.75 Billion 4.Johann Rupert & Family-$4.7Billion 5.Mike Adenuga -$4.3 6.Milioud chaabi -$3 Billion 7.Naguib sawiris-$2.9Billion 8.Christoffel Wiese-$2.7Billion 9.Onsi sawiris-$2.6Billion 10.Patrice Motsepe-$2.5Billion How CAN you make this list someday? What can you Learn from Billionaires like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the founders of Microsoft; Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, Aliko Dangote, the Chairman of Dangote group etc? How did the 26+ year old founder of Face book, the largest social networking site in the world become the TIME magazine 2010 man of the year and the youngest billionai ...
An interesting fact I stumbled on today... I was wondering how many BILLIONAIRES are there in the USA, what are they worth, what did they do to get rich, etc. The population in August for the US was just 314 million, 159, 265. Of that number there are 449 billionaires. The top 10 BILLIONAIRES are Bill Gates at $59 Bil, Warren Buffet @ $39 bil, Larry Ellison (Oracle) bil, Charles and David Koch (tied for 4th/5th at $25 bil) Christy Walton bil, George Soros bil, Sheldon Adelson (casinos) @ $21.5 bil, Jim Walton anad then Alice Walton at $21.1 and 20.0 to round out the top 10. After the top 30 Billionaires, the Net Worth drops rapidly to single digits. SO with the National debt clock at 16 trillion $ and spinning so fast it makes me ill to look at it- how much can we pay off if we taxed these billionaires at 100% or even took every dime of their Net Worth? The answer by my calculator is $291 billion. Spit in the wind.
It's not about Romney or Obama today. Our country doesn't come from any politicians that fuel our economy. It is actually coming from the marvelous magic of capitalism. Please look at well- known capitalists: Andrew Carnegie, Gordon Moore, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Dale Carnegie and others... They are ultimate creators and created millions of jobs available in America in the last century. They got investments. I do not think we need a BIGGER government. The supporters of big government see sovereign debts crises and chronic jobless levels occurred in Spain, France, Italy and Spain. Even European taxpayers pay for extended salaries and pension for retired government workers in their 50s. Is America next? Please make a right decision today :-)
If the two most riches business men in the Country are not voting for Romney you may wanna think twice before going to the poles tomorrow.. Example Larry Ellison Warren Buffett and also Bill Gates
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett & Larry Ellison are all Democrats. Together, they are worth $126 Billion Dollars. Great jokes guys 😂😂😂
The C.I.A have billionaire assets like Mark Z., Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, and Larry Ellison... so that the poor...
From the forbes top 100 list, 60 percent of the most wealthiest americans ar DEMOCRATS. the top three is Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison. that powerful.
Look how big are the 10 biggest fortunes on earth (2011): 1. Carlos Slim, Mexico, $74 billion 2. Bill Gates, USA, $56 billion 3. Warren Buffet, USA, $ 56 billion 4. Bernard Arnault, France, $41 billion 5. Larry Ellison, USA, $39.5 billion 6. Lakshmi Mittal, India, $31.1 billion 7. Armancio Ortega, Spain, $31 billion 8. Eike Batista, Brazil, $30 billion 9. Mukesh Ambani, India, $27 billion 10. Christy Walton, USA, $26.5 billion Total for Top 10 richest: $406.1 billion No, they are definitely not slumdog billionaires! 1.2 billion people (20% of the world's population) live on less than $1 per day. Almost half the world - well over three billion people - lives on less than $2.50 a day. 80% of humanity (about 5.6 billion people) lives on less than $10 per day. This is the Age of Greed. Never in history have we had so many people killing their fellow human beings without using weapons.
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"Let's get it clear on what phenomenal wealth is. I think that what Larry Ellison and Bill Gates have is phenomenal wealth. I'm just a two bit billionaire." - Jim Clark
To many thirsty females depending on a man to take care of them lol How many housewives and basketballs wives are educated or can stand on their own… very few………You don’t see many doctors and self-made entrepreneurs marring super stars they would rather have fortune than fame and the last time I checked I didn’t see a rapper or actor let alone entertainer on the top ten riches people in America lol You sleeping if you think fame will acquire wealth and it’s a difference between rich and wealth! I want my name to be amongst Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Charles and David Koch, Christy, Jim S .Robson and Alice Walton now that’s getting money! Steve Jobs is dead but he will forever be making money off of dumb people who would rather buy the iPhone than pay the bills! How I love the mind of a consumer lol!
Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison and Aliko Dangote; the richest black man in the world...
Just found this on website. Look at who the evil Rich People vote for. Ultra-Wealthy While Democrats lose support as income increases, there seems to be a tipping point where the ultra-wealthy begin leaning Democratic. The most famous example would be the entertainment industry, where star-studded events have become a significant part of Democratic culture. But this phenomenon is not limited to Hollywood. A review of the 20 richest Americans, as listed by Forbes Magazine, found that 60 percent affiliate with the Democratic Party, including the top three individuals: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison. Among the riches families, the Democratic advantage rises even higher, to 75 percent.
If you took all the money from the richest people on earth and gave it to the US government , it would not even dent the US debt. Taken from, Christy Walton= $26.5 billion - Mukesh Ambani= $27 billion - Amancio Ortega= $31 billion - Larry Ellison= $39.5 billion - Bernard Arnault= $41 billion - Warren Buffett= $50 billion - Bill Gates= $56 billion - Carlos Slim= $74 billion – Totaling $345 billion..
The top 10 people on this year's Forbes 400 list are: — Bill Gates, $66 billion — Warren Buffett, $46 billion — Larry Ellison, $41 billion — Charles Koch, $31 billion — David Koch, $31 billion — Christy Walton & family, $27.9 billion — Jim Walton, $26.8 billion — Alice Walton, $26.3 billion — S. Robson Walton, $26.1 billion — Michael Bloomberg, $25 billion In comparison, are you really getting money!!! Its not impossible to make this list. First you have to make a CHOICE to make a CHANGE, and take a CHANCE. Everyone on that list took risks!!! OPPORTUNITY is here!! Are you serious about YOUR FAMILIES FUTURE? If so Inbox me and lets get your Business started today!! It's enough money and people in this world for all of us to get a little piece!!!
Forbes 400 List of the richest Americans is out. Bill Gates and Larry Ellison software and data.
.** One of the most interesting back stories of the modern computing and IT industry is how many of its pioneers were college dropouts. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, for example, both left Harvard in mid-term, and one of Gates's proudest boasts is that he was responsible for persuading Steve Ballmer (now Microsoft's CEO) to drop out of Stanford. The list continues with Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and Michael Dell, founder of the computer firm that bears his name. And although Google's co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, did graduate, they both dropped out of their PhD programmes. This rather runs against the conventional narrative – that an expensive college education and a good degree are essential prerequisites for success. **.
I just love it when Obama talks about taxing all the Rich People. Does he know who he is talking about. A full 75% of the top ten billionaires in America are registered democrats. Don't take my word, look it up, I did. The top three in America are worth a combined 126 Billion dollars. They are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison. You gussed it they are all three registered democrats. Obama, by the way you also are a millionaire why don't you pay more. Oh you just pay what the IRS says you have to. But everyone else who is a millionaire or billionaire should pay more. What you call their fair share. Hey Congress made the laws and they just like you take advantage of the laws. OBAMA, WHAT THE *** IS THE PROBLEM. Clean up your own act before deciding what other people should do.
Stand on shoulders of Giants. Talks of Thos Watson, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergeiy Brin.
Someone who posted above me on this page called it "Communism". LOL. You can't get more raw Ayn Rand capitalism than what Bucky Fuller is calling for here... I'm not quite sure what he is saying; that is not being done now.Bill Gates certainly follows that philsophy as did Steven Jobs.Larry Ellison and the list goes on and on.They were able to "bundle" products in which one had a synergistic effect on another, and, the downside is that not everyone had their old jobs as their old jobs got automated or computerized. That's about the furthest thing from communism there is, and is pure Ayn Rand capitalism. I'm no saying I agree with him. Jobs, Gates and Ellison all created jobs, but they were a much higher level jobs and outdated jobs that existed only because "they had in the past" fell by the wayside.
"If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen" Reagan, Ronald 40th President of the United States of America "I want to reform the tax code so that it's simple, fair and asks the wealthiest households to pay higher taxes on incomes over $250,000" To me it all boils down to that one sentence. THE DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH and A VERY LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE OF MID TIER WEALTH (those making $250K and are affected by taxes ).THEY EXERT THEIR INFLUENCE BY USING METHODS THAT IMPAIRS CITIZEN AND SOCIETY. Those who truly get DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH are the WEALTHIEST and SMARTEST of United States OF AMERICA they are listed below. 1. Bill Gates - Microsoft - Operating System - technology - Democrat 2. Warren Buffett- Berkshire Hathaway - Financial Firm- Investing - Democrat 3. Larry Ellison - Oracle - Database Management - Technology - Democrat Late Steve Jobs - RIP - Apple- Operating System - technology - Democrat -Political Campaign Contributions by Bill Gates (1999 to Present) - $435,958 DEMOCRAT: 54. ...
for my libral friends that believe the rich are republicans and the poor are the Democrats, sorry to tell you but the top billionairs in this country are democrats , not rich republicans Top 4 Richest Americans & Which Political Party They Donated To! Posted by Randy Hollenbeck on March 20, 2011 | 2 comments America, Money Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source 1 Bill Gates $54 B 55 Medina, WA Microsoft Democrat 2 Warren Buffett $45 B 80 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway Democrat 3 Larry Ellison $27 B 66 Woodside, CA Oracle Democrat 4 Christy Walton & family $24 B 56 Jackson, WY Walmart Democrat
you are aware that Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, and Bill Gates - 3 richest US men, are all liberals right?
-Bill Gates -Warren Buffet -Larry Ellison Help the poor around the World. You can't take it with you. Don't give chump change.
Geniuses go into action while others continue schooling designed by their teachers until they are capable of doing what they have learnt. Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, Dhirubhaii Ambani and many others, living and dead, did not have University degrees but brilliantly managed to change the world in one way or the other. High academic qualification is just ornamental if people don’t have an intelligent mind that has the capacity to utilise the education.
Oracle Corp. co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison's purchase of most of the island of Lanai is expected to close Wednesday, but some residents are wishing the Hawaiian island's new owner was Microsoft's Bill Gates instead.
U know mi a medz n mi find out the richest ppl dem in the world most of them were actually school drop outs..Mukesh Ambani,Eike Batista,Larry Ellison & Bill Gates..
- tell the low confidence thing2 Larry Ellison, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs (not really buying it,Sorry
If being a "successful" Harvard MBA businessman is a why we need Romney as President then *** happened to the economy under President George W Bush - the very FIRST MBA "successful" businessman (Harvard) President ever? Next if being a "successful" businessman is why we should elect a person President then we could elect Donald Trump (WHO INHERITED WHAT IS EQUAL TO APPROX $200-$300 MILLION IN 2012 $'s) - technically he is MORE successful and wealthier than Romney or how about either of the Koch Brothers (WHO INHERITED THE FAMILY BUSINESS WHICH AS ALREADY A BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS WHILE EACH INHERITED WHAT IS EQUAL TO OVER A FEW HUNDRED MILLION IN 2012 $'s) . Then we can move on to this group of Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet, Sean Combs, Jay Z, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas = all of them are successful businessmen who are SELF MADE in regards to having a greater net wealth than Romney by as little as a few HUNDRED MILLION to a few TENS OF BILLIONS ;). This guy on t ...
Bill Gates built that. Larry Ellison built that. Steve Jobs built that. Evan Williams built that. Mark Zuckerberg built that. Barack Obama didn't build that.
Best theory I've heard about why Larry Ellison bought Lanai: So rival Bill Gates - who was married there in 1994 - couldn't buy it.
Luxurious Houses of Modern Tech Giants: by brenner_ron Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell,...
[SF Real Estate] Some residents wish Bill Gates, not Larry Ellison, was buying Lanai
Are Larry Ellison & Bill Gates buying the Hawaiian island of Lanai? |
Dont understand the need for someone to write non existent qualifications on resume ... look at Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs ... All have lead successful technology companies to the top of the world with no technology qualifications ... In fact Gates and Ellison wrote the initial version of their respective softwares themselves and were Chief Software Architects for the later ones ... Steve had a flair for design and mass appeal technology ... more said less it is ...
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, the Walton's. All the time, every time
When you look at the life of a GENIUS or any self made man you'll understand the exact worth of these words ! ~ shared with Carlos Slim Helú , Bill Gates , Warren Buffett , Bernard Arnault , Amancio Ortega , Larry Ellison , Eike Batista , Stefan Persson , Li Ka-shing , Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider .
Guess they did wiv God on their side nd smfn else in mindRTWat wud Bill Gates, Edison, Larry Ellison & Steve Jobs say to this?
Decoded: Im attracted to Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch!... 😭😂😭😂.so that's what you get into?!
Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Larry Ellison,Paul Allen,Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out of college and all are BILLIONAIRES
Evidently, u dnt have to be a college grad n own a degree in computer studiez to make it in life . Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison...
A TRUE EXAMPLE OF CEO uch has been written about Steve’s genius as a designer, visionary, marketer, charm and personality. The last attribute needs elaboration. In my view Steve can be compared only to Leonardo da Vinci – the engineer, the artist, the scientist capable of absorbing from various disciplines and synthesizing them with his own sharp instinct. In this area – none of the other industry legends including Bill Gates, Andy Grove or Larry Ellison came close. Steve Jobs passion for perfection is well recounted by Vic Gandotra of Google here. Vic Gundotra ON 25 Aug 2011 (edited) - Public Icon Ambulance One Sunday morning, January 6th, 2008 I was attending religious services when my cell phone vibrated. As discreetly as possible, I checked the phone and noticed that my phone said "Caller ID unknown". I choose to ignore. After services, as I was walking to my car with my family, I checked my cell phone messages. The message left was from Steve Jobs. "Vic, can you call me at home? I have someth ...
Hmm. Forbes top 400 rich in America. 1. Bill Gates at $54,000,000,000.00 2. Warren Buffet at $45,000,000,000.00 3. Larry Ellison at $27,000,000,000.00 4. Christy Walton at $24,000,000,000.00 5. The Koch Brothers at $21,500,000,000.00 each. Last year the Koch Brothers only had $16,000,000,000.00 each Good year for them. Median income in us $42,326.00 44% of Americans make less than $20,000.00 A year. Hmmm. Time to make Lasagna.
Roger James Hamilton's "Three interesting facts you may not know" were great food for thought about starting up businesses as global right from the start! Now there are only 3 Americans on the Fortune Top Ten most successful and richest with 7 from all over the world. No. 1 is no longer Bill Gates, he is No. 2 followed by Warren Buffet, No. 3 and Larry Ellison, No. 6. Who do you think is No. 1 from which country? Amazing changes! When will see women there? Starting business global is the way!
Jeffmogan Moganetsi wrote: Bill Gates of Microsoft, Richrd Branson of Virgin, Larry Ellison of Oracle. These leaders never complited their formal education but never had small thoughts or doubts about their goals, so tel me, what make you think you can't make it?
Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Quentin Tarantino, David Geffen, and Thomas Edison, among others, never graduated from college.
They say if you drop out you will go no where in life, well tell that to Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.
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